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					                                                                       You bring the mission, we bring success

                                                           INTELLIGENCE CAPABILITIES
Nangwik Services                            Nangwik Services has provided Intelligence services to a number of federal agencies
Intelligence Services                       and programs, including:

General capabilities:                       U.S. ARMY INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY COMMAND (INSCOM) Nangwik
 • Collection, analysis and reporting       provides comprehensive logistics, engineering and facilities lifecycle support
 • Cleared linguist services                of complex, classified, compartmented and unique ground-based and aerial
 • SAP and SOF program support              reconnaissance and electronic intelligence collection and production systems.
 • C4ISR                                    This includes tactical environmental control units, tactical power generation, and
 • Anti-terrorism and force protection      information technology systems, as well as administrative, engineering, technical,
                                            logistical and environmental support.
 • AOR Training                             (AFISR AGENCY) Nangwik provides multilingual, multi-disciplinary expertise,
 • Forward deployed embedded SMEs           technology and tools supporting all facets of the AFISR Agency’s cryptologic
 • Fusion characteristics                   and global language acquisition, conversion, sustainment and remedial training
 • Program direction for Personnel          programs. This includes Crypologic Skills Program development, operations
   Recovery, Small Unit Exchange,           training, weapons systems training program development, Standardization and
   Advanced Special Operations and          Evaluation program development and implementation, ISR Special Operations
   Commanders in Extremis Force             Forces program management, analysis training and operations, and execution of
 • Operational management of a command      ISR operations.
   AT program - law enforcement data        ARMY INTELLIGENCE CAMPAIGN INITIATIVES GROUP (AI-CIG) Nangwik provides
   fusion and dissemination                 support to Army and Joint Intelligence activities in the areas of All-Source
 • Intelligence Acquisition Sensor          Intelligence Analysis, Force Protection, Counterterrorism and Counter IED
   Maintenance Management/Oversight         analysis, and analysis, definition and documentation of Army ISR requirements and
 • All-source analysis                      capabilities.
 • Executive Assistant Support              U.S. MARINE CORPS INTELLIGENCE SCHOOLS Nangwik provides Coordination
 • Analysis and development of Force        Managers, SIGINT Trainers, Language Instructors, Integrated Logistics Support
   Protection requirements                  Technicians, Role Players and Courseware Developers under the Marine Corps
                                            Intelligence Training Enhancement Program (ITEP).
                                            G3X Nangwik supports the HQDA, USSOCOM, Army Service Component Command
                                            (ASCC), Special Operations Component Commands, Component Subordinate Units
 For more information on Nangwik Services   (CSU), conducting highly-sensitive and classified missions worldwide, providing
 Intelligence capabilities, contact:        USASOC Personal Recovery (PR), Small Unit Exchange (SUE), Advanced Special
                                            Operations (ASO) and Commanders In-Extremis Force (CIF) Special Programs
 Peyton Brauer                              Officer. This includes development, review, coordination, writing and integration
 Business Development Manager               of command policy on mission, strategy, doctrine, employment and command and                  control issues, as well as validation of all policy agreements, programs, doctrine
                                            and regulatory guidance.
                                                                           You bring the mission, we bring success

                                                                 INTELLIGENCE CAPABILITIES
Nangwik Services                                                   Select Nangwik Services Vendors Include:
Intelligence Products                              JDTeck Inc.                                  Hewlett Packard Company
                                                   AC Technology Inc.                           IBM
General Capabilities                               Action Security Inc.                         ICOM America Inc.
 • Special Operations/Intelligence, Surveillance   Advantidge Inc.                              ID Wholesalers
   and Reconnaissance products                     Alphacard                                    Identification and Security Integrators Inc.
 • Analysis and development of products in         AOS Inc.                                     (IDSI)
   support ISR capabilities                        Apple                                        IMMX Technology
                                                   ASAP/Dell                                    Ingersoll Rand
                                                   Badge Express Inc.                           Integrated IT Solutions/ThinkMate
Detailed Capabilities                              Badging Solutions                            Lafayette Instrument
 • SCIFs: TEMPEST and EMI Certified                Berico Tailored Systems LLC                  Leica Geosystems Inc.
 • Special and Secure Communications               Best Buy                                     Liebert Global Services
   • Secure flyaway capabilities                   Blackbox                                     Lyme Computer Systems Inc.
   • Cellular capabilities                         C4 Engineering & Integration LLC   
   • Direction Finding Systems and Sensors         CDW                                          Mission Mobility
                                                   CDW Direct Inc.                    
                                                   CompUSA                                      OpsGear
                                                   Crosswinds Global Services                   Radio Shack
                                                   Dell                                         Red River Computer Company Inc.
 For more information on Nangwik Services          Dell Commercial Credit                       Security Hologram LLC
 Intelligence products, contact:                   Dell Financial Services                      SHI
 Joslin Glotzer                                    Dell Marketing L.P.                          Spearpoint Associates LLC
 Director of Products                              Dell Service Sales                           Special Tactical Services LLC
                                                   Envoy Data Corporation                       Sprint/Nextel
                                                   FCN                                          Sprint-6908
                                                   First Choice Armor & Equipment Inc.          Structured
                                                   Force 3 Inc.                                 Structured Solutions
                                                   Frigid North                                 Sun Microsystems Inc.
                                                   Galls                                        Swift Systems Inc.
 Nangwik Services                                  GCITech Source Inc.                          Swish Data Corporation
 6408 Grovedale Drive                              Gear Networking                              Tacticom USA
 Suite 102                                         General Dynamics C4 Systems                  Tekmate
 Alexandria, VA 22310                              Geo Tactical Solutions                       Testmart/Technical Communties Inc.
                                                   GovConnection Inc.                 
 703-212-3050 (Main)
                                                   Government Computer Sales                    U.S. Armor Corporation
 703-212-3049 (Fax)                                GraphiComm International Inc.                Verizon                                   Harris Corporation                           Verizon Wireless

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