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A magnificent melange of silk taffeta and black velvet, threaded with gold From our Givenchy Boutique.
  U   K   N   W   T 'S   R   G   H
                         Vol. 6 No. 3 August 1980

     What Ever Happened to the Family Jewels?
     By Nan Randall
     How precious gems are passed down, reset or sold

     The Librarian of Congress By Anne Blair
     An inside view of Daniel J . Boorstin

     Fiction: Playing tbe Game
     By Warren Adler
     Painful travails of Washington's upwardly mobile

     The Dossier's Indispensable Guide to Area Restaurants                                                           INVESTMENT
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     The Protocol of Dining By Donald Dresden
     A famous authority tells us how to entertain out

     Restaurants Then and Now By Bette Taylor
     The evolution of Washington restaurants
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     Color Me Beautiful, The Spike                       Scott and Zelda,
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     and How Washington Works                            a Dominican evening,
                                                         a Canadian garden party
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                               ment in her life. Here she is shown wearing Mrs. Post's jewels, given to the
                               Smithsonian Institution gem collection at the Museum of Natural History,
                               seated on a Jacobean chai r provided by Mendelsohn Galleries from their
                               18th and 19th century collection . Miss McManus' hai r is styled by Mahine
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                                                                                                                                   Dossier /A ugust 1980/J
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                                                                                                     Chief Photographer
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                                                                                                    Contributing Editors
                                                                                         Viola Drath. Belle Taylor, Maggie Wimsatt.
                                                                                             Anne Denton Blair, David Hubler,
                                                                                                       Dorothy Mark
                                                                                                Julia Young, Marsha Barrell
                                                                                                        Van Dashner
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                                           WES'tERN IN'tERNA'llONAC ltO'tECS   4~~
4/A ugust 1980/Dossier
 Annabell's File                                                                                        ~
STATE TAKES DIPS TO GOP POLS                                                              M stu
                                                                                                  Watchm aA.•e~·s
                                                                                                                    and j ewellers

  Pl:h~ special State Department           people for every delegate and alternate
  <lin nehft of 90 diplomats (40 of them   present? Why, another student of our
  Venb~ssa.dors) to the Republican Con-    history, wanted to know, did we not
 S hon tn Detroit went off smoooth as      adopt a constitutional amendment giv-
 Ch: Special kudos go to the Protocol      ing former presidents a non-voting seat
  fo tef Lalo Valdez and his seven aides   in the Senate instead of trying to bring
 v{pPlanning a full day of sightseeing,    them back as vice presidents?
 anct ~ospitality and convention-going        Armed with press kits of Reagan
 half ShU getting back to Andrews a full   speeches, the diplomats were given an
     1'-hour ahead of schedule.            afternoon "very general" foreign policy
 fe hough their numbers overall were       briefing by Reagan advisors Richard
 RWer than went to the Bicentennial        Allen, Dr. Fred lkle and Dr. William
 C~PUblication Convention in Kansas        Van Cleave. A half-dozen African Am-
 ~ in 1976, this time there were more      bassadors had come prepared with
lain bassadors from countries Hke Bri-     searching questions about Reagan's
et ' France, Germany, Italy, Japan,        priorities in Africa and the future of
c~· l'he Soviets sent Counselor Sergey     economic aid there.                              The diamond oval Piaget.
 fe etverikov, posted here on three dif-      At Pepsico President Don Kendall's            Simplicity with elegance.
p~~~~t occasions and no stranger to        dinner on the 36th floor of the                 Diamonds surround the oval
sp tttcaJ conventions. Minister Lin, who   Renaissance Club, Chuck Percy caused                 'bark' textured dial.
Peeaks English fluently, represented the   a mini-sensation when he admonished             The bracelet, also textured,
     ~Pies RepubHc of China.               the diplomats to "forget what the plat-
Ia orne brought back souvenirs like the                                                        is subtly contrasting.
                                           form says, nobody but nobody pays any
   {&e Bush-Reagan banner Australia's      attention to the platform." GOP                    Both in solid 18K gold.
l) r Nicholas Parkinson carried.           heavies John Warner, Don Rumsfeld,                 Made entirely by hand
    0                                                                                         in Switzerland, $9,260.
h 1llinican Ambassador Enriqulllo del      table-hopping Larry Pressler,
t\Osa ·
to rto was amused with the lapel but-      Maryland's Mac Mathias and Arlene
lslns Worn by delegates from the Virgin    Crane mingled. Longtime Republican
     an~s. "Try a Virgin."                 activist Margaret Hodges brought up
li ~ntted Technologies President AI        her friend Ambassador Anne Arm-
a~tg and the Clark MacGregors,             strong, who was hosting a party on the
at ong others, were hosts to the group     floor below, to meet some old friends .
th a~ al-fresco buffet in the gardens of      Once at the 2,000-seat Joe Loui
Rie anoogian mansion on the Detroit        Arena, many of the diplomats abandon-
lit ver, now the home of Mayor Cole-       ed their seats high in the gallery ("if I go
ai~n Young who was on hand with his        any higher, my nose will tart to bleed")
     W Garrett to greet one and all.
        Joyce                              for the delegates lounge with its TV
sh hen Nancy Reagan dropped in to          monitors and wide-angle views of the           Diamond Brokers • Appraisers
ki:ke everyone's hand, it was hugs and     hall. There they ran into Washingtonian
Whses for protocol aide Patrick Daly                                                         Monday- Friday 10 to 5:30
                                           like D.C. delegates Jan Evans and
Re 0 had been the escort officer for the   Rockwood Foster, former A istant                    1710 M Street, N.W.
t\uagan. family on a trip they made to     Agriculture Secretary John Damgard,                Washington, DC 20036
    .;~alta and indonesia years ago.       the Max Rabbs, Ed and                 bella             202-872-171 0
Oth e ~ashington group joined 30           Weidenfeld, the John McLaughUn and
Ob er ~tplomats who were in Detroit        GOP moneyman Myles Ambrose. They
de servmg the entire Convention. Why,      all returned, however for Ronald                         FREE PARKING
frornanded a young political officer       Reagan's acceptance speech .
      rn Malaysia, were there 7 V2 media                        - DoROTHY MARKS              Major Credit Cards Accepted

                                                                                                             Do ier iA IIRII t 19 015
Marisa Christina's
Beautiful Entries
Anticipating Fall 80's
first annual forte-
the great sweater.
Sweet. Soft. Pure wool.
And much more ...
he re, now, in your
Headquarters for HandKnits.
Sweet peplumed tweed.
bursting with hints of
grey, paprika. rose. cream,
peridot and amber.
Also in a magical mix of
S-M -L. 118.00.
Brown sugar pullover, bibbed
with a small garden of
sweetheart rosebuds.
Also in raspberry.                                                                       Sutton Sweaters 8
S-M -L, 98.00.
                                                                  biGDmingdole S                                   1

On 2. Tysons Corner;                                                      TYSONS CORNER, M cLEAN, VA. (703)893-3500
On 3. White Flint.                                                                                           )468-21
                               W HITE FLINT, 11 305 ROCKVILLE PI KE A T NIC HOLSON LANE, KE NSINGTON, MD. (301
                                O PEN LATE M O NDA Y THROUGH FRIDAY 10:00- 9:30. SATU RDAY TIL L 6. CLOSED SUN DA
 Books by Neighbors

                                               The Catch: This relatively painle
                                           way of improving one' appearance i ,
                                           alas, denied mo t of u for the imple
                                            rea on that, naturally drawn to tho e
                                            hues that suit u be t, we do o a lready .
                                               Should you, however be le than
                                           certain as to which colors are "yours,"
                                           a sprint to the book tore may be in                         1 :-;on: l.llY
                                           order. With respect to color, seeing i
                                           believing, and the genero u election of                     Arnaud
                                           photographic portrait in Color Me
                                           demonstrates that color can make the
                                                                                                       d Borchgra¥
                                                                                                       .1~   IJ
                                           difference between blah and beautiful:
                                           a pale brunette, mou ey in beige,                           Rob rtMo.
                                           sparkle in deep blue; and only after
                                             eeing a blonde radiant in rosy pink do
                                           we realize that her delicate beauty had
                                           been chilled by wearing ice white.
                                              Jackson discusses four kind of col-
                                           oring, which he designate after the

~ole     Jackson
                                           sea ons, and present color palette
                                           complementary to each. olori tically
                                           speaking, she i ble ed with perfect
                                                                                        ba ed chief foreign corre pondent for
                                                                                        Newsweek. He w known for hi glo -
                                                                                        sy manner , white teeth and a perf ct
                                           pitch. Her book, with chart and               unburn that eemed undi turbed by hi
Wash·mgton, D.C.:
rt                                         quizzes to be completed by the reader,       co urageou coverage of many littl e
   cropofis Books, Ltd. $14.95             replicates her cla se for women in           war . He wa a member of the upreme
                                           "how to put them elv e together,"            commander's inner g roup of reporter ,
a "The Question: What one thing can        originally given in Sca rsda le a nd now     a man whom we tru ted impli.citly and
    Y Woman do to look better?             also in New York a nd W a hin gton,          met in ompletely off-the-record brief-
su "The Clue: Diet, exercise and pia tic   D.C.                                         ings.
   tgery are not involved.
                                              Most likely to benefit from thi book          Now, in co llaboration with Briti h
c "The Answer: Choose clothes and          are women cursed with mi taken no-           repo rter Robert Moss, de Borchgrave
IV~rnetics in becoming colors-which is     tions of what su it them, perhap a           ha written a thriller which, adequate
    at Color Me Beautiful is all about.
                                           legacy of being dres ed during the for-      enough a entertainme nt but not a ll
l'o •.
   "'face                                  mative year by mother in olors right         that thrilling, may yet be ne of the
                                           for themselve but all wrong for their        mo t important book of the year.
                                           daughter . All however, can profit              The rea on lie apart from an fi -
                                           from thi tip: eek out sale \ omen or         tiona! irtu or their Ia k. No bo k
                                             hopping partner who e co loring i          that ha been pub li hed up to now,
                                             imilar to your own. When they ay a         v hether fiction r nonfiction ha made
                                           dre i "you," it wi ll be- becau e it i       the central point that The pike make
                                           right for them!          - AN KNIGHT         nearly o well: by preading di infor-
                                                                                        mation through agent wilting or un-
                                                                                        witting, the o iet are corr ding our
                                           THE SPIKE. By Arnaud                         capabi lity to gather the kind f in-
                                                                                        telligen e that we mu t have to ur i e.
                                           de Borchgrave and Robert Moss
                                                                          ----             Th plot n whi h thi premi e i
                                                                                         u pended begin in the Pari         f the
                                           New York: Crown Publishers, In c. 374
                                                                                        1960 , zo m to M           ow, t N cw
                                           pp. $12.95
                                                                                        York, Hamburg and R me f the ne t
                                             When thi reviewer wa tationed at           decade a nd end in Wa hington 'in th e
                                           SHAPE in the ea rly 1960 , Arnaud de         ncar future. ' he future i o near that
                                           Borchgrave wa erving a the Pari -            th e pre id en t a n wer to th e n m    f

                                                                                                                  Do ier/Augu t 198017
                        Billy Connors and hails from Flats,                  they have always suspected: W
                        Mississippi! Protagonist of the story,               ton doesn't really work at all.
                        Robert Hockney, is a crusading journ-                    Lobbyists and consultants run
                        alist whose investigative reporting                  country. Most of what passes
                        catapults him to the top of his profes-              government is make-believe, and
                        sion. When his Jane Fonda-like girl                  bloated bureaucracy (,including our
                        friend is brainwashed by the enemy and               military officer corps, foreign
                        finally destroyed, Hockney turns sharp               and legislators in and .outside WashinSd
                        right. Instead of seeking to expose the              ton) is interested only in survival aned
                        CIA and all its works, he tracks down                incumbency. The largely spoon-f
                        Soviet methods of infiltration. In so do-            press which covers this octopus has alsO
                        ing he incurs the displeasure of the                 become part of the make-believe.
                        liberal constituency which had once                      A onetime lawyer-legislator and J
                        praised him to the skies.                            F. Kennedy's man in West Virgi
                           Hackney's probing leads to Billy                  Peters was lured to Washington in 196
                        Connors' vice president and also to the              where he spent the next eight years
                        assistant director of the CIA. But his               director of evaluation for the
                        editor puts his series of articles expos-            Corps before becoming editor
                        ing them "on the spike"-i.e., kills it,              of the prestigious Washington
                        and Hackney is left in isolation and                 home of investigative journalism.
                        near disgrace with the hottest story of                  His is not a completely cynical
                        the year. How he resolves his dilemma                notwithstanding. He is an idealist
                        will not be revealed here.                           really cares about making
                           When the novel turns to Soviet                    work. Although he devastatingly
                        methodology it comes to harsh and                    often humorously, tells how the s
                        vivid life. We find out the KGB favors               is designed to protect those with
                        three kinds of agents : consciously                  rather than to serve us poor sl
                        recruited principal agents who provide               outside, Peters shares with W
                        vital secrets; trusted and politically               Churchill the view that our wor
                        reliable persons not formally recruited              democracy is terrible only until
                        by the KGB; and unconscious sources                  alternatives are considered.
                        who serve Soviet interests without                       Peters' solutions may amaze
                        realizing it.                                        appear simplistic to others. He
                           Watching all three types in action                restore patronage to the president,
                        gives perspective on our own intelli-                the power to hire and fire ... ~,... ,~.
                        gence system. We come to understand                  Patronage would be shared with
                        why the system-imperfect like so                     gress on appointments within
                        much else in a democracy-is neverthe-                 sional districts, thereby making
                        less indispensable and ill-served by the .           accountable for the perform
                        whining, disaffected minority who ad-                 their nominees . The Foreign
                        vantage only the enemy by their                      which appears to be more interested
                        assaults and exposures.                               "being" (a minister or
                                              -BURKE WILKINSON                than "doing," would be cut.
                                                                              moralized military would be
                        Novelist and biographer Burke Wilkinson served        with an officer corps recruited frorn
                        as public affairs advisor at Supreme Headquarters,    ranks. Peters believes that the
                        Allied Powers Europe from 1958 to 1962.              age system, kept within bounds
                                                                              course, would help rebuild the
                                                                              political parties and doom single
                        HOW WASHINGTON REALLY                                 politics.
                        WORKS . By Charles Peters                                The only thing the Executives
                                                                              to Government has in common
                        Reading, Mass.: Addison- Wesley                       Peters' book is the similarity of the
                        Publishing Co. $5.95                                  tie. It is a fact-crammed, comp
                                                                              sive desk reference with the mission
                        EXECUTIVES GUIDE TO GOV-                              demystifying the complex processes
                        ERNMENT: HOW WASHINGTON                               government decision-making and
                        WORKS. A. Lee Fritschler & Bernard                    lation. Dr. A. Lee Fritschler, a f
                        Ross, editors                                         American University professor of
                                                                              ernment and public adminis
                        Cambridge, Mass . :                Winthrop           now chairman of the U .S. Postal
                        Publishers, Inc.                                      Commission and Dr . Bernard Ross
                                                                              co-director of American Uni
                          How Washington Really Works                         urban affairs program.
                        tells longtime Washingtonians what                                        -DOROTHY

8/August 1980/Dossier
W & J Sloane takes pride in being greater Washington 's foremost Oriental rug dealer.
We offer the largest selection of fine rugs from all the leading weaving centers of the
world . At Sloane you will discover one-of-a-kind treasures , all hand woven in districts
famed for centuries for their skills. All are rich in trad ition and are of superb heirloom
quality. Typical of the quality rug we offer is the genuine Chindia rug shown below.
This is a superior quality hand woven India rug available in the following sizes: 2 x 3,
2x4, 3x5, 4x6, 6x9, 8x10, 9x12, 10x14, 10x16, 11 x18, 12x15 and 12x20. Select
from five other color combinations.
                                              7220 WISCONSIN AVE,BETHESDA,MARYLAND
· Art &Artists

    l , v i t h artworks virtually
    V          bursting the seams of
   n .         museums and galleries, alter-
     ative space for showing contemporary
   "'orks has cropped up in such unlikely
   ~1 as banks and restaurants. Cer-
    amJy not spots for quiet contemplation.
  "'~evertheless, the noble spirit with
  ehlch these trailblazing enthusiasts and
  i ntrepreneursapproached their ventures
  ~to the art world was often exemplary.
  na~ong banking institutions, the Inter-
  whonal Monetary Fund was a pioneer
 d It~ exhibitions in its spacious premises back to 1962. Quite simply, the
0   ~h 1 bitions were generated by the love
  r an and artists of the IMF's interna-
  .~onal officials and staff members.
 s Our exhibition program started as a
 hort of hobby," explains Hans Ger-            Senator Ted Kennedy speaks at a fundraiser for Senator George McGovern at Tiberio. Behind
 lll~rct, current chairman of the art com-     him is a valuable Aubusson tapestry by Alexander Calder commemorating the Bicentennial.
 d'lltee, a German, who is assistant
  /ector in the exchange and trade rela-       talent, like Bert Schmutzhart or Richard            rants that rate art highly enough to
 a'Ons department. "Our people travel          Savini of Catholic University, and                  di play it for it own sake- or the ar-
 / 0Und the world a lot. They spot ar-         Egyptian folklorists, Yugoslavian sur-              tists - i Georgetown' posh Rive
 ilSts Who usually are unknown in Wash-        realists and other artistic imports from            Gauche. Originally owned by a Cor-
8  11&lon and would not stand a chance at      around the world.                                     ican, the management decided some
 ~~curing a gallery showing. Besides,             Needless to say, the example set by              twenty year ago to introduce the art of
 p ere is a lot of talent among our own        IMF caught on. Happily, banks featur-                  orsican painter Jose Fabri-Canti to
 f:op ]e, their families and their             ing artworks are far too plentiful to list.         Washington's upper crust. While a
Sor Dlst Ute Conrad-Parnemann, wife
    ~lencts." The gifted abstract expres-
    lo ·
                                                  Among Washington' many restau-                   bank like IMF with its glorious marble
                                                                                                   space lend a certain cachet, a res-
e one of the officials, who works in                                                               taurant al o ha distinct advantages .
    name!, is but one of them.                                                                     The work can be studied at lei ure. In
c.1'he exhibitions enjoy modest finan-                                                             contrast to a visit at a gallery where the
 ...~al support from the IMF which pro-                                                            nervou novice i likely to fall under the
 rides printing of invitations and the                                                             influence of an art dealer anxious to
   efreshments for the official openings.                                                          close a sale, a re taurant affords con-
n·1'hese events have lad their artistic                                                            templation without pre ure. Rive
/&hand low points. Yet over the years,                                                             Gauche had the good sense to leave the
q S~lectivity replaced random choice,                                                              hanging and changing of the deftly
thahty has continually improved. Al-                                                               painted Mediterranean land ape and
e 0 Ugh the IMF occasionally has                                                                   eleganlly fini hed portrait to the artist.

8h~sen to work with the cultural coun-
                                                                                                   Although the re taurant doe not sell
       Ors. of foreign governments- as                                                             them, potential cu tomers are provided
S' en 1t staged the German expres-                                                                 with the arti t's addre . (The expo ure
   10                                                                                              certainly helped abri- anti to acquire
i nists show and displayed Finnish
;o~s which were later circulated by the                                                            a reputation as a fir t-ra te land cap ar-
brn 1thsonian-it has carefully avoided                                                             ti t and portraiti t. Among hi famous
8ecoming a tool of governments in                                                                    ubjects : Nancy Ki inger and Art
   earch of cultural propaganda outlets.       William Calfee sho ws Joan Mondale !tis cast iron   Buchwald.)
S ~oreover, the art committee tries to
   t                                           sculpture "Summer" which tands in Charlie 's           Tiberio is another restaurant where
     tlke a balance between home-grown         Plum Gallery II. It is valued at $6,000.            art, mot of it contemporary, ca n bead-

                                                                                                                       Dossier/ Augu t 1980/ 11
                                                                                               mired over veal tiberio and wine. cur·
                                                                                               rently, a tapestry by Alexander Calder

               W~t ~tnrgttnwn                                                                  is the main attraction among a doze~
                                                                                               artworks which can be sold right offth
                                                                                               walls. At the Da Vinci Ristorante, ToOl
                                                                                               Serra has developed another concept
                                                                                               Every now and then fine reproductions
                                                                                               of Leonardo da Vinci's famous paint·
                                                                                               ings and drawings, all of them imported
                                                                                               from Rome, get competition from e~·
                                                                                               hibitions by talented newcomers. . .
                                                                                                  "Usually these works are by arustl
                                                                                               who are rather well known at home, bUt
                                                                                               totally anonymous in Washington, l~k.~
                                                                                               the Roman painter Mirella Virgih,
                                                                                               Serra comments. Guided by his frien~ 5r'
                                                                                               artist Yanke! Ginzburg and his W e      1
   In Washington's most prestigious neighborh     , this newly opened                          Pnina, the art expert in charge of thee~·
   retirement residence is convenient to Georgetown's various shops and                        cellent, but short-lived Janus GallerY•
   the downtown clubs.                                                                         Serra sponsors these shows primarilY 35
                  • Pri va te suit es . m a int a in ed by a st a ff o f ho use kee pin g      a launching of the artist among wash       ·
                    a nd nur in g a ides.                                                      ington' s art circles, gallery owners,
                  • E xcellent m ea ls se rve d in th e dinin g roo m o r in suit es.
                    upo n requ es t.
                                                                                               other artists and collectors.
                  • Nursin g se rvi e~ ava il ab le 24 ho urs d a ily.                            Last but not least, there are red
                  • Ch a uffere d lim o u ~ in e a t yo ur d i ~ p o s a l.                    taurants attached to galleries an
                  •   o entry o r fo un de r" s fees .                                         galleries attached to restaurants. Thl
                                Cull   t l u • f)t rec tfl r fu r U/ 1 UI'/W i lltll ll'll t   Washington World Gallery on M Street.
                                                                                               which also houses the Cafe de Artist~1 '
                               IDltt ~tnrgttnwn                                                uses its cafe as an extension. Tom D10.
                                                                                               neen's stunning charcoal drawingS·
    2512 Q Street, NW • Washington, D.C. 20007 • Telephone 338-6111                            which belong to the owners' private co~
                                                                                               lection, dominate the main wall. Ot_    ll
                                                                                               spaces are enlivened by the beauufU
                                                                                               abstract tapestries done by Howaru
                                                                                               Em by, which are priced between $1 ,2~
                                                        At first blush ...                     and $I ,600, and the splendid cere-
                                                                                               monial Egyptian themes by the Cub3°
                                                                                               painter Agustin Blazquez which rut
                                 ... she'll see only the rubies. But there are                 from $200 to $I ,050.
                                sparkling diamonds as well in this stunning                       The latest, and perhaps most glamor·
                                        "slide" necklace and matching ring.                    ous, newcomer to this ever expandinf
                                        Both feature the exclusive snag-free                   scene is Charlie's. This Georgetown bD
                                             Gemlok™ Setting in 18 kt. gold.                   and supper club has transformed at
                                                                                               otherwise awkward foyer into an at
                                                 Necklace, 5,150; Ring, 2,000.
                                                                                               tractive gallery space. Managed b:
                                                                                               Paula Locker of Bethesda's Plu~
                                                                                               Gallery, it functions as Plum II. Will
                                                                                               its inaugural show of Hilda Thorpe'
                                                                                               giant color field canvases, "Re'
                                                                                               Horizon" and "Blue Horizon" whi ·
                                                                                               sell for $3,500 and $6,000 respective!)
                                                                                               her intriguing three-dimensional wor~
                                                                                               of handmade paper and William 0 1
                                                                                               fee's expressive figurative acrylics o:
                                                                                               paper, the effort was off to an impr~
                                                                                               sive start.
                                                                                                  The interest of art feeds on the inter
                                                                                               est of art. The trend of art in alternati'
                                                                                               spaces will no doubt continue to gath
                      1213 Conn .. Ave., Mon.-Fri. 9:30-5; closed Sat., 628-6305               momentum. After all, it's a perfect!.
                      Mazza Gallerie, Wisconsin and Western Aves., 363-6305                    satisfactory arrangement-the arti
                            Mon.-Sat. 10-6, Mon., Thurs., and Fri. 'til 9.                     gets exposure, and the host benefit
                                The Homestead, Hot Springs, Va.                                from the arty atmosphere that attract
                             Foremost Purchasers of Estate Jewelry                             new customers.
                                                                                                                         -VIOLA DRA'ft

12/August 1980/Dossier
 ~ Hail tv the Chief


  l·   ~· Rosalynn   Carter Is presented with the " Mental Health
 s, p0 1Unteer of the Decade" award by Beverly Benson Long ,
  . ~ 6 Sident of the National Mental Health Association , as
 1     rs. Averell Harriman leads the applause.
 S• d. lhe President and   Mrs. Carter join In the obligatory first
  l· nance on the White     House lawn during the Informal an·
  er 3Uai get-together for members of Congress.
 O ~ lhe President and Mrs. Carter offer greetings to King
   d Usseln of Jordan and his wife, Queen Noor, at the en·
 r :1ance to the White House as the royal couple arrived to
  J. 4tend a state dinner in their honor.
  t 1 ·Secretary of State Muskie and Mrs. Muskie lead V!Ps In·
 ar 1~ the state dinner for King Hussein. It was Mr. Muskie's
   t ~rst state dinner as Secretary. "I 've tried to get here
     uetore, " he qu ipped. "I 've made it by a different route."






  t ,...   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

                                                                          Do ier/A ugust 1980/IJ
ersonal edit
                         \\'E SEE YOr IX

                      JJOI.n !'J;. \1?1. J;. \J?I<f.\'(;S

               IJI.. \ C'I\ S. \TI.Y Cl".\f.\JL;"U!Jl".\"I J

                              /I 'OR1 " STOCJ\IXGS
              LOII'-IIEELED JJOII'EV Pl ',\IPS

                             1.1% CL\IBOI~:\E'S
            RO   lA~TIC        KJLT DRESSL'\G
                      The fabulous tartan kilt ,
                     in misted Bordeaux-gold-
             and-green wool-polyester, 65 .00
                         Velvet Spencer iacket
                  in Bordeaux cotton , 105.00
             And tenderly-tucked ivory blouse
                 in polyester crepe de Chine ,
                        bowed in black, 41 .00
               All in sizes 6 to 14 . From our
                      Liz Claiborne collection ,
                                Lord & Taylor,
                   Washington-Chevy Chase -
                                call 392 -9600;
                 Falls Church - call 536-5000;
                  White Flint - call 770 -9000.
·Fashion Calendar

                                                    21-Armani Trunk Show. Informal modeling at
~UGUST                                              Bloomingdales, White Flint. 1 lam-3pm.
                                                    21-0pening Day at Fair Oaks. Garfinckel's.
                                                    21-Jamie Mirel. Informal modeling, I Jam -3pm
 fi....Frank Masandrea. Informal modeling, I Jam-   at Garfinckel's F St.                             2-Ralph Lauren. Informal modeling, 12 noon-
3Pm, 3rd floor at Garfincke/'s F St.                21-Rlchard Assatly. Informal modeling, llam-      3pm, 8/oomingdales, Tysons Corner.
:l-13-Myles Sportswear. Informal modeling,          3pm, Garfinckel's Spring Valley.                  2-3-Adele Simpson. Informal modeling, ll am -
  lam-3pm, at Garfinckel's F St.                    22-Missoni fashion shows. Place Elegante in       3pm, 3rd floor at Garfinckel's F Street.
1 3-0pening benefit for Historic Annapolis, Inc.    Bloomingdales' White Flint and Tysons Corner.     3-Ralph Lauren. Informal modeling, 12 noon-
6 pm, by invitation only at Garfinckel's in An-
  ·8                                                22-23-Halston Sportswear. Informal modeling,      3pm, Bloomingdales, White Flint.
~apo/is Mall.                                       1/am -3pm at Garfinckel's F Street.               3-Mary McFadden Benefit Gala and Fashion
 14-0pening Day at Annapolis Mall.                  27-lmport collection fashion show & brunch.       Show in honor of The Museum of African Art.
1 6-Gear up for school. PreTeens fashion show,      /Jam. For reseryations call 657-9000, Ext. 233.   By invitation only. Saks Fifth A venue.
%Woodward & Lothrop, l -3pm, Tysons Corner,         2nd floor, Saks Fifth A venue.                    3-Ann Klein. Informal modeling, 1Jam-3pm,
   ontgomery Mall.                                  28-Chanel. Informal modeling, I Jam-3pm, 3rd      3rd floor at Garfinckel's F Street.
1 8-Arthur Chadwick. J/am-3pm, 3rd floor at         floor at Garfinckel's F Street.                   4-Perry Ellis personal appearance. Bloom-
GarJinckel's F St.                                  30-Ciassic Fashion Show. 2pm, Woodward &          ingdale's Place Elegante, White Flint and Tyson's
!9·21-Adolfo. Informal modeling, 1lam-4pm,          Lothrop, Tysons Corner and Chevy Chase.           Corner.
  nd floor at Saks Fifth A venue.                   30-Frankie Welch. Informal modeling every         4-Evan Picone fashion show & box lunch.
10-Richard Assatly fashions . Informal model-        Tuesday & Thursday at /2 noon-2pm, 219 King      I 2:30pm, tickets, $3.50, 4th floor at Garfinckel's
Ing, 1lam-3pm, 3rd floor at Garfinckel's F St.      St., Alex., Va.                                   F Street.

 Fashion Parade:
 0) B. A. Bentsen, Jean
 Louis gown
 (2) Evelyn Brandt,
 handembroidered Chloe;
 Carol Towe, cotton voile
 (3) Rosalynn Carter,
 Gentil/isse gown
 (4) Secretary of H.E. W.
 Patricia Harris, Masaka
 (5) Marilyn Funderburk,
 Oscar de Ia Renta
 (6) Katharine Graham,
 Classic printed silk
 (7) Fine jewelry shown at
 the Polo Club (L to R)
 Mineral Kingdom, Bliss
 Upstairs, Boone and Sons.

                                                                                                                               Dossier/August 1980/15
 Bevin McManus, 7!11 years old,
models a priceless collection of
jewelry given to the Smithsonian
Gemological Collection by Mar-
jorie Merriweather Post. On her
head she wears a 19th century
European diamond tiara with
matching brooch, one of a pair. Of
the two rings on her left hand, one
is Empress Eugenie's 31 carat blue
diamond ring surrounded with
diamonds; the other is Maximil-
lian's 21 carat emerald ring. At her
neck is the Napoleon necklace con-
sisting of 172 Indian or Brazilian
diamonds weighing 275 carats. She
carries a gem and pearl studded
evening bag with Post's name en-
graved on the inside, in case it was
lost. Bevin would have worn Marie
Antoinelte's earrings, but they
            hen it comes to heirloom        jewels is a handsome asset.                  little set of emerald jewelry at auction
            jewelry, some families have        Here at home, a few wealthy Ameri-        for a total of $665,000. Rumor has it
th          all the luck. Those close to    cans have assembled legendary co llec-       that the Rockefeller brothers showed a
   e crown jewels of England may use a      tions of jewelry to pass onto their heirs.   predilection for substantial jewelry but
~U~ber of crowns-they like to use two       If they couldn't come by crowns by           that their wives, in general, preferred
runng coronations-innumerable               birth, they could with cash. Luckily,        simple pearls and discreet earring .
t~aras • countless fabulous necklaces,
        .                                   royalty have been enthusiastic sellers as       Here in Washington, the estate of
we. b1?gest diamond in the world,           well as buyers.                              CIA Director Stansfield Turner's
   hlch IS nestled in the scepter, not to      Queen of the American collectors          mother sold briskly at We hsler' auc-
rne ·
r" nt1on all the earrings, bracelets and    was Marjorie Merriweather Post who           tion . The collection was "of the very
  lngs of impeccable background.            turned Post Toasties into a collection of    best quality and taste with a number of
f 1 ~ the recent past, the Iranian roya l   jewelry that included a diamond neck-        pieces from the 1910s and 1920s."
  arnlly was equally bejeweled. For his     lace which once belonged to Marie

;~travaganza coronation, the former         Louise of France, a varied assortment                  o tofus,ofcour e,don' thave
 t ah unveiled the spoils of an 18th cen-   of tiaras, a 31 -carat blue diamond from               a co ll ection of heirloom
aury conquest of Delhi, India. To make      the Empress Eugenic and Marie An-                      jewelry that merit a di play
 r crown for the Empress-the Shah al-       toinette's diamond pendant earring . A       vault at the Smith onian. But a lmo t
                                            few years and a revolution made the          every family has something-an aunt'
 leacty had one from his father-the
  ra .
 fl ~tans hired Van Cleef and Arpels of     passage from let them eat cake to let        engagement ring, gra ndfather' shirt
al~rls to toy around with a carved emer-    them eat cereal.                             studs-that ha both monetary and en-
c Of 91.32 carats and a supporting             Post gave most of the royal collection    timental value. Rec ntly, the value of
s~ft Of rubi~s, diamonds, pearls and red    to the Smithsonian, but after an acerbic     heirloom has oared; more and more
r nels. Th1s barely put a dent in the       battle with the Post Foundation, the In-     people are buying and elling; and old
boYal treasury which was also used to       stitution was forced to let part of the      family jewel are making up a larger eg-
pa~k up the nation's currency-jewel         collection remain at Hillwood, the Post      ment of the jewelry market.
t~lces . are perhaps more predictable       estate. Reportedly, a few choice and         • Sotheby Parke-Bernet, Inc., report
soan 11. The Shah and his jewels were       wearable pieces have stayed with the         that sales of antique, art nouveau and
re on _Part~d, but his private collection   heirs for private use.                       art deco jewelry were up more than 200
   rnams w1th him proving that in these        More recently, the estate of Vice-        percent in the pa t year.
Unsetti ed times,' the portability of                                                    • Pampillonia' now feature copies of
                                            President Nelson Rockefeller sold a nice

                                                                                                            Do ier iA II!i iiSI 1980117
Below: Mrs. Franklin                                                      Right: Evelyn
Delano Roosevelt in her                                                  Walsh McLean
Easter gown at the White                                            wore the 45 ~ carat
House, 1936.                                                          Hope diamond to
                                                                     which she al/ached
                                                                    the Star of the East
                                                                      diamond weighing
                                                                            94.8 carats.

