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          Called to
                                   and Serve
            Our Neighbors

                          We encourage you to plant
                       these seeds as a reminder of the
                          opportunity we have as LSA
                     of nurturing, harvesting, and sharing
                       our blessings with our neighbors.
                      The seed packets were generously
                         donated by Lake Valley Seed,
                              Boulder, Colorado.

Annual Report 2008
For the whole law is summed up in a single commandment,
“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” – Galatians 5:14
                                … we belong in other people’s lives … we are
                                  loved, lovable and capable of loving …
                                                               – Fred Rogers
Called to
  Our Neighbors
                                                     and Serve

Perhaps the most important thing about “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” the television program that endeared itself
to generations of children and adults, was the concept of neighbor and the importance of community. Everyone was
included. Everyone’s opinions mattered. Everyone was special. Fred Rogers believed that “Something we all need in
order to feel the fullness of life: It’s not only a sense that we belong on our planet, but also that we belong in other
people’s lives—that we are loved, lovable, and capable of loving.”

Mr. Rogers designed a make-believe neighborhood to educate and entertain children. Lutheran Services in America – the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, The Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod and their nearly 300 health and human
services organizations – strives day after day to bring Christ’s love and the living out of Lutheran Christian values to our
oh-so-real neighborhoods across the country and many parts of the world.

During the past year, the LSA alliance engaged in discernment about the focus of our work together for the next decade.
As we developed the new ends toward which we will mobilize, at the heart of the conversation was unwavering clarity
that we must answer God’s call to love and serve our neighbors in new ways.

Even in challenging times, Lutheran social ministry organizations see opportunity and hope. That hope is founded
on the sure love of God and we are called to share that love and that hope with others – something we can do more
powerfully together than alone. A growing sense of camaraderie, tangible manifestations of community and a shared
will to embrace and shape the future generate momentum and opportunity. There is a desire to model and create a
movement of hope and grace toward a society that values generosity, inclusion, justice and mutual care.

We are grateful to all those who contributed their glimpses of a future full of hope in the process of shaping our work
for the next decade. They clearly expressed a vision of LSA’s own neighborhood summed up by one of our Board

God has already welcomed everyone to the
neighborhood. We just decided to love each other.

Jill Schumann                                                 Patricia Savage
President and CEO                                             Board Chair
a movement of hope and grace

     1. An

Plan your garden
  mutual care
Caregivers, connection and community – unexpected blessings

“It’s hard to watch someone decline who had always been strong      husband was seated at the same dining table as Olson’s.
for you,” said Marilyn Kruse, whose husband suffered from           The three women said it is important to maintain friendships of
Alzheimer’s.                                                        all kinds, but they formed a particular bond. “We all felt that we
                                                                    shared the experience and had that feeling of understanding and
Fortunately she had formal support from Lyngblomsten, where         caring,” Hobbs.
her husband received care as his illness progressed, and
informal support from women who came to know one another at         The three are now volunteers at Lyngblomsten and they work
Lyngblomsten. “We grew together and were there for each other,”     together on various projects, like the annual Scandinavian Cookie
Kruse said.                                                         and Craft Fair.

After her husband died, Kruse continued to visit Lyngblomsten.      Lyngblomsten provides a ministry of compassionate care and innovative
That’s why she was one of the first people Berdelle Olson met       services to older adults in order to preserve and enhance their quality of life.
when her husband came to Lyngblomsten. Marilyn Hobbs’

Peer Consultants Engage the Neighborhood

Take a look at the LSA Logo and    – they are intimately familiar     In the past year, more than 20               Networks regularly help answer
you’ll see the phrase “Together    with Lutheran social ministry.     peer consultants have worked                 questions, provide sample
We Can.” These three words         They have the advantage of         with over 20 LSA member                      documents or create materials.
could also be used to describe     having met similar challenges      organizations in areas as                    With the incredible skills and
how peers working for LSA          while working within a             diverse as strategic positioning/            experience of peer consultants
members – together with other      similar context. And, that         planning, advocacy and public                LSA has great capacity to
experts – are an extremely         preparation allows them to         policy, low-income housing,                  help Lutheran social ministry
rich pool of consultants for       move rapidly toward helpful        financial assessment, program                organizations in thousands of
member organizations. They         recommendations.                   development and board                        neighborhoods.
know the “neighborhood”                                               governance. In addition, LSA

