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Volume 11 Number 4                                         Serving Arizona the Grand Canyon State                                                             August 18, 2004

                                                                                             Our fourth year celebrating Asian Pacific        More than 400 Asian American fans and
                                                                                           Night at BOB was just as exciting as the         friends supported Asian Chamber’s efforts to
                                                                                           first. This year, Hiroshi Osawa of Toyota        bring our community to major league
                                                                                           Technical Center, USA, threw the first pitch,    baseball. Showcasing that Asian Americans
                                                                                           having just arrived in Arizona in time to        are also good citizens who can sing the
                                                                                                                                            National Anthem, present the Colors and
                                                                                                                                            perform with the best of them, Asian Pacific
(l-r): Michelle & Ted Namba, Madeline Ong-             (l-r): Kay & Joe Allman at the                                                       Night was great fun, filled with excitement
Sakata &Transportation Secretary Norm Mineta           JACL Sayonara Banquet                                                                and left everyone with the satisfaction that
                                                                                                                                            all the hard work was well worth every
                                                                                                                                            minute of it.
                                                                                                                                              Asian Chamber would like to thank
                                                                                                                                            everyone for making this evening possible.
                                                                                                                                            Arizona Department of Health Services,
By Ted Namba                                  Veteran’s Tribute and Luncheon with                                                           Toyota Technical Center, Gallagher-
   The 2004 National Japanese American        Senator Daniel Inouye as the Keynote
                                                                                                                                            Kennedy, Arizona Public Service, John
Citizens League Convention was recently       Speaker. The annual Oratorical Contest
held in Honolulu, HI from August 11-14,       for youth and a obon dance at Queen's                                                         Sakata and Valley Commerce Bank gave us
2004. JACL’s 75th Anniversary was             Beach was also held this day. The day                                                         great support. A special thanks to Bruce
celebrated by the Convention host,            ended with a National Council meeting                                                         Quisinberry of Toyota USA Torrance and
Honolulu Chapter, at the beachfront           and district caucuses.                                                                        Darcy Greene of Toyota AZ who helped us
Waikiki Marriott Hotel. The theme for            Day 5 started out with National JACL                                                       coordinate with the VIPs at Toyota
this year’s National JACL Convention was      elections at which our new National JACL                                                      Technical Center and the beginning of
“Our Legacy, Our Future:          Ensuring    President, Ken Inouye was elected by a                                                        another friend and supporter of Asian
Diversity in America.”                        strong majority of the votes. Ken is a              First pitch by Hiroshi Osawa
                                                                                                                                            Chamber. (A special thank you is on page
   This year’s Convention was packed          staunch civil rights advocate and as a       practice his pitching technique.
with a myriad of workshops, activities and    member of the SELANOCO JACL
                                                                                               Baxter was on hand to greet
National Council meetings. The Opening        Chapter in the Pacific Southwest District
Ceremony on Day 1 opened with a bang as       is well known and respected by many          the Asian Chamber entourage
Dale Minami gave a dynamic presentation       Arizona Chapter members. The Sayonara        including the 25 Inhale Life
on JACL: Past, Present and Future,            Banquet was held later that evening at the   Singers, Edwin and LouAnn
accompanied by a festive celebration of       beautiful Hawaii Convention Center and       Tampos who presented an
Polynesia through song, dance and chants.     was an elegant event which featured          authentic Hawaiian blessing, the
The Waikiki Welcome Mixer, held later         Secretary of Transportation, Norman          Thomas Tang Post 50 Color
that evening on the rooftop of the hotel      Mineta, as the Keynote Speaker.              Guard and the Filipino
was a fun evening of great food (including       At the end of both the National Council   American FP Dance Crew who
poke), music, dancing and remarks from        meetings and Sayonara Banquet, Arizona       master ful l y co mb i ned a
the Governor of Hawaii.                       Chapter invited everyone to attend the
                                                                                           wonderful performance of
   The next few days were highlighted by      2006 National JACL Convention which
National Council meetings at which most       will be held at the Sheraton Wild Horse      Asian classic and modern hip
resolutions passed easily except for a last   Pass Resort in Arizona from June 21-24,      hop dance with the Chinese lion (l-r): At Asian Pacific Night at BOB: Tommy Tam,
                                                                                                                            Tom Tam, Bruce Quisinberry, Sanae Osawa, Baxter,
minute resolution to switch the current       2006. The theme for this Convention will     from Lu’s Martial Arts.          Hiroshi Osawa & Madeline Ong-Sakata
biennial National Convention format to an     be “Phoenix Rising: Leadership for a
annual Convention (this was voted down        New Generation.” Many of the guests at                                                        3).
in a close vote). A luau at the Hale Koa      the Honolulu Convention have already                                                            The Inhale Life Singers were applauded
Hotel ended Day 2 and Day 3 was               committed to attending Convention 2006                                                        for their performance. The audience reached
noteworthy for the presentation of awards     in Arizona. JACL Arizona Chapter was                                                          out to these beautiful young singers and
at the Awards Luncheon. Among the             well represented at the Honolulu                                                              seemed to say, “You were wonderful!”
workshops offered during these days were:     Convention as eighteen chapter members
                                                                                                                                            Edwin Tampos, dressed in traditional
“The Role of Japanese Americans in U.S.-      made the trip to conduct business, promote
Japan Relations,” “Asian Pacific American     National JACL Convention 2006 and have                                                        Hawaiian rain cape, made of more than 600
Women and their Role in a Diverse             a lot of fun (e.g. swim with dolphins,                                                        dried ti leaves, blew the puohe in blessing to
America,” and “Affirmative Action and         snorkeling, surfing, climbing Diamond                                                         the four corners of the earth and was joined
Diversity: Why it Works!” The exhibit         Head, enjoying Matsumoto’s Shave Ice,                                                         by his wife LouAnn in a traditional
hall was also open during these two days.     Waikiki Beach and eating lots of ono         (l-r): George Ong, Mas Inoshita, Rocky           welcoming chant “E Ho Mai.” Edwin
   Day 4 was another full day with a          Hawaiian food)!                              Tang and Edward Yue presented Colors
                                                                                                                                                    see Asian Pacific Night page 4

                                                                                              I just wanted to send a quick note saying       Parents, thank you again for driving your
                                                                                            thank you! I was so pleased by the kids’        kids to and from practice every week and
                                                                                            performance last night. They truly sang         listening to them sing the National Anthem
                                                                                            their hearts out! They were all so well         over and over and over and over and over
                                                                                            behaved yesterday while we were waiting         again........and then applauded!
                                                                                            and trust me, it seemed like we were              Without your dedication and support the
                                                                                            waiting FOREVER! I wish all of you could        kids wouldn't have been half as good!
                                                                                            have been flies on the wall to see the          Thank you to those who volunteered to
                                                                                            excitement in their faces and hear the          bring snacks and drinks as well. I know the
                                                                                            nervous laughter and chatter that filled our    kids REALLY appreciated those.
                                                                                            practice room. You would have gotten a            Thanks also to the JACL (Ted, Michele,
                                                                                            kick out of it. I know that each singer tried   and Marilyn) for allowing us to use the hall
                                                                                            their best and had a great time singing and     for practice and opening it for us every
                                                                                            that is what makes all of the difference in     week.
                                                                                            the world. After we finished singing the          Madeline and Lisa, thank you for giving
  Top row from L to R: Julie Read, Brandon Mares, Bryan Namba, Wahiba Bhuvad,               applause that followed were truly               us the opportunity to perform again this
  Justine Fujii, Robert Kong, Neekta Hamidi, Tracey Tang, Christopher Brown,                thunderous on the field. The                    year.
  Tyler Hamre, Middle row: Sara Kong, John Manansala, Ahmed Bhuvad, Jennifer                Diamondbacks were also very nice to the           I loved working with each of your
  Thar, Madison Din Sakata Quisenberry, Ali Kayan, Nyle Hamidi. Bottom row:                 kids as we exited. Many of them smiled          children, it was a privilege. I hope to work
  Michael Kong, Matthew Sakata Weisbly, Jonathan Fujii, Margo Swann, Kylie                  and thanked us as we walked off. How            with them again next time!
  Brown, Zoe Swann, Christopher Manansala, Bradley Woodroffe, Ryan Woodroffe.               awesome!                                          Sincerely,
                                                                                                                                              Julie Read
  2 Asian SUNews August 18, 2004

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                                                                                                                  August 18, 2004 Asian SUNews 3

 President’s Message
   I want to start off by welcoming our new members: individual member, Jaye Andres
 of North American Network, Inc.; and nonprofit organization member West Valley
 Art Museum. Welcome to the Asian Chamber of Commerce. Please let us hear from
   Next, I want to thank everyone for making Asian Pacific Night at BOB so much fun
 and so successful. Our loyal friends came through and supported our efforts to bring our
 Asian Americanism to a major baseball field. Thanks to the Diamondbacks for giving us
 the opportunity. Thank you to the beautiful 25 Inhale Life Singers who sang the
 National Anthem to a crowd that whistled and applauded their appreciation. Thanks to
 the FP Dance Crew and Lu’s Martial Arts who combined hip hop and the classical
 lion dance in a performance that brought American and Asian culture together in dance.
 Thanks to my fellow American Legion members who for the last four years proudly                                                                   (l-r): Shirley Tang
 presented the Colors at BOB and to Edwin and LouAnn Tampos for bringing the                                                                       & Madeline Ong-
 Pacific Islander blessings each year. Edwin and LouAnn are always singled out by                                                                  Sakata, more than
 Pacific Islander players who come up and thank them for remembering to the include                                                                60 years ago, they
                                                                                                                                                   were best friends.
 them in our celebration. There are so many individuals that I want to name here, but                                                              Shirley’s big sister
 space will not let me. So thank you all of you who supported Asian Pacific Night and                                                              even      crocheted
 here is hoping you will continue to support us when we work hard to make sure Asians                                                              identical dresses
 are not forgotten as Americans.                                                                                                                   for them. They sat
   Our next event we will be involved with is the Asian Business Expo presented by the                                                             hand in hand in
                                                                                                                                                   the front row at
 Pacific Rim Advisory Council and the City of Phoenix. Asian Chamber will help
                                                                                                                                                   church. And now
 sponsor this event and urge everyone to come out and support this event as well. We                                                               t he y     w o nde r ,
 will be bringing more information as time goes by; keep November 3rd on your                                                                      “Where have the
 calendar. Letters have already gone out for booth application. If you need more                                                                   years gone and
 information you can e-mail next month, keep cool!                                                                          left us?”
                                                               Rocky Tang

