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Independent Training News (ITN)
                    Asbestos and The Law - The Dangers of Google and UK Rights to US Justice
                                                                                  nies have emerged from bankruptcy by funding a Trust to evaluate and pay
                                                                                  for their asbestos liabilities. Some of these companies are still undergoing
                                                                                  reorganization and will emerge in the years ahead with their own Trust
                                                                                  Funds. Several of these Trusts have published lists of work sites at which
Thompson’s recent article in Issue 12 was very well done and we agree with        they recognize their products were used. 5 Trusts have acknowledged
everything they said about the pressures on injured people and their              responsibility for asbestos exposure at a total of 36 work sites in the United
families exerted by lawyers both on and o the Internet. I wanted to add           Kingdom. In addition, 14 Trusts have acknowledged responsibility for
one additional warning that needs to be clearly communicated. When an             asbestos products on 15,440 ships, many of which have traveled all over the
injured person or a family member "googles" mesothelioma or other                 world. Therefore, any British resident who worked at any of these approved
asbestos-related terms on Google or any other popular search engine, they         sites or on any of the approved ships at the appropriate times has gone a
will very likely see a group of web sites that have "dot-org" URLs and names      long way towards proving a claim against the particular Trust Fund
that look like they belong to non-pro t public interest organizations. Some       involved.
may be legitimate, but beware! In my experience, most of these sites are in
fact established and operated by law rms pretending to be non-pro t               However, the absence of a work site from these approved lists does not
organizations. Their true identity sometimes never appears, and when it           mean there is no claim. It does mean that work needs to be done to
does appear, is almost always buried deep within the disclaimer section at        establish credible evidence of the presence of appropriate products at work
the end of the web site in a way designed to be as hard to nd as possible         sites at a time when the injured person was there and in a position to be
while still allowing those lawyers the "cover" of being able to say they          exposed to asbestos from those products.
disclosed the truth. Often these web sites provide a live chat option or a live
phone call option, again with the appearance of being a neutral informa-          Thompson’s warnings apply even more in the US bankruptcy claim context
tion resource for those concerned about asbestos disease. In truth, they are      than in UK court litigation. There are many law rms in the United States
nothing but a marketing tool used by lawyers to capture people’s interest,        with reasonable levels of skill at handling cases in court. However, the
keep them from looking elsewhere on the web for legitimate law rms, and           bankruptcy claiming process can be complicated, with many built-in traps
help the lawyer get a "foot in the door" to sign up the client. Internet          for the unskilled and unwary. At Kazan Law, senior partners have served on
businesses work like traditional brick-and-mortar stores – if the merchant        the Bankruptcy Court-appointed creditors’ committees in virtually every
can’t get you in the door to look at his merchandise, he can’t make the sale.     asbestos bankruptcy reorganization, and currently serve as members of the
So be careful online; there are many useful web sites openly operated by          victims’ Trust Advisory Committees that work with the Trustees managing
law rms, including Kazan Law, and not all lawyers should be distrusted.           virtually every current Bankruptcy Trust Fund. Thus, we have an intimate
However, you should ask yourself whether a lawyer who lures you in by             knowledge about the operations of these Trusts, and how to e ciently
misrepresenting who and what he is, is a lawyer that you should trust with        present claims and negotiate maximum values for them. Just as in the
what is very likely the most important nancial decision you will ever make        United Kingdom, asbestos litigation in the United States requires skilled
– in whose hands do you place your family’s nancial security? That is, after      and experienced counsel – it’s easy to say you can do it, but it’s not at all
all, the primary reason for bringing a claim in the rst place.                    easy to do it right.
                                                                                  Editorial contributed by Kazan Law
UK Rights to US Justice
The other subject where I can o er additional useful information beyond
Thompson’s is to explain the group of potentially very valuable rights that
British citizens have under United States law. In the United States, an
asbestos case is worth about ten times what it is worth in the United
Kingdom, and often much more. Therefore, any British asbestos disease
victim who ever worked with asbestos in the United States or its territories,
                                                                                  Do you Manage Buildings?
                                                                                  Then you must manage the asbestos HSE Step by Step Guide to managing asbestos
or worked with asbestos-containing products made in the United States,            (Duty to Manage)
could well have the right to proceed with litigation in the United States, as
well as under British law for any UK asbestos exposures. In the United
States, we handle asbestos litigation on a "no-cost no-fee" basis, which          Take the HSE Red Tape Challenge
means that the attorney advances all the expenses of the litigation and is
only paid by collecting a negotiated percentage of any money recovered.
So there is essentially no risk to the victim in pursuing a claim under US law.   HSE Proposal for extending cost recovery (consultation)
Of course, it is advisable to retain an American law rm with appropriate
levels of skill, experience, and integrity to handle such matters.                HSE Introduction to asbestos learning package: An interactive lesson for appren-
Many US asbestos manufacturers and distributors have gone bankrupt, just          tices about asbestos and its dangers
as Turner & Newell did in the United Kingdom. Almost all of these compa-

