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					                     Official Publication of the Ukrainian Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia

  VOL. 71 - No. 12                            JUNE 27, 2010                         ENGLISH VERSION

                               Have You Seen HIM!
There will be a Divine Liturgy
celebrated on June 29th, the
Feast of Ss. Peter & Paul at
6:30PM at the Ukrainian
Catholic Cathedral of the
Immaculate Conception, 830 N.
Franklin St, Philadelphia, PA, to
close the Shroud of Turin

Please join with our Archbishop
Stefan Soroka, in prayer and
thanksgiving for the many gifts
of grace, faith and healing
obtained through these four
months of pilgrimage to the

For more information please visit
website or
call 215-922-2917.

 Photo Above: Photo of the
 Shroud of Turin Replica at
 the Ukrainian Catholic
 Cathedral of the Immaculate

 Photo Below: The negative
 of the photo above.

        Photo taken by
         Teresa Siwak
  Metropolitan Stefan Soroka
       in Plymouth, PA

       Rev. Roman Petryshak and Parishioners of
SS. Peter and Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church of
Plymouth, Pennsylvania welcomed the Most Reverend
Metropolitan-Archbishop Stefan Soroka on May 2,

       Most Reverend Metropolitan Stefan celebrated The Divine Liturgy and blessed the new icon, Our
Lord at the altar with St. Peter and St. Paul receiving the Holy Eucharist and two Angels in the background.
This celebration was made possible by the donation of Anna Hamuka. We are most grateful and
appreciative of her generosity. May her memory remain eternal.

       The Most Reverend Metropolitan Stefan, members of Anna Hamuka’s family, parishioners and
guests, including Rev. John Seniw, Dean of the Anthracite Deanery attended a dinner reception and
fellowship in the Church hall. It was a memorable and joyous occasion.

   June 27, 2010                                     2
                                      July 19-23, 2010
                           The Office for Evangelization and the Treasury of Faith Museum present

                 SUMMER CHURCH CAMP

                               Grades Kindergarten to 8th grade
      To                                        Are welcome!!
                                   “Jesus, The Bread of Life”
                             Come enjoy a week of faith projects
 830 N Franklin Street                         based on Jesus
215-922-2917                           as the source of our life.

                           Enjoy games, food, and lots of fun and

                            Ukrainian Catholic Parishioners: $25.00 Non Parishioners: $35.00

                             Please register by July 4th, 2010 by filling out the form

                             below or contacting Fr. Dan Troyan @ 215-922– 2917
                         Registration Form
                         Name____________________________________________________ Age______
For more information
please contact:          Address_____________________________________________________________
Fr. Daniel Troyan
Fax: 215-627-0377        Emergency Phone___________________ Date of Birth________________________
                         Allergies/Medical conditions______________________________________________

June 27, 2010                                   3

Theme: “Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate serving the People of God throughout
* historical aspect of 75 years of service
* migration spirit by serving People of God today
*attachment to those who for the last 56 years
come to the Dormition pilgrimage


Friday, August 13
6:00 p.m. Moleben to the Mother of God – (grotto)
        Most Rev. Stefan Soroka - Main celebrant /
Barbecue of back terrace of Villa where first pilgrimage was held

Saturday, August 14
9:00 a.m. Divine Liturgy celebrated by Most Rev. Paul Chomnycky, OSBM
         Followed by Panahyda remembering deceased clergy, religious, pilgrims
10:45 a.m. Workshop – SSMI: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow, Sr. Thomas Hrynewich,SSMI
11:45 a.m. Workshop – Mary, Mother of God In Liturgical Services, Rev. Bohdan Danylo
                                  FOOD OFFEREND AT PAVILIAN
2:00 p.m Workshop – Marian Devotions in the New World, Most Rev. Paul Chomnycky
3:00 p.m. Workshop – The Catholic Church and Propaganda, Rev. Ivan Kaszczak
4:00 p.m. Workshop -The Blessed Virgin in the Early Church Writings, Rev. Max Kobasuk
5:00 p.m. Divine Liturgy, Rev. James Spera, main celebrant / homilist (grotto)
         Choir of St. Michael the Archangel Cathedral, Passaic, NJ.
                                   Blessing of Water (front of Villa)
8:00 p.m. Moleben to the Mother of God with candlelight procession (grotto)
         Most Rev. William Skurla, main celebrant / homilist Eparch of Passaic

Sunday, August 15
8:00 a.m. Lamentations to the Mother of God – Rev. Edward Young, celebrant (chapel)
10:00 a.m. Pontifical Divine Liturgy with procession to grotto followed by blessing of flowers
        Most Rev. Richard Seminack, Diocese of Chicago, main celebrant / homilist
        Most Rev. Stefan Soroka, Metropolitan Arcbbishop of Philadelphia
        Most Rev. Paul Chomnycky, Eparch of Stamford
        Most Rev. Basil Losten, Bishop Emeritus Stamford
12:00 p.m. Youth Liturgy, Rev. Daniel Troyan main celebrant / homilist (villa chapel)
1:30 p.m Healing Service with Akathist (Villa chapel, grotto steps)
        Blessing of Religious Articles (front St. Joseph’s)
2:00 p.m. Stations of the Cross
3:00 p.m. Moleben to the Mother of God (Ukrainain –grotto)
              Most Rev. Paul Chomnycky, OSBM main celebrant / homilist
Blessing of cars and buses

June 27, 2010                                       4
             H O LY D O R M I T I O N J U B I L E E P I LG R I M AG E C O N F E R E N C E
                  S a t u r d a y A u g u s t 14 , 2 010        Sl oats b urg , N Y

                                                        MARIAN DEVOTIONS
                                                       IN THE NEW WORLD
                                              Most Rev. Paul Chomnycky, OSBM
                                                 Bishop Paul is the Eparch of the Eparchy
                                                 of Stamford, CT. A native of Canada,
                                                 Bishop Paul, was taught by the Sisters
                                                 Servants in Vancouver.

