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									BA (Hons) Fine Art Chelsea 10010A3122W100 (44 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?

They have good staff now, they have made changes
on that front, and I'm pleased with some of the         Lack of up to date equipment, and I think some of the
people that they are employing now.                     technicians could be better trained.

                                                        Not many or various lectures than the other college
The each of an individual tutorial is good advice and   or University. It would much better if there are lots of
helps us to get through our difficulties during the     opportunities to learn other topic rather than only      More trusting and care because of thesis and more
course.                                                 about art subject.                                       tutorials.
                                                     The course is completely unstructured. Behind a very
                                                     week slogan of trying to make the students
                                                     independent the course lacks teaching hours. It
                                                     should be illegal to portray a course of this kind as
                                                     fulltime and even change full international fees to
                                                     overseas! Teaching hours should be 3 hours. Seminar
                                                     per week (it only lasts 1 and a half usually). Once per
                                                     year en elective which lasts 4 weeks 1 hour and a half
                                                     per week. And once per year a Theory option which
                                                     lasts 8 weeks 1 hour and a half per week. This hardly
                                                     makes enough hours to be a thought course.                Support my practice and thinking instead of being
                                                     Equipment accessibility is very bad. Tutorials are very   only worried about the University getting higher
                                                     few. The tutor's normally only care about students        marks in National surveys. They want to portray
Due to the extremely self-thought nature of this     whose practices are similar to theirs. They don't show    themselves as the best Art University in England, but
course, you are forced to either do nothing or       much interest in other practices and neglect              they do not take the time and effort to improve
develop your own research and skill tools.           completely the work of these people.                      student and teaching conditions.

First year advents were good.                        Not much help to help with funding. It's pretty bad.

                                                     Communication is not always using accessible needs
The teaching is very good.                           and is a bit slow could be faster.

                                                     Everything being communicated electronically, not
The emphasis on self-directed learning, cross-year   enough space, too much space allocated to                 Made the thesis element more succinct, more
studios.                                             administration.                                           lectures.
My seminar tutors have been absolutely fantastic. My
studio is brilliant! The library is fantastic. The       The course is very self-driven, which is not great for
opportunities from just doing this course are            the first two years, and in the final year you're half
fantastic. The course has really helped shape that I     given a kick to do more. But when one of your peers
am, my politics and my interests, I will graduate with   does no work, is kicked off the course twice and still
a completely different mind, one that helps me look      manages to get back on, it's a little disheartening and
at the world around me with an informed curiosity.       taints the degree somewhat.                             Given us more urgency but really I think nothing else.

The staff are always on hand if you have any
problems and they are quick to get back to emails.

                                                                                                                I am part of a student led Optin scheme which uses
                                                                                                                space in a different way. I would like to see this
I have had a very positive experience.                                                                          scheme expand.

Not having specialisms and having a complete mix of
different students in studios and some crits. Being
able to always contact a tutor if I need any help. The In the first year, there wasn't enough support from      Tell us more details of the year timetable at the
great amount of visiting artists who we can talk to    tutors for both our work in the studio and getting       beginning of the year. Overall, so far, has been a good
regularly.                                             together with our year group as a whole.                 experience.
My studios have been very adequate in the three
years and have made it possible for me to produce
what I have wanted. I have had a good opportunity to
study abroad for a term, and was an easy process.
The lectures have been interesting to a point, and the
opportunity for the option seminars have been great,
and pretty in depth within the subjects that have        The audiovisual depart is appalling. The space and
been interesting. The workshop and library service       equipment is very minimal and the service is poor.
have been outstanding, and really helped me develop      This needs to improve as a lot of students are moving
my work and writing ability. Tutorials have been         towards this discipline or need this equipment for
mostly on time and useful when I have needed them,       other practices. Communication has sometimes been
and as frequent as they are supposed to be, and          poor where tutors not turned up to tutorial. It seems Better audiovisual and computer equipment. And
artists have been very high standard.                    a bit unorganised on that front.                      studios open later!

                                                         The administration and communication has improved
I think the course structure is quite flexible.          but is still pretty poor.

                                                         Not enough contact time with tutors. Out of date
                                                         lecturers, boring subject matter. Lacking in books in
                                                         the library. School fails you at the first stages at year
                                                         one induction; there should be a buddy system in
                                                         place as it is a very isolating school. Should have more
                                                         full-time staff instead of part-time.
                                                      The organisation of the university is terrible the
                                                      resources aren't good enough there needs to be
                                                      more room for the students in terms of studio space
                                                      and the workshop, more equipment more tutorials,
                                                      long access to the library, also be audio, the AL should
                                                      have longer tutorials, different contact with different
                                                      tutor there's too many people at the uni, people can
                                                      become neglected, and there needs to be more
The tutors have been very interesting and supportive. structure and general contact time.

The course is usually able to adapt to the students'   The tutors have a hidden agenda, they do not even
choices, however, anything tutors are in familiar with realise themselves. Art is a purely subjective course &
they cannot handle it very well.                       the marking criteria does not suit this.

Other equipment outstanding. Teachers thought
provoking & interesting.                               Lack of video & editing equipment & projectors etc.
                                                       In a negative way to look in this college is tutors have
                                                       lack of regard to student. They leave so many things
                                                       for student to do there own self. It feels insufficient
                                                       of responsibility to teaching student. Why student
                                                       choose to study in university is to learn something
                                                       from good tutor not only from self-study. Of course
                                                       we have 30-minute one to one tutorial probably two
                                                       times in each term. But it feels not enough to learn
                                                       some academic things. Tutors attitude is almost for
In a positive way to look this art college is good for advise something not for teach something. Probably
decide for oneself to do own study and encourage to it is difficult to teach something in art education but
develop self sense of responsibility on student's      I'm sure student expect from tutor to give student
study.                                                 guidance of experienced tutors' teaching.

                                                        Would have benefited from the opportunity to learn
                                                        further craft skills e.g. introduction to screen
Confidence building, freedom.                           printing/photography etc.                                 More support on thesis.

The technicians and tutors are very helpful and highly Maybe that the organisation of tutorials have not
qualified the techs and tutors are very helpful and    been running smoothly and at times it has been
highly qualified.                                      difficult to see professors.

The variety of opportunities offered to us. The       Difficulties in clear and concise communication
friendly and easygoing relationship between staff and between staff and pupils. Confusing at times also
pupils.                                               college cafeteria food poor and rude service.
Library resources are great. The teaching and support
I have received has informed my development within
both my practice and theory. I'd recommend this
course to anyone interested in an independent
approach to art practice and theory. The workshops Project spaces have decreased over the course of the
have been really helpful and they're well equipped. degree. AV equipment is not particularly expansive. More productive and rounded seminar discussions.

Staff are always available to help.                     There's a lack of technical equipment.

It's generally a good course, good teaching staff, good
facilities such as studios.                             Sometimes the organisation hasn't been the best.

There's a lot of enthusiasm on the course, the staff
and the pupils.

                                                                                                                  Possibly help us out a bit more with raising £12,000
                                                                                                                  for our degree show.

                                                        This form does not apply to my course. The questions
                                                        are not relevant to my experience.

The resources are really good and the people that are
in charge of the student services are really efficient A lot of the tutors aren't in very much; also the set up
and helpful.                                           of the course isn't run very efficiently.
                                                      One to one tutorials are few and far between.
                                                      Impossible to get one when it's needed. Tutors have
                                                      little or no idea of what the students are doing or
                                                      when they might need help. Tutors should be present
                                                      in the studios informally more often. Admin staff are
                                                      never any help. If you want to free up some money
                                                      they should be the people to be let go. Tutors need to
                                                      understand dyslexia better. Disability staff do not
                                                      know enough about art theory to be able to help with
                                                      the theory aspect of the course. Tutors need to
                                                      understand the issues better in order to be better
                                                      able to help the students. Library needs a spell check
                                                      on its book search. Course needs to be modified to
The course allows you to develop your own personal suit the number of dyslexic students enrolled on it,
way of working. Students are able to work together e.g. optional thesis or extended essay, optional
to work things out. Communication with the students theory introduction classes instead of first essay in
has improved. One to one tutorials are useful. Course first year. Basic theory needs to be explained in first Allow final year students sign up for one to one
in general is very good.                              year.                                                   tutorials as and when they are needed.

                                                        The worst thing is the organisation of things like
I think just the general teaching is of a really high   student services like housing, there seems to be a
quality, the staff are enthusiastic.                    bureaucracy problem.

                                                                                                              They could ensure that if a student missed a tutorial,
                                                    Due to a lack of traditional structure and                for good reasons, that they were able to have a
The course really encourages you to be independent, organisation, some students, at one point or another      makeup tutorial you even if it was brief. When you
learn, be critical, and grow both academically and  feel lost and confused as to how things can be            are only given less than a handful of thesis tutorials
personally.                                         accomplished successfully, and in a timely manner.        missing one can make or break you.
                                                       I feel that assessment feedbacks are not enough to
                                                       let a student know about where they stand in an
                                                       overall view for the course as sometimes its not
                                                       reliable for everyone to produce more or stronger
The idea of allowing students to experiment and try work in three months before their main assessments.
out things and practices that we are not familiar with If anything we need at least two assessment        Let me know where and what I am failing in earlier
has helped to broaden the options I could try or use. feedbacks every year!                               than I did!

From the first year I have been impressed with the
quality of visiting lecturers, who give good feedback,
giving a wider perspective on the context of the work.   Occasionally, there have been communication
Seminars have been good to develop a confidence          problems. Investment into Audiovisual Department
how I speak about my work and understanding              needs to be increased. Small amount of computers.
aspects of my work. When having trouble with my          Loaning system seems to be ineffective; a lot is lost
work I have been given help and support.                 and broken.                                              Better audiovisual.

                                                         Poor facilities, very few studio space and furniture,
Great capacity to develop individual style and work.     students have to fight for their space and stuffs. No
Helpful resources like books and workshops nice          wireless Internet and heating over the whole building.
staff.                                                   Poor hygiene.

The tutors have been great and provoked great
discussion within my field. I have learnt a lot and
changed in my perception of the world to encompass
broader topics. The course has been thoroughly
educating.                                          The tutors are not always dependable.
It's a self-developing course.                       The lack of teaching.

                                                        At the start of the course there was no significant set
                                                        up to help the year group get to know each other and
Some of my tutors have been extremely inspiring,        settle in. As a result most of us agree that we did not
supportive and interesting. I enjoy the student lead get to know like minded students until the 2nd or
approach of the course, although at times there was even 3rd year a shame as it is a vitally important part
too little staff leadership. Many of the workshop staff of our learning and development. In my second year I
have been extremely helpful and encouraging. I have had a tutor who I did not enjoy, and found my weekly
liked the heavy emphasis on theory in the course.       tutorials with her not useful, dull and at times
Many of the theory lectures have been great some        uncomfortable (many of the students in the group
have been bad, but on the whole they've been very felt the same), but there was little that could be done Additional contact hours would have helped as the
good.                                                   in this scenario.                                       intensity of the course stepped up.

Great staff and course.                              Disorganisation.
                                                   The basic condition of studying is bad. Too many
                                                   students, uni is always very crowded. The number of
                                                   the toilet is not available for all, some toilet are
                                                   always broken, really dirty, lack of toilet paper
                                                   always! The structure of the building is also makes me
                                                   feel very difficult to stay there physically. The small
                                                   room which I had my seminar session every once a
                                                   week did not have any window and I was with around
                                                   25 students there had to have a discussion for 2h and
                                                   half. The idea of seminar group is acceptable but the
                                                   physical condition was the worst, made me feel sick.
                                                   The studio space last year also did not have any
                                                   window which could open and it was freezing during
                                                   winter because heating did not work well. Tutors try
                                                   to explain how we could have studio in ZONE 1 in
                                                   London is worth as artist and ideally it is truth I could
Good location in London and good meeting place.    understand. However physically studio space seemed
Working interesting tutors in the course and the   inadequate for art students to work. The course is still
facility of a workshop is nice, there are good     experimental and especially not ready for admitting The final year is just too different to last 2 years what
technicians.                                       international students.                                   we were required by the course.

                                                                                                          Be more supportive in the thesis writing process, as
                                                                                                          for many people this is the hardest piece of writing
Really high level of teaching.                     Too little space.                                      they have ever done.
                                                           Lack of equipment. Staff unable to help because of so
The library is really good. Technical workshops are        many students. Some staff even are rude to the
very good, they just need more assistance. Option          students. No workshops that teach essential subjects
courses are good, it would be nice to make them            (example, software like Photoshop etc.).
longer. Electives are good. Its a nice idea to try         Communication between staff and students could be
something different, but it would be nice to get more      better. Blackboard idea is great, but needs
feedback after you complete one.                           improvements.                                         More thesis tutorials! More tutorials in general.

Tutors are brilliant. Help always there when needed.       Perhaps more stimulated opportunities for                I only really experienced a crit situation so severely
Excellent lectures. There is a lot of time for myself as   exhibitions away from Chelsea. However it seems          after the interim show 2010; I perhaps feel that if
a practicing artist to contemplate, think, work, and       very much the nature of fine art that you must do this   past crits were so in depth prior years, perhaps would
produce.                                                   yourself.                                                have benefited more.

The commitment knowledge and engagement of the The particular specialised advice and support I need
teaching staff have been very impressive.      for my practice (the technical support) has seen poor.

We were allowed to develop our own artistic practise
with freedom.                                        Lack of support from tutors.
                                                       The tuition fee of the international students is too
                                                       high and the gap makes me feel too much
                                                       discriminatory idea. Some of my friends who chose
                                                       different country I mean not UK to study art because
                                                       of the gap of the treatments between international
                                                       students and native students. In future, this will
                                                       become a big issue because UK's college can't correct
                                                       talented students from different countries so the
We can study with many students who are from           quality of the students falls down. Especially for
different countries and they have different            international students the reputation of the school is
backgrounds. It is the core for keeping my school's    very important information for fining schools from
quality as internationally one of the famous school.   outside of UK.

BA (Hons) Fine Art Chelsea 10010A3732W100 (9 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?
                                                        Where do I begin I am so disappointed with my
                                                        'Chelsea experience', for me it is such a waste of my
                                                        precious degree years. The tutors are disengaged,
                                                        mostly they care little for what work is being
                                                        produced they care more for imposing their own
                                                        poorly articulated views. One quote comes to mind
                                                        an older tutor was talking to a group of students and
                                                        there was a debate. She held up her hand and said.
                                                        There is no point in arguing with my point" in other
                                                        words 'there is no room for debate as I am right'. And
                                                        I think that sums up the general view of these people.
                                                        Chelsea lacks any collegiate spirit. The lectures were
                                                        in general weak and not helpful. There is an overall
The library at Chelsea is excellent. The staff are      feeling at Chelsea that somehow everyone on staff is
helpful. I also found the workshops useful and helpful too busy to talk of you they do not have the time to
although you are not actually 'taught' any skills other discuss ideas and work. The studio spaces are
than the basics necessary for health and safety         cramped. I would not recommend this college to
regulations.                                            anyone.

                                                       I think there's too much bureaucratic, the
                                                       assessments criteria are to prescriptive, Art College is
                                                       meant to be a creative place and creative is straggled
                                                       at birth by a morbid fashion nation with counterpart
It's a self-directed course.                           artist and issues.
                                                       I had higher expectations of the course. Too much is
                                                       self and student led, (directed so by the staff) did not
Enjoyed meeting other students and it is through       like the fact that staff were not allowed to tell us
their input that I have learned some. Loved the        what worked and what did not. Too many mixed
library. Technicians very committed. (Especially at    unconcerned responses, which lead to total confusion
wood, ceramics, video and photo).                      coming up to my degree show.                             Help one to re-define one's direction.

                                                      The college operates on a research base, the premise
                                                      on which fine art is taught is research based art and
                                                      this was an experiment done in the 80s but wasn't
                                                      proved effective but has been adopted as the only
                                                      method to teach art and I find it very destructive, also
                                                      because this new approach completely cancels the
                                                      value of any technique, no technique at all is taught
                                                      at university and that is wrong. The teaching of art
                                                      needs to be reassessed; the approach to teaching art
                                                      from the ministry of education must be reassessed. I
                                                      think that England leads the art world and I think that
                                                      this is not right, the method at the moment, so if it's
My college has great space, I think the teachers have assessed again then it might change the earth as art is
good will, the library is good.                       very powerful. It leads the way.

The quality of the staff, they're very much interested
in the topic and in the course itself, there is a passion
about the course. The library services are excellent. The organisation of the course has been quite bad.
Some staff have been amazing, the relationships I       The University as a whole does not adequately
have made with other students have been very            consider the needs of part-time students, particularly Equipment and technical help could be available also
positive.                                               those with children.                                   to part time students.

                                                        The course in no longer available, and leaves the
All the professionalism is set up to go into the real   section of society unavailable and the students have
world, and I feel very equipped.                        to work full time.

                                                        Course changed from evening to daytime. Very
                                                        disruptive. Lost touch with peer ground as all spread
                                                        out. Rootless & room less in college course structure
                                                        not as started. No tutors that had continuity with my
I saw lots of different tutors excellent workshops.     work & diff setting feedback re-progress.

                                                        It's a shame that the part-time evening course is
                                                        stopping as others in my situation won't have the
I have loved my time at Chelsea. The staff are very     opportunities I have had. Also the year meetings are
supportive and encouraging and it is an exciting        always during the day to accommodate the full-time
creative environment to be in.                          students.

BA (Hons) Textile Design Chelsea 10016A3122W231 (30 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?

The facilities are to a high standard, the studio space It's not particularly organised, we are not taught
is amazing, and the library is excellent.               enough techniques.

Access to the woodwork shop and ceramics.               Only having one tutor.
Ability to experiment and a range of facilities to make
use of.                                                 Not enough tutorials or workshops.                        Nothing everything is going well.

Dedicated staff, excellent teaching, good facilities and
the course look for ways to improve them. The course
makes changes so it is flexible in situations when it is Week Internet access in D block. Could the Matisse       I feel we get extra attention and priority over facilities
important.                                               signal be widened.                                       so which is exactly what we need.

                                                            Personally I find there is an aspect to which some    Shown us the facilities available to us in first year
I find the facilities fantastic. With specific reference to members don't believe in what is achievable and       rather than 3rd. Allow us in our final project to truly
the help I have gained from technicians within areas almost tame ambition. Which I see as a major down            do what we want and not constrain us to our
of woodwork and print.                                      fall on a creative course.                            specialisms.

Many competitions with companies.                       Not enough contact with tutors.                           More tutor contact.

                                                        Poor communication of briefs and announcements. A
The facilities available are very good and of very high lot of waffle, not concise and to the point, at the       Having not yet graduated, I cannot say fully, but my
quality. When the support was needed it was there beginning of the year, a lot of waiting around, and             main criticism would lie with poor communication of
for me, staff generally are very approachable and       workshops etc, poorly organised. Staff not fully aware    how the final year works and how valuable
friendly and more than willing to give you their time. of the facilities available, and forget to encourage the   information about the course and how work is
Beautiful studios too.                                  use of those to specific ideas.                           marked.

                                                                                                                  I feel that the dissertation distracted me from my
                                                                                                                  studio work and having an extended deadline for the
                                                                                                                  dissertation has meant that I ran behind with studio
                                                        The promptness of the staff so they don't often turn
Were giving a lot of freedom to change our direction up on time and also the specialist facilities were
or move in a different direction move into a particular introduced to us in our final year and they should
direct.                                                 been introduced in our second year.

                                                       Since attending I have been heavily depressed. I
                                                       absolutely hate the course and have been and am
                                                       currently close to leaving. I am absolutely disgusted
                                                       with everything about it, and feel terrible for wasting
                                                       the funding that I have received from student loans
                                                       for the course. The tutors are rude, obnoxious and
                                                       negative. They have their favourites without doubt
                                                       and seem to find it difficult to give constructive         Everything. Changed the tutors for one. Technically I
                                                       criticism. Before starting at the college, I studied art   am very behind. I have a disability, which has been
                                                       and design for 3 years and absolutely loved it. I was      tested by the University, and this has been forgotten
                                                       so happy. Although starting the degree at Chelsea has      by them. They haven't done anything to ensure I
                                                       stripped away any sort of passion I may have had. I        receive more help/better support. I only have
                                                       deeply wish I had gone to another institution. What        negative things to say about it. The whole experience
I have to honestly say, none whatsoever.               poor.                                                      has been a waste of time.

                                                       There is not enough technical teaching at all its all
                                                       concept lead, the library could stay open longer as
The specialist tutors are really good and the          well as the printing facilities, made us pay for to many
technicians are good and projects are good.            materials.

                                                                                                                  More tutor time and a variety of tutors for different
Studio space and equipment.                            Not enough time with tutor.                                opinions.
                                                                                                                  This is difficult to answer as I have only completed a
                                                                                                                  term of it.

Specialist tutors always willing to help you with your   Would have like to see specialist tutors more
work even outside of college.                            frequently.                                              More time with specialist tutors.

                                                         The strict timetable at the beginning of the year in
                                                         the dye room and print studio really hinders any
The atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming, I feel      student wishing to just mix up dyes to use in our own
able to relax and be myself. Other students are          studios. The no access policy is a bit too harsh for
inspiring rather than competitive and we are             third years. We know what we are doing but are not Allow third year access to the studios on Wednesday
encouraged to help and support each other.               allowed to use the facilities.                        afternoons. We need that time.

                                                         Tutors aren't as available for tutorial as I feel they
The facilities on the course are excellent.              should be, especially in 3rd year.

The facilities are really good.                          The course can be a bit disorganised.

Creative and designing is always encouraged,             More relevant lectures could be included, more tutor
fantastic facilities and technical support.              time or availability, more practice for dissertation. More tutor time and forward preparations.

                                                         Some of the things they said they were going to do
                                                         like specialised workshops that were timetabled in,
The environment and people.                              they cancelled without any good reason for us.

Support in the building of personal identity in my       Lack of organisation and of technical workshops too      Spent more time in technical workshops before the
subject.                                                 much time between projects.                              final years to increase skill set for final year.
Really broad given lots of different opportunities.    Organisation isn't brilliant.

I'm in BA Textile Design at Chelsea. The course is very Facilities are good, but I cannot use some of them on
freely, so I can go ahead at my own pace. And an        Wednesday afternoon. College is for students, but it
atmosphere of the course and college are very good. doesn't work for them.

                                                       Would be nice to see other tutors as well as our
                                                       specialist tutors to allow us to receive a broader
Tutor accessibility is good wide range of specialist   professional opinion on our work longer college open
equipments, contacts and yarns friendly.               hours.                                               Given an additional tutorial for the thesis.

                                                                                                                Nothing that I can think of right now.

                                                                                                                Allowed access to the workshops during holidays to
                                                      Less tutorials not enough industry/market                 decrease the workload before final degree show.
                                                      information no technical support after 5 no extra         More information regarding industries or work
Lectures from the guest lecturers. Helpful tutors and teaching/activities like pattern cutting etc. not very    option. A lecture by Graduates sharing their
technicians. Good facilities.                         organised extra cost on top of fees.                      experiences related degree show.

                                                                                                                By allowing access to the workshops over Easter. A
                                                                                                                4week holiday is too long with so much work to do!

Good having access to all UAL libraries and events.
                                                                                                                I am only half way through my final year, but so far it
                                                                                                                is going well. I think the explanation of how units 3 A
Excellent weave tutor.                                    Scary weave technician.                               and B work has been slightly confusing.

I thought it was great that we had to hand in 6000
words for our 1st draft of the thesis as that gave us a
big head start on our final draft other uni's ask only    It would be good to have slightly more one on one
for 3000. I'm glad that the thesis is out of the way      and group tutorial time, and to have had our
early and we can now focus 100% on our final              workshop inductions rearranged in our 1st year,
project.                                                  rather than 3 rd year.                                More tutor time.

                                                                                                                A better eye could be kept on the deadlines etc, so
                                                          Timekeeping seems to be of little importance to staff that when projects that run alongside each other
                                                          at the UAL, which means students seem of little       have important meetings/deadlines etc they do not
                                                          importance.                                           clash.

BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design Chelsea 10018A3122W250 (25 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?
                                                        The structure of the course when comes to
                                                        development its not really good, lack of teaching
                                                        students technical skills, it was a bit of abstract on the
                                                        course on the second year I had issues with tutor ???
                                                        he was sleeping in our tutorials and while students
                                                        were having presentations he was racist he was
                                                        discriminating students, I had to redo the project
                                                        again without proper constructive criticism whys not
The course is interesting, the course gives different   good, worst year at Chelsea was the second year,
ideas and views of how to use space, artistic           they don't teach us technical skills, they need to
approach to the topics, that's very good, I had few     teach us how to use drawings and computers because
teachers that really tried get the students help to     the whole year we were trying to fight for extra
resolve issues, were talking and relating to issues,    tutorials for drawing, every student was upset we
that was the first and third year. History and theory   haven't received enough tutorials, teachers expect
tutors are great ??? was helpful.                       from you (high expectations) but don't teach.

                                                                                                                     Arrange the beginning of the year timetable wisely so
                                                        Lack of organization and stability in the timetable          no time is wasted on irrelevant tasks. Dive in straight
Staff are very passionate about their subjects.         students and tutor contact time is very limited.             into the main projects.

                                                 It's disorganised and the feedback that you get about
They help you to improve upon your communication your work is very unclear you are more or less to
skills and your self-confidence as well.         yourself.

Connections into the business itself.                   The way the uni is run it's so bad, and the funding.
                                                        Disorganised, and course directors are not
Good calibre of tutors.                                 approachable as they could be.

                                                        The perspective that things were looked at, feedback
The general feeling of the course is really good. The   was very negative. It was very confused and neither
fact that we could contact staff if needed under        here not there. I didn't really understand where I was
emergencies.                                            on the course.

                                                                                                                 More teaching hours!

                                                        I wasn't happy with the support of tutors.

                                                        Lack of over seas trips.

                                                        For Interior and Spatial Design, ??? the course
                                                        director may be too ideal and doesn't consider the
                                                        situation of the reality.

We have good tutors who come from the
professional world; we have been thought to             Would be possible to open the school and the other
independent with our projects.                          facilities later than it is now.

                                                        Second year was the worst. Teacher did not give any
                                                        positive feedback, constantly negative. Not
                                                        understanding. Falls asleep during student's
                                                        presentations. Doesn't help when asked for help.
First year was experimental and understanding, and      Doesn't teach anything. Third year was then
helpful teachers. Third year teachers are also          combined with second year without asking students
understanding and give more feedback and ideas.         what they would prefer.
                                                          We couldn't use workshop facilities that much
                                                          because of the capacity they would only allow a
                                                          certain amount of students so there wasn't much
                                                          priority given to the 3rd years that were graduating.
                                                          They hire more staff for the workshops.

The quality of course content and the calibre of tutors   Organisation at times over the 3 years has been a
is extremely high, and many tutors are highly             little off the mark however changes etc. were
regarded in the own right, professionally. This gives     promptly given out. Tutors, course director (???) and
students first hand knowledge of what it is like in       higher members of staff such as the dean (???) and      Nothing in my mind, they have over the 3 years given
contemporary practice. Some of the tutors had a           head of college (???) are incredibly approachable and   students all the necessary tools to achieve what they
direct involvement in some of the Brit Insurance          allow students to follow their own specific design      require, many students I feel need to be more
Designs of the Year 2010, which can only be a good        path but this is well balanced with support and         proactive and actually use them. It's all there for the
thing for students.                                       guidance.                                               taking.

                                                                                                                  Discover new and engaging ways to excite students
                                                                                                                  about the course. More information about the future,
Better understanding about the process of design.                                                                 what route could a designer goes next, work etc.
Structuring my presentations has improved. New                                                                    Introduce a work placement year to allow students to
ideas on how to present have been established             Lack of tutorial contact time non-scheduled lectures    become more informed about interior/spatial design
through special seminars put on by tutor.                 Marking Criteria Hard to understand.                    and this sector of design.
                                                           Complete lack of incompetence when it comes to
                                                           directing students with timetables or any changes to
                                                           the course, when I applied for the course I was
                                                           promised specialised equipment and over three years
Some of the project that have been set have been           I haven't used it is due to technicians are not in or
engaging and constructed well.                             palmed off and told we can't use it.

Chelsea College of Art & Design. General academic
services such as student's service, career service,        Course is extremely unorganised. It's too broad
library staff are really good. Quite happy with IT         (interior and spatial design) to be focused on
facilities, however I think it would be better to update   something specific. It's always 'jumping' between
old (2004, 2003) software. Course is very self-            Fine Arts & Architecture. Timetable always changes.
directed, so you can always improve.                       No line between 1st, 2nd, 3rd year projects.

                                                           On my last year of this course the second and third
                                                           years have been put together (in the same class/same
                                                           tutors/same amount at tutorials/same projects -
Gives the opportunity to express ones interests and        although course director will argue otherwise)! I feel
passion in the course.                                     like I am in second year and not third! It's wrong.

The structure of the course, they changed and it is
working better now.                                        Equipment and the space for the courses is lacking.

                                                           I think the people have to choose their own platform
                                                           in their final academic career because people
It gives me different experiment of workshop and           shouldn't be forced to allocate the platform they
drawings.                                                  didn't like.
In general, they are trying to improve the course        There has not been any official announcement about
constantly.                                              the changes made on the course in advance.

The course is very broad so it's more creative.          Its not well organised.

                                                         Very bad management, no budget for projects. Too
                                                         fine Arty not enough architecture. Course does not
Exiting projects.                                        give any practical skills.

                                                         Think the course is very disorganised and we are
                                                         wasting a lot of our time. The money we pay for our
                                                         course we don't get many facilities, we have to carry
                                                         our stuff there and back. I wasn't interviewed by the
                                                         person doing the course. I finished my first year as
                                                         one of the best students and I never had any
                                                         problems with communicating to people and was
                                                         always confident, although since I started here I lost it
                                                         all, along with some of my skills. I am not as
I like the structure of the course. The third year has   motivated as before. The behaviour of some staff can
been the same thing. They teach us the right thing       easily bring students down. They need to make things
but they give us the wrong stuff.                        work by saying things in a formal, not rude way.

                                                         Facilities are not well organised enough. I never really
My skill of researching has been much improved           felt happy about complaining every time when I used
which I'm the most satisfied.                            them. (e.g. workshop facilities, computer rooms).
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Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                     What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                               Make sure that the course runs smoothly. And apply a
                                                                                                               timetable that suits everyone including the teachers
                                                                                                               as this have not worked at all. Any changes made
                                                                                                               should be communicated to the students and teacher
The course was very much better than my                                                                        as it seems like changes are being made and no one
expectation.                                           The process has been very disorganised.                 yet knows which timetable we are following.

                                                       I am sad to say that overall my course and uni were a
                                                       disappointment, with general chaos throughout. The
There were certain members of staff who went above teaching rooms were frequently inadequate, and
and beyond their duties to help the students. Without access to them was ridiculous with the lifts regularly
their efforts, it would have been near impossible for being out of order. My final year was horrendous. We
many of us to complete the course. Library services regularly turned up to find lectures had been
were acceptable; in particular being able to access    cancelled or other courses had been given priority of
the other VAL libraries, as I found them often had the rooms and timetables. Some of the best staff were
books needed for my course.                            fired ??.

The lecturers are really helpful and understanding
and give out good advice on work.
                                                        Poor organisation - particularly upon entering year 3.
Had several key tutors who were passionate about        No integration between students on different
our learning experience & eager to help.                courses, in some lectures. Very few guest lecturers.

                                                        Not having information clearly communicated from
                                                        the teachers, there have been lots of changes, which
The library resources, having lots of free time.        has coursed students stress over last year.

                                                        The structure of the course, during the third year we
                                                        didn't have the teachers we were supposed to have
                                                        for the right units as they were being fired. Everything
                                                        in general was really messy as everything was
                                                        changing and the course doesn't exist anymore as this
                                                        is the last year.

                                                        ICC is totally disorganised & changes to the uni have
                                                        been shocking & incredibly badly communicated. I am
                                                        slightly disappointed with experience there.

                                                        When there are changes in the timetable, room
The tutors are real understanding.                      changes, should be in advance not last minute.

                                                        After school redundancy, the lecture has been very
My course is quite focus on the 'retail' industry. It   irrelevant. For example, one lecture is teaching two
makes me confident in the retail business.              different subjects.
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Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

                                                       Not enough tutors and the student tutor ratio is not
                                                       particularly good. Also not enough computers in           More tutorial time & more actual teaching, rather
                                                       library, particularly Macs & scanner.                     than 10% teaching & 90% self learning.

Great teaching by the staff and friendly people to     Not a lot of communication by the teachers to one         Helped with the first and second year a few different
approach when needed to ask about a problem.           another.                                                  techniques.

                                                       Aspects of the course that were/are taught to us in
                                                       the final year could have been introduced in the first,   The only issue was with the dissertation and specific
                                                       even second year. Not enough time is spent focussing      tutors. The choice of tutor made the entire
                                                       on relevant information for us this close to              dissertation process a nightmare. Complaints were
                                                       graduation. Portfolio advice, interview skills etc. a     made, tutors in question were 'dealt' with but no real
Tutors are good, fun and are enthusiastic about the    minute fraction of time was spent with timetabled         effort was made to ensure this was a productive and
course.                                                CAD classes.                                              constructive process.

                                                                                                                 More teaching.
                                                       You do not get told about CAD/Vectorworks etc.
                                                       courses in advance so that you sign up to them, by
                                                       the time you have been informed about them, there         Most things we had no learned in the 1st and 2nd
                                                       are no spaces. You have to chase after the tutors         year we were expected to know by/for 3rd year and
                                                       most of the time for said enrolments they do not          most of us felt out of our depth with the standard of
                                                       come to you. Doing my dissertation has put me off         work that was expected from us. The dissertation
I have learned many interesting aspects within the     writing again as my tutor was very unhelpful in most      writing has not been the most pleasant of
topic that I never though I would be able to grasp     of the sessions and although a few of us complained       experiences and I wish that when, I and a few, others
before the beginning of this course. Although I am     to necessary tutors, nothing has been done about it       voiced our concerns about the dissertation adviser
still not major confident, I'm happy with the things   and the dissertation adviser is still getting away with   that the situation would have been dealt with so that
that I have learned and my achievements to date.       her behaviour.                                            it was not still ongoing till the last minute.

                                                       On the other hand, I wish we had the individual
                                                       spaces we need to do our work, to allow more
                                                       flexible time to spend working at university rather
                                                       than at home so we are constantly within that
                                                       creative environment. Being a design student, and
                                                       studying in Central London, lack of space is definitely
                                                       a big issue that needs to be addressed.
                                                       Communication needs to improve so we all know
                                                       what we are doing in advance rather than the day          Have more space and opportunities to stay within the
                                                       before as this is generally how we get information.       college to work so we have access to all the facilities
                                                       However, the communication between the tutors is          rather than have to make do with basic ones at home.
My tutors are a great help to me when I need them.     good, and they all know what each other is doing/the      The tutors have definitely tried to promote more
They have a vast knowledge and experience that is      direction. Shame we all don't really get access to the    creativity into our work however, the stiff and small
invaluable, and they can give me first hand advice.    information!                                              space restricts us from doing this.
                                                            Tutors haven't been the most helpful at times,
                                                            feedback after the product haven't been the most
Definitely good facilities in the library, but a bit pricey explanatory, and often neglected to explain what
but good enough, study support groups have been             were the mistakes. Tutors on the course in general
helpful. Course pushed me to follow the course and haven't been attentive. Tutors haven't been the most
make my own decisions.                                      helpful.

                                                                                                                 It is stressful, but uni cannot change the procedures.

                                                                                                                 Final year is better organized.

                                                                                                                 Stuff in shop is quite expensive; maybe it is a good
Tutors are very enthusiastic, friendly and helped me a The only one thing confusing me: 1 day in per week.       reason to provide some for free at the beginning of
lot.                                                   For me it is not enough.                                  the year, just some basic ones.

                                                       I think that my course is not organised and I have not
                                                       received the skills that I need.

                                                       Marking criteria were vague in the past and I did not     More contact times with the dissertation supervisors.
Tutors have a very good attitude towards students      understand what was expected of me. I don't feel I        The meetings are way too few and are not enough.
and make the effort to make everyone feel at ease.     have the relevant skills for working professionally.      Need more time with design tutors to get feedback.

Well-organised course including tutorials and          Some feedback on work was unclear, including tutors
class/group discussions. Vast & helpful library & IT   terminology used. Some classrooms a bit small in
facilities on campus.                                  relation to size of class.
                                                      Now that's it's my 3rd year, I still do not have enough
                                                      knowledge about Vectorworks. I thought that this
                                                      course would give more tutorials on Vectorworks or
                                                      any other CAD related software. This can be
                                                      misleading to future students. Despite the design
                                                      aspect of the course, it would also be beneficial to
Lectures and workshops are helpful and help me to     students that need help with Vectorworks to gain
understand things.                                    more skills.

Good working environment with the students            Too much time left to work on your own, too many
teachers.                                             one month breaks!                                         Not as much time off. Better facilities!

                                                      There's not enough workshops for the computer
The teaching in my final year.                        courses we need to know.

                                                        Room sizes are too small. Not enough taught hours.
                                                        Really and probably could do with more teaching and
                                                        tutors there's a lot of students per tutor. The
                                                        specialised courses that were run by the university
                                                        were removed and those were essential to our course
Some of the tutors are very enthusiastic, the majority. and learning.

                                                      We weren't given proper space to be in and also the
                                                      course doesn't go into depth on some issues. Doesn't
                                                      give sufficient background on some issues.

                                                      The course itself is badly structured and we don't
The course itself is very good and the work we have   have enough teachers to the amount of students
to do.                                                there are.
                                                     Computed Aided Design courses should be available
                                                     for students to learn, AutoCAD is essential to learn for
                                                     job placements, vector works is not accepted in 80%
                                                     of interior and architecture jobs in the UK. Bolt on
Wide range of projects has broadened design-         courses should be available for students to pick up
thinking skills, trips abroad have made the course   new skills. Drawing courses should be available for
more interesting and stimulating.                    free.

                                                                                                                More time with students.

                                                     1 and 2 year not organised, not creative, not              More classes. One day on the final year is not
Only 3 year was interesting and stimulating.         interesting.                                               enough.

                                                     The class is too big, therefore less time for individual   By having a lot more class time, one day a week is not
                                                     tutorials. Only coming in one day a week is not            enough. £50 is given from all students each year but
                                                     enough. I am in third year student so should get a lot     we don't know where this money goes. More industry
                                                     more class, teaching time. Dissertation tutors are very    skills need to be taught, with computer, and
                                                     unprofessional and not good at guiding the right way.      presentational skill included.

                                                     The organization of the course in my opinion is poor,      Everything was in rush. I do not like that we have to
                                                     and also to have only one day a week is not enough         submit dissertation so early (February). Especially in
                                                     having in mind that I pay a lot of money for the           final year is not enough half of hour fortnightly to
                                                     course. The idea to work on your own not always is         discuss all the questions again related with
I love the atmosphere between tutors and students.   effective.                                                 dissertation.

                                                                                                                Organised excursions and trips to aid learning in a
                                                                                                                different aspect.
Motivation of some of the tutors.                      Definitely not enough contact time.

I am happy with my course and I will be taking it      I wanted to learn more aspects of vector works and     Allocated more combined studio work with vector
further, by doing a MA in the same field.              3D max. On this course.                                work-studies.

The tutors are quite helpful and give very good advice In terms of administration it has to be more
to students; the personal tutorials are very helpful.  organised.

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Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                    What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                               improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                             Where do we start more lecturers staff my original
                                                       The dean has made lots of people redundant even       dissertation supervisor was made redundant and then
                                                       though we paid our full fees we have been left with a my second supervisor, we have been shipped around.
                                                       handful of lecturers and many classes and lectures    One module we have had 2 out of 14 classes and only
                                                       cancelled yet our assignments have been graded        now have been crammed into another class for this
                                                       harshly with little consideration that we are in our  subject. A part refund would have been nice
                                                       final year and have not had the teaching standards    considering the teaching standards are disgraceful
Friends, the contacts made through the university.     you would expect at university.                       now.

                                                       It is clear that the university of arts have lack of
                                                       information on the course unit. Some lectures were
                                                       stop in middle of year.
                                                     Our last year lots of people (lecturers especially) have
                                                     been made redundant, classes cancelled, teachers
                                                     not replaced (1 module cancelled for 12 weeks
                                                     running) and issues not communicated at all!

                                                                                                           They could have not made most of the lecturers
                                                                                                           redundant and not replaced them. They could have
                                                                                                           better communicated what was going on to the
                                                                                                           students. They could acknowledge that they have
                                                                                                           ruined the majority of final year students on my
                                                                                                           course final year, which will have an impact on our
                                                                                                           final grade. The whole thing is disgusting and I feel
                                                     Appalling communication between the head of the       like I have wasted an awful lot of money and would
                                                     uni/college and the students. Incredibly disorganised be in a better situation if I had just left school and
                                                     uni.                                                  gone straight into a job.

                                                     The management of the course could have been               They could have had much better management
The people I met were amazing.                       better.                                                    practises.

I like the people I have met over the last 3 years, and
the subject matter I have learnt.                       The communication has been very poor at times.

                                                                                                                More staff on the course.
                                                       Not being able to get the help and support I needed
                                                       for assignments that I did not understand. Lack of
                                                       communication between staff and students.
                                                       Disruption to teaching and the timetable. Always
                                                       being told to use the Blackboard site, at times this is     Been more supportive. Instead I felt as though some
                                                       an inconvenience. The teaching wasn't motivating or         staff were scaring us about the dissertation instead of
                                                       encouraging. It didn't make you want to go to               being encouraging and supportive. Motivated us
                                                       lectures. It felt like a chore and was very unsatisfying.   more. Communicate more efficiently and provide
                                                       Overall the course was not up to my expectations and        suitable staffing. Try and cut the disruption to our
                                                       was a huge let down. I feel as though I am still to         teaching. Be available when needed or at the very
                                                       know what my course is about and how I'm going to           least reply to emails when asking for help or
Meeting new people.                                    use it when I finally graduate.                             enquiring about assignments.

                                                       The last year (my final year) has been a total
                                                       shambles and has affected my studies greatly. The
                                                       staffing and timetables have been very unorganised
                                                       and with the redundancies in place it has made the
The teachers that we did have over the first two years entire year very stressful and unpleasant. I therefore
were excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed attending      would not recommend this university to others based Communicated with its students in a more effective
university.                                            on my final year.                                      way.

                                                                                                                   Had more organising of lectures and seminars. Made
                                                                                                                   people eel more comfortable they made the right
                                                       Difficult to mingle with people from other course.          choice in coming to UAL. Supported every student
Meeting a variety of different groups of people. Being Lack of a social feeling. Elephant and Castle not the       when they felt their university wasn't supporting
in London. Being part of something creative.           nicest of areas.                                            them.

The people on my course made it interesting.           The teaching IBN the last year was poor.                    Better teaching, more interest in students.
                                                      My three years have not been a positive experience
                                                      and do not feel confident bout getting a good grade.

                                                      The dean is very disorganised and non considerate of
                                                      any comments or suggestions about the dismissal of
                                                      staff during term times.

                                                      The situation regarding staff redundancies while we
                                                      still that studying that module with no replacements     Implement the staff changes gradually so as not to
Interesting course with some specialist tutors.       who taught the module.                                   affect the teaching.

                                                      Many of the 'good' teachers have left or have been
                                                      sacked. I feel like I am receiving no support for my
The beginning of the course was positive as I met new work, which is vital now more than ever for the final
people and some interesting teachers.                 year.

                                                      The university made unexpected cuts within our
                                                      teaching staff, which disrupted the entire course to a
                                                      very heavy extent. Communication between students        The head of university made various staff members
                                                      and head offices was poor, due to unorganised of the     redundant, which were our supervisors, teachers and
                                                      entire university. I have never encountered such lack    professors we have had the past 3 years. They fired
                                                      of organization within a UK establishment. The course    people with PhDs and amazing industry experience in
Due to the University of the Arts reputation, the     etc has a great title and promises are many, however     order to keep professors without titles and who were
course does have a lot of students from around the    the teaching is really not up to standards and course    generally lacking a great deal of experience within the
globe. I met great people.                            rooms and desks chairs etc are in very poor condition.   industry.
                                                                                                              Have to do this in bullet points otherwise I can be
                                                       This university is at shambles! Please advise          here all day! Not made our tutors redundant at such
                                                       prospective students. Not to consider this university an important stage in our studies. Not have cancelled
                                                       as an option for their further education! As they will lectures and seminars. Organised for other tutors to
                                                       only be wasting their time and money and leave with guide students and not just claim that they have
None! And that is serious statement just in case you   a disappointing grade which will. Not be a true        everything to help us. Offer full refund on fees!
are wondering.                                         reflection of their potential and true efforts.        Officially apologise for making our lives a miserable!

                                                                                                               Keep their top staff on board and not let the job loss
                                                                                                               effect students learning as it has done, keep students
                                                                                                               informed of what is going on and invest into IT
                                                       Teaching staff does not communicate with students technology (web based) more as it is lacking
                                                       on effectively which results in students not being able compared to other UK universities. Also to look at
                                                       to be confident in their work, many seminar sessions students as students not customers, everyone should
Was able to study with students from different         result in repeated content on a regular basis           be equal in terms of help no matter the
backgrounds.                                           especially in year 3!                                   circumstances.
                                                         Lack of support during the most important year of my
                                                         life, I have never felt this unhappy and stressed about
                                                         my education as I am unsure if I will receive the
                                                         grades I deserve at the end of the year due to the
                                                         complete lack of support and guidance this whole
                                                         year is a complete and utter mess! Which is
                                                         unbelievably disappointing as we were promised
                                                         none of the universities changes would affect us on          They should have told us from the start of term that
                                                         our last year, I had no idea it would be so bad! I am so     the disruptions they were planning to go ahead with
                                                         de motivated and so disheartened and getting                 would drastically affect each and every one of us.
                                                         through this year has been and will be the most              Furthermore support should have been given to aid
                                                         difficult thing I have to do. I was so excited to study at   these problems instead of none at all. They should
                                                         LCC but what a shame it has been to realise they have        have given students open sessions to come for
                                                         not lived up to their reputation at all!                     support on their work instead there was nothing.

                                                                                                                      More organised.

                                                         The course is basically a shambles and is being closed
                                                         down next year anyway; they haven't really given any
I like my dissertation supervisor he's really helpful.   help.

                                                         University made so many redundancies at crucial
                                                         time of being a third year student, no one to teach, to
                                                         help, advise. University was, and is a big mess!
Manage to have public speakers from industry! And        Disappointed, hired teachers that had no specialism
one trip organised by students to go to New York to      within our course. No advice to what I should do
meet agencies was great!                                 when I graduate! Not a university I will recommend.
                                                                                                                Made sure staff were able to complete the year. Not
                                                         Teaching not up to standard, cancelled lesson,         cancelling lessons and even whole modules.
                                                         changes to timetable, expected to complete work        Expecting us to do assignments without having the
Varied range of aspects covered by the course.           without the required teachings.                        lessons.


                                                     The majority of the course has been very poorly run
                                                     with redundancies not communicated fairly and
                                                     subjects not taught fully. The course could be             Not sack a huge percentage of the staff, replace
                                                     improved by helping students make useful contacts in       leaving staff quickly with quality. Introduce some
Certain individuals teaching on the course have been the industry or by teaching industry specific roles in     industry work. Stick to deadlines. Organise the
fantastic, great to learn from and exactly what I    conjunction with real departments as carried out in        course; any unpreventable changes should be well
hoped for before joining the University.             similar courses at better universities.                    provisioned for and communicated early.

Good communication with tutor.                           Bad organization.

                                                         The university is really unorganised, in just the last
                                                         year it feels like the staff just don't care, lecturers
                                                         haven't turned up to delivery lectures, the teachers
                                                         that we did have at the beginning of the year were
                                                         excellent they were specialists in the area that we are
                                                         studying and they got made redundant, students
The teachers that are helpful are always around to       have lost motivation, we don't get support and it       Keep our teachers on, to have the right, qualified
help and give advice, I enjoy the course it's creative   frankly feels like we are not getting our money's       teachers around to teach is and take lectures and
and very interesting.                                    worth!                                                  seminars.
                                                                                                                  For the first 2 weeks of the year, almost every class
                                                        Some modules are really unorganised. I have a             was cancelled and the supervisors for dissertation
                                                        module that has had 10 cancelled seminar classes          were not disclosed, meaning that we missed out
                                                        because we don't have a teacher. Some of the tutors       some crucial supervision time. Global media
                                                        totally ignore the scheme of work and continuously        communications is a module that has had almost 10
                                                        teach and preach about their interest, regardless of      cancelled seminars and 7 cancelled lectures, this is a
Some of the lecturers lessons are interesting, as they the fact that it has nothing to do with our course.        disgrace for a university where we have had no
are passionate about their field of speciality. This is They are also unhappy when this is brought to their       guidance for assignments or learning. This was not
very motivational when it comes to complete             attention by us. Overall the course lacks structure and   even taken into consideration when grading our
assignments and usually effects the willingness of the organization, which has a negative effect on our           work. Over all I will never recommend this course to
teachers help on the assignment.                        performance.                                              anyone I know.

                                                                                                                  Making the opposite of what they have done.

                                                                                                                  More support and stop firing teachers.

Everything is negative about LCC.                      Everything is negative about LCC.

Some good teachers.                                    General course/school organisational skills.               Organised itself.

Good resources and some good teaching.                 Majority of tutors being fired or resigning.
                                                       Rooms far too small for size of course projectors too
                                                       dark and out of focus communication failures
                                                       between head management and students left to feel         Be more transparent be less time consuming in
                                                       ambiguous about their future toilets in horrendous        regards for students to find out what is happening
Good guest lecturers some interesting topics           condition no access to technical equipment (i.e. video    with their course get more key industry people into
encouragement to group work actuality and recent       cameras) false advertising of course units, as lectures   the university to have talks on how and where to get
topics.                                                and seminars were unable to be provided.                  a job have more qualified staff.

                                                                                                                 Kept teachers they sacked, communicate with
                                                       The whole way the course has been run, numerous           students effectively and made sure we got value for
??? is the best tutor in LCC.                          disruptions and terrible communication.                   money.

BA (Hons) International Travel and Tourism
Communication LCC Media 10025P9122N800 (7
comments found)
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BA (Hons) Performance Design and Practice CSM Art 10043M3122W400 (26 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?
                                                           It could have been more organised, I am basically just
                                                           talking about my 3rd year but previously it was fine,
                                                           but as a 3rd year is the most important year its the
The course is very broad so that was definitely good       worst time for it to be disorganised, technical
for me personally because I didn't actually know my        teaching hours we didn't have many of them, before I
direction, everything was basically ok, and it served      started the course I would have thought that I would
its purpose.                                               have learned more technically and I haven't.

Because of the limited support from staff, I have                                                                      There are a lot of sessions run by ECCA for example,
developed a lot more independence to the point that                                                                    who give advice on professional presentation, making
I already get paid work in my field through seeking                                                                    contacts, CVs etc. they often clash with the course's
skills out side of the course. The selection and variety                                                               schedule though so I can't make the most out of
of students on the course and the university is also       There are a lot of facilities, which are offered, but you   them. I think it's important to really learn the
brilliant. We learn a lot from each other and are likely   are barely made aware of them: it's up to you to find       different ways of putting yourself out there and
to work together once the course has finished. Our         out for yourself where to find these facilities and who     showing off your work and how to go about it, so that
studio stays open until 9.30 p.m. and it's an exciting     will help you to use them. You really cannot be shy to      by the time we graduate we aren't left not knowing
space to work in.                                          ask on this course.                                         how to do these things.

                                                                                                                       More tutorials and support from staff.
                                                      Our year on Performance Design and Practice has
                                                      been treated like a experimental year, the course
                                                      changed as we entered in 2007, and now we hear, it
                                                      is changing again, Certain projects just fall apart
                                                      because of lack of organisation and communication
                                                      with other departments. There is hardly any teaching
                                                      on the course! Everything is so vague, lesson
                                                      descriptions, feedback, teaching. In some cases,
                                                      lesson titles are misleading; lessons are moved
                                                      without warning, times and rooms changed without
                                                      warning. The course should be called Performance
                                                      Art, as this is what is accepted. Musical and
                                                      commercial theatre are pulled apart and degraded.
                                                      Anything the students said was not taken seriously,
The studio space is amazing, so much space for        we had endless meetings with our course leader ???
experiments, performances, photo shoots, good         to try to understand why the above happened. We
lighting and help from the technicians. Blackboard    got no straight answers; anything we did get was
can be helpful, but sometimes it goes down and is not related to money. This course is a disgrace to the
updated enough. The reception is good, Admin are      higher education system! Overall the course has
Organised and helpful.                                failed to teach me even the basics!                  More tutorials, more time with tutors, more support.

Staff are generally very supportive of students' needs
and problems, taking time to help. The course is great   Need for more contact hours to create better value     Not introduced unnecessary charging in the Back Hill.
for instilling self-discipline. The space available is   for money. More schemes could be implemented to        IT room with no prior notice when it had never been
commendable. Great sense of community between            mingle students in all years tendency to only become   needed before. Provided some kind of budget to
students on same year.                                   familiar with students in own year.                    assist with larger projects.
There's always been a lot of support from tutors and
been a huge amount of studio space available on      I feel sometimes the criteria for marking can be
course and I can go into studio at any time which is slightly vague and I do not always understand what is
really good as well.                                 asked of me from a brief.

                                                       The course is an ideas based course. And the level of
                                                       teaching skills is not enough to communicate ideas
                                                       properly! The balance is not right! Also, through
                                                       learning skills ideas develop much easily. Also, we
                                                       need a lot more tutors!

                                                       I think the main problem is that teachers are part
                                                       time so they have families and are more interested in
                                                       their personal life, we don't have much people
                                                       stimulating us on a creative level and they can't even
                                                       recognise individual art work from each other.

Tutors never stop pushing and challenging your ideas. Not learning enough practical skills.

