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   Award Winning, Hall of Fame Resources and Products!

"Remove the weak links in your strength and performance with the most
universal and oldest known method for Combat and Sport Specific Physical
Preparedness" – COACH SONNON, USA National Coach, Master of Sports (
Are You Looking For a Proven Way to Lose Fat, Feel Great, Boost
Your Energy, Skyrocket Your Performance, Reclaim Vibrant
Health, and Cut Your Biological Age in Half In Just Minutes a Day,
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Meet Yoga without Contortion; Tai Chi without Complication;
Meditation without Boredom; Weights without Pain; Fitness
without Machines; Health and Longevity For Life!

Re-vitalize, Re-energize and Re-organize Each and Every Under-
Used and Over-Abused Cell in Your Body, Crown to Toe, Core to
Extremities, Bones to Skin, with the Award Winning System
Acknowledged Worldwide to be the Most Effective, Efficient, and
Expedient Fitness Protocol Ever Created!

Surpass your Dreams In Just Minutes A Day!

Evolve your Flow!!!
              Scott Sonnon - the "Flow Coach"
Who do world class coaches consult and endorse? Ask American Sambo Academy
Director Dr Brett Jacques, USA Judo Team Coach Neil Ohlenkamp, SFC Matt Larsen
NCOIC at the US ARMY Combatives School, USA Karate Coach Tokey Hill, Canadian
Sambo Team Coach Igor Yakimov, World Brazilian Jiujitsu Champion Steve Maxwell, UFC
Winners Andrei Arlovski and Elvis Sinosic, strength guru Pavel Tsatsouline, National Law
Enforcement Program Director Mike Gillette, Wake Forest University Head Strength &
Conditioning Coach Ethan Reeve. Professionals from all fields endorse and consult with
Coach Sonnon.

                           Coach Sonnon (pictured on left featured in the World of Martial
                           Arts Magazine) is one of the most trusted resources on physical
                           culture and martial art, as an international champion, USA
                           National Coach, National Physical Conditioning Advisor and a
                           multiple time Hall of Fame inductee. He is a leading national
                           seminar speaker and coach in the martial arts, physical fitness and strength conditioning,
                           having taught and consulted with Olympic athletes, medical professionals, publicly traded
                           corporations, and actors.

                            Coach Sonnon has lectured at Universities, been featured on radio and television shows, and
                            conducts seminars all over the world (pictured below right conducting a seminar for Sweden's
                            largest kickboxing academy - Ironman.) He has been
                            featured in over 20 publications including Black Belt
                            Magazine in which he was the first celebrity to appear
three times in nine months. Coach Sonnon's clients have won Ultimate Fighting
Championship competitions, run Fortune 500 companies, and train professional
sports, law enforcement and military teams.

 Coach Sonnon created a new field combining the Tactical, Combatives, Martial
Arts and Fitness communities: called Circular Strength Training® to reflect the
holistic and three dimensional nature of his Performance Enhancement system. His
patented Combat Specific Strength Training Tool, the Clubbell®, is used by athletes

                            amateur to professional: such as Andrei Arlovski, UFC Heavyweight Champion and 2X World
                            Sambo Champion; Egan Inoue, 2X World BJJ Champion and Superbrawl Champion; and
                            Steve Maxwell, World Masters BJJ Champion and World SOMBO Champion. Coach
                            Sonnon’s CST System now has certified instructors worldwide, and is the most effective
                            strength training system specifically created for combative physical preparedness.

                            Coach Sonnon pictured left was asked to be a guest speaker to present his revolutionary
                            Clubbell training methods to thousands of onlookers at the 2004 Arnold Schwarzenegger
                            Fitness Expo.

                             With a vision to affect positive evolution on the landscape of physical culture, Coach Sonnon
                             pioneered a path of bridges leading to personal empowerment and he published
                             RMAX Magazine, the largest online martial art fitness magazine with a readership of 200,000
                             access per hour! His innovations touch every
corner of the planet. He travels worldwide conducting motivational and
educational seminars for champions and professionals from every field and
discipline, such as the NHL's NJ Devils (pictured right with Coach Sonnon
during his workshop).

Scott has an extraordinary array of learning materials at his company’s
website, Productions. Coach Sonnon authored several books
including the award winning Body-Flow: Freedom from Fear-Reactivity,
patented his own unique piece of strength training equipment, the Clubbell®,
and has created over 50 other resources which have touched people of all
likes worldwide.
                         The Power of Flow
After the breakup of the Soviet Union in the mid-1990's, why would the leader of the
Russian National Martial Art System and the director of Russian Physical Culture
invite an American from Pennsylvania, Scott Sonnon, to learn first-hand the training
methods used by the former Soviet Union Olympic champions?

The short story goes like this: General Alexander Retuinskih had heard that Coach
Sonnon (pictured on the right demonstrating a Sambo throw on the Black Sea,
Russia) was not only an accomplished international Sambo champion, a form of
wrestling unique to Russia combining elements of various martial arts and wrestling
styles, but also an assiduous student of human biomechanics, the study of human
movement, and psychology.

                                     The devil is in these details: a painful loss at an
                                     World Sambo competition (Coach Sonnon - top right hand side of photo on right of the
                                     USA SOMBO Team - 1994 World Championships) to the Russian opponent became
                                     the catalyst for Coach Sonnon's subsequent immersion in peak performance training.
                                     To be blunt, something Russians and Americans are known for, Scott asked the victor
                                     in Russian why he'd won? "Better training." (To get the long version, ask Scott

                                      After his "Russian studies," General Retuinskih urged Scott to "Americanize" his
Russian training experience. To do this, he assembled a a team of sport psychologists, professional strength and
conditioning coaches, psychological warfare and military operations professionals, law
enforcement hostile subject control and counter-terrorism specialists, and stress
physiologists among others, to take the best of Russian physical culture and martial
arts training, and adapt it to American sports, fitness and combat practices for a
unique peak performance program tailored designed to each American rugged

The result is not a collection of "techniques" but a set of instruction designed to enable
the individual, regardless of his or her interest, to develop a regimen that will lead to:

       progressively increasing, dynamic ranges of strength, flexibility, and motion
        (moving your body in ways you might not otherwise imagine possible)

       Dynamic Relaxation (i.e., the ability to focus and concentrate while in motion)

       "Flow State" Performance (Go with the Flow!)

Sonnon has directly trained professional sports teams as well as individual athletes and professional trainers, developing
individual and sport-specific programs dramatically increasing performance and reducing or eliminating injuries.

Fitness pundits such as Marty Gallaher, World Champion Powerlifter and author of the Washington Post's Strength &
Fitness column have endorsed Scott's training as: "Sonnon’s approach doesn’t come in a container and could be called a
thinking man’s approach to fitness. His system questions long-held basic assumptions about what fitness is, what the
goals should be, and offers a unique and iconoclastic methodology as the vehicle to the destination. Sonnon is one of a
new breed of thirty-something truth tellers and has staked out an esoteric fitness approach. His no-compromise message
is spreading as followers report gains galore. When discussion turns to the new breed of fitness innovators, Sonnon’s
name is continually brought up. Real experts recognize real talent."
                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

          a. Intu-Flow®
          b. Prasara Body-Flow™
          c. Clubbell® Training


                        CIRCULAR STRENGTH TRAINING®
Multiple-sport International Champion, multiple-time USA National Team Coach, multiple-time Fitness and
Martial Art Hall of Fame Inductee and Nominee, Scott Sonnon created the Circular Strength Training®
(CST) System after having invested nearly two decades and hundreds of thousands of dollars in research,
development and refinement, training in 9 different countries, to design and continue the evolution of this
revolutionary methodology.

CST comprises 3 ―wings‖ or sub-disciplines. Although these appear to be distinct, they are separate only
as a coaching convention. The only way to focus on the basics is to ensure sufficient coverage of the
material content in the three basic directions to CST:

        Dynamic, pain-free mobility for myofascial nutrition and lubrication:

Intu-Flow™ - a combination of the phrase "Intuitive Flow" - refers to the fact that our body-mind knows
precisely what it needs for pain-free health and longevity. Intu-Flow™, as a result, is an incrementally
progressive system of dynamic joint mobility exercise designed to release stored tension and break up
calcium deposits, connective tissue adhesions and fascial density. Getting Intu-Flow™ restores energy by
washing our entire matrix of connective tissue in nutrition and lubrication, which in turn vitalizes one's
health, removes pain, and promotes longevity, because "We are as old as our connective tissue."

        Bodyweight exercise through the 6 mechanical degrees of freedom:
                              Prasara Body-Flow™

Prasara Body-Flow™ is a synergistic physical practice which at first glance can appear to incorporate
aspects of yoga, martial arts, acrobatics, break-dance and gymnastics. Prasara - Sanskrit for "Flow
without thought" - transforms the self through a uniquely powerful approach to integrating breathing with
movement and structure to unlock "flow-state." Body-Flow is a system of somatic engineering to release
bound flow. Flow lies beneath the rusty armor of fear, anxiety and trauma that our ego carries around like
so much luggage. Prasara Body-Flow™ is a physical practice of discharging fear, anxiety and trauma,
which in turn restores one's natural state of Grace, or Flow.

                 Externally loaded three dimensional strength training:
                                   Clubbell® Training

Clubbell® was designed and patented to be the weighted component of CST; the logical extension of pain-
free dynamic mobility. The Clubbell® has been called ―the most inefficient tool,‖ meaning that it demands
the most personal physical efficiency and skill to move it gracefully. The Clubbell® has its roots in
traditional club swinging: the oldest method of strength and conditioning known to humanity, and a
former Olympic Sport. Club swinging existed for centuries in ancient Persia, India and Burma. CST lifted
the archaic techniques of "fancy" traditional club swinging, combined it with an incrementally progressive
system of joint mobility, and systematized it through modern sport science. Clubbell® Training is simply
the most sophisticated, fun and creative vehicle for strength and conditioning ever conceived. Though
they can be practiced independently, in reality these 3 Wings of CST are a seamlessly integrated whole –
a complete stand-alone health system.

                                            HEALTH FIRST

CST values a ―health first‖ approach as we believe that without health, your fitness is like firing a canon
from a canoe. Fitness builds out of, from and back towards health.
As a result, the first step you take on CST we call ―tabula rasa‖ – or cleaning the slate. You don‘t want to
build a house on a swamp, and you don‘t want to exercise on top of residual tension, dense myofascial
tissue, fear-reactive patterns, or where the body has not yet remembered its full range of motion.
CST focuses on an intuitive rather than a conceptual method. It‘s designed specifically to return our
attention to the internal experience of physical exercise so that we reclaim autonomy over our vibrant,
abundant energy. As part of this intuition, your CST practice will progress under the systematic, scientific
process of how we develop neurologically: from head downward and spine outwards (known as the
cephalocaudal-proximodistal trend).
CST concentrates on incremental ―baby steps‖ and honors the balancing ratio of stress to rest and
recovery. Stress elicits an adaptation, but growth and development happen during rest and recovery.
Progression relates directly to increasing health first based upon strengthening one‘s intuitive connection
to the experience.
CST reveals that fun and creativity involve more than gratification. Performing a chain of tiny components
strung together through your own imagination produces a scientific, synergistic training effect producing
greater results in combination than if the individual components were performed independently for the
same exact repetitions.
CST emphasizes efficiency: in developing physical competency and coordination as a human being, as
you, rather than just a collection of random exercises. Teaching you coordination, CST helps you use less
total work to accomplish more useful work in every activity: recreational or vocational.
CST honors the entire organism through integration of breath, movement and structure – the holy trinity
of physical excellence. As such in stands in direct opposite to the two dimensional, linear fitness
convention. CST uses three-dimensional, multi-planar mobility to realign structural efficiency by allowing
breath to lead the way.
CST can become much more than an exercise past time, though you will receive 100% of the health
benefits, if you merely deepen your personal practice daily. It (re)unifies Body – the movement, Mind –
the structure, and Spirit – the breath, though a unique, proprietary formula: the Training Hierarchy
Pyramid (THP).

                                TRAINING HIERARCHY PYRAMID

In this method, we honor that each and ever action conditions us. Every choice we make specifically
conditions us, whether or not we prefer the outcome which results! As a result, CST reveals that balancing
our fitness programs is an ever-ongoing process of readjustment, compensating for the actions of the
previous cycle of activity. In other words, we‘re always in a process of re-cleaning the slate.
Through incremental development, we progress towards increased sophistication. We become better at
being ourselves. Our physical body is our ―sport‖ or our ―art‖, and we learn how to reclaim our mastery in
our most precious discipline: our own humanity. By taking off the brakes (and knowing how to
appropriately and timely apply the brakes) we can truly put on the accelerator and cruise safely through
our long, uninterrupted, blissful lives.
The Training Hierarchy Pyramid (THP) is a specific recipe for using all of the various tools of CST to
accomplish what all fitness methods hope to but fall short, what all martial arts aspire to but become lost,
and what each of us secretly craves but often dare not wish: flow, the elusive physical state of natural
athleticism, that ecstatic experiential field we lived in as a child and which we deserve, have every right
to, and can with work overcoming our impediments and with patience in healing, return to.
CST at its core is a vehicle for your personal transcendence, for becoming more of your true, best self.
Hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life – grannies to grandmasters – have embraced CST
as their hammer and chisel, going to work on their personal slab of marble, removing all which is not their
internally pristine, fluidly adaptable statue of daily perfection.


The most ancient weapon, the club, evolved over millennia into devastatingly effective martial arts
worldwide. Many cultural martial traditions across the planet utilized the club not just for combat, but for
restorative health and developed strength: Indian Kalaripayat, Iranian Pahlavani, Okinawan Karate and
Russian SAMBO.

Circular Strength Training™ can be traced to the to strongman competitions in Ancient Persia. "They
created a definitive edge in strength and endurance training. During these times, the weight-lifter,
wrestler or fighter was called a Pahlavan, or club swinging strongman." This physical exercise existed as
far back as Ancient Egypt. The most popularized international form of Circular Strength Training
originated in India, though originally derived from Persia and ultimately from Ancient Greece. Regardless
of the method, whether with the Indian karela, ekka, jori and gada, Iranian meel, Russian bulava, or
Okinawan chishi, Circular Strength Training™ can be dangerous if not properly learned and practiced.

Sim D. Kehoe brought "Indian Clubs" to USA from Britain. In 1862, he opened a New York shop to
manufacture clubs. To spread the word, he sent free samples of his clubs to prominent individuals in the
hope of securing positive endorsements.

The famous Civil War era boxer, John Heenan, wrote him that, "as an assistant for training purposes, and
imparting strength to the muscles of the arms, wrists, and hands, together in fact with the whole muscular
system, I do not know of their equal. They will become one of the institutions in America." US President
Grant wrote to thank Kehoe, "Please accept my thanks for your thus remembering me, and particularly
my boys, who I know will take great delight as well as receive benefit from using them."

Bornstein stated that Circular Strength Training® was, "the most universal method of developing the
muscular anatomy of the human body. Schools, colleges and even theological seminaries have adopted
their use in their respective institutions with the most beneficial results. For keeping the body in a healthy
and vigorous condition there has as yet been nothing invented, which for its simplicity and gracefulness
can be favorably compared with club exercises."

In 1866, Kehoe published Indian Club Exercise, A beautifully illustrated book which showing the benefits
of HEAVY Circular Strength Training, with two aspects of significance. Firstly, he distinguished between the
short, light-weight "bat" - a one to four pound club used in the popular Don Walker's and Dio Lewis'
callisthenic drills. Secondly, Kehoe distinguished the "long Club."

Light-weight bats became the Ivy-league vogue in popular Victorian culture, and heavy leverage lifting
was eventually phased out through social pressure - ironically simultaneous to the eventual phasing out of
Catch as Catch Can wrestling and general Strongman enthusiasm.

Many turn of the century and modern strongmen such as George Jowett, Bob Hoffman, George
Hackenschmidt, Paul Von Boeckmann, and "Slim the Hammerman" Farman, and of course, Ghulum "the
Great Gama" Mohammed used many different types of clubs (and club variations , such as the Weaver
Stick, Thor's Hammer, Fulcrum Bells, Swing Bars and even store-bought sledgehammers as substitutes.)

Circular Strength Training® was implemented in the military physical training programs for both the USA.
Posse (1894) stated that clubs were "the oldest known implement for military gymnastics." In 1914, the
US Army Manual of Physical Training explained that these exercises, "supple the muscles and articulations
of shoulders, upper-arms, forearms and wrist. They are indicated in cases where there is a tendency
toward what is known as 'muscle bound.'" (There are opposing opinions regarding this statement in the
physical culture industry.)

Circular Strength Training® became an Olympic Sport called "Rhythmic Gymnastics" in 1904 (St. Louis,
USA) which Americans won in all divisions. It endured until 1932 (Los Angeles, USA) which Americans
swept again. Rhythmic Gymnastics diminished from the Olympic scene until 1988 when it rose again.
Club Swinging is still an Olympic Sport today!

Coach Scott Sonnon created a training methodology called Circular Strength Training® using multi-
planar, multiple-joint movements. He intended to augment agility, coordination, extreme range strength,
and dynamic flexibility. His exercises have tremendous carry over value to all sports, for athletes of all
ages (male or female).

With his unique training, Coach Sonnon crafted an apparatus for Specific Physical Preparedness, which
Girevik Magazine named "the Holy Grail of athletic preparation." Clubbells™ are simple enough for
novices though challenging enough for elite. After many years and several generations of research &
development, Coach Sonnon finalized a design. In 2002, he launched the flagship of his Circular Strength
revolution –
                                the original patent pending CLUBBELL.

                                 WHAT IS CIRCULAR STRENGTH?

Linear vs. Circular Strength Training®: Most strength training programs focus on enhancing
performance and decreasing injury by focusing upon exercises such as squat, bench press, deadlift, clean,
etc. These may improve general performance, but execute essentially in a one dimensional plane, which
can be understood as Linear Strength Training. Linear Strength transfers to athletes hitting harder,
running faster & jumping higher. However, during practice or competition, every sport and physical
activity demands movement in one, two and three planes.

Circular Strength Training® comprises Multi-planar movements which develop rotary and
angular/diagonal strength to assist the prime movers. More importantly, prime movers can act with
rotary and angular/diagonal strength though most people fail to develop this capacity! Developing multi-
planar strength of the prime movers increases stability, enhances injury prevention, multiplies force
production abilities and most importantly, stimulates the neuromuscular patterns required of athletes.
Only Clubbells were specifically researched, engineered and implemented to target the rotary and
angular/diagonal strength. Athletes need Circular Strength Training® in order to develop these motor
recruitment patterns so that they are both strong and functional. Otherwise, their performance suffers
greatly and injury likelihood significantly increases.


Grip Strength & Endurance: One of the single most defining characteristics of athletic performance in
sports especially contact sports and tool-using sports, is grip strength & endurance which elite coaches
consider the measuring stick of one‘s total functional strength. The ability to boldly adhere to an opponent
or the strength and proficiency with which one wields the implements of one‘s sport generally determines
victory. This is certainly true in contact sports such as wrestling, football, and rugby, but also in tool-
using sports such as hockey, baseball, and lacrosse. However, most strength programs overlook hand,
wrist and forearm conditioning. Furthermore, medical studies have proven than poor mid-life grip
strength predicts old-age disability (Journal of the American Medical Association Vol.281 No.6).

Complex Training: A Combination Routine is a series of two or more basic exercises woven smoothly
together after having mastered each basic component. The rationale behind Combination Routines, aside
from enhanced coordination and agility, is Complex Training. Combination Routines combine strength and
speed/power in the same workout. Complex Training utilizes a grinding exercise followed by a similar, but
ballistic exercise, or utilizing a ballistic followed by a similar, but grinding exercise. Athletes increase the
high tension of the grind or the power of the ballistic exercise or both, and the increases will be greater
than if the exercises were performed consecutively. The performance of a grinding exercise followed by a
ballistic exercise elicits a neurological response that enables increased power, thereby creating a greater
training effect. Complex Training augments your neuromuscular system by teaching it to fire at a faster
rate. It develops strength, speed and technique simultaneously. What this allows is for the Combination
Routines to be constructed in the ideal way to improve Specific Physical Preparedness for any particular

Extreme Range Strength: In order to prevent injury and perform at extreme ranges of motion, athletes
need to train slightly outside the range and depth of "expected" movements. Circular Strength Training®
conditions athletes slightly outside the range and depth of the movements of their sport so when (not if)
movements deviate from the expected a ―safety valve‖ prevents injury and restores normal work capacity
without performance interference (Yessis). The competitive athlete needs to have these motor
recruitment patterns in place to facilitate shoulder synergy for both performance and injury prevention.