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                                   Independent              Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for
                                   Asbestos                    Independent Asbestos Training Providers
                                   Training                                  ITN Issue 14
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  Independent Training News (ITN)
                                                      Empire Tapes team up with IATP
Over the last 18 years, Empire Tapes has dominated the UK adhesive tape market but, in the last ten years, the company has diversi ed to create a 'one stop
shop' for bonding, sealing, masking and adhesive solutions for a wide range of industries. Empire Tapes are well known and respected for their extensive
quality range of Tapes, Adhesives & Sealants through to Maintenance Essentials and Asbestos Consumables, along with their excellent customer service and
competitive pricing structure.

The company has just moved to a new 35,000sqft purpose-built manufacturing and warehouse complex in Rotherham and has a young and dynamic team
that is constantly developing and promoting new products and ranges. Empire’s warehouse and distribution facility utilises state of the art barcode stock
rotation and order collation to ensure speed and accuracy for all orders large or small. Our commitment to maintain large stocks ensures the highest order
ful lment levels. The relationships Empire have with their customers going back many years makes them renowned for their quality of service.

The Empire range of technical tapes consists of specialist masking, cloth, PVC, aluminium, foam, strapping, anti-slip and magnetic tapes in either single or
double sided adhesive coated versions. Size matters and so the company o ers the ultimate exibility; its customers can have any width, length or thickness
they require.

Dean Sherri , Managing Director said, “The move to the Rotherham facility is a positive statement to the market that Empire continues to invest in its future;
continues in its determination to develop its range; continues to improve its service and will continue to maintain its position as the number one choice for
industrial buyers, contractors, trade users and maintenance teams world-wide. We have demonstrated over the last 18 years that whatever the application
we can support our clients with the tape that is t for purpose”

As part of Empire's expansion, the company has launched its new 226 page catalogue that not only promotes the extensive range Empire o ers but it now
promotes Everbuild and FEB range of sealants, adhesives, building products and asbestos abatement consumables. With over 1000 products detailed within
the catalogue Empire o ers a range to overcome the simplest to the most demanding applications.

Empire o ers the widest range of asbestos removal consumables and remains responsive to the changing regulations and with a policy of continued
investment in new products to aid the safe removal and control of asbestos.

Mark Stanley, Sales Director said, “Hazardous waste should be controlled through the procurement of quality consumables that can be trusted. We have a
reputation for delivering on our promises and we have a duty and responsibility to ensure we deliver products that meet and surpass the requirements of
the asbestos abatement industry.”

Now Empire Tapes is joining forces with IATP and is o ering its loyal members a 30% discount from their new ecommerce website prices.

Empire Tapes also o er Next Day service on majority of its products, for further details or for special bulk discounts please contact our Sales Team today
on 01709 768300.

