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									 The heart may conceive and the head devise in vain if the hand be not prompt to execute the design.

              A part of, or apart from society ...... 1
              Lodge notes ........................................ 2
              What a non-mason should know ......2
              The bridge builder ..............................3
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A part of, or
apart from,                                                                    Last year, with the assistance of several brethren of Maple Leaf Park Lodge
                                                                               No. 63, part of the stage set for a Vancouver production of Bro. Wolfgang
                                                                               Amadeus Mozart’s Magic Flute found its way into our Grand Lodge

                                                                               museum. Curiously enough, the design, we are told, was derived from a
                                                                               photograph published in our centenary History. The artifact in the
                                                                               photograph has unfortunately gone missing from our archives but we now
                                                                               have this wall hanging to remind us of it.
by RW Brother Michael W. Walker,                                               who joined Freemasonry                           l a rgely on the superficiality of
Grand Secre t a ry, Grand Lodge of Ireland
                                                                               thinking it was something else                   today’s society, the many
    Every individual, on               the Great Architect of the              or who, having joined it, would                  pressures on individuals and the
occasion, is forced to be a little     Universe, heightening our               seek to fashion it into what                     multiplicity of opportunities, in
introspective and ask himself          spirituality and deepening our          they want, as being easier than                  the social scene, for disposing
“who am I and where am I?”             insight into that which we may          t rying to identify the institution              of leisure time.
Even an organization such as           never hope fully to understand.         they need and seek, which they                        It has been identified by
the Masonic Order must also                There is so much more to            thought they were joining                        American research work into
occasionally ask itself “what are      Freemasonry than the shallow            when they became freemasons.                     this problem, that there is a
we and where are we?” We               depth of today’s assessment             This is not a cure for anyone’s                  v e ry strong inverse re l a t i o n s h i p
are a fraternal organization, the      and its scant inspection by             ills.                                            between the amount of dispos-
aims of which are brotherly            today’s society, obsessed as                  It is true to say, however,                able leisure time that any
love, the relief of our distressed     society is with material success        that within the Masonic Order                    p a rticular pursuit requires and
brethren and their dependents          for the individual rather than          world-wide to-day, numbers are                   its popularity with individuals.
and the search after “Truth”           his contribution to society.            falling. Reasons for this are not                People nowadays have a very
which we may express as, and               The Masonic Order is not            hard to find and are based                                        continued on page 2
expand into, public and private        just another organization like
morality, the knowledge and            Rotary, Round Table, Chamber
fear of God and, following on          of Commerce or any other; all
from that, respect for, and love       designed to meet differing
of, our neighbour. This re s p e c t   particular needs and carry out
includes toleration of his             distinct functions.
personal viewpoint, his religious      If Fre e m a s o n ry were any or all
beliefs and his political              of these then they would not                               Volume 69 / Number 3
opinions. If we pursue the aims        have come into being. We are            EDITED by Trevor W. McKeown for the Grand Secretary’s Office and published by the Grand
                                                                               Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of British Columbia and Yukon. The VIEWS
of the Order, our search should        what we are; and any attempt            AND OPINIONS e x p resse d in the Masonic Bulletin a re those of the individual authors and
widen, yet focus our vision,           to assume the mantle of others          writers, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this Grand Lodge. The editor
while ever making us more              detracts from both.                     reserves the right to edit submissions. CORRESPONDENCE: 1495 West Eighth Avenue,
                                                                               Vancouver, British Columbia V6H 1C9 Canada. WEB: http://freemasonry.bcy.ca TELEPHONE:
deeply aware of, and closer to,            Probably there are many             +1-604-736-8941. FA C S I M I L E: +1-604-736-5097. EMAIL: editor @f re e m a s o n ry.bcy.ca
A part of society...                   of activities open to all strata of     against the “go out into the               policy re flects a very real
from page one                          society which not so many               highways and byways and                    c o n c e rn about privacy and
limited amount of free time            years ago would not have been           compel them to come in”                    security. An annually printed
due, often, to very heavy              open to them either socially or         attitude. This is the means that           Grand Lodge Directory is
demands by their profession or         financially; and the monthly             those who would appoint a                  distributed to all lodge
occupation; and this leisure           meeting or meetings, in many            public relations consultant seek           secretaries and copies are
time must be rationed out              cases, instead of being                 to adopt. Hard-sell is not for             available to members of this
                                       opportunities are competitors           Fre e m a s o n ry however you may         jurisdiction. Members of other
sparingly to avoid competition
                                       with other activities whose             t ry to dress it up. Freemasonry           jurisdictions should contact our
with family and other priority
                                       “re t u rn” may be perceived            is there to be adopted and                 Grand Secretary’s offic e
interests. Any pastime which
                                       more favourably.                        savoured by those with minds               through the proper masonic
makes substantial demands on
                                            In marketing terms we must         attuned to, or even seeking, its           channels.
