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					CAMPUS                              LOAN MATERIALS                                  CONDITIONS AND SERVICES

Port Lincoln                        For Loan                Home          Host      Conditions                              Services
joint use                           Books                28 days       28 days      20 items per client                     Will fax journal articles – according
                                     TAFE only          28 days for   Negotiated                                           to copyright regulations.
                                                         students      lending
                                                                                                                            Photocopier available B&W only –
Contact:                            Videos, CDs, DVDs                               Public videos, CDs and DVDs avail for   25c/page
Sandra Harman-Smith                  Public             7 days        7 days       borrowing
                                     TAFE               7 days        7 days                CDs 4/person                   Printing from Internet and word
Phone: 8688 3618                                                                             DVDs 4/person                  processing 25c/page
                                                                                    TAFE videos, CDs & DVDs for staff and
Email:                              Periodicals - all    7 days        7 days       students only – need to request as      Internet access free                                                   held in closed collection.
                                                                                                                            Library Orientations and Research
                                    Local History        In library    In library
                                                                                                                            assistance available.
                                                                                                                            Help with assignments.
                                    Class Sets           Up to 3       In library
                                                                                                                            Housebound service provided.
Collection strengths                AV equipment –       3 days        In library
                                                                                    Specific Internet Conditions:           Online databases available:
                                    restricted to TAFE
Aquaculture,                                                                        To access the internet residents must    ANZ Reference Centre
                                    staff: student use
Women’s Education,                  negotiated                                      join the library.                        Australian Standards
Community services,                 through lecturer.                               Visitor status is available for the      Oxford Reference
Information technology                                                              travelling public.                       The Joanna Briggs Institute
                                    Computer access                                 Access to the IT Suite is1 hr/day per    Gale Health Reference academic
                                                         Available     Available    person, incl. Sundays.
                                     Word               Available     Available                                             Gale health & Wellness
                                       processing                                                                           *These databases are password
                                     Internet                                                                              protected – see the librarian.
CAMPUS                                               LOAN MATERIALS                                          CONDITIONS AND SERVICES

Port Pirie                            For Loan                 Home        Host                    Conditions                               Services
                                      Books                  4 wks       4 wks       All students are required to bring in   Photocopier
                                      Videos/DVDs            1 wk        1 wk        their student ID card when accessing    A4 B&W single sided 10c
                                      Periodicals            4 wks       4 wks       computers, borrowing resources          A4 Colour single sided 80c
                                                                                     Maximum 10 items available at           A3 B & W single sided 20c
Contact                               Computer software      4 wks       4 wks
                                                                                     anyone time to Home and Host            A3 Colour single sided $1.20

Name: Pam Menadue                                                                    students
                                                                                                                             Computers - TAFE students only
Phone: 8638 4246

                                                                                     Home & Host students can use on         Video & DVD player available in
                                                                                     campus. with prior arrangement          library
Email:   AV equipment           On Campus In Library
                                                                                     from lecturer
                                                                                                                             Library orientations available
                                                             On campus   On campus
Generic library                       Standards                                                                              Research assistance available
                                                                                                                             ILL service – available for students
                                                                                     All computers to be booked at
                                                                                                                             according to LEARN ILL policy
                                                                                     circulation desk before use.
                                      Computer Access        Available   Available   Specific Internet Conditions
Collection strengths                    - Microsoft Office                                                                   Access to electronic databases:
                                                                                     All currently enrolled TAFE SA
                                        - Internet           Available   Available   students need a username and            ANZ Reference Centre
Automotive,                             - MYOB on some                                                                       Oxford reference Online
                                                                                     password generated by ICT.
Business,                             PC’s                                                                                   Joanna Briggs
Nursing,                                                                                                                     Australian Standards Online,
Children’s Services,                                                                                                         Gale Health Reference Academic,
Management                                                                                                                   Gale health & Wellness

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