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									                                                          let’s talk timber and hardware

APRIL 2011                                       THE NEWSLETTER FOR BUILDING PROFESSIONALS

                                         bigger and better:
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          • md’s message
                                         bathroom, kitchens & laundries
          • bretts boxers                As part of Plumbing Plus Bretts can now offer a whole lot more...
          • new trade
            catalogue                    Bretts is pleased to announce our recent alliance with the Plumbing Plus group of
                                         independent plumbing outlets.
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                                         With over 130 stores Australia wide, Plumbing Plus is Australia’s largest
          • forest red decking
                                         independent group of plumbing, bathroom, kitchen, laundry and hardware outlets.
          • smeg joins bretts
                                         As part of such a large buying and marketing group, Bretts can now offer you
                                         an even greater range of plumbing and bathroom products at very competitive
                                         pricing. From designer labels and best sellers to Plumbing Plus exclusive lines,
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          • “trade talk”
                                         this buying power will help us deliver unbeatable value for money.
          • featuring bretts             Now with very competitive access to such well recognised brands as Fowler,
            better builder buys
                                         Caroma, Dorf, Clark and Stylus, you can send your clients into our Architectural
                                                                                                     showroom and
                                                                                                     be confident in
                                                                                                     knowing our qualified
                                                                                                     consultants will help
                                                                                                     them through their
                                                                                                     selection process.
trade catalogue
out now                                                                                               Our showroom
                                                                                                      caters for basic
                                                                                                      budget items
                                                                                                      through to premium
                         edition: 2011
                                                                                                      European brands
                                                                                                      – and everything
                                                                                                      in between – we
                                                                                                      are sure to have a
                                                                                                      bathroom solution to
                                                                                                      fit your needs.

                                                 PLUMBING PLUS
                                                 BATHROOM KITCHEN LAUNDRY
                                                                   news in brief:


                                                    md’s message
                                                                   around the traps
   are not                                                         breaking news:
 “specials”,                                                       brisbane builders’ bible is back
 but reflect                                                       Focusing entirely on trade products; the new catalogue is
  our new
            “                                                      a 200 page, full-colour, Bretts Trade Catalogue is filled with
                                                                   all the product and pricing
                                                                   information you need.

                                                                   Your copy can be ordered
                                                                   through your Bretts Trade
                                                                                                                            edition: 2011

                                                                   Representative or by
                                                                   calling Leslie Heidemann
With the tough climate we currently find our industry
                                                                   on 3361 0777.
in, we thought we should make an extra effort to
ensure our customers are as competitive as they                    The Bretts Bible is a great
can possibly be and win as many jobs as possible.                  tool for the trade, but
With that in mind, we have gone to our suppliers                   don’t forget to talk to any
and negotiated improved buying terms, which we                     of the Bretts sales team if
have passed straight on to you, our most valuable                  you have a job you want
customers.                                                         quoted.

You should begin to notice cheaper pricing across
                                                                   wear your bretts boxers:
many of our ranges immediately. These are not
“specials”, but reflect our new everyday low prices.
                                                                   win a “box of beer”
                                                                   You may have been lucky enough to score a pair of Bretts
And as always, if you have projects with volume,
                                                                   boxers as a prize recently and now you could score more...
please get us to quote the bill of quantities for you. I
am sure you will be happy with our response.                       Just send us a photo of you wearing your Bretts boxers –
                                                                   any which way you like – and you’ll be in the running to win
You need to know that at Bretts we are committed
                                                                   a “box of beer”.
to supplying the trade. We have invested millions in
truss and window factories; as well as showrooms                   Each month one lucky winner will be selected from the
you can use with your clients to try and give you as               entries received, to win a carton of beer of their choice. Not
much support as we can.                                            to mention the fame and glory associated with having their
                                                                   photo published in Bretts Bugle.
You will no doubt be courted by the big ugly boxes
for your business with cheap pricing and promise                   So get out your camera (or phone) and send us a photo
of service. At Bretts we will continue to support                  of you wearing your Bretts boxers in the most interesting
you with competitive market pricing, a range which                 place or way! Email to Judges
will never be compromised by pot plants, and the                   decision is final.
service we know you need. That way you have
                                                                                                     See our February and
access to one-stop shopping safe in the knowledge
                                                                                                     March winners below...
that your pricing will remain competitive and the
service always great.

For a taste of our new trade pricing, see a sample of
products from our better builder buys in the “Trade
                                                                                                                                            PAUL TAYLOR

Talk” flier on the back page of this Bugle.