Right: Mrs. Davielle Hill wore
          her favorite tiara with                                                                    Left: Janet Annenberg Hooker
   matching diamond necklace                                                                         presented her 75 carat emerald
    and earrings at the Loyola                                                                       brooch to the Smithsonian Gem
 Ball at the Embassy of Spain.                                                                       Collection on Oct. 18, 1977.

the art deco pieces that the firm made in    many reasons, but two simple ones             them. A piece from a family collection.
the 1930s. They have also opened an          underlie many of the sales: the econ-         be it ever so modest, has far greater sen·
estate jewelry case in the downtown          omic squeeze and the soaring price of         timental, emotional value than its twill
store to complement those at the Chevy       gold, silver and gems.                        bought new in a shiny box. "It doesn't
Chase store.                                    Those buying old jewelry feel that it      breathe with the vibrations of tne
• Christie's is opening an antique and       is a good buy and will probably hold or       former wearer," insists Jackie Hutman·
estate jewelry department to handle the      increase its value even in inflation. Old        Paul Desautels, curator of gems for
increased sales.                             jewelry is less expensive than com-           the Smithsonian Institution estimateS
• Boone and Sons has run newspaper           parable modern pieces in size and quali-      that the Eugenie Blue diamond-worn
ads to attract sellers of old pieces.        ty of gem or weight of gold, particular-      by our seven-year-old cover girl-mig111
Although he is only interested in genu-      ly if the old piece is picked up at auc-      fetch a couple million in the market
ine gold or platinum and fine gem-           tion. And, because the quantities of          place, just as a diamond. "But how call
stones, French Boone reports, "There         fine materials are severely limited,          you put a value on the fact that it waS
is a buyer for every old piece of jewelry,   values must go up.                            worn by the Empress and then became
if you are willing to wait long enough."        Edward Ayer, Jr., of Edward Ayer           part of the Post collection . What price
• The Mineral Kingdom in George-             Jewelers notes that it is virtually im-       is the history of the jewel?" Yotlr
town, a store with a distinctly modern       possible to obtain true Kashmir sap-          grandmother's garnet earrings not onlY
flavor, reworks older pieces into more       phires or Burmese rubies. He points out       represent nice little jewels, but an et:
casual, contemporary designs. Owner          that, as an example, a really fine \12        pression of love and continuity .
Jacqueline Martin-Hutman's engage-           carat emerald could be worth $5,000 to           Although insurance has become cost·
ment ring features an estate diamond,        $6,000, while a mediocre full carat           ly, reputable companies will still isstle
still in its original platinum prongs, set   might only bring $500 or $600.                policies that are in accord with manY
between two modern gold bands. "Old             So what should you do with your            people's needs, according to Ed Ayer·
jewelry has a depth, a feeling, a per-       family jewels? Everyone agrees that if        "In many cases you pay a basic pre~;
sonality," says Hutman.                      you have a use for your old pieces, if        ium for jewels locked in a safe depost
• Vogue magazine, arbiter of feminine        you wear them and enjoy them and per-         box and then an extra fee when yoll
style, has declared old jewelry "in."        haps look forward to passing them on          take them out to wear. But you would
   People are selling family jewelry for     to future generations, you should keep        not believe the number of people wl1°

18/August /980/Dossier
    Below: Marjorie Merriweather Post had Cartier                                                           Below: Nancy Leiter lagetr at the
    make 5 pieces from a long emerald necklace                                                          United Nations Ball in 1944 with James

    she purchased in 1928 from an Indian Majara-                                                        Wimsau: She wore a diamond rose with
    jah. They can be seen at Hillwood.                                                                    apphire center surrounded by a semi-
                                                                                                             circle of diamonds and apphires.
                                                                                                        _....,......, ,...

                                                                                                                             Left: At a recent benefit
                                                                                                                             Mrs. A vere/1 Harriman
                                                                                                                             wore a classic combination
                                                                                                                             of jewelry: pearls and

                                                    Above: Mrs. F. Lamont Belin
                                                    posed for this picture in 1930
                                                    wearing a simple strand of pearls
                                                    and diamond brooch to set off
                                                    her ermine trimmed coat.

    don't carry insurance. They figure, if          a woman's best home companion. Art            very slowly,'' according to Charles
    they are lost, so what. They didn't pay         Nouveau, of course, was the height of         Schwartz. ''Usually we suggest that
    anything for them."                             organic, flowing design often using           they be reworked or that they be sold
                                                    unusual stones and materials. The third       for the value of the stones."

e            ut if you find that your jewelry       category in the Parke-Bernet sales,              Jewelry is one of the most recyclable
             does not fit in with your              magnificent jewelry, speaks for itself.       products. The gold in your wedding
             lifestyle- if it is too formal, too    There isn't much around, it fetches           band might be from centuries old Egyp-
    complicated to store in a vault- then sell      high prices and, as history has proved,       tian gold or the melted down charm
    or rework it. Pieces that are well design-      there isn't much like it to give one class.   bracelet of a bucktoothed teenager.
    ~d should not be broken up for sale.            (Jewelry, up to the Industrial Revolu-        BlytheKupferberg, goldsmith for Theo-
     f ollect?rs of older jewelry are looking       tion, was largely confined to the upper,      dore Nye, has been melting down odds
     l?r destgns by Tiffany, Lalique or Car-        upper crust.)                                 and ends of gold into "gold nuggets."
      ter, true antiques and the current rage,         "People who want old jewelry are           "The pitting and irregularity you get
    art deco diamonds.                              looking for a kind of nostalgia,'' accor-     from the melting looks contemporary
    d' ~t Sotheby Parke-Bernet, jewelry is          ding to Robert Pampillonia. "They are         as a pendant, and you can even insert a
     . IVtded into three groupings: Fine            looking for a beauty that was and never       tiny diamond chip in one of the crev-
    h~Welry, fine pieces with no particular         will be again. When I get a fine piece, I     ices," she says. She has also turned
       tstoric value but with good stones and       can't break it apart. It would be             necklaces into earrings and reset a wash
    Precious settings; antique, art nouveau         wrong." His father, Harry, has on con-        of small emeralds into a single, more
    anct art deco jewelry, pieces that have         signment a diamond and star-ruby              important piece.
    ~erhap~ less valuable stones but often          bracelet of the art deco period that his         Scott Handler, goldsmith of Creative
    d a~ntftcent workmanship and striking           father fashioned years ago. The current       Goldsmiths in White Flint, has reset
    i estgns. By definition, antique jewelry        owner can no longer use it, but Pampil-       many old gems and created copies when
    ~hmore than one hundred years old.              lonia insists on selling it intact.           an old work could not be salvaged. He
    d' e art deco pieces, utilizing many               However, a good deal of jewelry sells      recreated a family crest ring that had a
    wtamond~ in sleek geometric forms,              slowly because the style and formality        secret key to open an attache case. It
       ere destgned at about the time that          no longer fit today's fashion. "The           was to be used during travel with im-
    l 0 reI'te Lee was extolling those gems as
                                                    large, heavy 1940s and 1950s pieces sell                       (Continued on Page 88)

                                                                                                                               Dossier/ August 1980119
        Librarian of Congress
        Daniel Boorstin stands on
        the terrace outside his
        office in the new James
        Madison Building which
        overlooks the original
        library. The new building
        will house 4()()(} members of
        the library's staff and at
        least 12 million books.

                                                                  ver a narrow inconspicuous

                                  Daniel J. Boorstin              doorway on the busy main floor
                                                                   level of the Library of Congress,
                                                           a simple but elegant sign reads: The
                                  Makes it an Even Dozen   Librarian. Guests from congressional

                                                           pages to chiefs of state, must pass

                                                           through this unprepossessing entrance
                                                           and the tiny reception room beyond
                                                           (once a closet!) to reach the office of
                                                           the librarian of Congress. Official pro·
                                                           tocol places him down there somewher~

                                                           between former U.S. ambassadors an
                                                           ministers of foreign powers not ac·
                                                           credited to the United States, but
                                                           Academe put s him hi g h on it 5
                                                           worldwide li sts of scholars and
By Anne Denton Blair                                       philosophers.

                                             it had exhausted even the extra space in     be a professional librarian. In tead, he
                                             its commodious Jefferson Annex and           should be someone who 'reads book ,
                                             properties and personnel were scattered      makes books, loves book ! '"
                                             in locations all over town.                     Well, MacLeish, the poet, had been
                                                lt was James Madison who, even be-        nominated and became a great librar-
                                             fore he became our fourth president,         ian-and the Boorstin decided that
                                             proposed Congress have its own li-           Dan, an historian who had taught,
                                             brary . The new building which so            studied, and written books, and dearly
                                             appropriately bears his name will be         loved them, should accept the invita-
                                             able to house 4000 members of the            tion.
                                             library's large staff and at least 12           Among the numerous books by Boor-
                                             million of the books from its collections    stin is The Democratic Experience, third
                                             which proliferate at the rate of two         in his trilogy "The Americans." lt won
                                             every minute.                                the Pulitzer Prize for history in 1973
                                                Before Dan Boorstin came to his           and also caused some ripples in the
                                             present post, he had acquired a              Smithsonian's usually untroubled in-
                                             prestigious array of degrees from Har-       tellectual sea. Had the eminent his-
                                             vard, Yale and Oxford, where he was a        torian, Dr. Boors tin, been justified in
                                             Rhodes scholar. He became a member           using M H & T staff members' time and
                                             of both the English and Massachusetts        institutional facilities to research a per-
                                             bars, taught history, literature and         sonal project? Even later, during con-
                                             English at several colleges and universi-    firmation hearings for the librarian-
                                             ties, and finally joined the faculty of      ship, several senators raised the ques-
                                             the University of Chicago in 1944 for        tion again. Happily, the author's pro-
                                             what turned out to be a very happy           priety was established, once artd for all,
                                             25-year stint as a professor of history,     by his Smithsonian colleagues who
                                             with temporary assignments to the Sor-       testified that the practice was absolute-
                                             bonne, Cambridge and the University          ly in keeping with traditional freedoms
                                             of Rome.                                     afforded scholars at any other institu-
                                                In 1969, he came to Washington to         tion of learning.
                                             become director of the Smithsonian's            Be that as it may, since he has been
                                             Museum of History and Technology,            librarian, no personal research or
                                             and, later, its senior historian advising    writing takes place at the office, though
                                             the secretary on all Smithsonian proj-       a prodigious amount has been and is
                                             ects.                                        still going on.
                                                It's impossible to describe the life         "We have a 'mom 'n pop' literary
                                             and times of Daniel Boorstin without         shop," says Dr. Boors tin, and its head-
                                             dividing the honors with Ruth Boorstin,      quarters are the very modern Boorstin
                                             the petite, dark-eyed lady who has been      home on Ordway Street, N. W. One
                                             part of his decision-making process as       enters through a high brick-walled
                                             well as his editor and wife for almost 40    atrium, presided over by a statue of
                                             years.                                       George Washington. Once inside, an
                                                When President Ford, in 1975, asked       open stairway connects four levels, af-
                                             Boorstin to consider becoming librar-        fording plenty of space for both Dan's
                                             ian of Congress, Boorstin asked for a        self-contained study on the sunny top
                                             month to reflect on the momentous            floor and for Ruth's equally commodi-
                                             decision. He and Ruth immersed them-         ous work space. (Ruth not only edits
                                             selves in "a lot of walking and talking"     everything her husband writes but is a
   1-Iis office, too, is small, book-lined   just as they had at every other cross-       poet as well . Many of her poems have
and· ·
Q Inhmate. Overhead, those lissome           road in their married life. He had never     been published in the Wall Street Jour-
shreek maidens, the Muses, adorn the         given much thought to leaving the            nal.)
   allow white stucco dome while be-         Smithsonian. He enjoyed his work and            There's also a comfortable living
~eath, at a massive Victorian carved         the people with whom he was working          room where friends and family enjoy
t ak desk, sits Daniel J. Boorstin, the      and was high in his profession as an         some of the most stimulating conversa-
11 r~ry's librarian history.
                      of Congress in the     historian, but on one of their walks a       tion in town and a great deal of music,
                                             display at the library convinced them        flutes and recorders preferred. There is
   Smce the present building was com-        the answer should be yes . lt was an ex-     plenty of room, too, to welcome the
h 1
   eted in 1887, six of his predecessors     change of letters between President          three Boorstin sons and their wives and
B presided over this historic desk
  ave                                        Franklin Roosevelt and his long-time         one adored granddaughter whenever
P~t~ even ~s he caresses the hallowed        friend and mentor, Justice Felix Frank-      they come to town.
    Ina lovmgly he knows he will soon         furter. It concerned the choice of             In various ways, the Boorstin boys
spe d             '
Off~ '?Ore and more time in another          another librarian of Congress, the poet      are successfully following in their fami-
c ce, JUst across the street in the newly    Archibald MacLeish. "The person to           ly's intellectual footsteps. Paul, the
   ~~le~ed James Madison Building.           direct the national library of a great na-   eldest, and his wife Sharon are a writing
       e hbrary had become so cramped,       tion," wrote Frankfurter, " should not       team like his parents, with a second

                                                                                                              Dossier/ August 1980121
                                         novel, Savage, just published . They are
                                         the parents of two-year-old Julia.
                                         Jonathan and Lynnie live in Los Ange-
     Library of Congress                 les where he, having been a successful
                                         moviemaker, is now with a classical
          Highlights                     music radio station. David and Molly,
 -the world's largest music library,     his British wife, live in New York while
 with original scores and manu-          he pursues a career as a playwright.
 scripts from Beethoven to Richard           As a disciplined writer and an invet-
 Rogers.                                 erate early riser, Daniel Boorstin gets
                                         through most of his daily writing chores
 -the largest collection of Chinese      in the morning hours before he leaves
 books outside Asia; of Russian          for the library, or on weekends, many
 books outside the Soviet Union.         of which are now spent at a recently ac-
 -more than 8 million photo-             quired 25-acre farm in Virginia, barely
 graphs, a pictorial record of           that many minutes away from the
 American history; posters from all      library. It is immediately across the
 over the world.                         Potomac from Mount Vernon on land
 -the personal papers of 23              once doomed to become a disposal
 Presidents of the United States.        plant site, but saved in the nick of time
 -the contents of President Lin-         by the late Congresswoman Frances
 coln's pockets on the night he died.    Bolton of Ohio to "preserve George
 Mary Todd Lincoln's pearl               Washington's view."
 necklace and bracelets.                     "We can even have a horse now,"
 -the world's largest law library,       beams the librarian, "and, of course,
 with experts on the laws of the         it's a wonderful place for our grand-
 countries of Europe, Asia, and          daughter Julia to play!"
 Latin America.                              "Writing is one of the most unneces-
                                         sary things," he confides . "I'm glad I
 -an acoustically perfect auditor-       have never had to write for a living!"
 ium, where chamber music concerts
                                         However, ready for publication by
 are played every week during the
                                         Ginn and Company this summer, is a
 season.                                 one-volume "History of the United
 -one of the three perfect copies on     States" for young people coauthored
 vellum of the Gutenberg Bible, the      with another distinguished historian,
 first book printed with movable         Dr. Brooks Matthew Kelley. The edi-
 type in the western world.              torial associate, as usual, is Ruth
 Here in three buildings on Capitol      Frankel Boorstin .
 Hill you find all these and many            The Boorstins insisted on a good
 more treasures.                         book designer, and got what they
 Founded in 1800 as a reference          wanted, a book that looks as fascina-
 library for the Congress, it has        ting as they have made the accompany-
 grown to contain 76 million items,      ing text and illustrations.
 collected around the globe for more         ''Any textbook on American history
 than 150 years. From one room in        must be up-beat-full of the wonder          the library are on the ready to locate or
 the Capitol it has come to occupy the   and promise,'' Dan Boors tin feels,         identify important facts, opinions
 landmark Thomas Jefferson Build-        "and it must be honest, interpretive        and/or policies for use in hearing
 ing, completed in 1897, the John        and lively. No skimmed milk."               rooms, on the floors of both houses, in
 Adams Building, built in the 1930s,         For a dozen years, the Boorstins have   speeches, articles and books. This vital
 and the James Madison Building,         also been working on a one-volume           congressional research operation con·
 dedicated this year.                     "History of the World" which is near-      ducted within the library has some 800
                                         ing completion. The approximately           employees, and is watched over bY
 Unlike other national libraries, the
                                         2,000 pages will be edited down to          Gilbert Gude, an experienced former
 Library of Congress is open to every-
 one. Thousands use its reading           1,000 pages. As for the world's future,    member of Congress.                   .
                                          "I'm optimistic about the human               "We have amassed here all the ,n-
 rooms and millions visit its exhibi-
                                         race," Dan Boors tin says.                  formation possible, but it has to be ac·
 tions every year. Tours are given
                                             He makes a great distinction between    cessible if it's to be useful," says or.
 every hour, beginning at 9 a.m.
                                          being a Librarian of Congress (which       Boorstin. "For example, when t~e
 Monday through Friday, and
                                          he is not) and a Librarian of Congress     Soviets overran Afghanistan th 15
 "America's Library," a slide/sound
 show is presented in the orientation    (which he is). The latter means he has,     spring, we had the only street plan. 0 J
                                         at last count, 535 bosses who use the       Kabul in existence, and we could ftn
 theatre every hour daily beginning at
 8:45a .m. For a monthly Calendar of     library's facilities more and more every    it!"
                                         day. Computers in congressional of-            He is deeply concerned with and
 Events, call287-5108.                                                               committed to making the library's vast
                                          fices pick up information for staff
                                          members instantly, while researchers at    and vastly complex collections more ac·

cessible, not only to scholars, but to the   the operation. They are then taken on       meet at the library each year to evaluate
&eneral public.                              guided tours of various sections of the     services and collections. He also hopes
B In h!s nearly five years as librarian,     buildings and finally entertained at lun-   to "share" the library's wealth more
. Oorstm has already made the building       cheon with Dan and Ruth with top-level      and more with less fortunate smaller
Itself more accessible and friendly by       staff on hand to answer questions. The      libraries by expanding inter-library
Op .
    enmg the long-locked huge street         objective is to spread the word about       loans.
1eve! front doors so that visitors can       this magnificent facility and to reach         At 65, Daniel Boorstin looks at least
wa~k right in. Currently he's planning       out to opinion makers and publicists .      ten years younger. Warm, genial and
~~ mdex for the main reading room, the          The "reaching out" aspect which Dr.      lively, he speaks softly but with
    rary's heart, that will help readers     Boorstin wants to enhance is exempli-       authority, as perfectly formed phrases
t~cate .fi.lms, maps and music as well as    fied by the small, rather exquisite,        tumble out easily and eloquently.
   e wntmgs on these subjects.               Library of the Performing Arts atop         Somehow, on this jaunty historian, the
    To help more Washingtonians be-          the Kennedy Center. This miniscule          bow tie he habitually wears seems right
~orne familiar with the library and its      branch of the parent organization con-      and proper.
  Utnan side, Ruth Boorstin has initi-       tains not only books but up-to-the-            Most of his predecessors had long
~t~d w~at has become a highly success-       minute facilities to study and research     terms as librarian. One remained for 40
2U senes of "Safaris" to which about         material on microfilm which may be          years. But if Daniel Boorstin were to
/Prominent women are invited several         ordered from the library .                  opt, with Ruth's advice, of course, for
~~es a year. They're greeted by Dan in          Very soon, Boorstin hopes to estab-      a shorter term, he would still leave a
  iS Office, and "indoctrinated" about       lish a 15-member council of scholars        definable, personalized and indelible
th e co I'
       rnp Icated duties and pleasures of    who, supported by private funds, will       mark on the Library of Congress.       D

                                                                                                            Dossier/August /980113
                                              Her husband told her to play
                                                the Washington Game.
                                              She did it with a vengeance.

          it watched her face in the mirror with
          keen frustration. Her eyebrows
          needed tweezing. Her lipstick was
 Ineptly applied and all those bases, creams
and Powders that the girl in the department                     By Warren Adler
                                                                                                         ing a touch of panic. I like being boring. I
                                                                                                        like being ooper's little Didie doll that
                                                                                                        wet , cries and copulates. A smoldering
                                                                                                        anger seemed to team up the mirror, mak-
                                                                                                        ing it difficult to untangle the intricacy of
 ~tore had instructed her about were a                                                                  the pia tic hot curlers.
   odgepodge of failure.                            Cochran had paid off. Actually the invitation           "You can't beg off on this one, Kit,"
    As for her hair, now swathed in hot             had come only three days before. Apparently         Cooper had ordered, brandi hing the invita-
curlers, it represented a formidable challenge      they were, in cruel ocial parlance, fill-ins .      tion like a gold ingot. " It's Mrs. Tarkington.
~nd she dreaded the moment when she would              As for herself, he knew he was merely            Coup of coup . A farewell dinner for the
   e forced to free the badly wrapped strands.      holding on to Cooper' horse' tail, dodging          ambassador from Pakistan. That alone i
    Sh.e felt she could literally hear Cooper       the falling pat .                                   enough . Not to mention that ochran will
Poutmg in the living room, tapping his new             It wasn't that she was simply feeling orry       be there watching how well we handle
Patent leather evening shoe on the oriental         for herself. That wa a condition of her life.       ourself." She noted that he had said
rug. He would by now be eething with ex-            But a formal dinner required . . . he earched       "ourself," not "ourselve . " But it was
asperation, terrorized by his own fear that,        for word , Adequacy. Per onality. Ag-               pointless to be argumentative at that tage.
~~lllehow, she would let him down. Knowing          gressive charm.                                     She wa not ignorant of the rituals of getting
 f at only added to her misery, diminishing            Cooper could handle it with ease. Cooper         ahead.
   ~~her that much touted sense of self-worth       was brilliant. Everybody aid o. Even she.                'The great God ochran," he had mut-
w sch, so far, had been illu ive.                   He had clawed hi way, as he had characteriz-        tered.
th he was, of course, absolutely convinced          ed it, to the number three slot on the commi -         "Well he did arrange for u to go." He
tieat .she would be a disaster at this posh black    ion. All tho e bureaucrats talked in term of       had tried to be gentle.
tlng th . party at the Tarkington's. Just get-
  . dtnner
              . .                                    lot , reducing it all to a game of Chinese            " pare me. We're afterthought . Prob-
N0 1 e tnvttatton, with its fancy engraved ...      checkers. And now that the number two lot          ably arranged by hi wife."
th : ·· .elegantly understated invitation with      was opening because of Gordon's retirement,            ' Well it how that they want us to move
h elr names written in a bold, sure, arrogant         ochran, in the number one lot, had the           up."
c~nd eemed a validation of Cooper's sue-
                                                    power of God to fill the now gaping hole, or           "You're hi lackey. It a payoff," he
in · Cooper could delude himself into think-         lot, with another marble.                         ' hi pered, knowing he would not hear her.
b g .t hat all that frenetic butt-kissing and          Naturally, ooper hoped that that marble             There wa imply no room for debate.
   owmg and scraping before the great God           would be him elf. Kit suppo ed he hoped            Dopey, boring, unintere ting Kit would
                                                     o as well. If only he could do it without her     have to drag her elf to the fray. Lo king at
                                                    help. Wasn't her role kids and kitchen? The        her e lf now in the teamy mirror, he
sto · a collection or Washington short
                    'J                              woman behind the man. Like Moslems!                wondered if there wa till time f r death to
  . Ties. Warren Adler is the author of
                                                    How simple just to hide her elf in a veil and      intervene.
e g~t novels with a ninth scheduled for
                                                    eat after the men were served.                         " or crying out loud Ki1." It wa
spnng Publication.
                                                      I like being a cliche, she told her elf, feel-        opcr, narlin g and lookin g at hi ·

                                                                                                                              Dossier/A ugusl 1980115
wristwatch. He seemed to favor these little          "They're only people," he said, search-        the usual admonishments. In a few years
illustrations of his wrath. Like sticking his     ing the tonal scale for soothing sounds. He       even that crutch would be gone.
 fingers in his ears when the noise of the kids   must have seen how she was crumbling in-              "Good old Kit," she mumbled, trying to
became unbearable, or pinching his nose           side.                                             swallow her anger. Where was she under all
when he was unfavorably disposed to con-             "They're not. They're a jury."                  this attire? What had happened to her real
trary opinions.                                      "Now you're being self-indulgent, Kit."        persona?"Such questions were getting her in-
    It wasn't that he was meanminded or even      He paused, came closer and patted her back        to dangerous marshes and she repressed
cruel. She was tempted to call it consumed        as if she were an unburped baby. "You're          them .
by ambition. But that would ignore what she       an attractive intelligent woman , as good as          "Just keep cool. Follow my lead."
preferred to think of as his good side. Like      any of them. It' s only a dinner party."              His lead? Where had he led her? She watched
the McDonald's commercial, he was doing              "Well then, go without me. Tell someone        his profile as he concentrated on the driving,
it all for you, dummy. For you and the kids.      else to eat mine." He backed away as if her       wondering about his thoughts. The shadowed
For this house. Those private schools. The        skin had singed him. She turned and saw his       view made his face seem skeletal, although
cars in the garage. Things. Comforts. Vaca-       eyes. Indignation, like mucus oozed from          that was only illusion, since his face had
tions. Also for respect: a father's example.      them.                                             fleshed in the 15 years she had known hirn.
 A role model of success. That's what came           "You're being a rat, Kit." Again, he           Yet there was a hint of his boyish lines, when
 of having sons only. If their offspring were     checked himself. "It's time ... "                 his face had been the treasure of her life,
 daughters, she would have had to provide            "Grow-up time. I know." She waved the          when his ambition seemed a virtue.
 the example.                                     brush and attacked the hair again. "I'm not           "You start with the first fork," he said
    He didn't beat her. He was gentle .           built for success, Coop."                         suddenly, confessing his thoughts. Hi s nerve
                                                                                                    was beginning to crack.

                                                                                                        "Basic common sense. The first dish with
                                                                                                    the first fork."
                                                                                                        "Or watch the hostess," he said with
                                                                                                    some deprecation.
          It ,s time you started to play the                                                            "Follow the leader." In the darkness, she
                                                                                                    wondered if he sensed her smirk.
         Washington game and stop walking                                                               "And try to keep the conversation
                                                                                                    lively," he said, the completion of a
          around like a tongue-tied cripple                                                         sentence that began inside his head.
                                                                                                        "Like at the PTA."
                                                                                                        "Don't start again, Kit. Let's at least go
                                                                                                    in calm."
                                                                                                       He was showing his fright once more.
                                                                                                        "I don't want to let Cochran down," he
Sometimes quite loving. And he was self-             ''I'm beginning to think so," he sighed, a     said.
sacrificing. Only four suits in the closet. The   captain observing his ship sinking under              "Heaven forbid."
tuxedo was a luxury, along with the patent         him. "You owe me this, Kit."                        He gunned the accelerator and the car
leather shoes. In his new fantasy of power,          "Owe you?" The question was purely             shot forward to illustrate his anger, a brief
she reasoned, a black tie uniform was essen-       rhetorical. She knew what he meant. That         tantrum. A red light brought the car to a
tial, the garb of success. She had had to buy     she had not kept pace. That she had not           halt.
a new gown . Actually, she had to send three      grown with him.                                       "Cochran has been damned good to us.''
back before they had decided on the ''one,''         ''Think of it as a game,'' he said, reaching      "To you."
now hanging regally limp on the closet ledge      into his quiver, selecting the arrow of kind-        "And he'll be even better. If we don't
waiting for her body. With only three days        ness .                                            blow it. He' s arranged this deal tonight.''
notice, it seemed almost a kind of achieve-          "I hate games," she replied. She didn't            "Fill-ins," she said, taunting him.
ment.                                             mean simply sports and cards. Everything.             "Well nobody knows that."
   "In a minute Coop," she whined, unable            "Well I want to be a player. Not a spec-          "Except the hostess."
to hide the tightened vocal chords, the con-      tator. And part of the big game are things           "Well you don't expect her to go around
gealing panic.                                    like this. Plays. And this is an important        telling the other guests."
   He must have sensed it, calculating, as he     play."                                               "They'll know. One look at me and
always had, that he had better not stir it up.       "Don't be so damned allegorical," she          they'll know."
   "They said eight," he said quietly. In the     snapped, knowing she had gone too far. She           He pulled the car over to the curb and
mirror, she could see the controlled grimace      turned toward him and showed him the flats        tapped the wheel, the fingerblows a tattoo t 0
of displeasure, wondering whether it was of-      of both palms. "Alright. Alright." There          preview his temper.
fered to illustrate her lateness or the condi-    was little more she could do with her hair.          "You never stop, do you?" He turned to
tion of her face.                                 She was, she knew, torturing him. She slid        face her, an image of futility and rage. she
   "We'll be fashionably late," she mur-          into her gown and let him zip it up.              knew the look. Her knees began to shake·
mured, attacking the heat curled hair with           "You'll be fine," he said . "Just fine."       She braced herself for the figurative Iashd
her brush, feeling the pores under her arm-          She wondered if she enjoyed seeing him         "Listen Kit, it's time to stop being a damne
pit oozing.                                       teeter on the plank. He needed her now,           bitch. Cochran has us in his grip. our
   "They can be fashionably late. We can          really needed her.                                future. So far he's helped us. He's gotten us
only be neglectfully tardy." He was, she             "You look smashing," he said, having           invited to this dinner party to give us a leg
knew, recycling his anger into sarcasm.           edged back from the plank. Actually, the          up. He's got big ideas himself and he haP'
   "I'm doing my damnedest," she said. Er-        dress was flattering, the bust line well de-      pens to think I'm a comer. It's time you
rant strands resisted the weapon of her           fined. Somehow, through it all, she had kept      started to play the Washington game and
brush. She turned toward him. "I look like        her figure, although her early pride in it had    stop walking around like a tongue-tied criP'
Harpo."                                           dimini shed along with her se lf-esteem,          pie. It's time that you started to keep uP
   "You're being ridiculous." His tone was        whatever that was. She had forgotten.             with me. Now listen." He poked a finger at
somewhere between placation and rebuke.              "Just be a good sport, Kit," he said as        the tip of her nose. She resisted crossing her
   "Do I have to?" she pleaded. "I'm not          they edged into the car. The ritual goodbye       eyes. "We go in there and you act like sorne·
up for it."                                       with the boys had been perfunctory, with          body. You understand? You act like the

