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									FEBRUARY 2011                                                                           Vol. XIII, No. 2

3rd Chronicles
843-871-0280                         www.summerville-presbyterian.org                       Fax: 843-871-0300

2011 SPRING                          GOD’S LOVE
                                         If God had a refrigerator,
WEDNESDAY                            your picture would be on it.            2 Notes From Session
                                                                             3 Above and Beyond
NIGHT LIVE (WNL)                         If He had a wallet, your photo      4 Just a Note
                                     would be in it.                           I’ll Walk Beside You
SCHEDULE                                 He sends you flowers every            Things You Cannot Recover in Life
   After dealing with the cold                                               5 Letters
                                     spring, and a sunrise every               PW Circles Meet
weather and having taken a nice      morning.                                  Bereavements
break, it is time to renew your          Whenever you want to talk,          6 Happy Birthday
spiritual life and challenge those   He’ll listen.                             Library News
brain cells while enjoying the                                                 News From the Pews
                                         He could live anywhere in           7 Valentine Candlelight Dinner
company of others with great         the universe and He chose your            Did You Know?
food and fellowship. The meals       heart.                                  8 Senior Member Series
are served at 5:30 p.m., followed                                            9 Think On These Things
                                         What about the Christmas           10 Online Library Catalog Instructions
by a worship service or class at     gift He sent you in Bethlehem;         11 Notes From a Church Mouse
6:30 p.m.                            not to mention that Friday at             Military Prayer List
                                     Calvary.                               12 Simple Scribblings
                                         Face it, He’s crazy about you!

The Spring WNL schedule is as follows:
Date Description                                  Meal Offered
Feb    16 Healing Service, 6:30 p.m.              Yes
Feb    23 Baptism Renewal Service,                Yes
             6:30 p.m.
Mar      2 Session 1 Class                        Yes                     FEBRUARY
Mar      8 Shrove Tuesday                         Yes                        1 Village Worship Service, 10:30 a.m.
                                                                             2 Kindred Spirits Bible Study
Mar      9 Ash Wednesday Service,                 No
                                                                                 (weekly), 9 a.m.,
             6:30 p.m.                                                          Dorchester Room
Mar 16      Session 2 Class                       Yes                        5 Library Work Day, 9:30 a.m.
Mar    23 Session 3 Class                         Yes                        8 Newsletter Deadline
                                                                               PW Circle Meetings
Mar    30 Session 4 Class                         Yes                       12 Valentine Dinner
Apr      6 Session 5 Class                        Yes                       13 Breakfast Sunday, 7:45-8:30 a.m.,
Apr    13 Session 6 Class                         Yes                           Gym
                                                                            16 WNL Dinner, 5:30 p.m., Gym
                                                                               WNL Program, 6:30 p.m., Various
The slate of classes offered includes:                                          Rooms
Class Title                                       Teacher(s)                20 Communion Sunday
6 Ways to Optimal Health                          Tom Mercante                 Scout Sunday
                                                                               Stated Session Meeting, 7 p.m.,
Ephesians: Uniting All Things in Christ           Lamar Carney                  Genesis Classroom
If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got          Colin Martin &            23 WNL Dinner, 5:30 p.m., Gym
  to Get Out of the Boat                           Mike Shelton                WNL Program, 6:30 p.m., Various
William Barclay: Ethics in a Permissive           George Somers                 Rooms
                                                                            27 HELP Sunday
  Society                                                                      Blankets+ Sunday
Strings Music                                     Deborah Styles               Women's Sunday
2                                             February 2011                                   3rd Chronicles

