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   Securities and Consumer Fraud
                   Practice Group

Founded on April 28, 2003, by Ronald Motley, Joseph Rice and nearly           Minneapolis Firefighters’ Relief Association, et al. v. Medtronic, Inc., et
50 other lawyers, Motley Rice LLC is one of the nation’s largest plain-       al., No. 0:08-cv-06324 (D. Minn.)
tiffs’ law firms. Our attorneys, assisted by over 250 support personnel,
possess extensive experience in a wide variety of civil litigation.           In re UBS AG Sec. Litig., No. 1:07-cv-11225-RJS (S.D.N.Y.)

Motley Rice lawyers initially gained widespread national recognition for      Baker v. MBNA Corp., No. 05-272 (D. Del.)
their pioneering work representing asbestos victims, conducting some of
the first successful representations of injured persons against the asbes-    In re NPS Pharm., Inc. Sec. Litig., No. 2:06-CV-00570 -PGC-PMW
tos industry. Several of our attorneys were subsequently selected by 26       (D. Utah)
States’ Attorneys General to represent them against the tobacco industry
in recovering medical costs associated with smoking under novel legal         Marsden v. Select Med. Corp., No. 04-CV-4020 (E.D. Pa.)
and equitable theories that Motley Rice lawyers spearheaded — result-
ing in a $246 billion settlement agreement, the largest financial resolu-     In re Molson Coors Brewing Co. Sec. Litig., No. 1:05-294-KAJ (D. Del.)
tion of civil litigation in the history of U.S. jurisprudence. In the past
decade, our lawyers have filed a groundbreaking lawsuit and continue          South Ferry LP #2 v. Killinger, No. C04-1599C (W.D. Wash.) (regard-
to work on an international investigation against terrorist financiers on     ing Washington Mutual, Inc.)
behalf of thousands of 9/11 families and survivors.
                                                                              In re Dell, Inc., Sec. Litig., No. A-06-CA726-SS (W.D. Tex.)
Motley Rice represents individuals and institutions, including large
institutional investors, in complex litigation involving securities fraud,    In re Comprehensive Care Corp. S’holder Litig., No. 2692-VCN (Del.
shareholder rights, insurance fraud, workplace injuries, toxic torts, hu-     Ch.)
man rights violations, acts of terrorism, transportation disasters, vehicle
defects, defective drugs, nursing home negligence and class actions.          In re Witness Systems Inc. Sec. Litig., No. 1:06-CV-1894 (N.D. Ga.)

The firm’s lawyers regularly litigate complex cases involving multiple        In re Direct TV Group, Inc. Shareholder Litigation, No. 4581-VCP
parties in state and federal jurisdictions throughout the United States,      (Del. Ch.)
either as sole counsel for the plaintiffs or in association with local
counsel and other firms. Additionally, the firm’s lawyers maximize            Schultze Asset Management, LLC v. Washington Group Int’l, Inc., No.
the use of alternative dispute resolution where appropriate, such as          3261-VCN (Del. Ch.)
negotiation, mediation and arbitration, making it possible to avoid
protracted litigation in some cases.                                          Helaba Invest Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH v. Fialkow, No. 2683-N
                                                                              (Del. Ch.) (regarding National Home Health Care Corp.)
Motley Rice employs state-of-the-art technology by using video con-
ferencing, extranet access to institutional clients, and a computer-based     In re Lear Corp S’holder. Litig., No. 2728-VCS (Del. Ch.)
document management system that enables the firm to process and en-
ter into the database thousands of articles, liability documents and all      Prickett v. Mass. Holding LLC, No. 1:09-cv-03137-PGG (S.D.N.Y)
other information and documents utilized in litigation proceedings.           (Madoff-related case on behalf of individual investor)

The firm has offices in Mt. Pleasant, SC; Providence, RI; Hartford, CT;       Brown v. Charles Schwab & Co., No. 2:07-cv-03852-DCN (D.S.C.)
New York, NY; and Morgantown, WV. Motley Rice lawyers have dealt              (counsel to class of Ponzi scheme victims seeking recovery under the
with clients and cases throughout the world, including in Latin America,      S.C. Uniform Securities Act of 2002)
Canada, Europe and the Caribbean.
                                                                              Kellerman v. Marion Bass Sec. Corp., No. 01-L-000457 (Ill. Cir. Ct.)
SECURITIES LITIGATION                                                         (counsel to putative class of municipal-bond investors asserting state-
Motley Rice has served as lead counsel or co-lead counsel in the fol-         law causes of action)
lowing securities and shareholder cases:
                                                                              Shareholder Derivative
Securities Fraud and Shareholder Direct Class Actions                         Manville Personal Injury Trust v. Blankenship, No. 07-C-1333 (W. Va.)
Bennett v. Sprint Nextel Corp., et al., No. 2:09-cv-02122EFM (D.              (regarding Massey Energy Co.)
    Mecier v. Whittle et al., No. 2008-CP-23-8395 (S.C.) (regarding The       bankruptcies including:
    South Financial Group, Inc.)                                              Co-founding member Joe Rice serves on several Asbestos Creditor
                                                                              Committees, Negotiating Committees and Trust Advisory Commit-
    Manville Pers. Injury Settlement Trust v. Farmer, No. A0806822 (Ohio)     tees, including as chair or co-chair for AWI, Federal Mogul and Pitts-
    (regarding Cintas Corporation)                                            burgh Corning.

    Hughes et al. v. Moody et al., No. 2008-CP-10-2444 (S.C.) (regarding      Claimants’ Committee in In re A.H. Robins, a Chapter 11 Reorgani-
    Force Protection, Inc.)                                                   zation involving Dalkon Shield victims nationwide and H.K. Porter,
                                                                              National Gypsum, Raytech, Rock Wool and M.H. Detrick asbestos
    Service Employees Int’l Union v. Hills, No. A0711383 (Ohio) (regarding    related bankruptcies.
    Chiquita Brands International, Inc.)
                                                                              Class Counsel in In re Trebol Motors Corporation and In re Trebol Mo-
    In re Mattel, Inc. Deriv. Litig., No. BC 377543 (Cal.)                    tors Distributors Corp., actively defending a $143,000,000 class action
                                                                              judgment claim on behalf of a class of defrauded purchasers of Volvo
    Sheet Metal Workers’ Nat’l Pension Fund v. Ritter, C.A. No. 2009-         automobiles.
    001980.00 (regarding Regions Financial Corporation) (institutional
    investor)                                                                 Select counsel to the asbestos Claimants’ Committee in the Johns-
                                                                              Manville bankruptcy pending in the United States Bankruptcy Court
    Motley Rice lawyers have served in key roles in the prosecution of        for the Southern District of New York.
    the following securities litigation:
    Garber, et al. v. Pharmacia Corp., et al., No. 03-CV-01519 (D.N.J.)       OTHER LITIGATION
                                                                              Lead counsel in Burnett v. Al Baraka Investment & Development Corp.,
    In re Citigroup Inc. Sec. Litig., No. 07-cv-9901(SHS) (S.D.N.Y.)          No. 02-1616 (D.D.C.), consolidated actions against terrorist financ-
                                                                              ing organizations in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia,
    In re Vivendi Universal, S.A. Sec. Litig., No. 02-5571 (S.D.N.Y.)         representing over 6,500 families with victims of the 9/11 attacks.

    Welmon v. Chicago Bridge & Iron Co., N.V., No. 06-CV-01283 (IES)          Plaintiffs’ steering and coordinating counsel, Linscomb v. Pittsburgh
    (S.D.N.Y.)                                                                Corning Corp., No. 1:90cv05000 (E.D. Tex.), a national class action
                                                                              on behalf of asbestos victims nationwide in U.S. District Court for the
    In re Clear Channel Commc’ns, Inc. S’holders Litig., No. 2006-CI-         Eastern District of Texas, Beaumont Division.
    17492 (Tex.)
                                                                              Executive committee member in In re Asbestos School Litigation, No.
    Jaffe v. Household Int’l Inc., No. 1:02-cv-05893 (N.D. Ill.)              94-1494 (E.D. Pa.), a national school asbestos class action in U.S.
                                                                              District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
    Cornwell v. Credit Suisse Group, No. 08-cv-3758(VM) (S.D.N.Y.)
                                                                              Lead plaintiffs’ counsel in Central Wesleyan College v. W.R. Grace &
    Curkin v. Solomon, No. 05-cv-2827(RMB) (S.D.N.Y.) (regarding For-         Co., No. 2:87-1860-8 (D.S.C.), a national asbestos property damage
    est Laboratories, Inc.)                                                   class action in U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina,
                                                                              Charleston Division.
    In re Par Pharm. Sec. Litig., No. 06-CV-03226 (D.N.J.) (Lead Plain-
    tiffs’ Executive Committee)                                               Lead plaintiffs’ counsel in In re Raymark Asbestos Exposure Cases, No.
                                                                              87-1016-K (D. Kan.), a national asbestos personal injury class action
    In re Lear Corp. ERISA Litig., No. 5:06-CV-11735 (ICO-VMM)                filed in United States District Court of Kansas, Wichita Division, in
    (E.D. Mich.) (Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee)                            which 19,684 claims were resolved.

    Plaintiffs’ steering committee and plaintiffs’ liaison counsel in In re   Counsel for class representative in Raytech Corp. v. White, No. 89-
    Policy Management Systems Corp., No. 3:93-0807-17 (D.S.C. 1993)           05129 (D. Conn.), an asbestos bankruptcy related class action in U.S.
                                                                              District Court for the District of Connecticut.

    BANKRUPTCIES                                                              Co-lead counsel for plaintiffs in Cimino v. Pittsburgh Corning Corp.,
    Motley Rice lawyers serve on several committees in national               No. 1:85-CV-00676 (E.D. Tex.), an asbestos personal injury class action
on behalf of 2,300 plaintiffs in U.S. District Court for the District of    Plaintiffs’ lead counsel in a case involving ten (10) persons injured in a
Texas, Beaumont Division.                                                   crane disaster in Florence County, South Carolina.

