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									           Fall 2007

                                           University                    Laboratory                                    School                              Foundation

LabOratOry schOOL                                                   FOunDAtIOn…
Officers and bOard
        2007                               OpEnIng MInDS… OpEnIng DOORS
          OFFICERS                         Katie Johnson ‘07 entered the Louisiana State                         appreciation for all the donations from the Cub
      Connie Miller, Chair                 University Honors College this fall with 48 earned                    family, we expect to hear even more examples of
    Diana Mann, Vice Chair                 hours of college credit. Her participation in the Lab                 such exciting successes from our young alumni.”
 Shelby McKenzie ’57, Treasurer            School’s Advanced Placement (AP) and International
  Burton LeBlanc ’82, Secretary            Baccalaureate (IB) Programs directly impacted her                     Katie’s parents Kim and Glenn Johnson write, “We
                                           achievement. Because of her diligent studies, she                     want to acknowledge the tremendous mentoring
      BOARD MEMBERS                        received 23 hours credit in Spring Testing, 20 hours                  and teaching Katie has received from instructors at
      Keith Armstrong ’83                  credit from IB, and 5 hours credit in AP.                             U-High – from Mrs. White in kindergarten to the
          John Brady                                                                                             Middle School teams through Mr. Delacroix, Mrs.
            DJ Davis                       Dr. Wade Smith, Director, says, “The Lab School                       Edmonston and the terrific high school teachers. A
        Kerry Drake ’72                    now offers a wide and challenging array of                               special ‘thanks’ to Mr. Harris for many years of
   Tia Williams Edwards ’83                opportunities to students like Katie who                                         French instruction which enabled Katie
        Pamela Gladney                     thrive on learning and have a strong                                                  to receive 12 French credit hours.
   Cathy Gaston Gravois ’77                desire to succeed.” Students have                                                        We also appreciate Coaches
Whitney Higginbotham Greene ’89            even more opportunities to earn                                                            Denver Benton, White and
           Lee Griffin                     college credits now through                                                                  Braud and the administration
 Ann Cunningham McDuff ’79                 our IB Diploma Program,                                                                        for continued support of
         Malcolm Myer                      AP course offerings, and                                                                        the Girls Soccer program
       George Pietrogallo                  the recent addition of                                                                           which facilitated Katie to
          Cliff Vannoy                     concurrent enrollment                                                                            be a strong and balanced
        Scott Westbrook                    with LSU. Concurrent                                                                             student.
                                           enrollment provides
   Ex-OFFICIO MEMBERS                      LSU courses to our                                                                                 Thanks to all of the
           Steve Duke                      students, charging them                                                                            teachers, administrators,
  Athletic Dept. Representative            no LSU tuition or fees, and                                                                       staff, and other Lab School
         Bill Firesheets                   provides the student with a                                                                      families who walked this
      Immediate Past Chair                 transcript upon completion                                                                      adventure with Katie. We
                                           which may be presented to any                                                                 look forward to watching
        Eleanor Meador
                                           university to which they may                                                                 Katie soar even higher; her
       PTA Representative                  choose to apply.”                                                                         future is indeed bright with this
       Dorothy Rumfellow                                                                                                          kind of educational foundation and
      Elementary Principal                 The University Laboratory School                                                   support!”
        Frank Rusciano                     Foundation exists to allow parents, alumni,
 M.S./H.S. Faculty Representative          grandparents and friends to support such visionary                    All of us wish to give our children the opportunity
       Mila Sexton, CFRE                   and advanced opportunities for our students.                          to excel. Thanks to your support to the University
      Development Director                 According to Dr. Smith, “Contributions to the ULSF                    Laboratory School Foundation, the school will
          Wade Smith                       are absolutely essential to allow us to be able to                    have the means to devote its resources directly to
             Director                      move forward on these kinds of endeavors. First of                    the educational foundation provided to each and
                                           all, the requests for funding that our faculty make                   every child, giving them the opportunity to learn, to
                                           to the Foundation have proven to be extremely well                    compete, to create, and to excel.
 MISSIOn StAtEMEnt                         thought out, strategic, and long-term. The ability to
      The mission of the University        fund these requests directly impacts the quality of                   Congratulations to Katie and our best wishes to you
  Laboratory School Foundation is to       instruction we can provide. Secondly, with sincere                    and the entire Class of 2007.
  nurture and build relationships with
parents, alumni, grandparents, faculty,                                 Director’s Message  .  .  .  .  .  . 2
 staff and friends, to provide resources                                                                         Classroom Accolades  .  .  .  .8-9         Alumni News  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 12-14
and funding to foster excellence at the        InSIDE:                  Annual Appeal Donors  .  .  .4-5
                                                                                                                 Cubs 2008  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10-11    Alumni Memories .  .  .  .  .  .  . 15
     University Laboratory School .                                     Capital Campaign  .  .  .  .  .  .6-7
                         Dr. Wade Smith

     t will not surprise our past and present Cubs and Cub                contributions you provide to our
     families that I am confident the new school year will prove          students and faculty through our
     to be another stellar one in all our efforts: academics, the         Foundation Office, particularly
arts, athletics, extracurricular activities and community service.        through the Annual Appeal,
Regardless of the unusual challenges we face this year, our students      are instrumental in helping our
and faculty have never failed to rise to any occasion and I have the      school maintain the ability to
utmost faith in them and their success.                                   perform as an exemplary model
                                                                          of educational initiative in our
As a consequence of the gym fire in May, the health and physical          city, state and region. With your
education instructors and coaching staff have worked diligently this      support we succeed in maintaining
summer to order replacement equipment, move their offices, and            the Cub legacy of excellence. Your
identify and schedule the necessary class, practice, athletic event,      generosity impacts the education
and pep rally space for our students within our LSU community. I          and student life activities of each and every University Laboratory
would like to thank them as well as our administrators Dr. Camburn,       School student. On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff,
Mrs. Rumfellow, Mrs. Broussard and Mr. Rusciano for their                 please know we are extremely grateful for your support.
creativity, confidence, and steadfastness in working through the
logistical problems and finding good resolutions in ample time for        I’m looking forward to seeing you at upcoming Lab School and Lab
the students’ return to campus. Their flexibility is a great example to   School Foundation events. In the meantime, please stay in touch
our students.                                                             with our happenings through our Cub Roar. Enjoy!

As always, I thank you for your commitment to the University
Laboratory School. The time you spend in our classrooms and the                                                 Wade Smith, PhD

      KEIth ARMStROng ‘83 AnnOunCED ChAIRMAn

         he University Laboratory School Foundation would like to         made to the Foundation. I encourage
         extend its thanks to Keith Armstrong for agreeing to chair       everyone as you make your decisions
         the 2008 Annual Appeal. Keith, a University High alumnus         about how best to support the Lab
from the class of 1983, and his wife Mary Beth Abraham Armstrong          School, to consider the Annual Appeal
’82, are the parents of three Lab School students: Christian (10th),      at the very top of your list. Thank you
William (8th), and Elizabeth (5th).                                       for considering being part of education
    Keith and his entire family are very supportive of the Lab            that matters. I can’t think of a better
School Community, giving of their time and financial resources.           investment or a better story to tell,”
As a volunteer, he has been instrumental since 2001 as an Annual          Armstrong stated.
Appeal phone-a-thon caller and has served on the ULS Foundation               We hope you will join us in
Board since 2006. Connie Miller, the ULS Foundation Board Chair,          supporting the efforts of the Armstrong
states, “The entire board is extremely excited that Keith has agreed      Family and their dedicated Annual Appeal volunteers who work so
to chair the Appeal. We are confident in his strong leadership and        diligently and passionately to support our children at the University
past track record of encouraging families to support the mission of       Laboratory School. Your time and your gifts help preserve a quality
the Foundation.” Keith is a partner in the law firm of Chaffe McCall      faculty and the very best educational opportunities for our children
L.L.P., an active member of the International Association of Defense      and help make up the shortfall between actual educational costs
Council, Louisiana Association of Defense Council, Louisiana State        and tuition. As you will see within this newsletter, these gifts
Bar Association, Baton Rouge Bar Association, and Past Board              provide the school the flexibility to seize unfolding opportunities
President for Trinity Episcopal School.                                   as well as to meet its most pressing needs regarding educational
    “I am honored to have the opportunity to work with such               innovation.
motivated parents, spreading the news about the impact of gifts

2                                                                                                                                  The Cub Roar
                                                                                                    AnnuAL gIVIng
                                     It’S ALL ABOut u
                  FOR thE unIVERSIty CuBS!
Is there anything more important to the success of your child’s     The Annual Appeal is the largest and most critical fund-raising
education and development than the University Laboratory            effort for the day-to-day business of education provided by
School community? With all the charitable options available to      the University Laboratory School. That is why the entire Lab
you, a gift to the Annual Appeal will directly benefit your child   School community values the importance of each and every
today.                                                              gift, regardless of its size.

