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					                                                             Center N. 114
                                                                                       SIT CENTRE
                                                                                     Calibration Services for-
                                                                       Measuring and Calibration Instruments-

                                                                             Quality Assurance
                                                                                        goes through
                                                                                    the SCANDURA
                                                                                         SIT Center
Since January 1999, the Metrological Laboratory of                 same time the calibration procedures enforced in a SIT
Dott. Ing. Scandura & FEM S.r.l. is operating as SIT               center are proven to be in accordance with National
center (Servizio Italiano di Taratura / Italian -National-         and International Standards.
Calibration Service), a recognized calibration service
                                                                   This means that the instrument of the user becomes
open to all manufacturers and users of Industrial Instru-
                                                                   part of an uninterrupted metrological chain headed by
                                                                   a National Metrological institution.
The Scandura Metrological Laboratory was accredited
                                                                   These calibration procedures actually used by any SIT
by IMGC (Istituto Metrologico Gustavo Colonnetti by
                                                                   center are constantly monitored and documented by
CNR, the Italian National Council of Researches).
                                                                   the Quality Assurance System of the Center and
The IMGC belongs to EA (European co-operation for
                                                                   executed      within     Laboratories   in   which     the
Accreditation), the European body that watches after
                                                                   environmental conditions are permanently under tight
all calibration matters at International level.
The accreditation of Scandura Laboratory authorizes it
                                                                   Why to take the user's instruments to a SIT accredited
to release, in IMGC behalf, official Calibration
                                                                   Laboratory for calibration?
Certificates for Pressure Instruments such as:
                                                                   First, for the high trustworthiness of the operation, due
Manometers, Pressure Transducers, Columns, Digital
                                                                   to the recognized skills of their personnel and the
Pressure Indicators, Pressure Calibrators etc.
                                                                   supervisory role excited by the National Metrological
What does it mean to provide an instrument with a SIT
                                                                   Then for the perfect maintenance of both the primary
                                                                   and the secondary line of equipment in use.
According to the ISO 9000 standards and to any user's              But, most of all, for the commonly accepted procedures
Quality Assurance manual, all measuring instruments                for the calibration of the instruments, which are verified
shall periodically be tested to verify their proper and            and validated by a third independent party.
correct functioning as well as their “metrological”
performances. This procedure testifies the status of
each instrument and particularly if their metrological
performances remained within acceptable limits for the
service they are supposed to do.

The “calibration” operation consists in a comparison
between the indications given by the instrument under
test against that of a reference instrument of a higher
accuracy class.
All readings are then processed according to a
recognized procedure.

That’s all!
The basic difference between a "common" calibration
procedure and a calibration executed by a SIT Center
is that the SIT center ensures the traceability of the
measurements, which are made using reference
instruments approved and constantly monitored by the
national metrological bodies (in our case IMGC). At the
                                                                                                                                SIT CENTRE
                                                                                                       Center N. 114                    SXC101E5-SIT

    Not to forget the support given by SIT centers in
    obeying the point 7.6 of ISO 9001:2000 standards to the
    companies being awarded with the ISO certificate.
    NAMAS and SIT certificate have the same “validity”?
    Yes, by virtue of an agreement between the European
    bodies of accreditation (EA European co-operation for
    Accreditation) that establish a mutual recognition of the
    certificates released by the respective accredited

                Scandura's SIT Laboratory is directly
    Although Scandura
    accredited for pressure ranges as stated in the table,
    user's may refer to this lab for all types of SIT
    calibration requirement such as Pressure (any range),
    Temperature, Electrical Signals etc.
    In fact, thanks to a cross agreement with other
    complementary SIT labs, Scandura SIT Lab may be
    used as single contact / single source site full
    calibration center.
                                                                                     SCANDURA INDIA
           SERVICE CONTRACTS for any REQUIREMENT                                Scandura's
                                                                                Scandura international customers, especially in the
    Services can be either "spot" on single instruments or                      South-Eastern Asia, may be interested to know that In
    organized according to specific user's requirements to                      India, our fully owned Indian subsidiary, Dott. Ing.
    be regulated by service contracts based on quantities                       Scandura Calibration and Instrumentation (India) Pvt.
    of instruments and/or time (i.e. 12 months).                                Ltd. has gained ISO 9001:2000 award whereas the
                                                                                international accreditation of its Calibration Laboratory
                                                                                is in the process for being awarded.

                                                            SIT ACCREDITATION TABLE
      Quantity                  Calibration Instruments                      Ranges                         Uncertainty (*)               Notes
        Pressure        Secondary Pressure Transducers:
                        - Relative condition, liquid mean                     (0,1 ÷ 120) MPa                    0,02 %

                        - Relative condition, gas mean                        -100 kPa ÷ Patm               0,008 % + 5 Pa
                                                                          1,4 kPa £ P < 1000 kPa                0,01 %£                      1
                                                                         1000 kPa £ P £ 7000 kPa                0,008 %£

                        - Absolute condition, gas mean                     1,4 kPa £ P < 170 kPa                0,008 %£                     1
                                                                          170 kPa £ P £ 7000 kPa                0,01 %£
                          - Pressure balances, gas mean, relative           from 0,1 MPa to 70 MPa            0,013 %                  2
     (*) The measuring uncertainties are given as two time the typical difference (corresponding, in case of normal distribution, to a
     confidentiality of 95%)
     1 P is the pressure value.
     2 DP/P Method

    SCANDURA: Synonymous of Calibration
Scandura is a customer’s oriented enterprise that stays                    given Scandura an international role, the roots and the
aside all Instrument & Maintenance Engineers to better                     fruits remain “Made in Italy”. A symbol of sophisticated
serve their requirements and making their job more                         solutions ensured by an experienced, creative, flexible
accurate and valuable.                                                     and open minded team of people that is pleased to
Although nearly forty years of challenging and                             respond to customer’s needs whatever your needs are.
competitive activity all over the world have definitively

  Dott. Ing.SCANDURA & FEM S.r.l.
                 Via Ambrosoli 8

                 ++39 02 95320021
             Fax ++39 02 95328231

Printed in Italy                                                                             We reserve the rights to alter at any time the technical

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