                                                                                                                     P la ti n um S p o ns o r s                            Sakata Insurance Agency
                                                                                                                   Ar iz o na P ub lic Se r vice
                                                                                                                          P h oe n ix Sun s
                                                                                                                   Ar iz o na Dia mo n dba c ks
                                                                                                                    C o x C o mmu n ic at io ns
                                                                                                                             Ho ne ywe ll
  Asian C ha mb e r o f                                                                                                  Go l d S p o n s o r s
                                                                                                                   Ame r ica West Air lines
Commerce President Rocky                                                                                            T h e Ar izo na Rep ub lic
Tang and Board Members                                                                                              ASI Ar t Des ign Stu d io
                                                                                                                       B a n k of Ame r ica
Madeline Ong-Sakata and                                                                                                      B a n k On e
                                                                                                                             B u d we iser
Jim Shee met with Valley                                                                                   Fa r mers In sur an ce Sa kata Age nc y
Commerce Bank officials to                                                                                       M esa Co mmun it y Co lle ge
                                                                                                          M ar ic op a Cou nt y Spo rts Co mmiss ion
discuss working together to                                                                                             C it y of P hoe n ix
                                                                                                                        P h oe n ix Co lle ge
bring Asian Chamber                                                                                                          P r is msoft
members information about                                                                                                 SUM C O USA
                                                                                                                           We lls Far go
the Bank’s newly acquired                                                                                             C it y of Sc otts da le
                                                                                                                   Va lle y Co mmerc e Ba n k
Small Business Loan                                                                                                    Sa lt R iver P r oje ct
program.                                                                                                              Ge ner a l Dyn a mic s
                                                                                                                        C it y of Glen da le
  Valley Commerce Bank
recently changed its                                                                                                  S i l v er S p o n s or
                                                                                                                    C i t y of Cha nd ler
leadership and have                                                                                           Air Nat ion a l Guar d of Ar iz on a
indicated their goal to reach Asian Chamber Pres. Rocky Tang met with Valley                                      Co p p e r / Sm a ll B us i ne s s
out to small businesses. Commerce Bank V.P. Charlotte Peterson, Pres. Greg                               C it y of P hoe n ix Avia t ion De part ment
                                                                                                      C it y of P hoe n ix Sma ll Bu s in ess P rogr a ms
Valley Commerce Bank Anderson, Ass’t V.P Debbie Juracich & Jim Shee, Asian                                          Ar e a Age n c y on Agin g
                              Chamber of Commerce                                                           Ar iz o na Dep art me nt of Co mmerc e
officials agreed to work                                                                                 ASU I nst it ut ion a l Ad va nc e me nt Dept .
together with Asian Chamber to form a partnership and help explain SBA loans so that the               C it y of P hoe n ix Eq ua l Op po rtu n it y De pt.
                                                                                                                       BNU Corp orat io n
community can have a better grasp on what is required to qualify for this government                  So u th we st B us ine ss Fin a nc in g Cor po rat ion
                                                                                                        C it y of P hoe n ix Ne igh b orh oo d Se r vic es
assistance.                                                                                                     St . P au l Outp at ie nt Su r ger y
  If you have any questions about the bank, please refer to Asian SUNews page 7 Valley                         Co ld we ll Ba n ker E x ito Re a lt y
                                                                                                                              A FL AC
Commerce Bank column for information on how to contact the bank or e-mail Madeline at                     A-1 R e sta ura nt C lea n in g & Ser vic es Look for future meetings involving Valley Commerce Bank to bring                                    O r g a ni za t i o n M em be r s
information and services to our members and the community.                                              Ar iz o na As ia n Ame r ic an Bar Ass oc iat io n
                                                                                                                Ko rea n C ha mber o f Co mmerc e
                                                                                                   Ar iz o na St ate Un iver s it y As ian P ac if ic C oa lit ion
                                                                                                                       J ap an Amer ica Soc iet y
                                                                                                                   J ap an B us ine ss Ass oc ia t io n
                                   Thank you to                                                  J ap ane se Amer ica n C it ize n Le a gue Ar iz o na C ha pter
                                                                                                                      Ko rea n C u lt ura l Cen ter
                                                                                                          P ac if ic R i m Ad vis or y C ou nc i l (P R AC )
              Arizona Department of Health Services                                                          P h oe n ix Siste r C it ies C o mmis s io n
                                                                                                   Gre ate r P h oe n ix Co n vent ion a nd Visit ors Bur ea u
                                                                                                        P a n As ian Co mmun it y Allia nc e in T u cs on
                     Toyota Technical Center                                                                          As ia n His pa n ic Allia nce
                                                                                                      Ch ine se Amer ica n Cit izen s Allia n ce Nat iona l
                              Gallagher-Kennedy                                                  Ch ine se Amer ica n Cit izen s Allia n ce P ho en ix Lo d ge
                                                                                                          Ko rea n Ame r ic an Bu s in ess Ass oc iat io n
                                                                                                   ASU As ia n P ac if ic Amer ican Alu mni As s oc iat io n
                                  Mayo Clinic                                                        ASU As ia n P ac if ic Amer ican Stu d ies P ro gra m
                                                                                                                ASU C e nter f or As ia n St ud ies
                                                                                                                      P u eb lo Gr an de Mu se u m
                             Arizona Public Service                                                          C o mmun it y In for mat io n & Re ferr a l
                                                                                                             As ia n P ac if ic Is lan der Ass oc iat io n
                             Valley Commerce Bank                                            Gra n d Ca n yon M inor it y & Su p p lier s De ve lo p me nt C ou nc il
                                                                                                                   H .T . C he n Da nc e C o mpa n y
                                                                                                                          Na Leo ‘O Ke Ka i
                                  John Sakata                                                   E nt rep ren eu rs P r o gra m/ So uth Mt . Commu n it y C o lle ge
                                                                                              Un ive rs it y of Ca lif orn ia As ia n Ame ric an Stu d ie s Ce nter
                        Asian American Bar Association                                                       M ar ic op a C ou nt y Ass ess ors Off ice
                                                                                            Nat io na l Ass oc iat io n of Wo men Bu sin es s Own ers ( NAWB O)
                          Korean Chamber of Commerce                                                                 M esa Co mmun it y Libra r y
                                                                                                                    Ar iz o na Hist or ic a l So c iet y
                       Japanese American Citizens League                                                      C e nter f or B ud dh ist De ve lo p me nt
                                                                                            As ia n Stu den ts As s oc ia t io n of Mar co s de Niz a High Sch oo l
                     Pakistani American Community of PICO                                           No rth P ho en ix High Sc ho o l As ia n Stu d ies C lub
                                                                                                              ASU I nter gr ou p Re lat ions Ce nter
                 ASU Asian Pacific American Students Coalition                                          ASU As ia n Bu s in ess Lea der s As so c iat io n
                                                                                                          I nd o -Amer ica n C ha mber of Co mmerc e
                     ASU Asian American Faculty and Staff                                                Go ve rn or ’s Off ice of E q ua l Opp ort un it y
                                                                                                 P la nn ed P are nth oo d of Cen tra l & Nort her n Ar iz ona
             ASU Asian American Business Leaders Students Association                                                         4 A o f AT &T
                                                                                                              Nat io na l Mar ro w Do nor P ro gra m
                      American Legion Thomas Tang Post 50                                                           Ar iz o na Hist or ic a l So c iet y
                                                                                                          ASU So u th eas t As ian Stu d ies P ro gram
                                Lu’s Martial Arts                                                                Ar iz o na Fa ir Hou s in g C ent er
                                                                                                                      Le a de rsh ip C on sor t iu m
                                 FP Dance Crew                                                        Un ite d Stat es E qu a l Opp ort un it y C ommis s io n
                                                                                                        ASU W. P . C are y Sc h oo l of Bu s in ess M B A
        For supporting the Asian American Presence at BOB                                                                     Ar iz o na OI C
                                                                                                         M a yo C lin ic As ian Divers it y Le ad ers h ip
                                                                                                                     We st Va lle y Art Mus eu m
   4      Asian SUNews August 18, 2004