time available, or which is not
                                       view Fre e m a s o n ry as a product.   attainment and what it                          Ideas and suggestions for
perceived to give a fair re t u rn —
                                       This is what we are “selling”,          p rovides. Fre e m a s o n ry is not for   f u rther developing our website
however that may be measured
                                       or otherwise providing, for             e v e ryone; but within all popula-        should be forw a rded to VW
subjectively—will not be
                                       uptake by members and                   tions and at all times there will          Bro. Trevor W. McKeown at
favoured and, in masonic
                                       potential members. We must              be those to whom it will                   admin@freemasonrybcy.ca..
terms, this will be evidenced by
                                       either improve the product or           appeal. By its packaging and
reduced attendance, no matter
how pleased, proud or
honoured a brother may feel in
                                       make the packaging more
                                                                               p resentation these customers
                                                                               may be identified and
being a member of the Order.
We all know the annual
                                            Freemasonry is a fairly stable
                                       product in itself—very little can
                                                                               maximized but they cannot be
                                                                               created. “I am that I am” and
                                       be done to alter the product            no amount of manipulation or                    This past summer Govern o r
attenders at the installation
                                       without changing it entirely in         massaging will turn into silk a            General Adrienne Clarkson
dinner—brethren who come,
                                       both essence and appearance.            purse made from a sow’s ear.               presented Medals of Bravery to
bring guests and enjoy
                                       Its principles and precepts have                                                   Bro. David Saunders of
themselves hugely— who are
then not seen for another
                                       stood the test of time and are
                                       as valid today as ever. We
                                                                               Online                                     Goldstream Lodge No. 161,
                                                                                                                          Langford and W Bro. Michael
twelve months. They are                                                             This month marks the tenth
                                       cannot change the product and                                                      R. Brook of Mt. Shepherd
acknowledging their                                                            anniversaryof our Grand Lodge
                                       remain in the same business;                                                       Lodge No. 159, Sooke for their
“belonging” to the org a n i z a-                                              website. Originally containing
                                       and we must lie true to                                                            rôles the previous June in
tion without its providing, or                                                 little more than text taken from
                                       ourselves in this. If we want to                                                   rescuing a family from a
seeming able to provide, the                                                   a media handbook published
                                       get into a new line of business                                                    burning truck on the Trans-
stimulation necessary to                                                       by the Community Relations
                                       it must be accepted and                                                            Canada Highway near
encourage regular attendance.          recognized that this is exactly         Committee in 1995, the                     Shawnigan Lake.
    My grandfathers, apart from        what we are doing; and will it          website has grown to over                       In September Aurora
their club and their lodge,            perhaps not be long before              2,200 pages.                               Lodge No. 165, Victoria,
probably had few enough                somebody decides that the new                Our website has earned an             celebrated its Fiftieth
outlets for leisure time and the       product is not quite right and          online reputation for the depth            Anniversary with the assistance
monthly meetings were looked           needs further adjustment to             and scholarship of the inform a-           of Confederation Lodge No.
forw a rd to, perhaps, as              meet the current demands of             tion provided as well as for the           116 and the participation by a
opportunities.                         society? This, I suggest is not an      high quality of graphics and               goodly contingent of brethren
    Nowadays there are a host          option which is open to us.             images. The Anti-masonry                   from Sequim, Washington. Our
                                       What we have and what we                Frequently Asked Questions                 Grand Master MW Bro. Robert
                                       stand for will always be right,         (FAQ) section is considered                McSween attended the
                                       even if its acceptance rises or         most comprehensive and is                  a f t e rnoon meeting, as well as
                                       falls on the scales of time.            widely cited online.                       the evening banquet, both
                                            What we can do is upgrade               The only complaint made               events made all the more
                                       the packaging, and make it              about our website has to do                enjoyable by the presence of
                                       look more attractive to                 with the lack of names and                 spouses.