                                                       The timetables are badly organized. There is limited
                                                       access to facilities and technicians. The number of
                                                       hours that we have with tutor contact is far less than
The tutors in general are experts in their fields.     stated in the course handbook.                         Given me more tuition.

                                                       They are lacking in some technical skills teaching.
Freedom for independence of choice.

                                                          More teaching hours needed and improvements
Intellectually stimulating and changeling.                needed on facilities and equipment.

                                                       Major lack of equipment available for hire on a design
Great tutors and technicians at my uni. Always willing for performance course e.g., cameras, tripods.
to help!                                               Approx 2 between 120 students!

Development in formal presentation skills (oral
presentation) and the ability to communicate ideas
with clarity. Realised 'live' projects practical course   Not enough skills based projects or time spent
elements, great for my portfolio.                         selecting appropriate skills to use per project.          Individual tutorials based on after course support.

Because the course, it provides us with different         We could have more teaching hours, and in lectures
scopes we can tackle - so when I go into industry I can   contextual studies and things like that. Also maybe
go into media, or film, or performances its very broad    some more skills workshops for final cut-pro or
I've got the confidence to go into many things its        editing programmes so more workshops so we're
given me great scope.                                     more familiar.

                                                          I felt left alone. Tutors don't engage. Money goes into
                                                          the course (extremely important and always
The library is very good. Especially South Hampton        remarked by them) but only very few come back. The
Court.                                                    PDP studios and labs at Backhill area are disaster.
Sometimes there is no one to help you but you learn
how to get out of the problem on your own.          Sometimes there is no one to help you.

                                                    Just the clear explanation for briefs and things.

                                                                                                          Easier access. More frequent access to Costume
                                                    I have heard too many times over the 3 years that     technicians and Costume Store. Allow students to
                                                    there isn't enough money for more teaching hours,     book rehearsal rooms/space more easily, we do
Amazing course ??? who goes out of his ways to      overall the university doesn't give Performance       performance design we have got to try it out in reality
make this course what it is.                        Design enough teaching hours.                         i.e. large scale.

                                                  Not enough contact time, would have liked more
                                                  lectures about Art & Design subjects not necessarily    There has been an overwhelming amount of work
                                                  related (similar to electives program) as they are      that has completely consumed my life. Perhaps one
                                                  intellectually stimulating and broaden the field of     less unit in the final year. Also, perhaps make second
Encouraged independent learning and discovery and knowledge. Too many essays, not enough verbal           year marks count also so as to relieve some of the
ability to think outside the box.                 debate.                                                 pressure.

Has opened my mind up a lot - made me feel
comfortable to try new things!                      Could have had more skills based lessons.

                                                    I do not feel I have enough support from my tutors.
I have learnt to think for myself and have gained   My teaching time with them is very limited. I think
confidence in my own ideas.                         the marking is very subjective.
                                                       I don't feel negative as I feel a lot of changes are
                                                       going on in the course, however said it happened by
                                                       the time my class our leaving the university to
                                                       experience a better course lay out. But my best
                                                       wishes to the course for the new students will learn a Have had two directors for Unit 13 Opera or
The tutors are very honest.                            lot from them.                                         prominent experienced director.

I would say their assessment approach.                 Not enough overall study like lectures.

Teacher support has been very good. They really care Office hours for admin. are poor and it is very hard to The organization of some of the projects could have
about us and our future.                             get a hold of someone.                                  been better.

BA (Hons) Jewellery Design CSM FTD 10052M4122W200 (11 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                   What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                              improve the final year of your course?
                                                        Planning of the timetable when changes are the
                                                        communication isn't there. The use of Blackboard
                                                        isn't efficient, the tutor wouldn't put the changes up
                                                        until mid night and no one checks it in time. We don't
                                                        get enough contact with tutors. It seems like they
                                                        take on students so the level of teaching is a lot
                                                        higher for the first student the thus late in the day.
                                                        Some tutors are prone to favouritism, expecting
                                                        certain students to do better than others curving
                                                        student enthusiasm. When we have tutorials leading
                                                        up to assessment we are miss led into thinking what
                                                        we are doing is rite when it not. If they let us know
I really like it when we get visiting tutors from the   what's wrong first I would have time to make the
industry.                                               changes.

I've discovered a lot about myself since I've been on
the course and I'm looking forward to the future.                                                                Over all I'm quite happy. Thank you.
                                                            The high intake of students on the course is a
                                                            hindrance for staff and a drain on space and
                                                            resources, however this is added to by the poor
                                                            standard of English language among the international
                                                            students (50% on my course are international) which
The diverse specialities and experience of the              frustrates the tutors and leaves them spending more    Further preparation for what will happen after we
teaching staff have enriched my knowledge of the            time explaining terms like 'design development'        leave, perhaps discussions or lectures on different
industry and given me a broad range of views on             rather than spending time helping us improve our       pathways, or what could be gained from further
ways to solve problems and further my work. Over            design development. The high intake of international   study. Also perhaps the opportunity to take modules
the time I have been there the course has improved          students means they are reluctant to improve their     in starting you own business, or CV writing. These are
dramatically in terms of organisation and support           English language, and that as a consequence there is   available if you search, but it would be useful for
available to students.                                      a strong divide in the class.                          them to be course specific.

I just think its generally a good course, parts of it are
well structured and you learn a lot of different            Well a particular tutor in our second year that
aspects of our subject.                                     everybody hated almost the whole class.

The technicians were very helpful and possibly the
change of the head of school has been a good idea.          Possibly be better to have longer workshop hours.

Been amazing access to expert advice via the tutors.        The marking system is sometimes unclear.

Technicians are good.
Technician & tutors are very helpful & there are        Lack of possibility to have student exchange/study
plenty of them (in relation to number of students).     placement abroad during the degree. No structure for
The course provides interesting live projects.          general work placements (during the course) also.

                                                                                                               Maybe if we were pushed more during the second
                                                                                                               part of last year, it would help us cope with a
                                                                                                               tremendous amount of work we have to produce
                                                                                                               now. People have been too slow at the beginning,
                                                                                                               thinking we have a lot of time to design and then
The technician staff are really great, most of the time                                                        make, but now we are really falling short of time. In
they actually function as tutors, giving advice and                                                            case we were advised how to manage time better, it
supporting us.                                          The assessment criteria are very unclear.              could help.

                                                                                                               Opportunities to learn computer programmes
                                                                                                               suitable to the course such as Photoshop, Illustrator
                                                                                                               and Rhino.

I think course director who is very good, helpful and   Facilities. Difficult to get hold of materials and
prompt. The technician is good as well.                 technicians from other departments.

BA (Hons) Textile Design CSM FTD 10053M4122W231 (29 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                     What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                improve the final year of your course?
                                                          The grading skill I have some problem with that as
                                                          teachers have their preference, I don't think they're
                                                          grading fairly.

                                                                                                                  Be more organised, as the tutorials run way too long
                                                                                                                  and there is no much feedback, tutors always give
                                                                                                                  positive feedback, however final mark is very
                                                                                                                  different from what they tell you.

The course director has been very sympathetic to
listening to individual students. The tutors and course
leader also stay in contact with those who have
graduated as well as current students to offer
opportunities such as work placements and
competitions. The library has been an excellent
resource & the staff are very helpful in trying to                                                                Can't really think of much else they could have
source specific material.                                                                                         improved.

I think the teaching has been out standing,
enthusiastic staff are a great influence. My course is
really well organised I feel I am challenged which is
great! I think progress reviews and crits where we get
chance to present our work are a great way to
constantly improve our confidence and work in          I feel the course could prepare students more for a
general through feedback.                              work after uni, I don't know where to begin looking.       Prepare students more for work after university.

                                                          The facilities aren't very good, they are old.
                                                      The constant forgetfulness of our course tutor, bad
                                                      communicator in comparison to other specialised
Show at the end of the autumn term in the 2nd year areas. Feedback on work is like "ground hog day"
was fantastic. I really enjoyed the whole year        despite various projects, which differ. Irritating to us
grouping together. Also, a particular 'Big Day' where because she has been here for years & no one will do
we experienced classes of techniques & learnt things anything about it, having spoken to 2 previous yr
within our subject but outside our specialism.        groups.

We have lots of technical help and tutor time.         Library opening hours should be longer.

                                                       A textile IT support technician ??? has never helped
                                                       me with my IT problems. Every time I asked her
                                                       questions on Photoshop and illustrator, she either
                                                       does not know how to operate or she asked me to go
                                                       home and do it by myself. Also, she reduced her IT
                                                       supporting time from 5 days a week to 2 days a week
                                                       while many students needed to access the facilities.
                                                       She applied for an assistant to help in the IT support
                                                       but gave the assistant her personal work to do.
                                                       Throughout my 3 years of study, I never learnt any
                                                       skills from this technician. I truly hope the school
                                                       employ a useful technician with strong IT abilities.

                                                       Not enough contact with students from other
Received sufficient technical support.                 subjects.                                                 More advice on further education.
                                                          The organisation is bad and the machinery, there is
                                                          not such a good access to everything you want and
                                                          most of the machines are half broken and not in a
                                                          good state and there is not enough machines.

Great tutors and brilliant technicians, all of whom are   Tight for space and sometimes having to fight for the
both supportive and knowledgeable. Fantastic              use of equipment and facilities, some of which could Provided more equipment or repaired any that was
location and atmosphere in the building itself.           do with repair or updating. The toilets are horrible, not working properly. It just would have taken some
Catering is good, staff friendly.                         old and not very clean.                               of the stress off.

                                                          Staff having to negotiate with budgets makes for      Improve equipment availability. Improve staff
High quality staff (who are often greatly over            some obvious overstretching for them. Some            resources. Offer more help in finding student
stretched). Excellent technical support.                  equipment distinctly past its shelf life.             placements.

                                                      Overcrowding, not enough ratio of machines for
Open access to net rooms, also the materials that are students are bad. The staff one in particular is very
available to us. Lockers are quite good. Technicians  unorganised, unhelpful, and hard to contact--
are very helpful.                                     uninspiring.

                                                                                                                Dissertation module handed in before
                                                                                                                Christmas/6000 word draft in before Christmas.

                                                          Lack off workspace, noisy workspace, to cold and to
                                                          hot spaces. Lack of computers for textile software
Fantastic staff, very inspiring and dedicated.            use. Lack off technicians/technical information.

The facilities are good.                                  Markings aren't fair.
                                                      Communication is poor Blackboard lets everyone
                                                      down over and over again. Things that we are told are
                                                      on it never are, i.e. timetables amongst other things.
                                                      Email updates have proven much better. Being on
                                                      time certain tutors are consistently at least 20-30
                                                      mins late for everything and it is extremely annoying
                                                      being we the students are expected to be on time,
                                                      and are always left waiting! There are always
                                                      equipment issues. Not enough machines, too many
                                                      people, thing always broken, like the steamer             Been more organized, better advice on specific places
                                                      amongst other machines its always a bit of a              to outsource to for help like companies to buy yarns
Enjoyed guest tutors, found them very helpful and     nightmare. And the technicians work so hard with so       and fabrics from. More tutorials with outside tutors
well informed of what is happening in the outside     many people wanting something from them there             since they seem to be more beneficial. Oh and
world. There advice was invaluable. The technicians   just doesn't seem like enough help! There is way to       cultural studies went well, the 3 tutorials were great
are also wonderful and incredibly helpful when        many other things I could say but if I did I would only   and very helpful the one on one support was really
they're in good moods!                                upset myself.                                             well done.
                                                       It is difficult to contact tutors to see face to face,
                                                       whenever we need any help for our project. There
                                                       should be more personal tutorials needed. There's
                                                       only one feedback at the end of the term; however,
                                                       they weren't providing us good feedbacks. Such as we
                                                       don't receive any written forms of feedbacks.
                                                       Basically they just tell us the final marks for the       There should be more personal tutorials. I was
                                                       project. They didn't go through with the details. Due     struggling and can't do anything cause we didn't get
                                                       to unorganised time schedule, we always find hard to      to see any tutors personally at the beginning of this
There are many group tutorials, which help us to       complete the finals at the end of term for the            term, for two weeks. It is always hard to find tutors
improve our presentations skills.                      assessment.                                               and ask personally.

                                                       Bit more focus on pre final focus in career advise.
Very practical course so I think they make you feel    Better if it was more textiles related. It felt like to
confident in your technique.                           separate courses.

Creativity and thinking outside the box are greatly                                                              It doesn't need improving, I am happy with how the
encouraged. The technical staff are outstanding.                                                                 final year is being carried out.

Tutorials mostly every week. Seeing different tutors   Timetables clashing with other years/or other groups.
with your work.                                        Not enough equipment.

You have a lot of contact with your tutors.            I think there could have been more IT support.
The tutors are really enthusiastic and very helpful -
one of them in particular is very helpful, she is patient
in what she is doing and has many ideas that help us
with the project a lot. Also the technicians, most of
the technicians help us with the techniques. We've
got a lot of chance to go to placements and work
experience so we can combine our study with the
practise experiences, and I think it is very helpful - we
also have a lot of lecturers that invite designers to     The technician around the IT room is not very helpful,
come and tell us what the industry is like, and also      she is a bit reluctant to her job, and also the laser-
the business course is really helpful.                    cutting guy is a bit rude to the students.

The lab resources are very good/the technicians are      The organisation and availability of the teachers are
excellent.                                               terrible.

                                                         The facilities are not enough for the students, not
                                                         enough space.

Receiving advice from tutor was always encouraging       There was rarely project that brings fellow student
student for developing an idea. Very good support        joining activities for first year program. Term
from print and weave technician. Group tutorial is the   timetable was always too tight! Too short for making
best tutorial.                                           each project every term.

                                                         We don't have access to equipment that we need; we
                                                         don't have enough tutor student time.
                                                       All the facilities have not been working for a year.
                                                       Particularly the dye room, the steam room and the
They were good.                                        knit room, since the beginning of the term.

                                                       I think the international student in my course
                                                       especially in my pathway; we don't have too much
Our tutor is really good.                              opportunity.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design CSM GID 10054M5122W210 (66 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                    What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                               improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                           Could've kept the new feedback system (use Max
Great tutor to student relationship because of         Blackboard and general network of school. Appalling Ackermann & Rathna's PlusPad). Feedback system
concentrated crits and smaller classes.                at times.                                           needs to improve.

                                                       Lack of personal study space.

A lot of contact with agencies because of the one to
one a lot of briefs.

                                                       Just the marking system, it's dependent on which
                                                       teacher was marking you. There's no general board,
                                                       which marks everyone.
                                                                                                                  More support, e.g. with dissertation. Twenty minutes
                                                      Course focuses on strong ideas, with very little            with a tutor is hardly adequate, but maybe that's
                                                      provision for basic technical skills e.g. computer          because there are so many students on our course
                                                      packages or general rules of classic design. I have only    that the tutors are pushed for time. We are also
                                                      just realised this in my third year. As a result I do not   reminded quite often that the tutors are only paid for
                                                      feel comfortable approaching potential employers            a certain number of hours and shouldn't be expected
                                                      with my current portfolio of work as I worry I lack the     to do more than this. I feel this is not a very positive
                                                      skills required as a designer.                              attitude.

                                                      People who run the context dept are appallingly

                                                      Not much sense of a community, I didn't really feel I
                                                      belonged to a university more like I visited one each
                                                      week. Not enough work space - but that's London in

                                                      Studio space for our course also they are taking away
                                                      the cafe, with is ridiculous and I think the course need
                                                      to be more critical and more practice of critical
The teachers.                                         writing about design.

                                                                                                                  More social and interactive events with all areas of
                                                       When classes have been cancelled or times changed          the year, e.g. design students rarely interact with
                                                       its always at the very last minute we find out. Many       illustration etc. and the groups never mix for
                                                       people travel and pay to come in from far away, so an      products, sometimes for a brief you need a graphic
The majority of the tutors are really enthusiastic and email at 7 in the morning about a class being              designer, Illustrator or moving image person. And yet
helpful in their areas and specialisms.                cancelled is really too late.                              we don't mix.
                                                      The main thing is lack of interest from the tutors, and
It's completely unstructured which allows to get on   I think that the people in charge who run the course
with what you need to as an individual, rather than   are pretty disengaged with the students on the
being too strictly with a curriculum.                 course.

                                                      Course is not structured. Teachers are not always
                                                      available. Facilities are not available for everyone.     Structure the course better. More doing than talking.

The extra support for when needed.
                                                    The lack of general studio space & lockers is
                                                    appalling. You guys wonder why we do everything on
                                                    computer maybe it's because there's nowhere to
                                                    work on anything other than the computer room, and
                                                    you have to take everything home each night, risking
                                                    damaging your work on the bus etc. D&AD has been
                                                    removed from the curriculum. This was one of the
                                                    only commercially focused aspects of the course,
                                                    didn't require all that much time (one term out of
                                                    nine) and leaves students less employable, with no
                                                    commercial experience other than that which they
                                                    get independently of the course. Furthermore, the
                                                    worse D&AD results the college will undoubtedly
                                                    achieve in future years will significantly affect the
                                                    courses' standing in the long term. Currently, much of
                                                    the quality of the courses' output stems from the
                                                    quality of its intake; be careful of the severe        More space for general work (i.e. not just the
                                                    ramifications a simple syllabus change could have.     computer studio). Lockers.

                                                    Severe lack of space. Lack of personal feedback. Lack
                                                    of personal interest that tutors take in students:    Have more engaging briefs that take us out of the
                                                    tutors have too many students to take each one        classroom/studios: for example doing a project with a
                                                    seriously.                                            certain studio/company and bringing us there.

                                                    Mixed classes. I mean, we are in 2010 and we still
Segregation of some students. Especially the ones   have to see (and most of all listen) girls strolling
with darker skin.                                   around being useless.
                                                       Maybe we should be more often in college.

                                                       Its a quite unorganised course and I don't feel a lot of
A lot interesting people who I would probably work     people care and sometimes it proves that it's just
with in the future.                                    about ticking the right boxes to get the right marks.

                                                       Completely disorganised and a waste of money.

                                                       Most of my tutors are all practising designing and
                                                       stuff, and if they have agreed to be a tutor they
                                                       should be a bit more involved in the students work.

                                                       A lot of people couldn't speak very good English in my
I really enjoyed the diverse range of facilities,      class, made things difficult/slow. There were not
activities that happened at St. Martins.               enough outdoor areas to socialise.

First year was poor and you take little from it        Communication between the uni and students could
however 2nd and 3rd year are much improved.            be much improved.

                                                                                                                  Third year sign ups were useless, even though being
Some tutors (few though) answer e-mails efficiently,                                                              in a queue for over 30 mins each time I only managed
provide time to speak with them if there are           First come first serve approach to third year signups      my first choice once. There should be a better
problems.                                              was appalling.                                             system.
                                                         The teacher student ratio is imbalances there's too
                                                         many students, so you don't get enough student
                                                         attention. Not a lot of clear guidance within the
                                                         industry likes professional skills, not enough
                                                         preparation. The communication, its not very good
                                                         between tutors and students, the environment is
It's very independent they treat the students like       isolated between students and teachers, it's not like a
quite professionals and its very free no restrictions.   typical student environment. Some tutors don't really
The tutors have a lot of quite good experience.          share at all.

Good links to the industry.                              The course is disorganised and a lot of time wasted.

                                                         Every thing they want it to improve hasn't work out,
                                                         leaving students worse than before. They had the
                                                         best intentions at heart but it did not work out.

People/other students accepted on the course.

                                                     Although I am fully aware this is more of an
                                                     experimental course, I still feel there was very little
                                                     tuition - especially considering the amount paid. I also
                                                     feel while the course does develop the student to
I do feel the course has made me prepared to work in think differently a 'base' with the basic academic,
the real world and be able to offer more creative    historical and technical details of design was never
ideas than the competition.                          offered on given.
                                                       Organisation of the project, the way they handle the
The staff are good.                                    project.

                                                       Still not enough placements. Not enough room to
Foundation course is better than the first year. Gives walk in. Not allowed to use the workshops. Not
you more opportunities. Tutors exchanging is good. enough for me on the course. The class is getting
Make you feel comfortable.                             bigger and bigger.

                                                       Some of the technicians in the college made me feel
The core subject is good.                              uncomfortable.

                                                       I think the schedule could be more classes organised
The staff, I.T. facilities and library.                and more lectures.

                                                       There should be more studio space.

My tutors are good.                                    Things are a bit disorganised.

                                                       Some tutors were extremely unhelpful and
Some tutors have been very helpful.                    discouraging.

                                                       Don't get together as a year enough, and there is not
                                                       enough rooms for us to study and also unless you
Equipment is brilliant. Standard of tutors is really   know your tutors days you don't see them around
good, they're really professional.                     much.

                                                       It would be nice if they had the schedules ready
                                                       earlier than one week in advance, and they wouldn't
                                                       overbook classes so you had to choose which one to
                                                          There's not enough tutors for the amount of people,
The tutors are really good professionals.                 there should be more tutors.

                                                     The lack of communication between the course tutor
The tutor has encouraged the students a lot and they and the students, the timetable for the whole course
support the international students a lot.            could be arranged better.

The tutors are really helpful and they point you in the
right direction.

                                                          The amount of space and facilities classroom space is
                                                          not very good.

                                                          Too many students, a lot of the international students
                                                          seem to be here for money reasons only. Sometimes
                                                          the tutors are superficial when it comes to looking at
                                                          the work, maybe a bit distracted because there are
Good team spirit amongst the staff, old craft based       too many students, and the opening times are
work jobs.                                                horrible.

                                                                                                                   Increase the number of compulsory tutorials per

                                                          Lack of sense of community. Lack of cooperation and
                                                          group projects unnecessary competitive atmosphere
Efficient organisation. Great stimulation in intellectual instead of friendly cooperation and support between
and personal development.                                 students sometimes lack of structured teaching.
                                                            There are way too many people on the course, there
                                                            isn't enough space, and not enough time with the
                                                            teachers, there's no campus so I never see anyone
                                                            from any other courses. It's not organised well and
                                                            there are too many international students who can't
                                                            even speak English, some of them, still in their 3rd
                                                            year, and you can't communicate with them. They
                                                            should have more people who deserve to be there,
                                                            they should make it more difficult, they don't
                                                            interview international students because they pay so
Teachers are good, technicians are good and it's            much. It's all about money now and less about design
really interesting. The facilities are really good as well. and innovation.

                                                        I'm not sure if what I have learned during the course
                                                        is useful in the 'real world' or not. It's hard to know if I haven't finished the course yet, so I can't say yet.
I think I have had good opportunities to reflect on     the course has made it any easier for me to get I job But I guess there ought to be more hours of formal
myself through course projects.                         once I graduate.                                           teaching.

                                                                                                            Better integration of the four pathways within the
                                                                                                            course. It feels like four completely separate courses.
                                                                                                            There was an option to do a collaborative project
                                                                                                            with students from a completely different degree
The tutors have been very good throughout the           Blackboard a very poor communication tool. The four course, but no option to work with students who are
course.                                                 pathways within my course are very desperate.       on another pathway within the course.

The teaching.                                           Facilities.
It helped me become more independent and made      It could be more organised. They need to sort out the
me realise how to do things by myself.             Blackboards.

There's not enough teaching or communication and   Answer as before there's not enough teaching or
we only go in once a week and we suffer because    communication and we only go in once a week and
there's far too many students on the course the    we suffer because there's far too many students in
building the course is in is very good.            the course.

                                                   Bad course management due to management not the
                                                   tutors. Bad assessment of the course as well as poor
                                                   system that the course runs on it doesn't
                                                   accommodate what the course actually does. The
Good tutors.                                       management don't listen to tutors or students.

                                                                                                    Ditch Blackboard. Use something else! Better
Fellow students.                                   Organization. Communal spaces have been removed. organization.

                                                                                                           More space for illustration people to come in and
                                                                                                           work together so they don't have to work at home.

                                                   We didn't have any workspace they promised us we
                                                   would get a workspace but that didn't happen, we
                                                   have an illustration studio it's supposed to use as a
                                                   studio but we can because it's used for tutorials.
                                                            Some tutors were not very fast reply to my emails
                                                            including change of schedules or project feedbacks.
                                                            Library sources were often not enough (as the books
                                                            that I was looking for were always not on the shelves,
                                                            and I didn't like to travel around to other colleges to
                                                            get the book). Term timetable was a bit confusing at
                                                            the beginning, a clearer table of just                    I feel much more confidence; not only about my
                                                            time/tutor/room/subject will be much more                 work, but also the way I talk to people of my thoughts
Some tutors were really talky and so are really             preferred. Some tutors seemed like to talk to native      and ideas. My views and values of the course I'm
helpful. Staff were very friendly and helpful. The          students more than overseas students, and so the          studying had been changed a lot more to positive
learning atmospheres were strong and good!                  overseas were getting less feedback sometimes.            positions.

It has been an all right experience at this university. I
cannot really complain.

It was full of concept and was interesting and made
me think further in my field.                               Not enough students' support and unfair grading.

                                                                                                                      Be more direct and clear with what students must do.
                                                                                                                      Inform about the overall structure and purpose of
                                                                                                                      final year.

The quality of students is probably the best thing
about it. The openness to how you practise your             The teaching is disorganised sometimes. The
subject. The reputation of the course.                      communication is delayed.

Overall it's fine.
My course trains me to be independent.                   Not enough contact time.

                                                         It could as well be correspondence course. Teachers
                                                         are hardly ever at uni ?? nothing (organisation wise)
                                                         encourages student to come to uni. The feedback was
                                                         often misleading and unhelpful and markings seemed
I was very excited when I got into St Martins - it has   like a big secret. There aren't places where you can
such a great name. It does encourage you to get out      work & interact with other students (apart from
of your comfort zone & be creative. It is great in       specialised studios) while you don't always want to
"teaching" (there is no teaching in this school) you     use. This uni doesn't teach you anything apart from
how to independently work on your projects. The          working by yourself. Overall I think St Martin's is a
library is well equipped.                                joke. ??

Freedom on creativity.                                   Lack of communication with a small amount of tutors.

                                                        The course staff are not enough enthusiastic to
The course allowed me to have enough time to think announce important information to students who are
about what I really want to do and gave us              not able to get the information easily (e.g.
opportunities of related activities (e.g. competitions, international students, students who lives far,
lectures).                                              students who are not close to other people, etc.).

                                                         If you need to do something for a project and its a
                                                         very simple thing like a spray can you need a tutorial
                                                         to do this, there's not much space to do things,
                                                         there's not enough space to do things with things
                                                         that smell like painting and spraying and things like
British Education wasn't teaching me much but
always making me to 5th. At the first time it was very
hard to study (cause anyone try to order you to do       I think British government need to care what kind of
5th) now, at the point almost finishing my course, I     students come here for studying. I mean international
think I've learned a lot. Self-teaching. It works for    students, like me, had a serious problem-
artistic students.                                       communicating people during course.

I would suggest course to have tighter scheme. More
lecturer or personal tutorial needed for student's  I wish school could improve the teaching facilities like
academic development.                               studio environment and technology support.

BA (hons) Product Design CSM GID 10055M5122W240 (46 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

                                                         Cost of student fees.

                                                         The staff are not passionate enough for teaching not
                                                         to responsible and the communication between the
                                                         cross director and staff are not sufficient the
                                                         equipment workshops is not in proportion with the
                                                         students disorganised and do not provide enough
                                                         teaching as they stated in the student handbook.

                                                         Early closing hours of library, and inconsistent        Extend library-opening hours and provide decent
Rely on self-motivation to get work done.                feedback from tutors.                                   communal area.
Enthusiasm and students are good and helping each                                                               I think its been great. Perhaps be more organized so
other. Something one student doesn't know, another Sometimes they're not enough teaching. Would like            we know dates and schedules ahead of time in order
student will help with and vice versa.             more personal guidance in some aspects.                      to plan our time better.

                                                       There are not enough computers for all the students
                                                       at the library, not enough resources, the printing is
The quality of the teachers, the resources, the        too expensive and we don't have enough lockers, and
people.                                                we don't have a proper timetable.

Being able to work with large companies and build up
a professional network.                              The inability to bond with fellow students.

                                                       Access to workshops can sometimes be difficult, but
                                                       seems to be the same in most colleges. However this
                                                       will probably change when the college moves
Have been taught by some of the most inspiring         location, but then you will have a college with great
people I have ever met tutors have industry            facilities but unfortunately a less special location feel
experience. Lots of it have study previously at        this is a shame in a way as the current building has so
another college but feel central. Saint Martins is a   much history and makes you think about how many Would like to have been given the opportunity to do
very individual way of teaching and a very special     people must have passed through the very same             a self generated project in second year as it would
place.                                                 doors you have.                                           have helped a great deal other than this all positive.

                                                       There could have been much more workshops to
                                                       improve needed skill. Spending more time in
Very good tutors which now what they are talking       university would increase the connection between
about. Only in the third year we had a lovely space,   the students. The marking differences between the        Not much most of the improved should have been in
which is inspiring and brings students together.       tutors are quite big.                                    the previous years.
                                                              The visiting tutors are only in once a week; if you're
                                                              stuck on the work you have to wait a whole week to
Tutors support your decisions and try to find new             meet them. Computer classes were very basic and as
ways of learning to keep you engaged with the                 a result not much was learnt from them on how to       Nothing, more workshops were introduced which
course.                                                       use the programs as anticipated.                       were very helpful.

                                                              The workshop needs to be organised more to allow
                                                              more time and make it more easier access.

                                                              Lack of good quality equipment. Printers too
Good quality teaching.                                        expensive. No 24-hour library.                           Better IT facilities.

Good mentors.

                                                              I think the course needs to be more organised in
Staff try their best to keep the course activities            terms of tutorials and lectures. Even though I know
interesting, i.e. trips, competitions, real client projects   it's impossible to have tutorials everyday it would be
group projects, self-initiated projects. That has helped      very, very helpful to have at least 2 every week and
with my confidence as a designer because I know that          definitely in smaller groups, that way we can learn
I'm able to work around different environments.               more.

                                                                                                                       Made more lectures and workshop.
                                                       There is very little teaching time. Every workshop
I have learned about materials and processes which I   feels like it's been taught just so that we couldn't say
didn't know anything about before. It's always good    we didn't get it; it's superficial. Nearly everything is The final major project shouldn't last so long. There
to see previous student work as well as tutors         left for us to do, or explore autonomously. Overall,     should be more workshops or teaching time to
personal work.                                         the course isn't stimulating enough.                     stimulate us, regarding our personal project.

                                                                                                             More could be done to instil more confidence within
                                                       The teachers don't seem to care about the students the graduates. I personally feel like I am leaving the
                                                       progress, I have know idea what standard my work is university without the confidence to do anything. I
The teachers and teaching are of a high standard       at or what grade and I might expect to get on         came here after a fantastic foundation course only to
where clearly they know a great deal about the         completion of the course. I am sick of feeling ripped have all positivity stripped away by three years of
subject and are very relevant with in the industry.    off and unwanted by this institution.                 negative feedback and poor organisation.

Diversity of students.                                 The workshop access.

                                                                                                               One big lacking on the course generally is the social
                                                                                                               life. There is no university bar and the surroundings
                                                                                                               not that cosy.
                                                       More short projects particularly in the second year. If
                                                       they did quick design projects working with other
                                                       people, as it felt like you'd do a very long project that
                                                       would last a whole term and they need more of the
                                                       one-week, or 2 or 3 days where you're given a
Good connection with industry. The final year feeling problem to solve. Because they did 1 or 2 of these
like you can approach the tutors more and working      and they were really good, so if they did more of
with other students. Good connections with the         them it would make the course more fun and the
industry. The final year feeling like you can approach usual benefits, it would be more interested and
the tutors more, and working with other students.      stimulating.

It's in central London. It allows time for a job. Pastoral
sessions.                                                  Emphasis of marking in the final year.                  More direct/objective advice on paths chosen.

                                                                                                                   Have more lectures and tutorials.

I can feel the experience of the years behind the

                                                         Not much opportunity to meet the tutors, there
                                                         might be too many students on the course.

                                                                                                                   More tutorials.

                                                         Not enough class and lectures.

Good contacts with industry.                             More lessons maybe.
                                                 Problems with getting access to rhino & graphite
                                                 software, not enough computers. Library opening
                                                 times. Problems in the workshop not enough
Great people. Mostly good tutors. Fun projects & machines or help. No technical engineering help, yet
huge improvements in my work thanks to some good we are supposed to know all this without being       Given us small deadlines rather than 1 deadline. More
advice & teaching. Going to Milan!               taught.                                              tutorials. Better facilities. Cheaper printing.

                                                                                                               Better feedback of marks (give a percentage)
                                                                                                               throughout the projects rather than just at the end. In
                                                                                                               terms of technical studies (or a tutorial the student
                                                                                                               has to sign up for) I think there should be a space for
                                                                                                               all the students in the class. Or just allocate a time for
                                                                                                               each student. This would mean that there wouldn't
                                                                                                               be a problem with who needs to see the tutor, as the
                                                                                                               timings would be available to everyone. There is also
                                                                                                               an inconsistency with emails of tutors. Although the
                                                        I feel that the staff in the first year should be more uni staff are (very) easy to reach (which is good), the
                                                        understanding of the differences between               design/contextual studies tutors range from person
                                                        school/college and 1st year of uni. Also, marking      to person on how much they want to help the
                                                        (although you get a percentage at the end) should be students out of uni hours. I feel that obviously
                                                        marked and made available to you, throughout           bombarding your tutor with questions during the
                                                        phases e.g. research, generation, development,         week is inappropriate, but some tutors willingly gave
Good communication of scheduled sessions and the realisation, to help the student understand which             out their contact details and replied to messages
staff act on feedback from the class well e.g. by doing areas they are best at/not so good at. This would tell promptly, whereas others made it clear they wouldn't
more workshops and getting cheaper printing,            them what they need to work on, in the eyes of the give out the email address, let alone reply to emails
opening the computer rooms for longer etc.              tutors, instead of trying to estimate/grade yourself. they received.
                                                          Not much weight on improving skills, not enough
                                                          workshops and equipment, poor resource of
Mix of cultures, contextualisation of art and design      materials when we pay so expensive fees, machines     Should prepare me more to be able to meet the
work, contact with professionals.                         in workshops should be renewed and updated.           requirements in order to achieve a high mark.

                                                                                                                More guest lecturers.

                                                                                                               Would have liked to try and form stronger links with
                                                                                                               other years. I always wished, particularly in the
                                                                                                               second year, that I had more opportunity to interact
                                                                                                               with the third years and get feedback from people
                                                                                                               who had been what I had been through recently.
Being surrounded by creative, intelligent people.                                                              Otherwise the final year has been hugely enjoyable
Having to constantly push myself. Having to think in      Other pupils' attendance has been poor, meaning less for me, and I feel I have grown immeasurably as a
new and different ways.                                   opportunity for peer-to-peer learning/feedback.      designer.

The tutors are willing to help you at all cost when you
need it.

                                                          The course is disorganized, with many changes
                                                          weekly to schedules. Nowhere near enough lectures
                                                          (1 hour a week average). Not enough time tutorial
                                                          with the same tutor (30 minute per week). Course
                                                          director is very unapproachable. Not enough training
                                                          with essential skills for industry. Not enough access to Much more tutor time with same tutor not different
The head of our 3rd year is very helpful. The             ICT suite. Feel like they are spending no money on us tutor. Much more skills teaching in year 2 so ready for
workshop technicians are very knowledgeable.              and all going somewhere else.                            year 3.
The name and history of the uni.                      Learning support has been way too slow.

                                                                                                                 Talk openly earlier about the final shows what is and
Tutors who work professionally apart from teaching,   Non-individual approach, bureaucratic system over          what is not possible, when should the planning be
access to mental health professionals.                the human needs.                                           started, etc.

                                                                                                                 Better facilities. More tutorials and monitor the
                                                                                                                 quality of these tutorials (At the moment there is 3 h
                                                      Bad or no organisation timetable changing without          per week). Show respect for students we are paying
                                                      prior notice insufficient facilities and tutorial times.   customers. Organise a proper timetable and stick to
Good mix of students.                                 Lack of compassion with the students from tutors.          it.

                                                                                                                 Private studio space.

                                                                                                                 As a EU student, I couldn't apply for any financial help
                                                                                                                 and had to work part time to be able to cover the
                                                                                                                 expenses for the course (printing, paper, materials) so
                                                                                                                 I couldn't spend as much time working on my course
                                                                                                                 projects as I wanted to, because I needed to work.

                                                                                                                 Give us more time to control.

International.                                        Not good facility.

                                                      I think there are too many people in one course.

The teaching system helps us become very self-        I feel there is not enough workshop space and the
sufficient.                                           time we can spend there is very restricted.                Have more hands on experience in the workshops.
How much you improve every year you don't think
you learning much but when you try something you
realise that you've learnt quite a lot.

Could learn something.                                 But not so helpful for my career.                         Hire more tutor.

                                                                                                                 More group meeting and interaction between tutor
                                                       Poor facility. Insufficient equipment.                    and students.

                                                       Giving students little freedom to develop their
                                                       individual need for learning. The scale of the class is
                                                       too large with not enough teachers. The vibe of the
                                                       class is cold and competitive which makes me feel like
                                                       working in a stressed workplace rather than learning
                                                       in a resourceful academic environment. The teachers       Make sure the timeline for each project is long
                                                       can't give their enough attentions to our students        enough. Give more space for individual development
                                                       because they are always busy at their own                 of students rather than telling them what should do
                                                       professional career. The communication between            and what should not do. Listen to students' need.
Structured framework for practical projects.           teachers and students are weak.                           Good listening is lacking at the present.

BA (Hons) Ceramic Design CSM GID 10056M5122W270 (10 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?
                                                    The amount of help when presenting yourself outside
The push by tutors to make industry connections and clients, e.g. press pack, website, more portfolio
networking.                                         advice.

Staff been really helpful.                              Opening times at workshops are quite limited.

                                                        Sometimes negative technicians that are tired of their
Good teachers.                                          job. Bad studio facilities.

I have gained confidence in my own abilities and have I find the main technician, ???, very difficult to
become more aware of the industry I will be entering approach although he is very skilled and can be very
after I leave the course.                             helpful at times.                                            More technical top up classes.

                                                        Uni printing facilities too expensive. Would have liked
Friendly & approachable teaching staff & technical      to be trained in Web design, writing press releases &
help when required. Organised educational trips,        some general business skills (this being linked to a
great for gathering research, contacts, inspiration &   project would have help me be able to market my
building friendships with staff & classmates.           work better).

                                                      It would be nice if it were taught more as you feel like
It's really a self-port course. They encourage you to you have been trying to teach yourself instead of your
teach yourself, which encourages you to develop your teacher so more lectures and more lessons on the
imagination and your independence.                    program to do with design and things.

My course director is one of the most hardworking
and exceptional women I know. The tutors are
inspiring and exceptional designers. The technicians    The facilities. But this is due to the building's age, and
are extraordinary and give me support more than         things will improve once the College moves to its new
101%.                                                   building in 2011.                                          Better facilities.
The learning department where they help for dyslexia More space and more access to more specialised
is very good.                                        equipment.

I was diagnosed with dyslexia and that was picked up
by my tutor, I found it good that I had been in
education 15 years before, and she had picked up in
my second year.

                                                     We should be using much more computer generated
                                                     programs and I don't think we are encouraged
The tutors are really good examples of what we could enough to do this. Getting a job is going to be very
be when we leave uni. They can give us realistic     difficult, having computer skills will be very important
advice about the industry and working in it.         o to get a good job.

BA (Hons) Journalism LCC Media 10061P5122P500 (19 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?
                                                           There needs to be more communication with
                                                           students in relation to their timetable. If any changes
                                                           are made to the schedule where students need to be
                                                           at uni on more days this should be addressed. When
                                                           there is no effective communication between
                                                           students and tutors this causes confusion. Work that
                                                           is assigned for us to do needs to be communicated
                                                           well. Although there is a break down of work in the
                                                           course handbook it would be better if students were
                                                           talked to in a briefing meeting, so we know what is
                                                           required of us. Tutors sending emails about work that
                                                           needs to be handed is not the best method. Not
                                                           everyone checks their uni emails often and instead
                                                           check their own personal accounts more, so work
                                                           deadlines could be missed unintentionally. Tutors
                                                           need to stick to the time plan they give students
                                                           when they say work will be marked by. There tends to
Positive aspects of this course include the group          be delays in work being marked by tutors. They
project that all students on my course are involved in should do their best that they ensure students' work
the second and third year. It's a collective effort, and I which is mark should be handed back to them as soon
think this works well at my university.                    as possible.

                                                         Our course changed half way through! Marks from
Feel confident I have learnt the skills needed to        2nd yr not carried over, end grade based on third &
further my career.                                       final year!
Opened my eyes to a whole different type of learning They could have improved the organization. The
so its made me much more confident about applying communication between teachers and students could
for jobs as what I have learned at university.       have improved.

The teachers are all practicing professionals so they
are very enthusiastic.                                    The feedback could be a little bit faster than is.

That it links really well with what is happening in the   Need to improve feedback and how you can improve
industry.                                                 the future investments.

                                                          Appeal process, when you're graded.

Good practical teaching.

                                                        The marking on my course (and generally across the
                                                        university) is inconsistent and based very much on
                                                        subjective opinion and whether or not your tutor likes
                                                        you. The course was quite disorganised at times and
Some of the teaching staff have a lot of experience     our assessment criteria changed halfway through,
and are very dedicated to the subject & teaching of it. changing to 100% on your final.

                                                          I would have preferred tougher exams and more
                                                          depth lectures (and much more lectures in general.)
                                                          All of us could have gotten so much more out of the
                                                          course if we would have had some more hours at uni.
                                                          It was really no effort to pass the modules in
                                                          particular and the whole course.
                                                       Some teachers were fairly unprofessional - bickering
Some of the teachers on the course are inspiring and   in front of students and setting a terrible example.
extremely helpful. Despite the course not always       Marking schemes seem to be below par-grades of
running smoothly it is very good experience. Working   students would contrast dramatically and not seem to
on the university newspaper was an invaluable          have been considered in relation with one another.
experience. Expectations were high which made me       We would have been taught much more over the first
push myself.                                           two years.

                                                       There's not much of a vocational encouragement,
                                                       they don't have any work experience set up for you,
                                                       and they do in the FDA but not as part of my course
                                                       they don't really care.

                                                       I feel the amount of teaching time was insufficient
                                                       across the whole 3 years. The course could easily
                                                       fitted into 2 years and probably even 1.

                                                       No one knows the schedules of the course
                                                       beforehand, there are no announcements. This
It has helped me with my writing and additionally      makes it hard to schedule when to work for my part-
how to interact with my peers better to help come      time job. There is no interaction with students from
together for a common goal.                            other courses, except possibly the electives.        Final year is great, better than the previous two.

Great teachers, interesting modules, lots of practical Unorganised, a fair analysis of inequality between     Organisation, more support with dissertation
work.                                                  students, lack of support from teachers.               research.
                                                       Tutorials were never given on a one to one basis even
It was good to have lecturers that still worked within though they were supposed to be. The structure of
the industry because it meant that their advice was the course was changed Hal way through without
more up to date.                                       consultation with the students.

The university has a good name, a good reputation,
its a good degree.                                     The course isn't challenging enough.

Course well organised. Teachers are enthusiastic.                                                              Well may be they could have allowed us more
Teaching standard very high.                           Communication sometimes not effective enough.           practical stuff to do like on the paper.

                                                                                                               Show enthusiasm for the course they are teaching
                                                                                                               and give us greater feedback on our grades and how
                                                                                                               they have been marked. Make the deadlines tighter
                                                                                                               for our dissertation and fill in a schedule that needs
                                                                                                               to be completed each week otherwise it will not get

                                                                                                               For the moment, everything is going smoothly.

BA (Hons) Film and Television LCC Media 10062P5122W610 (24 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                     What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                improve the final year of your course?

Good practical assignments.                            Not passionate tutors, (unmotivated).
                                                       The new course leadership has been bad it's been un-
                                                       reliable and unfair.

                                                       Sometimes emails are replied to extremely late; not
Good advice and feedback, helpful in terms of          having a course director for the first two years of the
graduation and post grad advice.                       degree caused inconsistency and miscommunication.

                                                                                                                 Increase the support and information given for the
                                                                                                                 modules, especially on the dissertation.

                                                       Messy structure, not enough specialization
Overall experience, nothing in particular.             workshops.

The passion and understanding of a few teachers,      Certain teachers imposing their will, and forgetting
peer learning from fellow students, support staff are this is an arts university and creativity should be
really helpful, student support helpful.              nurtured and not drummed out of us.                        Offer support when it was asked for, not after a crisis.

                                                      On our graduating practical assignment, I think we
                                                      could have had a lot more supervision and
                                                      encouragement from the tutors, I feel like we were
                                                      sort of left to it ourselves, which has positive and
Access to facilities, the technicians have been       negative aspects, throughout the course we could
excellent and very supportive, in some cases I gained have had a lot more practical work shops and
more support from them than the academic tutors. training, especially during the final year.

Close relationships with tutors.                       Slow development in to year 1.                            More workshops.
                                                    There wasn't good enough mentoring from tutors;
The self-discovery we have to go through when given there wasn't much communication between students
assignments.                                        and tutors.

                                                         Many aspects of the course have been, ironically,
The support from the academic staff have always          miscommunication and unclear in their transmission
been good. The student tutor relationship is open and    to the students. This has led to a lack of clarity in the
friendly and enthusiasm is consistently encouraged       understanding of assessment criteria, and in turn a
and supported. This in turn has made communication       general sense of instability. Some students have also
about, for example, extenuating circumstances, much      felt let down by their inability to graduate in a chosen
easier. The course itself is also stimulating in that    role (due to role over subscription), this also led to
most of the students are working towards a job in this   confusion about how these roles were assigned
field after leaving finishing their degree, leading to   whether by democratic vote by the students, or
healthy competition as well as the chance to truly       whether there was a degree of moderation done by
learn from ones peers as well as working alongside       the tutors. This also led to some discontent and
them in jobs outside of university.                      uneasiness amongst the students.                          Slightly more support for larger scale final project.

                                                                                                                   There has been minimum lectures (one day a week)
                                                                                                                   and although it provides one with more time to work
                                                                                                                   on their dissertation, as an international student, it
Good teaching techniques. Readily accessible support Too European focused. More support for                        makes one ponder the question of £10,000 a year for
from tutors and other resources for learning.        international students could be improved.                     what.
                                                          The communication to students and authority to
                                                          students has been feeble. Most of the time the
                                                          classes are empty with those who do not what to
                                                          learn, not bothering to show, I feel that the picking
The staff have been extremely helpful, especially the     for the graduation films was unfair. Because we were
technicians. Who offer to help out and offer there        informed that it was the students that were going to
time to help where possible. Some lecturers are more      be selecting the films, and there was a strong
enthusiastic than others and this shows, and helps to     influence from the tutors on the selection process. I
encourage students to do more. I feel where the           do not mind this but the fact that we were lied to was
lecturers express passion and enthusiasm this makes       not called for. If we had to pitch to the tutors I'm sure   More workshops I the preparation of our final grad
the students feel the same way. I feel that the           the students would have taken this into account and         films, also more tutorials through out the year, there
projects I gained most help from are the film projects    would have pitched in a different way. This has             is a lot still to be taught. And I feel that because we
and the TV project; it was a more realistic               resulted in a few failed films, which were going to be      are 3rd year students, the tutors feel we have had
understanding of our future jobs. The addition of new     produced by the incapable, and this should never            enough tuition. This is not true. It should keep on
tutors who have been in the industry and actually         have been allowed and was not fair. I feel that there       going until we leave. So we are fully prepared for the
know the process in filmmaking helps a lot. Such as       should be more workshops from industry                      industry when we finish. I feel that I have learnt more
???. The backing of skill set is a huge positive on our   professionals; a stronger use of skill set should be        off my own back and I feel like I am going to leave uni
course. Because it has a strong link with the industry.   used.                                                       knowing more on the practice of filmmaking.

Graduation film selection process needs to be better
and aimed towards the student who are consistent     Equipment isn't available enough, more practical
and give good contribution, through out the course. projects in the third year. And the graduation shows
And also equipment needs to be more available.       students need to be able to bring more guests.

                                                                                                                      More tuition, less focus on the final projects some
                                                                                                                      smaller projects, better organisation. Change in
                                                                                                                      funding situation for course had a definitely negative
                                                          General lack of communication amongst staff.                effect.
                                                                                                                Give us more money.

                                                       We have so much time in between terms and nothing
                                                       is really happening. We should use this time being
                                                       more productive i.e. having more tasks or practical
                                                       work as we are film students. Better support network
                                                       for students as a lot of people have struggled this
                                                       year. PPD. The fact that we no longer have contextual
                                                       studies in our third year. Update the films we watch
                                                       in contextual studies in order to reach out to younger
The technicians. Electives.                            generation and make it more diverse.

The equipment we had access to was state of the art. Lack of communication.

                                                         Extra assignments such as the PPD program are
                                                         unnecessary in our learning development and have
                                                         been a distraction from the main course. A more
                                                         professional attitude from the Course Director
                                                         would've been better in terms of being treated more
                                                         like students than employees. (More respect and
Good networking community among students and             care) Perhaps a thorough evaluation is needed. Poor
staff. Brilliant support from technicians. High level of judgment in certain selection processes such as the
enthusiasm and encouragement from individual             graduation films, choosing between quality over
tutors. Facilities and equipment are satisfactory.       completing a specific quota.
                                                      Lack of organised classes for such Technical issues
                                                      such as cinematography. And I feel it would be wise       Perhaps more structured supervision towards
Making two 16 mm short films and the Screen           to have proper screen writing classes scheduled into      Dissertation work. But other wise Year 3 was quite
Academy Lectures.                                     the term timetable.                                       positive.

                                                      The tutors don't give each individual student enough
                                                      time and they don't know us very well. We've had 4
                                                      different head of years, so everything over the
                                                      duration of the course has been changing; there was
                                                      no solid ground. They don't give you enough personal
                                                      tuition, for each specialist role we choose there's not
                                                      enough workshops to teach us what we need to
The equipment is good.                                know.

                                                      The tutors are bit favourites sometimes they prefer
                                                      certain students.

                                                                                                                We could have done the some of the essays last year
                                                                                                                instead of last minute of the course. Tutors need to
                                                                                                                be more helpful, more communication with students.

                                                      The way the course is structured. Some of the
                                                      content of the course is not realistic from a
                                                      professional point of view and it doesn't prepare as
Some of the teachers are really good in what to bring well as it could and it could be more intensive. Do
to the learning experience.                           more with the time you have?

The library isn't stocked very well.
BA (Hons) Media and Cultural Studies LCC Media 10064P5122P300 (17 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                                 Offer alternative points of view by hiring different
Mind opening, high quality.                            Small classrooms.                                         lecturers per module.

                                                       The second year doesn't count towards anything, but
                                                       the third year does, the whole course is based on the
                                                       third year, which was brought in 2009, I don't think it
It's a good course.                                    is a very good idea.

The learning resources. The library is very good at my
uni.                                                   The organisation of my course.

It's a good uni.                                       It could be more stimulating.

Engaging in new and fascinating theory work that is    Not having the right book sources at our main library;
associated with my course. Having lecturers that are   having to go to another location. Lecturers               Make aware of out of class facilities, such as
very knowledgeable with the subject is a big help.     sometimes fail to make class, lecture notes available     extracurricular classes. Make sure that staff put
Having the freedom to make choices in terms of work    online. At times a lack of organisation from staff that   notes, PowerPoint and other materials available
we do.                                                 denies us students to learn.                              online.

                                                                                                                 Could have added an additional subject (such as
                                                        There was no core studies on the 2nd year and on the
                                                        third they took off the free Bolton's. They also
Tutors are passionate and helpful.                      changed the course without asking students.

Dynamic of the university is very positive and          Paperwork organization could be in general               An increase of the library opening hours would have
motivating.                                             improved.                                                been helpful.

                                                        Work was not given back on time. At times, the
Time is given to you to explore different topics, which course I signed up to did not meet the outline that
appear during the course. Most tutors were very         was first given to me when I first looked at the outline
approachable.                                           of the course.                                           Had field trip related to the course.

Life changing opportunities.                            Consumes a lot of time and energy.                       Given me more money.

The work-based learning was the most positive, my       The tutors not conveying the marking structure of the
electives that I did.                                   course.

                                                                                                                 Communication with students.

Lecturers, practice course, work placement.             Superficial sometimes.

Amazing lecturers passionate eye opening I have         Not structured for people who work or who have
learnt a lot in my 3 years and see myself in a whole    other commitments wanted to give all my time to this Eased up on the essays at the time of the dissertation
new way and has made me want to continue.               course to get the best out but it was not possible.  unable to give it my full support.
                                                                                                                    Not changed the 3rd year too 100% in the final year
                                                                                                                    of my course, meaning that all previous work and
                                                                                                                    grades are irrelevant. It should be a more balanced
                                                         LCC itself going through negative changes, too many        weighting, too much work and pressure now put on
Good support from lecturers.                             broken computers in library and lost books.                year 3, worried I won't get a good final grade now.

In the last year of the course, we got a new course
director, much better organised than the previous        Views of the course teachers are very one sided; only
one, and it improved the course a lot.                   opinions agreeing with left-wing politics are accepted.

                                                         Lack of communication between staff and students,
                                                         there has been several breach of data protection act
                                                         and breach of contract. I think it is a joke how we are
                                                         paying the university for tuition fees and I think it is
                                                         diabolical how I am paying so much money and the
                                                         service I am receiving is not up to standard. The lack
                                                         of regards that the personal tutors have towards 3rd
I really like the hoodie they sell, preferably the green year students is absolutely vile and it is infuriating
one. There is a really nice admin woman who works in because I am trying to get a good degree and my
the V block.                                             emails are not being replied to.

BA (Hons) Photography LCC Media 10065P5122W640 (24 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                          What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                     improve the final year of your course?
Its good that tutors have relevant experience in the
industry.                                              More one to one time between tutors and students.