Co-lead plaintiffs’ counsel in Chatham v. AC&S, et al., a consolidated      ACCOLADES
asbestos personal injury action involving 300 plaintiffs in the Circuit     Motley Rice lawyers have received many accolades from the courts,
Court of Harris County, Texas.                                              as well as in the press. Some of these include:

Co-lead plaintiffs’ counsel in Abrams v. GAF Corp., No. 88-5422(1)          Roberts v. AP Green Industries, Inc., No. 49D02-9601-MI-0001-687
(Jackson Cty., Miss.), a consolidated asbestos personal action involv-      (Marion Cty., Ind.) — The judge stated, “That was some of the best final
ing more than 6,000 plaintiffs.                                             arguments I think I’ve ever heard. That was a treat. Congratulations to you
                                                                            all. I expected the best, and you delivered the best, and I appreciate it.”
Co-liaison plaintiffs’ counsel in 3,000 asbestos personal injury cases in
the Third Judicial Circuit of Illinois, Madison County, Illinois.           Marsden v. Select Med. Corp., No. 04-CV-4020 (E.D. Pa., Order entered
                                                                            Oct. 5, 2006) — “Motley Rice LLC possess[es] the requisite knowledge
Co-lead counsel in a consolidated asbestos personal injury action           and skill in securities litigation to ably prosecute this matter on behalf of
involving 540 plaintiffs pending in the Superior Court of Alameda           the class.”
County, California.
                                                                            In re NPS Pharm., Inc. Sec. Litig., No. 2:06-CV-00570-PGC-PMW (D.
Co-lead counsel for plaintiffs in In re Asbestos Products Liability Liti-   Utah, Order entered Nov. 17, 2006) — “As demonstrated by their sub-
gation, MDL 875 (E.D. Pa.).                                                 missions to the court, [Motley Rice has] expertise and experience in the
                                                                            prosecution of shareholder and securities class actions and, as a result, [is]
Counsel in numerous consolidated asbestos trials including 87 con-          adequate to represent the interests of the class.”
solidated cases in Danville, Illinois; 300 consolidated cases in U.S.
District Court, Western District of New York, Rochester, New York;          The National Association of Attorneys General presented Ron Motley, Joe
42 consolidated cases in State Court in Mississippi; and 315 consoli-       Rice and Jack McConnell with their prestigious President’s Award in 1998.
dated cases in the Circuit Court of Kanawha County, West Virginia.
                                                                            The American Association for Justice named Ron Motley the 1998 Harry
Plaintiffs’ steering committee and plaintiffs’ liaison counsel in In re     M. Philo Trial Lawyer of the Year.
Showa Denko K.K. L-Tryptophan Products Liability Litigation (No.
II), MDL 865 (D.S.C.).                                                      Motley Rice was named to “The Plaintiff’s Hot List” by The National Law
                                                                            Journal in October 2006.
Member Interim Plaintiffs’ steering committee and Multiple Plaintiffs’
Counsel in In re San Juan DuPont Plaza Hotel Fire Litigation, MDL           Lawyers USA recognized member Jack McConnell as a 2006 Lawyer of
721 (D.P.R.).                                                               the Year.