                                                        THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY
                                                         IN THE WRITINGS OF THE                                   The Blessed Virgin Mary has a
                                                                                                                  prominent place in the tradi-
          Ukrainian immigrants to North                  EARLY CHURCH FATHERS                                     tion of the Ukrainian Catholic
         America at the turn of the 20th               Rev. Maxim Kobasuk, OSBM
           century were poor in material                                                                          Church as well as in our liturgi-
                                                       Rev. Maxim Kobasuk is a member of the
         possessions but rich in faith. A                                                                         cal services. By examining the
                                                       Order of the Fathers of St. Basil the Great. He
           key part of their faith revolved            is currently the Spiritual Director of St. Basil Col-      writings of the early Fathers of
        around their intense devotion to               lege Seminary.                                             the Church, we want to better
                Mary, the Mother of God.                                                                          understand how and why Mary
            Bishop Paul will speak about                                                                          is so important in our spiritual
        this devotion which was brought                                                                           life and in the life of the
          to the New World by the immi-                                                                           Church.
            grants and the role played by
                     the Sisters Servants.                    MARY, MOTHER OF GOD IN
                                                             THE LITURGICAL SERVICES OF
                                                                     THE CHURCH
                                                             Rev. Archpriest Bohdan Danylo
                                                              Rev. Archpriest Bohdan Danylo is the Rec-
                                                              tor/President of St. Basil College Seminary,
                                                              Vocations Director and Director of Youth
                                                              Ministry for the Eparchy of Stamford.

                                                   THE CATHOLIC CHURCH
                                                     AND PROPAGANDA                                            This workshop will survey and
                                                                                                               study popular Marian liturgical
                                              Rev. Dr. Ivan Kaszczak                                           services such as Moleben to
                                              Rev. Dr. Bohdan Ivan Kaszak is the Academic
                                              Dean of St. Basil College and Pastor of the                      Mother of God, Akhatist, liturgi-
                                              Protection of the Mother of God Parish, Bed-                     cal commentaries, and instruc-
                                              ford Hills, NY. He holds a Doctorate in Reli-                    tions. Through study of these
                                              gious Education from Fordham University.                         texts the workshop will bring at-
       Until 1908 the Catholic Church in                                                                       tention to the principal events in
       the United States was considered                                                                        the life of the Mother of God.
        mission territory. The Congrega-                                                                       Liturgical services are a school of
          tion responsible for overseeing                                                                      prayer. We will focus on these
            the Church was called Propa-                                                                       services as a source for our
      ganda Fide –The Congregation for                                                                         thanksgiving, hope, and encour-
      the Propagation of the Faith. How                                                                        agement in our Christian lives.
            was the faith transmitted and
        rooted in the lives of our earliest

                       SSMI: YESTERDAY, TODAY
                          AND TOMORROW
                    Sister Thomas Hrynewich, SSMI
                    Sister Thomas Hrynewich has been a member                The Sisters Servants have ministered
                    of the Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate for             to the people of the Eastern and
                    67 years. She served as Provincial Superior of           Western Church in the United States
                    the American Province of the Immacualte                               for 75 years.
                    Conception. She also served as Chancellor for             How has this ministry benefited the
                    the Archeparchy of Philadelphia for almost 20                      Church in the US?
                    years. Sr. Thomas holds a Masters Degree in              How does the work of the Congrega-
                    Church Administration from Catholic University.             tion help the Church of today?
                                                                                 What changes need to occur
                                                                                         in the future?

June 27, 2010                                                                 5
You may not
 be able
to visit Turin,
 but you can
to the Holy
in Sloatsburg
to pray
the Shroud.
the peace of                                  Shroud of Turin
the Shroud                                       Comes to
for yourself.                               the Holy Dormition
Pray for                                        Pilgrimage
yourself,                                     Sloatsburg, NY
for your                                    August 13-15, 2010
loved ones,       For More Information see our website:
                         or Contact:
for our world.    St. Mary’s Villa 150 Sisters Servants Lane Sloatsburg, NY 10974
                                 (845) 753-5100

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  June 27, 2010                                                     6
                           SUNDAY, MAY 30, 2010 -
                      ST. NICHOLAS PARISH REMEMBERS
                                              (Passaic, NJ)

As part of the continuing Centennial Jubilee celebrations, Fr. Andriy Dudkevych and parishioners remembered
all those who over the past 100 years have gone to their eternal rest.

How fitting, on the eve of Memorial Day, for the parishioners to come together to remember those clergy
and Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate that served the parish, the over 1,770 parishioners the early
founders and pioneers of the parish of St. Nicholas that had passed, as well as all the US servicemen and
women from the parish that lost their lives in battle so that we may enjoy the freedoms we so cherish, in
such a beautiful and meaning tribute.

