Document Sample
					    Request for Proposals/Bids
                      Glacier High School
        Library Core Collections for Reference, Non-Fiction and Fiction

      Flathead High School District No. 5
              Kalispell, Montana

MARCH 6, 2007
Flathead High School District
233 First Avenue East
Kalispell, MT 59901
       Todd Watkins 406-751-3412
       John York      406-751-3651

                   Proposals Due by 2:00 pm, Tuesday, March 27, 2007

                                                                Table of Contents
REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS/ BIDS .............................................................................................................. 3
INSTRUCTIONS TO VENDOR ........................................................................................................................ 4
   INTRODUCTION ................................................................................................................................................... 4
   BACKGROUND .................................................................................................................................................... 4
   PROPOSAL SUBMISSION ...................................................................................................................................... 4
   BID SECURITY .................................................................................................................................................... 5
   ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ............................................................................................................................... 5
   WITHDRAWAL OF PROPOSALS ............................................................................................................................ 5
   NON-DISCRIMINATION ........................................................................................................................................ 5
   GUARANTEES AND WARRANTIES ....................................................................................................................... 5
   BID AWARD AND CRITERIA ........................................................................................................................ 5
   COST OF PROPOSAL AND PREPARATION ................................................................................................. 5
   RESPONSE TO SPECIFICATIONS ........................................................................................................................... 6
MAJOR CRITICAL REQUIREMENTS .......................................................................................................... 6
SPECIFICATIONS ............................................................................................................................................. 7
ANTICIPATED SCHEDULE OF EVENTS ..................................................................................................... 8
REFERENCES .................................................................................................................................................... 8
VENDOR EXPERIENCE ................................................................................................................................... 8
COST PROPOSAL.............................................................................................................................................. 9
NON FICTION LIST ................................................................................................................................... 11-96
REFERENCE LIST ................................................................................................................................... 97-114
FICTION ................................................................................................................................................... 115-163

                          FLATHEAD HIGH SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 5
                                  FLATHEAD COUNTY
                                 KALISPELL, MONTANA

                                    CALL FOR BIDS/PROPOSALS

                  Library Core Collections for Reference, Non-Fiction & Fiction Bid
                                             Glacier High school
The Board of Trustees, Flathead High School District No. 5, Flathead County, Kalispell,
Montana is calling for proposals and sealed bids for Library Core Collections for Reference,
Non-Fiction & Fiction for Glacier High School per specifications on file in the High School

Copies of specifications may be obtained from John York, IMC Director, Flathead High School,
233 First Avenue East, Kalispell, Montana 59901 (406) 751-3651. To be considered all
proposals/bids must be directly submitted to the District Clerk’s Office, C/O Todd Watkins, 233
First Avenue East, Kalispell, MT 59901 by 2:00 p.m., (local time) March 27, 2007. All
proposals/bids will be opened and read aloud at the same time and place, and will be taken under
advisement. A recommendation to accept or reject the proposals/bids will be made to the Board
of Trustees at a regular Board meeting scheduled April 10, 2007 at 7:00 p.m., located at the
Kalispell Junior High School Library. All bids must be plainly marked “Library Core
Collections for Reference, Non-Fiction & Fiction – Glacier High School”

The Board of Trustees of Flathead High School District No. 5, Flathead County, Kalispell,
Montana reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive formalities, and to accept the bid
deemed most advantageous to the School District.

Todd W. Watkins
Todd Watkins, District Clerk
School District No. 5 and Flathead High School District
33 First Avenue East
Kalispell, MT 59901


Daily Interlake
March 9, 2007
March 14, 2007
March 21, 2007

Instructions to Vendor
It is the intent of this request for proposal to seek a qualified vendor to provide the core
collections for reference, non-fiction & fiction for the District’s new Glacier High School. The
desire is to have a single vendor for the purchase, processing, temporary storage and delivery of
these collections as per the specified timelines.

Glacier High School is the School District’s new, 9-12 grade high school, designed and built to
house approximately 1200-1300 students. Glacier High School will be a full-service,
comprehensive high school with curriculum to meet Montana graduation requirements. Glacier
High School will have a well developed fine arts program including drama, visual arts and
music, and a vocational program including focuses in business and professional, technology,
agriculture and natural resources, health and engineering.

Proposal Submission
The RFP with the associated author and title lists for the three categories will be made available
on the district web site. ( In addition, the RFP may be obtained from the
district office at the address below.

Two (2) copies of the entire proposal must be delivered in a sealed envelope or package and
clearly marked as “Library Core Collections for Reference, Non-Fiction & Fiction” by the
date and time on the front cover. The package must be sent to:

       Kalispell School District #5
       Attention: Todd Watkins
       233 1st Avenue East
       Kalispell, MT 59901

Proposals are due by 2:00 pm, Tuesday, March 27, 2007.

Proposals received past the deadline will be returned, unopened. Questions about the RFP
should be submitted by email to John York All those receiving the RFP
will be sent copies of the questions and responses provided from/to other vendors.

Bid Security
In accordance with the requirements of § 18-1-201 et seq. MCA, each bid must be accompanied
by either (1) lawful money of the United States, (2) cashier's check, certified check, bank money
order, or bank draft, in any case drawn and issued by a federally chartered or state-chartered
bank insured by the FDIC or (3) a bid bond or bond executed by a surety company authorized to
do business in the State of Montana, and made payable to the District in the amount of ten (10)
percent of the bid. Such check or bond will be returned to all except the three (3) lowest bidders
within three (3) days after the opening of the bids, and the remaining checks or bonds will be
returned promptly after the District and the accepted bidder have executed the supply contract,
but in no event any later than sixty (60) days after the date of the opening of bids.

Additional Information
The district reserves the right to request any additional information, which might be deemed
necessary after reviewing bid documents.

Withdrawal of Proposals
Proposals may be withdrawn upon written or faxed request received from vendors prior to the
stated date and time of the proposals opening. Negligence, error, or oversight confers no right
for withdrawal of the proposal after the time fixed for proposal opening.

The district requires that all of its contractors abide by non-discriminatory practices in hiring,
recruitment, placement, selection for training, promotion, and compensation. Contractors and
their subcontractors must insure that applicants and employees are not discriminated against on
the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, handicap, or sex.

Guarantees and Warranties
All guarantees and warranties should be stated in writing and submitted as part of the proposal.
The vendor shall warrant the quality of all materials outlined in this RFP.

Bid Award and Criteria
The district shall have a period of 60 calendar days after opening of the proposals in which to
award the contract. Prices will remain valid for this time. Bid awards shall be based upon
adherence of the proposal in meeting the functional and technical specifications as outlined in the
request for proposal, and price.

Cost of Proposal Preparation
All costs of preparing the proposal are to be borne by the respondent and may not be included in
the proposal price.

Response to Specifications
Vendors must respond to each requirement contained in the Specifications section of the RFP
using the following criteria. Vendor’s responses must be in the same order in which points
appear in this RFP.
   Y       YES. Feature, function, product, or service is available as requested
   O       OPTIONAL. Component is an optional feature
   N       NO. Feature, function, product, or service is not available
For any specifications to which the vendor answers other than YES, vendor must describe:
   a) If the feature is an optional component of the system for an additional fee please provide
   detailed descriptions of the option along with detail of add-on pricing.
Any such exception taken to any specification must be stated immediately following the
specification in question. Vendors are advised that the district is interested in receiving proposals
from vendors who can offer comprehensive library core collections for reference, non-fiction &
fiction. The district reserves the right to evaluate all proposals solely on the basis of currently
existing features, functions, products, or services meeting the specifications as stated.

Major Critical Requirements
The vendor of the Library Core Collections for Reference, Non-Fiction & Fiction under
consideration should be in a position to meet the following critical requirements by the proposal
due date. None of these critical elements are optional. Vendors must provide references of
districts they have provided core collections for in the past 3-5 years.

The Library Core Collections for Reference, Non-Fiction & Fiction must meet these critical
   Vendor must provide a list of three (or more) new school references of similar size in our
   Collections must be based on the title and author lists provided with this RFP document.
   Price alone shall not be a factor in the award of the bid. Other factors to be considered are
    the reliability of the bidder, quality of the supplies and services, enhanced services offered,
    conformity with specifications, satisfaction of delivery dates, fill rates and adherence in
    providing information.
   Vendor must be able to store the entire book order in their warehouse at no charge until the
    new school building is complete and until the designated delivery date.
   Vendor shall include all shipping costs within bid for materials and must provide for inside
   Vendor must provide full MARC records for all materials shipped and delivered
   Vendor must be able to provide a complete data upload of records and holdings to the OCLC
    WorldCat database.



1.    _____ Vendor must be able to warehouse the entire materials order, at no charge,
            until the designated delivery date.
2.    _____ Vendor shall not charge shipping for materials.
3.    _____ Vendor will ship the new school order in one shipment in exact Dewey
            sequence to be delivered to Glacier High School on Friday, June 29, 2007.
4.    _____ Vendor will provide inside delivery.
5.    _____ Vendor must be able to provide a written guarantee for book deliveries.
6.    _____ Vendor will not have a minimum order requirement or handling/restocking
7.    _____ Vendor will provide a 90-100% fill rate of titles requested by designated
            delivery date. If any backorders are necessary, they would be shipped
            within 60 days following designated delivery date. Backorders will not be
            acceptable unless authorized by the school/ district.
8.    _____ Prices quoted will be guaranteed for 60 days.
9.    _____ Vendor will replace any item that is damaged in shipment or otherwise not
            in compliance with the order at no charge.
10.   _____ Vendor will provide complete/enhanced MARC records for 100% of all
            materials shipped and delivered. MARC records will not contain titles that
            were not shipped.
11.   _____ Vendor will arrange and electronically upload, to OCLC’s WorldCat, full
            OCLC-MARC records with holdings for all titles shipped.
12.   _____ Vendor will provide all books shelf ready with call number spine labels
            completed, to School District specifications, barcodes placed as per district
            specifications and protective coverings for dust jackets and covers installed
            and/or applied.
13.   _____ Hardbound books should have library binding or durable binding if available.
            Paperbacks are acceptable when hardcopies are not available.
14.   _____ Paperback books should comprise no more than 20% of fiction collection.
15.   _____ The Reference collection should include eBook titles for, up to, 10% of the
16.   _____ All materials will have 3M detection strips installed in spines or gutters.
17.   _____ Vendor will submit, with the bid, a sample processed book for every binding
            type including covers, security strip, barcode, spine label.

Anticipated Schedule of Events

ITB Published:                                 March 9, 14, 21, 2007

Proposals/Bids Due                             March 27, 2007 (2:00 p.m. local time)

Board Action on Recommendation
re: Award                                      April 10, 2007

Purchase Order/Contract Issued                 April 13, 2007

Collections delivery                           June 29, 2007

First Payment                                  July 10, 2007

Approved backorders delivered
   (if necessary)                              August 23, 2007

Final payment                                  September 1, 2007

List installed sites with a similar configuration.

Vendor Experience
Describe vendor history.
List the vendor’s commitment and experience in automating libraries.

Cost Proposal

Price of proposed collections.

Library Core Collections for Reference, Non-Fiction & Fiction

TO:    Office of District Clerk
       C/O Todd Watkins
       School District No. 5
       233 First Avenue East
       Kalispell, MT 59901


ADDENDAS RECEIPT: The Bidder acknowledges receipt of the following Addenda:

Addendum No. ____ dated ____________.
Addendum No. ____ dated ____________.
Addendum No. ____ dated ____________.

BID OFFER: The undersigned Bidder, having carefully reviewed the Invitation to Bid and
accompanying materials (including but not limited to the specifications) and having carefully
ascertained the conditions under which the contemplated services are to be performed, hereby
BID and offer to enter into a contract to perform those services for the following price:

Numerical:     $__________ Collections Price (per specifications)

The Bidder agrees that this Bid shall remain open for acceptance and the price shall remain firm
and unchanged, notwithstanding any error in the Bid, at the amount set forth above for a period
of thirty (30) days from the opening of this Bid.

The Bidder understands and acknowledges that this Bid is subject to acceptance by the District
and to the preparation and execution of a contract document. The Bidder agrees to execute the
contract within fourteen (14) days of any notification of the acceptance of its bid and to provide
proof of all insurance required under the contract at that time.

The Bidder acknowledges that if s/he has not answered all of the above questions and completed
all applicable blanks, his/her bid may be rejected as incomplete and non-responsive.


Company:    __________________________________

Signature of Bidder:______________________________

Printed Name: ___________________________________

Title: __________________________________________

Telephone No.:__________________________________

Fax No.:________________________________________

Author/Artist                     Title                                         Quantity
Aaseng, Nathan.                   Navajo code talkers                                  1
                                  Threads : my life behind the seams in
Abboud, Joseph.                   the high-stakes world of fashion                    1
Abeel, Samantha, 1977-            My thirteenth winter : a memoir                     1
Abraham, Philip, 1970-            Extreme sports stars                                1
Abraham, Philip, 1970-            John F. Kennedy and PT109                           1
Adair, Gene.                      Alfred Hitchcock : filming our fears                1
Adair, Troy A. (Troy Alton),
1964-                             Corporate finance demystified                       1
Adams, Colleen.                   Rohypnol : roofies--"the date rape drug"            1
Adams, John R., 1900-             Harriet Beecher Stowe                               1
                                  Aristotle for everybody : difficult thought
Adler, Mortimer Jerome, 1902-     made easy                                           1
                                  Six great ideas : truth, goodness,
                                  beauty, liberty, equality, justice : ideas
Adler, Mortimer Jerome, 1902-     we judge by, ideas we act on                        1
                                  Thieves, deceivers, and killers : tales of
Agosta, William C.                chemistry in nature                                 1
Aguilar-Moreno, Manuel.           Handbook to life in the Aztec world                 1
Airey. David                      schizophrenia (Psychological Disorders)             1
Akkermans, Anthonio, Andy
Middleton and Bill Matto          Extreme Survival                                    1
                                  In the land of white death : an epic story
Al'banov, Valerian Ivanovich.     of survival in the Siberian Arctic                  1
Albee, Edward, 1928-              Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? : a play            1
Alcock, Joan P. (Joan Pilsbury)   Food in the ancient world                           1
                                  The Endurance : Shackleton's legendary
Alexander, Caroline, 1956-        Antarctic expedition                                1
                                  Rough magic : a biography of Sylvia
Alexander, Paul, 1955-            Plath                                               1
                                  Drawing & painting fantasy landscapes &
                                  cityscapes : create your own mythical
Alexander, Rob.                   cities, planets, lost worlds                        1
                                  Media madness : an insider's guide to
Ali, Dominic.                     media                                               1
Allaby, Michael.                  Blizzards                                           1
Allaby, Michael.                  Droughts                                            1
Allaby, Michael.                  Tornadoes                                           1
Allen, Calvin H.                  Oman                                                1
Allen, Judy.                      Unexplained                                         1
                                  George Washington, spymaster : how
                                  the Americans outspied the British and
Allen, Thomas B.                  won the Revolutionary War                           1
                                  The hundred years war : England and
Allmand, C. T.                    France at war, c. 1300-c. 1450                      1
Allport, Alan, 1970-              Immigration policy                                  1
Almeida, Livia de.                Brazilian folktales                                 1
                                  The science of UFOs : what if they're
Alschuler, William R.             real?                                               1
Alt, David D.                     Roadside geology of Montana                         1
Alt, David D.                     Roadside geology of Washington                      1
                                  Abortion : an eternal social and moral
Alters, Sandra.                   issue                                               1
                                    Death and dying : end-of-life
Alters, Sandra.                     controversies                               1
                                    Bioethics : who lives, who dies, and who
Altman, Linda Jacobs, 1943-         decides?                                    1
                                    The American Civil Rights movement :
                                    the African-American struggle for
Altman, Linda Jacobs, 1943-         equality                                    1
Amar, Akhil Reed.                   America's constitution : a biography        1
                                    Undaunted courage : Meriwether Lewis,
                                    Thomas Jefferson, and the opening of
Ambrose, Stephen E.                 the American West                           1
Amidi, Amid.                        The art of Robots                           1
                                    Sharon and my mother-in-law :
Amiry, Suad.                        Ramallah diaries                            1
Amphlett, Hilda.                    Hats : a history of fashion in headwear     1
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian),
1805-1875.                          Andersen's fairy tales                      1
Andersen, H. C. (Hans Christian),
1805-1875.                          Hans Andersen's fairy tales : a selection   1
Anderson, Catherine Corley.         John F. Kennedy                             1
Anderson, Janet, 1952-              Modern dance                                1
Anderson, Judith.                   Smoking                                     1
                                    Shakespeare by another name : the life
                                    of Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford, the
Anderson, Mark.                     man who was Shakespeare                     1
Anderson, Mercedes Padrino.         Benazir Bhutto                              1
Andryszewski, Tricia, 1956-         School prayer : a history of the debate     1
Ang, Tom.                           Digital video : an introduction             1
Angelou, Maya.                      And still I rise                            1
Angelou, Maya.                      I know why the caged bird sings             1
Angier, Bradford.                   How to stay alive in the woods              1
Aretha, David.                      On the rocks : teens and alcohol            1
Armstrong, Karen, 1944-             Buddha                                      1
Armstrong, Karen, 1944-             Muhammad : a prophet for our time           1
Arnone, Wendy.                      Geometry for dummies                        1
Aronson, Marc .                     Robert F. Kennedy (Up Close)                1
                                    Sir Walter Ralegh and the quest for El
Aronson, Marc.                      Dorado                                      1
                                    Mushrooms demystified : a
Arora, David.                       comprehensive guide to the fleshy fungi     1
Ashe, Arthur.                       Days of grace : a memoir                    1
                                    Gunstories : life-changing experiences
Atkin, S. Beth.                     with guns                                   1
Austin, Andrew.                     Beginner's guide to tai chi                 1
Avasthi, Smita, 1969-               Day by day, the nineties                    1
                                    In exile from the land of snows : the
                                    Dalai Lama and Tibet since the Chinese
Avedon, John F.                     conquest                                    1
                                    What every Amercian should know about
                                    American history : 200 events that
Axelrod, Alan, 1952-                shaped the nation                           1
                                    In the camps : teens who survived the
Axelrod, Toby.                      Nazi concentration camps                    1
Axline, Virginia Mae, 1911-         Dibs in search of self                      1

                              In the ghettos : teens who survived the
Ayer, Eleanor H.              ghettos of the Holocaust                       1
Aykroyd, Clarissa.            Egypt                                          1
                              The underdogs : a novel of the Mexican
Azuela, Mariano, 1873-1952.   Revolution                                     1
Azzarello, Brian.             Lex Luthor : man of steel                      1
Bacon, Beth.                  Abortion                                       1
Bacon, Tony.                  The ultimate guitar book                       1
Bahr, Ann Marie B.            Indigenous religions                           1
                              Sex, puberty and all that stuff : a guide
Bailey, Jacqui.               to growing up                                  1
Baker, Patricia.              Fashions of a decade. The 1940s                1
Baker, Patricia.              Fashions of a decade. The 1950s                1
Baker, Russell, 1925-         Growing up                                     1
Bakr, Salwa.                  The Wiles of men and other stories             1
Balaghi, Shiva.               Saddam Hussein : a biography                   1
                              The concise Oxford dictionary of literary
Baldick, Chris.               terms                                          1
                              Collision with history : the search for
Ballard, Robert D.            John F. Kennedy's PT 109                       1
Bamford, Janet.               Street wise : a guide for teen investors       1
Bank, Melissa.                The girls' guide to hunting and fishing        1
Banks, John, 1957-            Chaos : a mathematical introduction            1
                              Slicing pizzas, racing turtles, and further
Banks, Robert.                adventures in applied mathematics              1
Bankston, John, 1974-         Ecstasy = busted!                              1
Bankston, John, 1974-         Inhalants = busted!                            1
                              Encyclopedia of ethics in science and
Barber, Nigel.                technology                                     1
Barber, Phil.                 Sports in America. 1940-1949                   1
                              Lawmen and outlaws : the wild, wild
Bard, Jessica.                West                                           1
Barnes, Geoffrey, 1980-       Jay-Z                                          1
Barnett, Tracy.               Oman                                           1
Barnett, Tracy.               The Buffalo Soldiers                           1
Barron, T. A.                 The hero's trail : a guide for a heroic life   1
Barter, James, 1946-          The trial of Sacco and Vanzetti                1
                              UFOs & alien contact : two centuries of
Bartholomew, Robert E.        mystery                                        1
                              Bartlett's familiar quotations : a
                              collection of passages, phrases, and
                              Proverbs traced to their sources in
Bartlett, John, 1820-1905.    ancient and modern literature                  1
                              Pretty good for a girl : the autobiography
Basich, Tina, 1969-           of a snowboarding pioneer                      1
                              The new coach's guide to youth football
Bass, Tom.                    skills and drills                              1
Bassett, John M., 1914-       Laura Secord                                   1
Bassett, Steven.              Anatomy & physiology                           1
Baudot, Francois.             Fashion : the twentieth century                1
Baughan, Brian.               LL Cool J                                      1
                              With courage and cloth : winning the
Bausum, Ann.                  fight for a woman's right to vote              1
Baxter, Ian.                  Western Front                                  1

                                 I will fight no more forever : Chief
Beal, Merrill D., 1898-          Joseph and the Nez Perce War               1
                                 Warriors don't cry : a searing memoir of
                                 the battle to integrate Little Rock's
Beals, Melba.                    Central High                               1
Beard, Peter H. (Peter Hill),    Zara's tales from Hog Ranch : perilous
1938-                            escapades in equatorial Africa             1
Beck, Barry.                     Outdoor photographer's handbook            1
                                 Why do dogs drink out of the toilet? :
                                 101 of the most perplexing questions
                                 answered about canine conundrums,
                                 medical mysteries & befuddling
Becker, Marty, 1954-             behaviors                                  1
                                 Waiting for Godot : tragicomedy in 2
Beckett, Samuel, 1906-           acts                                       1
                                 National Parks in crisis : debating the
Beckman, Wendy Hart.             issues                                     1
Beeson, Chris.                   Volleyball                                 1
                                 Using pop culture to teach information
                                 literacy : methods to engage a new
Behen, Linda D.                  generation                                 1
                                 The Audubon Society field guide to North
Behler, John L.                  American reptiles and amphibians           1
Behrman, Carol H.                Thomas Jefferson                           1
Bell, Alison.                    Fearless fashion                           1
Bell, Suzanne.                   Encyclopedia of forensic science           1
                                 The Facts On File dictionary of forensic
Bell, Suzanne.                   science                                    1
                                 Acting for young actors : the ultimate
Belli, Mary Lou.                 teen guide                                 1
Beltz, Ellin.                    Frogs : inside their remarkable world      1
Benhart, John E.                 South Asia                                 1
Bennett, Simon.                  Schaum's outline of UML                    1
                                 Wallace Stegner : a study of the short
Benson, Jackson J.               fiction                                    1
                                 The Aztecs of central Mexico : an
Berdan, Frances.                 imperial society                           1
                                 The world must know : the history of the
                                 Holocaust as told in the United States
Berenbaum, Michael, 1945-        Holocaust Memorial Museum                  1
Berg, Jim, 1964-                 The original duct tape Halloween book      1
Berger, William E.               Asthma for dummies                         1
Bergman, Tamar.                  Along the tracks                           1
                                 She said yes : the unlikely martyrdom of
Bernall, M. (Misty), 1961-       Cassie Bernall                             1
Bernstein, Carl, 1944-           All the President's men                    1
                                 Thomas Jefferson : the revolution of
Bernstein, Richard B., 1956-     ideas                                      1
Berry, Andrew                    DNA Life's Code                            1
Bertman, Stephen.                Handbook to life in ancient Mesopotamia    1
                                 HarperCollins complete North American
Bertrand, Gerard Adrian, 1943-   wildlife : a photo field guide             1
                                 The anatomy of insects & spiders : over
Beverly, Claire.                 600 exquisite forms                        1
Beyer, Mark (Mark T.)            Nuclear weapons and the Cold War           1
                                 American Gothic : a life of America's
Biel, Steven, 1960-              most famous painting                          1
Bieman, Elizabeth.               William Shakespeare : the romances            1
                                 Friday night lights : a town, a team, and
Bissinger, H. G.                 a dream                                       1
                                 Black Elk speaks : being the life story of
Black Elk, 1863-1950.            a holy man of the Oglala Sioux                1
Blackburn, Ken.                  The world record paper airplane book          1
Blais, Genevieve.                The Dalai Lama : a beginner's guide           1
Blais, Madeleine.                In these girls, hope is a muscle              1
                                 Blake's poetry and designs :
                                 authoritative texts, illuminations in color
                                 and monochrome, related prose,
Blake, William, 1757-1827.       criticism                                     1
                                 The complete poetry and prose of
Blake, William, 1757-1827.       William Blake                                 1
Blakely, Gloria.                 Condoleezza Rice                              1
                                 Please stop laughing at me-- : one
Blanco, Jodee, 1964-             woman's inspirational story                   1
Blatner, David.                  The joy of pi                                 1
Bligh, William, 1754-1817.       The Bounty mutiny                             1
Bloom, Harold.                   Dramatists and dramas                         1
Bloom, Harold.                   Essayists and prophets                        1
Bloom, Harold.                   Poets and poems                               1
Bloom, Harold.                   The epic                                      1
                                 Global brain : the evolution of the mass
                                 mind from the big bang to the 21st
Bloom, Howard K., 1943-          century/                                      1
Bloom, John, 1962-               Barry Bonds : a biography                     1
Bluestein, Jane.                 High school's not forever                     1
                                 Six days in October : the stock market
Blumenthal, Karen.               crash of 1929                                 1
Bo, Zhiyue.                      The history of modern China                   1
Bober, Natalie.                  Abigail Adams : witness to a revolution       1
                                 Kids still having kids : talking about teen
Bode, Janet.                     pregnancy                                     1
Boerst, William J.               Isaac Newton : organizing the universe        1
Boerst, William J.               Tycho Brahe : mapping the heavens             1
Bogaert, Harmen Meyndertsz van
den.                             Journey into Mohawk Country                   1
Boland, Roy.                     Culture and customs of El Salvador            1
Boll, Heinrich, 1917-            The stories of Heinrich Boll                  1
Bolt, Robert.                    A man for all seasons : a play in two acts    1
Boone, Daniel, 1734-1820.        Daniel Boone : his own story                  1
                                 War made new : technology, warfare,
Boot, Max, 1968-                 and the course of history, 1500 to today      1
Bornhoft, Simon.                 Wind surfing                                  1
Bornoff, Nicholas.               Things Japanese                               1
Bornstein, Harry.                Signing : signed English : a basic guide      1
Bortz, Alfred B.                 The neutrino                                  1
Bortz, Alfred B.                 The photon                                    1
Bortz, Alfred B.                 The proton                                    1
Bortz, Fred.                     The quark                                     1
                                 Egyptian art : selected writings of
Bothmer, Bernard V., 1912-       Bernard V. Bothmer                            1
Bou, Louis.                     Street art : the spray files                 1
Bovsun, Mara.                   The greatest survivor stories never told     1
Bowen, Nancy.                   Ralph Nader : man with a mission             1
Bracey, Gerald W. (Gerald       Reading educational research : how to
Watkins)                        avoid getting statistically snookered        1
Bracey, Gerald W. (Gerald       What you should know about the war
Watkins)                        against America's public schools             1
Bradley, James, 1954-           Flags of our fathers : heroes of Iwo Jima    1
                                Illustrating nature : right-brain art in a
Brady, Irene.                   left-brain world                             1
Brady, Peter                    Aikido                                       1
                                Bionics for the evil genius : 25 build-it-
Braga, Newton C.                yourself projects                            1
                                There he stands : the story of Stonewall
Brager, Bruce L., 1949-         Jackson                                      1
                                The clock of the long now : time and
Brand, Stewart.                 responsibility                               1
Brandt, Daniel A.               Metallurgy fundamentals                      1
                                Checks and balances : the three
Brannen, Daniel E., 1968-       branches of the American government          1
                                All made up : a girl's guide to seeing
                                through celebrity hype--and celebrating
Brashich, Audrey.               real beauty                                  1
Brave Bird, Mary.               Lakota woman                                 1
Brecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956.     Collected short stories                      1
                                Mother courage and her children : a
Brecht, Bertolt, 1898-1956.     chronicle of the Thirty Years' War           1
Breguet, Amy.                   Chlamydia                                    1
Breiter, Matthias.              Bears                                        1
Brenner, Maya.                  Beaded jewelry : create your own style       1
                                Religions of the world : the illustrated
                                guide to origins, beliefs, traditions &
Breuilly, Elizabeth.            festivals                                    1
Breverton, Terry.               The pirate dictionary                        1
                                The Treaty of Versailles, 1919 : a
                                primary source examination of the treaty
Brezina, Corona.                that ended World War I                       1
Bride, Mac                      Teach yourself Flash 8                       1
Bridegam, Martha Ann.           Search and seizure                           1
                                Why can't I learn like everyone else? :
Brinkerhoff, Shirley.           youth with learning disabilities             1
                                Mary McLeod Bethune : educator and
Broadwater, Andrea.             activist                                     1
Bronte, Emily, 1818-1848.       Best poems of the Bronte Sisters             1
                                Wuthering Heights : complete text with
Bronte, Emily, 1818-1848.       introduction, contexts, critical essays      1
Brooking, Tom, 1949-            The history of New Zealand                   1
Brooks, Gwendolyn, 1917-2000.   Selected poems                               1
                                Beyond the myth : the story of Joan of
Brooks, Polly Schoyer.          Arc                                          1
Brooks, Terry.                  Angel fire east                              1
                                How to DJ right : the art and science of
Broughton, Frank.               playing records                              1
Brown, Alison, 1934-            The Renaissance                              1

                                 Bobbi Brown teenage beauty :
                                 everything you need to look pretty,
Brown, Bobbi.                    natural, sexy & awesome                          1
                                 Bury my heart at Wounded Knee : an
Brown, Dee Alexander.            Indian history of the American West              1
Brown, Gillian (Gillian C. P.)   Snowboarding                                     1
                                 Let's talk defense! : tips, skills, and drills
Brown, Herb, 1936-               for better defensive basketball                  1
                                 Culture and customs of the Dominican
Brown, Isabel Zakrzewski.        Republic                                         1
Brown, Jim, 1940-                Tennis : steps to success                        1
Brown, Roland                    The Ultimate History of Fast Motorcycles         1
Brownell, Richard.               America's failure in Vietnam                     1
                                 Everyman's Dictionary of Shakespeare
Browning, David                  Quotations                                       1
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett,     Sonnets from the Portuguese : a
1806-1861.                       celebration of love                              1
Browning, Robert, 1812-1889.     Poems of Robert Browning                         1
                                 Robert Browning's poetry : authoritative
Browning, Robert, 1812-1889.     texts, criticism                                 1
                                 Chemical and biological weapons in a
Broyles, Janell.                 post-9/11 world                                  1
Broyles, Matthew.                The Six-Day War                                  1
                                 Our stories remember : American Indian
                                 history, culture, and values through
Bruchac, Joseph, 1942-           storytelling                                     1
                                 Ambling into history : the unlikely
Bruni, Frank.                    odyssey of George W. Bush                        1
Brunier, Serge.                  The concise atlas of the stars                   1
Bruns, Roger.                    Billy Graham : a biography                       1
Brunsdale, Mitzi.                James Herriot                                    1
Brzycki, Matt, 1957-             Wrestling strength : dare to excel               1
                                 My land and my people : the original
Bstan-'dzin-rgya-mtsho, Dalai    autobiography of His Holiness the Dalai
Lama XIV, 1935-                  Lama of Tibet                                    1
                                 The Bible, the Qur'an, and science : the
                                 Holy Scriptures examined in the light of
Bucaille, Maurice.               modern knowledge                                 1
                                 Where the right went wrong : how
                                 neoconservatives subverted the Reagan
Buchanan, Patrick J. (Patrick    revolution and hijacked the Bush
Joseph), 1938-                   presidency                                       1
                                 The fortune-telling book : the
                                 encyclopedia of divination and
Buckland, Raymond.               soothsaying                                      1
Buckley, Bruce.                  Weather : a visual Guide                         1
Buckley, James, 1963-            Sports in America. 1900-1919                     1
                                 Baseball stars / (High Interest Books
Buckman, Virginia.               Greatest Sports Heroes)                          1
Buckman, Virginia.               Football stars                                   1
                                 Helter skelter : the true story of the
Bugliosi, Vincent.               Manson murders                                   1
Bulfinch, Thomas, 1796-1867.     Bulfinch's mythology                             1
Bulfinch, Thomas.                Mythology                                        1

                              The American Revolution : a history in
Bullock, Steven C.            documents                                    1
                              Nathaniel Hawthorne : a study of the
Bunge, Nancy L.               short fiction                                1
                              Frederick Douglass : for the great family
Burchard, Peter.              of man                                       1
Burde, John H., 1946-         Mammals of the national parks                1
Burger, Joanna.               Birds : a visual guide                       1
                              Kurt Cobain : "oh well, whatever,
Burlingame, Jeff.             nevermind"                                   1
                              The attack on the USS Cole in Yemen on
Burnett, Betty, 1940-         October 12, 2000                             1
Burnett, Linda.               Pioneers : adventure in a new land           1
Burnette, Betty.              Introducing mad scientists                   1
                              Mean genes : from sex to money to
Burnham, Terry.               food, taming our primal instincts            1
Burt, William M.              Behind the scenes of NASCAR racing           1
Burton, Tristan.              Indonesia                                    1
Bushman, Claudia L.           Mormons in America                           1
Butler, Alban, 1711-1773.     Butler's lives of the saints                 1
                              Oskar Schindler : saving Jews from the
Byers, Ann.                   Holocaust                                    1
                              Predator hunting : a complete guide to
                              hunting coyotes, foxes, bobcats, bears,
Bynum, Bill.                  and more                                     1
                              Byron's poetry : authoritative texts,
Byron, George Gordon Byron,   letters and journals, criticism, images of
Baron, 1788-1824.             Byron                                        1
                              How the Irish saved civilization : the
                              untold story of Ireland's heroic role from
                              the fall of Rome to the rise of medieval
Cahill, Thomas.               Europe                                       1
Cahill, Thomas.               Pope John XXIII                              1
Cahill, Tim.                  A wolverine is eating my leg                 1
                              Speed show : how NASCAR won the
Caldwell, Dave.               heart of America                             1
                              The Articles of Confederation : a primary
                              source investigation into the document
Callahan, Kerry P.            that preceded the U.S. Constitution          1
                              Above New York : a collection of
                              historical and original aerial photographs
Cameron, Robert, 1911-        of New York City                             1
                              Above Washington : a collection of
                              nostalgic and contemporary aerial
Cameron, Robert, 1911-        photographs of the District of Columbia      1
                              Above Yosemite : a new collection of
                              aerial photographs of Yosemite National
Cameron, Robert, 1911-        Park, California                             1
Campbell, Joseph, 1904-       Creative mythology                           1
Campbell, Joseph, 1904-       Joseph Campbell on myth & mythology          1
Campbell, Joseph, 1904-       Occidental mythology                         1
Campbell, Joseph, 1904-       Oriental mythology                           1
Campbell, Joseph, 1904-       Primitive mythology                          1
Campbell, Joseph, 1904-       The power of myth                            1

                                 Robert Cormier : daring to disturb the
Campbell, Patricia J.            universe                                      1
                                 Statistics you can't trust : a friendly
Campbell, Stephen K. (Stephen    guide to clear thinking about statistics in
Kent)                            everyday life                                 1
Campbell, W. John                Book of Great Books                           1
                                 Rodeo : behind the scenes at America's
Campion, Lynn.                   most exciting sport                           1
Camus, Albert, 1913-1960.        The stranger                                  1
                                 Walt Disney's nine old men & the art of
Canemaker, John.                 animation                                     1
                                 Alexander the Great : journey to the end
Cantor, Norman F.                of the Earth                                  1
Capek, Karel, 1890-1938.         War with the newts                            1
Caravantes, Peggy, 1935-         American hero : the Audie Murphy story        1
                                 Daily life in ancient Rome : the people
Carcopino, Jerome, 1881-1970.    and the city at the height of the empire      1
Carew-Miller, Anna.              Jordan                                        1
Carew-Miller, Anna.              The Palestinians                              1
Carew-Miller, Anna.              Tunisia                                       1
                                 Country music : the people, places, and
Carlin, Richard, 1956-           moments that shaped the country sound         1
Carlisle, Rodney P.              Persian Gulf War                              1
                                 The teen brain book : who & what are
Carlson, Dale Bick.              you?                                          1
                                 How to win friends and influence people
Carnegie, Donna Dale.            for teen girls                                1
Carnegy, Vicky.                  Fashions of a decade. The 1980s               1
Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898.       Jabberwocky                                   1
Carson, Rachel, 1907-1964.       Silent spring                                 1
                                 Making the most of high school : success
Carter, Carol.                   secrets for freshmen                          1
Carter, Carol.                   Study skills for high school students         1
                                 It happened to me : a teen's guide to
Carter, Wm. Lee.                 overcoming sexual abuse                       1
Casil, Amy Sterling.             Hantavirus                                    1
Cassanos, Lynda Cohen.           Morocco                                       1
                                 New Orleans as it was : episodes of
Castellanos, Henry C.            Louisiana life                                1
Castillo-Feliu, Guillermo I.     Culture and customs of Chile                  1
Cattrall, Kim.                   Being a girl                                  1
Cavanaugh, Terence W.            Literature circles through technology         1
Cavelos, Jeanne.                 The science of Star wars                      1
Cefrey, Holly.                   Backstage at a music video                    1
Cefrey, Holly.                   Skysurfing                                    1
                                 The words of the day : the unlikely
Cerutti, Steven M.               evolution of common English                   1
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de,
1547-1616.                       Don Quixote de la Mancha                      1
Chaline, Eric.                   Martial arts for athletic conditioning        1
Chaline, Eric.                   Martial arts for women                        1
Chaline, Eric.                   Ninjutsu                                      1
Champion, Neil.                  Deserts                                       1
Champion, Neil.                  Rivers and wetlands                           1
Champion, Neil.                  Tropical rain forests                         1
                                    The rape of Nanking : the forgotten
Chang, Iris.                        holocaust of World War II                   1
                                    Smartbomb : the quest for art,
                                    entertainment, and big bucks in the
Chaplin, Heather, 1971-             videogame revolution                        1
Chapman, Richard.                   Guitar : music, history, players            1
Chapman, Steve.                     A look at life from a deer stand            1
Chappell, Jon.                      Rock guitar for dummies                     1
                                    Debunked! : esp, telekinesis, and other
Charpak, Georges.                   pseudoscience                               1
Chase, Kenneth Warren.              Firearms : a global history to 1700         1
Chaucer, Geoffrey, d. 1400.         The Canterbury tales                        1
Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-
1904.                               The cherry orchard                          1
Cheris, Elaine.                     Fencing : steps to success                  1
Cheshire, Gerard, 1965-             Electricity and magnetism                   1
Cheshire, Gerard, 1965-             Energy and matter                           1
Cheshire, Gerard, 1965-             Forces and motion                           1
Cheshire, Gerard, 1965-             Sound and vibration                         1
Cheshire, Gerard, 1965-             The solar system and beyond                 1
Chesterman, Barnaby.                Judo                                        1
Chesterman, Barnaby.                Taekwondo                                   1
Chesterman, Charles Wesley,         The Audubon Society field guide to North
1913-                               American rocks and minerals                 1
Chevrier, Yves.                     Mao and the Chinese revolution              1
                                    Triumph of the imagination : the story of
Chippendale, Lisa A.                writer J.K. Rowling                         1
                                    The new military humanism : lessons
Chomsky, Noam.                      from Kosovo                                 1
                                    Fire in the heart : a spiritual guide for
Chopra, Deepak.                     teens                                       1
                                    Design your own coat of arms : an
Chorzempa, Rosemary A., 1951-       introduction to heraldry                    1
                                    James Christensen : foremost fantasy
Christensen, James, 1942-           artist.                                     1
Christianson, Gale E.               Isaac Newton                                1
Christopher, Milbourne.             The illustrated history of magic            1
                                    The art & craft of hand lettering :
Cicale, Annie, 1950-                techniques, projects, inspiration           1
                                    Unexplained! : strange sightings,
                                    incredible occurrences & puzzling
Clark, Jerome.                      physical phenomena                          1
Clark, W. P. (William Philo),
1845?-1884.                         The Indian sign language                    1
Clark, William S., 1937-            A field guide to hawks of North America     1
                                    Coping with self-mutilation : a helping
Clarke,   Alicia.                   book for teens who hurt themselves          1
Clarke,   Asia Booth, 1838-1888.    John Wilkes Booth : a sister's memoir       1
Clarke,   F. G. (Francis Gordon),
1943-                               The history of Australia                    1
Clarke,   Gerald, 1937-             Capote : a biography                        1
                                    Snakes & reptiles : a portrait of the
Cleave, Andrew.                     animal world                                1
Cline, Eric H.                      The ancient Egyptian world                  1

                                  When nothing matters anymore : a
Cobain, Bev, 1940-                survival guide for depressed teens          1
Cobb, Allan B.                    The bionic human                            1
                                  Kites Flying Skills and Techniques, from
Cobb, Rosanne                     Basic Toys to Sport Kites                   1
                                  Indian talk : hand signals of the
Cody, Iron Eyes, 1904-            American Indians                            1
Coenraads, Robert R.              Rocks & fossils : a visual guide            1
Coetzee, Frans, 1955-             World War I : a history in documents        1
                                  Jesse Ventura : the body, the mouth, the
Cohen, Daniel, 1936-              mind                                        1
                                  The impeachment of William Jefferson
Cohen, Daniel, 1936-              Clinton                                     1
Cohen, Norm, 1936-                Folk music : a regional exploration         1
                                  Liberty's children : stories of eleven
Cohn, Scotti.                     Revolutionary War children                  1
Coker, Jeffrey W.                 Franklin D. Roosevelt : a biography         1
                                  Cryptozoology A to Z : the encyclopedia
                                  of loch monsters, Sasquatch,
                                  Chupacabras, and other authentic
Coleman, Loren.                   mysteries of nature                         1
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor, 1772-   The rime of the ancient mariner and
1834.                             other poems                                 1
Collier, Irene Dea.               Chinese mythology                           1
                                  Over the mountains : an aerial view of
Collier, Michael, 1950-           geology                                     1
                                  Songs sung red, white, and blue : the
                                  stories behind America's best-loved
Collins, Ace.                     patriotic songs                             1
                                  Fantastic flight : freestyle fold and fly
Collins, John M., 1960-           paper airplanes                             1
                                  Counting coup : a true story of
                                  basketball and honor on the Little Big
Colton, Larry.                    Horn                                        1
                                  The children's Homer : the adventures of
Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972.        Odysseus and the tale of Troy               1
                                  Heavenly errors : misconceptions about
Comins, Neil F., 1951-            the real nature of the universe             1
Compagno, Leonard J. V.           Sharks of the world                         1
                                  The essential Confucius : the heart of
                                  Confucius' teachings in authentic I Ching
Confucius.                        order : a compendium of ethical wisdom      1
Connelly, Elizabeth Russell.      Nicotine = busted!                          1
Connelly, Elizabeth Russell.      Predatory drugs = busted!                   1
Conner, Susan P. (Susan
Punzel), 1947-                    The age of Napoleon                         1
Connikie, Yvonne.                 Fashions of a decade. The 1960s             1
Connolly, Sean, 1956-             Alcohol                                     1
Connolly, Sean, 1956-             Cocaine                                     1
Connolly, Sean, 1956-             Ecstasy                                     1
Connolly, Sean, 1956-             Inhalants                                   1
Connolly, Sean, 1956-             Marijuana                                   1
Connolly, Sean, 1956-             Tobacco                                     1
Conway, Jill K., 1934-            The road from Coorain                       1
Cooke, Alistair, 1908-            Letter from America, 1946-2004              1
Cooke, Darwyn.                  DC. Volume one :the new frontier              1
Cooke, Darwyn.                  DC. Volume two :the new frontier              1
Cooksey, Thomas L.              Masterpieces of philosophical literature      1
Coonts, Stephen, 1946-          Hong Kong                                     1
                                Enrico Fermi : and the revolutions in
Cooper, Dan.                    modern physics                                1
Cooper, Geoffrey M.             The cell : a molecular approach               1
                                Chien-Shiung Wu : pioneering physicist
Cooperman, Stephanie.           and atomic researcher                         1
                                Socratic circles : fostering critical and
                                creative thinking in middle and high
Copeland, Matt, 1975-           school                                        1
                                Everything you need to know about
Coppin, Cheryl Branch.          healing from rape trauma                      1
Cordingly, David.               Pirates : fact & fiction                      1
Cornelius, Steven, 1952-        Music of the Civil War era                    1
Cornell, George, 1948-          Ojibwa                                        1
                                A well-regulated militia : the founding
                                fathers and the origins of gun control in
Cornell, Saul.                  America                                       1
Corso, Philip J.                The day after Roswell                         1
                                And still we rise : the trials and triumphs
Corwin, Miles.                  of twelve gifted inner-city students          1
Costantino, Maria.              Fashions of a decade. The 1930s               1
                                Northern Ireland and England : the
Cottrell, Robert C., 1950-      troubles                                      1
                                Culture and customs of the Czech
Cravens, Craig Stephen, 1965-   Republic and Slovakia                         1
                                The invisible enemy : a natural history of
Crawford, Dorothy H.            viruses                                       1
                                The last true story I'll ever tell : an
                                accidental soldier's account of the War in
Crawford, John.                 Iraq                                          1
                                Rock climbing in a weekend : step-by-
                                step : from getting started to developing
Creasey, Malcolm.               advanced technique                            1
                                Copyright law for librarians and
                                educators : creative strategies and
Crews, Kenneth D.               practical solutions                           1
                                To destroy you is no loss : the odyssey
Criddle, JoAn D.                of a Cambodian family                         1
                                100 colonial leaders who shaped North
Crompton, Samuel Willard.       America                                       1
Crompton, Samuel Willard.       Martin Luther                                 1
                                Nelson Mandela : ending apartheid in
Crompton, Samuel Willard.       South Africa                                  1
Crompton, Samuel Willard.       The printing press                            1
                                Modern fighter aircraft : an illustrated
                                history of war planes from 1945 to the
                                present day : featuring photographs
Crosby, Francis.                from the Imperial War Museum                  1
Crossley-Holland, Kevin.        The Norse myths                               1
                                King of the mild frontier : an ill-advised
Crutcher, Chris.                autobiography                                 1
Cruz, Nicky.                    Run, baby, run                                1
Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin),
1894-1962.                         Complete poems, 1904-1962                   1
Cunningham, Kevin, 1966-           Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union          1
Curie, Eve, 1904-                  Madame Curie : a biography                  1
                                   The Constitution of the United States : a
Currie, David P.                   primer for the people                       1
                                   Essays that worked for college
                                   applications : 50 essays that helped
                                   students get into the nation's top
Curry, Boykin, 1966-               colleges                                    1
                                   Defending Middle-earth : Tolkien, myth
Curry, Patrick.                    and modernity                               1
                                   The 100 most important events in
Curtis, A. Kenneth.                Christian history                           1
                                   The North American Indians: a selection
Curtis, Edward S., 1868-1952.      of photographs by Edward S. Curtis.         1
Curtis, Glade B.                   Your baby's first year week by week         1
                                   The backpacker's field manual : a
                                   comprehensive guide to mastering
Curtis, Rick.                      backcountry skills                          1
Cussler, Clive.                    The sea hunters II                          1
                                   Girls speak, ages 13-15 : sixty original
Dabrowski, Kristen.                character monologues                        1
                                   The ultimate audition book for teens.
Dabrowski, Kristen.                Volume III :111 one-minute monologues       1
Dahl, Roald.                       Roald Dahl's Revolting rhymes               1
                                   The United States cookbook : fabulous
                                   foods and fascinating facts from all 50
D'Amico, Joan, 1957-               states                                      1
                                   Encyclopedia of fantasy and horror
D'Ammassa, Don, 1946-              fiction                                     1
                                   Blood stripes : the grunt's view of the
Danelo, David J.                   war in Iraq                                 1
Daniel, Elton L.                   Culture and customs of Iran                 1
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321.        Dante's Inferno                             1
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321.        The paradiso                                1
                                   The shawshank redemption : the
Darabont, Frank.                   shooting script                             1
Darling, David J.                  Teleportation : the impossible leap         1
Darraj, Susan Muaddi.              Queen Noor                                  1
Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882.        The origin of species                       1
Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882.        Voyage of the Beagle                        1
Dary, David.                       Cowboy culture : a saga of five centuries   1
Dash, J. Michael.                  Culture and customs of Haiti                1
                                   Threads from the web of life : stories in
Daubert, Stephen.                  natural history                             1
Davies, David.                     Golf                                        1
                                   Don't know much about history :
                                   everything you need to know about
Davis, Kenneth C.                  American history but never learned          1
Davis, Thomas J. (Thomas
Jeffery), 1958-                    John Calvin                                 1
Davis, William C., 1946-           The Civil War in photographs                1
Dawson, Ian.                       Renaissance medicine                        1

