St Anthony of Padua (PDF)

					                                              St. Anthony of Padua

         The Year of the Priest436 Port Reading Avenue ● Port Reading, NJ 07064
                                           Phone: 732-634-1403 ● Fax: 732-602-0119

            Parish Office Hours: Monday & Thursday – 8:30 AM – 12:45 PM & 1:30 – 3:30 PM & 6:30 – 9:00 PM
            Tuesday 9:30 AM – 12:45 pm & 1:30 – 3:30PM ● Wednesday 8:30 AM – 12:45 PM & 1:30 – 3:30 PM

                There are no Strangers at St. Anthony’s – Only Friends We Haven’t Met

                              FATHER WILLIAM J. SMITH, K.C.H.S., PASTOR
                                       MICKEY COPPOLA, DEACON
                                       MICHAEL BRUCATO, DEACON

THE HOLY EUCHARIST                    SUMMER SCHEDULE                  DEVOTIONS
Saturday, Evening:         5:00 PM                                     Liturgy of the Hours – Prayed before Daily Mass
Sunday, 8:00 AM, 10:30 AM, & 5:00 PM                                   Novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
Daily: Monday & Thursday:         7:00 PM                              Every Monday evening following the 7:00 PM Mass.
        Tuesday & Friday:         7:30 AM                              Novena to Saint Anthony of Padua
        First Saturday of the Month Only: 9:00 AM                      Every Thursday evening following the 7:00 PM Mass.
        Wednesday Communion Service: 7:30 AM
                                                                       Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
                                                                       Following 7:30 AM Mass on the First Friday of the month.
SACRAMENT OF RECONCILIATION                                            Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Monday Evening: 6:30 PM
                                                                       Following 9:00 AM Mass on the First Saturday of the month.
Saturday: 4:15 PM, or upon request.
                                                                       SOCIAL MINISTRIES
Baptisms are celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of each month (except
                                                                       In keeping with the spirit of the Gospel of Christ, our
during Lent.) Parents and Godparents are required to attend the        parish through its membership, reaches out in the name of
Baptism Preparation Session. The sessions are held quarterly.          Christ in various ministries to help our sisters and brothers.
Sessions are Oct. 23, 2009 7:00 PM and Jan. 16, 2010, 9:00 AM.         If you would be interested in becoming involved in some
                                                                       way, please call the Parish Office, 732-634-1403
Arrangements should be made with the Pastor at least one year          PARISH REGISTRATION
in advance, which is Common Policy of the Diocese of                   If you would like to become a member of St. Anthony Parish
Metuchen. Either the bride or groom must be a member of the            Family call the Parish Office to make arrangements for
Parish                                                                 registering.

PASTORAL CARE OF THE SICK                                              E-MAIL ADDRESSES
The Bishop’s office has assigned full time Chaplains to the  
various hospitals of our Diocese to minister to the sick. Please
notify the Parish Office when a parishioner is in the hospital. If
possible, Father will visit the individual. If you are homebound
and would like someone to bring you Holy Communion, please   
call the Parish Office.                                      

 WORLD MISSION SUNDAY                                                                                 October 18, 2009
                                                                              Prayer for World Mission Sunday
Monday, October 19 .. St. John de Brébeuf & Isaac Jogues
                                               and their companions
   7:00PM Columbino Galassi
          req. by Parish Family of St. Anthony of Padua
Tuesday, October 20th ........................... St. Paul of the Cross
   7:30AM Sophie Rokoszak
          req. by Irene & Bill Daley
                                                                                            St. Therese of Lisieux
Wednesday, October 21st
   7:30AM Communion Service                                                        Patroness of the Missions Prayer

