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					Nicholson School of Communication (NSC)
Board of Visitors (BoV)
October 21, 2010

J. Anderson, R. Chandler, H. Jebailey, G. LaPage, L. Lerner, B. Lindsley, C. McMillan, D.
Mirius Bates, S. Nicholson, T. Nicholson, R. Pynn, J. Robertson, J. Rodriguez, C. Sucher, K.
Tuorto, D. Ward

Faculty Guest Speakers: Dr. J. Butler, Dr. S. Collins, Dr. J. Hall, J. McCain, Dr. H. Weger
Student Guest Speakers: M. Clinton, D. Lana, G. Marrero, J. Sullivan

Welcome and Introduction                                                           (Chandler)
BoV Meeting Agenda:

   NSC Board of Visitors meeting goals.
   Introduce (or reintroduce) the programs of NSC to the BoV.
   Update BoV members with new developments within NSC.
   BoV member connection and relationship building (both with NSC and among the BoV).
   Facilitate planning for the role and contributions of BoV.
   Draft a roadmap for the “path forward” (action items) for NSC BoV.
   Dinner at the Nicholson’s home with College of Sciences’ (COS) Distinguished Speaker,
   Jerry Mitchell.
Introduction of attendees

   Julie Anderson         Orlando Tribune                   Senior Vice President/Content for
                                                            Tribute Interactive
   Heissam Jebailey       Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt           Developer
                          of Winter Park, FL
   Gary LaPage            Push                              Senior Vice President-Media
   Lee Lerner             Freedom Communications            Director of Shared Content
                                                            Editorial Services
   Clay McMillan          CMI Production Services           President
   Donna Mirus Bates      Universal Orlando Resort          Senior Vice President Marketing
   Tony Nicholson         Benefactor
   Sonja Nicholson        Benefactor

   Roger Pynn              Curley & Pynn Public             President
                           Relations Management, Inc.
   Jeff Robertson          Homeland Security Institute      Outreach Director
   Jose Rodriguez          Ninth Judicial Circuit Court     Judge
   Cynthia Sucher          UCF Community Relations          Associate Vice President
   Dan Ward                Curley & Pynn Public             Vice President/Partner
                           Relations Management, Inc.

Program Presentations

Advertising-Public Relations (Ad-PR)                                                    (McCain)

   Seven full-time faculty: Dr. Timothy Coombs, Dr. Sherry Holladay, Dr. Denise DeLorme,
   Mr. Jim Hobart, Ms. Lindsay Hudock, Ms. Joan McCain, Ms. Ryan Sheehy.
   There are 300 majors in the Ad-PR program, 39 Ad-PR credit hours required to graduate.
   There are 25% more students in major from May 2008 taking 30% more credit hours.
   Adobe In-Design and Illustrator Workshops facilitated by Jim Hobart, instructor, every fall
   and spring for one weekend. Funds from workshop are used to take 12-16 students to New
   York City over spring break to tour top agencies and three boutique firms, allowing students
   to secure summer internships.
   InternConnect launches online November 4, 2010 allowing both students and professionals to
   create profiles and find potential internships.
   The Multi-Cultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP) places Ad-PR students in
   national agencies across the United States. Fourteen students applied, nine students reached
   the semi-finals of competition and all nine were offered summer internships worth
   approximately $8,000.00 each. UCF Ad-PR program was the second largest represented
   program, behind University of Texas at Austin, the largest advertising program in the nation.
   Kristina Reyes, from the University of Central Florida was chosen as intern of the year.

Interpersonal-Organizational Communication                                                (Butler)

   Largest major in the school and the most versatile. Students go on to work in law, higher
   education, non-profit, ministry, management, sales and many other fields.
   Over 600 majors and 177 minors, 10 full-time tenured and tenure-earning faculty and 21
   Drs. Sally Hastings and George Musambira are currently researching the impact of
   bereavement on people’s behavior.
   Dr. Jonathan Matusitz has authored16 papers that are in the National Communication
   Association (NCA) conference this year, 20 papers last year. He has written 46 refereed
   journal articles, 12 of those articles are with undergraduate and graduate students, and three
   book chapters. He is scheduled to travel to Belgium to speak to NATO Commanders
   regarding cyberterrorism.
   Dr. Ann Miller’s research specialty is HIV communication.
   Dr. Harry Weger’s research focus is on political debate. He is currently applying for a
   National Science Foundation grant.
   Dr. Jim Katt is studying attitudes and motivation with the number one interpersonal scholar
   in the United States, Dr. James C. McCroskey.

