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   Welcome to our Spring 2011 newsletter
                Your support is valued and used wisely
Well we got through the Winter –        In the same time, we would like to
the snow was fun! Spring is in the      assure those readers who may think       Our Staff
air at last! I would like to take the   that we “waste money”, that this
opportunity of explaining some          invaluable communication tool is
background on why we produce our        produced at no cost to Hospice Isle
newsletter. The newsletter is           of Man and helps us to raise £3.5m
published and made available twice      each year.
a year to all our members and
supporters. It contains information     We thank Appleby for sponsoring
about our work, the care we provide     this edition of the newsletter. Its
and how we raise our funds. It is       focus this time is on the difference
also used as a vehicle to thank all     Hospice makes to our patients and
our supporters who helped us to         their families who benefit from our
raise much needed funds. Hospice        work.
provides      high   quality    care.   The newsletter contains patients’
Everything else that we are involved    and relatives’ stories, comments and     Light up a life
with, from events, press releases to    thoughts about the care we provide.
publications, needs to reflect that
high quality work.                      It also describes the valuable role
                                        that Motor Neurone Disease
In the past, we received a few          Association Isle of Man (MNDA Isle
comments that Hospice was wasting       of Man) plays in helping patients
money by producing this type of         who suffer from this condition and
quality publication.     Feedback,      how MNDA works closely with our
whether positive or negative, is        Hospice.
always good to receive and I should
like to explain to everyone who         In addition to the clinical focus, may
supports us that the newsletter is      I appeal to everyone who reads this
produced      in-house    by    our     newsletter to think about becoming
fundraising department and its          Hospice’s Friend (please see page
                                        9). This new project occurs to           Our light up a life is on Sunday 11th
printing costs are paid for by a
sponsor.    For example, the last       increase support for our charity and     December. The service will be conducted
edition was financed by Quinn Legal     provide a regular source of income,      by Bishop Robert Paterson this year.
and the current edition is financed     so invaluable to our continuing
by Appleby.                             work.

It is important for Hospice to share    I hope you will enjoy reading this        Whats Inside?
       our work and communicate         newsletter, learn more about the          • Statement from our Chairman
                with our members,       work we do and support Hospice            • Your Will – what happens if you
                   supporters and       Isle of Man in the future.                  don’t make a Will!
                     corporate                                                    • Scholl Centre
                     organisations in
                   the Isle of Man.
                                        Margaret Simpson                          • Motor Neurone Disease

                                                      Chief Executive             • Volunteer Department
                                                                                  • Share the Care shops
                                                                                  • Fundraising news and forthcoming
                                                                                  • Rebecca House
                                                                                  • Annual Report and Accounts

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
    Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
    local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

         Chairmans’ Message
    I find it hard to believe that one year has passed since I was appointed Chairman of Hospice Care
    following the retirement of John Quinn. The year has been challenging, eventful and thoroughly
    Some time has been spent a getting to know my fellow governors, Hospice managers, staff and
    volunteers. It still surprises me to find out just how many people are involved with our Hospice and
    I look forward to meeting and getting to know many more of them during the coming months.
    I have had some experience of working with the Hospice in the past, many of you may remember
    Mary and my involvement with Mighty Oak Appeal which raised funds for the new building. Despite
    this, I found that I had much to learn about Hospice and palliative care and now believe, more firmly
    than ever, that the excellent high quality of care the Hospice delivers makes a huge difference to our
    patients and their families. It is clear that this excellence could not be achieved without the support
    of our Island’s community, from individuals, members, corporate organisations, our volunteers and
    other hospice supporters.
    The hard work, loyalty and total commitment of Hospice staff has impressed me greatly. The results of the recent survey seeking
    the views of staff and volunteers showed a highly motivated workforce who are proud to work for the Hospice.
    I, in turn, am proud to chair such a highly regarded charity that despite the tough economic climate works extremely hard to
    successfully raise £3m each year, in addition to the fundamentally important grant from the Department of Health.
    My grateful thanks go out to all those involved to make the Hospice such a wonderful and successful organisation.

     Diana Princess of Wales Care at Home                                                                                       Sir Miles Walker CBE
    The Trustees of Diana Princess of Wales Care at Home Trust have                                                                              Hospice Isle of Man
    presented a cheque for £10,000 to Hospice Isle of Man as their
    most recent contribution towards the cost of providing the hospice
    at home service. At an event which also marked the retirement of                        The Purple Collecting box Appeal
    Dick Horsnell after eight years as a trustee, the cheque was
    handed over to Hospice Chairman Sir Miles Walker CBE.                                   Hospice has launched their Purple Collecting Box Appeal.
    Set up in 1998 by Don & Ali Westacott in fond memory of the                             These collecting boxes are aimed at raising funds for the
    Princess to provide hospice at home services in the Isle of Man,                        magnificent work all the nurses do at Hospice. Their care
    Dick Horsnell volunteered to become involved in 2003. Chairman                          and professionalism is second to none and makes a real
    of the Trust Ron Spencer said: “Dick has been indefatigable in his
    efforts on behalf of the Trust, most notably holding ‘open house’
                                                                                            difference to the patients and their families. Hospice Isle of
    for the visits of the Red Arrows during TT as well as driving forward                   Man cares for over 350 patients every year.
    new fund-raising initiatives in efforts to help the Trust finance the
    hospice at home service.”
    Sir Miles, in thanking the Trust for the cheque, paid tribute to Dick
    and Anna Horsnell’s generosity of spirit and irrepressible good
    humour which had contributed so much towards many years’
    financial support and he too wished to record the debt that Hospice
    Isle of Man owed to the Diana Care at Home Trust and to Dick and
    Dick fondly recalled meeting the Princess at a Hospice in
    Chelmsford, Essex which he himself had been instrumental in
    setting up and remembered how she had “lit up” the room and as
    a consequence he had been a fan ever since. He wished the Trust
    well in the future and noted that the Trust had an excellent team
    of honorary Trustees and was sure that they would continue to
    prove a valuable resource in helping to meet the cost of the care
    at home service which presently is of the order of £120,000 a year.

                                                                                                    Pictured are some of the administration and fundraising team.

                                                                                            How does your money help?
                                                                                            • £10 will provide a patient with a session of pain-relieving
                                                                                            • £150 will provide a patient with a day in our day therapy
                                                                                            • £1,000 will provide 50 hours of care from a registered
                                                                                            • £10,000 will provide a place in our in-patient unit for
     Photograph: left to right, Ron Spencer, Chairman – Diana Princess of Wales Care at
    Home Trust; Sir Miles Walker, Chairman – Hospice Isle of Man; Dick Horsnell, retiring
                                                                                            Come on pop a £ in our purple box!
        Diana Princess of Wales Care at Home Trust trustee. Photo credit: Bill Dale.