Day, A. Grove (Arthur Grove),      The sky clears : poetry of the American
1904-                              Indians                                      1
De Roy, Tui.                       Galapagos : islands born on fire             1
Dean, Arlan.                       Samurai : warlords of Japan                  1
Dean, Arlan.                       Terra-cotta soldiers : army of stone         1
Dean, John W. (John Wesley),       Worse than Watergate : the secret
1938-                              presidency of George W. Bush                 1
                                   The life and strange surprizing
                                   adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York,
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731.         mariner                                      1
DeGregorio, William A., 1946-      The complete book of U.S. presidents         1
                                   100 medical milestones that shaped
DeJauregui, Ruth E.                world history                                1
                                   Having our say : the Delany sisters' first
Delany, Sarah Louise, 1889-        100 years                                    1
Delavier, Frederic.                Strength training anatomy                    1
Delavier, Frederic.                Women's strength training anatomy            1
                                   The beginning dressage book : expert
                                   advice on how to train your horse in
Denby-Wrightson, Kathryn.          dressage without expensive equipment         1
Denis-Huot, Christine.             The art of being a lion                      1
Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886.       Complete poems                               1
Dickinson, Emily, 1830-1886.       The complete poems of Emily Dickinson        1
                                   Gems, granites, and gravels : knowing
Dietrich, Richard Vincent, 1924-   and using rocks and minerals                 1
Dietsch, Deborah K.                Architecture for dummies                     1
                                   Americans behind the barbed wire :
                                   World war II : inside a German prison
Diggs, J. Frank.                   camp                                         1
Dinneen, Mark.                     Culture and customs of Venezuela             1
DiPrince, Dawn.                    Yoga for the brain                           1
                                   Homeless in America : how could it
Doak, Melissa J.                   happen here?                                 1
Docalavich, Heather.               Hungary                                      1
Docalavich, Heather.               Poland                                       1
Docalavich, Heather.               Slovakia                                     1
Docalavich, Heather.               The Czech Republic                           1
                                   This house of sky : landscapes of a
Doig, Ivan.                        Western mind                                 1
                                   BMX for the park & street : trix &
Donaldson, Tony, 1969-             techniques                                   1
                                   The complete poetry and selected prose
Donne, John, 1572-1631.            of John Donne                                1
Donnelly, Karen J.                 American women pilots of World War II        1
                                   Chopper : firsthand accounts of
Dorr, Robert F.                    helicopter warfare, World War II to Iraq     1
                                   Eagle Blue A Team, A Tribe, and a High
D'Orso, Michael.                   School Basketball Season in Artic Alaska     1
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-
1881.                              Crime and punishment                         1
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-
1881.                              Notes from underground                       1
Dostoyevsky, Fyodor, 1821-
1881.                              The idiot                                    1
Dougherty, Karla.                  Jealousy : triumphing over rivalry and       1
                                  Narrative of the life of Frederick
Douglass, Frederick, 1818-1895.   Douglass : an American slave               1
                                  Prime-time feminism : television, media
                                  culture, and the women's movement
Dow, Bonnie J.                    since 1970                                 1
                                  Painting waterscapes : a pocket
                                  reference : practical visual advice on
                                  how to create waterscapes using
Dowden, Joe Francis.              watercolors                                1
                                  War without mercy : race and power in
Dower, John W.                    the Pacific war                            1
                                  The news about the news : American
Downie, Leonard.                  journalism in peril                        1
Dowswell, Paul.                   Genetic engineering                        1
                                  The Oxford history of the French
Doyle, William, 1942-             Revolution                                 1
                                  The complete practical guide to camping,
Drake, Peter G.                   hiking & wilderness skills                 1
Drake, Richard L., Ph.D.          Gray's anatomy for students                1
Draper, Allison Stark.            Ebola                                      1
                                  Complete horse care : a comprehensive
Draper, Judith.                   guide to looking after horses and ponies   1
                                  The complete book of horses, horse
                                  breeds & horse care : an encyclopedia of
                                  horses and a comprehensive guide to
Draper, Judith.                   horse and pony care                        1
Drenth, Tere.                     Marathon training for dummies              1
                                  The Declaration of Independence : words
Driver, Stephanie Schwartz.       that changed the world                     1
Drowne, Kathleen Morgan.          The 1920s                                  1
                                  American flags : designs for a young
Druckman, Nancy.                  nation                                     1
                                  A velvet revolution : Vaclav Havel and
Duberstein, John, 1976-           the fall of communism                      1
                                  101 ways to use your first sewing
Dubicki, Elizabeth.               machine                                    1
                                  Elements of witchcraft : natural magick
Dugan, Ellen, 1963-               for teens                                  1
                                  Cheating monkeys and citizen bees : the
                                  nature of cooperation in animals and
Dugatkin, Lee Alan, 1962-         humans                                     1
                                  The everything sign language book :
Duke, Irene.                      American Sign Language made easy           1
Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870.      The Count of Monte Cristo                  1
Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870.      The man in the iron mask                   1
Dumas, Alexandre, 1802-1870.      The three musketeers                       1
                                  A teen's guide to getting published :
                                  publishing for profit, recognition, and
Dunn, Jessica, 1980-              academic success                           1
                                  The relocation of the North American
Dunn, John M., 1949-              Indian                                     1
Duong, Thu Huong. English         Paradise of the blind                      1
                                  The story of philosophy : the lives and
Durant, Will, 1885-               opinions of the greater philosophers       1
                                    The Hitler Youth : marching toward
Dvorson, Alexa.                     madness                                     1
                                    The chess player's bible : illustrated
Eade, James.                        strategies for staying ahead of the game    1
Eble, Kenneth Eugene.               F. Scott Fitzgerald                         1
Eco, Umberto.                       The name of the rose                        1
Edge, Laura Bufano, 1953-           Laura Bush : portrait of a first lady       1
                                    Edward R. Murrow and the birth of
Edwards, Bob, 1947-                 broadcast journalism                        1
                                    Opposing censorship in the public
                                    schools : religion, morality, and
Edwards, June, 1934-                literature                                  1
                                    Who decides? : the abortion rights of
Ehrlich, J. Shoshanna.              teens                                       1
                                    The everything Kabbalah book : explore
                                    this mystical tradition--from ancient
Elber, Mark.                        rituals to modern day practices             1
                                    The universal myths : heroes, gods,
Eliot, Alexander.                   tricksters, and others                      1
Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns),
1888-1965.                          Complete poems and plays.                   1
Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns),
1888-1965.                          Selected poems                              1
Eliot, T. S. (Thomas Stearns),
1888-1965.                          The waste land : and other poems            1
Elkins-Tanton, Linda T.             Mars                                        1
Elliott, Lang.                      A guide to wildlife sounds                  1
                                    With a banjo on my knee : a musical
Ellis, Rex M., 1951-                journey from slavery to freedom             1
                                    To the flag : the unlikely history of the
Ellis, Richard (Richard J.)         pledge of allegiance                        1
Ellis, Warren.                      JLA classified : new maps of hell           1
Emanuele, Patricia.                 Coping with aggression                      1
Embacher, Eric.                     Stowed away                                 1
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 1803-
1882.                               Ralph Waldo Emerson : essays & poems.       1
                                    A century of war : Anglo-American oil
Engdahl, William.                   politics and the new world order            1
Eppehimer, Trevor.                  Protestantism                               1
                                    The friendly Shakespeare : a thoroughly
Epstein, Norrie.                    painless guide to the best of the bard      1
                                    The illuminated Blake : William Blake's
                                    complete illuminated works with a plate-
Erdman, David V.                    by-plate commentary                         1
Escher, M. C. (Maurits Cornelis),
1898-1972.                          Escher on Escher : exploring the infinite   1
                                    Clearing the haze : a teen's guide to
Esherick, Joan.                     smoking-related health issues               1
                                    Dead on their feet : teen sleep
Esherick, Joan.                     deprivation and its consequences            1
                                    Dead on their feet the health effects of
Esherick, Joan.                     sleep deprivation in teens                  1
                                    Dying for acceptance : a teen's guide to
Esherick, Joan.                     drug- and alcohol-related health issues     1

                           Prozac : North American culture and the
Esherick, Joan.            wonder drug                                  1
                           The silent cry : a teen's guide to
Esherick, Joan.            escaping self-injury and suicide             1
Esherick, Joan.            Women in prison                              1
                           Slave uprisings and runaways : fighting
                           for freedom and the Underground
Eskridge, Ann E.           Railroad                                     1
                           Cool creatures, hot planet : exploring the
Essen, Marty.              seven continents                             1
Etingoff, Kim.             Portugal                                     1
Euripides.                 10 plays                                     1
                           Gulf War : Desert Shield and Desert
Evans, Anthony A.          Storm, 1990-1991                             1
                           They made America : from the steam
                           engine to the search engine : two
Evans, Harold.             centuries of innovators                      1
                           Endangered species : protecting
Evans, Kimberly Masters.   biodiversity                                 1
                           Space exploration : triumphs and
Evans, Kimberly Masters.   tragedies                                    1
                           Jesus, fads, & the media : the passion &
Evans, Michael.            popular culture                              1
Evans-Martin, F. Fay.      The nervous system                           1
Evers, June V.             Anyone can draw horses!                      1
Evslin, Bernard.           Heroes & monsters of Greek myth              1
Evslin, Bernard.           The adventures of Ulysses                    1
                           Hydrogen : hot stuff, cool science :
                           journey to a world of hydrogen energy
Ewing, Rex A.              and fuel cells at the Wasserstoff Farm       1
                           The great journey : the peopling of
Fagan, Brian M.            ancient America                              1
Faherty, Sara.             Welfare reform                               1
                           Fair game : a complete book of soccer
Fair, Lorrie.              for women                                    1
Falcinelli, Dale           Marketing demystified.                       1
                           Blind into Baghdad : America's war in
Fallows, James M.          Iraq                                         1
Fancher, Raymond E.        Pioneers of psychology                       1
                           The American Sign Language phrase
Fant, Louie J.             book                                         1
                           Secrets of podcasting : audio blogging
Farkas, Bart.              for the masses                               1
                           A treasury of great American scandals :
                           tantalizing true tales of historic
                           misbehavior by the founding fathers and
Farquhar, Michael.         others who let freedom swing                 1
Farrow, Pete.              Soccer                                       1
Fash, William Leonard.     The ancient American world                   1
Favor, Lesli J.            Bacteria                                     1
                           Francisco Vasquez de Coronado : famous
                           journeys to the American Southwest and
Favor, Lesli J.            colonial New Mexico                          1

                                   The Iroquois Constitution : a primary
                                   source investigation of the law of the
Favor, Lesli J.                    Iroquois                                     1
                                   Do elephants jump? : an Imponderables
Feldman, David, 1950-              book                                         1
                                   Do penguins have knees? : an
Feldman, David, 1950-              Imponderables book                           1
                                   The attack against the U.S. embassies in
Ferguson, Amanda.                  Kenya and Tanzania                           1
                                   The attack on U.S. servicemen in Saudi
Ferguson, Amanda.                  Arabia on June 25, 1996                      1
Ferlazzo, Paul J.                  Emily Dickinson                              1
Ferreira, Cesar.                   Culture and customs of Peru                  1
Ferrell, Claudine L., 1950-        The abolitionist movement                    1
Feser, Edward.                     Philosophy of mind : a beginner's guide      1
                                   Invisible girls : the truth about sexual
Feuereisen, Patti.                 abuse                                        1
                                   101 deer hunting tips : practical advice
Fiduccia, Peter.                   from a master hunter                         1
                                   Whitetail strategies : a no-nonsense
Fiduccia, Peter.                   approach to successful deer hunting          1
Field, Greg, 1961-                 Harley-Davidson Evolution motorcycles        1
                                   The living tradition of Yup'ik masks :
                                   agayuliyararput our way of making
Fienup-Riordan, Ann.               prayer                                       1
Fine, Jil.                         Bomb squad specialist                        1
                                   The "Mississippi Burning" civil rights
                                   murder conspiracy trial : a headline
Fireside, Harvey.                  court case                                   1
Fischer, David, 1963-              Sports in America. 1960-1969                 1
Fiscus, James W.                   America's war in Afghanistan                 1
Fiscus, James W.                   The Suez Crisis                              1
                                   Yellowstone country : the enduring
Fishbein, Seymour L.               wonder                                       1
Fisher, Barry A. J.                Forensics demystified                        1
Flaherty, Mike.                    American Chopper : at full throttle          1
Flanagan, Mike.                    It's about time : how long history took      1
Flannery, Tim F. (Tim Fridtjof),   A gap in nature : discovering the world's
1956-                              extinct animals                              1
                                   They all laughed-- : from light bulbs to
                                   lasers, the fascinating stories behind the
                                   great inventions that have changed our
Flatow, Ira.                       lives                                        1
Fleisher, Paul.                    The big bang                                 1
Fleming, Gerald.                   Hitler and the final solution                1
Fleming, Thomas J.                 The Louisiana Purchase                       1
Flichtbeil, Rolf.                  Go tennis                                    1
Flood, Elizabeth Clair, 1967-      Cowgirls : women of the Wild West            1
                                   When grownups play at war : a child's
Flutsztejn-Gruda, Ilona.           memoir                                       1
                                   My first seven years (plus a few more) :
Fo, Dario.                         a memoir                                     1
                                   We won't pay! We won't pay! and other
Fo, Dario.                         plays                                        1

                                 From Watergate to Monicagate : ten
                                 controversies in modern journalism and
Foerstel, Herbert N.             media                                        1
Fogle, Bruce.                    Cats                                         1
Foley, Dennis.                   Special men : a LRP's recollections          1
                                 Who owns history? : rethinking the past
Foner, Eric.                     in a changing world                          1
Fonstad, Karen Wynn.             The atlas of Middle-earth                    1
                                 Diseases and disabilities caused by
Ford, Jean (Jean Otto)           weight problems : the overloaded body        1
                                 Forensics in American culture : obsessed
Ford, Jean (Jean Otto)           with crime                                   1
                                 Surviving the roller coaster : a teen's
Ford, Jean.                      guide to coping with moods                   1
                                 Draw cartoons : basic techniques,
Ford, Noel.                      cartoons & strips, exercises                 1
                                 Companion to Narnia : a complete guide
                                 to the magical world of C.S. Lewis's The
Ford, Paul F.                    chronicles of Narnia                         1
                                 Sacred voices : essential women's
Ford-Grabowsky, Mary.            wisdom through the ages                      1
                                 Greatest stock car races : triumphs &
Fordham, Glenda.                 tragedies of yesterday & today               1
                                 Hottest stock car drivers : today's
Fordham, Glenda.                 greatest superstars                          1
Forrest, Andrew, 1947-           The Spanish Civil War                        1
Foster, David William.           Culture and customs of Argentina             1
                                 Handbook to life in the ancient Maya
Foster, Lynn V.                  world                                        1
                                 The complete guide to Middle-Earth :
                                 from The hobbit to The lord of the rings
Foster, Robert, 1949-            and beyond.                                  1
Fowler, Loretta, 1944-           The Arapaho                                  1
                                 The teen survival guide to dating &
                                 relating : real-world advice on guys,
Fox, Annie, 1950-                girls, growing up, and getting along         1
                                 The complete idiot's guide to drawing
Fradella, Frank.                 basics, illustrated                          1
Frady, Marshall.                 Martin Luther King, Jr.                      1
Frahm, Randy.                    Deer hunting                                 1
Fraioli, Deborah A., 1942-       Joan of Arc and the Hundred Years War        1
                                 Other people's words : what plagiarism
Francis, Barbara, 1948-          is and how to avoid it                       1
Frank, Anne, 1929-1945.          The diary of a young girl                    1
                                 The diary of a young girl : the definitive
Frank, Anne, 1929-1945.          edition                                      1
Frank, Philipp, 1884-1966.       Einstein : his life and times                1
                                 Worlds on fire : volcanoes on the Earth,
Frankel, Charles.                the Moon, Mars, Venus and Io                 1
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790.   The autobiography and other writings         1
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790.   The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin       1
Fraser, Lindsey.                 Conversations with J.K. Rowling              1
                                 We have just begun to not fight : an oral
                                 history of conscientious objectors in
Frazer, Heather T.               civilian public service during World War     1

Frazer, James George, Sir, 1854-   The golden bough : a study in religion
1941.                              and magic                                    1
                                   No turning back : the history of feminism
Freedman, Estelle B., 1947-        and the future of women                      1
Freedman, Jeri.                    Hemophilia                                   1
                                   The voice that challenged a nation :
                                   Marian Anderson and the struggle for
Freedman, Russell.                 equal rights                                 1
French, Warren G., 1922-           J.D. Salinger, revisited                     1
French, Warren G., 1922-           John Steinbeck's fiction revisited           1
Frew, Katherine.                   Gladiators : battling in the arena           1
Frew, Katherine.                   Plumber                                      1
Frey, Linda.                       The French Revolution                        1
Fridell, Ron.                      DNA fingerprinting : the ultimate identity   1
Friedman, Ian C.                   Freedom of speech and the press              1
                                   The world is flat : a brief history of the
Friedman, Thomas L.                twenty-first century                         1
Fritz, Harry W., 1937-             The Lewis and Clark Expedition               1
                                   The poetry of Robert Frost : the collected
Frost, Robert, 1874-1963.          poems, complete and unabridged               1
Frost-Knappman, Elizabeth.         Women's suffrage in America                  1
Fry, Ronald W.                     Improve your memory                          1
Fugard, Athol.                     Master Harold-- and the boys                 1
                                   Fitness training for girls : a teen girl's
                                   guide to resistance training,
Gaede, Katrina.                    cardiovascular conditioning, and nutrition   1
                                   Sun Tzu's The art of war : plus, The
                                   warrior's apprentice : your first guide to
Gagliardi, Gary.                   the magic strategy                           1
Gaines, Ann.                       Coco Chanel                                  1
                                   The end of Iraq : how American
Galbraith, Peter (Peter W.)        incompetence created a war without end       1
Gallagher, Aileen.                 Hepatitis                                    1
Gallagher, Aileen.                 The Japanese Red Army                        1
Gallagher, Hugh Gregory.           FDR's splendid deception                     1
Gallagher, Jim, 1969-              Causes of the Iraq War                       1
                                   Outcast Europe : the Balkans, 1789-
Gallagher, Tom, 1954-              1989, from the Ottomans to Milosevic         1
Gallagher, Tony.                   Weight training for beginners                1
Ganderton, Lucinda.                Beading for beginners                        1
                                   The essential Gandhi : an anthology of
Gandhi, Mahatma, 1869-1948.        his writings on his life, work, and ideas    1
                                   Buying a fishing rod for my grandfather :
Gao, Xingjian.                     stories                                      1
Gao, Xingjian.                     The other shore : plays                      1
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel, 1928-     Collected stories                            1
                                   The attack on the Pentagon on
Gard, Carolyn.                     September 11, 2001                           1
Gardner, Averil.                   George Orwell                                1
Gardner, Robert, 1929-             Health science projects about psychology     1
Gardner, Rulon.                    Never stop pushing                           1
Garfinkle, Adam M., 1951-          Israel                                       1
Garlough, Robert, 1954-           Ice sculpting the modern way                1
                                  Politically Correct Duo, Bellybanded,
                                  Politically Correct Bedtime Stories and
Garner, James Finn.               Once upon a More...                         1
                                  We interrupt this broadcast : the events
                                  that stopped our lives--from the
                                  Hindenburg explosion to the attacks of
Garner, Joe.                      September 11                                1
Garrington, Sally.                Canada                                      1
                                  Vocal and instrumental groups : making
Garty, Judy.                      music                                       1
                                  I believe in-- : Christian, Jewish, and
                                  Muslim young people speak about their
Gaskins, Pearl Fuyo.              faith                                       1
                                  Encyclopedia of earthquakes and
Gates, Alexander E., 1957-        volcanoes                                   1
Gaustad, Edwin S. (Edwin Scott)   Benjamin Franklin : inventing America       1
Gaustad, Edwin S. (Edwin Scott)   Church and state in America                 1
Gaustad, Edwin S. (Edwin Scott)   Roger Williams                              1
Gaustad, Edwin S. (Edwin Scott)   The religious history of America            1
Gay, Kathlyn.                     Abortion : understanding the debate         1
Gay, Kathlyn.                     Am I fat? : the obesity issue for teens     1
                                  Body marks : tattooing, piercing, and
Gay, Kathlyn.                     scarification                               1
Gedatus, Gustav Mark.             Bicycling for fitness                       1
                                  Jacob's ladder : the history of the human
Gee, Henry.                       genome                                      1
                                  The fashion designer survival guide : an
                                  insider's look at starting and running
Gehlhar, Mary.                    your own fashion business                   1
Gelletly, LeeAnne.                Somalia                                     1
Gelletly, LeeAnne.                The Kurds                                   1
Gerber, John C.                   Mark Twain                                  1
Gerber, Philip L.                 Robert Frost                                1
Gerhart, James.                   Mastering math for the building trades      1
                                  Death penalty on trial : a handbook with
Gershman, Gary P.                 cases, laws, and documents                  1
                                  Guerrilla prince : the untold story of
Geyer, Georgie Anne, 1935-        Fidel Castro                                1
Ghigna, Charles.                  A fury of motion : poems for boys           1
Gibilisco, Stan.                  Alternative energy demystified              1
Gibilisco, Stan.                  Audio demystified                           1
Gibilisco, Stan.                  Electronics demystified                     1
Gibilisco, Stan.                  Physics demystified                         1
Gibilisco, Stan.                  Trigonometry demystified                    1
Gibran, Kahlil, 1883-1931.        The prophet.                                1
Gibson, William, 1914-            The miracle worker                          1
Giddens, Sandra.                  Coping with grieving and loss               1
                                  Escape : teens who escaped the
Giddens, Sandra.                  Holocaust to freedom                        1
                                  Abraham Lincoln and Civil War America :
Gienapp, William E.               a biography                                 1
Gies, Joseph.                     Life in a medieval castle                   1
Gies, Joseph.                     Life in a medieval city                     1
Gifford, Clive.                   Drugs and sports                            1
Gifford, Clive.               Mountain biking                              1
Gigliotti, Jim.               Sports in America. 1950-1959                 1
Gilbert, Martin, 1936-        D-Day                                        1
Gilbreth, Frank B. (Frank
Bunker), 1911-                Cheaper by the dozen                         1
                              10 days that unexpectedly changed
Gillon, Steven M.             America                                      1
                              Speaking volumes : how to get students
Gilmore, Barry.               discussing books--and much more              1
Gilstrap, John                At all costs                                 1
                              Fighting wars, planning for peace : the
Gimpel, Lee, 1976-            story of George C. Marshall                  1
                              Nicolaus Copernicus : making the Earth
Gingerich, Owen.              a planet                                     1
Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-        Howl, and other poems                        1
                              Everything you need to know about
Giordano, Geraldine.          Wicca                                        1
Giovanni, Nikki.              The selected poems of Nikki Giovanni.        1
Gish, Steven, 1963-           Desmond Tutu : a biography                   1
Giuliano, Gina.               Education : meeting America's needs?         1
                              The Latter-day Saint experience in
Givens, Terryl.               America                                      1
Gnojewski, Carol              Madonna (American rebel)                     1
                              Nicholas Copernicus and the founding of
Goble, Todd, 1962-            modern astronomy                             1
Goff, Robert.                 The essential Salvador Dali                  1
Golay, Michael, 1951-         Spanish-American War                         1
                              Hernando de Soto : trailblazer of the
Goldberg, Jan.                American Southeast                           1
Goldsmith, Connie, 1945-      Influenza : the next pandemic?               1
                              Invisible invaders : dangerous infectious
Goldsmith, Connie, 1945-      diseases                                     1
                              The way it was : Pearl Harbor, the
Goldstein, Donald M.          original photographs                         1
Goldstein, Natalie.           Viruses                                      1
Goleman, Daniel.              Emotional intelligence                       1
Gonick, Larry.                The cartoon guide to chemistry               1
Gonick, Larry.                The cartoon guide to genetics                1
Gonick, Larry.                The cartoon guide to physics                 1
Gonick, Larry.                The cartoon guide to statistics              1
                              The Manhattan Project and the atomic
Gonzales, Doreen.             bomb in American history/                    1
Goodfellow, Evan.             Skateboarding : ramp tricks                  1
Goodfellow, Evan.             Street skateboarding : flip tricks           1
                              Lives of the signers of the Declaration of
Goodrich, Charles Augustus,   Independence : a reprint of the 1848
1790-1862.                    original                                     1
                              Downloading copyrighted stuff from the
Gordon, Sherri Mabry.         Internet : stealing or fair use?             1
                              Peanut butter, milk, and other deadly
                              threats : what you should know about
Gordon, Sherri Mabry.         food allergies                               1
                              An inconvenient truth : the planetary
                              emergency of global warming and what
Gore, Albert, 1948-           we can do about it                           1
Gosney, John.                     Blogging for teens                            1
                                  The little style guide to great Christian
Goss, Leonard George.             writing and publishing                        1
Gottfried, Ted.                   Censorship                                    1
                                  Deniers of the Holocaust : who they are,
Gottfried, Ted.                   what they do, why they do it                  1
                                  Homeland security versus constitutional
Gottfried, Ted.                   rights                                        1
Gottfried, Ted.                   The Cold War                                  1
Gottfried, Ted.                   The facts about marijuana                     1
Gottfried, Ted.                   The road to Communism                         1
Gottfried, von Strassburg, 13th
cent.                             Tristan and Isolde                            1
Gow, Mary.                        Johnstown flood : the day the dam burst       1
                                  Forces of nature : the awesome power of
Grace, Catherine O'Neill, 1950-   volcanoes, earthquakes, and tornadoes         1
                                  Lewis and Clark on the trail of discovery
Gragg, Rod.                       : the journey that shaped America             1
Graham, Ian, 1953-                Artificial intelligence                       1
Graham, Robin Lee.                Dove                                          1
Graham, Ruth, 1950-               I'm pregnant-- now what?                      1
                                  The Spider-man handbook : the ultimate
Grahame-Smith, Seth.              training manual                               1
                                  I remember Korea : veterans tell their
Granfield, Linda.                 stories of the Korean War, 1950-53            1
                                  Science and religion, 400 B.C. to A.D.
Grant,   Edward, 1926-            1550 : from Aristotle to Copernicus           1
Grass,   Gunter, 1927-            Crabwalk                                      1
Grass,   Gunter, 1927-            Dog years                                     1
Grass,   Gunter, 1927-            My century                                    1
Grass,   Gunter, 1927-            The flounder                                  1
                                  Colonial America : a history in
Gray, Edward G., 1964-            documents                                     1
                                  In your face : the culture of beauty and
Graydon, Shari.                   you                                           1
Green, Constance McLaughlin,      Eli Whitney and the birth of American
1897-                             technology                                    1
                                  The mad scientist handbook : how to
                                  make your own rock candy, anti-gravity
                                  machine, edible glass, rubber eggs, fake
                                  blood, green slime, and much, much
Green,   Joey.                    more                                          1
Green,   Joey.                    The mad scientist handbook. Volume 2          1
Green,   Michael, 1952-           Attack submarines : the Seawolf class         1
Green,   Miranda J.               Dictionary of Celtic myth and legend          1
Green,   Robert.                  Taiwan                                        1
                                  Juan Ponce de Leon : the exploration of
                                  Florida and the search for the fountain of
Greenberger, Robert.              youth                                         1
Greenberger, Robert.              Lou Gehrig                                    1
Greenblatt, Miriam.               War of 1812                                   1
                                  From first kicks to first steps : nurturing
                                  your baby's development from
Greene, Alan R., 1959-            pregnancy through the first year of life      1
Greene, John Robert.              The Nixon-Ford years                          1
Greene,   Meg.                 Jane Goodall : a biography                   1
Greene,   Meg.                 Mother Teresa : a biography                  1
Greene,   Meg.                 Obesity                                      1
Greene,   Meg.                 Pope John Paul II : a biography              1
Greene,   Meg.                 The hunt for Osama bin Laden                 1
                               The teenagers' guide to school outside
Greene, Rebecca, 1977-         the box                                      1
                               Diary of a common soldier in the
Greenman, Jeremiah.            American Revolution, 1775-1783               1
                               Nothing feels good : punk rock,
Greenwald, Andy.               teenagers, and emo                           1
Greenwood, Janette Thomas.     The Gilded Age : a history in documents      1
Gregory, Leland.               Hey idiot! : chronicles of human stupidity   1
Griffin, John Howard, 1920-    Black like me                                1
Griffin, Starla.               Girl, 13                                     1
Gritzner, Charles F.           Deserts                                      1
Gritzner, Charles F.           Latin America                                1
Gritzner, Charles F.           Polar regions                                1
Grumet, Bridget Hall.          Reconstruction era. Primary sources          1
Guasch, Gemma.                 Form                                         1
Guastoni, Alessandro.          Minerals                                     1
Guibert, Emmanuel.             Sardine in outer space                       1
Guibert, Emmanuel.             Sardine in outer space. 2                    1
Gunther, John, 1901-1970.      Death be not proud : a memoir                1
Haas, Jessie.                  Hoofprints : horse poems                     1
                               Schaum's Outline of Data Structures with
Habbard, John R.               JAVA// 2nd Edition                           1
Habeeb, William Mark, 1955-    Africa : facts & figures                     1
Habeeb, William Mark, 1955-    Iran                                         1
                               Gun control : restricting rights or
Haerens, Margaret.             protecting people?                           1
Hager, Holly.                  Heroin = busted!                             1
Hager, Thomas.                 Linus Pauling and the chemistry of life      1
                               African masks from the Barbier-Mueller
Hahner-Herzog, Iris, 1956-     Collection, Geneva                           1
Hains, Bryan C.                Pain                                         1
Hains, Bryan.                  Brain disorders                              1
Hakim, Joy.                    Aristotle leads the way                      1
                               CNET do-it-yourself camera & music
                               phone projects : 24 cool things you
Hakkarainen, Ari.              didn't know you could do!                    1
                               Caring for the Mind: The Comprehensive
Hales, Diane                   Guide To Mental Health                       1
Haley, Alex.                   Roots The Saga of an American Family         1
Hall, Caroline King Barnard.   Sylvia Plath, revised                        1
Hall, John G., 1950-           Palestinian Authority                        1
Halls, Monty.                  Scuba diving                                 1
Hambrey, M. J.                 Glaciers                                     1
Hamilton, Edith, 1867-1963.    Mythology                                    1
                               Mythology : timeless tales of gods and
Hamilton, Edith, 1867-1963.    heroes                                       1
                               James Watson : solving the mystery of
Hamilton, Janet.               DNA                                          1
Hamilton, Neil A., 1949-       Presidents : a biographical dictionary       1

                               Scarred for life : eleven stories about
Hamm, Keith David.             skateboarders                              1
Handelsman, Michael.           Culture and customs of Ecuador             1
Handlin, David P.              American architecture                      1
                               American home front in World War II.
Hanes, Sharon M.               Primary sources                            1
                               Great Depression and New Deal.
Hanes, Sharon M.               Biographies                                1
                               Great Depression and New Deal. Primary
Hanes, Sharon M.               sources                                    1
                               The Scopes monkey trial : a headline
Hanson, Freya Ottem, 1949-     court case                                 1
Hanson, Jonathan.              Photography in the outdoors                1
                               Assessing learning : librarians and
Harada, Violet H.              teachers as partners                       1
                               The Powell principles : 24 lessons from
Harari, Oren.                  Colin Powell, battle-proven leader         1
                               The life and death of the Mayor of
                               Casterbridge : the story of a man of
Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928.      character                                  1
Hare, R. M. (Richard Mervyn)   Plato                                      1
                               Women in the Middle East : tradition and
Harik, Ramsay M.               change                                     1
Harkrader, Lisa.               The grizzly bear                           1
Harmon, Daniel E.              Libya                                      1
Harmon, Daniel E.              The Hudson River                           1
Harmon, Daniel E.              Turkey                                     1
                               Your name in print : a teen's guide to
                               publishing for fun, profit, and academic
Harper, Elizabeth, 1934-       success                                    1
                               The calligrapher's bible : 100 complete
Harris, David.                 alphabets and how to draw them             1
                               Canoeing : the complete guide to
Harrison, David, 1938-         equipment and technique                    1
Harrison, Ian, 1965-           The book of inventions                     1
Hart, Christopher.             Drawing animals made amazingly easy        1
                               Walking softly in the wilderness : the
Hart, John, 1948-              Sierra Club guide to backpacking           1
Hart, Russell, 1953-           Photography for dummies                    1
Hartas, Leo.                   How to draw and sell digital cartoons      1
                               Do-it-yourself iPod projects : 24 cool
Hart-Davis, Guy.               things you didn't know you could do!       1
                               How to do everything with your iPod &
Hart-Davis, Guy.               iTunes                                     1
Hartz, Paula.                  Baha'i Faith                               1
Hartz, Paula.                  Zoroastrianism                             1
                               Albert Einstein : the giant of 20th
Hasday, Judy L., 1957-         century science                            1
                               Columbine High School shooting :
Hasday, Judy L., 1957-         student violence                           1
                               Marie Curie : pioneer on the frontier of
Hasday, Judy L., 1957-         radioactivity                              1
Haun, Larry.                   How to build a house                       1
Hawk, Tony.                    Hawk : occupation: skateboarder            1
Hawking, S. W. (Stephen W.)    A brief history of time                    1
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-
1864.                              Tanglewood tales                            1
                                   Ghost girl : the true story of a child in
Hayden, Torey L.                   peril and the teacher who saved her         1
Hayden, Torey L.                   Murphy's boy                                1
Hayden, Torey L.                   One child                                   1
Hayden, Torey L.                   Somebody else's kids                        1
Hayden, Torey L.                   The tiger's child                           1
Hayes, Christine Elizabeth.        The emergence of Judaism                    1
                                   First crossing : Alexander Mackenzie, his
                                   expedition across North America, and
Hayes, Derek, 1947-                the opening of the continent                1
                                   The burdens of disease : epidemics and
Hays, J. N.                        human response in western history           1
Heat Moon, William Least.          Columbus in the Americas                    1
                                   A documentary history of the United
Heffner, Richard D.                States                                      1
Heidler, David Stephen, 1955-      Manifest destiny                            1
Heidler, David Stephen, 1955-      The Mexican War                             1
                                   Ernest Rutherford : and the explosion of
Heilbron, J. L.                    atoms                                       1
Helmuth, Chalene, 1965-            Culture and customs of Costa Rica           1
Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961       Green hills of Africa                       1
Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.      Complete poems                              1
Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.      Death in the afternoon                      1
Henderson, Caroline A. (Caroline
Agnes), 1877-1966.                 Letters from the Dust Bowl                  1
                                   The ultimate guide to shotgunning :
                                   guns, gear, and hunting tactics for deer,
                                   big game, upland birds, waterfowl, and
Henderson, David R.                small game                                  1
Henderson, Harry, 1951-            Computer viruses                            1
Hendrickson, Kenneth E.            The Spanish-American War                    1
Henig, Ruth B. (Ruth Beatrice)     The origins of the First World War          1
                                   Flight : a history of aviation in
Heppenheimer, T. A., 1947-         photographs                                 1
Herald, Jacqueline.                Fashions of a decade. The 1920s             1
Herald, Jacqueline.                Fashions of a decade. The 1970s             1
Hernandez, Roger E.                Teens & relationships                       1
Hernandez, Roger E.                Teens & the media                           1
Herrick, Steven.                   Love, ghosts & facial hair                  1
Hersey, John, 1914-                Hiroshima                                   1
                                   Cool it! : teen tips to keep hot tempers
Hershorn, Michael.                 from boiling over                           1
                                   Censorship on the Internet : from filters
Herumin, Wendy.                    to freedom of speech                        1
                                   The 20 greatest athletes of the 20th
Herzog, Brad.                      century                                     1
                                   Elizabeth Catlett : in the image of the
Herzog, Melanie.                   people                                      1
Hesse, Hermann, 1877-1962.         Siddhartha                                  1
Hesse, Hermann, 1877-1962.         Steppenwolf                                 1
                                   Sculpting basics : everything you need
                                   to know to create fantastic three-
Hessenberg, Karin.                 dimensional art                             1
                                   The true life Wild West memoir of a
Hester, Charley, 1853-1940.        bush-popping cow waddy                        1
Hettinga, Donald R., 1953-         Presenting Madeleine L'Engle                  1
Heyerdahl, Thor.                   Kon Tiki : across the Pacific by raft         1
Heyman, Neil M.                    Daily life during World War I                 1
Hiam, Alexander.                   Marketing for dummies                         1
                                   We are one : a photographic celebration
Hiles, Russel D.                   of diversity in America                       1
                                   How to get in football shape.
Hill, Bert.                        Conditioning                                  1
                                   How to get in football shape. Strength
Hill, Bert.                        training                                      1
                                   How to think like a horse : the essential
                                   handbook for understanding why horses
Hill, Cherry, 1947-                do what they do                               1
                                   As seen in Vogue : a century of
Hill, Daniel Delis.                American fashion in advertising               1
                                   What has Christianity ever done for us? :
Hill, Jonathan, 1976-              how it shaped the modern world                1
                                   I will plant you a lilac tree : a memoir of
Hillman, Laura.                    a Schindler's list survivor                   1
Hillstrom, Kevin, 1963-            American Civil War. Primary sources           1
Hillstrom, Laurie Collier, 1965-   French and Indian War                         1
                                   You have the right to know your rights :
Hinds, Maurene J.                  what teens should know                        1
                                   A stranger in my own house : the story
Hinman, Bonnie.                    of W.E.B. Du Bois                             1
                                   The trial of Sacco and Vanzetti : a
Hinton, Kerry.                     primary source account                        1
Hirsch, E. D. (Eric Donald),
1928-                              The new dictionary of cultural literacy       1
                                   Encyclopedia of Native American
Hirschfelder, Arlene B.            religions : an introduction                   1
                                   Karen Horney : pioneer of feminine
Hitchcock, Susan Tyler.            psychology                                    1
                                   Henry James : a study of the short
Hocks, Richard A., 1936-           fiction                                       1
Hoeveler, Diane Long.              Charlotte Bronte                              1
Hoffman, Frederick John.           William Faulkner                              1
Hoffman, Nancy, 1955-              Fairies                                       1
                                   Dreaming in color, living in black and
                                   white : our own stories of growing up
Holliday, Laurel, 1946-            black in America                              1
Hollihan-Elliot, Sheila.           Ancient history of China                      1
Hollis, Daniel Webster, 1942-      The history of Ireland                        1
Hollis, Durwood.                   Hunting North American big game               1
Hollis, Durwood.                   Hunting upland game & waterfowl               1
Hollyman, Stephenie, 1952-         Dogon : Africa's people of the cliffs         1
Holmstrom, Darwin.                 BMW motorcycles                               1
Holzner, Steven.                   Physics for dummies                           1
                                   Black knights : the story of the Tuskegee
Homan, Lynn M.                     airmen                                        1
Homer.                             The Iliad                                     1
Homer.                             The odyssey                                   1

Hooker, Forrestine C. (Forrestine   Child of the Fighting Tenth : on the
Cooper), 1867-1932.                 frontier with the Buffalo Soldiers             1
                                    Read on-- historical fiction : reading lists
Hooper, Brad.                       for every taste                                1
Hoose, Phillip M., 1947-            The race to save the Lord God Bird             1
                                    Assistive technology : an introductory
Hopkins, Janet.                     guide for K-12 library media specialists       1
Hopkins, William G.                 Photosynthesis and respiration                 1
                                    Black & white photography : a basic
Horenstein, Henry.                  manual                                         1
Horn, Geoffrey M.                   The Constitution                               1
Horn, Geoffrey M.                   The presidency                                 1
Horsman, Paul V.                    Out of the blue                                1
                                    100 Christian women who changed the
Hosier, Helen Kooiman.              twentieth century                              1
                                    The wreck of the Andrea Gail : three
Houghton, Gillian.                  days of a perfect storm                        1
Houle, Michelle M.                  Gods and goddesses in Greek mythology          1
                                    Farewell to Manzanar : a true story of
                                    Japanese American experience during
Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki.          and after the World War II internment          1
                                    Everything you need to know about
Hovanec, Erin M.                    phobias                                        1
                                    The best you can be a teen's guide to
Hovius, Christopher.                fitness and nutrition                          1
Howard, Harold P.                   Sacajawea                                      1
                                    Flags of the fifty states and their
Howe, Randy.                        incredible histories                           1
                                    Creatures of the deep : in search of the
                                    sea's "monsters" and the world they live
Hoyt, Erich.                        in                                             1
Hubbard, J. R. (John Rast),         Schaum's outline of theory and problems
1943-                               of programming with Java                       1
Hudmon, Andrew.                     Learning and memory                            1
Hudson, David (David L.), 1969-     Rights of students                             1
Hudson, David (David L.), 1969-     Smoking bans                                   1
                                    The Bill of Rights : the first ten
Hudson, David (David L.), 1969-     amendments of the Constitution                 1
Hudson, David L., 1969-             Gay rights                                     1
                                    Open government : an American
                                    tradition faces national security, privacy,
Hudson, David L., 1969-             and other challenges                           1
Huettenmueller, Rhonda.             Precalculus demystified                        1
Hughes, Langston, 1902-1967.        Selected poems of Langston Hughes.             1
Hugo, Victor, 1802-1885.            The hunchback of Notre-Dame                    1
Hull, Clifford A.                   Latin for dummies                              1
Hunt, Courtney.                     The history of Iraq                            1
                                    Papermaking : the history and technique
Hunter, Dard, 1883-1966.            of an ancient craft                            1
Hunter, William, 1971-              DNA analysis                                   1
                                    How genetics and environment shape us
Hunter, William, 1971-              : the destined body                            1
Huntley, E. D.                      Amy Tan : a critical companion                 1
                                    Teach yourself visually digital
Huss, David.                        photography                                    1
                                  Teenage refugees from Somalia speak
Hussein, Ikram.                   out                                           1
Hutchinson, S. (Stephen), 1959-   Oceans : a visual guide                       1
                                  American heroines : the spirited women
Hutchison, Kay Bailey, 1943-      who shaped our country                        1
Hyde, Margaret O. (Margaret
Oldroyd), 1917-                   Smoking 101 : an overview for teens           1
Hyman, Bruce M.                   Anxiety disorders                             1
Hyman, Bruce M.                   Obsessive-compulsive disorder                 1
Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906.         A doll's house                                1
Ibsen, Henrik, 1828-1906.         Four great plays                              1
                                  Schenck v. United States and the
                                  freedom of speech debate : debating
Icenoggle, Jodi, 1967-            Supreme Court decisions                       1
Iknoian, Therese, 1957-           T'ai Chi for dummies                          1
Ingram, Jonathan, 1952-           Danica Patrick : America's hottest racer      1
                                  Want fries with that? : obesity and the
Ingram, Scott.                    supersizing of America                        1
Iorizzo, Luciano J., 1930-        Al Capone : a biography                       1
                                  Samuel Adams : son of liberty, father of
Irvin, Benjamin.                  revolution                                    1
                                  The legend of Sleepy Hollow and other
Irving, Washington, 1783-1859.    stories                                       1
Irving, Washington, 1783-1859.    Washington Irving's Rip van Winkle            1
                                  The Outward Bound wilderness first-aid
Isaac, Jeff.                      handbook                                      1
                                  Characteristics and behaviors of waves :
                                  understanding sound and
Isaacs, April.                    electromagnetic waves                         1
                                  Hubris : the inside story of spin, scandal,
Isikoff, Michael                  and the selling of the Iraq War               1
Isserman, Maurice.                World War II                                  1
Iversen, E. H. (Eve H.)           Animal aviators : masters of flight           1
                                  The Chinese cut-out design book :
Jablonski, Ramona, 1939-          designs from the world of nature              1
                                  Hello, America : a refugee's journey
Jackson, Livia Bitton.            from Auschwitz to the new world               1
                                  Teens take it to court : young people
                                  who challenged the law--and changed
Jacobs, Thomas A.                 your life                                     1
                                  What are my rights? : 95 questions and
Jacobs, Thomas A.                 answers about teens and the law               1
Jacobs, Timothy.                  100 athletes who shaped sports history        1
                                  Sports in America : recreation, business,
Jacobson, Robert.                 education, and controversy                    1
Jacobson, Robert.                 Water : no longer taken for granted           1
                                  CNET do-it-yourself laptop projects : 24
                                  cool things you didn't know you could
Jaffe, Justin.                    do!                                           1
                                  The horse behavior problem solver :
                                  your questions answered about how
Jahiel, Jessica.                  horses think, learn and react                 1
Jakeman, Jane.                    Newton : a beginner's guide                   1
James, Marquis, 1891-1955.        The Raven : a biography of Sam Houston        1

Janson, H. W. (Horst Woldemar),
1913-                             A short history of art                        1
                                  Globalize it! : the stories of the IMF, the
                                  World Bank, the WTO, and those who
January, Brendan, 1972-           protest                                       1
January, Brendan, 1972-           The Presidency                                1
                                  The Treaty of Paris, 1783 : a primary
                                  source examination of the treaty that
Jedson, Lee.                      recognized American Independence              1
                                  The life and selected writings of Thomas
Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826.     Jefferson                                     1
Jeffrey, Laura S.                 Marijuana = busted!                           1
Jenkins, Ruth, 1978-              Russia                                        1
                                  50 scenes to go and 20 monologues for
                                  show : from the play library of Classics
Johansen, Mila, 1954-             with a twist                                  1
                                  Motorcycles : fundamentals, service, and
Johns, Bruce A.                   repair                                        1
Johnson, Brian.                   Xbox 360 for dummies                          1
                                  Caffeine will not help you pass that test :
                                  facts, strategies, and practical advice to
Johnson, Cynthia, 1969-           help you succeed in high school               1
                                  Successful goose hunting : expert
Johnson,   M. D.                  strategies for serious hunters                1
Johnson,   Nathan.                Jujutsu                                       1
Johnson,   Nathan.                Karate                                        1
Johnson,   Nathan.                Kickboxing                                    1
Johnson,   Nathan.                Kung fu                                       1
Johnson,   Nathan.                Martial arts for children                     1
Johnson,   Nathan.                Martial arts for the mind                     1
Johnson,   Paul, 1928-            Art : a new history                           1
Johnson,   Paul, 1928-            George Washington : the founding father       1
Johnson,   Paul, 1928-            Napoleon : a life                             1
Johnson,   Rebecca L.             Genetics                                      1
Johnson,   Rebecca L.             Plate tectonics                               1
Johnson,   Terry, 1961-           Legal rights                                  1
                                  Eudora Welty : a study of the short
Johnston, Carol Ann.              fiction                                       1
Johnston, Tony, 1942-             Angel City                                    1
Jones, C. B. (Carole Bryan)       Twentieth century USA                         1
Jones, Veda Boyd.                 George W. Bush                                1
                                  Hoop dreams : a true story of hardship
Joravsky, Ben.                    and triumph                                   1
Jorgensen, Paul A.                William Shakespeare : the tragedies           1
                                  Resolving conflicts : how to get along
Judson, Karen, 1941-              when you don't get along                      1
                                  The metamorphosis : translation,
Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924.          backgrounds and contexts, criticism           1
Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-          Dreams                                        1
Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-          Ghosts                                        1
Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-          Shamans                                       1
Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-          The Kennedy assassination                     1
Kaminsky, Peter.                  Fly fishing for dummies                       1
Kaplan, Fred, 1937-               Dickens : a biography                         1