Before the beginning of the Divine Liturgy, a solemn procession led
by cross bearer Ivan Dudkevych, entered the church as the choir
sang Cviaty Boze. Sr. Charlotte Pipping and Sr. Evelyn Stock
followed carrying a memorial plaque to all the Sisters Servants of
Mary Immaculate that served in the parish. Next in order was Dr.
Robert Hrubec who carried the memorial to all the deceased
clergy and assistants that served. Mr. Osyp Wasylkiv carried the
placard dedicated to the deceased Veterans. Following were Mr.
Stephen Kosciolek, Mr. Petro Gres, Mr. Mykola Peltyshyn and Mr.
Stephen Retkwa each carrying a memorial placard bearing the
names of the 1,770 parishioners that passed into eternal life from
1910 through 2010. Mr. Stephen Chalupa carried and presented
the memorial wreath that honored all.

At the side altar of Jesus Christ, a place of honor was prepared where Mrs. Natalka Warchola and
Marion Hrubec accepted each of these memorial placards and set them in a place of honor. Fr. Andriy
Dudkevych completed the procession, coming forward, blessing the memorials and proceeded to the main
altar to celebrate the Divine Liturgy. Following the Liturgy, a Panachyda was celebrated.

After the Panachyda service, the parishioners gathered in the church hall for a coffee social.

                 May their memories be Eternal! May they rest in Peace!

  June 27, 2010                                      7
                                                       St. Anne Ukrainian Catholic Church
                                                          1545 Easton Road – Warrington, PA 18976
                                             215-343-0779 (rectory) / 215-343-8060 (fax) / 215-343-9809 (activity center)
                                        WEBSITE:         E-MAIL:
                                                                   Father Vasil Bunik - Administrator
                               You are cordially invited to join us for

                    THE BLESSING & DEDICATION
                            of our new
   DATE:     Saturday – July 24, 2010

         Archbishop Metropolitan Stefan Soroka
         Chief Celebrant and Homilist

   RECEPTION & BANQUET:           6 pm (Activity Center)

   BANQUET TICKETS:           $25 / adults
                              $10 / children (5 to 12 years)
                              Free – children under 5

   TICKET DEADLINE:        July 15, 2010

   Adult Buffet Menu:               Children’s Menu:
   Appetizers & Salad               Mac & Cheese
   Chicken Oscar                    Hamburger Sliders &
   Roast Beef in wine sauce           Hotdogs
   Penne Pasta in Vodka Sauce
   Mashed Potato Souffle
   String bean Almondine
   Mixed Vegs w/garlic butter sauce
                       Homemade Desserts

                             The Church will be open for tours during the banquet

                  For further information, please call Oksana Novitsky (215) 674-1284 in evening
                                  Or send e-mail to

         To purchase banquet tickets, please fill out the form, make check payable to “St. Anne Church”, detach it
                                  and mail all to address listed above by July 15, 2010

   NAME: __________________________________________________ Phone #: __________________________

   ADDRESS: ________________________________ City:_________________ State: ____ ZipCode: ________

                       E-mail Address: __________________________@___________________

                 Number of Tickets Requested: Adults ($25/ea) _______              Children ($10/ea) _______

                                        TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED: $_______

June 27, 2010                                                  8
                 SS. Peter & Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church,
                               Jersey City, NJ
On Mother’s Day May 9, 2010 the annual May Procession in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary took
place at SS. Peter & Paul’s Ukrainian Catholic Church in Jersey City. Bogdana Bartkiv was the “May Queen” who
presented a bouquet of flowers to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Altar Servers and approximately 30
children from the parish and Ridna Shkola participated in the Procession and gave their flowers to the
Blessed Virgin Mary.

After the Liturgy the Ridna Shkola
Children, under the direction of
Maria Polishchuck, gave a
special program to the Mothers
of the Parish. On this special day,
Rev. Vasyl Putera, then presented
all Mothers and Grandmothers
of the parish with red carnations.
Ridna Shkola is under the
Directorship of Orest Polishchuck
and Marie Laski is the Catechist.

Sunday, May 23 congratulations
and diplomas were given to
Markian Blazejowsky and
Svitlana Hladush upon completing
the Matura Program of Ridna
Shkola. Final exams, oral and                  Ridna Shkola Teacher Luba Chasto and Children
written, were given on Saturday
May 15. Maria Kichuk, Regional
Inspector of the National Board of
Directors, along with the Jersey City
teachers, Orest Polishchuk, Olena
Halkowycz, Natalia Epmaldor and
Luba Chasto prepared the final
testing and provided the grades.
This intense program is
Nationwide and is comprised of
all aspects of Ukrainian Studies
- it’s Culture, History, Literature,
Geography and Language. The
administration of Ridna Shkola is
sponsored by the Ukrainian
Congress Committee. Last year the
following six children completed         Matura Graduates Markian Blazejowskj and Svitlana
the program: Myrosa Hreb,                Hladush; Rev. Vasyl Putera, Marie Laski, Olena
Galina Bartkiv, Andy and David           Halkowycz, Natalia Epmaldor, Lucinda Demianicz and
Demianicz, Anna Blazejowskyj and         Director Orest Polishchuck. Teachers missing from the
Marianna Nikolin.                        picture are - Luba Chasto & Maria Polishchuk

    June 27, 2010                                    9
+Metropolitan Basil Schott, OFM, DD fell asleep in the Lord
                                 +His Eminence, Metropolitan Archbishop Basil Myron Schott, OFM, DD,
                                 Metropolitan Archbishop of the Byzantine Catholic Archeparchy of
                                 Pittsburgh, fell asleep in the Lord on Thursday morning, June 10, 2010
                                 from the effects of cancer.

                                 Metropolitan Stefan, the clergy, and the faithful of the Ukrainian Catholic
                                 Archeparchy of Philadelphia offer our condolences for the servant of
                                 God +Metropolitan Basil.