2   Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

    Legacies by John Rimmer
Why Should I Make a Will and                 And can you just make gifts in
How Should I do it?                          your Will?
We asked John Rimmer, head of the            No – it also gives you a chance to
Trusts and Private Client Practice           choose who takes care of your property
at Appleby in Douglas what would             and your family. It does this in a
happen if we never quite got round to        couple of ways.
making a Will. He told us one thing in       First, you can nominate your
particular: you can be sure that, after      “executors” (and possibly trustees),
you have died, your property will not        who will administer your estate after
pass how you wish it to!
                                             you die – paying off your debts and
John, is it just people who don’t bother     transferring the estate to your
at all who leave problems?                   beneficiaries and trustees.
No. Some do think about it but then:-        Secondly, any parent of minor children      Does     anyone      ever           leave
• Get the law wrong or                       should consider appointing guardians        everything to their pet?
• attempt a home-made Will.                  in their Will. Guardians stand in the       This is not really possible. But you can
Sadly we see more and more disputes          shoes, for many purposes, of parents.       make a gift to address their care and
over estates. You should make a Will         Their appointment is a chance for           maintenance, to ensure that your pet is
with great care.                             parents to continue to influence the        cared for.
                                             care, love, guidance and upbringing of
But don’t lawyers say that just to                                                       How do I Make a Will?
                                             younger children after they have gone.
earn the fees?                                                                           The law is strict as to the terms and
                                             The financial provisions of a will can      form in which you make a Will. It
For clients, any cost (for what seem to      then be used to secure the financial
confer little by way of immediate                                                        becomes more complicated if you own
                                             care of the children.                       assets outside the Isle of Man or if you
benefit) can be unwelcome. The fees
for a basic Will would tend to be only a     In both cases, the choice needs to be       are from outside the Isle of Man.
few hundred pounds. But the costs of         made carefully and those whom you           There is no legal requirement for an
remedying a problem estate will be           appoint should probably be asked to         advocate to prepare your Will – you
many times that.                             agree in advance.                           can of course make your own, and
Advocates will often see Will-making         When it comes to Wills, is tax              some people are competent to do so.
not as a chance to gather hefty fees         relevant?                                   But no one else is allowed to prepare a
but as an opportunity instead to do a        Death and taxes are two of life’s           Will for you, and only advocates are
good job and hopefully earn the trust        certainties: sometimes they go hand in      regulated as to how they can do it.
of clients for future work.                  hand. Making a Will can, with               If you decide to instruct an advocate,
The obvious reason to make one is            professional advice from someone            you will need to provide them with
to make some gifts, right?                   skilled at giving tax advice, save tax on   sufficient information. A pro forma is
                                             your death and even for future              available via the Hospice website.
That is certainly true: a Will gives you
                                             generations.                                Your advocate will want to meet you
a chance to show someone how much
they mean to you or that you                 The tax system in the Isle of Man is not    and go through your affairs and find
appreciate what they have done for           usually the problem: remember that          out from you precisely what you want
you or your family. It could be just a       the taxes concerned may be levied in        to achieve. He or she will then prepare
sum of money, or perhaps some                other jurisdictions. Once you have          a draft for you to consider. Make sure
treasured item that means something          passed away may be too late, so early       that you understand it and that it
special to you.                              planning is required to avoid any           complies with your wishes. An
                                             problems     and    take      maximum       advocate should always be pleased to
But it goes further than that. The
                                             advantage of opportunities.                 discuss and amend your draft Will
exercise should help you think carefully
                                                                                         further to achieve precisely what you
and consider things from all sides.          How can people make a gift to
Then you can dispose of your property        Hospice Isle of Man in their Will?
as you want to, and avoid the dreaded                                                    When the final version of your Will is
                                             The nature of your gift depends upon
rules of intestacy: those fixed “one size                                                ready, you should ideally sign it with
                                             many things. The simplest gift might
fits all” rules that say A receives this                                                 your advocate’s help. Otherwise you
                                             simply be a cash gift. A larger gift
and B receives that.                                                                     risk invalidating the Will – and litigation
                                             might even justify setting up a separate
                                                                                         can only be good for the advocates!
And sometimes the best way to provide        charity or fund established in your or
for someone is by not giving them            someone else’s memory. If you speak
assets outright, but imposing controls       to your advocate, they should be able
                                                                                         John Rimmer
on benefits. You can do this through a       to help you to frame the most efficient     Local Group Head -
Will.                                        gift.                                       Private Client & Trusts, Partner
Editor’s note: Thank you to John for explaining everything so clearly.

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future                                                         3
    Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
    local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

      Scholl Centre
    Scholl Centre Project - Working Together…

    The ambition to live well is the thread of optimism that        flowers, vines climbing up the legs and flower pots on the
    allows us to approach a diagnosis of cancer in a positive       feet; stools decorated in the colours of favourite football
    way. We sometimes look for a ‘new normal’ - a way of            teams and, of course, a Manx stool with three legs.
    coping on the rollercoaster of life.
                                                                    We quickly realised that we were going to have to do
    Enabling patients diagnosed with a life-limiting illness to     some homework. We began to search the internet for
    lead an active and fulfilling life throws new challenges to     images of stools and creative ideas. We also began to
    health care professionals. As part of a multidisciplinary       source different styles of stools and researched the safety
    team, Hospice utilises a ‘tool box’ of activities designed to   standards required for foam padding and materials used
    assist patients at various stages of the illness.               as well as the appropriate protective clothing and masks
                                                                    needed when sanding down woodwork and painting.
    Living well takes on a personal meaning and calls for the
    supportive patient-centred environment provided by our          The stool project is progressing well with some stools
    Scholl Centre Day Therapy unit.                                 finished and others well on the way to a complete
                                                                    refurbishment. It is hoped than an exhibition of some of
    Day Unit Stool Project
                                                                    the stools will be held in the summer months.
    Like most things the Day Unit stool project started out as
    a small, simple idea. The benefits of taking part in art and
    creative activities in palliative care are well known but it
    was felt that many of the craft activities offered on the day
    unit, such as silk scarf painting, jewellery making and
    cooking appealed more to our female patients rather than
    the men. Our patients abilities and skills are always
    considered when organising any project and this one is no
    different. When we acquired a number of old stools from
    a public house that was being refurbished we thought that
    some of the men may be interested in giving them a
    makeover. This was an offer we found hard to refuse
    As soon as the suggestion was made the stool project
    took off - ideas in abundance - promoting a sense of fun
    and camaraderie within the group setting. Creative
    diversional therapy explores ability rather than deficiency,
                                                                                  Stool Donations Welcome!
    focuses attention, increases self-esteem and confidence,
    promotes reflection, self-discovery and reminiscence, and       Working together creatively is exactly what this project is
    can absorb feelings that are hard to talk about, providing      about…
    the possibility of release and resolution.
                                                                    The Scholl Centre Team
    Everybody was enthusiastic and all sorts of ideas started
    coming forward from simple re-upholstery and a lick of          Care Support Volunteers
    paint to some very creative but achievable works of art.
    The suggestions made included a toadstool with a                Our newest initiative is to recruit Care Support
    frog/toad shaped seat cover, green/yellow legs and              Volunteers for our In Patient Unit, Rebecca House, Day
    webbed feet; a milking stool, painted black and white with      Unit and Hospice at Home this would ideally suit retired
    an udder underneath; a garden stool decorated with              nursing staff or people with experience of assisting
                                                                    patients with personal care, ideally in a health care
                                                                    setting. You will be part of the hospice nursing team
                                                                    initially based in the In Patient Unit helping patients on a
                                                                    day to day basis working under the supervision of a
                                                                    Registered Nurse and providing help and support to the
                                                                    patient and the nursing team. A full induction
                                                                    programme will be provided to support anyone
                                                                    interested in this role.
                                                                    Want to know more about any of the above contact us
                                                                    now on 647446.

