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South India is a wonderful tourist destination overflowing with many wonders with its rich culture and heritage majestically reflecting in its attractions.

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									           South India Highly Enriched with Natural Beauty

South India is a wonderful tourist destination overflowing with many
wonders with its rich culture and heritage majestically reflecting in its
attractions. Surrounded by Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal,
South India is mesmerizing and enchanting, astonishing and breathtaking
attracting tourists to its charm of picturesque villages, arresting backwaters,
wilderness of wildlife destinations, beauty of architectural marvels,
enchanting beaches and shopping spot for some great handicrafts not to
miss the amazing Ayurveda massage at any cost. Be it family vacation or
honeymoon, South India poses the best tourist destination.

Below mentioned are some of the best attractions of South India:

Beaches and Backwaters

The South Indian region is surrounded by three oceans - Arabian Ocean,
Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, The result of which is the long coastline
and its stunning beach. Large number of gorgeous beaches with coconut
palms, quiet and soothing environments and the breathtaking beauty
couldn’t help attracting large number of tourists.

The water bodies famously known as backwaters with its beautiful lagoons
bordered with greenery in the state of Kerala are the best attraction in
South India Tours. The traditional houseboats form the best means to take
in the exhilarating beauty and for travelling through enchanting backwaters.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

The South India is blessed by a wide diverseness of animals and plants the
reason of which is the variation of topography and climate which makes it
possible for its existence. The famous national wildlife sanctuaries like
Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Nagarhole National Park, Bandipur National
Park, Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar National park and many more can
be found in this region. These national parks form the home to a variety of
wildlife ranging from foxes, to elephants, tigers, leopards, crocodiles, birds
and more.

Fairs and Festivals
The fairs and festivals of South India should not be missed, so planning must
be made so as to experience the gaiety of the festivities, the fairs and
festivals of the region. The region has worldwide fame for its unique festivals
of the temple and other round the year celebrations. Among all the festivals
of the South Indian region, Onam festival is the most popular. It is
celebrated in Alappuzha with Snake Boat Race. Traditional boats which are
long and sleek are used for this competition. The spectacular show of drum
participants rowing their boats and the spectators cheering from the shores
is quite an experience. The South Indian region consists of the states of
Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The enchanting Kerala - a bewitching destination known for a variety of
attractions. Its beaches are simply intoxicating, the backwaters transport
you to a different world altogether, the hill stations are a perfect antidote to
the oppressive heat of the plains.

The traditional Tamil Nadu - Famed the world over for its temple
architecture, Tamil Nadu boasts of beautiful ancient temples. The caves, hill
stations, pilgrimages and wildlife sanctuaries are its other main attractions.

The fascinating Karnataka - The Hampi ruins in Karnataka is
a World Heritage Site. Its beaches, caves, temples and wildlife
destinations also hold a lot of surprises for tourists.

The Peaceful Pondicherry - Steeped in natural beauty and serenity,
Pondicherry offers an opportunity to experience the heady mix of the Indian
and French culture.

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