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To:         AllFusion™ Endevor® Change Manager Customers

From:       The AllFusion™ Endevor® Change Manager Product Group

Date:       September 2003

Subject:    AllFusion™ Endevor® Change Manager Version 4.0 Service Pack 1

Dear Customer,

We at Computer Associates are proud of our ongoing product development, customer support and
maintenance programs. As part of these programs, we regularly release updated versions of our products.

We are pleased to announce that AllFusion™ Endevor® Change Manager Version 4.0, Service
Pack 1 (SP1) is now available.

New features for AllFusion Endevor Change Manager Version 4.0, SP1 include:

•     AllFusion™ Endevor® Interface for CA-Roscoe®. The AllFusion Endevor Interface for
      CA-Roscoe has been integrated with AllFusion Endevor control blocks, which have been modified
      to support long element and path names.
•     AllFusion™ Endevor® Interface for CA-Netman®. With AllFusion Endevor, the AllFusion
      Endevor Interface for CA-Netman log records are affected by the introduction of long element
      names. Now, when logging action activity into the database, the actual element names can be as
      large as 255 characters.
•     AllFusion™ Endevor® Interface for IBM Tivoli Information/Management. AllFusion Endevor
      introduces data areas that house long element, path and file names. New package inspection logic
      has also been added to verify action CCID values during cast time.
•     Comma-Separated Value (CSV) utility. This utility allows you to extract AllFusion Endevor Master
      Control File (MCF) and package file information, and write it to a CSV-formatted file. The CSV
      record format is used by PC products such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access to import data.
•     Point-in-Time Recovery (PITR). PITR supports two new control files — the element catalog and
      the element index. It also supports long element, path and file names.

New Features for AllFusion™ Endevor® Change Manager Version 4.0, include:

•     UNIX System Services/Hierarchical File System (USS/HFS) Support
•     AllFusion™ Change Manager Enterprise Workbench Support
•     Element Catalog File
•     Element Registration Option
•     Automated Configuration Manager Query (ACMQ) Enhancements
•     AllFusion Application Programming Interface (API) Phase III
•     Unicenter® CA-7® Job Management Integration
•     CAST and INSPECT Synchronization
•     ISPF Selection List Options
•     Masking Enhancements
•     AllFusion Endevor Change Manager Quick Edit Selection List Refresh
•   Email Notification Facility

    For further information on these new features, visit the AllFusion Endevor Change Manager web page

 Reminder Notice

 With IBM’s announced termination of support for IBM Cross System Product (December 2001), we
 have discontinued the AllFusion™ Endevor® Change Manager CSP Option effective with
 Version 4.0. Release 3.9 will be the final release of this interface and it will not be upgraded to be
 compatible nor will it be supported with AllFusion Endevor Change Manager Version 4.0. Customers
 are encouraged to work with IBM to follow their recommended migration from this technology.

 When you are ready to receive this release, and if you are still current on maintenance, you may choose
 one of the following methods of ordering:

    Place your order by submitting an AllFusion Endevor Change Manager online order form located on
    the AllFusion Endevor Change Manager SupportConnect website at
    Call the Computer Associates’ Orders Department at 1-800-841-8743.
    Contact your local Client Relationship Manager.

For clients outside of North America, please contact your local Computer Associates Support Center to
determine general availability of this new release.

Thank you for your continued support of Computer Associates and its products. If you have any questions
regarding this notice or need technical assistance, please contact our technical support group at


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