4   Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

  Volunteer Department
Your Hospice needs you! Why not become a Volunteer
The Volunteer Department continues to be busy with over 500 volunteers working either here at Hospice or in our
shops. However we are always looking to recruit so if you have thought about volunteering but would like to know
more before committing please contact Sarah or Melissa in the Volunteer Department on 647445.
Based centrally on the ground floor within Hospice we are always delighted to meet with new volunteers, so if you
would like a tour of the building or want to learn more about what we do here we would be delighted to hear from
you. We can offer flexible hours, a variety of opportunities and ongoing training and support. Volunteers play a
large part in helping us run the services, whether it is helping cover reception on the Day Unit or working with our
patients in the Day Unit. The Day Unit is open three days a week there is something for everyone!
We also cover the In-Patient Unit Reception every afternoon, evening and all weekend. Our bedroom volunteers
come in every morning to help serve teas and coffees to patients and relatives visiting as well as getting papers and
magazines for patients or anything else they might want from the Hospital.
Our Driving volunteers are kept busy escorting the many patients who visit our Day Unit on a weekly basis or attend
the other facilities at Hospice. For those volunteers who feel they would like a more office - based environment we
regularly recruit volunteers to help support our administration departments here at Hospice.
We need your help - Complementary Therapist Wanted
New areas we have recently introduced volunteers into working include working within our Complementary Therapy
Department, so if you have a couple of hours to spare on a weekly basis, have the relevant aromatherapy/beauty
qualifications we would love to hear from you.
The Hospice kitchen is currently also looking for volunteers to help with the preparation of food and vegetables
7 days a week – do you have a couple of hours you can give us through the week or over a weekend?
Want to know more about any of the above contact us now on 647446.

  Complementary Therapy
Meet Julie Wilcock M.I.F.P.A, newly appointed Senior Complementary Therapist at
Hospice. Julie moved to the island ten years ago and worked for many years in
the retail and finance industries before retraining in Complementary Therapies by
studying both on the island and in the UK. Julie and her team of therapists
provide therapeutic treatments for many patients and their carers at Hospice, the
most popular being Aromatherapy massage.
Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of essential oils to relieve stress, enhance
health and well-being, prevent problems and support the healing process. It can
be of benefit to almost everyone and can be used to help a wide range of
disorders, including stress and tension, headaches, insomnia, digestive problems,
back aches and muscular pain.
Why not come along and experience these benefits yourself by having a relaxing
Aromatherapy massage whilst also helping Hospice? We now have appointments
available for paying clients where all proceeds go to support Hospice.
We also welcome volunteer therapists to join our caring team who are willing to give a few hours of their time each
week to support Hospice.
For further information and to make an appointment please call: 647452

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future                                          5
    Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
    local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

       Motor Neurone Disease – how Hospice is involved
    Hospice has always helped to care for people with Motor Neurone Disease and their families. In 2009 it was decided that
    in order to plan consistently and to raise awareness of who may need help we would facilitate regular monthly meetings
    involving Hospice and community staff such as Clinical Nurse Specialists; MNDA representative; Physiotherapy;
    Occupational Therapy; social work and respiratory team, to discuss all patients diagnosed.
    These meetings work well because communication is clear and we can discuss patient’s needs and put in appropriate
    services; when patients are ready. These services include aromatherapy, acupuncture, respite and end of life care, and
    are provided in liaison with all of the above professionals to meet our patient needs.

    MND Association Visitors                                            Motor Neurone Disease Association Isle of Man
    The Motor Neurone Disease Association in the Isle of                The local Motor Neurone Disease Association Committee
    Man was set up in 1993 with the aim of providing                    works separately from the Association Visitors, and you
    practical help and support to make life a little more               can have one without the other! Don’t worry, you won’t
    comfortable for people living with Motor Neurone                    be roped in to attend coffee mornings or meetings, but
    Disease (MND). We try to help in a very practical way,              you would be welcome if want to join in. We are a small
    but we also offer support, information and advice if                (but hardworking!) committee and we fundraise
    asked.                                                              throughout the year, but just as importantly, we try to let
    We have four MND Association visitors here on the                   people know that we are here in case we are needed.
    island. All of us have personal experience of MND and               We have regular coffee mornings and a legendary
    although we are not health professionals, you might find            Christmas Fair. We also hold other events from time to
    it helpful to talk to one of us. We’re friendly, we listen,         time so please look at our website:
    and we help if we can. One of us would be happy to                  www.mndassociation-iom.org
    come to your home to talk with you, or just meet you
    somewhere for a coffee. Whatever suits you. Of course,              The funds that we raise are used to help people living
    a diagnosis of MND affects your whole family and your               with MND and their families. This can mean the purchase
    friends, and so we are happy to talk to them, too.                  of equipment, personal or nursing care, or sometimes
                                                                        just the occasional treat when it’s needed. We will listen
    If you would like to meet or just talk to an Association            to any requests and help if we can.
    Visitor, please ring Christine Pain on 801355, or email
    mndassociation@manx.net                                             If we find ourselves with any spare funds, we send them
                                                                        to the MND Association in the UK for specific research
    Christine Pain                                                      projects, usually based at Walton Neurological Centre
    Honorary Secretary MND Association (Isle of Man) Ltd                where people from the Isle of Man are referred.

    The Rowan Room
    In February 2011 it was with great pleasure that Hospice            and other patients with limited movement and
    Isle of Man opened The Rowan Room. This was as a                    communication abilities. The range of machinery allows
    result of some very kind donations, namely Ian Sheard,              the patients to ‘control’ the lights, the television, the
    The Motor Neurone Disease Association (Isle of Man)                 position of the bed and other equipment within this
    Limited, Manx Aid (Jim and Wendy Douglas) and Mayor’s               room.
    charity by Dot Pitts.                                               This equipment will make a huge difference to some of
    Rowan means “room operated without assistance of a                  our patients and their quality of independence within
    nurse” and will be a tremendous benefit to MND patients             their room.

       Everyone that donated to the Rowan Room   The Clinical Team pictured in the Rown Room      Wendy & Jim Douglas from Manx Aid

6   Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

    A patient’s story by Steve Higgins
I was diagnosed in 2009 with Motor Neurone Disease. I
have experienced first hand the difference Hospice can
make to patients and their families.
I would describe myself as a determined individual and
this attitude has helped me over the last few months!
Hospice has made a massive difference to my quality of
life. The word Hospice didn’t frighten me when I first
heard it – it was more like if they can help, why not?
I was first diagnosed by in Walton Neurological Hospital
in Liverpool and when I returned to the Island a
neurology nurse was assigned to look after me and my
                                                                                   Steve and Lynda Higgins
family. This nurse, Heidi Morris suggested Hospice
mentioning that they could offer acupuncture or                adjustments to our home and they have helped fund
aromatherapy or even respite care.                             certain necessary changes. They have also provided me
The difference Hospice has made to my quality of life has      with a cough assit machine which helps to keep my chest
been incredible - I come into the day unit once a week         clear and a fantastic riser-recliner chair. The secretary,
and have weekly acupuncture and I have had a course            Christine Pain contacts me and visits regularly.
of aromatherapy sessions.                                      Key with a MND patient is the multi-disciplinary
With my type of MND my muscles ache a lot of the time,         professional team involved in their care and I feel there
the nerves don’t relax. Literally the body thinks it is in     has been excellent communication between my GP, Dr
the gym all the time so my muscles need to relax and the       Harrop of Kensington Group Practice, the MND
aromatherapy massage was a perfect way of helping me           Association, Christine Callow and Mark McEnroe of
and muscles to do this. I felt totally chilled and relaxed     Nobles and Hospice Isle of Man.
for a couple of days following my session. I definitely felt   The bulk of my physiotherapy and occupational therapy
stronger and energised – both psychologically and              takes place at home under the care of the team at
physically.                                                    Nobles Hospital. Their care is excellent too.
I also experience a lot of muscle cramps and the               I love the calming atmosphere in Hospice, they can’t do
acupuncture, specifically tailored to my ‘current’ needs.      enough for me – even to the point of providing me with
These sessions definitely help to improve my posture           respite when my father became ill so that Lynda could
and general well being.                                        help him. He was admitted to Hospice where he sadly
I worked for Douglas Corporation for 42 years I started        passed away. Again, the care which he received was
out as a 16 year old apprentice blacksmith. Their support      second to none and our well-being was high on their list
has been tremendous.                                           of priorities. Their support has been tremendous, we are
                                                               so lucky to have a facility like this on our doorstep.
The Motor Neurone Disease Association on the Island
had been very helpful – Lynda and I have had to make           Steve Higgins    January 2011