The Annual Appeal raises unrestricted dollars for the Lab           Volunteers will be reaching out this September to answer any
School’s most important operations including:                       questions the Lab School community may have in hopes that
                                                                    you will make a contribution supporting the school’s most
• Student Enrichment – fine arts programs, library, physical        important appeal each year. Remember your contribution is
education, technology & media, academic programs, and               tax-deductible. It may be a pledge, payable over calendar year
                                                                    2008 or may be paid by check, credit card, or even gifts of
• Faculty Development – teaching training, workshops and            stock.
seminars, and advanced
educational opportunities.              What does it cost to plant the seed of discovery? We           Our commitment to
                                  can’t know how far students' interests will take them, so            excellence is made possible
Annual gifts are utilized         the Lab School provides a rigorous academic foundation to            through the extraordinary
in the same year received.        support even the most unexpected inquiry. Thanks to the              generosity of parents,
These gifts provide the           generosity of others, the Lab School remains a laboratory for        alumni, and friends.
school the flexibility to seize   extraordinary discovery.                                             Gifts of every level are
unfolding opportunities.                                                                               appreciated and recognized
Annual funds meet the                     Your gift WiLL make a difference!                            throughout the year. The
school’s most pressing needs                                                                           University Laboratory
regarding educational innovation.                                                                         School, including its
                                                                                                            more than 1,300
The Lab School’s resources are based on tuition and funds                                                   students, thanks you
from the state’s Minimum Foundation Plan (MFP). These                                                      for your important
resources alone are not enough to maintain the high caliber                                                 role in supporting the
programs – academic and extracurricular – you rightly expect                                                school community.
from the University Laboratory School. The remaining funds
must come from private donations.

Your donation enables the school to offer the very best for its
students while keeping tuition as low as possible. The Lab
School’s tuition falls far below other like schools in our area
and other IB schools in the country. Simply put, without the
generosity of contributions to the Annual Appeal, the Lab
School could not offer the quality education your children
enjoy and we value.

The Cub Roar                                                                                                                         3
AnnuAL AppEAL 2007
                             thAnK yOu 2007 DOnORS!
    Cub Sustainer ($10,000 - $24,999)          Robert E . Kleinpeter                           Lauren and Philip Hindelang               Ellen and Scott Daugherty
                                               Robert Krupkin                                  Lynn and Michael Hooks                    Kendra and Tom Desormeaux
Sharon and Claude Pennington                   Susan and Richard Lipsey ’57 *                  Hunter Huckaby ‘52                        Karen and Joel Donnelly
                                               Diana and Chip Mann                             Inka’s S’coolwear                         Gail and Mark Ewing
    Lighthouse Cub ($5,000 - $9,999)           Mary and Charles McCowan Jr . *                 Christine and Stephen Jackson             Laura ’59 and Jimmy Field ‘58 *
                                               Autumn and Trey McCowan III                     Catherine and Paul Johnson                Shirley and John Flake
Dana and Sam Agnew                             Ann Cunningham ’79 and Michael McDuff ’80       Ashley Ward ’73 and Loren Kleinpeter      Jacque and Greg Flitter
Adair and Jack Brabham                         Molly McVea ’57 and Shelby McKenzie ’57 *       Stacie and Arthur Lancaster               Donna and Gerald Ganey
Misty and John Brady                           Erin and Grif McKowen                           Mickie and Bud Lanier                     Alicia Gary
Kelly and Mark Field ‘83                       Connie and Robert Miller                        Ashley Smart ’85 and Court Lawson Sr .    Clarice and Stewart Gordon
Rene’ and Bill Firesheets                      Louis Minsky                                    Vera and Mark Lazarre                     Cathy Gaston ’77 and Kevin Gravois
Dee and Steve Keller                           Stacey and Tom Moore                            Michelle and Chad Loup ’89                Molly Hall
Miriam Kantrow ’91 and Ty McMains              Patty and Carl Newton                           Sandra and Fredrick Loy *                 Alice and Carl Hancock *
Kathy and Les Miles                            Dana and Blane Ortego                           Elizabeth and Brian Mackey                Erin and Michael Hebert
Debra and Gordon Monk                          Andree and Martin Padial                        Allyson and Jon McCain                    Karen Holton
Judie and Kirk Patrick *                       Randa and Henry Patrick                         Andrea and David McKey                    Nancy and Ralph Hubbard
Bobbie Sue and Mackie Robinson *               Nell and Kirk Patrick                           Susan and John McNamara                   Elizabeth and Todd Johnson
                                               Susan and David Patterson ’76                   Susan and Lawrence Melsheimer             Dana and Jamie Jones
       Golden Cub ($2,500 - $4,999)            Conway and Robert Pettit *                      Christina and Jamar Melton                Miranda and Keith Jones
                                               Carol and Robert Pettit Jr .                    Alice and Richard Miller                  Elena and Kyla Keegan
Kelli Wiemer ’78 and Brent Bankston ’78        Robert Phillips Jr . ’82                        Jerry Lynn Perrine ’59 and Jeff Mills *   Lisa and Brian Keller
Erin and Chris Belleau ’77                     Clemmie and Joseph Pierre                       Sandy and Nolan Moore *                   Norma and Michael Killgore
Lissa and Jeff Copeskey                        Diana and George Pietrogallo                    Marie and Oliver Moreteau                 Pamela and Gary Laramore
Barbara and Frank Foti *                       Tracey and Wade Randolph                        Frances and Brent Nettles ’87             Pat and Ken LeRoy *
Renee and Brett Furr ’79                       Paul Roberts ’87                                Susan and Jim Nickel                      Jonna and Paul Leinweber
Adrienne and Timothy Gale                      Mary and Carl Scherer III                       Merietta and Scott Norton                 Julie Roof ’81 and Mark Lewis
Paula and Tom Gandy Jr .                       Donna and John Schwab                           Laura and Sean O’Keefe                    Sarah and Mike Lloyd
Jean Ann McKernan ’83 and Burton LeBlanc ’82   Susan Sharp                                     Kerri and Randolph Piedrahita             CeCe Contois ’80 and Bobby Lyles Jr . ’80
Whitney and Robert Schneckenburger             Denise and Ralph Slaughter                      Willa and Marvin Roof *                   Cynthia and Robert Mann
Kathy and Stephen Shirley                      Joffa Braymer ’81 and Steven Smith              Debbie and Todd Rossi                     Pat and Charles Mayeux *
Janice Silver *                                Courtney and Vincent Sotile                     Jill and Jerry Saia                       Amy and Chase McCalip
Susan and Bobby Upp M .D . ’61                 Karla and Brian Strupp                          Manette Sammons                           Elissa and Charles McKenzie ‘82
Amy and Scott Westbrook                        Bridget and Jim Tanner                          Heather and Brennen Savoy                 Leah and Jeff McLain
                                               Frances and Aub Ward                            Laura and Jeff Shaw                       Jennifer and Scott McLean
    Foundation Cub ($1,000 - $2,499)           Bridget and Scott Wharton ’87                   ReRe and Thomas Shaw                      Eleanor and Randy Meador
                                               Stephanie and Mike Worthy                       Susannah and Shelby Smith                 Jennifer and Greg Meadows
Beth and Rudy Aguilar                                                                          Linda and Wade Smith                      Maria and Brant Mitchell
Monique and Daniel Bankhead                          Cub Benefactor ($500 - $999)              Carol and Alfred Speer                    Jackie and Dennis Mitchell
Cecile and Kevin Bankston ’82                                                                  Cindy and Bing Stewart                    Leah and Larry Moore
Dr . and Mrs . Charles Belleau *               Sara and Stewart Abercrombie                    Lynne and Jack Stiteler *                 Rebecca and Joseph Nelson
Suzanne Belleau Pritchard                      Margaret and Greg Albrecht                      Lynda and David Stockinger                Mr . and Mrs . Sydney Nelson *
Lisa and Dore’ Binder                          Mary Beth Abraham ’82 and Keith Armstrong ’83   Alice and Mark Tallis                     Rebecca and Van Parker
Rebecca and Robert Blanche M .D . ’73          Celeste and Todd Barlow                         Katie and Vic Tompkins *                  Kay Parnell
Louise Slack ’71 and Michael Bruce             Grace and Andrew Barry                          Naomi and Mark Valiollahi                 Dora Ann and Kelly Parrino
Jill and Shawn Burks                           Cindy and Lee Bloch                             Andrea and Pat Van Burkleo                Ikuko and Judd Patten
Belinda and Stephen Cangelosi                  Karen Boss                                      Nancy and Gerald Walter *                 Lisa and Scott Pesson
Melinda and Rip Collins ‘72                    Donna Budenski                                  Cathy and Jerry Walter                    Leslie McKenzie ’86 and Lance Porter ‘86
Gay and Bud Courson                            Phyllis and Terry Burton *                      Shelley and Michael Whittington           Sarah and Troy Prevot
April and Curtis Crosby                        Jamie and John Carruth                          Carmen and Darwyn Williams                Kathleen and Warren Richey
Cristy and Mike Delahaye                       Marla and Wade Carruth                          Kerri England ’88 and Brandon Woolf       Mary and Scott Saporito
Jane and Kerry Drake ’72                       Melissa Sigler ’81 and Arthur Cooper            Heather and McGehee Woolf                 Mary Jane McKernan ’79 and Jim Scala
Barbara and Steve Duke                         Monica and William Corbett                      Catherine and Michael Word                Dana and Charles Schimmel
Leah and Billy Edrington                       Debbie and David Crifasi                                                                  Erin May ’88 and Kyle Schwab ’88
Merrill Faye Hines ’61 and Bridger Eglin ’61   William Daniel                                           Cub Partner ($250 - $499)        Christine Sciacchetano Goldberg ‘87
Mr . and Mrs . John Ensminger *                Paige and D .J . Davis                                                                    Mila and George Sexton III
Richard Fenton                                 Suzy and Kevin Dibenedetto                      Eddie Altazan                             Leigh Ann Guedry ’83 and Todd Shaffett
Stephanie and David Field                      Linda Dubois                                    Melissa and Bobby Argrave jr .            Carolyn and Richard Shaw
Pamela and Windy Gladney                       Jennifer McDowell ’79 and Dale Ducote           Laurie Lipsey ’85 and Mark Aronson        Virginia and David Shiroda *
Katherine and Drex Gomes                       Barbee Edmonds                                  Suzette and Kenneth Bahlinger             Wendy Lipsey ’88 and John Shiroda
Debra and Cecil Graves                         Melissa and John Fahrmann                       Lauren and Lionel Bailey                  Linda and Jeffrey Southall
Barrie and Lee Griffin Sr . *                  Karen McCaskill ’83 and Doug Garland            Lynn and Larry Bankston                   Ann Bowlus ’71 and Steve Storey
Ellene and Geoffrey Hall                       Jessica and Scott Gaspard                       Gwendolyn and Andrew Batson               Catherine and Brad Supple
Keri Lynn and Kevin Hanchey                    Fran and Buck Gladden III                       Grace and V .J . Bella                    Beverly and John Thomas
Whitney Higginbotham Greene ’89                Janet and Robert Grace                          Teresa and Jim Boren                      University High School Class of ‘87
Danelle and Thomas Hudson                      Carla and Ross Grimball                         Panay and Jimmy Burland                   Linda and Cliff Vannoy
Ellen and Carl Katzenstein                     Lisa and Burton Guidry                          Melanie and Bryan Bush                    Mary Leah Walke
Joan and Jason Keller                          Mignonne and Bart Gutierrez ’81                 Kelli and Pete Bush                       Garland and Von Webb *
Blair Jenkins ’81 and Tim Kelly                Desirea and Daniel Gutierrez                    Barbara and Bryan Carter                  Donna and Bobby Welch
Leslie and Barry Kilpatrick ’80                Ellene and Geoffrey Hall                        Rachel and Yesho Chen                     Joan and Joel Whitten Jr .
Betty and Bobby Kilpatrick *                   Stacia and Tim Hardy                            Denise Demoruelle Curwick                 Karen and James Wilkins

