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					                                         Funding Opportunities for PhD Nursing Students

There are several opportunities to fund your research during your doctoral program. Listed below are 3 major categories of funding
opportunities (training/fellowships, dissertation awards, small grants). When seriously considering any of these opportunities, please
discuss with your major advisor and the Office of Research to help make decisions based on your individual needs, area of research, and
other factors.

Note: For information on student loans, scholarships, and financial aid, please contact the College of Nursing Office of Student Affairs.

Type                Grant Application                                     Brief Description                  Considerations         Due Date
Pre-doctoral        NIH – NRSA (F31)                                      -Individual pre-doctoral           -Requires a            April 8
fellowship/      fellowship can be submitted        mentor(s) who are      Aug 8
training            11-117.html                                           after beginning the doctoral       NIH funded             Dec 8
                                                                          program.                           researchers and
                    NIH – Diversity NRSA (F31)                            Provides 60% of tuition/fees       have a history of
                    For minority students                                 (up to $16,000/yr.), health        mentoring doctoral
                 insurance.                         students.
                    11-112.html                                           $21,000+ stipend per year          -Requires that you
                                                                          -Very prestigious award            are a full-time
                                                                          -1-5 years of funding              student, devoting
                                                                          -Contact Dr. Andrews if            at least 40
                                                                          considering                        hours/week to
                                                                                                             your training
                                                                                                             employment is
                                                                                                             -Proposal from
                                                                                                             submission to
                                                                                                             award can take up
                                                                                                             to 9 to 12 months
                                                                                                             -Often has to be
                                                                                                             submitted twice
                                                                                                             for funding (if you
                                                                                                             are already at the
                                                                                                             dissertation stage,
                                                                                                             this is not the best
Type           Grant Application                                 Brief Description                Considerations       Due Date
Pre-doctoral   BAGNAC                                            -Geriatric nursing research      -Full time student
fellowship/   -$50,000/yr. for 2 years         -Allows only part-
training       plications.asp                                    ($100,000 total)                 time employment
                                                                 -Covers tuition, fees, travel,   (< 50%)
                                                                 stipend                          -Mentor
                                                                 -Contact Dr. Amella if

Pre-doctoral   SAMSAH                                      Focus on minority                      -Full time student   Mar 1
fellowship/ investigators pursuing                 -Covers tuition,
training       ships.aspx                                  research on substance                  fees
                                                           abuse/mental health                    -3-5 years
                                                           -Contact Dr. Andrews if

Pre-doctoral   American Cancer Society                           -Focus on cancer                 See website          Oct 15
fellowship      -$30,000 over 2 years for
               amsFunding/doctoral-degree-scholarships-in-       tuition

                                                                                                                       Any time
Pre-doctoral   Veterans Affairs                                  -Research related to care of     -Tuition, fees,      during the
fellowship       veterans                         stipend              year
               ePostdoc.pdf                                      -Full time 2 yrs/part-time       -see website
                                                                 3 years                          -Contact Dr. Pope
                                                                 -Contact Dr. Pope if

Dissertation   Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research        -Health services research        -From 9 – 17         Feb 1
Award          (AHRQ)                                            -$40,000                         months               May 1
               R36 Dissertation Award                            -Contact Dr. Andrews if                               Aug 1
          considering                                           Nov 1
Type            Grant Application                               Brief Description              Considerations    Due Date

Dissertation    Tri-Service                                     Active Duty/Reserves           See website
Award/   Retired active duty
Fellowships     eligibility.php

Dissertation/   Southern Nursing Research Society               $7,500                         Member of SNRS    May 2, 2012
Small Grant

Dissertation/   American Nurses Foundation                    Various types of awards          Generally range   May 1, 2012
Small Grant                                  from $2,500 -
                ResearchGrant.aspx                                                             $10,000 to fund

Dissertation/   Sigma Theta Tau International                   -Various small grants for      Average award     Dec 1
Small Grant   doctoral students;
                rants/Pages/grants_small.aspx                   -$5,000Member of STT

Dissertation/   Local/regional STT chapters                     Check with local chapter (if
Small Grant                                                     STT member)

Dissertation/   National League of Nursing                      Nursing education research
Small Grant     $5,000 - $20,000

                Sigma Theta Tau International/National League   $5,000                                           June 1, 2012
                for Nursing Grant (NLM)
Type              Grant Application                                Brief Description               Considerations   Due Date

Dissertation/     Oncology Nursing Society                         Check website
Small Grant       $3,000 - $5,000 doctoral
                                                                   $10,000 small research grants

       Funding Sources: Visit our webpage:
       for links to, **community of science

       Other potential funding sources:
       Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses Career Mobility Scholarship Award (
       American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
       American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
       American Holistic Nurses Association
       American Nephrology Nurses Association
       American Psychiatric Nurses Association
       American Indian Graduate Center
       Clinical Nurse Specialist Foundation
       Hospice and Palliative Nurses Foundation
       Emergency Nurses Association
       March of Dimes Graduate Nurse Scholarships/Research Funding
       Oncology Nursing Society
       National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
       National Association of School Nurses
       American Association of University Women Educational Foundation
       Transcultural Nursing Society
       Wound Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society
       Graduate Women in Science
       Epilepsy Foundation

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