Neurology Nursing Service
The Neurology Nurse Specialist for the Isle of Man works       You should contact the nurse if:
closely with the consultant Neurologist and has a regular      • you are concerned about any symptoms you are
contact with Hospice Isle of Man team.                           experiencing
The Neurology Nurse aims to provide a specialist nursing       • you need advice about medication
service to adult patients with Multiple Sclerosis or Motor     • you want information about how MND is affecting you
Neurone Disease.
                                                               You can access this service by:
This service involves:                                         • contacting the nurse directly
• Supporting the patient and family at diagnosis
                                                               • asking your doctor to send a referral letter
• Providing education for patients, family and healthcare
  professionals                                                Contact Details
• Providing information and support on treatments              Heidi Morris, Neurology Nurse Specialist, Management
• Liaising with and referring to other team members eg         Suite, Nobles Hospital, Strang, Isle of Man IM4 4RJ. Email;
  Physiotherapy, Dietician if necessary                        heidi.morris@gov.im or Tel. 650421 or 650000 and ask
• Home visits if required
                                                               switchboard to bleep 207
• Nurse-led clinics
• Information on life-style issues

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future                                               7
    Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
    local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

      Share the Care News
    2010 was a difficult year for all of us for lots of different
    Firstly the weather, we were snowed in at the beginning of
    the year and then again in December, as beautiful as the
    Island is with that white blanket it does cause problems.
    I must thank all our staff and volunteers for all their efforts
    in dealing with the snowy disruptions and doing their best
    to keep all the collections and deliveries done and the
    shops open. We did however have to close the shops on
    some of the days.
    We had all the uncertainty of the recession too. We did           These three recycling schemes increase our recycling
    notice a slight decrease in donations, but again our staff        income by 45% in 2010. I wish I could find a company to
    and volunteers worked wonders with creative displays and          recycle surplus videos but I have not found anyone who
    rotating stock to ensure the shops looks fresh, bright and        does these – if you have any contacts please phone us on
    full.                                                             615055.
    What will 2011 bring and what is Share the Care                   As well as donations of clothes and bric a brac being
    doing to overcome any problems?                                   slightly down, so was the donations of larger furniture
                                                                      items. Again, we looked closely at our daily van routes and
    We know we cannot open anymore shops as
                                                                      have been able to accommodate all our requests for
    demographically we are luckily enough to have a Hospice
                                                                      collections and deliveries by using fewer resources, with
    shop in most towns on the Island, but we can look at how
                                                                      the vans covering two areas per day and using the smaller
    the shops work on a daily basis.                                  van. We have seen a dramatic reduction in our vehicle fuel
    Last year we took on Jane Kelly as shops co-ordinator.            bill each month and this will help with the other costs of
    Jane’s main role is to provide help and support to all the        putting a commercial vehicle on the road.
    Hospice shops and their volunteers. We also brought the           We are always careful with the amount we spend on
    shop managers together for monthly meetings which                 administration, so again, we have assessed what hours are
    proved a huge success as they shared their working                needed with the office areas and we have been able to cut
    practises and knowledge.                                          a few of the admin hours which have suited the people
    We also looked at other incentives which we could operate         with their personal circumstances and commitments.
    from the administration offices at Unit 14, Springham Park.       At the Douglas warehouse, Unit 14, Springham Park
    One of these was our recycling which we have always               (behind B&Q) we tried opening for a second sale day on
    done, but could we do more?                                       Wednesday, and this proved very popular, with new
                                                                      customers visiting the warehouse, so we will continue to
    After a visit to our textile recycling company in Belfast we
                                                                      open Wednesdays 11am – 3pm. We are still open on
    were successful in increasing our price for ‘unsaleable’
                                                                      Saturdays 1pm – 4pm.
    donated items from £1.15 per bag to £1.80 per bag for
                                                                      I hope that you can see that we are very conscious as a
    textiles and for old shoes and bags from £3.00 to £3.50
                                                                      charity that we must work efficiently and effectively to
    per bag. Please note that all donated items are collected
                                                                      generate as much as possible for Hospice Isle of Man for
    and sorted by us and sold through the Hospice shops, we
                                                                      patients and their families.
    will only recycle ‘unsaleable’ items – a jacket with a broken
    zip, worn out shoes for example.                                  So a huge thank you to all our staff and volunteers for
                                                                      working so hard during 2010, and to you the general
    Another item we have been able to recycle is surplus music
                                                                      public and corporate supporters for making 2010 such a
    CD’s and DVD’s which have been for sale in the shops but          success.
    have not sold. We use a company in the UK, but we send
                                                                      Here’s to 2011.
    a box each month Freepost, we get approx 50p for each
    CD and almost £1.00 for DVD’s                                     Tina Lawton
    Books are a huge seller in all the Hospice shops, but at this     Hospice Shops and Warehouse Manager
    time, again, we have a surplus so we have found two local
                                                                      There is only one Flog It Day this year and
    book people who will buy our surplus books when
                                                                      it is on Sunday 7th August – 10am-4pm
    available.                                                        at Noble’s Park. Contact 615055.

8   Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
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local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

  Friends of Hospice
We are always endeavouring to involve individuals in supporting Hospice Isle of Man. We know we touch the lives
of over 1,000 people per year on the Isle of Man. So with this mind we are encouraging you to think about becoming
a Friend of Hospice. We have taken the liberty of enclosing a Supporters Form in this newsletter. We know lots of
you are members and that will remain unchanged but if you could pass this form onto someone who may want to
support Hospice but does not want to become a member, we would be grateful. The choice is entirely yours or theirs.
As a charity we need to raise just over £3.5 million a year and yours, your friends and families support is an essential
and integral part of us continuing to provide specialist palliative care for the people of the Isle of Man for years to
Please see the Hospice website for detailed information - www.hospice.org.im <http://www.hospice.org.im>
If you have received this form as a member you do not need to do anything!

  Fund Raising News - At Hospice we value every supporter but we would particularly
     like to thank the companies that nominated us as their chosen charity of the year

By Mary Doyle, PR and Marketing Manager
Welcome to our spring 2011 newsletter. Spring is definitely in the air with lots of events being planned to raise much
needed funds.
Our awareness week for Children’s Hospice week commences on Saturday 14th May with a fabulous launch at Tynwald
Mills, followed by lots of fun activities ending with our very own Bollywood Ball on Friday 20th May at the Palace Hotel.
Sunday 22nd May sees the end of the awareness week with a joint fundraiser with Groudle Glen Railways.

