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									                                                      DELTA RIDING CLUB
                                                             S I N C E         1 9 4 8   |   W W W. D E LTA R I D I N G C L U B . C O M

                                                                                                 BULLETIN | JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2010

1.11.10 | Happy New Year!                                                            SEPTEMBER 19 Percentage Day

I have a HUGE bulletin inside me, but I just can't seem to find a couple of          The program is all but ready; we're just waiting to confirm a few more
hours to put it into words! Nonetheless, everyone is invited to attend our           judges - another task wrought with its own set of challenges! (If you come
first meeting of the year this WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13. We're having it at             to our meeting on Wednesday, I'll explain!). Fees will remain the same as
the Meadows Restaurant at the Town & Country, starting at 7 pm. LOTS to              last year (you're welcome!), and there are relatively few changes. We've cut
discuss, including some exciting updates on the clubhouse renos, the show            a few classes on our English Western Day, added some high points, but
season, a clinic series for this Spring AND … you can pay your 2010 mem-             other than that, it's shows-as-usual! (Except for our fancy new clubhouse
bership! Come early and order dinner! (If you cud RSVP to me via email so I          and new footing in the rings! Ya!)
can let them know how big a table to set up, that would be swell!)
                                                                                     Speaking of towing the line
For 2009 year end award winners and 2010 dates you should be noting on
your calendar, please visit the website (another surprise!) at www.deltarid-         You will ALSO be pleased to know that we didn't increase MEMBERSHIP
ingclub.com                                                                          FEES this year! (Perhaps I should have led with this?) That's right! And … if
                                                                                     you send your 2010 DELTA RIDING CLUB membership to Alicia before the
Hope to see you Wednesday …                                                          end of this month, you will GET $10 IN DRC BUCKS to use against any-
                                                                                     thing you may be inclined to purchase from DRC this year - your entry fees,
                                                                                     STALLS, concession, clinics, banquet fees, clothing … TEN BUCKS off
2.7.10 | Happy New Year!
                                                                                     something (but NOT your membership!)! You have to act quickly, though!
                                                                                     You will find a membership form on the website! Fill it out, write a cheque
Okay. So we're a little late in sending best wishes for a Happy New Year.
                                                                                     and bring it to the meeting on Wednesday or mail it to our post office box
Can we be the first to wish you Happy Valentine's Day, then? And just
                                                                                     by February 28th, and Alicia will send you $10 DRC bucks with your 2010
because you've barely heard a peep as we head into a new year at Delta
                                                                                     membership card! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!? (I've attached the 2010 app
Riding Club, don't think that your board of directors hasn't been putting
                                                                                     for your convenience! :)
pedal to the metal to make this the BEST year yet! We've got a bucket load
of projects underway! Read on:
                                                                                     Membership has its privileges!
Meeting this Wednesday
                                                                                     The DOG & PONY SHOP is partnering up with Delta Riding Club this year
                                                                                     and as a 2010 member, YOU are going to SAVE 10% ON ALL YOUR
Our regular monthly meeting - as always - is open to all members and
                                                                                     SHOW CLOTHING purchases! Now that is REALLY cool! Beige or white
guests, and is this WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 10, starting at 7 pm. Why
                                                                                     breeches, helmets (except GPAs), tall boots, gloves, hairnets, show shirts,
don't you drop in? Now the clubhouse renovations are underway (uh huh!
                                                                                     JACKETS, stock ties … Show the friendly staff at Dog & Pony your 2010
uh huh!), we'll be meeting at the "poolside room" at the Ladner Leisure
                                                                                     membership card and - that's right - an automatic 10% off on all regularly
Centre. We were there a year ago, I believe. Grab a coffee at the concession