                                                     Tutoring staff utterly neglects their duty of care,
                                                     whilst ensuring that confidence in work and self is at      A clear exposition of the work required in order
                                                     an all time low. A disregard for timetabling                receiving a grade deemed acceptable, as well as a
                                                     commitments or face time outside of tutorials makes         rejection of the political and personal decision making
                                                     the department unwelcoming and ensures no                   of the first two years would unquestionably improve
                                                     positive relationship between student and academic          it. More face time with tutors, without the feeling of
                                                     staff. Staff are prone to harassment, both academic         intense imposition. Equal help and support for
                                                     and personal. Grading is unfathomable and unfair,           students pursuing a slightly different creative path
                                                     with a complete lack of consistency and a reverence         than the majority, and an acceptance that this is still
                                                     for personal politics, which makes thirteen-year-old        valid artistic practice. Less personal sabotage. In fact,
                                                     girls seem balanced in their judgements of people.          no personal sabotage at all. The comprehension of
The skill and generosity of the technical staff,     Hard work and dedication to the subject are largely         the tutoring staff that they are educators, and that
combined with the prestige of the course gained from ignored, and public humiliation is commonplace.             their students have paid an enormous amount of
previous years is the only redeeming feature of this Considering the status of this course in the industry, it   money in order to be party to their expertise. We are
course. Any skills learned have been gleaned from    is an embarrassment to the university, and without a        not an imposition should we wish to talk to them, or,
technicians. The contextual studies course is        shadow of a doubt not worth the £9000 required in           God forbid, be taught by them, and to treat us as
massively improved thanks to a new course leader.    order to attend.                                            such is unacceptable.

Doing the course that I want.                          Course is unorganised.

The staff are generally well surpassed in their area of The equipment is very limited isn't always there to
specific expertise.                                     use.

                                                                                                                 Dissertation deadline directly after winter break
Good tutors.                                                                                                     rather than long after.
It gave me a test of the industry that I want to work in
with talks from photographers.                           The communication was really bad.

                                                      Most of the teachers were very good in their job but
Some of the teachers were very good.                  not good at teaching.

                                                     The technical facilities of the photography
                                                     department are poor. It's not that there aren't any
                                                     choice. There are simply too many students for the
                                                     amount of equipment (cameras, quality scanners)
                                                     there are, therefore it is sometimes very difficult or       Everything has been just fine. Thank you. However, I
                                                     impossible to access that. I wish that a module called       wish there were a broader, interdisciplinary selection
Incredibly enthusiastic, dedicated and approachable Core studies were not discontinued in the year II. I          of books in the library. For example, there was quite
tutors and technicians. Also, so much money is saved truly enjoyed leaning about different                        little to choose in the field of trauma studies (I had to
because of the photographic film processing units.   (broader/interdisciplinary) subjects during the core         buy my own books), which is currently a very topical
Visiting speaker series are great.                   studies.                                                     subject and very much related to arts.

                                                      Communication and organisation of the course are            They could have replaced the tutors on my course
                                                      appalling. Criticism is rarely constructive, and has left   with ones who care, who can give criticism that is
The counselling service at University of the Arts     many of us lacking in confidence and feeling very           constructive and not destructive and who can
London is very good.                                  down. I have been miserable on this course.                 communicate timetable changes effectively.

                                                      My tutors need to engage more with the work.

                                                                                                                  University is known for its lack of organization and
                                                                                                                  structure. These aspects must be improved.
                                                         The timetables and staff don't work the whole
The learning resources are really good and its an        administration is not very good for the amount you
interesting course.                                      pay.

                                                                                                                      I applied for extenuating circumstances, and received
                                                         The course is not very organised, dates of deadlines         an extension, however now I will graduate one year
                                                         are told very late, not all tutors reply on email            later and cannot apply for other courses. This is very
                                                         promptly, when receiving your mark mostly feedback           disorganised and has made my last year
                                                         is missing (as a result you never learn anything from        uninteresting. Also, the final deadlines are still not all
                                                         your mistakes, cause we don't know what we do                announced while the second term is almost finished.
There give many work experience opportunities and        wrong) Also we don't get any practical workshops, i.e.       We can't time manage well because of this, it makes
encourage taking part in competitions and such.          Adobe software etc.                                          the work more stressful then it already is.

                                                                                                                      Longer terms and college facilities accessibility for
                                                         Lack of equipments (dark rooms availability); not up         final year students. Portfolio review from industry
Dedicated and helpful staff. Resourceful library.        to date equipments. Lack of invited guests speaker.          experts.

The course has greatly expanded my thinking. The         There is too little technical support and tuition, i.e. on
enthusiasm of some of the tutors is very inspiring.      the basics of photography, leaving us insufficiently
The technical staff are very helpful.                    skilled to produce work.

                                                         The lack in lectures and visiting speakers.

                                                         Not enough practical teachings, too conceptual, some
Facilities are very good, the library is amazing, some   staff members are extremely unenthusiastic,
members of the staff are very helpful and                unorganised at times and the lack of technical
enthusiastic.                                            teachings.
                                                                                                                 Give more information before summer holidays to
                                                                                                                 prepare better towards 3rd year.

                                                                                                                 It is not over yet and thus I cannot fairly assess it.

                                                                                                             More lectures, a contextual program and being
Contextual studies program and the reading list that    Admin mistakes meaning I have failed every year only forwarded to somewhere where I can look at other
comes with it.                                          to be told later that I have passed.                 dissertation, a more critical viewing of my work.

                                                        It's a bad learning support systems because there is
                                                        no marks for internationals, when I was doing my
                                                        final year there was no support, hard to read things
                                                        no support I suppose in the future they do something
                                                        more for international students it would be really

                                                                                                                 The tutors speak to us as an artist and respect our
                                                      The notification about the schedules for classes and       ideas more. I can understand through the two years
                                                      tutorial is always on the last minute. I think it is not   contextual studies make us as an artist and made
The tutors became more helpful when I get in to third well organized as a course. Also really poor access to     students more speak able than in first year. Also more
year.                                                 the other department. Which is shame.                      structured in schedule. Which is better than before.

For me, they give a great chance to think about my      Lack of digital possibilities in terms of educational
own definition of the contemporary photography.         drive, program, and facilities.
Study support is very useful and better than other
universities because they are more available and the
fact that you get an extension on your essay
requirements is very useful because as a student with
study support you get an extra 2 weeks extension,     Tutor and student relations are not very clear so it
which makes it easier to complete the course.         makes it harder to do well on the course.

BA (Hons) Graphic Design Camberwell 10070A2122W210 (31 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                        What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                   improve the final year of your course?

                                                       The course has lacked greatly in tutor student time,
I have personally developed under my own steam,        the fact that we don't get any lectures; it has lacked a
with regards to me personally and me as a designer.    lot in organisation and teaching.

                                                       There were not enough lectures/seminars about art
                                                       history, advertising and all other aspects of art, which
I had great tutors throughout my course.               influence graphic design.                                Separating the deadlines of unit 9 and 10.

                                                                                                                  Employed tutors who were in school more often and
                                                                                                                  answered e-mails. The main staff I came into contact
                                                                                                                  with was excellent however.
                                                       Funding was cut a lot and so we haven't got the same
I think the tutors were really hard and really         opportunities as previous others had, for example we
dedicated and enthusiastic and good, they do there     were taught one day a week for 6 hours and that was
best.                                                  our entire tutorial we had.

                                                      In terms of value for money, you don't get a lot at
                                                      Camberwell. In the 2nd and 3rd year particularly            The dissertation running alongside the other units is a
The methods of teaching at Camberwell have ensured lessons would be timetabled for as little as 12 hours          huge amount to cope with when academic writing
that I can now approach new projects with             per week. Although we are expected to work on our           has not been something I have practiced since A level
confidence. The peer group I have been associated     projects, it would be great to see more time                5 years ago. Being set no briefs means often working
with for three years work fantastically together, and allowance for technical workshops and design                at home/in an empty studio in college. The third year
the tutors are knowledgeable of the subject and       history/context lectures. It costs £120 a week, per         is quite lonely. It would be nice if more workshops
people who can help specialise further if their       student to be at Camberwell and there is nowhere            were set/mini projects to get us together at the same
knowledge is not sufficient.                          that much teaching time returned to us.                     time.

                                                          We don't have any lectures we don't study any theory
                                                          or history, we don't share our work as a course, we
                                                          don't present our work to our fellows students, there
                                                          isn't enough emphasis on the purpose or the context
I think the briefs we got in the 1st year were brilliant; piece of work that is created i.e. we get away too
the tutors are brilliant when we see them.                much.

Freedom to express yourself creatively in a range of                                                              Have better access to University facilities (i.e. screen
mediums not closely associated to Graphic design.      Not enough equipment resources.                            printing etc) in holiday periods and evenings.
                                                     University of the arts London is a farce especially
                                                     Camberwell. One gets the impression they are about
                                                     to close it down or sell it. It is unbelievably badly run
                                                     and inside politics/financing has torn the corporation
                                                     apart. I deeply regret going to Camberwell: The tutors
                                                     are great but last year, they ran out of funding to pay
                                                     the tutors for the last few weeks. This is typical of
                                                     UAL. The course is also badly structured we never
                                                     really have to be in and when we do, we usually find
                                                     out at 3 a.m. the night before. At the end of the day,      For one, they could have cope up to pay the tutor
                                                     its what you make of it but I'm certainly not alone         from the second year to carry on into the third like
The tutors are nice and seem to care about what they when I say that I've become disheartened because of         they were supposed to. As a result, my third year has
do and are generally helpful etc.                    the college. I want my three years back please.             been the worst yet.

                                                       No training in any programs or history of design. If      Offer support in the massive amount of pressure the
                                                       you do nothing there is no to stop you continuing         final year is. This maybe because there is very little
You are left free to whatever you wish.                this.                                                     tuition so you never know how well you are doing.
                                                                                                          I think that the 3000-word dissertation draft should
                                                                                                          be completed over the summer giving more time to
                                                                                                          edit and finish so the Unit 9 hand in should not clash
                                                                                                          with Unit 10. It's hard to work on both equally and
                                                                                                          produce high standard work. Also all of a sudden
                                                                                                          Harvard style essay writing is enforced, this should be
                                                                                                          practiced in every essay throughout the 3 year. More
                                                                                                          discipline should be enforced for those that do not
Some of the projects were interesting, the creative   Never working in a studio environment, not enough   show up or do not do enough work, its unfair on
freedom to do whatever.                               technical help, using software etc.                 those that do that are treated the same.

                                                                                                          Spaced out the structure of the units. Unit 9 and 10
                                                                                                          running at the same time, made it more difficult. Not
                                                                                                          more challenging, but more frustrating. Time
                                                                                                          planning is a key skill to develop obviously, but I feel
                                                                                                          unit 10 lacked sufficient attention in its development
                                                                                                          stages on my part due to the focus on unit 9.

                                                                                                          Have unit 9 and 10 run one after the other rather
                                                                                                          than at the same time.
                                                       The difficulty of sorting out access or workshops.
                                                       They seem to happen later in the academic year,
                                                       which means it's difficult to start working or learning
                                                       in certain areas. The lack of storage space for work
                                                       (where we are unafraid of it being taken). The lack of
Certain tutors, such as ??? have been of great help. a working space, although this has improved as the
The facilities available. The technicians who have     years of the course progressed. The lack of course
been incredibly helpful. The non-traditional aspect of structure we are unsure of what we are doing from
the course in terms of graphic design. It doesn't push week to week. However the final year is better as we
us all into boxes, and instead encourages us to be     are mostly dependent on ourselves with personal         Better structuring of course units, as the overlapping
open-minded, creative and flexible.                    tutorials.                                              has been difficult to manage.

Friendly staff.                                        Very bad communication between tutors.

Definite improvements in organisation and quality of                                                           Provide more talks and discussions from external
course during my time there despite various          Course and college neglected and under funded at          speakers and more focus on the theory behind the
restrictions (economical, lack of space, etc.).      start of degree.                                          degree.

                                                       Lack of actual tuition, should have more structured
                                                       plan where we are actually taught about graphic
                                                       design on a broader spectrum. It's history; specific
Some good facilities and some very helpful             influential designers and individuals etc. should have
technicians. Generally good atmosphere in the          more discussion and showing of work amongst the        This year has not so much been the problem, rather
college and sense of community.                        year group.                                            the 2 that came before it.
                                                                                                             Rearranged the structure of our activities, such as
                                                                                                             work placement, live project etc. Done that in second
                                                                                                             year, rather than third year, and then had more time
                                                      Disorganized in general miscommunication between to focus and expand on third year project. With the
                                                      tutors and students lacking structure in taught hours, time given, there are literally three months to
Independence given to the students by the tutor's     not enough taught hours. Problem of time               complete and submit a final piece, which I think
group tutorials self-directed working space and time. management.                                            should deserve a couple of months more of planning.

                                                         The marking scheme is very unclear. Examiners
                                                         (individual tutors) seem to mark work on personal
                                                         preference rather then using the marking system.
                                                         There has been no useful skills taught on this course
                                                         what so ever, unless you count 'conceptual thinking'. I
                                                         don't understand where my tuition fees (over £9000)
                                                         has gone to as we don't get extras from this course       Introduced more lectures. Invited in professionals to
                                                         other then the general tutorials and a few lectures       teach us useful technical skills for commonly used
                                                         (basic talks) each month. No technical skills have        programmes within the graphic design industry.
I've had only one tutor on this course that has given been taught at all on this graphic design degree,            Given us clear briefs rather then ones that are all
me helpful advice and seemed to know what they are which makes it hard for this college to produce                 riddles. Advised career planning. More support from
talking about, which I'm grateful for, yet this has been employable graphic designers. I'm completely              tutors who have actually experienced the graphic
in my final year. Why are there not more tutors like unsatisfied with this course and believe it to be a bit       design industry and understand typical commonly
throughout the whole course?                             of a clown course.                                        used programmes used within design.
                                                        I felt that the new electives in second year did not
                                                        fulfil my expectations, particularly because one of the
                                                        reasons I chose the course was because of the
                                                        previous elective scheme. From what I understand
                                                        the electives were changed in order to make the
                                                        course more academic however I don't think that this
                                                        was necessarily achieved. I found that the emphasis
The printing and photography facilities have been       on group projects in the last half of second year did
particularly positive, mainly because of the staff that not allow for the programme of study for third year
work in these areas as they are really helpful and      to be fully explored I think I would have found it really
enthusiastic. The tutors on this course are incredibly helpful to have been much more focussed on my own
knowledgeable and enthusiastic about graphic            study at this point. The third year proposals felt
design, which does reflect on the students. The         rushed and were not considered in that much depth,          I think more planning and focus at the end of second
encouragement of the tutors not to specialise in one which I think, for me, led to uncertainty and a lack of        year on the third year programme of study would
particular area and to use the course to experiment confidence about my third year. I think that the                have been incredibly useful. Also I think that the
with different ideas and practices has been             structure and timing of the units 9 and 10 need to be       placement of the three weeks for unit 9 in the middle
particularly positive, although sometimes I would       reviewed. I felt that having three weeks taken out of       of the first term needs to be reviewed as it really
have liked the learning of new skills to be much more the term at week 6 for unit 9 meant that my project           disrupts the progress and development of the unit 10
part of the course through group workshops etc.         work for unit 10 lost focus and momentum.                   works.

                                                          Lack of contact time with tutors. Limited funding and
University trips and external projects. The               resources. Difficulty to access more popular          Given more tutor contact time. Made access to
opportunity to receive live projects. Visiting lecturers. workshops the canteen the bar.                        workshops a priority to third year students.
                                                         To begin, we were dumped in a room that looked
                                                         more like a clinical surgery or doctor's waiting room
                                                         with a few computers. Our head of art who was
                                                         interesting left us after the first year and we received
                                                         a fine artist as our head of year. The organisation
                                                         diminished, as did the student's moral and
                                                         enthusiasm for the course. I found the bureaucracy
                                                         that University of the arts has sunk into, has ruined
                                                         the intimacy of any independent university. For
                                                         example: to print something we were made to do an
                                                         all round 15-minute trip. Now this may seem petulant
                                                         to be annoyed by this, but a mistake meant doing this         I have felt that eventually we have received a teacher
                                                         trip, gaining signatures, receipts etc. Overall, I feel the   who has chosen to attempt to put the course back on
Camberwell started with a set of highly enthusiastic debt I am currently in, and the three thousand                    track. Sadly for the third year, this is too late. We are
students and could be a brilliant art school for graphic pounds bills I have paid for the last three years have        encumbered by work and getting offers to come to
designers to work in.                                    been a large waste of time and money. I could go on!          talks, do projects etc is unrealistic.

                                                        Students should be more encouraged to use the
                                                        college facilities from an early stage, not just
                                                        introduction workshops but projects related so that            Unit 9 (dissertation, live project, work placement)
                                                        the student becomes more familiar with the skills              should be done and handed in before Christmas
                                                        they are learning and can explore a personal                   break. It's been a struggle for all of us this year to
                                                        approach. Also the hand in for dissertation, work              complete both Unit 9 and 10 at the same time the
                                                        placement or life project should be before Christmas           quality of our work preparing us for Unit 11 has
The best of the course is that the subject can have an and not after to allow the student to fully concentrate         suffered. Student should be able to concentrate on
open interpretation with no limitations or strict rules on the Individual Program of study from the                    each unit separately in order to perform to their
to follow allowing a greater creative development.      beginning of the winter term.                                  higher standards.
                                                      Nid yw'r cwrs wedi ei drefnu yn foddhaol o gwbl. Ni
                                                      gynnigwyd ddigon o waith theori a oedd yn addas i'r
Mae astudio ar y cwrs wedi fy ysgogi I weithio yn     pwnc, gan gynnwys unryw theori sylfaenol. Roedd y
annibynol gan beidio a bod yn orddibynol ar           cyfleoedd I ddefnyddio'r cyfleusterau printio ayyb yn
wybodaeth gan diwtoriaid I barhau a'r gwaith. Yn      brin a nid oedd unrhyw ofyn anghenrheidiol I ni           A greater foundation of theoretical lectures and
ogystal mae'r lefel o ryddid a gynnigir o fewn y      ddefnyddio'r cyfleusterau chwaith. Bu'r ffaith fod y      practical workshops during the first two years would
gwahanol 'briefs' a osodwyd wedi rhoi cyfle I mi      pennaeth y cwrs wedi gadael I ddysgu ar gwrs arall        have improved my confidence and contributed
ehangu fy neallusrwydd o lawer pwnc.                  hefyd yn waeledd yn ystod yr ail flwyddyn.                towards a better third year.

Have felt that certain tutors have strongly helped me Occasionally feel certain aspects regarding               Possibly more scheduled tutorials with a desired
overcoming difficulties I may have faced.             assessment have not been made entirely clear.             tutor.

                                                      Theory based work was lacking at the beginning of
                                                      the course, which would have been helpful in
                                                      preparation for dissertation. Would have liked more       Less holiday time. Two weeks at Christmas and two
Tutors have been very helpful in trying to progress   compulsory or guided skills tutorials in the first year   again at Easter would be efficient, to allow for more
with work.                                            to encourage good use of universities facilities.         contact time with tutors or use of college facilities.

                                                                                                                More guest speakers. Relevant studio days to help
                                                                                                                without projects.
The course was very interesting, stimulating. It         The course lacked in organization, we were notified      Unit 9 and Unit 10 were overlapping, which resulted
improved my communication skills and built my            about a meeting day before at times. There was not       in not much progress on Unit 10 (people were
confidence. Unit 9-work placement pursuit was an         enough theory taught, there were weeks where only        focusing on find a work placement, organizing live
amazing experience, I learned a lot through this         time I would come to uni would be for a tutorial or to   project or writing dissertation forgetting about Unit
process.                                                 use a facility.                                          10 completely).

                                                                                                                  Unit 9 should happen over the Summer so majority of
                                                         Assessment deadlines should be more spread out,          the written work is completed half way through the
Great facilities and technicians.                        dissertation should be handed in before Christmas.       Christmas term leaving more time for practical work.

                                                         There is a definite lack of actual teaching on practical
                                                         aspects of graphic design for example typography,
                                                         layout, use of computer programs etc. I feel most or
                                                         all of my knowledge of these subjects has been
                                                         gained through independent learning. There is not
                                                         enough scheduled teaching time or workshops, which
                                                         prepare us for industry. What is available from the
                                                         course and university is communicated badly
                                                         resulting in people missing out on valuable
                                                         experiences. Poor attendance by many without
                                                         repercussions has impacted the experience of the
On the whole there is a positive attitude among          few that do engage. The course seems to be
teaching staff that encourages learning. The head of     understaffed which compromises the ability of the
the course does his very best to be available            very talented teaching staff by spreading their
whenever students need feedback and help. The            expertise too thinly. It is obvious that the head of the Made the course more structured. Given practical
facilities are good especially letterpress and screen-   course is incredibly busy doing admin etc when he is workshops to improve our skills ready for the
printing.                                                also responsible for the main teaching.                  workplace.
Staff love the subject and are always available when   Lack of communication regarding the criteria and      Not much, I lost my love for the subject a long time
needed.                                                quality of work required.                             ago.

                                                       There didn't seem to be much actual teaching about    Not had us offsite for such a long time, I felt
Flexibility, enthusiastic tutors.                      the subject.                                          disconnected and anxious.

BA (Hons) Conservation Camberwell
10085A2122W160 (5 comments found)
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BA (hons) Fashion: Fashion Design Menswear CSM
FTD 10087M4232W230 (4 comments found)
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BA (Hons) Fashion: Fashion Design Womenswear CSM FTD 10088M4232W230 (7 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                   What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                              improve the final year of your course?

Preparation of students for work life, very good links High number of students in course overfilled rooms,
to industry (fashion).                                 less personal atmosphere amongst peers.

Range of teaching standard their experience and        Little more involvement in introducing foreign
always willing help and give advise.                   students to other students.
Excellent opportunities for work experience in the
industry given. Very creative course, very stimulating.
Inspiring tutors.

                                                                                                                 Given us less pointless projects, it wastes valuable
                                                       Blatant favouritism career opportunities offered to       time we never had in the first place. I look back on
                                                       certain pupils over others whilst some are not even       the first term and cannot genuinely remember what
                                                       told about interview dates no equal chances. Never        we did. All I know is that I never got a chance to work
                                                       tell us what is going on and when we have had to          on my final collection that time would have been
                                                       start group on Facebook so we tell each other what's      unimaginably invaluable for experimentation on toils
                                                       going on as and when we hear rumour since we              and for sketching but time was wasted on group
                                                       cannot seem to find things out in a normal way from       projects and one week projects things we have been
                                                       our university criticism is sometimes not constructive.   doing in year 1 and 2. We are artists and most of us
                                                       The result is many people can come away from the          are disorganised and do not manage our time
                                                       experience as weaker individuals. Encouragement is        efficiently, try to take that into account and finding
                                                       an extremely important element; if you encourage it       ways to deplete time! Also more dissertation tutorials
                                                       will make our work stronger through confidence.           would have helped and not giving us projects in
                                                       Some of us have been stripped of it so much, we have      weeks that were assigned to dissertation work would
                                                       forgotten even how to draw a huge regression              have also helped. The final year is stressful, for a lot
Teaches you to think individually outside of the box, considering we obviously once thought we were good         of us it's the final hurdle and we are already tired and
teaches you a special aesthetic that I don't think     enough to apply to the best arts university in the        stressed before we even started. Surprise projects
other colleges do. That aesthetic shapes you to be a country. Potential lies in every student, take the time     and surprise crits just stress us out. I would have liked
better designer as you are trained more intellectually to find it and nurture it and we will become great        my final year to be a comfortable, inspiring and
etc.                                                   designers.                                                creative process.

                                                          Just very little feedback.
                                                       General feeling that students opinions are not taken
                                                       into account on any of the decision being made in the
                                                       college including the highly unpopular move to kings
                                                       cross. Feeling that to complain about an issue will be
Exciting place to study, interesting people.           detrimental to the student.

                                                       Organisation of the course. Too many students and
                                                       too little time from tutors to be spent on the
Definitely helped me to realised the outside industry. students. Too crowded.

BA (hons) Fashion: Fashion Communication with Promotion CSM FTD 10089M4232W230 (10 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                           improve the final year of your course?

My course is the only I have come across (since
speaking with people on other degree courses) that
gears students for industry, for life after college,
which I think is one of its key attributes. Teaching,
especially in final year, comes from a diverse range of From time to time assessment requirements are
industry figures and we are pushed to achieve our       unclear, or distracting from our overall purpose in the Offered guidance on practical matters such as finding
best.                                                   final year.                                             sponsorship.

                                                                                                                Not had a portfolio and research and development
Having opinions from various tutors who I feel are     Organisation and informing of particular assessment      assessment half way through, it should be marked as
very knowledgeable.                                    criteria can be lacking.                                 a whole at the end.
???. The fact that the course treats you like a
professional and not just a student, it completely
prepares you for the outside world of work.

I feel that from doing presentations I have gained                                                          Better facilities. More contacts for people like
confidence in myself and presenting my ideas.         I think there should be more lessons in the term.     printers and work experience.

The self-directed study helps to improve creativity   We should get more technical support to achieve our
and artistic view.                                    work, more access to technical equipment.

                                                        Disorganised teaching and timetable changes. Some
                                                        tutors are unnecessarily negative rather than
                                                        constructive or encouraging. Marking is often too
Small class sizes. Very good cultural studies teaching. subjective-guidelines unclear.
It is clear that in the last 2 years positive changes are
starting to take place that improve the stages of the       The tutors need to be more encouraging in the first
course and focus more on the needs of the student           two years. More support is definitely needed during
than when I began. Final year support is much greater       the industry year. It would help to have additional
than any previous years and having a varied mix of          tutors present for longer periods of time in the first
tutors enables students to gain a wider outlook on          and second years. A second point of view may help
development of projects. Small class sizes enable           students to progress more positively or confidently.      Explain marking criteria properly. Be more supportive
flexibility and better communication between                There needs to be a skills associated evaluation of the   and empathetic towards students. The introduction
students and tutors. Students are encouraged to get         course it does not prepare you properly for the           of additional non-marked deadlines is detrimental to
to know others from different years. This is especially     variation of work and skills needed to produce the        progress. All students' work on different time scales
beneficial to students in lower years that can talk to      final year project. There is a lack of empathy toward     and with different priorities for what is best for them,
older students for advice.                                  students.                                                 over pressuring students is not helpful.

The variety of outside tutors coming in and giving us       Not learning skills to their full potential. Only having a
advise and talks on what they do.                           basic knowledge on certain programmes.                     More support.

Much room for self-development and expression. A
great course. Highly recommended. I'm so pleased to
have been lucky to study here.

The technicians are brilliant, they teach us most           In general teachers can be over critical and not
things that we get taught, anything technical.              always constructive.

BA (Hons) Fashion: Design with Marketing CSM FTD 10090M4232W230 (13 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                     What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                improve the final year of your course?

                                                      Not enough space to work in. Not seeing tutors
                                                      frequently enough. Punctuality not withheld,
                                                      occasionally students will be messed around with         More time with tutors or seeing them more
Good competitions and affiliations with well regarded timings and sudden changes to timetables are made        frequently. Final year projects evolve so quickly more
companies that make projects more exciting.           but with too little notice to make a difference.         guidance is needed in the preliminary stages.

                                                       Not enough technical skills between the three year
It's very free, you are allowed to do whatever you     courses but we are expected to know that at the final
want and its good they don't limit.                    year.

                                                                                                               More rooms and machineries, so that there are
                                                                                                               enough for all of us in the course. More pattern
                                                                                                               cutting tutors so we do not have to wait for hours just
                                                                                                               for little questions.
                                                       Not always being able to contact the tutor when
                                                       needed. Not enough of tutorial time (5min to explain
                                                       your final collection idea is not enough). Lack of space
                                                       for sewing or pattern cutting. 1/3 of sewing machines
                                                       are always out of order. Poor access to the facilities
                                                       on Saturday; power is off on our floor. Freezing cold
                                                       in winter (in college). Not enough of machines, no
                                                       fusing press, jersey sewing machine, buttonhole
                                                       maker. Unwell organized timetable, too much time
                                                       for research and dissertation, not enough of time for
                                                       making collection. Students are expected to hire
                                                       seamstresses to make their collection pieces, which
                                                       distinguishes financially secure students from the
                                                       ones with a limited budget. Feels like having money
                                                       makes students get better marks using better and
                                                       more expensive materials and getting paid. External
The variety of different projects. Opportunities for   help is considered a way to making a more
external projects with famous companies, meeting       professional collection. The course is Fashion Design
famous people of the fashion industry. Ability to      with Marketing, but there are no marketing tutorials
access the other libraries of the university.          at all.

                                                                                                                  More tutorials, more time (whole year) for units 13
                                                                                                                  and 14.

                                                       The amount of space available for a student is very

                                                                                                                  More support, well organised timetable.
                                                                                                                    Our tutors should have placed more emphasis on the
                                                          Disorganisation of timetable leading to constant          work we should have been doing over the Christmas
                                                          changes and updates that are often last minute and        break and included tutorials in the first week of the
                                                          unclear. Bias towards wealthier students due to the       spring term. Not doing this has meant we had a two
                                                          wider range of options available to them through          month period with no supervision or input form our
                                                          fabric choices, manufacturing etc.                        tutors.

                                                          I wish the course were more organised. There would
                                                          be more facilities for us to use. I wish they had taken
                                                          less students because the studio is really tiny and we
I really like the fact that the tutors gave us a lot of   don't have a lot of machines and they are taking more
freedom to develop ourselves. They treat us as an         students every year and we have 3 years worth of
individual.                                               students to share one room.

Has helped me decide what I want to go into in terms
of jobs after graduating.                            Not enough space to work in the university.
                                                     It is frustrating when we are encouraged to arrive at a
                                                     particular time, and are kept waiting for hours or told     If I had had more pattern cutting experience on my
                                                     to come back several hours later, particularly when         course before this point I would feel better prepared
                                                     you have a long way to travel. Also having money is         and more fully capable of competing with other
                                                     extremely important on my course and it seems the           student who have studied before. I feel I lack a lot of
                                                     more you have the better you do. If you do not have         technical skill that is not provided on the course, yet
                                                     pattern cutting experience before the course you are        this seems to be the majority of the marks at the end.
                                                     on an uphill struggle as you get very little tutoring on    I would be more ready and able to manage my stress
I got lots of exciting competition opportunities. We this subject and are then expected to be able to            levels, juggle other aspects that I am expected to
went to Paris to the House of Dior, had chances to   produce a full collection at the end of the degree          deliver rather than worrying if I am equipped with the
win money from several reputable companies, which after a total of only a few months practice across the         skills to do my designs and hard work over 4 years,
was exciting and stimulating.                        3 years.                                                    justice.

                                                       The timetable changes frequently. I work, so I fit work
                                                       around the timetable and then they change it. They
                                                       email us the day before to tell us we need to be in
                                                       when we are not meant to be in according to the
                                                       timetable. The marking isn't very fair.

                                                       Wrong tutorial time management. In the timetable, it
                                                       takes about 15-mins per student. But a teacher
                                                       spends 30 or 45 mins in specific students. So it has
                                                       always delayed 2 hours. Sometimes 3 hours at the
My creativity has been grown.                          end.                                                 Provide some free calico for toile's.

BA (Hons) Fashion: Design with Knitwear CSM FTD
10091M4232W230 (3 comments found)
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BA (Hons) Fashion: Fashion Print CSM FTD
10092M4232W230 (4 comments found)
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BSc Cosmetic Science LCF M&S 10100F3232F100 (11 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                     What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                               To provide more final project laboratory times
                                                       Information on the marking system should be             instead of 3 days per week and raw materials to be
Help has been provided when in need.                   informed detailed well in advance.                      provided on time.

                                                       The use of Industry Experts are also a negative, as it is
                                                       not always possible to get there opinion and or advice
                                                       on assessments as they are not based at the               The University should aim to deliver advice on how to
The lectures delivered by Industry Experts allow up to university and often don't have the time to address structure and time plan assessments in order to
date knowledge and theory of specific subject.         the needs.                                                alleviate pressure.

Good ratio of students to staff. Very good
connections with industry and cosmetic science         More resources could be available i.e. more labs,
society.                                               better equipment and more organisation.                 Better organise the structure and marks of each unit.

Industry specific lecturers. Placement year within a
company. Opportunities to study abroad on
exchange.                                                                                                      I am satisfied with the university during my final year.
                                                                                                                 Not implemented the new credit system would have
                                                                                                                 made final year more positive.

Having a placement year within the course was an
excellent experience and definitely the best part of                                                             More visits to companies as a group, better bonding
this course. Also having people from industry coming Not chemistry based enough for myself, didn't enjoy         for the class since we will probably never see each
into teach lessons.                                  the business side of cosmetics.                             other again.

Teachers reply quick to the needs of the students      Some of the lectures from industry while they are
throughout the course.                                 knowledgeable, they lack teaching skills.

Lecturers from outside university (industry) give a    High expectations/marking of the final year is not
valuable insight to the real world, and they can share portrayed and is a large step from years 1, 2, 3 with
their experiences/advice.                              no preparation.

                                                       Tutors from industry lack teaching skills. Course is
Industry year.                                         unorganised and badly structured.                         The year could have been better structured.

Industry lecturers, educational visits and enthusiasm Forms of assessment and the way the units are              Thought about the unit structure more carefully. As I
of staff.                                             structured.                                                believe the outcome for this year will be unexpected.

                                                       Lack of library resources, I found that we weren't part
Smaller classes, having industrial lecturers and the   of the university to be honest due to the fact that we
fact that we were able to touch upon all aspects of    are a Science degree, it just lacked that university
the industry.                                          feel.
BA (Hons) G.M.D Graphic Information Design LCC
Design 10103P4232W210 (1 comments found)
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BA (Hons) Graphic Design Communication Chelsea 10106A3122W200 (27 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                        What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                   improve the final year of your course?

                                                       Lack of career/placement advice/direction e.g.
                                                       planning after degree. No access to specialist areas
Lots of variety and mediums to work in, chance to      a.k.a. screen-printing, if not on exact same course. No
learn new technical skills. Ambitious and high         promised 'high' briefs in course prospects. 3rd yr - but
expectations in course as a whole.                     of a let down.

                                                       The lack of communal space on our course. We don't
Really good AV work, brilliant technicians, they can   have a studio where students can work, there's not a
help out with any queries you have.                    lot of communal environment with in the course.

Our technician is really good and always helpful,
there plenty of new equipment that has come in that The 3rd year has not been as structured as what it
is really helpful as well.                          could have been.

                                                                                                                  By having more tutorials and lectures and more
                                                                                                                  importantly, more support and feedback when
                                                         The third year is complete shambles. The other 2
                                                         were fine.

The highlights of being on the course are big clients
do come in to college and set us briefs.                 Our course tutor has not got a clue what's going on.

                                                   Third year brought about a complete change of
                                                   direction. We were asked to have an entirely
                                                   different attitude to our work, which was unexpected
                                                   and unsettling. A culture of intimidation and
                                                   excessive competition was engendered. There
First and second years were enjoyable, structured  seemed to be little help available for those who were Personal tutorials, more support and guidance.
and beneficial to my confidence and development as struggling and no guidance at all on grades or        Maintaining a sense of community on the course.
a person.                                          progression.                                          Useful careers help.

                                                         The communication between staff and student isn't
I feel that I have developed my skills as a conceptual   always consistent. E-mails can be sent out late the    More guests to support our tutor would be great as
thinker. This is a fundamental skill needed for the      night before outlining work needed for the previous    we could get additional feedback or more time spent
course.                                                  day.                                                   on discussion.

                                                         Lack of studio space and we not allowed to access
Tutors encourage a high standard of work.                facilities but we were told we could.

                                                         Those leading the course one person in particularly
The second year you are encouraged to be created         are does not give constructive criticisms and can
and do new things.                                       sometimes make students dishearten.

                                                         Your tutor promised things that didn't happen in
                                                         terms of projects. Could be better in terms of
My tutor is very inspirational.                          feedback.
Really strong course.

There is a strong influence to concentrate on
contextual ideas, the contextual side runs paralleled   The overall organisation seems like the method of
in importance to the artistic side.                     communication seems quite unorthodox.

The amount of tutor time you get.                       The organisation of timetables.

                                                    Support has flattered somewhat in the third year. It
                                                    felt like not all students were given the same
The second year was highly productive and very well opportunities, there was maybe not as much support
run, the course has a whole was a very progressive  available to all students on the third as there should
viewpoint for graphic design.                       have been.

                                                                                                                  Change the course director, tutor of Chelsea's 3rd

Enthusiasm from the tutors and attention to detail.     At times not the best communication.

Well-organised, good technical support, good
understanding of teaching criteria.                     Occasionally it doesn't run as smoothly as it could do.

                                                        The lack of communication allowed between the
                                                        tutors and students, lack of personal relationships
                                                        between tutors and students, being left to our own
Probably high standards, being pushed.                  devices and having to teach ourselves.
                                                      My final year is run only by one tutor who has strong
The first two years were very well structured and the opinions and does not explain his reasons clearly for
tutors were every helpful.                            disliking work.

                                                      The way that feedback was given. I don't mind
                                                      criticism, but maybe put it in a more non self esteem
                                                      killing way.

                                                     I feel a lot of my time has been wasted here, the
                                                     course has been badly structured from day one. After
                                                     recently doing my dissertation I felt that Chelsea had
                                                     offered far less help than any other college or course
                                                     and tutors were often unavailable. Certain things are
                                                     promised to us but never materialise, e.g. certain
                                                     projects and equipment. The space allocation here is
                                                     awful, there has only just been a space allocated to
                                                     GDC. I find it unfair that the other courses have such
                                                     a large amount of space to work in. Personal space is
                                                     invaluable to student development. There is also a
                                                     ridiculous amount of favouritism towards some
I feel that one of the positives of my course is the students, with them being given special privileges and
prestige that goes with doing a BA at Chelsea. There far more leniency. Overall I feel that the course      Add a little more structure. There has been a lack in
have also been a good amount of professionals giving doesn't provide everything it claims to. These views the amount of work given to us especially in the first
lectures and sometimes setting briefs.               are held by a large majority of my peers.              term. I feel my portfolio will be lacking.

                                                                                                              Structure to the course and improve general
                                                         First year: Communication and organisation were
                                                         particularly awful. I feel that I was told a lot of lies at
                                                         the open day (just 2 examples are that people don't
                                                         drop out of the course & projects are never repeated
                                                         so stay fresh). Hopes are often raised and
                                                         opportunities described but never materialise
                                                         providing consistent disappointment. Preserving the
                                                         reputation of the course often seems to come at the
                                                         expertise of student development (and be a priority).
Technical support. 'Our' technician is amazing,          Course director devotes a lot of time to telling us how
deserves a pay rise and the course would be lost         great he and the course are but not showing us
without him. Love the college building. In final year,   through actions, or helping us to live up to these
facilities have finally improved and are now pretty      standards. Very little teaching throughout course of
good. Great first year tutor.                            design.

                                                      Favouritism is rampant and unconcealed. A very small
                                                      group of student receive all opportunities. Course
                                                      director is prone to mood swings and sulky behaviour.
                                                      The course is all talk. Opportunities and projects are
                                                      consistently promised though fail to materialise. Now
                                                      I don't want to call the course director a liar. No wait.
                                                      I do. The course director is a liar. Teaching is minimal
                                                      in the third year. We spend hours listening to how
Staff are mostly enthusiastic. Technical support from good the course is as opposed to actually doing
the technician has been excellent. Facilities have    anything. There was term where we were project-less
greatly improved during my time on the course         for weeks. Organisation is terrible - contextual studies
(finally).                                            consisted of YouTube videos and discussions of crack.
Excellent AV facilities and technicians and             Lack of creative community as result of no studio
postproduction.                                         space.

                                                        The preference of brief and crit only
                                                        [student/teacher] interaction, as opposed to studio
                                                        based teaching time, coupled with often highly
                                                        unprofessional remarks on a regular basis (affecting
                                                        confidence, motivation, freedom of opinion in the
                                                        class environment). Very rare to have one-on-one
                                                        tutor interaction; seeking this was once inferred to
                                                        me as being 'needy'. No course designated 'studio
                                                        space' till this year; still no individual space despite
                                                        availability being made for those on other courses.        To put this politely, to reassess the hugely important
                                                        Lack of female tutors/visiting professionals               teaching of this year, rather than continuing to allow
Brilliant, supportive, passionate and individual        throughout. Missing basic, artistic non-digital            what has been the most damningly negative
teaching in the second year. The exchange               equipment (screen printing, darkroom) and any              influence on this incredibly decisive period (outside of
programme that all students are able to apply for       introduction to/teaching of these processes. Lack of       my own talent/happiness about the degree for
(asides from the financial implications/restrictions of university events and environment outside of the           personal reasons). Everyone I have spoken to
this). Great library. Good photography department; 'minimum requirement'. Minimal equipment for hire.              objectively (outside of the course) about this has said
staff are always willing to help you, regardless of     Well-equipped computer rooms shut early at the             it is unacceptable both my own experiences and
course and whether or not it is a set project.          university until this year. Poor printing facilities.      those of classmates, which I have witnessed.

BA (Hons) Fine Art CSM Art 10107M3122W100 (48 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                         What could the University have done differently to
                                                                                                                   improve the final year of your course?
                                                                                                                 What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                              Negative                                                   improve the final year of your course?

                                                      I don't believe we have enough one on one to discuss
                                                      personal issues, in particular slightly abstract points.
                                                      Separating the experience of mental health problems
The tutors are very accommodating towards my          from the study of them and the inevitable problems
needs.                                                that they create. Doesn't reflect real life.

                                                      Think that the organisation of the course isn't good.

                                                      There is a lack of communication between staff and

Studio spaces.                                        The general timetabling and running of it.

The other students are good to work with and have     The tutors haven't had that much of an influence in        Giving industry mentors to graduating students if
worked well with them outside the course. The         my study recently and I've been taking on a lot of         tutors are unavailable this year. Communication is
course has introduced me to new potential workers     work experience outside of the course to                   weak and not much trial in this trial and error top up
that were my peers.                                   compensate.                                                year.

                                                      That the tutors weren't around that much in first year
Having a good studio space in third year, the support and second year but they were there if you wanted to
that they've give within third year.                  get them, they just weren't in the studio.

Think my course is unique because of buildings        Main concern is the people running the course and
moving, improve initiative and independence.          the amount of money that is wasted.
The teaching staff were really good and supportive        Things aren't always notified to the students e.g.
especially the photography department.                    changes in the timetable.

                                                                                                                 More assistance with the dissertation.

Staff are passionate about the subject. Organisation      Not all staff are easy to communicate with. During
has improved somewhat during the last year. Great         the whole three years, timetabling and general
facilities and technical staff, inductions available on   course management has been somewhat sketchy.
request for the most part. Good availability of books     Communication inconsistent throughout the
etc at the library, although not always on the right      pathways of the course. Not enough inter-pathway       Earlier seminars/advice about degree show
campus. Good opening hours.                               interaction timetabled.                                fundraising. Earlier cross pathway crits.

                                                          Not enough compulsory classes per week. Not
                                                          enough theory. The studio space is not divided among
                                                          students. At least a compulsory screening per week
                                                          chosen by tutors. All compulsory classes should be in
Documentation is a vital process for the marking,         the morning. Not sure it is positive over all the course
which becomes very important for it forces student        should be more demanding with more assignments
to focus on the methods and process of producing          during terms and at least one essay each term.           In general I would like to have had more compulsory
work (as important as the work itself).                   Editing suit opens late at 10 a.m.                       classes.

Very good tutors.                                         Communication across the course could be better.

I can use the studio space whenever I want.               The teachers don't give much concern for us.
                                                       A lack of structured theoretical
                                                       discourse/lectures/speakers. A cut in teaching has
                                                       also meant there is less opportunity to discuss work
                                                       and context with tutors. Also Central Saint Martins
On the whole, I've been around good students, in an seem to have focused more on their branding and           More tutor engagement. A program of
exciting location and felt like I've been consistently design school than developing the art school and       theoretical/historical talks and seminars, beyond the
challenged.                                            students.                                              few that are offered already.

Most is enough freedom we have on the course.          Not enough space to work in.

                                                       There is not enough teaching or workshop, not very
                                                       organised, not very good communication, not much
                                                       material is given there is not enough teaching or
                                                       workshop, not very organised, not very good
Makes you mature.                                      communication and not much material is given.

Ease of space allocations.                             Lack of tutor contact time.

                                                                                                              Provided more tutor sessions for the dissertation,
                                                                                                              designated days where the library is accessible to 3rd
                                                       Limited lecture topics, not enough practical skills    year students (particularly before the dissertation
                                                       learning opportunities. Not enough student/tutor       deadline). Briefings to help awareness and incentives
A wide range of tutors with good knowledge and         contact time. Limited studio space. Limited or no      for fundraising for final show, more detailed briefings
experience. The freedom of the course.                 provided materials.                                    on requirements for assessments/marking criteria.
                                                                                                              Communication between the students and the higher-
                                                                                                              ups should have been made easier. Technicians
The technicians are mostly excellent people,           Course direction has been haphazard and the general should have more independent powers to policy
definitely the backbone of the course.                 ebb and flow of the college isn't particularly smooth. make in accordance with their own departments.

                                                       Not enough optioned to use all the facilities they
The tutors are good.                                   don't actually teach us anything.

                                                                                                               Better organization.

The individual tutors in my area of the course are     The overall organisation of the course is lacking and
excellent. The seminars in the second year were        there has been a lot of funding that's been cut from
particularly good.                                     resources that I use.

                                                       The closure of workshops and the reduction of studio
                                                       space has been a problem, as studying fine art
It has been very exciting to meet other students and   requires these facilities. We also have reduced tutor I think it would have helped if each department had
collaborate. The tutors are supportive and             time, which has caused friction between students and communicated with each other so there were no over
encouraging.                                           staff.                                                laps in the scheduling.
                                                       The management and administration of the course is
                                                       fundamentally at odds with its ability to provide a
                                                       good educational environment to its students. The
                                                       academic staff are sidelined and marginalized by pay
                                                       cuts and reductions in hours. This reduces contact
                                                       time between staff and students which in turn leaves
                                                       the students feeling isolated. The actual teaching
                                                       provided by the course is dwarfed by the level at
The interactions that happen between staff and         which a student has to operate as an autodidact in
students are all generally of benefit to my learning   order to fulfil the poorly thought out assessment
experience. The library and learning resources are     objectives. Certain positions, such as the course
good, and the technical staff are all excellent.       director, hold too much power.

The encouragement of working independently/self-       It could be more stimulating through out the terms
directed.                                              like having more dance through out the terms.

                                                       I don't get taught anything at all. The teachers are
                                                       never available. The criteria like the marking criteria
                                                       are very big and at the beginning of the course until
                                                       the 2nd year I didn't know that the 3rd year was the
                                                       only marks that counted.

The facilities are good and the teaching staff are     I think there could be more organisations sometimes
friendly its a decent and sociable working             and it changes the schedule, which is needed to be
environment.                                           more, organised or communicated more effectively.
                                                         I think the course needs more structure.

                                                         With regards to the running of the whole course
                                                         itself, I and many others have felt increasingly more
                                                         and more short changed as we have progressed. Last
The tutors are generally cynical, sarcastic and          year I had 4 tutorials throughout the entire year. I will
concerned with the fulfilling of the curriculum/pass concede that the subject in whom I am 'studying' is a
criteria over the actual development and well being difficult one to teach (Fine Art), but similarly it is the
of the students themselves. In my first week at the      kind of subject, which should be more open to
college three years ago, I tentatively asked a tutor for pedagogical interpretation than the average course.
guidance as I felt a little out of my depth and          The institution of which I am a student has a very
overwhelmed by the nature of the course, the tutor good name for itself which entices much interest
rolled his eyes and acted as though I were a             from potential students, but which it does not
hindrance, this kind of behaviour turned out not to be deserve. Incidentally, it is part of a university
specific to this particular tutor but in fact quite      conglomerate, which was voted the most
common throughout the course.                            disappointing overall experience last year.               Started from scratch.

                                                         Problems from diseconomies of scale. Routine,
My handling of the course.                               mostly slightly dull and predictable.

The tutors are normally good and passionate about        The organisation is generally very poor and the studio
what they are doing.                                     is freezing cold.
                                                          Real lack of teaching, lack of tutor time lack of good
                                                          advice, advice can be very confusing, questions about
                                                          marking criteria have been asked with the same
                                                          question back and tutor has stood there as if          The final year has been far superior to the outer year.
                                                          impressed with his question. Unhelpful 'always busy' Could have been more helpful, tutors could have
The name outer talented students.                         tutors lack of want to inspire!                        given us more time.

Communicating ideas with other students,                  Not enough contemporary art history and art history Expose us to the professional world, and the
understanding the importance of criticism.                classes.                                            possibilities available with our diploma.

                                                                                                                  They could have offered more help and advise to

                                                          Disorganised and poor communication (e.g. last
                                                          minute timetable changes). Lack of availability of
                                                          workshop (some workshops only open twice a week)
Interesting lecture series in the 2nd year.               facilities and materials.                          More group crits in the first and second term.

Our theory tutors are brilliant.                          The lack of inspiration off the tutors.

I really like the library, really good library and very   Lack of actually classes, we didn't have one class I
effective, everything I needed always there, never        would have liked to have, had a class that you had to
had one thing I couldn't.                                 attend to.

                                                     Some teachers picked on semi-term in the field rather
Some highly inspiring teachers. Encourages extremely than a genuine desire to teach. Highly disorganised
critical thinking. Good resources.                   course - poor communication of events/timetable.
The availability of specialist facilities, equipment etc.

                                                        A lot of technicians I had, a couple of bad
                                                        experiences, one technician who wasn't encouraging,
                                                        once he said to me that a piece that I was working on
                                                        was ridiculous, which I thought was unprofessional,
                                                        another one was very aggressive, one time when I
That the tutors are very kind of interested in their    didn't wear the proper attire in the workshop, and I
subjects whom I think is good for the students. I think think there should be more provided for finance
it's really great that it's a good blend of talented    students in terms of workshop, I don't feel that we
students.                                               were instructed enough on technical issues.

The students are the main positive part.                    Feedback from tutors should be more regular.

                                                            Limited access to facilities, less contact with tutor
                                                            then would be preferred and course sometimes
                                                            seems like its not well organised. Instructions aren't
Interesting lecturers and tutors.                           set up in a way that gives us a lot of time.
                                                                                                              More workshops that should be made mandatory.
                                                                                                              Encourage students to work in studios by making it
                                                                                                              mandatory to be there and research. Teachers get
                                                                                                              more involved into students in studios. Encourage
                                                                                                              more learning opportunities made mandatory for
                                                                                                              students to come in and listen to lectures and talks.
                                                                                                              Allow students to participate more in other pathways
                                                                                                              to broaden their experiences in BA Fine Art. Do more
                                                                                                              projects collaborating with different pathways so
                                                      Students are mostly self-taught. In terms of skills and students get to mix up more and broaden
                                                      other things like silkscreen workshops, are so limited experiences and get to know students that wouldn't
                                                      available. We do not get given enough writing           usually collaborate together. For example, an English
Gives students individuality and gives students a     assignments and therefore we are less experienced in student paired with a Japanese student. Exchange of
chance to be very independent.                        writing.                                                cultures and ideas etc.

                                                      Terrible timetable scheduling. Not able access certain
                                                      workshops before assessment as staff away with Post
                                                      Graduates. Very little notice given (if any) 0 of change
                                                      of timetable. It seems to be assumed that nobody has
                                                      to work or responsibilities, family commitments
When speaking with tutors there is useful feedback.   outside of college.

Very good tutors on my pathway with a lot of                                                                     Showing more support and giving more advice in
knowledge giving good advice and are very                                                                        order to start fundraising and catalogue for the
supportive.                                           Confusion of dates and deadlines.                          degree show earlier.
The communication issues are really good with the
students and the staff. That's improved a lot. The
course as a whole has been a good experience.

I really like my tutors, they really care about how we
do on the course and try to make sure we have the
right information to do as well as possible. We also
have quite a lot of contact with tutors because of our   Facilities are not available across the course. It would
moderate class size. Much more than other people in      be nice to do more inter-pathway critics of work
different pathways to my course. I really enjoyed the    there is only one at the end of the 3 years. There       So far, I am enjoying it more that I have the last two
lectures in my second year.                              aren't enough computers in the library.                  years.

                                                         There is very bad communication between the
                                                         administration and the students. Timetables are given
                                                         late and are often incorrect. Occasionally lectures are
                                                         not announced until the day before, and only by
                                                         notices in school not on Blackboard. We do not have
                                                         enough access to the tutors or to the studio,             When writing the dissertation, we had only a single
                                                         especially in the second year, when months could          one-on-one tutorial focusing on the actual content of
                                                         pass without seeing a tutor. Some projects, such as       our essays. Other universities have multiple tutorials
                                                         ones assigned in the second year (the imitation Arts      regarding the written work, and students are free to
The other students are for the most part very            Council Funding) were barely explained and no help        email their tutors sections of their dissertations for
motivated and talented.                                  was offered for students who required it.                 editing and other help.

BA (Hons) Fine Art CSM Art 10107M3642W100 (9 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                         What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                    improve the final year of your course?

                                                          Office administration is particularly poor giving an
The studying experience has opened new worlds of overall impression that students are unwelcome.
possibilities for me and allowed me to focus on           Myself & several fellow students received failure
priorities. The teaching staff are great, the location is letters because handed in work had been misplaced
wonderful and resources rich.                             & receipts not given.

                                                      The course has been quite difficult to navigate in
                                                      terms of timetabling, deadlines, bureaucracy etc. This
                                                      has meant students have to be overly organised to try
                                                      and find the relevant information needed at each
                                                      particular stage of the course. In general I have also
I have very much enjoyed the interactions with other felt that there has been too much emphasis on                 As a part time student coming into the final year has
students and staff, in particular what they bring to  briefings etc. as opposed to discussing and looking at       meant for a lot of adjustment. Timetabling and
the course. Having it studio based where work is      the work. If it could be possible to introduce basic skill   allowances in terms of deadlines could have been
visible also helps inspire and motivate you to create modules like life drawing, etc. I think this would           slightly more considered because of this. Overall, I
work.                                                 definitely benefit many students.                            have felt the final year to be positive however.

