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					                    QlikView Server Check List

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 Installing and configuring QlikView Server on a Windows Machine
                                       Verified   Comments
 Windows Server 2003                              Fully patched is recommended but not
 Local Administrative rights                      Required
 ASP.NET v2.0.x                                   Required for version 8.x; not necessary for
                                                  version 7.x unless publisher is being installed
                                                  as well (not covered in this check-list).
 IIS installed (if not using QvHTTP               Must be installed before QlikView Server is
 Server)                                          installed for automatic installation and
                                                  configuration of sample web pages.

                                                  Backup C:\Program Files
                                                  \QlikView\Server\HttpServer\config.xml file
                                                  before updating the QVS if QV Http Server
                                                  was used before. It might be overwritten when
                                                  QVS is updated.
 Web site available from network (if              Verify that the (empty) web site is accessible
 using IIS)                                       from client computers before starting the
                                                  QlikView Server installation

QlikView Server
Author: BMW, MHR
Last updated: October 13, 2011
                                     QlikView Server Check List

 IIS configuration (if not using QvHTTP Server)*
                                         Verified    Comments
 Enable Active Server Pages (ASP)                    Required
 Web Site configured for                             Java clients and ZFP requires Integrated
 Anonymous Access or Integrated                      Windows Authentication if used together
 Windows Authentication                              with User CAL’s. See reference manual for
                                                     more info.

                                                     Note: QlikView Server Management Console
                                                     requires Integrated Windows
                                                     Authentication on virtual folders QvAjaxZfc
                                                     and QvsManagement.

                                                     Note: Settings on Default web site are
                                                     inherited to subfolders. If other web sites are
                                                     configured, either create a new web site for
                                                     the QlikView subfolders, or change the
                                                     settings for all QlikView web sites individually
                                                     after QVS server installation.
 Enable Parent Path on Default                       Make sure Enable Parent Path is checked on
 Website in IIS                                      the Default Website in IIS. Default Website ->
                                                     Properties -> Home Directory ->
                                                     Configuration… -> Options.

* If QlikView Server 32-bit is to be installed on a Windows Server 2003 x64, special attention
must be taken when configuring IIS.

IIS will, by default, run in 64-bit mode on a Windows Server 2003 x64. Only 64-bit Web Service
extensions (like HTTP Tunneling Web Service extension) will be accessible in this mode. If
QlikView Server 32-bit is to be installed on a Windows Server 2003 x64, IIS must be configured to
run in 32-bit mode. For more information see

Note: Do not set the IIS to run in 32-bit mode if you plan to install QlikView Server x64

QlikView Server                                Page 2                                       10/13/2011
                                      QlikView Server Check List

 QlikView Server Installation
                                         Verified    Comments
 Select Complete (Install all                        Example web pages for IIS are not installed
 features checked) or Custom                         by default in previous versions (Typical
 installation (Install all features                  installation.)
                                                             If Custom installation is selected
                                                              make sure that Examples – Example
                                                              web pages is configured to be
                                                              installed on local hard drive.
                                                             If HTTP Tunneling Web Service
                                                              extension is required (IIS only) check
                                                              that Server and Control panel –
                                                              Tunneling is configured to be
                                                              installed on local hard drive (optional).
 Enter License information                           Entering License information in the installation
                                                     process is optional only in previous versions).
                                                     Can be done when configuring the server.
                                                     See “Manual registration”.
 Verify creation of IIS virtual                      Verify that the following virtual directories
 directories (if running IIS)                        have been created on the web site (IIS):

                                                     /QvZfp (Version 7.x)
                                                     /QvAjaxZfc (Version 8.x – Integrated
                                                     Windows Authentication set)
                                                     /QvsManagement (Version 8.x – Integrated
                                                     Windows Authentication set)

QlikView Server                                Page 3                                       10/13/2011
                                   QlikView Server Check List

 QlikView Server configuration (QVS Control Panel)
                                      Verified    Comments
 Install Service / Start Service                  If License information was entered in the
                                                  installation procedure (not possible in 8.5) the
                                                  service can be installed and started (requires
                                                  Internet access).

                                                  If the service won’t start, do a manual
                                                  registration in the next step.
 Manual registration (must be                     The QlikView Server service needs to be
 performed in 8.5)                                registered manually if no Internet connection
                                                  is available.