                                                                                     priced stock! Many thanks to Vicky for extending this great offer to our
as you come into the Leisure Centre and it's quite likely a few of us will
bring some nibblies to share, so we can graze our way thru the meeting!
                                                                                     Twining away
And boy do we have LOTS to talk about!
                                                                                     Delta Riding Club members, and others in our horse community, have really
Yes! You heard it right! The contractor has finally started working on our
                                                                                     stepped up to recycle their baling twine! We really want to thank ROD-
clubhouse renovations! And by this time next month (or thereabouts), we
                                                                                     DICKS FEED & FARM SUPPLY for being our drop off depot - there's a bin
will have new siding, new roofing, a new entry booth, deck, STAIRS, con-
                                                                                     near the front door for twine. This has been a project of the Buckaroos 4-H
cession, flooring - we are going to be so SWANK when our first show gets
                                                                                     Horse Club, and now that our club has folded (sad, but true), I'm hoping
underway on April 18th (we may have to increase entry fees - but we're
                                                                                     we can find someone (not me) among our DRC membership to take care of
NOT!!). It's all very exciting, and when the (drywall) dust settles we will
                                                                                     it. I have just learned of a recycling outfit in Richmond which may make it
have an awesome clubhouse that will be the envy of everyone! A great big
                                                                                     much easier to get from bin to recycler (my downfall). If you think this is
THANK YOU to Erik Anderson and Jane Spearing for all their hard work
                                                                                     something you can do on behalf of DRC, please let me know (cathy-
"fundraising" so we can finally put the finishing touches on the clubhouse!
                                                                                     glover@telus.net or 604/328-3814) - or come to the meeting on
Let the shows begin!
                                                                                     This is a really terrific, feel-good project for someone with a pickup (or
After much handwringing, the show committee was able to nail down our
                                                                                     maybe not - the new outfit may pick up!). It isn't difficult; it's not back-
show dates for 2010 - no easy task when you are trying to schedule around
                                                                                     breaking; it's really not all that time consuming - I just can't do it on top
all the discipline and breed shows, not to mention the other community
                                                                                     of everything else anymore. If we can't find someone else to manage it, I'm
clubs! We tried our best to avoid conflicts, but there are only so many week-
                                                                                     afraid we're going to have to shut 'er down. I'll have more information on
ends during show season. Hopefully, most of you noted them when Devon
                                                                                     Wednesday - and a decision one way or the other will have to be made
updated our website [deltaridingclub.com] earlier last month. (How do you
like the new 'do, by the way?) For those that haven't, git out yer calendar:
                                                                                     PS: For those of you already on board, THANK YOU for putting your
APRIL 18 Percentage Day / 2nd Annual Carboot Sale
                                                                                     CLEAN twine (free of hay and debris) into PLASTIC bags and bringing
MAY 2 English/Western Show (Rick Pyke, judge)
                                                                                     them to Roddicks. You are SO GREEN! (PS: As tempting as it is to re-use
MAY 16 Hunter/Jumper Show (Kindry Dunbar, judge)
                                                                                     your empty grain bags for twine, they disintegrate in the rain and -- well,
JUNE 6 Percentage Day
                                                                                     ew. Plastic is best, thank you!)
JUNE 27 Hunter Jumper Show (Carmen Kramer, judge)
AUGUST 7/8 Summer Show (Monique Fraser, HJ judge, Jodie Moore, EW
                                                                                     A red HOT offer
SEPTEMBER 21 English Western (Margaret Logan, judge, tentative)
                                                                                     Have you ever noticed the really cool looking "vintage" stove in the club-
                                                         DELTA RIDING CLUB
                                                                S I N C E          1 9 4 8   |   W W W. D E LTA R I D I N G C L U B . C O M