Thursday, October 22nd
   7:00PM In reparation for the sins of abortion                                      Little Therese of the Child Jesus,
          & grace of conversion of hearts
                                                                                        please pick for a rose from the
Friday, October 23rd .......................... St. John of Capistrano
   7:30AM John Surik                                                               heavenly gardens and send it to me as
          req. by The Ladies Auxiliary of the
                  Port Reading Fire Co. #1                                                     a message of love.
Saturday, October 24th ...................St. Anthony Mary Claret
   5:00PM Michele Visicaro – Celenza (3rd Anniversary)
          req. by Holly & John Pagliuca
                                                                                  Little Flower of Jesus, ask God today to
Sunday, October 25th ....... 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time
   8:00AM St. Anthony Parish Family                                                   grant the favors I now place with
 10:30AM Charles Ballance (7th Anniversary)                                               confidence in your hands.
         req. by his wife, Joan & family
   5:00PM Paul DeSantis (51st Wedding Anniversary)
          req. by wife, Jackie
                                                                                   St. Therese, help me always to believe
                                                                                   as you did in God's great love for me,
                                                                                         so that I might imitate your
                                                                                             "Little Way" each day.

Monday:      Romans 4:20-25
             Luke 12:13-21
Tuesday:     Romans 5:12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21                              Let us join with The Holy Father,
             Luke 12:35-38                                                Pope Benedict XVI in his prayers for October
Wednesday:   Romans 6:12-18
             Luke 12:39-48
Thursday:    Romans 6:19-23                                               General Intention: That Sunday may be lived …………….
             Luke 12:49-53                                                as the day when Christians gather to celebrate the
Friday:      Romans 7:18-25a                                              resurrection of the Lord by participating in the Eucharist.
             Luke 12:54-59
                                                                          Mission Intention: That the entire People of God, to whom
Saturday:    Romans 8:1-11
                                                                          Christ entrusted the mandate to go and preach the Gospel to
             Luke 13:1-9                                                  every creature, may eagerly assume their own missionary
Sunday:      Jeremiah 31:7-9                                              responsibility and consider it the highest service they can
             Hebrews 5:1-6                                                offer humanity.
             Mark 10:46-52
                                               From the Desk of
                                         Fr. William Smith, K.C.H. S.

Last Sunday there was an article in the newspaper about what churches are doing to prevent the spread of the flu
since the flu season is present. The following notice was sent from Bishop Paul G. Bootkoski as well as his letter
                                              dated April 29, 2009.

             In Light of the recent health concerns that have arisen about the
             potential spread of “swine flu,” it is important to recall Bishop
             Bootkoski’s previous instruction about liturgical practices and the risk
             of contagion at Mass.

             If you are sick (and this hold true at all times not just flu season) you
             should refrain from drinking the Precious Blood from the chalice,
             receiving the Body of Christ on the tongue and exchanging the Sign of
             Peace by shaking hands. It is the responsibility of the individual to
             make this judgment.           These practices should never be suspended
             unilaterally by the priest celebrant or across the board for an entire
             parish. Of course the wisest courts of action, out of consideration for
             our fellow parishioners, is to stay home when we are sick.

             In the event that an epidemic is declared by the health officials
             responsible for making such a decision, the bishop will judge which
             liturgical practices should be suspended throughout the diocese and
             issue instructions accordingly.

                                                   God Bless!
                Stewardship:                                                 VOTIVE CANDLES
             God’s Plan for Giving                              Candles burn constantly as a form of prayer and adoration.
                                                                   The candles burning this weekend are dedicated…
Collection: October 11, 2009                   $5,684.50
Collection: October 12, 2008                   $5,890.50      TABERNACLE
                                                              In Loving Memory of George Wincek
                                                                req. by his wife, Stella
      All discipleship involves mission. The bishops’         In Loving Memory of Pat Silagyi
      pastoral letter on stewardship reminds us,                req. by her daughters
      “Every member of the Church is called to
      evangelize, and the practice of authentic               For My Children A., C., J. & R.
      Christian stewardship inevitably leads to                 req. by JA
                                                              GOOD SHEPHERD
                                                              In Loving Memory of Gordon & Ann Ur
                                                                req. by their family
           2009 Bishop’s Annual Appeal                        In Loving Memory of Anne Covino
                                                                req. by Mary & Frank Melillo
               Because We Are Church
                                                              CROSS OF SAN DOMIANO
                                                              God’s Blessings for Erin & Casey D’Amato
This week I mailed a follow-up letter to parishioners who      req. by Aunt Adrienne & Uncle Richie
have yet to respond to Bishop Bootkoski’s request to
support the 2009 Bishop’s Annual Appeal. If this letter       God’s Blessings for Daniele D’Orsi - Caynor
arrived after you made your gift, please accept my             req. by Adrienne & Richie
apologies and my thanks for your generosity. Otherwise, I
ask that you prayerfully consider making a gift to the 2009
Bishop’s Appeal. Thank you.