                                                                                                By Barry Wong                                 presidents of Asian American organizations
-Melissa’s Take                                                                                   President George W. Bush made a included K C Tang, Lani Wo, Chantri Beck,
By Melissa Ho                                                                                   campaign stop to Phoenix on Wednesday, Bernard Wu (Bush/Cheney ’04 Maricopa
  I was convinced that I would hate this                                                        August 11, 2004 where 15,000 Arizonans, Asian American co-chairman), KV Kumar
movie, that it would collapse into a pile of                                                    including a contingent of prominent Asian (Bush/Cheney ’04 Maricopa Asian
badly written ethnic jokes and pratfalls.                                                       Americans, at Veterans Memorial Coliseum American co-chairman), Peter Chan (Bush/
While there are plenty of racial stereotypes                                                    greeted him to a rock star-like welcome.      Cheney ’04 Pima Asian American
addressed and improbable situations (after                                                        The President arrived on stage with chairman), Larry Leung, Michelle Kim and
                                                                                                Arizona’s Senators John McCain and
all this movie is touted as a mix of                                                            Jon Kyl. Sen. Kyl led off the
American Pie and Dude Where’s My Car) I                                                         welcome followed by Senator
had a great time.                                                                               McCain who declared his support of
   It was refreshing to be sitting in a movie                                                   the President’s re-election then
theater laughing along with people of all                                                       introduced the President to a wildly
walks of life. There were students, parents,                                                    excited audience who repeatedly
kids of all races and ethnicities and they                                                      chanted “four more years.”
were all laughing at many of the well-                                                            President Bush delivered his
known stereotypical jokes and situations                                                        campaign speech asking for the
suffered by characters of color in                                                              audience’s vote and help to win re-
Hollywood.                                                                                      election.     He talked about his
                                                (The two manage to make fun of the East         accomplishments during his three
  The basic premise of the movie is simple:     Asian Club in Princeton, converse in Hindi      and a half years in office including
Harold and Kumar are two Asian American         to a store clerk, and Kumar gives a brilliant   tax reduction, job creation, education
guys in New Jersey. Harold is the play by       speech about why his parents immigrated to      access and accountability, the wars Barry Wong, Arizona Bush/Cheney 2004
the rules junior investment banker and          the great old U. S. of A).                      on terrorism and in Iraq, and a Chairman Asian American Coalition
Kumar is slated for the medical school path.      Is this movie Citizen Kane? Of course         prescription drug benefit plan for
After a rough week, the two decide to           not. This movie isn’t even one of those         senior citizens. He said there was more to Barry Wong (chairman Bush/Cheney ’04
unwind with some slightly illegal               summer blockbusters that have plot holes        do and with his re-election Americans Arizona Asian American Coalition).
substances and thus begins the quest for the    the size of the Grand Canyon. It’s instead a    would see a stronger economy, improved          Additional Asian American leaders
perfect food…White Castle burgers. (The         movie that hopefully will gain a lot of         opportunities and a safer nation.             invited were Marie Cunning, Astria Wong,
two actors in real life have been inducted                                                        After his nearly one-hour speech, J a e K w o n K i m , B o u a r a p h a n h
                                                viewers through word of mouth. I left the
into the White Castle Hall of Fall by the                                                       President Bush stepped down from the stage Douangchanh, Mudassir Khan (alternate
                                                movie thinking, “wow, that was a lot better     and greeted the sea of supporters pressing delegate to 2004 Republican National
way).                                           than I thought it would be.” It is the          against the front stage barriers. He moved Convention), Tony Kao, Lin Ling Lee, Wen
  The film begins as an attempt to find food    ultimate underdog movie, two Asian              effortlessly from one end of the stage to the Chyi Chiu (journalist), Rajab Ali Fidai
to satisfy a craving. Along the way, they       American guys high on more than life,           other shaking hands, giving hugs, waving (president Pakistani American Republican
meet a mix of characters that try Harold’s      seeking the perfect food. I left with both a    and even holding babies.                      Club), Doris Wong, Nagappa Sri Prakash,
patience and tests Kumar’s ingenuity.           craving for hamburgers, and a craving for         The campaign extended special invitations M.D., Mei Lee, Mrs. KV Kumar, Ploy
Watch out for lots of cameos from well          more movies that would show that Asian          to a number of Arizona Asian American Beck, Fong Wu, Dorothy Wu, Andy Wong,
recognized stars.      (One involving Neil      guys in movies don’t always have to be          leaders in their individual capacities to sit Andrew Wong, Sanjay Kumar, Karthic
Patrick Harris i.e. Doogie Howser, is           dorks, doctors, accountants, or lame            on stage behind the president. Prominent Thallikar and Doungchai Sawadrueng.
especially subversive).                         cameos. Plus, Harold even gets the girl!        Asian American leaders including
  Along the way, the two characters             Movies involving Asian Americans have                                                            what we have set out to accomplish on
discover their inner strength, how much         finally evolved to a higher form…the            Asian Pacific Night                              Asian Pacific Night must be working. We
they crave food, and make witty                 prepubescent gross-out demographic, we’ve       continued from page 1                            are celebrating our presence in Arizona and
observations about being Asian Americans.       made it mainstream.                             and LouAnn are always singled out for their      the world and although we lost to the
                                                                                                performance. Last year, it was Jerome            Rockies that night, the success of all the
                                                                                                Williams who told his teammates, “This is        hard work and practice and deadlines made
                                                                                                my culture, man.” and Mark Grace who             for another Asian Pacific Night that brought
                                                                                                held his baseball bat high up in the air to      us another year of success.
                                                                                                catch Edwin’s blessings! This year, it was         And most importantly for the children, it
    Dare to be different                                                                        Mike Fetters who came up to Edwin,               gave them the opportunity to experience the
    Color outside of the lines,                                                                 thanked him for bringing the memory of his       famous Hot Dog Race and to stand tall out
    Set new standards,                                                                          homeland to BOB and signed his bamboo            on the field as Security Kids. Can’t beat
    And Strengthen your mind.                                                                   horn (puohe).                                    that!
                                                                                                  With recognition like this, it tells us that
    Be all you can,
    Whatever you feel,
    Follow your dreams,
    And make them real.
    Open your heart,                                                                              The Phoenix Workforce Connection provides job seekers with a variety of no cost career
    Do a good deed,                                                                             services at One Stop Career Centers located throughout the Valley.
    Give your time                                                                                The city of Phoenix Workforce Connection One Stop Career Centers allow access to job
    To someone in need.                                                                         postings, word processing, résumé software, Internet access, typing software and use of a
                                                                                                fax machine and copier. Staff is available to provide orientation tours and assistance with
    Flash a smile,                                                                              customer questions regarding adult basic education, apprenticeships, community resources,
    And lend a hand,                                                                            financial aid and labor market trends.
    Do what you can,                                                                              Through a network of partners engaged in the provision of employment and training
    To be a good friend.                                                                        services, individuals seeking employment and/or training can receive assistance needed to
                                                                                                obtain and/or retain employment and provide educational and career resources for
    Be honest, be true,                                                                         individuals seeking to further their education.
    More importantly,                  This is Madison Q’s favorite poem.                         Other services include access to a residential training and employment program for young
    JUST BE YOU!!                      She wants to share it with you.                          adults between the ages of 16 and 24, assistance to older individuals with finding jobs and
                                                                                                increasing their income and using resources to assure that unemployment insurance (UI)
                                                                                                benefits are paid in a timely manner to individuals who are involuntarily unemployed.
                                                                                                Employment and training services also are provided for qualified veterans and other
                                                                                                eligible persons and help is offered to people with disabilities to prepare for, obtain or keep
                                                                                                meaningful jobs.
                                                                                                  Career advisors are able to provide individuals with valuable information on available
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                                                                                                workshops at the One Stop Career Center that answer job search questions. One Stop
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                                                                                                  One Stop Career Centers are open Monday and Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and
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                                                                                                Phoenix Workforce Connection Friendly House
                                                                                                802 S. First Ave., Phoenix, AZ 85003
                                                                                                602-257-1870                                          see City of Phoenix Ad page 12
                                                                                                                         August 18, 2004 Asian SUNews 5
                                                   everyone else’s, always trying to figure it                                                      bigger and you do get a little confused on
                                                   out. He says that he is brown. I am brown.                                                       where to go. Even juniors and seniors can
                                                   Dad is “regular” and his sister is “really,                                                      get mixed up once in a while. But, if you
                                                   really peachy”. He used to mention his           By Shanna Fujii                                 ask someone where to go, they’ll most
By KhamsonE Sirimanivong                           “regular” friends and I always thought he                              From being the top        likely be happy to help.
                        Regular People and         meant kids he usually hangs out with at                              dogs to the babies,           Although I’m only two weeks into ninth
                        Brown People               school. At dinner, he’ll randomly mention
                          When my daughter         that so and so is brownish. I watched him                            going into high school      grade, the teachers say that right now, you
                        Soudara, was two           drawing family pictures in his room once                             as a freshman is a big      are building your college resume. What
                        years old, she once        and asked him how he chose which crayons                             step everyone has to go     you do now really counts towards your
                        asked me, “Mom, how        to use. He says he tries to use the crayon                           through.     We’ve all      future. People are saying that it really helps
                        come we’re all Asian       that matches our skin color and colors                               heard the stories about     to join clubs and do extra-curricular
                        and Uncle Mano is          lightly or hard, depending on who he is                              getting stuffed into a      activities. That way, you get to meet so
                        black?” at which we        drawing. He doesn’t like crayon boxes that                           locker or trashcan, but     many new people and have fun while
                        al l   cr a c ke d   up    only have 8 or 10 colors because there isn’t                         really, high school isn’t   learning.
                        laughing. My brother,      enough colors for everyone. Then I asked,        like that. Going into ninth grade myself,         So far, high school has been smooth
                        Phoumano, a very           Well, what about Dad? What color do you          I’ve thought about or joked with my friends     sailing. A little choppy, but after the storm,
handsome and witty young man, was also             use for ‘regular?’ Do you use the ‘white’        about getting lost or tripping and falling      you know there will be a rainbow waiting
very dark skinned, his Lao nickname was            crayon? “No,” he exclaims with disbelief,
                                                                                                    down the stairs. But that hasn’t happened,      for you.
“buc Laa”, which literally meant, “dark            “it looks weird, no one is really white like
boy”.                                              the color, (I thought about this, too), I use    yet.                                              *Shanna is a ninth grader at Basha
   Last year, in kindergarten, my son              the peach crayon and I do it really softly,        High school campuses are definitely           High School in Chandler, AZ.
Somchit came home with some Martin                 like this...” and he demonstrated, he colored
Luther King, Jr. activity papers. I noticed he     the picture of his Dad, a tall stick body,
colored MLK, Jr. with brown crayon. He             with blond hair, glasses, he colored in the
said he learned about King Martin Luther           forehead softly with red, (What’s that? I
who was a brown person and something,              asked). “Dad never puts sunscreen on,” he
something, he was mad cuz brown people             said.                                                        Japanese Senior Center              winners.
couldn’t ride on the bus cuz there’s a                For now, we are encouraging him to                On Wednesday, July 21st, the Japanese         REMEMBER—
sign..something, something… I could only           figure this out, his way, using only what he       Senior Center held its monthly meeting at     NO JAPANESE
get a fraction of his story because he can’t       knows, the colors in his crayon box. Where         the Japanese American Citizens Hall           S E N I O R
say his “r’s” and he talks like a dude from        he will go with this, is uncertain. He is          (JACL), 5414 West Glenn Drive,                C E N T E R
the Bronx. Looking through his papers, I           aware that people are different, but he            Glendale, AZ 85301. Menu for the day          GATHERING IN
noticed something unusual. There was an            doesn’t like anyone less or more because of        was Eggplant Parmesan, Mixed                  AUGUST!
illustrated portrait of Martin Luther King         it. He just wants to make sure he gets their       Vegetables, Garden Salad, Garlic Bread          August 2004 is
partially colored with black crayon and then       skin color just right and not assume that we       and Banana. Happy Birthdays were              the time of the
the rest in brown. I asked him about it.           are all the same. I don’t know if it’s a good      extended to: Yui Zoshizaki, Leo Hintz,        JACL National Convention in Honolulu,
“Well,” he began, “My teacher told us he’s         thing or a bad thing, his concentration on         Tom Okuma, Margaret Yamane, Den               Hawaii and the Arizona Chapter will be
African American, and I asked her what             color. Perhaps it will lead to a better            Shioshita, Margie Okuma, Masako               represented with 18 members including
color is he and she said it doesn’t matter,        understanding of race when he is a teenager,       Burdick, Alice Hirose, Eiko Kinoshita,        yours truly.
but some people call him ‘black’, so I used        then ultimately, as an adult. Is it wrong to       Toshiko Allman, Nancy Tanita and                  JACL CHOJUKAI–Parents Day
the black crayon, but it looked weird, so I        see and appreciate the world as a variety of       Marjorie Orr. There were 57 attendees at        On Saturday, July 10th, the JACL
used brown instead. I told her all those           colors and shades, all sitting together in one     the Bingo-Luncheon. There were also a         Chojukai held its annual Parents Day at
people were wrong and King Mardin was              crayon box, happily waiting to be part of a        variety of games prior to lunch including     the JACL Hall with 65 members present
brown, not black. I told her no one was            bigger picture, instead of seeing things only      Canasta, Poker, Rummikub, Kings in the        for the activities. The Bento lunches were
really black like the color.” I thought about      in black and white, like most of us adults? I      Corner, Skipbo and lots more. The             purchased from The Sushi Restaurant.
that. He told me he got in trouble for talking     found it remarkable that when he drew              afternoon was spent playing Cash Bingo.       After the Bento lunch, several members
too much and was benched during recess -           pictures of his Asian family members, he             Note: There will be no site council         participated in karaoke singing. The lunch
he was just trying to figure things out.           didn’t color any of us with yellow crayons.        meeting or Japanese Senior Center             and karaoke were enjoyed by all. All
Apparently, coloring Martin Luther King.              Khamsone Sirimanivong is a member of            activities during the month of August.        Chojukai members are encouraged to join
Jr. inspired my son in many ways. He took          the Asian Chamber and the Public                   Enjoy your vacation! Another thing,           our Arizona JACL Chapter. Please call
this as seriously as only a culturally aware       Relations Associate for the Flagstaff              PLEASE          CALL       IN     YOUR        Ms. Doris Asano, membership chair at
six-year-old could and demonstrated this           Convention and Visitors Bureau. She lives          RESERVATIONS prior to showing up              602-997-0679. It is said that when the
with his crayon box.                               in cool and refreshing Flagstaff and               for the lunches as we need to give an         youngsters take wing and fly the coop,
   Let me tell you - this boy is full of energy,   continues to support the Lao Community.                                                          remember to help or encourage them to
                                                                                                      accurate head count so everyone knows
ideas and curiosity. He always has                 She        can      be      reached         at
                                                                                                      how many to feed. The walkers claiming        join JACL. Membership ensures that you
something to say, although I can’t        or the
understand half of it. He talks casually and                                                          they called in has become a problem. IF       receive the PACIFIC CITIZEN. National
                                                   FCVB at 928/779-7627.
frequently about his skin color, yours and                                                            YOU WANT TO EAT BE SURE TO                    JACL Headquarters has notified us that
                                                                                                      CALL IN YOUR RESERVATIONS!                    renewal notices have been mailed to all
                                                                                                        You are all mailed the Japanese Senior      lapsed members. Be sure to check your
                                                                                                      Center Bulletin in various colors with        membership card for the expiration date.
                                                                                                      deadline date and activity date plainly       Remember that the AZ Chapter does not
                                                                                                      marked with the names of Barbara at 623-      meet in July and August there are no
                                                                                                      931-7436; Marian Miyamoto at 623-933-         Round-Ups during the same months.
                                                                                                      9733 or Helen Matsumoto at 623-877-             Joe Allman
The Soy Daily -                               Morimoto of the famous Food Network                     2125. After a delicious lunch, everyone         3234 W. Mercer Lane
  Los Angeles, July 26. 2004 - Tofu, no show “Iron Chef.”                                             participated in the Cash Bingo with lots of     Phoenix, AZ 85029
longer the humble soybean curd that has         This year’s sponsors include House Food
been a dietary staple for centuries, was the America Corporation, KSCI-TV/Channel
center of attention as its secret power was 18, American Airlines, L.A. Downtown
unleashed in more than 100 different ways News, Rafu Shimpo, Southern California
when the 9th Annual Los Angeles Tofu Edison, State Farm Insurance, California
                                                                                                                                             JACL Round-up
Festival came to Little Tokyo on July 24 Bank & Trust, Sempra Energy, and L.A.                                                            will return next month
and 25. A-list chefs from some of L.A.’s Daily News.
hottest restaurants were on hand to please      All proceeds from the Tofu Festival                                                         Have safe summer
festival patrons with their finest tofu-based benefit the Little Tokyo Service Center
treats, including appetizers, entrees, (LTSC), a social service agency that
                                                                                                                                                JACL Board
beverages and desserts.                       provides a wide range of services to the Los
  Despite the heat, more than 20,000 people Angeles community. Established in 1979,
came to Little Tokyo for the festival on LTSC has expanded in the last 25 years into
Saturday and Sunday, July 24 and 25. In two thriving organizations (including the
addition to cool mouth-watering tofu treats L T S C C o m m u n i t y D e v e l o p m e n t
that melted on every tongue, the festival Corporation) whose programs include a
featured live entertainment, all-day concerts domestic violence shelter, mental health
by up and coming Asian Americans artists counseling, transportation, low-income
such as Nemo and Ken Oak, children’s arts housing, information referral, and crisis
and crafts, free health screenings, and of hotlines.
course, the tofu eating contest.                Be sure to stay tuned for the 10th Annual
  No longer just an Asian mainstay, tofu is LA Tofu Festival coming in Summer 2005!
fast becoming a cross-cultural super food.      The Soy Daily had a great time sampling
Tofu is changing the way America eats -- the tofu, mingling with the crowd, watching
with its versatility in food dishes ranging the entertainment and listening to the
from tofu burritos and tofu cheesecakes to music!
tofu tamale. Culinary all-stars from Los
Angeles       area
including Cirxa
Bistro,     Curry
House, LA Thai
Café, Soul Folks
Café and Maison
Akira. Attendees
on Saturday also
had a chance to
meet Masaharu
                            Entrance to L.A. Tofu Festival          Photo by The Soy Daily
   6       Asian SUNews August 18, 2004