                                      New Elders’ Faith Statements        by 17%, exclusive of personnel
SESSION MEETING                           As members of the class of      costs. Revisions are due by
By Claude Pritchard                   2013, the following Elders gave     December 31 to achieve an
Special to 3rd Chronicles             their Statements of Faith: Angie    approved balanced budget.
   The Session met twice              Helwig, Sandy Lee, Colin            Mission & Benevolence
during the month: once for a          Martin, Don Powell, Robert              Next     year    Summerville
Called Meeting on Sunday              Pratt, Jim Strobel, Sarah           Presbyterian will host the four
morning November 21 and               Pelletier,     and       Tabetha    churches        sponsoring    the
secondly for the regular third        Woodstock. (Jennifer Gordon         annual Thanksgiving Basket
Sunday Stated Session that            was not present).                   Project. It was also reported the
same evening.                         New Dorchester Presbyterian         following five organizations
   The purpose of the Called          Church Pastor                       would be beneficiaries of the
Meeting was to accept into                Elder    Daniel    Selander,    Angel Tree Project: Harvest
membership the following new          Commissioner to the 12/16/10        Home, Palmetto House, Habitat
members, by Reaffirmation of          meeting of Presbytery reported      for Humanity, United Way and
Faith:                                on     the   examination      and   Thornwell Home.
   Joe and Margaret Bivens            acceptance of the Rev. Jeffery      Worship and Music
   Virginia Deason                    Kackley as Pastor-Elect of our          It was announced that elders
   Lee Samuelson                      neighboring           Dorchester    were      needed      to    serve
                                      Presbyterian Church.                Communion on Christmas Eve.
                                      Future Meetings                     During the year, Communion
                                          01/22/11: Session Retreat,      was regularly served on the
                                      8:30 a.m., Presbyterian Village.    third Sunday of each month
                                          01/23/11:       Installation/   except      for    World    Wide
                                      Ordination of New Elders, 8:45      Communion Sunday, Maundy
 Published monthly by                 a.m. service                        Thursday, and Christmas Eve.
 Summerville Presbyterian Church                                             Claude Pritchard is Clerk of Session
 (843)871-0280 (843)871-0300 fax
                                          01/23/11: Congregational
 www.summerville-presbyterian.org     Meeting, 10:45 a.m., Sanctuary
   Dr. Michael Shelton, Minister
                                      Christmas Education Ministry
 Lamar Carney, Associate Minister         The following Sunday School
 3rd Chronicles Staff
                                      teachers were approved: Ashley
 Carol Austin         843-873-5148    Bishop, 3rd Grade Class and
 Diane Burden         843-771-4404    Ellen Smith, Senior High Class.
 Frieda Hughey        843-821-4526    The     Youth    conducted      a
 Sally Lawson         843-871-2919    successful Chili Cook-off and
 Marianna Lodge       843-871-0131
 Merrilyn Long        843-871-3834    Silent Auction; 17 attended the
 Nancy Olenwine       843-486-6515    Presbytery     Youth     Council
 Dorie Runyon         843-821-6138    Meeting and 32 youths and
 George Somers        843-851-9449    adults enjoyed the Presbyterian
 Neal Menkus     Technical Support
                                      College Youth Day on November
 Send questions, comments, and        20.
 news to:                             Finance Ministry
  3rd Chronicles                          So far, requested budget
  Summerville Presbyterian Church     totals for 2011 exceed projected
  407 South Laurel St
  Summerville SC 29483                pledges     and   miscellaneous
 You may also call any newsletter     income by some $68,000. In
 staff member or email your news to   order to produce a balanced
  thirdchronicles@hotmail.com         budget, each Ministry Team was
 The deadline for 3rd Chronicles is   instructed to reduce its request
 the second Tuesday of each month.
3rd Chronicles                                February 2011                                                  3

                                                                               Deborah considers herself
ABOVE AND                                                                  an educator to encourage
BEYOND                               excited about joining the
                                                                           everyone to use their God-given
By Frieda Hughey                                                           musical talents in worship at
                                     Children's Choir in the fall.         the church. She and Jim Moore
3rd Chronicles Staff
                                         Deborah revived the Bell          are the only paid musicians,
    This is a longer than usual      Choir and uses them in many           everyone else are volunteers.
"Tip of the Halo" to an individual   ways. She could use some men          She especially wants to involve
who is doing more than               to handle the large, heavy bells      the children and youth who are
expected for our church. It is       if someone would like this fun        the future volunteer church
also unusual because it is a         experience. They meet on              musicians. When she hears of a
person who is on the church          Mondays at 4:30.                      child at Rollings School of the
payroll.                                 There are talented singers        Arts in the music program she
    Deborah Styles was hired as      who cannot commit to the              wants them to have the
our music director in 2003. She      Chancel Choir because they            experience of using their talent
doesn't remember exactly what        have young children at home           for God and their church family.
her job description was except to    and homework responsibilities,        She has put together a string
lead the Chancel Choir, Youth        hence the forming of the "Jewel       group      that      she      writes
Choir, be available for funerals     Tones", an ensemble of nine           arrangements for and Lisa
and weddings at the church ,if       ladies who practice while their       Davol practices with them on
needed, and go to Montreat to        children are in other activities at   Wednesday evenings during
the     Worship     and      Music   the church and who then sing          Wednesday Night Live. She
Conference in June. The Youth        on some Sunday mornings. We           encourages young people to play
Choir was hard to sustain so it      have all been impressed with          solos in church before their kind
dissolved.                           their    ability    and       they    and proud church family.
    One of the reasons Deborah       represented our church on the             Deborah also wants adults
wanted to join our church staff      Summerville Music Walk this           to pull out their old instruments
was to work with the children.       year.                                 and join with others in making a
This she has certainly done with         Wayne Mayberry went to            "joyful noise unto the Lord." The
the help of many talented and        Deborah with his call to have a       Brass Choir is a new group that
committed      people     in   our   modern church music group             has formed.
church. The Children's Choir is      and     she     supported       the       At Montreat Deborah noted
a delight to hear and see. They      formation of "Crazy for Christ."      how involved the youth and
sing on special Sundays and          She said this was the music that      children were in the services.
perform a delightful Christmas       youth hear when they go away          She suggested that children
musical.                             to     church      camp        and    could be acolytes and youth
     When Deborah came she           conferences, and the group            could be liturgist reading the
noticed that the only summer         would really like to have the         scripture. She feels that you
activities for children were         youth involved to a large degree.     can't wait until they are adults
Vacation Bible School, with              This is the third year that       before involving them.
which she became involved, and       Deborah has played the piano              As you can see, Deborah
Bethelwood Camp. This is a time      part of the duets for the             feels there is a place for everyone
when children could be more          preludes during Lent and              in worship and encourages all
involved with church, so she         Advent, with Jim Moore playing        with musical talents to use them
instigated the formation of the      the organ. She would be happy         for God.
Music and Drama Camp in              if anyone else would like to take
August with the play/musical         her place at the piano. She has,
they perform at the end. She         also, or rare occasions played
hoped this would get them            the entire service when needed.
4                                             February 2011                                  3rd Chronicles

