Synthesis by liuqingyan



This course served as an unstruduction of statistics. As a cohort, we formulated research questions and
hypotheses in order to use descriptive and inferential statistics to investigate inquires. The activities in
this course prompted a hands on approach to the use of SPSS software to organize data to develop an
understanding if applying the methods of quantitative research. Through exploration of the course and
in related activities utilizing data, quantitative research was required to develop the skills and
understanding of the methods available for a dissertation- apprioriate study. The culminating project
was to look at the Urbana School District through a survey lens to assess the district in terms of
deficiencies. The survey spanned across various academic areas and targeted four stakeholders:
students, parents, teachers and community. Using dissertation format style, each group was expected to
anayze and interpret these four levels in relation to thematically grouped survey responses. Strategies
were recommended for rectifying these deficiances in hopes of improving the quality of the district and
to initiate the preliminary phase of the strategic plan.

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