                                                        Don't like the practical skills. Don't facilitate you to
Helps you to become adaptable to anything.              make-work at the college.
The quality of the teachers in relation to art its more
than a job so they breath and do art so it makes it
much easier and brings it out life. The whole             The buildings are a bit defective, toilets been a bit
approach to the job is above duty and their support       dodgy, could be a bit better and more studio room,
not just with academic and with students in there         and a bigger library and more room in the computer
whole life.                                               room.

                                                       Insufficiently stocked library and insufficient access to
Fantastic dyslexia support, some tutors are excellent. the workshops.

                                                          Facilities for surgery painting could be made longer.
                                                          Studio allocation for III year could be better thought
                                                          out e.g. mix painters & photographers! Otherwise it's
Well-structured and stimulating course.                   too crowded.

                                                          Organisation, facilities available particularly for part
                                                          time students were terrible, timetable scheduling
                                                          wasn't managed early enough to facilitate part time
                                                          students arranging other commitments which is why
                                                          they were part time in the 1st place, IT facilities such
                                                          as Blackboard and Webmail were poorly managed to
Teaching is positive.                                     deal with part time students needs.

Meeting all the people and group. Knowledge that is
imparted by the lecturers.                                Organisation and communication of any changes.

I have progressed far more than I ever thought I          One tutor handled a presentation unprofessionally
would.                                                    that has given me a fear of presentations ever since.
BA (Hons) Acting CSM DCL 10108M6122W400 (21 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

Build in confidence. Personal aspects, such as voice,
movement and text have improved.                        Very long hours.                                         Have more industry people come and talk to us.

Everything.                                             Politics and favouritism.

Small group sizes allowing me to have a good one-on-
one relationship with my teachers, whom I can
approach for help at any time. The way we, as a year
group, are encouraged to work together as an
ensemble has made me feel comfortable and             University bureaucracy makes some matters e.g.
supported and has helped us to raise the bar for each room bookings, computer/library facilities, etc very
other.                                                difficult to overcome.

                                                        The university's lack of understanding of the
The individuality of Drama Centre.                      traditions and functions of the Drama Centre.

                                                        Getting feedback takes too long. The new system
                                                        that's been put in place is not really compatible with
                                                        looking at our assessments in detail. How can I
                                                        mature in my skills?
                                                      The same students have been picked to play the lead
                                                      roles in the plays every term, with the same people
                                                      having the smaller roles. This has lead to some being   To have given us students at Drama Centre more
                                                      given the opportunity to develop further than others,   opportunities to do extracurricular activities, as none
An abundance of contact hours. Teachers who are       and those who have not been given this opportunity      available fit in with our hectic timetable. This would
extremely passionate about their subjects and         to feel disheartened, and indeed, lacking the skills    be a nice way for us to broaden our horizons as we
effectively convey their expertise.                   and confidence to carry off a substantial role.         step into the very insecure world of acting.

                                                                                                              A system of short courses and workshops rather than
                                                                                                              4 or 5 classes a week and then rehearsals from 48:30.
                                                                                                              I could have got a job with all the spaces in our

                                                                                                             A greater emphasis on pastoral care supporting
For the most part the teachers are inspiring and I get The facilities are a little poor. Drama Centre is not students to deal with the emotional stresses of
an incredible amount for my money in terms of          granted a large enough budget from the university to entering the profession along side supporting us
contact hours.                                         really excel in all the areas it could.               professionally.

                                                      Our course director is doing a job which is really for
                                                      about 3 people. She has to do so much unnecessary
Teachers know their stuff and are always there for    work for the university when her time would be spent We could have more people come in and give us
and do everything they can to put you in a good light more efficiently if she could devote her time to the   external advice about the industry, the more the
for the future.                                       students.                                              better.

                                                                                                              I am happy with the course as it stands.

We get worked very hard and encouraged to push        Sometimes the feedback isn't always clear or
ourselves to our limits and sometimes we aren't.      constructive.
All the staff are incredibly passionate about their
subject and take the time to help you develop             The building is far too small. We need space to be
individually.                                             able to reflect.

Dialogue with teachers over course of three years has
been really helpful. Very approachable, and are
feeling like as a student my opinions on how the
course is being taught are actually taken on board.
Preparation for being a professional is taken very        One person casts all of the plays for three years and
seriously and I feel that by the time I leave I will be   this can be biased. There are elements of favouritism,
ready to step into the industry with confidence. It's     which means some people are consistently given           We only do three public performances and a
not sugar coated or hidden from us that it's going to     good parts and others are left not stretched or          showcase over our final year. I assume this is down to
be tough when we leave and the staff make sure we         untested by smaller roles. I believe there should be     budget constraints, but other schools put on more
are ready for that. We are pushed very hard over long     some system in place to make sure that everyone          plays and therefore have more professional
hours and I wouldn't want it any other way its an         gets a chance to work on a variety of roles during       experience when they leave. I think it would be a vast
integral part of the drama centre training and must       their training. There aren't enough rooms available to   improvement to the course if we had another
never be diluted to suit university standards.            work in alone or outside of classroom hours.             showcase or play in one of our terms.
                                                        Final year NEEDS to be re-evaluated. Too much time
                                                        is spent hanging around not much structure to 2nd
                                                        and 3rd term. The students need to be kept busy.
                                                        Classes in 2nd term are just strange because you do a
                                                        class then have 5 hours off until rehearsal and by that
                                                        time no one wants to rehearse because they are so
                                                        tired. Classes should be more geared towards the
                                                        afternoon rehearsals. Voice department in third year      Changed the timetable to meet the needs of actors
The teaching is mostly to an amazing standard. The      does not really know what they are supposed to be         who are now trained. Do classes that work towards
teachers are extremely passionate about what they       doing with us. Need much more sight-reading classes,      something; this will solve the problem of less people
do. Strict time keeping and professional rules, which   prior to when we start auditioning in the outside         attending the 3rd year classes. They need to be
ensure good professionalism to take into our career.    world. Listen to students regarding their subjects.       structured much better so people are not sitting
The amount of teaching hours is fantastic and           Singing classes need to move into third year and not      around doing nothing for most of the day. The last
needed. Excellent material used (plays etc)             just classes with a musical director and the course       two terms have not been as productive until towards
Approachable supportive teachers.                       director.                                                 the end of the terms.

Excellent, detailed training, long hours are brilliant
don't change them, who needs reflection time on an
acting course. Acting is about learning through doing Some patronising teachers, too many people in one
it's not academic.                                     space.                                                     More classes.

                                                       I think the academic side of the course could be a
                                                       little more organised, and I think that the university
Me very happy with my training and I think it's a very could spend a little more time acknowledge drama
high standard and I feel privileged to receive it.     centre and its needs.
The teachers are always committed to driving you
forward, never allowing you to accept mediocrity.

The amount of hours we have is a good thing.           The building.

The shows the performances, how much I know that I
have improved and the people are incredible and the
teachers are inspirational, and done of the students Can be completely exhausting because we do 12-hour
dress like artists.                                  days. And that's without homework.

                                                      Having one person casting all the shows & compiling
                                                      the marks is unfair & leaves the results open to
                                                      obvious. Favouritism, but as this individual will be
                                                      leaving. Hopefully students in the future will be given
The intensity & hours of the course are excellent. We a chance to have a lead role & not lose confidence in
could use more rehearsal space.                       themselves & their work.

A passionate environment which helped me prepare
with confidence for the profession I am about to
enter.                                           Not much time for other things.                                More bursaries for non home students.

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography LCF M&C 10111F4122W640 (23 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?
                                                        More holidays such as trips away, I understand they
The opportunity was provided to us that we could        used to do trips to Paris and New York and stuff but
exhibit your work in a gallery.                         not anymore.

                                                        Could be more teaching of subjects, more learning
                                                        about stuff instead of just doing the work that is set.

Some of the tutors are really helpful especially in my
3rd year.                                              It's difficult to book a photographic studio.

Resources are excellent and some of the teachers        I study a photography degree but yet have not been
have gone above and beyond to help me.                  taught any technical photography skills.

                                                        Too little lectures on final year.                        Providing more lectures/tutorials.

                                                        Some of the lectures they have clearly don't want to
                                                        be there, it was difficult do book studios and not
                                                        enough equipment, not enough one on one tutorials,
                                                        sometimes feedback didn't come back until several
Made the course very interesting.                       months after.

                                                        If someone wants to be creative he/she should not         There is urgent need for employment of highly
                                                        apply to this course!                                     experienced professionals practitioners.

There is a lot of IT equipment library resources,       They could do more teaching and feedback based on
learning resources.                                     1 2 1 a bit more available and supportive.
                                                         I do not feel confident in photographic practice
                                                         considering, I will have a degree in it in a few months
                                                         time. I expected the tutors to teach us basic
                                                         photography skills. We have never had any technical
                                                         lessons on how to work a camera, digital or film and
                                                         the same with studio lighting and dark room practices
                                                         apart from the initial introduction in the first year.
                                                         The grading can also be unfair, especially in the third
                                                         year. Students handing their work in late did not get
                                                         penalized and received the same grades as the
                                                         students who worked hard to hand in on time. Also,
                                                         the briefs are not always stuck to. What is the point in
                                                         having a brief if people are allowed to divert from it.
                                                         Also I understand that students with learning              More explanation when it came to the dissertation
The third year has been delivered a lot better than      difficulties such as dyslexia need an extra two weeks      layout and technicalities of writing it. As the majority
previous years as ??? is a very clear and fair tutor. My to complete work and rightly so. However when              have never written anything of this standard before a
dissertation tutorials have been very helpful and my these two extension weeks fall in the holidays and             lesson would have been helpful. It would also have
tutor is great (???) We have enough time off to do       they receive an extra four weeks on a project as           lessened the amount of 'senseless' questions we all
our own study.                                           important as a dissertation I feel this is unfair.         kept asking and the unclear concept of the brief.

                                                      The organisation and the forward planning of the
                                                      lessons wasn't very well directed, there were never
The intellectual content of the course was quite high any lesson plans, it was very unpredictable as to what
level.                                                you would get on the day.
                                                         There are few issues. Specially for international
                                                         students. When Tutors explain about an assignment it
                                                         should be more clear. Than it is! Some students have
It's a very good experience studying abroad in UAL. I    problem understanding it at the first go. Thank you
Love my Course.                                          NUS, UCAS and all the sponsors.

They have got good facilities.

                                                       The course, throughout my three years, has felt very
                                                       muddled. Every year the structure of the course is
The course engages with the academic side of my        changed, and briefs rewritten. I understand that
subject exceptionally well and supports you if you     briefs need to be revised in order to improve but the        Nothing. They have been very supportive. The final
wish to pursue this area. The course also demands      way in which they are changed always feel confusing          year is the only year that run's smoothly. The only
that you practice at a professional industry standard, and so, there is a vast lack of continuity throughout        reason I didn't put Definitely Agree is because the
which at times hard is far more realistic when         the first two years especially. The first year especially,   final year is quite stressful. My course really push you
preparing you for leaving. The University has great    possibly due to the lack of organization, there is a         at the beginning to take your work to a professional
links with industry professionals and offers a variety very minimal level of technical lessons. I found that        and intellectual standard and it can sometimes be
of opportunities for students.                         this let me down throughout the whole three years.           tough but in the end very rewarding.

The staff?s personal experiences and knowledge are For a fashion photography course, I didn't feel that
an essential part of this course. Interesting topics are there was any teaching of photographic skills and
covered in the courses units.                            techniques.

Graduation shows gallery space.                          Borrowing equipment. Resources available.                  More advice on future/career prospects.
I expected more technical support and training, but
the help was there when needed. Great teaching          Some lectures didn't seem to be prepared,
team.                                                   sometimes it seemed teachers are improvising.

                                                        Access to studio space has been really bad.

                                                        Technical teaching, amount of time spent at uni,
Networking, and having that uni on my C.V.              some days I would only be in for 20 minutes.

It's a chance for me to get to know London and a        Its never clear about what we are supposed handing
chance to develop my photography skills.                in and what the mark criteria is all about.

I am very please that every staff within Uni are giving
their best to help students out.                        There is nothing I really disagree with.                   I couldn't really think of any.

The staff are wonderful.

                                                        The teachers seem to care too much about academic
                                                        and not about students. All they care about is you
                                                        passing and not you as an individual, it's not been
                                                        easy to use the studios, there's too many
                                                        international students. It's not a very interesting
                                                        course. I don't feel like I've learnt anything I want to
I've met some interesting people, its good for          learn more about technical things not just writing
networking.                                             boring essays.
                                                       This course was too academic rather than being
                                                       practical in terms of practical skills such as lightning,
                                                       etc. all the knowledge I have now is because of my        The uni could have got rid of unnecessary lessons
                                                       previous knowledge and my previous degree. I didn't such as reflective discourse then students would have
                                                       learn anything about lightning during this course.        much more time to do some must do stuff.

BA (Hons) Photography Camberwell 10114A2122W640 (15 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                         What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                    improve the final year of your course?

                                                       Everything starts at 10 or 11, including access to          Facilities could have been made more accessible
Very enthusiastic, engaged and patient staff.          studios, etc. which for me was very late.                   earlier in the day.

                                                                                                                   For example the experience of writing my dissertation
                                                       I do not wish to complain but rather state my               was terrible, and I can say it was unprofessional as
                                                       experiences at this particular university. The facilities   both of my parents are professors at a University, and
                                                       and teaching has been mostly unprofessional, the            I know what kind of hard work and time goes into
                                                       assessment and feedback poor and I feel that the            supervising students. To improve the final year, staff
                                                       school does not stand up to the quality the university      would have needed to take the course seriously and
                                                       promotes. I would not recommend this particular             given the time and work that every students
                                                       course to anyone.                                           deserves.

Being evolved in an institution with such a good       At times, I have experienced bad communication by
reputation for producing talented artists. The         the university. Specifically whilst studying at LCC for
strength of connections with professional artists,     my first year I found that the communication and
which allow for artists talks/lectures etc.            organisation was appalling at times.
                                                           I think the course is very weak in terms of theory and
I think the staff are very available and are very flexible it doesn't reflect the real world in terms of the art
and can solve any kind of problem you may have,            world, it represents a dome that only exists in the
that's definitely the highlight.                           college world, not in the real world.

                                                         There's a lack of communication between
The tutors have been great and the numbers of the        departments and lack of communication between the
tutors are great.                                        tutors.

My tutors are exceptional in their efforts to respond
to students, my dean is a brilliant listener and woman I found it difficult to get my dyslexia assessment           Better awareness of funding for final year students
of action.                                             quickly.                                                     and deadline for applications.

                                                         Complete lack of connection between the conceptual
Freedom to do whatever you want, in good and in          teaching of art and the technical. Not enough
bad.                                                     emphasis on the technical.

                                                                                                                    Spread the workload a bit more.

                                                         Very low level of discussion within the course;
                                                         inability of the teaching staff to help or motivate
                                                         students.                                                  More, more, more teaching.

                                                         Not enough support and tutorials devoted to
                                                         developing the technical/practical side of my practice.
Freedom to pursue any practice. Working artists as       Too much theory. Work placement would have been More in depth tutorials during devoted to the
tutors.                                                  useful.                                                 dissertation. Three 20-minute sessions is not enough.

                                                                                                                    More structure, tutorials etc.
                                                       Crit sessions aren't as frequent as they should be.
                                                       General discussion about work on the whole is not
The course in general allows you to work freely in any really had between students. Though the technical
way you like, while still providing some constructive facilities are good, there have been times when they
criticism and guidance. I am feeling more confident have been unreliable, e.g. one could be ready
about pursuing a career as an artist when I leave the print/process/whatever but be unaware those
university, especially through this year.              facilities aren't available to them on that day.    More crit sessions or group tutorials.

                                                       Completely unorganised. Very little teaching time. For
                                                       the most part I felt like I may as well have not gone to
                                                       university (I could have done what I accomplished
                                                       here on my own). The course leaders made no
                                                       attempt to make the class a unit. I know that we
                                                       could have made more of an effort, but in the very
                                                       beginning the tutors never organised anything to
                                                       make it feel like we were a class. It would have been
                                                       great if they had done something like that considering
                                                       we are studying art and need feedback from our
                                                       peers. I think we did about three out of class outing
                                                       during my whole degree, I would have thought going
                                                       to galleries with the tutors would have been very
I genuinely can't think of anything positive about the useful. As a photography student I had to fight for
course. I will not be encouraging anyone who wants crucial equipment for my images to be created. I               Not make it so that our dissertation and our unit 10
to do a BA photography degree to apply to              never understood why we as a degree didn't have our        assessments are 2 weeks apart from each other, and
Camberwell. I thought ??? were very nice people who own stash of camera etc. Printing my work was a               for them to each be worth a 4th of our degree. It's
seemed to be very passionate about photography.        nightmare; the printing area was barley ever open.         completely unrealistic and unfair.
                                                          The technical ability of some students is worryingly
                                                          low with people in third year being unable to realise
                                                          their potential because of a lack of skills. Although
                                                          not a technical course, much more importance and
                                                          energy needs to be put on this right at the start of the
The enthusiasm of the staff and their obvious and         course. Another big hole in the success of the course
genuine want to help students is a positive force in      is the worrying lack of practical advice for seeking     Held more talks about life after university. For
the course. I felt like I was treated like a person, with work after university, I feel worried and unprepared example, developing a mentoring program for post
valid opinions, instead of just another student.          for developing a career.                                 graduation.

                                                                                                                 Access to the Central Loan Store for equipment loans
All staff are friendly, efficient and always willing to   Student involvement in activities outside of the       during holiday periods and also extended access to
help, with an open door policy adopted by many.           curriculum is sometimes lacking.                       the workshops.

BA (Hons) Illustration Camberwell 10115A2122W220 (44 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                                 I think the amount of staff dedicated to teaching and
The enthusiasm of the staff towards the subject and                                                              supporting third year students is not enough and
their interest in the progress and development of our                                                            should be equal to that of 2nd year where their focus
work. The printmaking facilities and technicians who      The lack of reply to emails from a very small minority is just on us. I understand that the 3rd year is meant
are a credit to the college and the general community     of staff and the occasional changes to the timetable to be more self initiated but I do not think this should
atmosphere created by the staff and students in           that are not always sufficiently communicated prior be an excuse to have a smaller amount of staff that
college and the local area.                               to the changed event.                                  have to spread their time on other duties elsewhere.
                                                       At times I have felt under motivated with my studies
Being around so many different creative and            although I do not believe this is a fault of the course
furthering my personal understanding of people and     or tutors however I would like to be taught how to
creativity has been a highlight.                       motivate myself if that is possible.

The experience you get from being your peers what
you learn from being with people that are interested
in the same.                                         My problem was I picked the wrong course.

                                                       The facilities in terms of opening hours and fees to
One-to-one study time and contact.                     use (Printmaking).                                        Facilities opening hours.

Good teaching.                                         Can be disorganised.

                                                       Sometimes the communication isn't great, there
The staff are very committed and enthusiastic about    perhaps needs to be someone who takes care of the
the subject. They make sure we are intellectually      administration side of things so the tutors can do
stimulated.                                            what they are meant to do.                                Give us our dissertation mark earlier.

                                                       Not enough resources like screen printing, letterpress
                                                       etc. not enough studio space for 60 students, like on Set stricter deadlines, been clearer about what is
Tutors are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable.       my course.                                             expected for submission.

On my course the staff are enthusiastic and helpful
and willing to take out time of their schedule. They Not sufficient opening hours in college for facilities
are also generous with their knowledge and their own such as library and printmaking. Studios should be
networks that they have built up themselves.         open over holidays.
The access to professional opinion.                     When arrangements change at the last minute.              More professional development.

Interesting projects.                                   Lack of sort of general community in the class.

                                                                                                                  At the end of our second year we were told to write
                                                                                                                  an Individual Programme of Study for our third year in
                                                                                                                  which we picked our own projects and set out a
                                                                                                                  timeline for their completion. Most people chose to
                                                                                                                  do each project one by one and set them out term by
                                                       The lectures did not become fully relevant to my           term which all the tutors were aware of. But when
                                                       subject course until the 3rd year and there were few       our first term brief (the Unit 10) was read out and
                                                       lectures. The visiting designers and Illustrators said a   explained to us, it was put across as the research unit
                                                       lot of the same things and a children's book Illustrator   and sounded as though everyone was meant to do all
                                                       never came in, in the whole three years of having a        the research for all their projects first and then
                                                       visiting practitioner every Wednesday and children's       complete them all at the same time in the next term
                                                       book illustration is what I'm most interested in. Also     which was not how most people wrote their IPS. We
                                                       the printmaking facilities are closed off for half the     were assured to just follow our IPS and told not to be
The briefs set mostly challenged me creatively as they week to BA students. Those days are for MA students        strategic with our learning but I know it left a lot of
were intended to and I was encouraged to               only, however you are not allowed in on those days         people worried and I imagine would have made our
experiment. Also most workshops I attended were        even if they are no MA students using the facilities       work harder to mark fairly for the tutors against the
well run and the library facilities are very good.     which I found very frustrating.                            assessment criteria.

                                                        Too much reliance on correspondence via email,
                                                        regular meetings would be better to keep everyone
                                                        informed. Not much emphasis on tutorials in the final More meetings as a course, something organised like
                                                        year.                                                 a drawing trip to keep us interested and motivated.
The range of teaching, The knowledge and
illustration.                                           The lack of tutorial times we have been given.

Relationships with tutors. They are helpful and  The amount of time the tutors are scheduled to be in.
enthusiastic and remember how you work/what your Although they help as much as they can, time with
interests are.                                   personal tutors is sparing.

The tutors have been helpful when I have seen them I Tutors are not around enough/not enough tutors not
have been pushed to try new techniques and           enough studio space not enough scheduled tutorials
processes.                                           the workshops should be open for more days.

Enthusiasm about the subject and students' work
from tutors is very positive. No in-house" way of       There are too many students for the space available        Third year studio needs a sink. This way I wouldn't
doing things. Individual working method is              on the course. Some people feel alienated because of       have to sneak my paintbrushes into the toilets and
emphasised. Ethos of course fosters a strong work       this and it is difficult to get studio space. Third year   incur the wrath of the door staff so often. More
ethic and independent mindset from an early stage       student studio is a very long way away from rest of        emphasis in tutorials on practical 'what you need to
(important for any freelancer). Really interesting      student body. Not a total disaster but means there is      do next' type advice rather than generating more
seminars and visiting practitioner talks. The drawing   less dialogue between stages of course. Also (maybe        questions (although that's a very positive thing). Third
sessions held late on Wednesdays are also really        too specific), there is no sink or wet area for 3rd year   year is about production, less about questioning your
interesting.                                            students. Bit ridiculous for a bunch of Illustrators.      methods.
                                                                                                             I would have liked the criteria for the final three units
                                                                                                             to be made more clear, especially unit 10. I was only
                                                                                                             told after the unit was handed in, in a feedback
                                                                                                             tutorial, what exactly I should have done and what
                                                                                                             was expected of me. I was also told that it was
                                                                                                             difficult to mark as our group was having this marking
                                                                                                             system tested out on us, which I don't think is very

                                                       The teaching in first and second year and the
                                                       educational atmosphere doesn't necessarily prepare
The enthusiasm of the staff and the range of interests you for the objective that needs to be met in third
covered by the staff.                                  year.

Friendly helpful staff who are contactable at any time
practitioners as well as teachers so can help on a     Marking in first and second years should have been as More tutorials steady timetable making sure we are
number of levels.                                      harsh as third year.                                  aware of all meetings.
The course is run with a really interesting, challenging
and unique philosophy in mind, which puts
graduating students head and shoulders above those
graduating from other Illustration courses. We have
been encouraged to feed off a wide range of
resources, looking at film, fine art, music and            I don't think students should have a new tutor in the
architecture as well as traditional illustration and       third year. It would be beneficial to keep the same
drawing. We have been encouraged to challenge the          tutor throughout the second and third years. My         A larger studio space would have been extremely
field of illustration and to think of ways we could        second year tutor was familiar and sympathetic          beneficial. I feel I do not have the option of working
change it. To think of ways to fit what we want to do      towards my practice and being able to continue a        in college. I have often come to college laden with
into the professional sphere rather than the other         dialog with them would have given me more               materials, and not been able to find a table to work
way around.                                                confidence in the third year.                           on in the very small and cluttered studio.

                                                                                                                   Longer opening hours for print/IT etc. Maybe have
Tutors are really good practitioners themselves so                                                                 studios open so we can come in and work at
very helpful.                                              Not enough studio space.                                weekends.

The facilities at Camberwell are second to none. The
teaching staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and
helpful. I would recommend studying here to anyone                                                                 It's difficult to say what can or can't improve a course
interesting in the arts.                             Digital colour printing is a bit expensive.                   you don't know until you experience it.

                                                           Should have more group meeting where other
Help is there if you want to sign up for it.               students get to see your work.                          Make student show their work more.
The print making facilities are always available and     There could have been more one to one tutorials just
the technicians are really helpful. And the tutors of    in the 3rd year. I think there needs to be tutorials
my course are particularly interested in individual.     every week. And generally there needs to be more
They generally care about people's welfare.              room space.

Project driven can work at home when I need studio
space available.

I like the course see illustration as not only drawing
on paper. My course teach that we can illustrate         We hardly ever seen other student's work as we don't
anything in any format such as moving image, 3D,         have much group crit. I would like to see more other
painting, prints, and so on.                             student doing.

The tutors are clearly well informed and have
excellent resources and know how, which they are
happy to share with students, in a formal and
informal environment. Also resource staff are            Access to resources can be limited due to facilities   More access to resources specifically for final year
extremely helpful.                                       not meeting demand.                                    students.

                                                                                                             Extended library times. More access to facilities for
Great tutors and classmates. I get on with everyone in                                                       example screen printing workshops as BA students
my course very well. Great technicians who are more None at all but at a push I think it would be good if we can only get in 2-days per week after pre booking the
than happy to help with my projects.                   had extended library times in the UAL sites.          week before.
                                                     Emails often go unanswered and sometimes it feels
                                                     like certain tutors are actively avoiding contact with
                                                     you. Generally felt like there wasn't enough staff.
                                                     More guidance generally would have helped; with
                                                     more structure effectively the final year was an open-
                                                     ended self-directed fine art projects, when as an
Some staff are very enthusiastic and concerned about Illustrator I would have preferred to react to briefs for
your development. The college has a pleasant         at least part of the time. Certain people were
atmosphere. The course is quite wide-ranging and     continually given opportunities at the expense of         More replies to emails, more staff, and more rigorous
diverse.                                             others.                                                   structure to the course.

Access to good facilities. Contact with industry.      Lack of life drawing and other drawing opportunities. Extended use of facilities.

                                                       If I were doing a different course I would need more
The IT facilities are always got enough computers.     space than that.

                                                       The changes in timetable weren't put clearly enough
The staff have been very supportive.                   in advance or early enough.
                                                         The open access at Camberwell is not the best.
                                                         Studios and the library all close to early at this
                                                         particular time when we have a lot of work to do, I
                                                         don't understand why the university library works on
                                                         office hours. Also there was know mention of what
                                                         people thought about the help you were given if they
                                                         had a learning disability. Absolute nonsense to be
                                                         honest. You can't just give someone a free computer
                                                         and expect him or her to go it alone. There should be
My tutors have been great throughout my time at          people available that actively help with writing, and
Camberwell. They have been positive, helpful, and        general difficulties that some students have. You
more over interested in my work.                         should have a survey on this.

First and second year had a lot of good feedback and
encouragement of lectures which has dwindled in the
third year.                                          Class numbers were too high.

Helped me to think critically about my work. I also
feel a lot more confident in talking about my work. I
think group crits tutors' attitudes helped this          Not enough tasks or activities within the college that More workshops to help students with practical
immensely.                                               involved the whole class.                              activities. E.g. IT, dealing with clients.

                                                         Occasionally the structure of the course was unclear,
I was introduce to a lot of helpful practitioners, and   attendance was not strength enforce and the
wide scope of knowledge was very usefully and the        communication methods by e-mail and the Google
resources were good especially the print rooms.          calendar was sometimes confusing.
The freedom to experiment in any chosen areas of
interest.                                                 Feedback on written work has been poor.

                                                        The tutors should be consistent throughout the three
                                                        year instead of different tutors each year, takes a
                                                        while for them to get to know you and your work. The
                                                        layout of the course I think the second year should be
                                                        a work placement year, this time in an industry is          We should have been prepared for the deadline of
                                                        invaluable, 3 weeks in our final year just isn't long       unit ten at the end of our second year, not half way
During our second year we had an amazing tutor          enough. During our second year the budget for the           through our third year. This assessment needed to be
called ???, so enthusiastic about the course and was course ran out so we were unable to have tutorials at          explained and made clear. The second year should be
so helpful when it came to tutorial, he went out of his the end of the year because they couldn't afford the        a work placement year, 3 weeks during our third year
way to help you if you had a problem.                   staff. What did our money get spent on?                     just isn't long enough.

                                                          We should have a more structured week and more
Supportive tutors.                                        group tutorials.

Room for creativity and experimentation. 3rd year is      Not enough formal/structured lectures or compulsory Lectures marking both the research unit and work
good in that you get to select your own projects.         workshops.                                          unit at the end of the year.

The course is exactly suitable for me. Staff are really   Timetable organization has to be improved (a little bit
helpful for students tutor's feedback is really useful.   too late for cancellation notice).

Love Camberwell people, all of them are nice.
                                                          Organisation and communication seems to be the
Most of the tutors work in the field they teach in, and   main problems with the tutors and the college in      The assessment of the final year seems ill suited for
are very helpful and approachable. The IT facilities      general. Also, for the teaching and resources         the way that it was planned out. Also, it would be
and workshops are especially good. The library is full    provided, I don't feel like I got my money's worth,   nice to be taught more about the practical aspects of
of very useful books and other materials.                 especially since I pay international tuition.         the industry.

Having working professionals as tutors. Ability to try    The third year is too independent it would be more
things out using different medias. Having all the         useful to combine briefs from tutors and personal
facilities there: printmaking studio, ceramics, and       projects. Timetable is not dense enough. Not enough
digital.                                                  theoretical subjects i.e. art history lectures.     Combine personal projects with briefs from tutors.

BA (Hons) Digital Media Production LCC Design 10116P6122W212 (22 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?
                                                         Extremely narrow selection of subjects comprises the
                                                         course. The hours are ridiculous: 3 days a week in the
                                                         first year, 2 days in the second, 1 in the third is that a
                                                         BA course! We don't have any equipment other than
                                                         computers provided by the school, and we don't have
                                                         access to such in other schools within the college, and
                                                         the very hours allocated to master software are
                                                         laughable. It would be nice to feel like one's paying
                                                         for more than just a diploma in the end, and to have
                                                         an intense learning experience within the college, to
                                                         have a rich curriculum and not just a minimum that
                                                         won't even get anyone a work placement, let alone
                                                         employment. It would be nice to have more short-             Restructure the curriculum, have more portfolios
                                                         term projects instead of one big one to do                   oriented approach, rather than giving us 1 project to
                                                         throughout the year, and have more focus on                  complete for the whole year. To have more lectures
                                                         industry, maybe incorporate D&AD briefs within the           (i.e. information given by someone who knows what
                                                         assignments. To be told about different competitions         they're talking about, not group work sessions!)
                                                         and wards out there, different schemes, projects,            throughout the whole degree course, and also have
Great library. That's about it.                          grants.                                                      some in the 3rd year, because we're still students!

                                                         Not enough information about the course and not
                                                         enough information is available and the information
                                                         contradicts what the lecturers want, lecture hours are
The facilities of the university are quite sufficient.   long but a lot of the time is spent idle.
                                                     Communication from staff to student was really bad.
                                                     The times I had my lectures were highly
                                                     inappropriate. I haven't had an official lecture or
                                                     tutorial since the beginning of the year. Despite me
                                                     being in my third year I have had none at all and
How it was expected.                                 limited support of which is disappointing.

Easy schedule. Organized curriculum. Good resources Little workload. Not challenging enough. Better           More preparation Better course content Better
Decent communication.                               course content. Better post degree prospects.             communication.

The amount of free time allocated toward research.   Not challenging enough. Needs to be more theory
Great field trips.                                   based.                                                   More lectures!

                                                                                                              Prepared the students better the years before. We
                                                                                                              were given an easier time and then rushed into
The environment.                                     Unorganised and staff not able to help very much.        completing the final year.

                                                     I think the structure of my course isn't good it's
                                                     confusing. In the third year we only had to go in once
It's been enjoyable. It's been fun to work with      a week up until Christmas and now we only go in if
different people and meet new people.                we need to speak to a supervisor.

                                                                                                              More lessons more course more new and creative
Some tutors are okay.                                Not enough courses for the price we paid.                software's to go through.
                                                     Some teachers are not bothered, if you e-mail them,
                                                     they do not get back in touch with you, so some of
Some tutors are really good and really positive in   the work has been kept too long especially if a
giving feedback and helping the students out.        student needs to do a referral on their work.

                                                                                                          More tuition. I'm in class for one hour a week, and
                                                                                                          next term we have no tuition. This is costing me over
                                                                                                          £3000. Although it is my final year and should be
                                                                                                          pretty self directed, I don't feel that we learned
                                                     Maybe not the right degree for me didn't have a good enough in the first 2 years to warrant not having any
Moving to London, meeting people.                    university experience as such.                       more lectures.

It covers quite a range of subjects.                 Syllabus can be quite narrow.

The course has helped me learn how to work                                                                 Maybe have a drop in session if you need to go over
independently and gain confidence.                                                                         any aspects you need help with.
                                                       Unprofessional tutors. Their level of knowledge is not
                                                       suited for University, they were able to teach us very
                                                       basic things, if I wanted to learn more advanced
                                                       techniques, and they were not able to help me. Our
                                                       course (Digital Media Production) was very badly
                                                       organized, at times even chaotic without any
                                                       structure at all. There were no clear objectives and
                                                       aim of this course. Last year we didn't have any
                                                       lectures in the last semester, this year we had
                                                       lectures only in the first semester, so that means out
                                                       of three years spent in BA, the whole year was just
                                                       empty self directed studies. That is very disturbing
                                                       that I have to pay more than 3000 £ for self directed
                                                       studies and at that time there is no help from tutors,
I have made new friends, but apart from that I can't   because their level of knowledge is not above basic. In our final year we don't have any lectures. Add
really give any positive feedback regarding my time    So in reality it was only 2 years in university instead of lectures and improve lecture quality by improving
spent in LCC Digital Media Production.                 two. Horrible experience.                                  tutors skills and knowledge.

                                                       During the first half of the term, the teachers were
                                                       using handouts instead of teaching.

                                                       Teaching is not very enthusiastic. Don't know how to
Great facilities.                                      motivate.

                                                       Staff were not prepared to teach at the university
                                                       level in both aspects. Lack of course related
                                                       knowledge (DMP) some tutors used tutorials find on
                                                       the Internet why do not just learn at home instead of
                                                       spending 3000 per year Tutors does not know how
                                                       software, they attend to teach us, works. Lack of
                                                       teaching attitude (tutor who gave results instead of
                                                       explanation, lack of feedback from tutors (we expect
Good Contextual Studies unit and Marketing course to learn from them and written feedback on
well prepared tutors with clear vision how to enhance assignment should be precise) and platform to
student's participation to achieve the knowledge. As discuss work with the others students. There was no
there is not enough space in negative aspect I have    link program with market to prepare us for
put them there. Lack of real support on the 3rd year marketplace requirements. I could not finish the
with dissertation proposed workshop how to create assignment in final cut, as I couldn't access the class. I
the idea, evaluate it, research and help with writing. had to wait around 30 minutes on corridor any time I
There is no workshop regarding practical part,         had try to contact with the tutor, as they was not on   Provide support regarding practical part. Tutor expert
student doesn't have any chance to ask someone if      time and there was no access to classroom to spend      in a field. Wider research unit. Marketplace link
they do go in right direction and get technical        that time in creative way. Cut of additional short      industry insight needed. Meeting with employee,
support.                                               courses.                                                alumni; employable skills workshop.

All the lecturers and teachers are really helpful and
easy to get hold of.                                    Not enough practical work for my course.

Focused on the future. Point the student to what he     Material resources, as computers, cameras or rooms
wants to be and how to get there.                       to work.                                           Make subjects more interesting.
As a mature student and having worked in the
industry coming in on the second year was beneficial
and I am grateful that the tutors had the conviction to
believe in my ability to cope with the course over the
two years. I believe that my reasons for abstracting      The course does not set students up for giving
what I wanted from the course would have been             presentations and although there is a weekly written
different if I were twenty years younger the out come     assignment in the second year, these do not compare
now means more to me now than it would have then          to the intensity of the dissertation assignment in the   More practice regarding qualitative and quantitative
therefore it was important for me to attend all           third year. This is suppose to be a centre of            surveys and analysis. More feedback on whether the
lessons as I have personally invested a lot into this     communication however, I have found that                 Harvard referencing submitted was correct or not
career decision. I have enjoyed the course, the           information regarding the course timetable etc are       correct. More constructive criticism from student
friendships made with tutors and students. It is          received too late for any form of pre organisation       with regards to projects or work produce as opposed
refreshing to see things from other people                prior to starting the course especially, if you have     from the view of just the tutor. There was no chance
perspectives, which I would not have been exposed         children who incidentally start school in September      to really see other students completed work, no
to had I not made the decision to re-educate myself.      and not October.                                         group discussions.

                                                    Some teachers, in fact, are no teachers. Sometimes
Student support works quite good, I'm new in London the subjects are for 5 years old child. No good and            The subjects were no interesting and poor content,
and they help me out. Some teachers are very good, updated technique resources. Administrative                     but it is just my point of view. I find the education is
and very helpful, but that means 10% of the staff.  management is a mess.                                          just covered by self study.

                                                     I feel that students that are a higher level than other
Some of the teaching quality was good, and the bolts students sometimes hold back, there is not really ant
on courses that are available to students are very   concrete structure to help students or to enable
helpful.                                             students to run projects with external organisations.
BA (Hons) Surface Design LCC Design 10117P6122W200 (22 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                         What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                    improve the final year of your course?

                                                         I think that we don't get taught much in the third year
                                                         in comparison to the first two years and this is the
                                                         crucial year.

                                                         Confused messages about the importance of certain         Better communication greater development of skills
Great support in cultural studies.                       tasks.                                                    base earlier on in the course.

We are allowed to express ourselves but this is          The course is a mass of contradictions. There seems
limited.                                                 to be no real structure to the marking system.

                                                                                                                   Given us more funding so we have access to more
                                                                                                                   materials, and have to raise less money for our
                                                                                                                   external degree show allowing us more time to focus
                                                                                                                   on and improve our degree work. Had a definite and
                                                                                                                   final idea of how the end of year shows would be run
                                                                                                                   by the beginning of the year the uncertainty has been
                                                                                                                   demoralising and frustrating. Given us more space
                                                                                                                   the studios are overcrowded and it doesn't feel like
                                                                                                                   all facilities are available to us when we need them.
                                                                                                                   Give us more information about facilities we are able
Staff, especially technicians, are available, helpful and                                                          to use throughout the college and university in the
enthusiastic.                                             Lack of studio space, lack of storage.                   Graphic Design Dept. for example.
                                                       There should be a more equal balance between
                                                       practical work and conceptual work. Too much 'self
Enjoyable study trips, but there should have been      guided study'. Changes to schedules and assessments
more. Precise feedback.                                are not always made clear.

                                                                                                              Given more dissertation tutorials on what is expected
                                                        2nd year complete lack of access to work rooms long i.e. layout few people knew what a preface was. Give
                                                        periods without teaching not enough workshops not sufficient access to the workshops this may yet
                                                        enough practical application not enough academic      happen but in the first and second year others always
                                                        instruction on dissertation construction too many not had priority everything had to be rushed no time to
Enthusiasm good first year quality teaching first year. notified timetable changes.                           perfect anything.

                                                                                                               Have more staff.

It was interesting in a wide range of activities and
processes.                                             It is badly organised and thought.

Improved self-esteem and skills. Flexible working
between university and home.                           Could be better organised.

The equipment is good.                                 The lack of teaching time.

                                                       The teachers are very poor at teaching and the
                                                       timetable is just not organised, its supposed to be a
                                                       full time course but we are only allocated two days a

The studio time you had in the first year.
                                                       The disorganisation of the course.

Being taught new skills.                               Staff aren't always there when you need them.

                                                       My teacher lost my work and made no effort to track
                                                       it down. I a now lefty without no record of this work,
                                                       and generally the teachers do not look after students'
The technicians have been great.                       work.

                                                       Teachers are not very organised, there tends to be a
We have very good technicians in our studio and we     miscommunication between students and teachers
have a well dot library.                               on a regular basis.

                                                       There's a lot of drama going on because the structure
                                                       of the course has changed and I feel that our course is
The students are really great and we had a good        being neglected by the dean and we're lacking
strong class. We could also design on a broad scale.   communication.

                                                                                                                 Seems like the final year has been the worse one.
                                                       Not too much time to use the studio facilities open       Under the name of 'independent study' students are
Studio facilities and equipment technicians are really access final year exhibition space tutors should be       abandoned to themselves. Tutors are not following
helpful.                                               more around.                                              with the same interest 3rd year students.

Very nice community and nice environment. Always       More workshops and more specific allocated time in
felt comfortable in the teaching area.                 the work studio.
                                                                                                                 I am only half way through. Would be ideal to have
                                                       Lack of information on access to courses/equipment        Christmas break to solely focus on dissertation and
                                                       within other departments. Sense of being a test year      not any practical work. Less confusion on weather we
                                                       for processes and timetables, experiencing good parts     will be able to have an end of year show or not,
Very good course subject. It should be introduced      and failures of ideas. Lack of allocated space/room for   seeing as we have been paying students for at least
into more universities.                                what I am paying, it is easier to work at home.           three years.

                                                    Basic materials missing in the studio caused by no
                                                    funds, disappointing final year exhibition space, no
                                                    serious responds for our questions and needs as              Work out the funds as we pay materials and high fees
Positive aspect would be the amazing cooperation of graduate students from tutors and the head of the            and we don't get enough from the university in this
technicians in our course.                          year.                                                        particular course.

The tutors are prepared to put in time much more       The uni do not support the course at all. The tutors do
than they are paid and they're passionate about the    but the head of college doesn't and the final show is a
future of the course.                                  sham.

BA (Hons) Book Arts and Design LCC Design 10118P6122W200 (11 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

                                                       Fuller timetable.

We had a lot of different teachers with a lot of       We had no access to anything, it was all disorganised,
different experience, which was good.                  and there is not enough of the course.
                                                                                                              Staff shortages are a real issue staff are under too
                                                                                                              much pressure and as a result are completely unable
                                                       'Experiment' year of a new course led too much         to deliver what the students want. Students want
                                                       confusion and lack of clarity. Issues relating to main continuity in their third year a tutor who can mentor
                                                       focus of the course this were constantly shifting and and guide, but we have no year tutor to help. Our
Excellent for self-motivated students who thrive on    as a result, lack of certainty about what was          Course is being restructured we need clearer
freedom as lack of tuition is focus of this course.    demanded of the work. Discontent amongst students communication so that we don't feel confused about
Covers wide range of craft skills and some digital     mostly relating to the lack of focus, access to        changing criteria and misunderstand changes which
applications.                                          resources and workshops too limited.                   are happening.

                                                      Tutors were not stimulating and did not inspire
                                                      students to work above their average turning the           The final year can't make up for everything I didn't
                                                      course expectations into those of a nursery. Very          learn in the previous 2 years. The tutors' expectations
                                                      little knowledge was given to us by tutors, who often      in the final year were higher than in previous years,
                                                      didn't hold any lectures in the ascribed time telling us   but since they hardly gave us any knowledge, often
                                                      instead to work individually in the library. Lecturers     not holding lectures at ascribed times in the previous
I learnt several skills I had been expecting to gain, seemed surprised to see enthusiasm within students,        years, I generally feel my knowledge upon leaving the
however most of them I could have also learnt doing and didn't seem to be interested in helping                  course is the same as when I came. Trying to make
evening courses, I had expected more from an          enthusiastic, hard working students as though              changes to the final year is irrelevant: change the
undergraduate course.                                 expecting they'll manage perfectly without support.        whole structure and make it work!
                                                                                                                More tutorials, more scheduled group time with
                                                                                                                tutors (currently just 1 morning a week). I also would
                                                                                                                have liked to have learnt about printing and
                                                                                                                publishing books sooner than my final year, as I
The technicians on the course are very helpful and    Badly organised course needed more timetabled             would have a better portfolio by now if that was the
sometimes more qualified than the staff at advising   hours the first and second year, and more access to       case (I only found out we could print on the litho
on project work.                                      workshop rooms.                                           press the second term of 3rd year).

                                                      The BA Book Arts course has been poorly delivered
Accessing resources have been good. The first year of and there were no actual tutors to help us with our
the course was the most inspiring.                    work apart from the course director.

Classes.                                              Communication has been difficult.

                                                       Interaction with tutors and students and the general
                                                       organisation of the course was a bit inefficient
Good facilities when you are able too get too them     interaction between tutors and students and the
the facilities are good when you are able too get hold general organisation if the course was a bit
off them.                                              inefficient.

                                                      Facilities not enough information regarding facilities
Good varied subjects not restrictive.                 and materials.

Creative practice.                                                                                              Communicated better and been more organised.

                                                      It was difficult to use certain facilities not directly
The tutors are very helpful.                          related to the subject such as screen-printing.
BA (Hons) Fashion Design (Fash Hist & Theo) CSM
FTD 10119M4232W230 (1 comments found)
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BA (Hons) Cordwainers Accessories: Product Design
and Development LCF DT 10121F2232W240 (6
comments found)
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BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear: Product Design and Development LCF DT 10122F2232W240 (10 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                           improve the final year of your course?
                                                        Feel that the course did not focus enough on learning
                                                        practical shoe making and pattern cutting skills and
                                                        wish that the first year of the course had
                                                        concentrated on this area because now in final year, I
                                                        still find this aspect of the course the most
                                                        challenging and have absolutely no confidence in this
                                                        area. I also felt that the clicking and closing/making
                                                        rooms at Golden Lane were always ridiculously
                                                        packed, and students from all year groups would have
                                                        to fight and compete to get the attention of the
The year out in industry was incredibly positive and    technicians. I also felt that some of the technicians       By allowing us to have an input in the final exhibition,
has helped with all aspects of final year etc. Really   would be biased with whom they chose to help, and I         especially with regards to which elements of our work
enjoy group design tutorials really good having         would have preferred if there was a more organised          we can display e.g. design work as well as finished
supportive group input on own work.                     rota system of who they could help and when.                products.

                                                        How the course is run, especially year out. We
Teaching, staff.                                        haven't even received proof of our qualification.           More support in 2nd term would have helped.

                                                        Unorganised. The marking scheme is not explained,           I have really enjoyed my final year, University were
                                                        do not know how to get a better grade. Little contact       very flexible at allowing me to work on a different
                                                        time, for the cost! Business aspect deserves more           route, adhering my strengths. Tutorial time was
                                                        input. On placement had no contact with anyone,             limited but I have enjoyed the aspect of self-study
Some staff very enthusiastic and knowledgeable.         couldn't get hold of any tutors. Still had to pay tuition   and believe I would have found it harder after
Final year is great, very open to your strengths and    fees for the year. A lot of self study great for some       working in industry for a year to return to a full
weaknesses. Placement service 'FBRS' very good.         students but not others.                                    packed timetable. Overall final year is a great success!
                                                       Poorly designed curriculum and shocking level of          Given students the skills early enough in the course to
                                                       technical teaching considering it is supposed to be a     be able to complete the work to a higher standard
                                                       specialist technical university, which is the reason I    rather than now struggling to channel more teaching
Really strong links with industry and push towards     specifically chose to study there. I have basically had   time at us so we can catch up. Giving us timetables &
work experience and consideration of employability. to undertake an apprenticeship at the same time as           course outline much further in advance. Giving us
Because of being an umbrella university there's        study to learn the skills I needed to a high enough       better access to specialist resources which exist and
access to libraries etc. of other specialist colleges. standard. Poor level of teaching in this area, and too    which students want to use but can't access for
Lots of extra services such as language courses,       many students for technical equipment and tutors.         political reasons because at an admin level it hasn't
careers etc., which run workshops.                     Not good value for money.                                 been decided if we can use it or not.

I'm employed.                                           I didn't get to finish university because I got a job.

The tutors show care and take individual need of each The changes of the rooms or lectures aren't always
student.                                              posted on Blackboards.

Final year has been a very different experience from    No support available in sandwich year out in industry,
the first two - much more time & equipment is           tutor was meant to check up but didn't - still had to
available and tutors treat us differently & take our    pay half fee for absolutely nothing. There was not
work more seriously. There is also a lot of new         enough machinery at first but this has hopefully been
machinery & more space has been created for open        resolved. More technicians would be useful, as would
access.                                                 staggered deadlines for each group.

                                                                                                                Combined modules of concept and strategy or
                                                        Lack of business specific teaching and lectures for the increased teaching time for strategy section of final
                                                        course.                                                 year.
                                                       There are no lectures on starting up a business;
                                                       including advertising, costing, business plan etc. This
                                                       should have been taught as we had two major
                                                       projects on this subject. We had no contact from any More teaching on starting up a business. What
Practically the teachers and technicians are very      tutor during our one years placement even though        exactly we should be writing in our two major
helpful.                                               we still paid £1500 (half of school fees) for the year. reports.

                                                         Library some reports available are not up to date
                                                         enough. Feedback getting results and tutor mark       There is a lot of writing involved in the final year that
Open access good but recently cut down due to lack sheet comments the day before the session would             has never been expected of us until now. This comes
of staff cover. Group tutorials very useful. A chance to give students the chance to really make the most of   as a shock on what is a very practical creative based
bounce ideas of others.                                  their one to one tutor talk and prepare questions.    course.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Development LCF DT 10123F2232W240 (20 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                     What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                improve the final year of your course?
                                                      The general running of the course is appalling. Apart
                                                      from our year tutor this year, I have found it very
                                                      hard to be able to contact tutors. The idea of the
                                                      course is very appealing, being able to learn about so
                                                      many aspects of fashion and business but in reality
                                                      we have never been taught anything properly and in
                                                      enough detail to succeed but always expected just to
                                                      know things. We have received very little help in final
                                                      year, and 2-20 min tutorials do not suffice. When
                                                      lectures are cancelled they never seem to be
                                                      rescheduled either. Pattern cutting/sample room         More tuition time, more tutorials 2-20 min tutorials
                                                      teaching is not good enough, expected just to know do not suffice or help us enough. Being able to
Learning resources. FBRS.                             it!                                                     contact our tutors and get a response!

                                                                                                             More tutorial time.

The course content is good for what I think for the   We pay for the service but we don't necessarily get
knowledge of the fashion industry and how it works.   the full benefits like what we have signed up for.

I think that I will come away I will have the skills that I
need to go into my career. Learnt a lot whilst on the
course. I think that when I come away I will have the I don't think that we have had near enough time with
skills that I need to go into my career.                    the tutors.
                                                           The placement year should have been properly
                                                           assessed by tutors, e.g. there was no tutor contact
                                                           throughout the year as they said, but yet we still paid
                                                           fees to the university. Projects have been boring and
The university helped in getting interviews at good        repetitive. Recycling has been about 80% of the
companies during the placement year.                       projects.

                                                        From first year to 4th year, the brief for every project
The opportunity to do a year out on placement was followed virtually the same structure with the same
the best part of the course. I learned more during this requirements. It would have been getter to have
year than the other 3 years of study. My confidence more variation and a broader range of class topics           Explain the requirements of the project are clearly by
also grew a lot during this year whereas my time in     e.g. learning new techniques, talks from industry or laying down clearer guidelines and being more
university seemed to have the opposite effect.          lectures on various aspects of the industry.             enthusiastic!

                                                           Promises for industry & final year were not fulfilled or
                                                           compensated for. Personal tutor visiting in industry
Excellent practical sessions in first two year, year 1 &   year & intensive 'back to uni' classes at start of final
2 tutors encouraged creativity and inspired our work.      yr in particular. Final year tutors seem to judge work
??? was a patient & brilliant pattern-cutting teacher.     on their personal taste. No access to tutors outside of
Year two included 'live' industry projects working         minimally timetabled sessions. Several don't even
with real companies & was fantastic & very beneficial.     respond to e-mails.
The fact that my course has a placement year and the
support at the start from tutors was good in terms of
getting contacts and getting a placement from
sandwich course, library facilities and IT facilities very
flexible hours at the library and open "execa"
especially on holidays and good friendly staff and         Need better introduction to special machinery in the
knowledgeable in the library.                              first year.

                                                                                                                  Given the final year students more preference when
                                                                                                                  it comes to using equipment in specialized rooms.

                                                                                                                  Assigned one tutor for the year (rather than the 4
                                                       The lack of support, the lack of contact time with         different ones we have had so far) or at least assigned
                                                       tutors and other students, the lack of intellectually      us a personal tutor that we could contact if we
                                                       stimulating lectures, the lack of inspirational tutors,    needed (and be it somebody that would actually
I am really struggling to find any positive aspects of having had 4 different 'tutors' so far in my final year    respond) and held more inspirational lectures (rather
my experience so being in London would probably be with the current one unable to recall what it is I am          than just repeating what they 'taught' us in first and
top!                                                   actually doing! I could go on.                             second year!

                                                        Not enough contact time, or scheduled class time.         To have more contact time, and more technical
Experienced tutors give relevant feedback               Timetable very sparse. More technical classes are         classes to refresh skills after a year away on
constructively.                                         needed!                                                   placement.

                                                                                                                  More one on one teaching time, and also it would
                                                                                                                  have been better to have one tutor/mentor
Had a year in industry, which provided great            There were not enough staff to deal with the needs        throughout the year who could follow through our
experiences to add to my studies.                       of all students.                                          whole project with us, as well as tutors for each unit.
                                                                                                              The amount of different tutors allocated to us (5 in
                                                                                                              less than two terms so far) has meant many different
                                                       Support during placement year was abysmal. Often opinions, which can often be good however in my
                                                       good resources that are available to us we weren't     case I've become confused with almost too much
                                                       told about and so didn't get to use them. The level to feedback and contradicting ideas. The structure of
                                                       which we were taught I.T. I thought was substandard final year is also very different of that to previous
Quite a few enthusiastic and inspiring tutor.          for going into Industry.                               years. It's almost like a different course.