By Deborah Styles
Music Director                                                                February     27     will   be
    On the second and fourth         prayer.      You know scripture       Celebrate the Gifts of Women
Tuesdays of each month we            says “Where two or more are           Sunday, and the Women’s
have a prayer gathering service      gathered in my name there will I      Ensemble will sing the Introit at
in our sanctuary. I attended the     be also…” Plan to come “Seek          both services. At the 11:15 a.m.
first one of the new year on         God where He may be found.”           service we will also celebrate
January 11 at 6:30 p.m. This is      See you February 8 at 6:30 p.m.       with the Scouts as they receive
a 30-minute interval to slow             I like to plan February as the    their “God and Me” awards.
down and take the time to be         month that Spirituals are used           Plans are underway for
quiet and simply tell God the        in Worship. The Chancel Choir         music and services for Lent and
things that are on your mind         is working on I Want Jesus to         Easter, so make sure you mark
and heart. Perhaps this is the       Walk With Me, There is a Balm in      your calendar to set aside the
way      to     renew      your      Gilead, and Lord, I Want to be a      dates so that you can prepare
communication with God both          Christian. The Children’s Choir       during the Lenten season for the
talking and listening. Prayers       will sing This Little Light of Mine   joyous celebration of Easter.
are spoken and scriptures are        on February 13, and the Bells                  REMEMBER!
read but mostly the time is          will also play that Sunday for            God Is At Work At SPC!
spent in quiet meditation and        Worship.                               Don’t you want to be involved?

I'LL WALK BESIDE YOU                                                       THINGS YOU
By George Somers                                                           CANNOT RECOVER
3rd Chronicles Staff
    This is the lyric of a song I culled from a CD by Bryn Terfel, the     IN LIFE
distinguished Welsh bass-baritone and ranking star of the                     The stone – after it's thrown,
Metropolitan Opera.                                                           The word – after it’s spoken,
    It is a love song for those of us who might be called “seniors.” The      The occasion – after it's
tune is very simple – you could have it memorized in two or three              missed,
sing-throughs.                                                                The time – after it's gone,
    Personally, I found the lyric to be a lovely statement of                 A person – after they die.
togetherness. It would be quite appropriate at a memorial service.
Too often we sing a piece without really thinking about what the
lyric is telling us. This one speaks volumes in three verses.
    I’ll walk beside you through the world today
    While dreams and songs and flowers bless your way.
    I’ll look into your eyes and hold your hand
    I’ll walk beside you through the golden land.

    I’ll walk beside you through the world tonight
    Beneath the starry skies ablaze with light
    And in your heart loves tender words I’ll find
    I’ll walk beside you through the eventide.