Shoulder synergy: The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body, but unfortunately, great
mobility comes at the expense of stability. It is a complex arrangement of structures working together to
provide the movement necessary for almost all athletic activities. Bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles
produce shoulder movement and keep the joint in place while it moves through extreme ranges of motion.
Sports, especially contact, throwing and racquet/stick sports, place great demands upon the shoulder, and
injury can occur when athletes exceed or overload these movement limits. High-energy activities such as
found in throwing and overhead sports often result in rotator cuff tears.

Conservative Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Forceful, repetitive, or sustained static activities
occurring over time with insufficient recovery periods may cause or aggravate Cumulative Trauma
Disorders, affecting soft tissue of both musculoskeletal and peripheral nervous systems. Any sport or job
using the arms can be associated with Cumulative Trauma Disorders. The most commonly described and
diagnosed disorders are Rotator Cuff Impingement, ―Tennis Elbow,‖ and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Circular
Strength Training® may be a conservative injury prevention method for those at risk as well as an
important rehabilitative tool to those suffering such common sport-related injuries.


Clubbell® Equipment are the ONLY Combat and Sport Specific Equipment for Circular Strength:
Only Clubbells™ were specifically researched, engineered and implemented to target the rotary and
angular/diagonal muscles, to target the grip, wrist and forearm strength, and to target enhancing shoulder
synergy, to be used in Complex Training as a conservative injury prevention and rehabilitation tool, as
well as sports-specific performance enhancement (SPP).

Displaced Center of Gravity: With dumbbells, the weight can be supported by your skeletal structure,
as if sitting on top of a column. With dumbbells your grip is located directly upon the center of gravity
which remains constant throughout the exercise for the entire range of motion; a more gross action,
power without coordination. The Unique Balance Scheme of Clubbells forces athletes to use proper
technique and concentrate on complex skills during the movement. The Displaced Center of Gravity
forces you to keep the weight inside of its proper groove throughout the entire lift. At times having the
weight pull away from you is desirable. For example, many people do not have the shoulder flexibility to
do overhead squats. The Clubbell® will pull your arm into the proper position and keep it there.

Leverage Lifting Principle: The unique benefits of leverage challenge include a superior training effect.
Decreased leverage of the Displaced Center of Gravity translates force more effectively to develop
superior grip strength, as well as lower arm, upper arm and shoulder synergy, stabilization and dynamic
flexibility. Additionally, Clubbells™ have a Thick, Crinkle Coated Neck and a uniquely engineered Phenolic
Knob to provide a specialized purchase for the grip in order to facilitate increased inertia and poundage - a
better grip workout than any other piece of equipment. NO other apparatus translates this amount of
leveraged force!

Pendulum Swinging Principle: With Clubbells™ your grip is at the end of an extension attached to the
weighted center of gravity. As you go through the range of motion the weight moves in relation to the
fixed point of your grip much the same as a pendulum swings from a fixed point. The leverage and the
force constantly change position along with the strength of the pull throughout the range of motion
creating resistance and stressing your muscles from varying angles. This gives a totally different dynamic
effect to the exercise which is impossible to obtain with any other piece of equipment. This Pendulum
Swinging Principle which has been used for centuries and has been lost to modern training reborn through
Clubbells™, the ONLY equipment of its kind {a patent-pending} breakthrough in combat sport specific

Micro-Loading Adjustable Grip: Clubbells™ are a means of Incremental Resistance Progression. The
special design of the handle allows minor increases in weight, never overloading your muscles but always
challenging them. Micro-Loading Adjustable Grip is a special design function that uniquely promotes
constant progress and strength gains. No other piece of equipment has this versatility!

Clubbells™ are made from steel, with a Black Urethane Rubber-coating cast around the weight mass
and the portion of the handle to protect floor surfaces.

                         IN WHICH SPORTS WILL YOUR IMPROVE?

WRESTLING: Increase clinch dominance, strengthen wrist control, and increase static strength for
sprawls, jams and shucks.
BOXING: Enhance wrist stability in striking, increase early power generation and arm endurance.
MARTIAL ARTS: Strengthen strikes, clinch work, and application of holds as well as prevent loss by
POWER-LIFTING: Add poundage to your max lifts from increased bar grip and forearm strength.
Prevent deviation through increased stabilization and synergy.
ICE & FIELD HOCKEY: Strengthen stick stability and agility. Achieve stronger, accurate shots, and
prevent shoulder injury.
RUGBY & FOOTBALL: Increase ball handling, blocking and tackling skills which rely on coordinated arm
force generation.
GOLF: Strengthen fingers to remove handedness bias, and wrist snap to increase distance, accuracy and
RACQUETBALL & TENNIS: Improve racket control & strengthen wrist action for all strokes.
ROCK CLIMBING & RAPPELLING: Develop & maintain hand, wrist & forearm strength and endurance.
BASEBALL: Develop stronger grip & wrist snap for increased accuracy and velocity in ball throwing;
increase bat control and swing speed and power.
MOTOCROSS & BMX: Diminish arm-pump to enhance bar control and endurance.
BASKETBALL: Shoot, dribble & pass with a higher level of consistency & accuracy.

As well as other sports such as swimming, kayaking, gymnastics, bowling, javelin-throwing,
volleyball, power-lifting, Olympic lifting, shot-put, fencing, windsurfing, water skiing,
bodybuilding, jet skiing, or any sport using the arms.

                                      BUYER'S GUIDE Q&A
                    MATERIALS SHOULD I PURCHASE?

Ask your physician permission to begin this type of strenuous and circular resistance exercise. Physically
fit adult males get started with the Big Book of Clubbell Training, the video of the same name, and a
pair of 10lbs. clubbells™. Physically fit adult females get started with the book, the video, and a pair
of 5lbs. clubbells™. For both men and women, these weight selections of clubbells™ have been
challenging at first but they adapted over the first two weeks or so and some were even ready for a
heavier size within the first month or two.

Men with thorough strength training experience and above average strength have begun with a pair of
15lbs. clubbells™; women – a pair of 10lbs clubbells™. Competitive male power-lifters, Olympic style
lifters, or experienced Iron Game Knuckledraggers have begun with a pair of 20lbs. clubbells™. We would
not recommend starting with anything larger than 20lbs. clubbells™ regardless of your background since
you will always use for lighter clubbells™ in your training.

The usual guideline for adult men is building your home gym to own at least one pair of any weight for
the complex combination routines and to own at least one each of the 10, 15, and 20lbs. clubbells™.
After that, start over from the bottom, working on your second pair, and purchase the 5 and 25lbs
Clubbells™ to complete your gym. Clubbells™ pairs add variety, challenge and significant gains to your
programs. You can and should begin with a pair of clubbells™. Different weights help you progress in
strength and fitness.

For most adult women, the guidelines are the same but one division lighter. Begin with one pair of 5lbs.
clubbells™, and then collect one each of 10, and 15lbs. clubbells™ then start working on pairs of both.

The exception to this general guideline is the person who is focused more on coordination, agility, and
strength-endurance than on explosive/ballistic strength. It is perfectly possible for a male tennis player,
baseball player, or wrestler to do all their work with a pair of 15lbs. clubbells™ and never use a larger
size. It's equally fine to stop with a pair of 20lbs. clubbells™, though the physiological and psychological
benefits of incrementally increasing heavier weight should not be underestimated. Some people prefer to
own the heaviest clubbells™ they can manage, even if for only low repetitions.


Do not be fooled by the ―light-weight‖ sound of 45lbs. clubbells™. They are Steel Sadists, the Iron
Monsters of Circular Strength Training®! Consider these a goal, the horizon of your strength. He who
swings these with form and ease is one of the strongest of all men!


No one will use all weights immediately, so in that regard you only ever begin with one particular weight
of clubbells™. However, these questions only comprise a general guideline. There is no way to
compare with dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells weights, since clubbells™ involve not linear strength,
but Circular Strength Training®. Therefore, without a personal trainer present, you must guess which
weight you can handle. The advantage of purchasing a Clubbell® Total Gym or Clubbell® PRO Gym is
the ability to personally discover which weight you need to start; plus you can work incrementally
through each weight division immediately as your strength and fitness skyrocket. Additionally, you will
save a considerable amount of money in both cost and shipping by outfitting your personal home
fitness with a complete clubbell® gym.

"...increase your power, agility, flexibility and endurance using Circular Strength Training... to
become a better athlete and martial artist." - Black Belt Magazine DEC 02 Issue

"I also have 2 of Coach Sonnon's 15 pound Clubbells. They are, without question, some of the best
money on fitness equipment I have ever spent. How serious am I that I think Clubbells are TRUE
strength tools that aren't replicated anywhere? I'm awaiting the arrival of a set of 10 and 5 pounders
next week so I can start using them during training sessions with clients" - Wayne Fisher, AKA
"Scrapper" US Navy Diver, NHB/MMA Champion (Superbrawl 13)

"Coach Sonnon, since receiving the clubbells we have been experimenting with them on ourselves as a
coaching staff as well as with our athletes. Basically, we are helping our athletes develop functional
strength. The clubbells will develop those pockets of weaknesses that the other three miss. The clubbells
are great for sports such as wrestling, tennis, baseball, softball, golf and soccer. And we are sure
all other sports will be able to use the "Circular Strength" developed by the clubbells. The parts of body we
experience being strengthened are: hands, wrists, forearms, upperarm, shoulders, rotator cuffs, upper
back, upper chest and especially the core of the body. Coach, you have a great product in the clubbells.
Also, we are very impressed with the video. It is well made and very informative. Having you demonstrate
and explain the fine points of each exercise is excellent." - Coach Ethan Reeve, Head Strength &
Conditioning Coach Wake Forest University

"Clubbells are excellent for combat athletes to develop and improve specific strength & endurance." -
Coach Stephen Maxwell, World BJJ Champion & World SOMBO Champion

"The Circular Training with the Clubbells covers a huge gap in this aspect of physical preparedness
created by complex fitness machinery isolating the grip strength from the rest of the body in favor of
quickly noticeable 'visual' results." - Oleg Yakimovich, Russian Martial Art R.O.S.S. Instructor

"I've since been experimenting with them for about a month and a half and have noticed viable non-
related performance enhancement within my job activities as a SRT Police Officer. I feel the leverage
based grip enhancement has allowed me to maintain both a firmer, yet more relaxed grip in my firearms
training, as my personal clubbell training tends to move in the same direction as felt recoil, with the end
result being more accurate fire. Furthermore, after being on an operation three nights ago, I did not feel
the fatigue normally associated with posting on a door with a long arm in the ready position for over and
hour, due to some of the static hold training that I've been trying. Will clubbells make me bigger? I don't
know or care. I made the conscious decision to focus on practical performance goals rather than aesthetic
appearance when I realized that being bigger simply meant more target area for my adversary..." -
Devon Reynolds, SWAT Tactical Officer

"I'm very impressed by the quality, weight and design of the Clubbell. I can't wait to get the video
to learn what exercises to do with it." - Harry Fuller, U.S. Secret Service, National Fitness Coordinator

"Well made and useful. It would be useful to have various sizes. I also think that two would be better
than one." - SFC Matt Larsen, NCOIC of US ARMY Combatives

" I am seeing my Clubbell opening up a new corridor of fitness. It is very different from any type of
exercise I have done before. The heavy circular motion stress the shoulders in a positive way. Once I get
my wrists stronger this thing will fill in gaps the kettlebells miss. It's nature is different from anything else
I have worked with." - Chuck Fair, Russian Kettlebell Challenge Instructor

"If you practice any martial art or racquet sport, this is for you. Biomechanically, kettlebells were the first
form of weight training apparatus that didn't bind me up and make my muscles so tight my performance
was actually degraded. Clubbells, on the other hand, while lighter, seem to be half-way between KB's and
actual MA applications, a "missing link" if you will. I now understand EXACTLY why heavy club swinging
was a core exercise for warriors around the world. Swinging a horizontal figure-eight with this thing

 in a sort of "Russian full contact twist" manner created a sensation of elastic muscularity, a kind of
stretching a rubber-band feeling that IMMEDIATELY translated into a jump in martial arts performance--
and after only two sessions! The video is clear, clean, packed with information, and Sonnon's
performance is the kind of stunning competence that immediately quells doubts: this man knows his
stuff. Period. The video is pure gold.." - Steve Barnes, Sci-Fi Author & former Kung-fu Columnist for
Black Belt Magazine

                                FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Training Hierarchy Pyramid™: Coach Sonnon developed the Training Hierarchy Pyramid™ - a pyramid
with General Physical Preparedness (GPP, or increasing fundamental work capacity) on the bottom,
Specific Physical Preparedness (SPP, specific performance enhancement) next, Physical Skills (PS, refining
the movements of your sport) on the third rung, and Mental/Emotional Skills (MES, fostering the
psychological attributes critical to your sport) on the top. He structured this as a pyramid because each
level requires more substantial foundation than the level above, in order for the higher levels to concretely
hold. These are not clean distinctions, but involve a very gradual transition from one to the next.

General Physical Preparedness: The primary goal of GPP irrespective of activity or sport is enhanced
working capacity. If work capacity increases, combat athletes will adapt more readily to the sustained
increases in mental and physical demands. GPP holds priority as the BASE of all solid programming
because without this level of readiness the mind and body cannot effectively absorb specificity. Coach
Sonnon‘s theory relates to Maslow's Pyramid in that an athlete cannot effectively address higher levels of
training without the lower level fulfillment. One can practice MES, but without GPP, it's a house on

Specific Physical Preparedness: Next up on the pyramid is SPP. This training converts the unrefined,
nonspecific GPP gains made into sport specific attributes. SPP builds upon the GPP foundation by
furthering development within the exact physiological profile of your sport. SPP refers to the principle of
specificity, or transference, which states that strength and conditioning (training) must approximate as
closely as possible your sport‘s conditions and variables in order to maximize learning and training effects;
in other words, how much your training effect transfers to the performance in your specific sport. You
adapt specifically to stresses placed upon you; you improve according to the exact type of training you do.
Therefore, your training needs to be as specific as possible.

Unfortunately, many athletes utilize the same training methods regardless of the physiological profile of
their activity. Training must stimulate but not simulate the biomechanics, neuromuscular patterns and
energy system requirements of your sport‘s skills. Specific Physical Preparedness requires your training
play a physiological role in accessing the following characteristics (SPP extends beyond these, but the
following most obviously exemplify Circular Strength Training®):

Range and Depth: It is difficult to mimic the technical skill of a given sport in training. Therefore one
must try to approximate the dynamic structure of the range and depth of your sport‘s skills. On the other
hand care must be taken to avoid exercising in such a way that the main motion pattern (the sport skill) is
substantially altered. An example would be a sprinter running while wearing a weighted vest. The
additional weight makes the runner have to fight gravity to a greater extent, creating more of an upward
push, than a forward thrust. A fighter doing punches and kicks with elastic bands attached to the wrists
and ankles is also risks compromising technique by altering the natural rate of force development.

Specificity vs. Simulation: Specificity should not be confused with Simulation training. Specificity refers
to an expression of your skill‘s physiological profile – a stimulation of the biomechanics, neuromuscular
patterns and energy system requirements of your sport‘s skills. Simulation attempts to use resistance to
mimic the exact movements of the skill. Although Simulation works during certain aspects of training, if
overused it may cause neuromuscular confusion due to differences such as center of gravity, rotation and
inertia. Specific Physical Preparedness does not mean merely grabbing a clubbell and swinging it like a
baseball bat for increased batting power. SPP regards a systematic program rendering the skill‘s
expression. Follow the program design guidelines and use the program samples as a template for crafting
SPP through Circular Strength Training®.

                        CLUBBELL® EQUIPMENT?

The difference is about 200 years and tens of thousands of dollars of technology, research, testing,
experimentation and experience. Clubbell® Equipment was designed specifically as the physical
manifestation of Circular Strength Training™. No expense was spared for this innovation. The
difference between Indian Clubs and Clubbell® Equipment is analogous to the difference
between a Model-T and a Hum-V.
The next CST Instructor Certification seminar is scheduled for
August 3-5, 2007 in Bellingham, WA, USA. Productions will gladly place you on the waiting list for the next seminar if you do not register in
time to participate in this seminar.

CST Instructor Certification                               (

- Official CST Instructor Certificate authorizing you to instruct CST clients.
- Detailed CST Instructor's Manual mapping technique tips, tools and components, as well as an overview
on the entire CST program.
- Online and offline Marketing Support, including a free website and email address and a referral network
of clients generated by
- Free Monthly Magazine with special articles on marketing, training and teaching guidance from the
coaching staff.
- Discounted Rates at Seminars: 30% on Books, Videos, and 15% on Equipment. Volume discounts
available through Productions.
- Free Official CST T-shirt.

You MUST be experienced with actual Clubbells™ in Clubbell Training for Circular Strength PRIOR to the
Seminar. Poor preparation ensures examination failure and no certification. Certification failures will
receive NEITHER a full NOR a partial refund.

If you would like to have your school or gym staff certified as Circular Strength Trainers, contact
Productions office for special arrangements (tel. 1-678-867-7629)

                                 CST AFFILIATE PROGRAM

Join the CST Affiliate Program today! Share with other people an information about the Circular Strength
Training® System (the world‘s leading Athletic Performance Enhancement Training System), which will
bring great benefits to them while earning you a healthy commission.

              For more information on the CST please visit

                                        INTU-FLOW® SET
                          The Intu-Flow® and Xtension kit includes:
                      2 Mini-Clubbells™, 2 Posters, 3 Instructional DVDs
Fun – Easy – Effective: Intu-Flow® produces pain-free, energized results faster than you ever
thought possible! Referred to variously as ‗yoga in motion,‘ ‗tai chi without the fluff,‘ or ‗hi-tech gigong,‘
Intu-Flow® is a powerful Key, unlocking the door to:

•   Deep Relaxation
•   Whole Body Tension Release
•   Increased Focus and Concentration
•   Heightened Sensory Awareness
•   Enhanced Joint Mobility
•   Superior Athletic Performance
•   Bioenergy Amplification

As an easy to perform meditation, Intu-Flow® is available to everyone, young and old, men and
women, without years of arduous study or injury producing excess. These exercises have helped
thousands of busy people, from all walks of life, get Intu-Flow® every day.

A flowing, intuitive harmony of basic, biomechanically efficient movement, structural body alignment,
and simple breathing, Intu-Flow® is an exquisite synergy of modern scientific health research and
ancient somatic wisdom; an easy to learn, do-it-at-home, playfully fun way to superior health that does
not involve weekly classes or regular expenses, year after year. The results are both immediate and
profound; once experienced, Intu-Flow™ helps you feel so good, your day will not feel complete
without it.

Getting Intu-Flow® is easy, but far from superficial. Simple and user-friendly, nothing fancy or
complex, it teaches you to maximize your health, throughout your day, with each breath. Combining
the best from both Eastern and Western traditions, Intu-Flow® is a delightful daily journey into pain-
free movement and healthy longevity. More often than not, the most effective approach is the simplest
approach. Intu-Flow® produces pain-free, energized results – without struggle, and with only a few
minutes a day.

                               You’re as old as your connective tissue!

Xtension is a comprehensive exercise program specifically designed to make your Intu-Flow®
program more powerful, develop your core strength, enhance your cardiovascular conditioning, and
increase your dynamic whole-body flexibility.

Using the Mini-Clubbell™, your Intu-Flow® program becomes even more fun and effective as
it produces a stronger, leaner, gracefully flowing and energetic physique. Melting away tension,
reducing stress and fatigue, it elminates those aches and pains so often associated with other, more
conventional exercise programs.

Through its mindful, deliberate, and dynamic movements, integrated breathing, and connective tissue
focus, Xtension uses the Mini-Clubbell™ in easy-to-perform combination routines linked together in a
fluid, playful manner that is guaranteed to get you Intu-Flow®.

                                            US$99.95+ S&H ($25.00 – in the U.S.; $37.50 – to Canada)
 Currently Productions accepts orders only to be shipped within the CONTINENTAL USA and Canada! Intu-Flow®
 ship FedEx Ground. No addresses with P.O. Boxes please! CANADIAN SHP: Brokerage fees for Canada + duties & taxes should
 be paid in Canada. For more information contact your local authorities. PUERTO RICO, HAWAII and ALASKA contact Corporate
 office at to determine shipping costs.