Plaintiffs’ lead counsel in In re Kansas Asbestos Cases in U.S. District    The American Association for Justice honored Ron Motley in 2007 with
Court for the District of Kansas, In re Madison County Illinois Asbestos    the David S. Shrager President’s Award for his outstanding contributions
Litigation, and In re Wayne County Michigan Asbestos Cases.                 to the safety and protection of American consumers and the civil justice
Class counsel in Whitfield v. Sangamo Weston, No. 6:84-3184 (D.S.C.),
a PCB personal injury and property damage class action settled while        Motley Rice was listed in the 2007 and 2009 Litigation editions of The
pending before U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina,      Legal 500.
Greenville Division.
                                                                            “[Ron Motley is] one of the most influential lawyers in corporate America.”
Lead counsel in Bates v. Tenco Services Inc.,132 F.R.D. 160 (D.S.C.         — The National Law Journal
1990), a jet fuel pollution case involving the consolidated property
damage and personal injury claims of multiple plaintiffs in the Gold        “[Joe Rice is] one of the five most respected (and feared) plaintiffs’ attor-
Cup Springs subdivision, in U.S. District Court for the District of         neys.” — Corporate Legal Times
South Carolina, Charleston Division.
Member by appointment of a three (3) person steering committee on           Ron Motley and Joe Rice were included in the 2008 and 2009 editions
the Food Lion Multidistrict Litigation Panel.                               of South Carolina SuperLawyers.
    TEAM BIOGRAPHIES                                                              Ron has won widespread honors for his ability to win justice and
                                                                                  compensation for his clients and for his seminal impact on the course
    THE FIRM’S MEMBERS                                                            of civil litigation. He has been named for more than ten consecu-
                                                                                  tive years to The Best Lawyers in America and was named in the 2010
    Ronald Motley                                                                 edition as the SC Personal Injury Litigator of the Year. Ron was also
    Ron Motley is internationally recognized as one of America’s most ac-         included in the 2008 and 2009 editions of South Carolina Superlaw-
    complished and skilled trial lawyers. Over a career spanning more than        yers, and the 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 editions of The Lawdragon
    three decades, his persuasiveness before a jury and his ability to break      500. The American Association for Justice (formerly the Association
    new legal and evidentiary ground has brought to justice two once-             of Trial Lawyers of America) honored him in 2007 with the David
    invincible giant industries whose malfeasance took the lives of millions      S. Shrager President’s Award for his outstanding contributions to the
    of Americans — asbestos and tobacco. Armed with a combination of              safety and protection of American consumers and the civil justice
    legal and trial skills, personal charisma, nose-to-the-grindstone hard        system. In 1998, he was named Harry M. Philo Trial Lawyer of the
    work and record of success, Ron has built Motley Rice into one of             Year by the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and in the same
    the nation’s largest plaintiffs’ law firms focusing on highly complex         year, he received the President’s Award of the National Association
    litigation.                                                                   of Attorneys General for his “courage, legal skills and dedication to
                                                                                  our children and the public health of our nation.” The Campaign for
    Noted for his role in spearheading the historic litigation against the to-    Tobacco-Free Kids gave him their Youth Advocates of the Year Award
    bacco industry, Ron served as lead trial counsel for 28 State Attorneys       in 1999. For his trial achievements, BusinessWeek magazine character-
    General in the lawsuits. His efforts to uncover corporate wrongdoing          ized Ron’s courtroom skills as “dazzling.” American Lawyer dubbed
    and scientific wrongdoing resulted in the Master Settlement Agreement,        him “The man who took on Manville,” and The National Law Journal
    the largest civil settlement in U.S. history, in which the tobacco industry   has ranked him, “One of the most influential lawyers in America.”
    agreed to reimburse states for smoking-related health care costs.
                                                                                  Ron is a member of the American Association for Justice, has served
    Through his pioneering discovery and partnerships, Ron exposed                on their Board of Governors since 1977 and served as chair of their
    asbestos manufacturers and the harmful and disabling effects of oc-           Asbestos Litigation Group since 1978. He is also a member of the
    cupational, environmental and household asbestos exposure. He has             American Bar Association, Civil Justice Foundation, Inner Circle of
    represented thousands of asbestos victims, achieving numerous trial           Advocates, International Academy of Trial Lawyers and South Car-
    breakthroughs, including the class actions and mass consolidations of         olina Association for Justice. He founded the Mark Elliott Motley
    Cimino et al. v. Raymark et al. (U.S.D.C. TX), Abate et al. v. ACandS et      Foundation, Inc., in 2002 in loving memory of his son. The focus
    al. (Baltimore) and In Re: Asbestos Personal Injury Cases (Mississippi).      of the Foundation is to help meet the health, education and welfare
                                                                                  needs of children and young adults in the Charleston, South Carolina,
    In 2002, Ron once again advanced cutting-edge litigation as lead              community.
    counsel for the 9/11 Families United to Bankrupt Terrorism with a
    lawsuit filed on behalf of more than 6,500 family members and survi-          EDUCATION:
    vors of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The suit seeks justice     J.D., University of South Carolina School of Law, 1971
    and ultimately bankruptcy for al Qaeda’s financiers, including numer-         B.A., University of South Carolina, 1966
    ous individuals, banks, corporations and charities in the Middle East         LICENSED IN: SC
    who provided resources and monetary aid. He has also served as lead           ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
    counsel in numerous individual aviation security liability and damages        U.S. Supreme Court
    cases under In Re September 11 Litigation filed against the aviation and      U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Eleventh Circuits
    aviation security industry, on behalf of victims’ families devastated by
    the security failures of 9/11. Ron fights for greater justice, accountabil-   Joseph Rice
    ity and recourse. He also brought the landmark case of Oran Almog v.          Motley Rice co-founding member Joe Rice is recognized as a skillful
    Arab Bank against the financial sponsor of Hamas and other terrorist          and innovative negotiator of complex litigation settlements. As lead
    organizations in Israel.                                                      private counsel for more than 20 State Attorneys General, he played
                                                                                  a central role in crafting the landmark Master Settlement Agreement,
    Additionally, Ron leads Motley Rice’s litigation efforts against several      the largest civil settlement in U.S. history in which the tobacco indus-
    human tissue processing firms and funeral homes on behalf of the              try agreed to reimburse states for smoking-related health costs. Over
    victims of an alleged body harvesting scheme. The firm is currently           the past two decades, Joe has also been recognized for his role in struc-
    litigating over 500 of these cases, with Ron serving as co-lead counsel       turing some of the most significant resolutions of asbestos liabilities on
    on the tainted tissue MDL.                                                    behalf of victims injured by asbestos-related products.
Currently, Joe directs the Motley Rice securities litigation team in        and South Carolina Association for Justice.
10(b)5 securities fraud cases, shareholder derivative cases and actions
against proposed merger and acquisition transactions. He is sought          EDUCATION:
after by investment funds for guidance on strategies to increase share-     J.D., University of South Carolina School of Law, 1979
holder value, enhance corporate governance reforms, and recover as-         B.S., University of South Carolina, 1976
sets through litigation.
                                                                            LICENSED IN: SC
Joe also continues to negotiate on behalf of the firm’s clients in se-      ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
curities and consumer fraud, transportation disasters, human rights,        U.S. Supreme Court
9/11 and anti-terrorism cases. He has held a crucial role in executing      U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second,Third, Fourth and Eleventh Cir-
the strategic mediations and/or settlements in 58 aviation liability and    cuits
damages cases against multiple defendants on behalf of families of the      U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska and the District of
victims of the 9/11 attacks who opted out of the Victims Compensa-          South Carolina
tion Fund. In addition to providing greater answers, accountability
and recourse to victims’ families, the resulting settlements shattered a    John Baden IV
settlement matrix developed and utilized for decades by other aviation      John Baden represents clients harmed by asbestos exposure in individ-
firms and the airline industry.                                             ual and mass tort forums as well as in complex asbestos bankruptcies.
                                                                            He handles complete case management and settlement negotiations
Joe remains a key player in developing and negotiating the structured       for individuals and families suffering from mesothelioma and other
settlements of asbestos manufacturers emerging from bankruptcy and          asbestos-related diseases.
has served on numerous Asbestos Creditor Committees, Negotiating
Committees and Trust Advisory Committees. Joe was chair or co-              Additionally, John works closely with Joe Rice on the negotiation and
chair of the Asbestos Creditor Committee in several bankruptcies, in-       complex case resolution of multiple asbestos bankruptcies, including
cluding AWI, Federal Mogul and Pittsburgh Corning. In addition, he          NARCO and W.R. Grace. He manages the related claims processes
was the lead negotiator for the Owens Corning bankruptcy without a          and directs the firm’s team of senior claims administrators.
committee and served on the Negotiating Committee of many others
including the US Gypsum and W.R. Grace bankruptcies.                        John began his legal career as a litigation trial paralegal for Ron Motley
                                                                            in 1997, working with the State Attorneys General on the landmark
Described as one of the nation’s “five most feared and respected plain-     tobacco litigation primarily in Florida, Mississippi and Texas. He also
tiffs’ lawyers in corporate America” in a poll of defense counsel and le-   supported occupational litigation in several states, including the exigent
gal scholars conducted by Corporate Legal Times, Joe was cited time af-     trial dockets of Georgia and West Virginia. John served as a judicial in-
ter time as one of the toughest, sharpest and hardest-working litigators    tern for Judge Sol Blatt, Jr., of the U.S. District Court of South Carolina
they have faced. As the article notes, “For all his talents as a shrewd     and Judge Jasper M. Cureton of the South Carolina Court of Appeals.
negotiator ... Rice has earned most of his respect from playing fair and    After earning a law degree in 2002, John began working with Motley
remaining humble.” Since 2007, he has been named to each annual             Rice attorneys as part of the Occupational Disease practice group, and
edition of The Best Lawyers in America, and he was also included in the     was named a Motley Rice member in 2008. A member of the American
2008 and 2009 editions of South Carolina Superlawyers. In 2006, Joe         Association for Justice and South Carolina Association for Justice, John
was described by The American Lawyer as “one of the shrewdest busi-         has lectured on asbestos bankruptcy issues at various legal seminars.
nessmen practicing law.” He combines a meticulous and exhaustive
capacity for number-crunching with a creative mind, thinking outside        EDUCATION:
the box to solve difficult problems and win justice for clients.            J.D., University of South Carolina, 2002
                                                                            B.A., College of Charleston, 1996
In 1998, Joe received the President’s Award of the National Associa-        LICENSED IN: SC
tion of Attorneys General. In 1999 and 2000, he served on the fac-
ulty at Duke University School of Law as a Senior Lecturing Fellow          Fred Baker
and has taught classes at the University of South Carolina on the art       Fred Baker currently divides his time between the environmental,
of negotiating. Joe serves his community through several local orga-        commercial, and securities and consumer fraud matters.
nizations, including Lowcountry Toys for Tots and the Dee Norton
Lowcountry Children’s Center, for which he co-chaired the inaugural         Over the course of his legal career, Fred has litigated a broad range of
Campaign for the Next Child. He is a member of the American Asso-           complex cases in the environmental, medical costs recovery, consumer
ciation for Justice, American Bar Association, American Inns of Court       and products liability fields. He was a member of the legal team that
    litigated the groundbreaking tobacco litigation on behalf of several          ence includes the health insurance fraud and post-claims underwriting
    State Attorneys General. He also participated in the litigation of indi-      case Clark v. Security Life Insurance Company, the largest civil RICO
    vidual tobacco cases, entity tobacco cases and a tobacco class action.        case in Georgia history, and Wiggins v. Parsons Nursery, one of the larg-
    Fred has served as counsel in a number of class actions, including the        est environmental and health contamination cases in South Carolina.
    two class action settlements arising out of the Graniteville train derail-    Kevin also served as a County Commissioner on the Early County
    ment chlorine spill and the currently pending West Virginia unfair            Georgia Board of Commissioners and still has the distinguished honor
    trade practices insurance class action. Additionally, he has helped liti-     of having been the youngest elected commissioner in county history.
    gate large scale environmental contamination cases.                           Kevin frequently appears in local and national broadcast and print
                                                                                  media discussing legal matters of workplace safety, fire prevention
    Fred began practicing with Motley Rice attorneys in 1994. He cur-             and other products liability, as well as specific casework and efforts
    rently chairs the firm’s attorney hiring committee.                           for changes and improvements in various industries. He is a member
                                                                                  of the American Association for Justice, Georgia Trial Lawyers Asso-
    EDUCATION:                                                                    ciation, and South Carolina Association for Justice. He co-authored
    LL.M./J.D., Duke University School of Law, 1993                               “Dangerous Doors and Loose Latches” for the November 2004 issue
    B.A., University of North Carolina, 1985                                      of Trial Magazine for the American Association for Justice (formerly
    LICENSED IN: NY, SC                                                           Association of Trial Lawyers of America) and is the author of “The
    ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                                  Right to Jury Trial in ERISA Civil Enforcement Actions” published in
    U.S. Court of Appeals for the First, Third, Fourth and Tenth Circuits         The American Journal of Trial Advocacy (1989).
    U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York and the
    District of South Carolina                                                    EDUCATION:
                                                                                  J.D., Cumberland School of Law, 1991
    Kevin Dean                                                                    B.A., Valdosta State University, 1989
    Kevin Dean focuses his litigation efforts on catastrophic injury, prod-       LICENSED IN: GA, SC
    ucts liability, complex personal injury and wrongful death litigation.        ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
    As co-leader of Motley Rice’s Catastrophic Injury practice group, Kev-        U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth and Eleventh Circuits
    in represents individual victims and families affected by tragic events       U.S District Court for the Middle, Northern and Southern Districts
    caused by hazardous consumer products, occupational and industrial            of Georgia, Central District of Illinois and District of South Carolina
    accidents, fires, premise injuries and other incidents of negligence. He
    currently is lead plaintiffs’ counsel in the wrongful death and negli-        Michael Elsner
    gence case against the Sofa Super Store, contractors and multiple fur-        Michael Elsner manages complex, cross-border litigation and intricate
    niture manufacturers on behalf of the families of several firefighters        investigations of infringement and abuse of human rights, multi-lay-
    lost in the June 2007 warehouse fire in Charleston, South Carolina.           ered financial transactions and due diligence. He litigates complex civ-
                                                                                  il matters on behalf of individuals and businesses victimized by com-
    Since 2005, Kevin has played a leadership role in litigating hundreds         mercial malfeasance, violations of human rights, inadequate security
    of medical malpractice cases alleging illegal organ harvesting and po-        measures and state-sponsored terrorism. As a key member of Motley
    tentially diseased human tissue and organ transplants. He is actively         Rice’s Anti-Terrorism and Human Rights practice group, Michael is
    involved with medical malpractice, defective medical devices and              using the U.S. civil justice system to seek social change and improved
    pharmaceutical drug litigation. Additionally, Kevin litigates vehicle         protection of Americans at home and abroad.
    defect cases, including against “the Big Three” automotive manufac-
    turers General Motors, Chrysler and Ford, in cases involving defective        Michael’s understanding of the porous and complex challenges of
    brakes, door locks, door latches, seat belts and roll overs. He was a trial   international litigation is critical to litigating cases involving human
    co-counsel lawyer in Guzman v. Ford (2001), the first case brought to         rights and financial dealings that rarely exist inside neatly defined bor-
    trial regarding a hidden defective outside door latch handle, as well         ders. He is highly proficient in the use of legal mechanisms to track il-
    as in the vehicle rollover case Hayward v. Ford (2005) and a plaintiffs’      licit finances, and his investigations through the maze of international
    verdict in Watson v. Ford (2006), a stuck cruise control case.                banking and financial regulations continue to uncover violations that
                                                                                  have allowed money laundering and terrorist financing. Michael is
    Prior to joining Motley Rice, Kevin was a partner with the Law Offices        building upon legal theories and case precedents to represent plaintiffs
    of J. Edward Bell III, LLC, in Georgetown, South Carolina. Before             harmed by financial crimes and actions and hold the global institu-
    moving to South Carolina in 2001, he was a member of the William              tions and organizations accountable.
    S. Stone, P.C. law firm in Blakely, Georgia, and began his career as an
    associate with The Bennett Law Firm of Valdosta, Georgia. His experi-         Michael is a lead plaintiffs’ counsel in Almog v. Arab Bank, a suit brought
on behalf of American and Israeli victims of terrorist’s attacks trying to      litigation filed by the City of New York and the City and County of
prevent the financing of more terrorists and help bring peace to the            San Francisco.
Middle East region. In addition, he currently leads the worldwide inves-
tigation for liability evidence in the 9/11 Families United to Bankrupt         Fidelma held a central role in the lead paint trial on behalf of the state
Terrorism civil action against al Qaeda’s alleged financiers and support-       of Rhode Island against former corporate manufacturers of lead paint.
ers. In this capacity, Michael meets with U.S. and foreign intelligence         In recognition of her legal work on the Rhode Island case, Fidelma
officers, witnesses, and informants, who have already helped him gather         was named a 2006 Rhode Island Lawyer of the Year by Rhode Island
more than two million pages of documents in numerous languages                  Lawyers Weekly and a finalist for the Public Justice Foundation’s Trial
identifying the activities of al Qaeda and its financiers. He is a member       Lawyer of the Year award. She was also selected for inclusion in the
of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee for this multidistrict litigation filed   2010 edition of The Best Lawyers in America for her work in mass tort
on behalf of more than 6,500 families and survivors of the September            litigation.
11, 2001 attacks. He also served as a member of the Plaintiffs’ Commit-
tee in In re September 11th Litigation, a suit brought against the airline      In addition to lead paint cases, Fidelma represents clients in other tox-
industry for alleging it failed to detect and prevent the September 11,         ic tort and environmental contamination matters, including property
2001 attacks.                                                                   damage and personal injury claims. She also represents plane crash vic-
                                                                                tims, including several families in litigation against multiple corporate
Michael’s work with financial transaction litigation includes commer-           defendants regarding the crash of TAM Airlines Flight 3054 in São
cial, securities fraud and shareholder derivative cases such as his ex-         Paulo, Brazil. Fidelma is member of the firm’s securities practice and
tensive work on behalf of domestic and foreign investors In re Vivendi          has litigated labor and employment issues on behalf of labor unions
Universal, S.A. Securities Litigation. Michael began his career with the        and employees.
Manville Personal Injury Trust and then practiced complex civil litiga-
tion in New York in the areas of toxic torts, security, personal injury,        Fidelma began working with Motley Rice attorneys in 1997 on the
bankruptcy, and whistleblower protections prior to joining Motley               Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island groundbreaking lawsuits
Rice attorneys in 2002.                                                         against the tobacco industry. She has co-authored several law articles,
                                                                                including “Access to Justice: The Use of Contingent Fee Arrange-
Sharing his experience and insight as a lecturer and consultant, Mi-            ments by Public Officials to Vindicate Public Rights” in Cardozo J.L.
chael has discussed anti-terrorism and human rights litigation on               & Gender (Spring 2008) and “Negligence in the Paint: The Case for
several national and international news outlets, including CNN,                 Applying the Risk Contribution Doctrine to Lead Litigation” in Pace
MSNBC, National Public Radio and the BBC as well as international               Environmental Law Review (Fall 2008). She frequently speaks on en-
anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism industry conferences. He is            vironmental and mass tort topics at conferences for federal and state
a member of the American Association for Justice, American Bar As-              court judges, attorneys, academic professionals and law students.
sociation, New York Bar Association, South Carolina Bar Association,
Virginia Bar Association, National Crime Victims Bar Association,               Named a Motley Rice member in 2006, Fidelma serves as a volunteer
and Public Justice.                                                             attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union. She is a member
                                                                                of the American Association for Justice, American Bar Association,
EDUCATION:                                                                      Public Justice, Rhode Island Association for Justice and Rhode Island
J.D., University of Memphis, 1997                                               Women’s Bar Association.
B.A., John Carroll University, 1993
LICENSED IN: NY, SC, VA                                                         EDUCATION:
ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                                    J.D. cum laude, American University, 1994
U.S District Court for the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York           B.A., Canisius College, 1991
                                                                                LICENSED IN: DC, MA, NY, RI
Fidelma Fitzpatrick                                                             ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
Fidelma Fitzpatrick litigates environmental contamination claims on             U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit
behalf of various states, cities, counties and individuals. She currently       U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts and District of
manages cases seeking to hold the lead paint industry accountable for           Rhode Island
the childhood lead poisoning crisis and provide restitution and com-
pensation to affected children and families. As a result of her contin-         Jodi Flowers
ued work for lead poisoning victims, the Wisconsin State Supreme                Jodi Flowers co-leads, along with Ron Motley, Motley Rice’s Anti-Ter-
Court became the first to recognize the legal rights of poisoned chil-          rorism and Human Rights practice group, the legal team that brought
dren to sue lead pigment manufacturers. She is working on similar               the groundbreaking complex litigation against the financiers and ma-
    terial supporters of al Qaeda. She represents thousands of family mem-       tos-related diseases. He represents children and families poisoned by
    bers and survivors of September 11, 2001, in a pioneering civil action       exposure to lead paint and pigments in trials, negotiations and settle-
    to hold al Qaeda’s sponsors accountable and cut off the terror support       ments. Vin’s legal efforts led to his critical role in defeating tort reform
    pipeline, and serves on the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee for In Re:       legislation in Rhode Island, utilizing testimony, analysis and grassroots
    Terrorist Attacks on September 11, 2001 consolidated by the Multidis-        outreach to push passage of a bill that helped prevent childhood lead
    trict Litigation Panel. She is an integral member of the Motley Rice         poisoning without infringing on victims’ rights. For his numerous ef-
    aviation security litigation team seeking accountability and change in       forts and accomplishments, the Childhood Lead Action Project hon-
    aviation security following the 9/11 attacks. Additionally, Jodi handles     ored him with its Beyond the Call of Duty Award in 2001.
    a variety of other anti-terrorism cases regarding the state-sponsorship      Currently, Vin represents workers and families suffering from meso-
    of international terrorism as well as human rights litigation involving      thelioma and other asbestos-related diseases as a result of occupational,
    violations of international law and human rights abuses.                     environmental or household exposure to asbestos. He has managed
                                                                                 asbestos cases and negotiations on behalf of hundreds of individuals,
    Jodi’s legal career has included developing, researching and managing        including arguing before the Supreme Courts of Ohio and Rhode Is-
    complex litigation and class actions on behalf of injured consumers          land.
    and citizens in lawsuits and trials involving tobacco, asbestos, lead pig-
    ment, aviation, transportation and vehicle defects. She litigated against    Vin began working with Motley Rice attorneys in 1997 on the land-
    lead paint/pigment manufacturers, Bridgestone/Firestone for injuries         mark litigation against the tobacco industry and medical malpractice
    caused by tire defects cases, and the telecom industry for wiretapping.      cases. He was named a Motley Rice member in 2008 and is a member
    She has served on numerous MDL Executive Committees and Sub-                 of the American Association for Justice and American Civil Liberties
    committees. Currently, she plays an active role in litigating multiple       Union and serves on the Board of Directors for the Rhode Island As-
    complex securities fraud cases and shareholder derivative suits.             sociation for Justice.

