How to Raise Funds Selling Barking Cat Jewelry

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					                   How to Raise Funds Selling Barking Cat Jewelry
Earn 50% for your group ($24.50 per pendant sold)
Sell at your facility
Your group can purchase Barking Cat Jewelry at wholesale cost (50% off retail). There are no minimum
orders, and you can always exchange pendants if you have one that doesn’t sell.

Earn 40% for your group ($19.60 per pendant sold)
Sell at an event
Barking Cat Jewelry will send you a display board with five sample sterling silver pendants and order
forms. Have your customers fill out the order forms and credit card payment information. Barking Cat
Jewelry will process the payments and ship the pendants out to your customers. If customers want to
pay by cash or check, please submit one check to Barking Cat Jewelry for the entire amount of those
**Barking Cat Jewelry will require a deposit of $50 for each sample set of five pendants sent out. This
can be a credit card #, which will only be processed in the event the samples are not returned.

Sell on your website or Facebook page
You will take orders and payment from customers. Submit orders and payment to Barking Cat Jewelry.
Your group retains 40% of the retail price for each pendant sold. Barking Cat Jewelry will ship the
pendants to your customers.

Earn 20% for your group ($9.80 per pendant)
You may also refer customers to order directly from the Barking Cat Jewelry website. When they place
orders on, instruct them to enter your group’s name in the “Special
Instructions for buyer section”. Barking Cat Jewelry will mail a check to your organization for your share
of the sale.

No extra charge for custom work!!
Create a custom pendant for your group. Work with Barking Cat Jewelry to develop a pendant with your
group’s custom slogan or name. Barking Cat Jewelry will sell this pendant on their website and mail you
a check 20% of each item purchased. Your group can also take orders to earn at the 40% rate, or
purchase for sale at your facility for the 50% rate.

To get started, contact Ann Finley at, or 404-634-1014


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