Editorial Contributed by Ms. Nicola Law
                                                                               Got your chaps on the tools today? Are they Asbestos Aware? No?
                                                                               HSE Hidden Killer Campaign explains why they should be

                                                                               HSE Slips and Trips: Shattered Lives Campaign

                                                                               Mesothelioma – The human face of an asbestos epidemic

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                                    Independent             Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for
                                    Asbestos                   Independent Asbestos Training Providers
                                    Training                                   ITN Issue 14
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   Independent Training News (ITN)
                                       Mesothelioma May Masquerade as Ovarian Cancer
Some cases of ovarian cancer in women with a history of asbestos exposure may actually be misdiagnosed peritoneal mesothelioma. That is the
conclusion of scientists from the University of Western Australia who are trying to evaluate a possible link between asbestos and ovarian cancer.
Doctors have known of the link between mesothelioma and asbestos for decades. Over the years, other cancers, including gastrointestinal, kidney,
throat and gallbladder, have also been associated with exposure to this toxic mineral. But, because fewer women traditionally work in industrial jobs
and, thus, have less occupational asbestos exposure, the link with ovarian cancer has been harder to prove.
Adding to the challenge is the possibility that some cases of peritoneal mesothelioma may have been misdiagnosed as ovarian cancer. Peritoneal
mesothelioma is a form of mesothelioma that a ects the lining of the abdomen. Like all cancers, it can metastasize or spread to other parts of the body.
In women, one of the areas where mesothelioma can spread are the ovaries.
To explore the potential ovarian cancer/asbestos link, researchers at the Western Australia Institute for Medical Research conducted a meta-analysis of
sixteen studies performed between 1950 and 2008. Several of the studies did appear to indicate a “statistically signi cant excess mortality” from ovarian
cancer, based on the cause of death listed on patient death certi cates. But there was a problem. In two of the studies, when the pathology specimens
were reexamined later, several cases of what was thought to have been ovarian cancer were proven, instead, to be peritoneal mesothelioma.
While there may be a link between asbestos and ovarian cancer, the Australian scientists point out that potential mesothelioma misdiagnoses makes this
link harder to quantify. In fact, women in the Australian meta-analysis who were thought to have had ovarian cancer were more
ikely than women in the reference population to have been exposed to asbestos, con rming the ndings of a number of other studies. However, the
researchers conclude that, based on the inconsistent results in their meta-analysis, it is still impossible to accurately estimate the ovarian cancer risk in
asbestos-exposed women.

Reid, A. “Does exposure to asbestos cause ovarian cancer? A systematic literature review and meta-analysis”, May 24, 2011, Cancer Epidemiology,
Biomarkers, and Prevention, Epub ahead of print.
Solomon, Gina. “Ovarian Cancer”, February 17, 2004, The Collaborative on Health and the Environment.

                                                                   Big Green Book
Big Green Book is very proud to be given this chance to introduce                nationwide, the obstructionism of government, banks and various other
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                                  Independent              Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for
                                  Asbestos                   Independent Asbestos Training Providers
                                  Training                                     ITN Issue 14
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 Independent Training News (ITN)
                                      Asbestos Awareness Training and Refresher Training
HSE has recently received a number of enquiries from Training Providers         3.        To give technical advice.
seeking clari cation on several issues relating the asbestos awareness
training and subsequent refresher training. The main areas of concern and       Following guidance is not compulsory and employers are free to take other
confusion relate to whether refresher training is required for workers who      action. But if they do follow guidance they will normally be doing enough to
have previously undertaken asbestos awareness training and the frequency        comply with the law.
of such refresher training. Another area of concern relates to training
certi cates and the length of validity.                                       Refresher Training (ACOP L143 Paragraph 147)
                                                                              Under Regulation 10 CAR 2006 employers have to ensure that every
I have set out below some additional information which clari es the situation employee received relevant information, instruction and training and that
as to what is regulation, what is Approved Code of Practice and what is       this is given at regular intervals. The relevant parts of the ACOP then build on
guidance. Hopefully this will help clarify the situation to ensure both what  this regulation to clarify the 3 types of training, content and who should
training providers and employers have to do to ensure they comply with        receive each type of training. Paragraph 147 sets out the requirements for
their legal obligations.                                                      refresher training.