    Jodi began her career applying restitution and fraud theories to the         EDUCATION:
    litigation against the tobacco industry which resulted in the historic       J.D., George Washington University, 1998
    Master Settlement Agreement between the state attorneys general and          B.A., College of the Holy Cross, 1995
    the tobacco industry. She developed expert and whistleblower testi-          LICENSED IN: RI
    mony, synthesized millions of pages of documents and prepared the            ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
    tobacco cases for trial. She also prepared the false-marketing and child     U.S. District Court for the District of Rhode Island
    targeting case against the tobacco industry which resulted in restric-
    tions on cartoon ads and the retirement of Joe Camel.                        John Herrick
                                                                                 John Herrick has spent more than 20 years representing victims of as-
    Jodi consults with various media outlets, including U.S. and foreign         bestos exposure suffering from mesothelioma and other asbestos-relat-
    television, radio and print media. She provides pro bono work on             ed diseases. As the leader of the firm’s occupational disease practice,
    a variety of global, national and community issues and directs the           John continues to fight for the rights of those harmed by asbestos
    firm’s Charitable Contributions Committee, overseeing Motley Rice’s          and other occupational diseases and assists in managing the firm’s
    corporate giving to community and advocacy organizations. She is a           asbestos litigation teams. A senior trial lawyer with years of court-
    member of the American Association for Justice, the South Carolina           room experience, John represents individuals and families against
    Association for Justice, the American Bar Association, the Charleston        defendants which manufactured and sold defective and unreason-
    Bar Association and the Daughters of the American Revolution.                ably dangerous asbestos-containing products and equipment, as well
                                                                                 as premise owners and contractors who specified and installed those
    EDUCATION:                                                                   products.
    J.D., University of South Carolina School of Law, Carolina Legal
    Scholar, 1993                                                                In his career, John has litigated asbestos cases resulting from occu-
    B.A. magna cum laude, College of Charleston, 1989                            pational, environmental and household exposure, receiving verdicts
    LICENSED IN: SC                                                              in hundreds of matters. Most recently, John was lead trial counsel in
    ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                                 a welding fume verdict for the plaintiff on behalf of a welder who
    U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit                                 developed manganism from exposure to welding fumes. He won the
    U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina                       first affirmed jury verdict in the United States for a domestic asbestos
                                                                                 exposed mesothelioma victim in the Marie Granski case, and achieved
    Vin Greene IV                                                                the first verdict in the United States against SCAPA US, the former
    Vin Greene works on behalf of victims of lead poisoning and asbes-           manufacturer of asbestos-containing dryer felts. John also worked as
lead trial counsel in the Harlow trial group, cited as a top 100 case of     A Motley Rice member since 2003, Anne began working with Motley
the year by The National Law Journal, and litigated a personal injury        Rice attorneys in 1998 on behalf of the State Attorneys General in the
case against a tobacco company for a plaintiff harmed by the use of          historic lawsuit against Big Tobacco, resulting in the largest civil settle-
asbestos in cigarette filters.                                               ment in U.S. history. She has tried several noteworthy cases including
                                                                             Cox vs. A&I Company, West Virginia’s first domestic asbestos exposure
Using his crossover trial techniques and strong deposition skills, John      case, and the 2002 West Virginia Consolidated Asbestos Trial against
is also contributing to the expansion of the firm’s securities litigation    Union Carbide in which the company was found to have maintained
practice.                                                                    unsafe working conditions at their plants throughout the state. Her
                                                                             litigation experience includes several catastrophic injury or wrongful
John was highlighted in the 2009 edition of The Legal 500 and is a           death cases as a result of workplace incidents.
member of the American Association for Justice, the American Bar As-
sociation and the South Carolina Association for Justice. He is a fre-       Anne frequently speaks on asbestos litigation, tort reform and general
quent guest speaker at asbestos litigation related seminars.                 product liability at seminars across the country. She has been pub-
                                                                             lished on major legal issues, including forum non conveniens and defec-
EDUCATION:                                                                   tive products abroad, corporate conduct, medicolegal aspects of asbes-
J.D., University of South Carolina School of Law, 1988                       tos litigation and mass tort litigation. She has written several articles
B.A., University of South Carolina, 1983                                     of interest to the plaintiffs’ bar, including:
ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                                 • “Household Asbestos Exposure Cases: Innocent Victims” (SC Trial
U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois, District of          Lawyer, Fall 2004)
Maryland, District of South Carolina, Eastern and Western Districts          • “Medicolegal Aspects of Asbestos-Related Disease: A Plaintiff’s At-
of Wisconsin                                                                   torney’s Perspective in Roggli, et al. (Motley, Patrick and Kearse, Pa-
                                                                               thology of Asbestos-Associated Diseases, 2nd Edition, 2004)
Anne Kearse                                                                  • “Decades of Deception: Secrets of Lead, Asbestos and Tobacco” (Tri-
With a background in consumer affairs and products liability, Anne             al Magazine, October 1999)
McGinness Kearse focuses her practice on occupational health, worker         • Comment, “Forfeiting the Home-Court Advantage: The Federal
safety and workplace injuries. Through her litigation and trial work,          Doctrine of Forum Non Conveniens” (49 S.C. Law Rev. 1303, Sum-
Anne has fought the asbestos and tobacco industries and other corpo-           mer 1998)
rations that put profits before safety. In addition to obtaining compen-     • “The Consolidation Experience - Managing Asbestos Litigation”
sation for victims who have been killed or injured by these companies,         (Unpublished manuscript, on file with the author)
Anne has been instrumental in the implementation of better safety
practices and corporate governance measures and in holding compa-            Anne was highlighted in the 2009 edition of The Legal 500 and was
nies accountable for the health and safety of workers and the public.        elected to serve on the Board of Directors of the Public Justice Foun-
She serves in a managing role for the firm’s occupational health and         dation in 2008. She is a member of the American Association for Jus-
catastrophic injury practice groups.                                         tice, American Bar Association and South Carolina Association for
                                                                             Justice. She is also a member of the Order of the Coif, Order of the
Anne represents many victims of asbestos exposure who have contract-         Wig and Robe, John Belton O’Neal Inn of Court and the James L.
ed the devastating, deadly occupational disease mesothelioma through         Petigru Chapter of the American Inns of Court.
asbestos exposure in the chemical, electric power generation, steel and
construction industries. Most of her clients have had direct contact with    EDUCATION:
asbestos yet were never told by their employers or product manufactur-       J.D. cum laude, University of South Carolina, 1998
ers of the severe health hazards of asbestos exposure. Anne also litigates   B.S., Syracuse University, 1983
asbestos claims on behalf of household exposure victims, including chil-     LICENSED IN: SC
dren and housewives who have developed mesothelioma as a result expo-        ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
sure to asbestos brought home on the clothes of their family members.        U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York and District
                                                                             of South Carolina
Currently, she serves as Plaintiffs’ Liaison Counsel on the statewide
asbestos exigent docket in West Virginia. Additionally, she represents       Marlon Kimpson
several of the Canadian Workers’ Compensation Boards seeking to              Marlon Kimpson represents victims of corporate negligence, from in-
recoup benefits paid out to asbestos victims in Canada.                      vestors in securities and consumer fraud cases to those injured or killed
                                                                             in aviation disasters and other catastrophic incidents. Building upon
     the firm’s relationships with unions and governmental entities, Kimp-      Robert McConnell
     son helps unions, institutional and individual investors and state and     Bob McConnell’s practice concentrates on lead pigment litigation,
     municipality pension funds better identify potential securities fraud      childhood lead poisoning cases and other toxic environmental litiga-
     and improve corporate governance through securities, deal and deriva-      tion with Motley Rice’s Environmental practice group. For several
     tive litigation.                                                           years, Bob prepared for and served on the trial team in the landmark
                                                                                trial on behalf of the state of Rhode Island against corporate defen-
     Since joining Motley Rice attorneys in 2000, Marlon has played an          dants from the lead paint industry. In 2005, he successfully argued the
     integral role in developing the firm’s catastrophic injury, aviation and   precedent-setting case Thomas v. Mallett 285 Wis 2d 236 as part of the
     securities fraud practice groups. Marlon has helped Motley Rice take       Motley Rice trial team applying risk contribution theory to the lead
     a leadership role in noteworthy cases such as the constitutional rights    paint industry before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.
     class action on behalf of over 100 South Carolina high school stu-
     dents held at gunpoint during a school-authorized police raid. Cur-        Bob currently represents children injured by childhood lead poison-
     rently Marlon represents several professional football players against     ing against property owners, governmental agencies and lead pig-
     the National Football League for its alleged negligence in endorsing a     ment companies. In Rhode Island, Bob secured the largest lead paint
     financial advisory firm indicted by the federal government for millions    poisoning settlement on behalf of a child injured by lead poisoning.
     of dollars in embezzlement.                                                He also played a leading role in a statewide lobbying effort to de-
                                                                                feat legislation that would have denied lead-poisoned children and
     As a member of the aviation team, Marlon has worked on commer-             their families the right to seek justice. Through testimony, analysis
     cial and charter aviation cases with clients, defendants and accidents     and grassroots outreach, he helped the Rhode Island legislature pass
     involving multiple countries including the United States, the Bahamas      a bill helping to prevent childhood lead poisoning without infringing
     and Martinique.                                                            on victims’ rights.