                                       potential customers, while also         contact information for Grand
                                       actually making it more
                                       palatable to current consumers.
                                                                               Lodge officers and lodge
                                                                               secretaries.                               No secret
                                       In the former case we can—                   This omission is a conscious              The Rev. Joseph Johnson,
                                       and indeed already so do—               decision on the part of our site           well-known masonic writer, in a
                                       actively adopt a higher profile;         administrator and is endorsed              lecture published in Vol. 2 of
                                       and gently but firmly “let our           by our Grand Secre t a ry’s offic e .       the British Masonic Miscellany,
                                       light shine before men”. The            Although many Grand Lodge                  expresses a strong conviction
                                       candle in the window is the             websites will provide the                  that, while fidelity to the
                                       invitation symbol understood by         names, and often phone                     landmarks and traditions of the
                                       all; and some will accept and           numbers or pictures, of Grand              Order require that its secre t s
                                       knock on the door. I am entirely        Lodge officers, our website                 should be sacredly guarded,

2                                        MASONIC BULLETIN of the GRAND LODGE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA AND YUKON                                  NOVEMBER 2005
there is, nevertheless, much to                whIch are founded on love            non-mason should know is
gain and nothing to lose by                    for God and man. It teaches          that Fre e m a s o n ry is a frater-
giving greater publicity to the
principles and ideals underlying         4.
                                               men to think.”
                                               Non-masons might also
                                                                                    nity of love. Freemasonry
                                                                                    m e a s u re men by the
and controlling the activities of              know that Freemasonry                p resence or absence of love                and ready
Freemasonry He sets fort h                     provides men with a                  in their souls, love for one
under eight headings what may                  standard of life which is in         another and love for                        for the
be given to a non-mason.
These are :
                                               no sense a contravention of
                                               their religious faith.
                                                                                 Reprinted from Masonic Bulletin,
1. A knowledge of the ancient
    origin of Fre e m a s o n rymay
                                         5.    Another thing a non-mason
                                               might know is that
                                                                                 May, 1938, p. 4.                               century
    be more widely dissem-
    inated with advantage to
                                               Freemasonry is not a
                                               religion, nor can it take the
                                                                                 Chaplain’s                                     Visit our
    non-masons and without
    detriment to Freemasonry         .
                                               place of religion, and yet it
                                               is essentially religious in its
                                                                                 corner                                         Grand Lodge
2. Another thing a non-mason                   nature and expression.            by VW. Bro. Doug. Sowden
                                                                                                                                website and see
    may know about                       6.    Every non-mason also might              On the way to a masonic
    Fre e m a s o n ry is that, whilst         know that Freemasonry             meeting, a brother and I passed                the future of
    its signs, tokens and shibbo-              recognizes man engaged on         a tall mountain. The rock on its               Freemasonry!
    leths are secret, there is                 a great Quest, involving          top, clear of snow, was a rust-
    nothing in it which may be                 faith in the Unseen and           b rown in the sunlight.
    considered incompatible                    Eternal.                                “Iron?”
    with a man’s civil, moral or         7.    Another thing non-masons                “Probably.”                         freemasonry.bcy.ca/
    religious responsibilities.                might know is that it is due            I thought, “It may be iron            m a s o n i c_b u ll e t i n
3. There is a widespread                       to an entire misconception        o re, but I doubt that it will be
    misconception as to what is
    Involved in the obligations
                                               of the nature of the Craft to
                                               say that Freemasons are
                                                                                 mined at that elevation, and
                                                                                 there may not be enough iron                   Now
    taken by freemasons. “The
    mission of Fre e m a s o n ry is
    altruistic. It has regard for
                                               pledged to support each
                                               other in all spheres of life,
                                               irrespective of character,
                                                                                 content in the ore to make a
                                                                                 mine successful.”                             you can
    others and is exemplified in
    forms of service and sacrific e       8.
                                               righteousness and equity.