       PRAY FOR OUR FAMILY MEMBERS                                                  Altar Flowers
           & FRIENDS SERVING OUR COUNTRY                      The flowers are designed by Walsheck’s Flowers of
                  THROUGHOUT THE WORLD.                       Woodbridge. If you would like flowers for the altar for
                                                              your special intention please call the Parish office. The
Cpl. James Aleszcszyk          Sgt. Victor Balint             flowers this weekend...
Paul Mudrak                    LCpl. Drew Novy
Pfc. Michael Barany            GySgt. John E. Oberhuber                In Loving Memory of George Wincek
LCpl. Anthony Barcellona       Pfc. Bryan Palmer                                 req. by his wife,
Pfc. Bowe Bergadahl, P.O.W.    Brian Ragas                                             Stella
Pfc. Dashaun Brown             LCpl. Daniel Ray
Pfc. Anthony Brucato           1Lt. Jeffrey Regep
1Lt. Cedric Claros             Sgt. Stephen Rivera
                                                                  In Loving Memory of Margaret & Louis Loizzi
LCpl. Daniel Collins           Henry Rodriguez
                                                                             req. by their daughter,
Sgt. Michael Cote              Vincent Rodriguez
                                                                                Louise McDyer
2Lt. Ryan Daly                 Ssgt. James M. Rowan
Frank Decicco                  Pfc. Amy Sabatino
Pfc. Nicholas Donovan          Pv2 Chas Salotti
Spc. Timothy Donovan           Pfc. William Schneider
LCpl. Richard Jacques          Daniel Taylor
Capt. Brian Kibitlewski        Capt. Lynn Tustin
EM Justin Kitchen              2Lt. Amy Updike
LCpl. Keith McClay             LCpl. Brian Williams
                                                                      “Lord change my heart”
Sgt. Earl McCracken
             In a memorable speech challenging his
             fellow House members to ban the practice of
             Partial Birth Abortion, Rep. Henry Hyde
asserted: “God put us in the world to do noble things, to
love and cherish our fellow human beings, not to destroy           The Parish Family of St. Anthony of Padua welcomes
them. Today we must choose sides.” NRL News, 12/07
                                                                               Andrew Michael Santeramo
                                                                    Child of Michael & Adrienne (McCabe) Santeramo

                                                                         who received the Sacrament of Baptism,
                Remember In Your Prayers……                                a sacrament of promise and welcome
                Our brave soldiers & their families, the
                sick and homebound of our parish                                    October 11, 2009
family, especially: Patti Corrente, Cindy Csordos, Debbie
Curry, Bill Daley, James DeFillippo, John Dehmor, Irene DeJoy,           We thank their parents for choosing life.
Danielle D’Orsi-Caynor, Sophie Ferioli, Thomas Gilmour, Viola
Gromadzki, Don Harmon, John Kazlauskas, Lynn Killmurray,
Harold Kindlick, Raymond Kreusch, Sr., Dominic LoBianco,
John Marcela, Sharon Marsh, Paul Maynard, Rita Maynard,
Nora Mazey, Stella Medvetz, Kathy Ombres, Victor Pagan,
Anthony Palinsky, Lindsey Rich, Gloria Sabol-Kologi, Anna
Kowalewski, Tara Rizzo, Manolo Romero, Joseph Sacco, Sr.,
Joseph Salvetti, Jennie Santoro, Helen Seguine, Mary Simeone,               THE WOMEN’S GROUP OF
Sister Maryellen, Bud Sullivan, Olivia Rae Vargas, Connie
                                                                        ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA CHURCH
Vining, Tillie Yacovino, Anthony Zuccaro.
                                                                      INVITES ALL OF THE WOMEN OF OUR
                                                                                COMMUNITY TO