16/August /980/Dossier
Wife of a man on the way up. You talk. You           Washington folklore. The Tarkingtons, the         wa n't concerned with the cl the or haird
lf11ile. You perform."                               lore decreed, threw an "A" party.                 or makeup. In that ategory, ·he wa ur-
    "You mean butt kis . " lt seemed her final          "So good of you to come," Mrs. Tark-           pri ed to note, he wa rea onably c mpeti-
act of courage for the evening.                      ington sa id, greeting them with a thin           tive. omehow it had to do with the quality
     "Loud and clear."                               dentist-buttre ed smile and limp, birdlike        of her mind, he decided.
  . The hard guy lecture spent him. Some-            wisp of a handshake.                                 A waiter offered a ilver tray, carrying an
 times, after one of his episodes, he had fits          "Welcome," Mr. Tarkington aid, offer-          a ortment of drink , from which he took a
 Of contrition. At first she had believed the        ing an equally limp hand. Then, turning to a      gla s of white wine, dribbling some drops on
 real Cooper was the guilty one. Now she             thin ascetic-faced man with brocaded dinner       her fingers as he lifted it. he couldn't im-
 Wasn't sure.                                        jacket and matching slippers, Mr. Tark-           agine what to do now. Coop took a catch
     ''Just drive please," she said. His word        ington extended an arm which, de pite it          and tried to look nonchalant. He wa al oat
 had snapped something inside of her. She             hortness, eemed to engulf his gue t.             a lo for direction. Thankfully, ochran'
 wb~sn't surprised. Everything inside her was           "These are the Whitestones, Mr. Am-            familiar flu hed face intruded, re cuing
   tittle.                                           bassador. Kit and Cooper." He had their           them.
     When they arrived at the Tarkington's           names perfectly. Kit felt her heart pound.           "Hey Coop. Meet the folk . "
 Massachusetts Avenue house, he started to           The man seemed Ghandi-esque, dramatical-             He led them around in his ea y down-
 nose the car into the driveway to drop her          ly mystical in his craggy face and long           home style, introducing them to the
 Off While he parked.                                aquiline nose that rose out of his face like an   a embled guests, who shifted drink from
     ''No," she said . "I'll go with you."           angled fountain plume. Be ide him stood a         hand to hand anq touched her icy flesh. She
     l-Ie laughed now, superior to her fear . Ap-    tall full-bodied lovely dark-haired woman in      heard their voice but barely understood
 Paren tly his tongue lashing had reinforced

 :~111ething within himself. He had to drive
     ree blocks to find a parking space. They
 W~lked through the darkened streets in
 ~1• ence, watching the big black limos
 l'IScharge their occupants in front of the
    arkington's house.
                                                                  she discovered at that moment
 p !~side, a black-tied servan t, standing im-              that she had been secretly hoping that
   enously in a marble-floored vestibule
 ~reeted them and called their attention to a                    Cooper wouldn't get the job
 ~ctangu lar display of the seating arrange-
 s;nts. A table for twenty was illustrated.
 n e saw her name on a slip of cardboard
 aext to one marked Cochran on one side and
 ta ll1an named Brackett on the other. Hesi-
 n ntiy, she reached out for the cardboard           a blue sari, greeting them with a full-faced      their word , as if her span of concentration
   a111e card                                        smile.                                            had uddenly deteriorated. A ide from
      ''J       .                                                                                      those whom he recognized, the other name
 w . Ust for position," the servant said, a             "Ah," the ambassador began as if the
    rtnkle of his nose-tip displaying his amused
 arr 0                                               principal greeting of the evening would be        were barely remembered.
 tabl &ance. "There are nameplates on the            theirs. "What a pleasure." The air of ef-            "Coop's with me at the commi ion,"
        e. '• Cooper smiled . It was too broad for   fusiveness seemed misplaced to their sta-         Cochran repeated, displaying hi pro -
 a ere tolerance. The servant stepped aside          tion.                                             prietor hip.
0  ~d Pointed to the heavily carpeted taircase
 tw er Which a rock crystal chandelier hung
                                                        "Play the game," she caught herself
                                                     thinking, warmed by the guests of honor
                                                                                                           'You look lovely Kit," Mrs. ochran
                                                                                                       said. Actually it was Mrs. Cochran, more
         stories deep.                               and their well-practiced diplomacy. Their         than her husband, who provided the entree
 i(i~haken by her first gaffe of the evening,        theatricality was compelling and their air of     to this set. With her blonde hair and cool
 th fol_lowed him up the wide steps. From            humility convincing. From a corner of her         deep- et, predatory blue eyes, she looked
 ll1i~· Sl!ffness of his carriage, shoulders         eye, she caught the brief ge tures of palm-       the part of the waspy blue blood that she
 wa tt~ry, as if his mother's stand-up straight      wiping that preceded Cooper's hand offer-         played with deprecating authenticity. After
 he ~ntng still rang in his ears, she cou ld see     ing. It was his one nervous habit she had         all, her family name did grace a Washington
 lan/d mustered all of his resources. On the         never invaded with criticism. Her own hand        mu eum. oop could barely mention her
 wou:ng _he stopped and waited for her. It           was icy and dry.                                  without appending thi label, as if the rela-
 host d stmply not do for him to greet the              Some others had come up behind them.           tion hip with her husband inve ted him with
  hin-. and ho tess and their honored guests by      The faces in the receiving line turned away       some of the glory as well.
     ··•Self                                         from them and toward the new people. The             "Here' Senator Banks," Mrs. ochran
 st Mrs · .Tar k'
                               m ·
                  mgton, at h' wtsp o f a woman      performance was repetitive, as if a film had      said sudden ly, her eyes shifting to the
fraild beside her husband, of equal physical         been rerun. The movement was abrupt but           senator, past Kit's cheek. Then she hurried
dresty. They seemed like two tiny over-              subtle, having the effect of a ignpost that       off with a gliding regal step to allow the
i(it Sed Puppets, held tense by taut trings.         pointed them toward a large parlor where          senator to engulf her in a warm embrace.
slac~OUld imagine them with their strings            other guests had gathered, sipping drinks.        The pecked cheek seemed the only authentic
but '_two soft dolls, supine, limbs askew,           As she moved, she caught the ambassador's         ritual of greeting, an act her ob curit y
sll1il:~~ll poised in their painted enigmatic        "Ah" again, in perfect replication .              denied.
                                                        In the sudden jumble of faces, she saw            The guests had broken up into little con-
inv~et somehow the newspaper writers had             some that were vaguely familiar, a if they        ver ational groups. oop followed ochran
aurasted their dinner parties with a special         had just walked out of the television screen.     to where the ecretary of the trea ury was
111ov' das only words cou ld do. Something           There was Hammerstein, the secretary of           standing and they eemed to be engaged in
Pres:· them to awe, far beyond the unim-             the treasury and Billings, the president's        animated talk. She knew Coop was wallow-
hostetve Physical aspects of the host and            special counsel and Horton, the editor of the     ing in this like a pig in a sty, an image which
Was ~s. An invitation to the Tarkingtons             Post. She also recognized Polly Brackett,         annoyed her, since it deprecated everyone.
ed at Uch Prized. How that had been arriv-           the society writer, whose younger face still      Actually they had all been e pecially plea-
alread was now immaterial since it had               peered from her column. She was as ailed          sant. Even Mr . Cochran, who e air of elf-
        Y become part of the amalgam of              by the sense of her own tackiness. She            importance wa part of her demeanor, had

                                                                                                                             Dossier/August 1980127
                                                                                          treated Kit better than on previous occa-
                                                                                          sions. It was herself, she knew, who could
                                                                                          not seem to jump into the water like the

      where                                                                               other fish . Or the sty. Even her metaphors
                                                                                          were mixed.
                                                                                             The hard part had finally arrived, finding

                                                                                          something to say. These people were ap·
                                                                                          parently used to being part of the shoW·
                                                                                          They knew their roles. How easily they per·
                                                                                          formed. How smoothly they found engag·

       sells for                                                                          ing words to say to each other. She sipped
                                                                                          her wine, but would not part with the glass,

       next to nothing.
                                                                                          as if holding it bonded her, somehow with
                                                                                          the group.
                                                                                             "Delightful fellow the ambassador, so
                                                                                          dashing. He looks like an Indian prince." ~t
                                                                                          was Senator Bank's wife with her ingratl·
             Every item is Status II priced. Below markdowns. Below "end-of-season"       atingly political smile. Realizing that sh~
      clearance. Below reason.                                                            had not yet met Kit, she held out her han
                                                                                          firmly and pumped it hard, her bright eyes
            Of course, that's just what you'd expect. Because Status II always has        shining directly into Kit's. It seemed a con·
      the world's top designer fashions at better than sale prices. Even if they aren't   test and, as a symbol of her self-effacementf
      from next season, you'll wear these timeless styles for years.                      Kit's eyes broke first and she found hersel
            Shop now. While our se!ection is its best. For the least you'd ever expect    looking down at the blurring patterns of an
      it to cost.                                                                         oriental rug.
                                                                                             Senator Banks' wife passed on to the

                                                                                          others. Kit envied her, her coolness, her effl·
                                                                                          ciency. She wondered if she could ever be
                                                                                          like that, a true helpmate. She could see the
                                                                                          bare bones of her "teamwork," which onlY
                                                                                          exacerbated her own feelings of inferioritY·
                                                                                             Perhaps sensing her inadequacy, Cochran
                                                                                          came over.
          4405 Willard Avenue (just off Wisconsin) Chevy Chase, Maryland                     "It looks like we're going to share each
                                                                                          other for the evening, Kit,'' he said . She fell
                                                                                          his eyes wash over her, as if the blatant t1al·
                                                                                          tery was essential to his rescue mission.
                                                                                             "Swell," she said, trying to feign en·
                                                                                          thusiasm . She would much rather have been
   When it comes to fashion,                                                              seated next to a perfect stranger.
   we know the ropes.                                                                        "I'm so happy I could arrange this," ne
                                                                                          said . "Coop's going places. It's time yo~
                                                                                          guys were shown off." He looked aroun
                                                                                          the room. "A good group . The Tarkingto115
                                                               Elegant rope               always have a good group. The best."
                                                               bracelet                      "So I see," she said. Her tongue seemed
                                                               watches for                dry, tangled. Worse, her mind was blank·
                                                               ladies from                   "Can I get you another drink?" Cochran
                                                               Baume & Mercier.           offered .
                                                               In 14 karat yellow            ''A lovely idea,'' she said, thankful again•
                                                               gold: A. $1670.            yet wondering how much of her inner tur·
                                                               B. $1520.                  moil she had given away. Cochran's sudden
                                                                                          absence left her standing alone and she tried
                                                                                          to concentrate on the various paintings o~
                                                                                          the wall. She had no interest in them an
                                                                                          could barely concentrate on what her eyed
                                                                                          appeared to be seeing. Turning towar
                                                                                          Cooper, she caught his attention briefly, ab·
                                                                                          sorbed the quick squint of displeasure, thell•
                                                                                          as if in response, she moved to the edge oP
                                                                       _ill_              group, hoping that by seeming to join thefl1
                                                               8AUM E & M ERCIER          she would appear less conspicuous.
                                                                                             Having greeted their last arriving gues15'
                                                                                          Mr. and Mrs. Tarkington came into tb~
                                     Bailey Banks&Biddle                                  room with the ambassador and his wife art
                                                                                          dutifully made the rounds again, interr~P;
                                           \M:>rld Renowned Jewelers Since 1832           ting various conversations, stimulati 0•
                                     Tysons Corner Center 1703)893-4030 • Mclean. VA      small talk with the ambassador and his wif~d
                                       Landover Mall 130 I) 773-8510 • Landover. MD          "Here's your drink Kit," Cochran sal
                                     Montgomery M all 1 I) 469-6300 • Bethesda. MD
                                     Lakeforest Malll301)869-7270 • Gaithersburg. MD
                                                                                          holding the glass by its bowl so that sl1~
                                                 Also The Mallin Columbia                 could grasp the stem. She nodded he
                                                                                          gratefulness, and stood fo r a moment sipP'

28/August 1980/Dossier
ing the wine, continuing to look at him,
&roping for words. The people in the room
seemed to be talking simultaneously. She           Boker accents to start
  earched in the empty caverns of her mind
for a thought to articulate.                       or complete the room
     ''Your wife looks lovely," she said final -
                                                   of true quality . ..
ly. But he did not have time to acknowledge
W both knew was an empty compliment.
    hat                                            tastefully executed with
lrnperious, perhaps. Lovely? No. The               the help of the experts
arnbassador's wife had come closer emitting
a singu larly exotic scent, like peaches.          from our Studio of
    "I will miss my friends. But one must ex-      Interior Design.
P_e~ience everything. Moscow will be ex-
C llJng." Her words had the quality of being
spoken before. Her accent was clipped,
~0 0d school British. She appeared to carry
  er own 'charm, independent of her hus-
band, who stood at the other end of the
room, lionized by a small group.
     ''If only she had that kind of self-
~surance, Kit thought env~ously, tempted
l"okr the first time to speak. "How did you get
     e that?" she wanted to ask. So self-
~Onfident. "What is your secret?" Indeed,
:~Was what she wanted to ask everyone in
  . e room. Cooper, of course, would con-
Sider it gauche.
b "Dinner is served," the servant who had
   een downstairs now whispered to the
&Uests, ushering the way into the dining
~oom. On the way in, Cooper caught up to
   er. Two rouge-like spots mantled his
cheeks, betraying his excitement.
       •v•aking points?" she whispered, m-
stanuy sorry for her sudden bitchiness.
    ''M ake conversation," he hissed through
~1 enched teeth, poised in a tight smile. So he
  act been judging her.
h The dining room was dominated by a
t ~ge crystal chandelier, under which a long
ca le stretched out to its full length. A
b~nterpiece of elaborate flowers, carefully
orended into the room's colors, composed
       various shades of blue accented by
a auves and reds. Crystal glasses gleamed,
anct the shiny plates reflected the chandelier
i;d the colors of the centerpiece. Mrs. Tark-
0 &ton's gown, a pastiche of the room's col-
i~s, Was contrived to provide a kind of mov-

                                                   WOODWARD & LOTHROP
ceg sculpture which might have been suc-
    Ssfu] on a more imposing woman.
th;he ~en stooped and held out chairs for
&r ladies in a tableau that seemed choreo-
·n ~n such a setting, it seemed natural to be
l t•m·
O Jdated and she wondered if any of the
Set er ~uests felt that way. It was like a stage
PI ' WJth the performers now taking their
C:~ces. She felt like an extra, although
ch ~hran's attentiveness in pulling out her
PI alr bespoke a far better part. Cooper was
anacect next to the senator's wife and
re]Other lady, a dowager type, who seemed
"oa.tect to an older man whose name and
 ' Slt"
    'W Ion had escaped her.
do hen the women were seated, the men sat
\\lawn . Cochran was on her right. On her left
1-te\a bald man with a pleasant jowly face.
     ,, elct out a pudgy hand to her.
her~?? Brackett," he said, bending close to
as I m the husband of Polly." His eyes,
       eacons, pointed to his reedy wife across

                                                                              Dossier I August 1980119
                                                                                   the table. "I belong to her. She's the brain
                                                                                   in the family." It seemed necessary for him
                                      Come see how                                 to continue, as if his presence needed some
                                      beautifully we blend:                        explanation. She knew he was inviting hers.
                                                                                   "And why are you here?" his pause im-
                                    • Ceiling Fans - Hunter, the foremost          plied.
                                    name in ceiling fans since 1886. The largest      "I'm Kit Whitestone. I belong to him."
                                    display and stock in the Washington area.      She actually pointed a bent finger in
                                    From $179.95                                   Cooper's direction, rebuking herself for
                                                                                   what she decided might be a breaC~·
                                    • Tile - Country Floors. the top line of
                                    imported hand made wall and floor tile in      Cooper, in mid-sentence, looked up at her 1n
                                    the United States. Exclusively ours.           a half-scowl.
                                                                                      White-gloved waiters in formal regalia
                                                                                   began serving the various dishes and pour-

  Getting it together!                                                             ing the wine. Out of nervousness and not
                                                                                   quite knowing how to proceed she sippe?
                                                                                   her wine only to discover that whatever li-
                                                                                   quid was consumed was quickly replaced.
                                    • Decorative accessories - Donald Robinson     Mustn't do too much, she warned herself,
                                    lamps. DeSimone pottery. collector-quality     remembering an old scene at a New Year's
                                    baskets.                                       Eve party when she had vomited on her
                                                                                   hostess' rug.
                                    The best of both shops ... now                    Actually the thought prompted a whole
                                    displayed in 4,000 square feet of              chain of past embarrassments, visible clurn·
                                    dramatic new showrooms!                        siness, wrong reactions, uncontrolled utter-
                                                                                   ings. She watched the hostess pick up her
                                                                                   first utensil in the orchestrated ritual. Others
                                                                                   followed suit. The buzz of conversation rose
                                                                                   and ebbed. She was not sure exactly hoW to
                                                                                   direct her attention.
                                    721 8th STREET. S.E.
                                                                 s47-51oo             "The Tarkingtons run a helluva table,''
                                                                                   Bob Brackett said, making much ado about
                                    On Capitol Hill 's Barracks Row                the food. "This vichyssoise is absolutelY
                                                                                   marvelous.'' He went on about various
                                                                                   other foods. Obviously this was his method
                                                                                   of social intercourse, carrying him throu~h
                                                                                   many a meal. Also, like her, he was obhg·
                                                                                   atory baggage and was carrying it off with
                                                                                   good humor. In his family, Polly and h:r

   EUROPEAN               DliD [[[[]              S.RODIN                          pen was the star. Well accepted in th 15
                                                                                   group, it was obvious that Polly merelY
                                                                                   recorded and was never mean .                  .
                          ~~                      EUROPEAN                            "Wonderful," she replied to most of hiS
                                                                                   assertions about the food. She really wanted
                                                  BUILT-IN KITCHENS                to ask him how he coped. But in this at·
   DISTINCTLY                                                                      mosphere she feared any confidences. In·
                         7056 SPRING GARDEN ROAD                                   stead, she unconsciously sipped the wine-
   YOURS                 SPRINGFIELD , VIRGINIA 22150                                 When Cochran turned toward her, she
                         (703) 45 t- t 626                           ALno·         felt he was simply doing the expected turn ·
                                                                                   The lady on his left was obviously more irn·
                         Once you see our showroom,                                portant , the wife of Horton, the editt 1r, whO
                         you will agree that the drive                             giggled a great deal. She imagined that
                         was worth it.                                             Cochran felt himself very witty. She
                                                                                   wondered if he might try to make her laugh.
                                                                                   determined that she would respond on cue·
                                                                                      "You know I'm seriously considering
                                                                                   Coop for the number two slot," he said with
                                                                                   disarming simplicity. It's political and I'm
                                                                                   getting lots of flack from the Hill and the
                                                                                   White House to put in a patronage type. It'S
                                                                                   tough to resist."
                                                                                      Did he bring us here to tell me that? she
                                                                                   wondered, feeling a new wave of agitation·
                                                                                   Actually, she discovered at that momen:
                                                                                   that she had been secretly hoping th 3
                                                                                   Cooper would not get the job. Now she fe!~
                                                                                   guilty for the extent of her malevolence, as 1
                                                                                   his career defeat would be her victorY·
                                                                                   "We're a team," Cooper had intoned, the
                                                                                   sense of which she had not understood corn·
                                                                                   pletely at the time. Earlier, she had absohJl;;
                                                                                                      (Continued on Page 8
30/August /980/Dossier

                                             Indispensable Guide
                                                    to Area
                                                 Fall/Wrnter 1980
   We are pleased to present in this issue   well as location. In conjunction with      will be available through the Dossier
the Washington Dossier's first semi-         this issue, which we hope you will save    for bulk orders.
~nnual "Indispensable Guide to Wash-         and use as a reference, the Dossier is        We hope you use this guide frequent-
Ington Area Restaurants." Included in        publishing a pocket-sized companion        ly. It will increase your pleasure in din-
the guide are more than one hundred of       guide designed for easy reference and      ing out. Also, you can be sure, that
the areas finest restaurants. Unlike         transportation featuring the same          those restaurants featured in the guide
Other guides you may have seen, the          restaurants. These "Indispensable"         are both reliable and outstanding in
"Indispensable" is categorized by            pocket-sized guides will be available in   terms of food and service.
types of cuisine. We have found that         September at your favorite newsstand          Below is an index of those restau-
~eople who dine out invariably think         for the nominal sum of 50 cents, an in-    rants contained in the "Indispensable"
ftrst of the type of food they wish as       credible bargain. Naturally, discounts     guide.

 Alexander's Three                            G & G Italian Villa                61     Man in the Green Hat                 44
    Penthouse Restaurant             47       Geranio                            61     Marco Polo                           62
 '\lpenhof                           58       Germaine's                         45     Market Inn                           67
 Alpine                              60       Hamburger Hamlet                   44     Maxine's                             49
 American Cafe                       42       Henry Africa                       52     Monocle on Capitol Hill              45
 Americus                            42       Hugo' s                            48     Montpelier Room                      57
 Apana                               58       Hunan on Capitol Hill              46     Nathan's                             62
 Apple of Eve                        47       Hunter's Inn                       59     O ' Donnell's                        68
 Ashby's                             48       Intrigue Restaurant                48     Peking                               46
 Avignon Freres                      59       Iron Skillet                       52     Penthouse Restaurant                 49
 Barley Mow                          50       Jacqueline's                       52     Piccolo Mondo                        62
 Beef Exchange                       42       Japan Inn                          63     Ponte Vecchio                        63
 Big Cheese                          59       Jason's                            49     Porto fino                           63
 Bistro Francais                     50       Jean Louis                         66     Rive Gauche                          57
 Bread Oven                          50       Jean Pierre                        53     Rudy's Restaurant                    64
 Broker                              68       Joe&Mo's                           44     Sans Souci                           57
 Bultfeathers                        42       Jonah's Oyster Kitchen             67     Scotland Yard                        68
 Cagney's                            43       Jour et Nuit                       53     Serbian Crown                        66
 Candelas                            60       Kathmandu                          45      1789                                57
 Carvery                             48       King's Landing                     53     Szechuan East                        46
 Casa di Firenze                     60       La Bergerie                        53     Szechuan Garden                      47
 Chardas                             58       La Brasserie                       54     Tandoor                              59
 Charlie's Georgetown                43       La Chaumiere                       54     Taverna Cretekou                     58
 Chez Andree                         51       La Guingette                       54     Tiberio                              63
 Chez Grand Mere                     51       La Maree                           54     Top of the Town                      50
 China Inn                           46       La Miche                           55     Trader Vic's                         60
 Claude's                            51       La Mirabelle                       55     Trudie Ball's Empress                47
 Company Inkwell                     51       La Sorbonne                        55     Viet Chateau                         45
 Crisfield's                         66       Le Danielle                        55     Watergate Complex                    66
 Dankers                             43       Le Jardin                          56     Watergate Dining Room                66
 DaVinci                                                                         56
                                     61       Le Premier                                Watergate Pastry Shop                66
 Diamondhead                         64       Le Provencal                       56
 Dominique's                         52       Les Ambassadeurs                   49     MISCELLANEOUS
 E!Caribe                                     Les Champs
                                     64                                          66
 Eskimo Nell's                       67       Luigi's                            61     Meredyth Vineyards                   68
 Evans Farm Inn                      43       Maison Blanche                     56     Metro Map                            41
                                     67       Mamma Regina                       62     Old World Market                     64
B        rillat Savarin once sWd, "To in-
         vite someone for dinner is to
         take care of his happiness [while]
                                              is not possible. Providing a host arrives
                                              on time at the restaurant, in most cases
                                              a telephone reservation will be
                                                                                           people ordering is to invite chaos.
                                                                                           Would you ask dinner guests at your
                                                                                           home what they wanted you to serve or
in your home." This also applies to           honored. However, if the establish-          if a certain dish would be acceptable···
guests when you entertain them at a           ment is especially popular and the           unless it were something like haggis?
restaurant.                                   party-giver not well-known, it is worth         If you want a souffle, be sure to tell
   Those hosts who comply with some           his time and trouble to meet with the        the maitre d'hotel, and remind your
simple useful rules and customs-a cer-        maitre d'hotel personally before the         waiter as soon as you are seated so the
tain protocol, if you will-get not only       date of his lunch or dinner.                 chef can prepare the egg yolk mixture
the table reservations they want but that        To assure a good relationship, please     well in advance. Then, at the last
meticulous attention and good service         don't ever call the maitre d'hotel,          minute, he will beat the egg whites and
they wish for themselves and their guests.    "maitre d'." The late Ted Bernstein,         fold them into the yolk mixture just
   These customs are not matters of           undisputed arbiter of English usage for      before putting the souffle in a pre-
who sits above or below the salt-in-          the New York Times called this dese-          heated oven. Depending on the size of
deed, at functions of gastronomical           cration of an honorable title "Catskill-      the souffle, the oven time will be 20 to
societies no salt is on the table. They are   ese." A leading author held his nose         35 minutes.
not immutable or chiseled in stone but        when hearing or seeing it in print and          It is true that when gastronomical
rather are commonplace and common-            asked: "Would you address the skipper        societies as prestigious as the Wine and
sense behavior.                               of the QEII as 'Cap'?"                       Food Society book a dinner at a res-
   If you are planning a party at a res-         Assume you are planning a party for       taurant (usually in a private roo~),
taurant, it is important to make all your     eight people, the ideal number . You         they ask for and get a rock bottom pnce
arrangements in advance so the maitre         should see the space that the maitre         that is not available to the public. The
d'hotel and his staff know exactly what       d 'hotel suggests and if there are           eatery is glad to comply. Not only does
you want. Remember, a guest should            choices, try to be as distantly removed      the dinner provide publicity, it alsO
not be concerned about anything nor           as possible from the bar, the kitchen en-    demonstrates the skill of the establish·
ever have to ask for anything. If a           trance and doors to the restrooms.           ment's kitchen to gastronomical gurus
napkin slips off his lap, an alert waiter     Most good restaurants will rearrange         whose taste buds are constantly being
should replace it without being promp-        tables, and some provide room dividers       cosseted.
ted. Ideally, the wise host will entertain    so that you and your guests can be par-         The societies usually have a test d.inh
in a restaurant where he is known and         tiaJly cut off from the rest of the place.   ner in advance of the real event, wh1C
feels comfortable.                               Decide on the menu beforehand with        is impractical for an individual.
  There are times, however, when this         the maitre d'hotel. To have eight or ten     However, you could have a meal with



    ~ ~
  some of the dishes that you and your          return to the restaurant. Arrange to            When you make your re ervation,
  guests will be served.                        have the bill mailed to you. Or, you         don't be too timid to a k the maitre
     After the food decisions are made          may wish to open an account with the         d'hotel for a pecific waiter who ha
  ~sk the maitre d'hotel (or the sommelie;      establishment so you may pay monthly.        served you well before. Keep in mind
  tf there is one) to recommend wines. Do          Book the dinner in your name to           that you are the customer, and mo t of
  n~t be bashful about naming your top          avoid confusion for your gue ts. You         the time your good manner and appre-
  Pnce. No restaurant of merit will palm        don't necessarily need a menu including      ciation of polite service will be
  0 ff an inferior wine. Moreover, in-
                                                wines with each course, but even hand-       reciprocated.
  stances abound where a highly palat-          written ones are a help, especially if you      Remember that throughout the lunch
  able import bought by the restaurant          are serving something such as petits         or dinner, you are the take-charge per-
' Under unusually favorable conditions                                                       son: you are the one to object if the
                                                coulibiacs de poulet a Ia Russe, which is
  Will sell for less than an American bot-      cubed, boneless chicken breast and           service i low. Allow about 20 to 30
  tl~. But don't shy away from domestic         other ingredients in a puff pastry.          minutes each for cocktail and the fir t
  Wmes. They improve all the time and              For a business group, seating can be      course. Three-quarters of an hour
  Often beat European vintages in blind         tricky. I recommend just using com-          should be about right for the main
  tastings. Ask for a kir in some of the        mon sense and putling those with             course and the salad that follows.
  Federal City's best restaurants, and          mutual interests either beside each          Cheese and fruit or dessert should take
  You'll get as its base Sebastiani Moun-       other or directly across the table from      another 20 minutes. Coffee and li-
  tai~ chablis from California and ge-          each other.                                  queurs deserve about half an hour. Be
  nume French cassis. It is a first-rate           Of course, at a social luncheon or din-   sure no one is rushed. You are the one
  aperitif.                                     ner for official or diplomatic guests,       to give the nod to the waiter who is serv-
     Be sure to agree with the maitre           seating should be according to pro-          ing you, so be sure to finish at the same
  d'?otel on the total price for food,          tocol, but generally a sitdown affair for    time as your slowest eating guest.
  drmk and the gratuity of 15 to 20 per-        friends poses no problems since you             Above all, as Washington's own
  cent to be distributed to those who           know who gets along with whom.               Perle Mesta used to say, "Relax and en-
  ser~e you. It would be especially con-           Even with only four people it is wise     joy your own party.''                   0
  fusmg at the end of the dinner to sort        to order for everyone in advance, so
  ~ut the amount and whom to tip as you         that no guest will be inhibited in order-    Donald Dresden has long and wide experience in
   eave. When you thank the maitre              ing because of price. Some restaurants       dining out and reporting on food. He holds a
                                                                                             diploma from /'Ecole Cordon Bleu Academie de
  ~:hotel, it would be quite proper to slip     provide menus with no prices for             Cuisine de Paris and for seven years wrote a
    tm a ten dollar bill or two if the dinner   guests. Moreover, the host will know         weekly column of restaurant criticism for the
  Was really fine, and if you plan to           what the total bill will be.                 Washington Post.

                                            '111 F:
                                                p~                                               COL
                                                D_ _ _
                                                The Cnrrect Way to Entertain Out
                                                By Donald Dresden
                                                                                                    A quarter of a century ago, Washing-
                                                                                                 ton was not known as a luminescent ex-
                                                                                                 citing world capital. It wasn't called a
                                                                                                 sleepy southern town for nothing.

                                                                                                 "Public dowdiness" was the way one
                                                                                                 wri~er put it. After all, not long before,
                                                                                                 all It had taken to make Harry Truman
                                                                                                 feel elegant was a white cloth napkin!

       BNIFE        AND
                                                                                                    The chic people didn't move far be-
                                                                                                 yond their homes and clubs, yet a feW
                                                                                                 restaurants did manage to make a social
                                                                                                 impact. We are not talking about the

                                                                                                 A. V. 's, the Chez Odettes, Blackies or
                                                                                                 Arbaughs-they were around then and
                                                                                                 now-and their very existence for o
                                                                                                 lo~g is a testament that they must be
                                                                                                 domg something right.
                                                                                                    In 1955, the Colony Restaurant, lo-
                                                                                                 cated on DeSales Street was going
                                                                                                 strong as a place to be seen. The elegant
                                              The Monocle Restaurant 20 years ago.

                                                                                                 Harvey's "Miller" greeted guests for over 30
Evans Farm Inn in /956.                                                                          years.

  .. ~~··   ... ~   -·    ,~.--.1CI'>.~'"..
                                                                       .   •
                                                                               " ,,   _:_.

                     en and Now
 red banquettes and French service were                   adorning the walls made a relaxed but
 something relatively new to Washing-                     elegant backdrop to seafood and steak
 tonians. But Perle Mesta and other so-                   specialties. It was the daily dinner place
 cialites flocked there for the continental               for J. Edgar Hoover. Richard Nixon
 ~ishes like sole bonne femme or duck-                    ate there as vice president.
 hng . Alex Stuart owned both the Col-                       Another seafood spot going strong
 ony and Harvey's.                                        was Jack Hunt's, on Pennsylvania
    Harvey's was located next to the                      Avenue between 18th and 19th Streets,
 Mayflower Hotel. Its marble floor,                       N. W. It was a lovely and plush
 dark wood and the seafaring pictures                     restaurant with red decor. Owner Jack

                                                                                                       The Silver Fox Restaurant was hosted by Chris
 Mayflower Coffee Shop, 1956. Insert: Selections from the Presidential Dining Room Menu.               Petropoulos.

                   Monday, May 26, 1941                                                ,-
            Shrimp Cocktail. ...... . .... $       . 75
            Onion Soup Au Gratin.....               .40
            Beluga Caviar..............            3.50
            Clams Casino. ............              .80 • • • •
            Broiled Lobster.......... . .          2.50
            Salmon Steak...... ........            1.00
            Rack of Spring Lamb.......             1.35
            Grilled Small Steak. . . . . . . . .   1. 60
            Half Guinea Hen. .. . .. .. ...        1.40
            Prime Ribs of Beef . . .......         1.40
            Cold Rice Pudding. . . . . . . . .       .25
            Carmel Custard. . . . . . . . . . .      .25
            Fresh Strawberries. . . . . . . . .      .40
            Honey Dew Melon. . . . . . . . .         .40
            Frozen Daiquiri. . . . . . . . . . .     .50
            Martini..... ...... .. .....             .40

Historical Occidental Restaurant awaits renovation.                         Trader Vic's opened its doors 19 years ago at the Statler Hotel.

