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Giving Feedback

       Begin with strengths and positive feedback.
       Be sensitive and respectful. State your feedback in a way that will be as easy to hear as possible.
       Give clear examples and specific, observable behaviors.
       Check that your intent is to be helpful, not to hurt or punish.

Receiving Feedback

      Ask for feedback in private.
      Make an effort to listen to the feedback with an open mind, to hear the message rather than
       react defensively.
      See feedback as an opportunity for learning, changing and growing.
      Remember that feedback represents the perception of the giver.
      Ask questions.
      Ask for time to think.

Giving Feedback about Attitude or Behavior Problems
Adapted from “Managerial feedback for attitude, behavior problems,”

       Describe the behavior without judging or analyzing it, as if playing a video of the behavior.
       Paint a clear picture of how the behavior hurts the person. Include the consequences for
       his/her performance, future prospects, the organization, etc.

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