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					                             After over four years of service,
                             Brent Tildahl is 'retiring' as our
                             volunteer custodian. We want to                      September 2010
                             express our heartfelt thanks to Brent
                             for his excellent service. Is there                 NEWS FOR THE FAITHFUL
  anyone who would be willing to volunteer for that 6-8 hour per                         Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church
  week position? If so, please contact the church office.
                                                                                                 WELCA will meet Wednesday, September 1st at
                                                                                             9:30 a.m. Please notice that this is one week
Sewers Needed for LWR School Supply Bags                                   earlier than usual. We will be assembling kits for LWR.
      I have cut out 52 bags, all they need is to be                            If you have completed kits or materials for kits, please have them
sewn together. They are fast and easy to sew.                              to the church before our meeting.
Anyone interested in sewing some at home, please                                Reminder: Don’t forget to ask for the stickers to put on your
call and I will deliver however many you would like. I have used up        receipts from Sentry. The “Funds for Friends” is a very worthwhile
all the “heavy” fabric that the church had so keep you eye out for         program and enables us to carry out many worthy projects.
fabric sales for next years bags. Please give me a call if you can help.
Thanks, Laurie Collins 275-0501
                                                                                The brilliant Christian psychiatrist, Dr. Walter
                                                                           Menninger, said that singing in a church choir was
WANTED: Gently Used Adult T-Shirts                                         very helpful to him. After an exhausting week at
     I have been given a pattern to make diapers out of old T-shirts.
                                                                           work, he found it inspirational and soothing to go to
They won’t be ready for this year, but if we get started now we may
                                                                           choir practice at his church. The music enabled him to
have a lot for next year. Here is what we need: ADULT size Large or
                                                                           put the stress of his work week behind him, get in
larger, colors are OK and it is also OK if they have a design on them.
                                                                           touch with something beautiful and holy, and after practice, relaxed
Please place them in the basket in the Gathering Space. When we get
                                                                           and uplifted.
enough, I would like to plan a “diaper day” to make as many as we
                                                                              Ask a choir member what singing in a choir does for him or her. It's
can. Thanks, Laurie Collins
                                                                           very likely that you'll find he or she gets great joy in serving the Lord
                                                                           through singing. And remember, also, there is wonderful fellowship
                  Looking ahead… The annual CROP Walk                      among choir members. Singing in a choir is a good way to make new
                  will be on Sunday, October 10 beginning at               friends. Try it.
                  the Lions’ Field House in Williams Bay.                       Faith’s Choir begins rehearsals Sunday, September 12th at
                  Registration—Noon; Walk begins at 1:00                   8:00 a.m., just before worship. Join us!
       p.m. Walk 1, 3 or 6 miles.
                                                                                            CEC and Confirmation Classes begin Wednesday,
               Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church                                       September 8th at 5:30 p.m. We will kick our year off
                                                                                       with a family potluck. Please bring a dish to pass.
         420 Read Street, PO Box 128 Walworth, WI 53184                                Information about the upcoming year will be shared
                       Phone: 262-275-3445                                  after the meal.
         E-mail:                       The Kid’s Choir begins on Wednesday, September
                   Rev. James P. Mehltretter, Pastor
                                                                            15 and will meet from 7-7:15 p.m.
        Worship & Holy Communion            Sundays 9:00 a.m.                     CEC parents are reminded to pick their children up
                                                                            in person at 6:50 or 7:15 p.m.
                                                                          Parish Nurse continued…
                                                                                As a rule, stay away from all vending machine options. Try to
      2 Ethan Connelly                    1 Scott Forsythe                always eat “REAL FOOD”. Most granola bars and energy bars are
      3 LaVerne Koerner                   5 Pete Walstra                  just candy masquerading as a pseudo-health food. Other snacks that
      5 Betty Anderson                    15 Gail Nelson                  activate your arthritis include yogurt-covered nuts, raisins and
      8 Amy Stanfield                     20 Greg Kovarik                 pretzels; banana chips and so-called natural potato chips. Even
      12 Chris Lee                        25 Spencer Volbrecht            innocent looking pretzels act just like sugar when they hit your
      13 Chloe Weborg                     30 LaVerne Koerner              bloodstream because they’re made with refined white flour. HELLO
      15 Mary Heyer                                                       INFLAMMATION! So promise your joints to stick to Arthritis
      16 Eunice Schaid                                                    Friendly Snacks!!
      19 Scott Kovarik
         Cam Gorges
      25 Diane Voss               13   Dave & Rochelle Freymiller
                                  15   Christine & Peter Janzen                “Get My People GOING!!” – An Invitation to Wholeness
         Pam Clark
      26 Emily Schaid             20   Mary Heyer & Scott Kovarik
                                                                                  You are invited to take a healthy lifestyle challenge with others
         T.J. Schaid              22   Bob & Diane Voss
                                                                           from our congregation that will take place from September 19-
    Please report any errors/omissions in writing to the church office.    November 7 at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church.