―My thoughts after a few months with Intu-Flow® / Xtension / Mini-Clubbell™.
First off, what I wanted was something I could do as a habit so I wouldn‘t have to decide every morning what to do;
but also that it not get boring or quit being effective. Doing this near-daily, 5–7 times a week, I wondered if I would
see my progress flatten out. It hasn‘t happened, no way. Instead, the more I do Intu-Flow, the more opportunities I
see to get better form, more range of motion, and move more smoothly. It‘s like yoga, or dance or gymnastics that
way. At the beginning I was so challenged with coordination that I couldn‘t see refinements, and yet they are coming,
just as promised. I‘m still flipping back and forth with the first two levels of this program — with peeks into the
advanced. There is plenty both to work on and to look forward to.
I especially like the floor moves (cradles and frog) in Intu- Flow. This is a challenging, interesting way to move, or
shall I say, engage the ground, that even I can see can be used in moves in real life not just during exercise time.
As far as mobility, it‘s been months now since I had any excess-tension or joint issues so it really feels great. I can tell
right away if I‘m starting to accumulate tension or stiffness because my morning practice tells me. And it‘s getting
easier to take care of.
People are still complimenting me on my coordination and smooth moves, right out of the blue too. Anything from my
lightening-fast catches when something drops, to the ease with which I lift heavy things, or skip lightly out of the way
instead of getting flattened by crowds at doors and things. It‘s a little unnerving when that happens but it is, I
I was originally attracted by the idea of a program that was ―all I need for fitness.‖ I was aiming too low! Doing Intu-
Flow and Xtension not only is restoring my fitness but is making me remember what I wanted fitness FOR in the first
place. It‘s not to check off some health requirement about as interesting as flossing. It‘s moving for fun and without
worry. Keeping up with kids. In fact I haven‘t felt this great in 30 years, seriously.
At first I found a full Xtension circuit a bit too intense and had to take breaks within the circuit. As time has gone on
I‘ve gotten stronger, smoother, and more coordinated, and better in breathing with the circuits. This is another
program that I think has a huge range of effectiveness as far as I can see. That is, it‘s got something for people who
are just beginning, and yet for the most fit people, it will still be challenging. Again because the more you do it, the
more you get into higher-level performance nuances. At the beginning it‘s about, can I do it at all. Then it‘s, okay I
can do the moves, now can I keep up with the models. Then, wow, I notice a rhythm here where I don‘t have to
muscle it through all the time; there‘s a pull-float thing going on. Then you start noticing breathing and how to make
the session easier or harder depending on your energy that day. I‘m nowhere near bored yet.
I also appreciate how space-efficient Intu-Flow is, and that it goes anywhere I do. I‘ve done sessions at home of
course, and at work and on the road. It‘s reassuring to know I don‘t have to lose my connection with good movement
because it‘s tied to some particular place like a gym (whether home or public).
I would not be without my mini-Clubbells now. I won‘t even lend one. Can‘t wait until I can get more!
One downside is that now that I keep the Mini-Clubbell with me, when I travel, I must check bags every time. No
more carryon only, so sad.
I know Xtension is challenging strength-wise because when I tried to alternate Xtension workout sessions with heavy
CB sessions, it was too much. I needed to wait as long after an Xtension session for recovery, as I did for other
heavier CB workouts.
It‘s hard for me to describe how utterly different this way of exercising has been for me. It feels like ages ago that I
was even thinking in terms of cardio, sets, reps, pounds. Those things were interesting measures at the beginning of
my reconditioning, but, if I may call myself ―learning to flow,‖ it is so much more interesting it doesn‘t even seem like
the same thing. Not fitness but playground fun, if I was a kid. Or if I was a teenager, just bumming around with my
friends. Hm, must reinvent what that is for 50 plus people. It‘s not like getting my ―30 minutes a day‖ although it was
that when I started out. Now it‘s just the time I take to see how my movement is and to make sure I can still do all I
want to do… and to push it some more.
Or another way to put it — you know I used to think that fitness was on the ‗earnest and dreary‘ list of life things,
along with things like tooth brushing and getting the car oil changed. But with Intu-Flow and Xtension, fitness
becomes movement, and it goes on the ―fun, play, charming‖ list of life along with things like laughing on the way out
the door to work, or dressing for dinner, or getting shellacked at a spa, or going to the store with family to make a
celebration meal. I look forward to it and it comes every day. One of these days I shall be revealed as the kind of
woman Andrew Greeley writes about as ―turning heads for 50 years.‖ Not just from just-stand-there appearance
either but from the flow and energy from my quality of movement. Come to think of it, it‘s started already, if I can
trust some of the feedback I‘m getting. Just between you and me.
I‘m sorry this has turned out so experiential and feeling-ish. I wish now I had just hunkered down so we could also
get heart rate, blood pressure, inches and pounds feedback. But you know what — I so don‘t care about that that I
was a little selfish and only wanted my own experience not thinking that the people I want to share with, DO care
about those things. Guess I still could huh!!!‖ - Connie Brown, CST Coach
―I just received my Mini-ClubbellsTM. Just wanted to send in a quick comment on how well designed they are. They
really stick to the hand. Almost safe enough for inside the house workouts. The pictures don't do them justice. Great
job and congratulations on your recent victory.‖ - Jim Tirey

―As advertised it is a comprehensive and incremental program that unifies:
Warrior Wellness™/Freedom by Degree™
Vibration Training
elements of Prasara Body-Flow™
elements of Prime Your Bioenergy™
There is also an in-depth and insightful introduction to the purpose and principles for this training and subsequently
RMAX as a whole.
The Xtension program which I have watched but not played with yet seems like a good primer for Clubbell® training
as well as strongly making the connection between joint mobility and training under load.
All in all this is an amazing product, and I think of great value to any instructor. Even if your personal mobility practice
is beyond the earlier levels this gives a more comprehensive way to introduce the system to someone who is new to
it.‖ – Slade Billew, CST Coach

―I just finished watching Intu-Flow™ beginner level and wow! I was worried that the Warrior Wellness™ I have grown
to love was being cast aside but now I see it is simply being completed. The level of refinement is beyond ANYTHING I
have seen anywhere. I don‘t think there has been a revolution this big in martial arts or health since boddhidarma
came to China! I am a little sad to see the hip circles didn‘t make the cut but there certainly isn‘t anything lacking in
this program. I really like the mini-bells too. They aren‘t anything a knuckle dragger would be embarrassed to poses
and they are friendly looking enough to sit comfortably on a shelf next to all the frilly useless stuff found in most
fitness stores without frightening away the uninitiated. I'm starting tomorrow morning and I cant wait!‖ - Brian Bales

―Received my Intuit Flow Mini-ClubbellsTM package on Saturday. The Mini-ClubbellsTM are great. They beg to be picked
up and swung. I think this will be a really big seller.‖ - Roland Beauregard

―I think this is an excellent product. At the price it was also a steal. Everything about the product was classy and
professional. I can see Scott selling these on QVC real soon. Thanks to Scott and RMAX for another winner! ―- Shane

―Ok, I got this cool package in the mail from Rmax today and here are my humble opinions and observation after my
first viewing of the Intu-Flow(TM) DVDs.
*It is a nice blend of Warrior Wellness™ with elements of Body-Flow™, Prime Your Bioenergy™, etc. blended in. The
keywords are blended in to be attainable by all who incrementally apply themselves to the material.
*Another thing I really liked about these dvds are that they are very detail oriented to the point that the camera shots
show all the little details of making things work as a whole. You really see the flow of the joints transitioning from
what Coach says to what is being demonstrated.
*I noticed some concern from members of the tribe about Intu-Flow(TM) being a replacement to other RMAX
products. To that I would like to comment that YES, and NO. Yes, the blend of material is really very cool and a new
approach to the way things have been done. No, you shouldn't think other Rmax material is obsolete. In fact, I would
go so far as to say that it will help you transition better to other products like Prime your Bioenergy Body-Flow™, etc.
After playing with the Beginner iIntu-Flow(TM) and watching the other levels I really believe I am going to grasp
"Prime Your Bioenergy™" as a whole as result of Intuiflow practice. PYB has been a bit of a challenge for me.
* MINI CLUBBELLLS KICK ASS, BABY! The extension DVD looks like great fun. My only gripe today is that I wish these
darn Mini-ClubbellsTM were around last winter when I was freezing my ass off learning the basics of Clubbells
outdoors. Seriously, these Mini-ClubbellsTM are ideal for indoor Clubbell® learning. I tried them out down in my rec
room and they worked out great. Haha I am still going to have to practice with my regular Clubbells® outdoors
though. OHio is cold baby! I bought a heater for my garage though. Regular Clubbells® are just too long for practicing
inside most homes.
Last but not least as I watched these videos I kept having flashbacks of my youth practicing Tae Kwon do and the
instructors forcing you to stretch further causing unnecessary pain and sometimes damage to the athlete. I also
thought about kids who were less talented athletically and who had to endure the emotional pain of being picked last
in gym class. How barbaric these ways are compared to the Rmax ways! I can proudly say Intu-flow is progressive
program for people of all walks of life. Coach Sonnon layed out 10 solid principles for anyone to succeed by! Coach
Sonnon and crew great product. Though I love Warrior Wellness™ and it has been good to me I really dig this Intu-
flow product!‖ - Steve Lardieri

―Intu-Flow™ is the best bargain that RMAX has ever offered. A brilliant evolution of the material in the most user
friendly presentation so far. ... something that really stood out for me is the way that the movement principles and
ranges of motion studied in the joint mobility program directly and explicitly prime the practitioner for putting those
movements under weight. Having coached Clubbells at CST IC and privately, I expect that the nuances and principles
will be grasped and assimilated much easier if the athlete first works with Intu-Flow™. It's such a well-designed,
explicit transition. A great example of this is the first pelvis exercise in the Beginner progression. Mastering the hip
fold and extension, and the hip root, in the manner presented will set up the power source of future Clubbell® work.
Brilliantly designed!‖ - Ryan Murdoc,k RMAX Head Coach

―I just received my Intu-Flow™ package today... the Intu-Flow™ package is truly a bargain. I have had Warrior
Wellness™ for so time now, and I don‘t what to keep saying the same thing here, but you can not help it, this new
package is so much better in its presentation, and value. From the way coach explains the sequence of movements, to
the background scenary, the added music, of Course the intergration of the Mini's, it is truely a wonder for its price.
For those who have Warrior Wellness™ understand, you can really see Rmax growth and direction. I have wanted to
get started with CST so bad and this has gotten me of to a great start. I was having thoughts about purchasing the
15lb Clubbells, cause I like most, you hear the weight and think to yourself oh that's nothing. Trust folks not just my
words but also the words of the other members hear in the tribe, that when it comes to circular strength that‘s a lot of
weight to move, cast, swipe, etc. I could not believe how heavy these 5lb clubs are. The pictures really don‘t convey
how wonderful they are, then again it is only a picture, but the mini is honestly enough weight to challenge you like
Connie said 5lb dumbbells are no match and no way to judge the Mini-ClubbellsTM. For those who do not have it
consider getting it and for those who have it enjoy.‖ - Thomas Thornton

―I have recieved Intu-Flow™ recently and what a great product. I've been doing Warrior Wellness™ for awhile now so
the transition Intu-Flow™ was fairly easy. It has also helped in alot of self discovery with my movement and Body
Flow. I would suggest this product for anyone who wants to start their CST training, or just for your personal health.‖
- Joe Goss

I just received Intu-Flow™ and it is great, you won't be disappointed!‖ - Jarlo Ilano, CST Coach

―I‗ve been playing with RMAX FlowFitness™ Health Systems for a number of years, starting with GTB, Zdorovye™
Series, Warrior Wellness™, Maximology™, Freedom by Degree™ and various movement exercises in FlowFighting™
Martial videos like Prime Your Bioenergy™. I purchased the new Intu-Flow™ as gifts, including one for my wife. Of
course she gets it for Christmas, and I get to test-drive it now!
Intu-Flow™ is the best do-it-at-home RMAX product to date. If you never use another RMAX product, Intu-Flow™ can
be your lifetime fitness/health program. Most users should be able to use the beginner program as presented. There
have been some questions on this forum about the appropriateness of some of the exercises for beginners. This is
where the cadre of knowledgeable RMAX instructors comes into play. My sister and mother (50 and 79 years of age)
will use one of my gift sets, and I have been experimenting with modifications of some exercises i.e. Quad Hops and
Cradles. Connie is one instructor who has done an outstanding job of presenting Warrior Wellness™ movements for
the newbie. And I sure she will continue to be a great resource.
I have previewed all the Intu-Flow™ and Xtension programs. I am now performing first level Intu-Flow™ and adding
an Xtension exercise every other session (not recommended if you have no prior Clubbell® experience). I am
impressed by the exercise selection/programming and their synergistic effects/results.

      It's gained so much more refinement, sophistication and simplicity since the old Warrior Wellness™™
      days. Moreover, I've added new material to this program never before seen! Intu-Flow™ is much more
      and far beyond Warrior Wellness™, but it's also much simpler, deeper and easier to follow. (IntuFlow,
      Xtension and the Mini-Clubbell® by Scott Sonnon)

How true!
Not only is the content excellent, but so is the production quality. I liked the Xtension chart and would like to have a
similar Intu-Flow™ Chart especially for the Beginner Level. For now, I have made an exercise flow sheet to use as a
reference guide. Some participants will want to use their new Mini-ClubbellsTM ASAP. I will recommend at least one
Clubbell® exercise i.e. beginner level swings. I suppose this is another example of the benefit for hands-on-
I have enjoyed the ride and have great fun playing. Watching the development of RMAX over years has been
fascinating. Scott, you have done good.‖ - Paul Karpick

―I purchased this program for my housemate for Christmas. She has been wanting to lose weight and reduce the joint
pain in her knees, back and shoulders; she has also wanted to participate in a low impact, non-threatening exercise
program. When I saw Intu-Flow™ offered, I jumped on it. It sounded perfect for her goals. She opened the box
yesterday and I was wishing it was mine! We watched the Flow DVDs - clearly demonstrated, well explained, and
presented in a relaxed, friendly manner. Didn't have time to view Extension, but those mini Clubbells are sweet. My
housemate has always been intimidated by my Clubbells, but she liked the blue clubs. (She did insist they weighed
more than five pounds!). She was impressed by many of the movements and Coach Sonnon's explanations - many of
them relate directly to what the most balanced horseback riders do to allow themselves to ride pain-free and to get
out of the horse's way to allow natural movement under saddle. As her passion is horses and riding, this really
grabbed her attention. Intu-Flow™ is an excellent product with application for folks serious about balanced riding as
well as general health and fitness.‖ - Kelly Moore
                                        INTU-FLOW® SET
             4-Part-Complete-Joint-Rejuvenating DVD program as a stand-along DVD title!

The Intu-Flow® program comes on two DVDs and contains the complete Health system: the Beginner,
Intermediate, Advanced and the Master levels.

Intu-Flow® produces pain-free, energized results – without a struggle, and with only a few minutes a

Running time: 125 min.                                                                    US $49.95 + SHP

                                     AGELESS MOBILITY™
                                  Pain-Free Wellness for Longevity

Ageless Mobility™ is an easy-to-learn, follow-along, low-impact, instantly-effective movement program
involving a scientific blend of dynamic mobility combined with simple flowing yoga. Ageless Mobility™
gives you pain-free quality of life, and the ability to move gracefully, effortlessly and play without the
dreaded "day after pain." Ageless Mobility™ is a program from the Circular Strength Training® System, a
scientific ―3 winged‖ system of ―prehab now so you don‘t have to rehab later.‖

This program is designed in a genetically-programmed sequence of lubricating each joint, one after
another, until the entire body becomes fully flushed with nutrition. Most people suffer through their lives
literally starved for this critical movement! Once each joint is well oiled and ready to move, then soft,
flowing yoga movements, easily learned, release the body of chains of tension. This specific process helps
prevent daily aches and pains while helping abate the onset of shoulder bursitis, elbow tendonitis, carpal
tunnel syndrome, neck and lower back disc herniation, hip, knee and ankle strain. The simple breathing
exercises manage stress at a biochemical level while increasing core strength and helping gastrointestinal

It can be performed once or twice a week for 45 minutes and still receive 100% of the medical benefits of
the exercise. In the time that most people channel surf throughout the day, any Boomer, anyone of any
age for that matter, can again have that energetic zeal of pain-free mobility wellness!

                            BONUS PROGRAMS: X10D Golf-Pro and Tennis-Pro
In these bonus programs, you will learn the genetically-programmed sequence of how to flush your
connective tissue with crucial nutrition which not only "extends" the pain-free power and injury-free
stamina of your game, but increases your energy and slows the aging process. We are literally as old as
our connective tissue, so if we starve our joints of nutrition, we accelerate the aging process. Most people
are sprinting to injury! But with X10D, you can slow that process, and to a degree even reverse
conditions, which have stayed with you such as: tennis elbow, golf elbow, racquetball wrist, shoulder
impingement, neck stingers, lower back pain and knee and ankle strain. These unique bonus programs
involve a sport-specific mobility program designed to use the tool of your sport: a tennis racquet or a golf
What is the difference between the Intu-Flow® and Ageless Mobility Programs?

Coach Sonnon:

―Ageless Mobility™ is a "biggest bang for your buck" follow-along program for increasing the pain-free
health of your most important problem areas: neck, shoulders, mid and lower back, hips and pelvis. It has
a carefully integrated program of breathing which will help you go deeper into those problem areas. The
program is meant to be done once or twice a week for 100% benefit.

Intu-Flow® is a comprehensive, if not exhaustive approach to covering every joint in the body, as well as
an ever deepening sophistication into each of those joints and them as a synergistic whole. If you have
Intu-Flow®, you already have access to "Ageless Mobility™." However, some people need focus on how to
fit it in under one hour, some people don't want to think about sophisticating, and some people need very
specific verbal directions on how to breath. I developed Intu-Flow® for those who wanted to explore on
their own and Ageless Mobility™ for those who prefer the classroom follow-along format. It's about
preference, really. There is overlap as in all RMAX materials. There are unique portions in each as well.
But really it's about preference.

Running time: 98 min.                                                                                  US $24.95 + SHP

 ―….. the benefits I gained from the Ageless Mobility™ program. My body has never felt so alive, free, fluid, and
supple. And it really does happen instantly and effectively. I felt a difference immediately after my Ageless Mobility™
What I love about Coach Sonnon's presentation is that he guides you every single step of the way. Coach walks you
through proper form with instruction on performance goals for breathing, movement, structure, as well as effort and
discomfort for the full 80 minute program. I find it helpful to hear instruction on how the movement or pose will make
my body feel. This reassures me that whatever discomfort or quakes I'm feeling is part of the practice and that I'm
performing the movement correctly…
I got to say, this is another winner from the Coach!‖ - Jeffrey Samson

Just got Intu-Flow® and Ageless Mobility™; just wanted to say that they are the stuff. The way I felt after doing
Ageless Mobility™ was unbelievable. I felt complete refreshed. ―- David L Turner

―When I got the DVD I didn't touch it for a couple of weeks.
I finally tried it last week, and wow! I am bubbling with metaphors: Scott Sonnon is truly to fitness what Eric Clapton
is to a guitar…
I only did the first few exercises, but let me tell you, it's somehow like yoga but standing still, like a self-administered
massage, but way more fun.
Can't really describe it, but this fella Scott is indeed unique in the way he manages to make this whole field progress
in a smooth, simple, yet...sophisticated way...‖ - Peter Nguyen

―I bought this as a present for my Mom but she will have to wait until I am done with it LOL. The neck and thorax are
stretches amazing for me...LOVE it. The shoulder rolls are great aswell as the elbow rotations while holding a
5er.These will make excellent additions to my Intu-Flow® routine.‖ - Christopher Fowler

―I've had two session of Ageless Mobility™ so far and I keep on being amazed with it. What a perfect program you've
constructed coach. I've got at least 4-5 people I want to get a copy of this for. I absolutely am sold on this program
and I am finding it to be the ultimate in active recovery for me…

All I can say is wow! I found cracks and releases I did not know I had. I think this may just be the crowning
achievement of Coach Sonnon‘s career(at least so far). I don‘t care who you are; this program will be of use to you. …
I am already feeling its benefits. Get Ageless Mobility™! This is the new standard for movement health or (maybe
especially) active recovery.‖ - Brian Bales
―I have noticed immediate improvements after only going through this DVD once‖ – Miykael

―As someone new to and strongly needing mobility training I have to say that for me this is so much more effective
for me.
The prompting into the nuances of the movements by Coach Sonnon is Extraordinary!
The sequencing of 'stretching'to dynamic mobilization to yoga-type mat movements with integrated breathing cues
has had a profound impact compared to the others... Kudo's Coach!‖ - Tim Morrison

―Even some of us who've been practicing Circular Strength Training® for awhile noticed changes after the first time
through Ageless Mobility™. To paraphrase what someone said at [seminar], "The first time I did it, I noticed 'holes in
my program'." That was my experience too - any area you haven't been reaching will start talkin' to you!‖ – Jeanne
Gostnell, CST Instructor

When Coach Sonnon ran us through Ageless Mobility™ at [seminar], it really kicked my butt in an unexpected way. I
was totally beat the next day because my body experienced periods of opening up that were completely amazing. I
train a lot and for something to impact me that much, it has to be something powerful.‖ - Geoff Dixon Certified CST

                                   PRASARA BODY-FLOW™

                                            Flow without Thought™

Prasara™ is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning "flow without thought." Man's natural state of peak
performance is one of relaxation and spontaneity beyond the influence of ego and fear-reactivity.
Internationally renowned champion, coach and fitness expert Scott Sonnon presents a unique approach
for realizing your creative expression of self. Described by some as "what yoga is supposed to be", this
program moves beyond set patterns and static poses to transform the practitioner into a physical artist
recreating one's self with each movement.

