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					                                                     Macarthur Diversity Services Inc

Volume 7, Issue 20                                                                                                       October 04

         We are located at:
                                               In this quarter Macarthur       against all the required   sessional    outreach
                                              Diversity Services staff         criteria.                  services. In this last
    Centre Court Building                     have been actively involved                                 quarter, new sessional
           Level 2                            in community capacity             Once again there are a
      101 Queen Street
     Campbelltown 2560                        building activities such as      few staff changes to
                                              the community tenancy            report. Ms Melefu Fono
         Phone: 4627 1188                     information sessions,            our Pacific Islands
          Fax: 4628 6068                      smoke free zone youth            worker has left and has
                     radio program, Airds and         been replaced with Ms
                                              Claymore Hip Hop                 Nita Singh. Ms Tessa
                                              program, Ethno-specific          Bayrante our CSSS
                                              computer classes to name a       worker is now working
                                              few.                             on a new Semi-rural        service staff include Mr
                                                                               Research project her       Louay Moustafa from
                                                                               position will be           Lebanese Community
                                                                               replaced with Ms Sana      Council. Mr Demir
                                                                               Al-Ahmar. Ms Safi          Bosnok from Bosnian
      Spring Edition
                                                                               Halabi will now work       Welfare Centre and Mr
Information contained in this newsletter is
                                                                               as the Arabic worker.      Shekhar Bhutkar pro-bono
believed to be true and accurate at the                                        We bid farewell to         Migration Agent. I am
time of publication. The MDSI is not liable
to any person or organisation, whether in                                      Nancy Abarzua who          sure these new personnel
negligence or otherwise, for anything
published or omitted from this publication.   We held an Open day in           has been the Semi-rural    will be well received by
Opinions and views expressed in this
publication are those of the contributors
                                              late July to officially launch   worker for the past nine   both the clients and the
only and are not necessarily those of the     our new name. The day was        months. We wish her        MDSI team. I hope you
MDSI, its Management Committee or staff.
                                              well attended by members,        well in all her future     enjoy this spring edition of
    Inside this issue:                        clients and colleagues. We       endeavours. The Centre     the newsletter. Remember
                                              have had a mixed response        is currently recruiting    my door is always open to
 Bi-Lingual Workers                    2,3    to our new name, most            for an Aged Services       anyone wishing to discuss
                                              comments have been               Manager as well as a       issues of concern or how
 Workventure Connect                     4    positive and supportive of       Finance Manager.           we can improve on the
 Rural Worker                            5    the task that the                                           range of services we
 Bosnian CSS worker                           organisation has set itself      Additionally we are        deliver
 Information Officer                     6    for the next five to ten         pleased to announce
                                              years. We are pleased to         that we were successful
 Neighbourhood Aid                       8    report      that MDSI has        in obtaining tri-annual
 Program update
                                              completed all its contractual    funding         for    a
 Community Aged Care                     9
                                              obligations with the various     Multicultural Family
 Assurance Support                     10     funding bodies. The              worker from the
 CSS worker Update                     11
                                              Department of Immigration        Department of Family
                                              (DIMIA) recently visited         and      Community
 Djoliba Music                         12     the centre to conduct an         Services. This position
 Indonesian Community                  12
                                              electronic performance           will be advertised soon.
                                              review. We are happy to          The Centre continues to    Karin Vasquez
 Wollondilly Events                    13     report       that      MDSI      receive requests to        Executive Officer.
 Community                          14,15     completed this challenge         accommodate Ethno-
 Noticeboard                                  with energy and enthusiasm       specific organisations
 Refugee Week                          16     and performed very well          wishing to conduct
 VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                              MDSI NEWSLETTER                                     PAGE 2

                                                                     Arabic Worker Update

                                    The services of the Arabic worker include casework, referrals,
                                    settlement services and information . New programs and informa-
                                    tion sessions for the Arabic community run throughout the year.
                                    Ms. Safi Halabi will be taking the position of the Arabic worker and
                                    Ms Sana Al-Ahmar has transferred to the position of CSSS Worker
                                    at MDSI.
                                    Ongoing programs for the Arabic community:
                                    •     Gentle exercise at Airds
                                    Indoor Sports Centre on Thurs-
           days from 11pm-12 noon, gym classes on Fridays from 10-
           11am. The cost is $4.70 per session.
    •      English classes for women on Fridays from 10-12 at
           Campbelltown Family Support Services, childcare pro-
    •      Join us to celebrate the end of Ramadan as well as the
           end of “Smoke Free Zone” program on 17th November at
           Koshigaya Park from 11am-2pm

                        For more information please contact Safi on 46271188

        Campbelltown Multicultural Aged Day Care Service (HACC Program)
                                         Samoan, Pacific Islander        Campbelltown Civic Centre;
Greetings to all from, the                                               more details will be provided
HACC Program.                            and Arabic groups.
                                                                         to you at a later date
We are happy to report that          Amazingly, the end of the
                                     year is around the corner           A big thanks, to all group
the    HACC     Service    is                                            members, and especially to
operating well and many              and we are preparing for the
                                     two big events for the HACC         all our volunteers, who devote
clients escaping the cold and                                            their precious time to assist
traveling overseas to enjoy          program, the Annual outing,
                                     and our End of year                 the staff in running the
the sun.                                                                 programs with different
                                     Celebration. The annual
                                     outing is scheduled for             groups every week. Last
·    A new Chinese aged
                                     Friday the 29th of October          month we have had a student
     group started recently.
                                     and this year we are going          placement from TAFE Mr.
     This group meet 1st and
                                     to Kiama and will visit its         Gordon Au who has worked
     2nd Monday of the month
                                     beautiful beaches. We hope          with the groups to prepare
     at St. James Anglican
     Church in Minto. For            to have good weather and            sing-along
     enquires please contact         lots of fun.
                                                                         Warm wishes to you all
     Wai Lin, Nasrin or
     Adriana on: 4627 1188.   The end of year celebration
                                                                         Nasrin and Adriana
                              has     been    planed  for
·    There are few vacancies  Thursday the 16th of
     available for Lao, Thai, D e c e m b e r  2004,   at