Kaplan, Lawrence (Lawrence F.),    The war over Iraq : Saddam's tyranny
1969-                              and America's mission                        1
Kaplan, Sarah Pitt.                Pompeii : city of ashes                      1
                                   The Great Pyramid at Giza : tomb of
Kaplan, Sarah Pitt.                wonders                                      1
                                   Jewelry & metalwork in the arts & crafts
Karlin, Elyse Zorn.                tradition                                    1
                                   The devil in the shape of a woman :
Karlsen, Carol F., 1940-           witchcraft in colonial New England           1
                                   First meals : the complete cookbook and
Karmel, Annabel.                   nutrition guide                              1
                                   120 banned books : censorship histories
Karolides, Nicholas J.             of world literature                          1
                                   Mean chicks, cliques, and dirty tricks : a
                                   real girl's guide to getting through the
Karres, Erika V. Shearin.          day with smarts and style                    1
Kasahara, Kunihiko, 1941-          Amazing origami                              1
                                   The complete book of holograms : how
Kasper, Joseph Emil, 1920-         they work and how to make them               1
Kaufman, Burton Ira.               The Carter years                             1
Kavanaugh, Dorothy, 1969-          Islam, Christianity, and Judaism             1
Kay, Dennis.                       William Shakespeare : his life and times     1
                                   William Shakespeare : sonnets and
Kay, Dennis.                       poems                                        1
Kayyali, Randa.                    The Arab Americans                           1
Keating, Anjelina Michelle.        Eleanor Roosevelt                            1
Keating, Susan Katz.               Saudi Arabia                                 1
Keats, John, 1795-1821.            The complete poems of John Keats.            1
Keegan, John, 1934-                The Second World War                         1
Keller, Charles.                   Little giant book of knock-knocks            1
Keller, Helen, 1880-1968.          The story of my life                         1
                                   The American Constitution : its origins
Kelly, Alfred Hinsey, 1907-        and development. Volume I                    1
                                   The American Constitution : its origins
Kelly, Alfred Hinsey, 1907-        and development. Volume II                   1
Kelly, Evelyn B.                   The skeletal system                          1
Kelly, Pat.                        Coping with diabetes                         1
                                   Psychology of the unconscious : Mesmer,
Kelly, William L.                  Janet, Freud, Jung, and current issues       1
Kemp, Sid.                         Project management demystified               1
Keneally, Thomas.                  Abraham Lincoln                              1
Kennedy, John F. (John
Fitzgerald), 1917-1963.            Profiles in courage                          1
                                   Without a net : middle class and
Kennedy, Michelle.                 homeless (with kids) in America              1
Kennedy, Richard S.                E.E. Cummings revisited                      1
Kenoyer, Jonathan M.               The ancient South Asian world                1
Kent, Howard.                      Beginner's guide to yoga                     1
Kent, Jeffrey A. (Jeffrey Alan),
1952-                              C++ demystified                              1
Kent, Jeffrey A. (Jeffrey Alan),
1952-                              Visual basic 2005 demystified                1
Kent, Jeffrey A. (Jeffrey Alan),
1952-                              Visual C# 2005 demystified                   1
Keogh, James.                      Data structures demystified                  1
Keogh, Jim.                       Javascript demystified                       1
Keogh, Jim.                       XML demystified                              1
                                  American Indian contributions to the
Keoke, Emory Dean.                world. Food, farming, and hunting            1
                                  Encyclopedia of American Indian
                                  contributions to the world : 15,000 years
Keoke, Emory Dean.                of inventions and innovations                1
                                  Building fiction : how to develop plot and
Kercheval, Jesse Lee.             structure                                    1
Kerouac, Jack, 1922-1969.         Book of blues                                1
Kerouac, Jack, 1922-1969.         Book of haikus                               1
                                  The star guide : learn how to read the
Kerrod, Robin.                    night sky star by star                       1
Kertesz, Imre, 1929-              Fatelessness : a novel                       1
Kertesz, Imre, 1929-              Liquidation                                  1
Kertscher, Tom, 1961-             Brett Favre : a Packer fan's tribute         1
Kesselring, Joseph, 1902-1967.    Arsenic and old lace : play in three acts    1
                                  The deserter's tale : the story of an
                                  ordinary soldier who walked away from
Key, Joshua                       the war in Iraq                              1
                                  Everything you need to know about
Keyishian, Elizabeth.             smoking                                      1
Killinger, Charles L.             The history of Italy                         1
Kim, Chun-gil, 1940-              The history of Korea                         1
                                  The complete horse : an entertaining
Kimball, Cheryl.                  history of horses                            1
                                  The everything horse book : buying,
                                  riding, and caring for your equine
                                  companion-- so complete you'll think a
Kimball, Cheryl.                  horse wrote it                               1
Kimmel, Paul.                     UML demystified                              1
                                  Psychology for kids : 40 fun tests that
Kincher, Jonni, 1949-             help you learn about yourself                1
                                  Psychology for kids II : 40 fun
                                  experiments that help you learn about
Kincher, Jonni, 1949-             others                                       1
King, C. Richard, 1968-           Media images and representations             1
                                  A testament of hope : the essential
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-   writings and speeches of Martin Luther
1968.                             King, Jr.                                    1
                                  One hundred philosophers : the life and
King, Peter J., 1956-             work of the world's greatest thinkers        1
                                  The woman warrior : memoirs of a
Kingston, Maxine Hong.            girlhood among ghosts                        1
Kirk, Connie Ann.                 J.K. Rowling : a biography                   1
Kirkwood, Burton.                 The history of Mexico                        1
                                  Real men : ten courageous Americans to
Kirkwood, R. Cort.                know and admire                              1
Klass, Philip J.                  The real Roswell crashed-saucer coverup      1
Klass, Philip J.                  UFOs : the public deceived                   1
Kleeman, Terry F., 1955-          The ancient Chinese world                    1
Klein, Gerda Weissmann, 1924-     All but my life                              1
Kleinkauf, Cecilia.               River girls : flyfishing for young women     1

                                  Fifty more professional scenes and
                                  monologs for student actors : a
                                  collection of short one- and two-person
Kluger, Garry Michael, 1955-      scenes                                        1
Knapp, Bettina Liebowitz, 1926-   Voltaire revisited                            1
                                  Christopher Columbus : master Italian
Kneib, Martha.                    navigator in the court of Spain               1
Kneib, Martha.                    Meningitis                                    1
                                  Women soldiers, spies, and patriots of
Kneib, Martha.                    the American Revolution                       1
Knight, Judson.                   Science of everyday things                    1
                                  Science of everyday things. Volume
Knight, Judson.                   1,Real-life chemistry                         1
                                  Science of everyday things. Volume
Knight, Judson.                   2,Real-life physics                           1
Knowles, Johanna.                 Huntington's disease                          1
Kobilinsky, Lawrence F.           Forensic DNA analysis                         1
                                  Al-Qaida's jihad in Europe : the Afghan-
Kohlmann, Evan.                   Bosnian network                               1
                                  The beginner's guide to eating disorders
Kolodny, Nancy J.                 recovery                                      1
                                  Bang your head : the rise and fall of
Konow, David, 1971-               heavy metal                                   1
Konstant, Tina.                   Speed reading                                 1
                                  Wearing of this garment does not enable
                                  you to fly : 101 real dumb warning
Koon, Jeff, 1984-                 labels                                        1
                                  Roar! : a Christian family guide to the
Kopp, Heather Harpham, 1964-      Chronicles of Narnia                          1
Korman, Susan.                    Kuwait                                        1
                                  Living mountains : how and why
Kornprobst, Jacques.              volcanoes erupt                               1
Kort, Michael, 1944-              The handbook of the former Soviet Union       1
                                  There are no children here : the story of
                                  two boys growing up in the other
Kotlowitz, Alex.                  America                                       1
Kovic, Ron.                       Born on the Fourth of July                    1
                                  Attack of the superbugs : the crisis of
Kowalski, Kathiann M., 1955-      drug-resistant diseases                       1
                                  The shame of the nation : the
                                  restoration of apartheid schooling in
Kozol, Jonathan.                  America                                       1
Kraemer, William J., 1953-        Strength training for young athletes          1
                                  Into thin air : a personal account of the
Krakauer, Jon.                    Mount Everest disaster                        1
Kroeber, Theodora.                Ishi, last of his tribe                       1
Krohn, Katherine E.               Wild West women                               1
                                  Alternative energy resources : the quest
Kruger, Paul, 1925-               for sustainable energy                        1
                                  A kid's guide to America's bill of rights :
                                  curfews, censorship, and the 100-pound
Krull, Kathleen.                  giant                                         1
                                  Mental toughness : a champion's state of
Kuehl, Karl, 1937-                mind                                          1

                             Tsar : the lost world of Nicholas and
Kurth, Peter.                Alexandra                                     1
                             Masters of Doom : how two guys created
Kushner, David, 1968-        an empire and transformed pop culture         1
Kushner, Harold S.           When bad things happen to good people         1
Kyi, Tanya Lloyd, 1973-      Montana                                       1
Labor, Earle, 1928-          Jack London                                   1
Lace, William W.             Stonehenge                                    1
Lacey, Theresa Jensen.       The Blackfeet                                 1
                             The pyramids, the Sphinx : tombs and
Lacovara, Peter.             temples of Giza                               1
Laessoe, Thomas.             Mushrooms                                     1
                             Advanced origami: an artist's guide to
LaFosse, Michael G.          performances in paper                         1
                             Adoption : how to deal with the
Lanchon, Anne.               questions of your past                        1
Landau, Elaine.              Alzheimer's disease : a forgotten life        1
Landau, Elaine.              Autism                                        1
Lane, George, 1952-          Genghis Khan and Mongol rule                  1
Lang, Patrick, Colonel.      Intelligence : the human factor               1
                             Taking responsibility : a teen's guide to
Lange, Donna.                contraception and pregnancy                   1
                             Jefferson's children : the story of one
Lanier, Shannon.             American family                               1
                             Filmmaking for teens : pulling off your
Lanier, Troy, 1967-          shorts                                        1
Larsen, Kristine.            Stephen Hawking : a biography                 1
                             Before the storm : American Indians
Lassieur, Allison.           before the Europeans                          1
                             Deer talk : your guide to finding, calling,
                             and hunting mule deer and whitetails,
Laubach, Don.                with rifle, bow or camera                     1
Lauber, John, 1925-          Jane Austen                                   1
                             The everything college cookbook : 300
                             hassle-free recipes for students on the
Lauret Parkinson, Rhonda.    go                                            1
                             Big fat paycheck : a young person's
Lawrence, Colton, 1968-      guide to writing for the movies               1
Lawrence, Jerome, 1915-      Inherit the wind                              1
Lawrence, John, Sir, 1907-   A history of Russia                           1
                             The animation book: a complete guide to
                             animated filmmaking--from flip-books to
Laybourne, Kit.              sound cartoons to 3-D animation               1
Layman, Dale Pierre.         Anatomy demystified                           1
Layman, Dale Pierre.         Biology demystified                           1
                             The sixth extinction : patterns of life and
Leakey, Richard E.           the future of humankind                       1
Lear, Edward, 1812-1888.     The complete nonsense of Edward Lear          1
                             Typhoid Mary : captive to the public's
Leavitt, Judith Walzer.      health                                        1
LeClair, Pete.               Carving caricature figures from scratch       1
                             The bride of anguished English : a
                             bonanza of bloopers, blunders, botches,
Lederer, Richard, 1938-      and boo-boos                                  1

                                   For freedom's sake: : the life of Fannie
Lee, Chana Kai, 1962-              Lou Hamer                                   1
Lee, Richard S. (Richard
Sandoval), 1927-                   Caffeine and nicotine                       1
                                   Arnold Schwarzenegger : from superstar
Lee, Sally.                        to governor                                 1
Lee, Veronica, 1968-               Field hockey                                1
Leeson, Tom.                       The American eagle                          1
Legault, Thierry.                  New atlas of the moon                       1
                                   How to write successfully in high school
Lenmark-Ellis, Barbara.            and college                                 1
Leonard, Thomas M., 1937-          Day by day, the forties                     1
Leonard, Thomas M., 1937-          Day by day, the seventies                   1
Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519.     Leonardo on the human body                  1
Leonetti, Mike, 1958-              Hockey now!                                 1
                                   A Sand County almanac : with essays on
Leopold, Aldo, 1886-1948.          conservation from Round River               1
Leroux, Gaston, 1868-1927.         The phantom of the Opera                    1
                                   Origins and development of the Arab-
Lesch, Ann Mosely.                 Israeli conflict                            1
                                   Success express for teens : 50 activities
Leslie, Roger.                     that will change your life                  1
Levez, Belinda.                    How to win at casino games                  1
Levi, Primo.                       The periodic table                          1
Levin, Judith (Judith N.), 1956-   Hugo Chavez                                 1
                                   Freedom's children : young civil rights
Levine, Ellen.                     activists tell their own stories            1
Levine, Linda Gould.               Isabel Allende                              1
Levy, Janey.                       Dale Earnhardt, Jr.                         1
                                   Why buildings fall down : how structures
Levy, Matthys.                     fail                                        1
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples),
1898-1963.                         C.S. Lewis letters to children              1
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples),      The Screwtape letters ; with, Screwtape
1898-1963.                         proposes a toast                            1
                                   A South American frontier : the tri-
Lewis, Daniel K., 1959-            border region                               1
Lewis, Joan, 1939-                 Hunting                                     1
                                   Fingerprints, bite marks, ear prints :
Libal, Angela.                     human signposts                             1
Libal, Autumn.                     Creek                                       1
                                   Cuban Americans : exiles from an island
Libal, Autumn.                     home                                        1
                                   Fats, sugars, and empty calories : the
Libal, Autumn.                     fast food habit                             1
Libal, Autumn.                     Huron                                       1
                                   Antidepressants and suicide : when
Libal, Joyce.                      treatment kills                             1
Libal, Joyce.                      Comanche                                    1
Libal, Joyce.                      Seminole                                    1
Libura, Krystyna.                  Echoes of the Mexican-American War          1
Light, Douglas W.                  Cells, tissues, and skin                    1
Lillrank, Sonja M.                 Alzheimer's disease and other dementias     1
Lim, Paul.                         Financial planning demystified              1
Lin, Zhimin.                       China under reform                          1
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.   The wisdom of Abraham Lincoln                 1
                               Dave's quick 'n' easy Web pages. 2 :a
Lindsay, Dave, 1984-           guide to creating multi-page Web sites        1
Lindskold, Jane M.             Wolf hunting                                  1
                               The complete copyright liability
Lipinski, Tomas A., 1958-      handbook for librarians and educators         1
                               The Audubon Society field guide to North
Little, Elbert Luther, 1907-   American trees : western region               1
                               Landmark Supreme Court cases : a
Lively, Donald E., 1947-       reference guide                               1
Lockwood, Brad.                Ketamine : dangerous hallucinogen             1
                               Losing Matt Shepard : life and politics in
Loffreda, Beth.                the aftermath of anti-gay murder              1
                               The Lombardi rules : 26 lessons from
                               Vince Lombardi--the world's greatest
Lombardi, Vince.               coach                                         1
                               Mary Church Terrell : speaking out for
Lommel, Cookie.                civil rights                                  1
Londino, Lawrence J.           Tiger Woods : a biography                     1
LoneHill, Karen.               Sioux                                         1
Long, Howie.                   Football for dummies                          1
Long, Larry E.                 Home networking demystified                   1
Longe, Bob, 1928-              Mystifying card tricks                        1
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth,   The complete poetical works of Henry
1807-1882.                     Wadsworth Longfellow.                         1
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth,
1807-1882.                     The song of Hiawatha                          1
Lopes, Rosaly M. C., 1957-     The volcano adventure guide                   1
Lord, Walter, 1917-            A night to remember                           1
                               Marie Antoinette and the decline of
Lotz, Nancy, 1945-             French monarchy                               1
Lovett, Patricia.              Calligraphy                                   1
                               Crash, burn, love : demolition derby :
Lowenburg, Bill.               photographs and essays                        1
                               It's a jungle up there : more tales from
Lowman, Margaret.              the treetops                                  1
                               Life in the treetops : adventures of a
Lowman, Margaret.              woman in field biology                        1
                               The True Story of Ah Q (Simplified
                               Chinese/English) (Echo of Classics by Lu
Lu Xun                         Xun)                                          1
                               Dali : the Salvador Dali Museum
Lubar, Robert S.               collection                                    1
Lucie-Smith, Edward.           American realism                              1
Lucie-Smith, Edward.           Toulouse-Lautrec                              1
Ludwig, Gerd.                  Dogs                                          1
Luh, Shu Shin.                 The people of China                           1
Luis, William.                 Culture and customs of Cuba                   1
                               Silent grief living in the wake of suicide,
Lukas, Christopher             Second edition                                1
Lukes, Bonnie L.               Woodrow Wilson and the Progressive Era        1
                               The growth of civilization in East Asia :
                               China, Japan, and Korea before the 14th
Lum, Peter, 1911-              century.                                      1

                                   Organized crime : an inside guide to the
Lunde, Paul D.                     world's most successful industry              1
Luxbacher, Joe.                    Soccer : steps to success                     1
                                   Flashbacks : eyewitness accounts of the
Lydon, Michael.                    rock revolution, 1964-1974                    1
Mabie, Hamilton Wright, 1846-      Norse mythology : great stories from the
1916.                              Eddas                                         1
Macaulay, David.                   Pyramid                                       1
Macaulay, David.                   Unbuilding                                    1
                                   Respect : a girl's guide to getting respect
Macavinta, Courtney.               and dealing when your line is crossed         1
Macdonald, Ronald R., 1943-        William Shakespeare : the comedies            1
MacDonald, Ruth K.                 Shel Silverstein                              1
Machiavelli, Niccolo, 1469-1527.   The prince                                    1
                                   The world encyclopedia of coins & coin
Mackay, James                      collecting                                    1
MacLachlan, James H., 1928-        Galileo Galilei : first physicist             1
                                   Freeze frame : a photographic history of
Macy, Sue.                         the Winter Olympics                           1
Maddox, Brenda.                    Rosalind Franklin : the dark lady of DNA      1
                                   The burning : massacre, destruction, and
Madigan, Tim.                      the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921                   1
                                   The great philosophers : an introduction
Magee, Bryan.                      to Western philosophy                         1
Magee, Bryan.                      The story of philosophy                       1
                                   Stephen King : the second decade,
Magistrale, Tony.                  Danse macabre to The dark half                1
Magley, Beverly.                   Montana Wildflowers                           1
Maglischo, Ernest W.               Swimming fastest                              1
                                   Television --the life story of a technology
Magoun, Alexander B.               / (Greenwood Technographies)                  1
                                   Sundancing : the great Sioux piercing
Mails, Thomas E.                   ritual                                        1
Malpass, Michael Andrew.           Daily life in the Inca empire                 1
Manchester, William Raymond,
1922-                              The last lion, Winston Spencer Churchill      1
Mandelberg, Robert.                Mind-reading card tricks                      1
Manser, Martin H.                  The Facts On File dictionary of proverbs      1
Manser, Martin H.                  The Facts on File guide to style              1
Mansfield, Peter, 1928-            A history of the Middle East                  1
Mara, W. P.                        Snowmobile racing                             1
Marcello, Patricia Cronin.         Mohandas K. Gandhi : a biography              1
Marcello, Patricia Cronin.         The Dalai Lama : a biography                  1
Marcovitz, Hal.                    Abortion                                      1
Marcovitz, Hal.                    Jordan                                        1
Marcovitz, Hal.                    Kuwait                                        1
Marcovitz, Hal.                    Teens & cheating                              1
Marcovitz, Hal.                    The bald eagle                                1
Marcovitz, Hal.                    Yemen                                         1
                                   Jose Vasconcelos and the writing of the
Marentes, Luis A.                  Mexican Revolution                            1
Margulies, Phillip, 1952-          Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease                     1
Margulies, Phillip, 1952-          West Nile virus                               1
                                   Al Qaeda : Osama bin Laden's army of
Margulies, Phillip.                terrorists                                    1
Mario, Jennifer.                 Michelle Wie : the making of a champion     1
                                 Healthy teens, body and soul : a parent's
Marks, Andrea, M.D.              complete guide to adolescent health         1
Marks-Beale, Abby.               10 days to faster reading                   1
Marlowe, Christopher, 1564-
1593.                            Doctor Faustus                              1
Marquart, Linda.                 The right way to sing                       1
Marquez, Heron.                  George W. Bush                              1
                                 Old Hickory : Andrew Jackson and the
Marrin, Albert.                  American people                             1
Marrinan, Corinne.               Ultimate CSI : crime scene investigation    1
Martin E. P. Seligman            Abnormal Psychology, Fourth Edition         1
Martin i Roig, Gabriel, 1970-    Color and creativity                        1
Martin i Roig, Gabriel, 1970-    Painting landscapes                         1
Martin i Roig, Gabriel, 1970-    Painting with oil                           1
                                 Painting with watercolor : beginner's
Martin i Roig, Gabriel, 1970-    guide                                       1
Martin, Danny.                   No-fall snowboarding                        1
Martin, Joel, 1956-              Native American religion                    1
Martin, Michael, 1948-           Near-death experiences                      1
Martin, Michael.                 Pheasant hunting                            1
                                 Picasso's war : the destruction of
                                 Guernica, and the masterpiece that
Martin, Russell.                 changed the world                           1
Martin, Terence.                 Nathaniel Hawthorne                         1
                                 Motorcycle Electrical Systems
Martin, Tracy.                   Troubleshooting and Repair                  1
                                 Grace Hopper : the first woman to
                                 program the first computer in the United
Marx, Christy.                   States                                      1
Marx, Karl, 1818-1883.           The Communist manifesto                     1
Marx, Mandy.                     Extreme snowmobiling                        1
Marzilli, Alan.                  Amateur athletics                           1
Marzilli, Alan.                  DNA evidence                                1
Marzilli, Alan.                  Policing the Internet                       1
Marzilli, Alan.                  Religion in public schools                  1
                                 The ceramics of China : 5000 B.C. to
Mascarelli, Gloria.              1912 A.D.                                   1
Mason, Bobbie Ann.               Elvis Presley                               1
                                 The dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian
Mason, John W., 1939-            Empire, 1867-1918                           1
Masters, Edgar Lee, 1868-1950.   Spoon River anthology                       1
                                 Kaffir boy : the true story of a Black
                                 youth's coming of age in Apartheid
Mathabane, Mark.                 South Africa                                1
                                 How long does it hurt? : a guide to
                                 recovering from incest and sexual abuse
Mather, Cynthia L. (Cynthia      for teenagers, their friends, and their
Lynn), 1955-                     families                                    1
                                 The rape recovery handbook : step-by-
Matsakis, Aphrodite.             step help for survivors of sexual assault   1
                                 Behind every great driver : stock car
Mattern, Joanne, 1963-           teams                                       1
                                 Big bucks : the fast cash of stock car
Mattern, Joanne, 1963-           racing                                      1
Mattern, Joanne, 1963-        J.K. Rowling : author                       1
Matthews, Carol S., 1961-     New religions                               1
                              Kayaking & canoeing for beginners : a
                              practical guide to paddling for novices
Mattos, Bill.                 and intermediates                           1
Matuz, Roger.                 The handy presidents answer book            1
                              The presidents fact book : a
                              comprehensive handbook to the
                              achievements, events, people, triumphs,
                              and tragedies of every president from
Matuz, Roger.                 George Washington to George W. Bush         1
May, Charles E. (Charles      Edgar Allan Poe : a study of the short
Edward), 1941-                fiction                                     1
May, Suellen.                 Invasive species                            1
                              World War I : the rest of the story and
Maybury, Rick.                how it affects you today, 1870 to 1935      1
                              A son of thunder : Patrick Henry and the
Mayer, Henry, 1941-           American Republic                           1
                              Fitness through aerobics, step training,
Mazzeo, Karen S.              walking                                     1
McBride, Nat.                 Blogging                                    1
                              The big deal about alcohol : what teens
McClellan, Marilyn.           need to know about drinking                 1
McCormick, Kimberly A.        The way I see it : fifty values-oriented
(Kimberly Ann), 1960-         monologs for teens                          1
McCourt, Frank.               Angela's ashes : a memoir                   1
McCoy, Lisa.                  Bahrain                                     1
McCoy, Lisa.                  Cheerleading                                1
McCoy, Lisa.                  Facts & figures about the Middle East       1
McCoy, Lisa.                  Lacrosse                                    1
McCoy, Lisa.                  Qatar                                       1
McCoy, Lisa.                  United Arab Emirates                        1
McDaniel, Jan.                Lebanon                                     1
                              The complete tracker : tracks, signs, and
McDougall, Len.               habits of North American wildlife           1
McDowell, Margaret B.         Edith Wharton                               1
                              The Depression and New Deal : a history
McElvaine, Robert S., 1947-   in documents                                1
McEvoy, Anne.                 Fashions of a decade. The 1990s             1
                              Championship swimming : how to
                              improve your technique and swim faster
McFarlane Mirande, Tracey.    in thirty days or less                      1
                              New York Times v. Sullivan and the
                              freedom of the press debate : debating
McGlone, Catherine.           Supreme Court decisions                     1
                              Alexander the Great : conqueror of the
McGowen, Tom.                 ancient world                               1
McIntosh, Jane.               Handbook to life in prehistoric Europe      1
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-      Apache                                      1
                              Born-again believers : evangelicals &
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-      charismatics                                1
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-      Cheyenne                                    1
                              Color, culture, & creed : how ethnic
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-      background influences belief                1
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-      Crow                                        1
                             First encounters between Spain and the
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     Americas : two worlds meet                   1
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     Iroquois                                     1
                             Issues of church, state & religious
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     liberties : whose freedom, whose faith?      1
                             Lost Gospels & hidden codes : new
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     concepts of Scripture                        1
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     Navajo                                       1
                             Prophecies & end-time speculations : the
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     shape of things to come                      1
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     Pueblo                                       1
                             The controversial world of biblical
                             archaeology : tomb raiders, fakes, &
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     scholars                                     1
                             The Grail, the Shroud & other religious
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     relics : secrets & ancient mysteries         1
                             The growth of North American religious
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     beliefs : spiritual diversity                1
                             The popularity of meditation & spiritual
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     practices : seeking inner peace              1
                             Touching the supernatural world :
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     angels, miracles, & demons                   1
                             When religion & politics mix : how
                             matters of faith influence political
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     policies                                     1
                             Women & religion : reinterpreting
McIntosh, Kenneth, 1959-     Scriptures to find the sacred feminine       1
McKee, Jesse O.              The Choctaw                                  1
                             Beauty : a retelling of the story of
McKinley, Robin.             Beauty & the beast                           1
                             To establish justice : citizenship and the
McKissack, Pat, 1944-        Constitution                                 1
                             How to : absolutely everything you need
McKnight-Trontz, Jennifer.   to know fully illustrated                    1
                             Golf digest's ultimate drill book : over
                             120 drills that are guaranteed to
                             improve every aspect of your game and
McLean, Jim, 1950-           lower your handicap                          1
McLeish, Ewan, 1950-         Sustainable homes                            1
McMahon, David (David M.)    Quantum mechanics demystified                1
McMahon, David (David M.)    Relativity demystified                       1
McMahon, David (David M.)    Statics and dynamics demystified             1
McManus, Patrick F.          They shoot canoes, don't they?               1
McMillan, Beverly.           Human body : a visual guide                  1
                             Unlocking the animal mind : how your
                             pet's feelings hold the key to his health
McMillan, Franklin D.        and happiness                                1
                             Mark of the grizzly : true stories of
                             recent bear attacks and the hard lessons
McMillion, Scott, 1956-      learned                                      1
McMurtry, Larry.             Crazy Horse : a life                         1
McNab, Chris                 Weight training                              1
McNab, Chris.                Escape and evasion                           1
McNab, Chris.                Gymnastics                                   1
McNab, Chris.                Hostage rescue with the SAS                  1
McNab, Chris.                      How to pass elite forces selection          1
                                   Learning mental endurance with the U.S.
McNab,   Chris.                    Marines                                     1
McNab,   Chris.                    Martial arts for people with disabilities   1
McNab,   Chris.                    Martial arts for special forces             1
McNab,   Chris.                    Survive at sea with the U.S. Navy SEALs     1
                                   Survive in the arctic with the Royal
McNab, Chris.                      Marine Commandos                            1
                                   Survive in the desert with the French
McNab, Chris.                      Foreign Legion                              1
                                   Survive in the jungle with the Special
McNab, Chris.                      Forces "Green Berets"                       1
                                   Survive in the mountains with the U.S.
McNab, Chris.                      Rangers and Army Mountain Division          1
                                   Survive in the wilderness with the
McNab, Chris.                      Canadian and Australian Special Forces      1
                                   Surviving capitivity with the U.S. Air
McNab, Chris.                      Force                                       1
McNab, Chris.                      The world's best soldiers                   1
McNab, Chris.                      Track                                       1
                                   Training to fight with the Parachute
McNab, Chris.                      Regiment                                    1
McNab, Chris.                      Wrestling                                   1
McNab, Neil.                       Go snowboard                                1
McNeese, Tim.                      The St. Lawrence River                      1
                                   Moving west songbook : with historical
McNeil, Keith, musician.           commentary                                  1
McPherson, James M.                Battle cry of freedom : the Civil War era   1
                                   Tinker v. Des Moines and students' right
McPherson, Stephanie               to free speech : debating Supreme Court
Sammartino.                        decisions                                   1
McQuarrie, Ralph.                  The illustrated Star Wars universe          1
                                   A dream of freedom : the Civil Rights
McWhorter, Diane.                  movement from 1954 to 1968                  1
McWilliams, John C., 1949-         The 1960s cultural revolution               1
Mears, Raymond.                    The outdoor survival handbook               1
                                   Celtic art : from its beginnings to the
Megaw, M. Ruth.                    Book of Kells                               1
Meilaender, Gilbert, 1946-         Bioethics : a primer for Christians         1
Mellor, Ronald.                    The ancient Roman world                     1
Melton, H. Keith (Harold Keith),
1944-                              Ultimate spy                                1
Melton, J. Gordon.                 Encyclopedia of American religions          1
Meltzer, Ellen.                    Day by day, the eighties                    1
                                   Hunted like a wolf : the story of the
Meltzer, Milton, 1915-             Seminole War                                1
Meltzer, Milton, 1915-             Ten kings : and the worlds they ruled       1
                                   Ten queens : portraits of women of
Meltzer, Milton, 1915-             power                                       1
Meltzer, Milton, 1915-             Walt Whitman : a biography                  1
Melucci, Nancy J.                  Psychology the easy way                     1
                                   I, Rigoberta Menchu : an Indian woman
Menchu, Rigoberta.                 in Guatemala                                1

                                  Christmas songs made in America :
                                  favorite holiday melodies and the stories
Menendez, Albert J.               of their origin                              1
                                  Summaries of leading cases on the
Menez, Joseph Francis, 1917-      Constitution                                 1
Menzel, Peter, 1948-              Material world : a global family portrait    1
Merritt, Jeffrey D., 1951-        Day by day, the fifties                      1
Mertz, Leslie A.                  The circulatory system                       1
                                  The encyclopedia of lawmen, outlaws,
Metz, Leon Claire.                and gunfighters                              1
Michaud, Christopher.             Gonorrhea                                    1
Milite, George A.                 Gun control                                  1
                                  The American presidency : origins and
Milkis, Sidney M.                 development, 1776-2002                       1
Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-
1950.                             Collected poems                              1
Miller, Arthur, 1915-             Death of a salesman                          1
Miller, Calvin Craig, 1954-       Che Guevara : in search of revolution        1
                                  No easy answers : Bayard Rustin and the
Miller, Calvin Craig, 1954-       civil rights movement                        1
                                  Call of duty : a Montana girl in World
Miller, Grace Porter, 1921-       War II                                       1
                                  National Geographic almanac of
Miller, James, 1943-              American history                             1
Miller, Jonathan, 1934-           Darwin for beginners                         1
                                  Special effects : an introduction to movie
Miller, Ron, 1947-                magic                                        1
Miller, Timothy, 1951-            NASCAR now!                                  1
Mills, Bronwyn.                   U.S.-Mexican War                             1
Mills, Cliff, 1947-               Pope Benedict XVI                            1
                                  Lincoln's spymaster : Thomas Haines
Milton, David Hepburn.            Dudley and the Liverpool network             1
Milton, John, 1608-1674.          Paradise lost                                1
Minks, Benton.                    Revolutionary War                            1
Mintzer, Richard.                 Alcohol = busted!                            1
Mintzer, Richard.                 Meth & speed = busted!                       1
                                  Public speaking for wimps ; : staying
Mintzer, Richard.                 cool when stage fright strikes               1
Mintzer, Richard.                 Steroids = busted!                           1
                                  First son : George W. Bush and the Bush
Minutaglio, Bill.                 family dynasty                               1
Mir, Anjum.                       The American encounter with Islam            1
Mishima, Yukio, 1925-1970.        Silk and insight : a novel                   1
                                  National Geographic, the wildlife
Mitchell, John G.                 photographs                                  1
Miyazawa, Kenji, 1896-1933.       Night of the Milky Way railway               1
                                  Coping with PMS (premenstrual
Moe, Barbara A.                   syndrome)                                    1
                                  The last full measure : the life and death
Moe, Richard.                     of the First Minnesota Volunteers            1
Moeller, Bill, 1930-              Crazy Horse : a photographic biography       1
Moeller, Bill, 1930-              Custer : a photographic biography            1
Moliere, 1622-1673.               Tartuffe and other plays                     1
Molnar, Felicia Eisenberg.        Kiss guide to pregnancy                      1

