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					                                                                  Dissertation Timeline
                                                                                  Soonest date   Absolute latest date    Completed
choose topic
submit form to officially declare you are in Dr. Brown’s dissertation group
logic paragraph (4-8 sentences) to justify your study
logic paragraph in MS Word outline format
begin pre-proposal
search measures (and verify costs and copyrights)
passed all G2 courses
all comps passed                                                                                                                  /6 passed
dissertation chair agreement (DE Form 1) to the Research Office
dissertation reader agreement (DE Form 1) to the Research Office
finish pre-proposal
send pre-proposal to committee for approval (2 weeks before meeting)
schedule pre-proposal
attend pre-proposal meeting
submit first complete draft of proposal to committee                                             Nov 1 (APA) / Jan 15
submit proposal to committee for final review and approval
submit proposal to P.D. for Dept. review and approval                                            Nov 15 (APA) / Feb 1
submit proposal to IRB for approval
pilot test all procedures and materials (e.g., spelling and readability)
BEGIN DATA COLLECTION (sample size goal)
set up data files – syntax for variable/value labels, compute/recode
finish data entry (enter as it is collected)
finish data cleaning
finish statistics
finish documenting data files and all analysis variables
finish writing Results section (log of possible questions for defense)
finish writing Discussion section (log of possible questions for defense)
modify proposal to appropriate verb tense- additional changes/addendums
submit first draft of dissertation to committee
submit dissertation to committee for final review and approval
submit dissertation to Research Office to get a 4                                                      April 14            April 14
mock defense – powerpoint, possible questions, interpretations
attend defense
make changes as necessary - submit final revised document for binding                              May 4 (May 22)       May 4 (May 22)
begin final internship
submit Graduation Application to the Registrar                                                         Jan 30               Jan 30
Graduate!                                                                                              May 29              May 29

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