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									Guest artists
Name                      Career                                                             At UMass
Allen, Greg               Director                                                           Guest artist
Arriaza, Beto             Theater artist                                                     Guest artist
Bass, Eric                Puppetry Artist                                                    Guest lecturer
Beattie, Kurt             Actor, artistic director, Seattle Repertory Theatre, ACT Theatre   Guest actor, Sweeney Todd
Binnie, John              Artistic Director of the Clyde Unity Theater of Glasgow            Guest playwright
Bogart, Anne              Artistic director, SITI Company                                    Rand Lecture
Bonin-Rodriguez, Paul     Theater artist                                                     Guest artist
Boros, Frank              Set and costume designer                                           Guest artist
Boutsekaris, Dennis       Actor                                                              Guest artist, Commonwealth Stage
Branner, Djola            Hampshire College faculty, actor, playwright                       Playwright, Sash & Trim; actor, ...And Jesus Moonwalks on the Mississippi
Bromka, Elaine            Actress                                                            Workshop, auditioning on film
Brown, R.T.               Sound designer                                                     Guest designer, Romeo and Juliet
Camera, Madeline          Choreographer                                                      Guest artist, Spring Awakening
Carlos, Laurie            Theater director                                                   Guest artist and speaker
Carus, Robin              Casting director, theater and film                                 Speaker, alumni career panel
Castellanos, Teo          Director                                                           Guest artist and speaker
Chambliss, Anne           Make-up artist for Juilliard                                       Guest workshop leader
Chinoy, Helen Krich       Smith College faculty member                                       Rand Lecture
Chong, Ping               Performance artist                                                 Guest speaker
Chu, Kenny                Costume Designer                                                   Guest artist
Congdon, Constance        Playwright, Amherst College faculty member                         Guest speaker and artist in various productions and events
Cortinas, Jorge           Playwright                                                         Guest speaker
Cox, Jane                 Lighting designer                                                  Guest lecturer and designer on projects including Ondine
Crow, Laura               Costume designer                                                   Guest lecturer
Cruz, Migdalia            Playwright                                                         Guest speaker
Dennis, Paul              Dancer, Jose Limon Dance Company, UMass Dance Department           Guest choreography, Ondine
Dias, John                Public Theatre                                                     Guest speaker
Dixie, Marcia             Costume designer                                                   Guest artist
Dixon, Julie              Actress                                                            Guest artist, Oh Dad, Poor Dad Momma's Hung You In the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad
Donovan, Jeffrey          Actor, Burn Notice, The Changeling                                 Actor, Play-In-A-Day
Douglas, Timothy          Director, Shakespeare and Co.                                      Workshop leader
Eustis, Oskar             Artistic Director of the Public Theatre                            Rand Lecture
Farwell, Garland          Artist                                                             Production designer, ...And Jesus Moonwalks on the Mississippi
Flanagan, Markus          Actor, Friends, various films                                      Speaker, casting and auditioning
Gaines, David             LeCoq instructor                                                   Guest workshop
Gallipeau, Peter          Actor, production manager                                          Workshop leader, resumes and head shots
Galvin, Zach              Actor, teacher                                                     Speaker, alumni career panel
Geiser, Janie             Puppetry Artist                                                    Guest lecturer
HALA/Heather A. Lord-ArondSinger, actress                                                    Musical director, ...And Jesus Moonwalks on the Mississippi
Haley, Michael         Actor, producer, writer                                                    Guest speaker, guest actor, Play-In-A-Day
Hart, James            Mask artist                                                                Workshop leader
Hartley, Jan           Projection designer                                                        Guest lecturer
Hartman, Karen         Playwright                                                                 Guest speaker
Haynes, Chris          Musician, composer                                                         Composer, Archipelago of Delight
Heath, Gordon          Actor                                                                      Guest artist, The Lion and the Jewel
Holder, Don            Tony Award winning lighting designer                                       Guest lecturer
Holtzman, Willie       Dramaturg and playwright                                                   Guest artist
Hourie, Troy           Scenic designer                                                            Guest lecturer and designer on projects including The Chairs
Howard, Ken            Actor                                                                      Guest artist
Hunt, Larry            Puppetry and mask artist                                                   Guest lecturer
Iizuka, Naomi          Playwright                                                                 Guest speaker
Jackson, Carolyn       Theater director and scholar                                               Guest artist and speaker
Jackson, Paul Bryant   Theater scholar                                                            Guest speaker
Jones, Gary            Costume designer                                                           Guest speaker
Kalas, Janet           Sound designer                                                             Guest artist
Kaplowitz, Rob         OBIE Award-winning sound designer                                          Five-College Visiting Lecturer in Sound Design and designer of productions including Ondine
Klainer, Traci         Lighting designer                                                          Guest lecturer and designer
Korins, David          OBIE Award-winning scenic designer and founding member, Edge Theater CompanSpeaker, alumni career panel
Koryu, Nishikawa       Kuruma Bunraku puppeteer                                                   Workshop leader
Kramer, Wayner         Costume designer, faculty member at Hampshire College                      Guest lecturer and designer
Krausnick, Dennis      Director of Training, Shakespeare & Co.                                    Advanced workshop for actors
Kushner, Tony          Pulitzer-winning playwright                                                Rand Lecture
Lahr, John             Theater critic for the New Yorker , author                                 Rand Lecture
Leandro, Eduardo       Composer, musician                                                         Composer, Drums and Shadows
LeBank, Ezra           Movement Coach and actor                                                   Guest actor, movement coach, The Chairs