                                   The encyclopedia of Celtic mythology
Monaghan, Patricia.                and folklore                                1
                                   Steroids, sports, and body image : the
Monroe, Judy.                      risks of performance-enhancing drugs        1
                                   The Nineteenth Amendment : women's
Monroe, Judy.                      right to vote                               1
                                   The Sacco and Vanzetti controversial
Monroe, Judy.                      murder trial : a headline court case        1
                                   America's presence in Iraq : winning the
Monteverde, Matthew.               peace                                       1
                                   Storm world --hurricanes, politics, and
Mooney, Chris .                    the battle over global warming              1
Moore, John T.                     Chemistry for dummies                       1
Moravek, Vince.                    It happened in Glacier National Park        1
Mordecai, Martin.                  Culture and customs of Jamaica              1
More, Thomas, Sir, Saint, 1478-
1535.                              Utopia                                      1
Morgan, Jennifer, 1955-            Cells of the nervous system                 1
Morgan, Julian, 1958-              Constantine : ruler of Christian Rome       1
Morgan, Michael, 1960-             The midbrain                                1
                                   From windmills to hydrogen fuel cells --
                                   discovering alternative energy (Chain
Morgan, Sally.                     Reactions - Set 2)                          1
Morris, Neil, 1946-                Global warming                              1
                                   Cosmic questions : galactic halos, cold
Morris, Richard, 1939-             dark matter, and the end of time            1
Morris, Virginia.                  Talking about death won't kill you          1
Morrison, John F., 1929-           Syria                                       1
Morrow, James, 1974-               Algeria                                     1
Morrow, James, 1974-               Djibouti                                    1
Morrow, James, 1974-               Mauritania                                  1
                                   Classic rock stories : the stories behind
Morse, Tim.                        the greatest songs of all time              1
                                   Three cups of tea : one man's mission to
                                   fight terrorism and build nations--one
Mortenson, Greg.                   school at a time                            1
Morton, Andrew, 1953-              Diana : her true story--in her own words    1
Morton, W. Scott (William Scott)   China : its history and culture             1
Morton, W. Scott (William Scott)   Japan : it's history and culture            1
                                   Where should I sit at lunch? : the
                                   ultimate 24/7 guide to surviving the high
Mosatche, Harriet S., 1949-        school years                                1
                                   The big book of brain games : 1000
Moscovich, Ivan.                   playthinks of art, mathematics & science    1
                                   The Incas and their ancestors : the
Moseley, Michael Edward.           archaeology of Peru                         1
Moulton, Candy.                    Chief Joseph : guardian of the people       1
Mountjoy, Shane, 1967-             The Tigris & Euphrates rivers               1
Mowat, Farley.                     A whale for the killing                     1
Mowat, Farley.                     Born naked                                  1
Mowat, Farley.                     High latitudes : an Arctic journey          1
Mowat, Farley.                     Never cry wolf                              1
Mowat, Farley.                     No man's river                              1
Mowat, Farley.                     People of the Deer                          1
Mowat, Farley.                     Sea of slaughter                            1
Mowat, Farley.                   The boat who wouldn't float                   1
Mowat, Farley.                   The dog who wouldn't be                       1
                                 The grey seas under : the perilous
                                 rescue missions of a North Atlantic
Mowat, Farley.                   salvage tug                                   1
                                 The serpent's coil : an incredible story of
                                 hurricane-battered ships and the heroic
Mowat, Farley.                   men who fought to save them                   1
                                 Term paper resource guide to twentieth-
Muccigrosso, Robert.             century United States history                 1
                                 More than a label : why what you wear
                                 or who you're with doesn't define who
Muharrar, Aisha.                 you are                                       1
Munz, Ludwig, 1889-1957.         Rembrandt                                     1
Munzert, Alfred W.               Test-prep your IQ                             1
Murakami, Haruki, 1949-          A wild sheep chase                            1
Murasaki Shikibu, b. 978?        The tale of Genji                             1
Murdico, Suzanne J.              Street luge and dirtboarding                  1
Murdieo                          Osama Bin Laden (Middle East leaders)         1
Murie, Olaus Johan, 1889-1963.   A field guide to animal tracks                1
                                 America's song : the story of "Yankee
Murray, Stuart, 1948-            Doodle"                                       1
Murray, Stuart, 1948-            Atlas of American military history            1
Murray, Stuart, 1948-            The American Revolution                       1
                                 What God has joined together : the
Myers, David G.                  Christian case for gay marriage               1
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-        Amistad : a long road to freedom              1
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-        Here in Harlem : poems in many voices         1
                                 Malcolm X : by any means necessary : a
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-        biography                                     1
                                 One more river to cross : an African
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-        American photograph album                     1
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-        The greatest : Muhammad Ali                   1
                                 Hinduism : origins, beliefs, practices,
Narayanan, Vasudha.              holy texts, sacred places                     1
Nardo, Don, 1947-                Ancient Greece                                1
Nardo, Don, 1947-                Egyptian mythology                            1
Nardo, Don, 1947-                Pericles : great leader of ancient Athens     1
Nardo, Don, 1947-                Ramesses II : ruler of ancient Egypt          1
Nardo, Don, 1947-                The fall of the Roman Empire                  1
                                 The Greenhaven encyclopedia of Greek
Nardo, Don, 1947-                and Roman mythology                           1
Nash, Gary B.                    Atlas of American history                     1
Nathan, James A.                 Anatomy of the Cuban Missile Crisis           1
National Safety Council (NSC)
Staf.                            Cpr and Aed                                   1
                                 The American soul : rediscovering the
Needleman, Jacob.                wisdom of the founders                        1
                                 Wild west women : travellers,
Neering, Rosemary.               adventurers and rebels                        1
Neimark, Anne E.                 Johnny Cash (Up Close)                        1
                                 The power to prevent suicide : a guide
Nelson, Richard E.               for teens helping teens                       1
                                 A nation is born : World War I and
Nelson, Sheila.                  independence, 1910-1929                       1
                                 Before Canada : First Nations and first
Nelson, Sheila.                  contacts, prehistory-1523                  1
Nelson, Sheila.                  Britain's Canada, 1613-1770                1
                                 Canada's changing society, 1984-the
Nelson, Sheila.                  present                                    1
                                 Conflicts, changes, and confederation,
Nelson, Sheila.                  1770-1867                                  1
                                 From the Atlantic to the Pacific :
Nelson, Sheila.                  Canadian expansion, 1867-1909              1
                                 Redefining Canada : a developing
Nelson, Sheila.                  identity, 1960-1984                        1
                                 The settlement of New France and
Nelson, Sheila.                  Acadia, 1524-1701                          1
Nemet-Nejat, Karen Rhea.         Daily life in ancient Mesopotamia          1
Neruda, Pablo, 1904-1973.        Canto general                              1
Neruda, Pablo, 1904-1973.        Memoirs                                    1
Nesbit, E. (Edith), 1858-1924.   The best of Shakespeare                    1
                                 The Greenhaven encyclopedia of
Netzley, Patricia D.             witchcraft                                 1
                                 Clarence Gagnon : an introduction to his
Newlands, Anne.                  life and art                               1
                                 MouthSounds : how to whistle, pop,
                                 boing, and honk for all occassions--and
Newman, Frederick R.             then some                                  1
Newman, Robert P.                Enola Gay and the court of history         1
                                 The great brain book : an inside look at
Newquist, H. P. (Harvey P.)      the inside of your head                    1
Newsham, Gavin.                  Go golf                                    1
Newsom, Robert, 1944-            Charles Dickens revisited                  1
Newton, David E.                 Stem cell research                         1
Newton, David E.                 Top shelf. Environmental chemistry         1
Nguyen, Dat, 1975-               Dat : tackling life and the NFL            1
Nicholas, Jeremy.                Chopin : his life & music                  1
                                 The question of God : C.S. Lewis and
                                 Sigmund Freud debate God, love, sex,
Nicholi, Armand M., 1928-        and the meaning of life                    1
Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm,
1844-1900.                       The portable Nietzsche                     1
                                 Encyclopedia of 20th century American
Nilsen, Alleen Pace.             humor                                      1
Nilsson, Lennart, 1922-          Life                                       1
                                 Dental floss for the mind : a complete
Noir, Michel, 1944-              program for boosting your brain power      1
Noland, Richard W.               Sigmund Freud revisited                    1
Noll, Mark A., 1946-             Protestants in America                     1
Nolt, Steven M., 1968-           A history of the Amish                     1
Nordin, Hans-Erik.               Ice fishing                                1
Nsc.                             Standard First Aid, CPR, and Aed           1
Nurosi, Aki.                     Colorful optical illusions                 1
                                 Dreams from my father : a story of race
Obama, Barack.                   and inheritance                            1
                                 The audacity of hope : thoughts on
Obama, Barack.                   reclaiming the American dream              1
                                 Chiura Obata's topaz moon : art of the
Obata, Chiura.                   internment                                 1
                              Solomon and the ant : and other Jewish
Oberman, Sheldon.             folktales                                     1
Obetz, Christopher Robin.     Classic golf instruction                      1
                              Secret lives of the first ladies : what
                              your teachers never told you about the
O'Brien, Cormac, 1967-        women of the White House                      1
O'Connor, Jane, 1947-         Henri Matisse : drawing with scissors         1
Ogilvie, Marilyn Bailey.      Marie Curie : a biography                     1
Olive, M. Foster.             Child abuse and stress disorders              1
                              All things Shakespeare : an encyclopedia
Olsen, Kirstin.               of Shakespeare's world                        1
Olsen, Larry Dean, 1939-      Outdoor survival skills                       1
Olson, Steven P.              Neil Gaiman                                   1
                              The attack on U.S. Marines in Lebanon
Olson, Steven P.              on October 23, 1983                           1
                              The art of jewelry design : from idea to
Olver, Elizabeth              reality                                       1
Omar Khayyam.                 Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam                      1
                              The conversations : Walter Murch and
Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-      the art of editing film                       1
O'Neill, Eugene, 1888-1953.   Long day's journey into night                 1
O'Neill, Eugene, 1888-1953.   The iceman cometh                             1
O'Neill, Peggy.               Equal play : stories of women who dare        1
                              In my hands : memories of a Holocaust
Opdyke, Irene Gut, 1921-      rescuer                                       1
Oppel, Andrew J.              SQL demystified                               1
                              Dear Miss Breed : true stories of the
                              Japanese American incarceration during
                              World War II and a librarian who made a
Oppenheim, Joanne.            difference                                    1
Orr, Tamra.                   Egyptian Islamic Jihad                        1
                              The atom bomb : creating and exploding
Orr, Tamra.                   the first nuclear weapon                      1
                              When the mirror lies --anorexia, bulimia,
Orr, Tamra.                   and other eating disorders                    1
Osa, Osayimwense.             African children's and youth literature       1
                              Mormon America : the power and the
Ostling, Richard N.           promise                                       1
Otfinoski, Steven.            Roman Catholicism                             1
                              The athletic woman's survival guide :
                              how to win the battle against eating
Otis, Carol L.                disorders, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis       1
                              Suspended in language : Niels Bohr's
                              life, discoveries, and the century he
Ottaviani, Jim.               shaped                                        1
                              The bead jewelry maker : stylish
Owen, Cheryl.                 handcrafted jewelry to make at home           1
Pach, Walter, 1883-1958.      Pierre Auguste Renoir                         1
Pack, Phillip E.              Anatomy and physiology                        1
Pagis, Dan.                   The selected poetry of Dan Pagis              1
Palenque, Stephanie Maher.    Crack & cocaine=busted!                       1
Palla, Marco.                 Mussolini and fascism                         1
                              Streetball : all the ballers, moves, slams,
Palmer, Chris (Chris M.)      & shine                                       1
Pampel, Fred C.               Drugs and sports (Library in a book)          1
Pamuk, Orhan, 1952-              Istanbul : memories and the city               1
Pamuk, Orhan, 1952-              My name is Red                                 1
Pamuk, Orhan, 1952-              Snow                                           1
                                 Animal cloning the science of nuclear
Panno, Joseph.                   transfer                                       1
                                 Gene therapy : treating disease by
Panno, Joseph.                   repairing genes                                1
                                 Stem cell research : medical applications
Panno, Joseph.                   and ethical controversy                        1
Panno, Joseph.                   The cell evolution of the first organism       1
Paquette, Penny Hutchins.        Asthma : the ultimate teen guide               1
Parker, Edward, 1961-            Vietnam                                        1
Parker, Julia.                   The complete book of dreams                    1
                                 Dinosaurus : the complete guide to
Parker, Steve.                   dinosaurs                                      1
Parker, Thomas, 1947-            Day by day : the sixties                       1
Parker, W. Oren (Wilford Oren)   Scene design and stage lighting                1
Parks, Peggy J., 1951-           Global warming                                 1
Parks, Peggy J., 1951-           The Internet                                   1
                                 John Lennon : all I want is the truth : a
Partridge, Elizabeth.            photographic biography                         1
Pasachoff, Jay M.                A field guide to the stars and planets         1
                                 Linus Pauling : advancing science,
Pasachoff, Naomi E.              advocating peace                               1
                                 Marie Curie : and the science of
Pasachoff, Naomi E.              radioactivity                                  1
Patel, Mohammad.                 Muslims in India                               1
                                 Movie making course : principles,
                                 practice, and techniques : the ultimate
Patmore, Chris.                  guide for the aspiring filmmaker               1
                                 The Bill of Rights : a history in
Patrick, John J., 1935-          documents                                      1
Paul, Anthea.                    Girlosophy. The breakup survival kit           1
Pauly, Roger.                    Firearms : the life story of a technology      1
Pavlovic, Zoran.                 Europe                                         1
Payment, Simone.                 American women spies of World War II           1
Paz, Octavio, 1914-              Selected poems                                 1
                                 Abstinence : postponing sexual
Peacock, Judith, 1942-           involvement                                    1
                                 Birth control and protection : options for
Peacock, Judith, 1942-           teens                                          1
Peacock, Thomas (Thomas W.),
1951-                            The four hills of life : Ojibwe wisdom         1
Pearcy, Thomas L., 1960-         The history of Central America                 1
Peeples, Scott.                  Edgar Allan Poe revisited                      1
                                 Her name, Titanic : the untold story of
                                 the sinking and finding of the unsinkable
Pellegrino, Charles R.           ship                                           1
                                 A child called "It" : one child's courage to
Pelzer, David J.                 survive                                        2
                                 Fashion, costume, and culture : clothing,
                                 headwear, body decorations, and
Pendergast, Sara.                footwear through the ages                      1
Pendergast, Tom.                 The sixties in America. Biographies            1
Pendergast, Tom.                 The sixties in America. Primary sources        1
Pendergast, Tom.                     The Vietnam War                             1
Pendergast, Tom.                     UXL graphic novelists                       1
Pendergast, Tom.                     Westward expansion. Primary sources         1
Penilla, Adan R.                     Signing for dummies                         1
Perdue, Theda, 1949-                 The Cherokees                               1
Perone, James E.                     Music of the counterculture era             1
                                     Life skills 101 : a practical guide to
Pestalozzi, Tina.                    leaving home and living on your own         1
Peterik, Jim.                        Songwriting for dummies                     1
Peters, Sarah Whitaker.              Becoming O'Keeffe : the early years         1
                                     In search of excellence : lessons from
Peters, Thomas J.                    America's best-run companies                1
Peterson, Richard F.                 James Joyce revisited                       1
                                     Newspapers & magazines : technology,
Petley, Julian.                      people, process                             1
                                     Roswell : inconvenient facts and the will
Pflock, Karl T.                      to believe                                  1
                                     The 100 greatest inventions of all time :
Philbin, Tom.                        a ranking past and present                  1
                                     In the heart of the sea : the tragedy of
Philbrick, Nat.                      the whaleship Essex                         1
Phillips, Christopher, 1959 July     Socrates cafe : a fresh taste of
15-                                  philosophy                                  1
Phillips, Douglas A.                 East Asia                                   1
Phillips, Douglas A.                 Southeast Asia                              1
                                     Women Civil War spies of the
Phillips, Larissa.                   Confederacy                                 1
Phillips, Pamelia S. (Pamelia Sue)   Singing for dummies                         1
                                     Mushrooms & other fungi of North
Phillips, Roger, 1932-               America                                     1
                                     Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier and the school
                                     newspaper censorship debate : debating
Phillips, Tracy A.                   Supreme Court decisions                     1
                                     Northern Rocky mountain wildflowers : a
                                     field guide to species of the northern
                                     Rockies, including Waterton-Glacier
                                     International Peace Park and Banff,
                                     Jasper, Glacier, Kootenay, Mount
Phillips, Wayne, 1941-               Revelstoke, and Yoho National Parks         1
Piaget, Jean, 1896-                  The psychology of intelligence              1
                                     A whole new mind : moving from the
Pink, Daniel H.                      information age to the conceptual age       1
Pinter, Harold, 1930-                Complete works. Volume one                  1
Pinter, Harold, 1930-                Complete works. Volume three                1
Pinter, Harold, 1930-                Complete works. Volume two                  1
                                     Reviving Ophelia : saving the selves of
Pipher, Mary Bray.                   adolescent girls                            1
                                     Zen and the art of motorcycle
Pirsig, Robert M.                    maintenance : an inquiry into values        1
Plana, Manuel.                       Pancho Villa and the Mexican Revolution     1
Plant, Malcolm.                      Electronics                                 1
Plath, Sylvia.                       The collected poems                         1
                                     Selected dialogues of Plato : the
Plato.                               Benjamin Jowett translation                 1
Plato.                               The Republic                                1
                               When something feels wrong : a survival
Pledge, Deanna S., 1956-       guide about abuse for young people          1
                               Spunk & bite : a writer's guide to
                               punchier, more engaging language &
Plotnik, Arthur.               style                                       1
Podany, Amanda H.              The ancient Near Eastern world              1
                               The collected tales and poems of Edgar
Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.   Allan Poe.                                  1
Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.   The Raven and other poems                   1
Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.   The tell-tale heart and other writings      1
Pogue, David, 1963-            Opera for dummies                           1
                               The omnivore's dilemma : a natural
Pollan, Michael.               history of four meals                       1
                               Ancient Mesopotamia : the eden that
Pollock, Susan, 1955-          never was                                   1
Pomerance, Bernard.            The elephant man : a play                   1
                               The anatomy of the sea : over 600
Ponsonby, David.               creatures of the deep                       1
Pooke, Grant.                  Art history                                 1
                               Terrorism, dirty bombs, and weapons of
Porterfield, Jason.            mass destruction                            1
                               The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, 1848 :
                               a primary source examination of the
                               treaty that ended the Mexican-American
Porterfield, Jason.            War                                         1
                               Inside dope : how drugs are the biggest
                               threat to sports, why you should care,
Pound, Richard W.              and what can be done about them             1
Powell, Jim, 1946-             Eastern philosophy for beginners            1
                               The illustrated encyclopedia of
Pratt, Christina               Shamanism                                   1
Predko, Michael.               Digital electronics demystified             1
Prendeville, Brendan.          Realism in 20th century painting            1
Pressler, Mirjam.              Anne Frank : a hidden life                  1
Preston-Mafham, Rod.           Butterflies of the world                    1
Preston-Mafham, Rod.           Encylopedia of insects and spiders          1
Preston-Mafham, Rod.           Primates of the world                       1
Preszler, Eric.                Kiteboarding                                1
Preszler, Eric.                Mountainboarding                            1
Preszler, Eric.                Skateboarding                               1
Preszler, Eric.                Snowboarding                                1
                               Teach yourself home PC maintenance
Price, Anthony                 and networking                              1
                               The ultimate guide to weight training for
Price, Robert G.               soccer                                      1
                               The ultimate guide to weight training for
Price, Robert G.               swimming                                    1
                               The ultimate guide to weight training for
Price, Robert G.               volleyball                                  1
Pritchard, David               Teach Yourself Mahjong                      1
                               Do it yourself podcasting projects (CNET
Prochnow, Dave                 Do It Yourself)                             1
Prose, Francine, 1947-         Caravaggio : painter of miracles            1
Prosser, Robert.               Australia                                   1
Provine, Robert R.             Laughter : a scientific investigation       1
Provoost, Anne, 1964-           In the shadow of the ark                     1
                                Always faithful : a memoir of the Marine
Putney, William W., 1920-       dogs of WW II                                1
Quaratiello, Arlene Rodda.      Rachel Carson : a biography                  1
                                A dictionary of literary and thematic
Quinn, Edward, 1932-            terms                                        1
Quinones, Ricardo J.            Dante Alighieri                              1
Quirk, Tom, 1946-               Mark Twain : a study of the short fiction    1
Rabiger, Joanna.                Daily prison life                            1
Raczek, Linda Theresa, 1953-    Teen addiction                               1
                                Fingerprints : crime-solving science
Rainis, Kenneth G.              experiments                                  1
Ralston, Aron.                  Between a rock and a hard place              1
                                Francisco Pizarro : the exploration of
Ramen, Fred.                    Peru and the Conquest of the Inca            1
                                Hermann Goring : Hitler's second-in-
Ramen, Fred.                    command                                      1
                                Hernan Cortes : the Conquest of Mexico
Ramen, Fred.                    and the Aztec Empire                         1
                                Weapons of mass deception : the uses of
Rampton, Sheldon, 1957-         propaganda in Bush's war on Iraq             1
                                The mask of Nostradamus : the
                                prophecies of the world's most famous
Randi, James.                   seer                                         1
                                Marbury v. Madison : the new Supreme
Randolph, Ryan P.               Court gets more powers                       1
Rappoport, Ken.                 Lebron James : king on and off the court     1
                                We the students : Supreme Court
Raskin, Jamin B.                decisions for and about students             1
                                Jazz : a critic's guide to the 100 most
Ratliff, Ben.                   important recordings                         1
                                Teen spirit : one world, many paths :
Raushenbush, Paul B.            your guide to spirituality & religion        1
Rautman, Marcus Louis, 1955-    Daily life in the Byzantine Empire           1
                                Hunting America's bear : tactics for
                                taking our most exciting big-game
Raychard, Al.                   animal                                       1
                                Student's go vegan cookbook : over 135
                                quick, easy, cheap, and tasty vegan
Raymond, Carole, 1939-          recipes                                      1
Read, Piers Paul, 1941-         Alive                                        1
                                Climate change begins at home : life on
Reay, Dave, 1972-               the two-way street of global warming         1
Reed, Jennifer, 1967-           The Saudi royal family                       1
Reese, Dafydd                   Rock stars encyclopedia                      1
                                Get yourself in golf shape : year-round
Reid, Cindy.                    drills to build a strong, flexible swing     1
                                A field guide to mammals of North
Reid, Fiona, 1955-              America                                      1
                                Stephen King : the first decade, Carrie to
Reino, Joseph.                  Pet sematary                                 1
Remini, Robert Vincent, 1921-   Andrew Jackson                               1
Remini, Robert Vincent, 1921-   Joseph Smith                                 1
                                Strange but true facts about the Civil
Reynolds, Patrick M.            War                                          1
                                   I hate myself and want to die : the 52
                                   most depressing songs you've ever
Reynolds, Tom, 1960-               heard                                        1
Rice, Earle.                       Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany                1
                                   Robert E. Lee : first soldier of the
Rice, Earle.                       Confederacy                                  1
Rice, Earle.                       Ulysses S. Grant : defender of the Union     1
Richards, Todd, 1969-              P3 : pipes, parks, and powder                1
Richardson, Hazel.                 Dinosaurs and prehistoric life               1
Richardson, Phil.                  Bats                                         1
                                   Mad cow disease : bovine spongiform
Ridgway, Tom.                      encephalopathy                               1
                                   Reference skills for the school library
Riedling, Ann Marlow, 1952-        media specialist : tools and tips            1
                                   Stumpjumper : 25 years of mountain
Riedy, Mark.                       biking                                       1
Riendeau, Roger E., 1950-          A brief history of Canada                    1
                                   We just want to live here : a Palestinian
                                   teenager, an Israeli teenager-- an
Rifa'i, Amal.                      unlikely friendship                          1
                                   Shackleton's forgotten expedition : the
Riffenburgh, Beau, 1955-           voyage of the Nimrod                         1
Rivera, Ursula.                    Fashion                                      1
                                   Louis Pasteur : and the hidden world of
Robbins, Louise.                   microbes                                     1
Robert, Henry M. (Henry
Martyn), 1837-1923.                Robert's rules of order, newly revised       1
Roberts, Adam (Adam Charles)       Robert Browning revisited                    1
                                   In search of the old ones : exploring the
Roberts, David, 1943-              Anasazi world of the Southwest               1
Roberts, Jennifer Tolbert, 1947-   The ancient Greek world                      1
Roberts, Jeremy, 1956-             Bob Dylan : voice of a generation            1
                                   Joseph Goebbels : Nazi propaganda
Roberts, Jeremy, 1956-             minister                                     1
Roberts, Keith, 1937-              Degas                                        1
Robertshaw, Peter.                 The early human world                        1
Robinson, Andrew, 1957-            Einstein : a hundred years of relativity     1
Robinson, Dave.                    Introducing Rousseau                         1
                                   In the deer woods : tips, tactics and
                                   adventure tales of hunting for whitetails,
Robinson, Jerome B.                mulies, moose, elk, and caribou              1
Robinson, Nick, 1957-              Animals                                      1
                                   Promises to keep : how Jackie Robinson
Robinson, Sharon, 1950-            changed America                              1
                                   The breakup of Yugoslavia and its
Rogel, Carole.                     aftermath                                    1
Rogers, Tim.                       How to run a marathon                        1
                                   Invisible men : life in baseball's Negro
Rogosin, Donn.                     leagues                                      1
Rojany-Buccieri, Lisa.             Writing children's books for dummies         1
                                   Facing teenage pregnancy : a handbook
Roles, Patricia.                   for the pregnant teen                        1
Rollins, Barbara B.                Blood evidence                               1
Rollins, Barbara B.                Fingerprint evidence                         1
Romano, Amy.                       Germ warfare                                 1
Romero, Anna A.                    Psychology demystified                      1
Rominger, Lynne.                   Extraordinary blogs and ezines              1
Rooney, Anne.                      Computers : faster, smaller, and smarter    1
Rosaler, Maxine.                   Botulism                                    1
Rosaler, Maxine.                   Cystic fibrosis                             1
Rosaler, Maxine.                   Hamas : Palestinian terrorists              1
Rosaler, Maxine.                   Measles                                     1
Rose, Lee H.                       The basketball handbook                     1
                                   The future of the brain : the promise and
Rose, Steven.                      perils of tomorrow's neuroscience           1
Rosen, Marvin.                     Meditation and hypnosis                     1
Rosen, Marvin.                     Sleep and dreaming                          1
Rosen, Michael, 1946-              Shakespeare : his work & his world          1
                                   Advanced skateboarding : from kick
Rosenberg, Aaron.                  turns to catching air                       1
Rosenberg, Aaron.                  The Yom Kippur War                          1
                                   World mythology : an anthology of the
Rosenberg, Donna.                  great myths and epics                       1
Rosenbloom, Joseph.                The little giant book of jokes              1
Rosing, Norbert.                   The world of the polar bear                 1
Rosinsky, Natalie M. (Natalie
Myra)                              Jack the Ripper                             1
                                   Slaves to fashion : poverty and abuse in
Ross, Robert J. S., 1943-          the new sweatshops                          1
                                   What every American should know about
                                   Europe : the hot spots, hotshots,
                                   political muck-ups, cross-border sniping,
                                   and cultural chaos of our transatlantic
Rossi, M. L. (Melissa L.), 1965-   cousins                                     1
Rostand, Edmond, 1868-1918.        Cyrano de Bergerac                          1
                                   Coping with dangers on the Internet :
Rothman, Kevin F.                  staying safe on-line                        1
Rovit, Earl H.                     Ernest Hemingway                            1
                                   Thurgood Marshall : civil rights attorney
Rowh, Mark.                        and Supreme Court justice                   1
Rowling, J. K.                     Fantastic beasts and where to find them     1
Rozakis, Laurie.                   How to interpret poetry                     1
                                   The scalpel and the butterfly : the
                                   conflict between animal research and
Rudacille, Deborah.                animal protection                           1
                                   Ruff's war : a Navy nurse on the
Ruff, Cheryl Lynn, 1958-           frontline in Iraq                           1
                                   Coping with the death of a brother or
Ruiz, Ruth Ann.                    sister                                      1
                                   Coast to coast ghosts : true stories of
Rule, Leslie, 1958-                hauntings across America                    1
Ruschmann, Paul.                   Mandatory military service                  1
Ruschmann, Paul.                   The FCC and regulating indecency            1
Ruschmann, Paul.                   The war on terror                           1
Rushton, Lynette, 1954-            The endocrine system                        1
                                   Russell's Civil War photographs : 116
Russell, Andrew J.                 historic prints                             1
Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970.      A history of western philosophy             1
Russell, Colin Archibald.          Michael Faraday : physics and faith         1

                              Alternatives to prison : rehabilitation and
Russell, Craig, 1953-         other programs                                1
Russell, David L., 1946-      Patricia MacLachlan                           1
                              War and nature : fighting humans and
                              insects with chemicals from World War I
Russell, Edmund, 1957-        to Silent spring                              1
                              Carving wildfowl canes and walking
Russell, Frank C.             sticks with power                             1
                              The Lord of the rings : the art of The
Russell, Gary.                fellowship of the ring                        1
                              The Lord of the rings : the art of The
Russell, Gary.                return of the king                            1
                              The Lord of the rings : the art of The two
Russell, Gary.                towers                                        1
                              What's the deal with Wicca? : a deeper
                              look into the dark side of today's
Russo, Steve, 1953-           witchcraft                                    1
Ryan, Mark.                   Calculus for dummies                          1
Saab, Carl Y.                 Hindbrain                                     1
Saab, Carl Y.                 The spinal cord                               1
Saari, Peggy.                 Colonial America. Primary sources             1
                              The everything Zen book : achieve inner
                              calm and peace of mind through
Sach, Jacky.                  meditation, simple living, and harmony        1
Sa'dawi, Nawal.               Woman at point zero                           1
Sadik, Ademola O.             Italy                                         1
Saffer, Barbara.              Life on the reservation                       1
Sagan, Carl.                  Cosmos                                        1
Salomoni, Antonella.          Lenin and the Russian Revolution              1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-       Exile                                         1
                              Revenge of the microbes : how bacterial
                              resistance is undermining the antibiotic
Salyers, Abigail A.           miracle                                       1
Samuels, Wilfred D.           Toni Morrison                                 1
Sandburg, Carl, 1878-1967.    Selected poems                                1
Sandburg, Carl, 1878-1967.    The complete poems of Carl Sandburg.          1
                              America's unhealthy lifestyle : supersize
Sanna, Ellyn, 1958-           it!                                           1
                              Canada's modern-day First Nations :
Sanna, Ellyn, 1958-           Nunavut and evolving relationships            1
                              Mexican Americans' role in the United
                              States : a history of pride, a future of
Sanna, Ellyn, 1958-           hope                                          1
Sanna, Ellyn, 1958-           Potawatomi                                    1
Sanna, Jeanine.               France                                        1
Sansweet, Stephen J., 1945-   Star wars encyclopedia                        1
Sapet, Kerrily, 1972-         Eleanor of Aquitaine : medieval queen         1
Sapet, Kerrily, 1972-         Elizabeth I of England                        1
Saramago, Jose.               Blindness                                     1
Saramago, Jose.               Seeing                                        1
Saramago, Jose.               The double                                    1
Sartre, Jean Paul, 1905-      No exit : and three other plays               1
Sartre, Jean Paul, 1905-      The wall : intimacy and other stories         1
Sato, Eriko.                  Japanese for dummies                          1
Saulmon, Greg.                Genital herpes                                1
Scates, Allen E.                   Complete conditioning for volleyball       1
                                   Biotechnology and your health :
Schacter, Bernice Zeldin, 1943-    pharmaceutical applications                1
                                   The seven sins of memory : how the
Schacter, Daniel L.                mind forgets and remembers                 1
Schaefer, A. R. (Adam Richard),
1976-                              Racing with the pit crew                   1
Schaefer, A. R. (Adam Richard),
1976-                              Talladega superspeedway                    1
Schaefer, A. R. (Adam Richard),
1976-                              The history of NASCAR                      1
Schapiro, Meyer, 1904-             Vincent van Gogh                           1
Schattschneider, Doris.            M.C. Escher : visions of symmetry          1
                                   Embedded-- weapons of mass deception
                                   : how the media failed to cover the war
Schechter, Danny.                  on Iraq                                    1
Schellhardt, Laura.                Screenwriting from dummies                 1
                                   Guantanamo Bay and military tribunals :
                                   the detention and trial of suspected
Scheppler, Bill.                   terrorists                                 1
                                   Iraqi insurgents : resisting America's
Scheppler, Bill.                   nation-building in Iraq                    1
Schiff, James A., 1958-            John Updike revisited                      1
                                   Abracadabra! : secret methods
                                   magicians & others use to deceive their
Schiffman, Nathaniel.              audience                                   1
Schilling, Govert.                 Evolving cosmos                            1
                                   The Thirteenth Amendment : ending
Schleichert, Elizabeth.            slavery                                    1
Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, 1917-   Robert Kennedy and his times               1
Schlesinger, Arthur Meier, 1917-   The imperial presidency                    1
Schlosberg, Suzanne.               Fitness for dummies                        1
                                   Chew on this Everything you don't want
Schlosser, Eric                    to know about fast food                    1
Schmandt-Besserat, Denise.         How writing came about                     1
                                   When the wall came down : the Berlin
Schmemann, Serge, 1945-            Wall and the fall of Soviet Communism      1
Schneebeli-Morrell, Deborah        How to carve pumpkins for great results    1
                                   Where the grizzly walks : the future of
Schneider, Bill.                   the great bear                             1
Schneider, Dorothy.                First ladies : a biographical dictionary   1
Schneider, Dorothy.                Slavery in America                         1
Schneider, Richard J.              Henry David Thoreau                        1
Schorr, Collier.                   The essential Norman Rockwell              1
                                   Harriet Tubman : Moses of the
Schraff, Anne E.                   Underground Railroad                       1
                                   Marcus Garvey : controversial champion
Schraff, Anne E.                   of black pride                             1
Schraff, Anne E.                   Rosa Parks : "tired of giving in"          1
Schreiber, Flora Rheta.            Sybil                                      1
Schuette, Sarah L., 1976-          Motocicletas Harley-Davidson               1
                                   Witness to our times : my life as a
Schulke, Flip.                     photojournalist                            1

                                More than a test score : teens talk about
                                being gifted, talented, or otherwise
Schultz, Robert A., 1942-       extra-ordinary                               1
Schwager, Tina, 1964-           Gutsy girls : young women who dare           1
Schwartz, David G., 1973-       Roll the bones : the history of gambling     1
                                I don't need a record deal! : your
                                survival guide for the indie music
Schwartz, Daylle Deanna.        revolution                                   1
                                Organ transplant : a survival guide for
                                the entire family : the ultimate teen
Schwartz, Tina P., 1969-        guide                                        1
Schwarzenegger, Arnold.         Arnold's bodybuilding for men                1
                                Outside fitness : a comprehensive
                                training & nutrition program for an active
Scott, Paul, 1955-              lifestyle                                    1
                                Furry logic : a guide to life's little
Seabrook, Jane.                 challenges                                   1
                                Landscape turned red : the Battle of
Sears, Stephen W.               Antietam                                     1
Seckel, Al.                     SuperVisions : geometric optical illusions   1
Seeberg, Timothy J.             Sports in America. 1970-1979                 1
                                Jesus rode a donkey : why Republicans
Seger, Linda.                   don't have a corner on Christ                1
                                Skater girl : a girl's guide to
Segovia, Patty.                 skateboarding                                1
                                Going live : getting the news right in a
Seib, Philip M., 1949-          real-time, online world                      1
                                Smithsonian Q & A. Cats :the ultimate
Seidensticker, John.            question and answer book                     1
Seidman, Rachel Filene.         The Civil War : a history in documents       1
Seifert, Kelvin                 Child and Adolescent Development             1
                                Mutants, clones, and killer corn :
Seiple, Samantha.               unlocking the secrets of biotechnology       1
Seiter, Charles.                Everyday math for dummies                    1
Seitz, William Chapin.          Claude Monet                                 1
                                A kid's guide to creating web pages for
Selfridge, Benjamin.            home and school                              1
Selfridge, John W.              John Coltrane : a sound supreme              1
                                The illuminated alphabet : creating
Seligman, Patricia.             decorative calligraphy                       1
Sender, Ruth Minsky.            The cage                                     1
Serulnikov, Adriana.            Piaget for beginners                         1
                                To Katahdin : the 1876 adventures of
Sewall, George T., 1844-1909.   four young men and a boat                    1
Sexton, Anne.                   Love poems                                   1
                                Jeff Shaara's Civil War battlefields :
Shaara, Jeff, 1952-             discovering America's hallowed ground.       1
                                Night draws near : Iraq's people in the
Shadid, Anthony.                shadow of America's war                      1
                                Native Americans before 1492 : the
                                moundbuilding centers of the eastern
Shaffer, Lynda, 1944-           woodlands                                    1
Shaffer, Peter, 1926-           Equus                                        1
Shakespeare, William, 1564-
1616.                           A midsummer night's dream                    1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           All's well, that ends well                1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Antony and Cleopatra                      1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           As you like it                            1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Coriolanus                                1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Four comedies                             1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-   Four great tragedies : Hamlet, Othello,
1616.                           King Lear, Macbeth                        1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Hamlet                                    1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Henry IV. Part 2                          1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Henry the Fourth. Part one                1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Henry V                                   1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Julius Caesar                             1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           King Henry IV. Part 1                     1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           King Henry IV. Part 2                     1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           King Henry V                              1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           King Henry VIII                           1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           King John                                 1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           King Lear                                 1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           King Richard II                           1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           King Richard III                          1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Love's labor's lost                       1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Macbeth                                   1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Measure for measure                       1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Much ado about nothing                    1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Othello                                   1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Pericles, Prince of Tyre                  1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Richard II                                1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Richard III                               1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Romeo and Juliet                          1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-   Shakespeare's sonnets and poems           1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The comedy of errors                        1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The first part of Henry the Sixth           1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The history of King Lear                    1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The life and death of King John             1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The life of Henry V                         1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The merchant of Venice                      1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The merry wives of Windsor                  1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The poems                                   1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The taming of the shrew                     1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The tempest                                 1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The third part of King Henry VI             1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The two gentlemen of Verona                 1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           The winter's tale                           1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Timon of Athens                             1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Titus Andronicus                            1
Shakespeare,   William, 1564-
1616.                           Twelfth night                               1
                                Ophelia speaks : adolescent girls write
Shandler, Sara.                 about their search for self                 1
Shaner, Pete.                   Digital filmmaking for teens                1
Shanes, Eric.                   Constantin Brancusi                         1
                                The forbidden experiment : the story of
Shattuck, Roger.                the Wild Boy of Aveyron                     1
                                Arms and the man : a pleasant play :
Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950.       definitive text                             1
                                Man and superman : a comedy and a
Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950.       philosophy                                  1
Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950.       Pygmalion                                   1
                                Saint Joan : a chronicle play in six
Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950.       scenes and an epilogue                      1
Shaw, George Bernard.           Doctor's Dilemma                            1
Shaw, George Bernard.           Heartbreak House                            1
                                Maria Shaw's book of love : horoscopes,
                                palmistry, numbers, candles, gemstones
Shaw, Maria, 1963-              & colors.                                   1
Shea, Maureen E., 1953-         Culture and customs of Guatemala            1
                                Amy Tan in the classroom : "the art of
Shea, Renee Hausmann.           invisible strength"                         1
                                Basketball stars / (High Interest Books -
Shea, Therese.                  Greatest Sports Stars)                      1
Shea, Therese.                  Hockey stars                                  1
Shea, Therese.                  Soccer stars                                  1
                                Legends, lies & cherished myths of world
Shenkman, Richard.              history                                       1
Shepherd, Nigel.                Go climb                                      1
                                The everything self-esteem book : boost
                                your confidence, achieve inner strength,
Sherfield, Robert M.            and learn to love yourself                    1
                                Everything you need to know about
Sherman, Aliza.                 placing your baby for adoption                1
Sherman, Josepha.               The history of the Internet                   1
Sherman, Josepha.               The history of the personal computer          1
                                Why people believe weird things :
                                pseudoscience, superstition, and other
Shermer, Michael.               confusions of our time                        1
                                America the beautiful : the stirring true
Sherr, Lynn.                    story behind our nation's favorite song       1
                                Guglielmo Marconi : inventor of radio
Sherrow, Victoria.              and wireless communication                    1
                                Colin Powell : "Have a vision. Be
Shichtman, Sandra H.            demanding"                                    1
Shields, Charles J., 1951-      Vladimir Putin                                1
                                Whales, dolphins, and other marine
Shirihai, Hadoram.              mammals of the world                          1
                                Biotechnology on the farm and in the
                                factory : agricultural and industrial
Shmaefsky, Brian.               applications                                  1
Shojai, Amy, 1956-              The first-aid companion for dogs & cats       1
Sickels, Robert J.              The 1940s                                     1
Sider, Sandra.                  Handbook to life in Renaissance Europe        1
                                Grace in the wilderness : after the
Siegal, Aranka.                 liberation, 1945-1948                         1
Siegel, Siena Cherson.          To dance : a memoir                           1
Siepmann, Jeremy.               Beethoven : his life & music                  1
Siepmann, Jeremy.               Mozart : his life & music                     1
Sievert, Terri.                 Dirt bike history                             1
Sievert, Terri.                 Kickboxing                                    1
Sievert, Terri.                 Motocross racing                              1
Sievert, Terri.                 Paintball                                     1
                                Einstein's refrigerator : and other stories
Silverman, Steve, 1963-         from the flip side of history                 1
Silverstein, Alvin.             Cancer                                        1
Silverstein, Alvin.             Heart disease                                 1
Sime, Ruth Lewin, 1939-         Lise Meitner : a life in physics              1
                                Pregnancy, childbirth, and the newborn :
Simkin, Penny, 1938-            the complete guide                            1
Simons, Rae.                    Spain                                         1
                                Copyright catechism practical answers to
Simpson, Carol, 1949-           everyday school dilemmas                      1
                                Coping with post-traumatic stress
Simpson, Carolyn.               disorder (PTSD) : dealing with tragedy        1
Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-
1991.                           Gimpel the fool and other stories             1
Singh, Nikky-Guninder Kaur.     Sikhism                                       1

                                  The code book : how to make it, break
Singh, Simon.                     it, hack it, crack it                       1
                                  Horace's compromise : the dilemma of
                                  the American high school : with a new
Sizer, Theodore R.                preface                                     1
                                  The history and meaning of heraldry : an
                                  illustrated reference to classic symbols
Slater, Stephen.                  and their relevance                         1
Slatta, Richard W., 1947-         The cowboy encyclopedia                     1
Slaughter, Jane R.                The woman equestrian                        1
Slavicek, Louise Chipley, 1956-   Israel                                      1
Slavicek, Louise Chipley, 1956-   The Great Wall of China                     1
Slavicsek, Bill                   Dungeon Master for Dummies                  1
                                  Empowering teens : a guide to
                                  developing a community based youth
Slayton, Elaine.                  organization                                1
Sleeper, Amanda A.                Speech and language                         1
Sleight, Steve.                   Go sail                                     1
Sloane, Paul, 1950-               Brain-busting lateral thinking puzzles      1
Smith, Ben J.                     Differences : the Bible and the Koran       1
Smith, Diane.                     Wicca & witchcraft for dummies              1
                                  Anorexia nervosa when food is the
Smith,   Erica, 1972-             enemy                                       1
Smith,   Johanna M.               Mary Shelley                                1
Smith,   Laura L.                 Depression for dummies                      1
Smith,   Michael Ernest, 1953-    The Aztecs                                  1
                                  Prison conditions : overcrowding,
Smith, Roger, 1959 Aug. 15-       disease, violence, and abuse                1
Smith, Roger, 1959 Aug. 15-       Youth in prison                             1
                                  Hunting ducks and geese : hard facts,
                                  good bets, and serious advice from a
Smith, Steve, 1947-               duck hunter you can trust                   1
                                  Breast cancer : current and emerging
Smith, Terry L.                   trends in detection and treatment           1
                                  Little gray men : Roswell and the rise of
Smith, Toby, 1946-                a popular culture                           1
Smith, Warren, 1972-              Go ski                                      1
Snyder, Gail.                     Sudan                                       1
Snyder, Gail.                     Teens & alcohol                             1
Snyder, Gail.                     Teens, religion, & values                   1
Snyder-Smith, Donna.              The classic western rider                   1
                                  Galileo's daughter : a historical memoir
Sobel, Dava.                      of science, faith, and love                 1
Somerset Fry, Plantagenet,
1931-                             Kings & queens of England & Scotland        1
Somervill, Barbara A.             Machu Picchu : city in the clouds           1
Somervill, Barbara A.             Scott O'Grady : behind enemy lines          1
Somervill, Barbara A.             The gold rush : buried treasure             1
                                  Wildlife photographers : life through a
Sommers, Michael A.               lens                                        1
Sommers, Michael A., 1966-        Snowmobiling : have fun, be smart           1
Sonder, Ben, 1954-                Evolutionism and creationism                1
Sonneborn, Liz.                   Chronology of American Indian history       1
Soong, Maying.                    Chinese paper folding for beginners         1
Sophocles.                        Oedipus Rex                                 1
Sophocles.                       Sophocles : the complete plays              1
Sophocles.                       The complete plays of Sophocles             1
Sophocles.                       The three Theban plays                      1
                                 The big book of rules : board games,
                                 kids' games, card games, from
                                 backgammon and bocce to tiddlywinks
Spadaccini, Stephanie.           and stickball                               1
Spangenburg, Ray, 1939-          Civil liberties                             1
Spangenburg, Ray, 1939-          Niels Bohr : gentle genius of Denmark       1
                                 Veterinary guide for animal owners :
                                 cattle, goats, sheep, horses, pigs,
Spaulding, C. E.                 poultry, rabbits, dogs, cats                1
Speakman, Jay, 1953-             The Cold War                                1
                                 National Audubon Society field guide to
                                 North American wildflowers. Western
Spellenberg, Richard.            region                                      1
                                 Global warming : personal solutions for a
Spence, Chris, 1970-             healthy planet                              1
Spicer, John I.                  Biodiversity : a beginner's guide           1
                                 The art of shooting baskets : from the
St. Martin, Ted.                 free throw to the slam dunk                 1
Stafford, Diane.                 1000 best job hunting secrets               1
Standish, Peter.                 Culture and customs of Mexico               1
Stearman, Kaye.                  Feminism                                    1
Stebbins, Robert C. (Robert      A field guide to western reptiles and
Cyril), 1915-                    amphibians                                  1
Steel, Rodney.                   Sharks of the world                         1
                                 Charles Darwin and the evolution
Stefoff, Rebecca, 1951-          revolution                                  1
                                 The Gale encyclopedia of the unusual
Steiger, Brad.                   and unexplained                             1
Stein, Elissa.                   Cheerleader : ready? OK!                    1
Stein, Elissa.                   Prom night : the best night of your life    1
Stein, Karen F., 1941-           Margaret Atwood revisited                   1
Stein, Stephen J., 1940-         Alternative American religions              1
                                 Travels with Charley : in search of
Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.      America                                     1
Steinberg, Milton, 1903-1950.    Basic Judaism                               1
Stephens, Nicholas.              Plant cells and tissues                     1
Sterling, Mary Jane.             Algebra for dummies                         1
                                 Secret missions of the Civil War : first-
                                 hand accounts by men and women who
                                 risked their lives in underground
Stern, Philip Van Doren, 1900-   activities for the North and the South      1
                                 War of the worlds : a graphic novel
                                 adapted from the classic tale of alien
Stern, Stephen.                  invasion by H.G. Wells                      1
                                 Magnificent monologues for teens : "the
                                 teens' monologue source for every
Stevens, Chambers.               occasion!"                                  1
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-
1894.                            Selected poems                              1
Stewart, David Alan, 1954-       American Sign Language the easy way         1
Stewart, Gail, 1949-             Forensics                                   1
Stewart, Gail, 1949-             Gambling                                    1
Stewart,   Gregory, 1957-        The immune system                            1
Stewart,   Mark.                 Basketball : a history of hoops              1
Stewart,   Philip.               Cherokee                                     1
Stewart,   Philip.               Osage                                        1
Stewart,   Rory.                 The places in between                        1
                                 Hitting secrets of the pros : big league
Stewart, Wayne, 1951-            sluggers reveal the tricks of their trade    1
                                 The greenhouse effect : warming the
Stille, Darlene R.               planet                                       1
Stoehr, James D.                 The neurobiology of addiction                1
Stokes, Philip (Philip Andrew)   Philosophy, 100 essential thinkers           1
                                 The development of western music : a
Stolba, K Marie.                 history                                      1
Stone, Elaine Murray, 1922-      Dorothy Day : champion of the poor           1
Stoppard, Miriam.                Complete baby and child care                 1
Stoppard, Tom.                   Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead          1
                                 Queen Victoria : an eminent illustrated
Strachey, Lytton, 1880-1932.     biography                                    1
Strathern, Paul, 1940-           Confucius in 90 minutes                      1
Strathern, Paul, 1940-           Foucault in 90 minutes                       1
Strathern, Paul, 1940-           Kierkegaard in 90 minutes                    1
Strathern, Paul, 1940-           Sartre in 90 minutes                         1
Strathern, Paul, 1940-           Schopenhauer in 90 minutes                   1
Strathern, Paul, 1940-           Thomas Aquinas in 90 minutes                 1
Streeter, Michael, 1962-         Ice skating                                  1
Streissguth, Thomas, 1958-       Benjamin Franklin                            1
Streissguth, Thomas, 1958-       John Glenn                                   1
Streissguth, Thomas, 1958-       The devil                                    1
                                 The Napoleonic Wars : defeat of the
Streissguth, Thomas, 1958-       Grand Army                                   1
Stripling, Mahala Yates.         Bioethics and medical issues in literature   1
                                 The case for a creator : a journalist
                                 investigates scientific evidence that
Strobel, Lee, 1952-              points toward God                            1
Strong, Jeff.                    Drums for dummies                            1
Struik, Dirk Jan, 1894-          A concise history of mathematics             1
Strunk, William, 1869-1946.      The elements of style                        1
Stubbs, George, 1724-1806.       The anatomy of the horse                     1
                                 Enrico Fermi : trailblazer in nuclear
Stux, Erica.                     physics                                      1
Sullivan, Anne Marie.            Syria                                        1
Sultan, Sohaib.                  The Koran for dummies                        1
Sutro, Dirk.                     Jazz for dummies                             1
                                 The sacred art of hunting : myths,
Swan, James A.                   legends, and the modern mythos               1
                                 Computers : the life story of a
Swedin, Eric Gottfrid.           technology                                   1
                                 Kicking the carbon habit : global
                                 warming and the case for renewable and
Sweet, William.                  nuclear energy                               1
                                 Miracle fair : selected poems of Wislawa
Szymborska, Wislawa.             Szymborska                                   1
Szymborska, Wislawa.             Poems, new and collected, 1957-1997          1
                                 View with a grain of sand : selected
Szymborska, Wislawa.             poems                                        1
                              Probability and statistics the science of
Tabak, John.                  uncertainty                                   1
Talamon, Bruce.               Bob Marley : spirit dancer                    1
Tamir, Zakariya.              Tigers on the tenth day and other stories     1
Tanaka, Shelley.              Climate change                                1
                              Flat-out rock : ten great bands of the
Tanner, Mike, 1960-           '60s                                          1
Tarallo, Pietro, 1941-        Mexico : the signs of history                 1
                              Death stars, weird galaxies, and a
                              quasar-spangled universe : the
                              discoveries of the Very Large Array
Taschek, Karen, 1956-         telescope                                     1
Taylor, Barbara, 1954-        Butterflies & moths                           1
Taylor, Brad, 1946-           The family joke book                          1
                              Marley and me : the real Bob Marley
Taylor, Don, 1943-            story                                         1
                              The girls' guide to friends : straight talk
                              on making close pals, creating lasting
Taylor, Julie.                ties, and being an all-around great friend    1
                              Altered art : techniques for creating
Taylor, Terry, 1952-          altered books, boxes, cards & more            1
Taylor, Thom, 1955-           How to draw cars like a pro                   1
Taylor, Thom, 1955-           How to draw choppers like a pro               1
                              Taekwondo : traditions, philosophy,
Tedeschi, Marc.               technique                                     1
                              Amazing mazes : 7 interactive 3-D
Teitelbaum, Michael.          mazes plus fun facts!                         1
Teitelbaum, Michael.          Sports in America. 1980-1989                  1
Tekiela, Stan                 Birds of Montana (Field Guide)                1
Ten Boom, Corrie.             The hiding place                              1
                              Snakes of North America. Eastern and
Tennant, Alan, 1943-          Central regions                               1
Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson,    Idylls of the king : and a selection of
Baron, 1809-1892.             poems                                         1
                              Barron's AP computer science, 2007 :
Teukolsky, Roselyn.           Levels A and AB                               1
Thakkar, Vatsal, 1972-        Addiction                                     1
Thakkar, Vatsal, 1972-        Depression and bipolar disorder               1
Theunissen, Steve             The Battle of the Little Bighorn              1
Thomas, Carol G., 1938-       The Trojan War                                1
                              Dylan Thomas selected poems, 1934-
Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953.     1952.                                         1
Thomas, Dylan, 1914-1953.     The poems of Dylan Thomas                     1
Thomas, Nick Afka.            Advanced sudoku and kakuro                    1
                              Lights! camera! fiction! : a movie lover's
Thompson, Alfie.              guide to writing a novel                      1
Thompson, Mel, 1946-          Ethics                                        1
Thompson, William, 1931-      Iraq                                          1
                              Impressionism : origins, practice,
Thomson, Belinda.             reception                                     1
Thoreau, Henry David, 1817-
1862.                         Walden                                        1
Thorne, James, 1974-          Julius Caesar : conqueror and dictator        1
                              D.H. Lawrence : a study of the short
Thornton, Weldon.             fiction                                       1
                                   The encyclopedia of sleep and sleep
Thorpy, Michael J.                 disorders                                    1
                                   Louis Pasteur : founder of modern
Tiner, John Hudson, 1944-          medicine                                     1
Tingle, Tim.                       Walking the Choctaw road                     1
                                   Sacagawea's son : the life of Jean
Tinling, Marion, 1904-             Baptiste Charbonneau                         1
Tinsley, Russell.                  Taxidermy guide                              1
Tirrell, Norma.                    Montana                                      1
                                   All things in the Bible : an encyclopedia
Tischler, Nancy Marie Patterson.   of the biblical world                        1
                                   High-tech IDs : from finger scans to
Tocci, Salvatore.                  voice patterns                               1
Tocqueville, Alexis de, 1805-
1859.                              Democracy in America                         1
                                   Whatcha mean, what's a zine? : the art
Todd, Mark, 1970-                  of making zines and mini comics              1
                                   A teenager in the Chad Civil War : a
Toingar, Esaie, 1968-              memoir of survival, 1982-1986                1
Tokeshi, Jinichi.                  Kendo : elements, rules, and philosophy      1
                                   The rising sun : the decline and fall of
Toland, John.                      the Japanese empire, 1936-1945               1
                                   The strength not to fight : conscientious
                                   objectors of the Vietnam War-- in their
Tollefson, James W.                own words                                    1
Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910.     Classic tales and fables for children        1
Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910.     Great short works of Leo Tolstoy             1
Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910.     The death of Ivan Ilych and other stories    1
                                   Extreme sports : in search of the
Tomlinson, Joe.                    ultimate thrill                              1
Toriello, James.                   The Human Genome Project                     1
Tracy, John A.                     Accounting for dummies                       1
Trapani, Margi.                    Listen up! : teenage mothers speak out       1
Trautmann, Eric S.                 The art of Halo : creating a virtual world   1
Tregaskis, Richard, 1916-1973.     Guadalcanal diary                            1
Tritle, Lawrence A., 1946-         The Peloponnesian War                        1
                                   Teen rights (and responsibilities) : a
                                   legal guide for teens and the adults in
Truly, Traci.                      their lives                                  1
                                   The president's house : 1800 to the
                                   present : the secrets and history of the
Truman, Margaret, 1924-            world's most famous home                     1
Truong, Nhu Tang.                  A Vietcong memoir                            1
Trussoni, Danielle.                Falling through the Earth : a memoir         1
                                   The architecture and design of man and
                                   woman : the marvel of the human body,
Tsiaras, Alexander.                revealed                                     1
                                   A distant mirror : the calamitous 14th
Tuchman, Barbara Wertheim.         century                                      1
Tully, Elizabeth.                  The forebrain                                1
                                   The children of Topaz : the story of a
                                   Japanese American internment camp :
Tunnell, Michael O.                based on a classroom diary                   1
Turner, Sharon, 1962-              Teach yourself visually knitting             1
Tuttle, Merlin D.                  America's neighborhood bats                  1
Tuyen, P. D. (Pham Dinh)        Classic origami                              1
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.         Great short works of Mark Twain              1
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.         Is he dead? : a comedy in three acts         1
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.         Life on the Mississippi                      1
                                Mark Twain himself : a pictorial
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.         biography                                    1
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.         Roughing it                                  1
                                The Bible according to Mark Twain :
                                irreverent writings on Eden, heaven, and
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.         the flood by America's master satirist       1
                                The quotable Mark Twain : his essential
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.         aphorisms, witticisms, & concise opinions    1
                                Schaum's outline of principles of
Tymann, Paul                    computer science                             1
Uhry, Alfred.                   Driving Miss Daisy                           1
                                First they killed my father : a daughter
Ung, Loung.                     of Cambodia remembers                        1
                                The Pilates promise : 10 weeks to a
Ungaro, Alycea.                 whole new body                               1
Ungs, Tim.                      Paul McCartney and Stella McCartney          1
                                Cavalier in buckskin : George Armstrong
Utley, Robert Marshall, 1929-   Custer and the western military frontier     1
Utley, Robert Marshall, 1929-   The Indian frontier, 1846-1890               1
                                Theater, speech, and dance : expressing
Valliant, Doris.                your talents                                 1
                                They came before Columbus : the
Van Sertima, Ivan.              African presence in ancient America          1
Vaz, Mark Cotta.                Mythic vision : the making of Eragon         1
Vaz, Mark Cotta.                The art of the Incredibles                   1
                                Successful black bear hunting :
Vaznis, Bill.                   strategies for bagging your trophy bruin     1
Veague, Heather Barnett.        Personality disorders                        1
Venning, Frank D. (Frank        Wildflowers of North America : a guide to
Denmire), 1920-                 field identification                         1
Vera-Portocarrero, Louis.       Brain facts                                  1
Verne, Jules, 1828-1905.        The mysterious island                        1
                                The Blue Angels : a fly-by history : sixty
Veronico, Nick, 1961-           years of aerial excellence                   1
Verrone, Richard Burks.         Voices from Vietnam                          1
Viegas, Jennifer, 1965-         Fungi and molds                              1
                                Cell functions : understanding how cells
Viegas, Jennifer.               work                                         1
Viegas, Jennifer.               Parasites                                    1
                                The Declaration of Independence : a
                                primary source investigation into the
                                action of the Second Continental
Viegas, Jennifer.               Congress                                     1
Vincent, Jon S.                 Culture and customs of Brazil                1
Vine, Steven, 1961-             Emily Bronte                                 1
Virgil.                         Vergil's Aeneid : hero, war, humanity        1
Vivante, Bella.                 Events that changed ancient Greece           1
                                Teen angst? naaah-- : a quasi-
Vizzini, Ned, 1981-             autobiography                                1
Voltaire, 1694-1778.            Candide, or, Optimism                        1

                            Coping with migraines and other
Votava, Andrea.             headaches                                  1
Wade, Mary Dodson.          ALS-- Lou Gehrig's disease                 1
Wagner, Heather Lehr.       Hillary Rodham Clinton                     1
Wagner, Heather Lehr.       Iran                                       1
Wagner, Heather Lehr.       Iraq                                       1
Wagner, Heather Lehr.       Saudi Arabia                               1
Wagner, Heather Lehr.       The Kurds                                  1
                            The presidency (The U.S. Government
Wagner, Heather Lehr.       How it works)                              1
Wagner, Heather Lehr.       Turkey                                     1
Wainwright, Gordon R.       Body language                              1
Walberg, Anders.            The sport fisherman's cookbook             1
Walcott, Derek.             Collected poems, 1948-1984                 1
Waldman, Carl, 1947-        Encyclopedia of Native American tribes     1
Walker, Denise.             Adaptation and survival                    1
Walker, Denise.             Cells and life processes                   1
Walker, Denise.             Inheritance and evolution                  1
                            The woodcut artist's handbook :
Walker, George A. (George   techniques and tools for relief
Alexander), 1960-           printmaking                                1
Walker, Ida.                Germany                                    1
Walker, Julie.              Tay-Sachs disease                          1
Walker, Pam, 1958-          People and the sea                         1
Walker, Pam, 1958-          The coast                                  1
Walker, Pam, 1958-          The continental shelf                      1
Walker, Pam, 1958-          The coral reef                             1
Walker, Pam, 1958-          The open ocean                             1
Walker, Pam, 1958-          The saltwater wetland                      1
Walker, Richard.            Encyclopedia of the human body             1
Walker, Richard.            Guide to the human body                    1
Walker, Sharon.             Biotechnology demystified                  1
Walker, Stephen, 1961-      Shockwave : countdown to Hiroshima         1
Walsh, Judith E.            A brief history of India                   1
Walter, John, 1951-         Military rifles of two World Wars          1
Walters, John.              Sports in America. 1920-1939               1
                            Elizabeth Ann Seton : saint for a new
Walters, Julie.             nation                                     1
Warlick, David.             Redefining literacy for the 21st century   1
                            Hannibal : great general of the ancient
Warrick, Karen Clemens.     world                                      1
                            James Dean : "dream as if you'll live
Warrick, Karen Clemens.     forever"                                   1
                            Alternative kilns & firing techniques :
Watkins, James C., 1951-    raku, saggar, pit, barrel                  1
Watkins, Joe, 1951-         Sacred sites and repatriation              1
Watson, Stephanie.          The urinary system                         1
Watts, Nigel.               Writing a novel                            1
Webb, Scott, 1962-          Tractor pull!                              1
                            If the universe is teeming with aliens--
                            where is everybody? : fifty solutions to
                            the Fermi paradox and the problem of
Webb, Stephen, 1963-        extraterrestrial life                      1
Weber, Sandra, 1961-        Yemen                                      1