                                                                        MAKE AN AUTUMN CRAFT
                                                                         FOR THE RESIDENTS OF
                                                                         ST. JOSEPH’S ASSISTED
                                                                            LIVING FACILITY
                    Year of the Priest
                                                                 When: Saturday, November 7, 2009
                                                                       Immediately following the 9:00AM Mass

      Oct. 19    Msgr. Robert J. Zamorski                        Where: Fr. Milos Hall,
                 Rev. Sebastian D. Kaithackal, CMI                      St. Anthony of Padua Church
      Oct. 20    Rev. Lazaro Perez                                      436 Port Reading Ave., Port Reading, NJ
                 Rev. Pawel Dolinski, SDS
      Oct. 21    Rev. Robert V. Meyers
                 Msgr. William J. Capik                               As always, light breakfast will be available
      Oct. 22    Rev. Vincent P. Chen                                               free of charge!
                 Msgr. John B. Szymanski
      Oct. 23    Rev. R. Kevin Crowley
                 Rev. Sean W. Kenney
      Oct. 24    Rev. Giovanni Saffirio, IMC
                 Rev. Kenneth D. Brighenti
      Oct. 25    Rev. Kenneth Murphy                                             PLEASE JOIN US ON
                 Rev. Alphonsus Kariuki, IMC                         SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7, 2009-10-12
                      ALL SOUL’S DAY
Monday, November 2nd, is the Feast of All Souls. The Church traditionally
sets this day aside to pray for the souls of all the faithful departed that they
may experience the fullness of God.

The special All Souls Day Commemoration Mass will be celebrated at St.
Anthony of Padua on Monday, November 2nd at 7:30pm to remember
the members of our parish who have died over the past year. Family
members have been invited to join us in this special celebration.

I am expanding the opportunity of those we remember in the
Commemoration Mass. If a member of your family has passed away since
November 2, 2008 and you would like to have your family member
remembered and you would like to participate in the Commemoration
Mass, please call the parish office at 732-634-1403 by Wednesday,
October 28th. You will receive a special flower that will be brought to the
altar when the deceased’s name is called out.

In conjunction with the celebration for All Soul’s Day memorial posters are
available for you to put pictures or remembrances that are placed in the
church. If you would like a memorial poster to decorate you may pick one
up at the parish office or at the table in the narthex. The memorial poster
needs to be returned to the parish office by Wednesday, October 28th.

              I hope you can join us on the Feast of All Souls!
                Be assured of our continued prayers and love!
                           SPONSORED BY
                  St. Anthony of Padua Church

                  Tuesday, November 3, 2009
                      Father Milos Hall

                   All you can Eat Buffet…
                    Spaghetti, Meatballs, Sausage,
                 Salad, Bread, Coffee, Tea & Dessert
                     Take Out Will be Available

                   Tickets on sale at parish office &
                     will be available at the door.

                    Adults….$8.00 Seniors…$7.00
                        Children (6-12) $5.00
                           5 & under Free

If you would like to help with the dinner or if you can donate a dessert,
                      please call the parish office.
     All desserts can be dropped off on Monday, November 2nd or
                 Tuesday, November 3rd. Thank you.
                                    “The Spark That Ignited the Holocaust”
Seventy-one years ago, on November 9–10, 1938, the Nazis staged vicious pogroms—state sanctioned, anti-Jewish riots—
against the Jewish community of Germany. These came to be known as Kristallnacht (now commonly translated as “Night of
Broken Glass”), a reference to the untold numbers of broken windows of synagogues, Jewish-owned stores, community
centers, and homes plundered and destroyed during the pogroms. Encouraged by the Nazi regime, the rioters burned or
destroyed 267 synagogues, vandalized or looted 7,500 Jewish businesses, and killed at least 91 Jewish people. They also
damaged many Jewish cemeteries, hospitals, schools, and homes as police and fire brigades stood aside. Kristallnacht was a
turning point in history. The pogroms marked an intensification of Nazi anti-Jewish policy that would culminate in the
Holocaust—the systematic, state-sponsored murder of Jews.

