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					                        Student Nurses’ Community

                                                                                        NURSING CARE PLAN – Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
 ASSESSMENT              DIAGNOSIS            INFERENCE             PLANNING            INTERVENTION               RATIONALE           EVALUATION
SUBJECTIVE:             Acute pain. May     The exact cause      After 4 hours of    Independent                                      After 4 hours of
                        be related to       of benign            nursing              Assess pain, noting      Provides             nursing
“Kadalsan               mucosal             prostatic            interventions, the     location, intensity      information to aid   interventions, the
masakit ang             irritation such     hyperplasia is       patient will report    (scale of 0 to 10).      in determining       patient was able
pagihi ko” (I'm         as bladder          unknown.             pain relieved or       Characteristics and      choice and           to report pain
constantly having       distention, renal   Because BPH          controlled, appear     duration.                effectiveness of     relieved or
painful urination) as   colic, urinary      development is       relaxed, and be                                 interventions.       controlled, appear
verbalized by the       infection and       almost universal     able to sleep and  Tape drainage tube         Prevents             relaxed, and be
patient.                radiation           in older men.        rest appropriately.    to thigh and             accidental           able to sleep and
                        therapy.            When the                                    catheter to the          dislodging of        rest appropriately.
                                            prostate gland                              abdomen, if traction     catheter with
                                            enlarges, it                                not required.            attendant urethral
OBJECTIVE:                                  extends upward,                                                      trauma.
                                            into the bladder,                          Provide comfort         Promotes
   Reports of                              and inward,                                 measures, such as        relaxation,
    pain                                    narrowing the                               backrub, helping         refocuses
   Narrowed                                prostatic urethral                          patient assume           attention, and
    focus                                   channel. This                               position of comfort.     may enhance
   Altered                                 obstructs urine                             Suggest use of           coping abilities.
    muscle tone                             outflow by                                  relaxation and
   Distraction                             encroaching on                              deep-breathing
    behaviors                               the bladder                                 exercises and
                                            opening. In                                 diversional
   V/S taken as                            response to this                            activities.
    follows                                 outlet resistance,                         Encourage use of        Promotes muscle
                                            the bladder is                              sitz baths and           relaxation.
    T: 37.0˚C                               affected in                                 warm soaks to
    P: 79                                   several ways                                perineum.
    R: 18                                   which may
    BP: 110/ 80                             become                                  Collaborative
                                            which causes                               Insert catheter and     Draining bladder
                                            urgency and may                             attach straight          reduces bladder
                                            develop cellules                            drainage, as             tension and
                                            and diverticula.                            indicated.               irritability.
                                                                                       Administer              Given to relieve
Student Nurses’ Community

                                medications, as      severe pain;
                                indicated, for       provide physical
                                example opioids.     and mental
                               Administer          Reduces bacteria
                                antibacterial as     present in urinary
                                indicated.           tract and those
                                                     introduced by
                                                     drainage system.
                               Administer          Relieves bladder
                                antispasmodics       irritability.
                                and bladder
                                sedatives as

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