                             Articles for the next MDSI Newsletter
                           Contact Sana Al-Ahmar on (02) 4627 1188
                                  By 10th December 2004
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                        MDSI NEWSLETTER                          PAGE 3

                                                          Muslim Women Association

   It is hard to believe that another year is upon us, and come 15th of October the Muslim com-
   munity will welcome the coming of the month of Ramadan yet again.
                        This holy month is one of fasting, spiritual discipline and reflection and
                        marks the day when the holy Quran was revealed to the Prophet

                       I, Wafa Zaim, formerly the Community Settlement Service Officer out-
                       reaching from Macarthur Diversity Services would like to extend my
                       warmest wishes for the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan
                       on behalf of the Management & staff at the MWA and Macarthur Diver-
                       sity Services Inc.

                      I would like to take this opportunity to introduce the new Community
   Settlement Service Officer Hebah Saleh, who will be replacing me as of September 2004.

   I will be starting my new position as the Coordinator of the Bankstown Women Support
   Centre under the auspice of the Muslim Women Association. I have thoroughly enjoyed my
   time at Macarthur Diversity Services and will remember it as a productive and rewarding
   time of my life. I have been blessed with a supportive and dynamic team who have become so
   much more than colleagues- they have become friends as well. May you all be blessed with
   peace warmth and compassion.

From the Vietnamese Workers Desk

                                     The Vietnamese community celebrating The Moom Festival

                                 * Gambling information session will be on 10/2004 at
                                 •    Community Quality Use of
                                 Medicine information will be held
                                 on 11/2004.
   How do Vietnamese people get information sources about medi-
   cine, communication with the family doctor / pharmacist.
   * School systems in NSW will be on 12/2004

   For all information you can contact MDSI or Hanh Tran on
   (02) 46271188 (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
   Vietnamese Community Support Worker
                                                                                Vietnamese Support Group
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                           MDSI NEWSLETTER                          PAGE 4

                           South Pacific Island Communities

     Kia Ora My name is Nita Singh, I was born in New Zealand. I have recently been appointed to the
     position of South Pacific Island Community support Worker. I also assist Makeleta Felila as the
     Links to Learning Assistant, (I have found that working with the youth has been a refreshing ex-

     I look forward to getting to know the Pacific Island Communities in the coming months I will be
     able to see clients, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays . Please feel free to make an appointment to
     see me between 9am-5pm, regarding case management, group activities, and courses that are
     available throughout the year.

                                          A trip to the Blue Mountains,
                                          a great opportunity for the
                                          community and young fami-
                                          lies to see the Three Sisters

                                       The South Pacific Island Group getting ready at the Claymore
     Shopping Centre to hop on the Coach Bus ready for the Blue Mountain trip.

                             MACARTHUR DIVERSITY SERVICES INC
                              WORKVENTURES CONNECT N.T.C.
                                 Invites you to participate in a
                                 Patchwork & Quilting sessions
                                @ Workventures Connect N.T.C.
                                     123 Eucalyptus Drive
                                          Macquarie Fields
                                     Facilitated by CECILIA ZONINO
                                When: Tuesdays (during school terms)
                                    Time: 10:00am—1:00pm

                                                ALL WELCOME
                                Come and learn the Art of Patchwork & Quilting
                          or if you are not into quilting pop in for a visit and a cuppa.
                Perhaps you would like to share cooking recipes with us or have some specific
          information on a topic or simply you can come and have a friendly chat over a cup of coffee
                            You can also access the Computer facilities at the Centre
                                    For more information please contact
                               the group facilitator Cecilia Zonino on 02 98296909
                                      or Maggie at MDSI on 46 2711188
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                      MDSI NEWSLETTER                         PAGE 5

                                                          Semi – Rural Worker Desk

   Semi-Rural Worker                     W a r r a g a m b a                •   Art/Craft Exhibit
   Provides     Settlement               Neighbourhood Centre               •   Entertainment
   Services for newly arrived        •   Home     Visits   (by                  Activity such as
   Migrants, Refugees and                appointments)                          face painting etc.
   Humanitarian Entrants in                                                 •   Stall Holder such as
   the Macarthur region.          Service is FREE & all                         information display,
                                  information is Confidential                   food etc.
   We provide: casework,
   information, referral to       International Women’s Day –        Contact Susan on: 4683
                                  Wollondilly Shire                  3661 or Karin on: 4627
   mainstream        services,
                                  Expression of Interest
   support,        cultural/                                         1188     for      further
                                  Are you interested in being
   educational/social                                                information. Register your
                                  involved     in    the 2005
   activities, individual/group                                      interest no later then
                                  Wollondilly Women’s Day
   advocacy,      community                                          Friday 29th October 2004.
                                  Festival to be held on
   consultations, and access                                         MDSI is an official partner
                                  Saturday 12th March 2005?
   to community resources.                                           of International Women’s
                                                                     Day – Wollondilly Shire.
                                  You can be part of the festival
   Outreach Locations are:
                                  as a:
      • Centrelink Camden
                                      • Guest Speaker
      • Tahmoor Community
                                      • Workshop Presenter
                                      • Entertainment Act
      • S i l v e r d a l e /
                                      • Alternative Therapist

                                                 From the Bosnian Sessional Worker

               Damir Bosnjak, the Bosnian sessional worker provides a wide range of
               services to assist Bosnian clients with their needs and issues:
               - Information and assistance with social issues – including Centrelink
                 and Immigration issues (DIMIA)
               - Information and assistance with education and employment issues and
               - Assistance with relevant form filling.
 - Assistance and support with housing and accommodation needs -
 (Department of Housing)
 - Information and referrals to other relevant service providers who can help you to
    deal with your needs (legal, immigration, health and others).