Choosing charity of the year is a piece of cake for Friends Provident International
Representatives from Friends Provident International          during 2011. We have to raise £3.5 million a year and
(FPI) visited Hospice Isle of Man to learn more about the     the support of local businesses is very important to us in
work happening there. The charity committee at FPI            achieving this."
chose Hospice as the main local charity it will support in
                                                              FPI's charity committee raises money throughout the
2011 by holding a cake sale in February. A token was
                                                              year. The company also supports projects throughout
given out with every purchase to use in a ballot between
                                                              the Island through its staff association and by offering
three nominated good causes.
                                                              the time and skills of its employees.
John Owen, chair of the charity committee at Friends
Provident International said:
"Our people give a lot of time and energy to good causes
and we wanted to give everyone the chance to help
decide where money raised goes. We are delighted
Hospice was chosen. It is an excellent charity and
touches the lives of so many families in the Isle of Man.
Staff here are committed to fundraising as much as
possible to support Hospice over the next 12 months."
Mary Doyle, PR and marketing manager for Hospice added:
"We are thrilled to be working with Friends Provident
International. We have been involved with them before            Pictured left to right is: Carole Whitfield of the Hospice fundraising team,
                                                              Caroline James, Internal Communications and Engagement Consultant, Leanne
and really look forward to working with the company           Broadhurst, Compliance Consultant, Lucy Smith, External Communications and
                                                              Engagement Consultant – all from Friends Provident International Limited with
                                                                                  Mary Doyle and Mary Dunne, Fundraising.

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future                                                                  9
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     local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

       Fund Raising News - At Hospice we value every supporter but we would particularly
          like to thank the companies that nominated us as their chosen charity of the year

     The Palace Hotel – we are really looking forward to a fun year with the local hotel
                                                                   and more details about this event.
                                                                   Collection boxes will be placed around Sefton Group
                                                                   venues throughout the year.
                                                                   Last year Palace Hotel Casino staff and customers raised
                                                                   £2,600 for the British Heart Foundation.
                                                                   Palace Hotel Casino Managing Director Adrian
                                                                   Brockhouse said: ‘Hospice is such an important
                                                                   organisation and I’m really pleased that our fundraising
                                                                   committee has chosen the charity as its main focus for
                                                                   the coming year.
                                                                   ‘Our staff are always happy to get involved and really
                                                                   enter into the spirit of the events we organise, and our
                Naomi Finch, Julia Lawrenson, Adrian Brockhouse,
                  Mary Doyle (Hospice) and Rochelle D’Souza.       customers have more than matched them in the past in
                                                                   terms of giving generously.
     The main event planned by the Palace Hotel in aid of
     Hospice will be a black-tie Summer Ball, planned for          ‘I’m sure that infectious enthusiasm will be matched
     Friday, July 15 in the Cushag Suite. Tickets for this are     again this year for such a worthwhile cause’.
     priced at £45 and the night will include live music and a     Hospice PR and Marketing Manager Mary Doyle said:
     raffle, Contact 682776.                                       ‘We’re delighted, and very thankful, for everyone within
     Then in June, Palace Hotel Casino Conference and              the Palace Hotel Casino for choosing Hospice Isle of Man
     Banqueting Manager Gareth Capper will take on the             as their fundraising focus for 2011.
     challenge of the Parish Walk and on Saturday,                 ‘The Hospice has to raise £3.5 million a year to provide
     September 10 two staff – Rochelle D’Souza and Julia           the services it does, and that is only possible with the
     Lawrence - will step out on the Midnight Walk, an event       support and hard work of businesses such as the Palace
     organised by Hospice.                                         Hotel Casino. We hope the events planned for the
     The year’s events will draw to a close on Friday, October     coming months are a huge success and that everyone
     28 at the Palace Hotel which will play host to a spook-       taking part has a fantastic time.’
     tacular Halloween Party. Please call 682776 for bookings

     MICROGAMING DIG DEEP FOR REBECCA HOUSE – the children’s Hospice
     Local company Microgaming supports the children’s
     hospice, Rebecca House by handing over £1,828.
     The money was raised through the company’s annual
     prize draw which Microgaming matched making up this
     fantastic amount.
     There were some great prizes on offer including a signed
     Mark Cavendish jersey from the Beijing Olympics.
     Roger Raatgever, CEO of Microgaming explained
     “Microgaming is committed to raising funds within the
     local community, and we are very keen to support this
     fantastic local charity that provides invaluable support to
     families that really need their help.”
     Chief Executive of Hospice Margaret Simpson thanked             Pictured (L-R): John Coleman from Microgaming with Margaret Simpson,
     Roger and all the team of Microgaming for their support              Chief Executive of Hospice and Roger Raatgever, Microgaming.
     and great contribution to the funds that need to be
     raised to continue the work that Rebecca House does
     every day of the year for the 23 children and their
     families that they look after on the Island.

10   Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
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local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

  Fund Raising News - At Hospice we value every supporter but we would particularly
     like to thank the companies that nominated us as their chosen charity of the year

Barclays Wealth
Barclays Wealth is delighted to announce its charity of the     Stuart Nelson Chairman of the Barclays Wealth Charity
year for 2011 is Hospice Isle of Man.                           Committee said: ‘Our staff are excited by the prospect of
Each year staff are asked to nominate local charities           helping to raise money for such a worthwhile local charity.
which they think deserve to be the recipients of Barclays       As well as the events we have already mentioned we are
Wealth fundraising efforts for the coming year. The             hoping to plan many more activities throughout the year
charities that receive the most nominations are then            to help boost funds. As an employer we feel it is important
asked to present to the Charity Committee which selects         to support the fundraising efforts of our staff through a
the charity of the year.                                        number of initiatives including a £ for £ scheme and
                                                                allowances for people who volunteer their time to help
Barclays Wealth staff have a number of events planned           raise money for worthwhile causes. I am proud to be part
throughout the year to help generate funds for hospice          of an organisation that is so active in its local fundraising.’
• A team race night
• Easter egg delivery service where members of staff can
  send an Easter egg and message to a colleague for a
  donation of £1
• Head of Corporate Affairs, Caroline Cornish will be
  taking part in ‘Well Chuffed’ where 15 people will be
  sitted on a train on the Groudle Glen Railway for 12
  hours of fundraising – an endurous test on the bones!
• Team Barclays Wealth are taking part in the Parish
• Sponsorship of the Hospice Christmas Fair

Mr Kewley draws winning ticket                                  Agrimark Easter donation

Hospice would like to thank Billy Kewley of Agrimark who        Billy Kewley of Agrimark is pictured with Frances Bland,
donated 2 Manchester United vs Chelsea match tickets            team leader for Rebecca House with Roger Fargher of
along with flights. Billy is surrounded by Mary’s - left Mary   the Fundraising team for Hospice. Billy donated Easter
Linehan from the Board of Governors) and right Mary             Eggs for the children of Rebecca House for a treasure
Doyle of the Fundraising team with the winning ticket.          hunt!
The match tickets were won by a George Kermode of
Onchan. The draw raised over £3,000 for Hospice. Both
Mary’s thanked Mr Kewley for all his support of Hospice.