Bill Nutting Jnr                                                         THE INFAMOUS
MAnAGinG DirEctor                                                            MR X
product profiles:                                  now we’re cooking:
                                                   smeg joins the bretts architectural brands
what’s new & on view                               Bretts Architectural has recently completed a major refit of the
                                                   showroom and in addition to updating existing displays, several exciting
beauty and value:                                  new brands have been added to the offering, including Smeg.
forest red decking
                                                   Smeg, which is Italy’s largest privately owned domestic kitchen
Bretts are pleased to introduce a new Forest
                                                   appliance manufacturer, joins the comprehensive kitchen displays in the
Red 86x19mm decking product.
                                                   showroom. Renowned worldwide for innovation, style and engineering,
The product consists of naturally durable          Smeg was founded by the Bertazzoni family in the 1940s and today
class 1 and 2 Queensland Hardwoods. It’s           the company remains a family-run business under the direct control of
versatile and durable and with its renowned        Roberto Bertazzoni.
strength, it is perfect for the Australian
                                                   Smeg was one of the first companies to utilize the design talents of
outdoors. The natural beauty can be seen in
                                                   world-renowned architects such as Mario Bellini, Guido Canali and
a range of colours from reddish browns to
                                                   Renzo Piano when kitchen appliances were considered nothing more
salmon pinks.
                                                   than utilitarian workhorses. Today that foresight continues with Smeg
Manufactured to comply with local standards,       constantly breaking new ground in design originality and performance.
it will provide quality and consistency for your
                                                   Come by the Bretts Architectural showroom to check out the new
next decking project.
                                                   display. And while you’re there have a closer look at the Smeg Builders
What’s more, this Forest Red decking is great      Package, which provides all the Smeg brand has to offer, at a great
value. See in store for more details.              price exclusively for builders.

     10% DISCOUNT
                                                                  Constructive technology
        30 JUNE
                                                                   solutions from
                                                                     Need assistance building simplified
                                                                       IT solutions for your business?
                                                                         IT Consulting         (07) 3359 0355
                                                                         Data Security
                                                                         Networking
                                                                                                *Discount is valid until 30/6/2011
                                                                         Web Page              for all consulting, does not include
                                                                                                hardware or software purchases.
                                                                         Email Services        New service customers only.
               APRIL 2011

                                   3.80/lm                                                        better builder buys
                                 DECK KWILA REEDED S&B P/RND
                                 190697                            CODE              DESCRIPTION                            UNIT       PRICE
                                                                                                                                     INC GST
                                                                   40196             DOOR REDICOTE 2040X820X35MM            EA         29.00
                                                                   Q121102           SCOPE DHH100FZP HIRLINE HINGE          EA          1.19
                                                                                     100X66X2 FP ZP
                                                                   60138             STRAPPING PRE-PUNCHED                  EA         36.95
                                                                                     GLV.30X0.8MMX 50M
                                                                   60623             NAIL BH GLV CTN 5KG 50X2.80            EA         31.96

                                           $  42.50                60214
                                                                                     BATTEN SCREW 14GX100MM GAL BOX250 BX
                                                                                     POST ANCHOR U SHAPE HDG 600X100X6      EA
                            BATTEN SCREW 14GX75MM GAL BOX500                         W/BAR
                                             60213 WAS $59.95      200430            MGP10 70X35 2.4M PINE FRAMING          LM          1.55

                                                                   200663            PINE FJ MOULD DAR 92X18                LM          1.89
                  $                                                300014            PINE FJ MOULD DAR 42X19                LM          1.09
                                                                   50636             FC FLEX 4.5MM X 2400X1200              EA         22.21
                  INSULATION CEILING R2.0 P/16 1160X430MM
                  51814 WAS $47.14                                 Q125736           LW 001-1K1SCDP DEADLATCH               EA         98.96
                                                                   50581             HARDIPANEL COMP FC 15X2400X1200        EA        149.05

                                                                   50631             FC FLEX 6.0MM X 2400X1200              EA         33.72
                                       $    .73                    250189            BEAM LVL HYSPAN 150 X 045 (EX MILL)    LM          9.41
                                                                   51435             HARDWOOD BRACING PLY F22               SH         12.44
                      ADHESIVE CONST MAX BOND 320G                                   2745X0900X4MM
                                   30765 WAS $4.56
                                                                   50816             PLYFLOOR (ECOPLY) T&G                  SH         47.76
                                                                                     2400X1200X15MM F11
                                                                   250504            POST MERBAU LAMINATED FJ DPR 90X90     LM         19.34
                                                                                     3.6M LENGTH
                                                                   51443             SHELVING WHITEBOARD STD                SH         20.36

                                                                   52480             FLOORING G/P PARTICLE/BRD              EA         37.16
$           .25                                                                      3600X900X19MM
                                                                   34379             GAP FILLER WHITE 450G FULLER           EA          2.65
                                                                   ISSUED APRIL 2011
64681 WAS $39.90                                                   PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE

                                             Timber + Hardware     Architectural                   Frame & Truss           Doors & Windows
                                             Homezone Centre       Homezone Centre                 Cnr Barcham Street      40 Armada Place
                                             142 Newmarket Road    142 Newmarket Road              & Curtin Ave West       Banyo Qld 4014
                                             Windsor Qld 4030      Windsor Qld 4030                Eagle Farm Qld 4009     Phone: 07 3267 4888
                                             Phone: 07 3361 0777   Phone: 07 3361 0540             Phone: 07 3623 0122

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