                                     All are Welcome for
                             An Evening of Reflection
                               Father Michael Gromadzki

                                       Mr. Josef Korngruen

                       Monday, November 16, 2009 - 7:00pm

                               St. Anthony of Padua Church
                         436 Port Reading Avenue Port Reading

        Refreshments & fellowship following in Father Milos Hall

                         For more information, please call 732-634-1403
                          FALL CLEANING?!?
St. Anthony of Padua will sponsor their annual used clothing drive. Our parish
will receive money for every pound we collect. Our spring drive raised over

                        HERE IS HOW IT WORKS...
We will be collecting the following....






         You may drop off bags at the Parish Office (during Office Hours)
                        or on the weekends after Mass

                  MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2009

A&E Clothing Corporation has been involved in school & church fundraising since
1997 in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania & Connecticut. Organizations such as
Franklin High (Somerset), Mater Dei (New Monmouth), St. Joseph Church, (West
Milford) have participated. The clothing is weighed in their warehouse then sorted and
shipped to Africa, Central America, South America, India and Poland.

If you need any additional information please call the parish office 732-634-1403.
                                                                        COUNTING TEAMS
ALTAR SERVERS                                                           SUNDAY, October 18th
Saturday 10/24/09                                                         Team #7                           M. Buonomo, E. Gurney
 5:00PM D. Armenti
Sunday 10/25/09                                                         SUNDAY, October 25th
 8:00AM J. Pagliuca                                                       Team #1            C. & E. Dunn, P. & R. Sierminski
10:30AM M. Lerro
 5:00PM N. Koszalka, T. Urbanski

Homebound Ministers 10/24//09- 10/25/09                                     St. Anthony’s & Murder On Cue Mystery Co.
L. Adamson, S. Gadomski                                                                       Proudly Presents:

Saturday        10/24/09
 5:00PM C. Coppola, J. McGuinness, H. Pagliuca,
         J. Sciandra                                                                    Who whacked Tony Loprano?
                                                                         Who could have done such a thing? Could it be his crew boss
Sunday 10/25/09                                                          Paulie Peanuts? His right hand man Slivio? Or how about his
 8:00AM L. Casey, G. Sutphen, C. Trotto, R. Walter                      non-grieving wife Carmella or the ever innocent rival Mob Boss,
10:30AM M. Ambrose, T. Ambrose, M. Russo, B. Siswo                                              Vito Carbone?
 5:00PM C. Cacace, F. Cacace, S. Ringwood
                                                                        In order to find out who done it, you will have to join the
LECTORS                                                                 “Familia” and the wacky cast of suspects, in a wild night
Saturday      10/24/09                                                  of Dean Martin sing-a-longs, Mystery, Murder, and
 5:00PM A. Olah, S. Olah                                                Mayhem! Guest will have the opportunity to win clue
Sunday    10/25/09                                                      sheets by answering fun Gangster Movie Trivia!
 8:00AM J. Rebecca
10:30AM Family Mass [5th Grade]                                                       Sat., Oct. 24th           6:30PM
 5:00PM M. Oddo                                                                           Cost: $35 per person
                                                                                       Tables of 10 can be reserved.