                                                                                                                                                       Photo courtesy Lyngblomsten

                                                                                      Marilyn Kruse, Marilyn
                                                                                      Hobbs and Bernadette Olson
a society that values generosity,
inclusion, justice and mutual care

   2. An

 Plant your
  seeds of
Family support centers and congregations build community

On an August afternoon, activity builds behind a nondescript           The Centers have been “adopted” by nearby Lutheran
house in Everett, Washington. By evening, residents of all             congregations. Bud Alkire, a congregation member and long-
ages, cultures and economic circumstances are sharing food             time volunteer, says, “God calls us to serve and to care for our
and conversation as well as building community. The event is           neighbors, and in doing that we not only help those who have
“National Night Out Against Crime” and the house is home to            needs, but also gain and share a real understanding of what God’s
South Everett Neighborhood Center and Familias Unidas operated         love is all about.”
by Lutheran Community Services Northwest.
                                                                       Lutheran Community Services Northwest partners with individuals, families
At these Family Support Centers residents work together to             and communities for health, justice and hope.
address issues that affect their lives. Like many communities
across the Northwest, the centers are home to increasingly
diverse populations. New residents come to the community for
help getting settled. Many come back later as volunteers and get
involved in the community.

A Tweet a Day Keeps Public Policy Advocacy Aweigh
During last fall’s busy             Because an LSA Public Policy          the Campaign, a rebuttal to              like Twitter and Ning to build
legislative session, House          staff member in Washington,           the statement, with accurate             relationships, engage people
Minority Leader John Boehner’s      DC, saw the statement in a            information, was picked up               in advocacy, make coalitions
office released a statement         “tweet” from Boehner’s office,        immediately. LSA and LSA                 stronger and ensure a free flow
mischaracterizing the National      LSA could respond almost              members have been advocating             of information.
Affordable Housing Trust            instantly, alerting its partners      for a housing trust fund for
Fund, which became law last         in the National Housing Trust         seven years. LSA’s Public Policy
summer, as a slush fund.            Fund Campaign. Through                office is using electronic tools

                                                                                                                                                   Photo courtesy Lutheran Community Services Northwest

                                                                                                  Family day at
                                                                                                  Lutheran Community
                                                                                                  Services Northwest
Lutheran identity

     3. An

 Nurture the
 of the future
Inclusion: a life in the community

David Wilson’s gentle touch to each newly-baptized baby’s             based services became available, David made a new home in a
forehead was a sign of welcome to the church and faith where          larger community. He made friends everywhere.
David himself found a home. This was one of the stories the
pastor shared the day of David’s funeral.                             His sudden death at age 51 was a loss to many people. But he still
                                                                      touched lives: two people received life-giving transplants because
The church was packed. The bank teller who always helped David        he had chosen to be an organ donor.
cash his check was there and the women from his card group.
People from the restaurant where David ate every Friday night         David Wilson lived at Bethphage, a forerunner to Mosaic, and later received

came, and others who knew David through his many activities –         community-based services from Mosaic. In partnership with people who have

attending church for worship and a fellowship group, volunteering     disabilities, Mosaic provides supports and advocates that all may realize

at the Humane Society, collecting recyclables from local stores.      God’s gift of wholeness of life.