 The Bosnian Sessional Worker is at Macarthur Diversity Services every first and third
 Wednesday of the month
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                                    MDSI NEWSLETTER                                   PAGE 6

                   WHAT’S HAPPENING AT MACARTHUR MDSI ????
                        FROM THE INFORMATION OFFICER
             Hello again from the         assisting our clients.                     Intermediate level on a Thursday
             Reception Desk. It has       ENGLISH CLASSES THAT               ARE     afternoon from 1.30pm – 3.30pm
             been a busy few months at    OPERATING AT THE CENTRE
             the Centre, with some                                                   • Sister Carmel’s English Class:
             changes such as our great    • University of Western Sydney             Every Tuesday at 10 Deans Road,
 new name – Macarthur Diversity           English Language Centre, Adult Migrant     Airds: 10am – 12noon. Vacancies
 Services. The celebration of our new     English Program – Free English Classes     still available. Please call Maureen on
 name was held in July, 2004 with an      for AMEP eligible clients at the           (02) 4627 1188
 Open Day. It was great to see so         Univesity of Western
 many service providers and clients                                                  If you would like to know more about
 joining in with us at the Open Day.                                                 the    classes being run by our
                                          • Sydney English Language Centre
 There were over 100 in attendance                                                   wonderful band of volunteers – please
                                          (on MDSI premises).          For further
 and it appeared that a good time was                                                phone Maureen on (02) 4627 1188
                                          information contact Peter Harrison who
 had by all!                              is at Macarthur Diversity Services every   TUESDAYS AT                   DEANS
                                          Wednesday morning to see clients.          COTTAGE, AIRDS
 There are a few changes at the           Phone Peter on a Wednesday on 4627
 Reception desk too. I would like to      1188 or at Liverpool on other days on      I would like to take this opportunity to
 take this opportunity to welcome         9822 5876.                                 welcome Ohood who is working at the
 Les-lee who is working with me at
                                                                                     centre two days a week. Ohood has
 reception on Mondays. Les-lee is not     • TAFE Outreach English Classes            also commenced outreaching to Deans
 new to the MDSI. She has spent most      There is currently one class running: at   Cottage each Tuesday , assisting with
 of this year giving up two days a week   beginners level from 9.30am every          the English class and TAFE Outreach
 doing work experience with us.           Monday.       If you would like to know    sewing class.
 Welcome to the reception desk Les-       more about TAFE Outreach, phone
 lee! We also welcome Sesilia to the      Annie Lee TAFE (ph 46201 866) MDSI         HOUSING/      TENANCY
 Centre. Sesilia is doing work            are currently taking names for 2005        INFORMATION SESSIONS
 experience on a Wednesday at             TAFE Outreach English Class at the
 reception and on a Monday and            Centre.                                    Information sessions are currently
 Tuesday is based at the Centre,                                                     running in October on Housing and
 working on creating a Gambling           • Workplace English Language and           Tenancy issues.
 Services Directory for the Macarthur     Literacy Classes (WELL) – Asian
 area. If you visit the Centre on a       Women at Work: 30 week English class       At these information sessions, guest
 Friday, you will meet Annette who is     for Asian Women in partnership with        speakers from the following
 a volunteer from Camden                  Textile Clothing and Footwear Union.       Organisations have been present:
 Volunteering and is assisting me at      WELL Classes aim to assist women in
 reception, taking calls and updating     developing their confidence in using       • Office of Fair Trading, Centrelink,
 the Centre’s 160 page service            English in the work place and daily          South West Tenancy Advice Centre,
 directory which is a huge task. Thank    activities. Classes run on a Monday          Department Housing. Thank you to
 you Annette. Please say hello to the     morning at MDSI premises. For                all the guest speakers who have been
 new staff at reception when you call     information call Hanh on (02) 4627 1188      giving such informative
 in. I would like to take this            on a Monday or Tuesday.                      presentations to our clients at these
 opportunity to thank Nita, who has                                                    sessions.
 been a great support and assistance to   ENGLISH CLASSES RUNNING AT
 me, working part time at reception for   MDSI BY VOLUNTEERS                         • Next Housing/Tenancy information
 the past 12 months.                                                                   session will be for the Khmer
                                          • Sister Patricia’s English Class –          community on Friday 22nd October
 A second class of Share Our              Mondays from 10am – 12noon at the            at 9.45am at the Centre
 Language Tutor Training has just been    Centre..
 completed at the Centre for 2004.
 There were approximately nine in the     • Joe’s Share Our Language                 For further information. Please
 class. The group of trained              Conversation class - Wednesdays 10am       call us on (02) 4627 1188
 volunteers are now visiting NESB         – 12noon at the Centre for Intermediate
 clients in their homes to give free      level                                      Hope to see you at reception soon!
 tuition in basic English. Share Our
 Language is just one of the many         • Sister Mary will commence a very         Maureen
 wonderful Volunteer organisations        small Conversation English class (approx   Information Officer
 that our Centre works closely with in    4-5) from October at the Centre for
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                                                                MDSI NEWSLETTER                                             PAGE 7

                                                                        Workers at MDSI
   JOB TITLE                 FUNDING BODY                           WORKER                           ORGANISATION                      DAYS AT CENTRE

