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									Career Progression in Pharmacy
Education and Training Programmes
To Support Primary, Advanced and Extended Roles for
Pharmacy Technicians and Support Staff

Yorkshire and the Humber Pharmacy
Technical & Support Staff Development Unit

School of Healthcare
Baines Wing
University of Leeds

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            Yorkshire and The Humber Pharmacy Technical & Support Staff
            Development Unit
Review paper and signposting document for pharmacy technician career pathways and training
programmes – 2009

This paper follows a Yorkshire and Humber Workforce Showcase event and identifies current training (Table 1) offered to qualified pharmacy technicians and
support staff. This document has been prepared following work completed by YPTSSDU and the South West Medicines Information and Training (SWMIT)
and provides a sign posting document for pharmacy staff to access available training provision delivered by the NHS and non NHS providers (Table 4). There
are details of CPPE modules and MedsLearning ( modules (Tables 5 & 6) that would be useful specifically for basic clinical
pharmacy technician training and links to other training/courses available (Table 7). There are also several foundation degree programmes available, the
details of which are included in this paper.

This training is essential to:

    •   Ensure that pharmacy technicians and support staff within specific job roles have the training and understanding to deliver high quality services
        ensuring patient safety.
    •   To deliver the National Institute for Clinical Excellence/National Patient Safety Agency guidance for medicines reconciliation of patient’s medicines on
        admission, and safe handling of medicines in all areas.
    •   To develop the Pharmacy technician role and support NHS organisations in meeting Healthcare Commission recommendations, admission and
        discharge targets.
    •   To ensure there is support for pharmacy technicians where new job roles are created, e.g. performing specific clinical roles, developing specific
        patient counselling skills, development of new ward based functions.
    •   To ensure skills are developed to form a skill mix, assisting with patient safety and for extended pharmacy services to provide excellence and
        enhance patient experience.

This paper has been designed to be a review paper that provides an easy guide to available training alongside current pharmacy and support staff job roles
(Table 4) and Agenda for Change (Table 2), which in turn may be applied to the Knowledge and Skills Framework locally. For those staff not employed by the
NHS, these descriptions may be similar to other organisation roles and many be used as a guide. All individual training needs should be assessed and
identified through personal appraisal.

Current Training offered by YPTSSDU

The current programmes (Table 1) were all developed in response to government recommendations, audit commission reports and service development.
Service strategy is evolving and a number of gaps in training provision delivered by YPTSSDU have been highlighted through recent evaluation i.e developing
clinical roles. A number of these gaps in training provision can be filled through readily available resources. Some of these resources such as (Table 6) may need some local adaptation and/or support from YPTSSDU.

Table 1

Current Training Provided for Pharmacy Technicians                                                              Format for Training Programmes

•   Pharmacy Technician Final Accuracy Checking ACT: A three day University programme and                       University of Huddersfield ACT/Medication
    summative assessment for pharmacy technicians based in the dispensary setting carrying out final            Safety Module
    accuracy checking of clinically screened prescriptions.
                                                                                                                • Pre course work
•   Pre and In Process Checking for Technical Services Staff: A two day induction programme and                 • Four training day(s)
    summative assessment for all staff based within an un‐licensed aseptic services environment. (with          • Portfolio
    final checking for technical services soon to be implemented).                                              • Evidence collection either carried out on
                                                                                                                  the training day or at work base
•   Final Accuracy Checking for Technical Services Staff: A four day University programme and                   • Final assessment carried out by University
    summative assessment for pharmacy technicians based in the dispensary setting carrying out final              of Huddersfield in the form of an examined
    accuracy checking of clinically screened prescriptions.                                                       assessment/interview/portfolio assessment.

•   Medications Management Scheme for Pharmacy Technicians and Support Staff MMT: A one day
    study day programme and optional work based learning with summative assessment for staff based on a             ************************************************
    ward or near a patient environment (including, assessment of patients own medicines, supply of non
    stocks, one stop dispensing and medication history taking).                                                 • Regional Scheme