 2                                                                                                   BULLETINS | JANUARY . FEBRUARY 2010

house? It's a circa 1957 GE range with a warming oven, yellow with lots of               ed amount of spots available for each three hour session, so you will want
chrome! Everyone thinks it has to be worth something (and I've done                      to book early. WATCH YOUR EMAIL over the next couple of days! I have
some internet searching and can find restored versions of it for BIG bucks               one more clinician to confirm and then we'll be ready to go!
in the States - I can point you to a website link!). Well, ours needs a new
home. We have it on Craigslist for $995, but the club is open to reason-                 Got tack?
able offers. Marg Brodie assures me it worked the last time it was used
(before the clubhouse was moved to our current site). It's being sold as                 Then you will want to make sure SUNDAY, APRIL 18 is circled on your cal-
is/where is. It's a work of art that needs just a little TLC to bring it back to         endar! It's our 2nd ANNUAL CARBOOT SALE. Once again, we are hosting
its original glory. You see stoves just like it on all the TV shows (Rachel              this in conjunction with our spring opener PERCENTAGE DAY. If you have
Ray has one in her TV kitchen). If you or someone you know is interested                 used tack, equipment and show clothes gathering dust in the barn or closet
in looking at it, call me! (It's in the way of our renos!) We also have a                OR trailer, this is a great, stress-free way to offer it for sale to buyers itching
popcorn and candy floss machine for sale, as well.                                       to part with their money! Start sorting now! Spring WILL be hear before
                                                                                         you know it! Last year, one of our sellers made over $700!!! Get out your
Sponsorship opportunities                                                                calendar and circle that date (SUNDAY, APRIL 18). That goes for buyers,
                                                                                         too! :
Alicia Harper has been busy not only with her new barn in Richmond, but
as our SPONSORSHIP QUEEN, she has been sending out letters to                            Up to speed
prospective sponsors for 2010! We would like to thank our "early birds":
                                                                                         Yup! I think you should pretty much be up to speed on what DRC has in
PLATINUM                                                                                 store for you in the coming months! I'm probably forgetting SOMEthing
Delta Agricultural Society                                                               (brain leaks!) but that can be news for another day. Don't forget to check
Hylee Training [hyleetraining.com]                                                       our website [deltaridingclub.com] for updates. We'll be posting the show
Dog N Pony [thedognpony.com]                                                             program, entry forms and clinic schedule there as well. The meeting dates
                                                                                         are all on our calendar as is - ha! - our 2010 board of directors! (In case,
SILVER                                                                                   you were wondering, Bruce is STILL president : and Marg is STILL past-pres-
Windancer Stables                                                                        ident!). Please feel free to contact any of us by phone or email if you have
Blue Meadow Farm [bluemeadowfarm.ca]                                                     any questions or need information about Delta Riding Club.
Ann Harper CA [annharperCA.com]
Embroidery Plus (Denise Fisher . 534.7641)                                               HOPE TO SEE YOU WEDNESDAY! LADNER LEISURE CENTRE, "POOLSIDE
                                                                                         ROOM", 7 PM!
There may be more than I'm unaware of, but thank you to all - and please
support the businesses and people that support us! For more information                  Coming up:
on our sponsorship program, please visit the website [deltaridingclub.com].
We appreciate your support, too!                                                         Wednesday, February 10
                                                                                         Monthly meeting, Ladner Leisure Centre, 7 pm
And so … the news you all have been waiting for:                                         Saturday, February 27
                                                                                         WILD & WOOLY CLINIC with Adiva Murphy, DRC
DRC announces new clinic series for this spring                                          Wednesday, February 10
                                                                                         Monthly Meeting, location TBA
That's right! For the past month, we have been working on putting togeth-                Saturday, March 13
er a SPRING CLINIC SERIES that will offer our members an opportunity to                  DRESSAGE CLINIC with Kiersten Humphrey
ride with some awesome trainers and coaches in a variety of disciplines.                 WILD & WOOLY 4 KIDS with Adiva Murphy
There's something for just about everyone - it won't break the bank, and                 Sunday, March 21
it's not going to take your whole day! Starting February 27 with a "Wild &               LMQHA Bazaar, T'bird
Wooly" clinic with our own ADIVA MURPHY, and running every second                        Saturday, March 27
weekend until April 24, we will be hosting clinicians like KIERSTEN                      TRAIL CLINIC Mellissa Buckley
HUMPHREY (Dressage, March 13), Paint and Quarter Horse trainer MELLIS-                   GENERAL PERFORMANCE CLINIC tba
SA BUCKLEY (Trail, March 27); trainer and (Summer Show) judge JODIE                      Saturday, April 10
MOORE (Perfect Patterns, April 10), "A" circuit rider, trainer & coach and               PERFECT PATTERNS CLINIC with Jodie Moore
very good friend to DRC KIM ROSE (Hunter/Jumper, April 24) and Natural                   IMPROVE YOUR RIDE CLINIC with Adiva Murphy
Horsemanship trainer and coach NATALIE VONK [horseplayyourway.com]                       Wednesday, April 14
with an Introduction to Reining, also on April 24. ADIVA will do a "WILD                 Monthly Meeting, DRC, 7 pm
& WOOLY 4 KIDS" (13-18 years) during spring break (March 13), and                        Sunday, April 18
another IMPROVE YOUR RIDE (April 10) that will appeal to riders who                      PERCENTAGE DAY
may not necessarily be interested in the show ring.                                      2nd annual CARBOOT SALE
                                                                                         Saturday, April 24
I will be emailing you all again this week with final details and information            HUNTER/JUMPER CLINIC with Kim Rose
on how to register. For members, clinics will be $40 each, and include                   REINING 101 with Natalie Vonk
snacks for horse AND rider! Some clinicians have offered "rain dates,"                   Sunday, May 2
which is really cool. (I was going to try to arrange for a backup indoor in              ENGLISH WESTERN SHOW, Rick Pyke, judge
case the weather absolutely refuses to co-operate, but in light of the recent
strangles outbreak I just don't have the guts to go knockin' on doors! We                DON'T FORGET TO PAY YOUR MEMBERSHIP BY FEBRUARY 28 AND GET
hear the affected barns are "over the hump" - and we wish them and their                 $10 DRC BUCKS!
horses well in their recovery. Sigh …)
                                                                                         If you wish to unsubscribe to updates from Delta Riding Club, please email
ANYHOO … our clinics are going to be VERY EXCITING! There are a limit-                   by hitting "reply."
                                                        DELTA RIDING CLUB
                                                               S I N C E         1 9 4 8   |   W W W. D E LTA R I D I N G C L U B . C O M