4                                                                                                                                                                     The Cub Roar
                                                                                                     AnnuAL AppEAL 2007
Jennifer and Chuck Winstead               Adele and William Dufrene                     Donna and Larry Lamonte               Flo and William Rodman
Deborah and Russell Wray                  Karen and Glen Duncan                         Brenda and Patrick Lasalle            Wilda Rose *
                                          Jane Evans ’79 and Kevin Dyer                 Greg LeRoy                            Richela and Rhett Roy
        Century Cub (up to - $249)        Marilyn Edwards                               Lucille Leake *                       Gail Russell Hawkes ’68
                                          Tia Williams ’83 and Bradford Edwards         Sheron and Archie Lee                 Olga Ryer
Denise and Jim Akers                      Lauren and Connor Eglin ’85                   Cory and Harwood Leonard              Esther and Victor Sachse
Valencia and Ronnie Allen                 Savita and Srinath Ekkad                      Marilyn Levy                          Amy and James Samson
Rhonda and Raymond Allmon                 Dawn and James Evans                          Candy and Michael Lilly               Marcia Sotile ‘85 and Marc Sanchez
Jodi Alonzo                               Kathy and William Evans                       Xiaoyan and Song Lin                  Joann and Timothy Sands
Mary and Derek Anderson                   Kimbery and Mark Feltner                      Ya’el and Andy Lofton                 Jean and Vic Saporito *
Tasha and Jared Anthony                   Kim and Malcolm Fleming                       Shannon and Rory Loupe                Patsy and Robert Scates
Connie and Robert Atkinson                Collen and Roy Fletcher                       Sheri and Stephen Loy ’89             Robby Scates III ’02
Angela and Douglas Aucoin                 Fran and Ken Flory                            Lisa and Gene Luther                  Patsy and Huey Schneckenburger *
Jill McDonald ’95 and Jason Ayres ’96     Elizabeth and Todd Foust                      Michael Maddox                        Nathan Schneider ’02
Mr . and Mrs . David Bahlinger *          Yvette and Bill Franques                      Clacy and Scott Madison               Kathleen and Paul Schneider
Karen and David Bahnsen                   Emily and Christopher Frink                   Lynn and Donald Maheu                 Miriam and Louis Segar
Robin and Carl Baker                      Kristen and L . Dean Fryday                   Deserae and Gary Mall                 Naomi Shirley
Caroline and Lee Barber III               Hoaqiang Fu                                   Sheri and Stephen Loy ’89             Melvin Shortess
Melanie and Brent Barnett                 Deborah and Josh Galland                      Lisa and Doug Mallory                 Pegeen and James Singley
Eleanor Barry *                           Lori and Scott Gardiner                       Marolon and Barry Mangham ’74         Renee and Ed Smith
Sophie and Philip Bart                    Michele and Paul Gates                        Karen Manuel                          Lynnita and Fred Smith
Sheri and William Barton                  Steve George                                  Kerry Manuel                          Jennifer and Gary Snellgrove *
Sharon and Warren Bates                   Claudia and Pat Gilmer                        Leah and Jack Marucci                 Betty and Gary Snellgrove
Pamela and Stanley Baudin                 Gloria Goring *                               Mary Jean Mayton *                    Sarah and Michael Sotile Jr . ’82
Ellen and Vern Baxter                     Jamie and Gary Graham                         Tarilyn and Charles McBride           Karen and Christopher Spencer
Megan Bella ‘04                           Jenny and Randy Gray                          Julia and Robert McBride              Kristin Nelson ’93 and Zack Stafford
Carolyn and Jim Bennett                   Anne Grayson Howe                             Cindy and Craig McClain               Melinda Stallings
Debbie and Bill Bennett                   Betsy and Carey Guglielmo *                   Becky and Edward McConnico            Bernice Stewart *
Rochelle and Michael Beychok              Shirley Guillory Jordan                       Renee’ and Jim McDermott ‘74          Beth and Clay Stewart
Danielle and Brian Blackwood              Barbara and Floyd Guillot *                   Lynn and Bill McDowell                Amy and Robert Stewart
Edward Blackwood *                        LaDonna and Michael Guillot                   Sharon and Chad McGee                 Keila and Jay Stovall ’82
Laurie and Michael Blandino               Valerie Williams ’81 and Michael Guntz        Tara and Jay McKernan ’77             Heather and Robert Tague
Valerie and Shelton Blunt                 Sarah and Tyson Hackenberg                    Mary-Evelyn McKernan Kinamore ’55 *   Nancy Von Brock ’72 and John Tarlton
Lacy and George Bofinger                  Philip and Anne Haddad III                    Deborah and John McKowen              Emily and Mark Tarver
Sara and Kevin Bongiorni                  David and Sherri Hadskey                      Michelle and Roger McNeil             Susie and Britt Thomas
Ronette and Kevin Boshea                  Patrick Hall                                  Amy and William McRae                 Kendra and Randy Trahan
June and Darryl Boudreaux                 Randall Hall and Susan L . Finley             Betty Jo Miller *                     Donna and Michael Travis
Debra and Wilfred Boudreaux               Janet and Kip Hamilton                        Graham and John Miller                Vicky and Michael Valle
Elva Bourgeois                            Pam and Lee Hancock                           Monica and Dorel Moldovan             Mike Vickers ’78
Megan Bourgeois                           Franka and Furnell Hankton                    Emily and Paul Mooney                 Celia R . Vine
Sheryl Brady                              Laree Hawkland                                Shannon and Steven Morgan             Frank Vine
Marilyn and Doug Braymer                  Erin and Michael Hebert                       Shelly and Matthew Mullenix           Elisa and Chris Vinson
Jill and Jerry Brignac                    Kim and Richard Henley                        Kaprice and Michael Mumphrey          Denise and Richard Vlosky
Myra and Burke Broussard                  Kathy Hill *                                  Toni and Robert Myer                  Nan Walker
Becky Beeson ’80 and David Brown          Yukiko and Jerome Hoffman                     Terri and Randy Mynatt                Betty and Roy Walker *
Thomas Burbank III                        Kathy Dry and Chris Holliday                  Christine and Joseph Navarre          Susan and Kyle Ward
Lourdes and Tom Burns                     Ann and Wendell Holmes                        Debbie and John Nelson                Noryn and Robert Ward
Jan Caballero                             Leigh Anne Netterville ’86 and Burke Howell   George Noell and Kristen Gansle       Trez Watkins
Leigh Ann and Rex Cabaniss                Linda and Neil Howell *                       Deborah and Eric Norman               Traci and Kevin Watts
Karen and Daniel Cadigan                  Ellen and Richard Humphreys                   Beth and Frank O’Quinn                Susan and Michael Wheeler
Mary Katherine and William Callaway       Shu-Yen and Golden Hwaung                     August and Sarah Ohmstede             Rachel and Robert White
Cortney and Dan Canevari                  Stephen Jackson                               Madeline Ortlieb Nesbit               Arthe’ and Bobby Wicker *
Christy and James Carroll                 Colleen Jefferson Johnson                     Robyn and John Pardue                 Martha and Gregory Williams
Angela and Paul Chastant                  Tammy and Raymond Jetson                      Jacqueline and Dennis Parker          Sherri and John Winslow
Terri and Bryan Colclough                 Christy and Jonathan Jewell                   Sandra Pelas                          Allison and Michael Wisener
Leyda Cordero                             Linda Johnson *                               Juliet and Earl Peterson *            Kelly and Paul Wolshon
Ann Allen Coulter ’81                     Raina Digilio ’89 and Mike Johnson            Cindy and Patrick Peterson            Gay and Charles Wood *
Barbara Carver ’73 and Douglas Craig      Jacquelyn and Stuart Johnson                  Jenny and Mark Phillips               Kyle and James Wooldridge
Rebecca Cronin                            Jeanne Johnston                               Lauren Pierson                        Lucille and Raymond Wright
Pam and Randy Crowe                       Jacquelyn and Stuart Johnson                  Mr . and Mrs . Gerald Posner *
Denise and William Crowe                  Edmond and Stacie Jordan                      Dalora and Tim Prather                *Indicates Grandparent
Nancy and Samuel Cuccio                   Shirley Jordan *                              Lisa Prejean
Jennifer Smith ’80 and Mark Culotta       Eve Kahao Gonzalez ’72                        Gene Turner and Nancy Rabalais        Alumni are recognized with graduation year
Martha Ellison ’48 and Don Cunningham *   Yoshinori and Akiko Kamo                      Jessica and Kenneth Rakow
Janet and Randall Curtis                  Brock Kantrow                                 Kim and Henry Reed                    Our Apologies... Is Your Name Missing?
Patricia Dale *                           Diane Keller Wiemer ’55 *                     Michelle Reed                         Every effort has been made to publish the
Pamela ‘80 and Eugene Daniel              Julie and P . Lynn Kennedy                    Kyra and Robert Reed                  most accurate donor information possible.
Rhonda and Vincent Dauzat                 Claire Kinney                                 Kerry and Shannon Reed                Although we pride ourselves on our accuracy and
Lucy Leach ’89 and Craig Davenport        Shannon and Sean Kirkpatrick                  Ashley and William Reich              reliability, errors or omissions sometimes occur.
Virginia Davis                            Janet and David Kirshner                      Catherine and James Remsen Jr .       In the event of an error or omission contact
Mr . and Mrs . L . Delaune                Andrea and Andrew Kopplin                     Cindy Tyler ’84 and Jeffrey Rice      the Development Office at mbourq@lsu.edu or
Marilyn and Don Dial *                    Allison and Dave Kurpius                      Maggie and John Richardson            (225) 578-3148 and corrections will be made
Karen and David Douglass                  Gina and Robert Laird                         Mary and John Richmond                immediately. Thank you.
Dolores and Richard DuBois *              Debbie Lamonica                               Tammy Rivault Remson