                                                       Sometimes they're not really clear in defining what
                                                       we have to bring to the table in terms of some of our
                                                       projects. I think we need more lectures in terms of
I think it's a well-rounded course and it gives us     using special machinery or just having more access to
enough things to do and in terms of the placement      more software's and doing more things practical
that's a really good aspect of the course and that's   based, there's not enough balance and there needs to
what makes it different.                               be a balance.

                                                                                                                 More tutorials for students.

                                                       Communication relating tutors to students,
                                                       sometimes we can't find a tutor and within the whole
                                                       course I haven't learnt a lot in four years, what I was
                                                       expecting to learn, this is a major negative it was all
                                                       my friends as well
                                                     Organisation of course is appalling. Tutors never          More consistent contact with one tutor instead of
                                                     seem to know what's going on, this include year            changing tutors each term. Not cutting teaching and
                                                     heads or course directors. Emails etc are never            marking hours. Giving us extremely inspiring lectures
                                                     responded to. Despite clearly a large amount of            about presentation and portfolio right at the
                                                     investment into enormous plasma screen TVs in many         beginning of the year or in previous years rather than
Specialist tutors extremely knowledgeable. Tutors    rooms (including sewing rooms) teaching and marking        half way through our final term, so we have no time
keen to help you where ever possible, even outside   hours have been cut. The people in charge of the           to experiment and implement the information in the
their paid hours.                                    purse strings clearly have their priorities all wrong.     lecture that could have really helped our work.

Resources are quite good.                            Could do with more time with the tutors.

                                                     Some of stuff you learnt was told out of a book and
                                                     wasn't explained by the tutor so I didn't really need to
                                                     go into college.

                                                     For 4 years we have had no tutor specifically
                                                     appointed to us, and have no idea who we should
                                                     contact for advice, in case of emergency etc. our          Have 1 tutor who overseers the entire project. We
                                                     lectures are facile and are repeated every year            are limited to 2 20 min tutorials a term with 2
                                                     without any change so my knowledge has not                 separate tutors. After spending 10 mines explaining
                                                     progressed since year 1. For autumn term 09 we had         your work, there is very little time for any feedback. 1
                                                     on average 2 hours of lectures/class time per week.        tutor takes a timer into the tutorial, which is very off
                                                     As someone graduating this year I don't feel I have        putting. There is no consistency among tutors, one
                                                     any specialist knowledge and lack confidence to go         will suggest a certain way of doing something and the
                                                     out into work.                                             next week another tutor will tell you to change it.

BA (Hons) Drawing Camberwell 10124A2122W110 (18 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                        What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                   improve the final year of your course?

                                                       The facilities could be improved and the workshops
                                                       could be a lot more accessibly to everyone.

                                                                                                                  The coordination of our chosen assessment pathway
                                                                                                                  (dissertation/live project/work placement), and our
                                                       I felt that the course in general, and the first year in   general coursework could have been better. I think
                                                       particular could have been stricter, with more             splitting the time spent on these two areas equally,
                                                       timetabled classes that introduced us to all of the        with an earlier deadline for the context work
                                                       facilities. This would have prepared students better       (dissertation/live project etc) would have been
                                                       for life after college. The course should be as            advantageous. I felt that the course in general, and
                                                       demanding of students as an academic degree. This          the first year in particular could have been stricter,
                                                       degree, in some ways, felt like an extended diploma,       with more timetabled classes that introduced us to all
                                                       not really intensive enough. We could have finished        of the facilities. This would have prepared students
                                                       this course in less time than three years. The             better for life after college. The course should be as
                                                       structuring of the final year could have made better       demanding of students as an academic degree. This
                                                       use of the first three months. Many people were            degree, in some ways, felt like an extended diploma,
                                                       undecided as to what they were supposed to give            not really intensive enough. We could have finished
                                                       priority to in the run up to assessment time, and may      this course in less time than three years. The course
                                                       have lost out because of that. The course could have       could have done more to improve post grad
The course has pushed me to develop myself             done more to improve post grad employability,              employability, maybe by making work placements a
independently, and to form my own ideas and            maybe by making work placements a more important           more important, perhaps mandatory part of the
conclusions through research and experimentation.      part of the course.                                        course.
The college's reputation is a good one.                   Tutors contradicting themselves.

                                                                                                                  Throw out the bureaucrats.

Expert tuition; tutors who excel in their field and are
able to impart knowledge as a result of their
experience in their field of study; great diversity       Not enough studio space; slightly fewer tutorials than More access to context unit tutors during dissertation
between different departments but retention of            ideal; marking is sometimes inconsistent when          writing period; more advice available regarding future
strong identity across Fine Art subjects.                 changing from one tutor to the next.                   career options.

                                                     The negative comment is not really directed at the
                                                     course, but at UAL. As a member of Camberwell felt
                                                     that the individual college identity has been slightly
                                                     lost. The course itself has that identity, will always say
                                                     that I study at Camberwell and not UAL. Over the 3
                                                     years it has felt that this identity has slowly been
                                                     erased I fear that in the future that there will be no       Given greater financial support, as well as providing
                                                     differences between the colleges and courses apart           students with some form of post degree prospects
Contextual studies and taught sessions excellent and from geographical location, which would be a massive         (although this should be self motivated) a helping
help drive productivity and understanding.           shame!                                                       hand would distinguish it above other Institutions.
Organisation and communication is excellent. All
tutors are all extremely approachable and
enthusiastic about the course. They go out of their
way to help, even outside of college/term time. They
are always encouraging us to succeed, and to get
involved with outside events and opportunities with
emails about upcoming opportunities. I feel that the
course has helped me gain confidence and has
prepared me for a career in the field.

I really like the size of the groups and have benefited
hugely from a specific studio space. The tutors never                                                           I feel like I have gone mad. The questions I'm
discourage, only offer advice, which is a good way to                                                           encouraged to ask in the studio have crept into my
help students.                                                                                                  every day life and it's affected me negatively.

                                                                                                                The Live Project could have definitely been presented
Course encourages wide-ranging critical thinking                                                                to students in a more clear way. For a long while
(concerning Drawing, Philosophy, History etc.). Tutors At times have had some concerns that parity in           students completing the Live Project unit were
are generally approachable for discussing ideas,       marking has been unclear. Felt that the Live Project     unclear on what was expected of us. And our live
concerns surrounding coursework.                       (unit 9) guidelines were not clearly presented.          project work.

Specialised drawing course is really important. It's      The usual problems of space and resources but
completely unique. Brilliant at developing a critical     nothing that I found that detrimental to the course. I
way of thinking that has affected every part of my        think that the professional path that you're
life. Really good program of theory lectures,             encouraged to consider isn't compatible with me.
supportive encouraging tutors. The type of people         Overall, I think that my personal incompatibility with
attracted to the course. This course has changed my       aspects of the course meant I didn't get the most out More clarity with assessments: what is required,
life in so many positive ways.                            of it but that seems more of a personal issue.         more information up front. Financial support.
                                                             I thought there were a lot of problems with studio
I think the artist visits are fantastic, and the theory, I   space, and I think that prevented a lot of students
thought was excellent. I've been very pleased with           from working within the college. That disadvantaged
the course, and the excellent lecturers.                     the whole team.

The theory lectures and the visiting artist program
have been really good and informative. The course                                                                  Unit 9 was a bit confusing. As far as what was
leaders are helpful and take a real interest in your         The live project, unit 9, could have been better      expected of us. I did the live project and the outline
work.                                                        explained.                                            kept changing.

                                                   It would be nice to receive more positive feedback. I           Not put units 9 and 10 so close together. The fact that
                                                   very rarely receive such (this is not due to my work)           each unit is weighted the same, and yet we are so
                                                   and it would be more reassuring if more were given              focused on the dissertation the sudden need for work
                                                   also, if we were graded more often in a casual sense.           catch us all by surprise. We were warned about this,
                                                   Being marked twice a year is not enough to make me              but I feel the dissertation should be weighed more,
                                                   feel confident with what I am doing. It would be                and that there should be a greater amount of time
I have become more independent for sure. I am more better to have more marked pieces or bodies of work.            than the 10 days we were given. Our tutors have
confident with my work, and expressing my views in These would not count towards anything, but just                been very understanding, however, I really feel that it
general.                                           allow the student to know how well they are doing.              could have been arranged better.
                                                       Some lectures are cancelled without warning, and
                                                       then the students turn up and are turned away. The
                                                       notification of a surprise presentation one week
                                                       before the assessment. As a student I would like to
                                                       know what level I am working at. It is not clear. The
                                                       studio space is too small. We are not given any
                                                       materials. There are not enough computers in the          Be more organised especially with the dissertation
                                                       library. Communication on what's going on within the      hand-in. The tutors didn't know what the self
                                                       university is terrible. Communication between staff       evaluation form was, leaving us students to worry
                                                       concerning the dissertation guidelines, hand-in etc. is   about it. We should receive guidance in knowing
                                                       bad. The course is too expensive for what little you      what level we are working at so we can improve. I
                                                       get for the money. It's impossible to work in the         would also like to know what I could do exactly to
                                                       studio because there is no space, not enough tables,      raise my percentage, as the tutors do not let us know
The tutors are all approachable.                       or chairs.                                                how to do better.

On a whole course is good.

The staff are informed, friendly and approachable. I
am always given the impression that they care about
how well I do on the course. They also have a
contagious enthusiasm for the subject. The course
has been brilliantly organised by a dedicated course
leader. She keeps everyone informed of events in and
outside of the college and has helped me to realise
ways in which I can benefit most from my time at
Camberwell. I also loved being given the opportunity
to do life drawing.                                                                                              Had an earlier date for the dissertation hand in.
                                                        The openness of the course can prove to be
                                                        incredibly challenging to students such as myself who
                                                        have come straight out of a more directed and
                                                        structured educational system. This ability to discover
                                                        your own path, whilst liberating, leads to a great
                                                        amount of 'self teaching' of some difficult topics that
                                                        range outside of the scope of art theory namely,
                                                        social, political and philosophical discourses. I feel
                                                        that this can create a sort of 'quack' understanding of
The openness of the course allows for a great deal of a serious topics a more structured and engaged
self directed study, giving students the opportunity to approach on behalf of the tutors in terms of teaching
explore a wide range of interests. The lectures,        these areas would vastly improve the confidence and
although sparse, have been of a high quality. A good self conviction of students on the course. A lot of
number of engaging field trips to galleries, museums students have voiced concerns about 'not knowing
and institutions around London. Tutors are normally what it is that we have learned' the course teaches
on hand to give constructive advice if and when it is critical thinking skills, but, aside from the productive
needed. The diversity of the course allows for great life drawing classes, no other technical skills. Students
interfere discussion and debate, if these               can feel 'out there on their own'. More help with
opportunities are seized. A good life drawing class,    careers guidance and after college planning would be It's been a roller coaster. More careers guidance
which should be continued.                              much appreciated.                                       would have been great.

                                                       Tutors are not employed for enough hours but I guess More visiting artists and theory lectures especially in
An intellectually stimulating research based degree.   that the same for all courses!                       philosophy.

BA (hons) Painting Camberwell 10125A2122W120 (22 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

Staff have been wonderful. I am particularly
impressed to see that shortcomings/proposals in
evaluations are set right or implemented in the
following year!                                         I think my course could benefit from more space.

                                                     There is a gap between the technical staff and the
The environment has been conducive to my             tutoring staff which should be filled. A wider variety
development. The course has improved since the first of types of people from the art world should teach in
year.                                                the studios.                                           I think larger scale crits might be better.

Studio space is excellent. E-mail communication is      Poor structure of assessments. Not enough                Structure of unit 9 & 10 clash too much. Unit 10
good. iCal timetable integration is excellent.          compulsory tutorial sessions.                            should be finalised in the third term.

The tutors were really good, there's one out of three
or four who is not good.                              The one out of 6 tutors was inconsistent.

                                                        More practical teaching, and more or a variety of
                                                        lectures would be beneficial. Also a bigger library
Good studio space and equipment resources.              would be good.                                           More tutorials for dissertation and practical work.

Really good study space, most of my tutors are
enthusiastic, had some really good and interesting
speakers come talk to us, really good library facilities Your getting feedback not actual grades, so the first
and the librarian is brilliant, I got really good support time you receive an official marking it goes towards
for my dissertation.                                      your degree.
Nice place to do work, relaxing environment and         Studio spaces are getting smaller, less space to do
good learning place.                                    work in future.

A lot of space and time.

                                                        This is not the course I applied for. A lot of the things
                                                        that were changed such as opportunities to do an
                                                        elective in another subject were changed for my year.
                                                        These were precisely the reasons I chose to study at
                                                        Camberwell, I have been very disappointed with my
                                                        time here. Having the opportunity to do the
                                                        dissertation and studio work at the same time is not
                                                        the positive experience the tutors and other people
                                                        involved seem to think it is. It just means we've had       Started critical theory in the first year. Perhaps
                                                        twice as much work to do in the same space of time          seminars on specific texts and setting essays on
                                                        and both studio work and dissertation have suffered.        critical theory. So by the time we reached the
                                                        Also the painting department actively discourage            dissertation, everyone was at the expected level and
                                                        students to do a live project/work placement. I feel        used to the language and the thinking. Less studio
                                                        this is a shame I changed to a dissertation because I       teaching and assessment in the first term so people
Opportunities to meet other people, career advice,      felt I would be at a disadvantage in their eyes when        could concentrate on dissertation/project without
visiting artists.                                       marking me.                                                 detriment to studio work.

I have received help when needed with excellent
advice, the tutors are very good and I have nothing
but praise. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience.                                                               It is very well structured.
                                                          Cramped studio spaces, library aren't open late
Really good teaching: really good staff.                  enough.

The flexibility of the course it's suited to my studies   Could do with a bit more one on one tutorial. The
and the equipment is good.                                ones we have got we have to do.

                                                          We didn't get very many lecturers in the second year.

                                                          Not enough studio space, not enough materials
                                                          provided. No real tuition on working in a professional Tuition on working professionally, developing our BA
                                                          context. No tuition on essay writing.                  into an actual profession.

                                                                                                                  More art related skills and basic theory seminars in
                                                          Not enough theory taught at basic level. No basic       the first two years would have provided a good
Electives were good.                                      artistic skills taught.                                 grounding to face the final year.

The teachers/tutors.

A lot of freedom and independence, as well you're
guided, still have a lot of ability to work the way you
want to but you have some support. A lot of facilities,
you can use different studios.                          Some more individual studio space for each student.
                                                       There have been points when I have handed in an
                                                       essay, and the tutor has told me they haven't
                                                       received it, when I have already handed it in. I've
                                                       ended up having to chase the tutors to make sure
I think crits with MA students have been good.         they have received it.

                                                       The feedback that myself and piers get from tutors is
                                                       usually particularly unclear and very vague, I
The freedom to use many different types of             understand why that is, but it would be more
equipment, there's quite a few resources, you have     beneficial if they spent more time telling you what
to look for them but they really are there.            was wrong.

                                                                                                                  Further explanation of the marking criteria. Students
Certain members of staff are extremely helpful,        The marking criteria are not specific. Neither staff nor   are not taught about wider contextual issues and
encouraging, and make the effort to talk to students   students understand the assessment forms. We are           therefore have to teach themselves during Unit Nine.
about individual concerns. Students are made aware     lacking contextual studies lectures covering broader       This is far too time-consuming. We do not have a
of external opportunities.                             art history/criticism/philosophical subjects.              good contextual base to build upon.

The choices for dissertation, and instead of just
writing a dissertation you can do a placement or a live
project. Out tutors always regularly e-mailed us about There wasn't enough interaction with drawing, we
exhibitions and we had a wide selection of visiting     always has cross-crypt photography. It would be nice
artists.                                                to do it with more courses like drawing.

It's been a great chance to expand my knowledge as
an artist in an environment I feel comfortable in.                                                                Provided dyslexia support specific to the department.

BA (Hons) Sculpture Camberwell 10126A2122W100 (12 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                          What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                     improve the final year of your course?

                                                             Basically I have been suffering from depression and
The critical aspects of the course were good and the         feel didn't have a voice for a long while, I felt many of Maybe made it more personal and helped me a bit
tutors good.                                                 the tutors were dismissive to me and my illness.          more.

Good studio space & facilities & people, events &            My tutors on my work placement work was not
library. An amazing college to be in. Very inspiring.        contactable/did not make any effort to contact me
Creative atmosphere I need to flourish.                      when missed deadline - overly negative criticism.

                                                             Too many people per year - over crowding in studios.
Great tutors, visiting lecturers. Is being re-written to a   Course in process of being re-written which has
better level for the students' development.                  caused some confusion. Hoop jumping/red tap & to
Technicians are brilliant but need more of them/more         do in creative degree to 'deserve' good marks.
teaching hours for them.                                     Difficult due to subjectivity.

                                                                                                                    Be more clearly about what is required for a good
                                                                                                                    grade, i.e., how to present back up work. Give a
                                                             Sometimes information on deadlines is not clear.       better sense of the timescale, when things need to be
I feel privileged to be taught by some of the staff.         Some staff can be standoffish.                         done by.

The tutors and tech the tutors and technicians are           You don't seem to get enough contact on tutoring
extremely enthusiastic and the facilities we have a          time and also marking criteria seems to change like
university and very good at the moment.                      the wind.
The teaching is really fantastic.                          The timetabling could be better.

                                                           Insufficient feedback from written work, insufficient
The critical studies element was stimulating and           feedback overall preventing personal development.
encouraging when it was offered. Working with              Oversubscribing the course in ratio to the space
technicians has been the most positive element.            available - I understand that the school needs money
Visiting artists & sign up tutorials adds to the course.   but it's ridiculous to just keep cramming. ??

                                                      As every member of academic staff in my university,
                                                      you, the guys running this survey are only some
                                                      critical bureaucrats. Maybe you all believe in making
                                                      this world better through the services you have to
                                                      offer in the exchange for huge amounts of money
                                                      taken from the Government. If the schools would be
                                                      schools and not mere businesses similar to Tesco and
                                                      Asda, probably your whole fallacious system would
                                                      collapse. Most of the staff that works in tutoring and
                                                      is paid by this capitalist educational system, as well
                                                      are you, militate for Marxist, Feminist, Posthuman
                                                      future. Your system was used by these average
                                                      intellectuals to preach their political views instead of
                                                      preparing the students for a clear view on the
                                                      complex life that will follow the student life. You all
                                                      have been there, smoked your joints and now you are
For those people that can stand a shock therapy the working in an office making surveys that affect in no
three years of BA at UAL can bring a brutal awakening way the direct relation between the educational          Stop the critical theory to become the dogma of all
to reality.                                           system and your own kids.                                the contextual studies.
Teachers are working practitioners in their field, and
used their contact list for me to get a foothold in the Short notice or timetable changes. Should make more
industry.                                               use of email correspondence.

The tutors are really well known artists and
enthusiastic. They are current and contemporary and The timetables aren't clear enough and we aren't told
the quality of their teaching is very good.         about things well in advance.

                                                                                                                As detailed above, there was a large amount of time
                                                                                                                to complete practice run assessment work and only
                                                                                                                two weeks of term time for creating new work for the
                                                                                                                assessment that mattered. The dry run assessment
                                                                                                                should have been done early in the first term. There
                                                                                                                was also too much time where dissertation was
                                                      Bad structure in last year; we had effectively a term hanging over us. We had sporadic short tutorials over
                                                      to complete work for a practice run assessment, and two terms, but were creating work often between
                                                      only two weeks of term time to create work for the those tutorials which meant that they were often
                                                      actual assessment. The guest lecture series was           ineffective. We had almost forgotten where we stood
                                                      erratic. It was extremely good in the first year, all but because we were wrapped up in other work. It
                                                      absent in the second year, and only a couple of good perhaps would have been better to hand the essay in
Very good guest lecturers.                            ones in the last year.                                    before the Christmas break.
                                                            As a mature student and ex-school teacher. I don't
As a mature student (over 60) I was totally still part of   accept the reasons for last moment changes in
the group. One or two tutors always went the extra          timetable and irregular times for lectures which were
mile. I large amount of thought had gone into the           very difficult to fit round, causing two mature student Made the criteria clearer in real terms rather than
content of the course.                                      with young children to leave.                           education speaks.

BA (Hons) Ceramics Camberwell 10127A2122W270
(7 comments found)
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BA (hons) FDT Menswear LCF DT 10129F2122W230 (14 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                          What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                     improve the final year of your course?

                                                            Not enough individual tutorials totally disorganized
The library.                                                general confusion in the whole institution.

The course I am currently coming to an end. Pushes
you to your full potential.                                 Stress factor through the roof.

The college's name is big so it gives us already more       Because the college knows that it got a big name
chances. Good resources, library.                           there's a lack of making things better.

                                                            The course organisation and timetable shortage of
Teaching staff, the subject in general.                     staff working hours of some of the campuses.
                                                          Need more technical support and more rooms and
                                                          storage space for students.

The knowledge of the teachers.                            The occasionally lack of classroom space.

Personal development with the course.

                                                          Not enough space for the third years.

                                                          Not having enough lessons, having to learn computer
                                                          skills solo, set up of the course, not being able to talk Organise better, give lessons (not only tutorials), and
Learning how to make garments.                            to tutors most of the time.                               push students a little harder to come up with work.

                                                                                                                   Been clear with dates and submission requirements
                                                                                                                   from the year before. Brought in specialized people
                                                                                                                   from the industrial world to give talks and help in
                                                                                                                   developing ideas and thoughts. Be more clearly in
                                                          Intellectually very weak and not stimulating. Very       what the tutors like and do not like, and differentiate
                                                          little hands on instruction and no technical skill       between their taste and a successful development of
                                                          developments. Very boring projects content.              design ideas.

Tutors very helpful when advising on work.

I liked the people in my class and I liked the projects   Not enough personal support in terms of direction
that were given to us.                                    and also if you have personal problems.
                                                         The building closes too early. There is not enough
                                                         space and machines to work. The rules are too strict
                                                         i.e. rotary cutters are banned (we need them when
                                                         we cut very thin fabrics or the edges of fabrics need    More budget for fitting models and machinists to
Teachers are helpful. Facilities are good.               to be clean).                                            help us. More space and machines to work.

                                                         There are still some problems in the administrative
The new tutor for my section is definitely committed     side, in terms of timing for the briefings and project
to provide us with a high profile education and seems    for example, which seems to come from a mediocre
willing to give us the time and energy that this would   coordination between men swear and women swear
require.                                                 courses.

BA (Hons) FDT Menswear LCF DT 10129F2132W230
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BA (Hons) FTD Womenswear LCF DT 10130F2122W230 (42 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                        What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                   improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                                  More open access space is needed.

                                                         International students get more disadvantages than
                                                         home or EU students. Some tutors are not even
                                                         willing to listen if the communication is not easy with
Some tutors are very enthusiastic to teach the           students. Too many students in one class. Not all       Less student in one class and more tutors. Students
student and give them confident.                         students get same amount of time with tutors.           should be able to choose their tutors.
The teaching is fantastic especially ???. The fashion
business resource studio is fantastic the graduate
employment officer & placement broker have spent           We don't have anywhere near enough time with the
plenty of time with me and have given me very              teachers. Our teaching hours have been cut in half in
helpful advice. Also, the events that the college holds    comparison to the year group before us. So they have
are brilliant such as ??? interviews. I went to the ???    only 20 mins per student with a teacher per week.
interview, which was very interesting. It's such a great   This really impacted me because when I couldn't
opportunity to be able to attend these kinds of events     move forward with my work, I needed to discuss it in
for free and the advice from successful people in the      detail with my teacher. We didn't have enough class
industry is incredibly valuable. Also, I have recently     time to discuss it so I couldn't do anything for a whole
started to become more involved with the students          week until I saw her again. Also, the use of space
union and I have realised that there are some great        across the college is very bad the Curtain Road site is
things in there. The Fashion Society is really good I      hugely over crowded and too many classes & courses
went to one of their talks at CSM, which was very          are based there. Conversely, the Lime Grove site is
inspiring. It's really good to be able to attend           huge and they have very few students there by
different things in the different colleges and have        comparison resources in the uni could be distributed
access to all the campuses. LCF has a very good            much more fairly. Students should be introduced to More teaching hours with the staff, our course was
reputation, which really helps when applying for           all of the specialist machines through classes because severely lacking teaching time we only had 20 min
internships & jobs.                                        it's a waste when they aren't used.                      per student per week.

Definitely enthusiasm there, standard of tutors they
get in, in terms of the experience they have in the        The building isn't equipped for the amount of
industry, technical support is brilliant.                  students they now have.

                                                           Sometimes international students needed a bit more
                                                           help, especially English is not our first language, for
                                                           essay or work explanation.
The resources available are strong.                    The general level of teaching by the tutors is poor.

                                                     The course changed a fair but in structure throughout
                                                     my degree course, which was unnecessary and did
Great link to industry and some occasional fantastic not find any positives from this. Also, felt some of the
opportunities. Plenty & support when needed. Some staff are not qualified to reach properly; punctuation,
amazingly talented teachers/lecturers.               manner, obvious personal issues etc.

                                                       Well when a teacher was no good ??? and there was
                                                       a series of complaints about her made nothing was
                                                       done. So as students we really don't win.
                                                                                                              It would have been good to have more time at the
                                                                                                              beginning of the final year so I could clearly explain
                                                                                                              my intended direction. As it was, I only had a very
                                                                                                              small amount of time to convey my vision. This has
                                                                                                              meant that myself and my tutor have had conflicting
                                                                                                              views over the direction of my collection, which has
                                                                                                              turned out completely different to what I originally
                                                                                                              intended. If tutorials were in place at the beginning, I
Technical assistance is available when needed.                                                                could have explained my ideas fully, and then if
Specialist tailoring training. Open access is a good   Lack of space. Sometimes suggestions are not clear     changes needed to be made, criticisms would be
facility. Library is always well stocked with a wide   and can be contradictory to information already        accepted, as I would have had the chance to talk
range of books and media sources. Lots of tutors       given. More organised tutorials are needed at critical about everything that I needed to. Instead, I feel that
available that have a wide range of skills and         parts in the academic year, e.g.: before a final major I'm only reaching half of what I intended as I did not
experiences.                                           project so everyone can be clear on the direction.     get the chance to explain the rest.

                                                       The organisation of the course is very poor and that is
                                                       mainly due to lack of communication between staff
                                                       and students. Also the course is over subscribed and
The emphasis on work placement is good and I think     there are too many students in the year and the there
the library resources are good.                        are not enough technical facilities.

Some very good tutors, and there is usually help from Don't receive very much tutor time, open access can
technicians if you need it.                           be hard to use from lack of workspace and machines. Add in more tutor time.
                                                       I found there was a real problem with some of the        I found there was a real problem with some of the
                                                       tutors, technical and some design. There was poor        tutors, technical and some design. There was poor
                                                       guidance and were generally unhelpful in progression     guidance and were generally unhelpful in progression
                                                       within my projects. Technical in particular within the   within my projects. Technical in particular within the
                                                       beginning of my final major project which is where       beginning of my final major project which is where
                                                       pattern cutting was a curtail as part. The amount of     pattern cutting was a curtail as part. The amount of
                                                       time we were given with our t design tutor was           time we were given with our t design tutor was
                                                       extremely minimal and tutorials were ridiculously        extremely minimal and tutorials were ridiculously
                                                       short and I always felt I had never achieved anything    short and I always felt I had never achieved anything
                                                       post to them. Access to space, tables machines etc to    post to them. Access to space, tables machines etc to
                                                       work on within the collage was extremely scarce and      work on within the collage was extremely scarce and
I have had a great opportunity to develop technical    being in my final year I feel we should have been        being in my final year I feel we should have been
skills and a great chance to explore and approach      given much more priority to facilities or even a         given much more priority to facilities or even a
design from so many different angles.                  selected/dedicated area to 3rd years only.               selected/dedicated area to 3rd years only.

Enthusiastic teachers especially in third year. Give a Too little class time. Open access is mostly crowded.
lot of importance to the studies of final year students. Changes in timetables etc. are poorly informed of.     More design class time.

Really good: how they teach us to do everything
ourselves.                                             They don't provide skilled teachers.

                                                      There is no space in the college to work so you have
                                                      to work at home, and especially being in third year I
I have had quite a lot of support from some teachers. think we should have more space available to work.
                                                        Shortened hours. The typical 'tutorial day' still runs
                                                        for the same length for students, but with only one
                                                        tutor serving a classroom instead of two in previous
                                                        years. This doubles the tutors' workload and reduces
                                                        actual contact time with student. Erratic
                                                        administration. Late feedback on academic research
                                                        proposal, to the point of its feedback being useless to
                                                        apply to the main research itself in a timely manner.
                                                        Unclear guidelines on marking the proposal. Lack of
                                                        clear and thorough communication on what is
                                                        expected to be evident within the subject. Lack of
                                                        sample proposal documents to illustrate expression
                                                        of the essence of the piece of academic writing
                                                        (excellent acceptable insufficient) as repeatedly         Improve sequencing of projects; in hindsight the
The auxiliary support staff (e.g. careers section and   expressed by various students in the past. Also, there    written assessment was submitted way too late than
library) are very helpful and communicative. Most       is what seems to be a constant confusion amongst          it should have been, causing considerable delays to
high-end industrial specialist equipments can be        teaching staff over what students are expected to         starting the main, most heavily weighted module of
easily accessed when available. Technicians are         submit in writing whether it was for manifesto or         the course. Use of site based design tutors instead of
helpful.                                                plain essay.                                              visiting tutors for final year students.

It has helped students to have more responsibility      We don't have more staff to help us, sometimes we
and to feel more confident, being mature.               feel lost because we have no one to give us advice.
Learning resources are excellent creative director of
the course was really good. Focus on creative side of     Organisation of the course was very poor.
creative development was very good and also our           Expectations of funding were not given proper
industry contacts and CB and portfolio advice was         preparation support for funding was not given. Poor
very good. Our peer learning was very good too.           communication between staff and teachers I
Development of a broad range of skills and problem        expected to learn more technical skills I'm not
solving was good as well.                                 confident of what I've learned.

                                                          Very unfair about some groups have part time tutors
                                                          were some have full time tutor, those who have part
Technicians in college help a lot in like libraries all   time tutor don't get to see them a lot, and the tutorial
sources.                                                  should be arranged better.
                                                        There is definitely too little space in the building, and
                                                        as a result it gets crowded and hard to maintain a
                                                        good work process as well as using the facilities. The
                                                        uni shouldn't allow more courses and more students
                                                        to enter, as it is not even sufficient for the students
                                                        already enrolled. I feel quite strongly that I haven't
                                                        gotten as much out of my university experience as I
                                                        wished due to this problem. Especially for third years
                                                        who work under hard pressure and should have their
                                                        own space, so on top of all they don't have to worry
                                                        about not having a work space e.g. table. Also I think
Tutors have a lot of knowledge and most of them do      the Women's wear course could be better organised           Organise fittings at an earlier point as well as
share this knowledge and use it to help students. I     in terms of getting more out of the teaching meaning        introducing sample room classes sooner to get the
have gained a lot of technical skills and confidence.   classes being smaller and better organised from time        process going. And most importantly get more time
The library has very good facilities.                   to time.                                                    with the tutors!

                                                        Organization and teaching hours were not enough.

                                                        There was not enough teaching and the timetable
I think that I had really nice teachers.                was not that good.

                                                        There is not enough room for open access.

                                                        The timetable was bad, especially in year 3. Design
The course structure is good. I have been gaining       and sample class had only 3-hours each in a week
different skills in every term in order to work well on that tutors couldn't spend much time discussing with
my FMP.                                                 us individually.
                                                        Maybe more timetabled time with our tutor in the
                                                        final year.

I got more help and assist by senior tutors in external
time when I need more advice. And it do help and
improve my studies. And get my skills improve a lot                                                             More pattern cutting and technical support could
while communicate with peers.                           Do not get enough technical support.                    benefits students a lot.

                                                                                                                More time with tutors. More space to work the open
                                                                                                                access area is not big enough for all students, and the
                                                                                                                third year students should be a priority. First and
                                                        Not enough time with tutors, especially in the third    second years should not be allowed to use the open
                                                        year.                                                   access area.

                                                                                                                Maybe more open tutorials but different tutors to
                                                                                                                cover it for final year.

                                                                                                                Lot more time with the tutors and less students in the
                                                                                                                groups. I feel that the time we spend with the tutors
Great resources, helpful staff, well organised useful   Not enough time with tutors, too many students in       is just not enough to get the full support for the
feedbacks.                                              groups.                                                 degree.

                                                        The timetables could be more organised in terms of
Library facility was good.                              teaching hours.

                                                        Luck of time with design tutor, supposed to be longer
Good library sources.                                   than we had.
                                                      A course direction/leader should be very
                                                      approachable and available. My course director ??? is
                                                      neither. She never answers her phone and doesn't
                                                      respond to e-mails. I don't feel I could talk to her
                                                      about and problems. Teaching hours for my third and
                                                      final year are utterly disgraceful! I have one day a
                                                      week of teaching which is really two lessons in one. In
                                                      previous academic years, my pattern cutting classes
                                                      and design classes have each had a whole day of
                                                      teaching dedicated to them and now in my final most
                                                      important, most busy, most stressful year theses
Facilities are good e.g. computer access and          classes have been jammed in to one day to cut costs.
equipment access, sewing machines etc. The support Even my lecturers have made it clear that they don't
I have received from study support people to help     think it's enough time for them to teach and they
with my dyslexia has been outstanding and the         struggle to get around to see everyone. I can't help
counselling service provided by student support has but ask where is my £3,000 going! I'm paying the          More teaching time! I'm in one day a week, it's
given me somewhere I can rely on if I need to talk to same as last year but getting less than a third of the nowhere near enough! I pay a lot of money for course
someone about all my problems.                        teaching.                                               fees and I get less for my money each year.

Tutors.                                               Very few teaching hours.                             More hours of class.

I think very good industry experience and practical
knowledge.                                            The low par facilities and admin.

LCF (London College of Fashion) has good quality of
sewing machines and they have my good                 Sometimes, they don't know how conversation with
equipments.                                           international students.
                                                                                                                   My final year of the course has been better in
                                                                                                                   comparison with the first 2 years. We have more
                                                                                                                   contact time with tutors and the project this year has
                                                                                                                   been more stimulating and exciting since it is has an
                                                                                                                   individualistic approach. The workload has increased
                                                                                                                   but the course structure and flexibility is such that it
                                                                                                                   allows for proper completion. The only drawback is
                                                                                                                   the availability of equipment considering that the
                                                                                                                   number of students who require them is very high.
                                                                                                                   Introduction of more equipment and increase in
                                                                                                                   space of open access for use of machinery for sowing
                                                          Too many students when compared to equipment             and pattern cutting is the only issue I personally feel
Contact time with my tutor has been good. Clear           and facilities. Use of some facilities does involve high need to be addressed. Otherwise the overall
highlighting of what is expected to pass the course.      costs.                                                   experience this year has been good.

The industry placement.                                   Lack of contact hours.

School facility is very good. There are technicians       The space of class sometimes not enough supply for
always stay the room. It is very helpful for me. A term   us. Assessment was not equal because of aspect of
of project worked with actual fashion company. It         tutors very influenced. Sometimes we can see too
was very nice experience for me. Also, it was group       obvious bias eye, their favourite student was treated
activity, its also good experience.                       more time in individual tutorial so on.               They advice to me think time consuming more.

The tutors that I encounter are very helpful on my
                                                       Some tutors are useless. There feedback is confusing
                                                       and generic in some cases. Week by week feedback
                                                       can contradict each other. Curtain Road building is
                                                       less then is inspiring and there is not enough space or
                                                       equipment for all of the students. As well, half the
                                                       equipment used seems to not work properly.
                                                       Communication between tutors and course directors
                                                       does not seem exist. There is not enough time with
                                                       tutors. Especially during important years such as your
                                                       final year. There needs to be more classes that teach
                                                       the basic skills that we are always told we need, such
                                                       as: drawing, pattern cutting (properly taught classes),
                                                       use of colour in fashion, trends, etc. We are told to
There are some very good tutors that give useful       learn these on our own but are never taught how to
feedback and help you to improve skills. Access to all do it properly, there needs to be courses as part of    The amount of time with the tutor. More available
the University of the Arts London Library is a very    the degree, not something you have to do on the side resources on site, such as paper, tables, and
good benefit.                                          and pay extra for.                                      equipment.

                                                      Timetable and school administration is not good        I haven't seen any, but I think the school resource can
                                                      enough time arrangement for each student in the        be well arranged and be used by student, e.g.,
                                                      class is not fair enough.                              pattern paper and room.

Dedicated tutors industry linked projects.            Very less time with tutors lack of working space.      More contact hours with tutors.

BA (Hons) FDT Surface Textiles LCF DT 10131F2122W230 (22 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                        What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                   improve the final year of your course?

                                                       It's been very disorganised and the resources haven't
                                                       been as accessible as I wanted them to be and the
The tutors were helpful.                               problem hasn't been resolved, as I wanted it to be.

                                                       At times course has been unorganised, criteria for         Better communication between my numerous tutors
                                                       assessment not clearly defined. Access to machinery        for separate aspects of course. Increased or priority
Great technical lessons and tutoring from most         is complicated and not well enough funded to supply        access to special machinery for final year students is
tutors. Extra tutorials and advice always available.   appropriate access and teaching. Feedback tutorials        needed. A more managed work timescale, with
Support from technicians is brilliant. Overall an      across different tutors are not consistent. Pricing in     support from tutors such as gradual deadlines may be
enjoyable course and positive enthusiasm from          college such as college shop and canteen is                helpful to manage the (appropriately), large
passionate tutors.                                     overpriced, although selection is wide.                    workload.

                                                        Certain tutors failed to give help on marked units. The
                                                        marking was biased cross groups, some groups having
                                                        considerably higher marks. Feedback is brief and
                                                        unclear. Facilities continually break and either don't    More time with tutors, 4 hours a week with a design
Certain tutors are enthusiastic and endeavour to help get fixed or take a long time. When helped is asked         tutor is not enough especially as we were taught little
any way they can, i.e. staying longer than contracted for it is considered a "moan" and should be "nipped         in years 1 and 2. Communication is poor and
times. Library facilities are extensive. Online booking in the bud" direct quote from over read email             feedback unclear, marking-having discrepancies
system for open access is effective.                    between tutors!                                           between classes (requiring remarking).
                                                                                                            The University could provide more guidance and
                                                                                                            personal tutorials whenever the students need any.
                                                                                                            Communication between tutors and students should
                                                                                                            be made more flexible. It should also liaise with
                                                                                                            sponsorship companies that could cover some of the
Staff members and tutors are actively involved and    Tutor support, advice and attention are often limited costs incurred in the production of our final collection
student participation is encouraged as much as        due to time factor or number of students on the       and also that of the show (example, providing
possible. Creative and professional opportunities are course. Access to special equipment or rooms is also accessories like shoes, handbags or jewellery and
always advertised for students to take part in if     restricted during busy times before hand-in. Not all  funding some of our material and equipment
interested.                                           the equipment is free of charge either.               expenses).

                                                            There is no kind of student atmosphere, no events or
                                                            fun things.

                                                            We have to pay to use specialist equipment, and are
                                                            not informed when equipment is broken how long it
                                                            will take to fix and how to resolve the problem. Lack
                                                            of communication between tutors. Lack of
                                                            communication of feedback in order to help me
                                                            develop my work. Constructive criticism is a rarely
Having the facilities at the university on site is great.   always having a familiar feeling that I'm not sure what
Library is a great resource.                                I am doing is right.
                                                       I feel some of the teaching staff tend to be
                                                       unenthusiastic. Grade boundaries and marking
                                                       criteria seem very unclear. Library books could do
                                                       with updating, as a lot of them are very old, and not
                                                       up-to-date with current technology and trends.
Open access has been available a lot in the Print      'Teaching' is at a minimum. Design & sample room           There have been a lot of really useful presentations
room, which allows us to get a lot of work done whilst classes are spent waiting round to talk to a tutor,        given to us in the last few weeks, but I feel this has
not in timetabled lessons. Technicians are always very whilst not actually learning skills that could be useful   come too late. These presentations would have been
helpful and give good advice. Have had a lot of good after graduation. A lot of equipment in the print room       a lot more relevant before we went away for the
presentations this term, preparing us for after        is not backed up with spares, so when something            summer, as they were very thought provoking. The
graduation. The university has good contacts,          goes wrong, it effects the whole process, delaying         university needs to invest in better equipment in the
preparing us for when we leave.                        work schedules.                                            Print room, as it has been unreliable this year.

                                                       Resources for certain aspects of the course are
                                                       limited. If there are not enough resources, such as        Organisation! With strict deadlines and a lot of work
                                                       knitting machines, then not as many people should be       to complete in a short space of time, we need to have
                                                       accepted on to the course. It is unfair to us paying as    timetables that are going to work well, open access
                                                       much as we do, when the resources we have cannot           that is fair to everyone and will give us the best
                                                       even be used properly on a regular basis. The ratio of     chance of producing the best collections we can.
A lot of new skills have been learnt during my time    tutors to students is also badly handled, not enough       More help with pattern cutting and more time for
here.                                                  time is dedicated to tutorials.                            tutorials would have been beneficial.
                                                                                                                 Not have many facilities break for weeks, which
                                                        The course was extremely disorganised, and have had causes huge disruption. Select the right tutors who
                                                        several severe disruptions during final year (facilities are able to look at work with a level mind and not
                                                        keep breaking are not fixed for months). Grades are help others more, whose work is of their own
                                                        given out subject to favouritism and differ hugely       personal taste. Organise more fittings, as 1 and a bit
                                                        between classes. Design classes are mostly pointless (lasting 20 minutes) is nowhere near enough to fit a
The curtain road site and its technicians are great and as help is mainly given to those who are favoured.       collection on. Course leaders should also be
helpful. Have otherwise had good experience with        Apart from CR being great it is extremely cramped in reconsidered for people who actually care about their
other tutors.                                           open access.                                             students' needs and their achievements.

                                                        Not enough tutorial time, tutors splitting their time
                                                        unevenly between students. Some tutors seem
                                                        uninterested in what you have to say or don't pay you
                                                        full enough attention during tutorial time. Facilities in
                                                        the print room in particular are old and something
                                                        broke nearly every week during 3rd year and items
Facilities are good when they are working.              took a long time to be fixed or replaced.                 Buy new equipment for the print room.

                                                                                                                Employ more professional tutors instead of those
                                                                                                                who treat students like kids and put so much personal
                                                                                                                attitude into teaching, assessing and marking

                                                        Equipment could be better.
The tutors are like experienced in what they are doing
and are really interested in teaching students and
they want students to get as much information as
they can and sometime they even overload with
information so that we can get the best. Even they     Sometimes we don't have enough equipment but it's
don't mind us contacting them like weekends and not not always depends on how many students come to
working hours so they are into our work projects.      use it and it's usually at the end of the term.

                                                       I think sometimes there are so many students on the
In our course there have been one or two lecturers     course, they require the machinery and then all the
that have been quite helpful. All the topics have been machines are insufficient. The supply is less than the
taught well, the presentation of the projects on how demand, students fighting for the machines that will
to communicate your idea in your projects.             affect the process in the projects.

                                                                                                                More teaching hours are needed! They are totally
                                                                                                                despicable as mostly each student in my class
                                                                                                                including me only gets 510 mins if they are lucky
                                                                                                                (some get more time its unfairly devised!) with every
                                                                                                                tutor this isn't enough time! If this is going to be the
                                                                                                                case when cutting staff/tutor hours then it should be
                                                                                                                better organised say in decent time slots!

Positive and well trained technicians and tutors.      Not enough facilities/space.
                                                      Tutors that just graduated, without experience no
                                                      support with technical problems, for example with
                                                      the equipment that is broken and it has not been
                                                      fixed for months; bad organization of materials (that
                                                      run out and are not replaced for months) bad
                                                      organization of timetable, (final year students can't
                                                      use open access because they got classes on that day,
                                                      lectures are being scheduled at the same time as
                                                      other important classes) tutors not interested in the
                                                      subjects of studies, don't pay attention to students
                                                      needs, (want things to be done as easy as possible,
                                                      discourage any challenges taken by students; don't
                                                      introduce any other techniques could be use by
                                                      student; don't help students expand their knowledge
                                                      simply by saying that things are good as they are)
                                                      technicians are not very friendly and helpful students
                                                      feel like the college is badly organized, too chaotic,
Course taught me a lot about time management          overcrowded, just concentrated to make money by        Better organization: timetable organization resources
cultural studies units were very interesting and mind enrolling lots of students and not giving them proper organization materials organization tutors need to be
broadening technical knowledge has been gained.       attention.                                             more involved.

                                                      The tutor in 1st year as I'm national student feels they
The tutor in final year is quite good, and focus on   were racist and never really respected our ideas,
student ideas; try to compare with us instead of      don't really spend much time in tutorial time with us,
changing our ideas.                                   as were overseas students.
                                                        Shortage of working space, no classrooms, now
                                                        workspace, no lockers, less number of worktables and
                                                        equipments available compared to student studying.
                                                        Knit department has only 8 machines whereas the
                                                        people to use it are 58 (from different courses). No
                                                        proper feedback from tutors, no personal attention.      Increase number of equipments and workspace for
                                                        No lockers or workspace has lead to health problems      students compared with the students they take every
                                                        cause of carrying weight every day due to long           year. The opening and closing timings should be
Meet new people from different regions, share           distance travelling. A complete waste of the amount      increased till 12 midnight so that students can get to
experiences, work and knowledge, competitive            of money they charged from international students        work more in the college. All the campus have 24
outlook, creative approach, good resources.             compared with the facilities and resources given.        hours excess. This should be followed here as well.

                                                                                                                 More structured system, timetable and tutors. Tutors
                                                                                                                 should be more motivated and interested in ones
                                                                                                                 project. Give proper and adequate advice. Be
                                                         Tutors are not very objective and helpful. They are     objective on grades and in tutorials. Assume what
                                                         there just because they are being paid for that but     they say and don't keep changing their mind every
                                                         don't really care about anything or any project. They   week. Tutors should be more professional and more
                                                         give bad advice at times and mislead you in your        facilities should be provided to give the best in the
Being on my own, I learned to be independent and         project ideas and when you follow them you get          final year. Paying a lot in uni for getting nothing in
not rely on tutors. Its best to learn by yourself and do marked down for it. Sometimes uni is just a joke. I     return! Wondering why we have to pay so much to sit
what you feel is right. I've become a stronger person don't know why I'm paying 10 000 pounds a year for         in classes when we could have used the money for a
just to prove that tutors are sometimes wrong.           this uni. Wouldn't advice anyone to go there.           personal and more interesting project.
                                                     No support from tutors when u need the most. Lack                   More resources for the final years. A lot more
The thing of being by myself has helped me to        of resources like the pattern-making table and the                  tutorials. More booking slots for specialised
become independent and take all decisions by myself. booking slots was a bit depressing.                                 machines.

Tutorial is really amazing I love it, facilities are really   Not enough facilities for every student so it gets a bit
good, school has special equipment I can use.                 competitive to use it.

BA (Hons) Costume for Performance LCF M&C 10132F4122W451 (13 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                               What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                          improve the final year of your course?

                                                              Timetables were never accurate, meeting were
Teachers were inspirational, and helpful at time,             scheduled on the day and over ran, or tutorials over       It's been stressful due to my course being moved to
made me achieve more than I thought I could.                  ran and I was kept waiting for a long time.                another location, rooms not always being accessible.

The course was very defined, not very many out there Design side isn't as strong as making side there as
like it.                                             much support.

                                                                                                                         The university staff could have been more organised
                                                              There are regular breakdowns in communication              when it came to meetings, tutorials and lessons, and
The staff have been industry professionals.                   between staff and students.                                letting the students know of any changes.
                                                                                                                    Not move us in the middle of the academic year to
                                                                                                                    lime grove timetables were not even ready the week
                                                                                                                    returned lectures were in the timetable that did not
                                                                                                                    exist. People turned up; there was no apology, Lime
                                                                                                                    grove is inadequately supplied with one photocopier
                                                                                                                    in the whole building for all courses are ridiculous.

                                                        The course seemed to be going through some major
                                                        organisational changes whilst I was studying, which
                                                        had an adverse effect on us as students. The                Organisation! There have been a lot of mixed
                                                        continual lack of space and last minute rescheduling        messages about a lot of things, and quite often one
The inclusion of a timetabled work placement is really of classes & rooms also had a negative impact, and           class is told something [or not told!] contrary to what
helpful, especially for those who need to work etc      built up a lot of feelings of frustration & annoyance       the others have been told. It appears that the tutors
during the holidays. Also lectures from people          within the class. Also extra costs for necessary            need to communicate more between themselves &
working in the industry are really inspiring that could materials & the show were not made clear at the             make certain of things before giving out differing
be us one day soon.                                     start.                                                      information.

                                                        Feedback was not received for a long time and it was
                                                        often not critically detailed. The division of aspects of
                                                        the course (i.e. between design and making) was not
                                                        laid out when the marking scheme was explained.             I would have liked more workshops on methods we
The technicians are brilliant and are always willing to There was little teaching time with tutors in the third     had not covered in the first two years. I needed more
help. I like the collaborations between several         year and methods were not taught across the whole           time with the tutor in regard to making, though the
degrees and the range of resources available.           class, but to a select few.                                 technicians are wonderful.

                                                         Timetables so unorganised and always wrong. Tutor
                                                         time both individually and as a group. Very
Better workrooms.                                        unorganised.
                                                                                                           Communicated more efficiently what was expected
                                                                                                           of us, had tutors who are relevant and motivating
                                                                                                           lecturing us and who has a wider knowledge then
                                                                                                           Bauhaus and Lord Rochester! Individual tutor time, or
                                                                                                           at least seminars to help develop our personal
                                                                                                           projects, so many lectures were not necessary or
                                                                                                           relevant really. My course tutor is unorganised and
The technicians are a great help, giving technical                                                         inefficient, has a terrible sense of time keeping which
advice and know how where the tutors seem to lack. Lack of communication and organisation not only to      has a knock on effect on all the students, often
(Course specific to costume).                      the student body but between the tutors.                running 3-hours late with tutorials.

Generally really enjoyed the course, feel it increased Suring the final year don't think the tutors have
my love for the subject, been taught well.             always been as supportive as in previous years.

I study custom design and I like the collaboration
between all 3 path ways so it would be costume,
make up and technical effect.

Design classes are fantastic and really challenges me. Very badly organised and poor communication of
The facilities and library are excellent.              staff to other staff and students.
                                                       The tutors have changed in the past 2 years and the
                                                       new costume pathway leader is not a very good
We moved to a building which is more dedicated to      communicator, which has lead to confusion and
our course so we can have all 3 performance            frustration, the fact that we don't have access to a
pathways together, we do have really motivated         library on our premises, is annoying because we are
tutors who are professional and know what they are     in Shepards Bush and we have to travel to Oxford
doing.                                                 Circus.

                                                       Lack of organisation and communication between the
                                                       teachers and students.

BA (Hons) Technical Effects for Performance LCF
M&C 10133F4122W440 (7 comments found)
Safeguard notice: data not available due to too few
BA (hons) Make Up and Prosthetics for Performance LCF M&C 10134F4122W452 (11 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                    What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                               improve the final year of your course?
                                                       Unclear timetables. Hypocritical attitude of staff.
                                                       False promises regarding work experience. Lack of
                                                       regular tutorials. Abstract criteria for assessment
                                                       Basics (e.g. tissue) not provided by university on top
                                                       of extreme expense of course. Favouritism shown by
Enthusiastic lecturer. Immediate feedback at           staff. Overtly discouraged with career choice by all
assessment. Library staff very helpful. Combination of staff. Varying ability of students holds people back.  Career guidance for everyone early on in the year.
group and individual work. Tutors make time for third General lack of consideration of student opinion. No More tutorials Fewer additional (trivial) units should
year. Presenting is encouraged and builds confidence. response to emails.                                     be run alongside important and busy terms.

                                                        We have not been taught very much we need more
We have good technicians.                               practical teaching.

                                                        The tutor had very clear favourites in the class, she
                                                        gave me no support whatsoever, I felt that she
                                                        personally disliked me and she has done a good job of
Got better at presenting though having to do it so      putting nearly everyone off the course and job
much. Learnt lots of mould making and sculpting         afterwards. I could have made so much more of
skills.                                                 university on another degree with a good tutor.

                                                        Tutors are unprofessional in their tactics and in their
                                                        approach to teaching. Tutors make it very clear that
                                                        they have favourite students and are extremely
                                                        biased. Timetables are constantly changed with
                                                        minimum communication to students. Students are
                                                        not listened to when a complaint or concern is made.
                                                        Staff deliberately humiliate students in front of other Communicate better with students. Make clearer
Technicians are available for extra support and help.   students and staff.                                     timetables.
The rooms could be open longer with special rooms
with tools in.                                             Some of the tutors have favouritism.

                                                           We are not taught how to make wigs professionally
                                                           its not the way you do it in industry, when we are told
                                                           things are changing in the timetable its not clear it
                                                           gets quite complicated, also they've lost some
The new facilities are a lot better.                       pictures form the first year.

Push us hard on our course and then we produce             Quite a subjective course so sometimes it's not really
some good work.                                            fair how they mark things, there is favouritism.

                                                           Previously the building was awful and a bore to work
                                                           in. It was really uncreative and didn't inspire you. The
                                                           timetable can be difficult to get everyone to
                                                           understand. One person is told one thing and another
It's just a really interesting course. There is a lot to   thing. Missed communication. No one seemed to
keep you on your toes. The facilities have got a lot       know about our course in the rest of the university so
better in the last year.                                   no one seemed to care. There are no lockers.