                                  Creating the Constitution : the people
Weidner, Daniel W.                and events that formed the nation          1
Weil, Ann.                        Aggressive in-line skating                 1
Weil, Ann.                        Air disasters                              1
Weil, Ann.                        BMX racing                                 1
Weil, Ann.                        Deadly storms                              1
Weil, Ann.                        Earthquakes                                1
Weil, Ann.                        Environmental disasters                    1
Weil, Ann.                        Mountain disasters                         1
                                  Stationery flight : extraordinary paper
Weinstein, Michael, 1962-         airplanes                                  1
Weintraub, Aileen, 1973-          Knights : warriors of the Middle Ages      1
Weintraub, Aileen, 1973-          Mountain biking                            1
Weintraub, Aileen, 1973-          Rock climbing                              1
Weintraub, Aileen, 1973-          Vikings : raiders and explorers            1
                                  Coping with the beauty myth : a guide
Weiss, Stefanie Iris.             for real girls                             1
                                  Everything you need to know about
Weiss, Stefanie Iris.             being a vegan                              1
Wells, Stanley W., 1930-          A dictionary of Shakespeare                1
                                  J.D. Salinger : a study of the short
Wenke, John Paul.                 fiction                                    1
Werther, Scott P.                 Jon Krakauer's adventure on Mt. Everest    1
Werther, Scott P.                 The Donner Party                           1
                                  Oprah Winfrey : "I don't believe in
Westen, Robin.                    failure"                                   1
                                  Rifles : an illustrated history of their
Westwood, David, Dr.              impact                                     1
Wexler, Barbara.                  Genetics and genetic engineering           1
                                  The emergency of Christianity /
                                  (Greenwood Guide to Historic Events in
White,                            the Ancient World)                         1
                                  Sergey Brin and Larry Page : the
White, Casey.                     founders of Google                         1
White, Katherine, 1975-           Dengue fever                               1
White, Ryan.                      Ryan White, my own story                   1
Whitehead, Kim.                   Afghanistan                                1
                                  Catherine de' Medici and the Protestant
Whitelaw, Nancy.                  Reformation                                1
                                  Catherine the Great and the
Whitelaw, Nancy.                  Enlightenment in Russia                    1
                                  Queen Isabella and the unification of
Whitelaw, Nancy.                  Spain                                      1
Whitfield, Peter, Dr.             Sir Francis Drake                          1
Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892.         Complete poetry and collected prose        1
                                  Leaves of grass and other writings :
                                  authoritative texts, other poetry and
Whitman, Walt, 1819-1892.         prose, criticism                           1
                                  Beneath the armor of an athlete : real
Whitsett, Lisa.                   strength on the wrestling mat              1
Whittemore, Susan.                The circulatory system                     1
Whittemore, Susan.                The respiratory system                     1
Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-
1892.                             Selected poems                             1
Whyman, Kathryn.                  Wood and the environment                   1
Wiesel, Elie, 1928-               Night                                        1
Wiesel, Elie, 1928-               The fifth son                                1
Wiesel, Elie, 1928-               The forgotten                                1
Wiker, Benjamin, 1960-            The mystery of the periodic table            1
                                  The best of Oscar Wilde : selected plays
Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.          and literary criticism                       1
                                  The importance of being earnest and
Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.          other plays                                  1
Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975.      Our town : a play in three acts              1
Wilkerson, David, R.              The cross and the switchblade                1
                                  The everything guitar book : from
                                  buying the right guitar to mastering your
Wilkins, Jack.                    favorite songs                               1
Willett, Edward, 1959-            Genetics demystified                         1
Willett, Edward, 1959-            Jimi Hendrix : "Kiss the sky"                1
                                  The basics of quantum physics :
                                  understanding the photoelectric effect
Willett, Edward, 1959-            and line spectra                             1
Willett, Edward, 1959-            The Iran-Iraq War                            1
                                  Eyes on the prize : America's civil rights
Williams, Juan.                   years, 1954-1965                             1
Williams, Linda D.                Chemistry demystified                        1
Williams, Linda D.                Earth science demystified                    1
Williams, Linda D.                Environmental science demystified            1
Williams, Raymond L.              Culture and customs of Colombia              1
Williams, Sian.                   Beginner's guide to pilates                  1
Williams, Tennessee, 1911-1983.   A streetcar named Desire                     1
Williams, Tony, 1960-             Rugby : skills, tactics and rules            1
Williams, W. H. A.                H. L. Mencken revisited                      1
Williams, William Carlos, 1883-
1963.                             Selected poems                               1
Willingham, Bill.                 Fables. 1,Legends in exile                   1
Willingham, Bill.                 Fables. 6,Homelands                          1
Wilson, A. N., 1950-              C.S. Lewis : a biography                     1
Wilson, August.                   The piano lesson                             1
                                  The Atlantis blueprint : unlocking the
                                  ancient mysteries of a long-lost
Wilson, Colin.                    civilization                                 1
                                  The ultimate guide to cheerleading : for
Wilson, Leslie (Leslie M.)        cheerleaders and coaches                     1
Wilson, Patrick.                  Navigation and signaling                     1
Wilson, Patrick.                  Survival equipment                           1
Wilson, Patrick.                  Survival first aid                           1
Wilson, Patrick.                  Surviving natural disasters                  1
Wilson, Patrick.                  Trapping, fishing, and plant food            1
Wilson, Patrick.                  Urban survival techniques                    1
Wilson, Patrick.                  Using ropes and knots                        1
Winchell, Donna Haisty.           Alice Walker                                 1
                                  The professor and the madman : a tale
                                  of murder, insanity, and the making of
Winchester, Simon.                the Oxford English dictionary                1
Windelspecht, Michael, 1963-      The digestive system                         1
Wingate, Brian.                   Tony Hawk : skateboarding champion           1
                                  Cutting and self-mutilation : when teens
Winkler, Kathleen.                injure themselves                            1
Winslow, Anna Green, 1759-    Diary of Anna Green Winslow : a Boston
1779.                         school girl of 1771                        1
Winters, Adam, 1966-          Syphilis                                   1
                              Comic Books As History The Narrative
                              Art of Jack Jackson, Art Spiegelman and
Witek, Joseph.                Harvey Pekar                               1
Wittig, Arno F.               Introduction to psychology                 1
Wolf, Kirsten, 1959-          Daily life of the Vikings                  1
Wolff, Tobias, 1945-          This boy's life : a memoir                 1
                              What Einstein told his barber : more
Wolke, Robert L.              scientific answers to everyday questions   1
                              American troops in Afghanistan :
Wolny, Philip.                building a new nation                      1
Wood, Alan, 1943-             Stalin and Stalinism                       1
                              The origins of the Russian revolution,
Wood, Alan, 1943-             1861-1917                                  1
Wood, Daniel.                 Wolves                                     1
Wood, Douglas, 1951-          Nothing to do                              1
                              The delights and dilemmas of hunting :
Wood, Forrest, 1937-          the hunting versus anti-hunting debate     1
Wood, Nick (Nicholas John)    360 New York                               1
                              Encyclopedia of the Lewis and Clark
Woodger, Elin.                Expedition                                 1
Woodham-Smith, Cecil.         The great hunger : Ireland 1845-1849       1
Woods, Bob.                   Sports in America. 1990-2003               1
                              The politically incorrect guide to
Woods, Thomas E.              American history                           1
Woodward, Linda.              Polymers all around you!                   1
                              The diary of Virginia Woolf. v. 1,1915-
Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941.   1919                                       1
Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941.   The essays of Virginia Woolf               1
Wordsworth, William, 1770-
1850.                         Selected poems                             1
                              Dust Bowl : the southern plains in the
Worster, Donald, 1941-        1930s                                      1
Worth, Richard.               Cleopatra : queen of ancient Egypt         1
                              Heinrich Himmler : murderous architect
Worth, Richard.               of the Holocaust                           1
Worth, Richard.               Jack Kerouac : "the road is life"          1
                              Slave life on the plantation : prisons
Worth, Richard.               beneath the sun                            1
                              The slave trade in America : cruel
Worth, Richard.               commerce                                   1
Wright, John D., 1938-        Equestrian                                 1
Wright, John D., 1938-        Hockey                                     1
                              The looming tower : Al-Qaeda and the
Wright, Lawrence, 1947-       road to 9/11                               1
                              Black boy : (American hunger) : a record
Wright, Richard, 1908-1960.   of childhood and youth                     1
Wurdinger, Scott D.           Mountain biking                            1
Wyly, Michael J., 1970-       Dragons                                    1
Wyman, Bill.                  Rolling with the Stones                    1
Wynbrandt, James              A brief history of Saudi Arabia            1
X, Malcolm, 1925-1965.        The autobiography of Malcolm X             1
Yancey, Diane.                STDs : what you don't know can hurt        1
Yancey, Diane.                   The forensic anthropologist                  1
Yang, Gene.                      American born Chinese                        1
Yannella, Donald.                Ralph Waldo Emerson                          1
                                 Da Nang diary : a forward air controller's
Yarborough, Tom.                 gunsight view of combat in Vietnam           1
Yates, Elizabeth, 1905-          Amos Fortune, free man                       1
Yates, Janelle.                  Woody Guthrie : American balladeer           1
Yeats, W. B. (William Butler),
1865-1939.                       The poems                                    1
Yenne, Bill, 1949-               100 inventions that shaped world history     1
                                 The fish prince and other stories :
Yolen, Jane.                     mermen folk tales                            1
Young, David.                    Fly fishing : the lifetime sport             1
                                 Dear Mr. President : letters to the Oval
                                 Office from the files of the National
Young, Dwight.                   Archives                                     1
                                 100 great monologs : a versatile
                                 collection of monologs, duologs and
Young, Rebecca, 1965-            triologs for student actors                  1
Young, Serinity.                 Buddhism                                     1
Young, William H., 1939-         Music of the Great Depression                1
Youngs, J. William T. (John      Eleanor Roosevelt : a personal and
William Theodore), 1941-         public life                                  1
Yount, Lisa.                     Biotechnology and genetic engineering        1
                                 Forensic science : from fibers to
Yount, Lisa.                     fingerprints                                 1
Yount, Lisa.                     Modern genetics : engineering life           1
Yount, Lisa.                     Virtual reality                              1
Yu, Bin.                         The government of China                      1
Zanger, Mark.                    The American history cookbook                1
                                 More math games & activities from
Zaslavsky, Claudia.              around the world                             1
Zeigler, Heidi.                  Hang gliding                                 1
Zimmerman, John Edward, 1901-    Dictionary of classical mythology            1
                                 More theatre games for young
                                 performers : improvisations and
Zimmerman, Suzi.                 exercises for developing acting skills       1
                                                                   7-Dec-41   1
                                 100 science words every college
                                 graduate should know : the 100 words         1
                                 100 words almost everyone confuses &
                                 misuses                                      1
                                 100 words every high school freshman
                                 should know                                  1
                                 100 words every high school graduate
                                 should know                                  1
                                 111 one-minute monologues for teens by
                                 teens                                        1
                                 2007 ESPN sports almanac                     1
                                 21st century synonym and antonym
                                 finder                                       1
                                 3D origami : step-by-step illustrations      1
                                 400 polymer clay designs : a collection
                                 of dynamic & colorful contemporary work      1
767 Music Questions Your Friends Can't
Answer                                         1
767 sports questions your friends can't
answer                                         1
A brief history of Pakistan / (Brief History
series)                                        1
A different light : the Hanukkah book of
celebration                                    1
A matter of principle ; humanitarian
arguments for war in Iraq                      1
A piece of my heart : the stories of
twenty-six American women who served
in Vietnam                                     1
Abortion : opposing viewpoints                 1
Addiction : opposing viewpoints                1
Adoption                                       1
Advanced rut hunting : strategies for
taking whitetails during prime time            1
Advertising                                    1
Advertising : opposing viewpoints              1
Affirmative action                             1
African American folktales : stories from
Black traditions in the New World              1
AIDS                                           1
Alcohol : opposing viewpoints                  1
Alcohol information for teens : health
tips about alcohol and alcoholism              1
Almost lost : the true story of an
anonymous teenager's life on the streets       1
Alternatives to prisons                        1
Alzheimer's disease                            1
American history. Volume I,From
Colonial America to the age of the Civil
War :original and secondary source
readings                                       1
American poetry : the nineteenth
century. Volume one, Philip Freneau to
Walt Whitman.                                  1
American poetry : the nineteenth
century. Volume two, Herman Melville to
Trumbull Stickney, American Indian
poetry, folk songs and spirituals.             1
American poetry. The twentieth
century.Volume 1,Henry Adams to
Dorothy Parker.                                1
American poetry. The twentieth
century.Volume 2,E.E. Cummings to May
Swenson.                                       1
American Revolution : primary sources          1
American words of freedom : complete
text, commentary, glossary                     1
America's battle against terrorism             1
America's entry into World War I               1
Amphetamines                                   1
Amphibians and reptiles of Montana             1
An album of Civil War art.                  1
Annie's baby : the diary of Anonymous,
a pregnant teenager                         3
Anorexia                                    1
Antibiotics                                 1
Are athletes good role models?              1
Are efforts to reduce terrorism
successful?                                 1
Artists handbook : acrylics & gouache :
materials, techniques, color and
composition, style, subject.                1
Artists handbook : oils : materials,
techniques, color and composition, style,
subject.                                    1
As seen by both sides : American and
Vietnamese artists look at the war          1
Asian mythologies                           1
Atlas of North America                      1
Atlas of world history                      1
Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder    1
Auguste Rodin.                              1
Baby & child health                         1
Basic woodworking : all the skills and
tools you need to get started               1
Beowulf                                     1
Bicycling magazine's mountain biking
skills : skills and techniques to master
any terrain                                 1
Biofeedback (Gray Matter)                   1
Biological evolution : an anthology of
current thought                             1
Biological warfare : opposing viewpoints    1
Biological weapons                          1
Biomass : energy from plants and
animals                                     1
biotechnology in the 21st century           1
Books for you : an annotated booklist for
senior high.                                1
Boys who rocked the world : from King
Tut to Tiger Woods                          1
Brain development (Gray Matters)            1
Bulimia                                     1
By grit & grace : eleven women who
shaped the American West                    1
Canada and the global village               1
Capital punishment                          1
Carrying the darkness : the poetry of the
Vietnam War                                 1
Carson McCuller's The ballad of the sad
cafe                                        1
Carson McCullers' The member of the
wedding                                     1
CDs, super glue, and salsa. Series 1-3.     1
Censorship                                  1
Censorship : opposing viewpoints            1
Cesar Chavez                                  1
Chapters into verse : a selection of
poetry in English inspired by the Bible
from Genesis through Revelation               1
Chicken soup for the Christian teenage
soul : stories of faith, love, inspiration,
and hope                                      1
Chicken soup for the college soul :
inspiring and humorous stories about
college                                       1
Chicken soup for the country soul :
stories served up country style and
straight from the heart                       1
Chicken soup for the teenage soul : 101
stories of life, love, and learning           1
Chicken soup for the teenage soul II :
101 more stories of life, love, and
learning                                      1
Chicken soup for the teenage soul III :
more stories of life, love, and learning      1
Chicken soup for the teenage soul IV          1
Chicken soup for the teenage soul letters
: letters of life, love and learning          1
Chicken soup for the teenage soul on
love & friendship                             1
Chicken soup for the teenage soul's the
real deal : school : cliques, classes,
clubs, and more                               1
Chiefs & generals : nine men who
shaped the American West                      1
Child abuse                                   1
Child abuse : opposing viewpoints             1
Child sexual abuse                            1
China                                         1
China                                         1
Chinese fairy tales and fantasies             1
Christianity                                  1
Cinema year by year : the complete
illustrated history of film                   1
Civil liberties                               1
Civil liberties : opposing viewpoints         1
Civil liberties and war                       1
Civil War songbook : with historical
commentary                                    1
Classic American ghost stories : 200
years of ghost lore from the Great
Plains, New England, the South, and the
Pacific Northwest                             1
Classic Christmas stories : sixteen
timeless yuletide tales                       1
Classic ghost stories : eighteen spine-
chilling tales of terror and the
supernatural                                  1
Classical and world mythology.                1
Climate change                                1
Clinical exercise physiology                 1
Cloning                                      1
Coal                                         1
Comic Book Guy's book of pop culture         1
Comparative religions on file                1
Complementary and alternative medicine
information for teens : health tips about
non-traditional and non-western medical
practices                                    1
Complete guide to fishing                    1
Complete guide to hunting                    1
Constructing a life philosophy               1
Cool to be kind : random acts and how
to commit them                               1
Cootie shots : theatrical inoculations
against bigotry for kids, parents, and
teachers : plays, poems & songs              1
Coping with death                            1
Cormac McCarthy's All the pretty horses      1
Creating Web pages : all-in-one desk
reference for dummies                        1
Creationism versus evolution                 1
Creation's journey : Native American
identity and belief                          1
Crime and criminals                          1
Criminal psychology : a beginner's guide     1
Critical perspectives on environmental
protection                                   1
Critical perspectives on natural disasters   1
Critical perspectives on world climate       1
Critical perspectives on World War II        1
Custer's last stand                          1
Date rape                                    1
David Guterson's Snow falling on cedars      1
Day by day : the thirties                    1
Dear Mrs. Roosevelt : letters from
children of the Great Depression             1
Decades of American history.                 1
Diaries of girls and women : a
midwestern American sampler                  1
Dictionary of historic documents             1
Discovering the world through debate : a
practical guide to educational debate for
debaters, coaches and judges                 1
DJ, dance, and rave culture                  1
Do animals have rights?                      1
Do infectious diseases pose a serious
threat?                                      1
Do nuclear weapons pose a serious
threat?                                      1
Does advertising promote substance
abuse?                                       1
Does capital punishment deter crime?         1
Does the world hate the United States?       1
Domestic violence : opposing viewpoints      1
Dorling Kindersley traveler's atlas          1
Dorling Kindersley world atlas.              1
Drug abuse                                   1
Drug abuse : opposing viewpoints             1
Drug information for teens : health tips
about the physical and mental effects of
substance abuse                              1
Drug legalization                            1
Drunk driving                                1
Dylan : visions, portraits & back pages      1
Early American civilization and
exploration-1607                             1
Early Irish myths and sagas                  1
Eating disorders                             1
Echolocation in bats and dolphins            1
Education : opposing viewpoints              1
Emotion and Stress                           1
Encounters in the New World : a history
in documents                                 1
Encyclopedia of classical philosophy         1
Encyclopedia of ethics                       1
Encyclopedia of Native American wars
and warfare                                  1
Encyclopedia of world geography              1
Endangered oceans : opposing
viewpoints                                   1
Endangered species                           1
English folktales                            1
Environmental issues : essential primary
sources                                      1
Epidemics                                    1
Epidemics : opposing viewpoints              1
Erie Canal                                   1
Espionage and intelligence gathering         1
Euthanasia                                   1
Everyday life through the ages               1
Evolution                                    1
Explorers and exploration.                   1
Extraterrestrial life                        1
Faith healing                                1
Famous first facts : a record of first
happenings, discoveries, and inventions
in world history                             1
Fast food                                    1
Favorite African folktales                   1
Favorite folktales from around the world     1
First aid manual                             1
First-time quiltmaking : learning to quilt
in six easy lessons                          1
Flags                                        1
Fodor's 07 Germany                           1
Fodor's 07 Mexico                            1
Fodor's 07 Spain                             1
Fodor's Central America                      1
Fodor's Europe                               1
Fodor's Japan                                1
Fodor's Portugal                             1
Fodor's South America                        1
Folktales from India : a selection of oral
tales from twenty-two languages              1
Food safety                                  1
Food-borne illnesses                         1
Frederick Douglass                           1
Freedom from cruel and unusual
punishment                                   1
Freedom of religion                          1
Freedom of speech                            1
Freedom of the press                         1
From neuron to brain                         1
Gambling                                     1
Gambling : opposing viewpoints               1
Gambling : who wins? who loses?              1
Gangs                                        1
Gangs : opposing viewpoints                  1
Gay and lesbian families                     1
Gay and lesbian rights in the United
States : a documentary history               1
Gay marriage                                 1
Genetic engineering                          1
Genetic engineering : opposing
viewpoints                                   1
George Washington                            1
Germs                                        1
Gilded Age and Progressive Era               1
Global warming                               1
Gods, goddesses, and mythology               1
Golf rules illustrated                       1
Good poems for hard times                    1
Gravitational, electric, and magnetic
forces : an anthology of current thought     1
Great monologues for young actors,
volume 3                                     1
Great playwrights                            1
Great Russian short stories                  1
Great scenes for young actors, volume 3      1
Great thinkers of the Western world :
the major ideas and classic works of
more than 100 outstanding Western
philosophers, physical and social
scientists, psychologists, religious
writers, and theologians                     1
Guide to mountains                           1
Gun control                                  1
Guns and violence                            1
Halloween howls : spooky sounds,
stories, & songs                             1
Hallucinogens                                1

Hammond historical world atlas : a
collection of maps illustrating the most
significant periods and events in history
from the dawn of civilization to the
present day.                                 1
Handbook to life in ancient India and
other South Asian civilizations /
(Handbook to Life series)                    1
Handbook to Life in Medieval Christian
World / (Handbook to Life series)            1
Handbook to Life in the Medieval Muslim
World / (Handbook to Life series)            1
Handbook to life in the Persian Empire       1
HarperCollins student world atlas            1
Hate groups : opposing viewpoints            1
Haunted houses                               1
Healthy meals for hurried lives              1
Hinduism                                     1
History of Africa                            1
History of Central Africa                    1
History of East Africa                       1
History of Southern Africa                   1
History of West Africa                       1
Hitler and his henchmen                      1
Holy Bible the Old and New Testaments :
King James Version.                          1
Homeland security                            1
Homosexuality : opposing viewpoints          1
How can school violence be prevented?        1
How should the United States treat
prisoners in the war on terror?              1
How should the United States withdraw
from Iraq?                                   1
How should the world respond to natural
disasters?                                   1
How to be a perfect stranger : the
essential religious etiquette handbook       1
Hunting al Qaeda : a take-no prisoners
account of terror, adventure, and
disillusionment                              1
Hydrogen                                     1
I just hope it's lethal : poems of
sadness, madness, and joy                    1
Ice : stories of survival from polar
exploration                                  1
Ignition --what you can do to fight global
warming and spark a movement                 1
Illustrated world atlas                      1
Immortal poems of the English language
: an anthology                               1
In our own words : extraordinary
speeches of the American century             1
Indonesian folktales                         1
Inside Forensic Science, 6 Volumes           1

International perspectives on education /
(Reference Shelf, 2007)                      1
Internet piracy                              1
Interpretation of the meaning of The
Glorious Qur'an : a simplified translation
of the meaning of the Qur'an for young
people                                       1
Invisible giants fifty Americans who
shaped the nation but missed the history
books                                        1
Iran                                         1
Is gun ownership a right?                    1
Is Islam a religion of war or peace?         1
Is it unpatriotic to criticize one's
country?                                     1
Is media violence a problem?                 1
Is North Korea a global threat?              1
Is racism a serious problem?                 1
Is the death penalty fair?                   1
Is the political divide harming America?     1
Is there life after death?                   1
Islam                                        1
Islam : opposing viewpoints                  1
Islam in America                             1
Islamic fundamentalism                       1
Issues in adoption                           1
It happened to Nancy                         1
Jack London (Graphic Classics --Volume
5) Second Edition                            1
Jazz poems                                   1
Jeff Gordon : the NASCAR superstar's
story                                        1
John F. Kennedy                              1
John Paul II : a Pope for the people         1
Judaism                                      1
Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-five          1
Lake monsters                                1
Leadership skills.                           1
Learning disabilities                        1
Life after death                             1
Light and color                              1
Living in colonial America                   1
Living in Elizabethan England                1
Living in Nazi Germany                       1
Living in the Ancient World, 6 Volumes       1
Living through the Cuban Missile Crisis      1
Living through the end of the Cold War       1
Living through the Vietnam War               1
Living through Watergate                     1
Lyndon B. Johnson                            1
Major world dramas.                          1
Male/female roles : opposing viewpoints      1
Mammal                                       1
Mao Zedong                                   1
Marijuana                                    1
Marijuana : opposing viewpoints              1
Martial and fighting arts.                   1
Mary Higgins Clark presents the plot
thickens.                                    1
Mass media                                   1
Masterpieces of world philosophy             1
McCarthyism : the great American red
scare : a documentary history                1
Media bias                                   1
Media violence : opposing viewpoints         1
Medical ethics                               1
Medical marijuana                            1
Mexico                                       1
Mikhail Gorbachev                            1
Military draft                               1
Mirth of a nation : the best
contemporary humor                           1
Modern American drama                        1
Modern American poetry                       1
Monologues in dialect for young actors       1
More mirth of a nation : the best
contemporary humor                           1
More one-act plays for acting students :
an anthology of short one-act plays for
one to three actors                          1
More outstanding books for the college
bound                                        1
Motion : American sports poems               1
Muslims in America                           1
My fellow Americans : the most
important speeches of America's
presidents, from George Washington to
George W. Bush                               1
National Audubon Society guide to
marine mammals of the world                  1
National Geographic almanac of
geography.                                   1
National security : opposing viewpoints      1
Native American mathematics                  1
Native American perspectives.                1
Natural disasters                            1
Nature's extremes : inside the great
natural disasters that shape life on earth   1
New audition scenes and monologs from
contemporary playwrights : the best new
cuttings from around the world               1
New media                                    1
New Techniques for Examining the Brain
(Gray Matter)                                1
Night is gone, day is still coming :
stories and poems by American Indian
teens and young adults                       1
North American wildlife. Birds.              1
North American wildlife. Mammals,
reptiles, and amphibians.                    1
North American wildlife. Trees and
nonflowering plants.                         1
North American wildlife. Wildflowers.        1
North Korea                                  1
Not like I'm jealous or anything : the
jealousy book                                1
Nuclear and toxic waste                      1
Odd girl speaks out : girls write about
bullies, cliques, popularity, and jealousy   1
Oil                                          1
Opposing viewpoints in American history.
Volume 1,From Colonial times to
Reconstruction                               1
Opposing viewpoints in American history.
Volume 2,From Reconstruction to the
present                                      1
Organization skills.                         1
Our bodies, ourselves : a new edition for
a new era                                    1
Our singing country : folk songs and
ballads                                      1
Paranormal phenomena : opposing
viewpoints                                   1
Pearl Harbor                                 1
Peoples and cultures of Africa               1
Poetry for dummies                           1
Poets of World War I : Rupert Brooke &
Siegfried Sassoon                            1
Popular culture : opposing viewpoints        1
Possessions and exorcisms                    1
Poverty                                      1
Poverty and the homeless                     1
Prisons / (Introducing Issues with
Opposing Viewpoints)                         1
Problem solving.                             1
Professional ethics and etiquette.           1
Prosperity, depression, and war, 1920-
1945                                         1
Protecting America's borders                 1
Psychics                                     1
Psychologists and their theories for
students                                     1
Reader's Digest North American wildlife      1
Reading Stephen King : issues of
censorship, student choice, and popular
literature                                   1
Reality TV                                   1
Reconstruction                               1
Reflections on a gift of watermelon pickle
... and other modern verse                   1
Religion and education                       1
Religion and the death penalty : a call
for reckoning                                1
Religion in America : opposing
viewpoints                                   1
Religious traditions of the world : a
journey through Africa, Mesoamerica,
North America, Judaism, Christianity,
Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, China, and
Japan                                           1
Representative American speeches,
1937-1997                                       1
Representative American speeches,
2002-2003                                       1
Reproductive technology                         1
Revenge and forgiveness : an anthology
of poems                                        1
Richard M. Nixon                                1
Riding low on the streets of gold               1
Rising above the Gathering Storm                1
Road atlas : United States, Canada,
Mexico                                          1
Rulers of ancient Egypt                         1
Savings and investment information for
teens : tips for a successful financial life,
including facts about making money
grow, with information about the
economy, bank accounts, stocks, bonds,
mutual funds, online investing, and more        1
School violence                                 1
School violence : opposing viewpoints           1
Sensation and Perception (Gray Matter)          1
Sex education                                   1
Sexually transmitted diseases                   1
Shooting the rat : stories and poems by
outstanding high school writers                 1
Should abortion rights be restricted?           1
Should juveniles be tried as adults?            1
Six centuries of great poetry                   1
Six great modern plays : Chekhov,
Ibsen, Shaw, O'Casey, Williams, Miller.         1
Skin health information for teens :
health tips about dermatological
concerns and skin cancer risks                  1
Slave narratives                                1
Slavery                                         1
Slavery today                                   1
Snowmobile handbook                             1
Sound and electromagnetic waves : an
anthology of current thought                    1
Space missions : from Sputnik to
SpaceShipOne : the history of space
flight                                          1
Spirit of America : patriotic monologues
and speeches for middle and high school
students                                        1
Sports injuries information for teens           1
Sports injuries.                                1
Still life                                      1

Strong at the heart : how it feels to heal
from sexual abuse                             1
Students' rights                              1
Suicide                                       1
Suicide information for teens : health
tips about suicide causes and prevention
including facts about depression, risk
factors, getting help, survivor support,
and more                                      1
Superman in the eighties                      1
Survive! : 150 tips, tactics, & true tales.   1
Sweet nothings : an anthology of rock
and roll in American poetry                   1
Sylvia Plath (Bloom's Modern Critical
Views), Updated Edition                       1
Take this advice : the most nakedly
honest graduation speeches ever given         1
Tales before Tolkien : the roots of
modern fantasy                                1
Teaching and learning strategies for the
thinking classroom                            1
Teen ink : friends and family                 1
Teen ink : love and relationships             1
Teen ink : our voices, our visions            1
Teen Ink : what matters                       1
Teen ink : written in the dirt : fiction      1
Teen ink 2 : more voices, more visions        1
Teen pregnancy                                1
Teen suicide                                  1
Teenage pregnancy : opposing
viewpoints                                    1
Teenage pregnancy and parenting               1
Teenage refugees from Bosnia-
Herzegovina speak out                         1
Teenage refugees from Ethiopia speak
out                                           1
Teenage refugees from Iran speak out          1
Teenage refugees from Mexico speak out        1
Teenage refugees from Rwanda speak
out                                           1
Teen's guide to living with learning
disabilities (Teens living with health
issues)                                       1
Television, film, and digital media
programs : 556 outstanding programs at
top colleges and universities across the
nation                                        1
Ten Greek plays in contemporary
translations                                  1
Terminal illness : opposing viewpoints        1
Terrorism                                     1
Terrorist leaders                             1
The 100 best poems of all time                1
The 2006 ESPN baseball encyclopedia           1
The American Civil War                        1
The American revolutionaries : a history
in their own words, 1750-1800               1
The ancient world : prehistory to the
Roman Empire                                1
The anniversary book, 1954-2004             1
The Arab-Israeli conflict                   1
The art of Howl's moving castle             1
The arts of fire : Islamic influences on
glass and ceramics of the Italian
Renaissance                                 1
The assassination of John F. Kennedy        1
The attack on Pearl Harbor                  1
The Battle of Gettysburg                    1
The Bay of Pigs                             1
The Beatles                                 1
The Berlin Wall                             1
The best 10-minute plays for three or
more actors, 2004                           1
The best 10-minute plays for two actors,
2004                                        1
The best American science and nature
writing 2004                                1
The best ghost stories ever                 1
The best men's stage monologues of
2004                                        1
The best men's stage monologues of
2005                                        1
The best women's stage monologues of
2004                                        1
The best women's stage monologues of
2005                                        1
The Bhagavad-Gita : Krishna's counsel in
time of war                                 1
The Bible                                   1
The big book of horses                      1
The Black Death                             1
The blues line : blues lyrics from
Leadbelly to Muddy Waters                   1
The book of songs.                          1
The book of wizards : stories of
enchantment from near and far               1
The Cambridge companion to medieval
philosophy                                  1
The Cambridge illustrated history of
warfare : the triumph of the West           1
The Canadian identity                       1
The Catholic Church                         1
The characteristics and the life cycle of
stars : an anthology of current thought     1
The Civil Rights Act of 1964                1
The classic slave narratives                1
The complete book of sewing.                1
The complete book of soccer                 1
The complete idiot's guide to
motorcycles                                 1
The Constitution and the Bill of Rights      1
The Constitution of the United States of
America : with Benjamin Franklin's
address to the delegates upon the
signing of the Constitution                  1
The creation of Israel                       1
The death penalty                            1
The Emancipation Proclamation                1
The Encyclopedia of ancient civilizations
of the Near East and Mediterranean           1
The encyclopedia of U.S. presidential
elections                                    1
The encyclopedia of wood : a tree-by-
tree guide to the world's most versatile
resource                                     1
The Enlightenment                            1
The environment                              1
The epic of Gilgamesh : a new
translation, analogues, criticism            1
The ethics of abortion                       1
The ethics of capital punishment             1
The ethics of euthanasia                     1
The ethics of genetic engineering            1
The ethics of human cloning                  1
The Facts on File encyclopedia of health
and medicine.                                1
The football book                            1
The free speech movement                     1
The future of the Web.                       1
The Gale encyclopedia of alternative
medicine                                     1
The gay rights movement                      1
The great American pop culture quiz
book                                         1
The great book of guns : an illustrated
history of military, sporting, and antique
firearms                                     1
The Great Depression and the New Deal
/ (Primary Sourcebook series)                1
The great depression.                        1
The great Life photographers                 1
The greatest hockey stories ever told :
the finest writers on ice                    1
The greatest survival stories ever told      1
The Green Man : tales from the mythic
forest                                       1
The HarperCollins Bible dictionary           1
The high school athlete's guide to college
sports : how to market yourself to the
school of your dreams                        1
The Holocaust : death camps                  1
The Holy Bible. Revised Standard.            1
The homeless : opposing viewpoints           1
The illustrated history of Canada            1
The insiders guide to high school.           1
The Italian Renaissance                     1
The Jamestown adventure : accounts of
the Virginia colony, 1605-1614              1
The Korean War                              1
The mammoth book of eyewitness
America : the history of the world's most
powerful nation                             1
The Middle Ages                             1
The Middle East : opposing viewpoints       1
The Oklahoma City bombing                   1
The Oxford companion to the Supreme
Court of the United States                  1
The Oxford treasury of classic poems        1
The pain tree, and other teenage angst-
ridden poetry                               1
The Patriot Act : opposing viewpoints       1
The poetry of Sylvia Plath                  1
The Postal Service guide to U.S. stamps     1
The presidency                              1
The Renaissance                             1
The rise and fall of the Soviet Union       1
The rise and fall of the Taliban            1
The rise of Islamic fundamentalism          1
The roaring twenties                        1
The Rolling stone encyclopedia of rock &
roll                                        1
The Rwanda genocide                         1
The Salem witch trials                      1
The scientific revolution                   1
The seventy great mysteries of the
ancient world : unlocking the secrets of
past civilizations                          1
The Simpsons and philosophy : the d'oh!
of Homer                                    1
The sports rules book                       1
The Teen Brain (Gray Matter)                1
The timetables of American history          1
The truth about abuse                       1
The truth about rape                        1
The truth about sexual behavior and
unplanned pregnancy                         1
The truth about violence                    1
The UFO invasion : the Roswell incident,
alien abductions, and government
coverups                                    1
The Vietnam War                             1
The Waco standoff                           1
The war on drugs : opposing viewpoints      1
The war on terrorism : opposing
viewpoints                                  1
The wireless society                        1
The World almanac world atlas, 2007 :
World almanac facts join maps for
deeper understanding.                       1

The world in ancient times. Primary
sources and reference volume                1
Theodore Roosevelt                          1
Think: a compelling introduction to
philosophy                                  1
Tobacco and smoking                         1
Totally guitar : the definitive guide       1
Traditional Chinese folktales               1
Transforming a rape culture                 1
Treacherous love : the diary of an
anonymous teenager                          1
Tsunamis                                    1
UFOs                                        1
Ultra 3-D : fine art print book.            1
Unembedded : four independent
photojournalists on the war in Iraq         1
Universe                                    1
Vaccines                                    1
Vampires                                    1
Vanishing life : the mystery of mass
extinctions                                 1
Vice presidents : a biographical
dictionary                                  1
Victorian England                           1
Vietnam war crimes                          1
Vikings : the North Atlantic saga           1
Violent children                            1
Voices from the Trail of Tears              1
Volcanoes                                   1
War : opposing viewpoints                   1
Water effects.                              1
Water pollution                             1
Watercolor : materials, techniques, color
and composition, style, subject             1
Watergate                                   1
Weapons of mass destruction : opposing
viewpoints                                  1
Webster's New World Robert's rules of
order : simplified and applied              1
What energy sources should be pursued?      1
What motivates suicide bombers?             1
Where we are, what we see : the best
young artists and writers in America : a
PUSH anthology                              1
Wilderness basics : hiking, backpacking,
mountain biking                             1
Wolves : behavior, ecology, and
conservation                                1
Word histories and mysteries : from
abracadabra to Zeus                         1
Working with wood                           1
World leaders : people who shaped the
world                                       1
World philosophers and their works          1
World religions.                            1
World War I                     1
World War II                    1
World War II. Primary sources   1

Author/Artist                    Title                                     Quantity
Adams, Amy, 1969-                The muscular system                              1
                                 Media and American courts : a
Alexander, S. L.                 reference handbook                              1
Altschiller, Donald.             Hate crimes : a reference handbook              1
                                 The American Heritage dictionary of
Ammer, Christine.                idioms                                          1
Ammer, Christine.                The Facts on File dictionary of cliches         1
Angelo, Joseph A.                Encyclopedia of space and astronomy             1
                                 The Facts on File dictionary of space
Angelo, Joseph A.                technology                                      1
                                 And I quote : the definitive collection
                                 of quotes, sayings, and jokes for the
Applewhite, Ashton.              contemporary speechmaker                        1
                                 The Oxford dictionary of modern
Ayto, John.                      slang                                           1
                                 The USA Patriot Act of 2001 :
                                 balancing civil liberties and national
Ball, Howard, 1937-              security : a reference handbook                 1
Bell, Daniel, 1965-              Encyclopedia of international games             1
                                 World monetary units : an historical
Berlin, Howard M.                dictionary, country by country                  1
                                 South and Meso-American mythology
Bingham, Ann.                    A to Z                                          1
                                 A history of fashion and costume.
Bingham, Jane.                   Volume 1,The ancient world                      1
                                 Webster's New World letter writing
Bly, Robert W.                   handbook                                        1
                                 The Oxford companion to American
Bordman, Gerald Martin.          theatre                                         1
                                 Russia : a reference guide from the
Borrero, Mauricio.               Renaissance to the present                      1
Brewer, Ebenezer Cobham, 1810-
1897.                            Brewer's dictionary of phrase & fable.          1
                                 Native American placenames of the
Bright, William, 1928-           United States                                   1
                                 The history of science and technology
                                 : a browser's guide to the great
                                 discoveries, inventions, and the
                                 people who made them, from the
Bunch, Bryan H.                  dawn of time to today                           1
                                 The novel 100 : a ranking of the
Burt, Daniel S.                  greatest novels of all time                     1
Bussagli, Marco, 1957-           Understanding architecture                      1
Butler, Rebecca P.               Copyright for teachers and librarians           1
                                 Encyclopedia of rap and hip hop
Bynoe, Yvonne.                   culture                                         1
                                 A history of fashion and costume.
Chrisp, Peter.                   Volume 6,The Victorian Age                      1
                                 Verbivore's feast : second course :
Chrysti, the Wordsmith.          more word & phrase origins                      1
Coile, D. Caroline.              Encyclopedia of dog breeds                      1
Colman, Andrew M.                A dictionary of psychology                      1

                              The Firefly Spanish/English visual
Corbeil, Jean Claude.         dictionary                                1
                              The great American history fact-
                              finder : the who, what, where, when,
Cornelison, Pam.              and why of American history               1
                              Garden insects of North America :
Cranshaw, Whitney.            the ultimate guide to backyard bugs       1
                              The Cambridge encyclopedia of the
Crystal, David, 1941-         English language                          1
                              Propaganda and mass persuasion : a
                              historical encyclopedia, 1500 to the
Cull, Nicholas John.          present                                   1
Daly, Kathleen N.             Greek and Roman mythology A to Z          1
Daly, Kathleen N.             Norse mythology A to Z                    1
                              The complete book of spaceflight
Darling, David J.             from Apollo 1 to zero gravity             1
                              The universal book of astronomy :
                              from the Andromeda Galaxy to the
Darling, David J.             zone of avoidance                         1
                              The universal book of mathematics
                              from abracadabra to Zeno's
Darling, David J.             paradoxes                                 1
                              The concise Oxford dictionary of
Darvill, Timothy.             archaeology                               1
Davies, Norman, 1939-         Europe : a history                        1
                              Handbook to life in medieval and
Deal, William E.              early modern Japan                        1
                              Encyclopedia of Phobias, Fears, and
Doctor, Ronald M.             Anxieties                                 1
                              Sport in American culture : from Ali
Duncan, Joyce, 1946-          to X-games                                1
Dunlop, Storm.                Collins atlas of the night sky            1
                              A history of fashion and costume.
Elgin, Kathy, 1948-           Volume 3,Elizabethan England              1
                              The big book of beastly
                              mispronunciations : the complete
                              opinionated guide for the careful
Elster, Charles Harrington.   speaker                                   1
English, Edward D.            Encyclopedia of the medieval world        1
                              Kings of the ring : the history of
Evans, Gavin, 1960-           heavyweight boxing                        1
Evans, Glen.                  The encyclopedia of suicide               1
                              Ancient Mexico and Central America
Evans, Susan                  Archaelogy and Culture History            1
                              The concise dictionary of world place-
Everett-Heath, John.          names                                     1
                              Landmark decisions of the United
Finkelman, Paul, 1949-        States Supreme Court                      1
                              National Geographic historical atlas of
Fisher, Ron.                  the United States                         1
Fredriksen, John C.           Revolutionary War almanac                 1
                              Empires at war : a chronological
Gabriel, Richard A.           encyclopedia                              1
Galens, Judy, 1968-           U-X-L newsmakers                          1

                              Encyclopedia of the American
Genovese, Michael A.          presidency                                 1
                              MLA style manual and guide to
Gibaldi, Joseph, 1942-        scholarly publishing                       1
                              Hoyle's modern encyclopedia of card
                              games; rules of all the basic games
Gibson, Walter Brown, 1897-   and popular variations,                    1
                              World poverty : a reference
Gilbert, Geoffrey, 1948-      handbook                                   1
                              Faux pas? : a no-nonsense guide to
                              words and phrases from other
Gooden, Philip.               languages                                  1
Gorini, Catherine A.          The Facts on File geometry handbook        1
                              Comic book encyclopedia : the
                              ultimate guide to characters, graphic
                              novels, writers, and artists in the
Goulart, Ron, 1933-           comic book universe                        1
Greene, John Robert, 1955-    The George H.W. Bush years                 1
Greer, John Michael.          The new encyclopedia of the occult         1
Gregory, Ross.                Cold War America, 1946 to 1990             1
Grzimek, Bernhard.            Grzimek's animal life encyclopedia.        1
Guiley, Rosemary.             The encyclopedia of angels                 1
                              The encyclopedia of addictions and
Gwinnell, Esther.             addictive behaviors                        1
                              Illustrated dictionary of automobile
Haajanen, Lennart W., 1932-   body styles                                1
Halliwell, Leslie.            Halliwell's who's who in the movies        1
                              The first ladies fact book : the stories
                              of the women of the White House,
                              from Martha Washington to Laura
Harris, Bill, 1933-           Bush                                       1
                              The encyclopedia of drawing
Harrison, Hazel.              techniques                                 1
                              Artist's materials : all the materials
Harrison, Lorraine, 1957-     you will ever need to make art             1
                              Encyclopedia of American foreign
Hastedt, Glenn P., 1950-      policy                                     1
Haugen, David M., 1969-       Legalized gambling                         1
                              The Greenhaven encyclopedia of the
Hay, Jeff.                    Vietnam War                                1
                              First freedoms : a documentary
                              history of First Amendment Rights in
Haynes, Charles C.            America                                    1
                              The Penguin historical atlas of
Haywood, John, 1956-          ancient civilizations                      1
                              Dictionary of American young adult
                              fiction, 1997-2001 : books of
Helbig, Alethea.              recognized merit                           1
Henderson, Harry,     1951-   Capital punishment                         1
Henderson, Harry,     1951-   Gun control                                1
Henderson, Harry,     1951-   Power of the news media                    1
Henderson, Harry,     1951-   Terrorist challenge to America             1
                              The Facts on File encyclopedia of
Hendrickson, Robert, 1933-    word and phrase origins                    1