                                               Another thing that every
                                                                                       U n p rocessed, iron ore is not
                                                                                 that useful. It’s merely rock.             download the
                                                                                 Can you imagine a skyscraper
                                                                                 built with a framework of iron
                                                                                 o re? Not likely. We all know
                                                                                                                           Masonic Bulletin
The bridge builder                                                               that the ore has to be
                                                                                 t r a n s p o rt d to a mill. The rock
                                                                                                                              from our
by Ms. Will Allen Dromgoole (1860-1934)

An old man, going a lone highway,
                                                                                 is processed to increase the
                                                                                 percentage of iron in it. Then it
Came, at the evening, cold and gray,                                             is heated in a blast furnace and
                                                                                 the superfluities are skimmed
                                                                                                                              Username: user
To a chasm, vast, and deep, and wide,
Through which was flowing a sullen tide.                                          o ff to be discarded as slag.                Password: Ezra
The old man crossed in the twilight dim;                                               However, even purified iron,
The sullen stream had no fears for him;                                          by itself, is not a great building
But he turned, when safe on the other side,                                      material. It is weak and it rusts
And built a bridge to span the tide.                                             readily. Wrought iron bends
                                                                                 easily and cast iron breaks apart
“Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim, near,                                          when hit hard.
“You are wasting strength with building here;                                          Only when other metals,
                                                                                 such as nickel, carbon,
Your journey will end with the ending day;
You never again must pass this way;
You have crossed the chasm, deep and wide—
                                                                                 titanium, molybdenum and
                                                                                 chromium are added to the                 Turn over
Why build you the bridge at the eventide?”

The builder lifted his old gray head:
                                                                                 mixture do we get steel—-steel
                                                                                 strong enough to erect the
                                                                                 superstructure of the tallest and
                                                                                 most enduring edific e s .
                                                                                                                           a new leaf
                                                                                                                           Books, tapes and videos;
“Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said,
                                                                                       Thus, the individual                Masonic education at its best.
“There followeth after me today,                                                                                           Open for your convenience
A youth, whose feet must pass this way.                                          freemason should purify himself           second and fourth Friday
This chasm, that has been naught to me,                                          by ridding himself of useless             evenings; 5:00 ‘til 10:00 pm.
To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be.                                      slag, skimming away the
He, too, must cross in the twilight dim;                                         s u p e rfluities of his life, and            The Library
Good friend, I am building the bridge for him.”                                  tempering himself in the fires                  at
                                                                                 of challenge and experience.
                                                                                                                              Grand Lodge
NOVEMBER 2005                                 MASONIC BULLETIN of the GRAND LODGE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA AND YUKON                                             3
Then, he can supply his own           officer is to be chosen, and by
mettle—bright, shining and            no others.” This was re f e rred to
strong—to build his family,           the Committee on Constitution.
fraternity, community and                 On 20 June 1918 the
country.                              Committee re p o rted that they
    As the mixing of various          felt that the present system
metals forms steel, likewise in       worked; the relationship with
Fre e m a s o n ry we meld our        the Grand Master would be                   Grand Master’s Itinerary
individual strengths and contri-      more harmonious if the                          N O V E M B E R, 2005
butions. Our diversity, coupled       deputies were of his choosing;
                                      that it would not be to Grand         3     Thu       International Night, Lafayette 241         Seattle
with our unity of purpose, is
our strength.                         Lodge’s advantage to have             4     Fri       Installation     Saanich Peninsula 89 Saanichton
                                      lodges say who their inspector        5     Sat       District No. 17 Mt Garibaldi 127         Squamish
                                                                            11 Fri          Remembrance Day Service                 Vancouver
DDGM                                  shall be; and that the Grand
                                      Master should not be deprived         12 Sat          District No. 24 Triune 81             Powell River
                                                                            14 Mon          Worthy Grand Matron, Maple Leaf 2 OES Vancouver
selection                             of a constitutional pre rogative.
                                      The committee’s re p o rt was         15 Tue          District No. 18 Mount Zion 120         Chilliwack
An historical perspective             adopted.                              16 Wed          District No. 2 Union Solomon 9 New Westminster
     It all began on 23 June              In 1920 the delegates from        18-19 Fri-Sat   Fall Ceremonial Shrine                    Burnaby
1888 when the Grand Master            Corinthian Lodge No. 27               18 Fri          Installation     Ymir 31                    Salmo
re p o rted that he had named six     proposed a similar constitu-          19 Sat          District No. 6 Sentinel 146              Castlegar
Special Deputies to re p o rt to      tional amendment. The                 22 Tue          Blighty Night Comox 188                    Comox
him on the condition and state        committee disapproved and the         26 Sat          District No. 8 Selkirk 55                Kimberly
of the Craft in their vicinity. On    motion was defeated.