Much of his early life was on a campus shared with others who
had disabilities similar to his. But at age 22, when community-

Exploring Vocation in the Company of Neighbors
For many years, LSA has             is a supporting member, offers       while providing a context for             to employment within a faith-
partnered with other national       the program called the Faith-        the exploration of faith-based            oriented organization. This year
faith-based organizations to        Based Leadership Institute.          identity. The Institute also              eleven individuals applied and
offer a year-long program for       The Institute engages leaders        provides a rich context for peer          five are participating from the
non-CEO senior leaders. The         of faith-based organizations in      reflection and learning. The              Lutheran system.
ecumenical Center for Faith-        deepening core competencies          emphasis is on exploring one’s
Based Leadership, of which LSA      in not-for-profit management         own vocation in relationship

                                                                                                                                                    Photo courtesy Mosaic

                                                                                                                David Wilson
a will that shapes the future

     4. An

 the bountiful
Differences disappear at the Harvest Moon Ball

It’s suppertime at Lutheran Home at Trinity Oaks, but most folks are   style hair, apply makeup and fill in as dance partners.
too excited to eat.
                                                                       As the band sets up, students finalize details. This year, prom-style
For three years, students from nearby Catawba College have             photos are an extra treat. Soon it’s time for the young men and
made the Salisbury, North Carolina nursing home the place to be        women to pick-up their dates. “He didn’t even mind holding these
on an October evening. From refreshments to entertainment to           rough old hands,” smiled one resident, a vision in a sleek
companionship, the now annual Harvest Moon Ball is a celebration       blue satin gown.
of community and collaboration.
                                                                       It is the vision of Lutheran Services for the Aging to fulfill the message of Jesus
Early in September, a call goes out for formal wear, and people        in John 10:10 – “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly” – by
from throughout the area respond. While students plan a theme and      providing a ministry of Christian care to those seeking services regardless of
decorations, families manage fittings and ponder accessories. Staff    faith, race, disability or economic status.
members, many who have worked all day, will return as volunteers to

New Volunteer Respite for Caregivers Programs Gaining Momentum
The collaboration among             shared throughout the Lutheran     the first year comes to a close               including replication
the Thrivent Financial for          alliance, the participating        two replicable approaches to                  of promising practices
Lutherans Foundation and            organizations are bringing         volunteer-based respite care are              throughout the Lutheran social
14 LSA members is gaining           their experiences together         nearly ready. LSA is exploring                ministry system.
national attention. With the        in two areas: in-home non-         with Thrivent and with others
goal of creating replicable         medical support and supports       possibilities for subsequent
models and tools that can be        for in-home caregivers. As         phases of the initiative,

                                                                                                                                                        Photo courtesy Lutheran Services for the Aging

                                                                                                          Harvest Moon Ball
effective service and advocacy

    5. An

  Share your
blessings with
Family opens their hearts to little girl and receives so much more

When a child is born prematurely, he or she usually must spend          The Lines, who have a 7-year-old daughter, decided to adopt
weeks in neonatal intensive care. Weighing only two pounds and          Nicolsha, even though doctors said she could be blind or deaf. As
born three months early, Nicolsha’s battle was complicated by her       it turns out, their generosity was rewarded in an unexpected way.
mother’s use of cocaine. Then, her mother abandoned her at the          After having given up on having another child, they learned that
hospital.                                                               Robyn was pregnant. Their son was born a week after Nicolsha’s
                                                                        adoption became final!
It only took Lutheran Social Services of the South foster parents
Robyn and Steve Line a few moments to open their hearts to              Lutheran Social Services of the South provides help, healing and hope in the
this little gift from God. The Amarillo couple took turns feeding,      name of Jesus Christ.
changing diapers and most importantly, giving Nicolsha loving,
hands-on attention in the hospital.

CEOs Speak Out on Inspiration, Future
Last fall, LSA surveyed CEOs          November’s Executive Retreat         communities; starting new                 attracting and retaining
of its member organizations,          and will be shared system-wide,      programs; relationships with              qualified staff; developing new
asking questions related to           giving leaders a snapshot of         clients, staff and board; seeing          revenue-producing ventures;
leadership for the future. About      concerns and prognostications.       results; vision for the future;           and attracting and maintaining
one-third of all member CEOs                                               collaboration; and trusting God           generous donors. Also on
responded, representing a wide        When asked what sustains             and sharing Christ.                       their list: expanding service
range of sizes and types of           them, CEOs most often                                                          portfolios and managing
organizations. The responses          mentioned: making a                  Respondents mentioned as                  government contracts.
informed discussion at                difference serving people and        most important to the future:

                                                                                                                                                       Photo courtesy Lutheran Social Services of the South

                                                                                                            The Line family
Boardof Directors                                            (as of December 1, 2008)

Dr. Patricia Savage, Chair
Mr. Kent Burgess, Chair-Elect                   Mr. Chris Andersen                               Rev. Dr. Rebecca Larson                           Ms. Linda Timmons
                                                Ms. Barbara Dröher-Kline                         Mr. Paul W. Middeke                               Dr. Robert Tuttle
Rev. Dr. David H. Benke,
                                                Rev. Alan Erdman                                 Mr. Mark Peterson

                                                Dr. Luanne Fisher                                Rev. Gregory R. Pile
Ms. Kathleen Elliott Chillison,                 Mr. Ted W. Goins, Jr.                            Dr. Sheila Radford-Hill
Treasurer                                       Rev. Matthew Harrison                            Dr. Kurt Senske

On March 5, 2008 the LSA Board of Directors adopted these ends policies. In 2009, the Board will align its governance structures with
these ends.

• LSA and its members, in are
  partnership with others,
                                               • Lutheran social ministry
                                                 expresses a spirit of
                                                                                                • Lutheran social ministry and • The Lutheran social ministry
                                                                                                  organizations are healthy      system has integrated,
   leading a movement of hope                       possibility and a will that                     vital, engaged in effective                       results-driven capacity.
   and grace toward a society                       shapes the future.                              service and advocacy.
   that values generosity,
   inclusion, justice and
   mutual care.
                                               • Lutheran social ministry
                                                 organizations live out their
                                                   Lutheran identities.

 Lutheran Services in America (LSA), a not-for-profit organization, is an alliance of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), The Lutheran
 Church–Missouri Synod (LCMS), and their 300 independent health and human service organizations.

 Balance Sheet / Financial Position                                                                                                            June 30, 2008
 Clifton Gunderson audited LSA’s financial records for the fiscal year July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008 and issued an unqualified opinion. A copy of the full audit report is available
                                             by contacting Lutheran Services in America, 700 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.

  ASSETS                                                                                            REVENUE         Statement of Activities     July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008

  Current assets                                              86,729                                Evangelical Lutheran Church                              666,424
                                                                                                    in America
  Investments                                             1,330,000
                                                                                                    The Lutheran Church-
  Donor restricted assets                                    223,367                                                                                         250,000
                                                                                                    Missouri Synod
  Deposits held for Managed                                                                         Membership Dues                                          556,961
  Networks (as fiscal agent)
                                                                                                    Contributions from Individuals
  Property and equipment                                                                                                                                     131,953
                                                               66,120                               and Organizations
  (net of depreciation)
                                                                                                    Temporarily Restricted Grants                            105,500
  Total Assets                                            1,996,506
                                                                                                    Annual Conference and                                    273,710
                                                                                                    Other Events
  LIABILITIES                                                                                       Service Fees and                                         255,504
                                                                                                    Other Earned Income
  Accrued expenses                                           141,858
                                                                                                    Investment Income                                          63,029
  Deferred membership dues                                   223,140

                                                                                                    Total Revenue                                         2,303,081
  Deposits held for Managed                                  290,290
  Networks (as fiscal agent)
  Total Liabilities                                          655,288                                EXPENSES         Statement of Activities     July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008

                                                                                                    Human Resources and                                    1,760,462
                                                                                                    Related Expenses
                                                                                                    Annual Conference and
  Unrestricted                                             1,117,851                                                                                         215,829
                                                                                                    Other Events
  Temporarily restricted                                     223,367                                Other Specific Programs                                  182,235
  Total Net Assets                                        1,341,218                                 and Projects

  Total Liabilities and Net Assets                        1,996,506                                 Office Operations & Support,                              257,469
                                                                                                    Financial, and Other
                                                                                                    Total Expenses **                                      2,415,995

                                                                                                    Change in Net Assets                                   (112,914)