    I’ll walk beside you through the passing years
    Through days of clouds and sunshine, toil and fears.
    And when the great trial comes, the sunset gleams
    I’ll walk beside you to the land of dreams.
3rd Chronicles                               February 2011                                            5

                                                                            We extend our sympathies
                                                                         and prayers to:
                                                                            J.C. Simmons and Merze
    Dowdy and John Miller               Thank you,
                                                                         French on the death of their
appreciate all the expressions of       We would like to thank all of
                                                                         aunt, Vera Roberts.
love and care during the past       our friends who shared Kristen's
months with her UTIs, times in      memorial and rebirth with us.
                                                                            Hilda Forbes on the death
the hospital, and life now in       Thank all of you for your phone
                                                                         of   her   sister,   Frances
Village Health Care. Thank you      calls, cards, flowers, and most of
for cards, calls, visits, gifts,    all your prayers. It is hard to
greetings,     and     especially   imagine times like this without
                                                                            Bill Harbeson on the death
undergirding prayers!               our church family.
                                                                         of  his    brother,   Richard
    Keep in touch!                      — Don and Barbara Powell
    Thank you for all of the           Thank you,
                                                                            the family of       Martha
prayers, cards, phone calls, and       We are so grateful for the
                                                                         Palmer on her death.
expressions       of   sympathy     many kindnesses you have
following the recent passing of     shown to us...the flowers, cards,        John Franks on the death
my mother, Phyllis Franks. It       and other expressions of             of his mother, Phyllis Franks.
was especially comforting while     sympathy have sustained us in
we were away to know there          the loss of my brother, Richard.         Barbara and Don Powell on
were so many of our church             Sincerely,                        the     death     of    their
family thinking of us. This truly      — Bill Harbeson                   granddaughter,        Kristin
is a very caring congregation.                                           Blatchford.
    — John and Jan Franks
                                                                            the family of Marguerite
                                                                         Carpenter on her death.

                                                                            Angie Rea and family in the
                                                                         death of her father, Richard

Circle #1 - 1:30 p.m. in
   Lanneau Hall, SPC
Circle #2 - 10 a.m. in the home
   of Hilda Forbes, 108 Tasker
   Dr, 843-873-3432
Circle #3 - 10 a.m. in the Lore
   Brown Room, PV
Circle #4 - 10 a.m. in the
   Creative Arts Bldg., PV
Circle #5 - 7 p.m. in the New
   Horizons Classroom, SPC
6                                             February 2011                                  3rd Chronicles

FEBRUARY                    9 Joann Porter                Kari Morgan             25 Barbara McCollum
1 T. J. Hutnik                 Sheri Church               Tanja Friday               Sally Lawson
2 Terri Daff                10 Cynthia Wilson          17 George Ploth               Martha Sue Hope
  Sarah Pelletier              John Putney                Carol Hetu              26 Herbert Jeffords
3 Laura Ann McLoud          11 Justin Bowers           19 Ray Whitesell              Claudia Terranova
4 Michael Eason                Seth Lanford               Tom Terranova           27 Judy Herrmann
  Cathy Owens                  Julia Gray Nye          20 Floyd Putney               Peggy Ferguson
5 Emily Watson              12 Blair Bailey               Stew Watson                Hugh Odom
6 Mary L. Jones             13 Leigha Dehaan           21 Carolyn Buscaglia       28 Irene Keasler
7 Jo Owens                  15 Kennedy Branstetter     22 Bill Rhodes             29 Jacob Page
8 Phil Muller                  Kristin Kay             23 Mandy Flynn

By Barbara Stewart
Special to 3rd Chronicles
    Spring seems to be in the air!    acquired a laptop computer to           Can I Pray with My Eyes
We are all so ready for it!           help us keep the online             Open?, Brown, Susan Taylor
    The Anderson Library staff        collection up to date, and to           What      Happens        when
looks     forward      to      new    quickly find supplementary          Women Pray, Christianson,
opportunities for service to          items to aid in study of special    Evelyn
members       of   the     church.    topics. For our computer we are         Who Am I, God?, Holmes,
Glancing back into 2010 we see        very grateful.                      Marjorie
growth in the quality and             BOOK REVIEWS                            These – and many others –
number of books and audio-                Here is a short list of books   are found in the “Devotions” or
visuals on our shelves. We see        for family prayer and devotions     “Children’s” section.
increased readership. There are       during the Lenten season:               Christian Fiction is very
now over 1300 items in our                On a Wing and a Prayer,         popular and The Longing is part
internet                   catalog,   Bauknight, Brian Kelly              of our growing collection of
librarything.com, which          is       A Moment with God for           novels by Beverly Lewis. Her
available to everyone in the          Grandparents, Groseclose, Kel       understanding of life in the
church who has access to a                A Moment with God for           Amish community is based on
computer. See the instructions        Single     Parents,      Richard,   her personal heritage and
on page 10 for the web site. See      Ramona                              childhood memories. She is a
“Your Books” and open a listing           All Things are Possible         skilled storyteller, giving us a
under “title.” You may search for     Through      Prayer,     Blanton,   sensitive view of the traditions of
a specific title. If you have         Smiley A                            the Old Order church as they
questions, call Barbara Stewart           Blessings and Prayers,          conflict with new biblical
at 843-873-8503. Recently we          Jarrett, Judy                                   see Library News, page 10