At times resembling break dancing, yoga, martial arts, gymnastics or other familiar disciplines, Prasara™:
Flow Without Thought™ is the next evolutionary step in the painstaking development of biomechanical
exercise and Circular Strength Training® for Three-Dimensional Physical Preparedness. A giant step
forward in physical culture, this 2-DVD set includes instruction in various basic movements with
progressions to dynamic flowing kinetic chains.

Flock of Pigeons: hip opener, knee and ankle strengthener
Diving Dolphin: hams and lumbar release, shoulder and neck opener
Spider Monkey: chest, shoulders, arms and upper back strengthener
Forest: leg, glut and core strengthener
Tumbleweed: hip flexor and psoas synergizer, neck relaxer and strengthener
Technical component breakdown of each flow chain
Breath Mastery Scale overview
Two Color Charts for easy reference

Flow lies beneath the rusty armor of fear, anxiety and trauma which our ego carries around like so many
luggages. Prasara™ is a physical practice of releasing fear, anxiety and trauma, a practice which releases
one's natural state of Grace, one's natural Flow. It is a challenging inner journey, calling forth courage,
discipline, and faith in our intrinsic Divinity, the still, small voice within that guides us to transformation
and a life of service to all beings.
Unlock your innate Flow and find physical, mental and spiritual expression in motion! Explore and
integrate your breath, structure and movement to release tension, strengthen the body and cultivate
personal mastery. Prasara™: Flow Without Thought™ is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced,
but prior experience with Body-Flow and/or yoga is recommended.

2 DVDs set + 2 color charts:
             A. Technical Component Breakdown of each of the 5 Flow Chains
             B. Breath Mastery Scale Overview

Running time: 46 min.                                                                                 US $59.95 + SHP

―Blows my brain away!!!!! Just got Prasara™....awesome to the max! Customer/student for life here.‖ - Charlie

―The material on the DVD's is excellent. Both production and content.‖ – Tom Hilliard

"While at first glance Prasara™ appears to be a movement routine presumably designed to increase range of motion
and core strength, the rewards of the program do indeed meet those goals, and go far beyond them. The heart of the
matter is an extremely sophisticated approach to breathing, with potential results that enhance virtually aspects of
human life." -
Kirik Jenness, Owner, NAGA Commissioner, Author of Fighter's Notebook and Fit to Fight

―Mastery is no longer a mere promise, or distant dream of grace and power.
This revolutionary new movement incorporates both traditional yoga postures and Vinyasa (meaning "to place in a
special way" and refers to consciously synchronizing breath with movement and structure.) Coach Sonnon presents a
phenomenal key to body, mind, and spirit: the Breath Mastery Scale™. Both experienced students and newcomers
will learn to control breath and motion with exquisite precision, opening the door to improvement in athletic
performance, physical and mental health, and the progressive realization of our true spiritual state of being.
Prasara™ extends beyond conscious movement practice, for it intends to create "Flow without Thought." Once the
student reclaims flow within the Prasara™ chains, he or she becomes an intuitive, improvisational physical artist.
These chains can be performed for health, fitness, the sheer bliss of creative physical practice or for exploring,
targeting and releasing ongoing, daily residual fear, trauma and anxiety. Prasara opens the door to yoga for the
athlete, athleticism for the yogi, and the full human birthright of exuberant aliveness to anyone willing to begin, and
sustain the journey. Prasara™ flows may be performed as singular practice sessions, or divided to concentrate upon
form in the static component poses, or asana. No matter the current skill or fitness level, there are steps small
enough to begin the path. If you can stand, sit, and walk, you can begin Prasara. Although complete, in itself,
Prasara is perfectly complemented by BKS Iyengar's classic yoga text Light on Yoga and Coach Sonnon's own work:
Body-Flow Biomechanical Exercise™.
Yoga. Martial Arts. The ecstatic athlete within all of us, revealed at last. The promise, made flesh. Prasara. The time
has come." – - Steven Barnes, National Best Selling Author and Screen Writer, Yogi and Martial Artist

"Prasara™ is the closest thing to what yoga is suppose to be. It is very personal. It‘s not a monkey see/monkey do
program, but a template of discovery and recovery of your own natural flow. There is a beginning but not an end.
Where traditional yoga aims to create space between two opposing points, Prasara™ allows you to explore and travel
through an number of points to find your natural grace. It‘s an excellent companion to traditional yoga‘s development
of serene and static poise, for it uncovers your authentic grace, which can only be found through movement.
Prasara™ embraces the traditional of ancient yoga practices, yet it is not bound by them. It is a first class ticket to
freedom and creativity. Its simplicity welcomes all, yet its sophistication challenges the most seasoned yogi or athlete
to confront their egos and flow and grow beyond what they thought was imaginable.
My yoga students were excited by the challenge, but not overwhelmed. It caters to the student of Viniyoga, for the
practice of Prasara™ is your idiosyncratic path. There are shades of the powerful vinyasa of Ashtanga yoga and has
some of the dynamic qualities of Kundalini yoga. It is an original, yet it maintains the intrinsic qualities of the 8 limbs
of yoga. It is your path, your yoga!" - Robert Verdell, Yogi, Dancer, Elementary Education Teacher, Rape Prevention

"Prasara™ is the most effective dynamic programs I have come upon. It is the missing link to dynamically loosen yet
strengthen the body as a functional unit. Relaxing yet challenging at the same time, the task of performing these flow
chains seamlessly and gracefully as they were meant tests both the mind and the body.
As an athlete, Prasara™ is an essential tool for maintaining my strength in flexibility giving me the edge and
preventing injury in the many positions I may find myself while grappling and throwing.
Prasara and Clubbell® Training together form the ultimate tool for a healthy, top of the line warrior in this day where
martial artist are so diverse in their training that only the strong survive." - Reinaldo Novoa Jr., National Judo Team


Body-Flow heralds a new era in human performance enhancement. The emphasis on integrating breath
and physical structure with movement allows your body to gently release ingrained tension more
efficiently than traditional methods. As the fundamental movements recommended for initial exploration
are mastered, exploratory practice is recommended to encourage creative development and joy in
practice. Playfully combining basic movements into more complex and challenging combinations called
kinetic chains results in fluid, beautiful full-body grace and fitness.
Presented by Coach Scott Sonnon, international martial arts champion and world renowned fitness expert.

The content includes:

Introduction to Body-Flow
Squat Creep
Shin Twist
Knee Switch
Shin Roll Descending
Shin Roll Ascending
Long Leg Creep
Arm Screw
Rear Leg Swing
Double Shin Roll
Leg Swoop
Elevated Scorpion
Circular Scorpion
Long Leg Roll
Leg Thread
Double Leg Swoop
Spinal Rock
Split Switch
Quad Switch
Quad Hop
Long Arm Roll
Kinetic Chain example: Long Arm Roll+Shinbox Switch
Thread Shoulder Roll
Lateral Shoulder Roll
Neck Roll
Twisting Spinal Arch
Arching High Leg
Springing Tripod Single
Springing Tripod Hopping
Springing Tripod Double
Forward Spinal Wave
Backward Spinal Wave
Spinal Wave Rear Roll
Spinal Wave Forward Roll
Kinetic Chain #1
Kinetic Chain #2
Kinetic Chain #3
Kinetic Chain #4
Kinetic Chain #5
Kinetic   Chain   #6
Kinetic   Chain   #7
Kinetic   Chain   #8
Kinetic   Chain   #9
Kinetic   Chain   #10

Body-Flow represents a major step forward in the evolution of progressive mobility training, and is
suitable for all levels of ability. Since development occurs at an individual pace, practitioners are invited to
play with their movement and enjoy each step along the way rather than rush ahead to ever more
advanced exercises. Beginners are cautioned not to attempt the kinetic chains demonstrated before
mastering the component exercises for each one. By listening to your body and developing relaxed
competency, you will reap the most benefit and joy from your practice.

This video course was filmed during one of the Coach Sonnon‘s Circular Strength Training® Instructors

―In Body-Flow Biomechanical Exercises & Kinetic Chains, I teach you to De-SISS-ify your capabilities. I
may melt your brain and fry your Central Nervous System (metaphorically, not literally of course.) That's
my job - to clear away the cobwebs so that you can REMEMBER Mastery. Yes, you had it as a child, and
we're conditioned by fear, trauma and stress to stop moving and PLAYING like a child. Body-Flow may
give that back to you‖ – Coach Sonnon.

2 DVDs set
Running time: 130 min.                                                                             US $99.95 + SHP

―Later, after really getting into Body-Flow, I realized this is a great way to learn the mechanics of ground
engagement. In my exercise classes, I have taught older women and men how to engage the ground without injury
by using Scott's Body-Flow techniques. One 63 year old female student recently took a header off her mountain bike.
She relaxed and rolled right back to her feet completely unscathed. Prior to that, she said a fall like that might have
killed her. She originally came to me because she had tripped and fell several times and had injured herself. She had
a great fear of falling. Now she can embrace the ground without fear.‖ - Steve Maxwell, World BJJ and SOMBO
Champion, Owner of Maxercise, the largest Brazilian Jiu-jitsu School on the East Coast

"Mr. Sonnon, I can't thank you enough for all the information you share. The Body-Flow book is very insightful into
creating positive changes and success in your life. The Body-Flow videos have been a real challenge in learning
movement and have transformed my grappling abilities tremendously.‖ - Alan Condon

―Thank you for everything, I am in love with Body-Flow!!!!‖ - James Linn

"...parallels my view that health and fitness is a lifestyle and is a natural state. Far too many people only see the
physical aspect of training be it fitness or combatives. Scott Sonnon clearly understands that training isn‘t about just
the body it involves the whole person - body, mind, and dare I say it; spirit. Sonnon talks about getting out of the
way so that we can attain Body-Flow because Boy- Flow isn‘t something you achieve it is something that you let
return. I can see that there will be people out there that will not grasp this.
They are looking for training techniques and/or specific exercises to train physical/acrobatic ability. Biomechanical
Exercises are actually physical movements which when learned unlock psychological blockages which prevent a person
from reaching his natural grace. There is nothing "magical" about these exercises unless you count returning to your
natural state of graceful movement "magical". This took years of research for Coach Sonnon to develop a way to
express how he connected the dots from his exposure to these experts, travel and training in Russia and his own
experience from his Sambo career. ...truly remarkable and a must for those who wish to take a road less traveled to
optimal health and fitness." - James Smith, Animal Ability Training
                                     Freedom From Fear-Reactivity
                                              book by Scott Sonnon

8.5" x 11"       176 Pages, Fully Photographed Exercises

Armed with the insights of Body-Flow, you can get it back. You can keep up with a 10 year old. You can
hop a fence or roll around on the ground for fun. You can ‗bust a move‘ on your friends and be free of
joint pain.
All it takes is one small choice, one tiny decision. All you need to do is be willing to try a few fun and easy
to understand moves that will wake your body up from years of slumber, grant it freedom from the
emotional armoring you have trapped your natural movement in, what Coach Sonnon calls Fear-
Unless you live completely free of fear in all areas of your life, Body Flow can help you confront, deal with,
and make peace with this facet of being human. These are ways of moving that awaken your long-
forgotten abilities to: move like a cat, run like a gazelle, leap like a frog. This is not hype. This is fact.
These exercises work.
Body Flow is not about making you stronger, although it will. It is not about making you more agile,
although it will do that, too. It is about finding what you thought you‘d lost.
It is about re-educating your body, mind, and spirit to release whatever muscle tension, emotional
blockage, and troublesome habits that inhibit your movement and emotional expression in life; or, as
Coach Sonnon says, ‗binds your flow‘.
Body-Flow shows you how to reverse-engineer the many mal-adaptations that hinder your movement. It
shows you how to move with sophistication and how to be at home in your own body. The cool thing is, it
shows you how to do this with your own Breath.
We all have to breathe, its something we do a lot of each day. So, like it or not, we are constantly training
our body and thoughts with the manner in which we breathe. Why not use this to get incrementally
healthier for the rest of your life? Why not use your many daily breaths as a vehicle for improving your
entire bodily presence in the world, to slow and keep at bay the inevitable decline with which Time stalks
us all? This is what Coach Sonnon calls Perpetual Exercise.
Get Coach Sonnon‘s remarkable book. You will never ever regret it. Doing just a little bit, let alone all of
the fine Biomechanical Exercise routines it suggests, confers so much in so little time, it is astounding.
Body-Flow contains so many insights and practical guidelines; even the most cursory reading is going to
have a life changing impact.
Body-Flow will have its imitators, books and videos that will try to offer something ‗unique‘ or ‗special‘ or
‗secret‘ or ‗ancient‘. Do not be deceived!
What Body-Flow offers is something you always and already have. We are most emphatically not talking
about exercise here, but about an entire way of being in the world, breath by breath. Biomechanical
Exercises are both the key and the vehicle for your own transformation as a moving creature. And each
daily breath will fuel your journey.
Get the book, access your Body-Flow, and discover its wisdom as your own. May the Flow be
with you… and Be you.

―Dear Friends,
Hello! My name is Michael Gannon. Like so many of us, I am just an ordinary post-fifty boomer, feeling the march of
Time. I have no special degrees after my name, nor the authority of any established tradition or institution. But my
eyes know gold when they see it and my heart knows truth when it hears it. Let me tell you right away that this book
is a Gift. Once you have read it and feel in your body the wisdom it awakens, you will want to give it to as many of
your loved ones as you can. With the publication of Body-Flow, Coach Sonnon has insured that countless numbers of
people from many walks of life will not have to suffer debilitating degeneration as they age. Far from it. By adopting
a few simple procedures outlined in Body Flow, you can spend the rest of your life becoming fitter beyond your wildest
dreams; and have fun doing it! From the outset, I want to make it clear that I have no financial connection to Coach
Sonnon or Productions. I did not get paid to edit Body-Flow. I volunteered.
Why? Because I cannot think of a single friend or family member who could not benefit enormously from this book.
Enormously! This book is that good. I want the people I care about most to read it. I want them to be comfortable in
their bodies and to be easy in their breath for the rest of their days.
How many of us can still climb a tree like we could when we were ten? Or run around all day and never seem to tire?
Or touch our nose with our toes? By the time I turned fifty, I couldn‘t. Mind you, I have been a runner and practiced
T‘ai Ch‘i for years. But this old body was starting its slow meltdown to the land of creaky joints and sore limbs. I just
assumed loss of mobility was normal as I aged.
An astute fitness pundit once observed that if you want to be fit, follow a 10-year-old boy around all day and do
everything he does. How many of us could even come close to keeping up? We‘d be ready for ‗recess‘ by 10 AM!
Everyone to whom I‘ve ever mentioned this observation has resonated with it, and in doing so, perhaps felt a small
twinge of something missing that was once his or hers.
          Body-Flow will convince you that you still have it. That elusive something is not missing, just buried
          under years of armoring yourself from life‘s little ‗slings and arrows‘.
          Body-Flow is not something new you need to acquire; it is something you re-acquire, an innate ability
          that you begin to remember and recover.
This is great news! But, if you are at all like me, you‘ve spent years of your life protecting that little boy or girl with
endless body kinks, little habits of thought and movement that have become concrete in your flesh. Watch children
pick something up off the floor. What do they usually do? They squat down quickly and grasp it. None of that
bending down with slow deliberation you see in so many adults. Or watch a teenager break-dance. He or she is not
doing anything that is not your birthright; nothing you could not have done long ago but have since convinced
yourself is no longer possible.
Armed with the insights of Body-Flow, you can get it back.
      You can keep up with a 10 year old.
      You can hop a fence or roll around on the ground for fun.
      You can ‗bust a move‘ on your friends and be free of joint pain.
All it takes is one small choice, one tiny decision. All you need to do is be willing to try a few fun and easy to
understand moves that will wake your body up from years of slumber, grant it freedom from the emotional armoring
you have trapped your natural movement in, what Coach Sonnon calls Fear-Reactivity.
Unless you live completely free of fear in all areas of your life, Body-Flow can help you confront, deal with, and make
peace with this facet of being human.
In Body-Flow, you are introduced to the notion of Biomechanical Exercise.
These are ways of moving that awaken your long-forgotten abilities to:
      move like a cat,
      run like a gazelle,
      leap like a frog.
This is not hype. This is fact. These exercises work.
Body-Flow is not about making you stronger, although it will. It is not about making you more agile, although it will
do that, too. It is about finding what you thought you‘d lost.
It is about re-educating your body, mind, and spirit to release whatever muscle tension, emotional blockage, and
troublesome habits that inhibit your movement and emotional expression in life; or, as Coach Sonnon says, ‗binds
your flow‘.
Body-Flow shows you how to reverse-engineer the many mal-adaptations that hinder your movement. It shows you
how to move with sophistication and how to be at home in your own body. The cool thing is, it shows you how to do
this with your own Breath.
We all have to breathe, its something we do a lot of each day. So, like it or not, we are constantly training our body
and thoughts with the manner in which we breathe. Why not use this to get incrementally healthier for the rest of
your life? Why not use your many daily breaths as a vehicle for improving your entire bodily presence in the world, to
slow and keep at bay the inevitable decline with which Time stalks us all? This is what Coach Sonnon calls Perpetual
As my own flow continues to unbind in surprising and wonderful ways, I can only encourage anyone reading this to
get Coach Sonnon‘s remarkable book. You will never ever regret it. Doing just a little bit, let alone all of the fine
Biomechanical Exercise routines it suggests, confers so much in so little time, it is astounding.
Body-Flow contains so many insights and practical guidelines, even the most cursory reading is going to have a life
changing impact.
Editing this little gem of a book has been a true labor of love. The opportunity to help bring Body-Flow to a greater
audience has been a lesson in unbinding my own flow for the purpose of helping others. Working with Coach Sonnon,
watching him coach himself into expressing a way of being happy in the body that is accessible to everyone, old or
young, has been a rare treat. I personally owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for all he has so freely and
generously given.
I‘m sure Body-Flow will have its imitators, books and videos that will try to offer something ‗unique‘ or ‗special‘ or
‗secret‘ or ‗ancient‘. Do not be deceived!
What Body-Flow offers is something you always and already have. We are most emphatically not talking about
exercise here, but about an entire way of being in the world, breath by breath. Biomechanical Exercises are both the
key and the vehicle for your own transformation as a moving creature. And each daily breath will fuel your journey.
I could write endlessly about how great this stuff is. But much better would be for you to get the book, access your
Body-Flow, and discover its wisdom as your own.
May the Flow be with you… and Be you.‖ - Michael Gannon (editor of the ―Body-Flow‖ book)
"A blueprint to mastering your dreams… a masterpiece which will be referenced for years to come." – John Davies,
The CODE Magazine, May 7, 2003

"...appealing and sublime addresses a harmonious interplay of body/mind/spirit in such an easily accessible
manner." - Michael Gannon, Full Circle Magazine, May, 2003

