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									   Tennessee Healthcare
   Preparedness Program

 Healthcare Preparedness Staff
      Group Presentation

Tennessee Department of Health
RHC Meeting-Hospital/Conference
         July 15, 2011            1
  Healthcare Preparedness Staff
       Group Presentation

                  Primary Staff

Program  Director Public Health Emergency
       Preparedness Program – Mr. Craig Shepherd
Finance/Administration Chief – Ms. Tracey Davis
Director – Mr. Kenneth Palmer
Assistant Director – Mr. Will Oden
Program Coordinator – Mr. Jerrod Wright
13 Regional Hospital Coordinators – One each
       Regional Health Department

New Contract Processing and
  Procedures Discussion
   As of September 2010 – No more Endowment
    Grants can be processed.
   Grants Must Be:
    – GG or GR Type Contracts
    – Must require budgets
    – Hospitals must still complete the ASPR Web-Based
      Reporting System so we can complete ASPR required
   Upfront Payments must now be split into two
   Obligation process at end of grant not permitted.
   Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act   3
Federal Funding Accountability and
   Transparency Act (FFATA)

   FFATA Document Requires
    – DUNS Number (Data Universal Numbering System through
      Dun and Bradstreet)
    – Requires CAGE Number (Commercial and Governmental
      Entity Number)
          Obtained through the Central Contractor Registration (CCR),
           which is the primary registrant database for the U.S. Federal
          Some hospitals may not even have a CAGE number. In this
           case, this field will be left blank on the form.
    – Ms. Wendy Howard sent this document directly to the
      Hospital Grant Managers on February 11 th and was
      required to be returned by February 22 nd via email.
         Process Comparison

      HEGC                                                GG GR
                                                          Initial Budget –THPP
      No Budget – Directly                                ASPR Report 12-10-2011
      Funded                                              Adjusted Budget 04-15-2012

      Total Funds Provided up-front every penny           ½ Upon Contract Approval and ½ on or after
      accounted for in the ASPR report.                   January 9, 2012

      No FFATA                                            FFATA Required

      No DUNS and CAGE                                    DUNS and CAGE required
      Equipment Reported in Capabilities Section of the   Equipment will need to be reported in Capabilities
      Report                                              Section of the Report. Equipment involved will
                                                          have a useful life of more than 1 year and an
                                                          acquisition cost which equals or exceeds $5,000.

E4 Clause of Contract – State Interest in Equipment. The Grantee shall take
legal title to all equipment…(Federal Law Supersedes State Language)                                           5
Budget Form and Form Detail

   Budget Form contains fields not allowable by ASPR
   Only six fields are allowed:
    – Professional Fee/Grant Award² (Requires Detail) (Critical
      Infrastructure Type Expenses)
    – Supplies (All supplies and equipment less than $5,000.00)
    – Occupancy (Storage Rental Fees – Rental of Storage Space for
      Hospital Regional Surge Capacity Cache, etc.)
    – Printing & Publications (Emergency Preparedness Posters, etc.)
    – Travel/Conferences & Meetings² (Requires Detail)
    – Capital Purchases² (Requires Detail) (Single Item ≥ $5,000.00)
7th Grant Expired 6/30/2011

   System reflects some hospitals still have balances
    and some hospitals have not submitted all reports.
   Hospitals need to print the page which reflects the
    date of report submission for their internal auditors.
    Any changes requiring a reset/re-submit will change
    the date later than the 7/10/2011 due date.
   Hospitals with balances remaining will need to work
    with their RHCs to remove these balances. This is
    the last year we can work with the obligation
    process and also the process of finding purchases
    to qualify for surge capacity.
     8th Grant ASPR Web-
    Based Reporting System
   Currently Reviewing the 8th Grant
    ASPR Web-Based Reporting System in
    the Test Stage.
   Plan to have it in Production Mode
    within the next month.
   System will be able to be used for the
    December 10, 2011 report.

Tennessee Healthcare Preparedness
      Program Presentation

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