The Cub Roar                                                                                                                                                                  5
         nEw CApItAL CAMpAIgn VISIOn
D    ear Alumni, Parents, Grandparents, Friends:

When we established a five million dollar goal for the Capital
                                                                          gift for the University Laboratory School, giving as much as possible
                                                                          within your family’s means. Campaign pledges may be paid up until
                                                                          December 2009 with a wide variety of payment options. I urge you
Campaign, we knew it would be a challenge. We were bold enough            to contact one of our Campaign Chairmen or the Foundation Office
to set this goal only because we were confident that the loyalty of       today and make your pledge to The Future of Effective Education.
our Cub Family would ensure our success. Little did we know
the extent to which our volunteers and friends would embrace the          To those of you who have already supported this effort, thank you
campaign and exceed it by raising over $6,000,000!                        again for ensuring that our most basic and dire construction and
                                                                          renovation needs have been and will continue to be met, and thank
Thanks to the donors listed on this page (including those who             you for giving us the hope that we may provide bigger and better
chose to be recognized anonymously or acknowledged as a group             facilities and flexibility than we anticipated to campus, curricular,
with their graduating class), we are close to achieving the vision of     and extracurricular improvements.
our 5 year campus master plan. As a result of their generosity and
hard work, our current Cubs and Cubs for years to come are truly          To those of you who have not yet made your pledge, I extend my
blessed.                                                                  thanks for your consideration.

I would like to ask you now to consider an even greater                   Sincerely,
vision. With the growth of the student body by 300 students, a            Wade Smith, PhD
development not anticipated at the conception of the master plan,
neither the current gym nor the originally planned second gym can
comfortably hold events accommodating all parents or grandparents.
Neither can they any longer accommodate a general assembly for all
grades. Feedback from a number of parents and alumni revealed to
us that the Cub tradition of coming together as one K-12 family is
too important to lose. Because of the overwhelming success of the
Capital Campaign, I asked the volunteer leadership to consider the
possibilities of expanding the gym which was originally planned into
a larger multi-purpose facility.

The potential for such a facility is remarkable. Rather than just
another moderately sized gym, we are striving for a much larger and
more functional space - a multi-use facility which would include a
stage as well as sufficient seating capacity for school-wide assemblies
and for special family events. The stage and seating would provide
both elementary and secondary schools the ability to schedule their
events, plays and musicals concurrently, allowing more flexibility
for the faculty and administration. Performing arts environments
could be expanded into the mixed purpose facility, enhancing our
design plans for instrumental and vocal music, dance and drama.
(This will actually be less expensive than adding an extension to
the current performing arts building.) Of course, the gymnasium
component remains a key and critical element of the facility, as our
health, physical education and athletics programs remain in dire
need of functional, indoor space.

You may think we would need several million dollars to implement
this vision. With our capital campaign volunteers raising one
million more than their goal and because of very careful stewardship
of our funds, our cost projections indicate only $500,000 additional
dollars can make this much greater project a reality. Therefore, I
have challenged our Campaign Chairmen and they have agreed to a
Stretch Goal of $500,000 additional dollars. They have accepted the
challenge enthusiastically being of the belief that this opportunity is
simply too important to forgo.

If you’ve thought about supporting this effort and just haven’t
followed through, I ask you to please seriously consider a stretch
6                                                                                                                                  The Cub Roar
                                                                                                                                               CApItAL CAMpAIgn
                                                                     The Future of Effective Education
                                                                            Capital Campaign
                                                                                 Campaign Gifts*
                                                                                         Written pledges received by July, 2007