Regulations                                                                     Refresher training is applicable to all types of asbestos training including
Regulations are law, approved by Parliament. These are usually made under       awareness training and should be given at least once a year. For workers
the Health and Safety at Work Act, following proposals from the HSE Board.      who have previously received awareness training their refresher training can
This applies to regulations based on EC Directives as well as ‘home-grown’      be included as part of a health & safety update or a tool box talk. It is the
ones.                                                                           employer’s responsibility to ensure that the person or training provider,
The Health and Safety at Work Act, and general duties in the Management         delivering the refresher training, in whatever format, is competent to do so.
Regulations, are goal setting (see ‘What form do they take?’) and leave         The important point is that the worker is reminded and remains aware of the
employers freedom to decide how to control risks which they identify.           dangers of asbestos bres. By following the ACOP including this paragraph
Guidance and Approved Codes of Practice give advice. But some risks are so      the employer will be doing enough to comply with the law.
great, or the proper control measures so costly, that it would not be appro-
priate to leave employers discretion in deciding what to do about them.         Training Certi cates (ACOP L143 Paragraph 140 Guidance)
Regulations identify these risks and set out speci c action that must be         Another cause of concern that has been raised by several training providers
taken. Often these requirements are absolute to do something without            relates the traceability of training certi cates and that they should only be
quali cation by whether it is reasonably practicable.                           valid for no more than one year. It is important here to keep in mind what is a
                                                                                legal requirement, what is ACOP and what is "guidance." It is not a legal
 Approved Codes of Practice                                                     requirement to ensure that training certi cates are traceable and has an
Approved Codes of Practice o er practical examples of good practice. They       expiry period of one year and is therefore not compulsory.
give advice on how to comply with the law by, for example, providing a
guide to what is ‘reasonably practicable’. For example, if regulations use      Several Training Providers have raised issues about UKATA's Certi cate
words like ‘suitable and su cient’, an Approved Code of Practice can            Registration Scheme however this is not a matter on which HSE should
illustrate what this requires in particular circumstances.                      comment as it is a matter between the association and its members. It has
Approved Codes of Practice have a special legal status. If employers are        been stated in a recent UKATA communication that it has been a long term
prosecuted for a breach of health and safety law, and it is proved that they    goal of HSE to have a mechanism in place which registers all persons who
have not followed the relevant provisions of the Approved Code of Practice,     have undertaken asbestos training - this is not the case. HSE has, in the past
a court can nd them at fault unless they can show that they have complied       worked, with UKATA and IATP to collate statistical information on the
with the law in some other way.                                                 numbers undertaking training to help assess the impact of the "Hidden
HSC consulted in 1995 on the role of Approved Codes of Practice in the          Killer" Campaign. Similar information may be requested on an adhoc basis
health and safety system and concluded that they could still be used in         but we do not have any policy goal to establish such a database.
support of legal duties in speci c circumstances.
                                                                                I trust that members of both UKATA and IATP nd the above information
Guidance                                                                        useful and that their concerns are allayed.
Guidance can be speci c to the health and safety problems of an industry or
of a particular process used in a number of industries. The main purposes of    Kenneth Hill
guidance are:
                                                                                Policy Adviser
1.         To interpret helping people to understand what the law says
including for example how requirements based on EC Directives t with            Health and Safety Executive
those under the Health and Safety at Work Act;                                  Crosscutting Interventions Directorate
2.         To help people comply with the law;                                  Long Latency Health Risks Division

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                                     Independent              Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for
                                     Asbestos                    Independent Asbestos Training Providers
                                     Training                                  ITN Issue 14
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    Independent Training News (ITN)
                                      Last week to claim under the Pleural Plaques Scheme
How to apply for a payment under the pleural plaques former claimants payment scheme.

Am I eligible?
To qualify for payment through this scheme, you must have been diagnosed with pleural plaques as a result of exposure to asbestos and have attempted to
claim damages for the condition prior to 17 October 2007.

In addition:
1. As part of your damages claim, you must have a) issued a claim form or b) sent a claim letter prior to 17 October 2007 (in line with Pre-Action Protocol for
Disease and Illness).
2. Prior to 17 October 2007 you must have named a defendant/insurer to make your claim against, approached a legal/trade union representative about
your case and received con rmation that your case was being taken on

In addition, you must:
•         not have received any interim payments from your claim for £5000 or more;
•         have never resolved your case.
The criteria listed above are general guidance only. If you would like to check your eligibility, please call 0300 303 8150.