                                                                                                             ** Included in Total Expenses: Management and General 305,679
             LSA MEMBERS
                                                                                                    Alaska Children’s Services, Inc. Lutheran Social Services of Alaska, Inc.
                                                                                                    Samaritan Counseling Center. AK Lutheran Ministries of Alabama, Inc.
                                                                                                    Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest, AZ Navajo Evangelical
                                                                             as of January 15, 2009 Lutheran Mission, Inc., AZ Bethel Lutheran Home, Inc., CA California
Lutheran Homes Central City Lutheran Mission, CA Lutheran Health Ministries of the Foothills, CA Lutheran Social Services of Northern California Lutheran Social
Services of Southern California New City Parish, Inc., CA One Church, One Child of Los Angeles, Inc., CA Salem Lutheran Home, CA Solheim Lutheran Home, CA
Solvang Lutheran Home, Inc., CA Sunny View Retirement Community, CA Eben-Ezer Lutheran Care Center, CO Emerson Gardens, CO Lutheran Family Services of
Colorado Community Family Life Services, Inc., DC Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area, DC Lutheran Volunteer Corps, DC Lutheran Community
Services, DE Lutheran Senior Services, Inc., DE Amigos Center, FL Lutheran Counseling Services, Inc., FL Lutheran Haven, Inc., FL Lutheran Services Florida, Inc.

Lutheran Social Services of Northeast Florida, Inc. Mision Esperanza, FL Village on The Isle, FL All Things New Ministry, GA Lutheran Services of Georgia, Inc. Aase
Haugen Homes, Inc., IA Bartels Lutheran Retirement Community, IA Bethany Life Communities, IA Bethany Lutheran Home, IA Faith Lutheran Home Corporation, IA

Good Neighbor Home, IA Good Shepherd Health Center, Inc., IA Iowa Health - Des Moines Lakeside Lutheran Home, IA Luther Care Services, IA Luther Manor, IA
Luther Properties, Inc., IA Lutheran Family Service of Iowa Lutheran Home for the Aged Association - East, IA Lutheran Home for the Aged Association - West, IA
Lutheran Homes Society, IA Lutheran Retirement Home, Inc., IA Lutheran Services in Iowa Madrid Home Communities, IA St. Luke Lutheran Home, IA Strawberry
Point Lutheran Home, IA Coeur d’Alene Homes, ID Advocate Health Care, IL Bethel New Life, Inc., IL Good Samaritan Home, IL Holy Family Ministries, IL Lutheran
Care Center, IL Lutheran Child and Family Services of Illinois Lutheran Church Charities Fund, IL Lutheran Home for the Aged Development Corp., IL Lutheran Life
Communities, IL Lutheran Social Services of Illinois Mendota Lutheran Home, IL Saint Luke Ministries, IL Silent Word Media Resources, IL Voice of Care: In Christ
with Persons Developmentally Challenged, IL Wheat Ridge Ministries, IL Zion Development Corporation, IL Lutheran Child & Family Services of Indiana/Kentucky,
Inc. Lutheran Disability Ministries, IN Lutheran Homes, Inc., IN Lutheran Ministries Media, Inc., IN Lutheran Social Services of Indiana The Servant’s Heart, IN
Wernle Children’s Home, Inc., IN The Bethany Home Association, KS Cedar Lake, Inc., KY Lutheran Social Services of New England, Inc., MA Wollaston Lutheran
Church Apartments, Inc., MA Association of Lutheran Older Adults (ALOA), MD Augsburg Lutheran Home of Maryland, Inc. Carroll Lutheran Village, MD Lutheran
Mission Society of Maryland National Lutheran Home for the Aged, MD Lutheran Child & Family Service of Michigan Lutheran Homes of Michigan, Inc. Lutheran
Social Services of Michigan Project Compassion Ministries, Inc., MI Augustana Care Corporation, MN Bethesda Health & Housing, MN Cherish Our Children, MN
Crest View Senior Communities, MN Ebenezer Society, MN Ecumen, MN Eventide, MN Fairview Health Services, MN Glenwood Retirement Village, MN Good
Shepherd Lutheran Services, MN Kenyon Sunset Home, MN Knute Nelson, MN Luther Haven Corporation, MN Luther Memorial Home, MN Lutheran Counseling
Center, MN Lutheran Home of the Cannon Valley, Inc., MN Lutheran Homes, MN Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota Lyngblomsten, MN Madison Lutheran
Home, MN Mount Olivet Home/Mount Olivet Careview Home/Mount Olivet Day Services, MN Our Saviour’s Outreach Ministries, MN Pioneer Retirement
Community, MN Plymouth Christian Youth Center, MN Redeemer Center for Life, MN Samaritan Bethany, Inc., MN Southeast Asian Ministry, MN St. John Lutheran
Home, MN St. John’s Lutheran Home, MN St. Luke’s Lutheran Care Center, MN St. Mark’s Lutheran Home, MN St. Olaf Community Campus, MN Tuff Memorial
Home Corporation, MN West Central Christian Homes, Inc., MN Grace Place Retreat Ministries, Inc., MO Humanitri, MN Lutheran Family and Children’s Services of
Missouri Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis, MO Lutheran Senior Services, MO Lutherans In Medical Missions, MO Metro Lutheran Ministry, MO Lutheran Episcopal
Services in Mississippi Immanuel Lutheran Corporation, MT Sapphire Lutheran Homes, Inc., MT St. John’s Lutheran Ministries, Inc., MT Valley View Home, MT