                                                                                  This “invitation to wholeness” encourages you to identify
                                                                           small changes in your lifestyle which would help you be healthier.
    FAITH LUTHERAN CHURCH INCOME & EXPENSES                                YOU choose three areas you would like to work on, and YOU set
                                                                           your own goals. WE will encourage each other, and WE will
                                                         Surplus           journey together.
                  Income      Expenses                  (Deficit)                 Moses was radically changed by his experience in traveling
    This Week    $ 1,935     $ 5,090.79               $ (3,155.79)         with the people of Israel on their way out of Egypt to the Promised
    This Month $ 7 ,756      $ 12,216.58              $ (4,460.58)         Land. Our program is based on the Exodus story and invites us to
    Year-to Date $100,249.06 $112,332.06              $(12,083.00)         encourage each other to seek wholeness in all areas of our lives –
                                                                           from healthy eating, to moderate exercise, to getting enough sleep.
Stewardship is planned giving and does not leave giving to                 It is for all ages, and for people of every health condition, because it
chance. It challenges us to plan. It asks us to appraise –                 is completely tailored to your situation and your choices.
deliberately – what we are doing with our time, our talent and our                Your parish nurse, Karla Tildahl, will be glad to answer any
treasure.                                                                  questions you might have about the program. You will receive a
                                                                           small packet of materials when you sign up. We will be available
                                                                           before/after worship on August 29 & September 12 to sign you up,
                                          AUGUST                           and get you started.
                                 Average Weekly Attendance - 50
                                              (4 Sundays)                  Blessings on your journey,
                                                                                Parish Nurse & Health Ministry,
                                                                                Faith Lutheran Church
                                     SEPTEMBER 2010
                                                                                 SEPTEMBER SCHEDULES
                   by Karla Tildahl, R.N., Parish Nurse                                                  5     Marissa Kovarik
                                                                                                         12    Corrine Lee
      Last month I wrote about the foods that can either help your joints
                                                                                                         19    Quin Dixon
or make them worse. Using food to gain health is called Functional
Medicine. This month I would like to share with you the Top 13 Arthritis                                 26    Jake Sherwin
Friendly Snacks. Starting today promise your joints that you’ll make at
least one of the smart snack substitutions in this article.
      The ideal snack combines a complex carbohydrate food with a little
protein. For example, if you pair a small handful of walnuts with a piece   5    Dan Dowden, Steve Miller, Kris & Kevin Strehlow, Jose Martinez
of fresh fruit as a mid-morning snack, the fruit releases glucose slowly    12   Youth
and evenly because of its fiber content, so you won’t get a sugar rush      19   Larry & Tracy Volbrecht, Marlene Hill, Mary Jo Peters
followed by the typical letdown. The protein in the walnuts digests even    26   Brent Tildahl, Pete & Ardis Walstra
more slowly, so its effect on your appetite lasts longer.
      A snack should contain no more than 100 – 150 calories, and you
should limit yourself to two per day, equally spaced between meals.
