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									                                  THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA IN HUNTSVILLE
                                           School of Graduate Studies
                                 NOTIFICATION OF ORAL EXAMINATION/DEFENSE

TO:             (type name here)                                             Committee Chair
                (type name here if applicable)                               Advisor (if different from above)
                (type name here)
                (type name here)
                (type name here)
                (type name here)
                                                                             Graduate School Observer
FROM:           Dean, School of Graduate Studies

This is to advise you of the                                      Masters (Thesis) Defense
                                                                  Masters (Non-Thesis) Final Examination
                                                                  DNP Qualifying Examination
                                                                  DNP Final Project Defense
                                                                  Ph.D. Qualifying Examination
                                                                  Ph.D. Dissertation Defense

of (name) (type name here)                                                              SID #
Date:                            Time:                     Place (Bldg. & Room No.):

Thesis/Dissertation Title, if applicable:

For dissertation: plans for submission to refereed publication:

                                                       Ph.D. Advisor
This examination is the                  first       second attempt by the student.

Committee Chair:              (type name here)                    Date

Advisor [if different from above]:           (type name here)     Date

Department Chair:             (type name here)                    Date

Dean, Graduate Studies:       (type name here)                    Date
                           This form must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies
                                   TWO WEEKS BEFORE EXAMINATION DATE
                                   Department distributes all copies after approval
Distribution:   Observer
Committee   Sep-04

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