Lutheran Family Services in the Carolinas, NC Lutheran Retirement Ministries of Alamance County, North Carolina Lutheran Services for the Aging, Inc., NC PLM -
Families Together, NC Bethany Homes, ND Bethel Lutheran Home, ND Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch Association, ND Lake Region Lutheran Home, Inc., ND Luther
Memorial Home, ND Lutheran Home of the Good Shepherd, ND Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota Lutheran Sunset Home, ND McKenzie County
Healthcare Systems, ND Missouri Slope Lutheran Care Center, Inc., ND Mountrail Bethel Home, ND Northwood Deaconess Health Care, ND Parkside Lutheran
Home, ND Southwest Healthcare Services, ND St. Luke’s Home, ND Tri-County Retirement & Nursing Home, ND Valley Memorial Homes, ND Westhope Home, ND
Bethany Home, Inc., NE Blue Valley Lutheran Homes Society, Inc., NE Good Shepherd Lutheran Home, NE Immanuel Health Systems, NE Lutheran Family Services
of Nebraska, Inc. Lutheran Service Corps, NE Mid-Nebraska Lutheran Home Association Mosaic, NE Tabitha Health Care Services, Inc., NE The Lutheran Home, NE

Lutheran Social Ministries of New Jersey Community Outreach Development, NV Lutheran Social Services of Nevada Eger Lutheran Homes and Services, Inc., NY
Lutheran Association for the Developmentally Disabled, Inc., NY Lutheran Care Ministries Network, Inc., NY Lutheran Counseling Center, NY Lutheran HealthCare,
NY Lutheran Social Services Group, Inc., NY Lutheran Social Services of New York, Inc., NY Mill Neck Family of Organizations, NY Niagara Lutheran Health System,
Inc., NY Seafarers and International House, NY The Ammerman Center for Creative Aging, NY The Lutheran Service Society of New York The Samaritan Pastoral
Counseling Center of the Niagara Frontier, Inc., NY The Wartburg Adult Care Community, NY Wartburg Lutheran Services, Inc., NY Filling Memorial Home of Mercy,
Inc., OH Graceworks Lutheran Services, OH Luther Home of Mercy, OH Lutheran Chaplaincy Service, OH Lutheran Family Services, OH Lutheran Home at Concord
Reserve, OH Lutheran Homes Society, Inc., OH Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, OH Lutheran Social Services of Central Ohio Lutheran Social Services of
Northwestern Ohio, Inc. Lutheran Urban Community Ministry, OH Oesterlen Services for Youth, Inc., OH Opportunity Parish Ecumenical Neighborhood Ministry
(OPEN M), OH Pastoral Counseling Service of Summit County, OH Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Retirement Services, Inc., OH St. Luke Lutheran Community, OH