                                        Genreflecting : a guide to popular
Herald, Diana Tixier.                   reading interests                        1
                                        The Cooper Hill stylebook : a guide to
Heyworth, Gregory.                      writing and revision                     1
                                        A history of fashion and costume.
Hibbert, Clare, 1970-                   Volume 8,The twentieth century           1
                                        The encyclopedia of North American
Hickok, Ralph                           sports history                           1
                                        Encyclopedia of ancient Asian
Higham, Charles.                        civilizations                            1
Hill, Jeff, 1962-                       The Holocaust                            1
                                        Encyclopedia of federal agencies and
Hill, Kathleen, 1941-                   commissions                              1
                                        War in the Persian Gulf. Almanac
                                        :from Operation Desert Storm to
Hillstrom, Laurie Collier, 1965-        Operation Iraqi Freedom                  1
                                        How not to say what you mean : a
Holder, R. W.                           dictionary of euphemisms                 1
                                        The real McCoy : the true stories
Hole, Georgia                           behind our everyday phrases              1
Holland, W. J. (William Jacob), 1848-   Field guide to butterflies : based on
1932.                                   the Butterfly guide                      1
Hollen, Kathryn H.                      The reproductive system                  1
Johansen, Bruce E. (Bruce Elliott),     The native peoples of North America
1950-                                   : a history                              1
                                        Plant names explained ; botanical
Johnson, Arthur Tysilio, 1873-1956.     terms and their meaning                  1
Jones, Daniel, 1881-1967.               English pronouncing dictionary           1
Jordan, Michael, 1941-                  Dictionary of gods and goddesses         1
                                        Invasion of privacy : a reference
Keenan, Kevin M.                        handbook                                 1
                                        The concise Oxford dictionary of
Kennedy, Michael, 1926-                 music.                                   1
                                        The Longman dictionary of literary
                                        terms : vocabulary for the informed
Kennedy, X. J.                          reader                                   1
Knott, Stephen F.                       The Reagan years                         1
                                        Every writer's guide to copyright and
Kozak, Ellen M.                         publishing law                           1
                                        Scientific laws, principles, and
Krebs, Robert E., 1922-                 theories : a reference guide             1
Kushner, Harvey W.                      Encyclopedia of terrorism                1
                                        The new how things work : everyday
Langone, John, 1929-                    technology explained                     1
Lawler, Jennifer, 1965-                 Encyclopedia of the Byzantine Empire     1
                                        Science in the ancient world : an
Lawson, Russell M., 1957-               encyclopedia                             1
Lewis, James R.                         Cults : a reference handbook             1
                                        Word origins : and how we know
Liberman, Anatoly.                      them : etymology for everyone            1
Liponski, Wojciech.                     World sports encyclopedia                1
                                        The Thames & Hudson dictionary of
Lucie-Smith, Edward.                    art terms                                1
                                        A dash of style : the art and mastery
Lukeman, Noah.                          of punctuation                           1
Lynch, Patricia Ann.          African mythology A to Z                 1
Lynch, Patricia Ann.          Native American mythology A to Z         1
Maddex, Robert L., 1942-      The U.S. Constitution A to Z             1
Mann, Thomas, 1948-           The Oxford guide to library research     1
Maor, Eli.                    The Facts on File calculus handbook      1
Martz, Catharyn.              Dictionary of investment terms           1
Matson, Gienna.               Celtic mythology A to Z                  1
                              Uniform numbers of the NFL : all-
Maxymuk, John.                time rosters, facts, and figures         1
McCutcheon, Marc.             Descriptionary                           1
McCutcheon, Marc.             Roget's super thesaurus                  1
                              The Facts on File marine science
McCutcheon, Scott.            handbook                                 1
McDowell, Julie.              The lymphatic system                     1
                              The nervous system and sense
McDowell, Julie.              organs                                   1
McElroy, Tucker.              A to Z of mathematicians                 1
                              The Facts on File encyclopedia of
Mercatante, Anthony S.        world mythology and legend               1
                              Encyclopedia of Indian wars :
                              western battles and skirmishes,
Michno, Gregory, 1948-        1850-1890                                1
Mongillo, John F.             Teen guides to environmental science     1
                              Prime-time television : a concise
Moore, Barbara, 1956-         history                                  1
                              Encyclopedia of sexually transmitted
Moore, Elaine A., 1948-       diseases                                 1
Moore, John Leo, 1927-        Elections A to Z                         1
Morris, Jonathan, PhD.        The ethics of biotechnology              1
Moss, Joyce, 1951-            African literature and its times         1
                              British and Irish literature and its
                              times : Celtic migrations to the
Moss, Joyce, 1951-            Reform Bill (beginnings-1830s)           1
                              British and Irish literature and its
                              times : the Victorian era to the
Moss, Joyce, 1951-            present (1837-)                          1
                              Classical literature and its times :
                              profiles of notable literary works and
Moss, Joyce, 1951-            historical events that influenced them   1
Moss, Joyce, 1951-            Italian literature and its times         1
                              Latin American literature and its
                              times : profiles of notable literary
                              works and the historical events that
Moss, Joyce, 1951-            influenced them                          1
Myers, Jack Elliott, 1941-    Dictionary of poetic terms               1
                              UXL encyclopedia of landforms and
Nagel, Rob.                   other geologic features                  1
Nash, Jay                     Bloodletters and Bad Men                 1
                              The great pictorial history of world
Nash, Jay Robert.             crime                                    1
                              The encyclopedia of complementary
Navarra, Tova.                and alternative medicine                 1
Neft, David S.                The sports encyclopedia : baseball       1
Nelson, Lyle Emerson, 1924-   American presidents : year by year       1

                                     Experiment central : understanding
Nelson, M. Rae.                      scientific principles through projects    1
                                     Safe food : bacteria, biotechnology,
Nestle, Marion.                      and bioterrorism                          1
Netter, Frank H. (Frank Henry),
1906-1991.                           Netter's atlas of the human body          1
                                     The Greenhaven encyclopedia of the
Netzley, Patricia D.                 Civil War                                 1
                                     Encyclopedia of cryptozoology : a
                                     global guide to hidden animals and
Newton, Michael, 1951-               their pursuers                            1
                                     The encyclopedia of high-tech crime
Newton, Michael, 1951-               and crime-fighting                        1
Oakes, Elizabeth H., 1964-           American writers                          1
                                     Encyclopedia of the global economy :
O'Connor, David E. (David Edward)    a guide for students and researchers      1
Outman, James L., 1946-              Industrial Revolution. Almanac            1
Outman, James L., 1946-              Industrial Revolution. Biographies        1
                                     Industrial Revolution. Primary
Outman, James L., 1946-              sources                                   1
                                     A dictionary of contemporary world
                                     history : from 1900 to the present
Palmowski, Jan.                      day                                       1
Pampel, Fred C.                      Racial profiling                          1
Pampel, Fred C.                      Racial profiling                          1
Pampel, Fred C.                      Tobacco industry and smoking              1
                                     Panati's extraordinary origins of
Panati, Charles, 1943-               everyday things                           1
Patterson, Michael.                  The Oxford dictionary of plays            1
Petechuk, David.                     The respiratory system                    1
                                     The Cambridge guide to English
Peters, Pam.                         usage                                     1
                                     Encyclopedia of historical treaties and
Phillips, Charles, 1948-             alliances                                 1
Phillips, Charles, 1948-             Encyclopedia of wars                      1
Pitzl, Jerry.                        Encyclopedia of human geography           1
Post, Peggy, 1945-                   Emily Post's Etiquette                    1
                                     Ologies and isms : a dictionary of
Quinion, Michael.                    word beginnings and endings               1
Remler, Pat.                         Egyptian mythology A to Z                 1
Rezende, Lisa.                       Chronology of science                     1
Richter, William L. (William Lee),   Historical dictionary of the Civil War
1942-                                and Reconstruction                        1
Ritchie, Donald A., 1945-            Our Constitution                          1
Rittner, Don.                        Encyclopedia of chemistry                 1
Roberts, Jeremy, 1956-               Chinese mythology A to Z                  1
Roberts, Jeremy, 1956-               Japanese mythology A to Z                 1
                                     France : a reference guide from the
Roberts, William J.                  Renaissance to the present                1
Rohsenow, John Snowden.              ABC dictionary of Chinese proverbs        1
                                     Dictionary of pseudonyms : 11,000
Room, Adrian.                        assumed names and their origins           1
                                     A history of fashion and costume.
Rooney, Anne.                        Volume 5,The eighteenth century           1

                                   Encyclopedia of the ancient Greek
Sacks, David.                      world                                    1
Sands, David.                      Cats : 500 questions answered            1
                                   Italy : a reference guide from the
Sarti, Roland, 1937-               Renaissance to the present               1
                                   Shakespeare's quotations : a Players
Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616.   Press guide                              1
Shmaefsky, Brian.                  Biotechnology 101                        1
                                   The encyclopedia of the Supreme
Shultz, David.                     Court                                    1
                                   Violence in the media : a reference
Signorielli, Nancy.                handbook                                 1
                                   Copyright for schools : a practical
Simpson, Carol, 1949-              guide                                    1
                                   The fact checker's bible : a guide to
Smith, Sarah Harrison.             getting it right                         1
                                   World epidemics : a cultural
                                   chronology of disease from prehistory
Snodgrass, Mary Ellen.             to the era of SARS                       1
                                   American slang dictionary : the
                                   ultimate reference to nonstandard
                                   usage, colloquialisms, popular jargon,
Spears, Richard A.                 and vulgarisms                           1
                                   Common American phrases in
                                   everyday contexts : a detailed guide
                                   to real-life conversation and small
Spears, Richard A.                 talk                                     1
                                   McGraw-Hill's dictionary of American
Spears, Richard A.                 slang and colloquial expressions         1
                                   The color scheme bible : inspirational
Starmer, Anna.                     palettes for designing home interiors    1
                                   A history of fashion and costume.
Steele, Philip, 1948-              Volume 2,The medieval world              1
                                   A history of fashion and costume.
Steele, Philip, 1948-              Volume 7,The nineteenth century          1
                                   Wisdom from Africa : a collection of
Stewart, Dianne.                   proverbs                                 1
Tanton, James Stuart, 1966-        Encyclopedia of mathematics              1
Taruskin, Richard.                 The Oxford history of western music      1
                                   The Times aviators : a history in
Taylor, Michael J.H.               photographs                              1
Teeple, John B., 1928-             Timelines of world history               1
Thompson, Sue Ellen, 1948-         Holiday symbols and customs              1
                                   The Facts On File companion to
Thorburn, John E.                  classical drama                          1
Todd, Deborah.                     The Facts on File algebra handbook       1
                                   Great Britain : a reference guide from
Tompson, Richard S.                the Renaissance to the present           1
                                   Survey of historic costume : a history
Tortora, Phyllis G.                of Western dress                         1
                                   Encyclopedia of Cold War espionage,
Trahair, R. C. S.                  spies, and secret operations             1
                                   The encyclopedia of infectious
Turkington, Carol.                 diseases                                 1
Upton, Clive, 1946-                Oxford rhyming dictionary                1
Upton, Graham J. G.            A dictionary of statistics                 1
Waldman, Carl.                 Encyclopedia of exploration                1
                               Civil liberties in America : a reference
Walker, Samuel, 1942-          handbook                                   1
                               The new book of lists : the original
Wallechinsky, David.           compendium of curious information          1
Warshaw, Shirley Anne, 1950-   The Clinton years                          1
Watson, Stephanie, 1969-       The endocrine system                       1
Watstein, Sarah.               The encyclopedia of HIV and AIDS           1
                               A history of fashion and costume.
Weber, Paige.                  Volume 4,Early America                     1
                               What did you say? What do you
                               mean? : an illustrated guide to
Welton, Jude.                  understanding metaphors                    1
                               The Thames & Hudson dictionary of
Wilkinson, Toby.               ancient Egypt                              1
                               The religion book : places, prophets,
Willis, Jim, 1946-             saints, and seers                          1
Wilson, Alastair.              Latin and English dictionary               1
Wilson, Ellen Judy.            Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment          1
                               Afghanistan to Zimbabwe : country
                               facts that helped me win the National
Wojtanik, Andrew.              Geographic Bee                             1
Woodham, Jonathan M.           A dictionary of modern design              1
Yount, Lisa.                   Animal rights                              1
Yount, Lisa.                   Energy supply                              1
Zimmerman, Doris P., 1931-     Robert's Rules in plain English            1
                               21st century dictionary of slang           1
                               A dictionary of sociology                  1
                               A dictionary of zoology                    1
                               A measure of everything : an
                               illustrated guide to the science of
                               measurement                                1
                               Affirmative action : an encyclopedia       1
                               Africa : an encyclopedia for students      1
                               African American history                   1
                               African American lives                     1
                               Allergy information for teens : health
                               tips about allergic reactions such as
                               anaphylaxis, respiratory problems,
                               and rashes, including facts about
                               identifying and managing allergies to
                               food, pollen, mold, animals,
                               chemicals, drugs, and other
                               substances                                 1
                               almanac of american politics 2006          1
                               American College of Physicians
                               complete home medical guide                1
                               American decades primary sources           1
                               American Indian biographies                1
                               American Medical Association
                               complete medical encyclopedia              1
                               American political leaders, 1789-
                               2005.                                      1
                               American popular music.                    1
American writers classics. Volume I      1
American writers classics. Volume II     1
Americans at war : society, culture,
and the homefront                        1
APA dictionary of psychology             1
Arts & humanities through the eras.      1
Atlas of the world                       1
Atlas of world art                       1
Automotive handbook                      1
Bartlett's Roget's thesaurus.            1
Basketball : a biographical dictionary   1
Beacham's guide to international
endangered species.                      1
Benet's reader's encyclopedia            1
Berkshire encyclopedia of world
history                                  1
Biography today. 2000 annual
cumulation :profiles of people of
interest to young readers                1
Biography today. 2001 annual
cumulation :profiles of people of
interest to young readers                1
Biography today. 2002 annual
cumulation :profiles of people of
interest to young readers                1
Biography today. 2003 annual
cumulation.Volume 12 :profiles of
people of interest to young readers      1
Biography today. 2004 annual
cumulation.Volume 13 :profiles of
people of interest to young readers      1
Biography today. 2005 annual
cumulation.Volume 14 :profiles of
people of interest to young readers      1
Biography today. 2006 annual
cumulation.Volume 15 :profiles of
people of interest to young readers      1
Black's law dictionary                   1
British writers classics. Volume I       1
British writers classics. Volume II      1
Cambridge learner's dictionary.          1
Cash and credit information for teens
: tips for a successful financial life
including facts about earning,
spending, and borrowing money, with
topics such as budgeting, consumer
rights, banks, paychecks, taxes,
loans, credit cards, and more            1
Chambers dictionary of etymology         1
Chambers synonyms and antonyms           1
Chase's calendar of events, 2007.        1
Chemical compounds                       1
Chemistry : foundations and
applications                             1

Cities of the United States : a
compilation of current information on
economic, cultural, geographic, and
social conditions                         1
Collins German-English English-
German dictionary.                        1
Collins Italian dictionary.               1
Colonialism : an international, social,
cultural, and political encyclopedia      1
Concise rules of APA style.               1
Congress A to Z                           1
Congress and the Nation. Volume I-
A, 1945-1964 :a review of
government and politics in the
postwar years.                            1
Congress and the Nation. Volume II,
1965-1968 :a review of government
and politics.                             1
Congress and the Nation. Volume III,
1969-1972 :a review of government
and politics.                             1
Congress and the Nation. Volume IV,
1973-1976 :a review of government
and politics.                             1
Congress and the Nation. Volume IX,
1993-1996 :a review of government
and politics.                             1
Congress and the Nation. Volume V,
1977-1980 :a review of government
and politics.                             1
Congress and the Nation. Volume VI,
1981-1984 :a review of government
and politics.                             1
Congress and the Nation. Volume
VIII, 1989-1992 :a review of
government and politics.                  1
Congress and the Nation. Volume X,
1997-2001 :a review of government
and politics : 105th and 106th
congresses.                               1
Congress and the nation. Volume XI,
2001-2004 :politics and policy in the
107th and 108th congresses.               1
Contemporary American ethnic poets
: lives, works, sources                   1
Contemporary fashion                      1
Continuum encyclopedia of popular
music of the world. Volume III-VII        1
Countries of the world and their
leaders yearbook, 2007                    1
CRC handbook of chemistry and
physics : a ready-reference book of
chemical and physical data                1
Crime and punishment in America.          1
Criminal justice                          1
Critical survey of poetry                 1
Current issues.                           1
Cyclopedia of literary places             1
Cyclopedia of world authors               1
Depression America                        1
Development of the industrial U.S.
reference library                         1
Dictionary of American history            1
Dictionary of literary characters.        1
Diet information for teens : health
tips about diet and nutrition             1
Drugs and controlled substances :
information for students                  1
Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco :
learning about addictive behavior         1
Early civilizations in the Americas.      1
El diccionario Oxford esencial :
espanol-ingles, ingles-espanol            1
Encyclopaedia Britannica almanac
2006.                                     1
Encyclopedia of 20th-century
technology                                1
Encyclopedia of African history           1
Encyclopedia of American business         1
Encyclopedia of American folk art         1
Encyclopedia of American historical
documents                                 1
Encyclopedia of American military
history                                   1
Encyclopedia of animal behavior           1
Encyclopedia of bioethics                 1
Encyclopedia of clothing and fashion      1
Encyclopedia of environmental
studies                                   1
Encyclopedia of family health.            1
Encyclopedia of food and culture          1
Encyclopedia of genetics                  1
Encyclopedia of juvenile justice          1
Encyclopedia of life sciences             1
Encyclopedia of literature and politics
: censorship, revolution, and writing     1
Encyclopedia of modern ethnic
conflicts                                 1
Encyclopedia of psychology                1
Encyclopedia of racism in the United
States                                    1
Encyclopedia of recreation and leisure
in America                                1
Encyclopedia of religion                  1
Encyclopedia of religious rites,
rituals, and festivals                    1
Encyclopedia of religious rites,
rituals, and festivals                    1
Encyclopedia of Sleep and Dreaming
Encyclopedia of the biosphere             1
Encyclopedia of the Gilded Age and
Progressive Era                           1
Encyclopedia of the Great Depression      1
Encyclopedia of the modern Olympic
movement                                  1
Encyclopedia of the Renaissance and
the Reformation                           1
Encyclopedia of the War of 1812           1
Encyclopedia of women's
autobiography                             1
Encyclopedia of world cultures.           1
Encyclopedia of world cultures.
Supplement                                1
Encyclopedia of world poverty             1
Encyclopedia of World War II : a
political, social, and military history   1
Environmental encyclopedia                1
Essay writing for high school students    1
Ethics                                    1
Facts on File encyclopedia of art         1
Fitzhenry & Whiteside book of
Canadian facts and dates                  1
Genetically modified foods : debating
biotechnology                             1
Geo-data : the world geographical
encyclopedia                              1
Geography basics                          1
Global history : cultural encounters
from antiquity to the present             1
Globalization : encyclopedia of trade,
labor, and politics                       1
Governments of the world : a global
guide to citizens' rights and
responsibilities                          1
Great events from history. The 18th
century, 1701-1800                        1
Great events from history. The
ancient world, prehistory-476 C.E.        1
Great events from history. The
Middle Ages, 477-1453                     1
Great events from history. The
Renaissance & early modern era,
1454-1600                                 1
Great lives from history. The 17th
century, 1601-1700                        1
Great lives from history. The 18th
century, 1701-1800                        1
Great lives from history. The ancient
world, prehistory-476 C.E.                1
Great lives from history. The Middle
Ages, 477-1453                            1
Guide to flags of the world               1
Guide to fossils                          1
Habitats of the world                     1
Hammond world atlas.                      1
Handbook of U.S. labor statistics :
employment, earnings, prices,
productivity, and other labor data        1
Historical atlas set.                     1
Historical statistics of the United
States : earliest times to the present    1
History behind the headlines. Volume
1 :the origins of conflicts worldwide     1
History behind the headlines. Volume
2 :the origins of conflicts worldwide     1
History behind the headlines. Volume
3 :the origins of conflicts worldwide     1
History behind the headlines. Volume
4 :the origins of conflicts worldwide     1
History behind the headlines. Volume
5 :the origins of conflicts worldwide     1
History behind the headlines. Volume
6 :the origins of conflicts worldwide     1
History of world trade since 1450         1
Holidays, festivals, and celebrations
of the world dictionary : detailing
nearly 2,500 observances from all 50
states and more than 100 nations          1
Human diseases and conditions             1
Human diseases and conditions (6
volumes)                                  1
Human diseases and conditions.
Supplement 2,Infectious diseases          1
Human diseases and conditions:
Supplement 1                              1
Immigration and asylum : from 1900
to the present                            1
Immigration in U.S. history               1
Industrial Revolution. Cumulative
index                                     1
International encyclopedia of
marriage and family                       1
Introduction to the world's major
religions                                 1
Kings, rulers, and statesmen              1
Lands and Peoples                         1
Langenscheidt pocket Russian
dictionary : Russian-English, English-
Russian                                   1
Larousse concise dictionary French
English/English French.                   1
Literature and its times : profiles of
300 notable literary works and the
historical events that influenced them    1
Literature and its times. Supplements
:profiles of notable literary works and
the historical events that influenced
them                                      1
Macmillan encyclopedia of death and
dying                                     1
Magill's encyclopedia of social science
: psychology                              1
Major acts of Congress                    1
McGraw-Hill concise encyclopedia of
engineering.                              1
McGraw-Hill dictionary of geology and
mineralogy.                               1
McGraw-Hill dictionary of scientific
and technical terms.                      1
McGraw-Hill's atlas of world events :
the key political, economic,
demographic, and environmental
issues that are shaping the world
today                                     1
Means illustrated construction
dictionary.                               1
Merriam-Webster's collegiate
dictionary.                               1
Merriam-Webster's rhyming
dictionary.                               1
Merriam-Webster's school dictionary.      1
Metaphors dictionary                      1
Middle East conflict reference library    1
National Geographic Atlas of the
world.                                    1
Norma diccionario basico bilingue :
English-Spanish, Espanol-Ingles.          1
Notable American women : a
biographical dictionary completing
the twentieth century                     1
Notable playwrights                       1
Notable sports figures                    1
Nutrition and well-being A to Z           1
Origins of Everyday Things                1
Oxford dictionary of humorous
quotations                                1
Oxford dictionary of phrase and fable     1
Peoples, nations and cultures : an A-
Z of the peoples of the world, past
and present                               1
Psychology and mental health              1
Psychology basics                         1
Religion and American cultures : an
encyclopedia of traditions, diversity,
and popular expressions                   1
Roget's II : the new thesaurus            1
Rules of the game : the complete
illustrated encyclopedia of all the
sports of the world                       1
Running for President The Candidates
and Their Images                          1
Science, technology, and society : an
encyclopedia                              1
Shaping of America, 1783-1815
reference library                         1
Southeast Asia : a historical
encyclopedia from Angkor Wat to
East Timor                               1
Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary.   1
Technology in world history              1
The AARP guide to pills : essential
information on more than 1,200
prescription and nonprescription
medicines, including generics            1
The American Heritage abbreviations
dictionary.                              1
The American Heritage college
dictionary.                              1
The American Heritage college
thesaurus.                               1
The American Heritage dictionary of
the English language.                    1
The American Horticultural Society A-
Z encyclopedia of garden plants          1
The biographical dictionary of women
in science : pioneering lives from
ancient times to the mid-20th
century                                  1
The Chicago manual of style.             1
The Columbia Granger's index to
poetry in collected and selected
works                                    1
The complete dictionary of symbols       1
The concise encyclopedia of western
philosophy and philosophers              1
The concise encyclopedia of western
philosophy and philosophers              1
The Constitution and its amendments      1
The Discoverers : an encyclopedia of
explorers and exploration                1
The encyclopedia of Ireland              1
The encyclopedia of North American
sports history                           1
The encyclopedia of popular music        1
The Facts On file biology handbook       1
The Facts on File companion to the
British novel.                           1
The Facts On File dictionary of atomic
and nuclear physics                      1
The Facts on File dictionary of
biology.                                 1
The Facts On File dictionary of
classical and biblical allusions         1
The Facts on File dictionary of
computer science                         1
The Facts on File dictionary of earth
science.                                 1
The Facts on File dictionary of
ecology and the environment              1

The Facts on File dictionary of
mathematics.                           1
The Facts on File dictionary of
physics.                               1
The Facts on File dictionary of
weather and climate                    1
The Facts on File Earth science
handbook                               1
The Gale encyclopedia of psychology    1
The Gale encyclopedia of science       1
The Gallaudet dictionary of American
Sign Language                          1
The Greenwood companion to
Shakespeare : a comprehensive
guide for students                     1
The Greenwood encyclopedia of
African American civil rights : from
emancipation to the twenty-first
century                                1
The Greenwood encyclopedia of
American poets and poetry              1
The Greenwood encyclopedia of daily
life : a tour through history from
ancient times to the present           1
The Greenwood encyclopedia of
multiethnic American literature        1
The Greenwood encyclopedia of
women's issues worldwide               1
The Greenwood encyclopedia of world
folklore and folklife                  1
The illustrated dictionary &
concordance of the Bible               1
The Islamic world : past and present   1
The Johns Hopkins guide to literary
theory & criticism                     1
The little giant encyclopedia of
proverbs                               1
The McGraw-Hill dictionary of
misspelled and easily confused words   1
The Merck manual of medical
information                            1
The Merriam-Webster thesaurus.         1
The New York Public Library business
desk reference.                        1
The Oxford American writer's
thesaurus                              1
The Oxford classical dictionary        1
The Oxford companion to philosophy     1
The Oxford companion to the
photograph                             1
The Oxford dictionary of allusions     1
The Oxford dictionary of American
English.                               1
The Oxford dictionary of American
quotations                             1
The Oxford dictionary of art             1
The Oxford dictionary of idioms          1
The Oxford dictionary of political
quotations                               1
The Oxford dictionary of quotations      1
The Oxford encyclopedia of American
literature                               1
The Oxford encyclopedia of food and
drink in America                         1
The Oxford English dictionary.           1
The Penguin factfinder                   1
The presidency A to Z                    1
The research virtuoso : brilliant
methods for normal brains                1
The seventy great inventions of the
ancient world                            1
The social science encyclopedia          1
The statesman's yearbook, 2006 :
the politics, cultures and economies
of the world                             1
The ultimate business dictionary :
defining the world of work.              1
The weather almanac : a reference
guide to weather, climate, and
related issues in the United States
and its key cities                       1
The Wilson chronology of human
rights                                   1
The world almanac and book of facts,
2007                                     1
The world factbook, 2005                 1
The writers directory 2007               1
Twayne companion to contemporary
literature in English                    1
Twentieth Century                        1
U.S. Chess Federation's official rules
of chess                                 1
U.S. laws, acts, and treaties            1
Ultimate visual dictionary of science.   1
Ultimate visual dictionary.              1
UXL encyclopedia of water science        1
UXL encyclopedia of world biography      1
VideoHound's golden movie retriever,
2007                                     1
Washington information directory,
2006-2007                                1
Water : science and issues               1
Webster's II new college dictionary.     1
Webster's new world dictionary of
quotations.                              1
Webster's third new international
dictionary of the English language,
unabridged                               1
West's encyclopedia of American law      1

Women and American society --1900
to the present / (Primary Sourcebook
series)                                1
Work in America : an encyclopedia of
history, policy, and society           1
World explorers and discoverers        1
World leaders of the twentieth
century                                1
World religions.                       1
World War I : encyclopedia             1

Author/Artist                    Title                         Quantity
Abbey, Edward, 1927-             The monkey wrench gang               1
Abbott, Hailey.                  The bridesmaid                       1
                                 Down the rabbit hole : an
Abrahams, Peter, 1947-           Echo Falls mystery                  1
Achebe, Chinua.                  Things fall apart                   1
                                 Dirk Gently's Holistic
Adams, Douglas, 1952-            Detective Agency                    1
                                 So long, and thanks for all
Adams, Douglas, 1952-            the fish                            1
                                 The hitchhiker's guide to
Adams, Douglas, 1952-            the galaxy                          1
                                 The long dark tea-time of
Adams, Douglas, 1952-            the soul                            1
                                 The restaurant at the end
Adams, Douglas, 1952-            of the universe                     1
Adams, Richard, 1920-            Tales from Watership Down           1
Adams, Richard, 1920-            Watership Down                      1
Adoff, Jaime.                    Names will never hurt me            1
Agee, James, 1909-1955.          A death in the family               1
                                 Our sister killjoy, or,
                                 Reflections from a black-
Aidoo, Ama Ata, 1942-            eyed squint                         1
Aiken, Joan, 1924-2004.          The Cockatrice boys                 1
Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888.   Little women                        1
                                 The Lone Ranger and Tonto
Alexie, Sherman, 1966-           fistfight in heaven                 1
Allende, Isabel.                 The house of the spirits            1
Almond, David, 1951-             Clay                                1
Almond, David, 1951-             The fire-eaters                     1
Alphin, Elaine Marie.            The perfect shot                    1
                                 How the Garcia girls lost
Alvarez, Julia.                  their accents                       1
Anaya, Rudolfo A.                Bless me, Ultima                    1
Anderson, Jodi Lynn.             Peaches : a novel                   1
                                 The secrets of peaches : a
Anderson, Jodi Lynn.             novel                               1
Anderson, Laurie Halse.          Prom                                1
Anderson, Laurie Halse.          Speak                               1
Anderson, M. T.                  The Pox party                       1
Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941.   Winesburg, Ohio                     1
Andrews, V. C.                   Pearl in the mist                   1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     All that glitters                   1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     Broken wings                        1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     Dark angel                          1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     Darkest hour                        1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     Dawn                                1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     Eye of the storm                    1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     Fallen hearts                       1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     Falling stars                       1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     Flowers in the attic                1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     Gates of paradise                   1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     Heart song                          1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)     Heaven                              1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Hidden jewel                        1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Hidden leaves                       1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Into the woods                      1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Lightning strikes                   1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Midnight flight                     1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Music in the night                  1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Olivia                              1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Orphans                             1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Rain                                1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Ruby                                1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Runaways                            1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Secrets of the morning              1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Seeds of yesterday                  1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    The wildflowers                     1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Twisted roots                       1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Unfinished symphony                 1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Wicked forest                       1
Andrews, V. C. (Virginia C.)    Willow                              1
Anthony, Piers.                 A spell for chameleon               1
Anthony, Piers.                 Being a green mother                1
Anthony, Piers.                 Castle Roogna                       1
Anthony, Piers.                 Centaur aisle                       1
Anthony, Piers.                 Crewel lye : a caustic yarn         1
Anthony, Piers.                 Currant events                      1
Anthony, Piers.                 Demons don't dream                  1
Anthony, Piers.                 Dragon on a pedestal                1
Anthony, Piers.                 Faun & games                        1
Anthony, Piers.                 Golem in the gears                  1
Anthony, Piers.                 Heaven Cent                         1
Anthony, Piers.                 Night mare                          1
Anthony, Piers.                 Ogre, ogre                          1
Anthony, Piers.                 On a pale horse                     1
Anthony, Piers.                 Pet peeve                           1
Anthony, Piers.                 Realty check                        1
Anthony, Piers.                 Stork naked                         1
Anthony, Piers.                 The source of magic                 1
Anthony, Piers.                 Vale of the vole                    1
Anthony, Piers.                 Zombie lover                        1
Antieau, Kim.                   Mercy, unbound                      1
Apostolina, M.                  Meri strikes back                   1
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.       Forward the foundation              1
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.       Foundation                          1
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.       Foundation and earth                1
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.       Foundation and empire               1
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.       Foundation's edge                   1
                                Gold : the final science
Asimov,   Isaac,   1920-1992.   fiction collection                  1
Asimov,   Isaac,   1920-1992.   I, robot                            1
Asimov,   Isaac,   1920-1992.   Nemesis                             1
Asimov,   Isaac,   1920-1992.   Nightfall                           1
Asimov,   Isaac,   1920-1992.   Prelude to Foundation               1
                                Robot dreams :
                                masterworks of science
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.       fiction and fantasy                 1
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.       Robot visions                       1
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.          Second Foundation                    1
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.          The caves of steel                   1
                                   The complete stories :
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.          volume 1                             1
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.          The gods themselves                  1
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.          The naked sun                        1
Asimov, Isaac, 1920-1992.          The robots of dawn                   1
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.            Demon in my view                     1
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.            Falcondance                          1
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.            Hawksong                             1
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.            In the forests of the night          1
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.            Midnight predator                    1
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.            Shattered mirror                     1
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.            Snakecharm                           1
Atwater-Rhodes, Amelia.            Wolfcry                              1
Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.           Emma                                 1
Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.           Persuasion                           1
Austen, Jane, 1775-1817.           Pride and prejudice                  1
Averett, Edward, 1951-             The rhyming season                   1
                                   Crispin : at the edge of the
Avi, 1937-                         world                                1
                                   Strange happenings : five
Avi, 1937-                         tales of transformation              1
                                   The book without words : a
Avi, 1937-                         fable of medieval magic              1
Ba, Mariama.                       So long a letter                     1
Baldwin, James.                    Go tell it on the mountain           1
Ballard, J. G., 1930-              Empire of the sun : a novel          1
Balzac, Honore de, 1799-1850       Pere Goriot                          1
Banerjee, Anjali.                  Maya running                         1
                                   The sorrow of war : a novel
Bao Ninh.                          of North Vietnam                     1
Baratz-Logsted, Lauren.            Angel's choice                       1
                                   Scrambled eggs at
Barkley, Brad.                     midnight                             1
Barnes, Jennifer (Jennifer Lynn)   Tattoo                               1
Barrett, William Edmund, 1900-     The lilies of the field              1
Barron, T. A.                      Child of the dark prophecy           1
Barron, T. A.                      Heartlight                           1
                                   High as a hawk : a brave
Barron, T. A.                      girl's historic climb                1
Barron, T. A.                      Shadows on the stars                 1
Barron, T. A.                      The Ancient One                      1
Barron, T. A.                      The eternal flame                    1
Barron, T. A.                      The fires of Merlin                  1
Barron, T. A.                      The lost years of Merlin             1
Barron, T. A.                      The Merlin effect                    1
Barron, T. A.                      The mirror of Merlin                 1
Barron, T. A.                      The seven songs of Merlin            1
Barron, T. A.                      The wings of Merlin                  1
Bass, L. G. (Laura Geringer)       Sign of the Qin                      1
Bastedo, Jamie, 1955-              On thin ice                          1
Bauer, Joan, 1951-                 Best foot forward                    1
Bauer, Joan, 1951-                 Rules of the road                    1

                                           A wonderful welcome to Oz
                                           : the marvelous land of Oz,
                                           Ozma of Oz, & the Emerald
Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank), 1856-1919.   City of Oz                           1
Bear, Greg, 1951-                          Darwin's radio                       1
Bechard, Margaret.                         Spacer and rat                       1
Beddor, Frank.                             The Looking Glass Wars               1
Bell, Hilari.                              A matter of profit                   1
Bell, Hilari.                              Fall of a kingdom                    1
Bell, Hilari.                              Rise of a hero                       1
Bell, Hilari.                              The wizard test                      1
Bell, Julia, 1971-                         Massive                              1
                                           Looking backward : 2000-
Bellamy, Edward, 1850-1898.                1887                                 1
Bellow, Saul.                              Seize the day                        1
                                           The adventures of Augie
Bellow, Saul.                              March                                1
Ben Jelloun, Tahar, 1944-                  The sacred night                     1
Benchley, Peter.                           Jaws                                 1
Benford, Gregory, 1941-                    Foundation's fear                    1
Bennett, Holly.                            The bonemender                       1
Bennett, Veronica, 1953-                   Angelmonster                         1
Berman, Judith, 1958-                      Bear daughter                        1
                                           Ghost and horror stories of
Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914?                Ambrose Bierce                       1
Blackman, Malorie.                         Naughts & crosses                    1
Blake, Michael, 1943-                      Dances with wolves                   1
Block, Francesca Lia.                      Beautiful boys                       1
                                           Dangerous angels : the
Block,   Francesca   Lia.                  Weetzie Bat books                    1
Block,   Francesca   Lia.                  Echo                                 1
Block,   Francesca   Lia.                  Ecstasia                             1
Block,   Francesca   Lia.                  I was a teenage fairy                1
Block,   Francesca   Lia.                  Primavera                            1
Block,   Francesca   Lia.                  Psyche in a dress                    1
Block,   Francesca   Lia.                  Ruby : a novel                       1
                                           The rose and the beast :
Block, Francesca Lia.                      fairy tales retold                   1
Block, Francesca Lia.                      Violet & Claire                      1
Block, Francesca Lia.                      Wasteland                            1
Bloor, Edward, 1950-                       London calling                       1
Blume, Judy.                               Forever--                            1
Bondoux, Anne-Laure.                       The killer's tears                   1
Bonk, John J.                              Dustin Grubbs : take two!            1
                                           Labyrinths; selected stories
Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-                  & other writings                     1
Borland, Hal, 1900-1978.                   When the legends die                 1
Bowen, 'Asta.                              Wolf : the journey home              1
Bowler, Tim.                               Firmament                            1
                                           The Human Fly and other
Boyle, T. Coraghessan.                     stories                              1
Bradbury, Ray, 1920-                       Dandelion wine : a novel             1
Bradbury, Ray, 1920-                       Death is a lonely business           1
Bradbury, Ray, 1920-                       Fahrenheit 451                       1
Bradbury, Ray, 1920-                       The cat's pajamas : stories          1
Bradbury, Ray, 1920-            The Martian chronicles              1
Bradbury, Ray.                  The illustrated man                 1
Bradley, Alex.                  24 girls in 7 days                  1
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.         A flame in Hali                     1
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.         In the Rift                         1
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.         Lady of Avalon                      1
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.         Priestess of Avalon                 1
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.         The fall of Neskaya                 1
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.         The firebrand                       1
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.         The mists of Avalon                 1
Bradley, Marion Zimmer.         Zandru's forge                      1
                                Girls in pants : the third
Brashares, Ann.                 summer of the sisterhood            1
Bray, Libba.                    A great and terrible beauty         1
Brenna, Beverley, 1962-         Wild orchid                         1
Brennan, Herbie.                Faerie wars                         1
Brennan, Herbie.                Ruler of the realm                  1
Brennan, Herbie.                The Purple Emperor                  1
                                Megan Meade's guide to
                                the McGowan boys : a
Brian, Kate, 1974-              novel                               1
Broach, Elise.                  Desert crossing                     1
Bronte, Charlotte, 1816-1855.   Jane Eyre                           1
Bronte, Charlotte, 1816-1855.   Villette                            1
Bronte, Emily, 1818-1848.       Wuthering Heights                   1
                                Wuthering Heights : the
                                1847 text, backgrounds
Bronte, Emily, 1818-1848.       and contexts, criticism             1
Brooks, Kevin.                  Candy                               1
Brooks, Kevin.                  Martyn Pig : a novel                1
Brooks, Kevin.                  The road of the dead                1
Brooks, Terry.                  A knight of the Word                1
Brooks, Terry.                  Antrax                              1
Brooks, Terry.                  Armageddon's children               1
Brooks, Terry.                  First king of Shannara              1
Brooks, Terry.                  Ilse witch                          1
                                In the shadow of the
Brooks, Terry.                  warlock lord                        1
Brooks, Terry.                  Jarka Ruus                          1
                                Magic kingdom for sale,
Brooks,   Terry.                sold!                               1
Brooks,   Terry.                Morgawr                             1
Brooks,   Terry.                Running with the demon              1
Brooks,   Terry.                Secret of the sword                 1
Brooks,   Terry.                Straken                             1
Brooks,   Terry.                Tanequil                            1
Brooks,   Terry.                The black unicorn                   1
Brooks,   Terry.                The Druid of Shannara               1
Brooks,   Terry.                The druids' keep                    1
Brooks,   Terry.                The elf queen of Shannara           1
Brooks,   Terry.                The elfstones of Shannara           1
Brooks,   Terry.                The heritage of Shannara            1
Brooks,   Terry.                The scions of Shannara              1
Brooks,   Terry.                The sword of Shannara               1
Brooks,   Terry.                The talismans of Shannara           1
Brooks, Terry.                                     The tangle box                      1
Brooks, Terry.                                     The wishsong of Shannara            1
Brooks, Terry.                                     Witches' brew                       1
Brooks, Terry.                                     Wizard at large                     1
Brouwer, Sigmund.                                  Sewer rats                          1
Brown, Dan, 1964-                                  Angels & demons                     1
Brown, Dan, 1964-                                  Deception point                     1
Brown, Dan, 1964-                                  The Da Vinci code : a novel         1
Brown, Don, 1949-                                  Our time on the river               1
Bruchac, Joseph, 1942-                             Geronimo                            1
Bruchac, Joseph, 1942-                             Wabi : a hero's tale                1
Buck, Pearl S. (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973.   The good earth                      1
Budhos, Marina Tamar.                              Ask me no questions                 1
Bunyan, John, 1628-1688.                           The pilgrim's progress              1
Burdick, Eugene.                                   Fail-safe                           1
Burgess, Melvin.                                   Smack                               1
Burns, Olive Ann.                                  Cold Sassy tree                     1
Burroughs, Edgar Rice, 1875-1950.                  Tarzan of the apes                  1
Butcher, Kristin, 1951-                            The trouble with Liberty            1
Cabot, Meg.                                        All-American girl                   1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Avalon High                         1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Darkest hour                        1
Cabot, Meg.                                        How to be popular                   1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Nicola and the viscount             1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Ninth key                           1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Princess in love                    1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Princess in training                1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Reunion                             1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Shadowland                          1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Size 12 is not fat                  1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Size 14 is not fat either           1
Cabot, Meg.                                        The boy next door                   1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Twilight                            1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Valentine princess                  1
Cabot, Meg.                                        Victoria and the rogue              1
Cadnum, Michael.                                   Blood gold                          1
                                                   Daughter of the wind : a
Cadnum, Michael.                                   novel                               1
Cadnum, Michael.                                   Ship of fire                        1
Cadnum, Michael.                                   The book of the lion                1
Cadnum, Michael.                                   The leopard sword                   1
Caletti, Deb.                                      Honey, Baby, Sweetheart             1
Calhoun, Dia.                                      White midnight                      1
                                                   Secrets of my Hollywood
Calonita, Jen.                                     life : a novel                      1
                                                   Last dance on Holladay
Carbone, Elisa Lynn.                               Street                              1
Carbone, Elisa Lynn.                               The pack                            1
Card, Orson Scott.                                 Alvin journeyman                    1
Card, Orson Scott.                                 Children of the mind                1
Card, Orson Scott.                                 Earthborn                           1
Card, Orson Scott.                                 Earthfall                           1
Card, Orson Scott.                                 Enchantment                         1
Card, Orson Scott.                                 Ender's game                        1
Card, Orson Scott.                                 Ender's shadow                      1
                             First meetings in Ender's
Card,   Orson   Scott.       universe                             1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Hart's hope                          1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Heartfire                            1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Homebody : a novel                   1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Lost boys                            1
                             Pastwatch : the redemption
Card,   Orson   Scott.       of Christopher Columbus              1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Red prophet                          1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Sarah                                1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Seventh son                          1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Shadow of the Hegemon                1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Songmaster                           1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Speaker for the dead                 1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       The call of Earth                    1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       The crystal city                     1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       The folk of the fringe               1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       The memory of earth                  1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Wyrms                                1
Card,   Orson   Scott.       Xenocide                             1
                             Burnt orange : color me
Carlson, Melody.             wasted                               1
Carlson, Melody.             Dark blue : color me lonely          1
                             Deep green : color me
Carlson, Melody.             jealous                              1
Carlson, Melody.             Just ask : a novel                   1
                             Alice's adventures in
Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898.   Wonderland                           1
                             Alice's adventures in
Carroll, Lewis, 1832-1898.   Wonderland                           1
                             Love, football, and other
Carter, Alden R.             contact sports                       1
Carter, Forrest.             The education of Little Tree         1
Cary, Kate.                  Bloodline : a novel                  1
Cassidy, Anika Maura.        Unsaid                               1
Castellucci, Cecil, 1969-    Boy proof                            1
Castellucci, Cecil, 1969-    The queen of cool                    1
                             Death comes for the
Cather, Willa, 1873-1947.    archbishop                           1
Cather, Willa, 1873-1947.    My Antonia                           1
Chalifour, Francis.          After                                1
Chan, Gillian.               The turning                          1
Cheripko, Jan.               Rat                                  1
Cheripko, Jan.               Sun, moon, stars, rain               1
                             Chanur's legacy : a novel
Cherryh, C. J.               of compact space                     1
Cherryh, C. J.               Cyteen                               1
Cherryh, C. J.               Fortress in the eye of time          1
Cherryh, C. J.               Fortress of dragons                  1
Cherryh, C. J.               Invader                              1
Cherryh, C. J.               The Chanur saga                      1
Cherryh, C. J.               The dreaming tree                    1
Cherryh, C. J.               The faded sun                        1
Cherryh, C. J.               The Morgaine saga                    1
Chima, Cinda Williams.       The warrior heir                     1
Choldenko, Gennifer, 1957-     Al Capone does my shirts             1
Chopin, Kate, 1851-1904.       The awakening                        1
                               The awakening and
                               selected short stories of
Chopin, Kate, 1851-1904.       Kate Chopin                          1
Chotjewitz, David.             Daniel half human                    1
Choyce, Lesley, 1951-          Deconstructing Dylan                 1
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976    Cards on the table                   1
                               Cat among the pigeons : a
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.   Hercule Poirot mystery               1
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.   Evil under the sun                   1
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.   Hallowe'en party                     1
                               Miss Marple : the complete
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.   short stories                        1
                               Mrs. McGinty's dead : a
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.   Hercule Poirot novel                 1
                               Murder on the Orient
                               Express : a Hercule Poirot
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.   mystery                              1
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.   Peril at End House                   1
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.   Sad cypress                          1
                               The harlequin tea set and
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.   other stories                        1
                               The mysterious affair at
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.   Styles : Poirot's first case         1
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.   The thirteen problems                1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             Clear and present danger             1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             Debt of honor                        1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             Executive orders                     1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             Patriot games                        1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             Rainbow Six                          1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             Red rabbit                           1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             Red storm rising                     1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             SSN                                  1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             The bear and the dragon              1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             The cardinal of the Kremlin          1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             The hunt for Red October             1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             The sum of all fears                 1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             The teeth of the tiger               1
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             Tom Clancy's net force               1
                               Tom Clancy's Net Force :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             hidden agendas                       1
                               Tom Clancy's Net Force :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             night moves                          1
                               Tom Clancy's Net force :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             state of war                         1
                               Tom Clancy's op-center :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             acts of war                          1
                               Tom Clancy's op-center :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             balance of of power                  1
                               Tom Clancy's op-center :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             call to treason                      1
                               Tom Clancy's op-center :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-             divide and conquer                   1