•   Introduction to Medicines Management, Customer Care and Communications: Two full day training               • Study Day(s)
    programmes aimed at pharmacy technicians and support staff of all grades, although assessment
    carried out at the end of the day can be used for the NVQ level 3 pharmacy services evidence.               • Work based assessment – workbooks
•   Mentor training: A full day training programme aimed at all members of the pharmacy team who may
    be in a mentorship role for one of the technician development schemes or pre registration pharmacist or
    pharmacy technician trainee mentor and assessor. A work based learning module is also provided.
•   A1 assessor training: A full training programme aimed at pharmacy technicians and pharmacists who           • College /Trust NVQ Training centre
    will be carrying out an NVQ assessor role, support and assessment is provided by either
    Bradford/Sheffield College during the training period and portfolio build. It may also be provided within
    the Yorkshire and the Humber NHS Trusts

Table 2 - National Agenda for Change Profiles for Pharmacy

Band                Band 2/3                Band 4                 Band 5                 Band 6               Band 7                 Band 8a and
                    Pre‐Registration                                                                                                  Above

Profile Label       Pharmacy Support        Pharmacy               Pharmacy               Pharmacy             Pharmacy               Professional
                    Worker/Higher           Technician             Technician Higher      Technician           Technician Team        Manager
                    Level                                          Level (Pharmacy)       Specialist           Manager                (Clinical/Technical
                                                                                                                                      Improvements &

Job statement       1. Undertakes           1. Dispenses and       1. Dispenses and       1. Provides and      1. Manages the         1. Manages staff,
                    duties in support of    issues                 issues prescriptions   co‐ordinates         provision of a         including
                    Pharmacists e.g.        prescriptions;         2. Provides            technical pharmacy   technical pharmacy     recruitment,
                    packing & supply of     undertakes duties in   straightforward        services to a        service                appraisal, CPD,
                    drugs and               relation ton to the    advice to              specialist area or   2. Managers staff,     performance.
                    medicines to wards      manufacture of         patients/carers on     service              resources, activity    2. Responsible for
                    & departments,          pharmacy products      pharmaceutical         2. Trains and        and information        policy & service
                    production of sterile   2. Provides            products and further   assesses technical   3. May develop         development
                    & other products,       straightforward        supplies               support staff, may   specialist technical   3. Accountable for
                    including               advice to              3. Undertakes day      manage team or       services within the    service delivery,
                    chemotherapy            patients/carers on     to day supervision     service              pharmacy               liaises with other
                    products.               pharmaceutical         of pharmacy            3. Checks            department             agencies as
                    2. Undertakes           products and further   technicians, support   dispensed                                   appropriate.
                    clerical duties         supplies               workers                prescriptions,                              4. Responsible for
                    3. Carries out          3. Supervises,         4. May hold            pharmaceutical                              budget & physical
                    reception duties in     trains, coaches        accreditation for      production                                  resources.
                    pharmacy, including     pharmacy support       checking dispensed
                    handing over            workers, pre           prescriptions of
                    medication to           registration trainee   others
                    patients.               technicians
                    4. Trains,
                    supervises work of
                    pharmacy support

Table 3 - Suggested Career Pathway and roles for Pharmacy Technicians
NB: These bandings are illustrative only. The banding of specific jobs depends on local responsibilities and duties and is a matter for local decision.

                 Band 2/3                 Band 4                  Band 5                   Band 6                   Band 7                  Band 8a and Above
                 Trainee Technician

                 Pharmacy Support         Pharmacy                Pharmacy                 Pharmacy                 Pharmacy                Professional
                 Worker Higher            Technician              Technician Higher        Technician               Technician Team         Manager
Secondary        Level                                                                     Specialist               Manager                 Operations
Education                                                                                                                                   Manager/Strategic
Occupational                               Dispensary Duties                                 Dispensary Manager /Chief Pharmacy
Experience                                                                                               Technician
(ATO/SATO)                    Ward Based Medicines Management Work                             MMT Lead                     Service Lead

BTEC/NVQ3                                 Distribution Duties                                                   TS Lead
                              Technical Services                                Distribution Lead                             Technical Services Lead
Education                                                                     Medicines Information
Higher                                                 Clinical Trials Work                   Clinical Trials
Education                                                                                     Supply Lead

                                                                        QA Duties                QA Lead

                                                                              IA IV Education Lead

                                                                               Specialist clinical roles e.g. mental health

                                          Procurement                                                   Procurement Lead

Table 4 - An Illustration of Yorkshire and The Humber Opportunities for Technician and Support Staff Progression
NB: Sample only – individual pathways may vary
Time in practice      Band 2             Band 3            Band 4                Band 5          Band 6          Band 7            Band 8