  Executive Officer    Dept Immigration & Multicultural &          Karin Vasquez           Macarthur Diversity Services Inc (MDSI)          Monday-Friday
                          Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)
 Business Manager      Dept Immigration & Multicultural &          Judith Taylor               Macarthur Diversity Services Inc             Monday-Friday
                          Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)              Justice of Peace                        (MDSI)
    Bookkeeper                                                    Josefina Garcia              Macarthur Diversity Services Inc             Monday-Friday
 Arabic Community Dept Community Services (DOCS)                   Safinaz Halabi              Macarthur Diversity Services Inc            Monday – Friday
   Support Worker                                                                                         (MDSI)
  Community Settle- Dept. Immigration & Multicultural &          Louay Moustapha             Lebanese Community Council of NSW           Wednesday & Fridays
    ment Services       indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)
  Community Settle- Dept Immigration $ Multicultural &                Vacant                   Macarthur Diversity Services Inc             Monday-Friday
ment Services—Semi      Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)                                                         MDSI
   Rural Outreach
  Community Settle- Dept Immigration & Multicultural &            Sana Al-Ahmar                Macarthur Diversity Services Inc            Monday- Friday
ment Services Worker    Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)                                                         (MDSI)
  Community Settle- Dept Immigration & Multicultural &            Damir Bosnoak              Australian-Bosnian & Herzegovinian      Every first & third Wednesday
ment Services worker    Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)                                                    Cultural Assoc Inc
  Community Settle- Dept Immigration & Multicultural &       Hongpasith Sengsouliyavong    Lao Australia Group Community Services          Monday – Friday
ment Services worker    Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)                                                   Assoc Inc (LAGSCI)
  Community Settle- Dept Immigration & Multicultural &              Hebah Saleh                Muslim Womens Assoc (MWA)                       Tuesday
ment Services Worker    Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)
  Community Settle- Dept Immigration & Multicultural &              Yuvida Peou                          Khmer Community                    Wed & Friday
ment Services Worker     Indigenous Affairs(DIMIA)
  Community Settle- Dept Immigration & Multicultural &             Josefina Bonto                St Vincent De Paul Society                    Mondays
ment Services Worker    Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)                                                   (Filipino Workeer)
CSS Generalist Case Dept Immigration & Multicultural &             Maria Iglesias              Macarthur Diversity Services Inc            Monday – Friday
        Worker          Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)                                                         (MDSI)
 Information Officer Dept Immigration & Multicultural &          Maureen Lonergan              Macarthur Diversity Services Inc             Monday-Friday
                        Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)                Justice of Peace                         (MDSI)
  Links to Learning   NSW Dept Education & Training               Makeleta Felila              Macarthur Diversity Services Inc            Monday – Friday
     CoOrdinator                   (DET)                                                                   (MDSI)
  Links to Learning    NSW Dept Education & Training                 Nita Singh                Macarthur Diversity Services Inc         Tuesdays=Wednesdays
       Assistant                   (DET)                                                                   (MDSI)
 Multicultural Aged    Dept Ageing & Disabilities and              Nasrin Eizadi               Macarthur Diversity Services Inc            Monday – Friday
      Day Care                  Home Care                                                                  (MDSI)
 Multicultural Aged    Dept Ageing & Disabilities and             Adriana LaSpina              Macarthur Diversity Services Inc            Monday – Friday
 Day Care Assistant             Home Care                                                                 (MDSI)
 Multicultural Com-   Department of Health and Ageing               Vicky Jelic                Macarthur Diversity Services Inc            Monday – Friday
  munity Aged Care                                                                                        (MDSI)
Packages Coordinator
 Multicultural Com-   Department of Health and Ageing              Joanna Lysien               Macarthur Diversity Services Inc            Monday – Friday
  munity aged Care                                                                                        (MDSI)
   Packages Admin
 Multicultural Com-   Department of Health and Ageing              Les-lee Costa               Macarthur Diversity Services Inc             Monday-Friday
  munity aged Care                                                                                        (MDSI)                             12noon-5pm
  Packages Clerical
    Multicultural      Dept Ageing & Disabilities and             Maggie Horvath               Macarthur Diversity Services Inc             Monday-Friday
Neighbour Aid Coor-             Home Care                                                                 (MDSI)
NESB Youth Support         Dept Urban Affairs and                    Tom Dent                  Macarthur Diversity Services Inc             Monday-Friday
        Officer                   Planning                                                                (MDSI)
 Reception assistant Dept Immigration & Multicultural &             Meg Villena                Macarthur Diversity Services inc          Tuesdays and Fridays
                        Indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)                                                        (MDSI)
Semi-Rural Research Dept Immigration & Multicultural &            Tessa Bayrante               Macarthur Diversity Services Inc            Monday - Friday
        Worker          indigenous Affairs (DIMIA)                                                        (MDSI)
 South Pacific Island Dept Community Services (DOCS)                 Nita Singh                Macarthur Diversity Services Inc       Monday, Thursday, Friday
 Community Support                                                                                        (MDSI)
Vietnamese Commu- Dept Community Services (DOCS)                     Hanh Tran                 Macarthur Diversity Services Inc          Monday-Wednesday
     nity Worker                                                                                          (MDSI)

                                                             Services Outreaching From MDSI
      SERVICE                          WORKER                                             ORGANISATION                                   DAYS AT CENTRE
        Legal                       Rostered Solicitors                               Macarthur Legal Centre                             Every 2nd Wednesday
  Welfare Assistance               Rostered Volunteers                                        Lifeline                                   Tue & Thur mornings

   Consumer advice                    Lyn Wotton                                      Office of Fair Trading                                  Bi-monthly
       Tax Help                Rosterd Tax help volunteers                           Australian Taxation Office                            TBA (July – Oct)
  Probono Migration                 Shekhar Bhutkar                                        Migration agrent                                     Fridays
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                                MDSI NEWSLETTER                           PAGE 8