"Revolutionized my training paradigm and liberated my potential for self-mastery… the cutting edge of performance
enhancement technology and philosophy." - Dave Rusin

‖When I received this book I was surprised at how quickly it arrived. I placed the order and within days it came in the
mail. Since I had seen Coach Sonnon‘s material before and was impressed I was not surprised that this book held to
the same standards. This book parallels my view that health and fitness is a lifestyle and is a natural state. Far too
many people only see the physical aspect of training be it fitness or combatives. Scott Sonnon clearly understands
that training isn‘t about just the body it involves the whole person - body, mind, and dare I say it; spirit.
The first part of the book goes into enough detail for the layman to get a firm grasp on the scientific factors that come
into play as we strive to reach our natural state of health and fitness. Sonnon talks about getting out of the way so
that we can attain Body Flow because Body-Flow isn‘t something you achieve it is something that you let return.
I can see that there will be people out there that will not grasp this. They are looking for a book on training techniques
and/or specific exercises to train physical/acrobatic ability. Move like an animal by doing these training techniques is
not what it is about, they should be able to re-learn to move like an animal, but from coming to understand the
concepts, not techniques. This book does contain biomechanical exercises which are some examples of movements
which to my understanding act as keys to Body-Flow. These are actually physical movements which when learned
unlock psychological blockages which prevent a person from reaching his natural grace. There is nothing "magical"
about these exercises unless you count returning to your natural state of graceful movement "magical". There are
many scientific references in the first half of the book for people to see that this took years of research for Coach
Sonnon to develop a way to express how he connected the dots from his exposure to these experts, travel and
training in Russia and his own experience from his sambo career. This book is truly remarkable and a must for those
who wish to take a road less traveled to optimal health and fitness.‖ - Jim

―I just received my copy. I must say, Thank you. So much of what is out there on the internet is hype.
Body-flow is not. I've only spent 45 minutes with it so far. Words cannot express my satisfaction and pleasure.
Scott has put into words what many of us out here feel, think, and seek. This is unbelievable value in today's world.
Please pass my gratitude and congratulations on to Scott and your entire team.‖ - Paul Espinola

―I agree that this book is going to be quite valuable to just about everyone. Like your forum friend Judy I regulary
take lessons and occasionally compete in Ballroom and latin dancing. Upon reading the "Quiet As Protocol" on page
46, It immediately triggered memories of the few "white moments" I have experienced in dance where I became
blatantly aware that I could not hear the steps I was taking on the floor. I have typically been unable to enter into
such moments by simply trying to make my steps quieter and I hope that by reading and practicing the priciples of
Body-Flow, such moments will be more and more frequent, and not just on the dance floor. Best Regards and Best
Wishes for sfea and healthy delivery!‖ - Angelo

―U know how often I'll be able to post now but I just wanted to say this. I got the book yesterday afternoon and have
only got a chance to read the first 40 pages. While that may not sound like much it actually is. As Scott puts it he
could go into great depth on each topic but he wants to distill to right out of the package read that you put to
IMMEDIATE practice. I have never had a fitness book like it. It's part physiology, psychology ,spirituality .It deals with
performance not from a set/rep scheme But in terms of unbinding your bodys' natural flow. It shows what happens to
you internally in terms of reacting to external stress. How movement, alignment, and breathing affect everything you
do. This book really is unique .Everyone should have it .It won't just improve your fitness level but also your overall
health.‖ - GWKB/CB/JSR Cory

―I finished reading it today and I am (searching for a word that hasn't ever been used in description, but you can go
with blown away, amazed, etcetera). I am so pleased by it. This is a line that hit home "It's a way of looking and
interacting with the world, and rejoining the natural flow of's a way of removing the final wall - the
distinction between you and the world" Such resonation! I love it. Michael- how goes your indo board sessions? I
ordered one a couple of days ago. I ordered the mini pro, size looked about right, I have experience skateboarding so
I thought it the best choice. I also got it so I could have some room for some Body-Flow. Great job on the editing!‖ -
Charlie McCarthy

―I am posting for the first time and very happy to be starting a new journey. I wish to thank coach for pointing the
way for me. Your insights have given me a fresh look at myself. I just received my copy of Body Flow yesterday and
have not been able to put it down. This morning, It hit me how much I have been in my own way. I have been more
concerned about thinking, planning, organizing, and scheming to create this person whom i thought was what I
wanted, rather then just going about and being me. All the energy I expended in that pursuit amazes me. The first
thing I am going to do is to go play again. It sounds silly, which is exactly what I want. I don‘t know if I have to learn
to, or just go out and do it, but already I am happy. I am looking forward to being alone in this together with all of
you.‖ - Chris Chard

 ―Scott, the book is outstanding! I'm not just saying that because I had a small part in its presentation. I really think
it came out quite well. I'm proud to have my name in it. Thank you for the privilege! And for your kind words on my
signed copy!!! Ken's Prologue and Steve's Introduction grab the reader and segue very nicely into your
presentation. The TOC gives a good overview. The narrative flow draws the reader into contemplation of their own
body-mind. The Biomechanical Exercises are clearly explained and you make them look deceptively simple. Too
many pictures? Jesus H. Christ!! If one more person says that I'll slap him. I know Body-Flow will provide me with
endless explorations and ever-increasing comfort in my body-mind. This old kinked-up coddger-boomer has found a
key to the fountain of youth to ease his breathing and movement until the end of his days. And I'm damned grateful!
Scott, I've been around the block a bit, I know value and genuine genius when I see it. Your biggest challenge here is
probably going to be detaching from the rightful pride you must feel. What a blast to be able to help millions of
people! What a high! You lucky guy! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You.
Your Friend on the Path‖ - Michael

 ―Coach, Just did it and was happy to do so! I had no doubt the book would be great but it exceeded my expectations
!Thank you for writing this gem! ―- John

―Coach, I dropped everything and read Body-Flow cover to cover yesterday.
As a philosopher myself, one of my beefs with the old dead white guys has been the fact that they greatly ignored (till
recently, i.e. Lakoff and Johnson) the role of the body in our experience of the world.
Thank you for doing such a good job of taking philosophy out of the armchair.
Structurally, I really dig the fact that you set Body-Flow up as a microcosm, from which most of your work can be
derived given time and experiment.‖ - Rufus
                                                                                                    US $ 24.95 + SHP

                                              BE BREATHED™
Coach Sonnon Introduces his revolutionary exercise program which will enhance and integrate your
breathing, movement and structural alignment. Easy enough for the fitness beginner, and challenging
enough for the most advanced athlete... Be Breathed™ is a gradual process of fortifying your health and
chiseling your body.
Breathing is a fundamental part of every activity. To perform at our best, breathing must be integrated
with our movement. Be Breathed is a foundation program for training total breath integration and core
strength through a full range of motion. Mastering integrated breathing immediately enhances training in
other Circular Strength Training® and Three-Dimensional Physical Preparedness programs. The
Performance Breathing protocols demonstrated can be applied to any athletic activity or practiced alone
for total core development. Coach Sonnon gives you the concepts and methods needed to achieve your
fitness goals.

       Body as a Bellows: Be Breathed by your structure and movement

       Fundamental exercises and variations for standing and seated positions

       Floor Work: Methods of practicing lying down

       Full core activation: why you never need to do crunches again

       Using the Control Pause to achieve peak performance between breaths

       Perpetual Exercise and how to work out any time, any where

       Key Exercises: Butterfly, Pike, Straddle, Hurdler, Shin Box Pike

Running time: 50 min.                                                                               US $29.95 + SHP
"... informative, easy to understand, and the demonstrations skillfully made...‖- Dan Rutz, former CNN Senior
Medical Correspondent

"…I breathe differently now…I am able to train hard now for longer than most of my classmates, and every day I see
further improvement… I know this sounds like a pitch. I feel awkward writing it because it smacks of all those late
night infomercials on cable, but I really owe Scott a lot for what he‘s done for my training and, as a result, my life.
Hell, TRAINING IS MY LIFE." – Andreh Anderson, Martial Artist

―The goal of this program is "Perpetual Exercise", that is taking this routine and using the principals in your normal
daily life. It teaches you to use your movement to breathe you, oppose to making breathing a conscious activity. By
doing this, you give your body more energy by using your breathing more efficiently as you integrate it with your
movement and alignment. This is a breathing re-education! But also, this program will lubricate and expand the range
of motion in your spine. Moreover, this program will strengthen your "core" muscles, beyond the best Pilates
program(I should know...I teach Pilates and was trained in Stott Core Conditioning). Mr. Sonnon, initially gives you
the theory behind this program and presents his audience with "THE Perpetual" movement behind this breathing re-
education concept. Then he shows five skills(Butterfly, Pike, Straddle, Hurdler, Shinbox twist) to enhance your
perpetual exercise. It goes from complex to more complex. The movements are simple in understanding, yet
challenging in practice. If you are familiar with basic Pilates movements, you'll find all the skills to be similar to the
"Roll up" and "Rollover". Yet, they are more challenging or sophistocated. The goal is not core conditioning, it's a by-
product of this breathing re-education program. Again, it's about allowing your movement to breathe you! "It's not
the finger pointing, but the moon". - Robert Verdell, yoga instructor

                                    Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Gain Glow™
FlowFit™ is a 4-Phase, incrementally-progressing multi-movement chain from Prasara Body-Flow Yoga™ -
uniquely constructed based upon Scott Sonnon's years of championship coaching and competing at an
international level in multiple sports. He learned that to be successful, not just in the short-term of an
event, but in the long-term of life, you need to address every angle of the human motor condition, called:
The Six Degrees of Freedom™:
Heaving: moving up and down;
Swaying: moving left and right;
Surging: moving forward and back;
Pitching: tilting up and down;
Yawing: turning left and right;
Rolling: tilting side to side.
By magically addressing each of the 6 degrees of human movement freedom in one concise Prasara flow,
amazing results happen not merely immediately, but perpetually... for as long as you continue to practice
the minimum of only 14 minutes, 3 times per week. FlowFit™ is specifically, scientifically designed to be:
available to all skill and fitness levels;
almost infinitely flexible, with no two workouts ever the same
requires only 14-18 minutes a session;
used for anything from a gentle tai-chi like meditation, to a warm-up, to a brutal butt-whipping workout,
to a cool-down;
covers all basic fitness elements in only an hour a week;
a stand-along, one-stop, biggest bang for your buck fitness program;
an introduction to Coach Sonnon's amazing Prasara Body-Flow Yoga™ system;
the first follow-along fitness routine in history specifically, scientifically designed for the removal of fear
Coach Sonnon artistically composed this equipment-free course to take you off the couch for those with
even the most basic fitness level using a stool or chair as an aid.
 If you've never done any fitness exercise, Phase 1 is where you begin! Following the easy-to-understand
guidelines, FlowFit™ will catapult you to Phase 4 optimal athleticism in only a few minutes each day!
This DVD is specifically designed to peak your fitness in only 14 minutes through Coach Sonnon's unique,
proprietary method of Intuitive Training, which is thoroughly though simply explained in the introduction.
The DVD is broken into three sections:
Theory Introduction: the theory and application of Intuitive Training;
Exercise Instruction the mechanics of breath, structure and movement in each exercise;
Flow Chains: the four follow-along, incrementally progressing multi-movement programs.

4 Fitness Programs, Plus Technique Instruction on 1 DVD
Running time: 50 min.                                                                                US $39.95 + SHP

  ―FlowFit™ is an entry point to Coach Sonnon's life-changing, sport-enhancing products that is literally available to all
fitness and skill levels. It offers the blessing of physical flow, the most sought-after (and rarely found) aspect of
athletic performance. Easy? I‘ve taught it to a student two hundred pounds overweight. Tough? Anyone who can
perform the advanced levels is in seriously gnarly shape, I kid you not. Effective? Let me tell you a story: In ‘05 I
was practicing a world famous form of ―Hot‖ yoga, a 90-minute routine famous for taxing professional athletes. I‘d
struggled with it. Coach Sonnon sent me a copy of FlowFit™, and while I was on two weeks vacation in Maui, I
practiced it daily for just 14 minutes. When I next took the yoga class it felt easy.
Fourteen minutes!? FlowFit™ has a majority of yoga or Tai Chi's benefits, but can be learned in hours rather than
months or years. Fourteen minutes, three times a week provides all minimum fitness requirements (endurance,
flexibility, coordination, upper and lower body strength) and is also a perfect warm-up for more intense athletic
activity. It also possesses powerful meditative aspects: Physical flow is famous for clarifying the mind (students
report that it ―turns off the voices in their heads!‖ and is a key to curing such psychological problems as ―writer‘s
block‖) and breaks the specific chains of muscle tension locking fear reactivity in the body.
This is the real deal, a fitness program that actually delivers what it promises in a brief, intense, safe, and incredibly
fun and flexible workout. I practice it personally, share it with my own family, and FlowFit™ stands at the center of
the life-coaching workshops Scott and I teach. A higher recommendation than that, I cannot offer." - Steven Barnes
is a NY Times Bestselling author and martial artist. He has lectured on creativity, health, and personal empowerment
at UCLA, Mensa, and the Smithsonian Institute.

―I received FlowFit™ today and it is an awesome series within Prasara Body-Flow™, as well as a stand-alone
introductory course. I don't care who says you can only get stronger with weight training, this program will build a
STRONG body! Not to mention the ROM, coordination, balance, athleticism, and overall bodymind awareness benefits.
The greatest characteristic of FlowFit™, however, is it's thorough explanation of Intuitive training. It shows how to
break down an exercise into it's components to ensure the quickest and most efficient route to internalization of the
movements. Bravo!‖ - Ryan Williams

―I really think this is the best program I have seen. The approach to training, the exercises selected, and the
coaching is incredible. Makes me want to get a big screen plasma TV for it, it's that good.‖ – Terry Trahan

―I received my copy of FlowFit™ today as well. I've watched the entire thing, tried all the exercises at the multiple
levels, and gone through the beginner phase. I can comfortably do some of the exercises at the second level but will
need to stick at the first level for a few of them, for now.
I'm very very impressed with FlowFit™. The plain background and soft blue color really help you focus on the
exercises and not get distracted. The audio quality is very good; you never have to strain to hear Coach's voice while
he goes through the exercises. I also really like the layout of the menus, very simple yet efficient.
The introduction was very well worded. Intuitive training was explained well and was simple to understand.
Each of the exercises is explained wonderfully. Once again, very easy to understand. Coach goes through them at the
perfect speed to follow along, I hardly ever found myself confused and I consider myself a true beginner to RMAX
products. As was said before, they look much easier then they actually are. I had a pretty good sweat going after
trying them all out and that wasn't even going through the actual flows.
Watching Coach Sonnon work through the flows answered all the questions I had while playing with the individual
exercises. I think people will have no problem following along.
All in all I think FlowFit™ is a wonderful product! It's going to be very exciting implementing it into my life. It's
another great exercise routine that can be brought with you anywhere, requires no equipment once you move beyond
the beginner levels (although you can find a good sturdy base almost anyway if you're at the beginner level), and
leaves you feeling great. Although I think my couple months of Intu-Flow™ experience really helped with the
exercises, someone with no RMAX experience at all can jump right into FlowFit™ and get a LOT out of it. It's seems to
be a great introduction into what RMAX can offer.
Congratulation guys! Absolutely terrific work!‖ - Todd Erven

"Joseph Pilates taught us that it all begins inside, but he never gave use a tool. This does. Moreover, it forces you
―into the moment‖. Right here and right now. It‘s a place where some dare to tread and other just don‘t know how.
This will teach you. Yoga, folks!
….The DVD also includes great flows that combine the individual movements in a kinetic chain or vinyasa. Any yes,
there is something for everyone. Even the most elementary flow looks as if it‘s a mini-ballet." – Robert Verdell

―This is a phenomenal program. The concept that exercise is an internal experience with a clear means of gauging
that experience is paramount to CST. It is the notion that we are our best teacher, we just have to listen and observe.
I find the instruction outstanding. The clear and concise means of incremental sophistication is the exact process I like
about RMAX material. I may not be a great athlete, but with a clear road map I can realize my potential.‖ – Joseph
Shwartz, CST

After my 2nd session of Flow-Fit, I couldn't be more pleased! I woke up in such a crazy mood this morning I couldn't
believe it. One of those moods where you're really quiet, and nothing's changed on the surface, but then you realize
by the reactions of others that you suddenly have new strength. The kind of strength that allows you to be your own
master, judge and deliberate and not be swept along with the opinions and desires of someone else. It's good to be
doing what you can to be of service, but it's fantastic that you could step back inside and decide what is the real good
and not be emotionally bullied.
I didn't even realize that part of me was just going along for the sakes of peace and quiet. I'd guess we all do this, at
least to some degree. Thanks, Scott, for coming up with this, that can give me this additional strength. Your friend,‖ -
Peter Nguyen

                                                FLOWFIT™ II
                                              Ground Engagement

Are you looking for the next step towards gaining pain-free ―flow‖ in your fitness life?
It‘s here for you right now!!!
What happens when you combine an International Hall of Fame award winning fitness program with a best
selling formula for optimal flow in life?
You Get Absolute Magic!
As the industry leader, RMAX has been praised for redefining fitness - even by its competitors! But this
didn‘t happen without a battle. RMAX had to drag the fitness industry kicking and screaming into the
realm of grace, poise… and FLOW.
As a result of many years of behind the scenes one on one training with thousands of personal, elite
athletes from around the world, International Champion and Master Coach Scott Sonnon developed two of
the most powerful fitness technologies ever created: the Hall of Fame award winning Ground Engagement
training program and the best-selling pinnacle of The Path Workshop - the trademarked FlowFit Formula.
He has now gone beyond even this to fuse them together into his most powerful tool to date!
100% Guaranteed Fitness Secrets!
Scott has been quoted as saying, ―There are no secret techniques, only secret training strategies.‖ The
secret training strategies that you will learn here will not only give you access to the elusive quality of
FLOW, they will also be the most fun you‘ve EVER had while getting fit with your friends and family!
Scott gives you a 100% guarantee that the strategies documented on this new film will transform your
fitness life - 20 minutes at a time.