    Claude Pritchard has retired          Congratulations to Ellen
from the Summerville Commer-          and Paul Werksman on the
cial Design Review Board after        birth of their granddaughter,
13 years as chairman.                 Molly Kennedy Kadlac, born on
                                      November 28, 2010.
3rd Chronicles                                              February 2011                                  7

       The Congregational Programs Ministry                                 DID YOU KNOW?
           Team cordially invites you to our                                  Our Church is tithing. Our
                                                                              Mission support exceeded
                                                                              10% of our spending in 2010.
                                                                              We welcomed 34 new
            Saturday, February 12 at 7 p.m.                                   members in 2010.
           Summerville Presbyterian Church                                    We supported missions both
                                                                              locally and globally, in places
         Roast Prime Rib with Thyme Au Jus                                    in Costa Rica, Madagascar
                                                                              and Brazil.
                                or                                            Our “missionaries” were
                   Chicken Cordon Bleu                                        members of all age groups,
                                                                              from teenagers to our most
          Mixed salad with choice of dressing,
                                                                              experienced members (13 to
       herb mashed potatoes, sautéed vegetables,                              60+).
             mixed rolls, chocolate torte with                                We support a Spanish-
                                                                              speaking service and youth
                       raspberry puree                                        group at our church every
                          Coat & Tie                                          * We lead Christian Study
                                                                              weekly at the Men's and
                                                                              Women's jail.
                       Entertainment                                          * We have a vibrant and
                                                                              growing youth group with
             CHILDCARE AVAILABLE                                              more      than    50     active
                                                                              * Our Christian Education
 * Reservations are required. Either pay in advance in the
                                                                              Programs provide 700 hours
 church office by Wednesday, February 9 or drop your check in                 of instruction each year to an
 the offering plate (designated “Valentine Dinner”). Indicate your            average 190 each week.
 entrée choices.
                                                                              * We are reviewing SPC
                                                                              facility requirements with a
                                                                              focus on Classrooms and
                                                                              God is calling all of us
                                                                            to serve - how is God
                                                                            calling you?
8                                            February 2011                                 3rd Chronicles