The Urban Mission Ministries, Inc., OH Center for Counseling and Education, OK Oaks Indian Mission, Inc., OK Columbia Lutheran Charities-Columbia Memorial
Hospital, OR Legacy Health System, OR My Sister’s House, OR Zarephath Ministries, OR Allegheny Lutheran Social Ministries, Inc., PA Bethesda Children’s Home/
Lutheran Social Services, PA Concordia Lutheran Ministries, PA Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries, PA Glade Run Lutheran Services, PA Good Shepherd
Rehabilitation Network, PA Jefferson Area Lutheran Social Ministry, Inc., PA KenCrest Centers, PA Liberty Lutheran Services, PA Lutheran Congregational Services,
Inc., PA Lutheran Home at Germantown Foundation, PA Lutheran Home at Kane, PA Lutheran SeniorLife, PA Lutheran Settlement House, PA Lutheran Social
Services of South Central Pennsylvania LUTHERCARE, PA Silver Springs-Martin Luther School, PA The Lutheran Service Society of Western Pennsylvania The Village
at Luther Square, PA Lutheran Social Services of Puerto Rico, Inc., PR Lutheran Homes of South Carolina, Inc., SC Bethany Lutheran Home, SD Bethel Lutheran
Home, SD Bethesda Home of Aberdeen, SD Bethesda Home, Inc., SD Bethesda of Beresford, SD Lutheran Social Services of South Dakota The Evangelical
Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, SD Lutheran Services in Tennessee, Inc. Lutheran Ministries and Social Services of Waco, TX Lutheran Social Services of the
South, Inc., TX Lutheran Sunset Ministries, TX Lutheran Social Service of Utah Fellowship Square Foundation, Inc., VA Lutheran Family Services of Virginia, Inc.
Lutheran Housing Services, Inc., VA The Lutheran Council of Tidewater, VA Virginia Lutheran Homes, Inc. Lutheran Social Services of the Virgin Islands, VI Bethany
of the Northwest, WA Columbia Lutheran Ministries, WA Community Lunch on Capitol Hill, WA Compass Health, WA First Community Center, WA Foss Home &
Village, WA Immanuel Community Services, WA Josephine, WA Lutheran Alliance to Create Housing (LATCH), WA Lutheran Community Services Northwest, WA
Lutheran Counseling Network, WA Lutheran Ministry Services Northwest, WA Martha & Mary Lutheran Services, WA Open Door Ministries, WA Peace Community
Center, WA Riverview Retirement Community, WA Spokane Urban Ministries, WA Tacoma Lutheran Home and Retirement Community, WA The Compass Center, A
Lutheran Organization, WA the Hearthstone, WA A Place of Refuge Ministries of South Wisconsin, Inc. American Lutheran Homes, Inc., WI Bay Area Lutheran
Homes, Inc., WI Bethany Home, Inc., WI Bethany Lutheran Homes, Inc., WI Bethel Home and Services, Inc., WI Bethesda Lutheran Homes and Services, Inc., WI
Bread of Healing Clinic, Inc., WI Christos, WI ELCA Urban Outreach Center, WI Faith Lutheran Church Senior Housing Corporation, WI Fox Valley Lutheran Homes,
WI Good Shepherd Lutheran Foundation, Inc., WI Grace Lutheran Foundation, Inc., WI Homme Inc. of Wisconsin Lincoln Lutheran of Racine, Wisconsin, Inc.
Lutheran Homes and Health Services, Inc., WI Lutheran Homes of Oshkosh, Inc., WI Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan, Inc. LutheranLiving
Services, Inc., WI Northland Lutheran Retirement Community, Inc., WI Oakwood Lutheran Homes Association, Inc., WI Samaritan Counseling Center of Southern
Wisconsin Skaalen Retirement Services, Inc., WI The Meadows at Otter Creek - First Lutheran Foundation, Inc., WI United Lutheran Program for the Aging - Luther
Manor Community Lutheran Partners, Inc., WV Luthercare, Inc., WY
Costs and environmental impact
were considered in producing this
annual report. We are grateful to
Lake Valley Seed for donation of
the seed packets.

              LSA National Office
              700 Light Street
              Baltimore, MD 21230-3850
              t ] 800.664.3848

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