Running time: 55 min.                                                                               US $39.95 + SHP

"I got it in the mail yesterday and watched it last night. Like all RMAX products it was very well produced. Coach
Sonnon does an outstanding job of explaining each of the six exercises in incremental fashion like he does in Flow Fit I
and putting it all together in a nice smooth flow. This is definitly more advanced and takes more athletic skills on the
movements than Flow Fit I.
Coach Sonnon stresses the importance of practicing each exercise at its basic level until technique is 8 or higher
before moving on to the next level. This program looks to be very challenging and fun and should take one athletism
and flow to another level." - Brett Callaway

                                        FORWARD PRESSURE™
                                               The Yang of Yoga™

Forward Pressure: The Yang of Yoga™ is a 3 phase, incrementally progressive Prasara Body-Flow™
dedicated to the development of power to yield, halt and overcome forces in the frontal plane: the
eccentric, isometric and concentric strength of the core and all four limbs. This course was uniquely
crafted from Scott Sonnon's years of championship coaching of thousands of athletes as well as competing
himself at an international level in multiple sports.
It is named The Yang of Yoga™ to metaphorically refer to the rebalancing emphasis that this style of
yoga intends. We‘ve seen a recent fixation on the yin aspect of yoga: referring to the releases of
connective tissue and joints. The yang aspect, contrarily, alludes to muscle and movement.
This is not to say that Prasara Body-Flow™ is either Yin or Yang. How can it be? One cannot exist without
the other. No activity is specifically this or that. It's always integrated. Only our beliefs are separated. But,
it is the recent domination of yin presentations of yoga which prevents access to it for many people, if not
most men. The generative, yielding feminine aspect has reclaimed its rightful place in fitness and internal
work. But like everything, there must be balance, and in this case homeostatic rebalancing. That is what
the yang aspect of yoga brings to us: a sensible yogic path which develops sound muscularity through
Before the PC commercialization of yoga in the West, you‘d never find a namby-pamby milquetoast guru.
Yogi were each and every one tough, strong men who wrestled, swung heavy clubs (even the Indian god
of strength, Hanuman, is depicted hoisting heavy clubs), performed acrobatics on ropes and pillars, and
practiced very challenging gymnastic movement sessions. Good luck to you if you weren't living up to your
potential (just ask Coach Sonnon's athletes!)
Having this style of yoga available gives access to so many more people, especially men who just can‘t
grasp the contortions of a 105lbs woman. Re-injecting masculinity back into the equation only restores
balance to the equation. That's not to say that Forward Pressure is a "men's only yoga". Many women will
be absolutely delighted to finally be able to appreciate the muscular movement that you won't find
anywhere more present than in Forward Pressure. Women will LOVE this course!You need a total
integrated path for yourself. Sometimes you need to be gentle and release, to concentrate on centering
your thoughts and controlling your emotions. Sometimes, on the other hand, you need to take action, to
move and writhe in the ecstasy of physical life! It's all in balance.
No style of yoga is superior. No yoga is THE way. Yoga is about creating YOUR way. Forward Pressure will
contribute to your opportunity to do just that. The DVD is scientifically, systematically crafted into four
equally empowering sections:
       I. Introduction: the theory and intentions of Forward Pressure;

       II. Instruction: the mechanics of breath, structure and movement in each exercise;

       III. Flows: the three follow-along, incrementally progressing multi-movement programs;

       IV. Compensations: the specific movements to balance and anchor the gains you make in the
        Flow Chains.

3 Fitness Programs, Plus Technique Instruction and Bonus Compensatory Exercises on 1 DVD
                                                                                     US $39.95 + SHP

 "I never gave a review for FlowFit™, but what I was most surprised by was how comprehensive of a program it was.
Full body stretching, strengthening, stress relief and cardio all in one neat package! I firmly believe it will revolutionize
fitness as we know it if given the chance. I feel the same thing is true for Forward Pressure and its effect in frontal
plane strength….Thumbs way up once again Coach!!! ―- Geoff Dixon

"Just finished watching the whole DVD. I liked the format for this DVD its similar to FlowFit™ and very easy to
understand, with 7 movements and a series of progressive flows... The exercises themselves are great! I can honestly
say I've never seen anything quight like it. You definitly wont find any other upper body calistenics courses without
push ups.‖ - Brian Bales

"I watched the dvd all the way through and I can't wait to get started. This is going to be a great strength and flow
developer and a good companion to FlowFit™ and Intu-Flow™. Coach Sonnon breaks the excercises down in 3 levels
so we can progress in baby steps. Then he goes through the flows which are definitly going to be challenging. Also
there's the compensatory exercises that help you recover from the built up tension. Great job Coach Sonnon and
RMAX, thanks for another outstanding product. Goodbye bench press." – Bret Callaway

"I'm really enjoying Forward Pressure" - Thomas
                                     CLUBBELL® TRAINING

                             BIG BOOK OF CLUBBELL TRAINING
                                                  By Coach Sonnon

292 pages, hundreds of step-by-step photos
Throughout world history the club has been utilized not only for combat but also for health restoration
and strength development. Records of club use date as far back as ancient Egypt, with the practice
reaching its peak at the end of the 19th century. Scott Sonnon, creator of the patented Clubbell®, has
resurrected this ancient discipline through his own extensive research, experimentation, and personal
practice. He has successfully integrated, evolved, and refined the club into one of the most "simply
sophisticated" exercise approaches ever created — the Circular Strength Training® (CST) system. Going
far beyond the limited practice of old-style "Indian Clubs," the CST system contains a collection of nearly
100 proprietary Clubbell® training exercises. As part of this fitness movement, Coach Sonnon also
created International Clubbell® Sport, which has attracted athletes from around the globe.

Clubbell® Training provides a unique blend of functional, full-range, three-dimensional muscular
development that stands in stark contrast to the problematic limitations of conventional two-dimensional
linear training. Practicing this system revitalizes, reenergizes and reorganizes every unused and over
abused cell in your body from head to toe, core to periphery, and bones to skin. Benefits of Clubbell®
Training include increased metabolism for a day-long fat burn, the breakup of restrictive adhesions and
calcium deposits around the joints, the release of bound tension, the generation of tremendous energy
and vitality, increased bone density, and injury prevention. CST training promotes significant gains in
strength, power, stamina, endurance, and general health and longevity. It is the most fun that one can
possibly have exercising!

Topics include
       The 7 key components of Clubbell® Training

       Safety guidelines and basic mechanics

       The 14 basic positions

       Detailed descriptions of the 3 Types of Clubbell® movements

       The 8 skill families of Clubbell® Training

       82 basic exercises of this powerful system

       25 sport-specific sample programs for golf, tennis, volleyball, football, baseball, soccer, and hockey

                                                                                                   US $34.95 + SHP

"Clear, beautiful, accessible, comprehensive - everyone involved deserves a huge hand --- clapping hands, clapping
hands...a wonderful flagship product - it reflects superbly on the creators and the community" - Cody Fielding, CST
Head Coach

"I have received my BBOCT, and I have only had a chance to skim through it. Everything I saw was very impressive.
I looked first at the exercises and found more than I could ever fit into one workout. I love all of the variations and
advanced moves! I also enjoyed what I read of the history of club training, I think this is important because it shows
how far the club has come and that it is not some primitive, raw artifact that has been made into the new fad, but
an elegant, precise piece of equipment that may have reached its pinnacle, and we have but to reap the benefits of
years of refinement by warriors of the past, and now our Coach Sonnon. Great work on the book, coach, and all
those of you who put work in on it. Your excellence in all your diversity is an inspiration!" - Travis Steele
"Just received The Big Book of CLUBBELL TRAINING yesterday, and as was expected, it is a complete and superb
coverage of Clubbell Training; as well as a solid introduction to the CST system. The illustrations are excellent with
the arrows indicating direction and flow. The written explanations along with the pictures, also make the exercise
instructions very "user friendly". The landscape pictures are also beautiful, (although the scenes of the raving ocean
on the beach still haunts me, after a near death incident five weeks ago.) Thank You, and Congratulations Coach
Sonnon, Nikolay, and the entire RMAX staff for a this landmark publication." - Luis Arrañaga, CST

"This Friday I was fortunate and elated to find my copy of the long awaited Big Book of Clubbell Training waiting for
me. My first impressions were "Wow!". Right away I was very impressed with the layout, which enabled as much
information to be packed into each page without creating a feeling of crowdedness - which is a hard feeling to avoid
in a book with of the depth of a CST course. The Big Book of Clubbell Training is an incredibly comprehensive
resource that gives you all that you need to know to become extremely successful in your CST practice, whether a
novice CST athlete and or a seasoned CST veteran. With the great deal of evolution that we've seen in CST, it‘s been
hard for a great deal of people to follow all of the new programs. The Big Book truly covers everything a beginner
CST athlete would need to know for their Clubbell practice – ranging from how to apply the 7 Components of
structure to ideas on how to enhance performance in their given sport . No stone is left unturned in this
comprehensive guide of Coach Sonnon "teaching you how to fish" with Clubbells. The Big Book of Clubbell Training
has a comprehensiveness that is only second to live training." - Sean Flanagan, CST


The Encyclopedia of Clubbell® Training culminates over 21,000 hours of real time coaching by the RMAX
faculty of everyone from professional athletes looking to gain the performance edge to everyday people
looking for a fun, functional fitness.

The Encyclopedia of Clubbell® Training is the most comprehensive course ever created involving easy-to-
follow, clear-and-simple instructions teaching you the 7 Key Components of each of the core 140 exercises
in this powerful system of physical transformation. You can just zip right to the exercise you want to learn
and follow along, although you have nearly FOUR AND A HALF HOURS of exercises to choose from!

Clubbell® Training provides a unique blend of functional, full-range, three-dimensional muscular
development that stands in contradistinction to the problematic limitations of conventional two-
dimensional linear training. Following this system will transform your health from head to toe, core to
periphery, and bones to skin as you revitalize, re-energize, and reorganize every unused and over-abused
cell in your body.

Benefits of Clubbell® Training include increased metabolism for a day-long fat burn, the breakup of
restrictive adhesions and calcium deposits around the joints, the release of bound tension, the generation
of tremendous energy and vitality, increased bone density, and injury prevention. Clubbell® training
promotes significant gains in strength, power, stamina, endurance, and general health and longevity. It is
the most fun that one can possibly have exercising!

Clubbell® Training cascades all of your fitness needs: from strength, power, stamina, endurance and
general health and longevity to sport specific programs for golf, tennis, volleyball, football, baseball,
soccer and hockey.

Throughout the world history the club has been utilized not only for combat, but also for health restoration
and strength development. Records of the club use date as far back as the ancient Egypt, with the
practice reaching its peak at the end of the 19th century.

Scott Sonnon, the creator of the patented Clubbell®, has resurrected this ancient discipline through his
own extensive research, experimentation, and personal practice. He has successfully integrated, evolved,
and refined the club into one of the most "simply sophisticated" exercise approaches ever created — the
Circular Strength Training® (CST) system. Going far beyond the limited practice of the old-style "Indian
Clubs," the CST system contains a collection of more than 100 proprietary Clubbell® training exercises.

It truly provided people with new ways of training, new unique tools, which opened entirely new horizons
for everyone!
Within this 5 digital video disc encyclopedia you will find:

Disc   I: Key Components, Guidelines, Mechanics and Positions
Disc   II: 37 Basic Rhythmic Exercises
Disc   III: 46 Basic Ballistic Exercises
Disc   IV: 44 Basic Grinding Exercises
Disc   V: 13 ―Most Popular‖ Combination Routines

Health pundits such as WASHINGTON POST Fitness Columnist and World Powerlifting Champion, Marty
Gallagher endorsed Coach Sonnon‘s course as, "providing applicable muscle power, outside-the-box, filling
in the gaps that exist within conventional weight training... an effective fitness system which gets results!"

5 DVD set                                                                                          US $149.95+ SHP

                              An Ancient Tool for the Modern Athlete

Clubbells are internationally recognized as efficient and effective tools for both conditioning and
rehabilitation. Starting with the basics, Coach Scott Sonnon teaches you the fundamentals for a lifetime of
Clubbell® training. Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength is your DVD guide to learning:

        Safe training guidelines and basic principles of Circular Strength Training.

        Basic features and leverage training advantages of Clubbells.

        Performance breathing and correct posture to maximize the benefits of your practice.

        Basic Positions: Floor Park, Order, Shoulder Park, Chest Park, Back, and others.

        Ballistic Exercises: Various Swings, Cleans, Pendulums, Circles, and other moves.

        Grinds: Arm Cast, Shield Cast, Parry Cast, Head Cast, variations and more.

        Advanced Moves: Drumming, Seesaw, Leverage Press, Muscle Out and more.

        Combinations: Swipes, Mills, Warrior Be Strong, Moulinet, and many more.
It‘s easier to learn movements once you‘ve seen them done correctly. Strongly recommended for
Clubbell® users of all levels, the Clubbell® Training for Circular Strength DVD is one of the best training
investments you can make.

Running Time: 56 min.                                                                               US $39.95+ SHP

"Most of the sports conditioning information out there is nothing but the same rehashed stuff. I dare you to find Scott
Sonnon's unique material in another source! Sonnon is without doubt one of the top conditioning coaches in the US,
the thinking man's coach." - Pavel Tsatsouline, author of The Russian Kettlebell Challenge

"Scott Sonnon's Circular Strength Video and Clubbell is the best thing I've run across for pertinent training in many
years. The re-birth of the use of Clubbells will go down as Scott's brainchild. He has managed to not only resurrect a
nearly lost exercise program, but has managed to bring it into the 21st. Century. The video is very precise; the
exercises perfectly displayed and articulated. He has managed to lay a solid foundation for all of us to build on. The
Clubbell is simply a great design and concept. Scott has managed to take safety into consideration and constantly
emphasizes the importance of proper handling, not for the sake of the bell (for it's TOUGH) but for the sake of the
practitioner. You cannot help but get a tremendous workout from these units. I whole-heartedly recommend these to
not only martial artists, but strength athletes looking to hit those hard-to-get-at muscles." - Tony Cecchine, World's
leading authority on Catch-as-Catch Can
                                             GOING BALLISTIC
                                    Circular Strength Training For Boxing
                                    manual by RMAX Head Coach Brandon Jones

49 pages
Hit like a truck and outlast any opponent! Developed by Head Coach Brandon Jones, a veteran boxer and
martial arts instructor, Going Ballistic: Circular Strength Training® for Boxing represents a sophisticated
new approach to fight preparation. Breaking with tradition, this manual does away with many time-
honored boxing myths and habits while presenting a comprehensive explanation of training secrets for
practitioners of the "Sweet Science" and other combat sports.

       Tapping into the body's energy systems for your event profile

       Breaking away from training myths and outdated practices

       Triangle Point: balance, footwork, timing and conserving your energy

       Joint Mass Center: creating opportunities in clinch work

       Emotional Joint Mass Center: using instinctive stress responses to put your opponent on the mat

       Footwork for power and speed: Slingshot, Box Step, Line Step, Triangle Step and Circle Step

       Protocols for training speed strength

       Many Clubbell® exercises, including: Rabbit Holes, Reverse Mills, High Pulls, Double Mills, and the
        Slide Series

       Incorporating Body-Flow and Warrior Wellness into your training program
Be the best-prepared fighter in the ring! Due to its demanding and sophisticated nature, advanced skill
with Clubbells is strongly recommended for practice of the Going Ballistic program.
                                                                                      US $23.95 + SHP

"Brandon's new book takes Clubbell® training to new levels. Anyone who has witnessed the incredible acceleration
and speed at which Brandon moves the Clubbells can instantly intuit the massive power generation that GOING
BALLISTIC generates. He stunned me at CST Eta with his power development which was rivaled only by his fluidity.
Get this manual or imperil your athletic performance whether you're a martial artist, boxer, sports player, or just
interested in a supreme challenge to your fitness. Just watch... Brandon's formula for sport specific conditioning will
become the blueprint for future generations of elite fighting prowess." - Scott Sonnon, Inventor of the Clubbell®,
Designer of the Circular Strength Training® System

―This Manual by Brandon Jones could quite easily have been entitled ―Less is more‖. From the outset Brandon lets you
know what his manual is not; it is not a step by step manual of punches and techniques so your are under no illusions
as to the content ,previously I have felt thoroughly let down by such statements as it usually advises on exactly what
I haven‘t purchased, but not in this case.
This manual begins at the start there is no pointless filler or egotistical photos of the author, typical in an industry
which worships itself. Quoting scientific studies on velocity and clear diagrams explaining the boxing wave as opposed
to the marathon wave; you‘ll immediately understand what is required of you.
The next chapter deals with body‘s energy systems, most people purchasing this manual will already have an idea on
how this works, if you don‘t you will be left in no doubt why you feel a certain way after training.
The Tabata protocol is next with the cleverest variation added; I don‘t want to say too much but I will say this, I have
been involved in martial arts for 21 years, today I have changed my training off the back of what Brandon has
advised, from the outset you will see the sense, get the conditioning right for your respective competition with his
110% rule.
Further chapters cover triangulation, joint mass centre, along with the debunking of some boxing training myths and
notes on stretching and stored elastic energy to name but a few.
Chapter 16 culminates in the blood sweat and tears of 19 cruel and unusual Clubbell® movements which when
practiced as described increase speed and striking power. Each exercise is thoroughly described using photographs
backed up by text so you won‘t go wrong.
To finish off let me say that anyone involved in fighting of any kind will tell you that the fight game isn‘t easy, it isn‘t
easy in countless ways; this manual is honestly the first I have come across that will give you a clear advantage over
your opponent. This is no tour de force by the author but an honest attempt at arming the hardworking individual with
the information to create the weapons required for absolute total success.
Excellent, Own it!‖ - Paul Barton

―Just wanted to congratulate Coach Jones on "Going Ballistic™". The great physical training protocols aside, the
section on the "Emotional Joint Mass Centre" or EJMC is something that has really helped my game in just one
reading. Yesterday it was raining here in Sydney, so instead of our usual PT session lead by Stu Stent (forum member
fbleagh) we retreated to my garage for some boxing sparring. Every time I concentrated on dominating the EJMC by
getting low, moving forward and making aggressive head movements with confidence, I got my sparring partner
moving backwards. It is rather like stalking and is very unnerving for the other guy. One time, I pretty much chased
my partner off the mat through this pressure and a few other times, I moved into the other guys space and watched
him straighten, lift his chin and try to make space........Just like Coach Jones said he would.........Bang! (Well Pop!, we
were in Softwork mode after all.)‖ - Stuart McDermid

                                         EXERCISE EQUIPMENT
                                   CLUBBELL® UNIT PRICING CHART

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45 LBS
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     CLUBBELL® TOTAL                       $599.95                + $108 USA Shipping                SAVE $94.75
  Complete Set of Single
5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 45 LBS
 Total Clubbell® Units: 6
  CLUBBELL® PRO GYM                      $1,099.95                + $216 USA Shipping               SAVE $159.45
Complete Set of Unit
Pairs (2 each):
5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 45 LBS
Total Clubbell® Units: 12
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                           FLOWFIGHTING™ MARTIAL ART
                                 The Next Wave In Martial Arts

The RMAX "Evolutionary" Martial Art of FlowFighting™ was created by Scott Sonnon, Multi-Sport
International Champion, Multiple-Time USA National Martial Arts Team Coach, Multiple-Time Martial Art
and Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee and Nominee, Distinguished Master of Sport, and appointed
"Grandmaster" of RMAX FlowFighting™ by the World Head of Family Sokeship Council. FlowFighting™
continues to evolve through the collective efforts of his award-winning squad of world class master
instructors, the RMAX Head Coaching Staff: Joseph Wilson, Ryan Murdock, Brandon Jones and Dani'l

FlowFighting™, as its name indicates, the key emphasis of unlocking flow under stress of crisis friction and
combative chaos. Flow is that elusive ecstatic optimal experience described by all cultures throughout
history, but only recently understood from a scientific viewpoint in sports psychology.

FlowFighting™ is a specific proprietary meta-system of renovating one's prior experiences and enabling
one's innately wet-wired genetic mastery. As opposed to following the style of another, the goal of
FlowFighting™ experience focuses on revealing and refining a completely idiosyncratic style of
performance through personal evolution in one's daily deepening of physical practice.

Some people can inadvertently convert the adrenaline dump into a slow-release through getting beaten
enough times in martial art class; hence the old classical process of being uke (the receiver) for years
until the paste has been squashed out of you, and only then do you learn to be tori (the giver). Some
athletes can endure enough years of combat sports sufficient for them to learn to manage fear and
thereby tap flow. Some can manage to survive actual lethal and near-lethal engagements on the
battlefield, patrol or streets and thereby properly temper the release of the biochemical cocktail.

But there's a much more universal, much more efficient, and much less traumatic way of accomplishing
the same thing, and in a way that remains accessible to anyone, not just to those who can withstand the
The body (in particular the neuro-immuno-endocrine super-system) cannot differentiate between physical
and emotional/symbolic distress. Deliberately marching with aplomb through circulo-respiratory distress
using our unique fear-removal techniques converts the "adrenal dump" into a slow, proportionate release.
FlowFighting™ crafts drill and work progression in such an incremental fashion to specifically elicit an
adaptation to gradual exposure to combative chaos, friction, failure, surprise and fear.

The primary concentration on FlowFighting™ is an "athlete first" perspective, where even and especially
the coaches lead from the front by example. The coaching pedagogy springs from Coach Sonnon's
revolutionary model of optimal performance in martial art: the Three Dimensional Performance Pyramid.

Flow is the optimal human experience. Every culture in the world, throughout recorded history, has
discussed this phenomenon with different terms and common descriptions. It is the ability to remain
sangfroid within the face of crises; it is the ability to be truly at peace in the face of combative resistance.
In the microcosm of sports, it receives our greatest concentration. In the vehicle of personal
transformation and transcendence we call ―martial art‖; it is the paragon of personal mastery. It is what
we strive to embrace and allow.

Flow is our natural, genetic gift of bliss in the face of strife. We don't need to learn it, as it is biologically
wired into our entire neuro-immuno-endocrine system (and now the focus of intense studies in the
blossoming field of psychoneuroimmunology).

Flow is the zero resistance aptitude which allows one to respond immediately, spontaneously and
improvisationally to life as it happens. It is that last emphasized phrase which people strive for - so simple
a comment, so elusive a goal. Thousands of years of exploration have gone into its exploration... truly be
Flow in martial art uses the microcosm of controlled fighting to stimulate the neuro-immuno-endocrine
reflex to stress. This transformative event allows us to experience fluid, supple, resilient now-ness in the
laboratory of fighting.

