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Any dog owner will state that sometimes the bane of their existence with their dog is their dog's
digestive issues. The dog will either have diarrhea or constipation. Either way, the dog will emit
very strong gas. Or, the dog might be a very picky eater and the dog will seem to turn up its
nose at its food. Of course if the dog isn't eating, then it won't get the nutrients that it needs.
Dogs that are underweight and malnourished are also a problem that a lot dog owners face.
What these dog owners might not realize is that the issue isn't so much with the dog, but with
the dog's food. Dog owners don't consider the fact that most dogs live off of a diet of food that is
processed, or that is made from ingredients that are not suitable for a dog.

For example, the dog will typically eat kibble. This type of dog food can be thought of as
something like human breakfast cereal. As a matter of fact, many brands of dog food look
exactly like human breakfast cereal, and the ingredients are very similar as well. Ingredients
such as rice, cornmeal and wheat are used. If the ingredients call for meat, the so called meat
is usually made from animal scraps, like knuckles, tails, or other parts of animals that aren't
suitable for dogs to eat. Not only this, but they come from animals that dogs don't eat. Some
manufacturers will claim that their food is made with vegetables, lean meat, and fish. However,
there is no regulations that make these manufacturers state how much of these ingredients are
included. So that means that a fraction of these healthy food sources might be included and the
producer can sell the product as being made with healthy food sources.

Or, a dog food producer might state that their food is made with vitamins, minerals, and with
probiotics. It's true that certain dog foods can be vitamin fortified, which means vitamins are
added to the food mixture. However, there is a natural way to make sure that the dog is not only
getting its proper nutrients, but the dog is truly eating healthy sources of food that is suitable for
its body. This happens when dog owners feed the dog home made dog food.

Home made dog food is food made from lean meat, fish, bones, and vegetables that are
suitable for dogs to eat. Home made dog food isn't made from meal, mush, or strange parts.
This is the same quality of food that would be suitable for humans, but is made with dogs in
mind. The dog will be able to eat as their canine nature requires. Dog owners will find that the
dog's digestive issues will clear up within weeks, sometimes days. This in of itself makes finding
a home made dog food source very important.

Home Made Dog Food

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