Hunt took great care with this special                private dinner parties. A specialty of          on was their manager, a fellow name_d
place-he owned a farm in Maryland                     the house was chiffon souffle-pate-             Duke Zeibert, who learned from theJr
where he raised most of the vegetables                stuffed breast of chicken en croute.            mistakes and opened his own famous
served to the 200 or so customers every               Flambeed entrees were also served, but          eatery!                             .
night. It was the favorite lobster place              nothing like the fireworks that went on           The Occidental on Pennsylvanta
for many senators and congressmen                     the day Gwen Cafritz and Perle Mesta,           Avenue was a popular restaurant. Th~
during the 1950s.                                     bitterly feuding, both arrived with their       white, plain decor with dark wood ha f
   Place Vendome was very French and                  guests for lunch. The thoughtful maitre         walls covered with photographs 0
very chic. Opened by the tempestuous                  d'hotel put them on opposite sides of           famous statesmen and other notables.
Blaise Gherardi (who later opened the                 the dining room!                                The food was, well, less notable, b~t
Rive Gauche in the early '50s), it stood                Around the mid-fifties, Fan and               Supreme Court justices, like Feh_.x
near the corner of 17th Street,                       Bill's, a downtown steak and chops              Frankfurter, and senators wended thetr
N. W., and Pennsylvania Avenue.                       place, was sold. The owners, ever               way there just the same.            .
Murals of the Place Vendome in Paris                  possessive, forbade their names or the            In 1957, the Rive Gauche opened 10
adorned the cream walls; crystal chan-                same type of cuisine be used to open the        Georgetown. Jeannine Cusson became
deliers glimmered; it was intimate and                next restaurant. What they didn't count         the manager. Many of the present
small with wood banquettes and ele-
gant bistro. Chateaubriand and carre
d' Agneau were popular entrees. The
late Claude Bouchet was the first
chef, and Jeannine Cusson, the first
hostess. Jacques Scarella (Le Bagatelle)
and Paul deLisle were waiters there in
   Jacques Scarella remembers Place
Vendome well; it was his first place of
work in Washington. Space was at a
premium at the restaurant; there was no
basement, and the hallways to the
restrooms were the only places waiters
could change. Many a society lady was
shocked to find the waiters in their
briefs on her way to freshen up.
   Le Salle du Bois, also owned by Alex
Stuart, was vying for continental am-
biance. It was located at 18th and M
Streets, N. W., with high ceilings,
chandeliers and a cream and blue
decor-there was even a balcony for
Chef and owner Jacques Blanc at the Le Provencal.                          Ermanno Prati's Rotunda Restaurant was part of our city's colorful

owners of Washington's fine French                 coming of Kennedy's "New Frontier."              Valanos still remembers the folks who
restaurants like Jean Pierre Goyenvalle            Can we forget that Jacqueline Kennedy            laughed when he opened. He just
(chef owner of Lion D'or) Gherardi's               put a French chef in the White House             celebrated his 20th anniversary.
chef for 11 years, and Jean-Michel Far-            and was not afraid to flaunt her French              In 1962, Collins Bird opened the
ret (owner of Jean Pierre) learned the             originals?                                        Georgetown Inn in Georgetown, along
ropes there. The restaurant became                    Le Bistro also grew very popular at            with the Four Georges restaurant. The
Popular, especially at night, as the most          1838 M Street, N. W. Cuisine hour-                specialties of the restaurant mimicked
elegant and sumptuous dining spot in               geoisie was taking hold. Exotic tete de           the likes of the English kings; George I
Georgetown. The beige damask walls                 veau and couscous made their presence             liked chops, George II seafood, George
and maroon banquettes regularly hous-              known to diners like Pierre Salinger              Ill preferred continental preparations
ed notables like Marjorie Merriweather             and Ted Sorenson. Brick walls, anti-              and George IV was a drunk, so the
Post and Joseph Alsop.                             ques and red and white-checked                    brown bar was named after him! John
  .~ith the advent of the Kennedy ad-              tablecloths celebrated informality.               Glenn was a frequent guest. Stan
rntmstration, things definitely began to              The Monocle opened on the Hill in              Musial and Hubert Humphrey loved to
change. Suddenly an energetic, new                 1960, catering to the Congress with               dine there. Beef Wellington was a
Worldliness swept Washington with the              good food and hefty drinks. Connie                specialty of the house.
                                                                                                        Then, more and more place Wash-
BfalSe Gherardi.
'Yo~ng French chef, Jean Pierre Goyenvalle prepared specialties at the Rive Gauche, then owned by
                                                                                                     ingtonians now frequent opened-Sans
                                                                                                     Souci, Le Provencal, La Nicoise- o
                                                                                                     many in fact, Washington would never
                                                                                                     be called a sleepy southern town again.
                                                                                                     And how have the restauranteurs seen it
                                                                                                         Robert, maitre d'hotel of Harvey' s,
                                                                                                     says service is not what it used to be,
                                                                                                     and price-wise, the food is "out of
                                                                                                         Produce, whether fresh or exotic, is
                                                                                                     much more available the e days. The
                                                                                                      restaurant explosion ha expanded to
                                                                                                     all nationalities and cui ine . Chefs,
                                                                                                      besides cooking lighter di hes, experi-
                                                                                                      ment more and are more creative. On
                                                                                                      the whole, things are far more sop his-
                                                                                                      ticated, although Jacques Scarella,
                                                                                                      owner of Le Bagatelle, will never forget
                                                                                                      the senator who called him over several
                                                                                                      year ago demanding a nutcracker for
                                                                                                      his snails l          - BETIE TAYLOR
Your Choice of Washington's Finest Restaurants Is Only Minutes and
50¢ Away By Metrorail
       Try French at Farragut West, Vietnamese at Clarendon, Italian at Dupont Circle or
Chinese at Gallery Place. Many of Washington's best restaurants are within easy walking distance
of a Metrorail station.
       Best of all, with Metrorail's non-rush hour 50¢ fares, you'll save money on gas a nd
parking. And you'll have plenty of time to enjoy your meal because the last train leaves at
       So plan a Metrorail meal soon.
       And enjoy.

The Metrorail                                                                   Silver Spnng                                       THERE'S A LOT TO
                                                                                                                                   ENJOY IN METRO'S
Dining Circuit                                                                  Takoma
                                                                                                                                   NEW WASHINGTON
METRORAIL HOURS                                                                                Fort Totten

Mon-Fri- 6 am to Midnight
Saturday-a am to Midnight
Sunday-10 am to 6 pm

                                                                                                     Rhode Island Ave
                                           Dupont Circle

                                              Farragut North
                                                                                                                                               New Carrol~on

                                                                      National Airport

BLUE LINE                                                  L'Enfant Plaza -L'Enfant Plaza at D St. SW                Gallery Place -7th and 9th Sts. at G NW
National Airport - Opposite North Terminal                   DOT Courtyard bet. 6th & 7th St. SW                     Metro Center - 11th. 12th. 13th Sts. at G NW
Cr~stal City - 18th St. bet. Clark St. & Jefferson           7th & C Sts. SW on Mall                                   12th & F Sis. NW
                                                           Federal Center, SW -3rd & D Sts. SW                       Farragut North -Land K Sts. at Conn. Ave NW
P avts H~.
                                                           Capitol South - 1st St. bet. C & D Sts. SE                Dupont Circle -Conn. Ave. & Q St. NW
&~~~\~~ lty -Hayes St. bet. Army-Navy Dr.                                                                              19th & Conn. Ave . NW
                                                           Eastern Market - 7th & Pa. Ave. SE
Pentagon - At Bus Island                                   Potomac Avenue -14th St. bet G St. & Potomac
  On Concourse                                               AveSE                                                   ORANGE LINE
ArJIIngton Cemetery - Memorial Dr. East of                 Stadium-Armory -19th St. at C & Burke Sts. SE             Baliston - Fatrfax Dr. & N. Stuart St.
   efferson Davis                                                                                                    Virg inia Square -Fatrfax Dr. & N. Monroe St.
R~~~~n - N . Moore St. bet. 19th & Wilson Blvd.            RED LINE                                                  Clarendon -Wtlson Blvd. & N. Htghland St.
Fog ' yer Dr. bet. 19th & Wilson Blvd.                     Silver Sprlng -Colesvtlle Road at East-West               Courthouse - Wtlson Blvd. & N. Uhle St.
F gy Bottom - 23rd & Eye Sis. NW                             Hwy                                                     Minnesota Avenue - Mtnnesota Ave. at Grant St.
Marragut West-17th & 18th Sts at Eye NW                    Takoma - Cedar St. NW at Carroll Ave.                       NE
  ~~thhe&rsEon Square-Vermont Ave & Eye St. NW             Fort Totten -Galloway St. NE Extended                     Deanwood -48th St. NE & Polk St. NE at Penn
            ye St. NW                                      Brookland -Michigan Ave. & Monroe St. NE                    Central Railroad
M~~~ ~eFnter - 11th , 12th. 13th Sts. at G NW              Rhode Island Avenue - Rhode Island Ave . & 8th            Cheverly - Columbia Park Rd . at Penn Central
F            Sts. NW                                         St. NE                                                    Railroad
 efve::.IJ~angle - 12th St. bet. Pa. & Cons!.              Union Station-Visitor Center - 1st St. & Mass.            Landover - Landover Rd . (At. 202) at Penn
                                                             Ave. NE                                                   Central Railroad
S~iWths&oJnlan - 12th St. at Independence Ave .              West Portico of Visitor Center                          New Carrollton - John Hanson Hwy
          efferson Dr. SW                                    Amtrak Terminal (Union Station)                           (U .S. At. 50) at Penn Central Railroad
                                                           Judiciary Square -F St. bet. 4th & 5th NW
                                                             4th St. bet. D and E NW

               The American Cafe                                        Americus Restaurant
    Selected by Washingtonian readers for the city's            The latest edition of The Fannie Farmer Cook
   best soup and sandwiches. The menu also features                       Book stands as a testament
   special entrees, meal-size salads, ice-cream crepes,           to the worthiness of traditional and modern
                and home-baked desserts.                           American food. And so does the Sheraton
    Open seven days a week; complete menu served               Washington's Americus, with its tasteful modern
      until 2AM weekdays and 3AM weekends-                      decor and American menu. Regional dishes are
             one hour later in Georgetown.                                  specialties of the house;
            Reservations not required. V MC                    the wine list is strictly the cream of the domestic
   GEORGETOWN: 1211 Wise. Ave., NW 337-3600                     crop. A pianist plays nightly. AE, MC, V, CB.
    CAPITOL HILL: 227 Mass. Ave., NE 547-8200                  2660 Woodley Rd., NW, Washington. 338-2000.
     Open FaD '80: HARBORPLACE, Light Street                            Open daiJy for lunch and dinner.
          Pavillion, Baltimore. (301) 962-8400

   Nearest Metro Stop: Union Station                AM-1
                                                                                                                AM-2        •

                    Beef Exchange
      Prime beef and steaks, served in a room that's a                        Bullfeathers
    refreshing blend of upholstered chairs, green plants,     Definitely Capitol Hill's "in" spot (says the Star's
         and ornate cut-glass panels. There's a care-         "Ear"). Weekends feature a NY Times/ Louisiana
    fully-selected wine list, as well. The Amaretto cheese   style brunch; Saturday nights, try the Maine lobster
    cake is memorable, satisfying to the spirit as well as    stuffed with crab. Desserts include sour cream ap-
           the body. Banquet facilities for up to 50           ple pie or Haagen Dazs ice cream. The bar plays
                available. Entrees $7.50-$14.95.             '50's music; there's also a sidewalk cafe. Free park-
                     AE, MC, V, CB, DC.
                                                                   ing from 6:30. Lunch $3.75-$7.95. Dinner
   101 Union St.(above the Com Exchange Restaurant),
                                                                      $5.95-$10.95. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.
               Old Town, Alexandria 549-8440
                                                                    410 First St., SE Washington. 543-5005.
                        Dinner 5-11 PM
                                                                        Open daily 11:30 AM till 2 AM

                                                             Nearest Metro Stop: Capitol Hill Soutb            AM-4

~2/August   /980/Dossier                                                                   Indispensable Restaurant Guide

                      Cagney's                                         Charlie's Georgetown
    The freshest seafood, the exceptional decor (paneled       A sophisticated restaurant/nightclub featuring fine
  private booths, tables tucked away behind greenery and          American food and premier names in jazz.
    brass) and the compliments are making Cagney's the        For dinner, try the prime beef or fresh seafood, and
   American restaurant in Washington. Eat lightly on the        do have the chocolate walnut torte for dessert.
     freshest swordfish or trout, or dine handsomely on        Noted guitarist/owner Charlie Byrd highlights the
  cioppino or scallops provencale, beautifully prepared and   main room's entertainment; there's also a piano bar,
   presented. Sunday buffet brunch features champagne;        and big band music nightly in the back room. Valet
     parking at brunch and dinner. Major credit cards.        parking available, Dinner $9-$16. AE, MC, V, CB.
  1 Dupont Circle, NW, Washington. (South of Dupont               3223 K St., NW (in the Waterfront Center),
          Circle on New Hampshire Ave.) 659-8820
                                                                              Washington. 298-5985
    Continuous dining Monday-Thursday 11-11, Friday                     Open Daily 11:30 AM till 2 AM
    11-Midnight, Satunlay Noon-Midnight, Sunday 11-3

  Nearest Metro Stop: Dupont Circle                  AM-5     Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom

                       Danker's                                            Evans Farm Inn
   Near the National, Warner, and Ford theatres, this is      Gracious country dining, in an atmosphere that recalls
      the place for American steaks, chops, and fresh           18th-century Virginia. The food is an award-winner;
   seafood; served in cozy paneled rooms with beamed          try the spoonbread, Smithfield ham, roast duckling, or
   ceilings. Dave, the bartender, has been on the scene        prime rib, followed by a home-made dessert. Or, try
     for 42 years and makes the best martini in town!           the Sitting Duck Pub, for lunch, dinner, or Sunday
   Coat and tie. Lunch from $2.95; Dinner from $4.95.           brunch. There are also banquet facilities, a Country
                       AE,MC, V, CB.                                 Store, and free parking. AE, MC, V, DC.
          1209 ESt . , NW, Washington. 628-2330                      1696 Chain Bridge Road (at DoUy Ma~n
   DANKER'S WEST: 6th & School Sts., SW (between                       Boulevard), McLean, Virginia. 356-8000
             D & E Sts.) Washington. 554-7856                       Lunch 11:30-2:30; Dinner 5-11, Sunday J.2..9.
                                                                Sitting Duck Pub Mon.-Thurs. 5-11, Fri.-Sat. 5-12,
                                                               Sunday Brunch 11-2; Entertainment Friday-Saturday

   Nearest Metro Stop: Metro Center                   AM-7

Indispensable Restaurant Guide                                                                   Dossier!August /980143

              Hamburger Hamlet                                                 Joe and Mo's
   Judged continously as Washingtonian's favorite place         American food served in a sophisticated setting with
       to go for hamburgers, The Lewis' Hamburger                a friendly, casual attitude. Prime aged beef, fresh
     Hamlets are the places to bring family and friends.        seafood, milk-fed veal, steamed lobster, and potato
     Their famous dishes include Lobster Bisque, Onion                  pancakes are some of the specialities.
    Soup Fondue. Zucchini Zircles, and Chicken Wings.            There's a varied list of wines to accompany them.
   Add a soft complement of taped music and exquisite              The chocolate cream cheese pie and chocolate
   surroundings to delectable food and drink, and you'll                    mousse are not to be missed.
             surely please everyone. AE, V. DC                             There's valet parking after 6:30.
          Washington: 5125 Wisconsin Ave., NW                             Expensive. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.
      Bethesda: 10400 Old Georgetown Rd. 144-1037                U11 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington. 659-U11
       Mon.-Sat. 11:30-11:00; Fri.-Sat. till Midnight               Open Monday-Saturday 11:30 AM till11 PM
            Sunday (DC) 11:30; (MD) Noon-9:30
                                                      AM-9      Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut North/Dupont Circle AM-10

                                                                         Put Washington's
                                                                        Finest &taumnts
                                                                                  In Your

         The Man in the Green Hat
       Proud of his well established reputation after just
    two years, the "Man's" offerings range from burgers,
   chili, homemade breads and desserts through delightful
     dinner entrees including Chicken Francais and fresh
      seafood. Praised by Washington's food critics, the
   "Man" is also famous for personable and friendly ser-
   vice, all in three dining areas featuring a fifty-two foot    The Indispensable Guide will be available at
   bar with a two-story wine rack. AE, MC, V, DC, CB.              your favorite news outlets in September.
     301 Massachusetts Ave., NE,Washington. ~5900                It is available by bulk order for associations
       Luncb Mon-Fri. ll:J0..1:30;Dinner Mon.-Thur.                             and conventions.
      5:30-11:00; Fri.-Sat. 5:30-1:00 AM; Sunday 5-10;
                     Brunch Sat.-Sun. 11-3                           For further information call 362-5894
   Ntarest Metro Stop: Union StatJon                  AM-11

#/August 1980 Dossier                                                                      Indispensable Restaurant Guide
Amerimn                                                   Asian

     The Monocle on Capitol Hill                                            Germaine's
    Congress and the media gather at the Monocle on        Dick and Germaine Swanson serve memorable Pan-
       Capitol Hill, attracted by the American and         Asian dishes in a restaurant where the subtle earth-
    Continental cuisine (including crab Imperial, and         tone decor is accented by skylights and banana
  Caesar salad prepared at the table) and the intimate,     trees. The seafood and charcoal-grilled dishes are
    elegant setting. There's a selection of French and      specialties. The wine list is French and American,
    Californian wines, plus a home-made rum pie or          chosen for the spicy foods; the ginger and lychee-
  hazelnut cake for dessert. The cocktail hour features    flavored ice creams are rare treats. Moderate to ex-
       complimentary hors d'oeuvres; private party                       pensive. AE, MC, V, DC.
   facilities are available. Moderate. AE. MC, V, CB.           2400 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington.
         107 D Street, NE, Washington, 546-4488             965-1185. Lunch Mon.-Fri. 12-2:30; Dinner Sun .-
       Open Monday through Friday, 11:30-1AM;                            Thurs. 6-10; Fri.-Sat. 6-11
                        closed Sundays

   Nearest Metro Stop: Union Station             AM-12


                    Kathmandu                                              Viet Chateau
    Only in Washington could you find a restaurant              The gourmet mecca for lovers of Vietnamese
   like Kathmandu: a small, intimate place with ab-          "Cuisine Minceur". The low-calorie and delicious
    solutely authentic Nepalese and Kashmiri food.            dishes of Hanoi and Saigon are mild. Minh, the
  (The decor is also Nepalese.) Try biriani, a saffron-    owner/chef has devoted one-third of his menu to the
  ed rice dish with peas, cashews, and lamb, chicken,      fiery cuisine of Hue, a joy for any lover of hot spicy
      or shrimp, and finish with the rice pudding.            food. Daily features include Flame-Seared Beef,
        There's a carefully-chosen wine list, too.          Salt-Fried Shrimp, Friendship Firepot, Spring Rolls
            Moderate. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.                     and Chicken Lemon Grass. Entertainment nightly
  1800 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington (Yz block               and a large dance floor. Lunch $4.75-$5.75;
        from Washington Hilton Hotel) 483-6470                   Dinner $6.75-$9.75. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.
     Lunch Mon-Fri. 11:30-2:30; Dinner Mon.-Sat.           2637 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington. 23~
                5:30- 11, Sunday 5-10:30                       Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-3; Dinner daily 6-11
   Nearest Metro Stop: Dupont Circle              AS-14                                                    AS-15

Indispensable Restaurant Guide                                                               Dossier/August 1980/45

                      China Inn                                     Hunan on Capitol Hill
  Careful preparation of authentic Chinese dishes has         An elegant new Hunan/Szechuan restaurant, noted
    made China Inn a frequent dining award winner              for its serenity by the Post's Phyllis Richman. Try
   during its 40-year history. The Chinese embroidery          the fried meat dumplings, Tung Ting shrimp, and
  on the walls sets the stage for Pelican Nest, smoked       tea-smoked duck, and don't miss the brilliant flavor
  crabs, or Lemon Chicken; there are also daily specials.      interplay of the Hunan lamb and beef. The whole
               Winner of '78, '79, and '80                    fish dishes will be plenty for your palate. There's a
            Washingtonian Restaurant Award.                 relaxing cocktail lounge that serves wonderful tropical
          Do try the fried bananas for dessert.                   drinks, plus banquet, catering, and carry-out
  Lunch from $4.50; Dinner from $5.75. AE, MC, V.           facilities. Lunch from $4, dinner $5-$9. AE, MC, V.
    631 H Street, NW, Washington. 842-0909/0910                    201 D St., NE (2 blocks from Union Station)
     Open Monday-Thursday 11AM-3AM; Friday-                    Washington. ~102. Sunday-Thursday 11:30AM-
     Saturday 11AM-4AM, Sunday HAM-1:30AM                              10PM; Friday and Satunlay till llPM

  Nearest Metro Stop: Gallery Place                CH-16    Nearest Metro Stop: Union Stadon                  CH-17

              Peking Restaurant                                             Szechuan East
   One of Washington's oldest Chinese restaurants,          In a prime location just two blocks from the White
   Peking serves both Mandarin and Szechuan food                House, Schezuan East serves fiery Szechuan
         in an elegant, red-and-gold setting.                 specialties, in an environment where grass cloth
      Try the crisp Peking duck, sharkfin soup,              and green plants provide visually cooling touches.
        or chicken velvet, with fermented rice                Shanghai shrimp, chicken in black bean sauce,
              or rice pudding for dessert.                     Cleopatra chicken and cheng-chiang beef are
             Moderate. AE, MC, V, DC.                       among the specialties; fresh fruit makes a delightful
     DOWNTOWN: 823 15th St., NW 737-4540                                   dessert. AE, MC, V, DC.
  UPPER NW: 5522 Connecticut Ave., NW 966-8079                    1805 H St., NW Washington. 296-3588
           Both open daily, llAM -10PM                      Open Monday-Thursday 11:30 AM-10 PM, Friday-
                                                                Saturday 11:30 AM- 11 PM. Closed Sunday

 Nearest Metro Stop: McPherson Square             CH-18      Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut West                CH-19

46/August 1980/Dossier                                                                    Indispensable Restaurant Guide

       Szechuan Garden Restaurant                                       Trudie Ball's Empress
         Washington's original Szechuan/Hunan                       Elegant, intimate, and newly redecorated,
               restaurant (it opened in 1973),                 Trudie Ball's is one of Washington's oldest Chinese
                  and still one of the best.                     restaurants, as well as one of the few where you
     The General Gaus duckling and Szechuan crispy                may have Peking duck without advance notice.
      fish are specialties, and there's also complete            Or, if you prefer, try the shrimp with hot garlic
          bar service for before and after dinner.                sauce, or sample the rest of the Mandarin and
           Lunch $2.25-$3 .75; Dinner $4.50-$8.                        Szechuan menu: you can't go wrong.
                     AE, MC, V, DC.                                     Banquet facilities for 200 available.
     ROCKVILLE: 7945 Tuckerman Lane. 299-3525                  Lunch $4-$5; Dinner $6-$12. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.
      BETIIFSDA: 7800 Wisconsin Ave. 652-1700                  1018 Vermont Avenue, NW, Washington. 737-2324
      Both branches open daily 11:30AM-10:30PM                 Lunch Monday- Saturday 11:30-3; Dinner Monday-
                                                                       Saturday 5-11. Open noon-11 Sunday

                                                     CH-20     Nearest Metro Stop: McPherson Square           CH-21


      Alexander's Three Penthouse                                          The Apple of Eve
    A rooftop for all occasions. The contemporary main               Here, you'll find Continental cuisine, plus
     dining room offers such specialties as Veal Francais      correct, thoughtful service and a unique, handsome
    and Beef Wellington-both large and small portions              decor. Fresh seafood and prime beef are the
   for different prices. All wines and cocktails are served     specialties, and there's also an extensive wine list.
   in hugh goblets. After the theater, there is a light cafe      The Flaming Apple of Eve ends dinner with a
      menu, piano bar and dancing to big band music.              flourish. Live music at cocktails; dancing after
     Lunch $4-$8. Dinner $8-15. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.                9:30. Entrees $8.50-$14. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.
       1500 Wilson Blvd. Rosslyn, Arlington. 527-0100                     In Leow's L'Enfant Plaza Hotel
    Malo dining room: Open Mon. - Thurs. 11:30 a.m.                L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, D.C. 484-1000.
           -10:30 p.m. Fri. and Sat. 11:30 -2 a.m.                Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30; Dinner daily
          Goblet Room: Mon. - Sat. 11:30 - 2 a.m.                          6-11:30, cocktails from 5 daily.
             Free dinner parking In the building.
  Nearest Metro Stop: Rosslyn                        C0-22
                                                                Nearest Metro Stop: L'Enfant Plaza              C0-23

Indispensable Restaurant Guide                                                                   Dossier/August 1980147

    In the Washington Hilton, Ashby's features Con-                          The Carvery
       tinental cuisine in a setting of late Victorian     Part of the Mayflower Hotel, this is the classic good
     elegance. A delectably juicy prime rib and calf's      restaurant: Continental cuisine, with beef and veal
   liver with gammon are the specialties of the house;     the specialities, served in a private, elegant atmosphere.
   there's also an extensive wine list. For dessert, try        The wine list leans towards the French and
    Ashby's Surprise. There's dancing and entertain-         American; the desserts, including crepes Suzette,
  ment Monday-Saturday 9-1. AE; MC, V, CB, DC.                    flambe, and cheese cakes, are inspired.
  1919 Connecticut Ave., NW, Washington. 483-3000                       $6.75-$15.50; AE,MC, C, CB.
        Lunch daily 12-2:30; Dinner daily 6-11:30          1127 Connecticut Avenue, NW (between Land M),
                                                                             Washington. 347-3400
                                                                          Open 6:30 AM-11:30 PM

   Nearest Metro Stop: Dupont Circle              C0-24
                                                           Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut North                 C0-25

                         Hugo's                                             The Intrigue
  In the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill,             Barbara and Peter Laricos have given Foggy
         Hugo's serves Continental cuisine for              Bottom what it's always needed: an intimate, ele-
  discriminating palates in a sophisticated room with      gant Continental restaurant that's close to the Ken-
    a view of the Capitol. The turbot with oysters,           nedy Center. The Intrigue features tenderloin
       lobster, mushrooms, and sauce nantua is               Mediterranean, broiled rockfish au beurre, and
    memorable; the sommelier can help you select a            veau a Ia Suisse, plus a rich rum pecan pie for
  wine. The dessert souffles are puffy perfection. A       dessert. French, American, and Italian wines com-
   pianist plays during cocktails and dinner. Entrees          1Jlement it all. Perfect for after-theater din-
            $13.25-$18.75. AE, MC, V, CB.                              ing. Moderate. AE, MC, V.
       400 New Jersey Ave., NW, Washington.                    824 New Hampshire Ave., NW Washington.
                        737-1234                             333-2266. Lunch 11:30-2:30; Dinner 5:30-12:30.
    Dinner Sunday-Thursday 6-11, Friday-Saturday
            6-midnight; Brunch Sunday 11-3
  Nearest Metro Stop: Union Station              C0-26     Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                   C0-27

48/August 1980/Dossier                                                                  Indispensable Restaurant Guide

                         Jason                                            Les Ambassadeurs
    In the Sheraton Potomac Hotel, Jason's feaures
                                                               In the Georgetown Inn, Les Ambassadeurs offers
   the kind of continental food Americans love, in a
                                                             classic Continental cuisine in a unique, elegant setting
     contemporary room where tableside telephones
                                                              of Chippendale with a touch of Chinese influence.
     provide the last word in elegance. Try the veal
                                                                Steak Diane and Veal Con Funghi are featured,
   Oscar, prime rib, or stuffed flounder; for dessert
                                                                      along with a wine list that combines
    have anything wih the always-fresh strawberries.
                                                                    French, Italian, and American vintages.
  There's a list of domestic and imported wines, plus
                                                                 Moderately expensive. AE, MC., V, CB, DC.
       music in the Atrium lounge. Lunch $2-$6;
                                                             1310 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Washington. 333-8900
          Dinner$9-$15. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.
                                                              Open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 7AM till
      1-270 and Shady Grove Rd., Rockville Md.
                                                             10:30PM; Sunday Champagne Brunch 11AM till 3PM
         840-0200 Lunch 11:30-2; Dinner 6-10;
                Sunday brunch 10:30-2:30

                                                   C0-28     Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                 C0-29

             Maxine's Restaurant                                   The Penthouse Restaurant
  An airy, casually elegant restaurant, where the eclectic    In the Quality Inn Pentagon City, this fme restaurant
   blend of Victorian and contemporary furnishings sets         has both a spectacular view of the DC skyline, and
         the stage for remarkable Continental food           Continental food good enough to draw your eyes from
             prepared by a team of Swiss chefs.                the windows. Try the stuffed filet of red snapper or
   Try the interesting renditions of cuisine ranging from    prime rib, with a bottle of domestic or imported wine,
      veal to seafood; as far as the desserts, anythings     and a Snow Cap for dessert. There's a pianist Sunday
       chocolate goes! Sip a pre-dinner drink at the         through Thursday and a guitarist Friday and Saturday
          mezzanine bar which is open till closing.             evening; the skydome revolving lounge is one floor
   Dinner for two with wine, $45-$55. AE, MC, V, CB.           above. Entrees $9.90-$13 .95. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.
  2519 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington. 659-8220         300 Anny-Navy Dr., Arlington, VA 8924100, x1454
              Lunch Monday-Saturday U-2:30;                        Lunch dally 11:30-2; Dinner weekdays 6-11,
                Dinner Monday-Saturday 6-11                                    weekends 6-midnight
  Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                 C0-30
                                                             Nearest Metro Stop: Crystal City                 C0-31

Indispensable Restaurant Guide                                                                  Dossier/August 1980/49
Continental                                                  English

               Top 0' Tbe Town                                                  Barley Mow
     Even the glass elevator ride can't prepare you for       An exquisite olde English atmosphere and fine fare
    Top 0' The Town's breathtaking view of the Mall.           await you here. Thickly-cut Prime Rib, Beefe Dev-
   When you look to the menu, there's Continental and         onshire and Filet Mignon are highlighted, as well as
   American food, with the accent on veal, seafood and            Lamb, Veal and Roast Long Island Duckling.
   beef, plus a reasonably-priced wine list. There's danc-    Fresh seafood delicacies vary from the Baked Stuf-
   ing nightly, a singer and pianist on weeknights, and a        fed Trout to Australian Lobster Tail. Prices are
      DJ Saturdays. Lunch $3.50-$8; Dinner $10-$14;            reasonable, portions are generous. The desserts in-
            Brunch $7 .50. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.                 cluding Lady Windemere Trifle, are award-winners.
      14th and N Oaks Sts., Arlington, Va 525-9200.            Banquet facilities, non-smoking sections available.
   Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30; Dinner Sunday-Thursday                                V, MC, AE.
     &.10; Weekends &.11; Sunday brunch 11:30-2:30.           700 Water St., SW (off Maine Ave.), Washington.
                                                               554-7320. Lunch served Mon.-Fri. 11-3; Dinner 5-
                                                                   10. Open for Dinner Sat. 5-11 & Sun. 4-10.
   Nearest Metro Stop: Rosslyn                      C0-32     Nearest Metro Stop: L'Enfant Plaza                EN-33


                 Bistro Francais                                             Tbe Bread Oven
   Known for its excellent French cuisine, as well as its        It's "cuisine de farnille," at very reasonable prices.
    raffishly elegant stained-glass-and-mahogany decor.       On Saturdays, enjoy our "Frunch" (a French Brunch).
     Be sure to try the chicken en rotisserie or scallops      On weekdays relax over homemade pates, pastries or
   en brochette. There's also an extensive list of French      dozens of teas, coffees and cappuccinos. Dine to the
       wines, plus home made desserts. And Sunday               delightful aroma of hot loaves and croissants pulled
   brunch features all-you-can-drink champagne. Early         steaming from the oven. You can also take it all home
      bird dinner Monday-Friday for $8.95 and a com-              with you. There are delicious reasons to stop by
     plimentary glass of wine. Lunch $4-$6.50; Dinner                The Bread Oven. Even if it's not for bread.
                  $9-$12. AE, MC, V, DC.                      Most entrees $5.95 lunch; $6.95 dinner (includes salad).
          3124-28 M St., NW Washington. 338-3830                   UlO 19th Street, NW, Washington. 466-4264
            Open 11AM-3AM Sunday-Thursday;                    Serving breakf~N SAM; Ooses 10PM Monday-Satunlay;
              11AM-4AM Friday and Saturday                      Dinner 6-10PM. Oosed Sunday. Major credit cards

   Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                 FR-34     Nearest Metro Stop: Dupont Circle                 FR-35

50/August 1980/Dossier                                                                     Indispensable Restaurant Guide