                                         God grant to his servant +Metropolitan Basil
                                            Eternal Memory and Blessed Repose!
                                                     Vichnaya Pamyat!

 Welcome to St. Stephen Church on the Jersey Shore, NJ.
            Don’t Forget God on Vacation.

When you take a vacation with your family, you need to remember to take Jesus with you. Even if you
are on vacation, your obligation to attend Sunday Liturgy doesn’t go away. While you are scheduling
your next trip on the Jersey Shore, be sure to include participation at the Divine Liturgy in our beautiful
church. The church is located only 15 minutes from the beach.

at 8:45 a.m. in English and
at 10:00 a.m. in Ukrainian

DAILY LITURGY - at 8:30 a.m

We are located at
1344 White Oak Bottom Road,
Toms River, NJ, 08755,
Phone - 732-505-6053, Email:
website www.

June 27, 2010                                       10
                   Ss. Peter & Paul Church, Clifton Heights, PA
On Saturday, May 22nd, the parishioners of Ss. Peter &
Paul Church in Clifton Heights, PA. performed yet another
outreach to the local community.

Beginning early that morning, parishioners set up and ran
a very successful food booth at the annual Clifton Heights
Car Show and Flea Market. Hundreds of people attended
the event and many were treated to the pleasure of a
unique Slavic food staple - the kielbasa and sauerkraut
sandwich. While munching on their sandwiches, community
members were provided information on both the parish
and on the Shroud of Turin presentation at the Cathedral.

As the booth’s sign said, “All are Welcome” at Ss. Peter &

                                                   On Sunday, May 23rd, the Very Reverend John Ciurpita,
                                                   pastor of Ss. Peter & Paul Church in Clifton Heights, PA.
                                                   blessed the food gathered by the parish community for
                                                   those in need. With the local community still suffering
                                                   the adverse effects of the current economic slowdown,
                                                   the Saint Stephen Food Bank’s supplies are being
                                                   stretched to the extreme. Always wanting to reach out
                                                   and help others in the area, the Ss. Peter & Paul
                                                   parishioners rose to the task and made a special food
                                                   collection that resulted in a large amount of foodstuffs
                                                   being provided to the local food bank.

 In honor of Mother’s Day and the
 very important part that Mothers play
 in all of our lives, the Very Reverend
 John Ciurpita, pastor of Ss. Peter &
 Paul Church in Clifton Heights, PA.
 called all Mothers to the front of the
 church after the Sunday 11:00 am.
 Divine Liturgy. Once gathered, Father
 John extolled on the importance of
 recognizing Mothers and he gave a
 special blessing to all of the Mothers
 in attendance. After the blessing,
 each Mother was presented with a
 yellow rose.

    June 27, 2010                                     11
                                   New Singapore Greek Catholic Community
                                      Forms Ties with Australian Eparchy
                                 I flew to Singapore in May to celebrate a very special Divine Liturgy for the
                                 burgeoning Greek Catholic community. The Liturgy, which we celebrated on
                                 Wednesday May 26, included thirty-five people, including a choir of eight, six
                                 servers, and the congregation. This was a significant Divine Liturgy, which reflected
                                 beautifully the culture of the different people that it serves.

                                 What made the Liturgy significant was the ethnic mix of the faithful. It can be
                                 safely said that this is possibly the only place in the world where there is a
                                 significant Chinese, Indian, and Ukrainian population worshiping together. We
celebrated the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom in English, Mandarin and Old Slavonic. What impressed me
personally was how the Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom adapts itself culturally.

After the Liturgy was what can be best described as a “debriefing.” There was a significant discussion of delicate
nuances of the text. For example we spoke about the reason for the “Only begotten Son and Word of God” text
in the Liturgy and exactly why this particular formula came to be. It was very obvious that most of the people
present had put some serious effort into studying the text of the Liturgy and were more than happy to discuss this.

We continued our lively conversation at a North Western Chinese restaurant that produced what we know as
Shashlyke. I started ordering the meal in Chinese, after I must admit some significant coaching minutes earlier. The
waiter almost fell over after hearing me speak Chinese and got involved in the conversation himself. He was very
firm in telling my hosts that when we had Liturgy again in December he definitely had to be invited.

To be honest, I came with no real expectations and simply decided to see what happens. I was met at the airport
by two members of the community, Ernest Kam, the coordinator, and Edward Yong the choir director. The choir
sings the Divine Liturgy in English, Old Slavonic, Mandarin, and even parts in Ukrainian. There are eight people in
the choir, all of whom are semi-professional singers. The choir also performs concerts including Byzantine music of
famous Ukrainian composers, such as Vedel. The servers are all either military, post-graduate students or academic
researchers. The congregation included many young people between eighteen and thirty something, including
several families. Many were from academic institutions in Singapore
and were involved in either teaching or research.

I blessed two houses, including the house of Natalia Olynec who
has been living in Singapore with her husband Henrik Mikkelsen
and three daughters for ten years. There was also a short panakhyda
at the columbarium of the Church of St. Mary of Angels offered for
those entombed.

The community looks forward to building bonds and connections
with the Eparchy in Australia to allow it to develop relationships with
other Greek Catholic communities. They expressed a desire to have
a priest visit them on a regular basis, as they have grown beyond
the stage of intellectual discussion and are already worshipping in
the Greek Catholic tradition. One day in the future we may look
forward to a combined concert in Melbourne by the Singapore choir under the leadership of Edward Yong and the
St Nicholas chorale under the leadership of Symon Kohut.