     Marlon goes beyond professional involvement in the community, cur-         Additionally, Bob litigates cases involving environmental hazards such
     rently serving on the Board of Directors for the South Carolina Mari-      as groundwater or soil contamination. He represents victims seeking
     time Foundation, Palmetto Project and the Peggy Browning Fund.             corporate accountability as a result of personal injury, property dam-
     Since 2006, he has served as a Presidential Appointee to the University    age and economic loss as a result of negligent environmental prac-
     of South Carolina Board of Visitors. He formerly held leadership roles     tices. Recently, Bob represented more than 100 residents of Tiverton,
     with the Charleston Black Lawyers Association and the South Caroli-        Rhode Island, in an environmental contamination lawsuit against a
     na Election Commission. His legal work and volunteer service earned        major New England utility company.
     him the honor of being named to the 2005 Charleston Regional Busi-
     ness Journal’s Forty Under 40 list.                                        With nearly two decades of experience in asbestos litigation, Bob also works
                                                                                on the firm’s occupational disease and toxic tort litigation. He continues
     After five years in commercial banking, Marlon earned a law degree         to represent victims of asbestos exposure suffering from mesothelioma and
     and then served as a law clerk to Judge Matthew J. Perry of the U.S.       other asbestos-related diseases. He has managed large consolidation trials
     District Court of South Carolina. A frequent guest speaker at both         in several states including Maryland, Mississippi and West Virginia.
     continuing legal education and community events, Marlon has ap-
     peared on many media outlets. Marlon is a member of the American           After beginning his career as a teacher, Bob earned a law degree and
     Association for Justice, American Bar Association, Charleston Black        clerked for the Honorable Donald F. Shea of the Rhode Island Su-
     Lawyers Association, National Bar Association, South Carolina As-          preme Court. He joined Motley Rice attorneys on the tobacco litiga-
     sociation for Justice, Sigma Pi Phi Boulé fraternity and Omega Psi Phi     tion team representing multiple state attorneys general, which resulted
     fraternity.                                                                in the historic Master Settlement Agreement between the states and
                                                                                the tobacco industry.
     J.D., University of South Carolina, 1999                                   Bob was selected for inclusion in the 2010 edition of The Best Law-
     B.A., Morehouse College, 1991                                              yers in America in addition to being named to the 2009 New England
     LICENSED IN: SC                                                            Superlawyers list. Highly active in the Rhode Island community, Bob
     ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                               serves as board vice chairman of The Institute for the Study and Prac-
     U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina                     tice of Nonviolence, an organization that seeks to promote nonvio-
                                                                                lence among young people in Rhode Island’s inner cities. He is also a
                                                                                board member for the George Wiley Center, which advocates for the
                                                                                rights of low income Rhode Island citizens, and the Fund for Com-
munity Progress, an organization that supports 26 grassroots organiza-          case against Forrest Laboratories, Inc.
tions working for long-term community change.
Bob frequently speaks about lead paint litigation to local and regional         A recurrent speaker at legal seminars across the country, Don has also
groups such as the Rhode Island Bar Association and the Northeast               appeared on numerous television and radio broadcast programs and
Conference of Attorneys General. He is a member of the American                 in print media to address legal issues related to terrorist financing,
Association for Justice and the American Bar Association.                       aviation security, class action litigation, premises liability, asbestos and
                                                                                defective medical devices cases. He also teaches mass torts as an ad-
EDUCATION:                                                                      junct professor at Roger Williams University School of Law. Don was
J.D., Suffolk University School of Law, 1987                                    named to the 2009 New England Superlawyers list and, in 2005, was
A.B., Brown University, 1979                                                    honored as one of Providence Business News’ Forty Under 40. He is a
LICENSED IN: MA, RI                                                             member of the American Association for Justice and the American Bar
ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                                    Association and serves as Treasurer for the Rhode Island Association
U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, and the District         for Justice.
of Rhode Island
Donald Migliori                                                                 M.A./J.D., Syracuse University, 1993
Building upon his experience in complex asbestos cases, the historic            A.B., Brown University, 1988
tobacco lawsuits and 9/11 litigation, Don Migliori is a multifaceted            LICENSED IN: MA, MN, NY, RI
litigator. He represents victims of terrorism, aviation disasters, defec-       ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
tive medical devices and drugs, and occupational diseases in cutting-           U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
edge litigation that spans the country.                                         U.S. District Court for the District of Rhode Island

As co-leader of Motley Rice’s aviation team, Don has played a central           Ingrid Moll
role in the extensive discovery, mediations and settlements of over 50          Ingrid Moll is a trial and appellate attorney who litigates on behalf
cases of 9/11 aviation liability and damages against numerous defen-            of consumers, businesses, unions and governmental entities. Ingrid’s
dants, shattering a settlement matrix utilized by other aviation firms          practice focuses on class action and complex cases involving consumer
and the airline industry. In this role, Don represents families of the          protection, unfair trade practices, commercial, environmental and se-
victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks who opted-out of the Vic-             curities litigation.
tims Compensation Fund to seek greater answers, accountability and
recourse, and serves as liaison counsel for all wrongful death and per-         Prior to joining Motley Rice, Ingrid was an associate attorney at two
sonal injury cases in the 9/11 aviation security litigation. Additionally,      large defense firms. She also served as a law clerk to Justice David M.
he manages anti-terrorism litigation associated with the 9/11 terrorist         Borden of the Connecticut Supreme Court from 1999-2001 and, as a
attacks as a lead attorney of the 9/11 Families United to Bankrupt Ter-         law student, was editor-in-chief of the Connecticut Law Review.
rorism groundbreaking litigation designed to bankrupt the financiers
of al Qaeda.                                                                    Active in the Connecticut community, Ingrid has taught moot court
                                                                                as an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut School of
Don serves as co-lead counsel and liaison counsel for the Composix®             Law, where she currently serves on the Alumni Association’s Board
Kugel® Mesh multidistrict litigation, the first MDL in federal Rhode            of Directors. She volunteers with Lawyers for Children America, and
Island Court, on behalf of 3,000 individuals alleging injury by the             is a member of the Oliver Ellsworth Chapter of the American Inn of
hernia repair patch.                                                            Court. Ingrid is a member of the Board of Directors of the Connecti-
                                                                                cut Bar Foundation. In recognition of her professional achievements
Don began working with Motley Rice attorneys in 1997 on behalf of               and commitment to the community, she was honored with the 2005
the State Attorneys General in the historic lawsuit against Big Tobacco,        Hartford Business Journal’s Forty Under 40 award and the 2005 Con-
resulting in the largest civil settlement in U.S. history. Additionally, he     necticut Law Tribune’s New Leaders of Law Impact Award.
has more than a decade of interdisciplinary experience with asbestos,
medical and securities litigation. He tried several noteworthy asbestos         EDUCATION:
cases on behalf of mesothelioma victims, including the state of Indi-           J.D., University of Connecticut School of Law, 1999
ana’s first contractor liability verdict and first premises liability verdict   B.A., Wheaton College, 1995
for wrongful exposure to asbestos. He continues to manage asbestos              LICENSED IN: CT, DC, NY, SC
cases and try mesothelioma lawsuits. In 2003, Don was trial counsel             ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
for PACE Industry Union-Management Pension Fund in a securities                 U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth snd Tenth Circuits
     U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado, District of Connecti-      Sixth, Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Federal Circuits
     cut, Eastern and Southern Districts of New York                              U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado, District of Connecti-
                                                                                  cut, Eastern and Southern Districts of New York
     William Narwold
     Bill Narwold has advocated for corporate accountability and fiduciary        Mary Schiavo
     responsibility for nearly 30 years, representing consumers, govern-          Throughout her distinguished career in law and public service, Mary
     mental entities, unions and institutional investors. He litigates com-       Schiavo has sought accountability and industry change from corpora-
     plex securities fraud, shareholder rights and consumer fraud lawsuits        tions, institutions and the government so that they may meet their
     as well as matters involving unfair trade practices, antitrust violations,   obligation to protect the safety and security of the traveling public.
     whistleblower/qui tam claims and accounting or tax issues. Bill is the       Experienced in transportation litigation, Mary represents victims and
     practice group leader of Motley Rice’s Securities and Consumer Fraud         their families suffering from negligence by the airline, automotive,
     practice group.                                                              commercial trucking, motorcoach and rail industries.
                                                                                  A leader of the firm’s aviation team, Mary has represented passengers
     Additionally, Bill manages the firm’s appellate group. His experience        and crew families of most major U.S. air crashes, as well as pilots and
     includes more than 200 appeals before the U.S. Supreme Court, U.S.           passengers on private or charter planes. She represents passengers, pi-
     Courts of Appeal and multiple state courts.                                  lots, flight attendants and select owners and operators. Her experience
                                                                                  with major, complex aviation litigation includes more than 50 cases
     Bill joined Motley Rice in 2004, after directing corporate, financial,       on behalf of the family members of the passengers and crew of all the
     real estate, and trust and estate litigation on behalf of private and com-   planes hijacked on September 11, 2001.
     mercial clients for 25 years at Cummings & Lockwood in Hartford,
     Connecticut, including 10 years as managing partner. Prior to his            Additionally, Mary works with the Motley Rice securities team on
     work in private practice, he served as a law clerk for the Honorable         complex securities litigation to obtain accountability from corpora-
     Warren W. Eginton of the U.S. District Court, District of Connecti-          tions and wrongdoers for breach of fiduciary duty. Her experience
     cut from 1979-1981.                                                          with corporate regulation and shareholder rights includes 10 years
                                                                                  of corporate audit and governance committee matters, including
     Bill frequently acts as an arbitrator and mediator both privately and        implementing Sarbanes-Oxley compliance and serving on the Board
     through the American Arbitration Association. He is a frequent speak-        of Directors for both a NYSE-listed corporation and a Canadian-
     er on legal matters including class actions.                                 based corporation.