                    Chez Andree                                            Chez Grand-Mere
     A relaxed, informal restaurant where the prompt,          Enjoy the warm atmosphere of a small, elegant
      courteous service, French Provincial decor, and            country French Inn, situated in the heart of
    excellent French cuisine make you feel instantly at         Georgetown. A new chef exquisitely prepares
    home. The Coquilles St. Jacques and Ris de Veau         superior French cuisine ... delightful food you would
    are specialities; there's also a comprehensive, well-       expect to find only at more expensive French
       chosen wine list. The Coupe aux Marrons is a             restaurants. You'll love the hospitable service
     delightful choice for dessert. Lunch $4.95-$8.75,         highlighted by the graciousness of Paola Blanc.
      Dinner $9.25-$16.75; AE, MC,V, CB, DC, CC.                   Moderate. Major credit cards accepted.
    10 E. Glebe Road (US 1 south past Crystal City to            3057 M Street, NW, Washington. 337-2436
    right on E. Glebe), Alexandria, Virginia. 836-1404                   Open for Lunch and Dinner
              Lunch Monday-Friday 11-2:30;                          and all day Sunday. Closed Monday.
               Dinner Monday-Saturday 5-10                        Perfect for before or after theatre dining

                                                            Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                   FR-37

                       Claude's                                      The Company Inkwell
   Newly opened in Gaithersburg, Claude's features          During its 10 years in the Washington area, The Com-
   elegant dining in a relaxed atmosphere. The food          pany Inkwell has been proclaimed by critics as one of
      served will rival any downtown Washington               the area's top French restaurants. With intimate sur-
   restaurant and will please the most discriminating         roundings, you will enjoy such specialities as Pacific
     P~ate: Specialties of the chef change daily. A
                                                               Salmon, flown in fresh daily, prepared with many
  spec1al B1stro menu is offered for those who would          classical presentations. Veal dishes are all made with
                                                            p~ernium Plume de Veau; the duckling, beef, and lamb
        like a light snack anytime. AE, MC, V.
                                                            dishes are also expertly prepared. After dinner, ask for
          9021 Gaither Rd., Gaithersburg, Md.
                                                                  the house speciality, flaming Coffee Inkwell.
            (Shady Grove Shopping Center).
                                                             4109 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia. 525-4243
                                                                Lunch Mon.-Fri. 11:30-2:30; Dinner Mon.-Thurs.
      Lunch Monday- Friday. Dinner every night.
                                                             6:00-10:30; Friday and Saturday 6-11; Qosed Sunday
                Dancing begins at 10 PM.
                                                            Nearest Metro Stop: Ballston                       FR-39

I nd'
    lspensable Restaurant Guide                                                                  Dossier/August 1980151

                   Dominique's                                               Henry Africa
   A restaurant no guide could be complete without.             A totally unique restaurant, where an onyx and
      Dominique's serves classic French food, plus            mahogany bar, handpainted murals, and a French
   rarities like rattlesnake. The wine list is extensive;         parlor create an aura of turn-of-the-century
  the chocolate Grand Marnier souffle is so good it's        elegance. The French menu changes seasonally and
       sinful. A $200 per couple special includes a            there are daily specials; so ingredients are always
   limousine and a 7-course meal. Other dinners are          fresh. Accordingly, the wine list is extremely varied.
   $8.25-$18.95; the prix fixe theatre menu is $8.95.               Desserts are home-made and tempting.
                       AE,MC,V,CB.                                          Moderate. AE, MC, V.
    1900 Penn. Ave., NW, Washington. 452-1126.                  607 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia. 549-4010
              Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-2;                       Lunch Tuesday-Saturday 11:30-2:30; Dinner
   Dinner Monday-Friday 5:30-12; Saturday 5:30-1.             Tuesday-Thursday 6-10:30; Friday-Saturday 6-11;
           Theatre menu not available 7-10:30                       Sunday brunch 11-3, Sunday dinner 5-9
  Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut West                FR-40

                    Iron Skillet
      Award-winning French cuisine, served in an                   Jacqueline's Restaurant
   intimate, European-feeling room that's decorated
    with antique oil paintings. Start with the Clams             Jacqueline Rodier has created not a French
   Casino, then move on to the Scampi a Ia Firenze          restaurant, but a Paris one that seems miraculously
  (with Danish lobster) or the Chateaubriand. There's          transported to M Street, with the antiques and
  peach melba with merringue or Coupe aux Marrons           memorabilia intact. Try the tournedos au poivre a Ia
        for dessert, as well as a select wine list.              Parisienne or carre d'agneau roti aux herbes
          Lunch $4.25-$9; Dinner $7.50-$16.                  de Provence, with a bottle of French or American
                 AE, MC, V, CB, DC.                             wine. For dessert, there's Ia poire Jacqueline.
  5838 Columbia Pike (BaiJey's Crossroads Shopping                    Lunch $6-$8.95; dinner $9.95-$15.
       Center), Falls Church, Virginia. 820-3332                            AE, MC, V, CB, DC.
  Monday-Saturday tlAM-lOPM; Sunday 10AM-9PM                       1990 M St., NW, Washington. 785-8877
                                                                       Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30;
                                                                       Dinner Monday-Saturday 6-10:45.
                                                   FR-42    Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut North                FR-43

51/August 1980/Dossier                                                                  Indispensable Restaurant Guide

        fLn u .•
      0 7s~URANT                        FRANCAIS

                     Jean-Pierre                                                 Jour et Nuit
          If French restaurants can be measured by               Located in a 200-year-old Georgetown townhouse.
         the eminence of their maitres d'hotel, then               Jour et Nuit is an elegant, intimate setting for
     Jean-Michel Farret's association with Jean-Pierre            superb French cuisine. You can venture anywhere
       speaks volumes about the importance of this               on the menu with assurance; try the famous Trout
    sophisticated restaurant. Feui//ete de St. Jacques au        Wellington; there is also an extensive wine list, and
      safran is a specialty, as is the fresh fruit dessert         a full line of French desserts. A local magazine
     souffle; the wine list is extensive and well-chosen.        calls Jour et Nuit's brunch Washington's best; the
              Expensive. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.                      private party facilities are also among the finest in
        1835 K Street, NW, Washington. 466-2022                             the city. Expensive. AE, MC, V.
                 Lunch Monday-Friday 12-2;                             3003 M St., NW, Washington. 333-1033
      Dinner Monday-Saturday 6-10. Closed Sunday                 Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30; Dinner Sunday-
                                                              Friday 6-10:30; Saturday 6-11. Sunday brunch -11-2:30

   Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut Nortb                FR-44     Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                FR-45

                  King's Landing                                                La Bergerie
   5 beautiful rooms and excellent French food highlight               A French restaurant that specializes in
     this riverview restaurant. Try the Tournedos King's         Basque cuisine, La Bergerie has soft lighting and
   Landing, and select from the 90-bottle list. Or, go up       comfortable round banquettes that create a feeling
    to King's Loft for light fare served till closing. Tony     of intimacy. Try the Conjit de Canard or Pari/lade
      Matarrese is at the piano; there's also a room for        des Pecheurs, with a bottle of wine from the good,
               private parties. Lunch $4.25-$9.95;               moderately-priced list. There's Galette basque for
         Dinner $9.95-$15.95. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.                   dessert, plus a pianist in the Biarritz Lounge.
         121 S. Union St., Alexandria, Va. 836-7010               Lunch from $8, Dinner from $20. AE, MC, V.
       Lunch Mon.-Fri. 11:30-2:15; Dinner Mon.-Sat.            220 North Lee Street, Alexandria, Virginia. 683-1007
       6:30-10:15; Sunday 5:30-8:45; Weekend Brunch              Lunch Monday-Saturday 11:30-2:30; Dinner daily
     12-2:45; King's Loft open Mon.-Sat. till 2 AM, till           6-10:30; closed Sundays June through August
                      11:30 PM on Sunday

                                                    FR-46                                                     FR-47

Indispensable Restaurant Guide                                                                    Dossier/August 1980/53

                    La Brasserie                                             La Chaumiere
       Owners Gary Aubouth and Raymond Campet                 This country French restaurant is packed for both
    have created a charmingly casual French restaurant          lunch and dinner for obvious reasons: the liver,
    in their Capitol Hill location. Upholstered cushions      quiche, couscous, blood sausage, and daily specials
     and tiled floors set the tone for an ever-changing       are just a few of the menu highlights. There's also
       menu of daily specials. For seafood lovers, try           an extensive, moderately priced wine list, and
   the sea scallops or the crab curry. Homemade soups        wonderful home-made pastries. On a cold night, get
       shouldn't be overlooked. The creme brulee is          a table by the free-standing stone fireplace and have
   a standout for dessert. Lunch $6-$8; dinner $12-$18.      a warming Cafe Chaumiere. Two hours free parking
                  AE, MC, V, SaveSystem.                       at dinner. Moderate/expensive. AE, MC, V, DC.
     239 Massachusetts Ave., NE, Washington 546-6066              2813 M Street, NW, Washington. 338-1784
          Open Monday-Friday 11:30AM-midnight;               Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30; Dinner Monday-
   Saturday 11:30AM-midnight; Sunday 11:30AM-10PM                  Thursday 5:30-11, Friday-Saturday 5:30-12

  Nearest Metro Stop: Union Station                 FR-48    Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                FR-49

                  La Guinguette                                                 La Maree
      With an atmosphere reminiscent of a tea garden,         The archetypical quiet, romantic French restaurant,
    La Guinguette offers superb French food and service.       complete to the mahogany furnishings and velvet
      Add in the live entertainment, and you have the           banquettes, La Maree offers extensive seafood,
      makings for a night on the town, without going           lobster, veal, and duck dishes; the resident pastry
     downtown. Banquet facilities. ~$60 per couple.                   chef's works of art are just that. ..
                   AE, MC, V, DC, CB.                                        Expensive. AE, V, MC.
     Gallows Road & Lee Highway (in the Merrifield               1919 Eye Street, NW, Washington. 659-4447
         Plaza), Falls Church, Virginia. 569-6323             Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30; Dinner Monday-
            Open dally for lunch and dinner.                        Thursday 6-10:30; Friday-Saturday 6-11
   The owners are proud to announce the opening of the
   new Regency Restaurant, specializing in French cuisine.
     6805 Springfield Plaza, Springfield, VA. 589-0099

                                                   FR-50     Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut West                FR-51

54/August 1980/Dossier                                                                   Indispensable Restaurant Guide

                                                                             Fine French Restaurant

                          La Miche                                            La Mirabelle
           "There is that certain something we bring to             A small, romantic French restaurant where
            our patrons. Be it the most delicate sauces,      the devotion to freshness is so fanatic, the menu has
            · the concerned attention of our waiters,          been known to change daily. So choose whatever is
           the experience that is truly known as country       recommended the day you visit, and accompany it
        French. We are a very personal restaurant and our       with a wine from the list of over 100 international
         greatest joy is having our guests leave La Miche      vintages. There are both table d'hote and a Ia cart
             smiling, because the food was so good."                 menus, from about $9-$16. AE, MC, V.
                    Christian Domergue, Owner                  6645 Old Dominion Drive (In McLean Square Center
                               V,MC                            off Chain Bridge Road), McLean, Virginia 893-8484
          7905 Norfolk Avenue, Bethesda MD. 986-0707                      Luncb Monday-Friday 11:30-3;
        Lunch Tue.-Fri. 11:30-2:30. Dinner Mon.-Sat. 6-10.              Dinnner Monday-Saturday 5:30-10
                            Sunday S-9.

                                                     FR-51                                                     FR-53

                       La Sorbonne                                             Le Danielle
          As the name suggests, La Sorbonne can be an            Le Danielle is the essence of France, from its
         education in haute cuisine. Try Chef Chaban's        crystal chandeliers and European tablecloths to its
        casserole aux fruits de mer or steak Diane in the     haute cuisine menu. The chef takes special pride in
          relaxing, fire-lit room accented by brick, tiled     the fish dishes, and there's an excellent cellar of
      floors, and green plants. At dessert time, try one of          French and the best American wines.
       the baked-on-the-premises pastries. Moderate. AE,      For dessert, have fresh berries with sauce Sabayon
                             MC, V, CB.                           or one of the home-made French pastries.
           2507 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Washington.                     Lunch about $10; Dinner $14-$15.
         223-2507 Open Monday-Saturday for breakfast,                        AE, MC, V, CB, DC.
        lunch, and dinner; open for Sunday brunch 11-4          800 16th Street., NW, Washington. 638-2260
                                                                      Lunch 11:45-2:30; Dinner 6-11 daily;
                                                                              Sunday brunch 11·3
      Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom               FR-54    Nearest Metro Stop: McPherson Square             FR-55

    Indispensable Restaurant Guide                                                                Dossier/August 1980155

       on the

                     Le Jardin                                             Le Premier
       Relax in this cheerful, skylit California-style      French haute cuisine with all the stops pulled out
          re.taurant with a fresh fruit daiquiri.                    is what you'll find at Le Premier.
        Then move on to a choice of fresh food.             The turbot and sole are flown in daily from Paris
      Try the fish du jour (usually two choices) or        for Chef Roland Bouryat; the Art Deco, multi-level
  avocado stuffed with fresh crabmeat or light french     restaurant was custom-designed. There's a list of the
  fare such as quiche, crepes, or omelettes. Fresh veal         best French, German, and American wines;
       and a variety of hearty steaks are available.             desserts include souffles, floating island,
        Lunch $3 .95-$7 .95; Dinner $5.95-$11.95.                        and home-made pastries.
                  AE, MC, V, CB, DC.                                 Moderate. AE, MC, V,CM, DC.
      1113 23rd Street, NW, Washington. 457-0057               1140 19th Street, NW, Washington 293-3220
       Open 7 days a week, 11:30AM to Midnight               Open Mon.-Sat. Lunch 11:30-3; Dinner 6:30-11
           and Sunday 10:45AM to Midnight

  Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                FR-56   Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut North                 FR-57

                                                                        Maison Blanche
                  Le Provencal                                The success of Maison Blanche is reflected in its
   Skillful, uniformed waiters, an elegant room, and         excellent exciting French menu and its elegant old
     founder/chef Jacques Blanc's award-winning           world dining room. Located next to the White House
  Provencal cuisine make for memorable dining here.        it attracts famous legislators, foreign dignitaries, and
   The bouilJabaisse is legendary, and there are also          other celebrities looking for the best in French
    daily specials, plus fresh fruit tarts for dessert.   cuisine. Maitre d'Hotel recomends the Mousseline des
   The wine list is international, including of course,   Trouis Soeurs. As a special treat with 24 hours notice
  many from Provence. You can have special requests         you can dessert on Ananes Voile. Valet Parking in
    on 24-48 hours' notice; there are also banquet                     evenings. Reservations suggested.
          facilities, and free parking at dinner.              Dinner $25. Lunch $15. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.
  Lunch $6-$8; Dinner $12-16. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.                  1725 F Street, NW, Wasblngton. 842-0070
     1134 lOth Street.,NW, Washington. 223-2420
     Open for lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday

  Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut West               FR-58   Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut West                  FR-59

56/August 1980/Dossier                                                                 Indispensable Restaurant Guide

                                                                              Rive Gauche
       The Montpelier Restaurant                             A classic French Restaurant known for its standard of
                                                            excellence since the first day it opened, receiving consis-
  In The Madison Hotel, a restaurant renowned for the
                                                               tent praise from Washington critics and customers.
    elegance of its appointments, old world service and
                                                              Rive Gauche is recognized throughout the world, at-
      spare-no expense attitude towards haute cuisine.
                                                             tracting the fmest international clientele. Specialties of
   Chefs of many nationalities skillfully combine superb
                                                               the house include Cote de Veau Aux Morilles. And
       ingredients with unique facilities which include
                                                            don't forget Lassiette De Sonbets Aux Fruits de Saison
    authentic hickory pits and charcoal grills. Extensive
                                                             for dessert. Dinner $25. Lunch $11. AE, MC, V, CB
  choice of vintage wines. An elaborate Sunday Brunch.
                                                                    3200 M Street NW, Washington 3~.
  Lunch from $13.50; Dinner from $18; AE, MC, V, CB.
     15th & M Streets, NW (In The Madison Hotel),               Open daily & Sat., Lunch 12-2:30, Dinner 6-10:30
                   Washington. 862-1600                             Sunday Dinner 6-10:30 Free Valet Parking
     Lunch Monday-Friday 12-2:30; Dinner Monday-
               Saturday 6-10:30; Sunday 6-10
                                                            Nearest Metro Stop: Fouy Bottom                      FR..()l
   Nearest Metro Stop: McPherson Square             FR-60

                      Sans "Souci                                                    1789
         Nationally known, thanks to the celebrities          Delectable French cuisine, served in an authentic
           who frequent it, Sans Souci ranks with            Federal-period atmosphere that is at once historic,
    Washington's best French restaurants. In this 19th-       romantic, and formal. The Tournedos Black and
    century setting, you can enjoy fresh Maine lobster,         White are a specialty; the wine list covers both
      beef, or veal, plus a bottle of wine from the ex-     domestic and imported, and ranks among the city's
    tremely extensive wine list. The dessert souffles are    largest. Don't miss the strawberries Grand Marnier
             feather-light and utterly wonderful.           for dessert. Dinner $11.50-$16.50. AE, MC, V, CB.
   Lunch $12-$13; Dinner $25-$28. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.               1226 36th Street, NW (In Georgetown),
        726 17th Street, NW, Washington. 298-7425                           Washington. 965-1789
              Lunch Monday-saturday 12-2:30;                   Dinner Monday-Thursday 6-11, Friday- aturday
     Dinner Monday-saturday 6-10:30. Closed Sunday                    6-midnight. Cocktails from 5 PM.
                                                                        Free Valet Parking for Dinner

   Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut West                        Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                    FR-()3

Indispensable Restaurant Guide                                                                   Dossier/August 1980157
German                                                      Greek

                      AI penhof                                          Taverna Cretekou
                                                              A bright, charming restaurant where the whitewashed
   Welcome to the wonderful world of hearty German-
                                                             walls and Cretan memorabilia give the feeling of being
    American cuisine. Ample portions are served by a
                                                              in the Greek Isles. Try the Ami Stannas, spring lamb
       multi-lingual staff in a ski lodge atmosphere.            with fresh artichokes topped with casseri; or the
   Jaegerschnitzel, Schlachtplatte and Weiner Schnitzel
                                                             Exohikon, spring lamb with vegetables wrapped in f!lo,
     are offered daily. A suckling pig is roasted each       unique to the DC area. Recorded Greek music adds to
   weekend in the frreplace. Try the homemade Black           the authentic atmosphere, and you will enjoy summer
     Forest cake, Appelstruddel, and Sachertorte for              evenings dining in a romantic outdoor garden.
     dessert. Live entertainment on Thur., Fri., and            818 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia. 548-8688
        Saturdays. Moderate. Major credit cards.
                                                             Lunch Tuesday-Friday 11:30-2:30, Dinner Tuesday-
        1243 20th St., NW, Washington. 223-3794                     Friday 5-10:30. Open Saturday noon-11.
     Luncb Mon.-Fri. 11:30-2:30; Dlnner 6-11 Mon.-
                                                                   Sunday brunch 11-3, Sunday dinner 5-9:30
      Sat.; Sunday Bruncb 11:30-2:30; Dinner 5-11
   Nearest Metro Stop: Dupoat Clrcle              GA-64                                                       GR-65

Hungarian                                                   Indian

                         Chard as                                        Apana Restaurant
   In Crystal City one can find European romance at the        Indian cooking has suffered several misconceptions.
    Otardas Restaurant, with stuccoed walls, candlelight,    One thinks of Indian dishes spiced beyond comfort or
     and live gypsy violin music. Try Austro-Hungarian       that they're all curry dishes. Yet, the Indian kitchen is
   delights such as Oticken Paprikash, Wiener Schnitzel,        as versatile and diverse as any culinary art. Tithar,
   and char-broiled double-thick pork chops "Tzigane".            mildly seasoned Cornish hen makes a delicate,
    Accompany your meal with a bottle of Bull's Blood         palatable meal. On the other hand, Bhuna Mutton is
  auf Eger wine and a Dobosh torte (a bittersweet 7-layer    a savory dish of robustly spiced lamb. Khumbi Bhaji,
     chocolate cake with a burnt sugar carmel topping).         a delicious vegetable platter, and Trout Kurlleachi
    Dinner entrees $8.25-$15.95. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.            give the traditional Indian menu depth and variety.
  523 South 23rd Street, Arlington, Virginia. 920-7892              3066 M Street, NW, Washington. 965-3040
  Off Jefferson-Davis Higbway near National Airport                    Dinner served 'til 11:30 on weekdays.,
  Dinner only Monday-Saturday 5-lOPM. <losed Sundays                     ll on weekends -7 days a week.

  Nearest Metro Stop: Crystal City                 HU-66
                                                             Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                IND-67

58/August 1980/Dossier                                                                    Indispensable Restaurant Guide
Indian                                                            International

                         Tan door                                               Avignone Freres
       Located in the heart of Georgetown, Tandoor                   Washington's oldest, most respected caterers are
     takes its name from the charcoal-fired clay ovens                   even more of a delight in their informal
        used in· many of its Indian dishes. Sample the               Adams-Morgan restaurant. Stop in for breakfast,
    Tandoori chicken, lamb filet, or shrimp, and by all               lunch, or dinner, and enjoy an endless variety
      means have Rusmali for dessert. There's a wine                   of international specialities. The sinfully rich
    list, plus Indian beer. Indian music plays to add to              pastries, baked on the premises, are not to be
          this absolutely authentic dining experience.                      missed. Moderate. AE, MC, V, CB.
                Moderate. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.                            1777 Columbia Rd., NW. 265-0332/7273.
           3316 M St., NW, Washington . 333-3376                        Open daily 8:30 AM - 8:30 PM; Sundays
     Lunch Mon.-Fri. 11:30-2:30; Dinner Mon.-Thur.                                   8:30 AM - 4 PM.
       5:30-11; Fri.-Sat. 5:30-midnight; Sun. 5-10:30;
                  brunch Sat. and Sun. 12-3.

    Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                    IND-68


                   The Big Cheese                                                  Hunter's Inn
   Proprietor Barbara Witt has created a place devoted to                Continental food, served in a skylit room
    a food that knows no culinary bounds: cheese. You'll                with plants and paisley chairs. Try the fresh
   find it -in the Norwegian fritters, the Continental entrees,    curried lamb, fresh fish, and aged steaks, along with
      and the ricotta cheese cake with fresh fruit topping.             a bottle of wine from the international list.
     She's also selected a fine medium-price wine list, and                And don't miss the chocolate mousse.
    designed a casual art-filled environment. Lunch $6.50;            Lunch $4-$6; Dinner $8-$13. AE, MC, V, CB.
        Dinner entrees $11.50-$15 including appetizer or                  POTOMAC: 9812 FaDs Road. 299-4066
                      dessert. AE, MC, V.                           GREAT FALLS: 9835 Georgetown Pike. 759-9507
             3139 M St., NW, Washington. 338-3314.                   Lunch Monday-Saturday 11-3; Dinner Monday-
     Lunch Mon.-Sat. 12-3, Dinner Mon.-Sat. 6:15-11:30,             Saturday 6-10:30, Sunday 6-9; Sunday brunch 12-3
                         Sun.- Noon-10.

   Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                     INT-70

Indispensable Restaurant Guide                                                                       Dossier/August 1980159
International                                                  Italian

                   Trader Vic's                                                       Alpine
                                                                Here is a restaurant that is true to its name. The at-
         Pass through the East Island Tiki doors
                                                                mosphere is rustic and alpine in character with expos-
    to the world of Trader Vic's, for years the name
                                                                  ed beams and a large frreplace inside, and a big,
            in Polynesian/Continental cuisine.
                                                                  beautiful, charming Italian garden outside. With
   Start with one of the reknowned rum drinks, and
                                                                 Italian food predominating, pasta and several veal
     continue with ChoCho, butterfly steak, or roast
                                                                      dishes are specialties. Its popularity makes
    suckling pig cooked in the unique Chinese ovens.
                                                                      calling ahead for reservations a good idea.
     There's an extensive wine list, plus Trader Vic's
                                                                              Lunch $3-17. Dinner $7-$11.
  special rum ice cream with praline sauce for dessert.
                                                                           4770 Lee Highway at Glebe Road,
         Dinner $6.95-$16.75. AE, MC, V, CB.
                                                                              Arlington, Virginia. 528-7600.
      16th & K Streets, NW (in the Capital Hilton),
                                                                Open for Lunch and Dinner from 11:30 to midnight
                 Washington. 393-1000.
                                                                            seven days a week. Free parking.
         Lunch 11:30-2:30, Dinner 5:30-11 daily
                                                                Nearest Metro Stop: Ballston                         IT-73
   Nearest Metro Stop: McPherson Square              INT-72


                         Candelas                                             Casa di Firenze
       It's hard to say which is more attractive: the                 Located just off upper Wisconsin Avenue,
   beautiful Northern Italian food (Ostrica di Vitello is         Casa di Firenze serves lovely Italian food in rooms
    a specialty) or the romantic, candle-lit atmosphere.          where the stucco walls help set the casual, relaxed
   The wine list is well-chosen (and the staff is especially    tone. Try the home-made pasta, pizza, milk-fed veal,
   personable and knowledgeable); the chocolate mocha            steaks and seafood. For dessert, try the home-made
     torte is ample justification for breaking any diet.             cannoli and tortoni. And after dinner, head
                  Two hours free parking.                            downstairs to the pub for live entertainment.
           Entrees $6.95-$9.95. AE, MC, V, CB.                           Lunch $2-$5.95; Dinner $4.75-$8.95.
        3280 M Street, NW, Washington. 338-0900                                   AE, MC, V, CB.
      Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-3; Dinner Sunday-                3709 Macomb Street, NW, Washington. 244-8852
         Thursday 5:30-11; Friday-Saturday till 12                            Open daily from 11 till .•.

   Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                   IT-74                                                          IT-75

60/August 1980/Dossier                                                                         Indispensable Restaurant Guide

                                                                      G & G Italian Villa
                       DaVinci                              Try this relaxed, causal place for terrific Italian
   A favorite for Italian food, especially the Northern        food (especially lasagna and manicotti), plus
  variety, served in a warm, open setting. Owner Tony     lobster and charcoaled steaks--but start with one of
  Serra takes justifiable pride in the home-made pasta,     the generous drinks first! There's a selection of
    veal dishes, and especially seafood, as well as the      Italian and American wines, plus authenic rum
       wine cellar. Don't miss the cappucino pie or          cake and spumoni for dessert. Lunch from $4,
     zabaglione for dessert. Valet parking at dinner;               Dinner from $7. AE, MC. V, DC.
        facilities for small private parties available.         SOl Morse St., NE, Washington. 544-3767
            Entrees $9.50-$13. AE, MC, V, CB.                   Open Monday-Thursday 11 AM - 10 PM;
        2514 L Street, NW, Washington. 965-2209            Friday 11 AM - Midnight; Saturday 5 PM - Midnight
    Lunch Monday-Friday 12-2:30; Dinner Monday-
           Thursday 6-11; Friday-Saturday 6-12

  Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                                                                           IT-77

                                                                          \... U \ G I'
              Ristorante Geranio
      Consistently excellent Northern Italian cuisine,                         Luigi's
         served in a delightful renovated Alexandria          This famous family-style Italian restaurant,
  townhouse. Start, by all means, with the Mozzarella     family-owned and in the same location since 1943,
     in Carrozza, then move on to one of the subtly         has become famous for the best pizza in town.
    delicious veal dishes or boneless sauteed rainbow     Everything at Luigi's is home-made, including the
      trout. The dessert tray is an embarrassment of              pasta. Moderate. AE, MC, V, CB.
        riches, featuring cannoli, Black Forest cake,        113219th Street, NW, Washington. 331-7574
                  strawberry tart, and more.                 4919 Fairmont Ave., Bethesda, MD 656-5882
  Lunch $4.25-$6.95; Dinner $8.95-$13.50. AE, MC, V.       6723 Richmond Hwy., Alexandria, VA 765-5900
     724 King Street, Alexandria, Virginia. 548-0088            Open Monday-Saturday 11AM-2AM,
              Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30;                           Sunday 2PM-midnight
      Dinner Monday-Saturday 6-10. Closed Sunday

                                                 IT-78    Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut North                 IT-79

Indispensable Restaurant Guide                                                                 Dossier/ August /980/61

                                                                                        Cn i1bl1shed

      Mamma Regina's Restaurant                                                  Marco Polo
   Those who are purists about their Italian food flock           Intimate dining with a Ventian touch. Start with the
      to Mamma Regina's for the absolutely fresh,                baked stuffed mushrooms or Mussels Marinara. Then
    home-made Northern Italian specialities, served in           choose one of the delicately. seasoned milk-fed veal or
    an intimate, relaxing atmosphere. The pastas, veal             seafood dishes, accompanied by a bottle of Italian
   dishes, and seafood specialities are all home-made;          wine. For dessert, such delights as Zucotto and Mousse
       the wine list, as befits a purists's restaurant,              d'Orange au Grand Marnier. After dining, walk
                      is strictly Italian.                      upstairs to the lounge and dance to the music of a five-
         Desserts, too, are made on the premises.                 piece band, playing nightly. Inquire about their com-
         Lunch $4-$8; Dinner $7-$11.50. MC, V.                                    plete catering service.
   8727 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD. 585-1040                 Dinner Entrees $6.50-$14.00. AE, MC, V, DC.
            Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30;                      245 Maple Ave. West (Rt. 123) Vienna, VA. 281-3922
   Dinner Monday-Friday 6-10:30; Saturday 5:30-10:30            Open Mon.-Sat. 11:30 AM-11:00 PM. Ample Parking

   Nearest Metro Stop: Silver Spring                   IT-80

                        Nathan's                                               Piccolo Mondo
    A Georgetown restaurant of mellow charm, responsive         A place of elegance and charm with a superb cuisine.
      service, and superb Northern Italian cuisine. Try the      Fettuccini alfredo, veal or seafood are highlighted.
   home-made pasta, veal, and seafood, accompanied by a                      A cart of tempting desserts
     selection from the wide-ranging wine list. For dessert,                welcomes you at the entrance.
   there's Nathan's own Irish Coffee or the simplicity of a         A superbly deco-designed Italian restaurant.
     cheese and fruit platter. There's local artists' work on    Chrome and crystal make the bar and lounge area
    the walls, and nightly dancing. Start or end your even-                        a visual delight.
    ing with a drink in one of Georgetown's most popular          There is also a pianist for your dining pleasure.
       bars. Moderate/expensive. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.             Valet parking. Moderate/ expensive. AE, MC, V, DC.
    Comer of W1SC. & M Sts, NW, Washington. 338-2000                 1835 K Street, NW, Washington. 223-6661
    Lunch daily 11:30-3; Dinner Sunday-Wednesday 6-11;               Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30; Dinner
           Thursday-Saturday 6-12; bar till2 or JAM              5:30-11:30; Saturday 5:30-11:30; Closed Sundays

   Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                    IT-81    Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut North                    IT-83

61/August/980/Dossier                                                                           Indispensable Restaurant Guide

                  Ponte Vecchio                                                  Portofino
   Northern Italian cuisine reaches the level of an art in     Excellent Italian food and warm, friendly service,
       this elegant restaurant. Linguine with caviar,         in a sophisticated setting with touches of greenery.
    veal with truffles, and salmon in champagne sauce        The tortellini alia panna and scaloppini Sorrento are
    are among the specialties; white chocolate mousse,         specialties; the weekend specials are chosen from
     kiwi tart, and crepes Suzette head the dessert list.      the cuisine of a different Northern Italian region
    There's an extensive list of Italian, American, and      each month. The wine list is strictly Italian; the torta
        French wines, plus a pianist during dinner.                      Italiani at rum is a masterpiece.
    Lunch moderate; Dinner expensive. AE, MC, V.               Lunch $5.25-$7.50; Dinner $7-$12.95. AE, MC, V,
        2555 M Street, NW, Washington. 466-3883                                         DC.
               Lunch Monday-Friday 12-2:30;                       526 S. 23rd Street, Arlington, VA 979-8200
            Dinner Monday-Saturday 5:30-11:30                               Lunch Monday-Friday 11-2;
                                                                           Dinner Monday-Sunday 5-10
  Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                  IT-84     Nearest Metro Stop: Crystal City                  IT-85

Italian                                                      Japanese

                         Tiberio                                                  Japan Inn
         Giulio Santillo has created a warm, homey                  A Japanese restaurant where the selections
     restaurant with fresh roses and beautiful paintings.       vary with the rooms. One is devoted to tempura,
         Tiberio serves perfectly lovely Italian food.          served at a bar. Another has hibachi tables where
     The agnolotti and fresh sole are house specialities,     the specialty is teppan-yaki. In the third, try sukiyaki
                 and definitely worth trying;                         or shabu-shabu, served at low tables.
             there's also a monumental wine list                    Whichever you try, there's sake wine and
                 that boasts over 300 bottles.                           ice cream with green tea liqueur.
     For dessert, have fresh raspberries or zuppainglese.      Lunch from $4.50; dinner from $8.75. AE, V, DC.
        Dinner from $35-$40. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.                 1715 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington. 337-3400
         1915 K Street, NW, Washington. 452-1915              Lunch Monday-Friday 12-2; dinner Monday-Thursday
      Lunch Monday-Friday 12-2:30; Dinner Monday-                          6-10, Friday-Saturday 6-10:30.
      Friday 6-11, Saturday 5:30-11:30. Closed Sunday

   Nearest Metro Stop: Farragut West                 IT-86                                                      JA-87

Indispensable Restaurant Guide                                                                    Dossier/August 1980163
Latin American                                                  Polynesian

                         El Caribe                                       Diamondhead Restaurant
      Two intimate, friendly restaurants, with some of              The Hawaiian atmosphere and delectable Szechuan
    the best Spanish and Latin American cuisine you'll               Hunan,and Mandarin dishes make for an evening
         find around. Try the paella Valenciana or                  that's a delightful change from run-of-the-mill din-
    Marinera, with Spanish or Chilean wine, or maybe               ing. Sample the Peking duck or Mahi Mahi, and the
                  a pitcher of margaritas.                         Mandarin Combination or the Triple Delight. Crystal
       Two hours free parking. Entrees $6.95-$10.50.              bananas make an unusual dessert. Banquets and cater-
                     AE, MC, V, CB.                                       ing available. Lunch from $3.50; dinner
                   ADAMS-MORGAN:                                                    $6-$11. AE, MC, V.
     1828 Columbia Road, NW, Washington. 234-6969                   1010 Wisconsin Ave., NW (in the Waterfront Cen-
                     GEORGETOWN:                                       ter), Washington. 333-3940. Lunch Tues.-Fri.
         3288 M Street, NW, Washington. 338-3121                  11:30-2:30; Dinner Tues.-Sat. 5:30-10;Sun. 3-9; dancing
      Open 11:30AM-11PM; till 11:30 Friday-Saturday                   Fri. and Saturday nights 10-3. Qosed Mondays

   Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                    LA-88
                                                                 Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom                 P0-89

Personalized                                                    Gourmet Foods


               Rudy's Restaurant
   Amidst a decor that combines different cultures, one can                   Old World Market
   order dishes from all over the world. Specialties include        Located just one block from American University,
     veal sweetbreads and Steak Tartare, lightly seasoned          this unique gourmet shop features one of the area's
   and broiled. Along with the extensive menu that Rudy              largest selections of regional specialty foods from
     has compiled during his lO years in McLean, he will          Italy, France, England, and Germany. There are 120
      cook to order. (Call one day in advance for special          varieties of cheese, imported and domestic German
    dishes.) Desserts include such specialties as Bird's Nest         meat products, both canned and fresh pates, foi
   and Chocolate Mousse. Ample free parking. Complete               gras, truffles, and caviar. The selection of wines is
      lunch $8.00-$10.00, Complete dinner $15.00-$20.00.          superb, with a large variety of wines from California
                        AE, MC, V, CB.                                       vineyards as well as a multitude of
     6813 Redmond Drive, McLean, Virginia. 893-5023                     imported wines, including fine vintage ports.
   Lunch 11:30AM-2:30PM; Dinner 5:30PM-10:30PM;                   3301 New Mexico Avenue, NW, Washington. 363-3220
                                                                               Monday-Saturday 10 AM-9 PM

                                                      PE-90                                                      G0-105

64/August 1980/Dossier                                                                       Indispensable Restaurant Guide
A      setting so elegant, you'll know you've chosen one of the
city's finest restaurants. Service so per onal ... and food so
                                                                  800 ixteenrh trecr at L.1fayern: Square
                                                                  Washingron, D.C. 20006
delicious ... you'll return again and again .
                                                                  For reservations , phone 6)8-2260, exc. 276 or 283.
Serving luncheon and dinner daily, brunch on unday.