$2,000,000 and up                                          Chip, Diana, Amelia ’06 and Michael Mann                Mr . and Mrs . Lloyd Brown ’88                       Doug and Marilyn Braymer
Carol Albritton Biedenharn ‘74                             McCowan Family                                          Louise ’71 and Michael Bruce                         Mary Katherine and Billy Callaway
                                                           Markham McKnight                                        Mary Brooke Oliphint Casad ‘73                       Rebecca S . Christian
$1,000,000 - $1,999,999                                    Gordon and Debbie Monk                                  Class of 1954                                        Christina Cooper ‘91
                                                           Murrill Family (Nancy; Paul; Whit ‘78; John ‘81 and     Class of 1955                                        William and Monica Corbett
$750,000 - $999,999                                                  Britt ‘86)                                    Charles H . Coates, Jr . ‘53                         Donald L . Cunningham, Jr . ’72 and Joni Nasca
Irene W . and C . B . Pennington Foundation                Mr . and Mrs . Gene E . Ohmstede, Jr .                  Charlie Colvin ’98                                             Cunningham ‘73
                                                           Dr . Kirk A . Patrick, Jr .                             Louis Daniel ‘71                                     Kate deGravelles ‘97
$500,000 - $749,999                                        The Robert David Phillips ‘57 Family                    Laura Prosser Davis ‘68                              Dr . and Mrs . Kevin DiBenedetto
Jerry and Diane McKernan                                   Sandra Pride                                            John P . Everett, III ‘87                            Scott and Lori Gardiner
                                                           The Shaw Family (Thomas, ReRe, Matt, Sandra, and        Stephanie Seale Fellon '95                           Sally Garner ‘97
$250,000 - $499,999                                                  Catherine)                                    Jimmy ’58 and Laura ’59 Field                        Andrew Gates and Grace H . Barry
The McMains Family Foundation                              Kelly Sills ‘92                                         Dr . Robert Gaston                                   Ellen Pressburg Gilmore ‘66
                                                           Tomeny Family                                           Gloria Goring                                        Alice and Leslie Grand '96
$100,000 - $249,999                                        Dr . and Mrs . James R . Upp ‘61 M .D .                 John E . Green, M .D .                               Randall Hall and Susan L . Finley
Anonymous (1)                                              James H . and Joan M . Wharton                          Beverly Breland Griffith ‘54                         Travis J . Harrison ‘53
Richard ’61 and Jean Gill                                  J . Carter Wilkinson ‘65                                Dr . L . M . Harrison, Jr . ‘52                      Charlotte Behre Hatfield ‘51
Lamar                                                                                                              Ben and Adria Heroman '96                            William and Janet Heroman
Richard ’57 and Susan Lipsey; Mark and Laurie              $10,000 - $24,999                                       Amy Holmes, M .D . ‘72                               Cynthia Holliday
        (Lipsey) ‘85; Aronson; John and Wendy              Eric L . Abraham ‘78                                    Gerald F . Joseph, Jr ., M .D . ‘63                  Elizabeth Hutchison ‘92
        (Lipsey) ‘88 Shiroda                               Steve Carter ‘61                                        The Michael Kantrow ’62 Family                       Coleen Jefferson Johnson ’44
Pat ’52 and Don Lyle ‘51                                   William Daniel                                          Frank Kean, III ‘56                                  Dr . Charles S . Kennon, M .D . ‘58
Gordon ’84 and Shannon McKernan ‘85                        The Eglin Family (Dorothy and William; Merrill ‘61      Jason and Joan Keller                                Shannon and Sean Kirkpatrick
Jim and Bridget Tanner                                               and Bridger ‘61; Margo ‘69; Connor ‘85 and    Mr . and Mrs . Ashley ’73 and Loren Kleinpeter       Antje Heberle Kolodziej '53
Randy Vick ’85 and Mac Vick ‘58                                      Lauren; Rachel ‘88; and William ‘91)          John Lewis ‘98                                       Mr . and Mrs . Taylor LaSalle
                                                           Len ’69 and Lynn ’69 Kilgore                            Sealann ’63 and Sidney Longwell                      Bob Lawrence ‘53
$75,000 - $99,999                                          Sinclair and Candace Kouns                              George W . MacIntyre ‘63                             Byron Levy ‘63
Kelli ’78 and Brent Bankston ‘78                           Rolfe ’73 and Teeta McCollister                         John Conway Miller Family                            Katherine M . Loos ‘75
Brett ’79 and Renee Furr                                   Stanley E . “Bubba” Peters, Jr ., M .D . ’71 and Mary   John and Tracy Morganti                              Suzanne and Larry Mann
                                                                     Lorio Peters ‘71                              Lee F . Nettles ‘59                                  Dr . and Mrs . Rick Martin ‘71
$50,000 - $74,999                                          John W . Schwab and Donna G . Schwab                    Kelly and John Nyboer                                Jan Reinberg McDonald ‘63
Laura and Jim Bailey                                       Michael P . Sotile, Jr . ‘82                            James M . Owen, Jr . ‘71                             John and Graham Miller
Janet Boles and Scott Crawford                             Everett and Lissie Stewart                              Dorsey ’67 and Mac Peek                              Laura and Sean O’Keefe
Dr . and Mrs . Mark ’83 and Kelly Field                                                                            Linda and Malcolm Patterson                          Christine Clark Olsson ‘81
Buddy and Laura Leach; Craig and Lucy ‘89                  $5,000 - $9,999                                         Bill Peters ‘64                                      Owen Roberts '64
         Davenport; Claude ‘92 and Jenny ‘91 Leach         Dana and Sam Agnew                                      Bill and Ashley Reich                                Brad ’97 and Rachel ’95 Holmes Saia
Molly ’57 and Shelby McKenzie ‘57                          Waref Azmeh, M .D .                                     Joel Renè Roberts ‘63                                Roland F . Samson ‘51
Connie and Robert Miller                                   Mr . and Mrs . John H . and Sissy ’54 Bateman           Leigh Ann and Percy E . “Rebel” Roberts ‘71          Luke Sheldon ‘91
Mary Helen and Michael G . Miller                          Mrs . Imogene N . Brown                                 Stephen and Dee Dee Fagan Robinson ’83               Melvin A . Shortess ’51
Ralph and Catherine “Kacoo” Olinde                         Rip ’72 and Melinda Collins                             Willa and Marvin Roof                                Kay Smart ‘59
                                                           Class of 2006                                           Harry Sachse ‘51                                     Martha Stuckey ‘87
$25,000 - $49,999                                          Blanche and Wally Gladney                               Shane and Cynthia Landry ‘94 Sandefer                James Miller Terrell ‘68
Jack and Adair Brabham                                     Franklin G . Harris ‘79                                 Mr . L . Cary Saurage II ‘62                         Mark M . Walker M .D .
Amy and Rick Caballero                                     Judge Timothy E . Kelley                                Mila, George, Caroline and Christian Sexton          Colleen ’78 and James Williams
Sylvia and Eugene Duke                                     Dr . Louis Minsky                                       Vicki Moore Spurlock ‘72                             William D . Willis '57
Bill and Renè Firesheets                                   W . Henson Moore                                        Steve and Ann Bowlus Storey ‘71
Doug and Karen Garland ‘83                                 Stacey and Tom Moore, Jr .                              Nicole ‘96 and Kevin Tarleton
The Griffin Family (Barrie; Lee; Lee, Jr . ‘83; Bill ‘85   Camm and Mary Morton                                    Sally ’51 and Bill Terry ‘51
         and Beth ‘87)                                     Robert and Conway Pettit                                David W . Walker ‘66                       For more information, contact:
Mike and Gaye Hollingsworth                                Mr . and Mrs . Nick Saban                               Sue and Burton Weaver
Bill Jarman                                                Nancy and Gerald Walter                                 Dr . and Mrs . William E . Weldon ‘54       Melissa Argrave
Susan and Steve Jenkins                                    Ross C . Wheeler ‘79                                    Amy and Scott Westbrook                        578-3148 or margrave@lsu.edu
Dee and Steve Keller                                                                                               Charles Wood, M .D . ‘94
Barry ’80 and Leslie Kilpatrick; Kevin ‘76 and Sharon      $1,000 - $4,999                                         The Woolf Family                            Brett Furr
         Kilpatrick                                        Anonymous (3)                                                                                     381-0252 or brett.furr@taylorporter.com
Burton ‘82 and Jean Ann ’83 LeBlanc                        Melissa, Bobby, and Layla Argrave                       up to $999
Louisiana Charities Trust                                  Jim ’63 and Diane Bollinger                             Leo and Insa Abraham                   Richard Lipsey
Dr . and Mrs . Chad L . Loup ‘89                           Trey Bowman '91                                         Oscar Andras ‘53
                                                                                                                                                             755-1333 or Lipsey@lipseys.com
Diana and Carl Luikart                                     John Braymer ‘77                                        Megan and Lilly Bourgeois

The Cub Roar                                                                                                                                                                                                             7
                                               SCIEnCE OLyMpIAD
         erry Knapp and Paxton Turner were the eighth
         grade students on the Middle School Science
         Olympiad Team. Working together they won
at both the Regional and State Science Olympiad

State Awards included Gerry Knapp and Paxton Turner
placing 2nd - Metric Mastery and Awesome Aquifers;
and Anna Reed and Mary Katherine Koch placing 2nd -
Balloon Race.

                                                                 Regional Awards included Gerry
                                                                 Knapp and Paxton Turner taking
                                                                 home a Gold Medal for Heredity,
                                                                 Silver Medals for Awesome Aquifer
                                                                 and Ecology, and Bronze Medals for
                                                                 Anatomy and Science Word.

                                                                 Sixth Grade winners at Regional (not
                                                                 pictured) include: Evan Caffey and Alex Hadskey, Bronze Medal for Wheeled Vehicle;
                                                                 and Luke O’Quinn and Jackson McConnico, Gold Medal for Mission Possible.

                                                                 These middle school students benefited from a University Laboratory School
                                                                 Foundation grant funded to Mr. Marty Loupe.

                           EARth DAy gROCERIES pROjECt
    n conjunction with the
    thirteenth annual Earth
    Day Groceries Project,
University Laboratory School
students from grades K – 12
decorated 700 paper grocery bags
with messages and artwork to
demonstrate their commitment
to the environment. On Earth
Day, April 22, the following stores
packed groceries in these bags to
expand environmental awareness:
Albertson’s on College Drive, Bet-R
Grocery on Kalurah Street, Living Biology II senior Katie Stein with first graders             Biology II 12th graders Forrest Faerber and Zoe Bruce with first graders
Foods on Perkins Road, Maxwell’s
Market on Corporate Boulevard, and Winn-Dixie on Lee Drive.