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future                                                    11
     Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
     local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

      Fund Raising News - At Hospice we value every supporter but we would particularly
          like to thank the companies that nominated us as their chosen charity of the year

     Margie Mylrea - A long walk or 4
     Pictured is Mary Doyle with Margie Mylrea. Marg is planning on walking 4 walks
     during 2011 with one aim of raising funds for Hospice Isle of Man. She will take
     part in the Sara Killey Memorial Walk (39 miles), the Scottish Widows Parish Walk
     (she is walking to Peel so that is 32.5 miles), Hospice’s midnight walk on Saturday
     10th September (5 miles) and the Ramsey Bakery End to End walk (39 miles).
     That is 115 and half miles all for Hospice! What a girl!
     To sponsor Margie with her incredible effort for Hospice visit their website on
     www.hospice.org.im – click on the donate button and fill in the reference details.
     Or alternatively you can contact her on margie.mylrea@manx.net or 412608.
     Mary Doyle added she was delighted that Margie was doing all this walking for

     Art Exhibition - Allied Irish Bank
     We are delighted to announce that Allied Irish Bank has agreed to sponsor
     a forthcoming art exhibition on Thursday 12th May at the Erin Arts Centre.
     The exhibition will feature work by three emerging Manx artists: Liz
     Courtie, Sharon Watterson and Ben Hickey. They are in their final weeks of
     studying for a Higher National Diploma in Fine Art at the Isle of Man
     College. The exhibition is an accumulation of their work in photography,
     painting, printing, glass, and ceramics.
     Liz Courtie was born and raised in Ramsey and now lives in Onchan.
     Originally she trained as a secretary but having survived breast cancer, now
     has a different outlook on life. As part of her healing journey she
     undertook art therapy at Hospice and was encouraged to apply for the Art
                                                                                         Mary Dunne, Liz Courtie & Mary Doyle
     and Design course at college. Liz loves to work in photography, glass and
     ceramics and has been influenced by contemporary glass sculptor Dale Chihuly and 19th century Scots man (with
     Manx ancestors) Daniel Cottier. In her first exhibition at the Erin Arts Centre she will be showing mixed glass and
     copper work and fragile fused glass. Her photography is emotional and thought-provoking, mixed with a little digital
     imagery and portrays Manx, Irish and Scottish scenes.
     Sharon Watterson is a well known Manx landscape and portrait painter. She has previously studied art, design and
     photography at the Isle of Man College. She is influenced by ancient Celtic art, scripture, Archibald Knox and John
     Miller Nicholson. Her work reflects the culture and timeless beauty of the Island depicted in watercolours, oils,
     monoprint, ceramic and glass.
     Ben Hickey was born on the Island and has aspired to be an artist from an early age. The 22 year old student has
     attended Castle Rushen High School, University College of Falmouth and the Isle of Man College. His work often
     deals with controversial subjects. In this exhibition he uses photography to show a neglected and forgotten side to
     the Island. After completing his HND he intends to continue his studies by taking a BA in Fine Art.
     The Erin Arts Centre is open Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 10:30pm and 4:30pm – all are welcome.
     The last day of the Exhibition will be Wednesday 1st June.
     Tickets are still available for the AIB supported Hospice art exhibition.
     Tickets are £20 and available from Fundraising on 647432.

12   Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

 Fund Raising News - At Hospice we value every supporter but we would particularly
      like to thank the companies that nominated us as their chosen charity of the year

 Caledonian getting running for the children’s Hospice – Rebecca House
                                                                              Managing Director, Tina Corteen explained “this was the
                                                                              first time staff from Caledonian have taken part in this
                                                                              event and to stand out from the crowd some of the staff
                                                                              wore blue Santa suits – being our Caledonian corporate
                                                                              colour. It is hoped that this will become a regular event
Staff from Caledonian Fund Services (Europe) Limited
                                                                              for staff to be involved in. So much so, our sister
took part in the annual charity Santa Dash in January of
                                                                              company, Caledonian Trust (IOM) Limited matched our
this year. The event was delayed due to snow in
                                                                              donation bringing the total amount to £200. We were all
                                                                              in agreement with sponsoring such a local worthwhile
                                                                              charity. “

 Tina Corteen Managing Director, Caledonian Fund Services (Europe) Limited,
  Claire Sherlock Assistant Manager, Fund Accounting, Mary Doyle, Hospice,
                     David Lindsey Manager, Services and                       Tina Corteen Managing Director, Caledonian Fund Services (Europe) Limited
          Neil Cain Manager, Fund Accounting and Manager Services.                     with Mary Doyle and Sandra Georgeson Managing Director,
                                                                                                   Caledonian Trust (IOM) Limited.

Quinn Legal – A hair raising event
The annual Quinn Legal Christmas celebration last                             Conscious of the difficult financial times the gathering
December raised the amazing amount of £14,072 for                             decided that it should show its support for Hospice Isle
Hospice Isle of Man.                                                          of Man and the wonderful care it provides.
Some 80 people gathered at the splendid and recently                          One of the biggest supporters of the event and of the
opened Portofino Restaurant on West Quay for lunch                            charitable giving that day was David Creane of Cowley
where they were wined and dined by owner Mario                                Groves who was offered the opportunity to shave off his
Ciappelli.                                                                    hair for charity – an offer he declined by paying a
                                                                              significant financial forfeit!
                                                                              Pictured front row is David Creane and Mary Doyle of
                                                                              Hospice together with James Quinn and Chief Executive
                                                                              of Hospice, Margaret Simpson.
                                                                              James Quinn on behalf of all at Quinn Legal thanked the
                                                                              clients and friends of Quinn Legal for their amazing
                                                                              generosity. The significant funds raised that day will
                                                                              certainly help Hospice continue to provide the care
                                                                              which all in need of Hospice Care deserve.
                                                                              Margaret Simpson thanked both James and David for all
                                                                              their contributions to raising this fantastic amount of
                                                                              £14,072 and for their support of Hospice Isle of Man.

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future                                                                             13
     Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
     local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

       Fund Raising News - At Hospice we value every supporter but we would particularly
          like to thank the companies that nominated us as their chosen charity of the year

     Pauline Guest and
        Handbags & Gladrags on the hanger
     Hospice Isle of Man were absolutely delighted with the
     response to their joint initiative with Manx2.com of
     donating unwanted gifts. Over 260 items were donated
     to the charity to be used at their various events during
     Manx2.com had nominated Hospice Isle of Man as their
     charity of the year for 2011 with the fabulous donation
     of 52 gold flight tickets - one for every week of the year!
     These tickets will be used throughout 2011 to help
     Hospice Isle of Man raise valuable funds towards their
     £3.5 million costs per year.                                  children’s hospice, Rebecca House and were keen this
     The inaugural tickets were used as part of the donate         time to get involved again.
     your unwanted Christmas gifts to Hospice campaign and         They also held a Handbags, Gladrags on the Hanger
     the winner was Mrs Pauline Guest of Onchan who will           event in the Manx2.com base. This fun, girlie event was
     use her tickets to visit Belfast.                             on Sunday 8th May.
     Manx2.com staff have also committed to raise money            Pictured are Mary Dunne and Mary Doyle of the Hospice
     and awareness for the charity throughout 2011. The            Fundraising team with the lucky winner of the two
     staff did a fantastic job during 2009 helping the             tickets, Pauline Guest and Ann Hartley of Manx2.