 3                                                                                                BULLETINS | JANUARY . FEBRUARY 2010

2.13.10 | And you thought we were kidding?                                             waiver, be sure to bring it with you, and make sure you've paid your 2010
                                                                                       Horse Council membership! If the weather is snarly, Adiva is set to resched-
Attached is the program for Delta Riding Club's SPRING CLINIC SERIES,                  ule for Sunday. Call me Saturday morning as early as you need to if you're
starting in JUST TWO WEEKS! As promised, there is something for just                   in doubt! (The forecast is changing DAILY!) 604.328-3814. See you there!
about everyone!
                                                                                       Cinderella story
We will take reservations over by email or over the phone, but be fore-
warned: money talks! If we get paid reservations, they will be honoured                We have a new ROOF! (Well, half a roof to be precise!) The drywall is
over ones that are just "lip service."                                                 done, and we could be painting by the weekend! The new flooring is
                                                                                       ordered (we had consensus, egads!), the skirting is on, and the new fascias
Drop your payments (cheque or cash) at the Dog & Pony or Roddicks, or                  are AMAZING (who'da thunk fascias could make SUCH a difference?).
arrange to meet me personally. Cheques payable to DRC, of course! We                   She's our Cinderella clubhouse, alright! Come on down when we're there
know that some of these clinics are weeks away, so a post-dated cheque for             this weekend for the Wild & Wooly and have a boo - and while you're
the day of the clinic is enough to guarantee your reservation.                         there …

Remember, you need to pay your membership, too, and that can accompa-                  Deju vu
ny your clinic application! (Don't forget to join DRC by February 28th and
get $10 in DRC bucks!)                                                                 We had a crew in yesterday with their big tractor equipment to work on the
                                                                                       hunter/jumper and main arena, but … we still have some work ahead of us!
Note that some clinicians are prepared to postpone their clinics until the             It's the DRC version of "pick-up sticks"! Sigh …
Sunday following (clinics are scheduled for Saturdays) if the weather is too
icky. I'm still hoping we can arrange for an indoor as a "last resort" back-           Not this weekend, but next (March 6/7), we will be calling on all members
up: if any indoor owners are listening, (pretty please) we would be gladly             to come on down and give us a hand (literally!) as we comb the arenas for
offer a 2010 DRC sponsorship in return for indoor consideration. : (Call or            - ahem -- firewood! Deju vu? You're right - we did this last summer but the
email me - 604.328.3814!)                                                              turnout was - double ahem - a little disappointing as it was the "same old"
                                                                                       faces doing all the work. It sure would be sweet if we saw some FRESH :
I hope many of you will find something you like on the clinic schedule! It's           faces helping us with the grunt work. And this is easy stuff that is GOOD
taken a while to put this together, and we want to sincerely thank (and                FOR THE WAISTLINE! We don't need a whole lot of your time - an hour
welcome) all our participating clinicians! Let the clinics begin!                      would make SUCH a difference! Keep an eye on your email for times! But
                                                                                       be sure to pencil in an hour for us in a week and a half. In the meantime,
2.23.10 | Are you sleeping cuz the clinics aren't full yet!                            our fearless president, Mr Walker, will be harrowing … and harrowing … and
                                                                                       harrowing some more!
Well, maybe that's too much wishful thinking on my part! Although -- it's
good news for you if you haven't booked but intend to … but WHERE ARE                  Show program about to debut
YOU? Are you sleeping?
                                                                                       We just need to add some sponsors to the 2010 Show Program and it will
There was an enthusiastic (albeit small) response when we announced our                be the next thing we send to your inbox! Show season gets underway on
Spring Clinic series a couple of weeks back, and then -- except for Adiva's            April 18 with our first Percentage Day of three this year; it coincides with
clinic this coming Saturday (which is almost - but not quite - fully sub-              our second annual CARBOOT SALE. (Got junk? Errr … gently used stuff to
scribed) -- the remaining clinics have only a few riders booked. What's up             sell?)
with that? Have you SEEN our program?
                                                                                       Speaking of sponsors …
If you haven't - if you scrolled it out of sight thinking you'd come back to
it (and forgot - bin there, done that!), I've attached it here again (and it's         Alicia tells me we're on a roll! We would like to welcome our newest spon-
on our website). Pick your pleasure! Or dressage. Or hunter! Or OR OR!                 sors: Greenhawk and Divine Eye Photography (Platinum) and gold sponsor
DON'T BE SHY! Spring is just around the corner! Time to get on your                    Cloverdale Fuel. For sponsorship opportunities, please see our website
horse and RIDE!                                                                        [deltaridingclub.com] and click on the sponsor link! We have a great pro-
                                                                                       gram -- and we appreciate beyond words all the support we get!! Many
There are limited spots in each of the clinics offered; you could be sorry if          thanks to our 2010 sponsors to date (insert drum roll here!):
you don't book ahead! Call or email me SOON!
Wild & Wooly this Saturday                                                             Delta Agricultural Society
                                                                                       Hylee Training [hyleetraining.com]
There is a spot (or maybe two) in Adiva Murphy's "Wild & Wooly" clinic                 Dog N Pony [thedognpony.com]
this Saturday, so call or email if you you're ready to go! If you aren't able to       Divine Eye Photography
participate, but want to come and see WHAT YOU ARE MISSING, come                       Greenhawk [greenhawk.net]
on down. (You'll also get to see the "work in progress" we call our club-
house!! Oh my!!) The clinic starts at 9 am with groundwork and ends at                 GOLD
noon under saddle!                                                                     Cloverdale Fuel [cloverdalefuel.com]