University High School science teacher Marty Loupe and his fellow participants from the Toyota International Teacher Program’s Costa
Rica Tour Study Group in March collaborated to join this nationwide effort to continue to expand students’ and their local communities’
environmental knowledge and awareness. Additionally, with the support of Education First (EF), Loupe also led a group of thirteen University
High School students to Costa Rica in June to learn more about environmental science.

The Earth Day Groceries Project is designed to enhance students’ environmental knowledge, along with skills in art, computer science,
geography, math and science. It helps educate and empower youth to make a difference in their communities. The Earth Day Groceries Project
is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, and is managed online by its founder Mark Ahlness, a third grade teacher at Arbor Heights Elementary
School in Seattle, Washington. This is the fourteenth year this international educational effort has been coordinated on the internet.

                                                 FREE EntERpRISE
           orth Thompson reported that U-High Students as part                and state with a 3 month return of 30.43%, 26.69% above the
           of the Free Enterprise class competed in the Louisiana             S&P 500 for the same period. Clay Adamak, 10th grade, placed 2nd
           Council for Economic Education’s Stock Market Game.                Magnolia region and state with a 3 month return of 24.06%, 20.31
U-High Students occupied 47 of the first 50 places in the Magnolia            above the S&P 500 for the same period. Casey Hawkland, 10th
Region- (Baton Rouge Area) and finished 1st, 2nd, and 4th in the              grade, placed 3rd Magnolia region and 4th place state with a 3 month
state-wide rankings. Dave Dixon, 12th grade, won Magnolia region              return of 15.05%, 11.30% above the S&P 500 for the same period.

8                                                                                                                                                   The Cub Roar
                                                                         CLASSROOM ACCOLADES
               pOEtRy SLAM                                                    nEw MIDDLE AnD
         n April 26-28, the
         UHS poetry slam
         team participated
                                                                            hIgh SChOOL FACuLty
                                                                                              Dr. Camburn welcomes
in WordPlay’s All City Teen
                                                                                    new middle and high school faculty members.
Poetry Slam Festival at the
Shaw Center. The team,                                                   Jill Calloway has moved from the fifth grade to the sixth grade
comprised of seniors Molly                                               Reading Writing Workshop. She has been with the Lab School
Kennedy and Shelley Moore,                                               for two years. Jill has a BA from The University of Louisiana at
juniors Katie Humphries                                                  Lafayette and an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from LSU.
and Austin Winslow, and                                                  Prior to the Lab School, Jill taught for 10 years in the East Baton
sophomore Lyn Denby,                                                     Rouge Public School System with several years as an Instructional
competed in poetry slam                                                  Specialist.
bouts with teams from nine                                               Adele Dufrene is a 16 year veteran of the Lab School and has
other area high schools.                                                 moved to the middle school as the sixth grade math instructor.
The event was hosted                                                     Adele has a BS and MEd from Southern Methodist University and
by WordPlay, a program                                                   is Nationally Board Certified.
sponsored by the Big Buddy                                               Tatiana Palza completed her student teaching several years ago
Program. Our team’s coach                                                with Ms. J. She has joined our high school foreign language
was Donney Rose, an adult slam poetry champion from Baton Rouge.         program. She has a BS and MS from LSU and is certified in Spanish
                                                                         and French. Tatiana is from La Paz, Bolivia.
Poetry slam is an Olympic-style poetry contest, created in Chicago in
1985 and now an international phenomenon. The WordPlay Slam              Ginna Paredes comes to the Lab School from Live Oak Middle
Festival is a community-building event designed to educate and           School. She attended Texas Tech and has Bachelor and Master of
empower the youth of Baton Rouge through writing and performing.         Music with a Harp concentration. In 1991 Ginna was the principal
                                                                         harpist with Orquestra Sinfonica del Ecuador. She is from Ecuador
At the finals, the U-High team was awarded the championship              and is certified in Spanish and instrumental music.
trophy. Austin and Molly, as two of the highest-scoring individual
poets, will travel with the Baton Rouge slam team to Brave New
Voices, the national teen poetry competition in San Jose, California,     A senior editor for the “The Bear Deluxe” Magazine,
this summer.
                                                                          high school science instructor Steven Babcock appears
In addition to the individual and team slam competition, audience         in his first regular column sharing perspectives from the
members were treated to a performance by the 2005 and 2006                American South. www.orlo.org
national adult poetry slam champion Anis Mojgani.

                      MRS. RuMFELLOw wELCOMES
                   nEw ELEMEntARy FACuLty MEMBERS!
 Patricia Bossier, Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th Grade Spanish Teacher,     Nichole Bickham, First Grade Associate, is a 2002 U-High
 is from Baton Rouge and received degrees from LSU. She has taught      alumna and a recent graduate of LSU with a Bachelor’s degree in
 for thirty-seven years, the last twenty-two at the Lab School. She     Elementary Education. She is currently attending graduate school.
 returns after retirement in May 2006 after teaching middle and high
 school English and Spanish.                                            Lynea Hambrice, Fourth Grade Associate, comes to the Lab School
                                                                        with seven years of teaching experience. She completed her education
 Lillian L. Carver, Kindergarten, 2nd and 4th Grade Spanish             at LSU with an undergraduate degree in music, an Elementary
 Teacher, is another new Elementary Spanish teacher. She comes          Education Alternate Certification, and a Master’s in Curriculum &
 to Baton Rouge via Jacksonville, Florida in May, 2006. She has her     Instruction with an emphasis in Reading instruction. She taught
 Masters Degree in Special Education and taught for seven years in      previously at Trinity Episcopal Day School in grades 3, 4, & 5.
 Florida and Georgia.
                                                                        Shannon Loupe, Third Grade Associate, holds a Bachelor's
 Debbie Dornier, Fourth Grade Teacher, has a Bachelor’s Degree          degree in Elementary Education from LSU. She has eleven years
 in Elementary Education from Louisiana State University and is         of teaching experience, most recently at UUMC Preschool of
 currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Educational Technology. Last   Excellence and Greenville Elementary School.
 year, she attained National Board Certification with the National
                                                                        Nancy McDonald, Fifth Grade Associate, is a U-High alumna.
 Board for Professional Teaching Standards and was named East
                                                                        While at U-High she was a member of the Pilot Class for the
 Baton Rouge Elementary Teacher of the Year and Louisiana teacher
                                                                        International Baccalaureate Program. After her graduation from
 of the year for LACUE (Louisiana Association of Computer Using
                                                                        LSU in Elementary Education, she taught fourth grade at Forest
                                                                        Heights Elementary.

The Cub Roar                                                                                                                                9
CuBS 2007
                           CALL FOR nOMInAtIOnS
                                          he University High School Office of Alumni Relations is now accepting applications for the
                                          Alumni Hall of Distinction and the Athletic Hall of Fame. Completed nominations and
                                          supplemental attachments for CUBS 2008 consideration must be received in the University
                                  Laboratory School Foundation office no later than 3 p.m. Friday, September 28, 2007. An official
                                  nomination form and judging criteria are included below or may be located at www.uhigh.lsu.edu.
                                  Call 578-3148 or e-mail mbourg@lsu.edu for more information.

                              CRItERIA FOR COnSIDERAtIOn
     Alumni Hall of Distinction: The nominee must:
          •	 Be	a	graduate	of	University	High	School	and	be	nominated	by	a	graduate	of	University	High	
          •	 Have	distinguished	himself/herself	through	chosen	profession(s)
          •	 Have	distinguished	himself/herself	through	character	and	community	involvement	which	
             reflects	favorably	on	University	High	School
          •	 Have	graduated	from	University	High	School	five	years	or	more	prior	to	the	submission	of	his	
             or her name

     Athletic Hall of Fame: For Athletes, the nominee must:
          •	 Be	a	graduate	of	University	High	School	and	be	nominated	by	a	graduate	of	University	High	
          •	 Have	earned	one	or	more	letters	in	a	varsity	sport	at	University	High	School
          •	 Have	gained	distinction	through	superlative	performance	as	an	athlete
          •	 Have	established	a	personal	reputation	for	character	and	citizenship	which	reflects	favorably	
             upon	University	High	School
          •	 Have	graduated	from	University	High	School	five	years	or	more	prior	to	the	submission	of	his	
             or her name

     Athletic Hall of Fame: For Coaches, the nominee must:
          •	 Be	nominated	by	a	graduate	or	faculty	member	(current	or	retired)	of	University	High	School.
          •	 Not	be	serving	on	the	current	athletic	coaching	staff
          •	 Have	maintained	a	high	standard	of	excellence	for	his/her	program	and	athletes
          •	 Have	established	a	personal	reputation	for	character	and	citizenship	which	reflects	favorably	
             on	University	High	School

     Should your nominee be selected, the recipient must:
          •	 Be	willing	to	give	permission	to	the	University	Laboratory	School	and	the	University	
             Laboratory	School	Foundation	to	accept	the	honor	and	to	use	his/her	name	in	correspondence	
             and	promotions.
          •	 Be	available	to	attend	CUBS	2008	to	accept	the	honor.		(Recipient	and	guest	will	receive	
             complimentary	tickets.)