                                                               By Christine Anne Ong

                        Books?          Check.     school,” was the inquiry from my                 By Anoma Phanthourath                              present it to the folks for the thirty-year
                      Supplies?         Check.     classmates that encompassed that milestone                              I’ll tell you a secret if   anniversary of our arrival.
                      Tuition paid? Check.         of my life. As I began to ponder the options                          you don’t tell my                Heck, I’ve even managed to find some
                      Readiness for college?       before me, I resolved that the decision that I                        parents. I know I’m           photos from when we were in Laos. This
                      Still to be determined...    would discern would not only shape my                                 32-years-old and all,         task has been no easy one, mind you. When
                      As I peruse my College       high school experience, but my college                                and that yes, I               we fled Laos, we had no documentation,
                      to do list, sentiments of    experience as well.          Through much                             shouldn’t be keeping          much less the time or luxury to bring family
                      angst and anticipation       deliberation, Xavier College Preparatory                              secrets from my               photographs or heirlooms. In my secret
                      surge through my veins       seemed like the best fit for me; for, it was                          parents.                      little quest, I’ve had to turn to scattered
                      faster than a plane          time to take the future into consideration                              But come on. It’s not       relatives who had gone abroad prior to the
                      streaming through the        and Xavier seemed like the paramount                                  like the time I lived         war and who had received our family
sky at a supersonic rate.                          means to do so.                                                       with my boyfriend in          pictures as part of the annual Phanthourath
  It seems as if my life thus far has been           Ensuing years of watching programs as,                              college and my parents        pre-war Christmas newsletter.
nothing short of a sea full of preparation         “Saved By the Bell,” “Dawson’s Creek,”           preferred to “believe” he was in a dorm.              What’s been interesting about this project
and planning swimming through my                   amongst other television shows that              (Oh, and yee who are quick to judge. Try           is to see that one of the most prominent
experiences for this imminent rite of              portrayed the high school scene, I had many      walking a mile first in the flip flops of a        members of our family was our store. For
passage that is soon to unveil before me.          preconceived notions as to what kind of          daughter of strict immigrant Asian – and           the past twenty-odd years or so, my family
  Journeying back to my days as a                  curveballs high school would pitch in my         Catholic – parents and then we can talk.)          has run your typical Mom and Pop Asian
preschooler at Kachina Country Day School          direction.     School uniforms, monthly          Don’t worry, I eventually told them and was        grocery store. You know, the kind that the
in Scottsdale, Arizona, I can easily recall        masses, and boatloads of homework were           sent to Confession.                                family lives behind in the back rooms and
the greatest intricacy of my day as being the      the quintessence of my years at Xavier. It         And this secret’s not like the time that I       the daughters work the cash register.
challenge of escaping from the boys that           was an academically thriving environment         took off for three weeks to backpack China         What’s also been interesting is to see how
were chasing me on the playground. It was          endowed with fervent teachers and students       by myself without telling them first. I            Laotian immigrants became full-blown
a fatal moment in my life: either be inflicted     also exemplified the experience that high        mean, I did send them a postcard. And as           Laotian-Americans – Boy Scouts and
with cooties or preserve the life before me,       school bestowed upon me. It was being            well meaning as my Mother is, once I got           cheerleaders and all.
yet to be lived.        Then, there was the        around students who possessed a                  back safe and sound, she couldn’t say,                And it’s things like that that make me
challenge of finger painting, singing songs,       tantamount passion for education and             “Well, what if you die? You want us to             spend many hours helping with the Pacific
and of course, the ever famous nap time.           teachers who willed to properly equip            have to go to China to find you?” Secrets,         Rim Advisory Council and the upcoming
  Then, as elementary school was ceded             students with knowledge that I combated          you see, are sometimes good, well okay,            Asian Business Expo on November 3rd at
into my care, my most poignant memories            the mêlée of high school as stronger person,     easier things.                                     Phoenix Civic Plaza. Not thirty year old
are entrenched with such reminiscent               academically, personally, and spiritually.         And this secret is a good kind of secret.        photographs, but the determination,
moments as the determination to implement            Now, having perceived glimpses of what         Not for my selfish little reasons (which are       strength, ability and inspiration of the Asian
laudable enough behavior so that my first          college hath behold in the coming months         usually sinful and many), but for altruistic       family and the Asian entrepreneur in those
grade teacher, Mrs. Pam Webb, would                and years, I am left bearing the weight of       reasons. Kids are a curious little lot, you        photographs.
award me with the red chair to watching the        the uncertainty of my future. After years of     know. And the last time I visited my                  I absolutely love the Asian part of Asian-
lima bean flourish in its zip lock in Mrs.         having prepared for this impending               nephew Corbin in Dallas, he couldn’t stop          hyphen-American. Almost as much as I
Croteau’s third grade science class. My            endeavor in my life, I cannot help but           asking about being Laotian. And when my            love the American part of Asian-hyphen-
moments as ‘goalie girl’ and dominating at         wonder if all of those years that have           niece JellyBean, aka Alyssa, was down here         American. And that, my friend, is no
foose ball at the after school program,            dissipated into the past have adequately         last week she couldn’t get enough of the           secret.
M.A.C., will always loom in my mind. And           groomed me for my future endeavors.              childhood pictures of her mom and me.                 Anoma T. Phanthourath wants someday
we cannot forget the countless mornings            However, fears aside I am ready to take this       Of course, I told Corbin how his daddy           to be paid to travel the world or for her
that still pervade my life in which my dad         next leap of faith. As I finalize my housing     used to lock me in the closet but was kind         superior shopping skills.             In the
proffered fruit every morning in which I           situation, class schedule and finances I am      enough to toss in Henrietta the stuffed dog,       meanwhile, she practices commercial
was forced to eat, usually against my will         raring to go on the open road before me,         too. Not being one to disappoint, Alyssa           litigation and business counsel at
(my, how things have changed!). Yes, those         carrying all of my past experiences in my        got the story of how her mom beat me up in         Shughart, Thomson & Kilroy, P.C. She
were the days...                                   backpack, accessible and retrievable at any      the shower and my fast and swift retaliation       also Chairs and is a Commissioner of the
  As I turned the page, I was vis-à-vis with       given point in time.                             with a pair of scissors to my sister Varida’s      City of Phoenix Pacific Rim Advisory
the perils of middle school. “Always                 As I commence my schooling at Arizona          favorite jacket. It was just a small snip . . .    Council and welcomes any junkets to Las
remember your T.A.P. (topic, audience, and         State University’s Barrett Honors College          This secret is one that my parents might         Vegas or South Beach. If you’d like to
purpose),” was Mrs. Horn’s mantra in the           this fall, I will be executing a concurrent      actually like. I’ve started compiling all our      sponsor or participate in the Asian
sixth grade language arts class. Then,             major in (Broadcast) Journalism/Mass             family photographs ever, starting with our         Business Expo, please contact Anoma at
eighth grade dived into my lap as high             Communications and Psychology. On the            arrival to the United States in 1975. I’m or 602-650-
school was an unrelenting shadow trailing          prospects is a minor in Political Science as     putting them into film form, and will              2049.
my life. “Where are you going to high              well.