                                        Tom Clancy's op-center :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-                      games of state                     1
                                        Tom Clancy's op-center :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-                      mirror image                       1
                                        Tom Clancy's Op-center :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-                      state of siege                     1
                                        Tom Clancy's power plays :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-                      politika                           1
                                        Tom Clancy's power plays :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-                                   1
                                        Tom Clancy's power plays :
Clancy, Tom, 1947-                      shadow watch                       1
Clancy, Tom.                            Tom Clancy's Op-Center             1
Clancy, Tom.                            Without remorse                    1
                                        Ghost ship --a Cape Cod
                                        story / paintings by
Clark,   Mary   Higgins                 Wendell Minor                      1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                A cry in the night                 1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                A stranger is watching             1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                All around the town                1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                All through the night              1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                Before I say good-bye              1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                Daddy's little girl                1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                I'll be seeing you                 1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                Let me call you sweetheart         1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                Moonlight becomes you              1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                My gal Sunday                      1
                                        Nighttime is my time : a
Clark, Mary Higgins.                    novel                              1
                                        On the street where you
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                live                               1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                Pretend you don't see her          1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                Remember me                        1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                Silent night                       1
Clark,   Mary   Higgins.                Stillwatch                         1
                                        The Anastasia syndrome :
Clark, Mary Higgins.                    and other stories                  1
Clark, Mary Higgins.                    The cradle will fall               1
Clark, Mary Higgins.                    Weep no more, my lady              1
Clark, Mary Higgins.                    We'll meet again                   1
Clark, Mary Higgins.                    Where are the children?            1
Clark, Mary Higgins.                    While my pretty one sleeps         1
Clark, Mary Higgins.                    You belong to me                   1
Clark, Walter Van Tilburg, 1909-1971.   The Ox-Bow incident                1
Clarke, Arthur Charles, 1917-           2001 : a space odyssey             1
Clarke, Arthur Charles, 1917-           Childhood's end                    1
Clifford, Mary Louise.                  The Shalamar Code                  1
Coburn, Jake.                           LoveSick                           1
Coetzee, J. M., 1940-                   Age of iron                        1
Coetzee, J. M., 1940-                   Life & times of Michael K          1
Coetzee, J. M., 1940-                   Youth                              1
                                        Nick & Norah's infinite
Cohn, Rachel.                           playlist                           1
Cohn, Rachel.                           Shrimp                             1
Cole, Stephen, 1971-                    Resurrection                       1
Cole, Stephen, 1971-         Thieves like us                     1
Colfer, Eoin.                Artemis Fowl                        1
Colfer, Eoin.                Artemis Fowl                        1
                             Artemis Fowl : the Arctic
Colfer, Eoin.                incident                            1
                             Artemis Fowl : the eternity
Colfer, Eoin.                code                                1
                             Artemis Fowl : the lost
Colfer, Eoin.                colony                              1
                             Artemis Fowl : the opal
Colfer, Eoin.                deception                           1
Colfer, Eoin.                The supernaturalist                 1
Colfer, Eoin.                The wish list                       1
Collins, Pat Lowery.         The fattening hut                   1
                             Now starring Vivien Leigh
Collins, Yvonne.             Reid : diva in training             1
Coman, Carolyn.              Many stones                         1
                             Mountain windsong : a
Conley, Robert J.            novel of the Trail of Tears         1
Connolly, John, 1968-        The book of lost things             1
Connor, Leslie.              Dead on town line                   1
Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924    Lord Jim                            1
Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924.   Heart of darkness                   1
Conway, Celeste.             The melting season                  1
Cooley, Beth.                Ostrich eye                         1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Among friends                       1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Both sides of time                  1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Burning up : a novel                1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Code orange                         1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Deadly offer                        1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Driver's ed                         1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Family reunion                      1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Fatal bargain                       1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Fatality                            1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Flash fire                          1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Flight #116 is down!                1
Cooney, Caroline B.          For all time                        1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Freeze tag                          1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Goddess of yesterday                1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Hit the road                        1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Out of time                         1
Cooney, Caroline B.          Prisoner of time                    1
Cooney, Caroline B.          The face on the milk carton         1
                             The time travelers. Volume
Cooney, Caroline B.          one :two novels                     1
                             The time travelers. Volume
Cooney,   Caroline   B.      two :two novels                     1
Cooney,   Caroline   B.      The voice on the radio              1
Cooney,   Caroline   B.      Twins                               1
Cooney,   Caroline   B.      Wanted!                             1
                             What child is this? : a
Cooney, Caroline B.          Christmas story                     1
Cooney, Caroline B.          What Janie found                    1
                             Whatever happened to
Cooney, Caroline B.          Janie?                              1
Cooper, James Fenimore,    1789-1851.   The deerslayer                      1
Cooper, James Fenimore,    1789-1851.   The last of the Mohicans            1
Cooper, James Fenimore,    1789-1851.   The pioneers                        1
Cooper, James Fenimore,    1789-1851.   The prairie                         1
Cormier, Robert.                        After the first death               1
                                        Beyond the chocolate war :
Cormier,   Robert.                      a novel                             1
Cormier,   Robert.                      Fade                                1
Cormier,   Robert.                      Heroes : a novel                    1
Cormier,   Robert.                      I am the cheese : a novel           1
Cormier,   Robert.                      In the middle of the night          1
Cormier,   Robert.                      Tenderness                          1
                                        The bumblebee flies
Cormier, Robert.                        anyway                              1
Cormier, Robert.                        The chocolate war                   1
                                        The rag and bone shop : a
Cormier, Robert.                        novel                               1
Cormier, Robert.                        Tunes for Bears to dance to         1
Cormier, Robert.                        We all fall down                    1
Cornwell, Bernard.                      Battle flag                         1
Cornwell, Bernard.                      Copperhead                          1
                                        Excalibur : a novel of
Cornwell, Bernard.                      Arthur                              1
Cornwell, Bernard.                      Lords of the North                  1
Cornwell, Bernard.                      Rebel                               1
Cornwell, Bernard.                      Stonehenge : a novel                1
Cornwell, Bernard.                      The archer's tale                   1
Cornwell, Bernard.                      The bloody ground                   1
Couloumbis, Audrey.                     Summer's end                        1
Courtenay, Bryce, 1933-                 The power of one                    1
                                        Odds are good : an Oddly
                                        enough and Odder than
Coville, Bruce.                         ever omnibus                        1
Coy, John, 1958-                        Crackback                           1
                                        Great short works of
Crane, Stephen, 1871-1900.              Stephen Crane                       1
Crane, Stephen, 1871-1900.              The red badge of courage            1
                                        I heard the owl call my
Craven, Margaret.                       name                                1
Cree, Ronald.                           Desert blood 10pm/9c                1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                Airframe : a novel                  1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                Congo                               1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                Disclosure                          1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                Jurassic Park                       1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                Next : a novel                      1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                Prey                                1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                Rising sun                          1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                Sphere : a novel                    1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                State of fear : a novel             1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                The Andromeda strain                1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                The lost world : a novel            1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                The terminal man                    1
Crichton, Michael, 1942-                Timeline                            1
Croggon, Alison, 1962-                  The Naming                          1
Croggon, Alison, 1962-                  The Riddle                          1

Cross, Gillian.              Phoning a dead man                   1
                             Staying fat for Sarah
Crutcher, Chris.             Byrnes                               1
Crutcher, Chris.             The sledding hill                    1
Curtis, Christopher Paul.    Bucking the Sarge                    1
Cushman, Karen.              Catherine, called Birdy              1
                             The loud silence of
Cushman, Karen.              Francine Green                       1
Cushman, Karen.              The midwife's apprentice             1
Cusick, Richie Tankersley.   The house next door                  1
Cussler, Clive.              Atlantis found                       1
                             Blue gold : a novel from
Cussler, Clive.              the NUMA files                       1
Cussler, Clive.              Cyclops                              1
Cussler, Clive.              Dark watch                           1
                             Fire ice : a novel from the
Cussler, Clive.              NUMA files                           1
Cussler, Clive.              Golden Buddha                        1
Cussler, Clive.              Iceberg                              1
                             Lost city : a novel from the
Cussler, Clive.              NUMA files                           1
Cussler, Clive.              Pacific vortex!                      1
Cussler, Clive.              Sacred stone                         1
                             Serpent : a novel from the
Cussler, Clive.              NUMA Files                           1
                             Shock wave : a Dirk Pitt
Cussler,   Clive.            adventure                            1
Cussler,   Clive.            Skeleton Coast                       1
Cussler,   Clive.            Treasure of Khan                     1
Cussler,   Clive.            Trojan odyssey                       1
Cussler,   Clive.            Valhalla rising                      1
                             White death : a novel from
Cussler, Clive.              the NUMA Files                       1
Dahl, Lesley.                The problem with paradise            1
Dahl, Roald.                 Going solo                           1
Dahl, Roald.                 My Uncle Oswald                      1
                             Roald Dahl's tales of the
Dahl, Roald.                 unexpected.                          1
Daly, Maureen, 1921-         Seventeenth summer                   1
Davidson, Ellen Dee, 1954-   Stolen voices                        1
de la Pena, Matt.            Ball Don't Lie                       1
De Lint, Charles, 1951-      Waifs and strays                     1
De Oliveira, Eddie.          Johnny Hazzard                       1
Dean, Carolee.               Comfort                              1
Deaver, Julie Reece.         Say goodnight, Gracie                1
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731.   Robinson Crusoe                      1
Dessen, Sarah.               Dreamland                            1
Dessen, Sarah.               Just listen : a novel                1
Dessen, Sarah.               Keeping the moon                     1
Dessen, Sarah.               Someone like you                     1
Dessen, Sarah.               That summer                          1
Dessen, Sarah.               The truth about forever              1
Dessen, Sarah.               This lullaby : a novel               1
Deuker, Carl.                High heat                            1
Deuker, Carl.                Night hoops                          1

Deuker, Carl.                          On the Devil's court                  1
Deuker, Carl.                          Runner                                1
DiCamillo, Kate.                       The tiger rising                      1
                                       Selected stories of Philip K.
Dick, Philip K.                        Dick                                  1
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.           A Christmas carol                     1
                                       A Christmas carol and
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.           other Christmas books                 1
                                       A Christmas carol and
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.           other stories                         1
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.           A tale of two cities                  1
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.           Bleak House                           1
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.           David Copperfield                     1
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.           Great expectations                    1
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.           Nicholas Nickleby                     1
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.           Oliver Twist                          1
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.           The Pickwick papers                   1
Doctorow, E. L., 1931-                 Ragtime                               1
Doig, Ivan.                            Dancing at the rascal fair            1
Doig, Ivan.                            English Creek                         1
Doig, Ivan.                            Heart earth                           1
Doig, Ivan.                            The sea runners                       1
Doig, Ivan.                            The whistling season                  1
Dokey, Cameron.                        Golden                                1
                                       How not to spend your
Dokey, Cameron.                        senior year                           1
Dokey, Cameron.                        The storyteller's daughter            1
                                       A dark and hungry god
Donaldson, Stephen R.                  arises : the gap into power           1
                                       Chaos and order : the gap
Donaldson, Stephen R.                  into madness                          1
                                       Daughter of Regals and
Donaldson, Stephen R.                  other tales                           1
                                       Forbidden knowledge : the
Donaldson,   Stephen   R.              gap into vision                       1
Donaldson,   Stephen   R.              Lord Foul's bane                      1
Donaldson,   Stephen   R.              The illearth war                      1
Donaldson,   Stephen   R.              The mirror of her dreams              1
Donaldson,   Stephen   R.              The power that preserves              1
                                       The real story : the gap
Donaldson, Stephen R.                  into conflict                         1
Donaldson, Stephen R.                  The white gold wielder                1
Donaldson, Stephen R.                  The wounded land                      1
Donnelly, Jennifer.                    A northern light                      1
Dorfman, Ariel.                        Burning city                          1
Dorfman, Joaquin.                      Playing it cool                       1
Dorris, Michael.                       A yellow raft in blue water           1
Dorris, Michael.                       The crown of Columbus                 1
                                       The adventures of Sherlock
Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930.   Holmes                                1
                                       The hound of the
Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930.   Baskervilles                          1
Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir, 1859-1930.   The lost world                        1
Draper, Sharon M. (Sharon Mills)       Copper sun                            1
Draper, Sharon M. (Sharon Mills)       Darkness before dawn                  1
Draper, Sharon M. (Sharon Mills)                      The battle of Jericho              1
Dreiser, Theodore.                                    An American tragedy                1
Drew, Wayland.                                        Wabeno Feast A Novel               1
Dreyer, Ellen.                                        The glow stone : a novel           1
Du Bois, W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt), 1868-   The quest of the silver
1963.                                                 fleece : a novel                   1
Duncan, Lois, 1934-                                   Daughters of Eve                   1
Duncan, Lois, 1934-                                   Don't look behind you              1
                                                      I know what you did last
Duncan, Lois, 1934-                                   summer                             1
Duncan, Lois, 1934-                                   Killing Mr. Griffin                1
Duncan, Lois, 1934-                                   The third eye                      1
Duncan, Lois, 1934-                                   The twisted window                 1
Duncan, Lois, 1934-                                   They never came home               1
Dunkle, Clare B.                                      Close kin                          1
Dunkle, Clare B.                                      In the coils of the snake          1
Dunkle, Clare B.                                      The hollow kingdom                 1
DuPrau, Jeanne.                                       Car trouble : a novel              1
Earls, Nick, 1963-                                    After summer                       1
Easton, Kelly.                                        Aftershock                         1
Echols, Jennifer.                                     Major crush                        1
Eddings, David.                                       Belgarath the sorcerer             1
Eddings, David.                                       Castle of wizardry                 1
Eddings, David.                                       Crystal Gorge                      1
Eddings, David.                                       Demon lord of Karanda              1
Eddings, David.                                       Domes of fire                      1
Eddings, David.                                       Enchanters' end game               1
Eddings, David.                                       Guardians of the west              1
Eddings, David.                                       King of the Murgos                 1
Eddings, David.                                       Magician's gambit                  1
Eddings, David.                                       Pawn of prophecy                   1
Eddings, David.                                       Polgara the sorceress              1
Eddings, David.                                       Queen of sorcery                   1
Eddings, David.                                       The Belgariad. Volume one          1
Eddings, David.                                       The Belgariad. Volume two          1
Eddings, David.                                       The diamond throne                 1
Eddings, David.                                       The Elder Gods                     1
Eddings, David.                                       The hidden city                    1
Eddings, David.                                       The redemption of Althalus         1
Eddings, David.                                       The Rivan codex                    1
Eddings, David.                                       The ruby knight                    1
Eddings, David.                                       The sapphire rose                  1
Eddings, David.                                       The seeress of Kell                1
Eddings, David.                                       The shining ones                   1
Eddings, David.                                       The younger gods                   1
Efaw, Amy.                                            Battle dress                       1
Eliot, George, 1819-1880.                             The mill on the Floss              1
Elliot, Jessie.                                       Girls dinner club                  1
Elliott, Laura.                                       Under a war-torn sky               1
Elliott, Patricia, 1946-                              Murkmere                           1
Ellison, Ralph.                                       Invisible man                      1
Endo, Shusaku, 1923-                                  Deep river                         1
Endo, Shusaku, 1923-                                  When I whistle : a novel           1
Endo, Shusaku.                                        Wonderful Fool                     1
Enthoven, Sam.                                        The black tattoo                   1
                                                   The number devil : a
Enzensberger, Hans Magnus.                         mathematical adventure               1
Erdrich, Louise.                                   Four souls                           1
Erdrich, Louise.                                   Love medicine                        1
Erdrich, Louise.                                   Tales of burning love                1
Erdrich, Louise.                                   The antelope wife : a novel          1
Erdrich, Louise.                                   The beet queen : a novel             1
Erdrich, Louise.                                   The birchbark house                  1
Erdrich, Louise.                                   The game of silence                  1
                                                   The last report on the
Erdrich, Louise.                                   miracles at Little No Horse          1
                                                   The Master Butchers
Erdrich, Louise.                                   Singing Club : a novel               1
Erdrich, Louise.                                   The painted drum                     1
Erdrich, Louise.                                   Tracks : a novel                     1
                                                   Like water for chocolate : a
                                                   novel in monthly
                                                   installments, with recipes,
                                                   romances, and home
Esquivel, Laura, 1950-                             remedies                             1
Evans, Nicholas, 1950-                             The divide                           1
Evans, Nicholas, 1950-                             The horse whisperer                  1
Evans, Nicholas, 1950-                             The loop                             1
Evans, Nicholas, 1950-                             The smoke jumper                     1
Evans, Richard Paul.                               The Christmas box                    1
Ewing, Lynne.                                      Barbarian                            1
Ewing, Lynne.                                      Escape                               1
Ewing, Lynne.                                      Night sun                            1
Ewing, Lynne.                                      Outcast                              1
Fama, Elizabeth.                                   Overboard                            1
Farley, Terri.                                     Seven tears into the sea             1
                                                   The Ear, the Eye, and the
Farmer, Nancy, 1941-                               Arm : a novel                        1
Farmer, Nancy, 1941-                               The Sea of Trolls                    1
                                                   As I lay dying : the
Faulkner, William, 1897-1962.                      corrected text                       1
                                                   Big woods : the hunting
Faulkner,   William,   1897-1962.                  stories                              1
Faulkner,   William,   1897-1962.                  Flags in the dust                    1
Faulkner,   William,   1897-1962.                  Intruder in the dust                 1
Faulkner,   William,   1897-1962.                  The portable Faulkner                1
                                                   The reivers : a
Faulkner, William, 1897-1962.                      reminiscence                         1
Faulkner, William, 1897-1962.                      The sound and the fury               1
Feinstein, John.                                   Vanishing act                        1
Fensham, Elizabeth.                                Helicopter man                       1
                                                   The angel of death : a
Ferguson, Alane.                                   forensic mystery                     1
                                                   The Christopher killer : a
Ferguson, Alane.                                   forensic mystery                     1
Ferris, Jean, 1939-                                Of sound mind                        1
Fisher, Catherine                                  Darkhenge                            1
Fisher, Catherine, 1957-                           Snow-walker                          1
Fisher, Catherine, 1957-                           The oracle betrayed                  1
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940.   The great Gatsby                     1
Fitzgerald, F. Scott (Francis Scott), 1896-1940.   This side of paradise                1
                                                   Who am I without him? :
                                                   short stories about girls
Flake, Sharon.                                     and the boys in their lives          1
                                                   Madame Bovary :
Flaubert, Gustave, 1821-1880.                      provincial manners                   1
                                                   A fate totally worse than
Fleischman, Paul.                                  death                                1
Flinn, Alex.                                       Breaking point                       1
Flinn, Alex.                                       Breathing underwater                 1
Flinn, Alex.                                       Fade to black                        1
Flinn, Alex.                                       Nothing to lose                      1
Foote, Shelby.                                     Shiloh : a novel                     1
                                                   The good soldier : a tale of
Ford, Ford Madox, 1873-1939.                       passion                              1
                                                   Campfire tales : ghoulies,
                                                   ghosties, and long-leggety
Forgey, William W., 1942-                          beasties                             1
Forster, E. M. (Edward Morgan), 1879-1970.         A passage to India                   1
Forster, E. M. (Edward Morgan), 1879-1970.         Where angels fear to tread           1
Francis, Dick.                                     The edge                             1
Frank, E. R.                                       America : a novel                    1
Frank, E. R.                                       Friction : a novel                   1
Frank, E. R.                                       Life is funny : a novel              1
Frank, E. R.                                       Wrecked                              1
Frank, Hillary.                                    I can't tell you                     1
Frank, Pat, 1908-                                  Alas, Babylon                        1
Fredericks, Mariah.                                Crunch time                          1
Freymann-Weyr, Garret, 1965-                       Stay with me                         1
Friesen, Gayle.                                    The Isabel factor                    1
Froese, Debroah.                                   Out of the fire                      1
Frost, Helen, 1949-                                Keesha's house                       1
Frost, Helen, 1949-                                The braid                            1
                                                   The old gringo --a novel /
                                                   (FSG Classics - translated
                                                   from the Spanish by
                                                   Margaret Sayers Peden and
Fuentes, Carlos                                    the author)                          1
Fuentes, Carlos.                                   The death of Artemio Cruz            1
Fuqua, Jonathon Scott.                             King of the pygmies                  1
Fusco, Kimberly Newton.                            Tending to Grace                     1
Gaines, Ernest J., 1933-                           A gathering of old men               1
Gaines, Ernest J., 1933-                           In my father's house                 1
                                                   The autobiography of Miss
Gaines, Ernest J., 1933-                           Jane Pittman                         1
                                                   The love curse of the
Gantos, Jack.                                      Rumbaughs                            1
                                                   One hundred years of
Garcia Marquez, Gabriel, 1928-                     solitude                             1
Garden, Nancy.                                     Endgame                              1
                                                   The year they burned the
Garden, Nancy.                                     books                                1
                                                   Once upon a More
                                                   Enlightened Time More
                                                   Politically Correct Bedtime
Garner, James Finn.                                Stories                              1
Gavin, Jamila.                            The blood stone                      1
Gerstein, Mordicai.                       The Old Country                      1
Giles, Gail.                              Shattering Glass                     1
Gilstrap, John                            Nathan's Run                         1
                                          The diary of a madman and
Gogol', Nikolai Vasil'evich, 1809-1852.   other stories                        1
Going, K. L. (Kelly L.)                   Fat kid rules the world              1
Going, K. L. (Kelly L.)                   Saint Iggy                           1
Golden, Christopher.                      Drowned                              1
Golden, Christopher.                      Horseman                             1
Golden, Christopher.                      Mischief                             1
Golden, Christopher.                      Throat culture                       1
                                          Darkness visible --a novel /
Golding, WIlliam                          (FSG Classics)                       1
Golding, William, 1911-                   Free fall                            1
Golding, William, 1911-                   The inheritors                       1
Golding, William, 1911-                   The spire                            1
Golding, William, 1911-1993.              Lord of the flies : a novel          1
Goldman, William, 1931-                   Marathon man                         1
                                          The princess bride : S.
                                          Morgenstern's classic tale
                                          of true love and high
                                          adventure : the "good
Goldman, William, 1931-                   parts" version                       1
                                          The dream where the
Goobie, Beth, 1959-                       losers go                            1
Gopnik, Adam.                             The king in the window               1
Graber, Janet.                            Resistance                           1
Grant, Neil, 1966-                        Indo dreaming                        1
Grant, Vicki.                             Pigboy                               1
Grass, Gunter, 1927-                      The Gunter Grass reader              1
Gratz, Alan, 1972-                        Samurai shortstop                    1
                                          An abundance of
Green, John, 1977-                        Katherines                           1
                                          Looking for Alaska : a
Green, John.                              novel                                1
Greenberg, Joanne.                        In this sign                         1
Greene, Graham, 1904-                     The heart of the matter              1
Greene, Janice.                           White Fang                           1
Greene, Michele Dominguez.                Chasing the jaguar                   1
Greif, Jean-Jacques.                      The fighter                          1
Griffin, Adele.                           Amandine                             1
Griffin, Adele.                           Where I want to be                   1
Grimes, Nikki.                            Bronx masquerade                     1
Grisham, John.                            A painted house : a novel            1
Grisham, John.                            A time to kill                       1
Grisham, John.                            Bleachers                            1
Grisham, John.                            Skipping Christmas                   1
Grisham, John.                            The brethren                         1
Grisham, John.                            The broker                           1
Grisham, John.                            The chamber                          1
Grisham, John.                            The king of torts                    1
Grisham, John.                            The last juror                       1
Grisham, John.                            The partner                          1
Grisham, John.                            The pelican brief                    1
Grisham, John.                                   The runaway jury                   1
Grisham, John.                                   The street lawyer                  1
Grisham, John.                                   The summons                        1
Grisham, John.                                   The testament                      1
Gruber, Michael, 1940-                           The witch's boy                    1
                                                 Water for elephants : a
Gruen, Sara.                                     novel                              1
Gunesekera, Romesh.                              Reef                               1
                                                 Oldest living Confederate
Gurganus, Allan, 1947-                           widow tells all                    1
Haddix, Margaret Peterson.                       Turnabout                          1
Halam, Ann.                                      Siberia : a novel                  1
Halam, Ann.                                      Taylor Five                        1
Hale, Shannon.                                   Enna burning                       1
Hale, Shannon.                                   River secrets                      1
Hale, Shannon.                                   The goose girl                     1
Halvorson, Marilyn.                              Blue moon                          1
Hamamura, John.                                  Color of the sea                   1
Hammett, Dashiell, 1894-1961.                    The glass key                      1
Hammett, Dashiell, 1894-1961.                    The Maltese falcon                 1
Hammett, Dashiell, 1894-1961.                    The thin man                       1
Hampshire, Anthony, 1951-                        Fast track                         1
Hampshire, Anthony, 1951-                        Full throttle                      1
Hanley, Victoria.                                The light of the oracle            1
                                                 Far from the madding
Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928.                        crowd                              1
Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928.                        Jude the obscure                   1
Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928.                        Tess of the d'Urbervilles          1
Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928.                        The mayor of Casterbridge          1
Harmon, Michael B.                               Skate                              1
Harrison, Mette Ivie, 1970-                      Mira, mirror                       1
Hart, Karen.                                     Butterflies in May                 1
Hartnett, Sonya.                                 Surrender                          1
Hautman, Pete, 1952-                             Godless                            1
Hautman, Pete, 1952-                             Invisible                          1
Hautman, Pete, 1952-                             Mr. Was                            1
Hautman, Pete, 1952-                             Rash                               1
Hautman, Pete, 1952-                             Snatched                           1
                                                 The celestial railroad and
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864.                 other stories                      1
                                                 The house of the seven
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864.                 gables : a romance                 1
Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864.                 The scarlet letter                 1
Haydon, Elizabeth.                               Prophecy : child of earth          1
                                                 Ellanor's exchange : a
Hayner, Linda K.                                 novel                              1
                                                 Nothing but the truth (and
Headley, Justina Chen, 1968-                     a few white lies)                  1
Hearn, Julie, 1958-                              The minister's daughter            1
Hegi, Ursula.                                    Salt dancers                       1
Hegi, Ursula.                                    Stones from the river              1
Heinlein, Robert A. (Robert Anson), 1907-1988.   Stranger in a strange land         1
Heller, Joseph.                                  Catch-22                           1
Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.                    A farewell to arms                 1
Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.                    For whom the bell tolls            1
Hemingway,   Ernest,   1899-1961.   In our time                         1
Hemingway,   Ernest,   1899-1961.   Islands in the stream               1
Hemingway,   Ernest,   1899-1961.   The Garden of Eden                  1
Hemingway,   Ernest,   1899-1961.   The old man and the sea             1
                                    The snows of Kilimanjaro
Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.       and other stories                   1
Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.       The sun also rises                  1
Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.       Winner take nothing                 1
Hemphill, Helen, 1955-              Long gone daddy                     1
Henry, April.                       Shock point                         1
Henry, O., 1862-1910.               Stories                             1
                                    The day they came to
Hentoff, Nat.                       arrest the book : a novel           1
Herrick, Steven.                    By the river                        1
Heuston, Kimberley Burton, 1960-    Dante's daughter                    1
Hickam, Homer H., 1943-             Back to the moon : a novel          1
Hidayat, Sadiq, 1903-1951.          The blind owl                       1
                                    Blood fever : a James Bond
Higson, Charles, 1958-              adventure                           1
Hillerman, Tony.                    Hunting badger                      1
Hinton, S. E.                       Rumble fish                         1
Hinton, S. E.                       Taming the star runner              1
Hinton, S. E.                       Tex                                 1
Hinton, S. E.                       That was then, this is now          1
Hinton, S. E.                       The outsiders                       1
Hobbs, Valerie.                     Sonny's war                         1
Hobbs, Will.                        Changes in latitudes                1
Hobbs, Will.                        Down the Yukon                      1
Hobbs, Will.                        Downriver                           1
Hobbs, Will.                        Far North                           1
Hobbs, Will.                        Kokopelli's flute                   1
Hobbs, Will.                        Leaving Protection                  1
Hobbs, Will.                        River thunder                       1
Hoffman, Alice.                     The foretelling                     1
                                    Stravaganza : city of
Hoffman, Mary, 1945-                flowers                             1
                                    Stravaganza : city of
Hoffman, Mary, 1945-                masks                               1
Hoffman, Mary, 1945-                Stravaganza : city of stars         1
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki.               Spirits that walk in shadow         1
Hokenson, Terry, 1948-              The winter road                     1
Holder, Nancy.                      Spirited                            1
Holt, Kimberly Willis.              Keeper of the night                 1
Holub, Josef, 1926-                 An innocent soldier                 1
Hopkins, Ellen.                     Crank                               1
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-            Eagle Strike                        1
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-            Raven's gate                        1
Horowitz, Anthony, 1955-            Scorpia                             1
Horvath, Polly.                     The canning season                  1
Howe, James, 1946-                  The watcher                         1
                                    The adventures of Blue
Howe, Norma.                        Avenger                             1
Hrdlitschka, Shelley, 1956-         Sun signs                           1
Huff, Tanya.                        Stealing Magic                      1
Hughes, Dean, 1943-                 Search and destroy                  1
Hughes, Dean, 1943-               Soldier boys                       1
Hughes, Pat (Patrice Raccio)      Open ice                           1
Hunt, Irene.                      No promises in the wind            1
                                  Their eyes were watching
Hurston, Zora Neale.              God                                1
Hurwin, Davida, 1950-             Circle the soul softly             1
Huxley, Aldous, 1894-1963.        Brave new world                    1
Hyde, Catherine Ryan.             Pay it forward : a novel           1
Ibuse, Masuji, 1898-              Black rain                         1
Ihimaera, Witi Tame, 1944-        The whale rider                    1
Ingold, Jeanette.                 Hitch                              1
Ingold, Jeanette.                 Mountain solo                      1
                                  Rip Van Winkle and other
Irving, Washington, 1783-1859.    stories                            1
Isdell, Wendy, 1975-              A gebra named Al : a novel         1
Jacobson, Jennifer, 1958-         Stained                            1
James, Brian, 1976-               Dirty liar                         1
James, Henry, 1843-1916.          The portrait of a lady             1
                                  The turn of the screw and
James, Henry, 1843-1916.          other stories                      1
James, P. D.                      Innocent blood                     1
Janeczko, Paul B.                 Worlds Afire                       1
                                  Over a thousand hills I
Jansen, Hanna, 1946-              walk with you                      1
Jarvis, Robin, 1963-              The alchemist's cat                1
Jarvis, Robin, 1963-              Thorn ogres of Hagwood             1
Jenkins, A. M. (Amanda McRaney)   Out of order                       1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 A dangerous plan                   1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Arrived                            1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Attack of apollyon                 1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Attack of apollyon                 1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Attack on Petra                    1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Battling the commander             1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Bounty hunters                     1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Breakout!                          1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Busted!                            1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Darkening skies                    1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Death at the gala                  1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Death strike                       1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Earthquake!                        1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Escape from New Babylon            1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Escape to Masada                   1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Facing the future                  1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Fire from heaven                   1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Heat wave                          1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Horsemen of terror                 1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Into the storm                     1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Judgement Day                      1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Murder in the holy place           1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Nicolae High                       1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Ominous choices                    1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 On the run                         1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Second chance                      1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Secrets of New Babylon             1
Jenkins, Jerry B.                 Terror in the stadium              1
Jenkins,   Jerry   B.         The beast arises                      1
Jenkins,   Jerry   B.         The mark of the Beast                 1
Jenkins,   Jerry   B.         The perils of love                    1
Jenkins,   Jerry   B.         The rise of false messiahs            1
Jenkins,   Jerry   B.         The road to war                       1
Jenkins,   Jerry   B.         The search                            1
Jenkins,   Jerry   B.         The showdown                          1
Jenkins,   Jerry   B.         The underground                       1
Jenkins,   Jerry   B.         The vanishings                        1
Jenkins,   Jerry   B.         Through the flames                    1
Jenkins,   Jerry   B.         Triumphant return                     1
                              Uplink from the
Jenkins, Jerry B.             underground                           1
Jenkins, Jerry B.             War of the dragon                     1
Jenkins, Jerry B.             Wildfire!                             1
Jinks, Catherine.             Pagan's scribe                        1
                              Mable Riley --A Reliable
                              Record of Humdrum, Peril,
Jocelyn, Marthe               and Ro- mance                         1
Joern, Pamela Carter, 1948-   The floor of the sky                  1
Johnson, Angela, 1961-        Bird                                  1
Johnson, Angela, 1961-        The first part last                   1
Johnson, Harriet McBryde.     Accidents of nature                   1
Johnson, Maureen, 1973-       13 little blue envelopes              1
Johnson, Maureen, 1973-       Devilish                              1
                              The key to the Golden
Johnson, Maureen, 1973-       Firebird : a novel                    1
Jones, Diana Wynne.           The Merlin conspiracy                 1
Jones, Patrick, 1961-         Nailed                                1
                              The crimes and
Jonsberg, Barry, 1951-        punishments of Miss Payne             1
Jordan, Robert, 1948-         A crown of swords                     1
Jordan, Robert, 1948-         Crossroads of twilight                1
Jordan, Robert, 1948-         Knife of dreams                       1
                              The eye of the world. Part
Jordan, Robert, 1948-         1,From the two rivers                 1
                              The eye of the world. Part
Jordan,   Robert, 1948-       2,To the blight                       1
Jordan,   Robert, 1948-       The path of daggers                   1
Jordan,   Robert, 1948-       Winter's heart                        1
Jordan,   Robert.             Lord of chaos                         1
Jordan,   Robert.             The Conan chronicles                  1
Jordan,   Robert.             The dragon reborn                     1
Jordan,   Robert.             The fires of heaven                   1
Jordan,   Robert.             The great hunt                        1
Jordan,   Robert.             The shadow rising                     1
                              A portrait of the artist as a
Joyce, James, 1882-1941.      young man                             1
Kaaberbol, Lene.              The serpent gift                      1
Kaaberbol, Lene.              The Shamer's daughter                 1
Kaaberbol, Lene.              The Shamer's signet                   1
Kaaberbol, Lene.              The Shamer's war                      1
Kadohata, Cynthia.            Weedflower                            1
                              The trial : a new
Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924.      translation, based on the             1
                                 restored text

                                 If I have a wicked
                                 stepmother, where's my
Kantor, Melissa.                 prince?                            1
Karr, Kathleen.                  The boxer                          1
                                 Reality conditions : short
Kasman, Alex, 1967-              mathematical fiction               1
Kaufman, Bel.                    Up the down staircase              1
Kawabata, Yasunari, 1899-1972.   Thousand cranes                    1
Keillor, Garrison.               Lake Wobegon days                  1
Kelleher, Victor, 1939-          Dogboy                             1
Kerouac, Jack, 1922-1969.        On the road                        1
                                 One flew over the cuckoo's
Kesey, Ken.                      nest                               1
                                 One flew over the cuckoo's
Kesey, Ken.                      nest : text and criticism          1
                                 Sometimes a great notion :
Kesey, Ken.                      a novel                            1
Keyes, Daniel.                   Flowers for Algernon               1
                                 Monkey town : the summer
Kidd, Ronald.                    of the Scopes trial                1
                                 As hot as it was you ought
Kincaid, Nanci.                  to thank me : a novel              1
King, J. Robert                  Dragons of Magic                   1
King, J. Robert                  Lancelot du Lethe                  1
King, J. Robert                  Le Morte D'Avalon                  1
King, J. Robert                  Mad Merlin                         1
King, J. Robert                  Monsters of Magic                  1
King, J. Robert                  The Secrets of Magic               1
King, J. Robert                  The Thran                          1
King, J. Robert (John Robert)    Apocalypse                         1
King, J. Robert (John Robert)    Le morte d'Avalon                  1
King, J. Robert (John Robert)    Planeshift                         1
                                 The beekeeper's
                                 apprentice, or, On the
King,   Laurie R.                segregation of the queen           1
King,   Stephen                  Delores Claiborne                  1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Bag of bones                       1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Carrie                             1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Cell : a novel                     1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Christine                          1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Cujo                               1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Cycle of the werewolf              1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Desperation                        1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Dolores Claiborne                  1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Dreamcatcher                       1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Firestarter                        1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Four past midnight                 1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Insomnia                           1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        It                                 1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Misery                             1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Night shift                        1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Nightmares & dreamscapes           1
King,   Stephen,    1947-        Pet sematary                       1
King,   Stephen,   1947-                   Roadwork                           1
King,   Stephen,   1947-                   Skeleton crew                      1
King,   Stephen,   1947-                   The Colorado kid                   1
King,   Stephen,   1947-                   The dark half                      1
King,   Stephen,   1947-                   The dead zone                      1
King,   Stephen,   1947-                   The drawing of the three           1
                                           The eyes of the dragon : a
King, Stephen, 1947-                       story                              1
                                           The green mile : the
King, Stephen, 1947-                       complete serial novel              1
King, Stephen, 1947-                       The gunslinger                     1
King, Stephen, 1947-                       The running man                    1
King, Stephen, 1947-                       The shining                        1
King, Stephen, 1947-                       The stand                          1
King, Stephen, 1947-                       The tommyknockers                  1
King, Stephen, 1947-                       The waste lands                    1
Kingsolver, Barbara.                       Animal dreams : a novel            1
Kingsolver, Barbara.                       Pigs in heaven : a novel           1
Kingsolver, Barbara.                       Prodigal summer : a novel          1
Kingsolver, Barbara.                       Small wonder                       1
Kingsolver, Barbara.                       The bean trees : a novel           1
                                           The poisonwood Bible : a
Kingsolver, Barbara.                       novel                              1
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936.               Captains courageous                1
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936.               Kim                                1
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936.               The jungle book II                 1
Kirchoff, Mary L. (Mary Lynn), 1959-       Kendermore                         1
Klass, David.                              California Blue                    1
Klass, David.                              Dark angel                         1
Klass, David.                              Firestorm                          1
Klass, David.                              Home of the Braves                 1
                                           You don't know me : a
Klass, David.                              novel                              1
Klause, Annette Curtis.                    Blood and chocolate                1
Klause, Annette Curtis.                    The silver kiss                    1
Klein, Lisa M., 1958-                      Ophelia : a novel                  1
Kleinbaum, N. H.                           Dead Poets Society                 1
Koertge, Ronald.                           Margaux with an X                  1
Kogler, Jennifer Anne.                     Ruby Tuesday                       1
Koja, Kathe.                               Going under                        1
Koja, Kathe.                               The blue mirror                    1
                                           The outcasts of 19
Konigsburg, E. L.                          Schuyler Place                     1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   3 complete novels                  1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   Darkfall                           1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   False memory                       1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   Icebound                           1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   Midnight                           1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   Night chills                       1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   Santa's twin                       1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   Shadowfires                        1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   Strangers                          1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   The bad place                      1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   The door to December               1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean      Ray),   1945-   The funhouse : a novel             1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray),      1945-   The house of thunder                 1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray),      1945-   The mask                             1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray),      1945-   Three complete novels                1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray),      1945-   Voice of the night                   1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray),      1945-   Watchers                             1
Koontz, Dean R. (Dean Ray),      1945-   Whispers                             1
Korman, Gordon.                          Born to rock                         1
Korman, Gordon.                          Jake, reinvented                     1
Korman, Gordon.                          Son of the mob                       1
Koss, Amy Goldman, 1954-                 Poison ivy                           1
Krech, Bob.                              Rebound                              1
Krossing, Karen.                         Pure                                 1
Krovatin, Christopher.                   Heavy metal and you                  1
Krulik, Nancy E.                         Dawn's early light                   1
Kwasney, Michelle D., 1960-              Baby Blue                            1
Lackey, Mercedes.                        Magic's promise                      1
                                         Apollyon : the Destroyer is
LaHaye, Tim F.                           unleashed                            1
                                         Assassins : assignment,
                                         Jerusalem; target,
LaHaye, Tim F.                           Antichrist                           1
                                         Desecration : Antichrist
LaHaye, Tim F.                           takes the throne                     1
                                         Left behind : a novel of the
LaHaye, Tim F.                           earth's last days                    1
                                         Soul harvest : the world
LaHaye, Tim F.                           takes sides                          1
                                         The mark : the beast rules
LaHaye, Tim F.                           the world                            1
                                         Tribulation force : the
                                         continuing drama of those
LaHaye, Tim F.                           left behind                          1
Laird, Elizabeth.                        A little piece of ground             1
Lamb, Wally.                             She's come undone                    1
L'Amour, Louis, 1908-                    The strong shall live                1
L'Amour, Louis, 1908-                    The trail to Crazy Man               1
L'Amour, Louis, 1908-                    To tame a land                       1
L'Amour, Louis, 1908-                    Under the Sweetwater Rim             1
L'Amour, Louis, 1908-1988.               Bendigo Shafter                      1
                                         Beyond the great snow
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           mountains                            1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           Bowdrie                              1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           Catlow                               1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           Chancy                               1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           Comstock Lode                        1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           Crossfire trail                      1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           Down the long hills                  1
                                         Education of a wandering
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           man                                  1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           Fair blows the wind                  1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           Flint                                1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           Hanging woman creek                  1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           Heller with a gun                    1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           High lonesome                        1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.           Hondo                                1

L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Kilrone                              1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Lando                                1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Last stand at Papago Wells           1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Lonely on the mountain               1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Lonigan                              1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Matagorda                            1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Mojave crossing                      1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Monument Rock                        1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   North to the rails                   1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Over on the dry side                 1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Reilly's luck                        1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Ride the river                       1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Sackett's land                       1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Shalako                              1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Sitka                                1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The broken gun                       1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The Californios                      1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The Cherokee trail                   1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The daybreakers                      1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The Ferguson rifle                   1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The golden West                      1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The iron marshal                     1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The man called Noon                  1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The man from Skibbereen              1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The quick and the dead               1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The rider of the Ruby hills          1
                                 The rustlers of West Fork :
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   a Hopalong Cassidy novel             1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The Sackett brand                    1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The walking drum                     1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   The warrior's path                   1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Treasure Mountain                    1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Westward the tide                    1
L'Amour,   Louis,   1908-1988.   Yondering                            1
                                 The outlaws of mesquite :
L'Amour, Louis.                  frontier stories                     1
Lanagan, Margo, 1960-            Black juice                          1
Lanagan, Margo, 1960-            White time                           1
Lane, Dakota.                    The Orpheus obsession                1
Larbalestier, Justine.           Magic or madness                     1
                                 There's a hair in my dirt! :
Larson, Gary.                    a worm's story                       1
Larson, Kirby.                   Hattie Big Sky                       1
Lasky, Kathryn.                  Blood secret                         1
Lasky, Kathryn.                  Broken song                          1
Lat.                             Kampung boy. 01                      1
                                 Just Jane : a daughter of
                                 England caught in the
                                 struggle of the American
Lavender, William.               Revolution                           1
Lawhead, Steve.                  Arthur                               1
Lawhead, Steve.                  Byzantium                            1
Lawhead, Steve.                  Grail                                1
                                 In the hall of the Dragon
Lawhead, Steve.                  King                                 1
Lawhead, Steve.                               Merlin                                 1
Lawhead, Steve.                               Pendragon                              1
Lawhead, Steve.                               Taliesin                               1
Lawhead, Steve.                               The black rood                         1
Lawhead, Steve.                               The warlords of Nin                    1
Lawrence, D. H. (David Herbert), 1885-1930.   Sons and lovers                        1
Lawrence, Iain, 1955-                         B for Buster                           1
Lawrence, Michael.                            Small eternities                       1
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929-                     Gifts                                  1
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929-                     Tales from Earthsea                    1
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929-                     The compass rose : stories             1
Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929-                     Voices                                 1
Leaney, Cindy.                                The rainmaker                          1
Leavitt, Martine, 1953-                       Heck superhero                         1
Lee, Gus.                                     China boy : a novel                    1
Lee, Harper.                                  To kill a mockingbird                  1
Lee, Marie G.                                 Necessary roughness                    1
                                              Piratica II : return to Parrot
                                              Island : being the return of
                                              a most intrepid heroine to
Lee, Tanith.                                  sea and secrets                        1
Leitch, Will.                                 Catch : a novel                        1
Levine, Gail Carson.                          Fairest                                1
                                              That hideous strength : a
                                              modern fairy-tale for
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.      grown-ups                              1
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.      The chronicles of Narnia               1
                                              Till we have faces : a myth
Lewis, C. S. (Clive Staples), 1898-1963.      retold                                 1
                                              Postcards to father
Lewis, Catherine (Catherine Anne)             Abraham : a novel                      1
Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951.                   Babbitt                                1
Lewis, Sinclair, 1885-1951.                   Main Street                            1
                                              Girl, going on 17, pants on
Limb, Sue.                                    fire                                   1
                                              Girl, nearly 16, absolute
Limb, Sue.                                    torture                                1
Lion, Melissa.                                Upstream                               1
Lipsyte, Robert.                              Raiders night                          1
Lipsyte, Robert.                              The contender                          1
Lisle, Janet Taylor.                          Black duck                             1
Lispector, Clarice.                           The hour of the star                   1
Littke, Lael.                                 Lake of secrets                        1
                                              The boy book : (a study of
                                              habits and behaviors, plus
                                              techniques for taming
                                              them) : a Ruby Oliver
Lockhart, E.                                  novel                                  1
                                              The boyfriend list : (15
                                              guys, 11 shrink
                                              appointments, 4 ceramic
Lockhart, E.                                  frogs and me, Ruby Oliver)             1
London, Jack, 1876-1916.                      Before Adam                            1
London, Jack, 1876-1916.                      Tales of the fish patrol               1
                                              The best short stories of
London, Jack, 1876-1916.                      Jack London                            1
London, Jack, 1876-1916.      The call of the wild                1
                              To build a fire and other
London, Jack, 1876-1916.      stories                             1
London, Jack, 1876-1916.      When God laughs                     1
Lowry, Brigid.                Guitar highway Rose                 1
                              Things you either hate or
Lowry, Brigid.                love                                1
Lowry, Lois.                  Messenger                           1
Ludlum, Robert, 1927-         The Icarus agenda                   1
Lupica, Mike.                 Miracle on 49th Street              1
Lynch, Chris.                 Inexcusable                         1
                              The gardens of light : a
Maalouf, Amin.                novel                               1
Mackall, Dandi Daley.         Eva underground                     1
                              The earth, my butt, and
Mackler, Carolyn.             other big round things              1
MacLean, Christine Kole.      How it's done                       1
                              A river runs through it and
Maclean, Norman, 1902-1990.   other stories                       1
MacPhail, Catherine, 1946-    Underworld                          1
                              Lulu Dark can see through
Madison, Bennett.             walls : a mystery                   1
                              Confessions of an ugly
Maguire,   Gregory.           stepsister                          1
Maguire,   Gregory.           Lost                                1
Maguire,   Gregory.           Mirror mirror                       1
Maguire,   Gregory.           Son of a witch : a novel            1
                              Wicked : the life and times
                              of the wicked witch of the
Maguire, Gregory.             West : a novel                      1
                              Chinese Cinderella and the
Mah, Adeline Yen, 1937-       Secret Dragon Society               1
                              Three novels of Ancient
                              Egypt Khufu's wisdom,
                              Rhadpis of Nubia, Thebes
Mahfouz, Naguib               at war                              1
Mahfouz, Naguib.              Midaq Alley                         1
Mahfuz, Najib, 1912-          Miramar                             1
                              The beggar ; The thief and
Mahfuz, Najib, 1912-          the dogs ; Autumn quail             1
Mahy, Margaret.               Alchemy                             1
Malamud, Bernard.             The fixer                           1
Mankell, Henning, 1948-       Secrets in the fire                 1
Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955.      Death in Venice                     1
                              The magic mountain : a
Mann, Thomas, 1875-1955.      novel                               1
Manning, Sarra.               Guitar girl                         1
Marks, Graham.                Zoo : a novel                       1
Marrin, Albert.               Saving the buffalo                  1
Marsden, John, 1950-          Burning for revenge                 1
Marsden, John, 1950-          Darkness, be my friend              1
Marsden, John, 1950-          The night is for hunting            1
Marsden, John, 1950-          The other side of dawn              1
                              Tomorrow, when the war
Marsden, John, 1950-          began                               1

Marsden, John.               The dead of night                  1
Martino, Alfred C.           Pinned                             1
Mason, Bobbie Ann.           In country : a novel               1
Maule, David.                Jurassic Park III                  1
                             They wear what under their
Maxwell, Katie.              kilts?                             1
                             A boy at war : a novel of
Mazer, Harry.                Pearl Harbor                       1
Mazer, Harry.                Snow bound                         1
Mazer, Harry.                The last mission                   1
McAlpin, Janet.              The client                         1
McCaffrey, Anne.             Acorna : the unicorn girl          1
                             Acorna's people : the
                             further adventures of the
McCaffrey,   Anne.           unicorn girl                       1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Acorna's quest                     1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Acorna's rebels                    1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Acorna's search                    1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Acorna's triumph                   1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Acorna's world                     1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           All the Weyrs of Pern              1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Dragondrums                        1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Dragonflight                       1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Dragonquest                        1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Dragon's kin                       1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Dragonsdawn                        1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Dragonseye                         1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Dragonsinger                       1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Dragonsong                         1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Moreta, dragonlady of Pern         1
McCaffrey,   Anne.           Nerilka's story                    1
                             The chronicles of Pern :
McCaffrey, Anne.             first fall                         1
McCaffrey, Anne.             The dolphins of Pern               1
McCaffrey, Anne.             The masterharper of Pern           1
McCaffrey, Anne.             The renegades of Pern              1
McCaffrey, Anne.             The skies of Pern                  1
McCaffrey, Anne.             The white dragon                   1
McCarthy, Cormac,    1933-   All the pretty horses              1
McCarthy, Cormac,    1933-   Cities of the plain                1
McCarthy, Cormac,    1933-   No country for old men             1
McCarthy, Cormac,    1933-   Outer dark                         1
McCarthy, Cormac,    1933-   The orchard keeper                 1
McCarthy, Cormac,    1933-   The road                           1
                             Not the end of the world :
McCaughrean, Geraldine.      a novel                            1
McCaughrean, Geraldine.      Peter Pan in scarlet               1
                             Tom Clancy's Net Force :
McCay, Bill.                 cold case                          1
                             Tom Clancy's Net Force :
McCay, Bill.                 private lives                      1
McClintock, Norah            Bang (Orca Soundings)              1
McClintock, Norah.           Dead and gone                      1
McClintock, Norah.           Hit and run                        1
McClintock, Norah.           Last chance                        1