Updates from Neighbour Aid Program
LITTLE            SUNSHINE             contact via the Playgroup.               Neighbour Aid Service provides a
                                                                                social support service/
                                       LIFE EXPERIENCES COUNTS                  companionship for frail aged
PLAYGROUPS                                                                      people, elderly/young people with
Parents and children from CALD         COURSE
                                       Concluded successfully on the 22nd       a disability and their carers from
communities, in the Macarthur                                                   culturally and linguistically
region have benefited from the         July 2004. The LEC Course is
                                       funded by the Local Community            diverse background within the
Little Sunshine Multicultural                                                   Campbelltown local government
Playgroups session in many ways.       Services Association. The LEC
                                       Course was facilitated by Gai Pastor     area.
The playgroups have been                                                        Community Links has bilingual
providing the opportunity for          and the target group was
                                       unemployed women from NESB               trained volunteers to deliver
facilities to interact through play,                                            services in the client’s home and at
reduce isolation, establish            background.
                                                                                different venues according to the
friendships, provide information       The aim of the LEC Course is to
                                       identify the skills and expertise that   client’s needs
and access mainstream services.
                                       participants have learnt from their
                                                                              Community Links accepts self-
The establishment of Little            life experiences, produce a portfolio
Sunshine Playgroups at three           which details their skills, formal referral & referrals from any
                                                                              service providers and availability
different locations provides the                                              of services depends on resources
opportunity to bring together                                                 and client eligibility
parents that share similar issues
regarding their children and their
• Currans Hill operates at
     Currans Hill Public School on
     Tuesdays from 9:30am-
     11:30am during school terms       education and work placement and
• Glenquarie operates at               progress to further education or
                                       work.                                    VOLUNTEERS
     Glenquarie Neighbourhod                                                    Macarthur Diversity Services
                                       The LEC Course is designed to help
     Centre on Wednesdays from
                                       to see the potential of what you         Volunteer’s register is open.
     10:00am-12 noon
                                       already know and have done and to        If you have a few hours to spare
                                       discover the skills gained from          assisting the MDSI’s programs
     at Campbelltown Pre-school
                                       previous training and every day          and their clients we would like
     kindergarten on Thursdays
                                       experiences.                             to hear from you. The
     from 10:00am-12noon
                                       The LEC Course is offered every          Multicultural Day Care
Parents have been directly
                                       year in partnership with other service
involved with their children                                                    Services and Community Links
                                       providers. The partnerships in 2004:
throughout the Playgroup                                                        provide a range of diverse
                                       Local Community Services
activities, craft, painting, indoor/                                            services where Volunteers are
                                       Association, Macarthur Diversity
outdoor activities, trips to local                                              always welcome.
                                       Services, Macarthur Community
parks, preparing morning tea,
                                       College, Campbelltown
helping with cleaning the premises
                                       Multicultural Health Services, &
after use, ensuring that hygiene,
                                       CSS sessional worker from St
OH&S standards are kept at all
                                       Vincent de Paul.
                                       MDSI would like to express their
Friendships have developed
                                       appreciation to the LCSA for their
through the Playgroup. Parents
                                       continuous funding/support to this
have visited each other at their
                                       Course in Macarthur. Also to Gai
homes, shared many experiences/
                                       Pastor, the LEC facilitator for her      For more information please
cooking recipes, have attended
                                       contribution.                            call Meg/Maggie on 46271188
their children’s birthday parties,
have gone shopping an to the
movies together, attended other        COMMUNITY LINKS
activities/events and kept weekly      Campbelltown Multicultural
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                              MDSI NEWSLETTER                         PAGE 9

Multicultural Community Aged Care
                                                             A CONSULTATION MEETING WITH
                                                          COMMUNITY FROM INDIAN BAckGROUND
                                                                 LIVING IN MACARTHUR AREA

                  Are you a frail aged
                  person, 65 years and over,                  JOIN US TO VOICE YO UR NEEDS AND ISSUES
                                                              JOIN US TO VOICE YOUR NEEDS AND ISSUES
                  of     culturally      and                         “To plan together the needs
                  linguistically diverse                                 of the Community”
                  background? Do you need
                                                          Date:            16th October
                  assistance in the home with
                  any of the following:                   Time:            2 pm—5 pm
  personal care (e.g. showering and
  bathing, dressing / undressing, toileting,              Where:           Ingleburn Community health
  general grooming), in-home respite, light                                Centre
  housework, laundry assistance, light meal
  preparation, transport to shopping,                     For further information and
  medical appointments, paying of bills                   REGISTRATION: Please call
  social outings etc.?
                                                            Shambhavi Kulkarni, Multicultural Health
                                                                  Consultant On 4629 2111
  If you need assistance with three or more
   of the above please contact , Joanna or
            Les-lee on 4627 1188.

 Zainab’s Reflection on “Smoke Free Zone” Project

                                        Youth from in the Afghani and Iraqi communities in Macarthur have
                                        come together to join in the 'Smoke Free Zone' project. The aim is to
                                        educate the community about the risks of passive smoking to other peo-
                                        ple especially young children. We hope to send this message out to the
                                        community via the local community radio program which is broadcasted
                                        on Monday nights 6-7 pm on 100.3 FM. This project is funded by the
                                        Environmental Tobacco Smoke and Children Taskforce.

 I believe this is a great way for the youth in both communities involved to
 get together and send out a positive message out to the community. Not
 only are we helping others but also helping each other by learning about
 how to promote health issues and about each others cultures. It’s a great
 experience to be part of the local community radio and to learn how to op-
 erate the controls and communicate with the community.

 I personally have enjoyed participating in this project very much and
 through this and God's help I hope to address some of the issues facing us
 in the community as a whole and learn to manage them better.