How do I apply?
You can apply by telephone or online.
To apply by telephone, please call 0300 303 8150 - lines are open from 08:30 - 17:00 Mon to Thurs and 08:30 - 16:30 on a Friday.
To apply online complete the online application form.
Your application must be submitted by 1 August 2011 to be eligible and you can only apply once under this scheme.

Will any legal costs be paid?
No, the Scheme does not provide for any legal costs or expenses incurred in making a claim. If you are concerned about your solicitor charging you for
making a claim through the scheme there are a number of asbestos victims support groups who may be willing to assist free of charge. You can contact the
Forum of Asbestos Victim Support Groups on 0161 636 7555.

What supporting documents do I need and where should I send them?
Please do not send any documents at this stage. After you have completed the online application we will write to you with a few days to provide you with
your reference number and our address and a statement of truth which must be signed and returned with your documents. Only then will we require you to
send the required information.
You will need to provide copies of documents to support your claim within 30 days of making your application otherwise your claim will be rejected.
You should only send copies of documents as no documentation will be returned.
The type of documents will depend on whether you had legal representation for your original damages claim.

If you were represented by a solicitor you will need to provide:
•          a sealed copy (i.e. sealed by the issuing court) of the claim form [and particulars of claim]; or
•          a copy, certified by the solicitor, of the letter of claim and the documents in support which were sent with it to the defendant/insurer.
If you did not send a letter claiming damages as part of your original claim, you will need to provide:
•          Proof of diagnosis of pleural plaques resulting from exposure to asbestos (e.g. a medical report).
•          Copies of correspondence with the solicitor or trade union (certified by the solicitor or trade union) confirming the taking on of the case prior to
17 October 2007 and its handling.
•          Documentation to show that you were working in England or Wales and were exposed to asbestos in the course of that employment. Documenta-
tion can include Inland Revenue documents, contracts, wage slips etc; the list is not exhaustive – please ring the help line if you are uncertain.
•          Details of the defendant and/or insurer and grounds of claim against that defendant/insurer.

If you were not represented by a solicitor and represented yourself for your original damages claim, you will need to provide:
•         a sealed copy (i.e. sealed by the issuing court) of the claim form and particulars of claim; or
•         a copy of the letter of claim and the documents in support which were sent with it to the defendant/insurer.

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                                   Independent              Demonstrating Auditing and Regulatory Requirements for
                                   Asbestos                    Independent Asbestos Training Providers
                                   Training                                 ITN Issue 14
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  Independent Training News (ITN)
                            Last week to claim under the Pleural Plaques Scheme continued
Deceased claims – can the estate or relatives of someone who has died make a claim on their behalf?
No. There is no provision for posthumous applications within the Scheme however, if an applicant dies having submitted an application, the application will
continue to be dealt with and a payment made if appropriate.
Why does the scheme only apply to people who contracted Pleural Plaques while working in England & Wales?
The civil law is an area where the devolved administrations in Scotland and Northern Ireland have separate legal systems.
I’m completing an online application but am having di culty recording the dates of my employment.
If you do not know the exact dates of your employment we may still be able to process your application. If you complete the online application to show
approximate years of your employment. You can use 1st January for the date and use the format 00/00/0000, e.g. start date 01/01/1970, end date
I live abroad and cannot record a post code when making an online application. What should I do?
Please record the postcode for your former address in the UK and we will change this.
Who can sign the statement of truth and the bank details form?
A legal representative can sign the statement of truth on your behalf as long as there is a mandate sent showing they have the authority to act on your
behalf in respect of making an application through the pleural plaques scheme. This will probably only be applicable if they represented you in the
previous pleural plaques claim prior to October 2007. The bank details form which is issued if the applicant is eligible for a payment must always be signed
by the applicant.
Will I be noti ed when the payment has been sent to my bank account?
No - It can take several weeks for a payment to be sent to your account so please take this into consideration before contacting us.
What if I have not been able to submit all the relevant documents needed to support my claim before the 30 day time limit expires?
You can apply for an extension of time within the 30 day time limit by contacting the helpline 0300 303 8150. Only reasonable requests will be granted
If my claim is rejected do I have any right to appeal?
Yes. You will be informed of the reasons why your claim has been rejected and provided details of how to make an appeal.
Information provided by