McClintock, Norah.              Not a trace                          1
McClintock, Norah.              Password : murder                    1
McClintock, Norah.              Snitch                               1
McClintock, Norah.              Tell                                 1
McClintock, Norah.              The body in the basement             1
McClintock, Norah.              Truth and lies                       1
McClintock, Norah.              You can run                          1
McCormick, Patricia, 1956-      Cut                                  1
McCormick, Patricia, 1956-      Sold                                 1
                                The ballad of the sad cafe
McCullers, Carson, 1917-1967.   and other stories                    1
                                The member of the
McCullers, Carson, 1917-1967.   wedding                              1
                                Always and forever : two
McDaniel, Lurlene.              novels                               1
McDaniel, Lurlene.              Angel of mercy                       1
                                For better, for worse,
McDaniel, Lurlene.              forever                              1
                                Goodbye doesn't mean
McDaniel, Lurlene.              forever                              1
                                How do I love thee : three
McDaniel, Lurlene.              stories                              1
                                If I should die before I
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            wake                                 1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            I'll be seeing you                   1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            Last dance                           1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            Lifted up by angels                  1
                                Now I lay me down to
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            sleep                                1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            Please don't die                     1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            Reach for tomorrow                   1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            She died too young                   1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            Six months to live                   1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            Sixteen and dying                    1
                                Somewhere between life
McDaniel, Lurlene.              and death                            1
                                Starry, starry night : three
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            holiday stories                      1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            The angels trilogy                   1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            The girl death left behind           1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            The time capsule                     1
McDaniel,   Lurlene.            To live again                        1
                                When happily ever after
McDaniel, Lurlene.              ends                                 1
McDaniel, Lurlene.              Why did she have to die?             1
McDonald, Joyce.                Devil on my heels                    1
McKernan, Victoria.             Shackleton's stowaway                1
McKillip, Patricia A.           Alphabet of thorn                    1
McKillip, Patricia A.           Harrowing the dragon                 1
McKillip, Patricia A.           Moon-flash                           1
McKillip, Patricia A.           Moon-flash                           1
McKillip, Patricia A.           Od magic                             1
                                Riddle-master : the
McKillip, Patricia A.           complete trilogy                     1
McKillip, Patricia A.           The changeling sea                   1

McKillip, Patricia A.                      The forgotten beasts of Eld         1
McKinley, Robin.                           Deerskin                            1
McManus, Patrick F.                        Real ponies don't go oink!          1
McNab, Andy.                               Traitor                             1
McNamee, Graham.                           Acceleration                        1
McNaughton, Janet Elizabeth, 1953-         The secret under my skin            1
McPherson, F. M., 1950-                    Secrets                             1
Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.               Billy Budd and other tales          1
                                           Great short works of
Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.               Herman Melville                     1
Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.               Moby Dick                           1
Meyer, Adam, 1972-                         The last domino                     1
                                           Patience, Princess
Meyer, Carolyn, 1935-                      Catherine                           1
Meyer, Kai.                                The water mirror                    1
                                           Bloody Jack : being an
                                           account of the curious
                                           adventures of Mary "Jacky"
Meyer, L. A. (Louis A.), 1942-             Faber, ship's boy                   1
                                           Curse of the blue tattoo :
                                           being an account of the
                                           misadventures of Jacky
                                           Faber, midshipman and
Meyer, L. A. (Louis A.), 1942-             fine lady                           1
                                           In the belly of the
                                           bloodhound : being an
                                           account of a particularly
                                           peculiar adventure in the
Meyer, L. A. (Louis A.), 1942-             life of Jacky Faber                 1
Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-                    New moon                            1
Meyer, Stephenie, 1973-                    Twilight                            1
Michael, Livi, 1960-                       The whispering road                 1
Michaels, David.                           Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell          1
Michener, James A. (James Albert), 1907-   The bridges at Toko-ri              1
Mikaelsen, Ben, 1952-                      Petey                               1
Mikaelsen, Ben, 1952-                      Sparrow Hawk Red                    1
Mikaelsen, Ben, 1952-                      Touching Spirit Bear                1
Mikaelsen, Ben, 1952-                      Tree Girl                           1
Mikaelsen, Ben.                            Rescue Josh McGuire                 1
Miklowitz, Gloria D.                       Masada : the last fortress          1
Miklowitz, Gloria D.                       The enemy has a face                1
                                           The war between the
Miklowitz, Gloria D.                       classes                             1
                                           Kiki Strike : inside the
Miller, Kirsten, 1973-                     shadow city                         1
Mitchell, David                            Black Swan Green                    1
Mlynowski, Sarah.                          Bras & broomsticks                  1
Moranville, Sharelle Byars.                A higher geometry                   1
Moredun, P. R.                             The dragon conspiracy               1
                                           The murder of Bindy
Moriarty, Jaclyn.                          MacKenzie                           1
Morpurgo, Michael.                         Private Peaceful                    1
                                           Snowbound : helicopter
                                           crash and other true
Morris, Deborah, 1956-                     survival stories                    1
Morrison, Toni.                            Beloved : a novel                   1
Morrison, Toni.                                 Paradise                             1
Morrison, Toni.                                 Sula                                 1
Morrison, Toni.                                 The bluest eye                       1
Moses, Shelia P.                                The return of Buddy Bush             1
Mosher, Richard.                                Zazoo                                1
Mowat, Farley.                                  Lost in the barrens                  1
Mowat, Farley.                                  Owls in the family                   1
Mowat, Farley.                                  The snow walker                      1
Mowry, Jess.                                    Way Past Cool                        1
Murphy, Claire Rudolf.                          Free radical                         1
Myers, Bill, 1953-                              Eli : a novel                        1
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-                       145th Street : short stories         1
                                                Autobiography of my dead
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 brother                              1
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 Bad boy : a memoir                   1
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 Crystal                              1
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 Fallen angels                        1
                                                Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-                       Stuff                                1
                                                Handbook for boys : a
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 novel                                1
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 Hoops                                1
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 It ain't all for nothin'             1
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 Monster                              1
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 Scorpions                            1
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 Shooter                              1
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 Slam!                                1
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 The beast                            1
Myers,   Walter   Dean,   1937-                 The Glory Field                      1
                                                The journal of Joshua Loper
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-                       : a Black cowboy                     1
                                                The journal of Scott
                                                Pendleton Collins : a World
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-                       War II soldier                       1
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-                       The mouse rap                        1
Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-                       The young landlords                  1
Naipaul, V. S. (Vidiadhar Surajprasad), 1932-   A bend in the river                  1
Naipaul, V. S. (Vidiadhar Surajprasad), 1932-   Magic seeds                          1
Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948-                         Bound                                1
Napoli, Donna Jo, 1948-                         Fire in the hills                    1
Narayan, R. K., 1906-                           A tiger for Malgudi                  1
Natsume, Soseki, 1867-1916.                     Kokoro : a novel                     1
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.                       Alice on her way                     1
Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.                       Blizzard's wake                      1
                                                The new rules of high
Nelson, Blake, 1960-                            school                               1
                                                Lisa, bright and dark : a
Neufeld, John.                                  novel                                1
Neville, Katherine, 1945-                       The eight : a novel                  1
Newman, Leslea.                                 Jailbait                             1
Ngugi wa Thiong'o.                              Matigari                             1
Nix, Garth.                                     Abhorsen                             1
                                                Across the wall : a tale of
                                                the Abhorsen and other
Nix, Garth.                                     stories                              1

                                             Lirael : daughter of the
Nix, Garth.                                  Clayr                               1
Nix, Garth.                                  Sabriel                             1
Nix, Garth.                                  Shade's children                    1
Nix, Garth.                                  The Ragwitch                        1
Noel, Alyson.                                Faking 19                           1
Nuzum, K. A.                                 A small white scar                  1
                                             Small avalanches and other
Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-                    stories                             1
O'Brien, Dan, 1947-                          The Indian agent : a novel          1
O'Connell, Tyne.                             Dueling princes                     1
O'Connell, Tyne.                             Dumping princes                     1
O'Connell, Tyne.                             Pulling princes                     1
O'Connell, Tyne.                             Stealing princes                    1
                                             A good man is hard to find
O'Connor, Flannery.                          : and other stories                 1
O'Connor, Flannery.                          Collected works                     1
                                             Everything that rises must
O'Connor, Flannery.                          converge                            1
Odom, Mel.                                   Apocalypse burning                  1
                                             Tom Clancy's Net Force :
Odom, Mel.                                   gameprey                            1
Olin, Sean.                                  Killing Britney                     1
Olsen, Sylvia, 1955-                         White girl                          1
Olsen, Sylvia, 1955-                         Yellow line                         1
Olsen, Sylvia.                               The girl with a baby                1
Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-                     Anil's ghost                        1
                                             In the skin of a lion : a
Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-                     novel                               1
                                             The English patient : a
Ondaatje, Michael, 1943-                     novel                               1
Oppel, Kenneth.                              Airborn                             1
Orczy, Emmuska Orczy, Baroness, 1865-1947.   The Scarlet Pimpernel               1
Orr, Wendy.                                  Peeling the onion                   1
Orwell, George, 1903-1950.                   1984 : a novel                      1
Orwell, George, 1903-1950.                   Animal farm : a fairy story         1
Osa, Nancy.                                  Cuba 15 : a novel                   1
                                             The unexpected guest : a
Osborne, Charles, 1927-                      mystery                             1
Osborne, Mary Pope.                          Haunted waters                      1
Page, Jan.                                   Rewind                              1
                                             Accidental happiness : a
Page, Jean Reynolds.                         novel                               1
Paolini, Christopher.                        Eldest                              1
Paolini, Christopher.                        Eragon                              1
Papademetriou, Lisa.                         M or F? : a novel                   1
                                             The wizard, the witch, &
Papademetriou, Lisa.                         two girls from Jersey               1
                                             Domenic's war : a story of
Parkinson, Curtis.                           the battle of Monte Cassino         1
Parks, Gordon, 1912-                         The learning tree                   1
Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich, 1890-1960.     Doctor Zhivago                      1
Paton, Alan.                                 Cry, the beloved country            1
Patron, Susan.                               The higher power of Lucky           1
Patterson, James, 1947-                      The angel experiment                1

Pattou, Edith.            East                                1
Paulsen, Gary.            A Christmas sonata                  1
Paulsen, Gary.            Brian's hunt                        1
Paulsen, Gary.            Brian's return                      1
Paulsen, Gary.            Brian's winter                      1
Paulsen, Gary.            Canyons                             1
Paulsen, Gary.            Dogsong                             1
                          How Angel Peterson got his
                          name : and other
                          outrageous tales about
Paulsen, Gary.            extreme sports                      1
Paulsen, Gary.            Nightjohn                           1
                          Popcorn days & buttermilk
Paulsen, Gary.            nights                              1
Paulsen, Gary.            Sarny : a life remembered           1
                          The beet fields : memories
Paulsen, Gary.            of a sixteenth summer               1
                          The boy who owned the
Paulsen, Gary.            school : a comedy of love           1
                          The legend of Bass Reeves
                          : being the true account of
                          the most valiant marshal in
Paulsen, Gary.            the West                            1
                          The night the white deer
Paulsen,    Gary.         died                                1
Paulsen,    Gary.         Tiltawhirl John                     1
Paulsen,    Gary.         Tracker                             1
Paulsen,    Gary.         Tucket's gold                       1
Paulsen,    Gary.         Tucket's home                       1
Paulsen,    Gary.         Tucket's ride                       1
                          Tucket's travels : Francis
                          Tucket's adventures in the
Paulsen, Gary.            West, 1847-1849                     1
                          Zero to sixty : the
                          motorcycle journey of a
Paulsen, Gary.            lifetime                            1
Pausewang, Gudrun.        Traitor                             1
Pearson, Mary (Mary E.)   A room on Lorelei Street            1
                          Are you in the house
Peck, Richard, 1934-      alone?                              1
Peck, Richard, 1934-      The river between us                1
                          The teacher's funeral : a
Peck, Richard, 1934-      comedy in three parts               1
Peck, Robert Newton.      A part of the sky                   1
                          Escape from the island of
Peretti,   Frank   E.     Aquarius                            1
Peretti,   Frank   E.     House                               1
Peretti,   Frank   E.     Piercing the darkness               1
Peretti,   Frank   E.     Prophet                             1
                          The door in the dragon's
Peretti,   Frank   E.     throat                              1
Peretti,   Frank   E.     The oath                            1
Peretti,   Frank   E.     The tombs of Anak                   1
Peretti,   Frank   E.     The visitation                      1
Peretti,   Frank   E.     This present darkness               1

                                 Tom Clancy's Net Force :
Perry, Steve                     breaking point                       1
                                 Tom Clancy's Net Force :
Perry, Steve.                    changing of the guard                1
                                 Tom Clancy's Net Force :
Perry, Steve.                    Cybernation                          1
                                 Tom Clancy's Net force.
Perry, Steve.                    Point of impact                      1
Peyton, K. M.                    Blind beauty                         1
Pfeffer, Susan Beth, 1948-       Life as we knew it                   1
                                 The Darkangel --
Pierce, Meredith Ann             (Darkangel Trilogy)                  1
Pierce, Meredith Ann.            Birth of the Firebringer             1
Pierce, Meredith Ann.            Dark moon                            1
                                 The pearl of the soul of the
Pierce, Meredith Ann.            world                                1
Pierce, Meredith Ann.            The son of summer stars              1
                                 The woman who loved
Pierce, Meredith Ann.            reindeer                             1
Pierce, Tamora.                  The will of the empress              1
Pierce, Tamora.                  Trickster's choice                   1
Pike, Christopher, 1961-         Alosha                               1
Pike, Christopher, 1961-         Chain letter                         1
Pike, Christopher, 1961-         Remember me                          1
                                 Remember me 2 : the
Pike, Christopher, 1961-         return                               1
                                 Remember me 3 : the last
Pike,   Christopher,   1961-     story                                1
Pike,   Christopher,   1961-     Scavenger hunt                       1
Pike,   Christopher,   1961-     The Yanti                            1
Pike,   Christopher,   1961-     Witch                                1
Pike,   Christopher.             Slumber party                        1
                                 The education of Robert
Pinkwater, Daniel Manus, 1941-   Nifkin                               1
Pinter, Harold.                  The dwarfs : a novel                 1
Plain, Belva.                    Evergreen                            1
Plath, Sylvia.                   The bell jar                         1
                                 The body of Christopher
Plum-Ucci, Carol, 1957-          Creed                                1
Plum-Ucci, Carol, 1957-          The She                              1
                                 18 best stories by Edgar
Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.     Allan Poe                            1
                                 Edgar Allan Poe's tales of
Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.     mystery and madness                  1
                                 Great tales and poems of
Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.     Edgar Allan Poe.                     1
Pohl, Frederik.                  The other end of time                1
Potok, Chaim.                    The chosen                           1
Pratchett, Terry.                A hat full of sky                    1
                                 Carpe jugulum : a
Pratchett, Terry.                Discworld novel                      1
                                 Feet of clay : a novel of
Pratchett, Terry.                Discworld                            1
                                 Going postal : a novel of
Pratchett, Terry.                Discworld                            1
Pratchett, Terry.                Hogfather : a novel of               1
                             Interesting times : a novel
Pratchett, Terry.            of Discworld                         1
Pratchett, Terry.            Jingo : a Discworld novel            1
                             Lords and ladies : a novel
Pratchett, Terry.            of Discworld                         1
                             Maskerade : a novel of
Pratchett, Terry.            Discworld                            1
                             Men at arms : a novel of
Pratchett, Terry.            discworld                            1
                             Monstrous regiment : a
Pratchett, Terry.            novel of Discworld                   1
Pratchett, Terry.            Mort : a novel of Discworld          1
                             Night watch : a novel of
Pratchett, Terry.            Discworld                            1
                             Small gods : a novel of
Pratchett, Terry.            Discworld                            1
                             Sourcery : a novel of
Pratchett, Terry.            Discworld                            1
                             The Amazing Maurice and
Pratchett, Terry.            his educated rodents                 1
Pratchett, Terry.            The Bromeliad trilogy                1
                             The fifth elephant : a novel
Pratchett, Terry.            of Discworld                         1
                             The last continent : a
Pratchett, Terry.            Discworld novel                      1
                             The last hero : a Discworld
Pratchett, Terry.            fable                                1
                             The light fantastic : a
Pratchett, Terry.            Discworld novel                      1
                             The truth : a novel of
Pratchett, Terry.            Discworld                            1
Pratchett, Terry.            The Wee Free Men                     1
                             Thief of time : a novel of
Pratchett, Terry.            Discworld                            1
Pratchett, Terry.            Wintersmith                          1
                             Witches abroad : a novel of
Pratchett, Terry.            Discworld                            1
                             Wyrd sisters : a novel of
Pratchett, Terry.            Discworld                            1
Preisler, Jerome.            Cutting edge                         1
                             Tom Clancy's power plays :
Preisler, Jerome.            bio-strike                           1
                             Tom Clancy's power plays.
Preisler, Jerome.            Cold war                             1
                             Tom Clancy's power plays.
Preisler, Jerome.            Zero hour                            1
Price, Charlie.              Dead connection                      1
Proust, Marcel, 1871-1922.   Swann's way                          1
Pullman, Philip, 1946-       Lyra's Oxford                        1
Pullman, Philip, 1946-       Shadow in the north                  1
Pullman, Philip, 1946-       The amber spyglass                   1
Pullman, Philip, 1946-       The golden compass                   1
Pullman, Philip, 1946-       The ruby in the smoke                1
Pullman, Philip, 1946-       The subtle knife                     1
Pullman, Philip, 1946-       The tin princess                     1
Pullman, Philip, 1946-              The white Mercedes                    1
Pullman, Philip.                    The tiger in the well                 1
Pynchon, Thomas.                    The crying of lot 49                  1
                                    If they give you lined
Quinn, Daniel.                      paper, write sideways                 1
Quinn, Daniel.                      Ishmael                               1
Quinn, Daniel.                      My Ishmael                            1
Quinn, Daniel.                      Tales of Adam                         1
Rabb, M. E.                         Cures for heartbreak                  1
Rabin, Staton.                      Black powder                          1
Rand, Ayn.                          Anthem                                1
Rand, Ayn.                          Atlas shrugged                        1
Rand, Ayn.                          The fountainhead                      1
                                    Sophocles' Oedipus the
Rao, Sirish.                        King                                  1
                                    The World Made Straight --
Rash, Ron                           A Novel                               1
Rees, Celia.                        Sorceress                             1
Rees, Celia.                        Witch child                           1
                                    The wedding : an
                                    encounter with Jan van
Rees, Elizabeth M.                  Eyck                                  1
Reeve, Philip.                      Mortal engines : a novel              1
                                    A brief chapter in my
Reinhardt, Dana.                    impossible life                       1
                                    All quiet on the western
Remarque, Erich Maria, 1898-1970.   front                                 1
Renault, Mary.                      The king must die                     1
                                    Angus, thongs and full-
                                    frontal snogging :
                                    confessions of Georgia
Rennison, Louise.                   Nicolson                              1
                                    Dancing in my nuddy-pants
                                    : even further confessions
Rennison, Louise.                   of Georgia Nicolson                   1
                                    Knocked out by my nunga-
                                    nungas : further, further
                                    confessions of Georgia
Rennison, Louise.                   Nicolson                              1
                                    On the bright side, I'm now
                                    the girlfriend of a sex god :
                                    further confessions of
Rennison, Louise.                   Georgia Nicolson                      1
                                    Startled by his furry shorts
                                    : confessions of Georgia
Rennison, Louise.                   Nicolson                              1
                                    Then he ate my boy
                                    entrancers : confessions of
Rennison, Louise.                   Georgia Nicolson                      1
                                    Lady with an alien : an
                                    encounter with Leonardo
Resnick, Michael D.                 da Vinci                              1
Reynolds, Marilyn, 1935-            Detour for Emmy                       1
Reynolds, Marilyn, 1935-            Telling                               1
Reynolds, Marilyn, 1935-            Too soon for Jeff                     1
Rhys, Jean.                         Wide Sargasso Sea                     1
Richards, Justin.             The death collector                  1
Richardson, E. E.             Devil's footsteps                    1
Richardson, E. E.             The intruders                        1
Richter, Conrad, 1890-1968.   The free man                         1
                              The light in the forest : a
Richter, Conrad, 1890-1968.   novel                                1
Richter, Conrad, 1890-1968.   The sea of grass                     1
                              A break with charity : a
                              story about the Salem
Rinaldi, Ann.                 witch trials                         1
                              A ride into morning : the
Rinaldi, Ann.                 story of Tempe Wick                  1
                              Cast two shadows : the
                              American revolution in the
Rinaldi, Ann.                 South                                1
                              Nine days a queen : the
                              short life and reign of Lady
Rinaldi, Ann.                 Jane Grey                            1
Rinaldi, Ann.                 Sarah's ground                       1
                              The coffin quilt : the feud
                              between the Hatfields and
Rinaldi, Ann.                 the McCoys                           1
Rinaldi, Ann.                 The last silk dress                  1
Rinaldi, Ann.                 Wolf by the ears                     1
Roberts, Laura Peyton.        The queen of second place            1
Rodowsky, Colby F.            Not quite a stranger                 1
Rose, Malcolm.                Final lap                            1
Rosoff, Meg.                  How I live now                       1
Roth, Henry.                  Call it sleep                        1
Rottman, S. L.                Rough waters                         1
Rottman, S. L.                Slalom                               1
                              Tom Clancy's Op-Center.
Rovin, Jeff.                  Mission of honor                     1
                              Tom Clancy's Op-Center.
Rovin, Jeff.                  Sea of fire                          1
                              Harry Potter and the
Rowling, J. K.                Chamber of Secrets                   1
                              Harry Potter and the goblet
Rowling, J. K.                of fire                              1
                              Harry Potter and the half-
Rowling, J. K.                blood prince                         1
                              Harry Potter and the Order
Rowling, J. K.                of the Phoenix                       1
                              Harry Potter and the
Rowling, J. K.                prisoner of Azkaban                  1
                              Harry Potter and the
Rowling, J. K.                sorcerer's stone                     1
                              Batman : no man's land : a
Rucka, Greg.                  novel                                1
                              Midnight's children : a
Rushdie, Salman.              novel                                1
Rushdie, Salman.              The satanic verses                   1
Russon, Penni.                Breathe                              1
Russon, Penni.                Undine                               1
Rylant, Cynthia.              God went to beauty school            1

                                        Scaramouche : a romance
Sabatini, Rafael, 1875-1950.            of the French Revolution             1
Sagan, Carl, 1934-                      Contact                              1
                                        Season of migration to the
Salih, al-Tayyib.                       North                                1
                                        Raise high the roof beam,
                                        carpenters ; and, Seymour,
Salinger, J. D. (Jerome David), 1919-   an introduction                      1
Salinger, J. D. (Jerome David), 1919-   The catcher in the rye               1
Salisbury, Graham.                      Eyes of the emperor                  1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 Ascendance                           1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 Bastion of darkness                  1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 Canticle                             1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 Echoes of the fourth magic           1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 In sylvan shadows                    1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 Night masks                          1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 Promise of the witch-king            1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 Road of the patriarch                1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 Servant of the shard                 1
                                        Star wars, episode II :
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 attack of the clones                 1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 The Chaos Curse                      1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 The fallen fortress                  1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 The witch's daughter                 1
Salvatore, R. A., 1959-                 Vector prime                         1
Sapergia, Barbara, 1943-                Dry                                  1
Sayres, Meghan Nuttall.                 Anahita's woven riddle               1
                                        An order of Amelie, hold
Schindler, Nina.                        the fries                            1
                                        Lizzie Bright and the
Schmidt, Gary D.                        Buckminster boy                      1
Schreiber, Ellen.                       Vampire kisses                       1
                                        I was a non-blonde
Scott, Kieran, 1974-                    cheerleader                          1
Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832.          Ivanhoe                              1
Sedgwick, Marcus.                       The book of Dead Days                1
Sedgwick, Marcus.                       The dark flight down                 1
Sedgwick, Marcus.                       The foreshadowing                    1
Segal, Erich, 1937-                     Love story                           1
Sembene, Ousmane, 1923-                 God's bits of wood                   1
                                        The thirteenth tale : a
Setterfield, Diane.                     novel                                1
Shaara, Jeff, 1952-                     Rise to rebellion                    1
                                        The rising tide : a novel of
Shaara, Jeff, 1952-                     World War II                         1
                                        To the last man : a novel
Shaara, Jeff, 1952-                     of the First World War               1
                                        For love of the game : a
Shaara, Michael.                        novel                                1
Shahan, Sherry.                         Death mountain                       1
                                        Cirque du freak : allies of
Shan, Darren.                           the night                            1
                                        Cirque du freak : tunnels of
Shan, Darren.                           blood                                1
Shaykh, Hanan.                          The story of Zahra                   1

Shaykh, Hanan.                             Women of sand and myrrh            1
Sheldon, Dyan.                             Planet Janet                       1
Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft, 1797-1851.   Frankenstein                       1
Sherlock, Patti.                           Letters from Wolfie                1
                                           Interference and other
Sherman, Harold Morrow, 1898-              football stories                   1
Sheth, Kashmira.                           Koyal dark, mango sweet            1
                                           Kino no tabi : book one of
Shigusawa, Keiichi, 1972-                  the beautiful world                1
                                           Dream messenger : a
Shimada, Masahiko, 1961-                   novel                              1
                                           A wedding in December : a
Shreve, Anita.                             novel                              1
Shreve, Anita.                             Light on snow : a novel            1
Shreve, Anita.                             Resistance : a novel               1
Shreve, Anita.                             The pilot's wife : a novel         1
Shreve, Anita.                             The weight of water                1
Shull, Megan.                              Amazing grace                      1
                                           West Side story : a
Shulman, Irving.                           novelization                       1
Shusterman, Neal.                          Dread locks                        1
Shusterman, Neal.                          Full tilt : a novel                1
Shusterman, Neal.                          The Schwa was here                 1
Shute, Nevil.                              On the beach                       1
Silko, Leslie, 1948-                       Ceremony                           1
Simmons, Michael, 1970-                    Vandal                             1
Simmons, Michael.                          Finding Lubchenko                  1
Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968                 The jungle                         1
Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-1991.         Shosha                             1
                                           The collected stories of
Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-1991.         Isaac Bashevis Singer.             1
                                           The image and other
Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-1991.         stories                            1
Skelton, Matthew.                          Endymion Spring                    1
Sleator, William.                          The boxes                          1
Sleator, William.                          The boy who couldn't die           1
Sleator, William.                          The last universe                  1
Smelcer, John E., 1963-                    The trap                           1
Smiley, Jane.                              Horse heaven                       1
                                           The all-true travels and
                                           adventures of Lidie Newton
Smiley, Jane.                              : a novel                          1
Smith, Betty, 1896-1972.                   A tree grows in Brooklyn           1
                                           Weapons and warfare : an
                                           illustrated guide to the
                                           battles, armies and armor
Smith, Chris (Chris Hawken)                of Middle-Earth                    1
Smith, Cynthia Leitich.                    Tantalize                          1
Smith, Wilbur A.                           Cry wolf                           1
Smith, Wilbur A.                           Elephant song                      1
Smith, Wilbur A.                           Golden fox                         1
Smith, Wilbur A.                           The diamond hunters                1
Smith, Wilbur A.                           The seventh scroll                 1
Sniegoski, Tom.                            Sleeper agenda                     1
Sniegoski, Tom.                            Sleeper code                       1

Solitaire, Jenna.                         Keeper of the winds                 1
                                          One day in the life of Ivan
Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Isaevich, 1918-   Denisovich                          1
                                          We never make mistakes :
Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Isaevich, 1918-   two short novels                    1
Somper, Justin.                           Demons of the ocean                 1
                                          One of those hideous books
Sones, Sonya.                             where the mother dies               1
                                          What my mother doesn't
Sones, Sonya.                             know                                1
Sorrells, Walter.                         Club Dread                          1
Sorrells, Walter.                         Fake ID                             1
Soto, Gary.                               Help wanted : stories               1
Soto, Gary.                               The afterlife                       1
Spafford-Fitz, Karen                      Dog walker                          1
Sparks, Nicholas.                         A bend in the road                  1
Sparks, Nicholas.                         A walk to remember                  1
Sparks, Nicholas.                         At first sight                      1
Sparks, Nicholas.                         Dear John                           1
Sparks, Nicholas.                         Message in a bottle                 1
Sparks, Nicholas.                         Nights in Rodanthe                  1
Sparks, Nicholas.                         The guardian                        1
Sparks, Nicholas.                         The notebook                        1
Sparks, Nicholas.                         The rescue                          1
                                          Three weeks with my
Sparks, Nicholas.                         brother                             1
Sparks, Nicholas.                         True believer                       1
Spillebeen, Geert.                        Kipling's choice                    1
Spinelli, Jerry.                          Milkweed : a novel                  1
Spinner, Stephanie.                       Quicksilver                         1
Spradlin, Michael P.                      Live and let shop                   1
Stahler, David.                           Doppelganger                        1
Staples, Suzanne Fisher.                  Haveli                              1
                                          Shabanu : daughter of the
Staples, Suzanne Fisher.                  wind                                1
Staples, Suzanne Fisher.                  Shiva's fire                        1
Staples, Suzanne Fisher.                  Under the persimmon tree            1
Steel, Danielle.                          Accident                            1
Steel, Danielle.                          Changes                             1
Steel, Danielle.                          Granny Dan                          1
Steel, Danielle.                          No greater love                     1
Steel, Danielle.                          Passion's promise                   1
Steel, Danielle.                          Second chance                       1
Steel, Danielle.                          Secrets                             1
Steel, Danielle.                          Summer's end                        1
Steel, Danielle.                          The gift                            1
Steel, Danielle.                          The house                           1
Steel, Danielle.                          The house on Hope Street            1
Steel, Danielle.                          The long road home                  1
Steel, Danielle.                          The promise : a novel               1
Steel, Danielle.                          Thurston House                      1
Steel, Danielle.                          Vanished                            1
Steel, Danielle.                          Wings                               1
Stein, Harry                              Infinity's Child (#0Y05R46)         1
Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.               East of Eden                        1
Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.               The grapes of wrath                   1
Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.               The pearl                             1
Steinbeck, John, 1902-1968.               Tortilla Flat                         1
Stephens, J. B.                           Paradise City                         1
Stephens, J. B.                           The Big Empty                         1
Stephenson, Lynda, 1941-                  Dancing with Elvis                    1
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894.       Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde               1
                                          Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
                                          and other stories of the
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894.       supernatural                          1
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894.       Kidnapped                             1
                                          The black arrow : a tale of
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894.       the two roses                         1
                                          The strange case of Dr.
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894.       Jekyll and Mr. Hyde                   1
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894.       Treasure Island                       1
                                          The myth of you and me :
Stewart, Leah, 1973-                      a novel                               1
Stewart, Mary, 1916-                      The crystal cave                      1
Stewart, Mary, 1916-                      The hollow hills                      1
Stewart, Mary, 1916-                      The last enchantment                  1
Stewart, Mary, 1916-                      The wicked day                        1
Stewart, Sharon (Sharon Roberta), 1944-   City of the dead                      1
Stine, R. L.                              All-night party                       1
Stine, R. L.                              Bad dreams                            1
Stine, R. L.                              Beach house                           1
Stine, R. L.                              Call waiting                          1
Stine, R. L.                              Cheerleaders : the first evil         1
                                          Cheerleaders : the third
Stine, R. L.                              evil                                  1
Stine, R. L.                              Dangerous girls : a novel             1
Stine, R. L.                              Halloween party                       1
Stine, R. L.                              Hit and run                           1
Stine, R. L.                              Moonlight secrets                     1
Stine, R. L.                              Silent night                          1
Stine, R. L.                              Switched                              1
Stine, R. L.                              The betrayal                          1
Stine, R. L.                              The boyfriend                         1
Stine, R. L.                              The burning                           1
Stine, R. L.                              The dare                              1
Stine, R. L.                              The New Year's party                  1
Stine, R. L.                              The rich girl                         1
Stine, R. L.                              The secret                            1
Stine, R. L.                              The taste of night : a novel          1
Stine, R. L.                              Wrong number                          1
Stoker, Bram, 1847-1912.                  Dracula                               1
Stolarz, Laurie Faria, 1972-              Red is for remembrance                1
Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896.        Uncle Tom's cabin                     1
Strasser, Todd.                           Battle drift                          1
Strasser, Todd.                           The wave                              1
Stratton, Allan.                          Chanda's secrets                      1
Stroud, Jonathan.                         The golem's eye                       1
                                          A true and faithful
Sturtevant, Katherine.                    narrative                             1
Swanson, Julie A.                         Going for the record                  1
Sweeney, Joyce.               Players                             1
Swift, Jonathan, 1667-1745.   Gulliver's travels                  1
Tan, Amy.                     Saving fish from drowning           1
Tan, Amy.                     The bonesetter's daughter           1
Tan, Amy.                     The hundred secret senses           1
Tan, Amy.                     The Joy Luck Club                   1
Tan, Amy.                     The kitchen god's wife              1
                              The gospel according to
Tashjian, Janet.              Larry                               1
Taylor, Kim.                  Bowery girl                         1
Taylor, Mildred D.            Let the circle be unbroken          1
Taylor, Theodore, 1921-       Billy the Kid : a novel             1
Tevis, Walter S.              The Queen's gambit                  1
Thal, Lilli.                  Mimus                               1
Tharp, Tim, 1957-             Knights of the hill country         1
Thesman, Jean.                Singer                              1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          Danzig passage                      1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          Dunkirk crescendo                   1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          Jerusalem interlude                 1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          Jerusalem's heart                   1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          Jerusalem's hope                    1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          London refrain                      1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          Munich signature                    1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          Paris encore                        1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          Prague counterpoint                 1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          Stones of Jerusalem                 1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          The Jerusalem scrolls               1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          Vienna prelude                      1
Thoene, Bodie, 1951-          Warsaw requiem                      1
Thoene, Jake.                 Firefly blue                        1
Thoene, Jake.                 Fuel the fire                       1
Thoene, Jake.                 Shaiton's fire                      1
Thomas, Rob.                  Rats saw God                        1
Thompson, Paul B.             Darkness & light                    1
Thompson, Paul B.             Riverwind, the plainsman            1
Thompson, Paul B.             The Qualinesti                      1
Tiernan, Cate.                A chalice of wind                   1
Tiernan, Cate.                A feather of stone                  1
Tiernan, Cate.                A necklace of water                 1
Tiernan, Cate.                Awakening                           1
Tiernan, Cate.                Blood witch                         1
Tiernan, Cate.                Book of shadows                     1
Tiernan, Cate.                Changeling                          1
Tiernan, Cate.                Circle of ashes                     1
Tiernan, Cate.                Dark magick                         1
Tiernan, Cate.                Eclipse                             1
Tiernan, Cate.                Full circle                         1
Tiernan, Cate.                Night's child                       1
Tiernan, Cate.                Origins                             1
Tiernan, Cate.                Reckoning                           1
Tiernan, Cate.                Seeker                              1
Tiernan, Cate.                Spellbound                          1
Tiernan, Cate.                Strife                              1
Tiernan, Cate.                The calling                         1
Tiernan, Cate.                The coven                           1
Tingle, Rebecca.                                    The edge on the sword                 1
                                                    Spirits dark and light :
                                                    supernatural tales from the
Tingle, Tim.                                        five civilized tribes                 1
Toer, Pramoedya Ananta, 1925-2006.                  This earth of mankind                 1
                                                    Farmer Giles of Ham : the
                                                    rise and wonderful
                                                    adventures of farmer Giles,
                                                    Lord of Tame, Count of
                                                    Worminghall, and king of
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   the Little Kingdom                    1
                                                    Smith of Wootton Major ;
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   and, Farmer Giles of Ham              1
                                                    The book of lost tales. Part
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   I                                     1
                                                    The book of lost tales. Part
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   II                                    1
                                                    The fellowship of the ring :
                                                    being the first part of The
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   lord of the rings                     1
                                                    The histories of Middle-
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   Earth. Volume 1-5                     1
                                                    The Hobbit, or, There and
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   back again                            1
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   The lord of the rings                 1
                                                    The return of the king :
                                                    being the third part of The
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   lord of the rings                     1
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   The Silmarillion                      1
                                                    The two towers : being the
                                                    second part of The lord of
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   the rings                             1
                                                    The war of the jewels : the
                                                    later Silmarillion, part two,
Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel), 1892-1973.   the legends of Beleriand              1
Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910.                      Anna Karenin                          1
                                                    Voyage of midnight :
Torrey, Michele.                                    chronicle of courage                  1
Trembath, Don, 1963-                                Rooster                               1
Trevino, Elizabeth Borton de, 1904-                 I, Juan de Pareja                     1
Trueman, Terry.                                     Inside out                            1
Tsukiyama, Gail.                                    The Samurai's garden                  1
Tullson, Diane, 1958-                               Red Sea                               1
Turgenev, Ivan Sergeevich, 1818-1883.               Fathers and sons                      1
Turnbull, Ann.                                      No shame, no fear                     1
Turner, Ann Warren.                                 Hard hit                              1
Turner, Megan Whalen.                               The king of Attolia                   1
                                                    A Connecticut Yankee in
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.                             King Arthur's court                   1
                                                    Adventures of Huckleberry
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.                             Finn                                  1
                                                    Adventures of Huckleberry
                                                    Finn : complete text with
                                                    introduction, historical
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.                             contexts, critical essays             1

                                  Cannibalism in the cars :
                                  the best of Twain's
Twain,   Mark,   1835-1910.       humorous sketches                   1
Twain,   Mark,   1835-1910.       Pudd'nhead Wilson                   1
Twain,   Mark,   1835-1910.       Pudd'nhead Wilson                   1
Twain,   Mark,   1835-1910.       Tales of wonder                     1
                                  The adventures of Tom
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.           Sawyer                              1
                                  The best short works of
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.           Mark Twain                          1
                                  The celebrated jumping
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.           frog of Calaveras County            1
                                  The mysterious stranger
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.           and other stories                   1
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.           The prince and the pauper           1
                                  The accidental tourist : a
Tyler, Anne.                      novel                               1
Uchida, Yoshiko.                  Picture bride : a novel             1
                                  Montmorency : thief, liar,
Updale, Eleanor.                  gentleman?                          1
                                  Montmorency and the
Updale, Eleanor.                  assassins                           1
                                  Montmorency on the rocks
                                  : doctor, aristocrat,
Updale, Eleanor.                  murderer?                           1
                                  Montmorency's revenge
Updale, Eleanor.                  (montmorency #4)                    1
Uris, Leon, 1924-                 Mila 18                             1
Van Pelt, James.                  Strangers and beggars               1
Vande Velde, Vivian.              Companions of the night             1
                                  20,000 leagues under the
Verne, Jules, 1828-1905.          sea                                 1
                                  Around the world in eighty
Verne, Jules, 1828-1905.          days                                1
                                  Journey to the centre of
Verne, Jules, 1828-1905.          the earth                           1
Vidal, Gore, 1925-                Lincoln : a novel                   1
Viramontes, Helena Maria, 1954-   Under the feet of Jesus             1
Voigt, Cynthia.                   Jackaroo                            1
Volponi, Paul.                    Black and white                     1
Voltaire, 1694-1778.              Candide                             1
                                  Breakfast of champions, or,
Vonnegut, Kurt.                   Goodbye blue Monday!                1
Vonnegut, Kurt.                   Cat's cradle                        1
                                  Slaughterhouse-five, or,
                                  The children's crusade : a
Vonnegut, Kurt.                   duty-dance with death               1
Vonnegut, Kurt.                   Timequake                           1
Waite, Judy.                      Forbidden                           1
Walcott, Derek.                   The prodigal                        1
Walde, Christine, 1969-           The candy darlings                  1
                                  By the light of my father's
Walker, Alice, 1944-              smile : a novel                     1
                                  In love & trouble : stories
Walker, Alice, 1944-              of Black women                      1
Walker, Alice, 1944-              Meridian                            1
Walker, Alice, 1944-                         The color purple                     1
Walker, Alice, 1944-                         The temple of my familiar            1
                                             The third life of Grange
Walker, Alice, 1944-                         Copeland                             1
                                             Losing is not an option :
Wallace, Rich.                               stories                              1
Wallace, Rich.                               Restless : a ghost's story           1
Walters, Eric, 1957-                         Juice                                1
Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-                   All the king's men                   1
Waterfield, Robin, 1952-                     The firm                             1
Watson, Lawrence.                            Montana, 1948 : a novel              1
Weaver, Will.                                Hard ball                            1
Weaver, Will.                                Memory boy : a novel                 1
Weeks, Sarah.                                So B. It : a novel                   1
Welch, James                                 Heartsong of Charging Elk            1
Welch, James                                 Indian Lawyer                        1
Welch, James, 1940-                          Fools crow                           1
Welch, James, 1940-                          The death of Jim Loney               1
Welch, James, 1940-                          Winter in the blood                  1
                                             Best science fiction stories
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946.    of H.G. Wells.                       1
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946.    The invisible man                    1
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946.    The island of Dr. Moreau             1
                                             The last war : a world set
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946.    free                                 1
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946.    The time machine                     1
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946.    The war of the worlds                1
                                             The collected stories of
Welty, Eudora, 1909-                         Eudora Welty.                        1
Welty, Eudora, 1909-                         Thirteen stories                     1
Werlin, Nancy.                               Black mirror                         1
Werlin, Nancy.                               Double helix                         1
Werlin, Nancy.                               The rules of survival                1
Westerfeld, Scott.                           Blue noon                            1
Westerfeld, Scott.                           Peeps : a novel                      1
Westerfeld, Scott.                           Pretties                             1
Westerfeld, Scott.                           Specials                             1
Westerfeld, Scott.                           The last days : a novel              1
Westerfeld, Scott.                           The secret hour                      1
Westerfeld, Scott.                           Touching darkness                    1
Westerfeld, Scott.                           Uglies                               1
Weyn, Suzanne.                               The bar code rebellion               1
Weyn, Suzanne.                               The bar code tattoo                  1
Weyn, Suzanne.                               The night dance                      1
Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937.                   Ethan Frome                          1
Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937.                   The house of Mirth                   1
Whelan, Gloria.                              Listening for lions                  1
Whitcomb, Laura.                             A certain slant of light             1
                                             Surviving Antarctica :
White, Andrea, 1953-                         reality TV 2083                      1
                                             The book of Merlyn : the
                                             unpublished conclusion to
White, T. H. (Terence Hanbury), 1906-1964.   The once and future king             1
White, T. H. (Terence Hanbury), 1906-1964.   The once and future king             1

                               The strictest school in the
                               world : being the tale of a
                               clever girl, a rubber boy
                               and a collection of flying
Whitehouse, Howard.            machines, mostly broken              1
Whittemore, Jo, 1977-          Escape from Arylon                   1
Whyman, Matt.                  Boy kills man                        1
Wiesner, David.                Flotsam                              1
Wild, Margaret, 1948-          One night                            1
Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.       The picture of Dorian Gray           1
Wilder, Thornton, 1897-1975.   The bridge of San Luis Rey           1
                               The tale of paradise lost :
                               based on the poem by John
                               Milton told as the story of
                               the war in Heaven, the
                               disobedience of Adam and
                               Eve, and their exit from
Willard, Nancy.                Eden into the world                  1
Williams-Garcia, Rita          No laughter here                     1
Wilson, Diane L.               Black storm comin'                   1
                               I rode a horse of milk white
Wilson, Diane Lee.             jade                                 1
Wishinsky, Frieda.             Queen of the toilet bowl             1
Withers, Pam.                  Adrenalin ride                       1
Withers, Pam.                  Raging river                         1
Withers, Pam.                  Skater stuntboys                     1
Wittlinger, Ellen.             Blind faith                          1
Wittlinger, Ellen.             Hard love                            1
Wittlinger, Ellen.             Heart on my sleeve                   1
Wittlinger, Ellen.             Razzle                               1
Wittlinger, Ellen.             Sandpiper                            1
Wittlinger, Ellen.             Zigzag                               1
                               Look homeward, angel : a
Wolfe, Thomas, 1900-1938.      story of the buried life             1
Wolff, Virginia Euwer.         Probably still Nick Swansen          1
                               The haunting of Alaizabel
Wooding, Chris, 1977-          Cray                                 1
Woodson, Jacqueline.           Behind you                           1
                               The complete shorter
Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941.    fiction of Virginia Woolf            1
Woolf, Virginia.               To the lighthouse                    1
                               War and remembrance : a
Wouk, Herman, 1915-            novel                                1
Wrede, Patricia C., 1953-      Calling on dragons                   1
Wrede, Patricia C., 1953-      Dealing with dragons                 1
Wrede, Patricia C., 1953-      Searching for dragons                1
                               Sorcery and Cecelia, or,
                               The enchanted chocolate
                               pot : being the
                               correspondence of two
                               young ladies of quality
                               regarding various magical
                               scandals in London and the
Wrede, Patricia C., 1953-      country                              1
Wrede, Patricia C., 1953-      Talking to dragons                   1

                                 The Grand Tour, or, The
                                 purloined coronation
Wrede, Patricia C., 1953-        regalia                              1
                                 The mislaid magician, or,
                                 ten years after : being the
                                 private correspondence
                                 between two prominent
                                 families regarding a
                                 scandal touching the
                                 highest levels of
                                 government and the
Wrede, Patricia C., 1953-        security of the realm                1
Wright, Richard, 1908-1960.      Native son                           1
Wyss, Johann David, 1743-1818.   The Swiss family Robinson            1
Yeomans, Ellen, 1962-            Rubber houses : a novel              1
Yolen, Jane.                     A sending of dragons                 1
Yolen, Jane.                     Briar Rose                           1
Yolen, Jane.                     Dragon's blood                       1
Yolen, Jane.                     Pay the piper                        1
Yolen, Jane.                     Prince across the water              1
                                 Sword of the rightful king :
Yolen, Jane.                     a novel of King Arthur               1
Yolen, Jane.                     The devil's arithmetic               1
                                 Twelve impossible things
Yolen, Jane.                     before breakfast : stories           1
Yoo, David, 1974-                Girls for breakfast                  1
Zarr, Sara.                      Story of a girl : a novel            1
Zeises, Lara M.                  Contents under pressure              1
Zephaniah, Benjamin.             Face                                 1
Zindel, Paul.                    My darling, my hamburger             1
Zindel, Paul.                    The pigman                           1
Zindel, Paul.                    The pigman's legacy                  1
Zusak, Markus.                   I am the messenger                   1
Zusak, Markus.                   The book thief                       1
                                 4 classic American novels            1
                                 American short stories.              1
                                 Be afraid : tales of horror          1
                                 Best dog stories                     1
                                 Buffy the vampire slayer :
                                 creatures of habit                   1
                                 Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith           1
                                 Christmas stars                      1
                                 Creepy creatures                     1
                                 Destination unexpected :
                                 short stories                        1
                                 Dreams and visions :
                                 fourteen flights of fantasy          1
                                 Dude! : stories and stuff
                                 for boys                             1
                                 Empire of dreams and
                                 miracles : the Phobos
                                 science fiction anthology            1
                                 Every man for himself : ten
                                 short stories about being a
                                 guy                                  1

Face relations : 11 stories
about seeing beyond color             1
Firebirds : an anthology of
original fantasy and science
fiction                               1
Firebirds rising : an
anthology of original
science fiction and fantasy           1
First crossing : stories
about teen immigrants                 1
Go ask Alice                          2
Gothic! : ten original dark
tales                                 1
Hunting's best short stories          1
Make me over : 11 original
stories about transforming
ourselves                             1
Mistletoe : four holiday
stories                               1
My dad's a punk : 12
stories about boys and
their fathers                         1
Necessary noise : stories
about our families as they
really are                            1
New skies : an anthology
of today's science fiction            1
On the fringe                         1
Roald Dahl's book of ghost
stories.                              1
Scary stories                         1
Science fiction : the best of
the year                              1
Supermen : tales of the
posthuman future                      1
Talking leaves :
contemporary Native
American short stories                1
The color of absence : 12
stories about loss and hope           1
The horrors. Book two
:terrifying tales                     1
The O. Henry prize stories,
2005                                  1
The O. Henry prize stories,
2006                                  1
The silence of the loons              1
The year's best science
fiction and fantasy for
teens : first annual
collection                            1
What are you afraid of? :
stories about phobias                 1
You never did learn to
knock : 14 stories about
girls and their mothers               1

Young warriors : stories of
strength                            1


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