Whatever you do stay one step ahead of your hunger because once your
stomach starts growling, you’re going to eat whatever’s handy. Plan
ahead and always carry some healthy snacks with you when you’re away
from home.                                                                          5    Brent Tildahl
               TOP 13 ARTHRITIS FRIENDLY SNACKS                                     12   Rick Lottig                      5    Kovariks
• Air-popped popcorn (without butter flavoring) and a slice of cheese               19   Sue Pruessing                    12   Shirley Jones
• Apple slices (or other fresh fruit) and five walnut halves                        26   Bob Schaid                       19   Ardis Walstra
                                                                                                                          26   Eunice Schaid
• Six prunes or apricots (dried) with six almonds
• Yogurt with raisins, chopped nuts and cinnamon or yogurt with fresh
                                                                                                         5    Gail Connelly, Vera Maurer
• Peanut butter and raisins on wholegrain bread                                                          12   Lynn Lottig, Mary Heyer
• Four brazil nuts and 20 dried cherries                                                                 19   Karen Martinez, Dan Christensen
• Fruit smoothie with plain yogurt, banana, berries and flaxseed                                         26   Bob & Gerda Moritz
• 10 tart fresh cherries with a teaspoon of almond butter
• One-third 100% cherry or pomegranate juice with two-thirds club
soda and thumb size piece of cheese
• Whole wheat pita bread with one tablespoon peanut butter or two                     5    Kristi Reierson, Gail Connelly
tablespoons hummus                                                                    12   Betty Anderson, Pam Jones
• Celery sticks with one tablespoon peanut butter                                     19   Bob & Dianne Voss
• One fourth cup low fat cottage cheese with fresh fruit and a little                 26   Clark Family
• One cup raw cut up vegetables with two tablespoons hummus
                                                                                             Hazel Fischer, all servicemen & women, Charlie &
                      Decisions. We are faced with them each day. We                         Hank Stalo (newborn grandchildren of Tom &
                have been given complete freedom in the relationship we                      Maria Stalo), Eleanora Cada, Dennis Jordan
                have with our Lord Jesus Christ. We are not puppets, but                     (recurring cancer), , Suzette Rowe (friend of Sue
                rather can choose a variety of paths for our lives. All of                   Schaid-breast cancer), Dori Mort (Christine’s grand-
us can think back on key decisions that profoundly changed our lives.                        daughter-multiple health issues), Michael Anderson
Sometimes those decisions, even simple ones, allowed us to build new          (Betty Anderson’s grandson-colon cancer), Maureen Lidow (friend
relationships and explore opportunities never before imagined.                of Freymillers-cancer), Evie Duesterbeck (Marlene Hill’s cousin-
      As Lutherans we shy away from what can be called decision               cancer), Saraha Seeber, Lois Weeks & family (friend of Wendy
theology where one “decides” to give their life to the Lord in one way        Pace), Tracy Ashorn (Christine's niece-lupus)
or another. Lutherans focus on the decision our Lord made to give him-
self for us on the cross as an act of grace on our behalf. In sum, we         Don & Helen Van de Bogert         Marjorie Plote
believe Christ chooses us, we don’t choose him. Having said that, we          634 Upper Brookwood Drive         Ridgestone Village
are confronted with important decisions in our faith lives as well as         Fontana, WI 53125                 1025 S. 2nd Street
other parts of our lives.                                                     275-5889                          Delavan, WI 53115
      We make decisions weekly on attending worship, sending our
children to CEC, helping out with projects and, in general, supporting        Faith Rambow                      Alice Worden
the church in any number of ways. These are our decisions and are             Vintage on the Ponds              660 Woelfel Road #C2
often considered very personal and sometimes private. While that can          N4901 Dam Road                    Brookfield, WI 53045
be true, they have an enormous impact on our congregation . The               Delavan, WI 53115                 262-395-4706
Sunday you choose to attend or miss may be just the Sunday your
neighbor or a new family needs to see you worshiping. Your decision to        Barb Davies
help with CEC may be seen by your neighbors as a fun opportunity to           Brolen Park Senior Center
work with you and get to know you better.                                     2191 Church Street
      The Holy Spirit works through all of these decisions and interac-       East Troy, WI 53120-1308
tions to inspire, uplift and empower each of us in our faith life.            262-642-3534
      I hope as fall begins and you review your schedule and
commitments that you are moved toward decisions of involvement and           JULY COUNCIL MEETING NOTES
engagement with the church that proclaims the love and forgiveness of        • WSB will be asked to have our mortgage payment due date later in
Jesus Christ as a free gift. Please look through this newsletter to see      the month so as not to have so many expenses due at the same time.
opportunities for worship, service, education and fellowship here at         • The east door has been repaired. Clean-up: Saturday, July 31st.
Faith Lutheran.                                                              • Stewardship committee will meet on August 10th to begin working
                                                                             on fall drive.
                      VOLUNTEERS NEEDED to help with the                     • CEC - Some teachers will be teaching again this year. Waiting to
                      Chili Supper Silent Auction. We need 5 or 6            hear from other potential teachers. Noelle will remain superintendent.
                      volunteers to help collect, price, display             • “Mommy & Me” is moving to the Walworth Library. WELCA
                      items and help with the auction in general. This       considering continuing financial support to show it is sponsored by
                      is a key way people have supported our church          Faith.
                      and we need help to continue the success of the        • Brent is “retiring” as custodian. Looking for a replacement.
                      auction. Please contact Dave Freymiller @ 262-         • Council decided not to drive the trolley at the fair.
 812-6290 and offer to help. Thank you!                                      • Due to many conflicts there will be no August meeting. Next meet-
                                                                             ing: Tuesday, September 21st at 5:15 p.m.

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