Year 1              NVQ 2 and City     NVQ 2 and City           FD Year 1/Short     FD Year 3 or      Morpeth Snr    MSc PTQA      Manager
                    and Guilds         and Guilds Process       Programme                             Tech or                      Development
                    Process            Technology                                   Derby Clinical                                 MSc/MBA
                    Technology                                  Self Checking/In-   Year 1 or         BSc/DMS or
                                                                Process Checking
                                                                                    Derby Aseptics    Specialist
                                                                                    Year 1            Practice
                                                                                    BA HSCP Year      ACT
                                                                                    2                 Revalidation
                                                                                                      Final Check
                                                                                    *SLIP*            Tech.
Year 2 and          NVQ 2 Team         NVQ 2 Team               FD Year 2 ACT       BA HSCP Year      PCET/PGCE      PGCE/PGClin
beyond              Leader             Leader                   Trainer Unit 3.12   2 Derby                          Ed MEd
                                                                A1 Assessors        Clinical Year 2
                                                                BA HSCP Year 1      or Derby
                                                                                    Aseptics Year

                                                                                    V1 Internal
                                                                                    Verifier PCET
KSF/Development     TLF or TCLF        TLF or TCLF              TLF or TCLF         TLF or TCLF       TLF or TCLF    ACLF          ACLF

Level               Novice             Novice                   Novice              Experienced       Experienced    Foundation    Excellence/

KSF                 Level dependant on individual KSF profile

CPD                 CPPE…MedsLearning… and many more etc

   •     TLF, ACLF see (#website)
   •     TCLF – see NHSTSET (website update duo)

Table 4

Technician Job Roles Yorkshire and Humber       Training Provision

                                                Work based                           External/Accredited Programmes
                                                PT Counselling
Dispensary Pharmacy Technician/ACT              ACT                                  ** CPPE learning programmes, Foundation Degree Medicines Management Pharmacy Services
                                                ACT                                  MORPETH / In house HR training/Derby diploma/Various management courses (ILM) BA/BSC
Dispensary Manager                              Mentor Training                      (Park Lane)
                                                MMT                                  Yorkshire and the Humber MMT modules, Foundation Degree Medicines Management
Ward Based Pharmacy Technician                  Pt counselling                       Pharmacy Services
                                                MMT/ACT                              MORPETH / Derby Diploma, Yorkshire and the Humber MMT Modules/ In house HR training /
Medicines Management Lead Pharmacy Technician   Mentor training                      ILM, Foundation Degree Medicines Management Pharmacy Services, BAHSCPO
                                                Pre & In process checking            Leeds APDM course/Derby Aseptics
Technical Services Pharmacy Technician          Final checking, Aseptic Processing   Bath Level I & II
                                                Pre & In process checking
Technical services lead technician              Final checking                       Leeds APDM course/ In house HR training/ILM/Bath Level I & II, PTQA

Distribution Pharmacy Technician                In house training                    CPS, Foundation Degree Medicines Management Pharmacy Services

Distribution Lead Technician                    In house training                    CPS, Foundation Degree Medicines Management Pharmacy Services
                                                                                     Derby Diploma/Clinical Techs/UKMI Course and CPS, Foundation Degree Medicines
Medicines Information Technician                In house training                    Management Pharmacy Services
                                                ACT                                  UK Clinical Research Network pharmacy clinical trials courses and CPS, Foundation Degree
Clinical Trials Pharmacy Technician                                                  Medicines Management Pharmacy Services
                                                ACT                                  UK Clinical Research Network pharmacy clinical trials courses and ?
Clinical Trials Supply Lead
                                                                                     University of Leeds APDM course
QA Pharmacy Technician
                                                                                     University of Leeds PTQA course MSc
QA Lead Technician
                                                See EPOWF                            A1*, 3.12, V1/City & Guild Teaching certificates/NVQ L4 D
A1/IV Education Pharmacy Technician             Mentor training
                                                NWW                                  Leeds MMT Modules
Specialist Clinical Roles e.g. Mental Health    (See Mental Health Framework)        Derby diploma
                                                NHS/AZ PPE online procurement        GPS
Procurement Pharmacy Technician                 training modules
                                                NHS/AZ PPE online procurement        GPS/PASA
Procurement Technician Lead                     training modules
                                                                                     MORPETH / Derby Diploma
Chief Pharmacy Technician/Operations Manager    MMT                                  Yorkshire and the Humber MMT Modules/ In house HR training / ILM, MA/MSC/MBA Mgt