                                                          Install the service and enter the
                                                           registration information. In QlikView
                                                           Server 8.5 open QlikView Server
                                                           Management Console and press
                                                          Press License and verify that the
                                                           correct LEF-information is available. If
                                                           not, copy-paste the LEF-information
                                                           received from QlikTech. Make sure
                                                           the serial number in the LEF-file
                                                           matches the registered license.
                                                          Press Start to start the service.
                                                          In case of updates from QVS v7.5 to
                                                           8.x, move LEF.txt from Program
                                                           Files\QlikView folder to
                                                           C:\Documents and
 Verify service status                            Verify that the QlikView Server service started
                                                  and is configured to start automatically after

QlikView Server                             Page 4                                      10/13/2011
                                    QlikView Server Check List

 IIS Post Install Configuration
 The following are optional, but recommended configurations that could be performed on the IIS
 after the installation of QlikView Server. This can be done at any time, and does not need to be
 performed at this stage.
                                        Verified   Comments
 Secure web site using Integrated                  It is recommended to secure the site on the
 Windows authentication                            top level (Default Website). Java and ZFP
                                                   requires Integrated Windows
                                                   Authentication if used with User CAL’s.

                                                   Note: QlikView Server Management Console
                                                   requires Integrated Windows
                                                   Authentication on both qvAjaxZfc and
                                                   QvsManagement directory.
 Configure HTTP Tunneling Web                      Communication between QlikView Server and
 Service extension                                 QlikView clients (except ZFP) requires TCP
                                                   port 4747 to be open in both ends. HTTP
                                                   tunneling makes it possible to use the HTTP
                                                   protocol (port 80) through firewalls/proxies
                                                   instead of opening 4747. Note that tunneling
                                                   will have impact on performance!

                                                          Create a new virtual directory on the
                                                          Name the directory scripts and locate
                                                           the qvstunnel.dll file.
                                                          Make sure permissions on the virtual
                                                           directory are set to both Read and
                                                          Add qvstunnel.dll as a web service
                                                           extension on the web server and
                                                           enable the extension (IIS Control
                                                           Panel -> Web Service Extensions ->
                                                           Add a new Web service extension).

QlikView Server                              Page 5                                     10/13/2011
                                        QlikView Server Check List

 Verify QlikView Server Installation
                                           Verified    Comments

 Install client software (plug-in, QV                  Install any QlikView client on a remote
 Analyzer, Professional, Enterprise)                   machine and use File - Open in Server to
                                                       connect to QlikView Server. If running plug-in
                                                       use qvp://servername in the address-field in
                                                       your browser.
 Connect to server                                     Make sure TCP port 4747 is open on the client
                                                       for outbound traffic. If connection fails, try
                                                       using a telnet session on 4747 to verify
                                                       connection (from command prompt – telnet
                                                       servername/FQDN 4747). If port 4747 is
                                                       closed on either client or server, configure the
                                                       HTTP Tunneling Web Server extensions (if
                                                       using IIS) to enable HTTP tunneling.
 Connection established                                If connection is established but no documents
                                                       are found (or access is denied) check
                                                       permissions on the QV documents on the
                                                       server. Try using Alternative ID in Open in
                                                       Server dialog, and enter a valid NT-name
                                                       when prompted.

QlikView Server                                  Page 6                                     10/13/2011
                                      QlikView Server Check List

 Verify IIS Configuration
                                         Verified    Comments
 QlikView Server web site available                  Check that QlikView Server web site is
                                                     accessible from client
 Links for QV clients working                        Verify that the links for clients are working.
                                                     Java and ZFP clients require Integrated
                                                     Windows Authentication for User CAL’s
 Verify HTTP Tunneling Web Service                   Verify the HTTP Tunneling Web Service
 extension                                           extension (if installed) by typing the following
                                                     URL in your browser:

                                                     A response should be sent back indicating if
                                                     the Web Service extension is configured
 Verify QVS Management web                           Verify that the management web pages are
 pages                                               working:

                                                     NOTE: If you run into security issues when
                                                     hitting the page, you may need to go to My
                                                     Computer -> Manage -> Local Users and
                                                     Groups -> Groups and add users who should
                                                     be able to access the management web
                                                     pages manually to the Qlikview Administrators
                                                     group This may require a restart of the QVS

QlikView Server                                Page 7                                       10/13/2011
                                     QlikView Server Check List

Customize Configuration
After the standard installation has been verified the configuration can be customized to support
your environment. The example QlikView documents will be replaced with production documents,
performance settings can be fine tuned and so on. This should never be done before the
standard installation is verified and functioning properly!

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