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Instructions on How to Use "Home Budgeting" Worksheet:

Step 1: Enter the dates of your budgeting period on line 1.The start date in cell B1 and the end date
in C1
Step 2: Enter the gross income for the budgeting period for each of the categories in the cells D2 to
D7 . The sum will be automatically shown in D1.
Step 3: Enter the expense that you are allocating for each of the following buckets in the
corresponding cells.
                                     You Enter
             Category                   Cells                Auto Sum
         Housing and debt            B10-B14       The sum is shown in B9.
               Taxes                 D10-D14 The sum is shown in D9.
             Insurance               B16-B21       The sum is shown in B15.
      Savings and investment         D16-D21 The sum is shown in D15.
         Living Expenses             B23-B42       The sum is shown in B22.

Step 4:See Result at the Cell E30. If it is >100% then you need to reallocate your budget, in your
best possible way.
P.S.: An ideal allocation of expenses is given below your actual result, for comparison.

Instructions on How to Use "Expense Tracker" Worksheet:
Step 1: Your budgeted amount from your home budgeting worksheet on living expenses is
automatically shown in the cells B2 to B21. You can enter data of living expenses for each day of
your budgeting period ( 1st to 31st ) from column D to Column DI.

Step 2: If your actual expense exceeds your budgeted amount, that cell will turn into orange. Make
necessary adjustments then.
INCOME (Before Taxes)From:                                   To:
                  Salary & Earned Income (After Charity)
                              Rental Income
                         Child Support & Alimony
                      Dividents,Interest,Capital Gains
                         Pension & Social Security
EXPENSES                                                                                             $0.00
Housing & Debt                           $0.00 Taxes                                                 $0.00
Mortgage Payment or Rent                         Federal Income Taxes
Personal Loans                                   State Income Taxes
Auto Loans                                       Local & Property Taxes
Credit Card                                      FICA Withholding
Other                                            Medicare Withholding
Insurance                                $0.00 Savings & Investment                                  $0.00
Life                                             401K
Auto                                             IRA
Health                                           Stocks & Bonds
Homeowner                                        Mutual Funds
Disability                                       Emergency Fund
Other                                            Other Savings
Living Expenses                          $0.00                           RESULT
Dining Out                                                                              Your's
Food at Home                                     EXPENSES                       Amount ($)    % of Income
Clothing                                         Housing and Debt             $0.00              #DIV/0!
Personal Care                                    Taxes                        $0.00              #DIV/0!
Doctors,Dentists,Rx Drugs                        Insurance                    $0.00              #DIV/0!
Electricity & Fuel                               Savings&Investments          $0.00              #DIV/0!
Water                                            Living Expenses              $0.00              #DIV/0!
Automobile Gas/Transportation                    TOTAL                        $0.00              #DIV/0!
Daycare                                          If TOTAL >100%; Reallocate Your Expenses as Below
Telephone/Mobile                                                                         Ideal
Cable/Internet                                   EXPENSES                       Amount ($)    % of Income
Club Dues                                        Housing and Debt             $0.00               30%
Entertainment/Hobbies                            Taxes                        $0.00               25%
Hobbies                                          Insurance                    $0.00                4%
Entertainment                                    Savings&Investments          $0.00               15%
Newspaper,Books,Magazines                        Living Expenses              $0.00               26%
Auto Maintenance/Parking                         TOTAL                        $0.00               100%
School Tuition                                   Actions to be Taken:
Kids Activities

     Housing and Debt
     Living Expenses
g and Debt

Living Expenses                 Amount      Actual       1st   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th   7th   8th   9th   10th
Dining Out                            $0.00        $0.00
Food at Home                          $0.00        $0.00
Clothing                              $0.00        $0.00
Personal Care                         $0.00        $0.00
Doctors,Dentists,Rx Drugs             $0.00        $0.00
Electricity & Fuel                    $0.00        $0.00
Water                                 $0.00        $0.00
Automobile Gas/Transportation         $0.00        $0.00
Daycare                               $0.00        $0.00
Telephone/Mobile                      $0.00        $0.00
Cable/Internet                        $0.00        $0.00
Club Dues                             $0.00        $0.00
Entertainment/Hobbies                 $0.00        $0.00
Hobbies                               $0.00        $0.00
Entertainment                         $0.00        $0.00
Newspaper,Books,Magazines             $0.00        $0.00
Auto Maintenance/Parking              $0.00        $0.00
School Tuition                        $0.00        $0.00
Kids Activities                       $0.00        $0.00
Other                                 $0.00        $0.00
TOTAL                                 $0.00        $0.00
11th   12th   13th   14th   15th   16th   17th   18th   19th   20th   21st   22nd 23rd   24th   25th   26th   27th   28th   29th   30th   31st

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