Teacher Practitioner                            Trainer Courses                      PCET, PTT, PGCE, MEd

PCT Prescribing Support                         In house                             Foundation Degree Medicines Management Pharmacy Services
                                                WWSU NPA
Community Health Centre Technician              Buttercups Programmes                CPPE, University of Huddersfield
                                                                                                                                         * A1 training covers all areas and job roles
                                                                                                                          ** CPPE learning programmes cover all areas and job role


The following tables (5 & 6) of resources are not exhaustive and as seen in table 4, there are several other NHS and non NHS training providers offering
support to pharmacy technician roles in the form of day courses through to foundation degree and post graduate programmes see . This training provision delivered may be accessed through professional registration, online and CD‐ROM and in
workshop/workbook approach.

CPPE Programmes

CPPE offer different types of learning programmes for both registered pharmacy technicians and pharmacists to suit different learning styles.
The programmes are offered as:

    •   Open learning programmes – printed books/CD‐ROM/Downloadable PDF format
    •   CPPE event ‐ workshop and focal point format
    •   Learning @ Lunch – Hospital Pharmacy Teams learning in relation to specific clinical areas with the aid of CPPE booklets
    •   e‐assessment and e‐learning ‐ interactive activities and assessment

CPPE categories are as follows to suit different levels of learning:

CPPE 1 – Core learning, builds on limited knowledge. Some background reading may be required.
CPPE 2 – Application of knowledge, assumes prior learning.
CPPE 3 – Supporting specialist areas of clinical pharmacy. We may not be the provider and will signpost you to other learning providers.

Table 5 - CCPE Programme – some examples – see for updated list

Programmes Open to Registered Pharmacy Technicians                Hours of Study/Estimated           CPPE Learning Programme                    CPPE
                                                                  Duration (SH, Study Hours. ED,                                                Category
                                                                  Estimated Duration)
Anticoagulation: managing patients, prescribing and problems      6 SH                               Open Learning                              2

Anticoagulants: supporting patients and ensuring safety           1 ED                               E‐Assessment                               1
Arrhythmias: Rates, rhythms and treatment strategies              5 SH                               E‐Learning/e‐Assessment                    2

Stable angina                                                     4 SH                               Learning @ lunch                           2

Neurological disorders, evidence based management of              12 SH                              Open Learning                              1

Adolescent Health                                                 8 ST                               Open Learning/E‐Assessment                 1

Child Health: Saturday Paediatrics                                4 ST                               Learning @ lunch                           2
Child Health: Working with the National Service Framework       24 SH        Open Learning                2
(NSF) for children, young people and maternity services
Child Protection : A guide for the pharmacy team                1.5 SH       Open Learning                1
Safe guarding and child protection assessment                   1 SH         E-Assessment                 1
New contractual framework : clinical effectiveness, audit and   7.5 SH       Open Learning                1
record keeping
Risk management: it’s a risk                                    10 SH        Open Learning                1
Concordance                                                     10.5 SH      Open Learning                1
NHS repeat dispensing                                           3 SH         Open Learning                1
Patient group direction (PGD) : Developing , implementing       5 SH         Open Learning/E-Assessment   1
and using them safely
Diabetes : Evidence based management                            10 SH        Open Learning                1
Diabetes Mellitus : TYPE 1                                      4SH          Learning @ Lunch             2
Diabetes Mellitus : TYPE 2                                      4SH          Learning @ Lunch             2
Endocrine disorders: in relation to pharmacy practice           10‐12 SH     Open Learning/E-Assessment   1
Contraception                                                   12 SH        Open Learning/E-Assessment   1
Dealing with difficult discussions                              8SH          Open Learning                1
Sexual Health: testing and treating                             8SH          Open Learning/E-Assessment   1
Dyspepsia, an evidence‐based approach                           10 SH        Open Learning                1
Gastrointestinal disease, management of lower                   12 SH        Open Learning                1
Antibacterials                                                  4 SH         Learning @ Lunch             2
Antibiotics and their role in managing infections               10‐12 SH     Open Learning/E-Assessment   2
Avoiding antibiotic resistance: the role of the pharmacy team   6‐8 SH       Open Learning/E-Assessment   1
Influenza – Module 1: Understanding the disease                 3 SH         Open Learning                1
Influenza – Module 2: planning your response to a pandemic      4‐6 SH       Open Learning                1
Complementary medicines and therapies                           8 SH         Open Learning                1
Patients, medicines and the pharmacy technician: a guide to     12 SH        Open Learning                1
medication review
Mental health module 1: schizophrenia and depression            4.5 SH       Learning @ Lunch             2
Minor ailments services: pharmacy technicians leading the       7.5 SH       Open Learning                1
Minor ailment s: a clinical approach assessment                 40 minutes   E-Assessment                 1
Responding to minor ailments                                    8 SH         Open Learning                1
Musculoskeletal disorders                                       6 SH         Open Learning                1
Nutrition                                                       8 SH         Open Learning                1
Weight management                                               10 SH        Open Learning/E-Assessment   1
Supporting care homes                                           7 SH         Open Learning/E-Assessment   1
Pharmaceutical care of the eye                                  8 SH         Open Learning/E-Assessment   1
Palliative care                                                 10 SH        Open Learning                1

