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									Doing Business with DIC
Things To Know About Building Codes & Permits

            Jeffrey S. Tyler
        Assistant Superintendent
           Geoffrey D. Eaton
              Bureau Chief
           Steven A. DeBolt
              Bureau Chief
Ohio Building  Code
Doing Business with DIC
Doing Business with Code Compliance
What if I don’t like their call …
Frequently Asked Questions
      The Division Of Industrial Compliance

DIC provides:
  building  and construction plan reviews
   inspections of structural, mechanical,
   electrical plumbing, and pressure piping
  elevators, boilers, bedding and
   upholstered products.
   testing, certification, licensing continuing
   education for numerous skilled trades.
                Bureaus & Boards
DIC Bureaus
  Operations & Maintenance
  Plans & Specifications
  Construction Compliance

DIC Boards
  Board  of Appeals
  Board of Building Standards
  Ohio Construction Industry Examination Board
  Ski-Tramway Board
  Historic Steam Boiler Board
              Ohio Building Code

The Ohio Building Code
  Adopted  by the BBS, January 1, 2002
  Based Upon the 2000 International Building Code
   with 2001 Supplement to the International Building
  The law for both local certified departments, as well
   as DIC
              Ohio Building Code
The Ohio Building Code includes:
  Ohio Building Code (OBC)
  Ohio Mechanical Code (OMC)

  Ohio Plumbing Code (OPC)

   … and references the Elevator Code
   in Chapter 30 of the OBC
               Ohio Building Code
Reference Standards
  NFPA 70 (The National Electric Code)
  NFPA 13

  NFPA 72

  ASHRAE 90.1

  ASME A17.1

  ASME A18.1

  Many other reference standards
               Ohio Building Code

Jurisdiction Issues See   OBC

  Section   103


  Appendix   Z
               Doing Business With DIC
The Division of         Industrial Compliance
 Administration
    JeffreyTyler, Chief Building Official
    (614) 995-5134

 Plan   Approval Process
    Bureau of Plans and Specifications
    Geoff Eaton, Chief (614) 728-0052

 Inspection   Process
    Bureau of Construction Compliance
    Steve DeBolt, Chief (614) 728-5293
           Doing Business With DIC

   The Elevator Section
    Norman   Martin, Chief
     (614) 644-3524
    George Gagle, Assistant Chief

     (614) 387-2626

    Fax: (614) 644-5200
           Doing Business With DIC

The Bureau   of Code Enforcement
  Michael Kraft, Bureau Chief
  (614) 752-7134

  Denny  McCann, Staff Engineer
  (614) 387-0106
         Doing Business With DIC

The Division of   Industrial Compliance

State Fire Marshal
 Doing Business with Code Compliance

New Fees
  DIC  sustains its operation based upon the fees that it
  DIC has not increased building code fees since 1991

  P&S/CC has increased expenditures approximately
   65% since 1991
  P&S/CC revenues have not increased
      Doing Business with Code Compliance

Main Changes to the       New Fee Schedule
  Separate  structural and mechanical fees
  Charge a separate fee for Temporary Occupancy

  Assess fee for Annual Approvals

  Increase all line items for fees

  Elevator fees now conveniently invoiced once per year + the
   increase is to reflect the cost of doing business- first increase in
   15 years
     Doing Business with Code Compliance

Regional Offices
  Canton,   Toledo and Chillicothe
  2 plans examiners per office +
  Walk-in plan review service 7:30 –
   11:00 am M-F in all offices
  Canton office by appointment
 Doing Business with Code Compliance

Plan Processing
  Walk-in  application
  2 hour time limit

  No H, I, and some E

  Less than 12,000 sq. ft.