     Named one of 11 lawyers “who made a difference” by The Connecti-             Mary has held numerous government appointments under three U.S.
     cut Law Tribune, Bill serves the Hartford professional community as          Presidents, including that of Inspector General of the U.S. Depart-
     the past President of the Connecticut Bar Foundation and past mem-           ment of Transportation from 1990 to 1996. Under Mary’s direction,
     ber of the Board of Trustees of the University of Connecticut Law            the agency investigated air safety, crimes and disasters; secured more
     School Foundation. He was selected for inclusion in the 2010 edition         than 1,000 criminal convictions; and exposed billions of dollars of
     of The Best Lawyers in America for his work in commercial litigation         fraud, waste and abuse of taxpayer money. She testified before Con-
     and the 2008 The Best of the U.S. list. He has also been involved with       gress multiple times on transportation safety, security, budgeting and
     the Greater Hartford Legal Assistance Foundation and Lawyers for             infrastructure. In recognition of her work combating the use of bogus
     Children America. He is a member of the American Bar Association             aircraft parts worldwide, Mary was honored with the Smithsonian In-
     and the National Association of Consumer Advocates. Bill currently           stitution’s Aviation Laurel Award in 1992 and 1995 and was inducted
     serves as Director and past Chairman of Protein Sciences Corporation,        to the Aviation Laurel Hall of Fame in 1997.
     a biopharmaceutical company in Meriden, Connecticut. In 2008, Bill
     received the Connecticut Bar Foundation’s Legal Services Leadership          As an Assistant U.S. Attorney early in her career, Mary litigated civil
     Award.                                                                       cases and prosecuted federal white-collar crimes, bank and securi-
                                                                                  ties fraud, mail and wire fraud, drug trafficking and counterfeiting.
      EDUCATION:                                                                  During her appointment, she also served on the U.S. Department of
     J.D. cum laude, University of Connecticut School of Law, 1979                Justice’s Organized Crime and Racketeering Strike Force, prosecuting
     B.A., Colby College, 1974                                                    high-profile criminal cases of bank and securities fraud and related
     LICENSED IN: CT, DC, NY, SC                                                  mail and wire fraud, including a large investigation of a bank and
     ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                                 securities fraud scheme that resulted in the federal takeover of banks,
     U.S. Supreme Court                                                           savings and loans throughout the Midwest.
     U.S. Court of Appeals for the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth,
In 1987, Mary was selected as a White House Fellow and assigned               ing the firm’s litigation related to defective medical devices, harmful
to the U.S. Attorney General, where she worked as the Special As-             pharmaceutical drugs and medical malpractice as well as overseeing
sistant for Criminal Affairs. In this role, she reviewed high security        the firm’s nursing home abuse litigation team. In this role, Fred liti-
prosecutions, prepared Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Requests,        gates personal injury and economic damage recovery cases on behalf of
attended foreign legal summits with the Attorney General and worked           individuals harmed by negligence, product defects or misconduct.
on international prisoner and evidence exchanges. During this time,
she also taught trial technique at the U.S. Attorney General’s Advo-          His work has led to his appointment to numerous leadership posi-
cacy Institute and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy. Her           tions, including Plaintiffs’ Co-Liaison Counsel in the federal Digitek®
work earned her an appointment as the Assistant U.S. Secretary of             consolidation and membership on the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committees
Labor in 1989, where she led the Office of Labor Management Stan-             in the Medtronic Sprint Fidelis® defibrillator lead and the Avandia®
dards, supervising union elections and investigations on election and         federal multidistrict litigation. Fred also serves as co-chairman of the
financial irregularities.                                                     American Association for Justice’s Kugel Mesh Litigation Group, or-
                                                                              ganized to discuss defective hernia patch cases across the nation, and
A frequent on-air contributor or consultant for several networks,             recently co-authored “Composix® Kugel® Mesh: A Primer” for the
Mary has appeared on ABC, CNN, CBS, Fox News, NBC, BBC,                       Spring 2008 AAJ Section on Toxic, Environmental & Pharmaceutical
the History Channel and Discovery Channel. Named by Glamour                   Torts newsletter.
magazine as a 1997 Woman of the Year, 1987 Working Woman of
the Year and a Top Ten College Student in 1975, she has also spo-             With more than two decades of diverse experience in personal injury,
ken about aviation safety on Oprah, 60 Minutes, Larry King Live, The          commercial and toxic tort law, Fred is also active with the firm’s con-
O’Reilly Factor and Your World with Neil Cavuto, among others. Mary           sumer fraud, commercial and economic damage litigation. He has
is the author of Flying Blind, Flying Safe, a New York Times bestseller,      represented clients in litigation involving bond issues and securities
featured in Time magazine for exposing the poor safety and security           fraud in federal, state and bankruptcy forums as well as through alter-
practices of the airlines and the failures of the federal government          native dispute resolution. Additionally, Fred has practiced commercial
to properly regulate the aviation industry. She contributed to Avia-          transaction work, including contracting, corporate, partnership and
tion Security Management (Volume One, 2008) and In the Wake of the            limited liability company formation, and capital acquisitions.
Storm (2008) and was named to the 2010 edition of The Best Lawyers
in America for her work in mass tort litigation.                              A member of the American Association for Justice, Fred is frequently
                                                                              speaks on medical litigation topics at legal seminars throughout the
Mary received her pilot’s license soon after her driver’s license, and lat-   country. He serves his local community as a Board Member for the
er completed private and commercial flight training at The Ohio State         East Cooper Community Outreach organization.
University. She returned to The Ohio State University as the McCon-
nell Aviation Chair and professor from 1998-2002 and as the Enarson           EDUCATION:
Professor of Public Policy from 1997-1998. She has also served as a           J.D. with Distinction, Duke University, 1979
practitioner in residence at the New York University School of Law.           B.A. cum laude, Yale University, 1973
Mary is a member of the American Association for Justice and the              LICENSED IN: SC
American Bar Association, where she served in the House of Delegates          ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
and as the First Female Assembly Delegate from 1986-1989.                     U.S. Supreme Court
                                                                              U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
EDUCATION:                                                                    U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina
J.D., New York University, 1980 (Root-Tilden Scholar)
M.A., The Ohio State University, 1977 (University Fellow)
B.A. cum laude, Harvard University, 1976                                      ADDITIONAL SECURITIES LITIGATORS
ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                                  Mary Joyce Carlson
U.S. Supreme Court                                                            Senior Counsel
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit                                Mary Joyce Carlson, a civil and worker rights advocate, has over 25
U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri                      years of experience in labor, healthcare and employment law as well
U.S. Court of Federal Claims                                                  as in long-standing working relationships with unions. In addition to
                                                                              spending years on healthcare and employment benefits, litigation mat-
Fred Thompson III                                                             ters and advocacy before licensure and regulatory agencies, Mary Joyce
Fred Thompson leads Motley Rice’s Medical practice group, manag-              has a history of strong relationships with unions that complements the
     foundation and current practice areas of Motley Rice.                        review article, “Informing South Carolina Capital Juries About Pa-
     Equipped with a diverse background, Mary Joyce assists the Motley            role” (44 S.C. Law Review 383, 1993) was cited in 2000 by U.S.
     Rice Anti-Terrorism and Human Rights practice group in their efforts         Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens in his dissenting opinion
     to seek redress for victims of violent crime and terrorism in the United     in Ramdass v. Angelone. His reported opinions include Ison v. E.I.
     States and abroad. She has been actively involved in the ABA Rule            DuPont de Nemours & Co. (Del. 1999), In re Minnesota Asbestos Liti-
     of Law Project to train governments and countries in designing and           gation (Minn., 1996), W.R. Grace & Co. v. CSR Ltd., (Ill. App. Ct.
     administering labor and human rights accords.                                1996) and In re Tutu Wells Contamination Litigation (D.V.I. 1995).
                                                                                  He began his legal career with the plaintiff’s bar after clerkships with
     Additionally, Mary Joyce is part of Motley Rice’s Securities and Con-        the South Carolina Office of Appellate Defense and a business, em-
     sumer Fraud practice group, utilizing her experience representing la-        ployment and intellectual property defense firm. Jim is a member of
     bor unions and other clients in both the public and private sectors to       the American Association for Justice and the South Carolina Associa-
     pursue cases on behalf of investors, consumers and victims of wrong-         tion for Justice.
     doing. In this role, she works to build and expand the firm’s affiliations
     and partnerships with unions, institutional investors, state and mu-         EDUCATION:
     nicipality pension funds to monitor and identify potential securities        J.D., University of South Carolina, 1993
     fraud and improve corporate governance.                                      Ph.D., University of Illinois, Chicago,1983
                                                                                  M.A., University of Illinois, Chicago, 1976
     Mary Joyce is the former counsel to the Health Care Division of              B.A., University of Minnesota, 1975
     the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the largest                LICENSED IN: SC
     health care industry union in the United States. Additionally, she           ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
     served as Deputy General Counsel of the National Labor Relations             U.S. Supreme Court
     Board during the administration of President Bill Clinton and was            U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
     Of Counsel to Washington, D.C.-based litigation firm James &                 U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina
     Hoffman, P.C.
                                                                                  Badge Humphries
     EDUCATION:                                                                   Badge Humphries represents institutional investors and individuals in
     J.D., Duke University School of Law, 1971                                    complex securities fraud and shareholder litigation. He has achieved
     B.A., Mississippi State University for Women, 1968                           corporate governance enhancements for Motley Rice’s clients in de-
     LICENSED IN: DC, GA                                                          rivative cases involving Massey Energy Company and The South Fi-
                                                                                  nancial Group, Inc. and has litigated direct class actions from start to
     James Hughes, Ph.D.                                                          finish in the Delaware Court of Chancery. Securities fraud cases in
     Senior Counsel                                                               which he has played a significant litigation role include actions against
     Jim Hughes practices securities fraud and shareholder litigation on          UBS, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Vivendi and Washington Mutual,
     behalf of institutional investors, public pension funds and unions.          Inc. Badge has experience in all aspects of shareholder and securities
     A former professor of philosophy, Jim’s practice includes develop-           fraud litigation, from initial case evaluation and complaint drafting
     ing strategic legal arguments and drafting of legal complaints and           to directing settlement negotiations involving corporate governance
     lead plaintiff motions. He plays a key role in cases involving corpo-        reforms. He also drafted an amicus curiae brief to the U.S. Supreme
     rate governance issues, shareholder derivative lawsuits and securities       Court in the seminal case of Tellabs, Inc. v. Makor Issues & Rights,
     fraud.                                                                       Ltd., 551 U.S. 308 (2007).