SERIES: GAYLE                        downtown memories include               Folly Beach was a wonderful
CATES                                Kramer’s Pharmacy, Guerin’s,        family gathering place. Gayle’s
By Dorie Runyon                      and Mr. Welch’s meat market.        Finucan grandparents owned a
3rd Chronicles Staff                 Gayle frequently rode her           house a few streets back from
                                     bicycle around town.                the     beach.    Her    grandma
    Gayle Finucan Ellis Cates            Gayle loved spending the        Finucan        was     nicknamed
was born in Summerville in           night     at    her     Lanneau     “Granzy” by all the children.
January      of     1935.     Her    grandparents’      home.     Her    Granzy     loved     the   beach.
grandfather, John Finucan, of        grandmother was raised in a         Sometimes as many as 25
Irish     ancestry,     was      a   very proper manner, her home        relatives assembled there on
Summerville native. Grand-           being organized with everything     weekends. It was a relaxing time
mother Agnes, aka “Miss Dolly,”      in its place. Her grandfather       to fish and crab on the Folly
Finucan      was       born     in   rode the train to Charleston        River and play at the beach.
Charleston, as were her parents.     every work day. Gayle’s great       Gayle fondly recalls Granzy, well
Grandparents       Jessie     and    grandfather owned a toy and         into her 80s, staying alone at
George Lanneau grew up in our        furniture store on King Street,     the beach, swimming and
town. Parents John and Jessie        where Grandpa George worked.        enjoying life.
Finucan      were     raised    in   She remembers stories of how            A     favorite     spot     in
Summerville          Presbyterian    her grandmother made sure the       Summerville was the Teen
Church. Gayle’s father worked        children were home by 4 p.m.        Canteen. Gayle and her friend,
with her grandfather and later       bathed and ready for Grandpa’s      Ginny Norton would head to the
inherited T.M. Finucan Feed,         return on the train.                Canteen on weekends. Ginny’s
Seed and Fertilizer. Gayle was           Outdoor activities were the     mother was a chaperone there.
christened in SPC as a baby,         norm in Gayle’s family. Her         All the local teens would gather
followed by sister Jessie, born in   father golfed, hunted, fished,      to play games and socialize.
1938 and brother Tom, born in        and loved riding horses. Often          When Gayle attended high
1940.                                adventures      by     horseback    school, she was editor of the
    Gayle remembers joining the      carried      Gayle     out     to   school paper and played on the
church at age 12 and playing         Knightsville. She would only        girls’ basketball team. A friend,
the role of Mary in the              cross one paved road, Carolina      who was dating a Citadel cadet,
Christmas Nativity. She also         Avenue, on her trip. Many times     asked Gayle if she would attend
recalls attending the Easter         Gayle would stop and visit Mr.      the Citadel hop on a blind date.
sunrise service in Azalea Park.      White, who owned the large          Gayle agreed to go but wasn’t
Family meals and conversation        home that is now Woodlands          sure what to wear. She had a
after church on Sunday were a        Inn. Grandpa Finucan had            dress she had worn in her
typical way to spend the             buggies which were used in          cousin Beverly’s wedding. She
afternoon.                           Summerville parades. Gayle          also had a new dress ready for
    Since Gayle lived in the heart   remembers driving a pony cart       the Junior-Senior prom. Gayle
of town, she had free reign of the   as a parade participant.            decided to wear the already
shops. Gayle liked watching              At the young age of 12, Gayle   worn bridesmaid dress because
Coca Cola being bottled in the       learned to drive an automobile.     “her date might be a drip!!” Jack
local plant window. She enjoyed      She was the first of her peers to   Merritt    Ellis,   Junior     was
going to uncle Albert Peters’        get a license at 14. Gayle          anything but a drip! They hit it
grocery store, The Teapot, where     remembers her friends waiting       off and Jack came to visit Gayle
he offered home delivery.            on the sidewalk, watching her       in    Summerville.      As   their
Another uncle, “Bubba” George        take her test. She must have        courtship      lengthened,    they
Lanneau, had a pool room and         been careful because all her        often golfed together.
ice cream parlor on Main Street,     friends were allowed to ride            Gayle      graduated     from
where Gayle enjoyed the double       along if Gayle was at the wheel.    Summerville High School in
scoop cones for a nickel. Other                                                       see Gayle Cates, page 9
3rd Chronicles                                  February 2011                                                      9

               continued from page 8
                                       Carolina to Montana, where Ed         visits the Dorchester County
                                       grew up. He visited family he         Jail as a Jail Ministry team
1953. Jack graduated from the          hadn’t seen in 50 years. From         member. The team leads
Citadel the same year. Jack            Montana they headed to Alaska,        inmates in study with the book,
proposed that summer and               camping along the way in their        The Purpose Driven Life by Rick
Gayle began planning her               pop up camper. They also              Warren. Gayle is a lifelong
wedding. They were married in          traveled to Ireland and Scotland      student of the Bible and
SPC on May 22, 1954, with Rev.         to visit Ed’s granddaughter as        understands that God’s word
Robert Tapp officiating. Aunt          well as their former Scottish         imparts more knowledge than a
Magie Peters was the soprano           Assistant Minister and family         lifetime. She feels blessed to
soloist at church and she sang         from Sea Island Presbyterian          have had so many loving family
Entreat Me not to Leave Thee           Church.                               members to teach her to love
from the book of Ruth. Granzy              When Ed passed away in            God. Her ancestors would be
Finucan always cried in church         2005, Gayle’s children wanted         very pleased to know that Gayle
when Magie sang.                       her     to    move      back     to   is back home at SPC. We wish
    Jack and Gayle made their          Summerville. Son “Bo” had a           Gayle many future blessings.
first home at Fort Benning,            large double lot and arranged for
Georgia, where Jack was an             an historic cottage to be moved
Army pilot. In 1956 their first        next to his home for his mother.
son, Jack “Bo” Merritt Ellis, III,     The cottage, built in 1915, was
arrived. After three years in the      in need of a makeover. The
Army, Jack began a career as a         entire family got involved and
civil engineer. His work took the      Gayle moved in during February
family to many states. Laura           of 2008. Gayle’s home is lovingly
was born in Mobile, Alabama in         called “Grammy House,” by her
1958. John arrived in 1960             six grandchildren.
when the family was living in              Gayle still enjoys golfing. She
Gainesville, Florida.                  is President of Miler Women’s
    Finally, the Ellis family          Golf Association for the next two
returned to Summerville in             years. Other interests include
1966. Since Jack had been              her beautiful garden, bridge,
involved with the Episcopal
church while studying at the
                                       keeping up with current affairs,
                                       reading, and family, most of all.     think ON
Citadel, the family attended St.
Paul’s Episcopal Church in
                                           “Humble            yourselves
                                       therefore under the mighty            these THINGS
Summerville.      Sadly,    Jack       hand of God, that he may exalt           “Behold, I stand at
passed away in 1976 from a             you in due time: Casting all
sudden heart attack.                   your care upon him; for he            the door and knock. If
    In 1980, Gayle married Ed          cares for you.”                       anyone hears my voice
Cates, an aeronautical engineer            —1 Peter 5:6-7                    and opens the door, I
with Lockheed. In 1987 they                Summerville      Presbyterian
moved to Beaufort and built a          Church has expanded and               will come in to him and
golf course home on Lady’s             grown since Gayle was a child.        dine with him, and he
Island. There they attended Sea        She is so thankful for the            with me.”
Island Presbyterian Church.            congregation      and     all   the       --Revelation 3:20 (KJV)
Among their many wonderful             wonderful buildings. Gail has
memories were travel vacations.        been involved with Salt Shakers       (Note: The Presbyterian Women Circles
                                                                             will continue to study the book of
In 1985 they went on a Bible           and currently attends Bible           Revelation through April, therefore all
lands tour. On another vacation        Basics Sunday School class.           quotations until May will be from
Gayle and Ed drove from South          Once or twice a month Gail            Revelation.)
10                                              February 2011                         3rd Chronicles