                                                                                                                   !)   J<JHII, l.t l>.uudlt·
                                                              BANQUET, CONFERENCE AND PRIVATE
                                                            DINING ROOMS: Over-looking the Potomac River.
                                                            Facilities for 12 to 500 people. Specialized personnel
                                                                     to handle all requirements. 965-5252.

                                                             At Les Champs and In the Mall
                                                               LES CHAMPS RESTAURANT: An informal
                                                               bistro. The meeting place for Kennedy Center
                                                                            patrons. 338-3901 .
                                                               PEACOCK LOUNGE AND GARDEN: Your
                                                                 theatre bar and favorite al fresco terrace.
                                                                ESPRESSO BAR: Perfect for a fast snack.
                                                             THE GOURMET SHOP: A gourmet food store
                                                              with an old-fashioned soda-fountain. Take-home
          The Watergate Complex                              specialties from our three kitchens. Pates, cheeses,
    WATERGATE DINING ROOM AND TERRACE:                              hors d'oeuvres, salads, etc. 965-5257.
   Elegant dining room and bright covered terrace for all
    day dining. Breakfast Buffet, Seafood Bar, intimate         WATERGATE PASTRY SHOP: European
    dining and dancing. For reservations, call 965-5252      Pastries, Wedding Cakes, Homemade Truffles and

             (New facilities to open late 1980).
      exclusive restaurant featuring Nouvelle Cuisine,
     12 tables only. Reservations required at 337-7750.
     WATERGATE BAR: The sophisticated meeting
     place. (New facilities to open September, 1980).           2650 Virginia Avenue, NW, Washington.
       POTOMAC LOUNGE: Afternoon Teas and                            Main phone number: 965-2300
            Cocktails, piano music daily.                   Nearest Metro Stop: Foggy Bottom               PE-91-95

Russian                                                     Seafood

                Serbian Crown                                   Crisfield Seafood Restaurants
     A find: superb Russian food in an atmosphere             Every food critic in town gives it rave reviews, and
       reminiscent of a Serbian country inn. Try             you won't fmd a seafood lover around who doesn't
  the bliny with caviar, kulebiaka (salmon in pastry),       speak of Crisfield's in tones of reverence. Sit at the
       or veal Orloff, along with a wine from the              raw bar, or take a table and savor baked stuffed
    167 varieties list, or one of 28 varieties of frozen     shrimp, baked stuffed flounder, or crab Imperial in
   domestic and imported vodka. For dessert, there's          informal surroundings. There are American wines
     Charlotte Russe, strawberries Romanoff, apple           and imported beers, plus cheesecake for dessert. En-
  strudel, and dozens of other delightful confections.               trees $7.50-$19.50. No credit cards.
       Entrees $12-$14.95. AE, MC, V, CB, DC.                         Ml12 Georpa Avenue, SUver Spring,
  4529 Wisconsin Ave., NW, Washington. 966..(i787                             Maryland. 589-1306
                Open for dinner 6-11 daily                      Open Tuesday-Thursday 11-9:30, Friday-Saturday
                                                                 11-10:30, Sunday Noon-9:.00. Oosed Monday

                                                   RU-96     Nearest Metro Stop: Sliver Spring                 SE-97

66/August 1980/Dossier                                                                    Indispensable Restaurant Guide

      Nell's       Eskimo Nell's                                             The Flagship
   Across from the Parkington Shopping Center in Arl-        Featuring a gorgeous view of the Washington Channel
    ington, Eskimo Nell's is a restaurant of the old time     waterfront, The Flagship serves seafood in a nautical
      Alaskan style, complete with a saloon. The house         setting. Crab Imperial, oysters Rockefeller, and a
     specialty, Pompano in the Bag, is a seafood lover's         Mariner's Platter are specialties; there's a list of
   dream-filet of Pompano stuffed with oysters, shrimp,      domestic and imported wines, plus fabulous rum buns
   and crabmeat. Along with the regular fare of seafood         for dessert. You can dance nightly on the Bridge
  and steak, they feature an all-you<an eat Alaskan King       Deck, or outdoors on the dock. Banquet facilities,
   Crab leg special on Monday and Tuesday, a prime rib         children's menu available. Moderate. AE, CB, V.
  special. Live entertainment nightly. Lunch $2.50-$6.95.         900 Water St. SW , Washington. Reservations:
              Dinner $5.75-$24.95. AE, MC, V.                 488-8515. Banquet: 488-8566. Lunch menu Mon.-Fri.
   815 North Stafford St., Arlington, Virginia. 528-4300         11-3; main menu Sun.-Thurs. 11:30 AM-10 PM;
  Mon.-Fri. 11:30AM-2am. Sat. 6PM-2am. Free Parking                           . Fri.-Sat. til 11 PM.

   Nearest Metro Stop: Ballston                     SE-98    Nearest Metro Stop: L'Enfant Plaza                SE-99

           Jonah's Oyster Kitchen                                            The Market Inn
     In the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill,         A 20-year-old landmark serving seafood at its best,
     Jonah's takes its name from both its menu and its          with over 85 seafood and beef entrees. The dark,
     open, European style kitchen. If you're not in the       clubby atmosphere seems properly conducive to ex-
   mood for seafood, there's a limited selection of Con-       ecutive dining. For theatre goers, Market Inn is a
  tinental food, including rotisseried duck at dinner. The    must. The full menu is served till J AM Mon.-Sat.,
  wine list leans to California whites, with some imports.     Midnight on Sundays. Live entertainment prevails
  And desserts run from KoKo-LoCo pie to profiteroles.        from noon till closing 7 days a week. Free valet park-
                     Lunch $4.95-$8.95;                                           ing. Moderate.
             Dinner $9.50-$14. AE, MC, V, CB.                             200 ESt., SW, Washington
     400 New Jersey Ave., NW Washington. 737-1234                            Reservations: 554-2100
  Lunch Monday-Friday 11:30-2:30; Oyster bar Monday-
               Friday 2:30-6; Dinner daily 6-11

                                                             Nearest Metro Stop: Federal Center, SW            SE-100
  Nearest Metro Stop: Union Station                SE-100

Indispensable Restaurant Guide                                                                    Dossier/ August 1980167
Seafood                                                      Scottish

                    O'Donnell's                                                  Scotland Yard
      Beloved by generations of Washingtonians and             Capture a breath of the Highlands at Scotland Yard.
   knowledgeable visitors, O'Donnell's has been famous         Dine in a Victorian atmosphere of ornate woodwork,
    for beautifully-prepared seafood and extraordinary            bevelled glass, flickering candlelight and colorful
     hospitality since 1922. Specialties include shellfish    tartans. Bonnie kilted lasses will pamper you with such
    sauteed in butter Norfolk-style; perfectly-prepared       culinary delights as Finnan Haddie, Royal Stuart Quail
    vegetables and salads, and legendary rum buns, all        with Drambuie Peaches, Aberdeen Short Ribs, Salmon
      served in a warm, relaxed setting. Free parking           Steaks, Scotch Eggs and Sausage Rolls. Traditional
    adjacent to restaurant. AE, MC, V, CB, DC, CC.                Scottish drinks, liqueurs, and coffee with freshly
  8301 Wi<lconsin A\'enue, Bethesda, Maryland. 656-(i200      whipped cream will complement your evening. MC, V.
            Monday-Thursday 11:30AM-10PM;                     728 King St., Old Town Alexandria, VIrginia. 683-1742
              Friday-Saturday 11:30AM-11PM;                           Open Tuesday-Saturday 11AM-10PM,
                  Sunday 11:30AM-9:30PM                                Sunday 11AM-3PM. Closed Monday


Swiss                                                        Wtnes
                                                                        EST~TE                                                           BOTILED

                                                                                   Jll ~.~!.~~ y t11
                                                                       Requests the Pleasure
                                                                         of Your Company
                                                                                       f,ltt 1~\ \. l'lllltli tIll~'*' 114 Jill ttl K\
                                                                             'l.tiiiiU\ hl\t'l't\111 ... \\tllllllrllk< \II<• " ' '      t
                                                                                                \l!ll•l(l I       M\\11\1 \II

                                                               ... for interesting and infonnatil•e tours of
                                                                Meredyth Vineyards and wine~)' fo llowed by
                                                               tasting ofit medal-ll'inning wines.
                      The Broker                                  Enjoy the beautiful counllyside as you drive to
                                                               historic Middleburg in Northern Virginia. Then,
     The Swiss flavor is deliciously different. The am-
                                                               jive miles beyond is a most specwcular view oft he
      bience is both elegant and comfortable. And the
    food, whether you sample it at lunch, dinner, Sun-          Meredyth Vineyards and the rolling hills where the
    day brunch, or Sunday dinner, is quite simply un-          leading eswte bottled wines are ai'Qilable by the case
     forgettable. If you're on Capitol Hill, The Broker        or bottle at the winen•.
     is around the corner; if you're not, it's worth the          At the Middleburg blinker lighttiu·n south on
     drive--there's free dinner valet parking. Moderate         776 for 2'12 1niles to 628 thence right 2V2 miles to
                  to expensive. AE, MC, V.                     the entrance of. ..
           713 8th St., SE, Washington. 546-8300                       MEREDYTH VI £YARDS,
           Open for lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.;                        Middleburg. Va. 22 I I 7
              for brunch and dinner on Sunday                          Phone: 703-687-6612, 687-6277
                                                                Remember . .. Virginia is for ;1 lo vers                                           W-105
   Nearest Metro Stop: Eastern Market

68/ August 1980/ Dossier                                                                                         Indispensable Restaurant Guide
Along Party Lines

 Looking very much like a steely-eyed stag-line at New York's old Astor Ballroom ,   Nan Socolow, Mary Yeats and Frank Van Riper view
 ~re Michael Barnes, Dale Dulaney and David Ellsworth in proper formal attire        some of the Fitzgerald memorabilia being proudly
  or opening night.                                                                  displayed by the Portrait Gallery.
                                              of the Jazz Age, would have fitted here,       their mystifying lives and souls.
                                              their showiness making them the toast of         Nevertheless, the jazz band and the
                                              the town and swelling the society columns      buffet were terrific. The crowd of
  Washington, the Hollywood East,             with their latest madcap silliness.            uninhibited youngsters, not touched by
~as a perfect setting for "Zelda and            How beautiful, how talented and daring       sentimentality or reverence, smartly
/ 0 tt," the perfectly forgettable exhibi-    they were is a matter of definition. At        repaired to the rotunda, danced and had
Non_ of Fitzgerald memorabilia at the         best, you feel sorry for them, for their       the best of times. Zelda and Scott would
  at•onal Portrait Gallery. Some of the       wasted passions, promise and potential.        have adored being with them.
~~ltists took the subject seriously and         Unfortunately, the numerous por-               One wonders, how the Fitzgeralds'
a r_ew themselves into the proper flapper     traits, photographs, manuscripts,              only daughter, who was at the opening
 tttre for the formal opening.                notebooks and other memorabilia do             with her daughter in tow, felt about the
   l'he Fitzgeralds, the beautiful people     not provide any special insights into          evening.                -VIOLA DRATH

                                                                                                                  Dossier/August 1980/69
    "It absolutely killed me to have to
 say 'no'" sighed Evelyn DiBona, chair-
 man of the Opera Society's hard-work-
 ing Women's Committee. Their "Bat
 d'Ete" sold out at $160 per ticket and
 more than 200 would-be patrons had to
 be turned away.
    The nearly 700 who did make it to the
 French Embassy for the Committee's
 annual fundraiser (this year's take was
 around $140,000.) were warmly wel-
 comed by French Ambassador and
 Mme. de Laboulaye, Washington
 Opera Society director Martin Fein-
 stein, and Henry Kissinger (lion of the
 evening by all odds), escorting his wife
 Nancy who was making her debut as a
 ball chairman.
    Chairman of the Opera Society's
 Board of Trustees, Mrs. William T.
 Hunter, wore a 150-year-old family
 heirloom of creamy satin with tatted
 lace inserts. Gwen Cafritz, once one of
                                            Ulla Wachtmelster, wife of the Swedish Am-   The Guy Martins were among more than 70°
 the city's hostesses with the mostest
                                            bassador, headed toward the dance floor      celebrants at the Opera Ball.
 watched from the sidelines, swathed in     with Treasury Secretary G. William Miller.
 a pale blue Mollie Parnis. Platters of
 French cheeses and mounds of straw-          Henry the K answered politically- until long past one o'clock. "l think 1
 berries were everywhere ... while the      oriented questions "No, I'm not know why everybody danced so mucll
 finest French champagne flowed, its        wondering about coming back to Foggy and so long," said Evelyn DiBona-
 bubbles echoed in the imaginative          Bottom as Ronald Reagan's secretary " We purposely didn't have quite
 clusters of pale yellow balloons adorn-    of state, (because he hasn 't asked me, enough seats at the tables for every?ne
 ing each tent post - all part of           but I'll support him!)."                to sit down!" The formula certainlY
 "Bloomie's" elegantly understated            Music was still wafting through the worked.
 decor.                                     usually staid Kalorama neighborhood                              - AN E B Ll~ 1~ "

70/August /9801Dossier
A.rnbass d
llado a or of Spain and Mrs. Jose Making a rare appearance at a charity ball , Rep. Sid Former CIA director Dick Helms and
Crowd ~anaged to tango despite the Yates admired his wife's expertise on the dance Edwina Charyk respond to the evening ' s hi-
         dancers in the huge ten t. floor.                                              larity .

                                                                                                           Dossier/August /980171
                                                                                                permission to be married in the Prayer
  ROMANCE            ON THE HILL                ...J
                                                                                                Room," jokes Ullman. "Then Speaker
                                                                                                Carl Albert was a stickler for rules. Bul

     Although not many people know it,          ~                                               after I spoke to the House Parliamen·
  altar-bound couples in Congress now           ~                                               tarian and the House Chaplain, he said
  enjoy a "perk" no taxpayer can object         l5                                              O.K."
  to. Since August 26, 1972 when Repre-         ~                                                  Audrey Ullman had worked for tWO
  sentative AI Ullman of Oregon wed his         ~                                               other congressmen before she went to
  Audrey there, the tiny, intimate Prayer       ~                                               work for the powerful chairman of the
  Room in the Capitol, once used only           ~                                               House Ways and Means Committee· I
  for meditation and prayer, has become         ~                                               "We had become good friends Ion&
  a favorite marrying place.                    ~                                               before we dated," she says. She
     The Prayer Room-turned-marriage            lJ                                              thought she knew everything there was
  c.hapel is a P7rfect pla~e for a small, in-   it The Prayer Room in the Capitol   on the      to know about Capitol Hill but was
  t1mate weddmg at whtch the House or                                                           amazed to discover the rigors and
  Senate Chaplain officiates. Outside the              shared experience with Rep. Bob          frustrations of campaigning in 21 coun·
  wedding party, there is room for only                Wilson of California and Shirley who     ties (three-qu arters of the state of
  eight persons seated, or the bridal cou-             exchanged vows there on May 16, 1974     Oregon) for her husband, who for the
  ple may opt to have 30 standees instead.             and Alabama Representative Bill          first time has formidable opposition
     The Ullmans were the first of only                Dickinson who wed Barbara Hunter         this fall.
  eight couples who have been married                  there on March 10, 1977. It was a sec-      A bouncy outgoing blonde with 3
  there by then House Chaplain Edward                  ond marriage for all six.                lovely singing voice, Audrey's serioUS
  Latch. In our picture they recall their                "Nobody ever said it was easy to get   outside commitment is to the Multiple




 At Rep. AI Ullman and Audrey's party honoring retired House Chaplain Edward Latch are Shirley and Rep. Bob Wilson and Barbara
 and Rep. Bill Dickinson. All three couples were wed by Latc h in the Prayer Room.

711August /980/Dossier
~   ----------------------------,
     Sclerosis Society whose coveted Hope
     C Award will be presented to her in
     August. Last year her chairmanship of
      the ociety's first Ambassadors' Ball
      Ito thank the Diplomatic Corps for its
      contributions to local charities through
      the Years) netted $111,000 for MS.
          San Diegan Shirley Wilson had never
      let foot in Washington until the day
      b efore her wedding, but now she hates
      the thought of leaving when her hus-
      band retires this year after 14 terms on
      th~ Bill. A divorcee, she met Rep Bob
      Wtlson, also divorced, when he wan-
     dered into the men's area of one of the
     hairdressing salons she owned and ask-
      ect her advice on what to do about his
      by then unstylish crew cut.
      . One thing Shirley Wilson won't miss
          campaigning. "It is degrading, de-
      illora)izing and shocking to have a man
     Who has served his district well for 28
     Years have to shake hands in super-
      illarkets and parking lots. Old pros
     S houldn't have to do it."
          Shirley Wilson has made a mark on
     Washington with her annual chili
     C ookoffs run for the Congressional
     Club with ambassadors judging (and
     ~ati~g) the results, while her. St.
     hatnck's Day parties at the Wtlson
          tne here have become an eagerly
     awaited annual event. The Wilsons will
     s~ay on in Washington until they build
       . eir dream house in San Diego and in-
     ~tte their Washington friends out for
       0 Use parties.

     W    Barbara Hunter had been working in
         ashington several years, but was a
    S tranger to Congress when she married
    ~ePublican Bill Dickinson in the Prayer
          om three years ago. "Are you sure
    Yo_u really want to go through with
    lhts?" Dr. Latch teased her before the
    S ervice in the tiny chapel.
    S Now, her entire lifestyle is different.      1055 Thomas Jefferson Street, N .W.
    13 loves campaigning, plans to cover
       he                                        In Georgetown, Washington, D.C. 20007
    b counties in her husband's district
    Detween September 15 and Election                        (202) 338-2500
    hay· ~here there is a hand to shake,
       er fnends joke, Barbara is there to
    s ake it. "I'm on a high when 50 people
    ~day let me know what a good job Bill
         doing." The wonder of it all is that
    S still manages to hold down a job as
    S ales coordinator for a local insurance
    b And here's a hopeful tidbit for you
     achelor girls out there. The Dickin-
    S met at a blind date dinner party ar-
    ~ng~d for them by a mutual friend,
    h.ertte McLaughlin . Even so, it took
     trn a month and a half to get around to
    Calling her for a date. -SONIA ADLER

                                                                                Dossier/August 1980173
                                                                             1. Rep. Don Bonker shows Mount St. Helen ' s eruption to w    e
                                                                             tial Assistant Alonzo McDonald and Ambassador Peter TO
                                                                                                                                        n er
                                                                             2. Bob Strauss and Secretary Charles Duncan conserve e
                                                                             3. Frank Moore and DNC Chairman John White were pen
                                                                             4. Even Stu Eisenstat (right), here with Deputy Treasury secre W
                                                                             Robert Carswell , crawled out for the evening.                  ~
                                                                             5. Sen. Chuck Percy and Justice Potter Stewart got serious
                                                                             6. Interior Secretary Cecil Andrus congratulates the Ro Y  al
                                                                             ad ian Mounted Pollee Band , flown here from Canada for the l


  Builder-realtor Jerome Kaplan and his wife Deena, (far right) co-chairmen of the Israeli In- Suellen Estrin, who has worked on severa 9
  dependence Ball , greet Ambassador and Mrs. Evron and special honoree Gene Kelly at one Independence Balls, takes to the floor tor ~
  of Wash ington 's largest balls.                                                             with developer-banker Leo Bernstein.

74/ August/980/Dossier
                                                       Charter Your Own DreamYacht

e'\   GMDEN OF                  VIP'S                  Luxurious bareboat yacht charters , hourly (m in. 4 hours) , and
1 ~°W often do you have at one gathering top
                                                       daily on the Ch esapeake Bay from Annapolis . ... Especially for
e' f./embers of the Carter administration,             corporate entertaining, any and all special occasions.
      ashington State Representatives McCor·
 ~ck and        Banker exhibiting ashes from the       For information on getting away from it all, call ...
 111lount St. Helen's volcanic eruption and offer-
·j ~Pictures of the event and, as a bonus, the
   fr al Canadian Mounted Police Band flown In                     INTERNATIONAL CRUISE LINES, INC.
   '11om Canada especially for the occasion. Such                      8504 Ardwick-Ardmore Road
      as the comment of Francie Smoak as she
              the scene at Canadian Ambassador                          Landover, Maryland 20785
          Towe and his wife Carol's garden party.                             301-341-5288
   ga hundred lucky guests graced the beautiful
   E/den~ in the crystalline summer weather.
   Duen With a call for a vote on the Hill, Senators
   retrenberger and Percy barely missed a beat,
   'l\gurning quickly to enjoy the rest of the even-
  Co· Secretary of the Navy Hidalgo was being
  Or~gratulated on all sides for his stand on the
   Pr I. Barbara Blum, deputy head of EPA and
   lh:~idential Assistant Frank Moore revealed
  for l~ey had both been making mental plans
  So QOing back to Georgia after the election.
  entundary problems, pollution, energy and drug
  thoOrcement were topics of conversation as
  lhe~e dealing with these decisions got off on
  ag ; own to discuss the issues, proving once
  ro~ n that a Washington party is more than
        Is the eye.

 lhe 1
 3<nd sraef.llndependence Ball to celebrate the
 Of 1 anniversary of the creation of the state
 t~a~rael ~ame some two months after the ac-
 bau ann1versary, but the more than 1,100
 fllln~oers (most of whom had bought a
 did ~um of $3,500 In Israel bonds In 1980)
 basn t seem to mind. It was, said Israeli Am-
 'Na s~~or Evron, the second largest ball in
 ~P~ lngton history. Builder-realtor Jerry
 spec?n and wife Deena, co-chairmen, greeted
 Civu'a 1 guests Attorney General Benjamin
 A.rth ettl, Virginia Lt. Gov. Chuck Robb, Dr.
 Sen~t Burns, Bernard Kalb, and their wives.
 Stor or H~yakawa and his date danced up a
 arr,b~' While Rep. Millicent Fenwick and the
 rnostlssadors of a dozen other countries
 Winney Watched. This year's special honorees,
 suPer~~ of the Israeli Friendship awards, were
 lime f . ars Ann Miller and Gene Kelly, long·
         nends of Israel.

                                                                                                               Dossier/August 1980175
       --~t.___-                                                                             TRAVELERS A ID
                                                                                                Ever since they held their first ball !~
                                                                                              1963, the Board o f the Travelers N

           Those who know Washington                                                         Society has prided itself on searchinl
                                                                                             out unusual locales, most of them a~
                    say it has                                                               propriately travel-oriented, for the'~
                                                                                             annual fundraisers- Dulles Airpor
             many great restaurants.                                                         (with cocktails inside the first 747 jet to
                                                                                             land there), Union Station, the Na·
                                                                                             tiona! Zoo, the Wax Museum, tht

      Those who know great restaurants
                                                                                             Dalecarlia waterworks to name a fe11 '
                                                                                                Their 1980 event was the first-eve!

             say it has only one.                                                            charity ball to be held in the handson~~
                                                                                             penthouse atop the new Hubert Hurn~
                                                                                             rey Building (Joe Califano, while chte
                                                                                             HEW honcho staged an inhouse square
                                                                                             dance but that doesn't count) .
                                                                                                Guests cocktaiJjng in the large tobb;
                                                                                             under the newly-hung portraits of P~5
                                                                                             HEW secretaries learned to their diS'
                         Haute cuisine in the EUiopean tradition of service.                 may that the bureaucrats were rnor~
                                                                                             than obeying President Carter's rult
                                     In the Madison Hotel
                       15th and M Sts., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005
                                                                                             about keeping government buildings 3
                 Reservations suggested (202) 862-1600 Free interior parking                 a low of 78 degrees. Once topside, hO~'·
                                 :Jarshall B. Coyne, Proprietor                              ever, they forgot the heat while adrntr'
                                                                                             ing the spectacular views from the pen~:
                                                                                             house windows of the Capitol, was
                                                                                             ington Monument and the Lincoln Ment·
                                                                                             orial bathed in moonlight.
                                                                                                Travelers Aid has a loyal foUowin8
                                                                                             Betty Osgood and Jan Brand, c~:
                                                                Manufacturers of Quality     chairmen for the evening, headed se
                                                                Architectural Woodwork
                                                                                             era! other ball committees in the past·
                                                                         Since 1950
                                                                                             Mary Munroe, food chairman, an r
                                                               • Traditional Wood Mantels    Betty Lou Ourisman, flower arrange
                                                                   and Mantel Shelves        extraordinaire, were back this year·
                                                                  • Entrance Features
                                                                  • Cabinets & Raised        The party brought out former Secreta~~
                                                                         Paneling            of State Bill Rogers and his wife, t
                                                                 • Pre-Built Wood Stairs     Potter Stewarts (she's on the boa~1l·
                                                                   • Custom Millwork         Judge Bill Drennen and his Wl ';
                                                                        • Moldings           longtime supporters Harold Fangbo11~1
                                                                                             and Jean, the John Firestones, 1r·
                                                                                             Walker Lewises, and that happy fo~
     IDqr 1JHrrplarr ffiantrl §qop. lJnr.                                                    some, the Paul Rogers and their go 1
                                                                                             friends the Taz Shepards. ForJll',
            4217 Howard Awmue, Kensington, Md. Call942-7946                                  Transportation Secretary Brock Adll~
                                                                                             was being congratulated on the c?,
                                                                                             scientious job his wife Betty was dottl!
                     "OUR GOAL IS TO SERVE"                                                  as vice-chairman of the board.           a
                                                                                                The crowd was smaller this ye~·
                     With compassionate love and skill. ..                                   (under 300) but went first class all 1d
                     RN's - LPN's - AIDES.                                                   way, including Mike Carney's bal1
                     Homes • Hospitals • Nursing homes                                       Jack Logan showed the young waiter~~
                                                                                             his table how to pour wine frorn t ,
                                                                                             bottle without spilling it and Nail';
                                                                                             Shipley, Pat Munroe and Anne Bra"ee
                                                                                             man helped the staff flambe the bat1e
                                                                                             nas-with-ice-cream at the buffet tabl
                     Serving Washington Metro Area                                                                                    0
                                                                                                The Ball Committee even turned 0~,
                     Licensed by the State of Maryland                                       attractive travel logs for guests to tll 't
                                                                                             on their vacations this summer.         /e
           CALL 593-3373 • Serving 24 hours                          • 7 days   i:l   week                       - D OROTHY M~..

76/August 1980/Dossier

             Enjoy the warm atmosphere of
                 a French ountry Inn.
                Open Lunch and Dinner
 ll·      and unday All Day - losed Monday
       3507 M St., NW, G eorgeto wn 337-2436

             pALM SPRINGS

                NEw YoRK
                   AvEN UE

        WASHINGTON,                 D. c.
           C apture the Ambience of
             the spectacular world of
              the Nation 's Capital by
            reaching the affluent and
          influential reader of Dossier.
             Be part of Washington 's
                   House Organ.
               Average Family Income
              $78,390 (VAC- Dec. 79)

           Washington 's Society Magazine
             3301 New Mexico Avenue
              Washington , 0. C. 20016
                  (202) 362-5894
                     New York
                   (212) 587-4830

                         Dossier/August / 980177
              My daughter Genie and I invite you to select f rom our spectacular
               Spring fashions and from my latest ULTRASUEDE designs!
                                                                                                     Joan Mondale's Gloria Sach's costuf11

             Frankie Welch
          Joanne Jacobson, Manager                            Genie Welch Roberts, Manager
                                                                                                     contrasts sharply with designer perrY
                                                                                                     Ellis' "American spirit" look.

   305 Cameron Street, Alexandria, Va. 22314            1702 G. St., .W., Washington, D.C. 2<XX>6
     Mon.-Sat. 9:30 to 5:30, Thurs. 'til 7:30
                                                                  Mon.-Fri . 10:   to   6:00         No 1\Nrs PLEASE
                                      Major Credit Cards Accepted
                                                                                                     There were no ants in sight as the
                                                                                                     Weavers, the Henry Winstons,
                                                                                                     author Carol Cutler and Walter
                                                                                                     with Alice De Angelo tasted lobster
                                                                                                     and terrines of pigeon, duck and rabbit IG-
                                                                                                     the Nick Salgos' anything-but-rustle plc~d­
                                                                                                     The idea was to usher in summer, a Ia
                                                                                                     able thought. Also present to check the
                                                                                                     ceedings were Chief of Protocol ValdeZ
                                                                                                     his wife Margarita and Moroccan
                                                                                                     bassador All Bengelloun. (Right),
                                                                                                     Forrest, Mrs. Robert Barry and N
                                                           A Resale Clothing Shop                    with Chef Klaus Helmln (right) sam
                                                                                                     picnic for "The Cloob" members at
                                                    "\XJe never                                      Louis In the Watergate. Said Maggie
                                                    buy anything                                     salt as she sipped a klr, "I'm for g
                                                    considering its
                                                    resale value."

