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Brother Bear and Sister Bear decided to
  make a kite for a contest, but Father
Bear tells them he is the best kite maker
  around and helps them create a giant
red kite. They decide to test the kite by
 having Mother Bear pull it with the car,
except Father Bear forgets to let go and
    is flying with the kite. As they are
  driving and trying to get Father Bear
down, they drive through a hang-gliding
     contest, which Father Bear wins.
                --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Why did Brother Bear and Sister Bear want to make a kite?
(Answer)    To enter a contest.
(Follow Up)   Have you ever made your own kite? Did it fly?

(2)   Guess how fast Mother Bear had to drive to keep Father
      Bear from crashing?
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Do you think Father Bear was scared?

(3) Estimate how big you think Father Bear made his kite.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   Do you think it is possible to make a kite big enough to
              carry a person?

(4)   Suppose you were one of the bears in the car. What would
      you do to get Father Bear down safely.
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    What would you do if you were Father Bear?

(5) Define the word “trophy”.
(Answer)    A prize awarded in a contest or competition.
(Follow Up)    Have you ever won a trophy?

(6)   Tell me what me materials the bears used to make their
(Answer)     Sticks, paper, glue, scissors and a ball of string.
(Follow Up)     What are some other materials you could use instead?

(7) Why couldn’t they get Father Bear’s kite to fly at first?
(Answer)    They couldn’t run fast enough to get the kite up in the
(Follow Up)   How did they get the kite to fly?

(8)   Why didn’t the bears stop the car when they realized Father
      Bear was in trouble?
(Answer)    If they stopped, Father Bear would have crashed.
(Follow Up)     Why did they go faster instead?

(9)   How did they get Father Bear down?
(Answer)    They slowed down gradually and reeled the string in
(Follow Up)    How did Father Bear land when he came down?

(10) What contest did Father Bear win?
(Answer)    The Best Stunt Flyer in the hang-glider contest.
(Follow Up)   What did Father Bear win?

1.   Draw a picture of what your kite would look like and write a
     short story about what would happen if you entered your
     kite in a contest. (Just a short paragraph.) Be creative.

2.   Draw a picture of a kite and write 2-3 sentences about the
     materials you would use and how you would put your kite

3.   Write a story about a time when you were in a contest.
     Make sure you include what kind of contest it was, who was
     in it, and what happened. Also draw a picture of a trophy
     or a blue ribbon for the winner of the contest.

4.   Write a paragraph about how you would have helped Father
     Bear down.


1.   Bring in a kite to show to the children. Ask them if they
     have ever flown a kite. Tell them, “Today we are going to
     read a book about flying a kite called, The Berenstain Bears
     Go Fly a Kite.”

2.   Bring in materials to make a small kite. Ask the children if
     they have ever created their own kite. Tell them, “Today
     we are going to read a story about a brother and sister who
     create a kite for a contest. The book is called “The
     Berenstain Bears Go Fly a Kite.”

3.   Ask the children if they have ever been in a contest before.
     If so, what kind of contest and who won. Tell them, “Today
     we are going to read about some bears who want to join a
     kite contest. Let’s read and find out what happens.”

Book Title: The Berenstain Bears Go Fly a Kite
Author: Stan and Jan Berenstain             Illustrator: N/A
ISBN: 0-394-85921-9                         # of Text Pages: 15                                AR: 3.1      LEX: N/A
                                Building Oral Vocabulary
 1           contest          17             crisis          21                                    disappointed
                                  Prediction Questions
 1  Do you think the bears will win the contest?
11 Do you think Papa will get the kite to fly?
15 How do you think Papa will get down?

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