Right Rev. Olexander Kenez
Protosyncel Eparchy of SS Peter and Paul, Melbourne, Australia
   June 27, 2010                                       12
                   Sisters Visited the Shroud Exhibit and
                         Treasury of Faith Museum

                                                                      Sisters at the Museum
Sr. Mary Denise, O.P., Sr. Marian, O.P., and Sr. Placid, O.P. from   with Sr. Evhenia, MSMG
Sacred Heart Home (Hunting Park Ave), Philadelphia, PA, visited
the replica of the Shroud of Turin at the Cathedral on June 1,
2010. Also pictured are Roman Sverdan (seminarian) and Msgr.
Myron Grabowsky.

      Seat of Wisdom Home School Co-op, Bensalem, PA
      Visited the Shroud at the Cathedral on June 3, 2010

   June 27, 2010                                    13
June 27, 2010   14
June Article - PCC
                               Cutting EITC does not add up
                                                     By A.B. Hill

Arithmetic can be a           to attend a non-public          investment and a smart
challenging subject, as any   school.                         move for the future of current_issues/catholic-
student cramming for finals   Given: It costs the             Pennsylvania.          advocacy-network/
will tell you.       State    taxpayers about $12,083
lawmakers in Harrisburg       per year to educate a           The Advocates for Catholic       Become an advocate for
will agree. Right now, they   student in public school.       Education in Pennsylvania,       Catholic education today
must solve a particularly                                     or ACE-PA, network is a          at or
tough math problem –         Therefore: If all 44,000         key partner in the               call 717-238-9613.
balance                 the  students lose their EITC         Operation Restore effort.
Commonwealth budget          scholarships and return to       ACE-PA is encouraging all        Tens of thousands of
before June 30.              public schools, then the         concerned citizens to visit      Catholic school students all
                             taxpayers will have to pay       their state legislators as       across Pennsylvania are
Governor Ed Rendell and an additional $531.6                  soon as possible in their        grateful for your support.
our state legislators must million per year in local          district offices. During the
make some difficult school taxes.                             visit, lawmakers should be
decisions. Recent reports                                     asked to support the
indicate that the state of Pennsylvanians agree that          restoration of the $75
Pennsylvania is $1.1 billion supporting a child’s             million for EITC. In addition
short of anticipated education now is an                      to their personal support,
revenue. Somehow, they investment in tomorrow’s               legislators should be
must bring in more economy. In fact, other                    urged to also contact their
revenue, cut spending on education programs are               legislative leadership
government programs, or proposed to increase in               regarding EITC restoration.
both.                        this year’s state budget.        Leadership in all caucuses
                             Tough economic times             must understand that
Many program cuts are require us to make the                  people in all legislative
being considered to make most of limited resources.           districts will be hurt by EITC
up for the budget shortfall, A billion dollar shortfall in    cuts. Just a few visits to
including the highly the state budget is a tough              every state legislator will       Hill is Communications
successful Educational problem to solve; but                  make a big impact for             Director of the
Improvement Tax Credit cutting a successful                   Operation Restore.                Pennsylvania Catholic
(EITC) program. Tough educational program like                                                  Conference – the
times call for tough EITC that saves local                    For up-to-date information        public affairs arm of
measures. Pennsylvanians taxpayers does not add               about Operation Restore,          Pennsylvania’s Catholic
need to ask, will cutting up.                                 log on to www.operation           bishops and the
the EITC result in the                                                  Catholic dioceses of
desired taxpayer savings? Operation Restore is a                                                Pennsylvania.
To fully consider the statewide initiative to                 To look up your legislator’s
impact, let’s do the math. restore funding for EITC to        district office location and
                             $75 million. People all          other contact information,
Given: All students in across the Commonwealth                use the Elected Official
Pennsylvania must go to need to speak up and                  Look Up link on the
school.                      affirm that funding a            Pennsylvania Catholic
Given: 44,000 students successful educational                 Advocacy           Network
receive EITC scholarships program is a good                   webpage              http://

   June 27, 2010                                         15
                      Saint John the Baptist
                    Ukrainian Catholic Church
                                           Maizeville, Pennsylvania

          Saint Michael Ukrainian Catholic Church
                  45 South Second Street Frackville, Pennsylvania 17931-1629
                  570-874-1101 Fax: 570-874-0448 e-mail:



 MAIZEVILLE (GILBERTON, SCHUYLKILL COUNTY, PA.)—Food and live dance music will
 be featured at the Annual Picnic which will he held Saturday, August 14, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
 and Sunday, August 15, from 12 noon to 8 p.m., at St. John’s Picnic Grove here on Main Street
 (Route 54) in Maizeville. This year, the picnic will be hosted by the parishioners of both St. John’s
 Church, Maizeville and St. Michael’s Church, Frackville. The parishioners have been already
 working together for the part several months in planning this August summer social.

 Saturday dance music will be provided by The Pennsyvlania Good Times, from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.

 Sunday dance music will be provided by The Pennsylvania Villagers from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

 Both groups consist of six talented musicians and play a wide variety of dance music, including
 polka, rock, and golden oldies. Dancing is enjoyed in the large, enclosed dance pavilion.

 Ethnic foods, including pyrohy (pierogies), holubtsi (halupkis), halushki, bleenies, and kobasa
 (kielbasa) as well as open fire kettle bean soup will be sold. Homemade desserts, beverages, bingo,
 games and novelties will also be available.

 Admission and parking are free and the picnic is held rain or shine.

 St. John’s Picnic Grove is located on Route 54 approximately one mile west of the Gilberton exit
 of Route 924 in Schuylkill County, Pa.


June 27, 2010                                                   16
                    Let us be of one mind and one heart....
                           a celebration of Marriage!

