Religious education Grade 11 By Linda Nsama Chanda by xumiaomaio


									  Religious Education
       Grade 11
By Linda Nsama Chanda
   Definition of justice
   Present situation
   Injustice within social systems
   Champions of justice
   What is justice?

The word JUSTICE means to be fair.
              Present Situation
   Most people have experienced different types
    of injustices.
   For some, it has been at school, at work or at
    home- when a child has been punished for
    what he/she has not done.
   One injustice can lead to another e.g prejudice,
    selfishness, greed and hatred.
    Injustices within the social system
   Bribery- The offer of money or a gift to bring something
    usually illegal.
   Blackmail- A threat to expose discredible information about
    someone in order to obtain money or a favour from him.
   Abortion- Procuring a premature birth in order to destroy the
    baby, thus denying the child the right to life.
   Nepotism- Showing unfair favours to relatives in allocating
    jobs, promotions and scholarships.
   Tribalism- Showing unfair favours to members of one‟s own
   Absentism- Being away from work without good reason(s)
Steps to follow in order to act justly
   We must try to understand how things are.
   Consider how things could be.
   Do something to make things better.
          Champions of Justice
   Martin Luther King Jr
   Don Helder Camara
   Chief Albert Luthuli
            Martin Luther King Jr
   He was born in the state of Georgia in the U.S.A at a time when racial
    equality was little known in that state.
   His parents were religious people.
   He was ordained as a minister and appointed as assistant pastor in the
    Ebenezer church in the city of Atlanta.
   He married social justice to Christianity.
   As soon as he was ordained his fight for equality and dignity began.
   He was non-violent and organized both blacks and whites in marches to
    protest unjust laws.
   He was beaten, stabbed but never used evil to fight evil.
   He was always called the „Champion of justice and non violence.”
   Martin received the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo, Norway on 10th December,
   He died by an assassins bullet on 4th April, 1968.
              Don Helder Camara
   He was an Archbishop of Olinda and Recife in Brazil.
   He fought for justice for the poor in his country.
   In Brazil, the minority own a large proportion of it‟s wealth
    while the majority live in poverty and very sub-human
    conditions. (Capitalist).
   He strongly spoke against the government which seemed to
    keep the rich richer and the poor poorer.
   He believed in non-violence as a vehicle to arrive at the end.
   He felt violence is not the answer to justice.
   Justice is to have the courage to face the injustices.
   Justice and Love are more than believing in the power of
    wars and hatred.
             Chief Albert Luthuli
   He joined the African National Congress Party of South
    Africa in the 1940‟s
   In 1952 he was elected president of the Natal branch.
   He campaigned against unjust racialist Laws.
   He encouraged his people to enter doors marked “for the
    racial groups to sit in only” and made similar non violence
   He finally became President General of the African
    National Congress.
   In 1961 he was awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace prize
    for his courage and commitment to non violence in seeking
    his justice.

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