                                                                                    Catering by HOMETOWN DELI

                                                                             DON’T MISS OUT! CALL THE GANG!
SUNDAY, October 18th ..........................................7:00PM
 Bingo Team #7   Captains: M. Oddo
 Caller –        A. Kurucz                                               Proceeds go to St. Anthony of Padua
 Team #6         F. Fiorito
                                                                        For ticket information please call 732-634-1419 and leave
MONDAY, October 19th ......................................12:30PM
                                                                                a message. Someone will get back to you.
 Bingo Team #1  Captain– J. Carpenito
 Caller –       J. Drahos
 Kitchen –      J. Lerro & F. Fiorito
SUNDAY, October 25th .....................................7:00PM
 Bingo Team #8   Captain – S. Olah
 Caller –        R. Rolon                                                               Youth Ministry Updates
 Kitchen Team #7 Captain – J. Lerro
                                                                        Date:                         Events:
MONDAY, October 26th .................................... 12:30PM       Oct. 25          5:00PM       World Youth Day / Meeting
 Bingo Team #4  Co-Captains–L. Brenner, J. Minucci                      Nov. 11          7:00PM       Advisors Meeting
 Caller –       V. Mihalek                                              Nov. 15          6:00PM       Meeting
 Kitchen –      J. Lerro & F. Fiorito                                   Nov. 21          9:00AM       Rake-n-Run
                   at St. Anthony of Padua                                         at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
Monday, October 19th                                            Friday, October 23rd
 Bingo                           12:30PM       Fr. Milos Hall   Bingo (doors open 5:00PM)            7:30PM         Parish Hall
 Study Hall                       2:15PM       Fr. Milos Hall                                      (located next to the church)
 Religious Ed. (gr.7 & 8)         5:15PM           School #9    Holy Family Prayer Group
 Pastoral Council                 7:30PM   Rectory Mtg. Rm.          Meeting                        7:30PM church Basement
Tuesday, October 20th
 Study Hall                       2:15PM       Fr. Milos Hall         Please come to any of our weekly prayer group meetings
 Children’s Choir                 4:15PM             Church     and / or each first Friday of the month for our First Friday Mass
 Contemporary Choir               7:00PM             Church     & Novena (Sacred Heart of Jesus) and blessing of all the birthday
                                                                celebrants for the month. We begin at 8:00PM
 Boy Scouts                       7:00PM   Rectory Mtg. Rm.
 Cub Scouts                       7:00PM       Fr. Milos Hall
Wednesday, October 21st                                                            Our 5th grade students and families
 Seniors Meeting                 11:00AM       Fr. Milos Hall                      will be participating in this month’s
 R.C.I.A. – IV-A                 11:30AM              Chapel                       FAMILY MASS on October 25th at
 Study Hall                       2:15PM       Fr. Milos Hall   the 10:30 Mass. Their class will be held at the usual time
 R.C.I.A. – IV-B                  7:00PM              Chapel    but in Fr. Milos Hall at church. All other classes will be
 Adult Choir                      7:00PM             Church     held at School #9.
Thursday, October 22nd
 Study Hall                       2:15PM       Fr. Milos Hall   Confirmation 2009
 AA                               8:00PM       Fr. Milos Hall   The time is just flying by, before you know it, the day will be
                                                                here. Don’t wait to order your class picture ($15) and / or
Friday, October 23rd                                            Video ($35).
  Study Hall                      2:15PM       Fr. Milos Hall
  Baptism Prep. Session           7:00PM       Fr. Milos Hall   Reminder: Practices for Confirmation are at 4:00PM at Our
Saturday, October 24th                                          Lady of Mt. Carmel in Woodbridge on Wednesday and
  Boy Scouts                     9:00AM         CAR WASH        Thursday, November 11th & 12th. Your sponsors do not have
  Murder Mystery Dinner          6:30PM        Fr. Milos Hall   to attend the practices; they will receive their instructions
                                                                when we meet at 4:45PM just prior to the start of the Mass.
Sunday, October 25th
 Religious Ed (gr.1-6)            9:00AM           School #9
 “ Grade 5’s class                9:00AM       Fr. Milos Hall
 R.C.I.A IV A & B                 9:00AM              Chapel     AFTER SCHOOL STUDY HALL PROGRAM
 2nd Grade Parent Mtg.            9:15AM           School #9                   OPEN TO STUDENTS GRADES 1 – 8
 God’s Little Helpers            10:30AM       Fr. Milos Hall                 Sponsored by St. Anthony of Padua
 Family Mass (Gr. 5)             10:30AM
 World Youth Day Mass             5:00PM                                   Now available for School breaks and
 Bingo                            7:00PM       Fr. Milos Hall                    non-national holidays!