Journalism                                                                              (Collins)

   Training next generation of reporters, editors and photographers.
   Journalism is a limited access program. Currently offering a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
   and minor in magazine journalism. All faculty and adjuncts have professional experience.
   Rick Brunson has over 20 years of experience and continues to work with the Orlando
   Sentinel editing copy.
   There are currently 111 majors and 53 minors. Pending majors have increased. Minors
   projected to grow with new minor that is to be offered, journalism studies, which will teach
   the widespread impact of media.
   Journalism program currently has five full-time faculty and adjuncts from companies such as
   the Orlando Sentinel and Bonnier Magazine.
   Rick Brunson was named adviser of the year for the student chapter of the Society of
   Professional Journalists (SPJ) and was also nominated for national board membership. He
   has also received national attention for the organization of the regional conference of the SPJ
   in spring 2010. Mr. Brunson has also won the highly competitive UCF Teaching Incentive
   Program Award.
   Dr. Kim Voss received the best paper award in the Women’s History division and best
   overall paper at the American Journalism Historians Association. She was also invited to be
   the editor of the newsletter and serve on their executive board.
   Dr. Collins has won top paper from AEJMC and the Scholarship for Teaching and Learning.
   Internships are available year round. 80% of students complete at least one internship and the
   average number of completed internships is 2.5 per student.

Radio-TV (R-TV)                                                                           (Hall)

   There were 112 applications for fall 2010, and 55 majors were admitted. Largest number of
   applications received for limited access program within NSC for Fall 2010. Three tracks
   available: production, broadcast journalism, and generalist.
   There are currently preliminary discussions with the UCF athletics department regarding a
   sports broadcasting track.
   Hands-on experience available through laboratory classes, internships, and co-curricular
   activities. Over 80 percent of students in production, 65 percent broadcast journalism, and 50
   percent in the generalist track have completed internships. Central Florida is the best
   internship location outside of New York and Los Angeles due to the wide variety of media
   Senior level capstone class “Knightly News” is a weekly half-hour student produced
   newscast which provides production and broadcast journalism track students the opportunity
   to obtain hands-on experience. “Knightly News” airs live on campus cable and available on
   tape delay through Brighthouse Networks and on the web (
   The Florida Associated Press named “Knightly News” the Best College TV Newscast for
   Students also have the opportunity for hands-on experience through faculty projects. Dr. John
   Malala recently completed a series of DVD workshops for a Global Health Training program
   which gave five students the opportunity for professional experience.

   Dr. Joe Hall received funding through UCF-TV which gave senior production students the
   opportunity to work with a professional crew producing a television series, “Acoustic
   Almost all faculty have professional experience and industry connections. One of the first
   programs in the country to introduce non-linear editing in the 1990s. HD production
   transition started in 2006 and is on-going.

Graduate Program                                                                       (Weger)

   Two tracks: mass communication and interpersonal communication.
   Average undergraduate GPA is 3.6; average GRE is 1080; admission rate is about 60 percent.
   NSC current and former students hold positions in several fields such as marketing, sales
   management, advertising, event management, journalism, television news, marketing,
   training and development, among many others.
   Kristen Fortenberry was awarded the Provost Fellowship (the top UCF fellowship that can be
   awarded to a master’s student).
   Laura Trad was awarded the RAMP (Research and Mentoring Program) Graduate
   Junlin Guo is the eleventh student to attend UCF under a special agreement with the
   President's Office and the Foreign Affairs Department of the Standing Committee of the
   Chinese National People's Congress (NPC). She is the second student to choose the NSC
   M.A. Communication program.
   Katie Detlefsen, a member of the UCF golf team, was named to ESPN The Magazine
   Academic All-America list. She was also awarded the LPGA’s Dinah Shore Award, which
   honored her commitment to her athletics, academics, and community.
   Heather Halter co-authored a book chapter with Dr. Tim Brown. The chapter, entitled “The
   Internet,” is a part of the textbook, "Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals."
   Alumnus Tom Vizcarrondo presented at the AEJMC conference in August.
   Five current and recently graduated students (Maya Forrester, Nicole Jackson, Anne Reyers,
   Megan Cole, Jacqueline Martin) will represent UCF at the National Communication
   Association conference in November. Two alumni (Gina Castle Bell and Liz Minei) will
   represent other universities at the NCA conference. Heather Halter will represent UCF at the
   Convergence and Society conference in South Carolina in October.