25 June, 1888, Grand Lodge                                                  system of district meetings was       get anything, but to give
                                          In 1925 a edict was issued
adopted a resolution dividing                                               established. In 1935 the four         something. We so declare in
                                      prohibiting the canvassing for
the jurisdiction into four                                                  DDGMs were former appoint-            our application for member-
                                      Grand Lodge appointive offic e s ;
districts: Vancouver Island, New                                            ments, two from 1934 and the          ship, and again during the
                                      an edict that remains in our
Westminster, Yale-Kootenay            current Constitutions.                other two from earlier years.         ceremony of being admitted. To
and Cariboo, and authorizing              In 1931 the Grand Master               It was not until 1953 that       give, not to get, to give himself,
the Grand Master to appoint           expressed his opinion that            the DDGMs were given any              give of his means, and to give
deputies as he deemed                 DDGMs should be elected. He           f o rm of written instructions as     his contribution to the age and
necessary.                            felt that the Grand Master was        to their duties.                      generation in which he lives.
     In 1891, MW Bro. Angus           not in the position to be                  Today, the Grand Master               We have the paradox that in
McKeown recommended “That             familiar with all the brethren of     elect is presented with a list of     giving we also get. We get a
in future the delegates from the      the jurisdiction and that he          recommendations provided by           society to live in, a philosophy
several Masonic districts should      rarely had the time to properly       the outgoing DDGMs. Practice          to live by, an ideal to look up to
elect, at the Annual Session of       consider the choices offered          varies from district to district,     and to live up to. Here we are
Grand Lodge, their own District       him. He argued that they were         but in the main, the past             able to meet in friendship
Deputy Grand Masters. By              Grand Lodge officers and not           DDGMs meet with the current           undisturbed by the friction and
doing so the Grand Master will        the special re p resentatives of      DDGM to recommend one or              c o n flict and competition of
be relieved from a delicate task,     the Grand Master unless specif-       two names from a rotating list        e v e ryday life and are able to
and the various districts confer-     ically requested to act as such.      of the lodges in their district.      appreciate the value in each
ring the honour will naturally        He further suggested that a                The question for discussion      other, those graces of mind and
place a greater value on the          district meeting of past and          is whether or not the current         character which might be
office.” The Committee on              current masters could easily          p rocess meets our needs and          hidden or obscured in the daily
Address approved his sugges-          make a choice.                        whether or not it would be            routine.
tion but it was held to be                In 1932 the Grand Master          in the Craft’s best interest               Our institution does not
unconstitutional and no action        attempted to initiate discussion      to create some system of              necessarily operate through
was taken.                            in this direction but found           elective office. Discussion is         c a rrying on organized
     In 1917 MW Bro. Wl l i a m       himself convinced that a better       encouraged.                           u n d e rtakings. Freemasonry
Henderson proposed a constitu-        system would be to allow the                                                makes itself felt through the
tional amendment to provide
for an election of the DDGM by
                                      reappointment of capable
                                      brethren for a second or third
                                                                            Teachings                             impact of its principles in the
                                                                                                                  lives of the individual members
a committee of “Immediate             term.                                 by W Bro. R. T. Thornton              of the Craft, and they in turn
Masters and Wardens, or their             In 1934 the Grand Master             In the masonic institution,        make their impact on the
proxies, of the particular District   did not visit every lodge in the      we meet together as a bro t h e r-    community by taking their
attending the Regular                 jurisdiction, as had been the         hood in order that we may be a        share of responsibility of
Communication of Grand                goal in the past, and                 brotherhood, and that the             c a rrying the community on.
Lodge, re p resenting in person       recommended an enlarged rôle          teachings of Fre e m a s o n ry may   Reprinted from Masonic Bulletin
or by proxy Lodges in that            for the DDGMs in inspecting           express themselves through the        April 1938 p. 4.
p a rticular District for which the   the lodges. In 1934-35 the            individual. We do not join to

4                                       MASONIC BULLETIN of the GRAND LODGE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA AND YUKON                            NOVEMBER 2005

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