10                                                                                                                      The Cub Roar
                                                                                                  CuBS 2007

                              University Laboratory School
                                   University Laboratory School
                              University Laboratory School
                              University Laboratory School
                                        CUBS 20082008
                                   University Laboratory School
                                        CUBS 2008
                                        CUBS 20082008 HallHall of Fame
                      Alumni HallHall of Distinction/Athletic of Fame
                      Alumni Hall of Distinction/Athletic Hall of Fame
                         Alumni of Distinction/Athletic
                         Alumni of Distinction/Athletic Hall of Fame
                      Alumni HallHall of Distinction/Athletic Hall of Fame
                                 NOMINATION IS SUBMITTED BY:
                            THISTHIS NOMINATION IS SUBMITTED BY:
                            THIS NOMINATION IS SUBMITTED BY:
                                 NOMINATION IS SUBMITTED BY:
                            THISTHIS NOMINATION IS SUBMITTED BY:
  Your Name:
       Your Name:          ______________________________Grad ______________
                      ______________________________Grad Year: Year: ______________
  Your Name:          ______________________________Grad Year: ______________
  Your Address:
       Your Name: _________________________________ Year: Year: ______________
                           ______________________________Grad ______________
  Your Name: _________________________________ E-mail: _________________
       Your Address:                                              E-mail: _________________
  Your Address: _________________________________ E-mail: _________________
  Your Address: _________________________________ (___)____________________
       Your Address: (_____)_________________ Office: E-mail: _________________
  Telephone Home: _________________________________ (___)____________________
       Telephone Home:     (_____)_________________ Office: E-mail: _________________
  Telephone Home:
  Telephone Home:     (_____)_________________ Office: (___)____________________
                      (_____)_________________ Office: (___)____________________
  Endorsed by: (Alumnus/Alumna Signature) _____________________________________
                  Home:    (_____)_________________ Office: (___)____________________
       Telephoneby: (Alumnus/Alumna Signature) _____________________________________
  Endorsed by: (Alumnus/Alumna Signature) _____________________________________
  Endorsed by: (Alumnus/Alumna Signature) _____________________________________
       Endorsed by: (Alumnus/Alumna Signature) _____________________________________
                                  NOMINEE INFORMATION
                                         NOMINEE INFORMATION
                                  NOMINEE INFORMATION
                                         NOMINEE INFORMATION
       Your Nominee’s Name:____________________________ Grad ______________
  Your Nominee’s Name:____________________________ Grad Year: Year: ______________
  Your Nominee’s Name:____________________________ Grad Year: Year: ______________
  Nominee’s Address: _____________________________ E-mail: _________________
       Your Nominee’s Name:____________________________ E-mail: _________________
       Nominee’s Address: _____________________________ Grad
                      _____________________________ E-mail: _________________
  Nominee’s Address: (______)_____________
  Telephone Home:Address: (______)_____________
       Nominee’s Home:                              Office: (_____)___________________
                           _____________________________ E-mail: _________________
       Telephone                                          Office: (_____)___________________
  Telephone Home:
       Telephone for: (______)_____________
  Nominated for: Home: Alumni Hall of Distinction
                           (______)_____________    Office: (_____)___________________
                                                                      Athletic Hall of Fame Fame
       Nominated              Alumni Hall of Distinction Office: (_____)___________________
                                                                            Athletic Hall of
  Nominated for: for: Alumni Hall of Distinction
  Nominated for:
       Nominated         Alumni Hall of Distinction
                              Alumni Hall of Distinction              Athletic Hall of Fame Fame
                                                                      Athletic Hall of Fame
                                                                            Athletic Hall of
  You may describe the accomplishments of the nominee in up to three pages of supporting documentation.
       You may describe the accomplishments of the nominee in up to three pages of supporting documentation.
  You may describe the accomplishments of the nominee in up to three pages of supporting documentation.
  You may anonymous judges, accomplishments nomineealumni,inthree pages of supporting documentation. the judges
          of describe the accomplishments of the of the U-High alumni, will select recipients for each Hall. Criteria the judges
                    describe the representative of U-High in up       up to three pages of supporting documentation.
  Panels You may anonymous judges, representative ofnomineetowill select recipients for each Hall. Criteria
         Panels of
               consideration is outlined on the back of this form.
  will use foruse for consideration is outlined on the back of this Self-nominations are acceptable.
          of anonymous judges, representative of U-High alumni,form. willrecipients for each Hall. Hall. Criteria the
                                                                     will select select recipients acceptable.
  Panels will of anonymous judges, representative of U-High alumni,Self-nominations are for eachCriteria the judges judges
  Panels Panels
          of anonymous judges, representative of U-High alumni, will select recipients for each Hall. Criteria the judges
         will consideration is outlined on the back of this form. form. Self-nominations
  will use foruse for consideration is outlined on the back of this Self-nominations are acceptable.
  will use for consideration is outlined onyour nomination? We can provide you with acceptable. information
  Not sure sure what to include in yourthis form. Self-nominations provideare a with a biographical information
         Not what to include in
                                            the back of
                                                         nomination? We can
                                                                                        are acceptable.
                                                                                                you biographical
                                              up information for you We can provide you with a biographical information
                                                                       from the U-High archives. If you If you need assistance,
  form to support your nomination or lookor look up information for you from the U-High archives. need assistance,
         form what to include in your nomination?
  Not sure to support yourto include in your
  Not sure sure what Argrave at 225-578-3148 or e-mail can provide you with a biographical information
         Not what to include
  contact Melissa Babcock Argrave at 225-578-3148 ornomination? We can provide you with a biographical information
         contact Melissa Babcock in your nomination? We the U-High archives. If you
                                                          e-mail margrave@lsu.edu.
  form to support your nomination or lookor look up information formargrave@lsu.edu. archives. need assistance,
         form to support your nomination up information for you from the U-High archives. If you need assistance,
                                              up information for you from from the
  form to support your nomination at 225-578-3148 or e-mail margrave@lsu.edu. U-High
  contact Melissa Babcock Argrave or lookat 225-578-3148 or e-mail margrave@lsu.edu.
                                                                                                           If you need assistance,
         contact Melissa BabcockDeadline is 3 p.m. Friday, September 28, 2007.
  contact Melissa Babcock Argrave at 225-578-3148 or e-mail Friday, September 28, 2007.
                                          Deadline is 3 p.m. margrave@lsu.edu.
                                         Please mail or fax or fax your nomination form to:
                                   Deadline isPlease mail your nomination form to:2007.
                                                  3 p.m. Friday, September 28,
                                      University or fax yourFriday,Foundation 28,
                                       Deadline is 3Friday, September 28,
                                              3 p.m. p.m. your September
                                  Deadline isPlease mail Laboratory nominationto:2007. 2007.
                                             University or faxSchoolSchool Foundation
                                      Please mail Laboratory nomination form form to:
                                                           State State Foundation
                                                Louisianayour School University
                                        University or fax Laboratory School Foundation
                                        Please mail Laboratory nomination form to:
                                                           State Drive
                                        University 45 DalrympleState University
                                                    Laboratory School Foundation
                                                Louisiana45 Dalrymple Drive
                                                        Rouge, LA 70803
                                                 Baton Baton Rouge, LA 70803
                                                           State University
                                                Louisiana45 Dalrymple Drive
                                                    45 Dalrymple Drive
                                                    Fax: 225-578-3326
                                                    45 Dalrymple Drive
                                                        Rouge, LA 70803
                                                 Baton Baton Rouge, LA 70803
                                                          Fax: 225-578-3326
                                                 Baton Rouge, LA 70803
                                                    Fax: 225-578-3326
                                                          Fax: 225-578-3326
         have have any questions, call Melissa Babcock Argrave at 225-578-3148 or e-mail margrave@lsu.edu.
  If you If youany questions, please please call Melissa Babcock Argrave at 225-578-3148 or e-mail margrave@lsu.edu.
                                                    Fax: 225-578-3326
         have have any questions, call Melissa Babcock Argrave at 225-578-3148 or e-mail margrave@lsu.edu.
  If you If youany questions, please please call Melissa Babcock Argrave at 225-578-3148 or e-mail margrave@lsu.edu.
  If you have any questions, please call Melissa Babcock Argrave at 225-578-3148 or e-mail margrave@lsu.edu.
The Cub Roar                                                                                                             11
                                      LOSt                                                         planning a Fall Reunion?
                                                                                                      Why not include our annual Alumni

             e like to be sure all alumni are informed with U-High happenings through              Homecoming Tailgate Reunion as a part of
                                                                                                        your Friday night festivities?
             the Cub Roar. Unfortunately, we have lost touch with a number of alumni
                                                                                                            homecoming 2007
             over the years. Would you help us update our records? If you have any                        will be november 2nd.
information on the following alumni, we would greatly appreciate your help.                                    Save the date!