                                                    One stop
         A PICfURE CAN BE                           consignment (
        WORTH MORE THAN A                           for better
         THOUSAND WORDS                             quality
         A complete photographic inventory          men's,
      of your treasured possessions is a per-
      fect adjunct to insurance should your
      valuables be stolen, lost or destroyed.       and
      For this prompt, professional photo-          children's
      graphic service, caU                          clothing &
      Charlotte Golin to ar·
      range an appointment.
                               1111111111111~       accessories

      Inventory Service                                    337-3072                      549-1129
                                                                                                     Meredith Homet, Ann Hand and on
      (301) 565-2139                               4830 MacArthur Blvd. NW         428 N. Columbus
                                                   Washington, D.C. 20007           Old Town·Aiex    wa itress Kathy Douglas helped serve

78/August 1980/Dossier
J oan Mondale was the guest of honor at a luncheon given
by Ernie and Henry Marx to announce a Perry Ellis fash ion
Show on September 14th sponsored by Saks-Jandel to
benefit the Ch ildren 's Museum. Among the guests were
lllernbers of the Saks-Jandel Fashion Board.

                                                      C HflRLIE'S BACK
                                                      Jazz lovers from the White House,
                                                      Capitol Hill and the media were
                                                      among 700 well-w ishers who
                                                      thronged to the Georgetown
                                                      waterfront to ring in Charlie Byrd's
                                                      newest emporium. Local celebs
                                                      acted as waiters, waitresses and
                                                      helpers to launch the Indefa-
                                                      t igable jazz guitarist's latest ven-
                                                      ture In dining, dancing, and jazz.
                                                      The club has a host of investors
                                                      and limited partners including
                                                      Robert Martin, John Safer, Barrett
                                                      Linde, Ron Nessen, and Bess

                                                                                              Dossier/A ugust / 980179
  (Above) Charlie Camalier enjoys a quiet mo·
  ment with Argie Dudley, a native Dominican.
  (Right) Dominican Ambassador Enriqu illo del
  Rosario dances with Carmen Kreeger to the
  strains of a Latin gu itarist.

     The lovely old mansion which has              Guests were eclectic in dress: Scooter dancing.
  been home to ambassadors of the Do-            Miller in a gingham sundress, Louisa       Senator Ed Zorinsky was passionate
  minican Republic for years was thrown          Biddle in a white crepe Mary MacFad- about his campaign against dual lan·
  open by "Ricky" del Rosario for an             den and Betty Hayes in a spectacular guage schools. ''American English is
  evening with friends. The Ambassador,          blue silk, setting off her deep tan.        our language," he told a number of
  resplendent in fire engine red jacket and         "He told me to wear my wildest out-      Hispanics present.
  plaid pants, greeted his hundred guests        fit," said Jennifer Moleon in a form-         Trudy Davis was congratulated on
  to what he billed as a "buffet and             fitting bright jersey that opened to the    having sold so many of her oils at a re-
  disco.'' He delivered both-an indigen-         thigh as she tangoed with husband, Ari.     cent showing. One of the guests, the
  ous Dominican table of native culinary            Lloyd Cutler, who counseled del Ro-      former Washington TV personalitY
  art in the large dining room and a Latin       sario when he was a 32-year-old ambas-      Carol Smith, nee Clark, was in frorn
  disco in the nightclub-sized clubroom.         sador on his first tour here, sat out the   her home in Key West.

                                      $1.20 a day
             Let Us lell You About It!
                                                        (1011 Free)
                     (In North Carolina 1-800-662-7061)
SO/August /980/Dossier
   Toni Hatfield threw open her home in
Georgetown and introduced sedate Nan-
cy Reagan to Washington's own brand
of woman power and distaff influence.
   A crowd of senators' wives from
b~th sides of the aisle and congressional
Wtves of the GOP persuasion only com-
miserated with the lady who might be
heading toward an in-town ranch on
Pennsylvania A venue.
   Looking cool in an Adolpha, her
~avorite designer, Nancy was whisked
tnto the Hatfield's library. Reporters
then got a chance to fire away at an im-
jtomptu press conference where they
 earned that Nancy would rather
answer questions than make speeches.
   She admitted that she is more con-       That's the irrepressible Betty Beale watching and directing through Toni Hatfield 's door
servative than her husband and ducked       as Nancy Reynolds, Nancy Reagan, Toni and Carol Laxalt pose for pictures.
questions about how she would enter-
tain at the White House.                    political speculation. Mrs. Gaylord Nel-     thusiastic and her husband becomes
   Most felt that Nancy's qujet charm       son, just back from Wisconsin, found a       frustrated when searc hing for the
Would carry her far and her warmth          large body of blue collar workers, nor-      favorite tie or cufflinks set she has
~~me over well when she brought out a       mally Democrats, favoring Reagan.            donated to the cause.
 trthday cake from Toni's kitchen in           Nancy confessed that she normally            She bristled when reporters asked her
honor of Mrs. Charles Cooke, Toni's         allows some of Ron' s old ties and cuff-     if her husband lacked compassion.
aunt, a resident of Fresno and a Reagan     links to be auctioned off for fund-             "He's the softest touch around," she
supporter. Naturally, there was much        raisers, but sometimes she is overen-        said.

                                                                                                                Dossier/August 1980181
  REPRISE       Sponsored by
   The Jewish Social Service Agency

 Consignment and Resale Shop
                              Elegant Designer
                                            Furs, sportswear,
                                             dresses, jewelry,
                                             accessories, fine
                                                clothing, etc.
                                              Received Daily                         -                                  I
                                                                 A surprised Bob Waldron greets Barbara and Howard de Franceaux bearing gifts.
                        7913 Norfolk Avenue
                              Bethesda, Md.                                                                      To gourmet chefs, the culinary art
                                                                                                              a deadly serious game. Howard .
                                                                                                              Franceaux, one of the most disll~·
           Monday thru Friday                                                                                 guished private gourmet chefs in thtS
            10 AM- 5 PM                                                                                       area, has long donated his culmarY art
                                                                                                              for the cause of the National SymphonY
                                                                                                              and other charities. For years he haS
       For further information call:                                                                          allowed the Symphony to auction off
                        656-4911                                                                              his formal dinner masterpieces, alo~~
                                                                                                              with the services of prominent was t
                                                                                                              ingtonians as waiters or waitresses. A
                                                                                                              many of these dinners Bob Waldron,
                                                                                                               well-known interior designer, hasJunc·l
                                                                                                              tioned as head waiter.
                                                                                                                 When Bob auctioned his own " gour· .
                                                                                                              met" dinner for the symphony's beneft1  '
                                                                                                              the act prompted this allegedly tongue·
                                                                                                              in-cheek response.


                        •   .,!'
                                    . _,.-


    The Embassy Row Hotel
 2016 ._ ffa.rsuclmsetts ._ foe., ._ \ 'lffJ
        ,.J'.ee oalet/'fll'ht/W                                                                                                                         de
                tfler opm                                        Enjoying the ultimate putdown to a gourmet are Austin Kiplinger, Barbara Burris, Barba.ra
                                                                 Franceaux, Bob Waldron, Howard de Franceaux, Gogo Kiplinger and Howard Burns- '

81/August 1980/Dossier
      G OURMET
         earlier this year my dear friend Bob
         alctron donated a "gourmet" dinner
                                                 Q.Where do you ·
         agift premium for the National Sym-
         ~ny Orchestra's Annual Radiothon.
       \ ve known Bob for many years and
                                                   bank when you're
       ,ave been a frequent guest in his home.
       ,; as unaware of the fact that he can-
         ers himself to be a "gourmet chef."
      ~Overcome by curiosity, I anony-
                                                   at the beach?
      l 0U purchased his dinner . I a lso
      ~~Pt the guest list secret. It was
      ''Kp~~ed _wi_th special care; Gogo and
           P Kiplinger because as chairman
          the symphony, Kip is interested in
                                                         Reason #1: ussex Trust is very convenient. We have 9 conveni nl
                that premiums offered b.y the            locations including branches in Rehoboth B ach and Lewe , all
              thon are on the level; Barbara             with convenient banking hours. Reason #2: Sussex Tn1 tis a full
 t is Boward Burris because her fa t her                 service bank and we offer you everything from safe deposit boxes
  de the governor of Texas, Bob's home                   to checking accounts. Reason #3: At Sussex Trust we'll provide
                                                         you with the same friendly, colllteous service and attention we pro-
 n- n  s and she is interested in protecting
                                                         vide our year 'round customers.
 ~iS~d[eputation; and Sonia and Warren                        If you have any other questions, we'd be glad to answer th m.
   rl ~r because as editor of Dossier,                   Just come by any Sussex Tt·ust location or call (302) 856-4610.
;y un 1 ~ has a responsibility to the com-
haS ~l'nlty to expose fraud, even of a
  .rr~ lnary sort.
oJJ My ·f

 ng t WI e_ Barbara and I are naturally
      l!erested m preserving the integrity of
Al ~otgourmets whether they are chefs or
                                                         Sussex Trusl. Laurel. Lewes, Milford , Millsboro. Millon. Rehoboth B ach, Delmar,
                                                         Georgetown, Long Neck. Memb r FDIC.

   a !o :We felt that it was our duty to see
~c- 'g It that any dinner adverti sed a s
     ~a~~~met" came up to gourmet stan-
ur· Not       .                                           J~ . . ANNandSONS
    toct certam that Bob would actua lly
il, P                                                                                                                         CLEANING
ue· P uc~
     re     a gourmet meal , I took the
   ~igCMtJon of supplying my guests with                  PERSIAN RUGS /                                                      REPAIRI NG
                                                                                                                        FREE AP PRAISALS
      ll acs and french fries, just in case.             DIRECT IMPORTER OF ORIENTAL RUGS
   ·iveob_was thunderstruck to see us ar-
   lie With our McDona ld's bags , which                  Being entrepreneurs of oriental rugs for four generations
   let ~romptly deposited on his superbly                 has enabled us to establish a discriminating selection of
   :an•tbl~. The fact is, Bob Waldron                      oriental carpets which are truly a treasure underfoot.
     y boll water without burning it.                We invite you to visit our showroom and share our knowledge and
  are ou see, Bob has many friends who                    mutual admiration of these distinctive handmade rugs.
  to p~Utstanding cooks . His technique is
  corn ~ne one of them and say "I a m            8019 Wisconsin Avenue • Bethesda, MD 20014 • 657-2124 • 986-1908
  nhotnltted to this dinner for the sym-
  llle ny and I can ' t cook. Will you help
  for Out by preparing one of the courses                              Beat The Summer Heat.
  \ 01 me?" After he get s the fi rs t                          It's Cool Shopping at The Mole Hole
  ably ~nteer, " the rest is easy. He prob-

                                                                    ~ iji~e c#Jiole ~ole
  son earned this from Lyndon John-
  Yea; for whom he worked for many
  orJe~ ~ell   the truth, I a m jealous . In
                                                                                       of Georgetown
   have t or me to compete with Bo b , I
   en 0 °   spend ma ny hours in the kitch-
         Ver a h
                                                                              Come in and see the Finest Gifts in town .
   meal          ot stove. The fact that his                          Selections of Distinctive Gifts, Collectables a nd Imports.
   llo th· Was actuall y outstanding has                                           Also, see our unique art gallery
 € Jeat0 ~~g.1 to do . ~it? m y a ttitud e .
            Y ~ a debthta tmg a ffli ctio n.                          Located in the new Prospect Place
                - H OWARD de FRANCEAUX                             3222 N Street • Phone 333-3222

                                                                                                                          Dossier/ August 1980183
            &       a


  218    NORTH      LEE   STREET

           (703) 548-2150

                                                A small mall with exclusive and fine quality specialty shops.
                                                   A place to go for a beauty treatment, a crystal gift,
                                                            A trip to Rome or A baby bootie,
                                                         A gourmet French meal or a bit of lace,
                                                             An old antique or a canvas bag,
                                                          A frivolous gift, and a precious jewel,
                                                         A vintage gown or a place to sit down,
                                                               This and more can be found,
,var~house                                               In the Crilley Mall in quaint Old Town.
'!1'\.nttques                                       218 North Lee Street • Alexandria, Virginia

    artistry and old lace
        for your delectation-
one -o f-a-kind blouses of antrque
  lace to wear the year round .                                                            Herend China
   from a collection , $85-300.
                                                                                            Glnori China
                 ~nuevo                                                                   Hutschenreuther
                   313 cameron street
                                                                                         Royal Copenhagen
                           town alexandria                                                St. Louis Crystal
                               me, central           Fine Gifts                                Orrefors
                              charge, visa         Bridal Registry                         Tiffany Silver

                                               320 King Street ALEXANDRIA, VA 22314 (703) 548-4543

                                                                                I   of
                                                                                     August 1st thru August 17th

                                               Lancome, Redken & Nexus
                                             423 South Washington Street          105  so. lee street;
                                                      Alexandna, Virginia         old town 548-770!3

     'Continued from Page 30)

     ~concluded that they weren't a team at all.
            ow he wasn't o sure.
         P"I'm going to try to resist it, Kit. That I
         / 111ise." His flushed face was close to her
           nd she could see his gold fillings and the
         ~uod . mashing in his mouth as he talked.         should inherit more
    1 In tnmg away, she looked at Cooper across
            e table. Her gaze eemed to hook into hi
         lnd she imagined she could see the ambi-
          lon ·
               -ndden anxiety. Once she had loved
          ~ man. Now she could barely remember
                                                               than taxes.
         ~ e reeling. Somewhere along the line love
          act become obligation. Romance had dis-                                                             You've worked hard all your life so your
        11~P~ared. A thing called family responsibil-                                                      family can have a home, property ~nd finan-
            ,, ad emerged.
                                                                                                           cial security. The reality is, your fam1ly may
        o That guy of yours has worked his butt                                                            have to sell those assets to pay the inheritance
        ft0 ror me and I don't intend to walk away                                                         taxes on them.
        ~ 111 that. Not enough people understand                                                              Fortunately, John Hancock has a plan
            Yalty in this damned town."
                                                                                                           that can virtually offset those taxes. To get a
         hlie emptied his glass and turned back to                                                         free, no obligation analysis of your estate,
         i e editor's wife, who had already begun to                                                       contact me today. And make sure your
        ~~le. For the moment Kit was unattended.                                                           family inherits what it should.
       nedat Cochran had said left her mildly stun-
       8r and she was thankful for the respite.                           Peter Felix
       10 ackett was deeply absorbed in describing             Silver Spring General Agency
       1 \lady on his right some meal he had had
         n                                                                Suite 701
                                                                   8720 Georgia Avenue                  ~Mutual                            fe
                                                                                                                                          L1 Insurance Company
       101 e American Embassy in Morocco, ex-
            :.                                                    Silver Spring. MD 20910
       P ~ng the merits of its French chef. Kit
          i                                                               589-0015                                    Boston, Massachusens
       Ob ed . at her little medallions of meat,
       ~~'o~e~v1ng Cooper's animation. He was
        II' kmg hard. She knew his palms must be
            ~ating profusely.
      illak P_ had always told her he wanted to
      tepee_ ~Is mark. It was, it seemed now, the        #1 PARTY SUPPLIER
               tatve theme of his life. It had always
      .. ~rnect such a masculine thing. Ambition.        One Call Rents It All
      ha~wa~t them to know that I was here," he          Tents • Canopies • Marquees •
      lti satd. Long ago she had actually been           Dance Floors • Bridal Arches •
      P  t;rect. by the idea of it. Was Cochran          Platforms • Candelabras • Tables
      fo Panng her for Coop's letdown? She               • Chairs • Linens • Skirting •
      de~esaw how terrible Coop would be in his          China • Glassware • Silverware •
      houeat. Perhaps it would bring down the            Coffee Urns • Chafing Dishes •
           1se of cards that was her life, the family.   Punch Bowls • Champagne
     & t Was when she reached again for her              Fountains
     1\•it~s that she felt Cochran' s leg. She
     Pro dr~w her hand, a gesture of self-               A-1 RENTAL CENTER
     bei tect1on. He was till heavily engaged in                established 1968
     Pa~g the charming and witty dinner com-             Annandale, Va.     Vienna, Va.
              100                                        941-3520           281-0883
     tho            to the editor's wife. At fir t she
     he ~&htth_e movement was inadvertent a if

     S ad mistaken the table leg. Discreetly,
     1 moved hers away. His followed, in pur-

                                                                             ""The Largest Selection Of L1ght Bulbs m The Wasl1mgton Area ..

     illo · She felt her body stiffen, and at that
           .~ent Brackett turned toward her.
     t 0 You know we've been all over the world.                                                33a-7soo
     tho every damned country. But it's only in                 "'""'CFORAI.l
                                                                                     ~ELECTRI & 1611 WISCONSIN AVE., N.W.
     tha~e countries with a French orientation
                                                              APfl\.tANCES SUCH AS

                                                               r;:;:;:...-:~:~          oM PAN                   WASHINGTON, D.C. 20007
     dro You get a decent meal. ... " Hi voice                   WASH{AS Atfll

                                                              COHDtUON[fll$ OC
     fro ned on, but her nerve ends were reeling           ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING                                LIGHTING FIXTUR E SHOWROOM
     unctrn Cochran's obvious physical assault             • Wifing & O utle ts      • Carner Wmdow A If         • L1ghtmg F1xtures     • CarniJgC l(1ntern
    one er ~he table. She looked around her. No            • RepiJirs                  Cond1t1oners              • Chandeltors          • Cotonml Rcproductton
    her Patd any attention. His leg now caressed           • Re modelmg              • Flourescent F1xtures      • Crys tal F1xtutes    • P1CI C1fC LtghtS
                                                           • SerVIce H eavy· Ups
     ti 0 ~· She wanted to scream out her indigna-                                                               • Ttlftmys             • Garden LtQhts
                                                           • The rmostats          • Elecrrlc Repa~rs To         • M ako-up L19hts      • Posts & Lanterns
    ~as~ Instead she r~ached again f?r her wine            • Door B e lls & Ch1mes   Gas Furnaces                • Flourescent Ltghts   • Parts For Futwes

    'nn Th_ey had shifted to a red wme and she             • Garden Ughtmg           • Flood Lights
                                                                                     • Electnc H e at
    srne~J~d 1ts robust fruitiness as if it were
                log salts.

                                                                                                                                             Dossier/A ugust 1980/85
                                                                                                       She wondered if she had turned while
                                                                                                    The editor's wife continued to giggle. Then

                                                                                                    she felt someth ing against he~ upper t~igedh.
                                                                                                    My God it's his hand, she reahzed, pamck
                                                                                                                                          .       ~
                                                                                                    now. The hand moved, at first, aga1nst I d
                                                                                                    outside of her thigh, then grew bolder an
                                                                                                    reached into her inner thigh. She felt a sense
                                                                                                    of paralysis below her waist, the conse-
                                                                                                    quence of what logic told her was her phY ·
                                                                                                    ical entrapment. It would, she realized, bl
                                                                                                    impossible to simply get up from the tabid
                                                                                                    Such a blatant confession of a natural nee_
                                                                                                    seemed an obscenity in the middle of thl~
                                                                                                    ritual. And she could reach down an
                                                                                                    remove his hand, and risk a potentially enJ·
                                                                                                    barrassing scene.                        .      1
                                                                                                       Replacing her glass on the table 1t ~a­
                                                                                                    quickly refilled and she reached for it agat~
                                                                                                    gulping its contents. Finally, Cochran turn er
                                                                                                    toward her. An observer would have nev
                                                                                                    been able to discern from his expression tha
                                                                                                    his hand was now feverishly active_. She al~:
                                                                                                    tually wondered if it belonged to h1m at a
                                                                                                    Even his conversation appeared to be corn·
                                                                                                    ing from some distant place, hardly con·
                                                                                                    nected with that active hand.                 he
                                                                                                       "l was just telling her the one about 1. e
                                                                                                    cat and the canary.'' He repressed a P 0 ~ 1
                                                                                                    laugh while his eyes searched her fa~e
                                                                                                    some reaction. The pupils, dark aga1nst_
                            DOMINION DATSUN                                                         steel blue field seemed to be focused
                                                                                                                                          d e_ep In·
                           2825 WILSON BOULEVARD                                                    side of her. What did they see? How d1d 5
                                                                                                    appear to him that he could dare abu e,
                              ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA                                                   assault, intimidate her in this way?       . n
                                          525-3400                                                     By sayi ng nothing, showing no reacll~n:
                                                                                                    she knew she had emboldened him, c_
                                                                                                    sented to this naked act of aggressJO 111
                                                                                                    against her person. Whatever this ritual wa
                                                                                                    designed to accomplish, it had quite_sudd~~;
                                                                                                    ly revealed its meaning to her. She hfted f
                                                                                                    glass to him and drank a silent toa t
                                                                                                    simulated admiration.                       her
                                                                                                       Allowing his hand to remain between .
                                                                                                    legs, she reached down and lifted her sklr k
                                                                                                    above her knees. He had turned ba~it
                                                                                                    toward the editor's wife again. Now en·
                                                                                                    turned toward Brackett forcing her att
                                                                                                    tion on him.                                    h
                                                                                                       " Have the Tarkingtons got a Frenc d
                                                                                                    chef?" she asked, smiling. He bent over an
                                                                                                    whispered in her ear.                     . d
                                                                                                       "Catered. Everything in town is catere ·
                                                                                                    Ten to one the dessert will be a m             r
                                                                                                    Chocolate." He looked beyond he·
                                                                                                    "There · "                                   nd
                                                                                                       She helped herself to the mou e_ at
                                                                                                    watched as Brackett tasted it tentanve Y•
                                                                                                    sluiced it around his taste buds and pro·
                                                                                                    claimed it excellent.                        ·d
                                                                                                       "You really know your food," she a',;
 8             Diamonds -              Gold - Silver -               Jewelry
 u                                     For Dollars                                              u
                                                                                                    feeling the disembodied hand grow mfer
                                                                                                    frenetic. For some reason, Coop turned 1~
 y      Bonded is Paying Twice as Much This Year As We Did This Time Last Year                      way and she flashed a broad smile. See hO d
                                                                                                J   comfortable l am about all this, she wan~e ~
             Baltimore's Oldest and Largest Buyers of Diamonds
                                                                                                w   the smile to say. While your boss is abu_ ~~
  L                                                                                                 me, she added malevolently to the 51
 v                   and Jewelry From The Public -             Since 1920                       E
                            1501 Reisterstown Road, Pikesville, MD                              L   retort.                                        e-
 E                     Baltimore Beltway 695 - Exit 20 South 'I• Mile.                          R      A waiter came and poured champagn d

B WI: tsUY
         Safe Place to Bri Your Valuables)                                                          The tinkle of silver against crystal arreste .

                                                  Open Daily 'til5 P.M. • Thursday 'ti18 P.M.   y
                                                                                                    the guests attention and Mr. Tarkington;
                               (aUl)t;:,a-~uuu WEBUY                                                manipulated by the unseen puppeteer . a
                                                                                                    pulled up to his full height, a mechantC

                                              gnome in a full drc s uit two ize too big.
                                              His voice wa high-pitched, and oddly ing-
                                                 Kit heard the rhythm of the word , but
                                              her intelligence wa concentrated now in her
                                              left hand. Cunning fingers had reached out
                                              to repay Cochran in kind. Her fingers were
                                              caressing, manipulating. It brought back
                                              memories of her high school days.
                                                 She felt an odd elation. No sensual plea-
                                              sure. Rather, the pleasure of thi special
                 Top Designer                 perver ity, so incongruou to the event tak-
                   Fashions                   ing place. All eye were on Mr. Tarkington,
                                              droning on, obviously enjoying hi prerog-
                                              ative as host, caught in the beam of his
                 • ADOLFO                     wife's admiring glance. Kit kept her eyes on
                                              the speaker, feigning, with the other , rapt
                 • CACHAREL                   attention, but her thoughts washed inward
                                              to that whirlpool at the core of her. Caught
                 • HALSTON                    in the vortex of it, she felt, was here ence,
                 • JULIO                      the bedrock of her womanhood, demanding
                                              assertion. She seemed determined to press
                 • LAUREN                     on to that point of utter humiliation for
                                              Cochran, the person that wa terrorizing her
                 • NIPON
                 • ST. LAURENT                   Under her touch, Cochran quirmed, as
                                              the reality of his situation emerged. He
  Con1.i9 nmud1.                              grabbed her wrist, but she was tenacious.
             clfccep.ted :ba ify                 Mr. Tarkington's toast was winding
                                              down. Soon it appeared that the guest were
                                              to be asked to stand and raise their glasses in
          3715 Macomb St., N.W .              tribute to the departing ambassador, who,
            (off Wi sco nsin Ave.)            eyes lowered in humility, suffered the pun-
             Wa shington, D.C.                gent flatteries with practiced diplomatic
                966-8122                      dignity.
                                                 But beneath the table the confrontation
                                              continued, her hand in an iron grip, the
                                              slender feminine wrist defying his panicked

      The                                     strength . Not a sound could be heard, ex-
                                              cept Mr. Tarkington's sing-songy voice. Not

.Essex House
                                              a visible muscle moved in the faces of the
                                              assembled guests frozen now in this adoring             Van Slycke & Reeside
                                              tableau.                                                   Travel Associates
ts all you need                                  She could not tell whether it was her en e
                                              of victory or his sense of surrender that
                                              moved her. Only that she felt for the fir t
                                                                                                     are proud to announce
                                                                                                    the establishment of their

    to know                                   time in years, the power of herself, a tri-
                                              umph of her will. Hers alone. The guests
                                                                                                 Executive Accounts Department
                                                                                                            catering to

about hotels in
                                              were obliged to stand. Releasing him finally,        the particular requirements
                                              none too soon, she aw him quickly cover
                                              himself with a napkin. The glass shook in his          of the Business Traveler

  Spacious guest rooms and
                                              free hand. A thin film of perspiration had
                                              gathered on his upper lip, tightly drawn in
                                              its unmistakable attitude of defeat. He did
                                                                                                •international and domestic capability
                                                                                                •computerized resetvation system
                                                                                                •four full-time, experienced agents
                                              not rise, conspicuous in his embarrassment,
beautiful suites; quiet style and             humiliated in his inability to conform. The       • free ticket and document delivery
       superb service. At                     others had risen.                                   within the greater Washington area
  New York's finest address.                                                                    •convention and incentive travel planning
                                                 As she stood, glass in hand, to respond to
     160 Central Park South, N.Y.C.           Mr. Tarkington's tribute to the Ambassa-
                                              dor, Kit's eyes earched for Cooper's. He              For further information, contact
    all (212)-247-0300 or 800-228-9290
10                                                                                                  Mr. Frank Robinson at 244-1400
   11-free for reservations. Telex 12-5205.   seemed poised in ecstacy, surrounded, ac-
                                              tually part of, this magnificent spectacle of

                                              imagined peers, part of something that he
                                              wanted more than anything in his life. The
                                                                                                Van Slycke & Reee1c1e
                                              glory of it had made him euphoric.

                                                 Briefly, her stare penetrated hi attention
                                              and he looked toward her. It was then that
        Write for more information.
                                              she tipped her glass to him.
                                                 "Play the game the man said. That's ex-
                                                                                                   Serving The Greater Washington Area

                                              actly what I'm doing."                                 5100 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W.
                                                 When she drank the champagne it felt
                                              good on her palate, cooled just right.      0

                                                                                                                    Dossier/August 1980187
                                                  FAMILY JEVvELS                                 take a nice tax write-off. In the old daY
                                                                                                 you could borrow it back for big occa·
                                                  (Continued from Page 19)                       sions like the Opera Ball. But now once
                                                                                                 you give it up, you give it up. IRS de-
                                                  portant documents. He created a poi-           cided it was a loophole, so if it's realh
                                                  son ring, one with a small secret com-         nice, you could get a display and a little
                                                  partment suitable for the Borgias, to          credit line for your generosity .
                                                  house Sammy Davis, Jr.'s false eye.

                                                     As a rule, gems cut before the 1920s                     hat should you do if yoo
                                                  should probably be recut-unless they                        would like to invest or set up
                                                                                                                                        . ?
                                                  have some major historic or sentimen-                       your own heirloom collectJOI1;,
                                                  tal value. Before then, stonecutters did           "Diamonds, it has to be diamonds,
                                                  not follow scientific principles of Hght       says French Boone.                         ,,
                                                  refraction to place the facets. Today's             "Good stones are good investments,
                                                  cut is far more brilliant. Because some        says Dan Diener of Diener JacJanaD 'o
                                                  20 percent of a stone is lost in recutting,    Jewelers.                                 1
                                                  it should be close to a carat to start.             "You'll get more for your mone~ 'o
                                                                                                 an auction, and antique jewelry pnc~

                                                        f you have jewelry to sell, you have     are going up and up," says Jackie FaY 0
                                                        several avenues to follow . The          Sotheby Parke-Bernet.                       0 'o
                                                        simplest is to sell or trade with your        Like any other investment, you ca 1
                                                   jeweler. This gives you the least hassle.      find one expert who will support al111°~ '
                                                                                                  any opinion. Investing for the future ~ ,
                                                   Another choice is to give your pieces to
                                                   the jeweler or to an auction house on          tricky, but the blue chip investmen ·O
                                                   consignment. At the auction house you          does seem to be the good quality, cle~~ q
                                                   may realize more money, but you may            stone of one carat or more. on                   ,
                                                   have to wait before there is a sale and        other hand, that is probably not ~s
                                                   there is the uncertainty about what the        much fun as checking out the esta e ~
                                                   piece might go for. For an important           jewelry cases at your local jeweler or ,J
                                                                                                        . h
                                                   piece, an auction house or broker does         auctiOn ouse.                              ·11
                                                   have contacts with big buyers.                     On one point, all appear to be d

 heirlooms                                             Before everything, you must have an
                                                   appraisal, preferably several appraisals .
                                                   Jewelry values, particularly old jewels,
                                                                                                  agreement. A void the gimmickY a~e
                                                                                                  the trendy . Classic jewelry, from t 5
                                                                                                  18th, 19th and 20th centuries alw~Y 1
   begin                                           are to some extent in the eye of the
                                                   beholder, so appraisers will vary in
                                                                                                  works. Paul Desautels points out t a
                                                                                                  Egyptian jewelry is still popula~~
                                                                                                  "Jewelry that does not deform tl
              and Y<'U r trea ure hunt for         their judgments. After you know what
            the truly un1que 1n JCWL'lry end s.    you have and what you want out of              body holds its popularity . And after a '
                crvmg Metropolitan                                                                  h          .                      ou can
                                                   it-you can decide about selling jewelry.       t ere are JUSt so many places Y
            Wa~h1ngwn for ove r 60 yea rs              Many people are very reticent about        comfortably put jewelry."                    t
                                                   selling jewelry. As Desautels of the                "The more simply the stones are 5 ~~
                                                   Smithsonian points out, "Most people            the less metalwork around them, .t e
                                                   sell when they have a cash flow pro-            more 'classic' as I define it, the P10  ecd
                                                   blem, and many don't want other peo-           is," says Blythe Kupferberg. "0°
                                                   ple to know about it." Many people             stones never go out of style." . 10
                                                   consider jewelry a possession far more              So is all the family jewelry g01ng y
                                                   personal than a car or a piece of proper-       disappear in the overheated jewe ~-
                                                   ty. They feel guilty when they                  market? Has the best already gone? Ebe
                                                   sell-unless they are collectors who             perts contend that Mrs. Post woul~ c·
                                                   wheel and deal in the field . "The sale of      hard put to assemble a similar col ~IY
                                                   jewelry often is the result of some             tion today. The history of a fam:lY
                                                    tragedy," according to Robert Pam-             jewel, once it is moved on is genera
                                                    pillonia. "It comes from death, or             shrouded in mystery.                         '(
                                                    divorce, or financial reverses. These are          Let us hope that heirlooms don e
                                                    not happy stories." Appraisers at auc-         disappear entirely. Jewels that a~o
                                                    tion houses find that jewelry carries the      passed from mother to daughter.
                                                    name of the former owner less fre-             granddaughter have a special qu.all~r;
                                                    quently than other pieces. "We never           Being allowed to try on and then f1na 1      .
                                                    ask about where a piece came from or           to wear your grandmother's necklace ,
                                                    why it is being sold. You can tell that it     a genuine graduation, a rite of p~s~a~-
  1130 Connecticut Ave                              is a very emotional time," says Alison         to adulthood. The years of antlCIP 1
     in the \\' &.J Sloane Bid~.
                                                                                                    tion, of staring longingly into. Y ~ 1
                                                    Bradshaw of Christie's .
 62S-2122 628-3232                                     Of course, if the appraisal shows that      mother's jewelry box and dreammgt1Jt
                                                    you have a collection worthy of the             the future, are as much a part of C
                                                    Smithsonian, you can donate it and             jewel as its intrinsic value.