interpretation     and    modern
lifestyle. Find ‘Christian Fiction’
                                        ONLINE LIBRARY CATALOG INSTRUCTIONS
next to the outside door.               Open the site
    “Just what is a Presbyterian,          http://www.librarything.com/catalog/SummervillePres
anyway?” “Have you been                 Login using
saved?” Perhaps you have been              Member ID:       SummervillePres
asked these questions. If you              Password:        SPchurch
have a wish to find a clearer              (note the uppercase S & P)
understanding of our rich
                                               Narrow to collection (optional)     Search Term(s)
traditions or to articulate these              Click to select sort field          Limit Search to Field
traditions from the Reformed                     (click again to reverse order)
and Presbyterian point of view,                Click entry to see full record
you may appreciate one or more
of these books. I was attracted
by the title Being Presbyterian
in the Bible Belt by Ted V.
Foote, Jr. & P. Alex Thornburg.
You will enjoy the good humor
and scholarship of these two
pastors who both live really deep
in the Bible Belt!
    Here are a few more:
    How to Survive being a
Presbyterian, Bob Reed
    How to Spell Presbyterian,
J. Angell
    To Be a Presbyterian, L.
    Presbyterians, A Spiritual
    All are found on the mantle
in the Library. Help yourself and
leave the signed card in the box
on the desk, please.
    Our thanks, again, to George
Somers for his gifts of three
valuable      books    from     his
personal library.
          Barbara Stewart is a member
             of the Library Committee
3rd Chronicles                           February 2011                                                     11

