Adulthood by keralaguest


									Name      Key Topics,    PLO’s           Teaching Activities                             Assessment Activities                       Other
of Unit   Concepts,                                                                                                                  Resources
          Issues,                                                                                                                    to Support
          Ideas                                                                                                                      this Unit

Issues    Introductio    C1 –            - Students will be provided with newspapers,    - Exit slips in which students have to      The Family
and       n of what is   demonstrate     pictures, and magazines. They will have to      write down 3 things that they have          in Canada:
Challen   aging and      an              cut out and make a collage on what they         learnt and one thing that they would like   A support
ges in    old.           understandin    perceive as OLD means.                          to learn more about                         System for
Adulth                   g of ways                                                                                                   the Elderly
ood                      adulthood       - Students will then write a small paragraph                                                by Vijaya
                         may be          on their reasoning on selecting the images                                                  Krishnan
                         defined.        and what they believe old means.

AGING     Myths and      C4 –            -   In class write up on how they perceive      -   Exit slips in which students have to    http://senio
          Negative       demonstrate         aging and the aged population.                  write down 3 things that they have
          Stereotypes    an              -    Draw a picture of an older person or           learnt and one thing that they would
                         understandin        what they like an older person should           like to learn more about                006/12/seni
          Identify and   g of how            look like.                                  -   Have students hand in their write-      or-
          debunk         people may      -   Have a guided class discussion on how its       ups on how the perceived the aging      stereotypes
          common         be treated          natural and part of nature and can be           population                              -and-ideas-
          myths,         depending           seen as beautiful                           -   Students have to answer 3 questions     about.html
          stereotypes    on their age.   -   Have the class list out their perception on     regarding the video
          associated                         what they like and dislike about elders                                                 http://nydai
          with the                           and then have them compare how people                                                   lynews.heal
          elders                             compare teenagers. Show them that they                                        
                                             are similar in many ways.                                                               m/mental -
                                    -   Watch movie clips (Bucket list or Ned’s                                                health/artic
                                        Devine) and discuss what things they did                                               le1002.htm
                                        not expect elders to do or what they did
                                        do to reinforce their stereotypes.
      Aging         C6 – describe   -   Show aging pictures of individuals and     -   Students have to complete a             Aging and
      Process:      the physical        celebrities. Then have students discuss        worksheet which gives a brief           Society: A
      Physical      changes that        what are the physical signs that they have     descriptions on the biological          Canadian
      Aspects       take place          noticed in the persons face and what they      changes that occur as we age            Perspective
                    throughout          think is happening                         -   Have students accountable to the        by Mark
      Identify      adulthood       -   Show actually aged model image from            rest of the class by having what they   Novak
      what                              text book and discuss what is actually         present the only information they
      biological    C11 –               happening,                                     will be given for the exam. (If whole   Common
      changes       demonstrate     -   Provide each group of students with a          80% of class get the question wrong     Symptoms
      occur         a knowledge         common disease associated with aging           then presenters group will lose 2       of Disease
                    of medical          and have them present a small summary          marks)                                  in the
                    conditions          to the class.                                                                          Elderly by
                    prevalent in                                                                                               H.M.
                    adulthood                                                                                                  Hodkinson

Diverse Learners – To be allowed to assess the students equally we would provide a variety of methods in which the students
can show their understanding.

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