88/August /980/Dossier
:Real Estate                                                                             SUMNER
a~f; Lrarzsactions
 nce     i}


             GUIDE TO AREA
             DPERN EXCHANGES

     ,, '1
 all     ·~~Oss .Chestnut Street, N.W. · J.F. Miller, Ill
          dwm J. Nichols . $220,000.
  in ,0 ~?3·05 Chillum Place, N.W .. H.S. Howell
 ceS 4 tlllam J. Kardash . $200,000.
  of io }30 Forest Lane, N.W. · R.G. Alexander
         ~hn W. Franklin, Jr. · $330,000.
   n io li 51 Parkside Lane, N.W. · J.T.R. Pierson
 a ~ enry s. Millon. $218,100.
o~t lor~15 Tracy Place, N.W. · Fritz·Aian Korth             Elegant spacious 6 bedroom Georgian colonial offering the ultimate
e iS 3 omas M. Roberts . $465,000.                          country kitchen, library plus large first floor family room . A most
enl •0 ~45 Suitland Road, S.E .. G.A.C. Schinke
 af 38 ~ mas W. Browner . $230,000.
                                                            desirable property.
 he ~ock         2
               Fordham Place, N.W. . G.A.
     , efeller to Ernest C. Barrett , Ill                                       Call Welene Goller, 320-5064
        ~e 1 :4      Kiingle Place, N.W.. J.M . Hatch to                   MGMB inc. Realtors
 or      5 ~ n A. Moskowitz · $280,000.
      Jos 70 Lowell Street, N.W. · F. Hollis to                                              362-4480
  . 5 ~Ph I. Goldstein . $250,000.                                       3408 WISCONSI   AVENUE, N.W . • WASH! GTON. D   . 20016
 111 lo li 52 Manning Place, N.W .. P.G. Hammer
nd         arold R. Millie . $229,500.                                           We sell investments to live in .
he 8r ~0 Westover Place, N.W. · Kettler
"s ~or ers to Robert B. Ourisman & Dan iel L.
          engol d · $214 920
at 431                   •   ·
      Sro 5 Westover Place, N.W. · Kettler
 f· ~hers to David w. Broome. $222,000.
 e Dev 02 48th Place, N.W. · W.C. & A.N. Miller
 l, oe11610 Pment Company to Leonard B. Dog·
 ll ( . $254,500
               Devon~hire Place, N.W. #520 · CBS
        80 Elizabeth Paradis · $290,000.
t, Inc ~ 25th Street, N.W. #503 · Int er-North,
e ~              °
         0 Susan L. Drescher . $270,000.
 e lein 15 Columbia Road, N.W .. L.M. Berns-
d ~ss 1 ? ~015 Columbia Road Cooperat ive
          0 Ctatton · $279,300.
    8r ~9 Westover Place, N.W. . Kettler
O 16 ers to Jud ith V. Moore . $217,500.
Y lo 1h 20th Street, N.W.. 1600 20th Street
 · <a 1     eodore F. Mariani . $700,000.
e ~lch 2 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. #111 . s.
           ner to Sayid H. Aiatas . $207,500.
            - -
     911 K. b- - - - - - - - - -
   Black •m erwicke Road, Mclean . G.J.
     a8171 David. E. S~ms, Jr. · $210,000.
  Constr F~rt Htll Dnve, Alexandria . Levin
  s~lla uctton Company to Wayne M. Man·
    12; $243,595 .
  Inc. T~llgate Way, Falls Church. Tollgate,
S 9ss alter J. Pittman · $208,100.
e nJsky 1 Fri~ge Tree Road, Fairfax. M.J. Ter·
    1800 Mtchael L. Zimmerman . $295,000.
  ~irkm Old Meadow Drive, Mclean . J.E.
     a 43 ~n to Kanawat Investments -$225,000.
  Spa.ngJ Columbia Pike S., Arlington . E.B.
           er to Joseph H. Simpson . $250,000.

                                                                                                                              Dossier/Aug11st 1980/89
               OU'RE CONSIDERING
                                                                                           6643 Madison-Mclean Drive, McLea
                                                                                        -Madison Mclean Associates to Joseph
                                                                                        Roach · $235,000.

                                                                                           2101 Twin Mill Lane, Oakton · JJ
                                                                                        Johnson to Homequitz, Inc. · $214,500. 11
                                                                                           6924 Little River Turnpike, Annanda~s

               FIRST CONSIDER
                                                                                        . Evergreen Associates toW . Howard Roo
                                                                                        · $221 ,619.                               G
                                                                                           3835 Tazewell Street N., Arlington · 1

                                                                                        Cooley Partnership to George A. Be
                                                                                        -$254,950.                              PIC"
                                                                                           10910 Shadow Lane, Fairfax Station· 11
                                                                                        gressive Development Corporat ion to oa
          ;1 • Chatsworth, the mast important thing that we have to sell is             W. Rowe · $200,000.                        1g
      ..f"""'tthe luxury townhome                                                          1705 Burlwood Court, Vienna · Rosen be0
          More and more luxury townhome ads are selling Georgetown, fine                 Development Corporation to John P. Ka
    restaw-ants, quaint shopping, and everything else. Except the luxury                 nar · $209,318.                        vG  l
                                                                                           8300 Bernane Forest Court, Fairfax· ()()
    townhome                                                                             Associates to B. William Basheer -$315,0 80
          Consider Chatsworth. ~ believe that a luxury townhome should                      1034 Broad Branch Court, McLe A
    provide its residents with spacious living areas and optimal use of                 ·Douglass Drive Joint Venture to Edwin
    natural lighting. Ow- 3,000 sq. {t. Victorian model has a width of 26 feet          Cherry · $229,000.                 .        5
    (as compared to townhouses in Georgetown promising 2,400 sq. {t. with                   1307 Timberly Lane, Mclean· T1 mberl~y.
    a width of only 20 feet). Ow- Georgian model is a spectacular 4,000 sq. {t.          Limited Partnership to William J. Kolas
    with a width of 36 feet. (as compared to the 3,000 sq. {t. alternative with          Jr. · $253,650.                         IY 5
                                                                                            1311 Timberly Lane, Mclean· Timb~r 18
    a width of 25 feet).                                                                 Limited Partnership to Vincent T. Slko
          When you compare ow- standard features of one car garages, 12 foot
    ceilings, oak paneled libraries, spacious brick enclosed terraces, along
                                                                                         ·$262,000.                                nn
                                                                                            8440 Brook Road, Mclean· N.T. Tiema
    with an average cast of $78 per foot, you begin to wonder if the smaller             to Robert G. Weeks · $287,500.           rc~
    Georgetown homes are worth the substantially higher prices.                             107 North Virginia Avenue, Fall~ ChU Jr.
          All ow- locations offer private wooded vieuJS from the main living             ·W.H. Condon to James H. Stallings,
    areas (and do not overlook parking lots, or other townhouses).                       ·$398,000.                            LeBO
          While other townhomes may ask you to live in the {uture, at                       6764 Old Mclean Village Drive, Me Hill
    Chatsworth we offer immediate occupancy                     ....,,.======            ·VGC Associates to Prosper N.
    and only 15 minutes {rom Conn. & K             UMQUEB YGOMPARISON                    -$205,000.

                                                                                                                hesd l
                                                                                            5103 Cape Cod Court, Bet ld M             ·
                                                                                        · Douglass Drive Joint Venture to Dona
                                                                                        MacArthur · $485,000.                  Glover.
                                                                                            5235 Duvall Drive, Bethesda · C.C.
                                                                                        Ill to Robert F. Vanvoorhees · $260,00°·J E   .
                                                                                            5512 Goldsboro Road, Chevy Chase· ·
                                                                                        Keller to J. David Pollard · $220,000.     E~·
                                                                                            11 Esworthy Terrace, Gaithersburg ~ 00 .
                                                                                        calibar, Inc. to Harry T. Marren · $217.J J.F·
                                                                                            12504 Northline Court, Potomac · 00 .
                                                                                        Corrigan to Stratton M. Liapis · $2_ oa~s
                                                                                            10608 Norton Road, Potomac· R1ver
                                                                                         Farm , Inc. to Robert Blitz· $255,000. VV p...
                                                                                            5410 Blackistone Drive, Bethesda · ·
                                                                                        Graves to William J. Grealis · $217,500~n &
                                                                                            8112 Split Oak Drive, Bethes~a ·CoW ker ·
                                                                                         Hodgkin Construction to Marvin A. sec
                                                                                         $240,000.                                R H·
                                                                                            12800 Esworthy Road, Potomac · ·
                                                                                         Stevenson, Jr. to L. Feldman · $208~ Mano
                                                                                            10700 Stanmore Drive, Potomac· ·
                                                                                         to David C. Dressler· $385,000.        hesd'
                                                                                            5712 Bradley Boulevard, Bet r 11
                                                                                         ·P.N.G. Schwartz to Joseph A. Turne '
                                                                                         · $209,500.                              RD
                                                                                            8503 Burning Tree Road, Bethesda~ 0Qo.
                                                                                         Lewis to Robert W. McMeekin, Jr. -$2~ ' . ~
                                                                                            7000 Carmichael Avenue, Bathes 8
                                                                                         Bloom to Richard J. Dante · $290,000. 0 ~
                                                                                             6946 Greentree Road, Bethesda · :~~rze
                                                                                         Drive Associates to Harvey G.
                                                                                         · $296,000.                               H.J
                                                                                             6737 Newbold Drive, Bethesda ·
                                                                                          Krauser to Richard C. Levy · $209,900. VV
     Priced from $228,500. Aoor plans available 3, 4, 5 bedrooms. Our Sales Office is        7 Oxford Street, Chevy Chase ·         ·
     open Saturday through Thursdaij 1 PM- 6 PM, or by appointment Broker                Triplett to Robert W. Wilson · $225,000.
     participation invited. Call 537-1100

90/ August 1980/Dossier
    Real Estate Properties


                                     Lovely Estate ... over 3 acres in beautiful                            Potomac Falls
A                                    St. Margaret's in Annapolis .. . Fantastic
                                     Georgian home ... superb craftsman-
                                     ship ... so many luxuries ... free form
                                     pool.. .bath house ... Convenient location .
5                                    (80538)
                                     $325,000. Call (301) 974-0410 or 261-2477.

                                                I   I .,..   HQ! ~!.Ye~®
                                      Annapolis          Severna Park            Arnold
                                                                                                                              Eliza.beth Ca.deU , 6roker
                                      261 -2626             26 1-2 116          261 -2477
                                      (30 1) 263.{)400   (301) 647-6112   (301) 974-0410              vcrRu..\ d , Putuma. Md.
                                                                                              10200 R o                                (301) 983·0200

    r.tANARIN ODLE and RECTOR, Realtors-- - - --,                                           ALEXANDRIA                                        OLDTOWN

                                                                                                              CIRCA 1789
               Representing the finest new townhome
                groupings for purchase in Old Town                                          This distinguished clapboard townhouse
                                                                                            has been handsomely restored to

                  Canal Way
·                                                                                           preserve the ageless craftsmanship of a
                                                                                            bygone era and to enh~~ce its al?peal
                                                                                            with contemporary amen1t1es. Class1c ar-
                                                                                            chitectural features dominate the en-
                                                                                            trance hall double parlors, each with

               Old To\trn StatioR
                                                                                            fireplace i'ntimate library, and dining
                                                                                            room. Go urmet kitchen with breakfast
                                                                                            bay overlooks enchanting terrace. Front
                                                                                            and rear staircases lead up to second
                                                                                            floor featuring three bedroom and two

                SHAD ROW
                                                                                            modern baths. hildren s quarters on
                                                                                            third floor include two bedroom and
                                                                                            ba th . A truly distinctive residence in a
                                                                                               prized location! Priced at $325,000 .

                       A home for every lasle,
                     every lifestyle, every budget.
                                                                                                        & ROBERTS
                                                                                                                   REALT                R

     277 S. Washington St.                                                                                 t .~ l'rm' t·   ""'""'"' •   \ h·\,mdn<~

     Alexandria, VA

                                                                                                                              Dossier/August 1980191
          FOXHALL AREA
                                                       MIDDLEBURG                                                 VIRGINIA

 Magnificent in town estate offers an
 excellent location and the spaciousness for
 spectacular indoor and outdoor entertain-
 ing with sweeping terraces and paddle ten-
 nis court. A true combination of old world
 charm and a flair of Eureopean flavor.
 The living quarters provide eight bedrooms          "Chilton" is a private country estate in prestigious hunt country.
 or five family bedrooms and two for staff,          Lovely stone manor house with slate roof on 67 acres in secluded
 all with accompanying baths. A house                forest setting complemented by flowering shrubs and plantings. The
 with great architectural interest.                  manor house has an intriguing secret passage, tap room and wine
                $825,<XXl.OO                         cellar. Offers spacious living with six bedrooms and baths, guest
                                                     quarters, indoor heated swimming pool, cottage and pastoral views.
       Inspection by appointment                     Price upon request.
        Mrs. Hersman 363-0623

 ]~[          INC~w;w~
                362 -9702
                             Foxhall Square
                 330 I New Mexico Ave. N.W.
                           Washington. D. C.
                                                                               RED FOX REALlY, INC.
                                                                              Middleburg, Virginia 22117

         CHEVY CHASE                                                                                          WATERFRONT

                                               Charmlna New Enaland ranch nestled amonast the tlftl of
                                               this five acre estate wltb 500 feet of waterfront, beautiful     REALTORS
                                               pool, stocked pond, dellahtful auest bouse and total
                                               privacy. An Ideal retreat-retirement home.        $495,000.
 A magruficent palace-Like residence                                                                             683-3600
                                                           Evenlnas call E.H. Buag- 979-3333
 offering an experience in graceful
 and splendid living. Designed and
 Built with a special eye towards
 perfection in the smallest detail.                MARYLAND EASTERN SHORE
 Upper brackets.
                                                 Exceptional 72 acre (waterfront) horse
                                                                                                        The Washington
     Shown by Appointment only.
            Mrs. Fioretti
                                                   breeding farm, easy drive to major                   Dossier Average
                                                                                                        Family Income,
                                                  tracks in adjacent states. Modern 15
                 652-7108                         stall horse barn, pastures, paddocks,
                                                approximately 8000 ft. treated oak fenc-
                                                   ing. French Provincial brick manor
                                                 house, 4 bedrooms, 3 Vz baths, 2 fire-
                 JACK                            places. Over 2200 ft. on broad Island                   Average Home
                                                    Creek, dock, deep sailboat water.
                                                     $700,000. Contact Jack Bossert,                         Value
                                                   Shoreline Realty, Box 1371, Easton

                                                    Md. 21601, Tel. (301) 822-7556 or
                                                          nights (301) 745-9714.
92/August 1980/Dossier
           .··SometimesYfJ!J have to
            lose the city tOfind the dty.
        Hillandale at e rgetown. Life here i a brisk ten
   minutes' walk fr m the delight of eorget wn ...yet gentl
        remove I from the onfu ion. n forty-two a r · of
 rolling,' ooded ountryside across the street from corgctown
      ni e ity Medical enter, gra ious three and C ur story
townh mes and wooded homcsitcs arc nc w being offered f r ale
     by a1 pointment on ly. Won't y u all irginia . Kr:1u
  or Barbara . B wer at 202/33 -6600 to ee, at our lei urc,
        the country ide of c ity life ? Brokers ar ' d ome.
                        a! gorrjlOWII

                                                  Dossier/AugrJSI J98019J
                                             OAKTON                       HUNTERS VALE Magnificent custom homes
                                             . . - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - , o f elegance offered by the
         OCEANFRONT                                                                             craftsmen of Dickey !1
           ESTATE                                                                                Dickey. For those ":h0
                                                                                                demand the finest in design
                                                                                                and construction on
                                                                                                beautiful wooded, 2 ac~e
                                                                                                Jots, suitable for pool, tenniS
                                                                                                and horses.
                                                                                                Please call for appointmen1

                                             Directions: Vienna, South on 123; right on Hunter Mill; left on Vale; right
                                             on Mare to open signs.
                                                                                                                           .--J Manor         n1
                                                                                                                                   Homes LD
                                                                                                                              of   Virginia   "
                                              Please Call CLAIRE MAYER 281-0663

                                                           COMING IN OCTOBER
                                                        FALL REAL ESTATE SPECIAL
                          ..          ....
   '•             ..
 A palatial residence fronting on the
 Atlantic Ocean overlooking two
 swim-ming pools, the surf and the
 sand. All rooms are extremely
 spacious, especially the living and
 dining rooms which provide a warm
 and welcome openness. A delightful
 kitchen, jour large bedrooms, jour
 and a half baths, plus 3744 square
 feet of recreational room at the lower
 level. Central heat and air, second
 floor balcony, terraces, irrigated for-
                                              BUYING YOUR NEXT HOME
 mal gardens, garden house, shower
 rooms, tennis court, tennis house -          We will size up the Washington area real estate market for your
 the list goes on and on.                                       next move, whether you're ...
 In addition to the main residence                        • moving up to that riverfront condo,
 there is a studio apartment over the                     • moving up to a country estate
 jour car garage. Completing the                          • moving up to a Georgetown rowhouse
 package is a year round, jour                            • moving up to that duplex apartment
 bedroom guest cottage of Cape Cod
 design. This 2. 76 acre estate is un-
 paralleled in beauty and invites                      ADVERTISING DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 4, 1980
 endless hours of persona/luxury and
 comfort.                                       PLUS: A look at Florida real estate coming in January 198 1·
                                                      AND: Dossier's annual spring real estate issue
  Offered exclusively for the discerning                         corning in April 1981.
  buyer by appointment only.

        Jack (jjlgo
             realtor.          tNc.                                          3301 New Mexico Avenue, NW
                                                                                Washington, D.C. 20016
  92 Rehoboth Avenue,302-227-3883                                                   (202) 362-5894
  Rehoboth Beach         Delaware

94/ August 1980/Dossier
 The Gold Page
  ·0 NE 362-5894

 '--                  ANTIQUES                                     ESCAPES                          LINDA LICHTENBERG KAPLAN
 Co     Antiques restored in your home.              COOLFONT'S HEALTH HAPPENINGS
  ~~~lete refinishing services; stains, ch ips,   Bounce into fitness at 1200-acre mountain         20th Century American Fine Art Appraisals
  ~I ch~s, burns, water & heat spots, etc.

                                                  spa for men and women . Professional In-
, f~ U f1nd those beveled mirrors, handles,
        s                                         struction with Carol Spilman and Diet
  llo~holes, etc. Pebblebrook Antique Restora-    Workshop inst ructor, aerobics , dance,                                   30 1-654-484 7
  ~evy Chase. 951-0646.                           hikes, massages, 1200 calorie or regular
 ~BARTENDI NG SERVICES                            diet. Lodging , meals and training as low as
 W~Chesney's Bartenders                           $49.50/day. Sessions 3rd Sunday-Friday,
 Pa~1hlngton's finest specializing in
                               Private            March through November. Coolfont Re +                      ANN H. BISSELL
 C ~~· Weddings and Embassy funct ions.
 au                                               Creation . Berkeley Springs, W. VA. 25411.
 ~hesney (202) 544-7571 .                         Dial direct f rom D.C. area 424-1232.                  Art Installations and Framing
 :-_                    BOATS                                        FOOD
                                                  Would you like to serve mouth-watering
                                                  Turkish dishes prepared by Chef Sercan
                                                  Bolkan? For the recipes, send $1 and a self-
                                                  addressed stamped envelope to Eagle Sta-               MIKE'S RECONDITION CENTER
                                                  tion , P.O. Box 211 , Wash ., D.C. 20016.        STOP WAXING YOUR CAR-polycoat It! We
                                           USED                ORIENTAL RUGS                       add luxurious gleem to the Interior & ex-
                                                  Bought-Sold-Appraised-Cleaned-Repaired.          terior of fine cars. Professional service. Ap·
    Now Is the time to think about                Hadeed Oriental Rug Emporium. 1504 Mt.           pointment only 340-6070.
   Your new 1980 Chris Craft or one               Vernon Ave., Alexandria, Va. 549-0991.           Photo inventory your valuables, antiques,
 lJ Of our many fine used boats.                                 REAL ESTATE                       furnishings, etc. for Insurance or other
                                                                                                   documentation purposes. 474-6919.
      'ed Boats From $3500 To $63,000             WATERFRONT- Manokin R., 3 bed ., 2 bath,         RELATIONSHIP, DIVORCE, AND CUSTODY
          ltV DOOR-OUTDOOR DISPLAy                fishing, gardening , year-round living .         PROBLEMS. Individual or group counseling.
                                                  Suitable for retired . Central heat. Caretaker
 7 0 ~214 Swan Point Rd., Woodbridge, Va.         nearby. Mrs . Stadler, call collect
                                                                                                   Green Associates, P.C., psychologists. Call
          -- 494-7161             Everyday 9-5                                                     333-1049.
                                                  (301) 651-2006 or 3316.
                                                                                                        PROTECTIVE INVENTORY SERVICE
                                                  Georgetown area, private street, 9 rm. Con-      Your treasured possessions can be recorded
                                                  temp. home, 50-foot deck, wooded setting ,
~                       BOOKS                     fireplace. 966-3966.
                                                                                                   visually for insurance purposes. For this pro-
~~ever THE BOOK CELLAR for out-of-print           For lease-McLean home, 11 rms., off
                                                                                                   mpt professional photographic service call
la~Qus to read & collect. All subjects &                                                           Charlotte Golln for an appointment (301)
                                                  Georgetown Pike inside beltway. Brand new                            565-2139
~d a~~es. 8227 Woodmont Ave., Bethesda,           40-foot pool. $1 ,400. 893-8944.
~898. Open 7 days, 11-5.
~                   CALLIGRAPHY                                    SERVICES                                          SAILING
                                                  DIVORCE ADJUSTMENT PROBLEMS ,                    Klskadee Yacht Charters feature dinner sails
~~VIta~ltely ~and-lettered announcements,         psychologists specializing In individual or
~Stat ons, dmner party menus. Fortune 500                                                          for six in Chesapeake Bay. 484-3787.
                                                  group counseling. Call anytime for appt.
~~t. Clientele. Prof., reas. 836-1737             965-4759.                                                       TELEPHONES
~ELEGANCE FOR SALE                                                                                          CORDLESS TELEPHONE
~c~~~11 fabrics from designer cutting rooms.                                                                        SYSTEM
~A.E!RI~e Imports, Ultra-Suede® in 32 colors.                                                           NEVER miss another phone call.
~04 R~:UNLIMITED 5015 Col.   Pike, Arl. VA                                                                 ANSWERS on the first ring.
 eautif f~-:-.---------­                                                                                 INDOOR or OUT up to 400 feet.
~aticnsu abncs at sensible prices. Basics ,

                                                                                                   SMALL-fits Into a pocket or clips on belt.
Street  for dressmaking. Threadneedle                                                                            EASY to Install
~2 ~,.;,~tomac Promenade (inside mall)                                                              Call 703·573·6545 phone orders accepted
   ~Rd. Potomac. 299-3370
                                                                                                             Ma.stercharge     VIsa
  'tli or _artles. !703) 573-1309.                HOME & TRAVEL NANNIES. Small private
ClasslcE FEDERAL JAZZ COMMISSION.                 agency will find well-qualified child care                 DISCOVER COOLFONT!
111 6,.. New Orleans Jazz to make your party                                                       A mountain delight for week or weekend, 2
~·•orabiR                                         help with verified references to fill any type   hours from D.C. Cozy lodge, chalets, low
~0~·               A.C. Webber 588-6119.          of need. Travel nannies also available. Hire
lN~ CLASSIFIED DISPLAy RATE                       the nanny your child will love. 244-6310.
                                                                                                   density campsites. Lakes, riding, tennis,
                                                                                                   restaurant In treetops, peace and privacy.
       l) ORMATION, CONTACT THE                   Housesitter. Refined resp. prof. sks.            Coolfont Re + Creation. Berkeley Springs,
......._-OssmR OFFICES 362- 5894                  housesit 6 mo-1 yr. Care for home, pets,         W. VA. 25411. From D.C. area, dial free

  ---.______::                                    refs. 362-0179.                                          424-1232 or call 304-258·4500

                                                                                                                         Dossier/August 1980195
  Social Calendar

     f you're planning an event, please call               against the Dallas Cowboys - 9 p.m. at RFK           September 16: Start of
      Mrs. Wimsatt at 652-7574 at/east six weeks in        Stadium.                                            America' Cup - Rhode
      advance. We regret that not every item can be          September 9: Bulgaria- Revolution Day.             ewport, Rhode Island.               e Qa) ·
 published for reasons of space. However, private             eptember 9- II : Twentieth-annual Antiques        September 16: Mexico - Independenc d pen-
 parties will be placed on a special list that will not    Show and Sale sponsored by The Woman's Club          September 16: Papua New G uinea u - In e
 appear in thi~ column.                                    of Chevy Chase, Md., Inc. -at the Club House,       dence Day.                                   ncheOo
                                                           -admission $2 each (with this notice, $1.50)           September 17: Sevent h A nnu al Fa ll Lu Cit
                                                           -Chairman, Mrs. Elaine Ka rr - C lub President,
                                                                                                               a nd Fas hi o n Show - Rehoboth A rt L ea gueHcnr'
 AUGUST                                                    Mrs. E lizabeth Stant.                              chairmen , Mrs. Ma lco lm Ha rri s a nd Mrs.
                                                             Septem ber II : Rosh Hasha nah .                  Lowde n.                                       Da Y·
                                                                                                                  Septembe r 18: C hil e - Ind epend ence         he trl
    August 1 through August 24: Annual Meeting
                                                                                                                 Sept ember 18: Na ti o na l Sy mph o ny O~ear of
 - Saratoga Race Course, Saratoga Springs, New                                                                 Gala beg in ning t he Fiftieth A n111 ve rsa ry       11 r
 York - post time I :30 p .m.                                                                                                                                      1 1
                                                                                                               the Orchest ra - sta r-studded per form ance ?vide>
    August I through August 9: New York Yacht                                                                  Kennedy Center Co ncert Ha ll a nd o ther_actl
Club Annual Cruise- rendezvous, Newport, R.I.
                                                                                                               - Chairman, Mrs. Leo na rd L. Si lverstein .
    August 4: Annual Ball benefit of National
 Museum of Racing - by invitation - Saratoga
                                                                                                                   eptember 20: Yom Kippur. .                 AWaY• I
                                                                                                                   epte mber 21: Redskins vs. Raiders-
Springs, ew York.
    August 9: Redskins vs. Colts - Pre-Season
                                                                                                                   eptember 22: Ma li - Repub lic Da~ -. . n
Game, 8 p.m. - Baltimore, Md.                                                                                                           .     b.
                                                                                                                   eptember 23: Saud i Ara ta - 111
                                                                                                                                                         u ftca ttO
   August 9 and August 10: Rehoboth Art
League Outdoor Fine Arts Show - Art League                                                                    the Kingdom.                                 Iu b
                                                                                                                 September 23: Ca pi ta l Speakers
Grounds- 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.- Co-chairmen, Mrs.
                                                                                                              Wa hington, D.C. opening tea for a ll
Fritz Hessemer, Mrs. Lewis M. Purnell, Mr.
                                                                                                              - 2 to 4 p.m. a t the home o f ~rs. Bet
William Holman.
                                                                                                              Straus J r. 89 14 Clewe rwa ll Dn ve , M
   August 9: Singapore - National Holiday.                                                                                 '
                                                                                                              Md . - ' by invitation - Clu b p rest e nt '
                                                                                                                                                  'd       r ·
   August 10: Ecuador · Independence Day.
   Augu t II - 14: Democratic National Conven-                                                                thur M. Becker.                 .      HolidaY·
                                                                                                                September 26· Yemen - Nauona 1          d
tion - Madison Square Garden, New York City.                                                                                   .         N     I o n Gol en
                                                                                                                  ept ember 27: Age of apo e .
Chairman, The Hon. Thomas P. 0' eill, Jr.                                                                     Ball benefit of The Beet hoven Soct ~tY -
   Augu t 1S: Korea- Independence Day.                    Madame Addou, wife of the fo rmer Somalian                               . . ·        Cha trm a n,
                                                                                                              Hilton Hote l - by m vtta u o n -
   Augus t 16: The America's Cup Ball- dance -at          ambassador, bids farewell to Doris Haley and
                                                                                                              Cla rence Mi lton Fis her.          hawks-
The Breakers, Newport, R.I. -black tie- by in-            her friends at a lunch given by Claudia Rayford.      Se ptember 28: Redsk ins vs. Sea
vitation - sponsored by The Preservation Society
of Newport County and The New York Yacht                                                                      4 p.m.                         d    nd cncc
                                                                                                                September 30: Bo tswa na - In epe
Club - Co-chairmen, Mrs. John G. Winslow,

                                                                                                              Curtain Going!£
                                                              September 12: Guineau -Bissau - Natio na l
Mrs . W. Mahlo~Dickerson.
   August 17: lnaonesia- Independence Day.
                                                              Septem ber 12: The HOPE Ball- annua l dinner
   August 18: Redskins vs. Browns - Pre-Season
Game- 8 p.m. - RFK Stadi um.
                                                           dance benefit of Project HOPE - Internationa l
                                                                                                              A ugust a nd September · · · more a
                                                           Ballroom - Washington Hilton Hotel - music by
   August 23: Romania- Liberation Day.
   A ugust 23: Redskins vs. Raiders Pre-Season
                                                           Lester Lanin- reception 7:30, dinner 8:30- black   summer cul tural drought · · ·
                                                           tie - by invitation - $125 each - Co-chairmen,                                · e or space
Game -7:30p.m. - RFK Stadium .                                                                                tractio ns tha n we have t1m            u
                                                           Mrs. Guy T. Steuart II and Mr . Lewis F.                                 h t s At Olney,
   A ugust 25: Uruguay- Independence Day.
                                                           Powell, Jr.                                        . . . bu t here a re t e op ·      d (AUS·
   A ugust 29: Redskins vs . Buccaneers Pre-
                                                               eptember 13: The Wolf Trap Associates          til A ug. 24, Joe Egg, fo~low,e drarn!l·
Season Game- 7 p.m. -Tampa, Florida.
                                                          Tenth Anniversa ry Ball - "T l "th ight - din-      26-Sept. 14) by Arthur MJiler s Donald
   A ugust 31: Malaysia - National Day.
   August 3 1: Trinidad and Tobago - Indepen-
                                                          ner dance on stage at Wolf Trap Farm Park for       Th e Price. A t Wolf Trap ,              zl
dence Day.
                                                          the Performing Arts- reception 7:30, dinner 8:30    G ramm in Verdi 's Falstaff (Aug. (9
                                                          -black tie- by invitation - Honorary Chairman,                                   Th      Free Lance
                                                          Mr . Warren E. Burger - Chairman, Mrs.              and 23). Sousa 's . e            n Reardotl•
                                                          Marion Edwyn Harri on.                              musica l spoof!) wJth J~h           with the
 SEPTEMBER                                                     eptember 14: Red kin vs. Giants- Away, 4       (Aug. 25, 26, 27) . Papillon            ) pre·
                                                          p.m.                                                Houston Ballet (Aug . 28 , 29
                                                                                                                                                     ·) lat er
                                                               eptember 14: Brunch and Perry Ellis Fashion
                                                                                                              B'way Brigadoon, (Sept. 3 • d l tl1''
                                                                                                                                   N a r10 nal a.n a
    eplember 1: Labor Day.                                Show to benefit The Capital Children's Mu eum
    eptember 3: Qatar - ational Holiday.                  - pon ored by Sak -Jande! - at The Museum,          tow ning at the                         oper9
    eptembe r 4: Fairfax Hunt Club Annual                 800 Third Street, .E. - 12:30 p.m . - by invita-    KenCen , the fabulous _Pekl~;Richard
Luncheon and Fashion Show - at the Club - 12              tion - tickets $40 each (Junior , $25) - Honorary   (Sept. 2-14). Michael MonartY Hill ChOf'
noon- by invitation- Ch. Mrs. StuartS. Bailey.            Chairperson, Joan Mondale.                          II (Sept. 24, 28.) and the Pa~honal Cofl'
  September 7: Brazil - Independence Day.
  September 8: Season Opener - The Washing-
                                                             Septem ber IS: Costa Rica- Independence Day.
                                                             September 1S: El Salvador- Independence Day.
                                                                                                              ale's season-opener,         5t?
                                                                                                                                          AntJPan & Bra5l
ton Redskins put their perfect (untied/ unbeaten)            September IS: Guatemala- Independence Day.
                                                                                                              cert for Multiple Chorrs, Org           BLAI~
                                                                                                                                    ANNE DENTON
NFL Monday Night Game record on the line                     Septe mber IS: Honduras- Independence Day.       on Sept. 20.       -                       d

96/August /980/Dossier

Description: Washington Dossier was the society magazine for the nation's capital from 1975-1991. David Adler, current CEO of BizBash ( was the co-founder and President.