We, as believers, celebrate the gift of life. It is the most precious gift
God gives us. It is a gift we are given to share with one another.
Through Jesus, we find our purpose, our full potential as human
beings and the source of life here and in the world to come.

If we are so blessed, we are graced with a partner in life with whom
we can share this gift in the Holy Union we call Marriage. It is holy in
it’s openness to life; in it’s ability to create and nurture new life, and
to create a loving, safe and healthy environment wherein our love can
grow and where God dwells.

In today’s day and age, the sustaining of that type of spiritual life is
challenged. The world proclaims that security, “the good life”, a
successful life is found in money, material possessions and a position of power. Yet, sometimes we can be
so busy making a living, that we never make a life or never really live the one we have been blessed with.

We can take for granted the loved ones in our life, and the routine of life can begin to dull our joy.

We are calling upon all our faithful to join with us in prayer and love to recommit ourselves to life! A spiritual
life which is based on a loving service rooted in the gratitude we have for the “good life” we have in Jesus.
It is good that we make the time to remind ourselves of what goodness and resources we have at our
disposal: the grace to be courageous, to be strong, to be faithful, to be happy, to be forgiving, to live in
freedom from bondage of self, to be God-filled, love filled… there are SO many gifts God gives us.

      This October we will celebrate Marriage in a special Liturgy and banquet at our Cathedral.
               We ask all our married couples to join with us in celebrating
                    their commitment to each other; their commitment to life!

Archbishop Stefan Soroka invites you to come and join in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy on October
17, 2010 at 11:00AM at our Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Philadelphia. It will afford us
the opportunity to say once again: “Yes…I do…I love you and always will” to our spouses and to God. We
ask for your support through your prayers for all our married faithful and your participation in this
celebration of Marriage. There will be a banquet following in the Cathedral Hall where there will be the
sounds of music and dancing, and love celebrated in good food, good fellowship and God’s joyful

Come and join us! Let us push aside the negative, selfish messages of the world and make the time in our
lives to shine the light of faith and love and commitment and LIFE! Let our love for one another be a
message of hope and affirmation to those seeking to live in a Christ-centered life!

   June 27, 2010                                        17
      Registration Form:
      Husbands Name____________________________________
      Wife’s Name_______________________________________
      Parish_____________________________ Phone_________________
      Email_______________________ Years Married__________________
      Number of Guests__________ Deadline for Registration October 5, 2010
            Cost: $30.00 per Anniversary Couple $20.00 Per Guest
      Mail to: Office for Evangelization 827 N Franklin Street Philadelphia PA19123
      Make checks payable to Archeparchy of Philadelphia.

June 27, 2010                              18
                         The Holy Prophet Elijah - July 20th
All spoke well of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from
his lips. “Isn’t this Joseph’s son?” they asked. Jesus said to them, “Surely you
will quote this proverb to me: ‘Physician, heal yourself! Do here in your
hometown what we have heard that you did in Capernaum.’ “”I tell you the
truth,” he continued, “no prophet is accepted in his hometown. I assure you
that there were many widows in Israel in Elijah’s time, when the sky was shut
for three and a half years and there was a severe famine throughout the land.
Yet Elijah was not sent to any of them, but to a widow in Zarephath in the
region of Sidon. And there were many in Israel with leprosy in the time of Elisha
the prophet, yet not one of them was cleansed—only Naaman the Syrian.” All
the people in the synagogue were furious when they heard this. They got up,
drove him out of the town, and took him to the brow of the hill on which the
town was built, in order to throw him down the cliff. But he walked right
through the crowd and went on his way. (Lk. 4: 22-30)

                                          WHO WAS ELIJAH?

        He is one of the most unique and dramatic characters of Bible history. Rugged in appearance and
dress, he is a stereotype of St. John the Baptist. He lived in the 9th century before Christ and is of unknown

        We first hear of him when he appeared before Ahab, the 7th king of Israel. Under the influence of his
wife, Isabella, Ahab had forgotten about the true God and has returned to paganism. Elijah went to Ahab
and told him that he was doing wrong and prophesied that a drought was coming. They became very angry
at him and Elijah had to flee for his life. He found refuge in the mountains and was brought food by the eagles.
The drought lasting three years and six months. During this period, many dramatic events took place in Elijah’s
life. Read from 1 King 17 to 2 King for accounts of a divine supply of food for a widow at Zarepath, the
bringing to life of her son, the fiery test with the prophets of Baal, giving of his mantle to Elisha, the calling
down of fire upon two companies of soldiers who were sent from Samaria to capture him, the dividing of the
Jordan River so that he and Elisha could cross on the dry land and lastly, and which incident is most depicted
in Orthodox iconography; a chariot of fire which appears and Elijah is taken up into heaven by a whirlwind.
We next read of Elijah in Matthew 17:3 when he appears with Moses at the Transfiguration of Christ and talks
with Him.

        The readings for the day on which Elijah is remembered July 20 contain references to him. The Epistle
reading is from James 5:10-20. We are instructed to take the prophets who spoke in the name of the Lord
as examples. Here Elijah is mentioned and how prayer is answered. Then we are instructed to pray for the
sick. And the prayer of faith shall heal the sick (James 5:15). The Gospel reading is from St. Luke 4:22-26, 28-

       At Vespers a beautiful prayer is addressed to Elijah: “O Prophet which foretold the coming of Christ,
you are forever in the presence of God’s glory always watching over the sick. Since you are serving God’s
majesty, always blessing and always glorified, obtain for us healing and the forgiveness of sins, now and
forever. Amen.”