I have learnt a great deal of knowledge and a lot          Information about events and activities at other
about myself, I feel the course I am on is great and       colleges within the university could be improved.
am glad I chose it in the beginning I feel it's the best   Communication as a whole could be improved a lot
course to get you up for the industry.                     between the college and tutors and students.
                                                       There was no trip abroad for my year group. Since
                                                       moving to Lime Grove I have felt alt more threatened
                                                       and un safe than when we were based in oxford          Improve communication to students when changes
                                                       street. The building in Lime Grove has to lengthen its have been made. Also, students should have a say in
                                                       opening hours.                                         choosing the director of their final year show.

                                                       Mostly like the beginning of the term there were
                                                       loads of changes for time and location for the lecture
                                                       or briefing they haven't really informed us properly so
                                                       it was inconvenient and it has been cancelled or
                                                       delayed. Mostly the beginning of the term there were
                                                       loads of changes for time and location for the lecture
                                                       or briefing they haven't really informed us properly so
                                                       it was inconvenient and it has been cancelled or

BA (Hons) Sound Arts and Design LCC Media 10135P5122W300 (17 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                         What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                    improve the final year of your course?

                                                       I was in a 30 people class and there shouldn't be
                                                       more than 10 in a class. It makes it difficult for people
                                                       to follow the discussion; unless it's a one-way
                                                       discussion and if it's an open discussion then there
The lectures were very good, were very interesting.    shouldn't be more than 10 people.

The lectures are very good.                            Access to equipment and rooms.
The one on one teaching facility and study support     They don't really encourage much in the way of
and learning disability.                               student interactions.

                                                      Having to balance out three or more projects at a
                                                      time, mainly having a cross college elective to be part
Being able to work with artists of different ages and of, so having a rushed standard of work as a final
experiences. This helps with development and advice. product most of the time.

Tutors encouraged cross course collaboration which I
found very interesting.

                                                       Total absence of feedback from my final project (2nd
                                                       year), just a number, how it can be possible resources
                                                       insufficient. Not specialized staff delivers teaching.
                                                       Instead of calling a specialist, they split the subjects
                                                       between reduced groups of tutors. There are even
                                                       not enough rooms to deliver a good and personalized
I found only three good tutors there; the rest was     teaching. 3 teaching rooms for three years, a master
maybe too bored of their job. And, thanks God, I       and an ABC! Plus a few studios, not fair at all for the
found a proper university.                             price is paid. I left the course for all of those reasons.

                                                                                                                    More classes and in school study, too much is self-
                                                      Not enough practical work. Not enough time spent at
                                                      uni in lessons. The curriculum is far too broad to offer
                                                      a chance to specialise, 6 weeks per module in the
                                                      second year is not enough to cover anything but the
Learned things that have shaped my future             rudimentary aspects of any discipline. Some topics
ambitions.                                            were never revisited either, like mixing, etc.

                                                        I feel that some basic skills and knowledge is not
                                                        provided on my course due to shortages in staff, not
                                                        enough hours given for tutors to meet with students
                                                        on an individual basis, and also because of lack of and
                                                        shortages in the appropriate equipment/facilities.
                                                        Thus I feel that to be able to do well on my course I
In my opinion teaching staff are not responsible for    need to buy some equipment myself. Equipment and
difficulties on my course. Tutors are very helpful, but facilities are very important on my course and I feel
often busy and stressed because of technical            that my fee money has not been distributed properly Provide adequate facilities for students to be able to
problems, shortages in staff etc.                       in order to provide for students on the course.         realise their projects.

                                                                                                                 Made our project and dissertation tutors more
                                                                                                                 available. Lent more assistance to organising and
                                                                                                                 publicising end of year show.

                                                                                                                 More guest lectures about different subjects.

                                                                                                                 Technical equipment more available, additional
                                                                                                                 recording studio.
I have gained personal insight and met like-minded     Communication issues resulting from lecturers who
people who have spurred me on creatively.              misconstrue the English language.

                                                       Lack of hands on work. Not enough emphasis on the
                                                       artistic side of the course. Workspaces should be
                                                       given if needed. Computer rooms are useless. The        Be more enthusiastic towards students' work and
                                                       course does not seem to have any 'meat' in it.          help/assist them if they are struggling.

                                                                                                               Not have the final grades all-dependent on the third
                                                                                                               year. Staggered interim crits over more days.

                                                       Some of the subjects in 1st and 2nd year could have
                                                       been directed better as you only start to get treated
                                                       professionally in your 3rd year and also in writing
                                                       dissertations you make the jump from 3000 words in
                                                       1st and 2nd year to 10000 words in your 3rd year and
                                                       your not given enough instruction to help you on to
The experience of the lectures is good and also it's   how to go about it and its only in the last months
quite a wide range of subject.                         we're actually getting help with it.

                                                       Under funding of the course, being too many
                                                       students, the two of these then resolved into lack
                                                       equipment and facilities. Unenthusiastic tutors, the
                                                       tutors are so busy that they don't even have time to
                                                       speak to you in the hallway, which means that the
                                                       tutorial is too short and too far apart.
BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion LCF M&C 10136F4122P500 (16 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                   What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                              improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                             Third year students are pushed aside when the
                                                                                                             second year industry project takes place. This is
                                                                                                             appalling. Whenever the University is doing
                                                                                                             something for industry, it is put above the needs of
The equipment available.                               Generally tutors are unhelpful.                       the students.

                                                                                                             Set cultural studies deadline for before Christmas so
Access to industry professionals.                      Disorganised staff.                                   it didn't clash with final major project.

Doing work placements was a really good experience Too much group work and people not pulling their
for the industry itself.                           weight.

                                                       Lecturers, general running of uni, general teaching
Facilities are really good.                            not taught anything, poorly run.


                                                       It's unorganised, not much communication between

                                                                                                             Re-jig the timetable, so we have at least one day in
Amazing support, and a really enjoyable course.        Timetable sometimes not practical.                    the week, which we can do self-directed study.
                                                         They are quite unorganised sometimes.

Nice staff, helpful.                                     Badly organised, as many of the staff are 'arty types'. Better organisation.

                                                         The change of campus from Davies St to Limegrove
The John Prices St. Library is an amazing resource       has been a negative because the very central location
with very helpful staff. I have been fortunate to have   of the school made it very accessible and close to the
been taught by some really great teachers that are       library. The campus is now located further away
enthusiastic about their subject.                        making the journey to university considerably longer.

Good guest speakers.                                     Teachers can be scary in tutorials.

                                                                                                              It's quite sad seeing as I enjoyed first year and as the
                                                                                                              years went by I disliked the course more I have no
                                                     Industry placement (2nd year) was a pain because the idea whether it's because the years got harder or
                                                     uni provided no help whatsoever it was all-dependent whether I preferred the classes in first year. Anyways
                                                     on us to find the job and it's really challenging for an I feel the classes could be reassessed to be more
There were certain classes in first and second year  international student like myself who has no clue of interesting because as of now they're all pretty boring
that just seemed more appealing and different such the industry. Also by 3rd year PR was really repetitive, and repetitive. I do not feel I am developing, I feel I
as fashion studies with ??? and Visual Communication picking a brand and create campaigns. Changes are        am in the same level when I should be more
with ???.                                            needed to make the course more stimulating.              confident.

                                                         Lack of classes and subjects taught, lot of free time
                                                         doing nothing. Some subjects that I consider to be
                                                         useful were not covered at all. Classes once a week
                                                         during third term on 2nd year!
The industry projects.

                                                       Some tutors were not objective not only about
                                                       personality of student but also about personal
                                                       interests. (Their personal thoughts have to been
                                                       interpret as the only correct). Some lectures were a
                                                       waste of time and money. I didn't find Photoshop,
                                                       Design classes very important for my course but we
                                                       had it for 3 years.

I think that the library resources were sufficient. Our
tutors were really enthusiastic about our progress. It's
more like a one to one basis and one to one tutorials; I think that during the vacation the library opening
it's really efficient.                                   hours were too short to do anything.

BA (Hons) Fashion Management LCF M&S 10137F3122N220 (32 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                        What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                   improve the final year of your course?

                                                       Varied level of teaching quality. Classes are too large;
                                                       it feels as if a significant number of students were
                                                       selected according to the financial needs of the
                                                       university rather than for their passion or talent for
                                                       the subject. The learning experience suffers for that.
                                                          First 2 years did not count, final degree 100% 3rd
All staff have a lot of industry experience. Excellent    year. 3rd year very different structure to 1st and 2nd.
contacts with industry.                                   3rd year no practical questions available for exams.

Content of course & extra opportunities the
university provides (e.g. internships, visiting           University facilities - oversubscribed course & poor
speakers).                                                teaching facilities (i.e. classrooms).

                                                           I have got an issue with the fact that we have had to
                                                           move our campus but while the move is taking place
                                                           there hasn't been access to the learning zone facility,
                                                           my course is a part of the school of management and
                                                           science but were still marked on an arts criteria so it's
                                                           harder to achieve a higher grade, I disagree with the
                                                           fact that the 1st 2 years of the course don't count
                                                           towards the final degree mark, in most universities
                                                           the 2nd and 3rd year count towards the final grades. I
I think that it's good that it's a vocational course and a feel this is better because it relieves pressure from
lot of what we do is related to real life, in general I am the final year, it made the library more crowded and
pleased with the course.                                   it's harder to use study facilities.

                                                          Some of the lecturers were not so interested in what
The emphasis on career path planning and the              they were doing or connecting to students and a lack
emphasis on the working environment and the               of emphasis on creative thinking in the course or
cultural and historical studies were very good.           promoting creative thinking.

The consultancy project was in the 2nd year.
                                                       Course content was mostly unchallenging. Would not
Access to fashion specific resources that would not be say that I have learnt anything different to what I
available anywhere else.                               could have learnt with some work experience.        More tutor guidance.

The best university to study my chosen course, as it is
well recognised across the fashion industry.

                                                          Lack of communication between course lectures - not
                                                          cohesive group marking peer assessment not
                                                          effective in ensuring fair marks - not given enough
Preparation for industry second to none - e.g. CVs,       consideration. Structure-degree based purely on final
presentation skills & practical learning. FCP - very      year is too much pressure and discounts all previous
enjoyable, preparations, interesting project.             efforts.

                                                                                                                  By releasing the case study company at the start of
My final years of teaching thus far has been the most                                                             term one with the exam just a few weeks after
satisfactory to date. With some excellent tutors on   Some tutors are vary favourable toward some                 Christmas so learning is far more focused. Thus
the course.                                           students and can also be degrading.                         leaving more time for dissertation.
                                                        I don't feel that they considered the commuter
                                                        students at all, especially on some days where you
                                                        have to travel in for a long time just to see one tutor,   Scheduled more classes per day so that commuters
                                                        sometimes for 1/2 an hour or less. Also we are never       don't have to travel in for one short class per day.
                                                        notified until the last minute when changes in             Also made the reflective discourse unit structure
                                                        timetable or cancelled classes are made, and               more clear/removed it completely; it seems quite
The teaching is generally good and the course topics    sometimes the rooms are overfull in seminar groups,        pointless when you could just hand in an ordinary
have mostly been interesting for me.                    leaving people sitting on the floor.                       reflective statement as with all previous units.

                                                                                                                   It would be much better if the final grade takes into
                                                                                                                   account marks gained from the 1st year. Not many
                                                        There are many part-time teachers who are not              students attempt to work hard as their grades on the
Teachers from the industry know what to teach and       available all the time and course content itself is not    1st year and 2nd year are not accountable in the final
what not to teach.                                      fully integrated.                                          year grade.

Its very career focused and you learn a lot of skills for
the workplace.                                            The syllabus is often changed.

Contacts and resources; active encouragement with
the placements.

                                                        Poor communication between tutors teaching the
The resources and teaching equipment.                   same subject.
                                                      The first 2 years were intellectually and academically
                                                      not challenging, barely any knowledge transfer that
Good resources, good atmosphere, good student         would be useful for future careers in the first 2 years     Combine year 1 and year 2 into the first term of the
support, good IT access, good staff in the learning   and no pressure, only if one did work placements            first year, put the curriculum of the final year in the
zone, a lot of free time to do work experience and to besides university the 2 first years made sense             2nd and 3rd term and then build upon it in year 2 and
do networking.                                        because everything was based on common sense.               year 3.

Some of the content is not too bad; there is a
specialised knowledge that can't be gained from         There should be more study hours; there should be
anywhere else.                                          more academy content and assessment.

                                                        Lack of clarity in content of the course and
                                                        assignment and the teaching wasn't consistent.

                                                        Need more opening hours for library and IT room
Experienced lecturers about the industry.               even during holidays!                                     More classes, lectures, seminars.

                                                         I think we haven't been given clear directions for the
                                                         future. They should arrange workshops to guide us in
I think the teachers are really good. They are really in which direction to take. I think they should encourage
the fashion industry and have lots of experience.        more of that.

Lots of new information guidance to the working         Classes too small to hold the amount of people so         Have prepared me for the jump more effectively from
world.                                                  should reduce amount of people on each course.            year 1 and 2.
                                                         Class sizes are too big, lecturers aren't always present
                                                         you may turn up and they aren't there for what your
                                                         paying you don't get value for money and also the
                                                         marking criteria has changed since iv been there
                                                         which I don't think is fair.

I just wrote this twice now and it keeps showing up
with errors when I press next and then when I go         The structure of it all is not so good. You don't realise
back all my writing is gone! Don't have time for this!   what the school can offer you until 3rd year because
So this time I'm keeping it really short: teacher's      the info isn't good enough, and then you missed out
library and all other resources are very good!           on a lot of good stuff and that's unfortunate!

                                                        The overall structure of the course was disorganised,
                                                        as well as the schedule. Many times at beginning of
The content of the course was excellent. There are a terms lectures that covered the structure &
few star lecturers. As a result of the course, I feel I coursework for the terms left many students
have a wealth of knowledge. I think I would choose it confused. The support in helping students find jobs
all over again despite its flaws.                       could be a lot better.

                                                         I don't understand why I spent 3 years of my life
                                                         learning this stuff while I could have finished all of
                                                         this in a year. 3rd terms were just time spent for
                                                         nothing. The teaching hours were declared as 15 but
                                                         were never over 8 hours per week. Assessment is
                                                         probably harsh to make the course seem more
                                                         difficult and important than it is.                    It wasn't positive or negative.
                                                                                                                   Fewer exams but more time for dissertation.

Lecturers are very helpful, especially the tutor for my
dissertation.                                           Time for each lecture is too short.

The library is good because the available resources
and journal.                                              Some teaching staff don't motivate people to study.

Every thing ran nice and smooth the teachers were
brilliant and they did there best to give their

                                                                                                                   Improve the schedule and separate the arrangements
                                                                                                                   of the exam time and dissertation to allow more time
Some great tutors and effective teaching techniques. The schedule in some terms.                                   individually for both.

It's a very special; I couldn't find another university
with it. The location is very good for our course.        The IT room is very crowded.

                                                          Bad organisation on the course, I don't feel like I am
There is a good library and resources.                    learning.

BA (Hons) Fashion Management Part Time LCF M&S
10137F3732N220 (6 comments found)
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BA (Hons) Directing CSM DCL 10138M6122W400 (1
comments found)
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BA (Hons) Fine Art CSM Byam Shaw 10143M0122W100 (29 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                  What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                             improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                            More visiting lecturers, better and more available
                                                                                                            links with the art world. More big project spaces!
Awesome tutors, good advice. Freedom.                    Cut backs in tutorial time and studio space.       Open on the weekend.

I think I like the way my uni makes you actually find
yourself and find what you are really trying to do and
how you are communicating your work.

The diversity of the students and the use of different
workshops. The size of the course itself and the size Occasionally changes in timetables could be made
of the intake.                                         earlier or clearer.

It's accessible to do what you want to do, it's really   The feedback it would be better to have more
small and it's nice because it feels like a community.   individual feedback.

The collaboration for the university.
I have had a brilliant time at Byam Shaw. The tutors
and studio managers have been encouraging,                                                                        Perhaps more lessons in 'what to do after art school'
stimulating and helpful. The technician staff are also                                                            at Byam Shaw (not at the student Hub) because the
excellent. The course has developed my studio                                                                     tutors know our work they could offer individual
practice to a mature and confident level.                                                                         advice which might be useful/encouraging.

                                                         Slacking in student support with emotional problems.

                                                         There pretty disorganised and you find out things
                                                         about an hour before it actually happens or until
                                                         you've actually missed it.

Very open-minded and accepted with all people, very
supportive as an individual there really helpful, it's a
really good creative environment and help is there       Second year there has been a lack of tutorials, 1 to 1
when you need it.                                        have diminished.

Good icebreaking experience at the start worked very
well to get people to meet other people.             Holidays are too long.
                                                         My course is slowly being integrated into the St
                                                         Martins School for art so they're cutting the tutors
                                                         hours and they're pushing more students into each
                                                         year so we get little time with the tutors, its slowly
My particular course has few people, so the tutors       taking the identity and community of the college
know you and are interested in you, good                 away which has been a successful well respected
community.                                               school for years.

                                                                                                                    Midterm assessment marking could be organised
                                                                                                                    better and made easier to understand.

                                                          Tutorial time has been cut and quite difficult that you
                                                          can't find tutor or adequate tutor when you need and
                                                          because there such a wide range of staff and work
                                                          shop/facilities the access to those in helpfulness and
I'm studying in a small-contained institution, was I      enthusiastic cover a variety of teaching I don't think
know everyone, which has helped me, instead of            that this survey cover what I want to say as it not
being in a large group. The small size of the institution detailed or specific enough and my experience with
and the fact there isn't a big movement has improved tutor n facilities ranges from extremely good to poor
the course.                                               and the survey doesn't allow you to express that.

                                                                                                                    Had more opportunities for students to talk with a
                                                                                                                    variety of different members of staff more frequently.
                                                                                                                    Well it would be nice to have had more than one
                                                                                                                    tutorial per term; especially considering our final
                                                                                                                    show is coming up. Very superficial feedback on
                                                                                                                    assessments due to lack of communication between
                                                                                                                    students and pupils. There should be lectures for final

The studio atmosphere is definitely a highlight of this
course, this specifically good because I get to be      There is a lack of tutorial time, you do not get interact
flexible with what work I make and materials I use.     with the tutors as much as I'd like.

My college is quite smaller than others and it more      Some of our international students might face
open to each student.                                    difficulties with home students.

                                                         Studios should be open 24 hrs, as should workshops
                                                         and libraries. Also tutors should have less paperwork
                                                         and more actual teaching time. There should also be
                                                         more interaction between under grads and post grads More time between unit 12-assessment and
                                                         and more communication across colleges.               dissertation deadline.

Byam Shaw is a great place to study, as its a small
community of artists, so every one knows pretty
much every one and the students and teachers are
friendly and helpful. I find the most helpful aspect of
the course is the frequent tutorials as they give you
different viewpoints on your work and also the studio I wish the feedback were more helpful and more
space you get is big.                                   clear.
                                                       The assessing is vague.

The courses tutorials.

                                                     Opening times should be cater college (???) should be
                                                     open at weekends. Lack of budget for supplies i.e.
The technicians are good, you should consider using grinding disk, drill bets, etc. Health and safety is
technical staff in the marking process. Community ?? becoming ridiculous, too many controls of common
to Byam Shaw, small year good outdoor space, tutors sense tasks. Workshops should open later in the
help from other courses.                             morning until later at night.

Some of the tutors and the other students at the
studio managers.                                       How subjective it is.

The use of the studio space at Byam Shaw was           The library at Byam Shaw is very small and badly lit. I
essential. I could not have completed this course      did not feel that I could use it in the same way that I
satisfactorily had it not been for the space and the   did the one at Chelsea and CSM at Southampton
very helpful staff (??? especially).                   Row.

                                                       How well the course has been organised. Tuition
Library and other students.                            times there have not been that much tuition time.
                                                        Not enough contact time with tutors. Written work
                                                        and practice assessments too close together. Written
                                                        feedback inadequate and no opportunity to discuss
                                                        with members of assessment team. Poor
                                                        communication by staff (e.g. not notifying students
                                                        that assessment feedback is available from
                                                        reception). Poor use of Blackboard for                     Separate the assessment deadlines for written and
                                                        communication (e.g. about changes to timetabled            practical units (e.g. move dissertation submission to
                                                        events, information about opportunities available          first term). Improve assessment feedback process to
Good studio space. Good workshop facilities. Great      elsewhere in UAL) Library catalogue needs to be            include one-to-one session with one of the
technicians in workshops.                               computerised.                                              assessment team.

It's relatively small number of students that kind of   As international student there was some things
helps me communicates things better.                    haven't been communicated effectively.

                                                        I am an international student and I haven't got much
                                                        help in with post-graduate questions like live after uni
                                                        as an international student.

                                                                                                                   Possible to have more invite on known artist and
                                                                                                                   workshop in art industry, prepare the next step after

BA (hons) Three Dimensional Design Camberwell 10144A2122W240 (12 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                         What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                    improve the final year of your course?
                                                                                                                  Be cleared on deadlines (for dyslexia). More support
                                                                                                                  for students with dyslexia. Workshops to be open
Some tutors are very helpful and very friendly. Course                                                            during lunch time (technicians to go on rotated lunch
group is small and tight knit.                         Tutors do not respond to emails.                           so workshop can stay open).

Tutors have been really supportive and they have
helped me to find a way to express my ideas without There should be more practical workshops and
putting a negative pressure on me.                  training about material properties.

                                                       There is a large lack of teaching related to gaining
                                                       knowledge about our career paths. The course I am
                                                       studying relies heavily on learning business
                                                       knowledge for when we graduate. We haven't
                                                       received enough of this at all, and now only in my
                                                       final year. I think there should have been teaching
                                                       related to this from the beginning of the first year.
                                                       There is also a lack of critical feedback from peers and
                                                       tutors about our work. Not enough is honestly said to
The tutors are mostly always around to offer advice.   help us improve. I feel this is an atmosphere created
There is a great deal of access available into the     by the tutors and I would prefer if the scenario was
workshop. The tutor's set-up a friendly atmosphere     more tangible with what the situation would be like in
within our course and everyone gets on well.           industry.

Friendly, open minded, diverse, welcoming,
informative, in depth knowledge, high standards,                                                                  More clear on specific requirements. What exactly is
good links with external companies.                    Could be more clear on precise unit requirements.          needed to tick the boxes to gain good grades?
Small course better time to student ratio and a good       College workshop could be better resourced but the
relationship with the tutors. It encourages                technicians are great! Some departments seem to be
participating in projects outside of the course.           funny about sharing facilities. The dissertation writing
Conceptually strong and given the freedom to               lectures were really unhelpful. However the
question design. Camberwell has a really great             organization of 1 on 1 writing tutorials was really
community going on this crosses over into social           amazing and helped a lot. Su bar is waste. Cafeteria
aspects too. The dissertation writing lectures were        has got better but still it's cheaper to go outside of     I haven't finished yet so this mark is irrelevant at the
really unhelpful. However the organization of 1 on 1       college to eat and they seem to charge for everything      moment. But think that these questionnaires can so
writing tutorials was really amazing and helped a lot.     even a paper cup! No CAD on our Course! 'Bolt ons' at      easily misrepresent a university especially Art
The computer skills workshops in the Mac suites were       LCC were incredible but now they have been                 Colleges these questions seem to be directed at more
really helpful for beginners but it would have been        stopped! They were so popular, and they were               academic courses, and are really not that sensitive
nice to have the next level. Great friendly technicians!   stopped why.                                               towards courses that are more obscure!

                                                          Building access should be late every night and at the
                                                          weekend we have not been taught specific making
The staff are accessible all the time and have            skills the course used to be called materials and
successfully created a friendly family atmosphere,        critical practise, we have not learnt thoroughly about
with a small number on the course (if the numbers         materials lacks business knowledge from start a few
get larger this will change) our tutors vary within their sessions within your last year is not useful                Our formal teaching, which was little, has practically
own practise this is useful to gain various opinions as disappointed with lectures and practitioner lectures,         stopped this year three-week break for dissertation,
students have created opportunities for the course        can't particularly say they have influenced my              work placement, live project was disrupting to IPS,
the tutors have supported this.                           knowledge or practise.                                      should be over summer early September.

Tutors always willing to give extra support when
asked. Very accessible and encouraging tutors, I feel a
sense of community within this small course.                                                                          I don't know, as I haven't finished it yet!
Tutors are great at helping us as a course and
individually. Being on a design course, everyone has
different opinions. My tutors especially are very good
at being open-minded which helps me a great deal.
The tutors are very quick to responding to emails. We    It took till the second year of my course for the skill
have access to the workshops, and have taken the         learning opportunities to start, but when they did
students comments into action and have made the          they were very good. I don't feel the assessment
workshop open till later times on certain days. This     criteria are very clear, and aspects of the assessment
has been very useful. We have been offered a lot of      are not always explained in advance clearly.
opportunities to learn new skills in the workshops,      Sometimes the tutors do not fully know the              Explain the assessment criteria and work needed for
which are taught by very good technicians.               assessment criteria themselves.                         the deadlines in advance.

                                                                                                                It could have been better organized in explaining the
                                                                                                                main objectives of Unit 9 and the layout of the year
                                                         Unit 9 is badly organized and I speak for many when I as a whole. Having two of the three hand in dates
                                                         say that I don't think that the tutors themselves know only 10 days apart, or even on the same day as
                                                         exactly what they want from us as students for that originally planned, is not good. The hand in dates
                                                         unit.                                                  should be spread out more.

                                                         Haven't had feedback on a late essay but otherwise     More tutor time not necessarily for my course but
Always able to contact tutors when need to.              no real complaints.                                    other courses has complained ceramics technicians.

The teachers are nice and enthusiastic and               The marking system and the feedback are weird and
passionate.                                              the feedback sheets are hard to understand.
                                                                                                                They could have changed it so that not all the credits
                                                                                                                given in the final year. This puts on a great deal of
                                                                                                                pressure to the student. If a percentage of the marks
                                                                                                                were awarded in the second year, this would make
                                                                                                                the leap into third year less daunting and would
                                                                                                                mentally prepare you for the coming third year.
A small number of students in each year mean that                                                               Having all the credits awarded in the third year and
the one to one time with our tutors is very high, and                                                           can affect not only the stress levels but also the
we've formed a very tight knit group. Also we have                                                              direction of the work, as it is very focused on doing
our own studio space.                                                                                           well academically rather than practically.

BA (Hons) Theatre Dance CSM LSC
10145Q1122W500 (4 comments found)
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BA (Hons) Public Relations LCC Media 10150P9122N500 (18 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?

                                                        Staffing issues, assessment issues, terrible
                                                        communication, disgusting toilets and health and        Hired replacement staff when making redundancies,
                                                        safety all around with ceilings falling down, leaking   make sure assessment guidelines are being followed,
                                                        radiators, not enough computers to go around, not       make sure sufficient books are available for courses,
                                                        enough copies of books which are listed on reading      better communication with course reps, shared
                                                        lists and no social events!                             marking, less students for dissertation supervisors.
The employment of the course director for my
course, who was in PR for over 10 years, had an
immeasurable amount of experience and completely       The mismanagement of the course and the course
changed the direction of the course, from marketing    cuts which led to his resignation and also the
and advertising to public relations which were         resignation of further lecturers, which has left only
studying.                                              one lecturer for the degree course.

When we have teachers I enjoy them on my first and
second year.                                       No teachers to mark or teach.

                                                                                                                The last term must be a study term, not a nominal
                                                       Lack of organization, cancelled lectures that have not   one. Dissertation supervisors should be allocated in
                                                       been made up for, timetabling issues and insufficient    year two. There should be no disruption in the final
Library resources and several member of teaching       specialist staff have made the course overall a very     year of study, as that affects personal achievement
staff have been the positive aspects of this course.   bad higher education choice.                             very much.

                                                                                                            Maybe have allocated professors before the
                                                                                                            beginning of the year. Stability is something really
                                                                                                            important. Coursework has been extremely heavy.
                                                       Lack of communication, access to facilities          The uni offers work and bad grades but no teaching
I learn how to survive alone.                          professionalism timetables teachers without passion. and experience.
                                                       The university facilities. The redundancies, which
                                                       have majorly affected my course, with many lectures
                                                       and seminars, cancelled which is not acceptable in
                                                       students third year. The lack of PR specialists and
                                                       emphasis on the course. The irrelevant design unit
                                                       within 3rd year, which we have never been taught
                                                       and is highly irrelevant. The confusion every lecturer   Employed PR specialists to teach a PR course, not
                                                       will tell you something different. The lack of           difficult really! Better communication in all aspects.
The enthusiasm of the previous course director and     communication to students. The lack of respect for       Held off on the redundancies, which have directly
the only current specialist on the course.             students.                                                affected the third year in particular, ???.

                                                                                                         The dissertation supervisors should have been chosen
                                                                                                         more carefully. Each supervisor should know about
                                                                                                         the subject student writes. Some of the coursework's
                                                       Could have had more professors who are subject    should have deadlines in summer term instead of
Great people, interesting subject to study, good       professionals. The communication between students having to submit all assignments and dissertation in
resources.                                             and the university has to be improved.            spring term.

                                                                                                              We did not have any guidance for our dissertation,
                                                                                                              my tutor changed 3 times. They sacked teachers,
                                                       Overall disorganisation, sacking of the teacher        lectures were cancelled and the amazing course
Amazing course director (???) until he had to resign   without telling us, incompetent Head of College (???), director we had had to resign due to the
due to the disorganisation of the course.              misinformation about all the aspects of the course.    disorganisation of the head of college, ???.

                                                       There is no communication at all especially because
                                                       our professor got fired and we didn't have a
The library resources are really good.                 replacement.
                                                      Teaching and staff members. Feedback is poor and
Library and Learning Resources.                       lacks communication.

                                                   We did not have a tutor for 1 unit for most of the
                                                   term, therefore lectures and seminars were cancelled
                                                   tutors on another 2 unit has been not real experts in
                                                   their field either could not find a way to engage with
                                                   students. Timetable was build poorly higher
                                                   management of uni, did not care what where the
                                                   students needs neither did not dedicated sufficient
                                                   efforts to solve these issues. General opinion of
                                                   students regarding higher management is very
                                                   negative and they are labelled as not honest, not
                                                   responsible not interested in student satisfaction
                                                   problems with classrooms, which are in very bad
                                                   condition (falling callings, not working heating, dirty).
                                                   No help to professionally engage with industry by
                                                   creation of in-house mini agency, uni management            Firstly! Treat us with respect! You exist for us and
                                                   refused to provide any help towards realizing that          because of us. Show some more respect! And
                                                   idea very poor higher management communication (it          respond to issues in a proper way with real affect
Tuesday's meetings outside timetable, where we had seems like theirs approach is do something, then            instead of eye watering solutions. Be honest and
many important and high profile guest speakers and inform student). Very poor decisions and execution of       communicate better improve course by adding more
we could engage with industry apart of the above.  these decisions, which affected in great, extend my         industry engagement reverb classroom they are
None, thank you.                                   student experience.                                         disgrace.
                                                        Very unorganised sometimes. Cancelled
                                                        lectures/seminars without information. Horrible
                                                        building. Broken windows in the middle of the winter.
                                                        Sometimes doves in the classrooms. The toilets are
                                                        worst ever. The library has good books but the            It was positive because I have learned a lot. Lots of
                                                        computers are slow and often doesn't work. The air        negative aspects though. The first term was filled
                                                        con in the library is horrible, always leave with a       with chaos. Teachers quit and no new are allocated.
Often enthusiastic teachers. Interesting lectures and   headache. Some teachers are drunk and some are            Lots of cancelled lectures and an unorganised feeling
seminars. Good quality on teaching.                     really mean to some students.                             over all.

                                                                                                                  Provide teaching staff stop cancelling lectures and
                                                        Lack of specialised teaching staff quality of modules     seminars provide a relevant and quality learning
Passionate students.                                    seemed irrelevant.                                        experience by providing specialised tutors.

                                                        Not enough teaching staff, not enough lectures and
Good and well educated teaching staff.                  seminars, lack of supervisors.

Initial course leader was very enthusiastic - he used   The general management and internal
his initiative and created opportunities.               communications of the university were poor.

                                                        The deans of the university made changes to the
                                                        university teaching and structure without proper
                                                        communication with teachers or students. When
After the situations with tutors being fired and the    approached with problems they refined to take blame
like this year, I don't have many ?? things to do about for problems. I am in my third year with a dissertation
my university - to be honest I have made some good and 11 other assignments, for which I only have one
friends!                                                teacher. I am appalled to be honest.
                                                     There were too many changes like the management
Have a lot of connections like 3 people.             of the university team.

                                                     Not enough information regarding assignments, not
??? PR futures library resources.                    enough feedback, not well planned courses.

BA (Hons) Arts Design and Environment (Architecture) CSM GID 10151M5122W200 (10 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                           improve the final year of your course?

Tutors are really helpful and so is the feedback.    The course structure is quite chaotic.

                                                                                                            Having architecture course you are expected to meet
                                                                                                            certain standards of presentational skills. However,
                                                     Architectural course that does not teach you the       the course has been far away from such achievement.
                                                     most basic computer programs is poor no technical      University could review their down sides on weak
                                                     basics given unacceptable some of the part time        courses and make sure attention is paid to them so it
                                                     lecturers have been extremely demotivating by          would gradually become successful. This involves
                                                     explaining ourselves as 'its not my job to do this'.   current students getting the most out of the
                                                     Timetabling is very weak; vital parts of the           education rather than looking far ahead to the future,
                                                     development brought in at irrelevant times of the      which is the result of unsatisfied and uneducated
Conceptual approach to the subject is applied.       process.                                               current students. Upsetting.
                                                       The facilities and organisation is really bad and maybe
Everyone was really friendly and the teachers were     the content in terms of what we are learning
very approachable.                                     throughout the year should be more varied.

I enjoyed my course and have developed over the 3      The other tutors and course director hold down other
years of my study. This is down to my tutor.           jobs and a lot of the time they are not available.

They take a really different approach to my subject.   There aren't enough workshops.

                                                       The lack of structure in a way they let you free but
                                                       maybe too much, in a way that the lessons are not
                                                       very well structured. There is no continuation it
                                                       would be good to have continuous the lessons follow
                                                       on throughout the year continuous small seminars
                                                       and you have to do the in-depth which in a way isn't
The freedom.                                           good and doesn't work.

                                                       Lack of defined separate studio spaces for each
Creative possibility for self-identification.          student.

                                                       General organisation of the course.

Good, challenging.                                     Disorganised.
This course has taught me a lot about whom I want to     Although this course has taught me a lot in many
be as an artist/designer. It has helped establish many   ways I feel like it hasn't taught me the basic principles
aspects of my practise and the direction I want to       of my discipline, in my opinion there are some
take in the future.                                      fundamental aspects that are missing.

BA (Hons) Arts, Design and Environment (Artefact)
CSM GID 10152M5122W200 (4 comments found)
Safeguard notice: data not available due to too few
BA (Hons) Arts Design and Environment (Spatial) CSM GID 10153M5122W200 (8 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                           What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                      improve the final year of your course?

                                                         Timetable issues. Funding for the course. Feedback
My fellow students.                                      from the tutors. Disorganisation of the course.

                                                                                                                     Encourage more communication in between
                                                                                                                     pathways. Provide more seminars concerned with
                                                                                                                     construction and development of new materials and

One to one tutorials are available and am pleased        Would like to see more constructive criticism, which
that there is the option of seeing other tutors each     would help develop our skills and most importantly
week for additional support.                             the confidence of students.
                                                     Lectures were of a poor quality from 1st year through
                                                     to final year. There was no lecture programme to
                                                     assist technical aspects of projects. The 1st year was a
                                                     waste of time with tutors allocated to us not being
                                                     trained in the disciplines that we were studying. A
                                                     Foundation approach was used to get us into
                                                     university mode in the 1st term of 1st year this was
                                                     utterly useless when the course stipulates a
                                                     foundation course preferable. There was no focus on
                                                     the pathway specification until the 2nd term of 2nd
                                                     year too late. Complaints about the quality of certain
                                                     lecturers were ignored. The course has been overall
                                                     poor and frustrating. We were the experiment year.         Poor lectures and lack of technical programme
                                                     We were used to create a new course that was               offered by other universities of the same disciplines.
                                                     moving towards singular Architectural focus. It left       There should have been an even more intensive
                                                     students who had opted not to do architecture              programme of events. People did not attend because
                                                     feeling dejected and worthless. Moral was damaged          what was provided was not relevant to their
                                                     when we were: "The worst year they had ever had            discipline or the tutor was a waste of space. It should
My pathway tutor was good and always making an       ??? but the deficiency of the students only reflects       have sorted the complaint about poor lecturers. And
effort.                                              the deficiencies of the course.                            the final year was too little too late.

The course has 3 pass ways. We can learn different   The course is really disorganised. There isn't enough
ways. We have different tutors to learn things.      room. Not any help from tutors.

                                                     Workshops at uni are not always accessible, which
Staff are very good and helpful.                     makes things very hard.
                                                        They don't tell you about things like I have to go into
The course is really well structured and organised      university to find out about things going on even
very well.                                              though if there is no need to be there.

There's has been a lot of industry insight and its
linked well with the subject being taught.

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Realisation LCF M&S
10154F3632W230 (7 comments found)
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BA (Hons) Fashion Media LCF M&S
10155F3632W230 (7 comments found)
Safeguard notice: data not available due to too few
BA Fine Art: Time Based Media Wimbledon 10166A4122W100 (8 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                        What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                   improve the final year of your course?

All the facilities are great, tutors are amazingly
helpful, never had any problems getting help when I     Course modules tested on our year have caused
needed it. Generally great the course really work for   confusion and have not been executed well every           Dissertation deadline should not be so close to end of
me.                                                     time due to vague marking criteria.                       term reviews.
                                                     My course has been terminated without my
                                                     consultation. The course Time-Based Media at
                                                     Wimbledon College of Art was only there in essence, I
                                                     was not taught much at all. Anything I have been
                                                     taught is because of the efforts of the technicians.
The course I have been merged with Print and Time- The course tutors are not paid enough to give them
Based Media is working well in that my course leader reason to care about students passing through the     More discussion with the students. Longer tutorials.
is helpful and supportive.                           course.                                               More communication. Better studios.

Elbow room event.                                       Lack of a timetable.                                    Additional lectures and workshops!

I got some good experience from college's               The lectures in my first year were mostly feminist      Move dissertation away from tired year review, push
connections.                                            which bad.                                              dissertation forward.

                                                        Disorganised timetabling, Blackboard confusing and
Tutors knowledge.                                       neglected.                                              Improve Blackboard drastically. Sort out timetables.

Relaxed.                                                Too relaxed.                                            More activities.

                                                      Cross course crits are badly run and badly attended
                                                      often misunderstood and used as an excuse to try          More one to one support better communication
Tutorials the one to ones are the best bit of the     and decide which art 'form' is better than another.       regarding the practical timetable/critical practice
course and small group tutorials, when well led are   Critical practice tutors are extremely inflexible staff   timetable flexibility for those of us that has to work to
very helpful. There should be more of this within the across the college need to be more realistic of           attend university more one to one tutorials individual
year but also mixed years especially years 1/2 which students' lives, including internships and part time       meeting about postgraduate options as opposed to
are quite synced.                                     jobs and be supportive of that.                           one lecture.
                                                       Canteen fare could be better in comparison to others     As we are only half way through it is difficult to give
                                                       within same uni that as not in centre of town you are    comment/opinion after all it could get worse! I am
Studio and equipment resources good cross uni          reliant on it to save time should be tougher on lazy     worried that strike action may interrupt my final
library services friendly accessible staff.            students.                                                term.

BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism LCF M&C 10167F4122P500 (13 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                                Perhaps the hand-in date of the dissertation needs to
                                                                                                                be revised so as to allow for more tutorials to occur
                                                                                                                on the final major project. Maybe if the dissertation
Third year finally I am feeling enthused about the                                                              were started in the second year it would give the
course and happy.                                      First and second years far too much group work.          second year more purpose.

                                                       The course is very unorganised, so people do not
                                                       know what is going on and when, the work that we
                                                       are meant to be handing in, the assessment criteria is
Lecturers are in the industry so they know a lot about not specified clearly at the start of term, and the
what were being taught.                                lectures change what they want handing in.

Very good guest speakers, interesting projects.        Completely disorganised, poor attitude to questions.

                                                       Badly organised.
                                                          Generally unorganised. Not enough actual teaching.

The contact provided and opportunities outside of
uni.                                                      Terribly unorganised.

                                                          Moved from the old site so now there aren't enough
                                                          computer resources, and they used to be open until
I do think its a really good course and it does teach a   midnight but now there are less computers and not
broad range of skills other than fashion journalism.      enough to go round everyone that goes there.

                                                          The timing of the site move from Davies Street in the
Being able to access all six university sites and         academic year has made it hard to use facilities and
facilities.                                               course disruption.

                                                          Timetables, schedules and meetings are put together
                                                          shockingly and everyday brings a lack of sureness as
                                                          to what exactly it is that we are doing or where. The
The staff are always ready to help and I have learnt      actual course does not leave me feeling that ready to
some invaluable skills.                                   tackle the job outside of university.

                                                          It could be more organised.

                                                          Too unorganised. More journalism practice needed
Good support system. Good advice from course              on course. Better teaching in 1st year. Reflective
leader, most helpful and understanding.                   discourse unit not necessary.
                                                        Moving locations in my final year, teachers that never
                                                        reply to e-mails, projects changed a week before
                                                        hand in. The uni is always too hot, fresher week was a
                                                        joke that nobody wants to go to, the uni relies too
Excellent industry speakers, some good teachers         strongly on its brand and never taught us the basics
who've had success in the field (which is inspiring),   for our course, not enough actual classes - what am I
creatively they try to push us hard, cultural studies   paying for? Projects set without any teaching first: I
classes were consistently good the first two years      don't want to only learn as I go along! Dissertation
(and were my favourites!). Excellent choice of          tutor never there and I'm suffering. Basically:
electives meant I got to branch out in my second        Teaching of the basics was non-existent. I haven't
year.                                                   learned!

                                                        Direction from tutors have been unclear and the
Resources have been made pretty well accessible.        course has been unorganised and it bring in general.

BA (Hons) Graphic and Media Design LCC Design 10170P4122W210 (95 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

                                                       We did not have one single group criteria check
                                                       throughout he whole year. Our class was always
                                                       under threat of being taken from us and other
                                                       students were always using our facilities. We were
The course criteria give us the opportunity to express asked to provide ideas for class schedules in our final
ourselves creatively.                                  year quarter way through.
                                                     Lack of definite teaching, I don't suppose they have
                                                     actually taught anything about the course as they
Good facilities.                                     have not actually taught anything about typography.

                                                     I think the course structure has to be looked at. How
                                                     can it be that the whole university has a higher
                                                     percentage rate to get a first and 2:1. One
                                                     dissertation, one PPD project, 4 major projects is a lot
                                                     compared to even the last year courses at other
                                                     campuses such as Camberwell. What's the point in us
                                                     paying a big materials fee, upon the student loan,
                                                     when we still have to pay for black and white and
Nice small class meaning more time with the tutors   colour printing in the library? I certainly don't feel I Review the library printing cost. Make it cheaper for
and having access to both design and print block     have got my money back concerning the materials          us. Later opening hours on more days. More
facilities.                                          fee.                                                     transparency with the materials fee.

                                                     Course not very organised. Been given different         Better organisation skills in VCT. Also more scheduled
                                                     information from different tutors/lecturers in terms    studio time and more organised workshops in areas
Good communication with staff/tutors.                of VCT.                                                 such as screen printing, book binding, letter press etc.

Tutors, they care about students.

                                                     Not enough time with the tutor, there is no help to
I have learnt to be more organised and to            find a job on your career pathway after leaving
communicate.                                         university.

Great for developing yourself as a designer Great
speakers, tutors Good location.                      Lack of industry preparation.                           More industry preparation, more critical feedback.
                                                        More actual teaching.

                                                                                                                   Preparing more for the third year towards the later
                                                                                                                   stages of second year.

                                                        Lack of workshops.

                                                                                                                   I think that there is not enough support on the
                                                      Not enough lectures and technical classes. I do not          practical side of our course. I think that we should be
                                                      feel like I have really learned any professional skills. I   guaranteed a one to one tutorial once a week if we
                                                      would like to attend lectures throughout the course          need it (at the moment it is more like one every 3
                                                      rather than only in first year. I think they are actually    weeks). As there is no other time we are scheduled to
                                                      more important in the later years where you are              be in, I think this is little to ask. Also I think that the
                                                      becoming more developed in the course and more               final year students should be given a priority in the
                                                      conceptually aware. Not enough support in final year         print studio in the final weeks leading to our final
Great facilities with mostly friendly technicians who on practical work. I think that we should be                 deadline, perhaps even close the facilities to other
are happy to help and give advice. Very supportive    guaranteed at least one tutorial each week if we need        years (with lots of notice). I think more guidance
VCT tutor lively and positive atmosphere throughout it, as we have no other time scheduled in the whole            should be given on prospects after finishing with the
college.                                              week.                                                        tutors who know our work.

                                                        We need more tutor time. For a final year we are only
                                                        in once a week.

The range of facilities has been really good for                                                                   Started dissertation planning and work in year 2.
example screen-printing and photography. The            Bolton's were discontinued for BA student. The             Communicated more efficiently for lectures and
environment of the university is friendly and busy      communication of lectures and events was poor on           important events. Given more guidance on life and
which has been good also.                               several occasions.                                         work when we leave.
The workshops are good. The technicians are very
good.                                                 The teachers can be vague.

Encouraged to work individually and as a group.       Favoured students.                                      Bring back bolt on.

                                                      Badly organised course.

                                                    The first year felt completely pointless. I wasn't
                                                    shown where any of the facilities were and I felt
                                                    unaware of what was expected of me. Because we
                                                    had so many different tutors, I felt as if none of them   I am pleased with the teaching from my tutors, but
                                                    even knew my name. I feel that I would have               there is not enough of it. The course should be more
                                                    benefited from the course being the structure that it     college based, with studios dedicated to final year
                                                    is from the second year. I think it is absolutely         students. The library is not suitable for doing projects,
                                                    outrageous that I am only expected to be in college       as you are forbidden from doing anything but read
                                                    for just one day per week, with there not being           and go on computers, so there is simply nowhere in
                                                    sufficient areas for me to work in on the other four      college to work. Being forced to work at home
The second year, and third year seem well organised days. In that respect, I think the course is extremely    isolates you from fellow students and can become
and there seems to be a good structure.             bad value for money and I regret choosing it.             very uninspiring.

Cool staff, and helpful. During all the uni time.     Not much support in holiday.

I think my teachers are very good.                    I need more teaching hours.

                                                      1 studio day a week is not enough. And certainly not
                                                      worth £3000 a year in fees.                             More studio time. More guidance.
                                                        Building up confidence in the subject area for the

Independent working has benefited personal study,       Teaching hours are poor, with little time spent
with little reliance on tutors necessary. When with     working with tutors. Extra curricular courses/Boltons
tutors, the teaching is outstanding and thought         were not pushed hard enough and many students
provoking. Course structure and openness has led to     have missed out on additional skills. Limited studio
many outcomes not usually seen within the course.       space for students wanting to work during the week. More tutor time. Better access to resources. A studio
The course offers something entirely different when     Not having an area to work and study in with peers is to work in all day. No dissertation. Cross-course
compared to others.                                     unacceptable.                                         collaborations. A Students Union that works.

Collaboration.                                          Location.                                               SU involvement.

I really enjoyed be able to use workshops and           I wish we had more skilful technicians to help us
facilities.                                             solving technical problems.                             Allow us to use workshops in vacations.

Teaching learning.                                      Tutorials being able to explain things.

The openness of the course allows for a wide range of
students work and the tutors encourage open           That the feedback and course structure is often
thinking.                                             confusing.

                                                        The people that run the university are not creatively
Definitely the tutor and technicians, especially with   minded they think more about money than quality of
my university.                                          the students.

Fun.                                                    Organisation.
                                                       Organisation of the course as a whole has been very
                                                       poor and students don't feel they get value for
                                                       money, as there's not much time spent in university
                                                       on materials and resources in general and time in the
The tutors have been very and very supportive.         university.

                                                       Bad communication between different sections (or
Teachers are definitely enthusiastic about what they   departments) of the uni. Leading to a lot of confusion
are doing and are really helpful.                      sometimes.

                                                       When we were doing our essay writing the feedback
                                                       we were given would have been better if it was
                                                       written on a computer because the feedback, we
The tutor was really helpful. We were always           were unable to read because it was written by hand
informed and she was very supportive.                  and I could not understand the handwriting.

                                                       Not enough practical studio work and personal            Give us information about graphic design companies
Interesting projects.                                  tutorials.                                               help us with our portfolio.

                                                       Lack of teaching time.
                                                                                                 Create the timetabling of the Degree Show or any
                                                                                                 other important events earlier, so that students
                                                                                                 would be able to prepare for them in advance. Place
                                                                                                 the students that have been inconsistent in
                                                                                                 attendance under scrutiny as they bring create a
                                                                                                 negative vibe towards the course, and it may help
                                                                                                 stimulate them into creating better quality work and
                                                                                                 attending more, and in general, just being more
                                                                                                 dedicated about the money that they've put in for
                                                                                                 their degree!

                                       I think the class sizes are too large so we only get 10
                                       minutes, maximum of 1 to 1 with the teacher each

The variety of things that we learn.   More studio days are needed than one day a week.          More studio days or workshop sessions.
                                                                                                             The 3D workshop facilities must be improved. At the
                                                                                                             moment they are good enough for only few students.
                                                                                                             It seems like the Interior Design course gains more
                                                                                                             attention from them, but there is increasing demand
                                                                                                             from other courses. There are only two open studio
                                                                                                             days per week for other students, which is not
                                                                                                             enough. Third year students need more access, they
                                                                                                             want to produce better work. On the open studio
                                                                                                             days, there are normally a lot of students, and only
                                                                                                             one or two technicians, which probably induce a good
BA GMD Interaction and Moving Image at LCC is very                                                           amount of stress and fatigue on them. More
open, supporting, encouraging, great ethics. There's a Not so much with the course itself, but rather with   assistants should be around to account for larger
great community feel amongst the peers and tutors, the university in general, as far as library and learning numbers on these days. A bigger room should also be
lots of technical support, intellectual stimuli, good  resources are concerned. Library should be open       provided. Other colleges have better facilities. LCC
guidance throughout the year especially in the third 24h/7, like in other universities (i.e. UCL). Just      seems to have focused mainly on the printing side
year; and a studio which really makes students want because it is a university of Arts, doesn't mean people and yes, these are great. However, a greater interest
to be in everyday.                                     read/need less books.                                 in 3D work should be put forward.

                                                     The course is disorganised.

                                                     Lack of one to one time. Lack of tutorial sections. Lack
Multi cultural atmosphere equipments.                of workshops.

                                                     Contact with tutor time could be improved. Too many
                                                     students & too few tutors.
                                                       The amount of time we have to go in and I think there
                                                       should be classes because we're paying a lot of
Independent learning and being able to get with on     money and it's kind of like where is that money
with the work.                                         going?

The course helped me with my communication skills
and interacting with other people and it allowed me
to be a bit more confident doing group work and it
allowed me to find other ways, like I got to branch off We learnt everything but I think we maybe need to
and do things I never done before.                      do more specific workshops rather than general ones.

The facilities were good and available. The teaching
was good. Advice was good.                             Access to facilities.

                                                       In terms of it there are a lot of computer that's don't
                                                       work and slow and seem out of date and not enough,
                                                       not happy with the fact there isn't enough
The facilities have been really good once you get      compulsory studio time too many days off, certain
access to them, there pretty useful; generally there   things like extra curricular things they don't make it
are knowable people in different departments.          clear enough opportunities.

Meeting new people from different areas and                                                                      More communication, better resources and
backgrounds.                                           Bad communication and organising.                         workshops.

The facilities are really good and the people are really The BA degrees are really disorganised and have
friendly and seem to be really nice.                     really low budgets for our spending.
Of the course itself I think it is a good course and     I think that tutoring student/time is too little in like
what we are taught is really helpful and being around    the 3rd year - we would get approximately 20 mins a
other creative students. It really does help because     week which is too little for what we are paying for
you feed of them a lot and the facilities that are       and that the learning shouldn't be so student centred
offered as part of the course are some of the best you   and that there s a lack of teaching around the subject
don't really get them on other courses.                  and a lack of tutor knowledge around the subject.

                                                                                                                    Improve communication between different pathways,
                                                                                                                    perhaps in second year also e.g. collaborative briefs.

We get to use our studios all the time.                  We haven't been able to use the workshop.
                                                        I feel I can be a bit stereotyped. During my experience
                                                        in the course I feel that people can make judgements
                                                        on the way I look. Dress before they get to know me.
                                                        The course could have been on the ground floor so
                                                        we did not have to carry heavy equipment upstairs.
                                                        The lift is located too far away. When it comes to
                                                        handing in work that will be assessed, if I'm half hour
                                                        late, they will consider failing you independent on
                                                        actual circumstances. The food is too expensive, they
                                                        give a small portion for 3 to 4 pounds that does not
I personally believe it has boosted my skills in the    fill me in. Material fees that get applied. I'm not fully
direction I want to develop my career. Allowed me to aware what the material fee is for. I pay it but I don't
interact with different types of people. I did not have know where it vague. I originally assumed it goes
this chance before. Small perks such as software tips towards equipment. The tuition fee form should
for the course. Allowed me to by all the equipment      simplify because sometimes the parents don't know
that I actually needed for my career.                   how to fill it in.

                                                        The class size is too large, not enough time - not
                                                        enough teaching available. The amount of tuition fees
                                                        - doesn't seem there's enough teaching, not value for
Good industry links and advice.                         money.

                                                        Would prefer more workshops on software,
                                                        Photoshop, illustrator, moving image software etc.
                                                        More workshop classes together, creating work
The conceptual style of teaching making us              together to get more confident. More illustration and
innovative. Thinking outside the box.                   graphics in class, techniques.                        More class. Only one class a week in third year.
                                                                                                             More feedback and interaction with tutors. Very few
                                                                                                             one-on-one with tutors means the tutor doesn't know
                                                                                                             your work and you are left needed to work lots but
                                                      Wrong deadline information given (for essays and       not feeling confident or having have sufficient
                                                      dissertation hand in)!                                 feedback to know your next creative direction.

