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					                      Agility Class Enrollment Form
_______ Beginners Class – Wednesday’s @ 6:00pm This class is offered for beginner level
agility teams. This class will teach handling basics in addition to providing the team with a solid
introduction to the Agility equipment. Handlers, you will come away from this class with a basic
understanding of the equipment as well as an understanding of the basic rules of Agility. Canines will
finish this class with a basic understanding of the equipment AND most importantly the knowledge of a
new fun game to play with their handler teammate!

_______ Intermediate Class – Wednesday’s @ 7:00pm This class will build on skills learned
at the Beginner level. At this level we will begin teaching the concepts that will allow teams to compete
in Agility competitions if they so desire. Class will introduce concepts including but not limited to: Lead
Changes, Building Speed, Introduction to Distance handling, Proofing Contacts, Proofing Weaves and

_______ Advanced / Competition Class – Thursday’s @ 6:30pm This class is offered for
Intermediate and Advanced level agility teams. Class will focus on Distance and Speed handling.
Handlers, if your desire is to get your canine teammate running faster, and working away from you with
more confidence this may be the class for you. Canines, if your desire is to get your handler to give timely
commands and to be where they need to be … when they need to be there … this may be the class for you

Session Scheduling and Fees
A session will consist of six one hour classes which will be held on a weekly basis. Class fees will be $75
per team, limit of 8 teams per class. Session fee payment is required to reserve your working spot in class
and is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Fees are to be paid prior to start of first class of session.

Team Enrollment Information

Handler Name:       _______________________________________________

Email Address:      _______________________________________________

Phone:               _______________________________________________

Dog Name:            _______________________________________________

Dog’s Breed / Age: _______________________________________________

For more class info contact Dave Castle
Email:            dcastle00@embarqmail.com
Phone:            (913) 706-6189
Mailing Addr:     23119 Pawnee Road Bucyrus, KS 66013
Website:          QuickDogAgility.com
Agreement to Hold Harmless Waiver and Assumption of Risk: I understand and
agree that attending, observing or participating in a dog training class is not without risk
to myself, to guests who may attend or to my dog. In consideration for being allowed to
attend, observe or participate in this training, I hereby waive any and all claims, hold
harmless, fully release and agree to indemnify Dave Castle and Sonja Erickson and their
agents and assistants (if any) from any and all liability of any nature for injury or damage
which I, my guests or my dog may suffer, including specifically, but not limited to, any
injury or damage resulting from (i) the action or inaction of any dog or other person
attending, observing or participating in the training or (ii) any defect or deficiency in the
equipment being used or (iii) any obvious or latent hazards in the surrounding grounds or
(iv) any acts or omissions or negligence of any of the afore-mentioned trainers or (v) the
negligence of any person attending, observing or participating in the training, In agreeing
to this waiver and release, I expressly acknowledge assuming the risk of such damage or
injury to me or to my guests or to my dog while attending, observing or participating in
any training session or while on the training site or the surrounding area thereto. I further
agree to fully indemnify Dave Castle, Sonja Erickson including attorney fees incurred by
them, for any injury or damage to any person or dog which was caused by me or by my
dog or by my guests. I further understand that my attending, observing or participating in
any training session is conditional upon my agreement to these terms. I have read and
understand the foregoing and have been afforded the opportunity to cancel my
registration and receive a full refund if I do not consent to the waiver and release.

Signature: __________________________________________           Date _______________

Signature: ___________________________________________          Date: __________

(Parent or Legal Guardian of Minor)

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