 Zainab Basharyar-Hassan                                                       Afghani Youth at 2MCR studio
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                                    MDSI NEWSLETTER                            PAGE 10

                                               INFORMATION ON ASSURANCE OF SUPPPORT.
What is an Assurance of Support?                                Assurance of Support periods are:

An Assurance of Support is a legal commitment to provide        10 Years for Contributory Parent visa holders or 2
adequate direct or indirect support to person/s applying to     years for all other visa types where an Assurance of
migrate to Australia, so they will not have to rely on pay-     Support is needed.
ments from Centrelink. It is also a legal commitment to re-
pay to the Australian government recoverable payments           CHANGES FROM 1 JULY 2004
made by Centrelink to migrants covered by an Assurance of
Support, while it is in force.                                  On 1 July 2004 Centrelink assumed responsibility for key
                                                                aspects of the Assurance of Support from the Department
There are two types of Assurance of Support:                    of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affair.
                                                                DIMIA will continue to determine:
REQUIRED:                                                       -which visas should include an Assurance of Support re-
For some visa, an AOS is mandatory. A required A0S ap-          quirement and in discretionary assurance of support cases,
plies to the following visas:                                   when an Assurance of Support is needed.
Skilled-Australian Sponsored; Skilled-Designated Area-          DIMIA will no longer undertake assessments of Assurance
Sponsored; Skilled-Australian-Sponsored Overseas Student;       of Support applications.
Skilled Australian-sponsored New Zealand Citizen; Parents;
Aged Parent; Contributory Parent; Contributory Aged Par-        CENTRELINK will assess an Australian resident’s capac-
ent; Aged Dependent Relative; Last Remaining Relative;          ity to provide an Assurance of Support and will advise as-
Carer.                                                          sures about the implications of the Assurance of Support
                                                                undertaking. Assurance of Support application forms are
For these visas an Assurance of Support must be provided        provided by Centrelink, not DIMIA.
before the visa can be granted, and the AOS requirement
cannot be waived. Usually a bond is required.                   DOCUMENTS THAT MUST BE PROVIDED
                                                                § Dimia letter to the visa applicant advising that an As-
DISCRETIONARY ASSURANCE OF SUPPORT:                                surance of Support is required
                                                                § Tax Notices of Assessment for the last two avialable
In most other visa sub-classes, a discretionary Assurance of       financial years.
support may be requested if an applicant is assessed as being   § Evidence of ongoing income (e.g payslips, letters from
at risk of becoming a charge on Australia’s welfare system.        accountant, letter from employer, etc.)
This request is based upon close consideration of the educa-    § Proof of identity (100 points)
tion, skills, employment history, English language capacity     § Proof of Australian Citizenship or Permanent Resi-
and age of the visa applicant and their sponsor. Usually a         dence.
deposit bond is not required.
                                                                For more information contact Centrelink on 132850 or
                                                                phone 131021 to make an appointment with your Centre-
Discretionary AOS include the Partner and                       link Customer Service Centre. For information in lan-
Child subclasses.                                               guages other than English, call 131202.

                                                                (Information compiled by Maria Iglesias, Generalist
                                                                Caseworker. Source: DIMIA Fact Sheet No.34 and and
                                                                Centrelink Facts).

                               Fisher’s Ghost Festival is Back
                       The Fisher’s Ghost festival is in its 48th year and is on
                                         From 4—14 November
 Activities for the whole family, Street parade and street fair, Art award,
                    Bears in the park picnic and music
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                   MDSI NEWSLETTER                   PAGE 11

                                                                             CSS Updates
   CSS Research project: This 12 month funded project will look at settlement issues
   within the Macarthur and Nepean regions. The research project will assist in service
   planning for the two regions. The project will involve the establishment of the project
   steering committee, including Mountains Community Network Service Inc and Nepean
   Migrant Access Inc as well as other interest stakeholders, who have been approached to
                                       participate in the committee. It is anticipated that
                                       over the coming months consultations with service
                                       providers and community groups will take place.

                                       The Smoke Free Zone project team are now
                                       broadcasting ‘on-air’ at 2MCR – every fortnight the
                                       youth involved produce the program in either Farsi
                                       or Arabic. It’s been great to see participants
                                       developing their confidence and working knowledge
                                       of radio broadcasting. Since the last newsletter the
   group have participated in panel operations at 2MCR studios and a public speaking
   workshop, presented by Helene Buckman, a distinguished Toastmaster. Thank you to our
   workshop facilitators, who have shared their knowledge and skills with the group.

   Tune into the youth program from 6-7pm on
   100.3FM every 2nd Monday. Below are the broadcast
            • Monday 4th October
            • Monday 18th October
            • Monday 1st November
            • Monday 15th November
   The youth will be broadcasting in their own community
   languages and presenting Afghani or Arabic music.

   The project will culminate with a picnic day on 17th November from 10am-2pm at
   Koshigaya Park. This is a FREE family picnic day. We invite those interested to attend to
   bring a plate to share. Included in this newsletter is an article from one of the
   participants of the program (page 9). The Smoke Free Zone project is funded by the
   Tobacco Smoke and Children Taskforce.

   Chinese Market Gardening project, Families First has contributed funds that will
   enable the Chinese project worker to continue until December, focusing on early
   childhood. Currently the project steering committee has made several funding
   applications for projects to address identified needs within the community.

   The Department of Education has various factsheets including: Child Protection,
   Bullying, Computer assessment, Drugs, in 40 languages about the education system if
   you are interested to access this please visit:
               If you have any questions about the above projects please
                             contact Tessa on 4627 1188.
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                                   MDSI NEWSLETTER                             PAGE 12

                       World music band “Djoliba” ready to set down their roots in Australia

                        Established in Hungary for 5 years, with close ties to the UN, they have been promoting
                        their messages of peace, tolerance and human rights through their upbeat music. Their
                        music is a fusion of traditional African and modern styles such as R&B, dancehall and
                        The name “Djoliba” comes from a vast river in Africa which travels across many coun-
                        tries. “The concept of our group, Djoliba, is that, like the river, our music must also trav-
                        els across and through many languages and cultures.” Front-man, Alama-Mady Keita, was
                        born in Guinea, West Africa, and uses the backdrop
                        of his modern-African music to proclaim his mes-
                        sage of peace, unity and tolerance.
                        Keita, now a permanent resident in Australia, was
 himself a refugee while in Hungary, and was a respected personality
 through his collaboration with the UNHCR to promote the integration of
 refugees through public awareness-raising programmes.
 Co-writer and singer in the band, Tiffany Sinton, is an Australian who was
 also living in Hungary where she was teaching music in an International
 school. She met Keita while studying African Djembe drumming and they
 started making music together a year later. Combining her talent for song writing, her passion for different cul-
 tures and her pursuit for equality and tolerance, she brings an Australian flavour to Djoliba's music.
 Djoliba has performed all over Hungary including every International Music Festival held there over the past 4
 years. They have produced 2 albums in Hungary, and are working on their third as they relocate in Australia and
 begin to reform their band.
 Keita is also currently establishing a group through Macarthur Diversity Services. He hopes to promote multi-
 cultural music, and the co-operation between the diverse groups represented in our community through festi-
 vals, concerts and cultural events.

