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August 14, 2003
       Seattle, WA > The protected rainforests of Manu National Park and the Tambopata Nature
Reserve in southeast Peru are among the most pristine natural regions in the world with the highest
levels of species diversity of mammals, birds and reptiles in the entire Amazon. For more than a decade,
Seattle-based ecotourism company Wildland Adventures has arranged active travel programs in South
America, from the Andes to the Amazon, featuring guided nature explorations and cross-cultural
encounters with native peoples based from small eco-lodges located in remote, pristine habitats such as
Manu and Tambopata.
       This year the company has added a new lodge, the Amazon Rainforest Conservation Center
[ARCC], located in southeast Peru on the shores of the wildlife-rich Lake Soledad. The ARCC is the
focal point for important conservation initiatives in the region with world record bio-diversity of
rainforest animals and plants. A spectacle of wildlife is found here including a resident family of
endangered giant river otters, eight species of monkey, hundreds of bird species, large groups of
peccaries and 15’ caimans, with possible jaguar and anaconda sightings. Activities include hikes on an
extensive trail system through pristine forests, an ascent to the rainforest canopy 120’ up in a huge
ironwood tree to a wildlife observation platform overlooking Lake Soledad, paddling in small canoes
around the lake, and excursions to visit macaw licks in the area where hundreds of parrots congregate.
       The remote lodge is located 110 miles (8 hours) up the Las Piedras River from Puerto
Maldonado. Although the journey is long, it is a comfortable and relaxing trip in large motorized
dugouts equipped with reclining seats for napping or watching the scenery go by. The lodge and
research center provide a base in the jungle wilderness for learning about rainforest ecology and
enjoying close up observation and photography of rainforest wildlife in comfort and style. Guests are
accommodated in eight charming, hexagonal chalets, each containing a comfortable double room with
lights, fans and electrical outlets, a balcony, and private bath with hot water. Visitors are treated to
delicious local cuisine in the spacious and airy dining area including fresh fish, exotic fruit juices and
delicious vegetarian dishes.
       Wildland Adventures’ Andes and Amazon programs are available year round and feature 10 to
15 day itineraries. Privately arranged custom trips are also available. All-inclusive, 2003 prices
including local airfare range from $2,150 to $3,045 per person, with additional discounts available for
groups of five or more. For reservations or more information, call 1-800-345-4453, email, write to 3516 NE 155th Street, Seattle, WA 98155 or visit
       Since its inception in 1986, ecotourism has been the cornerstone of Wildland Adventures, offering
cultural and natural history explorations as a means to protect natural environments, preserve cultural
heritage and enhance the well-being of local communities through initiatives by the company’s non-profit
Travelers Conservation Trust. Kurt Kutay is a founding member of the Board of Directors of The
International Ecotourism Society and a recognized leader in the travel industry as a proponent of
responsible tourism. Destinations offered by Wildland Adventures include Costa Rica, Panama, Belize,
Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and the Galapagos, East and Southern Africa, Alaska, Patagonia
(Chile and Argentina), Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, and New Zealand.

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