Levinson, Amy          Dramaturg, Geffen Playhouse                                                Guest speaker
Lichtenberg, Andrew    Composer, director, music director, actor                                  Guest musical director and composer for various projects including Little Shop of Horrors
Malina, Judith         Actress and co-founding Artistic Director, The Living Theater              Guest artist
Marinez, Michael       Theater artist                                                             Guest artist
Matrone, Marissa       Actress, Maid In Manhattan                                                 Speaker, alumni career panel
McCorkle, Patricia     Owner, McCorkle Casting Ltd in New York                                    Workshop leader
McNamara, James        Lighting designer                                                          Lighting Designer on various productions including The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek
Misa Table             Theater company                                                            Collaborators, 1905
Moise, Lenelle         Playwright, poet performer                                                 Guest artist and speaker
Moore, Allison         Playwright                                                                 Guest speaker
Morrage, Cherrie       Playwright                                                                 Guest speaker
nancy schertler        Lighting designer                                                          Guest lecturer
Nelson, Sarah          Costume designer                                                           Costume designer on various productions including ...And Jesus Moonwalks on the Mississippi
Norden, Marty          Faculty member, communications department                                  Actor in various productions, video projection for 1905
O'Brien, Dan           Playwright/translator/dramaturg                                            Guest speaker, Ondine
Olivieri, Vincent      Sound designer                                                             Workshop leader, sound designer of productions including Gum, Othello
O'Neal, John           Storyteller and performer                                                  Guest artist
Packer, Tina           Artistic Director, Shakespeare and Co.                                     Rand Lecture
Parks, Suzan-Lori      Playwright                                                                 Rand Lecture
Periale, Andrew       Puppetry Artist                                                                Guest lecturer
Perkins, Kathy        African American theater scholar and lighting designer                         Guest speaker
Phelan, Peggy         Theater critic                                                                 Guest speaker
Price, Vincent        Actor                                                                          Guest artist
Primus, Pearl         African American dancer, choreographer, anthroplogist                          Gust choreographer, The Lion and the Jewel
Pullman, Bill         Actor and director, Independence Day, While You Were Sleeping, The Virginian   Bateman Scholar, delivering talks about film and theater, casting, and careers in film
Ringler, Miguel       Fight choreographer                                                            Fight choreography, Ondine
Rita, Rui             Lighting designer                                                              Guest lecturer
Rivera, Jose          Playwright                                                                     Guest speaker
Roccoberton, Bart     Puppetry Artist                                                                Guest lecturer
Roser, Sebastian      Puppetry artist                                                                Workshop leader, puppetry and mask design
Rothman, Alyse        Director, Nerve Theater Company                                                Guest Lecturer for sound design
Ruggaber, Brian       Scene designer, UNC-Chapel Hill faculty                                        Speaker, alumni career panel
Ruiz, Mildred         Writer, performer, vocalist                                                    Guest artist and speaker
Rush, Sam             Production manager, artistic director New Century Theater                      Speaker, alumni career panel, director, Play-In-A-Day
Sandoval, Alberto     Latino theater critic and scholar                                              Guest artist
Sapp, Steven          Member, Universes ensemble                                                     Advanced acting workshop
Sawyer, Eric          Composer, Amherst College faculty                                              Composer, Curiosity
Shames, Christal      Make-up artist                                                                 Workshop leader
Sifuentes, Roberto    Chicano performance artist                                                     Guest artist
Silver, Nicky         Playwright                                                                     Guest speaker
Silverman, Leigh      Broadway director                                                              Guest speaker
Simotes, Tony         Instructor, Shakespeare & Co.                                                  Guest workshop, fight choreography
Siragusa, Sheila      Director, actor                                                                Guest lecturer, director of Reincarnation of Jaime Brown
Stanley, Mark         NYCB resident lighting designer                                                Guest lecturer
Stanton, Ben          Lighting designer                                                              Guest artist
Stevens, Byam         Artistic director, Chester Theatre Company                                     Speaker, alumni career panel
Sundiata, Sekou       Playwright, performer                                                          Guest speaker
Taylor, Jean          Lincoln Center Institute instructor and staff member                           Guest lecturer: Aesthetic Education course
Thomas, Sherry        Bialy/Thomas Casting                                                           Casting workshop leader
Tolan, Peter          Screenwriter, producer                                                         Guest Speaker
Tsai, Kelly           Spoken word poet                                                               Guest artist and speaker
Tuan, Alice           Playwright, Some Asians                                                        Guest speaker, playwright for Play-In-A-Day
Vaeni, Kara-Lynn      Director                                                                       Director, Life Is A Dream
Vam Dalsum, Damien    Puppetry Artist                                                                Guest lecturer
Vogel, Paula          Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, How I Learned to Drive                      Rand Lecture
Wilker, Larry         Administrative director, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts            Guest speaker
Williams, Billy Dee   Actor, Star Wars                                                               Guest Speaker
Willoughby, Ron       Actor                                                                          Guest artist, Uncle Vanya
Woolford, Keo         Performer                                                                      Guest artist and speaker
Wu, Robert            Actor                                                                          Guest actor, The Misanthrope
Yearby, Marlies       Choreographer, Rent                                                            Choreographer, The Bacchae of Euripides
Yew, Chay             Director                                                                       Guest artist and speaker

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