     Jim previously concentrated his practice on occupational disease and         Badge has experience in all phases of other types of complex litigation,
     toxic torts, representing individuals such as steel and chemical workers     as well. He has conducted discovery and motion practice before courts
     injured by the exposure to silica and asbestos in the workplace. His ef-     across the country and has participated in several multi-week trials
     forts on behalf of occupational disease victims led to his participation     representing victims of asbestos exposure, including a mass consolida-
     in arguments before appellate courts in Illinois and Minnesota. He           tion of more than 1,200 plaintiffs lasting eight weeks in Virginia state
     shared his experience with silica litigation and product identification      court and a three week trial in the United States District Court for the
     at several national conferences, addressing the plaintiff’s perspective      District of Maryland, Baltimore Division. He currently represents the
     and other pertinent issues. He also has supported the firm’s consumer        Commonwealth of Kentucky’s Division of Workers’ Compensation
     and commercial fraud litigation.                                             Funds in claims against the manufacturers of allegedly defective dust
                                                                                  masks and is actively involved with the firm’s aviation practice in a case
     A published author on several legal and academic themes, Jim’s law           pending in Bexar County, Texas.
Badge previously served as the Director of Land Protection for the           Hartford Symphony Orchestra and has served on the city’s Charter
South Atlantic region of Ducks Unlimited, an international conserva-         Revision Commission and its Young Professionals Task Force, an or-
tion organization. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Badge worked for a            ganization focused on engaging young professionals and positioning
non-profit human rights organization before attending The University         them for future business and community leadership. In 2009, Mathew
of Texas School of Law, where he was a member of the Texas Law               was honored with the Hartford Business Journal’s “40 Under Forty”
Review and an honors graduate. He served as a judicial intern to the         award.
Honorable Lee Yeakel of the Texas Third Court of Appeals and later
clerked with the Honorable Thad Heartfield of U.S. District Court,           Mathew is the co-author of “On the Causes and Consequences of and
Eastern District of Texas. Badge is a member of the South Carolina           Remedies for Interstate Malapportionment of the U.S. House of Rep-
Association for Justice and was selected to serve as Chairperson for the     resentatives” (Jasinski and Ladewig, Perspectives on Politics, Vol. 6, Is-
Association’s Securities Committee.                                          sue 1, March 2008). He is a member of the American Bar Association.

EDUCATION:                                                                   EDUCATION:
J.D. with honors, The University of Texas School of Law, 2001                J.D. with high honors, University of Connecticut School of Law, 2006
B.A. summa cum laude, Tulane University, 1996                                B.A. summa cum laude, University of Connecticut, 2003
LICENSED IN: KY, SC, TX                                                      LICENSED IN: CT, NY
ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                                 ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina, Eastern Dis-         U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut and Southern Dis-
trict of Michigan and Eastern District of Texas                              trict of New York

Mathew Jasinski                                                              Gregg Levin
Mathew Jasinski litigates securities and consumer fraud cases on be-         Senior Counsel
half of institutional investors, unions, governmental entities and con-      With more than two decades of legal experience, Gregg Levin
sumers. As a member of Motley Rice’s Securities and Consumer Fraud           represents domestic and foreign institutional investors and union
practice group, he works on cases involving securities fraud, breach         pension funds in corporate governance, misconduct and securities
of fiduciary duty, shareholder rights and consumer fraud matters.            fraud matters. His investigative, research and writing skills have
Mathew is also a member of the firm’s appellate group.                       supported Motley Rice as lead or co-lead counsel in securities de-
                                                                             rivative or shareholder cases against Dell, Inc., UBS AG and Cintas
Prior to joining Motley Rice in 2009, Mathew practiced complex               Corporation. Gregg manages complaint and brief writing for class
commercial and business litigation at a large defense firm. His expe-        action deal cases, shareholder derivative suits and securities fraud
rience includes working on a multi-forum case involving claims of            class actions.
fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract. Mathew also
represented an institutional investor in its efforts to satisfy a judgment   Prior to joining Motley Rice, Gregg was an associate with Grant &
obtained against the operator of a Ponzi scheme. He has served on ap-        Eisenhofer in Delaware, where he represented institutional investors
pellate teams, briefing appeals before the Connecticut Supreme Court,        in securities fraud actions and shareholder derivative actions in federal
Connecticut Appellate Court and the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the           and state courts across the country, including the WorldCom, Telxon
Second and Tenth Circuits.                                                   and Global Crossing cases. He also served as corporate counsel to a
                                                                             Delaware-based retail corporation from 1996-2003, where he handled
Mathew began his legal career as a law clerk for Justice David M. Bor-       corporate compliance matters and internal investigations.
den of the Connecticut Supreme Court. During law school, Mathew
served as executive editor of the Connecticut Law Review and judg-           Gregg is a published author on corporate governance and account-
ing director of the Connecticut Moot Court Board. He placed first            ability, writing significant portions of the treatise Shareholder Activ-
in various moot court and mock court competitions, including the             ism Handbook (Aspen Publishers, November 2005). He has written
Boston region mock trial competition of the American Association for         several articles of interest to shareholders and institutional investors,
Justice. As an undergraduate, Mathew served on the board of associate        including:
directors for the University of Connecticut’s honors program and was         • “In re Cox Communications: A Suggested Step in the Wrong Direction”
recognized with the Donald L. McCullough Award for his student                 (Bank and Corporate Governance Law Reporter, September 2005)
leadership. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.                                • “Does Corporate Governance Matter to Investment Returns?” (Cor-
                                                                               porate Accountability Report, September 23, 2005)
Mathew continues to demonstrate civic leadership in the local Hart-          • “In Re Walt Disney Co. Deriv. Litig. and the Duty of Good Faith
ford community. He is a member of the board of directors for the               under Delaware Corporate Law” (Bank and Corporate Governance
       Law Reporter, September 2006)                                            sumer Fraud practice group, litigating securities and consumer fraud
     • “Proxy Access Takes Center Stage: The Second Circuit’s Decision          cases on behalf of institutional investors, government entities and con-
       in American Federation of State County and Municipal Employ-             sumers.
       ees, Employees Pension Plan v. American International Group, Inc.”       Prior to joining Motley Rice, Rebecca served as a law clerk to the
       (Bloomberg Law Reports, February 5, 2007)                                Honorable William H. Pryor Jr. of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Ap-
     • “Investor Litigation in the U.S. -- The System is Working” (Securities   peals, for whom she focused on appellate advocacy and conducted
       Reform Act Litigation Reporter, February 2007)                           legal writing and research.
                                                                                Rebecca earned a J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law,
     EDUCATION:                                                                 where she served as Managing Editor of the Virginia Law Review and
     J.D., Vanderbilt University School of Law, 1987                            was named as a member of The Order of the Coif. Before earning a
     B.A., University of Rochester, 1984                                        law degree, she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Washington and Lee
     LICENSED IN: DC, MA, SC                                                    University where she was a George Washington Honors Scholar and
     ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                               was honored with several awards during her studies in recognition of
     U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third, Fifth and Eleventh Circuits           scholarship within the field of English language and literature.