                                                                                                          not having an “official”
                                                                                                            reunion this year?
          “LOSt” ALuMnI CLASS OF 1959                                                                    Why wait? This event is free to all
                                                                                                           University High School alumni,
                                                                                                         former faculty, and their families.
                                                                                                           Come visit over good food and
                                                                                                            entertainment for the kids.

                                                                                                          You may have such a good time
                                                                                                    that you follow up the party by finding your
                                                                                                   way to one of your old high school hangouts
                                                                                                     or staying to cheer on the Cubs to victory
                                                                                                      against Pointe Coupee Central High and
                                                                                                      congratulating our Homecoming Queen.
     Wiley Dial              Lillian	Dicks             Linda	Harris             Nancy	Harris

                                                                                                    Especially if your class will gathering as a
                                                                                                     group, we greatly appreciate your RSVP.
          “LOSt” ALuMnI CLASS OF 1970
                                                                                                  Please remember, this family event takes place at a school function .
                                                                                                  NO ALCOHOL is permitted on the Lab School campus or athletic facilities .

            Deborah	Louise	Berger        Laura	Alice	Lea       Eugene	Norman	Sullivan

                                             Upcoming Reunions
                                         Celebrating the Good Ole Days

               30 Year Reunion - Class of 1977
                     November 2-3, 2007
                                                                                          Homecoming for all U-High Alumni
      Contact: Cathy Gaston Gravois - cathygravois@yahoo .com
                                                                                                    November 2, 2007
                                                                                         Contact: Megan Bourgeois - mbourg@lsu .edu
                10th Reunion - Class of 1997
                                                                                            Or Melissa Argrave – margrave@lsu .edu
                       October 13, 2007
          Contact: Andy Roberts - aroberts@latterblum .com

12                                                                                                                                                       The Cub Roar
                                                                                                             ALuMnI nEwS
            unIVERSIty hIgh SChOOL CLASS OF 1987
                  CELEBRAtES 20th REunIOn
The University High
School class of 1987
held their 20 year
reunion on May 25 &
26th, 2007. Dinner on
May 25th
was held at The Wine
Loft and dinner on
May 26th was held at
Sullivan’s Steakhouse.
There was also a picnic
and tour of the school
on May 26th. Overall,
41 classmates reunited
with each other over
the weekend.

The reunion was organized by Paul Roberts, Susannah Craig, Jeff Foil, Jodi Gianfala, Nicole Green, Danielle Gueho, Martha Stuckey, and
Jodi Stovall White.
                                                                                                Submitted by Martha Stuckey and Nicole Green

University High School is happy to invite alumni, especially reunion classes, to tour our campus.
To schedule a reunion, family, or individual tour, please contact Alumni Relations at 578-3148.
Recent reunion tours have given us the opportunity to welcome back honored grads who have
been inducted into our Alumni Hall of Distinction or Athletic Hall of Fame.
                                                                                                    Booking hotel rooms as a group may
                                                                                                    entitle your reunion class to discounted
                                                                                                    rates. A number of excellent hotels may
                                                                                                    be found in Baton Rouge downtown and
                                                                                                    in the College Drive area. For greatest
                                                                                                    convenience to Louisiana State University
                                                                                                    and the U-High campus, include in your
                                                                                                    considerations hotel arrangements at The
            Johnny Robinson ‘56                      Richard Lipsey and Shelby McKenzie ‘57
             Athletic	Hall	of	Fame                           Alumni	Hall	of	Distinction             Cook Hotel at LSU (1-866-610-COOK or
                                                                                                    383-2665) or the Faculty Club Hotel

                                                                                                    When planning a fall reunion, no matter
                                                                                                    where you choose to block your rooms,
                                                                                                    be aware of the LSU and Southern
                                                                                                    University football schedules, and make

     Bridger Eglin and Richard Gill ‘61                         Andrew Roberts ‘87                  your reservations early!
         Alumni	Hall	of	Distinction                             Athletic	Hall	of	Fame

The Cub Roar                                                                                                                                    13
                                                                Cub Tracks
                                 News                                                                                Baby Cubs
                         elise blackwell ’82 is an assistant professor                                             Proud grandparents Jim
                         in the English Department at the University of                                            ’63 and diane bollinger
                         South Carolina. Her new book Cypress Parish                                               announce the birth of their
                         is set in Louisiana.                                                                      first grandchild. James
                                                                                                                   Malcolm Bollinger, III was
                                                                                                                   born September 12, 2006
                                                                                                                   to parents James bollinger
                                                                                                                   ’97 and anna hegwood
                                                                                                                   bollinger ’97 on September
                         amanda exner '03 has been named one of                                                    13, 2006; he was welcomed
                         the “Tiger 12”, a group of the top 12 seniors                                             by his aunt, elizabeth
                         graduating from LSU. Upon her graduation this                                             bollinger ’00.
                         May, Amanda was one of four admitted to the
                         Georgetown Ph.D. program in developmental
                         psychology. Intending to pursue a Master’s
                         Degree in Public Policy, she is soon to be
                         inducted into Phi Beta Kappa.

                         chris nevils ‘88 has been elected District                                                                        Justin Page ’97 and Janie
                         Attorney of Winn Parish. He and wife Kim                                                                          Whittington Page ’97
                         Heard Nevils announce the birth of their second                                                                   of Baton Rouge announce
                         daughter Emily Jane who is also welcomed by                                                                       the birth of their twins,
                         big sister Kate. The Nevils live in Winnfield,                                                                    Bo Campbell and Sadie
                         Louisiana.                                                                                                        Graham, on February 17,

                         Michael tipton '01 has been appointed                                                     Aidan Vaughn Sandefer was born on July 12,
                         Executive Director for Teach for America –                                                2007 weighing 7.6 lbs and 19.5 inches. He is
                         South Louisiana. Prior to joining Teach for                                               welcomed home by Shane and cynthia Landry
                         America as a corps member in New York,                                                    sandefer '94 and big sister Chloe.
                         he worked in the Office of the Chancellor at
                         Louisiana State University, where he was closely
                         involved in the development of the university’s
                         National Flagship Agenda.

                                                         Do You Have News to Share?
We are anxious to hear from and about our wonderful alumni! Please share your latest news and achievements with The Cub Roar, so we can let
your fellow classmates and friends know about the good things you’ve done since leaving U-High! Take a moment to complete this form today!

Name (please include Maiden Name): ___________________________________________________ Graduation Year: ___________________________
address:______________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: _____________________________
City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________________________ Work Phone: ______________________________
e-mail address: ____________________________________ ___________________________ Other Phone: _____________________________
Spouse’s Name: __________________________________ U High Grad? _________________ Year of Grad: _____________________________

_____ I would like to volunteer. Please contact me.

News to Share: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Please return this form to University laboratory School, alumni Relations Office, lSU, 45 Dalrymple Drive, Baton Rouge, la 70803. (Fax: 225-578-3326. E-mail: margrave@lsu.edu)

14                                                                                                                                                             The Cub Roar
                      ALuMnI MEMORIES
         niversity High School Principal Albert Camburn, Dean of   Recognizing our concern for appropriately cataloguing and safeguarding
         Students Frank Rusciano, and Computer Analyst             these treasures, Dr. Camburn and Mr. Rusciano also donated four filing
         Joey Faucheux, recently uncovered a library                                       cabinets and ample storeroom space for our
filing cabinet containing a wealth of University                                           growing collection. The memorabilia has now
Laboratory School information dating back to 1932.                                         been fully inventoried and filed by decade.
While recognizing the items may have no material                                           As a result, we will be able to recreate a rich
value but, rather, a great deal of sentimental value,                                      history of life at the Lab School over the years.
they immediately notified and presented these                                              Rotating displays in the high school will be
                       items to the Office of Alumni                                       enjoyed by our reunion classes and visitors and,
                       Relations. Their findings                                           of course, by our current Cubs. Our students
                        included photographs, news                                         love being a part of your University High
                        clippings, club scrapbooks,                                        School legacy.
                         handbooks, publications such
                         as Collage and Tiger Tales,                                       Many thanks to Dr. Camburn, Mr. Faucheux,
                         directories, plaques, sports                                           and Mr. Rusciano for their support of
                          banquet programs and many                                                             University High alumni.
                          more items, too!

 The University Laboratory School Foundation is recruiting an Alumni Archives Committee. If you would
 like to volunteer or donate memorabilia, please call Megan Bourgeois or Melissa Argrave at 578-3148.
The Cub Roar                                                                                                                             15
                                                                                     Presort Standard
                                                                                       U.S. Postage
                                                                                      Permit No. 144
                                                                                     Baton Rouge, la
bATon RoUgE, LA 70803


                               Homecoming Game and Tailgate Party
                          (free to all alumni, former faculty, and their families)
                                        Friday, November 2, 2007
                                  alumni Tailgate Party 5:30 – 6:45 pm
                                           Pre-Game: 6:45 pm
                                U-High vs. Pointe Coupee Kickoff: 7:00 pm
                                  RSVP: 578-3148 or mbourg@lsu.edu

                                  For updates www.uhigh.lsu.edu

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