                                   MILITARY PRAYER LIST
                                    Jeremiah Ashley (Jim and               Ed Martin (Lehmans’ son-in-
                                    Paula       Strobel’s      step        law), Air Force - Long Beach,
                                    grandson),     Walter      Reed        CA
                                    Army       Medical      Center,        Lance McElhiney (brother-
                                    Washington, D.C.                       in-law of Peggy), Army - Iraq
                                    Mellisa and Tom Avers,                 Joel C. Mortimer, Coast
                                    daughter and son-in-law of             Guard - Yorktown, VA
                                    Tamara                  Tanner,        James Pelletier - Navy,
                                    granddaughter       of    June         Afghanistan
NOTES FROM A                        Goodson and niece of K.C.              Elizabeth Rooney (Susan
                                    Sanders - Langley AFB,                 Thomas Seay’s daughter),
CHURCH MOUSE                        Norfolk, VA                            Air Force - Ramstein AFB,
By Ezekiel W. Mouse, Esq.           Justin Benson (husband of              Germany
Special to 3rd Chronicles           Ashley),     Air    Force     -        Shaun      Rooney      (Susan
    “How do I love thee, let me     Charleston AFB, SC                     Thomas Seay’s son-in-law),
count the ways.” These words        Derek Bishop, Air Force                Ramstein AFB, Germany
by Elizabeth Barrett Browning       Reserves - Charleston AFB,             Aaron Small (Bill & Snookie
made me think of who I love,        SC                                     Trippe’s son-in-law), US
and why. February is the month      Jonathan Bragg , Army - Iraq           Coast Guard - Dahrain
of love!                            Kyle Field (nephew of Colin            Jonathan Songer (Patty
    I love God because He has       Martin) - US Navy - San                Taylor’s son), Air Force -
shown me such great love.           Diego, CA                              Holloman Air Force Base,
    I love Jesus because of what
                                    Caroline Gehring (Betsy                NM
He taught us and sacrificed for     Hehn’s daughter), Coast                Eric Stem - Air Force
us all.                             Guard - Clearwater, FL                 Reserves - Charleston, SC
    I love my wife Mary because
                                    Larry Hains II (Martha                 Valerie Stodghill (daughter
of her good heart and endearing
                                    Honeycutt’s        grandson),          of Jo Cherie Overcash), Army
                                    Army - Ft. Hood, TX                    National Guard - Aberdeen,
    I love my parents because of
                                    David Hetu, Special Forces -           MD
the love and work they
                                    Fayetteville, NC                       Scott Tetrick, Navy - Bahrain
expended raising me.
    I love my brothers and          Joshua Hites, Navy - St.               Clay Weathers (Jan Day’s
                                    Marys, GA                              nephew), Army - AL
sisters, even though we did nip
at each other when we were          Brian Hoybach (Maggie’s                Christopher Wheeler, Army -
growing up.                         son), Air Force - Afghanistan          Iraq
    I love the Little People and    Matt     Jenkins       (Carolyn        Brad Williams, Army - Saudi
Big People in our church            Eason’s cousin), Navy Seal             Arabia
because they are so nice - and      Tighe     Jenkins      (Carolyn        Terry Wright, Jr. (Barbara
no one has set out a mousetrap!     Eason’s cousin), Army -                Grube’s son-in-law), Air
    I don’t think I could love a    Texas                                  Force - Charleston, SC
truly evil person if I ever met     Michael Jones, NCIS - Iraq             Chaplains of the 1st Cavalry
one, and I am still working on      Matt     Kitchen      (Merrilyn        Division
trying to love cockroaches and      Long’s     nephew),       Coast        Chaplains of the 4th Infantry
cats!                               Guard - VA                             Division
                                                         Please let the church office know when changes occur.
Summerville Presbyterian Church
407 South Laurel St                                                             Non-Profit
Summerville SC 29483-5929                                                     Organization
                                                                            U.S. Postage Paid
Return Service Requested                                                  Summerville SC 29483
                                                                              Permit No. 43

By Rachelle Rea
Special to 3rd Chronicles
    My quiet time that day          the end of the hour, I felt         thwarting Him, erecting even
started out like any other. A       extremely violated.                 higher ones. Afraid of being
quick prayer left my lips for God       “Why is it that I feel this     vulnerable before God, I had
to bless my heart as I sought       way?” I thought. “Why am I          decided that I wasn’t going to let
Him. I opened the Bible study       squirming as the Lord searches      Him get too close. I didn’t think I
book I was currently working        my heart? Is it because I am        could trust Him with my secrets.
through. And an eye-opening,        coming up short? What other         I didn’t want to trust Him to heal
heart-rending hour began.           outcome did I expect? Isn’t this    and free me from those walls
    Many times, I was tempted to    what I want, for my pursuit of      because I thought I could
close my Bible, say “Amen,” and     Jesus Christ to be free,            handle things myself.
leave. My heart was being           unhindered of the baggage that          When I acknowledged that
probed to its deepest, darkest      is weighing me down?”               there were indeed walls around
depths. I squirmed uncomfort-           “Search me, O God, and          my heart and I needed Him to
ably as the Word and Jesus’         know my heart; test me and          pull them down, at last, the
gentle whisper proceeded to peel    know my anxious thoughts. See       walls fell.
back layer after sticky layer       if there is any offensive way in        I allowed God to free me from
from my soul.                       me, and lead me in the way          everything that stood between
    Wounds I had thought were       everlasting,” I prayed (Psalm       my heart and His. I surrendered
taken    care    of   long    ago   139:23-24).                         my “I can fix this myself”
resurfaced. Though I had                How about you? Have you         attitude and let God lead me on
thought those scars were            ever had the Lord whisper softly    the first steps towards healing.
healed, I had really only been      to your heart that all was not as       It is a bumpy road, but one of
ignoring them. Attitudes I          it should be and you only shifted   joy, because high walls no
wasn’t aware I possessed were       uncomfortably in your seat?         longer block the light of the Son.
revealed to be causing a rift in        God was trying to pull down                  Rachelle is a freshman at
my growth as a child of God. It     the walls around my heart that                  Trident Technical College.
was an exhausting time. Near        morning, but I was busy

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