      Dawn Yates                                                   BP Maritime Services (Isle of Man)

     Pictured is Dawn Yates and Mary Doyle, PR and                 Staff at BP Maritime Services supported Hospice Isle of
     Marketing Manager for Hospice. Dawn is holding her            Man and raised the amazing amount of £2,617.34. The
     medal from the Dublin Marathon, she also handed over          proceeds were made up over a year by staff competing
     a cheque for £1,450, which she had raised from her            in tin bath races, a sponsored swim (part of the Queenie
     endeavours. She had run the 26.5 miles in 3 hours and         festival), diets and a swear box!
     41 minutes.
                                                                   Some of the staff also attended an Officer’s Conference
                                                                   and raised nearly £800 via donations at this event.
                                                                   PR and Marketing Manager for Hospice, Mary Doyle,
                                                                   thanked office manager, Gina Knight and all the team for
                                                                   their endeavours for Hospice adding what a fabulous
                                                                   amount had been raised.

                                                                                       Staff at BP Maritime

14   Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

 Fund Raising News - At Hospice we value every supporter but we would particularly
     like to thank the companies that nominated us as their chosen charity of the year

Our London Marathon Team                                   Dublin marathon - A spooky event

By the time you read this our London Marathon Team         Some of our prospective Dublin marathon runners.
will have run 26.5 miles, a massive thank you to them.     Hospice has nearly 20 runners taking part in the event
                                                           on Monday 31st October this year in Dublin. To sponsor
                                                           any of the runners it is possible to donate through
                                                           www.hospice.org.im by following the link to the donate
                                                           button. The runners fundraising and training endeavours
                                                           will be published through Hospice’s Facebook page.

Pictured is Mary Doyle, Chris Reynolds, Sabine Corkill,
Rebecca Wallace, Tommy Crowe (from Bridson &
Horrox), Alexandria Withington, Paul Woods and Carole
Whitfield. Bridson & Horrox had presented the team with
their running tops. Mary Doyle thanked Bridson & Horrox
for their support.

 Midnight Walk Fashion

The ladies and a couple of gents from Hospice modelling
the latest ‘must have’ head gear for their midnight walk
on Saturday 10th September 2011. For further details go
on hospice’s website or Facebook page, email
fundraising@hospice.org.im or contact 647434.

             Come on ladies
           grab your pink gear
            and get involved

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future                                       15
     Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
     local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

      Fund Raising News - At Hospice we value every supporter but we would particularly
          like to thank the companies that nominated us as their chosen charity of the year

     Fairbairn Private Bank Staff Raise £6,800 for Charity
     The staff of Fairbairn Private Bank, working in the bank’s     Julie Hutchins and Janet Taylor, from Fairbairn Private
     Isle of Man and Jersey offices, have been busy raising         Bank, presented the two Isle of Man based charities with
     money for four good causes. Through a wide range of            the cheques on behalf of all the staff.
     fund raising schemes, including a monthly staff draw,
     sports sponsorships, themed social events, book and
     DVD sales, cake sales and dress down days, an
     impressive total of £6,800 has been raised over the
     course of a year. The money has been split equally
     between four staff-nominated charities: Hospice Isle of
     Man, Macmillan Cancer Support Isle of Man, Jersey
     Hospice Care and Jersey Side by Side.
     Whilst the former three charities do an outstanding job
     in supporting the local communities on the Isle of Man
     and Jersey, the latter charity provides assistance further
     afield and channels Jersey’s community spirit to help
     offer relief to the victims of tragedies and natural
     disasters, wherever they are in the world.                         Mary Doyle from Hospice Isle of Man with Janet Taylor of Fairbairn.

       Saturday 14th May to Sunday 22nd May 2011                    The week will commence with a fabulous launch event at
          Launch day at Tynwald Mills, St John’s                    Tynwald Mills, St John’s. The day will involve lots of fun
                                                                    activities for children including jugglers, music and
     Hospice Isle of Man is holding an awareness week for its
                                                                    dancing displays, face painting and much more.
     children’s hospice, Rebecca House. A full week of activities
     is planned including a Bollywood Ball on Friday 20th May       The event will run from 11am-4pm. This launch event on the
     and a joint fundraiser with Groudle Glen Railways              14th May at the beautiful shopping outlet will include lots of
     described as a Well Chuffed Event!                             fundraising events for Hospice during the coming year.
                                                                    For further details on this event and any of Hospice’s
                                                                    future events please see their Facebook page on
                                                                    or visit their website on www.hospice.org.im or contact
                                                                    Pictured is Judith Leslie from Tynwald Mills and Mary
                                                                    Doyle, PR and Marketing Manager for Hospice. Mary and
                                                                    Judith expressed how much they are looking forward to
                                                                    working together to raise much valued funds for Hospice.

16   Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

 Fund Raising News - At Hospice we value every supporter but we would particularly
     like to thank the companies that nominated us as their chosen charity of the year

St Ninians Fashion show
A group of A level Applied Business students from St     be split between Rebecca House and the school funds.
Ninian’s High School organising a fabulous night of      St Ninian’s were celebrating 25 years of education on the
fashion – Fashionista. The group raised nearly £800 to   Island.

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future                                       17
     Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
     local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

      Fund Raising News - At Hospice we value every supporter but we would particularly
         like to thank the companies that nominated us as their chosen charity of the year

     Bollywood Ball

     Hospice Isle of Man is doing Bollywood! We have
     planned a very exciting and unusual evening for all
     Hospice supporters. We are holding a Bollywood
     Ball at the Palace hotel on Friday 20th May.
     Tickets are £45 each. Tables of 10.

     We will be working with Alpana Delaney, owner of
     Bollywood on the Isle. This will be a fun evening
     comprising a typical Indian welcome, an Indian
     buffet, a display of Bollywood dancing and the
     opportunity of dressing up in Indian dress and
     taking part in some Bollywood dancing. What a
     night! The evening will end with a disco.

     You can book a table or individual tickets by
     contacting Mary Dunne, Fundraising and Events
     Coordinator     on       647432   or    email

     Pictured is Mary Dunne, Fundraising and Events
     Coordinator for Hospice with Alpana Delaney of
     Bollywood on the Isle and Mary Doyle, PR and
     Marketing Manager for Hospice. Picture taken by
     Matt Mosur Photography.

                                                           Zurich Financial Services
                                                           We were absolutely delighted to receive a magnificent
                                                           cheque for £7,500 from Zurich Financial Services.
                                                           Pictured is Mary Doyle, Hospice Chief Executive,
                                                           Margaret Simpson and Linda Muirhead, Chief Operating
                                                           Officer, Zurich International Life Limited.