                                                                 For information contact:Frank Cacace at 732-754-8401

                                                                           JOIN US ON A                    TRIP TO
                                                                         TANGER & ROCKVALE OUTLETS
                 PORT READING                                                  LANCASTER, PA.
              BOY SCOUT TROUP #31                                           FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 6th
                   CAR WASH
                  OCTOBER 24th                                  Bus departs Knights of Columbus Parking Lot: 7:00AM
                 9:00AM – 1:00PM                                Dinner at Shady Maple Smorgasbord, Lancaster: 4:00PM
                            at                                  Approximate return to Knights of Columbus:    8:30PM
       ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA CHURCH                                            Cost: $45.00 (includes dinner)
                                                                    Please call Claire Miloscia         732-969-0270
                                                                             sponsored by Don Bosco Columbiettes
            ANNUAL SPAGHETTI DINNER                                  ALL YOU CAN EAT Spaghetti Dinner
                                                                                    to benefit
          Middlesex Knights of Columbus Hall                               Children Affected by Cancer
      On the corner of Amboy Avenue & Main Street
                 Woodbridge, NJ 07095
                                                                                Salad Spaghetti Meatballs Sausage
            SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18th, 2009                                             Cake Ice Cream Coffee Tea
                 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
                                                                     When:      Friday, October 23rd
          Adults: $6.00      Seniors: $5.00                          Time:      4:00pm – 8:00pm
            Children (10 & under): $3.00                             Where:     Hungarian American Citizens Club
                                                                                95 Port Reading Ave., Woodbridge
                                                                     Cost:      Adults - $8.00
                                                                                Children – 6 – 11 yrs. old - $4.00
MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER                                                                (5 years old and younger – FREE)
                                                                                           [No Take-Out]
              It takes much effort just to make ends met in
              our world today. Do you wish you could talk
                                                                               For more information please contact
              about something besides all the stresses in
                                                                     Prodigal Foundation, Inc. , 73 Main St., Woodbridge, NJ
              your life?
A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend gives you the
time and tools to revitalize romance, deepen
communication, and norish the spirituality in your                   ANNUAL “HOLIDAY HELP” PROGRAM
marriage. The next Worldwide Marriage Encounter                      You are cordially invited to join Haven Hospice and the
Weekend will be held October 23rd – 25th.                            Costello-Greiner and Costello-Koyen Funeral Homes for
                                                                     this year’s “Holiday Help” program which offers support
Phone 1-888-827-NJME for registration and information.               and suggestions to get through the upcoming holidays for
Or visit: for more information.                those who have experienced a recent loss of a loved one.
                                                                     Refreshments will be served following the presentation.

                                                                     DATE:                          Wednesday, November 18th
         Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Family
                                                                     TIME:                                             7:00PM
      cordially invites you to join them on a                        PLACE:                      Renaissance Woodbridge Hotel
                Journey of Faith to the HOLY LAND                                                          & Conference Center
                                                                                                        515 Rt. #1 South, Iselin
               Feb. 24th – Mar. 5th, 2010                                                   (formerly the Woodbridge Sheraton)
             $1899.00 – (Double Occupancy)
               Plus airport tax & fuel surcharge                                    Please RSPV by November 12th
                                                                             to the Costello Funeral Home at 732-634-0264
Join us on this wonderful Holy Land Pilgrimage to Jerusalem,
Bethlehem, Nazareth and Galilee. The fee of $1,899 + airport
tax and fuel surcharges of approximately $348 includes airline       HOLY FAMILY PARISH
ticket, first class hotels, breakfasts and dinners, sightseeing in   Holy Family Parish Annual Flea Market,
the cities indicated and other stops in the ministry of Jesus.       Oct. 24th 8:00AM – 2:00PM. Vendors
We’ll have an English-speaking tour guide and a Spiritual
                                                                     Wanted. For information call 732-541-5736.
Director to celebrate daily Mass. Act now to reserve a space.

For details pick up a flyer from the narthex table or contact        All You Can Eat PASTA DINNER & COMEDY
Cherie Gumapac at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Office (on           NIGHT November 7th at 6:00pm. Adults $22.00,
Tues/Wed. & Thurs) at 732-634-1438, her cell phone 732-              Seniors and children 12 – 18 years $18 (No children
485-6006 or e-mail her at                       under 12 please)

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