                                                   my hair, and hear the waves beating on the                                     Congratulations
                                                      The night was characterized with staccato                                    Best Wishes
By Christine Ong
                                                   rhythms and upbeat tempos that brought on
                                                   hunger pangs for the ‘Fish and Poi’ that                                            Rosa Mroz
   Rock-strewn volcanoes blanket the land.
Mauna Loa and Kilauea spit out lava
                                                   Na’auao spoke of and a yearning for the
                                                   pride in culture that was exemplified
                                                                                                                 On your Appointment to the Bench
sporadically, sometimes followed by                through each and every artists’ music,                          Asian Chamber of Commerce
earthquakes. Calcareous coral reefs paint          dancing and talk of Hawaii.
the sea, ranging from the fringing reefs to          Robi’s music was a spin off of reggae,
the atoll and of course, the barrier reefs.        which was saturated in Hawaiian lyrics and
Then, in some areas are covered in ebony           mirrored the Polynesian culture that she
laden sand that extends its presence along         descended from. Through the music she
the countless coastlines. This is the great        sang and the clothes she wore and her
island of Hawaii.                                  accolades to the audience members who had
  Then, there is the culture that embroils         not only visited her homeland, but
itself into the depths of the Hawaiian             descended from her abode in the depths of
islands. It is a culture that illustrates itself   Hawaii it was evident that this ‘Sistah’
in music, dancing and clothing just to name        possessed a surplus of nationalism.
a few. It is a culture that is captured by the       Hanaiali`i Gilliom’s lullaby-like tunes
Aloha Live 2004 Tour that made a sojourn           were oftentimes legato and portrayed
in Phoenix’s own Dodge Theater on August           inklings of opera music as well better
12.                                                known as Ha’I (female falsetto).
   One might say that the Aloha Live                 Kahaiali'i, whose humor stippled the
musical artists, Willie Kahaiali'i, Amy            evening, awe-struck children and adults,
Hanaiali`i Gilliom, Sean Na'auao, Sistah           alike, with his optimal guitar playing that
Robi, and hula dancer, Jackie Booth                was all but hindered by the fact that he
brought to Phoenix Hawaiian lovers what            revealed his tiredness and homesickness at
the Warped Tour begets to many teens each          the beginning of his set. Kahaiali'i also
year.                                              spoke of his craving for good ol’ Hawaiian
   The atmosphere was complete with palm           food that he has been devoid of since the
trees and lush green plants that were extant       tour kicked off on July 29.
on stage and countless Hawaiian                      Booth’s obiter of ‘Hula is Life’ was
aficionados in their flower-clad attire and        personified through her graceful and suave
fleur covered necklaces                            movements that augmented Gilliom’s and
   Once the concert launched into its flight       Kahaiali'I’s musical performances.
into the night, the auditorium was                   With the first leg of their tour behind
instantaneously transformed into a                 them, the Aloha Live Tour 2004 is set to
Hawaiian haven. I could almost feel the            begin it’s second half in September.
sand betwixt my toes and the wind combing
                                                                                                                      August 18, 2004 Asian SUNews 7

                                                                   Business Notes

                                                                                                                           If you were to        term-care costs, but usually only for those
                                                                                                                         suffer an illness or    who are impoverished.
  Having been a member of several Asian          duties that she had to fulfill, however, the                            disability      that      And Medicare is not paying much of the
Advisory groups for more than 15 years, we       same duties were not mandatory for the all                              required long-term      cost of long-term care. That’s why the
are constantly told that we have rights when     male general managers of the other rinks.                               nursing care, would     elderly should not rely on Medicare for their
we are discriminated against. You would          When asked for a transfer to a new rink, he                             you be covered?         long-term-care needs.
think I would know when it was happening         told her it was a job for a “suit and tie.”                               Probably not. The       Private insurance is paying for only 9
to me. WRONG.                                    With MY URGING, she schlepped (big fat                                  vast majority of        percent of all nursing care costs.4
   At JC Penny, I was certain that we were       and pregnant) to downtown L.A. and the                                  Americans         go      Clearly, long-term-care costs pose a real
being discriminated against because of our       EEOC woman asked her why was she                                        through their lives     problem for the elderly and their families. A
Asian ethnicity and because of my                complaining, they didn’t fire her, did                                  r e a s s u r i n g     long-term-care insurance policy can help
husband’s disability. We were passed over        they?...I let Paul Igasaki know what                                    themselves that it      preserve your accumulated wealth and
by the salesperson for another customer and      happened in detail. Nothing was done.                 Ken Ihori         will never happen to    provide guaranteed coverage in the event
then when he finally helped us, he left in       Lesson #3. Did I give up? NO.                                           them.                   you need long-term care. This can go far in
the middle of our transaction to wait on           Our Homeowner’s Association: We have             However, if past trends continue, 43         helping to ensure a financially secure,
another woman! When I tried to get the           lived in the same place for more than 20        percent of those aged 65 may spend some         dignified lifestyle during retirement.
attention of the second salesperson, she was     years. We are now having problems               time in a nursing home during their             Sources:
too busy talking on the phone and NOT            because of new people on the block who          lifetimes.1 Of that 43 percent, the average             1. 2003 Field Guide, National
about business. I filed a complaint with the     have taken over the HOA and decided that        person may stay in a nursing home for 2.5                  Underwriter Company 2003
Attorney General’s office and little was         parked cars in front of your home look          years!1 And 21 percent can expect to stay 5             2. AARP, 2003
done. Lesson #1. Did I give up? NO.              unsightly. My husband being disabled was        years or more1.                                         3. Assumes 5 percent annual
  Attending dinner with family at                given a parking citation even though his           That means it could very well happen to                 increases
Maggianos in Costa Mesa, California, the         disabled placard was in full view. Then we      you. And while nursing home costs vary                  4. Health Care Financing
place was jam packed with people. I took         were given another citation for a car that      from area to area, the average cost of a one-              Administration, 2002
pictures of the violations because even able     was not even ours. When we complained to        year stay in a nursing home is $56,000.2        “This article appears courtesy of Ken Ihori.
bodied people would not be able to get out       the Attorney General’s office we went into      And by 2010, that number could soar to          Ken Ihori is a Registered Representative with
in an emergency and my husband was in a          mediation. The mediator was more attentive      more than $91,000 per year.3                    Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and
wheel chair. Even the fire exit sign was         to the HOA’s hired attorney than us. Then          So who’s paying for all that care?           MetLife Securities Inc. He specializes in
blocked from view. I filed the necessary         we went into a full blown complaint and         According to the Health Insurance               meeting the individual insurance and
complaints and even had Bill Lann Lee look       investigation. The HOA even retaliated          Association of America, one-third of the        financial services needs of people in the
it over since he was Janet Reno’s Civil          against us by sending out a disparaging e-      costs are borne by the elderly and their        community. You can reach Ken at his office
Rights Deputy, but nothing happened to           mail about us. Our complaint was                families.                                       at (480) 890-0688 ext. 181. Metropolitan Life
Maggianos. Lesson #2. Did I give up? NO.         dismissed. Lesson #4. Did I learn? Yes.            Medicaid, the joint federal and state        Insurance Company/MetLife Securities Inc.,
    My daughter, eight months pregnant,            Mark Mitsubishi, you sold us a brand new      program that covers medical bills for the       One Madison Avenue, New York, NY
was General Manager for Iceoplex in North        car and the clutch went out. You refused to     needy, pays a substantial portion of long-      10010”
Hills, California, was being tormented by        fix it even though there were more than 30
their corporate vice president who even          complaints against your clutch listed in the
used a white glove (only at her rink) to wipe    NHTSA and more if people knew how to
the top of a door jamb. Among other              report it. But let someone else complain
harassing incidents, he gave her a list of       about you. Lesson #5. Did I learn? Finally.