        Many churches built on hills or on mountaintops are dedicated to him because of the time he spent
in exile on mountain and was furnished food by eagles. Also his appearance at the Transfiguration on the
mountain with Christ adds to his identification with mountains.

     June 27, 2010                                      19
                   Saint Mary Kids Meet Campbell Kidz
         Pokrova Council #13561
Knights of Columbus sold tickets
to the Wednesday, June 16
baseball game at Campbell’s Field
for the benefit of Saint Mary
Church in Bristol, PA. It was a
muggy, overcast evening and the
Camden Riversharks lost to the
York Revolution by a score of 15
to 1. None of that dampened
the spirits of St. Mary parishioners,
among whom were Kyle and
Gabriel Silva, Kaitlyn Tracey, and
Natalie Sharpe (pictured above),
or the Knights of Columbus who
operated the first base concession
stand. The event is what is called
in marketing circles a FUN-raiser.
A group like the Knights sells tickets
to an event where they raise
money for each ticket sold,
volunteer to work at the concession
stand, and their families and friends have a lot of fun. Kyle and Natalie were among eight volunteers
from Pokrova Council who sold hot dogs, crackerjack, and other food to the fewer than 1,200 fans
attending the game. Gabriel and Kaitlyn were among the fans who had fun.

        Between the sale of tickets and vouchers and the food at the concession stand, the Knights
raised $1,065 for the Council and the parish. According to event coordinator Pete Letenauchyn,
“Organizing the event, selling tickets, collecting money, finding the right combination of tickets to
accommodate our parishioners, and finding volunteers to staff the stand were real challenges and
made selling popcorn and soda seem easy. I faced challenges up to the last minute when I had to
enlist my wife to fill in for a volunteer who could not make it. Another volunteer arrived later and had
only a few minutes of training. He took to it like a Rivershark to water.”

        Steve Schaeber, Grand Knight of Pokrova Council added, “This fund raiser was trememdously
successful. We earned a lot of money thanks to the generousity of our parishioners. Not only did they
purchase tickets and vouchers, but we received over $200 in donations by parishioners who did not
want tickets. We definitely will schedule another FUN-raiser with the Riversharks next year. We plan
on having it at a Friday evening game when they have a great firework display.”

       Steve continued, “I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made our event
successful. The volunteers who worked the stands or sold tickets and most importantly, the people who
supported St. Mary Church and Pokrova Council through buying tickets and making donations!”

June 27, 2010                                     20
                                                           Some of the participants from Pennsylvania
                                                           pose for a picture at the Congressional
                                                           Gala Reception celebrating the 70 th
                                                           Anniversary of the Ukrainian Congress
                                                           Committee of America held at Rayburn
                                                           House in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday,
                                                           May 19th, 2010. Many senators and
                                                           congressmen of the United States of America
                                                           shared their thoughts and offered tributes
                                                           to the significant contributions of the UCCA
                                                           leadership to relations between Ukraine and
                                                           U.S.A. Metropolitan Stefan opened the
                                                           celebration with a prayerful reflection.

              The Year for Priests in St. Stephen Church
On Sunday June 13, St. Stephen Parish in Toms River, NJ concluded The Year for Priests with a parish
brunch and blessing of a new khorugv. Khorugv is a religious banner used liturgically in church
processions in many Eastern Catholic Churches. The church banner was sponsored by the parish Holy
Name Society. The first banner was used by the Roman Emperor Saint Constantine I. In the year 312,
on the eve of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, he saw a vision of the Cross of Christ appear in the
sky, and beneath it the words, “In this, be victorious”. Constantine ordered the symbol of the Cross
to be placed on the imperial standards. He
was victorious in the battle, and as a result
legalized the practice of Christianity in the
empire. Thus, after the legalization of
Christianity, banners began to be placed in
Christian churches.

Also, during the brunch a movie “FISHERS
OF MEN” has been shown to the parishioners.
This movie was developed by the United States
Conference of Bishops’ for those who are
discerning to become priests, brothers and
nuns of the Catholic Church. These events
were sponsored by the Parish Holy Name

June 27, 2010                                    21
       Ukrainian Delegation visits with Metropolitan Stefan

                                                                             Metropolitan Stefan speaks
                                                                             with Mr. Yuriy Shcherbak,
                                                                             former Ambassador of
                                                                             Ukraine to USA, Mr. Mykola
                                                                             Hrychowin of Philadelphia,
                                                                             and Mr. Boris Tarasyuk,
                                                                             former Foreign Minister of

The Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral
of the Immaculate Conception
provides a magnificent background
for Mr. Valeriy Chaly, former Deputy
Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Mr.
Boris Tarasyuk, former Foreign
Minister of Ukraine, Metropolitan
Stefan Soroka, and Mr. Yuriy
Shcherbak, former Ambassador of
Ukraine to USA.

   The above delegation visited with Metropolitan Stefan Soroka on Monday, June 21st, 2010.
   The one hour meeting provided opportunity for sharing thoughts and perception of the current
   political events in Ukraine, including developments of relations between the respective churches
   in Ukraine. Our guests also visited the Shroud of Turin exhibition and were impressed with the
   exceptional beauty of or Cathedral. It was a pleasure and an honor to receive such distinguished
   guests. We pray for their health and success.