If you are hauling in for the clinic this weekend, please DO NOT PARK on               SILVER
the grass. (It will turn to soup and you will need to phone BCAA to get                Windancer Stables
you out!). Instead park on the gravel on the east side of the stalls. (Cars            Blue Meadow Farm [bluemeadowfarm.ca]
only park on the gravel when you come in the gate!) Gates will open at                 Ann Harper CA [annharperCA.com]
8:15, and we'll have coffee and goodies for riders (and treats for ponies              Embroidery Plus (Denise Fisher . 534.7641)
thanks to RODDICKS FARM SUPPLY!). If you haven't signed your clinic
                                                                                       New depot for twine
                                                         DELTA RIDING CLUB
                                                                S I N C E        1 9 4 8   |   W W W. D E LTA R I D I N G C L U B . C O M

 4                                                                                               BULLETINS | JANUARY . FEBRUARY 2010

No one offered to take up the cause, so effective immediately, we're rec-
ommending everyone that is faithfully collecting their plastic baling twine
(:) for recycling to take it directly to the recycler, now located close by in

Unit 3 - 2480 Shell Road
On behalf of the South Delta Buckaroos, I would like to once again express
our sincerest appreciation to Roddicks for being our local depot these past
couple of years. We appreciated your support! Roddicks will no longer be
accepting twine, but don't let that prevent you from doing the "green"
thing and taking it to West Coast! Thank you!

Passing it along

Shelley Evans has asked us to forward you information on the Thomas
Haney Equestrian Academy she is involved with.

"The program," she writes, "has piloted an on line division this year and
we now have students from as far away as Prince George. Students earn 16
grad program credits above and beyond any credits they would have earned
in a Rider Prep program, 4-H, or Pony Club. Students with or without a
horse- all disciplines are welcome as are all levels of experience. Annual
fees for on line classes are only $185.00/year including the textbook and
"Academy Wear."

And so …


Horse Council membership is required once again this year if you are going
to be a "riding member" at DRC this year. If you haven't done so already,
you can join HCBC online at [hcbc.ca]. DRC's membership application is
available to download on OUR website [deltaridingclub.com] but - of
course - I've attached it here once again for your convenience. : Only a
FEBRUARY 28!!! (Bring your membership to the clinic on Saturday! I'll col-
lect them on behalf of Alicia! How cool is that? Same goes for your clinic
entries! :)

That's it for now. Check the calendar on the website for everything you
need to know!! SEE YA SATURDAY MORNING!!

PS: Can you print the Clinic Poster and pin it up in your barn where folks
will see it, please?
Maybe even with a copy of the schedule? That would be awesome - and
thank you!!

If you wish to unsubscribe to updates from Delta Riding Club, please email
by hitting "reply."

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