                    TroVax Vaccine trial for Mesothelioma reported on Meridian 21st July 2011
A new Vaccine is being trialed for Mesothelioma. This is the disease that is     TroVax®. The study aims to examine the e ect of TroVax® in combination
connected to Asbestos and there is no known cure.                                with rst-line chemotherapy agents as a treatment against mesothelioma.
Patients have a 3 month – 2 years if lucky but with Palliative Care we are       This study is anticipated to begin in 2011 and follows a feasibility project
getting a longer survival rate so a vaccine would be great if it means we do     undertaken by Dr. Tabi and her team which was also funded by the June
not have to su er Chemo, which can take up to 10hr sessions, then there are      Hancock Mesothelioma Research Fund.
the side e ects of sickness and fatigue to follow.
26 Patients are being invited to carry out the trials starting this summer

TroVax®                                                                          Forwarded by Mavis Nye
TroVax® is a therapeutic vaccine that stimulates the immune system to
destroy cancerous cells expressing the 5T4 tumour antigen which is present
on most solid tumours. The product is based on an attenuated modi ed
vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA), engineered to deliver the 5T4 antigen. Vaccinia
viruses are commonly used as delivery systems for the development of                                           Buy Meso Warrior for £6.99
antigen-speci c vaccines. MVA is the vaccinia strain of choice because of its                                  click here.
excellent safety pro le and its e ectiveness in stimulating an immune
response against 'self' antigens, such as 5T4.
Phase I/II study in mesothelioma                                                                     
Oxford BioMedica is collaborating with a team of cancer immunologists led                            
by Dr Zsuzsanna Tabi at Cardi University and Dr Jason Lester, an oncologist
at Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardi , to evaluate TroVax® in a Phase I/II study
in mesothelioma (asbestos cancer). The study will be funded by the June
Hancock Mesothelioma Research Fund and Oxford BioMedica will provide

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                           I.A.T.P Members
This months featured Training Provider: G & L Consultancy Limited
Since its inception in 1998, G & L Consultancy Ltd has become one of the United Kingdom’s leading asbestos consultancies. G & L Consultancy Ltd has
well-established o ces in Taunton in the South West of England and in Banbridge in Northern Ireland; and sta situated throughout both regions to
guarantee the best possible service.

Asbestos is a hazard that is best dealt with by dedicated experts and, with four of our sta Certi ed Competent in Asbestos, this is exactly what is o ered
by G & L Consultancy Ltd.

G & L Consultancy Ltd is a specialist asbestos consultancy. This specialisation means that our time is not divided amongst a variety of disciplines, which
has allowed us to develop the following comprehensive package of services dedicated to asbestos:

         Licensed, Non-licensed and Asbestos Awareness Training
         Surveys to HSG264 Asbestos: The survey guide (UKAS accreditation)
         Air Monitoring (UKAS accreditation)
         Bulk Sample Analysis (UKAS accreditation)
         Asbestos Management
         Supervision of Licensable Work with Asbestos (HSE Licence)

Tel:     +44(0)1823 443 898

                            Current Members - listed alphabetically
                               1st Fire Coral Ltd                                                                ASBESTOS COMPLIANCE MANAGEMENT SERVICES
                               T: 01179 140498                                                                   T: 0800 5677958
                               E: admin@                                                           E: geo
                               W: www.                                                             W:

                               80Twenty Projects Limited                                                        The Asbestos Group
                               T: 0800 043 8020                                                                 T: 01527 873 477
                               E:                                                  E:
                               W:                                                        W:

                               aaa training company limited                                                     Asbestos Training Solutions
                               T: 01787 313137                                                                  T: 07527 202 502
                               E:                                                      E:

                               AASH Training Limited                                                             Assure Training
                               T: 0141 771 0402                                                                  T: 07709 496903
                               E:                                                     E:
                               W:                                                      W:

                               ABP Associates Limited                                                            ASTRA Limited
                               T: 02380 866888                                                                   T: 0845 689 1407
                               E:                                                                E:
                               W:                                                                 W:

                               Adamsons Labratory Services                                                       AV Asbestos Limited
                               T: 01375 673 279                                                                  T: 0845 833 2660
                               E: pbridger@alsltd                                                                E:
                               W: www.alsltd                                                                     W:

                               ALS Global Ltd                                                                    Award Health and Safety Limited
                               T: 08003 101 014                                                                  T: 0845 2573158
                               E:                                                            E:
                               W:                                                                                W:

                               Amity Insulation Services Limited                                                 Bainbridge Asbestos Services
                               T: 01865 733733                                                                   T: 01604 588547
                               E:                                                          E:
                               W:                                                           W:
                               ARL Training Service Limited                                                      BRE Group
                               T: 01233 660066                                                                   T: 01923 664829
                               E:                                                     E:
                               W:                                                             W:
                                                  Luton Borough Council (LBC)
      Brian Gill & Co                             T: 01582 547069
      T: 01379 674 273                            E:
      E:                      W:

      Britannia Safety & Training                 MacBrac Business Safety (logo attached)
      T: 01953 606 100                            T: 01952 446 494
      E:         E:
      W:             W
      Chorus Group Limited                        NATAS
      T: 020 8275 0000                            T: 08707 511880
      E:         E:
      W:                    W:

      cnm training solutions limited              Natas eLearning Ltd
      T: 01325 401876                             T: 0870 751 1888
      E:                  E:
      W:                    W:

      DMW Environmental Safety Limited            NIS Training Limited
      T: 01902 791565                             T: 01912 689 396
      E:                     E:
      W:                      W:

                                                  One Stop Asbestos Consultants & Services Limited
      Environmental Essentials
      T: 0845 4569953                             T: 0845 833 8156
      E:     E:
      W:        W:

      Euro Environmental Ltd                      Pattinson Scienti c Services Limited
                                                  T: 0191 2261300
      T: 08707 019 170
                                                  E: enquires@pattinsonscienti
      Enviro Training Limited                     P Brothers Limited
      T: 07875 302480                             T: 01604 637 288
      E:         E:
      W:                 W:

      FJN Environmental Consultants               Pelham Safety Services Ltd (logo

FJN   T: 01773 875770                             attached)
      E:                T: 01474 537 496
      W:                                          E:

                                                  PETROC College
      Global Environmental Consultancy
                                                  T: 01271 338 108
      T: 01268 753680
      G & L Consultancy Limitd                    QHS Solutions Limited
      T: 01823 443898                             T: 01282 839 103
      E:                  E:
      W:                           W:

      GMPSSC                                      Quality Safety Training Limited
      T:                                          T: 01626 366 076
      E:                       E:
      W:                                          W:
                                                  SAFE Training (logo attached)
      Howard Hughes Solutions Limited
                                                  T: 0845 519 5250
      T: 0845 8647322

      IASS Independent Asbestos Survey Services   Safety Management Services (IoM) Ltd
      T: 07778 505496                             Tel: 01624 825481
      E:               E:

      JB Asbestos Management Limited              Theseus Safety Training Limited
      T: 01606 841805                             Tel: 01782 770999
      E: je                       E:
      W:              W:
                                                  Three Spires Safety Limited
      K S Safety Limited
                                                  T: 02476 712244
      T: 01501 749 500
Tony Crowe Health & Safety Consultancy Ltd
T: 01522 804 747

Training and Testing Services
T: 01423 550 751

UK Asbestos Specialists Limited
T: 0800 6122035

XL Hazmat Ltd
T: 07516 984305.
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                                     Asbestos                      Independent Asbestos Training Providers
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                                     Providers                                G&L Consultancy Limited

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