Conventional martial art training dresses itself in the trappings of the gross physical skill. And yet in every
style, every ―master‖; (those considered masters by others, rather than the 'rank') has expressed flow as
the central goal, tenet and vehicle of martial art. The skills are just the product, and their refinement just
a by product of the process of embracing flow.

Experiencing the eye of the fighting's hurricane, places life's daily stressors in perspective, for the ultimate
stress in life is mortal strife. Physiologically, there is no other stressor greater in human experience than
having to fight another human being. It is our most basal, feral experience. Long ago, we realized that we
can use that wild dog to yoke our optimal experience through incremental immersion in this trial by fire.

Flow is not something we develop, but something we allow. We allow it by removing the restrictive forces
competing for our personal mastery. This ―bound-flow‖ as Coach Sonnon has called it is the actual target
of our practice. It is the direct pursuit of flow which is why it eludes so many thousands of martial artists
for so many thousands of years. Pursuing flow is like catching the same part of the river twice.

Circular Strength Training® is the central practice of FlowFighting™;. This is because Flow in Fitness is
prerequisite for Flow in Fighting. So many conventional martial art programs attempt to tap flow without
the fundamental physical, mental and emotional preparedness. Personal practice is paramount to success.
(This is also why certification in CST is prerequisite to certification in FlowFighting™.

Flow is the optimal human experience, which is why personal mastery through FlowFighting™ elicits
a better quality of life, ease of being, happiness and vibrant health.

In FlowFighting™, you cultivate flow from the first day of practice, training and competition. And although
there is an enormously sophisticated process within the unseen interior of the RMAX‖black box‖;
pedagogical paradigm, all you need do is practice. Everything else will happen of its own accord.

            For more information on FlowFighting™ please visit
"What impresses me about Scott's material is its ability to be used "right out of the box!" - Bruce Carleton, 2002 BJJ
Pan-American Gold Medalist

  ―… I am very impressed with you continued efforts to provide a user friendly format that contains information that I
can apply to my current studies and show immediate improvement. My school does not spend sufficient time on the
subject matter that your tapes have cover and so this is a wonderful example of information that I can utilize that I
was not getting in my normal practice. I really can not say enough about the quality and content of your products as
well as your excellent customer service. I look forward to your future releases …Thank you!‖ - Brad Buchholz

―…I own all the video instructional sets and am very pleased with the unique content presented and the valuable
insights I‘ve gotten from them.‖ - Joel Millares, Brazilian Jiujitsu

―…I think it is well worth the money. I intend to buy all of your products. You are explaining things that people have
missed for years or learned in an inefficient manner. The truth is that your vocabulary is superior to anything else I've
seen. Of course everyone has to train against resistance in the long run, but I am very grateful for the system. People
need to understand unarmed combat before they train. They need to understand biomechanics, because that's the
key to proficiency. Biomechanics are universal and apply to everyone…‖ - Sabin Smith


The Softwork™ is Coach Sonnon's "evolutionary martial art" approach based upon his extensive
research and development with various teams, units and departments around the world.

The Softwork™      curriculum includes:

       striking & kicking (surface, muscular and organ)

       grappling & ground-fighting

       throws & takedowns

       single & multiple attackers

       knife & stick defense

       pre-cognitive evasion & escape

       physiological manipulation of myofascial density

       psychological manipulation in combat: Zone & Vortex

       emotional control in combat: derailing "Flinch Reflex"

       environmental combat multipliers
2 DVDs set
Running time: 195 min.                                                                                US $ 89.95 + SHP

    ―Absolutely amazing stuff! I think this series really has gotten to the core of martial art and what it is to be a
    martial artist.‖ - Brian Bales

    ―This isn‘t a product I can give a proper review. It‘s like trying to review "democracy". I can only say will change
    the face of your training forever… This softwork is a lifetime endeavor.‖ – Robert Verdell
    ―Just pick up the Softwork package, an it truly is amazing. For someone to move the way you guys were moving
    on the dvd's, that is crazy.‖ - Thomas Thornton

―I saw viewed the softwork DVD and it was awesome. Coach, I must say that the personal trainers at my job
 thought highly of you and said you are "da man". Thanks for the experience.‖ – Bao Tran, CST Coach

 I got my copy of Softwork Friday. I managed to watch just the Shockability portion before I was run out of the
 house for the weekend! I finished watching yesterday and was amazed. I now finally see the whole RMAX package.
 A believer in Warrior Wellness™ and Body-Flow™, it was nice to see that it's more than just tumbling on the
 ground or flipping over picnic table. as fun as that is. Growing up, I was a big Tarzan fan and always wanted to
 move like was described in the books but I never cold quite mange the fluidity that Scott and Dan have achieved. It
is like they have achieved movement at the most primal level as was discussed in the video. I must admit as well
that I have not been the most studious of people when it came to Body-Flow™ but I can honestly say the now I see a
full application, I will most definatly increase my daily practice.
I know that RMAX is not a martial art itself, but it is nice to see some martial applications to it. I think that in the
future, people will be saying that what Bruce Lee did for Martial Arts, Scott did for fitness. Reading the article people
have posted on this forum about Body-Flow™ and the wave principles and structure, really came to life for me in this
video.‖ – Dale Moss

―I got my copy of Softwork and managed to view the first DVD. Hope to find time to view the second DVD soon. It is
an amazing video. There is a ton of stuff in there to absorb.‖ - Roland Beauregard

―Softwork™ is a positive addition to any serious MA collection. Serious study of the ideas presented in Softworks
should help any MA person master their personal style and improve their skills regardless of the art studied.‖ – Dave

―I have been seriously impressed and inspired by Softwork™, and thought I would post a review of it. For those who
don't me, I am a former Affiliate Instructor with Systema UK, so have experience in a systema style of Softwork™,
alongside former instructor in JKD/Thai Boxing/Escrima and a few other arts. It is clear to me that Softwork™ differs
from anything else I have trained, and on seeing and exploring Softwork™ I knew I had to get Scott over to the UK,
and cant wait to see him in October.
Anyway, here is my review:

Softwork™ DVD, Scott Sonnon

After 14 days of eager anticipation, it has arrived, Scott Sonnons ‗Softwork™‘, and it‘s even better than I anticipated.
It‘s difficult to know where to start due to the vast amount of information on the two DVD‘s, but I‘ll give it a try!

First, the presentation looks great, beautiful cover design and the content on the box instantly grabbed my attention.
It‘s a two-disk set, and I wonder how much better that would have been if mastered onto a dual layer disk rather than
two disks, hell if nothing else I get to do some Body-Flow™ as I engage the DVD player to swap disks.

The DVD is broken into sections, as most are these days, sections covered are:

Disk 1

Shock Absorption
Leg Fencing
Touch Response
Putting It All Together
Ground Evasion

Disk 2

Blade Work
Stick Work
Ground Fighting
Guiding Flow
Coaching Guidance

Overall there is over 3 hours of content, and that is a lot of value for your money, but not only that, the content is
great, informative, well explained and contains non-stop demonstrations.
For those with RMAX experience, you will instantly recognise RMAX core components and how they all come together,
namely as Softwork™. The methods of Shock Absorption, Body-Flow™ etc, are all there in abundance and are
demonstrated beautifully between Scott and Dan. The DVD is exceptionally complete, structured, progressive and
inspirational, taking you through component after component in such a way it makes me want to run out and get a
few of my students together and go ‗play‘. This is the culmination of RMAX.. For those without RMAX experience, then
quite simply it will be spellbinding, demonstrating sophisticated motion and grace, alongside what many would call
high-level martial arts ability. If viewed correctly this DVD has the capacity to alter how you train, and how to
maximise your training methodology. It will bring to you many principles and applications, such as how to strike and
absorb strikes efficiently, introduce you to the world of relaxation and intuitive movement, show you how to go with
the flow and move efficiently within your environment.

Continuing the voyage, Scott shows you how to gain a deeper understanding of fear reactivity, how it can inhibit
progression, and how Softwork™ can break those binds, allowing you to train constructively and progressively. Then
we move onto groundwork, blade and stick, grappling and more, all covered on disk 2, and again each section follows
a continually structured path. Watching the DVD you can see how to take drills and apply them, and for the beginning
martial artist or seasoned martial artist the drills presented can be applied to existing training, or for moving on
existing RMAX training.

Coach Sonnon is not only able to demonstrate with great finesse, but is also able to explain with great clarity, and I
can think of few people who have his ability to convey his ideas and understanding of how the body moves and
responds. I have found that Coach Sonnon‘s work has increased my knowledge and ability with Softwork™ and
supersedes the training in this area I have had with other systems.

Overall I was impressed with both the quality of production and content, and find little to fault with other than a
suggestion that an introduction at the beginning would have been great. For me this DVD is going to be watched over
and over, as there is much to be gleaned, and much to play with. ´- Andrew Usher, Director of Integrated Combat

                                      INTEGRATING STRUCTURE
Coach Sonnon's filmed lecture by on the revolutionary application of myofascial tensegrity (as introduced
by Buckminster Fuller and Thomas Myers) to the realm of martial art mastery.
Integrating Structure explains:
       RMAX "Form" Movement, Breathing & Structure

       The knife and the origin of anatomy

       Grapefruit metaphor

       Fish in the Fishing Net metaphor

       Double Bag Theory

       Tensegrity vs. Compression structure

       Sailboat analogy

       Density vs. Plasticity

       Clogs vs. Loads

       Plastic Bag vs. Rubber Band metaphor

       Tension Chains

       Tuning Fork analogy

       Vibration Training

1 DVD                                Running time: 115 min.                                         US $ 49.95 + SHP
―The seminar was fantastic‖ – Steve Barnes
                                                   Killing Me Softly
                This program was filmed during the Hardwork™ seminar held in 2005 in Scotland

Multiple-sport International Champion, Multiple-time Hall of Fame Inductee and Multiple-time USA
National Martial Arts Team Coach Scott Sonnon and his elite performance enhancement squad of RMAX
Staff Coaches, Joseph Wilson, Dani'l Chomycia, Ryan Murdock and Brandon Jones, present what could be
described as the most evolutionary approach to martial art ever be presented on digital video.
Hardwork™: Killing Me Softly is the culmination of an actual live training event conducted by the entire
RMAX Head Coaching Staff. Together, the RMAX Staff introduced a collection of athletes from around the
world to the incremental progression from Softwork to Hardwork (illustrated on right); what Coach
Sonnon names, ―Effective Efficiency,‖ and what others have named, ―The Internal Martial Art of the 21st

Within this video, you will learn strategic insights, tactical drills, technical secrets, and a wealth of
developmental exercises which you can practice at home, at your school or at your gym to increase your
physical preparedness in ANY martial art system or style. Get prepared for the next step in the evolution
of martial art: Hardwork™... Evolving your Flow!

This four hour long DVD set includes:

      Striking & kicking

      Shock Absorption

      Grappling & ground-fighting

      Throws & takedowns

      Single & multiple attackers

      Knife defense against single and multiple opponents

      Physiological and Psychological manipulation

      Emotional control in combat

      Environmental combat multipliers

3 DVDs
approx. 4 hours                                                                                   US $ 99.95 + SHP

"HARDWORK ―Killing Me Softly‖ came via USPS. Only watched the Bonus Disc ―Combat Warm-up and Cool-down.‖ It
was a stand-alone seminar. If you like the Hardwork trailer, you will be pleased the 3 disc set. ―- Paul Karpick
―This DVD is worth every penny!‖ - Scott Schauland

―This is the perfect compliment to Softworks in my opinion. The material moves very fast, so I can see that I will need
to watch it over (and over) again. IN MY OPINION, Flow-Fighting is 21st century martial arts at its best.‖ –
Mitch Simon, D.C., CST
                                    3D PERFORMANCE PYRAMID
                Three Dimensional Physical Preparedness for the Combat Athlete
                                               Manual By Coach Sonnon

70 pages

Scott Sonnon walks you through the entire philosophy of physical culture, how it integrates, and how to
take your training, practice and competition from novice to master.
From the Author, Coach Sonnon: ―Some people don‘t care to see any more of a connection between their
mind and their physical performance than psyching up to get a few more pounds on their bench press, or
telling themselves to push it a couple more minutes on the treadmill. Some people don‘t desire to go any
deeper into exercise than sweating. This manual is not for those folks.

I‘ll explain how this manual wrote itself, and you can determine if it‘s the Guidebook to Total Physical
Culture, as it has been for me, and my clients around the world.

Exercise is a simple thing, and doesn‘t require any philosophical banter in the exhilarating physical
challenge of it. But many people want to understand how ―it all fits together.‖ Many people want to
maximize their efforts, minimize fluff, and see consistent development and progress. Those more lofty
goals require a level of sophistication in approaching what old-timers turn of the last century called
―physical culture‖ – which is basically a yoga-like philosophy creed integrating all physical activities, from
boxing to weight-lifting to swimming.

Many people crave in their physical culture the sophistication of yoga or martial art. If you‘re one of those
people, then this manual may be of use to you. It‘s my ‗formula‘ for learning how to progress from the
novice‘s thrill of beginning to the master‘s clarity of precision in any sport, discipline or exercise.

Many people are like I once was - just a simple person craving some substance in your physical journey.
If this describes you, then this amalgam of my 25 years of competitive sports, exercise and coaching may
help you navigate more efficiently and more expediently to avoid pitfalls and accelerate development.

If you‘re a doubting Thomas cynical of the ―hottest trend,‖ then you‘ve found the perfect manual for
maintaining healthy skepticism while launching your abilities sky-high by jettisoning the baggage of
unnecessary frills.

I wish you all the excitement, adventure and progress your physical odyssey can unfold.‖
                                                                                                       US$24.95 + SHP

―This manual can not only enhance you as an athlete, but a human being. Its pinnacle is "awareness", for the "flow
state" he speaks of cannot be achieved without it.
I feel as if I've lived this manual. It spoke to me personally. It appears to be a work that has taken a lifetime for Scott
Sonnon to create. It wasn't built upon ancient myths, but real blood, sweat and tears. I feel a little guilty for I can so
easily drink today from the well it took a master builder a lifetime to construct. But I truly think that was his
intention." – Robert Verdell, teacher. Yoga instructor, martial artist

―My respect for his work continues to grow. 3DPP is the most advanced statement of Coach Sonnon's philosophy and
teaching methodology applied to combat athletics. It is, to put it simply, brilliant and unique. By creating a link
between Cardio-Respiratory Distress and the core mental/emotional states that both limit and empower us, Coach
Sonnon has clarified the most direct path to high-level physical and mental performance I have ever seen. Just add
balanced goals and gallons of sweat, and the future is yours!‖ – Steve Barnes, author, martial artist, physical

"This manual is GOLDEN! 3DPP is the guide to performance enhancement. It goes deeper than just what to do, and
delves deeper into why you do it. How to actually make strides towards your goals rather than simply working up a
The 3D Performance Pyramid is an amazing training tool and blueprint and this manual breaks down how to use it.‖ –
Brandon Jones, CST Alpha Cadre, martial artist
                               RMAX TRAINING GROUP MANUAL
                                        by RMAX Head Coach Ryan Murdock

77 pages
RMAX Training Group Manual is the essential "how-to" counterpart of Coach Sonnon's groundbreaking
Three-Dimensional Performance Pyramid™. Whether you seek to apply RMAX to your base of traditional
martial arts or you plan to explore RMAX martial resources exclusively, this manual will explain in simple
concrete terms where and how to start, and where you can take it. Among the topics covered are:
How to found, organize and run an informal RMAX training group
Formulating realistic goals
Laying the foundation - establishing your training Doctrine, Strategy and Tactics
How to craft training Cycles and Classes
Asymmetrical vs. symmetrical drills - how, when and why to program them
How to structure drills for maximum gain
The PDT as diagnostic
Creating Static, Fluid and Dynamic drills - how, when and why
Applying the Softwork-Hardwork Continuum - how, when and why
Integrating your Personal Practice
The RMAX Training Group Manual gives you the tools to cut through dead ends and trial and error to put
your training on the fast track to mastery.
                                                                                           US$23.95 + SHP

"In case you haven't had the chance, I wanted to personally thank Head Coach Murdock for writing this manual. Ryan
deserves our gratitude for taking RMAX to the next level, to the new iteration, for fostering the very evolution that this
organization was built upon when it's outline was first scrawled on a few loose-leaf, goldenrod legal pages on May 31,
For 10 years Ryan had already been actively working on the RMAX Training Group Manual, every day with literal blood
and sweat... before he even got involved with RMAX.
Now, Ryan has melded together his academic background in anthropology, his real life harrowing combat experiences
traveling in the most remote and beautifully dangerous corners of the planet, his uncanny erudition as a nationally
awarded writer, with his world class expertise as an RMAX Head Coach. What resulted is simply magic.
In jumping into the ocean which is RMAX, this is not only a how-to guide to swimming, it's a how-to guide to building
a ship, sailing it, picking up passengers, and a map and sextant to distant ports of call.
Folks, the RMAX Training Group Manual is the tangible mission statement of our grass-roots development, one that
"every man" can access, internalize and implement.
Ryan, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for doing us such a great justice and for taking us where we could not
have gone without you becoming a leader in our organization by your contributions, by leading from the front. You're
really hit this one out of the park, bro." - Scott Sonnon, RMAX Founder and Director

"Thank you for writing this manual. I have read it once and will reread it again. Your manual is indeed revolutionary.
In my opinion, you have definitely raised a new bar in the realm of martial arts literature. I am amazed by how you
took very complex concepts and beautifully transformed it into a user friendly format. After reading this manual, I am
sure people will have a clearer picture of FlowFighting™ and because of your work, my friend, people will have fun
exploring the great work and self mastery. I am so jealous for the novice because I wish this was presented when I
first started. Keep writing more books, my friend.
PS: People please get this book. I highly recommend it. This book is filled with insightful gems. If you're a martial
artist or someone who want to start an informal RMAX training group in your area, this book is for you. This manual
will start a revolution within the martial art community." - Bao Tran, CST Coach
                              RMAX POWERED PROGRAMS

                              Presented by RMAX Head Coach Brandon Jones

Martial arts typically classed as ―internal‖ all employ similar, if not identical, methods of power generation.
While this power is often couched in flowery, poetic talk and culturally specific idiomatic expressions,
there‘s nothing other-worldly or supernatural about it. It‘s real and tangible personal magic gained
through consistent rational practice. If you think you feel it, you don‘t. There is no grey area.
The cultural symbolic and linguistic barriers make if difficult, if not problematic, when we set out to learn
these skills. By shifting our paradigm, and using language that allows us to understand what‘s really going
on, we can develop these skills much more quickly and truly begin to enhance our performance in the
skills required for internal martial arts. This is what it means to be "RMAX Powered" - using the innovative
technology, tools and talents to accelerate your practice. In this video series, we will examine these skills
through the lens of clarity, brush away the culturally and linguistically obscure terms and in doing so, cut
your learning curve dramatically, and supercharge your practice with immediate results!
In Volume 1 of this series you will learn the Spinal Articulation and Ground Connection: the essential
physical virtues of power generation to "Load, Lead and Launch". The skills you will acquire though this
practice will apply to any martial art, internal or external. Regardless of your experience level, beginner or
expert, this video course will be an invaluable asset to powering up your practice with RMAX!
Brandon Jones is a member of the elite performance enhancement squat known as the RMAX Coaching
Staff. As both a Circular Strength Training® and FlowFighting™ Head Coach he prepares thousands of his
athletes around the world. With over 20 years of experience as a certified instructor in Chen Taijiquan and
Xingyiquan in addition to holding black belts in several other styles, coupled with the sweet pragmatism of
being a certified boxing coach and athlete, he has paid his dues in the trenches learning what did and did
not work. Even though he spent many years training in the internal martial arts, it wasn't until he began
training with Scott Sonnon and RMAX that his proficiency and ability integrated into personal mastery. By
stripping away the unnecessary mysticism from the internal martial arts, he was finally able to apply the
principles in a real environment. To be able to marry the external and internal arts together so that
anyone can gain the benefits of both.
Running time: 33 min.                                                                      US $34.95 + SHP

                         RMAX ROWERED QIGONG - Volume 1
                               Presented by RMAX Head Coach Joseph Wilson

Qigong (Chi Kung) has been taught in China for centuries as a health system and longevity program.
Qigong can be translated as breath skill or breath work. Almost every culture has taught a system of
health and longevity by one name or another. Most of these systems resemble each other in movement,
philosophy or both. Qigong systems make bold promises like:
      Energize your body and mind to feel more alive

      Find and attain deep levels of tranquility

      Naturally heal your body

      Strengthen your immune system

      Enhance your flexibility and mobility to enjoy easier, pain-free movement

      Lose weight

      Develop muscle tone
      Gain control of your movement

The most misunderstood component of the system is that, these benefits will only happen if you subscribe
to particular cultures belief system, or spiritual practices. In this ground breaking course, Joseph Wilson
demystifies Qigong and breaks down and explains basic movements that anyone can do. He explains how
and why this wonderful ancient practice has been around and been successful for over 5000 years. Join in
on a workout that truly anyone can do and benefit from. Joseph Wilson, a member of the elite
performance enhancement squad known as the RMAX Coaching Staff, has been studying martial arts,
physical culture and yoga for over 25 years. As a Head Coach of both Circular Strength Training® and
FlowFighting™, he travels around the world coaching thousands of his athletes to personal excellence.
Having trained in martial arts from almost every culture and continent, he has devoted his service to the
community as a full-time Law Enforcement officer and Internal Affairs detective for over 9 years, as well
as owning and operating the Memphis Martial Arts Center – the largest school in Memphis, Tennessee. He
brings his experience and expertise in his diverse disciplines to the floor when he teaches.
Running time: 25 min.                                                                       US $34.95 + SHP

                                 RMAX POWERED BUJINKAN
                                     by RMAX Head Coach Ryan Murdock
Elite athletes are constantly searching for an edge. Sports performance institutes spend millions of dollars
every year to push the envelope in search of that edge. Martial art is no different. However, despite the
fact that martial art is inherently athletic, traditional martial artists are too often reluctant to look beyond
their school to gain that same edge.