Student Representatives
Darius Lana         Quotes-President                                Ad-PR

Gustavo Marrero     Ad Club-President                               Ad-PR
Jerriann Sullivan   Society of Professional Journalists-President   Journalism
Michael Clinton     Student                                         Journalism
Items students would like to see:

   Partnership between Journalism and R-TV program.
   More specialized courses in Ad-PR such as Media Public Relations and Media Buying and
   Planning to be offered every semester, instead of yearly.
   More hands-on practice instead of theory classes.

   More speakers for Ad-PR and R-TV program.
   More funding for trips to conferences.
   Opportunity to shadow or work with those in the business community in Journalism.
   Name recognition and presence for UCF and Nicholson School of Communication.

Overview and View Forward                                                             (Chandler)

   Aligning NSC’s vision with Dr. Hitt’s five goals:
       o Goal 1: Offer the best undergraduate education available in Florida.
       o Goal 2: Achieve international prominence in key programs of graduate study and
       o Goal 3: Provide international focus to our curricula and research programs.
       o Goal 4: Become more inclusive and diverse.
       o Goal 5: Be America's leading partnership university.
   Students manage and staff WNSC, a 24-7 radio station broadcast over closed-circuit campus
   cable on channel 21 and online at
   UCF Debate program has been revived and a new debate coach, Dr. Sydne Kasle, has been
   Four students in spring 2011 will be attending communication classes equivalent to the
   curriculum in NSC at Jonkoping University in Jonkoping, Sweden in the School of Education
   and Communication. Several agreements being finalized with universities in Austria,
   Hungary, and University of Costa Rica. Anticipate having eight international partners, where
   students can choose to take classes they would take at NSC in an international setting, as well
   as a faculty and staff exchange program.
   The foundation has been laid for a summer in Hollywood program that allows NSC students
   to work in television production and agencies in Hollywood, CA.
   One year of assessment of programs has been completed and faculty has concluded not to
   continue to pursue ACEJMC accreditation. NSC communication program recently named
   one of the three top programs in the nation not accredited by ACEJMC.
   Online ballot will be sent to nominate positions to help organize BoV and solicit nominations
   for the following leadership positions:
       o Chair and Associate Chair-would serve as primary point of communication to
           communicate to BoV and stay in contact with Director.
       o Mentorship Coordinator-create and organize opportunities for students to shadow
           professionals in the field allowing them to have real world experience.
   Ms. Kim Tuorto will serve as liaison for BoV and NSC.
   BoV future agenda:
       o NSC BoV Feedback Channel allowing feedback NSC program through an online
       o Annual Communication Connection will allow students to meet professionals in the
       o Annual Academic and Professional Symposium-will allow professors and
           professionals to come together to discuss current research and real-world practice in
           the field.
       o Program Advisory Groups-subgroups can be created upon interest and specialties
       o NSC BoV Career Advisory Program-possible electronic panel via blogs, Facebook,
           Twitter, etc. to interact with students.

Open Session

   Current trends in R-TV require that those in the field now have specialized skills and become
   independent contractors and start their own companies. Over the past two years, stations are
   becoming automated and no longer need people and this may be a problem for future R-TV
   students needing experience in the field.
   There is a great need for communicators in the government and opportunities could be
   created for graduates through the Florida chapter of the National Association for Government
   Communicators (NAGC). The addition of a Crisis and Risk Communication
   track/program/course is needed in the curriculum to give students the opportunity to enter
   this market.
   Divide into teams and subgroups and speak to faculty to give insight regarding specific skills
   that can be incorporated into curriculum.
   Copy editor jobs are being eliminated. Editors now need to have multiple skills.
   Need specific responsibilities and goals outlined for employers to provide to student interns,
   instead of letting employers and the intern determine if the internship was successful.
   Create a mini-speaker series class allowing professionals to come to class and teach specific
   topics over a course of a semester.
   Request for Communication Ethics and Social Media classes.

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