                                                      Not enough computers in the library, and the ones
The structure of the course, and I am getting study   they do have there are faulty, also not enough space
support and it has been very helpful.                 to work as a group in the library.

                                                      Not enough actual teaching. We have been given
                                                      projects since first year without being taught the
                                                      basic principles of our subject. These, we had to teach Showing and helping us use the facilities such as
                                                      ourselves. We also paid a £100 material fee, and        photography/screen printing studios. More teaching,
My tutor, ??? has been very helpful.                  never received any materials.                           less handing over of projects.

A sense of community among other students, friendly Unorganised not personal enough for my liking lost       More support, and personal care to specific students
atmosphere.                                         sense of creativity while on this course.                needs more contact time with tutors.

In comparison to courses that friends on my tutors
are more concerned than other tutors I've heard of.

                                                                                                             More time with tutors and individual spaces for
Interesting briefs.                                   Lack of good tutors.                                   working.
                                                                                                          More support needs to be given to help final year
                                                      Bad dissertation help given. Bad communication with students manage their time effectively and there
Good facilities. Great social experience. Adequate    other pathways and aspects of the course such as    needs to be a lot more help at making a portfolio and
teaching.                                             PPD and VCT.                                        learning how to get a job in your field of design.

The facilities and the breadth of courses and         You're not followed through, your not really taught;
integration you can have.                             it's a bit too self-directed.

                                                     We don't get enough studio time considering its a
                                                     fulltime course one day of studio time is not enough.
We have good equipment and facilities to do with our Not enough communication between students and
course like machinery or other things.               teachers.
                                                 Only at uni one day a week for about an hour, not
                                                 enough considering it is meant to be a full-time
                                                 course and you pay £3000 a year for it. Have not
                                                 been taught enough skills in my subject, never been
                                                 shown how to use the software needed to do the
                                                 work. Had to learn to it by myself. Lack of time spent
                                                 at uni. Communication between uni and students is
                                                 poor, for example, the dissertation hand in times
                                                 changed from that, which was stated in the handbook
                                                 and no one, was told this. Except is communication
                                                 between and my tutor, where he always e-mails and
                                                 responds to e-mails quickly. You pay £100 materials
                                                 fee each year, yet we have never been provided with
                                                 any materials at all. Where does this money go? Not
                                                 very social course, as you are hardly ever at uni you
                                                 are always working by yourself at home on projects.
                                                 Each year of the course has been exactly the same,       More time at uni, we are only in one day a week for a
Communication between my tutor and me; he always every year we have been set project after project        tutorial, which lasts about an hour. One hour a week
responds to my mails quickly. Tutorials for      with out actually being taught the main skills needed    is not enough for a full-time course, especially after
dissertation were very helpful.                  in the subject.                                          paying £3000 a year for it.

                                                     Open access to 3D workshop and media block is not
Staff are supportive and friendly.                   sufficient.

                                                      Just studio time not enough time spent in there.
Support you get, not just from tutors also from other When we do get studio time, we don't get enough
area tutors.                                          done. We need more support as well.
My teachers are really good.                           It's expensive.

                                                       The lack of studio time because third years don't have
                                                       time with tutors.

                                                       I don't think that the tutor involvement in the class
The facilities are really good.                        and help is very consistent or sometimes that helpful.

                                                       The timetable we have is only 1 day a week class and
                                                       I think it is not enough.

                                                       Some of the briefs are limited, also their should have
The way it is organised, the way we have two-three     been more sign up tutorials - they should have one
teachers at the same time (per class).                 every week because there are so many students.

                                                       The first year is a waste of time in the way that it's
                                                       like a foundation year. I would like to have a bit more
I really like the contact we have. The tutor I think   workshop, more theory courses because nothing
they're really helpful.                                happened there.
                                                      Head of university cutting jobs so staff are no longer
                                                      around in some areas to help with technical work.
                                                      This is an issue in a design environment. My friends
                                                      have unfortunately encountered teachers who are in
                                                      no way forgiving and reduce people to tears. I feel
                                                      that it is important for tutors to push and guide a
                                                      student in the right direction but to not destroy them
                                                      mentally, as this inevitably leads to lack of confidence
The tutors I have encountered will give you respect   and sometimes the student can feel trapped. There is
and help as much as they can when a new project       a general lack of communication between
comes up. I have felt that my tutor's care about what departments that often leads to the student being
we are doing and how we are doing. The facilities are caught in the middle and made to feel like the one at
great!                                                fault.

I dyslexic and I had help and that was good.

Some of the benefits that are given to students in the
design area in terms of access to digital resources.   Tutors need to be more enthusiastic.

                                                        Support in general hasn't been that great when I have
                                                        a problem it's hard to get someone to help then often
                                                        you don't get the help you need anyway.

It's really free, so you're encouraged to do what you   Would be nice to get more teaching or practical stuff
want which is good.                                     on programmes and that kind of thing.
The knowledge I have gained from my tutors
throughout the course has been brilliant; on top of
this I have learnt a lot about the industry I hope to   The contact between teacher and student in times of A better system in place for time constraints on the
pursue my career in.                                    emergencies needs looking into.                     major projects.

                                                        They should work on keeping the workshops and
                                                        equipment open during the holidays so we can work
                                                        on our projects.

                                                        The number of student at her university means
                                                        there's less practicing space to work in to do artwork.
                                                        They available certain days a week and there isn't
Teaching and facilities.                                enough personal working space.

                                                                                                                Give the option for more contact time with other
                                                                                                                students as a group within your course, as I feel the
                                                                                                                lack of this has greatly affected my learning and the
                                                                                                                quality of my work. Also more workshops would be
                                                                                                                greatly welcomed by people like myself who feel that
                                                        I feel like I do not have enough contact time, and as a they have learned very little and would like to make
                                                        result of this have learnt very little throughout the   the most of the last year in university to build their
The teachers are very good and give good advice.        duration of my course.                                  skills.

                                                        The feedback is too general and there isn't any detail
Flexibility with the timetable.                         in the feedback about the work.

Enthusiastic teachers, creative atmosphere. Contact     Prices for anything from tuition fees, material fee,
with real life industry.                                printing.                                                 More access to tutors.
The tutors bring professional experience to the
course.                                                The structure of the timetable is a bit undetermined.

                                                       Too many people in one class, hence the tutors don't
                                                       have time for all individually. Conversation is hard
                                                       when there are too many taking part at once.

Photography studio.                                    Lack of international support.

                                                                                                               Have more tutorials and lessons.

The teachers are really good.

The facilities there are a wide range of facilities.

                                                                                                               Providing teaching time. The only contact with tutors
                                                                                                               are 10 minutes per week. Sometimes not even that. It
                                                                                                               makes the college fees very expensive. Especially for
                                                                                                               the students that do not use the making studios
                                                       In the final year we had only about 10 minutes per      (letterpress, photo etc.). College should also provide a
                                                       week with tutors. No teaching (but for 1 session        studio space. Not necessarily a huge space, but at
                                                       which I found badly structured and just superficial)    least a space to work, study during the week. It would
                                                       for over 3, 000, it's expensive. I guess we paid mainly be very beneficial as in our careers we will work
                                                       to use the making studios (photo, letterpress,          within collaborations, not on our own. It would
                                                       printing), but I find that in a course we should be     improve everybody's work greatly through peer
Briefs were clear and interesting.                     taught. And we haven't been so for the last 2 years. feedback.
                                                     The course could be more intense. And more guest         More guest lectures from industry. Because it is a
                                                     lecturer from industry (like sound department has        final year, students should be aware of what they
                                                     somebody very interesting coming every                   could do after. And a terrible thing, that Bolton
Great technicians support!                           Wednesday).                                              courses were cancelled!

                                                       Sometimes projects go too fast, there is no depth in
                                                       learning and developing on thoughts. The tutors are
Lots of trips to museums and inspirational talks. Many not harsh enough. They should be able to use
designers came to the course. Own exhibitions have constructive criticism to encourage the students to do
been arranged. The studios have a friendly working     more or different work and to get the best possible
atmosphere.                                            results for a project.

                                                     There are not many chances to talk to tutors besides Give students more self managed time to prepare for
                                                     tutorial times.                                      further study or get some working experience.

                                                     Staff in the HE office are either slow or not helpful. I
                                                     am still waiting for them to investigate why my Bolt
                                                     On Certificate is still not received yet. Secondly, large
Facilities, workshop, library.                       format digital printing is very expensive.                One class per week is too few.
                                                      The additional resources that support the course
                                                      need a deeper review. I have come to be frustrated
                                                      by the college administration who's seem to be
                                                      invisible most of the time. I do not know who is
The course as a whole is well structured and          running this place and what is the purpose of their
presented. Subjects that are presented to us in our   actions. London College of Miscommunication is how
tutorials and workshops as well as project briefs are this place is being referred to and that is starting to
relevant and are great starting points for research   reflect in industry opinion as well. I do not want to
into areas we might not have thought of. The tutors graduate from what is perceived to be a low quality
on this course are probably the best thing about it   institute. CSM are far better at managing their image
and are very helpful with a good understanding of the even if their courses lack the relevance that ones at Better administration. The tutors are great but the
environment in which we are working in.               LCC are known for.                                      top admin could do a lot better by being more visible.

This course is great because it train up my concept    It is a bit rush on the timetable while running four
developing skills.                                     projects at the same time at the end of term.

Multi-culture background of students. Great staff,     Too many students, tutors don't have enough time to
helpful.                                               take care every student.

BA (Hons) Fashion Illustration LCF M&C
10504F4122W230 (7 comments found)
Safeguard notice: data not available due to too few
BA (Hons) Criticism Communication and Curation: Art and Design CSM FTD 10505M4122W290 (10 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                           improve the final year of your course?
                                                        The course structure sometimes reflected too much,
                                                        the individual interests of the tutors rather than
                                                        giving the students more useful areas of study. Given
The variety of the course presented us with multiple    the very few teaching hours available it often
stimuli, which were useful in a multidirectional        happened that some topics of minor relevance were
development.                                            tackled.

Small classes: a wide variety of different sorts of     Lack of structure to the course, the teacher wasn't
people and different cultures.                          very consistent.

                                                       This variety often means that we do not delve deep
                                                       enough in to certain subjects and this can be
                                                       confusing. We do not receive enough teaching time
                                                       we are paying far too much for what we receive. My
                                                       dissertation tutor is from outside of the course and so
                                                       I feel that this is a slight disadvantage, as I had never
                                                       met her before hand. We also only have half hour
The course is very varied and so we learn a variety of tutorials every 2 weeks and so this is quite
skills and gain a broad knowledge of Art and Design. unstructured and makes it hard to maintain focus.           Provide a greater amount of tutorial time.

                                                                                                                The major negative aspect this year has to do with
                                                                                                                Student Finance and not of University of Arts.

                                                        Not enough lessons not going deep enough into a
                                                        specific subject lack of communication among
Diversity of subjects friendly teachers good resources. students.
                                                                                                  More teaching! Way too much time to finish the
                                                                                                  dissertation. Longer opening hours at the libraries.
                                                                                                  Blackboard is not working ideally when students can't
                                                                                                  post anything. Everyone uses facebook for group
                                                                                                  work and that's a shame when the university invested
                                                                                                  a lot of money into Blackboard. There's need for an
                                                                                                  actual college network. Not just a board to post
                                            Too little actual teaching. Too few assignments. I've things. There is very bad communication between the
                                            had quite some time on my hands with nothing to do leadership of the college and the students. There's no
Broad introduction so topic great tutors.   and I would have liked to feel more challenged.       way of knowing how things are shaping up.
                                                     There are so many I don't know where to begin!
                                                     Firstly, the amount of contact time we have had has
                                                     been around 2 hours a week in third year, with only
                                                     four dissertation tutorials throughout the whole year,
                                                     whereas other courses in the university receive one a
                                                     week. This makes for unbelievably poor value for
                                                     money. We have received no support in finding or
                                                     during work experience, without which we wouldn't
                                                     stand a chance at getting work, because the course is
                                                     so poor. Although the diverse range of modules is
                                                     interesting, it means that none of us have a specialist   We should have had more dissertation tutorials and
                                                     knowledge in anything and we feel incredibly under        general guidance throughout the year. We should
                                                     qualified for approaching life in the working world.      receive support with internships and work
                                                     The tutors on our course mock us when we say we           experience, and with moving forward in to the
                                                     are stressed, which is usually due to how lost we feel    working world (the only thing we are offered is
                                                     with all our work. Whenever we try to voice our           information about MA's which few of us can afford).
                                                     opinions, our voices go unheard and nothing changes.      We could have received solid teaching throughout
The diverse range of areas we cover and the subjects Overall, this has been the biggest waste of £9,000 I      the year, continuing to improve our knowledge about
have generally been interesting.                     will probably ever experience in my life.                 the creative industries.

                                                      Lack of schedule time.

                                                      Assignment of dissertation tutors completely unfair      More than 1 class a week more relevant classes or
                                                      as some people receive far greater assistance than       dissertation assistance rather than completely
                                                      others. This should be standard so everyone gets the     irrelevant inappropriate activities which waste
                                                      same treatment.                                          everyone's time.
                                                       The teaching is limited didn't receive enough time
I have a lot of free time to work.                     being taught.

BA (Hons) Creative Advertising Strategy LCC Design 10517P9122N561 (20 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                   What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                              improve the final year of your course?

Tutors tried to incorporate creative brief in to the   The course is not organised well-limited library      Kept the library open during normal hours of the
course. Some tutors are passionate about what they     resources such as books when needed. No SPSS          holiday period. Open library for 24 hours during term
teach so are encouraging.                              lacking of creative briefs.                           time could have had the software SPSS on time.

                                                       Unreliable lecturers, never turning up to lectures    Prompter assignment of dissertation supervisors.
                                                       without leaving announcements on Blackboard or        Replacement of course director as he was off ill 80%
                                                       getting a replacement. Bad communication. Work        of the time. Lectures or classes regarding the
                                                       always marked and returned very late, sometimes not   dissertation as opposed to it being a personal project
                                                       returned at all. Assignments not clearly              entered into blindly. Organized assignments better
                                                       communicated and frequently changed or adapted        and not continuously changed them. Lecturers to
                                                       without informing students.                           have been more reliable in turning up.
                                                                                                           Space out the assignment hand in dates equally. All
                                                                                                           the assignment dates were mostly due in the second
                                                     The lack of communication at the college was awful term or at the very start of the third term, why
                                                     and the majority of students found it disrupted their couldn't the university utilise the term dates more
                                                     studies. Furthermore, the organisation and structure effectively. Plus students don't have much time to
                                                     of the course was dreadful, particularly in the final concentrate on their dissertations or business plans
                                                     and most important year. We were given all            because they have other assignments to do. The
                                                     assignment dates due mostly in the second term,       communication at the college between staff and
Some of the lectures were very engaging, and most    which caused anxiety and complaints amongst           students needs to be improved. Plus the college
teachers seemed to have good links to the industry   students, and the third term has gone to waste in     needs to maintain its best staff instead of making
and also good knowledge of the industry.             which were only in for two weeks of it.               them redundant.

                                                     Course is all-theatrical. Timetable has been changed 3
                                                     times already this year. Not all the work goes on
                                                     Blackboard advertising but not allowed to use media
                                                     facilities like video cameras but want you to make

                                                                                                              The course redundancies have really affected my
                                                                                                              motivation. I feel so disheartened in my final year
                                                                                                              with the lack of communication and organisation. I
                                                                                                              feel my money has been ripped-off. The uni should be
                                                     Badly organised! Really disappointed with course         more organised, communicate with students ASAP
The course is creative. Nice balance of creativity   structure changes, bad communication. The content        and make them involved in the decision process
underpinned by theoretical elements.                 of the course is good but organisation is poor!          before making changes.

The environment of the university.                   Communication between students and teachers.
The course is very unique and I see a lot of potential. The management of the uni has lots of directions and
The lecturers including the course director are very    myself and the students were not able to access the
enthusiastic.                                           facilities and equipments.

Some of the tutors are very good at their work and    Grades are not available on the day mentioned.
gave me confidence and guidance in my work.           Cancellations at the last moment.

                                                      Been a lot of course that have been cut and there are
                                                      teachers made redundant half way through we had
                                                      them which has affected our work and we haven't
                                                      had the proper teaching and the general organisation
There are a few teachers who are passionate about     of the uni is pretty bad and there is a severe lack of
advertising and quite inspiring.                      communication.
                                                                                                                There are a number of things. The redundancies have
                                                                                                                had a negative affect on the running of my course.
                                                                                                                This has led to my final year proposal being pushed
                                                                                                                back. Issues regarding dissertation tutors, and
                                                                                                                cancelled lectures and seminar. It is an absolute
                                                                                                                shamble, and a disgrace. It is clear that as students
                                                                                                                we are nothing more than a paycheck to the
                                                                                                                management of this university. Further to this any
                                                                                                                complaints or issues that are raised are completely
                                                                                                                ignored, there has been no apology from the
                                                                                                                university, and it seems they are completely unwilling
                                                                                                                to accept any responsibility. I find it an absolute joke
                                                        Management are appalling. The running of the course that the university is called the London College of
                                                        has been a shambles, and as a result we have            Communication, yet there seems to be a complete
                                                        suffered. The redundancies that took place at the       lack of communication with regards to the running of
Some lecturers have gone out of their way to try to     university have had a very big impact on the course. It courses. I have been so disappointed with my
help, however often there is little they can actually   is clear that as far as management are concerned we experience at this university. I would advise anyone I
do.                                                     as students are nothing more than a paycheck.           know not to even consider attending this university.

                                                        Staff redundancies & course cuts have severely
                                                        affected my course at LCC (UAL). The 4 schools were
The course gives a broad outlook on Creative            changed to two & my faculty has suffered. At least
Advertising could be more practical (still a new        one seminar/lecture is cancelled a week & had little
course). My academic writing has improved a lot!        support with dissertation.
                                              Due to the increase & redundancies, the course was
                                              impaired. Various subjects were affected; the
                                              university directors did not respond in any way about
                                              the loss & quality of the course and the students
                                              were left at mercy.

                                                                                                      Extend the submission time for the final project. For
                                                                                                      example, to submit the final project in the third term
                                                                                                      not the second term.

                                              Badly organised and hard to catch up with course
Teach me how to be more sure about myself,    leaders and tutors. Generally tutors were not
communicate with others and has improved my   available most of the time. The course should include
English.                                      more soft training rather than theory.

                                                                                                      A better organisation, more communication with the
                                                                                                      students, give dissertation supervisors on time,
                                                                                                      replace the cancelled classes, upload all the lectures
                                                                                                      on Blackboard as it is not always done. Stop sacking
                                                                                                      the staff while they teach and threatening students'
                                              Timetable, assignments, dissertation not adapted to     future; try to make student's degree worth
Meeting interesting classmates.               the course supposed to be creative.                     something!
                                                       Very badly organised! It has allowed for no
                                                       specialisation or given any pathways. The level of
                                                       critical and analytical investigation was not high
                                                       enough, in my opinion, for a university degree. The
                                                       accesses to specialised resources were very poor. A
                                                       number of staff have been made redundant during
                                                       my time spent here, a number more have left. The SU
                                                       have been poor in politicising the students against
                                                       this. As a result, I have, when considering
                                                       postgraduate degrees, totally disregarded any
                                                       courses offered by UAL as a whole; I have also
                                                       endeavoured to ensure that my family do not                Organise everything more efficiently. The entire
There has been some level of critical and analytical   complete undergraduate degrees here. I would not           dissertation process has been entirely shambolic.
investigation. There has, also, been a number of       recommend this course to anyone who is serious             There has also been no option to specialise; this
industry speakers brought in to give lectures.         about getting into advertising.                            would have been an attractive prospect.

                                                       The course should've given more work placement
                                                       opportunities and advice on how to apply for jobs and
                                                       other work experience programmes. It doesn't feel
                                                       like this course is going to help me find a job any time
                                                       soon. Overall, the course is dull, I've lost motivation
                                                       since the first year and therefore I have no idea what
                                                       to do after I've graduated.

                                                       Very badly structured & organised. Tutors know less
                                                       than students about what is happening or going on
                                                       the course.
                                                       Assignment deadlines are not equally spread out
Guest lectures have made the course more               throughout the academic year. Staff redundancies     Not cutting down on staff members as they are the
inspirational.                                         have affected the course experience negatively.      most valuable assets the university has got.

Just to get more people currently working in the       Teachers being made redundant which has affected
industry to teach.                                     the course.

BA (hons) Bespoke Tailoring LCF DT 10524F2122W230 (8 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                  What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                             improve the final year of your course?
                                                                                                            The improvement of my final year would have
                                                                                                            depended on the improvement of the previous 2
                                                                                                            years as I feel I have been left unprepared and the
                                                                                                            fact we have a new course director means we have
                                                                                                            had to learn to work in a different way (although this
                                                                                                            has meant working to a much higher standard and
                                                                                                            feeling like I have learned a lot more) means we are
                                                     The first two years of my course did not prepare me learning on the job, so to speak, in a year which
                                                     adequately for my third year and I feel this has had   actually should be about refining skills not completely
                                                     detrimental effects on my final grade; I did not       starting from scratch as this will affect our degree
                                                     receive some of the lessons which were within the      mark. Also the fact our hours with tutors were cut has
My final year has been greatly improved, the content timetable when I started such as Design and CAD        been detrimental and also the lack of space within
of my course improved and the elements which I felt Lessons. I also feel that the cutting of hours on the   the college for open access (table space) could be
were lacking within the first two years are being    timetables and the lack of space within open access is vastly improved to help with time management and
rectified for example CAD Lessons and Extensive      a huge problem for third years who have a lot of work being able to actually work on days when we are not
Design Lessons.                                      to complete and no space to work.                      timetabled.

                                                                                                              Not having a new course director in your final year
                                                                                                              that works completely differently to the previous.

Being taught by teachers who still work in various    Appalling amount of material taught should get a
sectors of the industry they are teaching.            refund.

                                                      It's badly organised, and the tutors changed half way
It's the only degree in the country.                  through, which cause confusion.
I like and enjoy my course so much. My tailored skill is
going to be professional. My communication skill is
much better.                                             There is no.                                             I do not know.

                                                        Some teachers are not explaining things really
My studying skills have improved by practicing at       carefully. The third year we have replaced a lot of
each project.                                           teaching ??.

                                                        In the first 2 years design tutoring was shambolic, our
                                                        work was marked in a way that is not particularly
The third year has been much better organised with      useful for us now, and lessons were missed with no
much better design help, the first year technical       prior warning and nothing to make up for it by the
lessons were very useful and should have been kept      tutors, not enough technical help in the final year and
on, the technical tutor should be bought back.          we need more lessons.

The course has help understand the creative process
and apply it, and how to think creatively when it   There should be teaching more of technical skills,
comes to creative problem solving.                  broader technical skills range.

BA (Hons) Magazine Publishing with Marketing and Advertising LCC Media 10525P6122J500 (10 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                           improve the final year of your course?

                                                        Very disorganised and affected by teacher
                                                       The timetable of the course caused problems every
                                                       year, causing difficulties with travelling and work.
                                                       Enrolment each year - particularly year 3 was very
                                                       disorganised and not communicated well. Some
                                                       teaching staff did not teach nor helped me to learn
My course director tried her best to be there for me   about my cause properly - some of the time making
and help me throughout my time at university.          me feel it was a waste of time going in.

                                                       Most lecturers don't teach to the assignment. If I
                                                       could turn back time, I would never have gone to
If it was not for our course leader I don't feel we    university. I would never advice anyone to go to
would have a course.                                   university.

                                                       The course has not been run very effectively.

                                                       Communication is a negative aspect, that's the main
The learning resources.                                problem, between lecturers and students.

                                                       The redundancies that have been made have coursed
A course leader is always very good.                   us not to have enough teaching staff.

                                                       One of my teachers resigned in the middle of the 1st
                                                       term. This was mainly due to the fact that the
                                                       university was not fulfilling their duty to take care of
                                                       teachers. The uni has failed to give a bad about         Not let one of my teachers go. Supply another
                                                       students. I will definitely not recommend university teacher for the course. Not change the timetable.
                                                       of the arts to anyone in the future.                     Twice in the 2nd term.
                                                      The library really early and the facilities are really old;
Teachers are passionate.                              the entire course isn't very organised.

                                                    Management, there has been a lot of restructuring
Good resources such as IT resources and the people. and we did not find out about this until we turned up.

                                                      The facilities are unorganised. There is not enough
                                                      support from teaches, when you go to them they
                                                      don't seem supportive enough. Timetables have been
                                                      since the first year and they keep changing the
                                                      timetable according to their needs and not to the
                                                      needs of students. Not enough teaches. Overcrowded

BA (Hons) Magazine Publishing with Public Relations
LCC Media 10526P6122J500 (5 comments found)
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BA (Hons) Magazine Publishing with Media and
Cultural Studies LCC Media 10527P6122J500 (2
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BA (Hons) Public Relations with Media and Cultural
Studies LCC Media 10528P9122N500 (6 comments
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BA (hons) Theatre: Design for Performance Wimbledon 10529A4122W400 (11 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                    What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                               improve the final year of your course?

Excellent workshop facilities help, guidance individual
and group space.

                                                                                                              They whole have felt rather unstructured, and I feel
                                                                                                              out of the three years, I have achieved the least in my
Tutors have been as supportive as they can,           Not learning enough practical skills, to ensure we will third year. There is not enough structure and contact
considering there have been major cuts in the course be successful when we are graduated. Help with CV with our group peers to gain feedback and creative
budget. Studio space is excellent and very important work and applying for jobs in advance of finishing our advice. No help or advice at all has been offered in
to have. Whenever I have wanted to use workshops, course has been completely ignored. Timetable is not terms of seeking jobs upon graduating which is very
it is very important that the technicians are helpful strict enough or disciplined to ensure we all work      daunting anyway. Help and support would be
and welcoming, which most of them are.                effectively as a year group.                            tremendously useful.
                                                      Budget cuts have reduced the course content down
                                                      from previous years. The practical elements of the
The lecturers on my course are all professional,      degree have also been diminished. More hands on
helpful and very supportive. It has been the most     knowledge of theatre are needed upon leaving the
positive aspect of the course to meet and work with college. The course needs a bigger budget for
them. The support staff at the library and in the     realising theatre shows and allowing more                Provided greater advice and support in the
workshops are also a pleasure to work with and        collaborative projects within the theatre courses.       organisation of the degree show. Although the effort
provide excellent technical knowledge and assistance Money also needs to go towards a greater detail in        is student led, it would have been an easier process
with my work. The projects are varied and have        Computer aided technical drawing, such as lectures       had the university provided even a basic information
introduced me to a broad range of new abilities and and projects throughout the three years of the             sheet of things to consider and a general idea of the
thought processes. Visiting lecturers and             course. The University needs to be very careful that     budget required from previous shows. Contact details
collaborative projects within and outside the college Design for Performance does not suffer any further       of the previous few years' exhibition reps and such
has also been a very positive aspect of the course.   budget cuts.                                             information would also have been helpful.

Ability to have freedom to explore areas I wanted to   Could have had more workshop/lectures to teach us
in my work, and this supported by tutors. Personal     specific skills. More tutorial time - especially more
development encouraged.                                feedback time.

                                                                                                               More support within academic parts of the course. A
The freedom to run around your creative box but         Lack of structured teaching time for general but       lack of commitment from my appointed tutor was
with guidance and expertise to help you stay within it. essential professional skills.                         felt.
                                                      Students and staff not being able to use
                                                      Blackboards/Facebook/emails efficiently to              About the issue of fundraising for the degree show,
                                                      communicate each other. The card system to              we were not given any information on previous
                                                      purchase materials made the process inefficient. The    students (how they carried out events etc). Again,
                                                      contents of course needs reviewing due to the lack of   efficient communication needs to be done. The
Homely atmosphere of the college, quite a limited     practical knowledge/experience. Personally I feel       answer to this question above is not necessarily due
number of staff meant intimate relationship with      more focus on academic knowledge may improve the        to the university; if only focusing on the university, I
some students.                                        contents.                                               would choose neither agree nor disagree.

A lot of experimental things on the course.           We don't have enough tutorial.

Encourages independent thinking.                      Not enough technical skills taught.                     More technical help made available.

                                                                                                              More tuition, most of the learning I get from the
                                                                                                              course is the people I have been set up with outside
                                                                                                              of course.

General caring atmosphere at the uni. You know the
university cares and there's a fantastic atmosphere                                                         Given us better guidance for graduation and jobs. So
about the place. You learn that tutors can only teach Lack of guidance about what to do after graduation is far the media have told us we're going to be very
so much.                                              proving difficult.                                    much jobless and that's left us in quite a panic.

One to one tutorial collaboration with other          More tutorial time would be needed. More
organization.                                         workshops would be organized.

BA (Hons) Theatre: Set Design for Stage and Screen Wimbledon 10530A4122W461 (10 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                    What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                               improve the final year of your course?
                                                                                                                More tutorials to make sure we are on track.

                                                                                                                Open our studio at the same time as the main
                                                                                                                campus. Not fire staff. Employ our tutors to be in
                                                                                                                college more. Have more facilities and workspaces

                                                         Staff cuts due to poor financial management course
Tutors at UAL are excellent. Library resources are       overcrowding & shared studios. Lack of relevant IT-
university wide and the online catalogue is very         based facilities and training. Small studio spaces.
effective. HUB facility helps students feel they are     Smaller courses largely over-looked. UAL financial
part of a centralised university. Industry trained staff priorities for larger colleges (Saint Martins, LCF).
have first-hand experience. Good opportunities to        Student union representation at Wimbledon is one
find work experience placements.                         member.

                                                                                                                More lectures, I have not had nearly enough for the
                                                                                                                money I pay each year. More workshops are needed
                                                                                                                too especially with computer programs.
                                                       Course Location: The interior space itself is great for
                                                       the course, plenty of room to work in. However being
                                                       located in an outhouse away from the main campus,
                                                       means that the course is isolated from the going's on
                                                       in the main campus. The opening hours of our
                                                       building is also less than that of the main campus,
                                                       putting us at a disadvantage to the rest of the
                                                       university. Computer and Internet access is appalling,
                                                       as we're located off the campus it is quiet some effort
                                                       to go to the computer sweet, the course ha access to
                                                       one computer, which is probably over 10-years old
                                                       and is unable to perform the simplest of tasks such as    Longer opening hours at Russell's. Better Internet and
                                                       just accessing the Internet. The opening times of the     computer access in Russell's. Better supplied library
Visiting lecturers bought in via links with some of my university shop are not long enough, most days the        at Wimbledon. Particularly books and information on
tutors, have managed to get me work experience and place is only open till 1 or 2 making getting afternoon       film and animation, a lot that are already there are
links to the animation industry.                       materials impossible.                                     very out of date.

Ability to be experiment and ambitious with
undertakings, but at the same time not too broad and
open that the course tutors cannot give detailed and                                                             Its teaching of the dissertation module and how it
specific enough assistance to the students. And                                                                  was constructed needs more work in its deliverance
having a team of tutors that work well together and Resources. More industry links/designers coming in           and the overall percentage that the different
are positive about the course and where it is heading. to lecture would improve the course greatly.              elements have on the students overall mark.

                                                                                                              More tutorials and all essential equipment are
                                                       We are nowhere near the libraries, nor do we have a provided within the working studio i.e. a printer,
The tutors are friendly and always helpful.            photocopier nearby, which is essential for our course. working computer and photocopier.
                                                     No opportunities to visit in field of work, not many
                                                     visiting practitioners. Poor building management,         Longer building opening hours, scheduled lectures
Fairly enthusiastic staff, smaller class sizes.      limited facilities for course.                            and timetables.

                                                     So don't that practical skills and practical should not
                                                     influence by your dissertation.

                                                     Incredibly poor university staff (those overseeing the
                                                     whole university/college). Astronomically bad
Great course leader.                                 building management.                                   Better building management. Hire new staff.

BA (Hons) Theatre: Technical Arts and Special Effects Wimbledon 10531A4122W440 (16 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                           improve the final year of your course?

                                                     Lack of contact with tutors one on one.

                                                     They accept to many students in relation to the space
                                                     we have and in relation to the amount staff and this
                                                     creates a situation where students don't get enough
                                                     help from staff or teaching.
                                                         At the moment, there's not enough tutors support, as
                                                         we only have spread one tutor spread over 3 years,
I think the fact the tutors work in the industry as well and he only specialises in one field, so if you want
at each is a positive, as it means they're up to date    with something he doesn't know you have to contact
with the current industry.                               one of the visiting tutors.

                                                                                                                Budgeted for occasional specialist tutor support.

                                                       Though the course is mainly self motivated to find
                                                       and use various materials such as silicones, it would
Learning new technical skills from other members in    be good if there was workshops demonstrating new
the class, brings more support and help when staff     materials based on the course and used in the
are busy or not around.                                industry.

                                                      I still struggle to see why a course such as Tech Arts
                                                      needs to do a dissertation. Who in this industry looks
Our permanent tutors in Tech Arts do an excellent job at a dissertation to determine whether to give them a
of offering advice, tutorials, help and support given job as a moulding technician or costume fabricator.
the amount of students they have to cover. In         On a course where the physical skills and practical
general, Wimbledon technicians, ground staff and      knowledge is so essential, I feel too much emphasis is Provide more space for those wanting to do
tutors are a very good team especially when having to put of the dissertation, taking too much time out of animations. The University could also have not cut a
deal with cost cuts, lack of space and staff cuts.    our making period.                                     lot of the staff especially technicians.
                                                        There is inadequate resources provided to tutors that
                                                        they can give appropriate level of feedback, criticism
                                                        and help, I think the course was over, I think there
                                                        were too many people in my class for the resources
                                                        available and as a result of lack of resources students
                                                        have not been pushed to fulfil the potential that they
Some of the teaching has been superb.                   could otherwise achieve.

My knowledge of materials and processes, I don't        Not enough staff. Not enough intellectual stimulation,
think, could have been advanced from a novice level,    both in academically and creatively, that is the scope
any more than it has been during this period. Due       of possibilities for the final year was never presented
largely to the fact that students were as willing and   to us, and wasn't properly indicated by the projects
helpful in divulging information as the staff.          we had done in the previous years.                      More staff (particularly for technical assistance).

The quality of the teaching the quality of teaching.    More teaching hours.

                                                        We've only had 20 minutes tutorial each per week, it
                                                        seems like quite a lot of money with extras on top for
                                                        materials. We've only had twenty minutes tutorials
Our tutor is incredibly knowledgeable and can help      each per week; it seems like quite a lot of money with
with any problem.                                       extras on top for materials.
                                                     The course desperately needs more funding, we have
                                                     one teacher for 80 students, the support I get from
                                                     that one teacher is very good but for people who
                                                     aren't as confident wont talk to him as much and
                                                     wont get the full potential of the course, we have
                                                     three technicians however one is most needed in our
                                                     department because he is responsible for working
                                                     with the medium I majority of student want to work
                                                     with and he is the grumpiest man I can imagine, I
                                                     think he feel undervalued in his job coz he is a
                                                     technician and not a teacher however in my opinion
                                                     he don't have the capabilities of being a teacher, he is
                                                     very impatient and very grumpy, that aside the
                                                     teacher are being given extra admin work which isn't
                                                     necessary and distracts from the practical element of
                                                     the course, the materials are very expensive, the
                                                     waste materials cost money to dispose of and is all
                                                     left to the technicians and the teachers who honestly
                                                     don't have time to be dealing with that, we
                                                     desperately need more tutors who are confident with
I have one amazing teacher and his very supportive this area of art and would be productive and
and knowledge able enthusiastic and will always have organised and enthusiastic but we don't have that so
time for you if h has it.                            it is difficult for a lot of people.

We learnt quite a lot of materials and processes that
will help me in the industry.                         Studio space was a bit tight.
                                                        Because we're an art course, too many students have
                                                        been taken on for the space given to work.

                                                        Not enough staff or tutors, we have only one person
Excellent teaching from our head teacher.               looking after 90 students, year 1, 2 and 3.

                                                        There wasn't enough tutorial time with the tutors and
The quality of teaching is excellent; the tutors know   at time we didn't have enough access to studios and
exactly what they are talking about.                    workshops.

Learn a lot over 3 years. Gives you a lot of confidence Classes too big. Less teaching time for higher tuition
in ideas.                                               fees.                                                    Give some advice on fundraising for degree show.

BA (hons) Theatre: Costume Design Wimbledon 10532A4122W400 (14 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

Good-sized classes mean you can learn from the          Not enough individual feedback on projects. Need
other students, and also make contacts for after        prompt constructive advice, which can be used to
graduation.                                             develop project and to further it in a positive way.     Had a final structured timetable.

                                                        Not very well communicated.

                                                    I feel I haven't learnt any skills that will help me in the
Helped me learn about my own process as a designer. professional world.                                         More time on professional practice.
                                                         Lack of timetabling presents huge problems no
                                                         consideration is given to the fact that students might
                                                         have part-time jobs or other activities around which
                                                         they have to base their studies. This is an ongoing
                                                         problem which tutors has been made aware of time Given work to do over the summer in order to
Library facilities.                                      after time and has made no effort to consider this.    prepare for the final year.

                                                         The timetable and organization of my course was a
Working with guest tutors is exciting and relevant to    shambles, and it affected the efficiency and
the industry we are preparing to enter. Working with     effectiveness of my work. Increased academic
other courses in the Theatre department was always       stimulation would be welcome. Their inexplicable
refreshing and I learn a lot from my peers, more so      gaps in the range of courses and subjects covered for
than from my official tutors. Even the technicians are   my subject. I think the course, as a whole needs      Organized it so that the workload was more balanced
a more reliable port of call.                            extensive reviewing.                                  throughout the year.

                                                         The lack of facilities in a studio. The whimsical nature
                                                         of the feedback from some of the lecturers. The
                                                         difficulty in accessing services and equipment at
                                                         other campuses. Also the lack of communication and
The use of outside lecturers.                            organisation.

                                                                                                                    Organised timetables better, made the workload
                                                         Not much training or preparation for once I have           even throughout the year and prepare us for
Learned a lot.                                           graduated.                                                 employment in our chosen field.

Just a good course.                                      The IT facilities in relation to the course.
                                                      Doesn't provide us with much training for when were
Given us lots of opportunities to work with people in qualified and going into the working world and some
the field were studying.                              teaching on that would be good.

They have given us good access to external tutors,     The feedbacks not always clear and the timetable not
which means we know more about the industry.           always organised.

Very good tutor support and great range of visiting                                                             More info/guidance with organising the end of year
tutors from the working industry.                      Miscommunication in timetabling.                         degree show/exhibition.

The opportunity to show my work is good.               Organisation--communication with students.

I think all the teachers and guest teachers are
professional and really inspiring and the structures of The student support office is so unhelpful and the
the projects are really good.                           staff are rude.

                                                       The communication the course had was not very
                                                       good on letting us know things in advance, like on the
                                                       timetable they will change things at the last minute.

BA (hons) Theatre: Costume Interpretation Wimbledon 10533A4122W451 (13 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?
The course allows you to develop a good portfolio for
the working environment & teach a wide range of
skills.                                               Very bad support from course tutors.

The visiting tutors are excellent as are the              There is a lack of support; it can feel as though you
technicians. The facilities are great and the structure   have been left alone completely. Communication
of the course is exactly what we need. We are taught      needs improving. It has definitely affected my
a variety of skills, which enables us to make decisions   confidence, I don't feel as confident now as I used to.
about where we want to go after our degrees.              The whole course need tightening up.

                                                          The communication between tutors and students is
                                                          poor and also they say contradictory things between
You'll be able to choose the costumes and the             them, so I think there's a lack of communication
development of skills.                                    between tutors.

                                                          For much of the course I have felt confused &
                                                          timetabling seemed to be haphazard, I don?t feel
                                                          confident in many of the skills I am supposed to have
                                                          learnt. Disappointed by lack of tutor support - often
                                                          can?t find them when supposed to be in
                                                          communication cross course and around different
                                                          sites seems to be non-existent. No one seems to
                                                          know where to send you when help is needed. Not
My head of course has supported me while dealing          enough academic/contextual studies essay writing
with several personal issues & has been very              practice before dissertation. Therefore had forgotten
understanding with me. It is generally clear how we       many important skills by the time expected to write
are going to be assessed.                                 dissertation.
                                                           Sometimes feel that there isn't enough time to
I think the range of skills that we are taught is very     complete all of the tasks. I feel that we need more
good. Outside tutors are very good as they can tell        tutor time especially on projects where we are
you about the industry and what to expect when you         working on things completely new to us and that we
finish.                                                    don't know how make.

                                                      The teaching quality needs to be closer with students
                                                      as I would never get a reply from tutors when e-
                                                      mailed never got enough feedback on work (what
I have learnt a lot and experienced new things, which needs to be improved etc). Definitely felt as though I
has pointed me towards my future career.              was teaching myself throughout whole degree.

The guest tutors bring the course to a much higher
level - they are extremely inspirational and passionate    Paperwork and surveys! My time would be much
about their work and it ?? off can the students - I only   better spent on my actual work and wish that the
wish the college had more funding to bring them in         money spent on producing this ridiculous survey was
an a more regular basis.                                   instead put to good use on my course!

                                                           It would be nice if timetables were given for a new      More tutor time in the first term, for personal
Good feedback, the tutors listen to you and don't          term at the end of the one before, those for the first   support to just work support. Felt thrust in at the
override your opinions; definitely pleased with the        term sent halfway through the summer for students        deep end and getting more tutor time later in the
course and my progress in it.                              to arrange jobs/child care/etc.                          year.
                                                          Favouritism is clear within our specific group. The
                                                          favouring of one individual has diminished confidence
                                                          within the group. I feel the tutor should be careful in
                                                          expressing her opinions. The dean is not interested in
It has taught me to discuss ideas & problems with         any disputes against this tutor because they are
fellow students.                                          'friends'.

                                                          Favouritism is highly common on our course and then
                                                          when questioned why we have low esteem and
                                                          hardly any confidence in our work they find it hard to
                                                          grasp the fact that bum sucking one in particular
The end is in sight. Good outside practitioners           individual is a bit of a kick in the teeth and you lose all
however 2 days for a whole term is poor.                  self hope.                                                  Have more decent tutors.

                                                          Half hour contact time a week with tutor which is
The course is fine.                                       poor, its alright I wouldn't rave about it.

The technical staff are really good, technical support.

                                                          The course need better pattern drafting lessons.
                                                          Communication needs to be worked on between
                                                          teachers then to students.

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting Wimbledon 10534A4122W120 (31 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                          What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                     improve the final year of your course?
                                                        Not that it affected me, but I feel as though the
                                                        change in how the part-time course was run was
My personal tutors have always been particularly        poorly thought through. And as a result, many
helpful and have exceeded their roles and always        promising students felt they had to drop out. I feel as
been available to help with not only university related though they were not treated as an integral part of
issues but personal as well. They have always been      the course and were not given the opportunities and
willing to 'go the extra mile' to help out students.    facilities they should have.

                                                                                                                  I regards to the degree show, they could make it
                                                                                                                  clearer what we have to do, I know they think we
                                                                                                                  should pull together but in reality getting 60 odd
                                                                                                                  people to raise £20,000 and do all the marketing is
                                                        Having to pay so much money and then getting told         crazy, especially when we are the only college that is
There is lots of support you just have to ask.          we have to raise 20K for our degree show!                 part of UAL that has to raise that much.
                                                                                                                     Given more studio space, and also provided storage
                                                                                                                     facilities for work. I would have appreciated the
                                                                                                                     marking criteria being presented in a less abstract
                                                          Studio space is not enough and there isn't anywhere        way. Also, I think its not made clear enough the
                                                          to store work, which is a pain in the third year when      balance between dissertation and studio practice, I
                                                          you are expected to produce a large body of work. It's     think a lot of people misunderstood the weighting
                                                          also very expensive with no materials budget. I wish       and took too much time for it, worried too much. It
                                                          there had been more lectures and general contextual        would be good to have a specifically technical tutorial
                                                          studies as this would help with a more rounded view        scheduled with the painting technician per term, so
The technical facilities are great and the staff really   of the Visual Arts, instead of feeling as though I have    that any issues can be flagged up and advice given
friendly and understanding, and I feel that I have        a very specialist knowledge through my own studio          without it having to be sought otherwise. I think that
enough tutorial time. I liked the environment of          research an extra lecture or two a week would give         more encouragement or advice about life after
working with people, and being able to mix with           the time and resource for this that doesn't always         college would be useful, and also more advice into
different years in the studio.                            seem otherwise available.                                  how to gain contacts in the art world.

We get brilliant tutorial support. They are very
understanding, patient and informative. Everything
we have available to us is new, and good quality and      The library probably needs more contemporary
we get inductions into everything.                        resources and artists.

                                                          The course was advertised to me as a fine art course,
                                                          and I felt that I was restricted and stuck on the wrong
The painting course is very good and is very focused      course I think it's an excellent painting course and not
to the needs of painters.                                 an art course.
Workshops available are really good with quality
technicians in each of there departments really          Not enough interaction between year groups and         Hand in dissertation earlier to allow more time to
friendly and helpful.                                    across the other fine art and other courses.           focus on practical studio work.

                                                         Tutors allocation of tutorials is biased,
                                                         discouragement in all areas of practice by the tutors,
                                                         no direction for how to achieve a better grade as if
                                                         they do not want some people to succeed, library is
                                                         too small.                                             Guidance.

                                                                                                                Overall I believe that the final year has been the most
My knowledge of the art world has been extended                                                                 positive and rewarding. I do think sometimes our
hugely since starting this course and I feel confident                                                          University online system needs a kick start however
about talking to my work with fellow peers, my                                                                  this would make communication within the college
personal mentor and tutors alike.                                                                               even easier.

Interaction between most students and tutors. The
freedom to do what we like for work. The fact the uni
is pretty small you get knows most people make the I could do with more studio space. Perhaps too many
atmosphere good.                                      students on the course.                          Give me more space to make bigger work.

                                                         Generally unorganised. Left at the end of last year
                                                         and still sending me warning letters about the
                                                         attendance. On referral they didn't send the correct
                                                         paper work to the right assessment board. General
                                                         staff weren't friendly. Poor support for external

Dedicated helpful tutors, regular CITs, and regular
tutorials.                                               No studio access at the weekend.                       Assessment feedback.
Extending the way I think about my approach to             A reduction in tutor availability over the years since
subject matter and technique.                              the course started.                                      More space would have been helpful.

                                                           But overall I felt that the course was very
It was a great opportunity to develop my work.             disorganised.

                                                           Not so much on my course, but I know lots of people
                                                           who feel their studio spaces are not sufficient and
Most of the tutors I have been involved with have          also that the organisation of their courses and the
been very knowledgeable, have encouraged me and            ability of the staff to keep them informed has been
given good advice.                                         unsatisfactory.                                     I haven't finished the course yet.

                                                           I find that maybe staff, like tutors, tend to mark
                                                           people on opinions they have prior to the actual
                                                           marking. I think they already decided what they're
                                                           going to mark before marking and so in that way
                                                           showing biased towards which student they think are
                                                           good and which ones they think aren't good without
                                                           taking into account their current work.

Helpful staff, well established course, good facilities.                                                            Offer more tutorials.
                                                                                                          To be given more feedback on the dissertation, some
                                                                                                          tutors read their student's dissertation up to four
                                                                                                          times, others would only read it once. To be given
                                                                                                          tutorials for the dissertation in good time before the
                                                                                                          deadlines. Some students had their tutorials a few
                                                                                                          days before, this doesn't allow the student time to
                                                                                                          make changes. Would also recommend that students
                                                                                                          are to hand in their dissertation draft when coming
                                                                                                          back to the course in October.

                                                                                                          I would prefer not all of the marks to hang on the
                                                                                                          final show. Perhaps a mid term assessment that
                                                     The admin could be better. I would like to have my   counted towards the final grade would help to spread
The course has particularly made me better at public tutorial appointments emailed to me. Missed          things better. 20% dissertation, 30% first assessment,
speaking and articulating my thoughts.               tutorials are such a waste!                          50% final show.

                                                     Studio space consistency of feedback organisation.   Better workspace better organisation.

The teaching support is very good.                   The library charges for overdrawn books.

It's a nice building/area.
                                                      When being explained something, for instance like in
                                                      a lecture, the lecturer tends to explain things with
                                                      long complicated words that many of us students
                                                      don't understand. In other words, they should get to
                                                      the point when trying to articulate what is asked of us
The one to one tutorials are very useful and I have   students to do in order to get a good grade and pass
gained a lot from them.                               the unit.                                               Make it seem less scary!

                                                                                                               Provide more basic materials such as paint for studio
Availability of facilities from outside of my own     Size of year group. Lack of provision of basic materials walls to alleviate the already strained budget of
specific pathway. Good size studio spaces.            such as paint for walls due to budget cuts.              students.

Because of the small size of the college and number
of student, tutors know look after students well.     It is better if we could have tutorials more often.     More frequent tutorials.

                                                      Lack of clear communication, finding out about
                                                      deadlines for things to be submitted 24 hours before
                                                      they are to be submitted. Confusion with Blackboard,
                                                      inconsistency in the documents and information that
                                                      is posted on it. Lack of funding, lack of community
                                                      between the college and the fine art courses. Over
                                                      subscribed; which has severely affected our learning
Relaxed studio environment, good mix of people on     and is seriously affecting our degree show. Lack of
the course. Good technicians and good tutors.         morale amongst the third year.

                                                      Space given for studios could be bigger.
The staff are always supportive and interested. The     Sometimes different feedback from tutors can be          There could be more workshops and inductions
library, workshops are always helpful and               very confusing. Facilities close early and this can be   throughout the year to enable you to learn as much
inspirational.                                          frustrating.                                             as possible.

                                                        There's not much following up with the students, and
                                                        the curriculum is very vague, I don't what I'm marked

                                                                                                                 Give us more chance to know about working
                                                                                                                 opportunity after graduate!

                                                        I feel that I haven't been giving an enough support in
                                                        my subject area.

I have found the tutorials given by tutors as well as
visiting artists very helpful.

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting Wimbledon
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BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture Wimbledon 10535A4122W130 (12 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

Help always there when needed.                          Not a lot of direction given.
I think generally speaking, we have very good and          Although the staff is great, they are stretched to far    The teaching staff is very good, but they are expected
enthusiastic teachers, I like the way the course is laid   with admin etc, and can't give as much time as they       to do too much and miss out on more time with
out, and there is a fair and appropriate system of         need to with students. I think the course was             students. Also I think that the communication
assessing for an art course.                               oversubscribed for the space and facilities.              between departments should be better.

                                                                                                                     Given better support on the written side of the
                                                                                                                     course. This has been something lacking for the entire
Good technical staff and interesting visiting lectures. Lack of support in written criteria in the arts.             three years.

The staff have been very helpful, especially the           Health and safety issues seem over the top in places,
technicians, who have always gone out of their way         but I know these can't be helped. Also, I feel like the   I feel that it is a lot of pressure to have 100 percent of
to help me and provided support. This is where I feel I    tutors are often extremely busy which makes it hard       our final grade riding on this year, and would have
have gained the most and learnt the most while on          to gain help or have discussions unless it is within an   made things a lot less stressful for many of the
the course.                                                allotted tutorial.                                        students if some of the work was spread out.

Everyone gets on well as a term and there is good
communication. The studios are big, the technicians
and tutors are brilliant and helpful.                      The Wimbledon Library isn't that good.
Very good tutors and a lot of tutorials with both
tutors and visiting artists. Very good facilities
accessible if and when needed. Excellent cross uni
library facilities and nearly always able to get the
resources I have needed. Very dedicated and well
organised course management with excellent
communication. Excellent studio facilities and project                                                         More help with writing (dissertation period), although
space access. Excellent audio and visual equipment     Absurd UAL health and safety regulations are starting   very good theory and topic advice I didn't have
access. Excellent technical advice available whenever to affect the way we work and the way we think           enough help with actual English language and writing
needed.                                                about our work.                                         technique and really struggled with writing.

The visiting artist talks have been amazing. And the
support was always there.

Communication on this course improved dramatically
in the 2nd/3rd year. Studio facilities on this course
are very good and technician help is outstanding
compared to other UAL courses. Staff are motivated The library facilities at Wimbledon College are
and teach in an effective manner, which is            insufficient in terms of variety of books and computer
challenging and encouraging.                          access is limited.

I have a really good head of year and the teachers are
really good, and there is a lot of space compared to There's no wifi in our studio and there is everywhere
other UAL.                                             else and the library is unorganised.

Tutorial was useful.                                   I wanted studio opened on Saturday.
                                                                                                            Offer more emergency financial support especially for
We are lucky with space. The technicians are                                                                materials. Most universities have an emergency
invaluable.                                            No Wi-fi in studios!                                 service that will offer funding on the spot.

                                                                                                            There could have been a better schedule for the
                                                                                                            students and a better announcement. We are put
                                                                                                            into a show, writing a dissertation, and a presentation
                                                                                                            one after another in a month. It was a lot of pressure
                                                                                                            in the month of January.

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture Wimbledon
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BA (hons) Fine Art: Print and Digital Media Wimbledon 10536A4122W140 (8 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                  What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                             improve the final year of your course?

Helps to develop your understanding of the outside
world, gather a great insight into new technical                                                            I feel my final year has been the best year so far.
equipment. Development of skills on the computer. The course goes so quickly, and you feel there is         Dissertation was rather stressful as time goes so quick
Develops your communication and presentation skills much more to learn. Maybe a help and support with       but then we have longer time for our practical
and helps with self-management.                     what to do after you finish you degree.                 studies.

Good sense of a group.

The technical workshops.                               Could be more critical practice.
Lecturers and technicians are very helpful. I feel there
is a family spirit among all staff. They are willing and Not enough equipment. Food runs out to quickly in   Spaced out deadlines. Too many deadlines close to
ready to help.                                           canteen.                                            each other.

                                                                                                             Not mess me about when I tried to get back over paid
The tutors and visiting tutors are really good.         The library is a joke.                               tuition fees.

The teaching staff are very helpful and it is easy to
communicate with them.