     Josh Littlejohn                                                            EDUCATION:
     Josh Littlejohn represents institutional investors, public pension funds   J.D., University of Virginia School of Law, 2008
     and unions in securities fraud, shareholder derivative and merger suits.   B.A., summa cum laude, Washington and Lee University, 2005
     He also analyzes new cases for portfolio monitoring clients and plays a    LICENSED IN: AL
     key role in evaluating derivative and merger case development. In addi-
     tion to working on securities fraud cases against NPS Pharmaceuticals      Bill Norton
     and Pharmacia Corp., Josh has litigated shareholder derivative cases in-   Bill Norton represents institutional and individual investors in securi-
     volving Cintas Corporation, Force Protection, Inc., The South Financial    ties fraud class actions and shareholder derivative litigation.
     Group, Inc. and Commerce Bancorp and merger cases involving Na-
     tional Home Health Care Corp., Washington Group International, Inc.        Prior to joining Motley Rice, Bill was an associate in the New York
     and The DirecTV Group, Inc.                                                office of an international law firm, where he focused on securities liti-
                                                                                gation, including class actions and SEC investigations.
     Additionally, Josh handles defective pharmaceutical and medical de-
     vice cases with Motley Rice’s Medical practice group with an emphasis      As a law student, Bill was a member of the Boston University Law
     on marketing practices. He worked closely with the lead lawyers in the     Review, a G. Joseph Tauro Distinguished Scholar, and studied inter-
     case against Merck & Co., Inc., related to the drug Vioxx®. Currently,     national law at Oxford University. During law school, Bill was a law
     Josh is active in analyzing new drug and device litigation.                clerk in the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts
                                                                                and successfully represented asylum seekers at Greater Boston Legal
     Josh began his legal career at Motley Rice in 2002 as a paralegal work-    Services. Bill graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of South
     ing on prescription drug litigation and asbestos cases in Georgia and      Carolina Honors College.
     Tennessee. He later enrolled in law school while continuing to work
     at Motley Rice and, in 2007, joined the firm as an attorney with the       Bill is a member of the American Bar Association, the New York State
     medical and securities fraud teams.                                        Bar Association, the South Carolina Bar, and the Charleston County
     Josh is a member of the American Bar Association and South Carolina        Bar Association.
     Association for Justice.
     EDUCATION:                                                                 J.D., Boston University School of Law, 2004
     J.D., Charleston School of Law, 2007                                       B.A./B.S. magna cum laude, University of South Carolina, 2001
     B.A., University of North Carolina at Asheville, 1999                      LICENSED IN: MA, NY, SC
     LICENSED IN: SC                                                            ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
     ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                               U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York
     U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit
     U.S. District Court for the District of South Carolina                     Lance Oliver
                                                                                Lance Oliver represents unions and other institutional investors in se-
     Rebecca Merritt                                                            curities fraud class action litigation. His practice focuses on document-
     Rebecca Merritt is a member of Motley Rice’s Securities and Con-           ing class action settlements, securities fraud appeals and general litiga-
tion. Lance utilizes his background in commercial litigation to analyze       sents more than 6,500 victims’ families against the financial sponsors
legal issues related to corporate governance and complex financial            of al Qaeda. He also has represented individual clients in aviation li-
instruments, such as collateralized-debt-obligations and credit-default       ability and damages cases alleging negligence by the airlines and secu-
swaps. Lance also represents consumers in class action litigation.            rity companies with the 9/11 attacks.
Prior to joining Motley Rice, Lance was an associate in the Washing-          Vince litigates corporate class actions to protect the direct financial
ton, D.C., office of a national law firm where he worked on complex           interests of shareholders against under-priced or coercive corporate
litigation at both the trial and appellate levels, including cases involv-    transactions. He has worked on PSLRA and federal class action securi-
ing insurance coverage matters and the Freedom of Information Act.            ties fraud litigation, representing investors injured because of wrongful
As a law student, Lance was a semi-finalist in Duke University’s first
year moot court competition and later served as co-chair of the Duke          Prior to joining Motley Rice in 2007, Vince represented victims of
Law Moot Court Board from 2003-2004. After graduation, he served              the September 11th attacks as an associate with a New York aviation
as a law clerk to the Honorable James Hughes Hancock of the U.S.              firm. He represented clients in multidistrict litigation against financial
District Court, Northern District of Alabama. He is a member of the           sponsors of al Qaeda, and against the airlines and security companies
American Bar Association.                                                     who allegedly failed to implement basic security measures, enabling
                                                                              the terrorists to launch the attacks. During this time, he also worked
EDUCATION:                                                                    on aviation litigation involving commercial and general aviation air-
J.D., Duke University School of Law, 2004                                     craft and helicopters.
B.A., Samford University, 2001
LICENSED IN: AL, DC, SC                                                       Following law school, Vince completed research, document analysis and
ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:                                                  interviews as part of federal securities litigation and SEC investigations.
U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Second, Fifth and         After graduating from the Naval Justice School, he served as a Naval Of-
the Eleventh Circuits                                                         ficer in the United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG)
U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia                              and tried scores of court martial trials before juries. In 2002, Lt. Parrett
                                                                              was appointed Officer-In-Charge of Naval Legal Service Office at Naval
Meghan Oliver                                                                 Air Station Oceana, where he led a team of JAG Officers providing legal
Meghan Oliver litigates complex federal securities fraud actions on be-       counsel to the large Naval aviation community.
half of unions, public pension funds and other institutional investors.
Prior to joining Motley Rice in 2007, Meghan worked for three years           Vince has co-authored several articles and presentations, including Avia-
as a business litigation and anti-trust associate in Washington, D.C.         tion Lawyers Striking Back At The Terror Network; and Reflections on the
Her experience includes participation in general commercial litigation        1999 Montreal Convention Affecting Victims of International Aviation Di-
and antitrust litigation, including the trial of a multidistrict litigation   sasters in Congested Skies. He is a member of the American Association for
antitrust case. Additionally, she assisted in multiple corporate internal     Justice, American Bar Association and Federal Bar Council Inn of Court.
Prior to attending law school, Meghan lobbied Congress on behalf of           LT, JAG Corps, Naval Justice School, 1999
several public health organizations, including the Association of State       J.D., New York University School of Law, 1998
and Territorial Health Officials and the National Association of Chronic      Goethe Institute, Mannheim, Germany, 1995
Disease Directors. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa at the Univer-          B.A., Yale College, 1994
sity of Virginia. Meghan is a member of the American Bar Association.         LICENSED IN: CA, NY, SC
                                                                              ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE:
EDUCATION:                                                                    U.S. Supreme Court
J.D., University of Virginia School of Law, 2004                              U.S. Court of Appeals for the First, Second and Ninth Circuits
B.A. with distinction, University of Virginia, 2000                           U.S. District Court for the Central, Northern and Southern Districts
LICENSED IN: DC, SC, VA                                                       of California, Eastern and Southern Districts of New York
                                                                              U.S. Navy - Marine Court of Criminal Appeals
Vincent Parrett                                                               U.S. Courts - Martial
Vince Parrett represents victims of terrorism, human rights and avia-
tion disasters, currently focusing on litigation on behalf of the family      J. Brandon Walker
members of the victims of the September 11, 2001, attacks. Working            Brandon Walker practices with the Motley Rice securities litigation
on the civil action Families United to Bankrupt Terrorism, he repre-          team, representing public pension funds, unions and other institu-
     tional investors in securities fraud class actions and shareholder deriva-     EDUCATION:
     tive suits. Brandon develops and analyzes new cases for Motley Rice’s          J.D., cum laude, University of South Carolina School of Law, 1999
     institutional investor clients and the motions and discovery practice          B.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1995
     following the initiation of a securities or derivative lawsuit.                LICENSED IN: NC, SC
     Prior to attending law school, Brandon managed litigation support for          ADMITTED TO PRACTICE BEFORE: U.S. District Court for
     high-profile securities fraud class action cases as a paralegal at two large   the Middle, Eastern and Western Districts of North Carolina and
     plaintiffs’ firms in New York. In this role, he researched and analyzed        District of South Carolina
     SEC regulatory findings, coordinated document review and prepared
     complaints and pleadings in all phases of litigation for cases involv-         SECURITIES LITIGATION PROFESSIONAL STAFF
     ing WorldCom, Enron, HealthSouth, Bristol-Myers and other large
     corporations. His initial exposure to the legal field and work with class      David Abel
     action litigation was as a legal assistant, and during law school as a         As Director of Shareholder Services and Business Analysts, David Abel
     volunteer, on In re: Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation, a suit against        supervises the client portfolio monitoring service and the financial
     Germany, Austria, and two Swiss banks by more than 4,000 Holo-                 analysis related to securities actions.
     caust survivors.
                                                                                    David is responsible for communicating with investors regarding the
     Brandon joined Motley Rice after earning a Juris Doctor and a Mas-             monitoring of their portfolios, correlating investment portfolios with
     ter of Business Administration from Wake Forest University. As a law           potential and current securities litigation, and analyzing losses for se-
     student, Brandon was a research assistant, conducting extensive re-            curities actions impacting portfolios. He also oversees securities claim
     search on the mutual fund industry with an emphasis on corporate               settlement processing for domestic clients.
     governance and conflicts of interest. He served as a law clerk for the
     Honorable Carl Horn, III, of the U.S. District Court for the Western           Prior to joining Motley Rice in 2006, David gained valuable profes-
     District of North Carolina in 2005 and as a law clerk for Motley Rice          sional experiences as a consultant for small businesses, vice president
     in 2007.                                                                       of operations for a mid-size tour company, general manager for a po-
                                                                                    litical consulting firm and as marketing support staff at a full service
     EDUCATION:                                                                     marketing and public relations agency. He recently earned the degree
     J.D./M.B.A., Wake Forest University, 2008                                      of Juris Doctor from the Charleston School of Law, and is currently
     B.A., New York University, 2003                                                preparing for the February 2010 South Carolina Bar Examination.
     Elizabeth C. Ward                                                              J.D., Charleston School of Law, 2009
     Liza Ward’s practice ranges from helping clients injured by acts of neg-       M.B.A., The Citadel, 2005
     ligence by large corporations to improving worker and environmen-              B.A., Clemson University, 2002
     tal health and safety. She litigates commercial, products liability and
     personal injury cases with Motley Rice’s Occupational and Toxic Tort           Michelle Beyel
     practice group.                                                                Michelle Beyel joined Motley Rice LLC in February 2008 as a Data
                                                                                    Analyst in the Securities and Consumer Fraud practice group. Prior to
     After several years at large defense firms, Liza redirected her career to      joining Motley Rice, Beyel gained valuable experience while working
     plaintiffs’ law. At Motley Rice, she has represented welders harmed as         as a legal secretary for 4 years during her summers at college. She was
     a result of corporate malfeasance and conducted client relations and           also a client administrator in the Corporate Funds Division at The
     trial preparation for welding rod cases. In 2008, Liza was a member of         Bank of New York Mellon for two and a half years. Beyel feels that her
     the trial team that obtained the first welding fume plaintiff verdict in       background in law and banking has given her the experience needed
     Mississippi state court since 2003.                                            to make a positive contribution to Motley Rice.

     Liza has advocated for domestic violence victims’ rights by participat-        Beyel earned a B.S. in finance from The Syracuse University Whit-
     ing in training programs and pro bono litigation. She served as articles       man School of Management and is currently a CFA Level II Can-
     editor for the South Carolina Law Review while a law student at the            didate.
     University of South Carolina School of Law. She is a member of the
     Order of the Wig and Robe.                                                     Michelle is also a Level II candidate in the CFA Program. The CFA
                                                                                    Program is a graduate-level, self-study curriculum and examination
                                                                                    program for securities analysts. The CFA Program sets the global stan-
dard for investment knowledge, standards, and ethics. A CFA charter-        securities research and client portfolio analysis for the firm’s securities
holder has mastered a rigorous curriculum covering a broad range of         cases.
investment topics and is committed to the highest ethical standards          Kimmel has a diverse background that includes experience in educa-
in the profession. The CFA designation represents broad investment          tion as well as the banking industry. She began her career in banking
knowledge. The curriculum of the CFA Program compels investment             operations, where she served as an operations manager and business
professionals to build a working knowledge of investment principles         analyst in corporate banking support for 14 years. She then spent
across core areas of the industry − from portfolio management and           seven years teaching high school economics, Latin and history before
asset valuation to derivatives and quantitative analysis. To earn the       joining Motley Rice.
right to use the CFA designation, candidates must pass three levels of
examination, which requires hundreds of hours of study over at least        EDUCATION:
three years. Successful completion of the CFA Program is a formidable       B.A., University of South Florida, 1993
challenge for even the most experienced investment professional.
                                                                            Steffen Moeritz
EDUCATION:                                                                  As Director of European Investor Relations, Steffen works closely with
B.S., The Syracuse University Whitman School of Management, 2005            Motley Rice’s Securities and Consumer Fraud practice group to iden-
                                                                            tify, research and communicate the status of securities fraud litigation
Adam Foulke                                                                 to European clients. Under the supervision of senior attorneys, he is
Adam Foulke joined Motley Rice LLC in December 2006. As the Di-             responsible for managing the Portfolio Monitoring Service offered by
rector of Business Analysis for the securities litigation team, Adam has    Motley Rice to European clients, monitoring their investment portfo-
over 15 years of business experience including post-SOX experience          lios to determine losses and potential recoveries. Additionally, Moeritz
in corporate governance consulting and market regulation compliance         manages the preparation and filing of settlement claims.
                                                                            Moeritz earned a law degree from Martin Luther University in Ger-
Foulke was drawn to the securities fraud team at Motley Rice because        many with an emphasis in economics. After spending several years as
of his passion for good corporate governance and his belief that in         a legal consultant and business manager in Germany, Moeritz began
order for the United States capital markets to remain competitive,          working with American securities lawyers and European investors
the market and its participants must act with integrity and individual      as the Foreign Outreach Manager at a New York-based securities
firms must be accountable for the trust bestowed upon them by the           firm. He is fluent in German and English. He joined Motley Rice
investing public.                                                           in 2006.

Before joining Motley Rice, Foulke served as a principal in two mari-       EDUCATION:
time start-up businesses, a port services and transportation business       Jurist Law Degree, Martin Luther University, 2002
and a technology venture seeking to market IED detection devices
to domestic and international container terminal operators. He also
served as a proxy analysis and corporate governance consultant for
financial advisory firm, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS). While
working as an analyst at ISS, several of Foulke’s articles on corporate
governance issues were published in the firm’s weekly publication cir-
culated to pension fund investment advisors, money managers and
other equities analysts. Foulke later was a senior analyst in the Listing
Qualifications Department at the NASDAQ Stock Market.

M.B.A., Johns Hopkins University, 2003
B.A., Roanoke College, 1993

Ellie Kimmel
Business Analyst Ellie Kimmel began working with Motley Rice at-
torneys in 2000. Prior to her work with the securities litigation team,
she was a founding member of the firm’s Central Research Unit and
also supervised the firm’s file management. She currently completes
28 Bridgeside Blvd., Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464
o. +1 843.216.9000 f. +1 843.216.9450

321 South Main St., Providence, RI 02903
o. +1 401.457.7700 f. +1 401.457.7708

20 Church St., 17th Floor, Hartford, CT 06103
o. +1 860.882.1681 f. +1 860.882.1682

275 7th Ave., 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001
o. +1 212.577.0040 f. +1 212.577.0054

320 Chestnut St., Morgantown, WV 26505
o. +1 304.413.0456 f. +1 304.413.0458

                                                Motley Rice LLC
                                                Attorneys at Law

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