 By Charlotte Peterson
 VP, Administrative Officer
 Series will return next month

But there is more to Banking                     achieve a top rating time and again. Its
                                                 commitment to its community and
than Just Profitability                          customers is apparent in its day to day
  Valley Commerce Bank, Phoenix,                 operations,”
Arizona has proven itself to be much more          Valley Commerce Bank has been a
than just profitable by earning a 5-star         financial steward for its neighbors and
rating based on a complex formula that           friends in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area for
factors in a host of relevant data, including    nine years. Established in 1995, it currently
but not limited to, Valley Commerce              operates through two conveniently located
Bank’s capital safety levels, the quality of     offices in Phoenix and Scottsdale and can
its loan portfolio, its ability to meet          b e fo u nd o n t he i nter ne t a t
obligations, its historic performance, and, of
course, profitability. The rating is based on      Valley Commerce Bank: “The Harmony
an evaluation of Valley Commerce Bank’s          of Personal Relationships and Technology.”
most recent financial data filed by Valley         BauerFinancil Inc., Coral Gables, Florida,
Commerce Bank with federal regulators and        is the nation’s leading independent bank
analyzed by BauerFinancil Inc., Coral            rating firm. It has been reporting on and
Gables, Florida. This is the 28th                analyzing the performance of U.S. banks,
consecutive time Valley Commerce Bank            thrifts and credit unions since 1984.
has achieved this top 5-star rating from the     Consumers may obtain free star-ratings by
firm.                                            calling 800.388.6686 or visiting
  “Being profitable is important, but 95% of
the industry is profitable,” said Karen
Dorway, president of the research firm.            For more information on Valley
“What sets Valley Commerce Bank apart            Commerce Bank, or any other U.S. bank
from the others is its adherence to basic        and/or the banking Industry, contact
values and the highest standards. That’s         Karen Dorway directly at 800.388.6686 or
what enables Valley Commerce Bank to             e-mail her:

    A well-deserved thank you goes to all who reduced energy usage during a critical
  period faced by our Valley this summer. Your energy-saving assistance demonstrated
  how Arizona communities step up when faced with a challenge.
    A replacement transformer was installed at the Westwing substation on August 9,
  greatly restoring the Phoenix Valley’s electrical distribution system after five
  transformers were destroyed in a fire on July 4. A possible energy crisis was
  successfully averted, and we encourage you to return to a normal lifestyle, and use
  energy as needed. Visit the Energy Watch Update for more information about the
  replacement transformer.
    Thanks again from all of us at APS for making a difference this summer!
8 Asian SUNews   August 18, 2004

             JACL National Convention 2004 Hawaii   See story page 1
                                    August 18, 2004 Asian SUNews 9

Asian Pacific Night at Bank One Ballpark 2004            See story page 1
   10        Asian SUNews August 18, 2004
                                                  Chin’s dying words might have been a         Carolina in July of 1989 happened during        with protecting us from violence. On April
                                                comment on his killing, but it could as well   the presidency of George Bush, a                29, 1997 in Rohnert Park, a town about 40
                                                describe the aftermath.                        Republican who pledged to promote a             miles north of San Francisco, two police
                                                  In the criminal case brought against Ebens   “kinder, gentler America”. Jim Loo and          officers came to the home of Kuan Chung
                                                and Nitz, the duo plea-bargained the charges   friends were at a pool hall in Raleigh, North   Kao in response to a disturbance call.
Our votes can determine                         down to manslaughter and the judge             Carolina when they became targets of racial     Within 34 seconds Kao had been shot dead
whether Asian Americans are                     sentenced the two men to three years           slurs and harassment by Robert and Lloyd        by officer Jack Shields. Why? Shields
more likely to face military or                 probation and a $3,000 fine. Subsequent        Piche, brothers who had lost a third brother    believed Kao, a father of three, was a deadly
                                                federal prosecutions resulted in acquittals    in Vietnam. Pool hall employees told the        martial arts expert because he was holding a
economic scapegoating.                          for both men. Neither served any time for      whole group to go outside. “We shouldn’t        stick. Shields wasn’t charged criminally and
By H Y Nahm                                     their cowardly murder of Vincent Chin. As      put up with Vietnamese in our country,”         the Rohnert Park police department kept
  Whenever I am faced with choosing             Vincent Chin said, “It’s not fair.” To see     said Robert Piche before killing Loo with a     him on the force. The Kao family’s only
between a Republican and a Democrat, I          just how unfair it was, consider what would    shotgun in the parking lot. Loo was Chinese     recourse was a civil suit under federal civil
start by remembering Vincent Chin, Jim          have happened had two unemployed Asian         American. In March of 1990 Robert Piche         rights statutes.
Loo, Thien Min Ly and Kao Kuan Chung. I         Americans smashed the skull of a white         was convicted of second-degree murder and         The Kao case shows that stereotyping is a
guess I hold the notion that our political      draftsman with a baseball bat.                 sentenced to 37 years. Lloyd was sentenced      virulent strain of racism that can not only
leaders influence the social climate in which     Who should we blame for Vincent Chin’s       to four years. There was nothing kinder and     kill but also protect the killer from the
we Asian Americans live and die.                murder and its egregious aftermath? The        gentler about Loo’s murder, but the judicial    consequences. I tend to blame Hollywood
  On June 19, 1982 Vincent Chin, a 27-          media and political leaders for playing up     aftermath was a huge improvement over the       for that evil. When I am trying to choose a
year-old Chinese American draftsman, was        the Japanese economic threat? The              Chin case.                                      political leader, racial scapegoating is the
celebrating his upcoming wedding at a           American educational system for letting          Bill Clinton, a moderate democrat, was        evil foremost on my mind. Since Gold Rush
suburban Detroit strip club called Fancy        people like Ebens grow up seeing Asian         President on May 3, 1996 when a 24-year-        days, mobs have seen Asian Americans as
Pants. While the bachelor party was under       Americans as embodying a threat from           old Vietnamese American named Thien             handy targets on which to unleash anger
way, Chin was drawn into a shouting match       Asia? The Michigan judge for placing such      Minh Ly went rollerblading in a tennis court    produced by two types of crises — military
across the bar by a laid-off autoworker         small significance on the loss of an Asian     in Tustin, an affluent Orange County            and economic. Japanese Americans — and
named Ronald Ebens.                             American life? The political leader who        suburb. Ly had a bachelor’s degree from         anyone who looked like them — became
  “It’s because of you little motherf***ers     appointed the Michigan judge? The              UCLA and masters from Georgetown and            scapegoats for Japan’s military attack on
that we’re out of work,” Ebens shouted,         President who set the tone for the entire      was on the verge of a promising career. He      Pearl Harbor. Our military conflicts with
apparently taking Chin to be Japanese. Chin     nation?                                        was accosted by two young white men.            Corea (Korea), Vietnam and China have
went over to confront Ebens. Punches were         Ronald Reagan was President when             After putting Ly at ease, Gunner Lindberg,      made scapegoats of anyone who looks like a
thrown and Ebens hit the floor. Into the fray   Vincent Chin’s killers literally got away      21, pulled out a butcher knife and stabbed      “gook” or a “chink”.
jumped Ebens’s stepson Michael Nitz,            with murder. Reagan is credited with           Ly nearly four dozen times while Dominic          Economic competition has bred just as
another laid-off autoworker. The fight was      revitalizing the Republican Party by           Christopher, 17, egged him on. Ly’s body        much ill will toward the Asian race. The
quickly broken up by Club employees.            returning it to its conservative roots. Many   was found the next morning by the janitor.      success of Japanese imports — combined
  Chin and his party left and parted            Asian Americans see that as code for giving    The murder may have gone unsolved if            with the grievous weakness of the American
company. Ebens and Nitz caught up with          racists free rein to their worst tendencies.   Lindberg hadn’t written to a former New         auto industry during the 70s and 80s —
Chin in the parking lot of a fast-food          But lest anyone be tempted to draw easy        Mexico prison inmate bragging casually,         produced so many laid-off workers that
restaurant. Ebens grabbed a baseball bat        conclusions, remember that Reagan signed       “Oh I killed a Jap a while ago I stabbed him    smashing Toyotas and Nissans with
from the back of the car and slammed it         the bill to pay $20,000 in reparations to      to Death at Tustin High school.” Lindberg       baseball bats became a cultural icon. That
against Chin’s leg. Then Nitz grabbed the       every surviving Japanese American who          was convicted of first-degree murder and        news footage may well have inspired people
wounded Chin and held him from behind           had been interned during World War II          sentenced to death. Again, the murder was       like Ebens to take a bat to people like
while Ebens swung the bat again, this time      under Executive Order 9066 — which had         motivated by the vilest of racist impulses      Vincent Chin whose only connection to
against Chin’s skull. “It’s not fair,” Chin     been signed by Franklin Delano Roosevelt,      but the judicial aftermath was just enough.     Japanese imports is that his ancestors
managed to murmur to a friend before            the patron saint of liberal democrat             But a democrat in the White House is no       originated from the same continent. Today
slipping into a coma. Four days later, Chin     presidents.                                    insurance against the perils of racism, even    the outsourcing of service and tech jobs to
was dead.                                         The killing of Jim Loo in Raleigh, North     in dealings with the very people charged             see Death and Elections page 14
                      August 18, 2004 Asian SUNews 11