 For more information contact:
 Mr. Alama-Mady Keita on: 0404 716 060

                                             The Indonesian Community of Campbelltown
                                                              Cultural performances of Indonesian traditional dance by
  The Indonesian Community in Campbelltown celebrated
                                                              children and adults from the community as well as tradi-
  the 59th Indonesian Independence on August 22, 2004 in
                                                              tional games and food.
  Woodbine, NSW.
                                                              The celebration was very important for the community
                                     This was the first big
                                                              especially to the younger generation who were made aware
                                     gathering by the com-
                                                              of their cultural backgrounds as well as how to combine
                                     munity since the or-
                                                              their cultural enrichment of being Australians and Indone-
                                     ganising committee
                                                              sians at the same time
                                     was formed in May
                                     2004. 30 families
                                                              Children from the Indonesian Community in Campbell-
                                     (nearly 60 people)
                                                              town in traditional Indonesian dress
                                     including children
                                     attended the occasion.
                                     It was also               For information
  attended by special guests from the Indonesian Consulate      please contact
  General in Sydney, Vice Council Ms. Siti Sofia Sudarma,       Ida Palaloi on
  Mr Jon Sumarjono, Chairman of the Indonesian Commu-             4620 6412
  nity of NSW, Ms. Sana Al-Ahmar and Ms. Maria Iglesias               Or
  from Macarthur Diversity Services Inc., the speech in          Utomo Hadi,
  Indonesian language was presented by James Mackay, a          Chairman on
  former student from Macarthur Anglican School who               4627 8782
  studied Indonesian at the school.
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                               MDSI NEWSLETTER                      PAGE 13

                                                                    Upcoming Wollondilly Events
  White Waratah Festival               Saturday 16 October                   December
        - Program                      Seventy's Retro Night
                                       Douglas Park Catholic                 All residents are invited to
  Week 1                               Community Hall                        participate in Wollondilly's
                                       Contact: 4632 7250                    annual Christmas
  Brush with the Bush                                                        Lights Competition. Categories
  Wirrimbirra     Sanctuary,           Sunday 17 October                     range from Best Children's
  Bargo                                Shire Day                             Work through to
  Contact: 4684 1112                   Fundraiser for Wollondilly's          Best Street.    Prizes will be
                                       Rural Fire Service                    given at a presentation
  Dingo Fest                           Bargo Sportsground                    evening.
  The Dingo Sanctuary, Bargo           Contact: 4677 1179
  Contact: 4684 1156                   Throughout the month                  Australia Day
  Euphoria!            A Festival of   Floral Exhibition Display             26 January 2005
  Happiness                            Art on Argyle Gallery & Cafe,
                                       Picton                                Free Entry, Free Parking, Free
  White Waratah Cup                    Contact: 4677 1034                    Entertainment & Family
  Wollondilly Harness         Racing                                         Activities
  Club, Bargo                          This program        has      been     Our celebrations are held every
  Contact: 4684 1384                   coordinated by:                       year at the beautiful Picton
  Week 2                               Wollondilly Shire Council             Gardens, Regreme Road,
                                                                             Picton. Come and join us for a
  Friday 15 - Sunday 17                This program is subject to            morning full of free
  October                              variation without notice.             family entertainment, starting
  'Artrageous' Art Show                Correct at the time of printing -     with a free bacon and egg
  Picton Public School P&C             August 2004                           breakfast at 8am
  Association Art Show                                                       and ending with free cake and
  Committee                            Christmas             Lights          sausage sizzle.
  Picton Public School Hall            Competition
  Contact: 4677 3818

     On Thursday 19th August 2004 at the Macarthur Migrant Interagency meeting, Mr David Weir,
 the CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) Coordinator for the Fire Brigade came to speak
 about fire safety.

     Some important points to remember that he mentioned are:
                    * The emergency number is 000,if you need help just call
                    * If you don't have a smoke alarm please install one
                    * Check your smoke alarm battery every week
                    * Change your smoke alarm battery every month
                    * Have a home escape plan an practice it at least once every month
                    * To treat a burn, place the burn under cold water for 20 minutes, on and off
                    Finally if you would like a free fire safety presentation. Contact your local fire bri-
                    gade for more details.

     By Kerestina Abdelmalak
     Work placement Student
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                                          MDSI NEWSLETTER                           PAGE 14

            Mdsi Community Noticeboard
                                                                Effective Community Policing Strategy
                                                      the high amount of violent            Since then C.A.P.S has become
                                                      crimes, which were occurring,         an important community strategy
                     Macquarie                        and the age ethnicity of              for Macquarie Fields LAC.
                     Fields Local                     offenders.
                     A r e a                          After a few months of                 It has constantly evolved to deal
                     Command                          operations, C.A.P.S                   with changing circumstances,
                     Community                                                              and, as more diverse
                     and      Police                  contributed to   a    one    third    communities moved to the area,
                     Support group                    reduction in                          C.A.P.S has encouraged more
                     are looking for                                                        members from non-English
                     m o r e                          juvenile crime and violence           speaking backgrounds
community members to assist in                        within the
fighting crime through the LAC’s                      Minto area.                           to become volunteers and thereby
effective community policing                                                                reflect the community being
strategy.                                             C.A.P.S members continued to          served by
                                                      assist Police, becoming involved
The Community And Police Support                      in various community events and       police in Macquarie Fields LAC.
(C.A.P.S) group started in 1997 as a                  investigations which led to the       To become a C.A.P.S member,
collaborative working relationship                    arrest of offenders for a             you must undergo a thorough
between Macquarie Fields LAC and                      multitude of offences, including      criminal check.
community elders in reducing                          robberies, sexual assaults,
juvenile crime and violence within                    kidnappings and missing               If successful, you will be
the area. The Area Commander at                       persons.                              required to assist Police in night
that time was very concerned about
                                                                                            patrol operations and advise

