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The Nuts and Bolts Behind

Howard Gunther
Barbara Haeffner
Joshua Smith

                   ACES Technology Solutions
Session Overview

    Uses of videoconferencing
    Collaboration
    Planning
    Hardware & Software
    Internet2
    Student Projects
    Questions
Who & What is ACES

    Regional Service Center in Central
        Serving 26 school districts
        Professional Development
    Videoconferencing Programs
        80+ Teachers
        1,200 Students
        Conference classroom-to-classroom
Interactive Videoconferencing Uses

    Classroom to Classroom
    Virtual Field Trips
    Homebound
    Online Collaboration
    Professional Development
    Administrative
Classroom to Classroom
Virtual Field Trips

               Videoconference Program Database

               Virtual Field Trips (Utah Edu Network)

               New York Times Site
Parent Comments
“I don't know if you can understand what this
   has done for us. The first time I saw him
   raise his hand to answer a question I was so
   happy. All of a sudden he was doing
   something "normal" again. Participating in
   his classroom, talking with other students,
   interacting. This disease and its treatment
   takes so much away from the families who
   deal with it. To have some of those things
   returned, even though it is in a unique way,
   really makes a difference. It made it
   possible for Nicholas to be an active student
   in his classroom…”
Teacher Comments
“my students can both see and hear him, he
  is like any other student in class to them.
  The students look forward to having him
  on the computer and ask to be his partner
  when the opportunity arises. With a bit of
  extra planning, I was able to get the
  materials to him before the lessons. When
  we do a science experiment or project he
  is able to do the same thing at home with
  the same materials. He can participate in
  our discussions and have a very similar
  learning experience right at home.”
Online Collaboration
Professional Development
 Classroom Collaboration
    Planning Task
 Collaborate with Experts
 Virtual Field Trips
 Real-time access to resources
   Museums

   Library of Congress

  Teachers  work collaboratively to develop
   student tasks which enhance their
   classroom curriculum and foster
  Tasks address many of the foundation
   skills and competencies outlined in The
   Connecticut Frameworks and The
   Connecticut Common Core of Learning
  All tasks are posted on
Plan for Success

   Start small
   Create a VC to expand the curriculum
   Contact partner school, university,
    hospital, or organization
   Choose conference format
   Consider day and time
Plan for Success

   Secure room
   Adapt school schedule
   Prepare students
   Test connection
   Prepare a backup plan
Possible Presentations
 Discussion,  literature circles, play, music
 Interactive presentation, PowerPoint,
   whiteboard, web sites
 Visuals
    Charts
    Document camera for a demonstration
    Using visuals
 Props help to get the point across
Things that Work
   Change camera position often
   Mute microphone when not
   Connect external speakers or sound
   Use visuals
   Dark text on light background or
    light text on dark background
Before You Conference
Room Preparation
  1. Orient students to technology
  2. Plan room layout - seating, camera,
     projector, and screen
  3. Preview camera
  4. Set camera to show whole room
  5. Set up speaker or sound system
  6. Check audio, video, lighting
  7. Name tags for students
  8. ****Test with other sites****
During Conference
Teacher as facilitator
 Keep students on track

 Remind students to speak loudly and
 Have open-ended questions on index cards
 Be good listeners
 Students move to microphone to speak
 Set camera to show whole room
After Conference


                               Did we meet
 What worked                                   When will we
               What needs     our conference
   well?                                       Conference
               improving?       objectives?
Videoconferencing Zone

  Videoconferencing is becoming more
  common for both educators and
  people in business. Learn about
  some common videoconferencing
  pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  Recommended for anyone asked to
  be in a videoconference.
Hardware and Software

  PC  Desktop or Laptop
  Camera
  Microphone
  Speakers
  LCD Projector
  Click to Meet
    Java   Plug-in
CEN Connecticut Education Network
  Statewide   K-12 and higher education
   network built exclusively using state-
   of-the-art fiber optic connections.
  Connects all K-12, State Universities
   and Libraries.
  Provides internet connections and
   filtering to all districts.
Student Projects

   Read Across America
   Poetry Slam & Open “Mic”
   Bridging the Gap
   Holocaust
   Virtual Literature Circles
   Music - Playing in Carnegie Hall
   Math -
TWICE Sponsors "NEA's Read Across America"
          Event March 1-3, 2006

                                             Hamden, CT
                     Discussing and sharing of
Poetry              poetry by Langston Hughes

  Maureen O’Brien
    Author in
Open “Mic”

Bridging the Gap
                    The stairs are open steel lattice so they will
                    get an excellent view of the harbor and
                    water below them. From the control room
                    they will walk up internal and external
                    stairs about another 100' to the control

    Tomlinson Lift Bridge and Q-Bridge in New Haven, CT

                                          Flash Cards
       Holocaust Memorial & Educational
           Center of Nassau County          Videos
Virtual Literature Circles
A virtual literature circle, or “e-circle”,
consists of a group of students who read the
same book and get together to discuss the
book, respond to each other, and work on a
project that shows an understanding and
appreciation of the book. It is just like
meeting with other students in class, except,
instead of meeting face-to-face, discussion
happens thru videoconferencing.
Virtual Literature Circles
                                            The Year of the Boar
                                            and Jackie Robinson
                                            by Betty Bao Lord

Gathering Blue
by Lois Lowry

                 Florence Griswold Museum
The Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson
     by Bette Bao Lord

  Students replica of the       Students replica of the internal traits
  external traits of the main   of the main character.
Music – Playing in Carnegie Hall
Virtual Field Trips Questions to Ask

   Connection Type IP or ISDN
   Cost
   Grade, curriculum standards
   Format
   Date, time, length of program
   Other collaborative groups
   Exchange phones numbers
   Test Ahead of Time
 ACES Videoconferencing
 NYIT Educational Enterprise Zone
 Videoconferencing In Orange County
 Desktop Videoconferencing: Novelty or Legitimate
  Teaching Tool?
 Videoconferencing Deserves a Second Look!
 Videoconferencing for K–12 Classrooms
 General Videoconference Information &
 Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration

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