RMAX Powered Bujinkan defies rigid traditionalism by applying cutting-edge sports science to one of the
most successful combat systems worldwide. Using the CST Training Hierarchy Pyramid™ as its model, it
fills in missing links such as full-contact sparring and conditioning, and it presents drills that take the
hallmarks of mastery in that system and reverse engineer them to provide the clearest possible path.
Volume One : GPP
Volume One presents a complete system of combat specific conditioning . Specific range of motion drills
and detailed exercise breakdown are followed by two progressively sophisticating circuit workouts that can
be done in 20 minutes to tax your physical and mental limits. Once mastered, the user can tweak the
circuits to address a range of performance goals: from strength, endurance and speed to rapid recovery
between bursts.
Volume Two : SPP
Highly challenging strength exercises, partner drills and original Prasara Body-Flow™ and Clubbell®
combination routines target the sports specific needs of martial art practitioners. Clear connections are
drawn between the exercises and the aspects of enhanced performance.
Volume Three : ASP/MEP
The specific Attributes gained in the first two series are taken to the mats in a blizzard of performance
enhancement drills – mastery reverse- engineered. From single to multiple attacker drills, from static to
fluid to gloved-up and full on, this final volume in the series explicitly lays out what was once the secret of
traditional martial art masters – the progression of form to formlessness – and stomps on the accelerator.

Ryan Murdock, a member of the elite performance enhancement squad known as the RMAX Coaching
Staff, has been studying martial arts and physical culture, including Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, for over 20
years. As a Head Coach of both Circular Strength Training® and FlowFighting™ he travels around the
world coaching thousands of his athletes to personal excellence. As a professional travel writer and
explorer, Coach Murdock has tested his skills in some of the world‘s harshest terrain: from Western
China‘s forbidding Taklamakan Desert to Panama‘s jungly Darièn Gap. This work has taken him to 26
countries (and counting), including North Korea, Mongolia, and Nicaragua, by camel, horse, motorcycle,
and dugout canoe.
                                 Volume 1: General Physical Preparedness
                                  Produced by Whiz Kid Studios, Canada

Running time: 60 min.                                                                   US $34.95 + SHP

                                 Volume 2: Specific Physical Preparedness
                                  Produced by Richard and Janet Merritt

Running time: 90 min.                                                                   US $34.95 + SHP

                                           Volume 1 + Volume 2

                                                                                         US $59.90 + SHP

                                 RMAX POWERED RUNNING
                    presented by Coach Sonnon and RMAX Head Coach Joseph Wilson

This is a startling statistic! But now RMAX has created a solution to this dilemma, a solution which will
allow you to prevent injury so that you may enjoy a lifetime of pain free running. But that‘s not all. In
creating this solution we have also developed a systematic approach that will immediately and without end
skyrocket your performance!

Whether you run for sport, recreation or fitness, this comprehensive course offers you time-tested and
proven techniques, mechanics and performance enhancing exercises that will take your running to the
next level and beyond - instantly. You will be able to apply these coveted secrets to ultra and marathon
distance running, cross-country, multi-sport adventure racing, bare-foot as well as booted running, high
intensity short distance exercise, as well as the daily grace of natural walking.

                          The Four Gaits = Pain Free Energy + Injury Free Power
Join Hall of Fame Award-Winning Master Coaches Scott Sonnon and Joseph Wilson, both International
Champions in their respective sports, as they introduce RMAX Powered Running. In a clear, concise and
no-nonsense fashion, these two world-class coaches teach you how to immediately apply their specially
created techniques to improve your performance through the efficient integration of breathing, structure
and movement in the Four Gaits of human locomotion: Walking, Trotting, Jogging, and Sprinting.
Running time: 45 min.                                                                   US $39.95 + SHP

Defend against throws and apply your throw attacks from any position! Scott Sonnon, International
Champion and former Head Coach of the United States Sombo teams, teaches how to master the art of
throwing. Based on universal biomechanical principles, Immovable Object Unstoppable Force (IOUF)
breaks down the anatomy, physics and mental components of throwing into bite-size pieces that can be
applied to any throwing art.

1. Hyperfunction: introduces the first critical principles of anatomy and throwing strategy. The concepts
presented can be used to enhance your current takedown practice and enable you to learn new throwing
methods more rapidly. Some of the major concepts presented and demonstrated include:

      Hyperfunction and why it is preferable to inducing dysfunction

      The Triangle Point: What it is, how to find it, and how to use it

      Joint Loading and use of natural motion to bypass reflexive bracing
      Joint articulation and use of force vectors for enhancing throw effectiveness

      Biomechanics of gripping and developing grip strategies

      Determining shared force vectors and their applications in throwing

      Demonstrations of applications, setups, throws, solo and partner drills and more

2. Quantum Gripping: Coach Scott Sonnon expands on Volume 1 and goes deeper, explaining in detail
why "a great throw is less." He presents a thorough analysis of how to develop and use grip strategies to
gain the upper hand. You will learn:
      The 3 primary grip strategies: Confirmation, Counter and Release

      Frames and the use of forearm rotation

      Countergrasps and use of the "middle space" between attacks

      Jacket fencing - use of the belt, lapels and other jacket grips

      Spine articulation for increasing throwing speed and power

      Exploration of Parallet and Concurrent force vectors

      Use of Power Transfer and Locking arms

      Use of range, footwork and grip to change the Joint Mass Center relationship

      Leg fencing to create more throwing opportunities

      Integration of full-body articulation and the principles presented in three dimensions

      Solo and Partner drills for development, and how to develop your own original drills

3. Joint Mass Center: "He who controls the middle controls the fight." Improve your ability to prevent
being thrown and to throw from virtually any position by knowing how to control the center. Coach Scott
Sonnon explains and demonstrates:
      Use of three-dimensional and compound hyperfunction in creating opportunities to throw

      Fundamental Movement: Figure 8s in developing throws, leg fencing, and other relevant skills

      Leg Fencing tactics: Posts, Sweeps, Reaps, Hooks and Elevators

      Footwork tactics: pelvis integration, Box Step, Slingshot and Knee Screws

      Joint Mass Center: definition and how to take control

      Immovable Object: use of the Joint Mass Center and Triangle Point to prevent being thrown

      Stance Integrity: alignment, breaching, supporting legs and removal of critical joints

      Partner Drills: Practicing principles for defense and offense, examples of incremental progression,
       putting it all together

      Throw Renovation: demonstrations of principles applied to traditional throws and common
       grappling situations
Practice of the concepts presented will allow you to internalize and express them in your own practice. The
methods demonstrated are not presented as rote technique, but as examples of the concepts in
2 DVDs set
Running time – appr. 220 min                                                              US $99.95 + SHP
                                 SAMBO MMA LEG ATTACKS

Sambo is one of the top five martial arts to be represented in the realm of No Holds Barred Mixed Martial
Arts competitions because of its real-world brutal simplicity and toughness exemplified by fearsome

One of a few foreigners to ever do so, Coach Sonnon earned the highest athletic distinction of the former
Soviet Union - the coveted Distinguished Masters of Sport in SAMBO. A multiple time USA National Sambo
Team Coach and Champion, International Combat Sambo Commission Chairman and American Sambo
Vice-President. Scott Sonnon provides you with a rare opportunity to distance study in the actual methods
and tactics used by masters of Russian Sambo.

There are three branches to Coach Sonnon‘s RMAX Sambo: self-defense/combatives, sport (Sambo)
specific, and mixed martial art. Coach Sonnon believes that since you will face other martial artists more
than you will fight for your life or compete in sport wrestling, you must be able to first face that live
resistance victoriously. The mechanics, sensitivity, rhythm and timing transfer into all other realms –
critical attributes mandatory for becoming a successful, strong fighter.

Here is what some of the world's greatest grapplers Sambo and Judo have said about Scott:

" Groundbreaking, universal ideas that can be immediately learnt and immediately applied." –
Igor Yakimov, World Sambo, Judo and MMA Champion

"One of the best teachers I have ever trained with!" - Steve Maxwell, World BJJ and Sombo Champion

RMAX Sambo is ―4th Dimension‖ Grappling!
Coach Sonnon has described Sambo as "4D Grappling" due to the way grappling has changed over the
centuries culminating in the world-renown "puzzle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" that is Sambo.

1st Dimension Grappling: Arms to Arms Attacks – Greco-Roman
2nd Dimension Grappling: Arms to Legs Attacks – Free-Style
3rd Dimension Grappling: Legs to Arms Attacks – Judo-Jiujitsu
4th Dimension Grappling: Legs to Legs Attacks – Sambo

Learn how to integrate RMAX Sambo into your overall fight game so that you create a balanced,
comprehensive strategy, and considering the vacuum of current Sambo skill in the MMA world – a 5-10
year advantage over your competition.

Learn the Devastating Throws that Coach Sonnon used to knock out actual opponents in live competition
which will dramatically expand your wrestling potential.

Learn the Mercury-like Counter-Defenses which Scott executed to thwart takedown attempts against
superiorly experienced opponents which will expand your clinch game monumentally!

Learn the Gravity Defying Leg-to-Leg Takedowns which trademarked Scott‘s triumphant competitive
career which will catapult your Judo skills into an entire new realm!

Learn the Sinew Separating Leg Locks which Scott successfully applied time and again for victory in high
action fights which will open up a whole world of painful submission on your opponents.

Learn the Lower-Body Groundfighting Wizardry known as ―fast-wrestling‖ in Russia , which will double the
effectiveness of your Jiujitsu positional domination.

Learn the Spirit-Crushing ―Test of Manhood‖ which has travailed Russian grapplers for over 100 years, and
how to WIN immediately!
Recorded live, with fighters participating from around the world, order this rare glimpse into the
combative strategies of one of the few Living Distinguished Masters of Sambo, one of the very few outside
of Russia .


RMAX Judo Clinic (Live Guerilla Footage!)

RMAX Boxing Clinic (Live Guerilla Footage!)

2 DVDs set
Running time – 3 hours 48 minutes                                                                   US $54.95 + SHP

―I just finished watching disc one of this new set. It‘s late and I have to work tomorrow, but I had to keep watching.
Coach Sonnon is the man. There were so many eye openers for me on this DVD...
- The truth behind "Get your "hooks" in"
- Proper heel hooking
- The firepole and the kneebar
- The relationship between Leaking Structure and Failed Submissions
- Why I really need to learn more about CST (the little that I do know helped me understand a little more of the
incredible carryover between the wings)

I also think that this set will help me better understand some of the grappling materials that were placed in the vault.
It's hard to describe, but I guess it seems like in Intu-Flow®. There's beginner and advanced, but you can go up and
down the ladder and back, at the same time going deeper....spiraling? So there is no beginner and advanced?
Something like that.

Anyway, I'm pleased with my purchase, and definitely recommend it. I really think it will help my BJJ. Not just the
leglocks either, but my whole game.

This weekend I'll check out disc two...‖ - Cesar Clavijo

―An amazing set of material.‖ - Jason Bell

"Scott is an untapped resource as far as I am concerned. What I always have enjoyed about his material is that it is
conceptually far reaching. It always furthers my understanding of fighting and I was able to use some of the things
from this DVD the first night I viewed it." -
Jason Keaton, Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt (Renato Tavares)
King of the Cage and Extreme Combat Challenge Veteran
Owner of Cyclone Mixed Martial Arts Gym:

"I recently watched the Sambo MMA Leg Attacks DVD and was very excited about the content! I am not a grappler by
any means, but I do want to learn more about it. Most grappling resources (books and DVDs) that I have seen focus
on techniques. This is extremely valuable, but I think Coach Sonnon has raised the bar. The focus was more on
mechanical principles of techniques, which can be repurposed in numerous situations. I enjoy this type of information
more than rote technique, because the information is universally applicable. I'm going to have to watch this one many
times to even begin to process the cornucopia of gems within. Great job, Coach!" - Wade Munson

"Once again Scott Sonnon and RMAX deliver with Sambo MMA Leg Attacks. This DVD leaves no doubt as to the
importance of the leg lock game. One of the best ways to win in martial arts is with the unexpected attack, and if your
opponent has this knowledge and you don't, prepare to tap." - Jeff Higgs, BJJ Black Belt, CST
                                        THRESHOLD TRAINING
                 Athletic, Vocational and Interpersonal Peak Performance

How would you like to:
Positively change your life in 24 hours: one hour a week?
Have FLOW in your personal life, your career, your physical performance?
Maintain FLOW under stress?
Discover your GENIUS ZONE—the road to your own highest mental and physical functioning?
Learn how to transfer your athletic skills to your business and personal life?
Open the door to endless creativity ?
Break "Writer's Block" forever?

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions then you will want to experience one of the Scott
Sonnon's and Steve Barnes' amazing joint seminars!

Don't have time to go to a seminar?
No seminars held in your area?
Still want to get a taste of what this seminar is all about?
Now you can...with the Threshold Training DVD!
See Steve and Scott live coaching!
This DVD set presents the highlights from one of their joint seminars.
Two of the world's most accomplished men in their respective fields have teamed up to offer their
combined insights on the Path of Life Mastery.
Scott Sonnon - International Martial Arts Sensation, known around the world as the "Flow Coach"
Steven Barnes - NY Times Best Selling Author, Screen Writer and Creator of LifeWriting
It would be impossible for one person to accomplish what these two men have done.
They have mastered the three aspects of life mastery: a vibrant physical practice, a rich transpersonal
community presence, and intrinsically rewarding service careers helping hundreds of thousands worldwide
through their collective works. And they have created a method for you to tap into the connection
between your physical, family and professional abundance. Through decades of searching, study and
practice in a wide variety of incredibly successful peak performance technologies Steve and Scott have
independently identified and collaboratively refined a process which requires only ONE HOUR A WEEK, but
over the months and years becomes a rolling snowball of inertia to carry you beyond your personal and
professional dreams.
The intent of their joint program is simple: to give people a glimpse of a balanced, powerful, masterful
life, as well as a simple practice (3X a week, 20 minutes a session) to continue growth.
Through thousands of successful clients in completely different fields, Steve and Scott discovered that
tapping into your unlimited potential is anchored in your physical practice and reticulates outward into
your family life and professional career.

Change your life in 24 hours: one hour a week.
In one day, you'll feel the difference.
In six weeks, you'll SEE the difference.
In just 24 weeks, everyone around you will want to know what you've been doing.
Have "Flow" in your personal life, your career, your physical performance.

2 DVDs set
Running time – 3 hours 48 minutes                                                                     US $39.95 + SHP

"This is one of the best – taught seminars I‘ve ever attended. The material was clear and exceptionally well-
presented." - Tim Nichols
"I can‘t say enough good things. For the first time in my life I feel hope that I can create the process that will allow
me to be the man that I want to be. I feel that I have the tools to accomplish my goals." - Aaron M Stultz

"You guys are really unto something – a set of bodywork and conceptual tools to help people move their physical
health deficits as well an emotional blockage, and ultimately any life challenges. People need a place top begin, and
the Path combined bodywork ( long-appreciated world over as a development tool) and intellectual insights into
human nature, help folks engage and empower themselves at all levels." - Peter Kim
                                   PACKAGES AND APPAREL

                        RMAX PEAK PERFORMANCE LIBRARY
 If you are like most people, you don't like wasting time or money. Here's your chance to save $$$. Get
 the complete RMAX Peak Performance Library. For more information visit the SHOP at
                   YOU be the SOURCE and OWN the Library and SAVE big bucks

                              CST PERFORMANCE LIBRARY
                                   19 DVDs, 2 books & 3 manuals

                                             SAVE $250.00

 Three Dimensional Physical Preparedness manual

 RMAX Training Group manual

 Big Book of Clubbell® Training

 The Encyclopedia of Clubbell® Training (5 DVD set)

 4 x 7: Magic in the Mundane (4 DVD set)

 Intu-Flow® (2 DVD set)

 Be Breathed™ DVD

 Body-Flow™: Freedom from Fear-Reactivity book

 Body-Flow™: Biomechanical Exercise & Kinetic Chains (2 DVDs set)

 Prasara (2 DVD set)

 Going Ballistic: CST for Boxing manual

 FlowFit™ DVD

 FlowFit II DVD

 Forward Pressure™ DVD

                                           US$592.30 plus SHP

    For other bundles and packages please visit the RMAX SHOP at
                                   ULTIMATE GRAPPLING SHOES™
  There are better for MMA/NHB than Wrestling shoes, and safer than barefoot. We sent out samples to
several very recognizable martial artists, who said the very positive remarks about their comfort,
durability, range of motion, and functionality. Judoka and Jiujitsuka will significantly appreciate these
because they do NOT restrict movement in the least, and actually increase it, while not limiting kinesthetic
sensitivity. Quite a tall order and an absolute must for anyone that has been exposed to mat herpes,
ringworm or the other host of bacterial and viral surfaces of martial art schools and wrestling mats (AIDS
is another looming threat). Forget about broken toes! Ever pop a knee trying JJ or Judo in wrestling shoes,
due to that unforgiving hard rubber sole? Twist an ankle because it doesn‘t lend itself to the nuances of
submission wrestling? Lose a hold because you couldn‘t feel or move with that ankle armor of a wrestling
shoe? Then you MUST have the Ultimate Grappling Shoes™. OWN THE FUTURE OF MARTIAL ART COMBAT

 Before ordering this item please check with us if your size is available (if your size is not available, we will
let you know once the shoes will be in stock). Be certain to list your size in the fax box in American sizes.
Shoes fit snugly, so when ordering, list your EXACT size. Only full (no half) sizes.

Colors available: Combat Black                                                                            US $59.95+ SHP

"Having coached champions for Sambo, Judo, BJJ, Sport Jiujitsu, and NHB, I designed UGS to meet the needs of the
new MMAist - creating the optimum ratio of minimizing weight and maximizing sensitivity and protection. Don't tell
your opponents about this revolution in fighting gear!" - Scott Sonnon, US National Team Coach, and International

"…A great grappling shoe! I'm impressed with them... gives you the support you need to grapple while still giving you
the sensitivity that you require!" - Elvis Sinosic, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

―…"Ultimate Grappling Shoes are really great for grappling and for sparring training. And by wearing them you feel
better than in wrestling shoes. I do recommend them highly" - UFC Lightweight Champion Pat Miletich, former UFC
Light Heavyweight Champion

"Great shoes!" - Josh Barnett, former UFC Heavyweight Champion

―…The shoes are great. It's almost like a second skin…‖ - Kirik Jenness- Instructor of the New England Submission

                                                   RMAX T-SHIRT
With official RMAX logo. Available in black with red logo, it comes in: S, M, L, XL & XL sizes
                                                                                                              US $20.95+ SHP

                                                     CST T-SHIRT
Let others in on your fitness secret with this official Circular Strength Training logo t-shirt. Available in white with blue logo,
it comes in: S, M, L, XL & XL sizes
                                                                                                               US $16.95+ SHP
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