Glendale YWCA Senior Center Luau
 12 Asian SUNews                           August 18, 2004
                                                                                                                only 3.4 defects per one million      important one is:       Is senior
                                                                                                                opportunities. Now, lets get down     leadership ready to commit the
                                                                                                                to the basics. Whenever you           resources necessary for successful
                                                                         By Lloyd Calderon                      improve your business processes       Six Sigma implementation? If the
By Chef Bill Sy                                                                   Six Sigma?                    and eliminate defects your bottom     answer is a resounding “yes” then
                                                                            The heat is definitely on here in   line improves and your business       you’re on your way. Six Sigma is
   Pineapple Fried Rice with                                             the Valley of the Sun! Yea, bring      flourishes.     You can use Six       not just another quality program.
           Chicken                                                       it on! Well, speaking of “bringing     Sigma anywhere. You can use it        It’s a journey to improving your
                                                                         it on”. How about bringing on          in your human resources arena as      bottom-line. Although I don’t
1          large pineapple
                                                                         some relief?       Power outages,      well as you can use it in a           make it a habit to identify
3          Tbsp cooking oil
                                                                         rolling brown-outs and terrorism.      manufacturing plant.         How?     products or businesses I don’t
200 g      (½ lb) chicken leg meat,                                                                             Simple, you measure your              mind telling you that what I’ve
           skinless, boneless, cubed                                     What a variety we have here!
                                                                         Can’t do anything about any of         business practices and quantify       just shared with you comes from
1          medium onion, roughly                                                                                them so that you eliminate errors.    an easy to read book Six Sigma
           chopped                                                       this stuff so perhaps we should
                                                                         concentrate on improving our           These errors cost you money           For Managers by Greg Brue. Mr.
3 cups     cooked rice                                                                                          whenever they’re committed.           Brue is the CEO of Six Sima
1/2 tsp    turmeric powder                                               b usines s p r o c e sses to d a y.
                                                                         Improving what? Our processes.         Often, the cost is also realized in   Consultants, Inc.      For more
1/2 Tbsp fish sauce                                 Chef Bill Sy
                                                                         Business processes, that is. I’ve      poor customer service. Service,       information about Six Sigma
1/2Tbsp soy sauce                              *Asian American 2000
                                               Lifetime Achievement      been reading up on a interesting       that one way or the other, costs      Consultants,              visit
50 g       (2 oz) cashew nuts, roasted             Award winner          process of improving your              you money. But, lets talk about Oh, and
50 g       (2 oz) raisins                        *Honor Society of       business so that your bottom line      the money part a little more. At      be sure to tell them who sent ya!
           coriander leaves (cilantro)         American Academy of       improves right along with it. Six      General Electric Six Sigma added      So, since we can’t do anything
           for garnish                                 Chefs             Sigma. Six what? Yea, that was         more than $2 billion to the bottom    about power outages, terrorists
Method:                                       *Master Chef of Chinese    my original thought. Six Sigma         line in 1999 alone. Motorola saved    and terrorist-wanna-be’s we might
     • Cut the pineapple in half                      Cuisine            began in the early 80’s at             more than $15 billion in the first    as well do something productive
         lengthwise. Scoop the flesh          *Honorary Professor of     Motorola where it was first            10 years of its Six Sigma efforts     with our time.
         out, leaving the skin intact so      Culinary Arts - Oriental   developed and proven to be             and Allied Signal reported a          Lloyd Calderon is a local
                                              Gourmet College, China     effective. Six Sigma statistically     savings of $1.5 billion through Six   consultant and principal of
         both halves can be used as
                                                                         measures and reflects true process     Sigma. So, are you ready for Six      Calderon Consulting. Mr.
         serving dishes for the rice. Cut                                                                       Sigma? Here are a few questions
                                                                         capability.      Most companies                                              Calderon can be reached via
         the flesh in medium size dices. Reserve 100 g for the rice                                             you should ask: Do you have a Mr. Calderon
         and keep the rest for another use.                              function at four sigma, that is,
                                                                         tolerating 6,210 defects per one       clear strategic course? Are people    specializes in human resource
     • Place the oil in a wok over high heat. Sauté the chicken for                                             ready and willing to react to         issues involving recruiting and
         a few minutes, until cooked. Reduce the heat and add the        million opportunities. Operating
                                                                         at Six Sigma creates an almost         change? Are you ready to begin        retaining employees, outreach,
         onion and stir-fry till translucent.                                                                   measuring your defect levels?         marketing and diversity
                                                                         defect-free environment, allowing
     • Add the cooked rice and the turmeric powder and stir well                                                There are other questions, but the    management.
         until the rice is well mixed in.
     • Add the fish sauce, soy sauce and salt and pepper to taste.
         Mix well.                                                         Pueblo Grande Museum seeking docents to give facility tours
     • Stir in the cashew nuts and raisins. Add 100 g (¼ lb) of
         diced pineapple.                                                    Pueblo Grande Museum is looking for volunteer docents, or tour guides, to lead museum visitors
                                                                           around the facilities and introduce them to the prehistoric Hohokam, archaeology and various other
     • Serve hot in the pineapple bowls, garnish with a few
         cashew nuts, raisins and coriander leaves.
                                                                             To help those interested in becoming docents prepare, the museum is offering an eight-week training
Serves 4
                                                                           course in which volunteer’s will learn about the Hohokam culture, archaeology and cultural
                                                                           interpretation. The course runs from September 8 to October 27 and meets each Wednesday from 9 a.m.
Chef Bill Sy is member of Asian Chamber and has assumed a
                                                                           to noon at the museum, 4619 E. Washington St. There is a one-time fee of $25 for the course. Advanced
position as the Executive Vice President and Dean of Education at
                                                                           registration is required and space is limited.
the Singapore Culinary Academy and Spicy Garden on April 2004.
                                                                             Those interested can call (602) 495-0901 for more information or visit the museum’s website at
He will continue his column with Asian SUNews from Singapore
and Phoenix will remain his home. We wish him the best!
                                                                                                                     August 18, 2004 Asian SUNews 13

                                                                                            A glimpse into the lives of female youth of         Writing Submissions:
                                                                                          Asian descent. A collection of voices often           Please send five copies of each work. All
                                                                                          unheard. An outlet for the expression of            submitted works must be unpublished
  MINDY LUZON                                                                             experiences, memories and dreams of girls             Artwork Submissions:
                                                                                          whose heritage and culture often clash with that      Please submit two copies of each work. Color
                               ALOHA JACL!                                                of the mainstream. This collection aims to reach    copies of the artwork are preferred. Please be
    Aloha and Welcome JACL Convention to Hawaii!, reads the big banner at                 those who have shared a similar experience of       aware that originals cannot be returned and
  the ticketing counter of the Honolulu Airport. I was on my way to Maui lining           searching for their own identity and is designed    become property of Echoes Under the Glass
  up for a two-day seminar on grant writing waiting for the computer-ticketing            to strengthen and empower the female Asian          Ceiling.
  machine this Sunday, August 8th, when this big banner met my eye. I had                 community. Moreover, it hopes to break the            We encourage you to spread the word about
  already received an email from Madeline about her coming to attend this                 stereotypes and false images towards this           this project. All submissions must arrive by or
  Convention. I felt a thrill and joy when I saw this big banner. I felt being in one     community promoted by society.                      be postmarked January 1, 2005.
  with a group that had meant so much to me when I was living in Arizona. I did             This anthology is the Leadership Action             Please send submissions to:
  not have a chance to be actively involved every year because of my work, but I          Project of Alda Chan, Joyce Lau and Elizabeth         Echoes Under the Glass
  know that when JACL meets, it means huddling for a good cause, right down to            Yoo, young women of Sadie Nash Leadership             Ceiling Anthology
  business and of course, camaraderie. What a better way to accomplish this but           Project, a program based in New York City             493 E15st
  meet in a paradise of green, water and mountains. I am blessed to be a “kanu            promoting activism, leadership and                    Brooklyn, NY 11230
  ma kahi ‘e,” a transplant.                                                              empowerment of female youth. We are looking           Email with any
    The next day the Honolulu Advertiser saw it fitting to feature the event with         for submissions of works by young women of          questions.         Please     visit    http://
  full-page article with the headline on Section B that reads JACL broadening             Asian descent who are between the ages of 13- for updates and
  its scope. Exactly as it is written here, in big bold typeset. It featured some         25. Short stories, poetry, prose, photography       information.
  statements from John Tateishi, executive director of the League, as he was              and artwork will be collected for submissions.        For information about Leadership Action
  interviewed from his San Francisco office. He remembered Pearl Harbor,                  Please include a brief biological statement and     Projects and Sadie Nash Leadership Project,
  saying, “By 1941 there were in California over 100 bills or statutes that               reason for submitting your piece(s).                please visit the
  discriminated very openly against Japanese Americans. Chief among them was
  the alien land laws and the federal law that prohibited any Japanese immigrant
  from becoming an American citizen.”
    Ironically, his recollection brought back some awful memories for not only
  the Japanese people, but also those who suffered greatly from World War II.
                                                                                          By Jennifer Wider, M.D.                             when it comes to relationships,” Keyes said.
  This includes, of course, not only the Hawaiian people, but also the Filipinos,
                                                                                          Society for Women’s Health Research                 “Certain studies show that a brain chemical
  my compatriots. And to think, that now, here we are, at the historical site when
                                                                                            You’ve heard it all before, maintaining a good    called oxytocin gets triggered at puberty in girls
  this War was launched by big ruling government powers in those days,
                                                                                          diet and exercise will help ward off heart          which sets off the need and interest for
  assembled together to commiserate in peace and brotherhood, momentarily at
                                                                                          disease. But were you aware that your state of      maintaining social ties. When a breakup occurs,
  least. As we are in the midst of another war, our troops are being sacrificed and
                                                                                          mind might affect your risk too? A new study        women perceive more stress than their male
  we are in fear of safety. History in the making. Times have not changed. Mr.
                                                                                          from Emory University in Atlanta found that         counterparts.”
  Tateishi brought us back to the work of the League in the 70’s and the 80’s to
                                                                                          good mental health is just as important as other      Women are more likely to assume roles that
  win reparations for Japanese Americans who had been interned or suffered                factors in the prevention of heart disease,         leave them feeling trapped, increasing the risk
  other discriminatory treatment during World War II, which was won in 1988. It           particularly for women over the age of 45.          for stress and depression. “Sociologists have
  took forty years to repair the damage of this war for innocent Japanese citizens          More than 3,000 adults between the ages of 25     shown that women are expected to be in charge
  in America who needed to be restored of their dignity and equality. It is taking        and 74 participated in the study. The researchers   of parenting and care giving and less likely to be
  the Filipinos until this time to do the same. For as long as I have lived, the          discovered that the prevalence of cardiovascular    rewarded for these roles,” Keyes said. “Because
  Filipino veterans have yet to be fully compensated for their own contribution           disease was lowest in adults with good mental       a man is not expected to assume these roles, he
  and sufferings a result of Pearl Harbor. It won’t be long and the Arab people           health and higher among adults with major or        will be rewarded if he does it.”
  will fall in line as the future disenfranchised citizens and will suffer the fate of    minor depression or other mental health issues.       Women in the workforce also “have a double
  being discriminated like the Japanese and the Filipinos. Their lives have               The association between mental health status        shift and run a family and career,” Keyes added.
  changed and will never be the same again. Racial profiling, immigrant bashing           and heart disease risk was the most pronounced      “This contributes to an increased level of
  and the intent of the Patriot Act will affect everyone of every colored race in         among women aged 45 to 74.                          stress.”
  the aftermath of terrorism and the Iraq war, concluded member Mari Matsuda,               This study differed from other studies, which       With a link established between mental health
  a visiting professor at the UH.                                                         typically define good mental health as the          and heart disease risk, women should pay close
    In the same article, the executive director William Hoshijo of the Hawaii             absence of illness like depression or anxiety. In   attention. Cardiovascular disease is the leading
  Civil Rights Commission speaks for the need for a broader engagement with               this study, researchers expanded the definition     killer of women in the United States. According
  other immigrant population for broader social issues. He was proud to note that         and looked at mental health as an entire state of   to this and many other studies, women are at
  the Honolulu Chapter is starting to look at other civil rights issues such as the       mind. They examined how people perceived            higher risk for mental health issues, which add
  Native Hawaiian self-determination. JACL now finds itself in the crossroads of          their own well-being and how well they              to an already high risk of heart disease.
  many civil rights violations among every citizen in America. At this crossroads         functioned in their day-to-day lives.                 There are many factors that contribute to a
  also are the young and the future citizens who are now coming to terms with               The results of this study raise specific          person’s risk for heart disease. Getting older is a
  the kind of world that they live in. As the newly elected chapter president             concerns for women. Mental health issues are        risk factor for both men and women. For
  Karen Nakasone declared, “It doesn’t have to be a racial minority, but anyone           more prevalent in the female population.            women, menopause is an added complication.
  who is disenfranchised or marginalized.” The young will speak up in this                Depressive disorders affect roughly 10 percent      “There is mounting evidence that the decreased
  Convention. They, too, can be disenfranchised, in the face of growing                   of the country’s population with women              production of estrogen is associated with things
  generation gaps brought about by being “hapa” or multiethnic, or mixed blood.           suffering from these illnesses two to three times   that lead to heart disease such as the reactivity
  I am privileged in my private practice to be working with young girls and boys          more often than men. Anxiety and panic              of blood platelets,” Keyes said.
  whose parent origin is a mixture of intermarriage among and between                     disorder are also much more common in                 This study suggests that poor mental health
  Hawaiian, Filipinos, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese. Before long, the world           women.                                              may be the tipping factor for women. “Mental
  will be one whole disenfranchised group whose ancestry dates back to all of               “Women are more vulnerable to social              health adds another complicating factor and may
  those who came from an evolution that saw the intermingling of yellow, brown,           stressors in life,” explains Corey Keyes, Ph.D.,    tip older women over the edge,” Keyes added.
  black and white races of colors. What a fitting but again sad time to discuss all       an associate professor of sociology at Emory        “We need to stop looking at mental health as the
  these issues in the backdrop of another war whose ending is nowhere to be               and lead researcher of the study.                   presence or absence of mental illness. Anything
  seen!                                                                                     There seem to be several reasons for this         less than flourishing - good mental health - puts
    I am looking forward to read more on the results of this Convention, or               gender discrepancy. ÒResearch shows that            you at elevated risk for heart disease, especially
  maybe given the opportunity to be there and write about it after the meet. For          women perceive much more stress than men            if you’re a woman.”
  now, here some highlights of the event:
    •        “The Role of Japanese Americans in U.S.-Japanese Relations”,
             with Japan Ambassador to the U.S. Ryozo Kato, Thursday.
    •        Obon dance, 5 to 9 Friday, Queen’s Beach.                                                                                           3855 W. Ray Road
    •        Sayonara Banquet, Normal Mineta as keynote speaker, Saturday.                                                                            Suite #2
                                                                                                                                                 Phoenix, AZ 85226
  PHOENIX - Governor Janet                   Attorney at the Arizona Supreme Court                 Sakata Insurance Agency                               Auto
Napolitano today announced that she          where he researched and evaluated cases
has named Rosa Mroz and John Rea as          that the Supreme Court was considering                                                                      Home
Maricopa County Superior Court               hearing. Rea also spent six years in                                                                       Renters
Judges.                                      private practice handling personal injury
  Mroz, 38, will leave her position at the   defense and commercial litigation. Rea                                                                    Commercial
Arizona Attorney General’s Office            earned his law degree from University                                                                       Health
where she served in the Liability            of Arizona in 1977. He has regularly
Management Section defending police          served as a Judge Pro Tem in the                                                                        Blue Cross
officers, child protective services          Maricopa County Superior Court.
workers and probation officers. She            “John and Rosa have already given                                                                    Blue Shield
earned her J.D. from Arizona State           years of excellent service as attorneys in                                                           Authorized Agent
University in 1993, and has experience       public and private practice in this
in appellate work, criminal prosecution      system,” Napolitano said. “I have no                                                                Office: 480-855-4585
and defense, and commercial, tort, and       doubt that they will continue this
mental health litigation. Mroz is the        tradition when they take their places as                                                            Fax: 480-855-4510
Governor’s first Asian American              Superior Court judges.”                                                                             Mobile: 602-725-7719
judicial appointee.                            Mroz and Rea are both expected to be                                                                 for free quotes
  Rea, 52, comes to the Superior Court       on the bench by the end of September.
bench after serving as Vice Chief Staff
   14 Asian SUNews August 18, 2004