Palliative care module 1 : pain                                 4.5 SH Pre Module                  Learning @ Lunch                        2
Palliative car module 2: nausea, vomiting and constipation
Pharmacogenetics: genetic approaches to therapy                 5 SH                               E-Learning                              1
Choosing health through pharmacy                                4 SH                               E-Learning                              1
Stop Smoking                                                    8 SH                               Open Learning/E-Assessment              1
Stop Smoking                                                    4.5 SH                             E-Learning                              2
Allergy: manifestations and management                          10 SH                              Learning @ Lunch                        2
Asthma and payment by results                                   4.5 SH                             Open Learning/E-Assessment              2
Skin conditions, the management and treatment of                10 SH                              Learning @ Lunch                        1
Wound Management                                                12 SH                              Open Learning                           1
Substance use and misuse: fundamentals and practicalities       6 SH                               Open learning                           1
for the pharmacy technician
Substance use and misuse                                        4 SH                               Learning @ Lunch                        1

University of Leeds Yorkshire and the Humber Medicines Management Modules ‐ MedsLearning

Yorkshire and the Humber Medicines Management Technicians Group and the University of Leeds has developed a set of medicines management modules
based on the regionally agreed MMT scheme. The modules include among others some basic clinical skills training (Table 6). The MedsLearning modules
are managed within the workplace and certification is provided on completion. They are available free of charge to Yorkshire and the Humber pharmacy
technicians and support staff wishing to use them as required. Learners using MedsLearning modules may benefit from additional training days that regional
centres facilitate..

Stage 1: Introduction
For Technicians / SATOs /Pre Regs staff new to medicines management

Stage 2: Core
Key skills and activities within a medicines management technician role

Stage 3: Advanced
Experienced Technicians with enhanced responsibilities/lead roles

See for full details

Table 6        Medicines Management Work-based Learning Scheme

Introductory 1 ‐ Introduction to ward/clinical environments

Introductory 2 ‐Communications in clinical environments

Introductory 3 ‐ Pharmacy Calculations

Optional Workbook 1 ‐ Assessment of patient's own medicines

Optional Workbook 2 ‐ Managing the supply of non stock medicines

Optional Workbook 3 ‐ Managing the supply of 'one stop' dispensing

Optional Workbook 4 ‐ Patient counselling & consultation skills

Optional Workbook 5 ‐ Inhaled Therapy

Optional Workbook 6 ‐ Transcribing

Optional Workbook 7 ‐ Anticoagulation

Optional Workbook 8 ‐ Medication History Taking

Optional Workbook 9 ‐ Working across the Primary: Secondary Care interface

Optional Workbook 10 ‐ Substance Users – Supervised

Administration/Needle Exchange

Optional Module 11 ‐ Assessment for self‐medication

Optional Module 12 ‐ Mentoring trainees

Table 7 - Links to other courses available:

Course                                                           Website address

MORPETH Management for Pharmacy Technicians            

Derby Clinical Diploma HE                              

Derby Aseptic Diploma HE                               


Leeds APDM                                             



City and Guilds Further Education Teaching             

NVQ Level 4 – Learning and Development                 

AZ PPE online Training                                 

UK Clinical Research Network - pharmacy clinical trials

For more information on any of the training programmes within this document please contact


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