18   Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

  Rebecca House
Rebecca House is the children’s unit of Hospice Isle of Man.
It all started a few years ago after a little boy called Ben
Cowell, who would have benefitted from a children’s
hospice in the Isle of Man, died in the UK. Ben was the
inspiration behind Rebecca House.
Historically, children that needed specialist palliative care
had to travel off Island to Claire House on the Wirral. So
when a decision was made to build a new Hospice                 • Short break provision so parents can spend time with
additional funds were raised to add a children’s unit to the       siblings or have a break
main Hospice building.                                          • Symptom control for symptoms such as pain,
The children’s wing is called Rebecca House because The            breathlessness or nausea
Henry Bloom Noble Healthcare Trust was a huge benefactor        • The provision of therapies including play and social
– Henry Bloom Noble’s wife was called Rebecca – hence              activities
Rebecca House.                                                  • 24 hour advisory support to families and other healthcare
It was officially opened in November 2008 by Robin and             professionals
Dwina Gibb and today Rebecca House has 23 children on           • End of life care either in Rebecca House or in the child’s
their books ranging in age from birth to 14 years old.             own home with our nurses visiting
Among other facilities in this beautiful building - Rebecca     • Pre & post bereavement support for all family members
House has four bedrooms, a multi sensory room, a                • Bereavement care
specifically designed bathroom – indeed everything that the     • Counselling
staff need to help look after children with life-limiting       • Complementary therapies
illnesses.                                                      • Spiritual support
We are extremely fortunate that Oskar’s Dreams charity          Finally there is the Rainbow Room facility for any child who
made a huge difference in enhancing, not just the facilities,   dies on the Island, which provides a private, intimate and
but also the care provided.                                     special place of rest for the child and family until the day of
                                                                the funeral. This allows the family to access the support of
Rebecca House provides:-                                        our bereavement service, which will continue for as long as
• Respite, emergency and palliative care for children in a      required.
    homely environment, whilst being cared for by registered
    children’s nurses and nursery nurses                        Rebecca House costs £400,000 a year to run and receives
                                                                £80,000 p.a. from the Manx Government. The remainder is
                                                                made up from donations.
                                                                This year children’s hospice week is from Saturday 14th
                                                                May through to Sunday 22nd May. We have some fantastic
                                                                events organised to raise funds and awareness for our
                                                                children’s unit. We start off with a fun launch at Tynwald
                                                                Mills on Saturday 14th – see page 17 for further details.
                                                                Then we have our infamous Rainbow Day – come on get
                                                                involved – schools and offices getting dressed up in rainbow
                                                                colours! We have also thrown in a few public tour days, a
                                                                fun train journey and some radio controlled model car
                                                                racing just to add a bit of diversity!
                    The Rebecca House team

Douglas Rookies

Pictured are the children from the Douglas Rookies who,
for the second year in a row, raised £200 for the
children’s Hospice Rebecca House. The Rookies leader,
Mrs Teresa Smyth, organised a fun event for the children
and raised this amazing amount. Mrs Smyth also sold
handmade Christmas cards to top up the amount raised.

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future                                                    19
     Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
     local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

      World Cancer Day event
     Hospice Isle of Man marked World Cancer Day in
     February by holding a Wear Your Slippers to Work event.
     Individuals and companies from around the Island wore
     their slippers to work, had a lovely comfy day and raised
     over £2,000.

                                                                                      Staff at KPMG wearing their slipper raising funds for Hospice and Motor Neurone
                                                                                               Disease were Rebecca Radcliffe, Aimee Dunne, Monika Zoradova,
                                                                                               Justine Herridge, Rachael Burge, Lindsey Skillicorn, Joanne Coole,
                                                                                                           Sinead O’Connor, Clare Kelly, Jane Duggan

                   Children at Willaston School listening to Oskar                                  Children at Willaston School waving goodbye to Oskar

          Peel Playgroup get cuddly with Oskar                 Children at Willaston School sitting quietly               Western Swimming Club Staff:
                                                                                                                       Krysy, Tracy, Ian and Pool Manager Kath
                                                                                                                                  get in the groove!

20   Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

 World Cancer Day event

     IOM Advertising: Katie Reynard, Helen Maiden, Shirley Callow,      Zurich: Laurine Douglas, Rebecca O’Kell, Ann Barron, Emily Bettison,
              Tim Shallcross & Stacey Smith get comfy                     Ann-Marie Clark, Helen Mitchell, Ruth Camara and Lynn Maxwell

          Cube 188: Jane, Susie, Caroline, Gini, Danielle & Tom               Hamlin: Front Row – Angela, Linda, Lucy and Emma
                       settle down with Oskar                             Back Row – Tom, Terry, Alex and Frank with Oskar and Frances

  Mary Dunne and Oskar with Regent Street Post Office: Yvonne Taylor,
     Peggy Irvine, Edwina Dugdale, Annette Sowden and Jane Cooper

     Milan Vets: Oskar gets cosy with Louisa Ing, Amanda Shimmin,            Frances, Mary and Osckar with Ned Group: Steve Leach,
     Chantelle Johnson, Colleen Miller, Zoey Haughton, Becky Moore,                     Ian Reynolds & Jennifer McDonald
                 Charlotte Newton & Mohammed Siddiq

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future                                                                 21
     Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
     local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

      Report and Accounts
     This is the first year in which we have decided not to print our Annual Report and Accounts and
     include them with our Spring Newsletter. We are constantly looking at ways in which to save
     money to ensure as much as possible of the money that you raise is spent directly on patient
     care. Therefore this year our Annual Report and Accounts 2010 will be available for viewing on
     our website from 25 May 2011. If you wish a printed copy to be sent or e-mailed to you, we will
     of course be happy to do so, please contact our Finance Department on 647436 or e-mail them
     at accounts@hospice.org.im to request a copy. We are therefore including an extract of our
     Financial Statements here for your information.
     We hope you find these extracts useful, but for a proper understanding of the financial position
     of Hospice Care we recommend you read the audited financial statements contained within the
     Annual Report and Accounts 2010 available on www.hospice.org.im from 25th May 2011. If you
     have any queries please contact our Chief Executive, Margaret Simpson on 01624 647444 or our
     Finance Department on 01624 647436 / e-mail accounts@hospice.org.im
                                                                           2010               2009
                                                                              £                  £
     Income raised through Fundraising Department                       988,534          1,106,126
     Other Income                                                       748,074            706,092
     Total Recurring Income                                          1,736,608          1,812,218
     Total Recurring Expenditure                                   (3,710,652)        (3,577,958)
     Recurring Income less Expenditure                             (1,974,044)        (1,765,740)
     Total Non-Recurring Income                                       1,948,873            584,033
     Exceptional Item/s                                                  89,722          2,763,032
     Income Less Expenditure                                            64,551          1,581,325
     Gains and Losses                                                   132,928            371,556
     Total Surplus                                                     197,479          1,952,881

                                                                          2010                2009
                                                                             £                   £
     Investments                                                     2,046,902             547,772
     Subsidiaries                                                      288,196             288,196
     Fixed Assets                                                    8,507,197           8,540,724
     Debtors > 1 Year                                                  787,048             787,048
     Current Assets                                                  7,735,297           9,202,547
     Current Liabilities                                             (191,822)           (390,948)
     Creditors Due After More Than One Year                          (750,000)           (750,000)
     ASSETS LESS CURRENT LIABILITES                                18,422,818          18,225,339
     Restricted Funds                                                  832,912             852,422
     Unrestricted Funds                                             17,589,906          17,372,917
     TOTAL FUNDS                                                   18,422,818          18,225,339

22   Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future
Appleby Isle of Man is proud to support the
local community by sponsoring Hospice’s newsletter.

 Report and Accounts
The financial year ending 31 December 2010 was a challenging one for us in the current
economic climate. We were fortunate enough to achieve a surplus, however there are non-
recurring income entries in our accounts, without which we would have been in a deficit position,
full details of which will be available for viewing in the Financial Statements section of our Annual
Report and Accounts 2010 from our website www.hospice.org.im . This reflects the difficulties
that Charities as a whole face at this time. It is however a fantastic achievement that through
your continued generosity in excess of £2million is raised each year from the public alone, we
are very grateful for this support which enables us to provide the highest quality care for our
The charts below give you an indication of how our funds are raised and spent:

                                          Income 2010

                                                           Income Raised through
                                                           Fundraising Department
                                                           Other Income

                                                           Non recurring income

                                                           Non recurring income -
                                                           Non recurring income -
                                                           Pelagon Dividend
                                                           Gains & Losses

                                                           Partial Release of
                                                           KSF Provision

                                       Expenditure 2010

Every penny counts, every pound makes a difference, legacies ensure our future                          23








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