       Free                                                                                Family Picnic day
    TAFE Course

  Campbelltown TAFE                  Outreach is running a
                                                                                    Celebrate the end of
                 Focus on Skills Course                                             Ramadan and the Smoke
                       For Adults
                                                                                    Free Zone – Afghan and
 The course includes:
                                                                           Iraqi Youth project
         • Education and Employment Options
         • Resume & Portfolio Development
         • Job Seeking Skills                                              Where:     Koshigaya Park, Campbell-
                             And More!
                                                                           town,      Cnr. Camden Road & Hurley
                Will run on Mondays (8 weeks)                              When:      Wednesday 17th November
               Starts Monday 11/10/04 10am-2pm
                      Till Monday 29/11/04
                                                                           Time:      10am-2pm

               Camden Area Neighbourhood Hall                               Please bring a rug to sit on and a plate
                  Narellan Community Hall
                     Queen St, Narellan                                              and a drink to share

                       For more details contact                              For more information please contact:
 Debbie 4627 1283 OR               Hillie 4620 1867
                                                                                 Tessa or Sana on 4627 1188
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                                MDSI NEWSLETTER                       PAGE 15

             Mdsi Community Noticeboard
                                       COME AND JOIN THE FUN
 No Interest Loan Scheme
  For essential Household Items        Multicultural groups come together to       FREE Children's Fun
                                       give opportunity to say “thank you” to
                                      Australia for opening the country to vari-          Day
 The aim of the scheme is to              ous peoples of the globe                             At
 provide low-income consum-                                                         Onslow Park, Camden
 ers, usually those with a Health                                                            from
 Care Card or Pension Conces-                                                      10am-1pm. Saturday 16th
                                                      Thank You
 sion card, with flexible and af-                                                          October.
 fordable credit– a no interest                                                      Face painting, Rides.
 loan—so that the basic house-                                                     Contact: Debbie on 4647
 hold items can be purchased.          Fashion Parade                                 1283 or Melissa on
                                                                    Free                  46455026.

 For more infor-
 mation or to                                Saturday 30th October
 make appoint-
 ment, please                              Campbelltown Stadium, Next to
 contact Jose-                               Leumeah Station
 phine, Yvonne                                At 10-00am
 or Janet, Tues-
 on 46 282 928                        Kids rides


                                                          Department of Housing Update

   New internal painting allowance                         •    Allowance for tools (e.g. roller, brush, drop
                                                               sheets) for painting of multiple rooms or
                                                               complete internal: $33
   Some time ago, the Council drew the
   Department’s attention to the need to update
                                                           Expenses incurred to painting that took place
   its painting reimbursement policy.
                                                           prior to July 1st will be reimbursed at the old
   As a result, a new schedule of reimbursements
                                                           rate. Please remember that reimbursement is
   will come into effect from July 1st:
                                                           contingent upon tenants clearing their intention
                                                           to paint with the Department prior to commenc-
   • Paint room or paint kitchen/dining room:
                                                           ing work and painting must meet the Depart-
                                                           ment’s specifications.
   • Combined dining/living room
       (Large room over 20m sq): $160
                                                           The department will not reim-
   • Kitchen: $75
                                                           burse tenants who cannot pro-
   • Separate toilet recess: $40
                                                           vide receipts as proof of pur-
   • Part painting (ceiling, frieze—the wall sec-
       tion above the picture rail): $50
   • Paint bathroom, laundry, or bath/laundry:
VOLUME 7 , ISSUE 2 0                                                MDSI NEWSLETTER                           PAGE 16

                                                                            REFUGEE WEEK 2004
                                   REFUGEE DAY celebration
                                       21st October 2004
                                 MACARTHUR DIVERSITY SERVICES INC
                                    Come and join us on this day
                                to celebrate the achievements and
                                 contributions made by Refugees

       For more information please call Sana, Maggie, Maria on 46271188

 Refugees are legally defined as people who are outside their countries because of well founded fear of
 persecution based on their race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular
 social group and who can not or do not want to return home.
 Imagine life without all the things you hold dear: your furniture, your books, your clothes. Imagine
 your kids have had to abandon all their toys, even their special doll or blanket. In fact, your family has
 nothing but an old blanket, your oldest clothes, a cooking pot and a single chair.
 You have no food and have to wait in a queue each day for rice, flour, skimmed milk and tea. You go
 to bed hungry and dirty each night in a land where nobody speaks your language.
 Imagine that at least one member of your family is dead. Once you were a teacher, a farmer, a doctor,
 now you are a Refugee

                               The Macarthur Diversity Services Inc promotes the successful settlement
                               of migrants /refugees from culturally diverse background in the Macarthur
                               region and provides continuous support to refugees in many ways, through
                               case management, case work, group work, community development.
                               Also offers specific courses for this target
                               group aiming to enhance their skills and de-
                               velop their
                               potential as well as assisting new and emerging
 communities with specific projects that affirm and strengthen families/
 communities cultural, racial, social and linguistic identities and enhance
 their ability to function in a pluralist society.

                                             Funding Information
                                BHP Billiton Corporate Community Programs
                           Applications no later than 1 March, 1 August or 1 November
 Priority Areas - will provide sustainable long-term social or environmental benefits to Australian or International
                                             community are preferred.
                                   E-mail: OR

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