                                                                                                                 Death and Elections                         consider that they appoint Supreme
                                                                                                                                                             Court justices who, in turn, set legal
                                                                                                                 Continued from page 10                      precedents for judges across the
LEAD Academy, sponsored by Arizona State University, is a hands-on two week summer                               highly-trained, English-fluent Indians      nation. Their interpretations of
                                                                                                                 is inspiring new backlash against           legislation and legal precedent can
program for teenage high school students. Students learn about their culture and who                             South Asians among laid-off workers
they are by finding their identity as Asian Americans or teaching others about Asian                                                                         influence everything from police
                                                                                                                 in the hi-tech industries.                  procedures to the access to hate
Americans and the issues and barriers they face. Asian SUNews prints the essays written                            During the past three decades             crimes legislation to prosecute racists,
by the students hoping to encourage a career in journalism and/or show others what                               Republican presidents have tended to        literally making the difference
they have learned.                                                                                               escalate military tensions with Asia        between life and death for Asian
                                                                                                                 while downplaying trade conflicts.          Americans victims and prospective
Leading in Arizona                                      been challenging, but fun. I’ve gotten to know           (Before that, it was Lyndon Johnson,        victims. They also appoint the U.S.
By Jolie Amaya                                          many new people, in a short amount of time,              a Democrat, who escalated the               attorneys who have the discretion as
  I came into this program with mixed feelings          through these activities. I never thought I would        Vietnam War while Richard Nixon, a          to which cases will be prosecuted
about being away from my couch and TV, but I            be important in a group of people, but I’ve come         Republican, ended it and opened up          under various federal laws, including
also had my mom’s best intentions. I’m grateful         to realize that my information and participation in      relations with China.) Democrat             civil rights statutes.
to her for urging me to join this program. I have       critical in the team’s overall performance. Thanks       presidents have tended to escalate            If you’re still unsure, consider how
learned so much. The guest speakers have posed          to Asian LEAD, I no longer have anxieties about          economic tensions while toning down         American society’s attitude toward
questions, in my head, that I haven’t ever been         stepping up and speaking. Leadership, to me,             geopolitical rhetoric. I can’t say          Asians might have been influenced if
explored in any of my eleven years of schooling.        meant the popular, annoying, or teacher’s pet            whether racist acts against Asian           Chester Arthur had the political
Leadership means so much more to me than it did         kids taking charge and bossing everyone else             Americans are inspired more by              support to hold firm to his initial veto
just one week ago. I had no idea that this two-         around. Sadly, this is the case in school, though.       scapegoating us as military or as           of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882,
week course would get me so interested in               It discourages ordinary people, like myself, to          economic threats. It’s a safe bet that      if FDR had faced down alarmists and
leadership and public speaking.                         want to be or become a leader. Ever since I was          both notions swarmed through the
                                                        little I always thought that proclaiming that                                                        refused to sign Executive Order 9066,
  On the first day of this program, we got to meet                                                               overheated brains of those who              or if John Kennedy had not
our fellow students and the teachers that would         you're a leader meant you were stuck up and full         committed mayhem and murder
                                                        of yourself. In a way I still believe that, but not so                                               summoned the courage to pledge the
help us throughout our leadership journey. We                                                                    against their Asian victims.                nation to full racial equality by
also got to meet one of the best speakers that I        much anymore. I have come to realize that                  This year’s presidential election is a
                                                        announcing you're a leader can be a way of                                                           enacting far-reaching civil rights laws.
have ever listened to, Marisel Herrera. She                                                                      tough one. On the one hand, I must            And don’t forget the importance of
introduced us to the leadership qualities inside of     establishing your credibility to others.                 consider George Bush branding North
                                                           In school, we as Asians and Pacific Islanders                                                     having the right political leadership in
each of us. I had no idea that some qualities that                                                               ‘Corea’ as a member of the “Axis of         other branches of government. A
were pointed out were needed in being a good            aren’t taught very much about our culture. The
                                                                                                                 evil”, and treating China as a              right-wing uprising led by
leader. The second day our class learned about          information that I’ve learned in the short time
                                                                                                                 geopolitical threat which, in the minds     Congressman Newt Gingrich held
the Asian/Pacific Islander immigrants that              that we've been going to this program has taught
                                                                                                                 of many Americans, puts anyone              President Bill Clinton’s policies
traveled to America for more opportunity. I             me so much about my heritage, information that
                                                                                                                 looking Asian into the enemy camp.          hostage while pushing the nation
admire my ancestor’s perseverance to create a           would've probably gone overlooked if it weren’t
                                                                                                                 On the other, I am trying to figure out     repeatedly toward pointless military
good life for their family despite their hardships.     for this class. As soon as I can, I will further
                                                                                                                 what John Kerry means when he               and trade confrontation with China —
On the second day, we also got to do a team             explore my Asian and Pacific Island heritage.
                                                                                                                 keeps talking about stopping the loss       to the discomfiture of all Asian
building challenge with out classmates. It taught       This class has gotten me really engrossed in the
                                                                                                                 of American jobs. I don’t think he’s a      Americans.
me the need for the whole team to work with             Asian immigration and the mistreatment of
                                                                                                                 protectionist, but he seems to be             Sure, I care about taxes, the
each other to get a project completed. The third        immigrants.
                                                                                                                 putting undue blame for the uncertain       economy, the environment, poverty,
day we got to experience delicacies eaten in               I am very grateful to Asian LEAD for the
                                                                                                                 economy on American companies               crime and all the other issues. But
various Asian and Pacific Island countries.             information they have taught me and I am totally
                                                                                                                 sending work to Asian workers which         they are secondary to the dangers
  The leadership training and team building that        going to sign up for next summer's program.
                                                        Unfortunately, my cousin and I weren’t able to           is a mere symptom of larger economic        posed by a leader who uses Asians the
we have been taught was so interesting. We have                                                                  trends.
                                                        attend the Gila River internment camp, but I                                                         way Hollywood has done so often in
worked as groups to come up with creative ideas                                                                    If you are skeptical about the impact
                                                        intend on visiting the camp on my own time. This                                                     the past: as convenient scapegoats on
to present information to the other students. It has                                                             presidents have on the social climate,
                                                        class is a blessing to my fellow Asians and me.                                                      which to paint a bulls-eye.

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