                                                                                    (photos: Teresa Siwak)

   June 27, 2010                                    22
CALENDAR            OF     EVENTS                                    CALENDAR           OF    EVENTS
June 27, 2010: St. Anne's, 1545 Easton Rd, Warrington,                August 14-15,2010: Annual Picnic hosted by St.
PA. 12 pm to 6 pm - ANNUAL UKRAINIAN DINNER &                         John’s(Maizeville) and St. Michael’s (Frackville) Ukrainian
FESTIVAL - A traditional Ukrainian Dinner will be served              Catholic churches, Saturday,August 14, from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.
for $10/platter which includes 2 pyrohy, 1 holubschi,                 and Sunday, August 15, from 12 noon to 8 p.m.,at St. John’s
kielbasa, sauerkraut, rye bread, beverage and homemade                Picnic Grove in Maizeville. Admission and parking is free.
dessert. Additional items will also be available.                     St. John’s Grove is located on Route 54 approximately one
Entertainment will be “The Villagers” and Kaska Dance                 mile west of the Gilberton exit off Route 924 in Schuylkill
School. Items will also be available for sale by vendors.             County, Pa. For info phone 570-874-1101 or e-mail
Call 215-343-3948 for more information.                     

June 29, 2010: Closing of the Shroud of Turin Exhibition              August 20-21, 2010: Ukrainian Festival at the Ukrainian
with a Divine Liturgy at 6:30pm at the Cathedral, 830 N.              Homestead in Lehighton, PA.
Franklin St., Philadelphia, PA.
                                                                      August 21, 2010: Ukrainian Festival in Toms River, NJ. St.
July 18, 2010: Centennial Anniversary of St. Vladimir                 Stephen Ukrainian Catholic Church at 1344 White Oak Bottom
Ukrainian Catholic Church, 70 Zerby Ave, Edwardsville,                Road, Toms River, NJ will hold the 3rd Annual Ukrainian
PA at 1:30 followed by a Banquet. Last day to purchase                Festival between 12 noon and 6:00 p.m. There will be
banquet tickets is July 11, 2010 call Helen at 570-655-               Ukrainian food and beverages, live music, dancing, vendors,
2815 for more information.                                            and 50/50 drawing. Ukrainian dancers will dance at 3:00
                                                                      p.m. Fun for all ages. The vendors can call Zenia Brozyna
July 19 - 23, 2010: Summer Church Camp adjacent to                    732-928-3792. For more information about the Festival call
the Cathedral, 830 N. Franklin St, Philadelphia, PA. For              732-505-6053 or visit
information call 215-922-2917.
                                                                      August 22, 2010: Ukrainian Folk Festival. "Tryzub" Ukrainian-
July 22-25, 2010: "Heritage Tour".                 St. Nicholas       American Sport Center, County Line & Lower State Rd,
Ukrainian Catholic Church, Passaic, NJ.                               Horsham, PA. Festivities begin at 12:00 noon.

July 24, 2010: St. Anne's, 1545 Easton Rd, Warrington,                October 2-3, 2010: Annual Pilgrimage to the Mother of
PA. 4pm - Pontifical Divine Liturgy and Blessing of Iconostas         God, Sisters of the Order of St. Basil the Great, Fox Chase
and Iconography by Archbishop Stefan. 6 pm - Banquet.                 Manor, PA.
See our website for banquet
info and invitation. Call 215-674-1284 for information.               November 7, 2010: Archieparchial Festival "Songs of the
                                                                      Soul" groups of children and youth from Ukrainian Catholic
July 25, 2010: Summer Picnic at St. Josaphat Ukrainian                Parishes. For information call Fr. Popyk at 215-627-0143 or
Catholic Parish in Trenton, NJ at 2PM. There will be                  609-695-3771.
Ukrainian food (pierogies, holubtsi), pork, sports, and lotteries.
All are welcome. For information call 609-695-3771.

July 25, 2010: The 76th Annual Ukrainian Seminary                                           Editorial and Business Office:
Day at St.Nicholas Picnic Grove, Route 901 Minersville,                                          827 N. Franklin St.
Schuylkill County, PA. At 11 a.m., Metropolitan-Archbishop                                     Philadelphia, PA 19123
Stefan Soroka and the clergy of the South Anthracite                                            Tel.: ( 2 1 5 ) 627-0143
Deanery will celebrate the Divine Liturgy. “The Kazka                                      Online:
Ukrainian Folk Ensemble of North East. Pennsylvania”                                     E-MAIL:
performs at 1:30 p.m.,and the “Pennsylvania Villagers”                                Blog:
bandprovides polka and dance music from 4:00 until 8:00                                           Established 1939
p.m. Home-made Ukrainian and Slavic foods, including
                                                                                         THE WAY Staff
holubtsi-halupki, halushki, pyrohy, kobasa-kielbasi,bleenies,
                                                                          Msgr. Peter Waslo, Teresa Siwak, Fr. Ihor Royik
sausage, Lemko platters, and ice cream, bean soup, desserts
will be sold throughout the day. Ukrainian arts and crafts
                                                                         The Way is published bi-weekly by the Apostolate, Inc.,
will also be on display and for sale. Admission and                               827 N. Franklin St., Philadelphia, PA.
parking are free. Buses are welcome. For info phone                   Articles and photos proposed for publication should be in the
570-874-1101 or e-mail                                  Editor's office at least two weeks before requested date of
                                                                      publication. For advance notice of the upcoming events, kindly
August 13-15, 2010: Sister Servants of Mary                           send one month in advance. All articles must be submitted in
Immaculate's Holy Dormition Pilgrimage, Sloatsburg, NY.               both English and Ukrainian languages, THE WAY will not translate
                                                                      proposed articles. All materials submitted to THE WAY become
                                                                      the property of THE WAY.

    June 27, 2010                                                    23

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