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 December January 2010
Perfect alternative to fixed line internet and no telephone lines required.

 • High speed internet access
 • Free Fax2Email service
 • Includes 1 free mailbox with anti-virus and anti-spam protection for your email
 • Data carryover note 1
 • Out of bundle rates = In bundle rates per GIG

  All NEW iBurst Wireless packages!
  Packages                 Wireless Start Wireless
                               80 MB             1 GIG
                                                          1       Wireless
                                                                      2 GIG
                                                                              2   Wireless
                                                                                      5 GIG
                                                                                              5    Wireless
                                                                                                        8 GIG
                                                                                                                8     Wireless
                                                                                                                             15 GIG
   Subscription fee            R35               R50                  R60             R150              R200                 R370
   Data fee                    R14               R99                  R138            R295              R392                 R585
  *Total subscription        R49 p/m          R149 p/m              R198 p/m        R445 p/m          R592 p/m            R955 p/m
 *Hardware excluded

  Price per GIG               R149               R99                  R69             R59               R49                   R39

                                                                                                                    note 2
                                USB         Desktop                                               Bandwidth
      Hardware                 Modem        Modem                                                                   Cost
        Over 24-months         R59 p/m       R99 p/m                                              Wireless Start R149 per GIG
        Cash upfront            R1699         R2839                                               Wireless 1        R99 per GIG

                                                                                                  Wireless 2        R69 per GIG

                                                                                                  Wireless 5        R59 per GIG

                                                                                                  Wireless 8        R49 per GIG
     Additional iBurst Wireless modems
                                                                                                  Wireless 15       R39 per GIG
     Webfone™                            Prepaid Modem
     Retail price: R2839                 Retail price: R999

                                                                                                           prepaid bundles
      Hardware Accessories
                                                                                                            Bandwidth           Price
     iPanel Antenna for Desktop modems
                                                                                   iBurst prepaid
                                                         R550                                                    40 MB          R50
     Omni Antenna with a 5m cable                        R399                         internet
                                                                                                                 160 MB         R100
     Dual WAN Port Router
     Entry–level Router: Linksys
                                                         R2310                          NOW
                                                         R1080                                                  900 MB          R200
     VoIP Phone                                          R1991                      AVAILABLE
     Wireless VoIP Router                                R1543                                                  3100 MB         R500

     Value Added Services
Hosted Mail Services                                                                                                    note 5
1 mailbox – 5 aliases & 2GB limit (per month)                                            R29                iB Sure
5 mailboxes – 5 aliases & 2GB limit per mailbox (per month)                              R99                View full tariff list on
10 mailboxes – 5 aliases & 2GB limit per mailbox (per month)                             R179               iCall – VoIP Telephony             note 6
                                                                                                            Monthly fee (includes R50 free calls)                               R50
Domain Registration & Hosting                                                                               Vouchers                                                 R100/R200/R500
Activation fee                                                                           R199
Monthly fee including 5 mailboxes                                                        R118               iSMS
Annual fee to registration authority                                                     R110               Monthly fee (includes 50 free SMSs)                                            R35
               note 3                                                                                       Vouchers: 100 SMSs                                                             R35
Static IP                                                                                                             210 SMSs                                                             R70
Monthly fee                                                                              R199                         300 SMSs                                                            R100
PC Security Suite powered by Kaspersky Internet Security 2009                                               Wi-Fi
Monthly fee                                                                                R12              Monthly fee                                                           R0
                                                                                                            Local (per mb)                                                     R0.68
Virtual Fax        note 4
                                                                                                            International (per minute)                                          R1.50
Monthly fee                                                                            R30                  Vouchers:                                                  R50/R100/R200
Vouchers                                                                          R50/R100

Uncapped Anytime @ up to 64 kbps                                                                            Uncapped Anytime @ up to 128kbps
Available on packages of 5GB’s and upwards.                                                                 Available on packages of 8GB’s and upwards.
Subscribers can upload/download at a maximum of 64kbps                                                      Subscribers can upload/download at a maximum
and not be charged the Booster rate                                                                         of 128kbps and not be charged the Booster rate
Monthly fee                                                                              R199               Monthly fee                                                                    R249

                   W iBurst Wireless packages. Surf more for less
                 NE        Prices from R39 per Gig

1.   Data carried over to the following month will be limited to the monthly data allocation for which the Subscriber has signed up, and/or the amount of any Bandwidth Booster purchased
     by the Subscriber in that month.
2.   Upon reaching the data limit/cap for the month, the Subscriber will be required to top up with Bandwidth Boosters in order to continue normal service. To experience uncapped service,
     the Subscriber can pay a monthly fee for Uncapped @ up to 64kbps on packages of 5GB’s and upwards or Uncapped @ up to 128kbps on packages of 8GB’s and upward
3.   Static IP is available on all iBurst Wireless packages regardless of which modem is selected.
4.   A complete fax rates schedule can be viewed at
5.   Insurance options covering hardware and contracts.
6.   The monthly fee includes free calls to other iCall Subscribers. A complete rates schedule can be viewed at
7.    The Subscriber must comply with RICA requirements, please contact us on 0877 20 20 20 if you have not complied. The Subscriber is hereby advised that he/she/it will be
     personally liable for not complying.
•     Data transfer rates are not guaranteed and are dependent on network availability and utilisation.
•     All prices include VAT.
•     All prices effective 1 December 2009 to 31 January 2010 and subject to stock availability.
•     Standard Terms and conditions available on apply. Errors and omissions excepted.


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