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									CHAPTER ONE:

Human beings are social creatures. That is the rule of nature. Abiding by this rule people
have invented several ways of socializing. The most fascinating of these is the festival.
There are different kinds of festival for different kind of occasions. The main purpose of
these festivals is to socialize and greet each other with good wishes. And the most
innovating of these greetings is the exchanging of cards. Now cards are basically flaps of
papers in which good wishes are written down and given as a gift.

These cards are not only used for good occasions but also for other more serious and
weighty occasions. For example, if someone is ill and a well-wisher wants him or her to
get well soon, or maybe proposing for marriage etc. So basically cards are the interpreters
of our mind, which they actually do in a much more influential manner. There for we can
consider the existence of these humble piece of papers very important in our lives.

Now cards can be of a wide range of variety. However among these handmade cards have
a greater significance as they are unique and way more artistic than any average card. In
this report we have basically worked on the scope of establishing such a handmade card
shop in Dhaka.
                               Hand-made Card Shop

2.1 Definition of Boutique Shop:

A boutique is a small retail store which focuses on selling unique items, or items targeted
at a niche market. Boutiques are established to sell a wide range of things, although
products like clothing, food, or jewelry are common offerings. Many people associate
boutiques with elite, special products, and they may pay a premium for goods purchased
in a boutique. Many resort towns and areas which cater to wealthy populations have a
high concentration of boutiques in their shopping districts.

The term “Boutique” is also used more generally to talk about a business which offers
tailored products or services for a very limited market.

2.2 Definition of Boutique Handmade Card Shop:

Handmade Cards are those which are not made by conventional printing machine and
raw materials. These handmade cards are actually made by different unconventional
ways, such as- stitching on textile, painting etc.

Handmade cards are a means of communication that touch lives, as they distinctly
identify thoughts, words, and activities; they comfort, inspire, celebrate, and stir a vast
range of emotions.

Boutique Handmade Card Shop means a retail card store which focuses on selling
different unique handmade, hand painted cards and offers –

                              Attractive design,
                              Innovative concept of cards,
                              Premium, unmatched quality for considerably higher price,
                              Unique card features and originality,

2.3 Differentiation with Regular Greetings Card Shop:

    Areas of
                     Regular Greetings Card Shop              Boutique Handmade Card Shop

     Market       A regular card shop actually targets   A Boutique Handmade Card Shop actually
  Segmentation    a lot of segments in the market with   segments the market very narrowly to fill a
                    their average quality products.                specific market niche.

                   Regular Card shop offers average        This type of card shop offers premium
  Card features
                   quality, design and conventional        quality, design and unique concept of
                           concept of cards.                                cards.
    Location      Regular card shop can be located in     This type of card shop is located near the
                         any crowded locality.                     posh areas of a region.
                      Regular card shop charges
                   comparatively lower price for the
                                                             For the premium quality, boutique
      Price           general customers of cards.
                                                         handmade card shops charge higher price

                  For example, Azad Products has a        to satisfy the needs of specific customers

                   range of 2 tk - 200 tk priced cards           through artistic collections.

                      for the ordinary customers.

  Emphasis on                                            Handmade card shop mostly emphasis on
                      Regular card shop does not
     art and                                              art, originality and unmatched quality of
                    emphasis on art and originality.
   Originality                                                            the cards.

                                                         It offers hands made greeting cards which
                  In regular card shop, greeting cards
                                                           are hand cut, hand stamped, and hand
 Craftsmanship    are generally designed by artists or
                                                           wrapped before being delivered to the
                         computer– generated.
 Facility of
giving orders   In regular card shop, there is no   In handmade card shops provide facility of
                   facility of giving orders.                     giving orders.

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