  Pages are negotiable

  Walk-in checklist created
 Doing Business with Code Compliance

Plan Processing
  Phased   Plan Approvals
  Only in the Reynoldsburg office

  Afternoon appointments

  Projects over 26,000 s.f.
 Doing Business with Code Compliance

Preliminary Reviews
  Invoiced at $100 / hour.
  Can be submitted during the
   Design Development phase.
  Review only addresses those
   issues brought to the plans
   examiner’s attention.
  Can issue an Adjudication
 Doing Business with Code Compliance

Responding to     Correction Letters
  Compliance   date – 30 days to appeal
  Submitter responsible for coordination of plans

  Letter responses only are not adequate

  Complete sets vs. individual sheets

  Highlight revisions in red

  Address ALL items
     Doing Business with Code Compliance
Temporary     Occupancy
  Requires  FULL plan approval
  Submit a floor layout showing the area being requested for the
   temporary occupancy
  Provide a letter of request, identifying specific areas to be occupied.
  Life Safety, Plumbing, Electrical & Structural inspections needed.
  $350 / Application, Payable by check or credit card
  Come early in the process
  Can be renewed upon written request and documentation
  CBO can stipulate the timeframe –usually 90 days
    Doing Business with Code Compliance

   Coming Soon …
     Electronic Plan submittals
     Paperless process

     Drawings and application e-mailed to DIC

     Plans approved and stamped electronically

     Walk-in reviews without “Walking in”
     Doing Business with Code Compliance
Inspection Processing
  Next Day Inspections for:
     Structural, Mechanical, and Electrical.
  1-2 Day inspections for Plumbing
  Centralized inspection dispatching system.
  (800) 822-3208 between 7:30am –2:00pm weekdays
  Cost included in the plan submittal fee
  Centralized dispatching for elevators – arranged by
   the permit holder/installer – at least 48 hours notice –
   must provide pre-inspection checklist)
   Doing Business with Code Compliance
Inspection Processing
  Multiple projects with multiple CPA’s – give the correct CPA
   when calling for inspections
  Coordinate inspections with the Job Superintendent to avoid
   duplicate calls for the same inspection
  Give contact name of person available on the day of
   inspection with the correct phone number
  Earlier calls have the best chance for next day inspection
  Make sure approved plans are on site and the site is
   accessible to the inspector
        Doing Business with Code Compliance
   Re-inspection Fees
     Section 108.5 of the Ohio Building Code
     The fee for each re-inspection shall be $100.
     For failed or not ready inspections.
     Supervisor approval required for assessment of
      the re-inspection fee
     Invoice sent to the submitter with payment due
      prior to the issuance of the Certificate of
     (Elevators $125 + Normal Inspection Fee)
Doing Business with Code Compliance

Applications     Not requiring Plan Approval
Approval  to allow the installation or construction on limited
 scope projects without plan submittal
May require structural, electrical and/or plumbing

$175 per discipline + $3.25 BBS Fee

Complete application, make payment, gain approval, call
 for inspections
Doing Business with Code Compliance
Types of Applications Not Requiring Plan
CO  for existing buildings
Electrical upgrades up to 400 amp

Exact replacement of mechanical equipment

Minor work at the discretion of the chief or inspector

Temporary Structures

Tents over 200 sq. ft. in accordance with Tent Policy
Doing Business with Code Compliance

 Final   Occupancy.
 Life Safety Inspection and the Final Inspection
 Call for Electrical Final prior to Structural Final
Doing Business with Code Compliance

 Annual    Approvals.
 OBC   Section 105.1.1, 105.1.2
 $500 / institution

 Certified staff through the OBBS not licensed staff
  through the OCIEB
  What If I don’t Like The Call ... ?

What  if I don’t like the call of
the building official, the
elevator inspector or the fire
  What If I don’t Like The Call ... ?

TheOhio Board of
Building Appeals
           Frequently Asked Questions

What work requires a permit?
 OBC Section 105.1 Required Approvals
   Change of Occupancy
 OBC Section 105.2 Work exempt from approval
           Frequently Asked Questions

What work requires a permit (continued)?
 Types of Approvals
   Plan Approval
      Full Approval
      Phased Approval
      Conditional Approval
   Annual Approval
   Application Not Requiring Plan Approval
           Frequently Asked Questions

Can you explain the final inspection process, including
 elevator inspections and fire inspections?

Other Questions and

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