                                                                                                             Making it clearer to students when workshops will be
I have learnt a lot, and have become more confident     Had problems with some of my tutors, who changed     closed due to illness, meetings, workshops etc. To
in expressing my ideas across to an audience. Also      the way they treated me once they found out about    save future students wasting there time coming in for
was supported by the head of my course.                 one of my disabilities.                              nothing.

The course leaders have been kind and helpful
throughout my whole university experience.                                                                   More contact between student and tutor.

BA (hons) Marketing and Advertising with Media and Cultural Studies LCC Media 10538P9122N500 (19 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                           improve the final year of your course?
                                                      The university is a mess and so is the course. My
                                                      course was disorganised from the start and feedback
                                                      was never prompt. In our final year many of our key       The university could have waited until our year
                                                      lecturers have been made redundant and most have          handed in our dissertations to make certain key
                                                      lost interest in teaching since they know that soon       lecturers redundant. The sudden drastic changes is
                                                      they will be asked to leave too. Therefore I think that   the course did not help at all and because of all the
                                                      our year graduating this 2010 are at a great              confusion most lecturers have lost interest in their
The accomplished professionals who come in to         disadvantage and have had a terrible experience           jobs which in turn affected our learning experience.
speak to us once a week about their careers are the   overall which made studying at LCC a complete waste       Unhappy teachers students who are not taught or
only highlight of the course.                         of time and a battle till the end.                        guided properly.

                                                                                                                Help us more with career choices explain to us how
                                                                                                                does 1st/2.1/2.2 honour works how do you calculate

The course has given the opportunity to gain          The way the course has been managed has caused
knowledge on a variety of subject areas rather than   severe problems and obstacles for students in their       Stop the several redundancies and act on student
just one.                                             bid to get respectable grades.                            feedback on structural and managerial issues.

                                                                                                                To be more organized with timetables, and no
                                                      Very unorganised.                                         redundancies.
                                                            I feel I haven't learnt anything at all. I learnt more at
                                                            nursery. I'm upset because I thought I would leave
                                                            LCC with a large scope of creative skills and feel like a
                                                            creative. I don't! I believe LCC has potential to fly high
                                                            in the ranks, if it focus's on the weaker aspects such
                                                            as to provide more in depth teaching and managing
Nice people. Colourful walls. It's got a pool table. I like the teaching style also considering an arts faculty, the
the media block. ??? (the girl who we give our work in assessments should be more challenging in the sense
2) ??? is a legend he's a good man and makes                we should be more hands on and practical i.e. taking
everyone smile.                                             photos and creating something.                             More organised.

                                                      Overall my experience at LCC has been disappointing.
                                                      As a combined course my class was pushed aside and
??? (head of year since year 3) has been a great help forgotten about. If I had the chance to do it all again I
in organising the course the way it should have been would not choose this university. It moves me to
at the start of year 1. He also teaches my minor      tears thinking about the lack of care shown towards
subject which has always been on point.               my course.                                                Changed our Head of year.

                                                          Was not worth getting into debt to. Lectures
                                                          continuously cancelled and time has not been given        Not have made teachers redundant and then at least
                                                          back, work has been lost, this has been on going          replace them rather than cancelling lectures due to
                                                          throughout the past three years. Extremely                staff shortage. Kept to the timetable give, been more
                                                          disappointed.                                             organised and not lost several pieces of work.

                                                                                                                    Communicated with students fixed timetable issues
                                                          Timetable issues throughout 3 years.                      immediately.

                                                                                                                    Got more teachers!
Only positive aspect of this course is my minor being
Media and Cultural Studies and getting to meet new                                                             Not made redundant useful teachers we now need
people.                                                                                                        the help from but can't.

                                                                                                               Better timetable, more exciting modules, Staff not to
                                                                                                               be resigned.

                                                                                                               Provided tutors to teach the lectures so they weren't
                                                        No communication. Bad timetabling. Poor feedback.      all cancelled. Fired ??? as she is a waste of space as a
                                                        Minimal guidance. Bad location of university feeling   tutor. Not fired ??? as she actually knew what she
                                                        that as a student you are all alone and being ripped   was doing. Provided support in relation to managing
Meeting new people.                                     off by the uni.                                        the final projects and what to do after graduation.

                                                                                                               Very stressful due to no lectures for one module and
                                                        Timetable issues. Teaching staff do not turn up to     only one member of staff running that unit. ???
                                                        lectures/seminars and do not inform students via       should have been fired in year 1. She is a terrible
                                                        Blackboard or web mail. Members of staff who teach teacher, unhelpful; she doesn't grade work fairly and
                                                        well were fired and ones who aren't very good were spends the majority of seminar/lecture time
                                                        kept. Assignments are not updated. Seminar content complaining to students about personal problems
                                                        is not recent events and no learning activities are    affecting her. You should have kept ??? as she helped
                                                        really performed, mostly just read off the sheet work. students achieve targets.
                                                      Bad communication! Bad timetable (lectures being
                                                      cancelled and students not being made aware of it
                                                      happening)! Weren't given proper explanation!
                                                      Choices on our final project weren't briefed on it!
                                                      Lectures are not motivated to teach us! Feel that I
                                                      have not learnt a great deal! I feel cheated out of my
                                                      money, as I am not receiving the education I deserve!
                                                      redundancies of staff affecting our education!         Everything! Give us a proper timetable/lectures,
                                                      Management at the university is not good.              better quality, experienced and motivated staff.

Media and Cultural Studies Minor ??? is a very good   Timetabling issues, unsupportive staff, no advertising
lecturer and is always available to give help and     modules on an Marketing and advertising course.        Been better organised, not made crucial staff
support.                                              Lack of qualified lecturers.                           redundant during term time.

                                                                                                              Tutors and supervisors should have been more
                                                       The organisation of the course is very poor, classes   present to help students deal with the course
                                                       are often cancelled without notifications, the         changes and the assignments that they had to
                                                       timetable is a joke and tutors don't help or support   complete. The management should have improved
Some classes, notably the minor Media & Cultural       students with their difficulties. Feedback takes too   on their communication with students. More classes
Studies were interesting, relevant and well organised. long to come back and is not detailed enough. The      and individual guidance would have helped us feel
Certain tutors are enthusiastic and helpful.           students need more guidance with the assignments.      more confident in our work.
                                                       Terrible lack of enthusiasm from teachers, often
                                                       teachers not showing up to lectures without notice.
                                                       Five pieces of my personal work went missing and      Teachers could have taught more lectures, many
                                                       found the following year. No fun. Not educated        have been cancelled. Supervisors should be in charge
                                                       enough to pass my final year with good grade. Very    of helping students but not marking work as each
Very few.                                              disappointed with LCC Overall.                        relationship can affect grade positively or negatively.

                                                                                                             No course cuts, no timetable cuts, no jobs made
                                                       No creativity included. Design programmes such as     redundant. I have no lecturers for 2 of my subjects
                                                       Photoshop, Illustrator, flash or coral draw should me my dissertation supervisor is not specialised on my
                                                       compulsory!                                           topic.

                                                       Disorganise timetable. Change of teachers or no
                                                       teachers because of redundancy. No proper
                                                       explanation on choices for final project. Slow IT
                                                       service in library. Only 3rd year result is counted   Better explanation on the final project choices that
Individual tutor for counselling.                      towards final result for which class of honours.      was available to us.

BA (Hons) Magazine Publishing LCC Media 10540P6122J500 (10 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                   What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                              improve the final year of your course?

                                                       The teachers don't really communicate with each
                                                      The library should be open more hours (24). The
The university I went to has a good name, everyone    organisation of my course is very bad. We don't get
knows the university.                                 much help when trying to get work experience.

Better knowledge of magazine industry.                Not enough practical experience.                       Less assignments, more focus on dissertation.

                                                                                                             Better supervision from dissertation supervising
                                                                                                             tutors, and better communication between the tutors
                                                                                                             on the course.

                                                      The course is extremely disorganised. Assignments
                                                      are given out late and changed several times after
                                                      being issued, sometimes as close to a week before
                                                      they are due. There is no communication between
                                                      staff and at times I feel some members of staff have
                                                      behaved quite unprofessionally.

                                                      Lack of communication.

Variety of subjects was actually quite good because   Some of the staff does not live up to the standards;
there was, loads of aspects covered on the course.    they basically don't know what they are doing.

The work experience and the contacts.                 Lack of communication.

                                                      It's disorganised and the course was kind of out of
Insight in media.                                     date.
                                                                                                            Provided us with a tutor that actually teaches us
                                                                                                            something! This problem was not sorted out until the
                                                                                                            second term. Hand out assignments with ample time
                                                                                                            to complete them just putting them in a handbook at
                                                                                                            the beginning of the year is not really good enough.

FdA Display Design LCC Design 20104P9112N500 (4
comments found)
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FdA FDT (Designer Pattern Cutter) LCF DT 20105F2112W230 (22 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                  What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                             improve the final year of your course?
                                                         I was and still am surprised that some of our tutors
                                                         are very unenthusiastic and dull when teaching, it
                                                         really puts you off. I feel a lot of them for our design
                                                         classes especially, do not have much of a plan for the
                                                         lesson they offer feedback once you show your work,
                                                         but they don't seem to explain properly or clearly
                                                         what it is they expect and how we go about doing and
                                                         creating the work also examples and teaching
                                                         strategy would be nice. They prefer us to learn from
                                                         mistakes but we would prefer to make less mistakes
                                                         in order to learn. I have bought many books outside
                                                         learning which have been so much more helpful, just
                                                         by flicking and browsing through one or two. Tutors
                                                         have to balance their time between classes but the
                                                         timetable is all over the place regarding times and
I think the university I attend is a very good one and I days, results in your working and sleeping patterns
am very happy with it, the learning resources, course being the same. Very hard to motivate yourself with
subjects and classes.                                    out routine!

I think the lectures on the course have been good.      The course is very disorganised.

The help that we have on hand in pattern cutting
sessions.                                               That we need more space to work in.

                                                        Organisation and lack of teaching time.
                                                       Tutors don't care about what you do as long as you
Study supports have been really good.                  hand it in on time.

                                                      Contacting staff via e-mails does not always help, as
                                                      sometimes they do not get back to you about your
The facilities are very good and you have technicians problem. With my particular course, I believe we do
in the area at all times.                             not have enough lesson time.

                                                       Unenthusiastic help some teachers don't want to be

Self-teaching autonomy in work professional skills     Not enough classes unorganised teachers                Give us more classes and better inform teachers to
acquired.                                              requirements not always clear enough.                  guide us through.

                                                       You would like more help in assignments.

Teaching is really good especially because we are
good a specialist course. Staff are really supportive, if
you have problems you go and see them and they try Open access on our machines there are never ever
and help as best they can.                                enough space.

                                                                                                              More equipment and space for self-work.

Most of the teachers are very helpful, and there is
good resource I if need outside teaching time.         It's organisation of timetables and rooms.
                                                       Stick to the state because what they're teaching you
                                                       and sometimes the course description is misleading.

                                                        My course bares little relation to its title. I signed up
                                                        for a course which would give me in depth technical
                                                        knowledge. During the interview process I was
                                                        specific in my questions relating to the course, they
                                                        were all answered in a way that led me to believe the
                                                        course would be filled with technical training. This has
                                                        not been the case. In truth I have one day a week
                                                        studying the subject I signed up for the rest of the
                                                        week I attend lectures and study things that have
                                                        little or no direct relation to my chosen subject. I
                                                        completed a two year BTECH before attending, and I
                                                        gained such a wealth of knowledge during that time
Had a great tutor for my technical lessons in the first that what I have learnt on my course pales in
year, unfortunately he is now retired.                  comparison.                                               Focused more lesson time on the chosen subject.

                                                      It's not very clear what your actually aiming for on the
                                                      mark criteria, it changes from tutor to tutor, so the
Outside of the immediate subject, the library and the marks are very inconsistent from tutors, the tutors
study support. So I'm dyslexic and they've been       don't communicate with one another. I'm forever
incredibly helpful.                                   being told to design more plain garments.

                                                       Could use more space in the university to work.
I become more of a social person, making friends. I
was able to travel around London.                      Stress of deadlines.

I'm learning how to work in groups with group

                                                       Only one day of practice, which was not useful at all,
                                                       25 students, only one tutor, she has no time to help
                                                       to everybody and we spent hours just waiting.
                                                       Seriously, for the money I paid I expected more
                                                       practice, more help and more attention from
                                                       teachers! After one year I feel I learn absolutely
Access to library resources.                           nothing!

                                                                                                                To develop my design ideas and fashion sense.

                                                                                                                Provided appropriate classes at suitable times i.e.:
                                                                                                                beginning of term/course.

                                                                                                                Give us more feedback and comments on improving
                                                                                                                our skills and details about the industry.

FdA Fashion Marketing and Promotion LCF M&S 20106F3112N500 (24 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?
                                                       I think that the timetable and the amount of hours
                                                       that they have given us is not really acceptable for us
                                                       paying fees and with the move to Holborn I feel like
                                                       they have been really disorganised with organising
                                                       class for students and students have been left doing
                                                       nothing for 2 or 3 weeks.

The course is very interesting and the resources are   The timetables aren't very good and the university as
good.                                                  a whole is disorganised.

Most tutors made classes interesting with detailed &
visual information & notes. The careers department Class schedules could be better arranged. University
was very useful to students for finding job          lead programs/extra curricular activities could be
opportunities & exposure to work placements.         better informed & involved.

                                                       It's disorganised. It's not challenging at all. We are not
                                                       getting our money's worth.

                                                       The disorganization of the course. The lack of
                                                       communication between the staff and pupils and the
                                                       hours. It's a full-time course but I only do a couple of
Location, the resources.                               hours a week.

                                                       It is really disorganised.

                                                       Not enough teaching time, Not enough social
                                                       activities within the campus, any campus feels so            More teaching hours, More trips and social events,
                                                       everyone has found it hard to make friends.                  smaller classes.
                                                    Really disorganised not collaboration between tutors
Some of the tutors have reputable backgrounds they or students seems like a free for all and they real
have had good work experience pre-hand to teaching. don't care as you as a student.

                                                                                                                  Arranged an overseas trip to coincide with the
Staff.                                                                                                            studies.

Because it is a well-known fashion business school,        I think that the tutors don't spend enough time with
although the course is not satisfying it still gives you a the students and they don't follow through with the
step ahead in the fashion industry.                        commitments.
                                                        We only have 6 hours timetabled a week in the
                                                        university because it's a full time course, we should
                                                        be in uni more than 6 hours a week. And also
                                                        personally when I hand in a bit of work when I get my
                                                        feedback, its not like talk to us. Maybe we should
                                                        have tutorials after assignments have given back to
                                                        us, so we can have individual tutorial so we can get
                                                        some feedback on how we need to improve and
                                                        where we went wrong. We are moving and they have
                                                        given us 3 weeks off to make the move, and its not
                                                        necessary to have that much time as we have
                                                        coursework due in next week. So we haven't received
                                                        the full support that we would have if we were in
                                                        university. The main problem is we are in university 6
                                                        hours a week and it effects motivation. My class have
When we go to interviews its obvious it's a well-       spoken about this we feel like we are paying for the
recognised university.                                  name, as it is a renowned university.

It's good to see different people's ideas from around The explaining of different subjects isn't very clear.
the world.                                            We're expected to do a lot without much help.

                                                      Poor time management, not enough lectures, and not
Helps in terms of industry, good for making contacts. enough general support, not very university-like.
                                                         I thought a full-time course had more student staff
                                                         contact time. Last term we had less than 3 hours. If
                                                         the course had been a full-time course, it could have More staff and student contact with lectures and
The staff love what they are teaching.                   been completed in half the time.                      seminars.

                                                         It takes too long for a study support appointment.
                                                         Sometimes takes up to 3 weeks.

                                                         We do not have enough classes and it seems as if it is
                                                         a part-time course (being one class twice a week) and
                                                         not a full time course.                                Increase class time.

                                                         The structure is not clear and the quality of tutor is
The course of the school, there are a lot of sources I   not good and the course did not follow the timetable
can use.                                                 as given to us and there is little classes at all.

                                                         The curriculum, I need more classes to support my
                                                         study, I think the teachers should be clear when they
It's fine.                                               explain the subject.

                                                                                                                  Improve the structure of the course, and give clear
                                                         Course structure, not balanced very well. Future         guidance on issues like timetables, campuses. Career
Content of course, teaching facilities.                  study advises not very helpful.                          or further education advises.
                                                         We have 2 classes a week and our tutor says we'll
                                                         have online classes but we're paying thousands of
                                                         pounds a year and not really getting taught so we
The Prosperity in my year is good.                       think its unfair because I am an international student.

                                                         Overall dissatisfying.

                                                         I'm international student, I pay 3 more times than
                                                         home students, and I think it's not worth the money
                                                         at all.

                                                         Although my school gets a lot of student fees from
                                                         international students there was no sufficient class,
                                                         just twice a week. Also, recently my school building is
                                                         moving to Holborn and we have a reading week then.
                                                         We have 2 more weeks for but it changed also to on
                                                         the tutorial that we just ask something by e-mail. I
                                                         cannot understand why they planned like that. I think
                                                         they should have moved school building in Easter
                                                         holiday. Also, our tutor was not helpful for our
I just liked our school's IT resources. It was helpful   course. They just wanted us to research and
when I needed to find for my assignment.                 understand ourselves not teaching and helping us.

                                                         Paid a lot for tuition fees haven't got much, lost a lot
                                                         of teaching time due to a move, expect more from
                                                         the teachers.
FdA Marketing and Promotion (Online) LCF M& S
20106F3912N500 (5 comments found)
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FdSc Beauty Therapy and Health Studies LCF M&S 20108F3112B900 (23 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                    What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                               improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                               I think there should be short projects outside of the
                                                                                                               curriculum that are optional to be a part of that are
                                                                                                               geared to help you upon graduating. Like fund raisers
                                                       We should have been taught Hollywood and Brazilian etc. that we do treatments in for extra practice or
                                                       waxing. I don't feel as though I learnt anything at all where we meet contacts from all areas of the beauty
The science lessons are fantastic. ??? is an           from our manicure and pedicure lessons in the first     industry not just if you want to be a therapist upon
exceptional teacher.                                   year.                                                   graduating.

                                                                                                              Offer clear organisation of the course and timetable.
                                                                                                              Also sort out a permanent lecturer for one particular
                                                       Course is often poorly organised and assessment        subject area so that all students can be clear on what
Industry coming in and using professional products.    criteria isn't always clearly delivered.               they are actually supposed to be doing!

Different companies have come into the college to      Expected more machines and products for students
treat us treatments.                                   to use during lessons.

                                                       The timetable can be a bit difficult with the large time
Great support and motivation from the tutors.          gaps between 2 lectures (4,5 hours).                     Not much for an improvement.
Everything's been really good and I've had no

                                                        At times certain staff members have been unreliable
                                                        for lessons and assessments, sometimes changes in
The technical staff are always helpful, there are       the timetables are notified last minute, the
sufficient resources i.e. products for me to practise   timetables do not always help students and large
with. I am happy with my development through out        gaps are left between lessons which staff are not
this course.                                            helpful in resolving.                               More organisations in additional courses.

Learning all the different massage techniques. Being
able to use and be trained in such well-known brands
as Guinot, Decleor, Elemis and Dermalogica. Having The science could be made more fun instead just
the people from industry personally come into the uni reading of PowerPoint, which we could just do from
to train us.                                          home.

                                                        Cosmetic enhancements wasn't exactly happy with
                                                        the what needs to be expected, and the running of
                                                        the sessions feel as I'm repeating subjects which I     Ensure timetable is fair and consistent, not learning
                                                        have already undergone don't feel I am reaching my      treatment that has been taught within the first year,
Being able to work to the best of my ability learning   full potentially in going back to subjects am already   being able to bring the two classes together in
the new body treatments.                                qualified in.                                           teamwork.

                                                        On a Monday a 4-1/2 hr break in between the 2
                                                        lessons of the day, even though the second lesson
                                                        teacher does not mind us attending 1st session, but
Library, IT rooms always available to use.              the course director has a problem.
                                                                                                                 Make sure everyone can attend every lesson, stop
                                                     Bad course timetable, missed important meetings             presuming, and check all students' electives before
                                                     because if this, course director has an attitude of 'as     making a timetable that clashes. Make sure all tutors
                                                     long as most of the people can attend' doesn't care         are well qualified and good at their job. Stop
Using various professional products a couple of good about those that can't. Some poorly qualified staff         rescheduling and pushing back classes, the students
tutors.                                              and staff that don't even want to teach there.              lose out in the long run.

Training is really good.                               The facilities available and products wasn't that good.

                                                       Teaches marked grades differently and awarded
                                                       them differently. Things aren't covered enough in
                                                       depth. There is a lot like surface scratching. The
                                                       teaching and learning can be unstructured and
Industry, the various aspects that covered a lot of    inconsistent within or between tutors. Open access IT
topics and brands. Cultural and Historical studies.    resources not 24 hours. Not enough resources in the
Elective. Salon practise and work placements.          library or e-journals specific to the subjects.
Learning journal and reflective logs were good.        Timetable can be disorganised, the Blackboard isn't
Academic essays and presentations.                     utilised in terms of date and time changes.

                                                  The one main computer room is too small, only                  There is nothing the university could have done
I liked the fact there was support offered when   selected amount of students can use while others               differently to improve this final year as I have
needed, made me enjoy learning and so appreciated have to wait. Other computer rooms are always                  received the maximum amount of support when it
the subject more as I received help.              packed with students for their lessons.                        was needed.

Training Staff support.                                I expected more of an academic course.                    Subjects covered in more depth over a longer period.
The extensive training I have received from different
product houses has made me feel great about going                                                                I have found this last year brilliant I don't think there
into industry.                                                                                                   is anything that I could change.

                                                        Could be more organised.

Course content and events organized throughout the
year, excellent members of staff and tutors. Industry

                                                        There are not a lot of students activities going on,
Good outside industry contacts.                         social activities that you know about.

                                                         We would like more placement opportunities and
                                                         hours throughout the course. I think we could do with
                                                         more resources in the library concerning our subject
The teachers are really helpful; we get a lot of time to areas. Sometimes the timetables are widely spread
practise on our skills.                                  out so we might have a long gap in-between lessons.

                                                        Organisation of the course, timetable and
Improve on skills, knowledge and gaining a              communicating changes needs to be more effective         More in depth of explaining potential jobs after
qualification to get my future jobs.                    and made more clearly and in advance.                    completing the course.

The course helps students have a more detailed          The course still needs to be more organised, as do       Communication between lecturers and students to be
aspect of their future choices within the industry.     examinations.                                            correct.
Positive is that we working on very good brands and
have electives as well.

This course is quite realistic and has professional
aspects to learn. It will help me access to industry
confidently in the future.                             Limited equipment to learn.

FdA FDT (Surface Textiles) LCF DT 20109F2112W230 (7 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

                                                       I hope there are more classes; I want my tutor to care
Satisfied with my course.                              more.

                                                       That there, was no support from tutors it was a
The fact that it was in Central London and that it had rushed environment. It felt like we were there just for
good contacts to the industry.                         our money.

                                                       The tutors are not very clear when they are delivering
                                                       their tutorials to the international students, and they
                                                       are not very organised in terms of our rotor,
                                                       especially during the first year.

                                                       I think the communication with the students is very

All the resources available there are plenty available. Maybe have more day's timetables during the week.
                                                       The facilities are available, its hard to use the facilities
                                                       because everyone is trying to use them all the time,
                                                       so maybe they need more, and also assessment: It's
                                                       done by one teacher, and there are different tutors,
                                                       and the all look for different things, so I could see two
                                                       different teachers and get two different grades, its
The facilities, which are available, are good.         also done too quickly.

                                                       More hours or more days with an actual teacher but
                                                       not technicians. Priority with things like deadlines. A
                                                       day of a subject. More time with a design tutor. If
                                                       things are being cancelled or a room change like in
                                                       the morning then text it. One thing at a time.

Fda Fashion Design Technology (Knitwear) LCF DT
20110F2112W230 (4 comments found)
Safeguard notice: data not available due to too few
FdA Cordwainers Accessory Design LCF DT
20111F2112W230 (4 comments found)
Safeguard notice: data not available due to too few
FdA FDT (Cordwainers Footwear) LCF DT 20112F2112W240 (10 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                            What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                       improve the final year of your course?
                                                        The communication between the staff and the pupils.

                                                        Considering the amount of money we pay, there is a
One or two of our teachers are so enthusiastic!         definite lack of resources and organisation!

It is good to be independent. I think we have quite
few things to study in my course, but this means we
need to do self-study. So I would say that the course
gives chances to be independent to us. What we get
from the course depends on what we do by ourselves
rather than what we are taught in school.             Unorganised timetable. It has changed many times.

There are always tutors around to help you.             There are a lot of class cancellations.

                                                          However I do not enjoy the lack of organization and
The content of the course is as I chose to study and I communication and love for the subject from the
thoroughly enjoy it for that reason and the skills that I University as a whole. It wasn't completely what I
have actually acquired and being in London.               expected but I guess not many things in life are, right. Not have us do a group project.

                                                   Cancelled lesson, or tutors not arriving to lessons
Problems have been solved, so each term there have because of wrong dates on timetables etc. As a class,
been improvements. The course is running much      we went to the Dean because these problems
smoother than the first year!                      happened frequently over two terms.
                                                                                                                Have a more structured timetable for example not to
                                                                                                                have all the design classes in the beginning.

                                                    The course is too unorganised and not enough staff
My tutors are really experienced and knowledgeable. to help.

                                                       Some area's the tutor don't explain things are often
                                                       unavailable and do not communicate changes or
Some of the tutor goes above and beyond to help &      information which hinder your ability to learn what is
teach you as well as encourage you & these are the     need, which is a major contrast to the tutors in the
area's that have improved the most.                    others areas of my course.

The technical help.                                    The academic help.

FdA Hair and Make Up for Fashion LCF M&C 20116F4112W290 (13 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?

Get a lot of outside lecturers, which is good.         Don't really get enough hours or taught enough.

                                                       For general day-to-day communication seems to be
The college and course has given me more               very unorganised most of the time! Regarding
independence and confidence.                           timetable changes and lecture/lesson cancellations.
                                                         The running of the course is unorganised (timetable
                                                         changes etc). There is constantly contradictions in
                                                         what we are being told to do. There is no help or      Provide more open access facilities and allow us to be
                                                         guidance for what you want to do after the course is   able to book out photography studios. To provide us
                                                         finished or if you do not want to continue on with     with more work experience opportunities and
                                                         bridging. It's a lot of money for 2 days awake of      connections and to give us guidance about what to do
                                                         teaching.                                              after the course.

                                                         To be more organised a lot of the classes that we
I enjoyed it and I learnt what I needed to learn.        were said to be given we didn't have them.

                                                    Some tutors have a very negative vibe and is very
                                                    disappointing when you pay so much money for a
                                                    course to get someone who has no drive or passion
Great experience. Interesting course. Encouragement for teaching. Teaching isn't something that can be
from tutor.                                         taught it has to come from the heart.

                                                                                                                It would have been more convenient if students were
                                                                                                                able to bring there own photographers to the
                                                                                                                assessed studio photo shoots, as I am not satisfied
                                                                                                                with the quality of photography taken by the college
I have great teachers. I am very pleased to have                                                                technician. Also makeup students should have easier
enrolled for my course. Enjoying my learning                                                                    access to borrow lighting equipment for their shoots
experience here and will be applying for a third year.                                                          from the college.

                                                         Feedback days have changed at short notice
                                                         therefore has been missed meaning haven't got
Interesting subjects covered in both lectures &          grades/feedback for months. Not enough timetabled
practical classes.                                       learning/teaching/classes.
                                                       Sometimes its not really organised for timetables for
                                                       students. Cancellation of classes at short notice.

                                                                                                               Have provided more information about timetables
                                                                                                               and what the structure of the lessons will be about.
                                                       Failure to communicate to students when lectures        Staff are not always sure about what is going to
Good opportunities for work experience.                may be cancelled.                                       happen with lesson times.

I really enjoy it.                                     The facilities are great.

The change of course name after starting the course.
When I joined it was 'specialist make up design for
fashion and editorial' now it is 'fashion make-up'
which sounds a lot more like a FE course and is not a
true reflection of the content. Do not want to.       Graduate with the new name!

                                                       The timetable has been really chaotic, and disrupted
My teachers have been friendly and really good.        my educational purposes.

                                                       If I have good attendance and a good mark but if I go
                                                       for advice I can't graduate.

FdA Fashion Styling and Photography LCF M&C 20117F4112W640 (11 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                     What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                improve the final year of your course?
The resources are really good.                                I don't think it represents the workplace that well.

Facilities are amazing however, I wish more things            Expectations for dissertation are too high which is
were available to other courses such as seeing                discouraging to students who are constantly pushing
machines printing clothing etc.                               to improve but no ?? has been made.

                                                              Not enough specialist equipment and facilities
                                                              available for the number of student (although the
                                                              equipment is of good standards). Specialist
                                                              equipment and facilities closed during the weekend
                                                              and from 4pm on Mondays and Fridays. Learning
                                                              zone changed location a week before due date of
                                                              term assignment and facilities were not matched in
                                                              new location, which was a problem to finish
                                                              assignment on time. It was a very bad moment to do
                                                              such a move and not well organized. Thinking about
                                                              saving money rather than students needs.

Teachers give us a lot from their own experience,                                                                    I am not on final year yet, but I think all I need is more
which is very important. In a real life it's hard to find a                                                          practice with tutors support to go along and more
person like that! I really appreciate.                                                                               pushing!

                                                              Sometimes we don't have enough time with our
The course is well structured.                                tutors.
                                                                                                                   More conversations about life after the course, there
                                                                                                                   should be a system that allows you to go & change
                                                                                                                   courses or do credits so you can change courses if
The teachers on the 2nd year are less daunting.           I think what I'm learning in the 2nd year would have     you realize what your currently studying is not what
Learning a lot more this year than in my first year.      been more valuable in the 1st year.                      you want a career in!

                                                          I feel that the course is pretty disorganised, and the
                                                          curriculum is kind of repetitive.

                                                          Mainly emailing tutors often don't get a reply. In the
Technical equipment is good.                              library there's not enough books near deadlines.

Everything is good.

                                                          I think the curriculum of my course was not quite
                                                          good for my study. Sometimes, I have felt that I         I hope the university does not do this kind of survey, I
Study with various countries students is a really great   wasted my time and my money. I had to study myself       like to chose an answer from the options. If they
opportunity. I can understand other counties cultures     rather than my teacher taught me. Sometime the           really wanted to know what national students want
and it helps me to understand and use it for my study     teachers missed something, which are very important      from university, they should find out different ways
about fashion. Moreover I have good teachers who          factors for students to know. It made me think why I     to get the opinions from student then they could
helped me when I need them. I have improved my            am at school and what I learn from them. Moreover,       change any thing students really want. It seems a
study skill as self and independent study. It has made    some teachers are very responsible to students, but      form of survey which to show students that we are
me to learn more through books, Internet, and other       some teachers seem to be irresponsible to students.      doing something for you students without any
stuffs.                                                   It is quite a shame.                                     change.

I feel get more open mind than before and I have
improve my communication skill.
FdA Digital Media Design LCC Design 20119P6112J500 (14 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                       What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                  improve the final year of your course?

                                                                                                                 To give a more breakdown list of topics which should
                                                                                                                 be achieved at the beginning of each term and
                                                                                                                 subject, and a more clear direction on how this can
Use of software and access to the library.             No feedback on assignments.                               be achieved.

Its gives the opportunity to practice your different
skills doing varied projects.                          There is poor teaching.

Working with the teachers who explain and work in
the assessment.

                                                       This course is sometimes disorganised and also it
This is an interesting course with the fact that it    doesn't have enough on video production, it's more
includes web design and video production. It gives     web design which is why I wish I had done FDA media
two careers to go into.                                practice or film and video Phillipa.                More organisations and more help with the work.

                                                       The teaching from some of the teachers is very poor
                                                       and indifferent even thought they seem to be really
                                                       good at what they do in the industry field, they don't
Great subjects and over the entire program is very     seem to have the teaching skills expected for this kind
good.                                                  of course.
                                                                                                                    More relevant subjects, more teaching hours.

                                                          The course is supposed to be a design-based subject
                                                          but has ended up being too technical and I don't feel I
                                                          understand enough at the final stages of the course
                                                          to attempt applying for real jobs in my subject area.
                                                          The fees went up, but our loans and grants went
                                                          down. I can't really afford to concentrate solely on
                                                          the course as my biggest problems are financial. I
                                                          have been nothing but stressed since joining this
                                                          course. I feel that university life is only catered to
The course is just 2 days a week, allowing time for       those with family providing financial support. This     Make the fees smaller and the loans and grants
employment, if you can find it. The college itself is a   alienates the working classes who do not have family larger. Offer combined courses for those unsure of
nice place to hang out.                                   support.                                                the subject choices.

                                                          Use of the printing facility and it was flooded at
                                                          Christmas and wasn't able to do as much as the
                                                          student required for the project, and wasn't given a
                                                          start date of when the facility was available.

                                                                                                                    Not yet in final year.

                                                          No organization, some teachers know about the
                                                          subject but can't teach it. Lot of time wasted. I don't   Teaching more software skills, preparing you for a
Some communication skills have improved more.             feel after this course I'll be able to get a job.         real job.

                                                                                                                    More lessons. After school lessons, more PHP and out
                                                                                                                    of uni things, trips!
                                                       Not enough helps from the tutors. Most of the time I
                                                       got frustrated, as I couldn't find anyone to ask. Also I
                                                       didn't like to ask some tutors as they were either
                                                       arrogant or didn't have the technical knowledge or
Cope to deal with pressure/stress.                     not answering properly to my questions.

                                                       Lack of structure, teacher's general knowledge and
                                                       teaching abilities. Lack of material to accomplish the
The course made me more creative.                      tasks that been given.                                     A higher quality of classmates and teachers.

The fact that the teachers liked what they were
doing, they were teaching the right subjects, they are
enthusiastic about what they were doing.               The organisation was a bit weak.

FdA Print Media Management LCC Media
20120P6112J520 (7 comments found)
Safeguard notice: data not available due to too few
FdA Surface Design LCC Design 20123P6112W200 (16 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                        What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                   improve the final year of your course?
I am graduating this year but I feel that my course
leader has been such an influence over my life and
has given me constructive criticism and boosted my
confidence. I feel now that I am ready for the big                                                              I asked Student Services for help in Essay writing and
wide world!                                                                                                     they never got back to me.

                                                       I think that too much money is involved we have to
                                                       pay for too much stuff, which it quite annoying at
                                                       sometimes. I think that rooms facilities at sometimes,
Its a good course, it's quite practical, you learn     we should be able to use our facilities in our room at
techniques.                                            all times.

                                                                                                                More studio time to work on practical projects.

Everybody is very helpful and want us to improve.
The program is very good and I'm very happy to do it.                                                           I would like to have access to the studios in the Easter
The teachers are always there to help.                Is too short. I would like to have one more year.         break, and in the summer.

                                                       Be good to know the timetable further ahead.

                                                       My final major project exhibition is shafted on the 3rd
                                                       floor, a long way from the main door and a tiring trip
                                                       also. Also we are sharing with 1 yrs photography
                                                       class, which I'm not insulting them but it's insulting to
The course has been very enlightening and              us because academically our degree is worth more. Not to have our Final Major Project exhibition in the
challenging my design aspects.                         Shame this has been forced upon us.                       main hall and a long away.

                                                                                                                Library could consider closing later or even 24 hour.
                                                                                                                More qualified tutors support.

Encouraged by staff to take your ideas as far as
possible.                                             Not enough studio time.

                                                      They are trying to tear of the course I am doing
                                                      without officially saying they are slowly cutting it
It's been good. Help develop me as a designer.        down they are trying to cut opportunities down.

                                                      I found that good designs were not necessarily            Told me clearly about what options I have when
                                                      relevant to good marks, the course was very practical     looking to study after finishing the course, without
                                                      and process based which is helpful but can be             necessarily doing the 3rd year top up for my FDA
A majority of the tutors are enthusiastic and I       disheartening when you want to make a design that is      course. I was shocked to find out the UCAS deadline
genuinely like them as people as well as find them    beautiful. I also experienced an unfair tutor for on of   had passed without anyone mentioning to us, and
informative if I need technical information and       the classes, although I did complain and it was           that we have no funding for anything other then the
sometimes with design feedback.                       treated fairly.                                           BA top up.

                                                     The organisation is terrible. The communication of
Resources are good. Access to the resources are good the organisation - they don't tell you about deadlines
as well.                                             etc. They're not very efficient.

                                                      General teaching hours, and studio hours are too
                                                      short, not enough access to after hour's facilities,
                                                      sometimes you don't really feel like you are getting
                                                      your moneys worth.
                                                                                                                Information could be provided much more clearly,
Have learnt many skills and enjoyed it very much.      Some favouritism.                                        especially regarding assessments.

                                                       Our course is apparently going to close in a short
                                                       amount of time.

                                                                                                                The cost for buying in extra materials has been far too
                                                       Not happy about the way things are changing, feel        high for what you had budgeted. Tutors need to warn
Broad and diverse range of subjects, teachers who      that this college is edging towards becoming a           students about the extra costs we would incur in our
are passionate about the subject area.                 graphic design college.                                  final year.

FdA Journalism LCC Media 20124P5112P500 (13 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                      What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                 improve the final year of your course?

Staff have treated us equally and as much as they

                                                       Tutors, dismissive. Unhelpful. Overly critical, often
                                                       have to go to lecturer superiors to address issues and
Students, some tutors encouraging.                     are then criticised by lecturers.
                                                       The 3rd year BA top up. We were told you needed to
                                                       obtain a C grade in contextual studies to even be
                                                       considered, yet those who had failed contextual
                                                       studies were given interviews whilst those who had
                                                       gotten C's did not. When questioned, a teacher said it
                                                       was based on over all performance. So the
                                                       requirements had changed without notifying the
                                                       students. However this is being said, the students
                                                       who had failed contextual studies had also failed
                                                       other parts of the course. Previous students have
                                                       admitted to only getting on the third year because
Working on the Arts London Newspaper was an            the teacher in question 'liked' them, even though
enjoyable and worthwhile experience, which really      there were students who would have been better and
helped students to get a feel of a real newsroom and worked harder. It's sad to say that after two years at
adhering to strict deadlines. I do think students      Arts London, students' are being chosen due to
should have been given the opportunity to work in      favouritism doesn't come as a shock at all. Also for a
more roles though as training wasn't too difficult and communication college, the lack of communication       I think they could have given different people more
this would enable students to work on different        between students, the colleges and the tutors is       opportunities to work in the more desired roles on
aspects of the paper.                                  appalling.                                             the newspaper.

Made me realise that this is not a career I would like   Course is disorganised, not varied enough and       Have more variation in the course and more structure
to follow.                                               incompetent.                                        to the timetable.
                                                          Staff argue with each other and some have become
                                                          too personal in their actions and marking when
                                                          dealing with students. The timetable is not thought
The practical journalism side in year one is brilliant as out well. Sufficient grammar support was not
you try court and council reporting which was a           available when I needed at as I had lessons when the
brilliant experience.                                     classes were on.

                                                                                                                  More organisations, better teaching staff.

It does encourage you if you're interests lie out of Admin and sometimes lack off communication
conventional journalism field they do encourage you between different dept. of same course can make it
to pursue those options.                             slightly difficult sometimes.

The teachers have been helpful and I've been giving      I don't think the course has been as challenging or
learning support, which was also helpful.                educational as I had hoped.

My confidence has gone right up since I started. A lot
more skilled in journalism because we have good          I think for people that haven't got much confidence
teachers course is set out in a realistic environment    it's a bit full on for example; we have to stand up in
its good they make us go out into the industry as its    assembly and we shouldn't have to do that if we
given me a lot of confidence.                            don't feel comfortable.
                                                        I have not developed my writing as much as I would
                                                        have hoped. I would like to understand the subtitle
                                                        differences between certain publications. Technicians
Teachers and lecturers have great experience that       for IT and equipment have been largely unfriendly
they pass on. Assignments and courses are               and difficult to work with. Elective: The oral
challenging and interesting. Live experience of a       presentation was totally disappointing. I learned
newsroom has been excellent preparation for a           nothing from it and it has made me more anxious
journalism career.                                      about presenting.

                                                    The redundancies and the budget cuts have caused a
                                                    lot of pressure around the university and among the
Some of the tutors were enthusiastic, the equipment staff as a whole. It's caused a negative vibe around
available was good and sufficient.                  the college.

                                                        It was really badly organised.

                                                        The only negative I would have is that to get a first -
                                                        the percentage you need to get a first is way to high
                                                        and no other uni's in the country has such a high
The most positive aspects of the course are that it has marking criteria - its just way to high and gives you
been taught by people that have worked within the unnecessary pressure and you get a bit of resentment
industry and they have good contacts. These are         towards the end of your course because you realize
people who are very highly knowledge.                   that actually I have worked really hard.

FdA Interior Design LCC Design 20128P4112W250 (27 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                        What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                   improve the final year of your course?
                                              School has limited staff for student who needs help
                                              with their works. Most of students have been
                                              experimented the difficulty to book one of a few
Library is the best facility in the school.   spaces.                                               Be organized.

                                              Lack of communication between lectures, staff,
Improvements on skills.                       departments and students.                             Communication between staff and students.

                                              The way the tutors address some of the situations
                                              and problems that arise within the course and the     Improving communication between staff and
Learning new skills.                          lack of communication between staff and students.     students.
                                                         There are too many negative aspects I will name a
                                                         few. The amount we have to pay for the course,
                                                         surely we should be taught better, as staff are over
                                                         worked and do not have the time to help individual
                                                         students if they are struggling, especially when it
                                                         concerns CAD lessons. Teachers turning up late to
                                                         lessons. The organisation of the uni is terrible making
                                                         it an undesirable place to attend. I feel we are being
                                                         used as experimented, for the teaching methods we
                                                         are not learning enough to be able to leave uni with
                                                         enough knowledge skills to work in the field that we      Give a better explanation of what we need to do in
Positive aspects are that the course involves work       have studied for, this makes me wonder, is uni worth      projects to achieve a better grade. More help and
experience in the required field, this is the most       the hassle. It can be said that some staff can be         advice in lessons, as everything in class is rushed, as
useful part of the course. Also presentations have       flippant towards students, this needs to change, as I     the teachers do not have enough time to help as they
helped built my confidence, this is a good factor as I   would not work in that environment and I do not wish      are under so much pressure, more staff may improve
will need these skills for finding work.                 to study in it. People skills springs to mind.            this problem.

                                                                                                                   Unfortunately majority of us found the last project
                                                         It appears there are times when information is not        irrelevant and less motivating than previous projects,
                                                         communicated properly between staff & staff and           this was not helped by the length of time that was
Teaching staff are friendly and easy to talk to.         staff & pupils.                                           spent on it.

                                                         The design course has been nothing but waste of
                                                         time. I have been learning everything at home by
                                                         myself. The course has not been updated for many
                                                         years now. Teaching techniques are out of date and
                                                         useless. I do not feel prepared to face employment at
Theory.                                                  all.                                                  Start listening to students and potential employers.
                                                          The course has not been plan ahead and it has           Plan the year carefully and looking at student's future
                                                          affected grades and learning outcomes. In addition to   and prospective careers. Create a portfolio that make
                                                          a waist of time for students. Unfair and not constant   us stand out, choosing relevant design projects that
Tutors are very nice in general, nice people.             grading. Not happy overall.                             will help us find a job.

                                                          Just the lack of being able to contact our co-

The university is great, the library and technical help   There is one tutor for the whole course, the
is wonderful.                                             workshop I am not getting enough computer work.

                                                          Not learning anything from teachers directly as they
                                                          do not hold lectures and don't have time for personal
                                                          help. Finding books and teach myself. Can't place my
                                                          qualification in context for future work etc, feel
                                                          confused and no one to talk to. Teachers don't
                                                          communicate with each other and give
                                                          different/wrong information to students. Very
                                                          unorganised, not happy. Feel like I am being treated
                                                          like a child and patronised. No constructive feedback,
                                                          just empty words and they never remember your          Be more involved, I do not get any help. Hardly see
                                                          work or feel even slightly involved in you!            teachers!
                                                      I do not understand why I need to visit university
                                                      everyday if I don't have any lectures. We don't learn
                                                      anything in university. If we have some lectures then
                                                      it is very simple with some pictures from Google
                                                      (images) but I can find all this at Pome. I would like to
                                                      have at least basic lectures. I don't like to waste my
                                                      time without reason.

                                                                                                                  Have a clear program, focus more on the interior
                                                                                                                  design aspect of the project rather than the
                                                                                                                  architectural, have more lessons of Vectorworks (so
                                                                                                                  far we've only had 2 since the course started) more
                                                                                                                  support from the teachers and guidance.

I like what I am learning.                            The tutors are not very helpful.

                                                                                                                  Organise it better.

Individual and group tutorials, update with student in More organisations needed and early notice for
the work.                                              students.

                                                      I do not believe the amount of money we pay is
                                                      worth what we are being taught. Limited teaching,
                                                      limited practical work preparing for after. Very
                                                      unorganised. Poor all round.
As an international student and paying such an
absurd amount of money was expecting more effort
either from college/staff helping the internationals
and I'm sure there are many more who would agree
with me.                                               More guidance and understanding from the staff.

From my course I expected to get skills, which will
help me to find job after studies. Unfortunately, after
3 years I am not prepared for working as a skilled
interior designer. Computer skills are poor not
enough lessons in computer room, not enough
teachers, one of them was not prepared to teach, as
she could not help us resolving many of the problems.
I expected to have proper rendering and hand
drawing course to learn, how to do good presentation
of the ideas, but nothing like that happened. Our
class is left alone with the project we have almost no
technical guidelines. It is like: here you have project
for this term, go and design whatever. Yes, we do
have tutorials, but we get no advice and guide. It
seems to be ok, but after marking it turn out that a lot
of things is done wrong. I would like to know it
before! Honestly, I feel like I wasted my time and
money. Interior Design at LCC is just one, huge
disaster.                                                Change attitude to teaching and organising course.
                                                         The teachers could try a bit harder and personal
                                                         interest in some students who have asked for help.

                                                         Staff are not attentive bad organisation of the course
                                                         no interest about the subject that is transmitted to

I feel that over the past two and half years I have
learnt a lot as a result of going to university. Mostly to
do with myself and what I can achieve if I work hard, I
feel that is very important. Staff have always been        The university is very disorganised at times and just
friendly and helpful, generally the teaching quality is to get a simple task done can take forever. Also
good.                                                      finding staff when you need help can be difficult.

                                                         The structure of the course should be planned well in
                                                         advance and not when you are within the course.

                                                         The Design subject (main subject for interior design):
                                                         the lessons have no planed structure at all; they do
                                                         not teach us nothing important or relevant to the
                                                         course; we have to find everything we need by
                                                         ourselves in the books; most of the time we are left
The VC & T classes. They taught me how to use            alone in the class and teacher go to her office or for a
critical thinking. It was stimulating and I widen my     coffee; grades and feedbacks often do not match the
cultural knowledge.                                      related project; projects are superficially revised.
                                                           Organisation discipline (tutors and students).
                                                           Information fees classrooms (extremely run down,
                                                           freezing in winter, boiling in summer, broken          Teach more interesting and relevant elements that
                                                           windows, graffiti in classrooms, not enough chairs for prepares one for working life. More tutors would be
Big resources with Fife Sister Colleges (library, IT etc). all, etc).                                             crucial! More support is needed.

                                                         The teachers were very difficult to track down, almost
The only positive I have to say is that the course has   no feedback. Definitely no constructive feedback.
forced me to get out and look for a placement, if it     Very limited access to professional software limited
wouldn't be for that job, I wouldn't have learnt         teaching on professional subjects (software technical
everything.                                              drawing, language). Management was very poor.

                                                         Staff lack of organisation and inability to pass
                                                         information down to us. And being forced to attend
                                                         university like school children just to be sat at the
                                                         studio listening to lectures that have obviously been    Employ better staff. And provide industry
                                                         prepared the night before with information I can         professionals to give lectures more often. Stop
                                                         easily find on Google. Lack of industry professional's   forcing us to attend and waste our time when staff
The integration of VCT with studio projects.             lectures.                                                are not teaching us anything we didn't already know.
                                                       I am in LCC doing FDA interior design, my personal
                                                       opinion is that the college is very badly organized,
                                                       bad communication- student tutor; they are not
                                                       professional at all. No theory class, no teaching at all.
                                                       First year I didn't learn anything at all. Only in 1 year   College tutors are not professionals, is like they are
                                                       we had 1 term CAD lessons, one day per week so that         experimenting with us, they should have all year
                                                       makes it like 10 lessons, not enough to gain                prepared ahead, and give it to us at the beginning of
                                                       professional skills. I am very disappointed with the        the course, so we can plan it. More CAD lessons.
                                                       college and the way they managed the course. I have         More drawing lessons. Photoshop's lessons, showing
                                                       regretted to have chosen this college.                      us other year's projects.

FdA Marketing and Advertising LCC Media
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FdA Hair and Make Up for Film and TV LCF M&C
20131F4112W290 (6 comments found)
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FdA Design for Graphic Communication LCC Design 20133P4112W210 (51 comments found)
Looking back on the experience, are there any particularly positive or negative aspects you would like to
highlight?                                                                                                         What could the University have done differently to
Positive                                               Negative                                                    improve the final year of your course?

Its very diverse, students get to learn different areas There are no tutorials on how to use some software's,
of design, in VCT you get to learn historical aspects of if we had those it would make people more confident
designing, the tutors are friendly.                      on the course; we need more of a fixed timetable.
The structure of the course and the length of time we
have for each project reflecting how it is in a work                                                                 Make more information available about different
based environment.                                    Not getting enough one to one tutorial time.                   forms of progression.

                                                         Staff have too much on their plate and are not able to
Working with professionals and people outside            help or have time to go in-depth with one to one
working in industry. Staff have good contacts. Enjoy     personal tutorials. Would like to talk to tutor on a one Help me mature in my career prospects and make
studying in the college with other creative courses.     to one basis.                                            contacts.

                                                         The running of the course some bits were a bit
                                                         confusing, at the beginning it was worse but has got

                                                         It wasn't particularly as difficult as I thought it would
The teachers are really into the subject.                be.

Working with a lot of talented people (peers, tutors
and industry people), and learning more about the
industry I want to work in, in a practical sense.
Developing all aspects of myself as a designer           Feeling like there is not always time to talk to tutors
theoretical, my skills and abilities and confidence in   for long when I need to, although they do try! (They
my self).                                                are busy people).                                           Guaranteed me a job when I leave.

                                                         The briefs were far to constraining and not
The general facilities available are really good.        experimental enough.

The freedom to experiment is very good and the           The first year was not challenging enough. It was like
teachers know their stuff.                               play school.
The tutors have tried to make each workshop lesson       Not enough space in studios to work during lesson
fun and enjoyable.                                       time sometimes.

                                                         Poor communication, poor organisation skills.

The course is great, the tutors are friendly but also
very honest when it comes to feedback and it has         Sometimes-extra activities over lap with our other
been a brilliant experience.                             projects.                                               Nothing, It has been great.

                                                                                                                Longer opening hours for the printing room, not
                                                                                                                closing it for an hour for lunch and longer opening
                                                        It is difficult to use screen-printing for some reason. hours for the Learning Resources. Especially not
Relaxed but professional, great to do live projects and Some people down there are not always helpful with stopping the printers earlier than the place itself.
be in contact with designers.                           less experienced students. They can be very snappy. Have late night openings.

Within the course, there are opportunities available                                                             The courses could work with designers to produce a
to students who prefer to work within the creative    Sometimes, the briefings are as clear as they are          brief that a designer has set, like a 'live project',
industry. Also we get to work with designers from the structured out to be. The workload from workshop           therefore providing opportunities for students to get
industry.                                             and projects can be hectic.                                into the creative industry.

                                                         Poor organisation and not enough tutors for the
Good facilities, computer facilities.                    number of students.

Broad range of subjects to study.                                                                                Not too sure, I'm happy with the course structure.

I really enjoyed the course; they provide us with lots   Sometimes quite a few things run at once it's hard to
of different workshops, activities and help.             get to different.
                                                        There are not enough days on the course for the
The teachers are friendly and helpful.                  amount we're paying for.                                 Have a trip.

                                                                                                                 Given me help on what do after the course. Have
                                                                                                                 more Studio time. It would be really great if we could
Good communication tutors are helpful good choice                                                                come and work in the studio independently but with
of interesting workshops lots of opportunities to use   Sometimes feedback can be a little general more          tutors around to help! Like actual allocated time, the
other facility and meet people from industry.           advice with options for third year.                      library is always packed!

                                                        More organised structures of the actual lessons.

                                                        I believe the projects could have been more realistic
                                                        to the projects that would be done in the design

                                                        Lots of time wasted on listening to people rather than
Good equipment.                                         learning hands on or in an interesting way.

The practical studies. I've learnt a lot in a short
amount of time from the course.                         Only work two days a week.

Variety of subjects available in workshops is good.                                                              More links with people and places outside the
Something for everyone.                                 Sometimes content is repeated.                           university.

                                                                                                                 Maybe looked in detail about graduation schemes
                                                                                                                 those are available to us after we graduate.
Lots of resources in LCC, great place to learn different
processes. Teaching is great too, they email promptly I do not like the idea of mixing classes with 1st and
and always happy to help.                                2nd years. It has been disruptive.                    Not mix the classes with 1st years.

The resource that they had was really beneficial.

                                                                                                               Given more workshops in particular departments to
                                                       Tutors could have been more approachable.               facilitate accessibility, especially in the photography
                                                       Workshops could have been more intellectually           department. Given more opportunity to collaborate
                                                       stimulating.                                            with other departments.

                                                       Sometimes work has not been explained properly and
Really good facilities.                                neither is the feedback.

                                                       Shortage of staff and not enough one on one interest
Taught from start to finish how to conduct a           too many people on the course and not enough
professional work ethos.                               tutors.

                                                       The library is never open when