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					Association Insurance
An Overview Presentation and AIC Savings Examples
                                Led by Bob Brodell
                                AIC General Agent
       Trustmark Programs- Variety deductibles $0 - $10,000, out of network 100% to
        50%, office visit features $20, $30 $40 or no copay, prescription drug copayments
        5 different options, dual option of plan designs of PPO and HSA arrangement. Select
        from 5 different Medical Networks.

       American Worker Programs- Employers who can not place medical insurance
        due to health reasons with Trustmark or having trouble meeting participation
        requirements or offer to employees who waive off medical plan and those that also
        take the group medical, an option for 1st dollar coverage for accidents, illness and
        specified diseases on a group basis.

       Healthy Choices Benefit Plans- Dental, Life, Disability and Vision Plans for 2
        employees or more. Employers with 10 employees enrolled may offer 3 dental
        plans. Employers with 100 employees or more dual network offering. Life
        Insurance plans offer accelerated life benefit. Enrollment can vary for life, dental
        and vision, employee can elect only those dependents they need covered.

       AFLAC- Offers employers who can not meet participation for a group plan,
        individual coverage for employees. Cancer policies for employees who are
        interested in specific areas of coverage. Critical Illness plan for over 100 employees.

        Flexibility to design Group Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Limited
                            Medical Programs and AFLAC Programs.

        Maximizing AIC Choices
1.   Affordable Coverage through Flexible health plans employers
     can customize to meet their needs and budget, including HSA
     friendly plans.

2.   Greater network Access and in-network discounts with access to
     national and regional network

3.   CareChampion 24/7 Health Advocacy program

4.   A comprehensive suite of Health and wellness management
     tools to help maximize the health potential of every plan

5.   Easy enrollment online or via telephone through express

6.   Quick access to information through

Six Reasons to Choose Starmark
   Pay a flat benefit for each covered service regardless of
   Are Guarantee Issue
   Have No PRE-EX Limitations
   PPO Networks Available but not required
   No Coordination of Benefits

   Advantages compared to expense-based “Mini-Meds”

   First Dollar Coverage
   Guarantee Issue/No Pre-Ex
   Member receives cash benefit exceeds cost of service

Limited Medical Plans (Fixed-Indemnity)
   All plans down to two lives
   All plans offered either voluntary or employer paid

   Dental- Standard plans or Customize your own plan options

   Vision- Multiple plan options. Can be offered on a stand
    alone basis

   Life- Term or voluntary

   Disability

Healthy Choices Benefit Plans
   Plan options working together to provide a comprehensive

   Trustmark and American worker working together to offer
    coverage to all your employees.

   Trustmark and American Worker working together to help meet
    participation requirements.

   Trustmark over 1,000 plan options to meet your exact needs.

   American Worker works with seven of the nation’s leading limited
    medical insurers, multiple TPA’s and Numerous national provider

   Healthy Choices and Aflac providing numerous ancillary
    programs to round out your offerings on a voluntary basis.

AIC Plans Working Together
Examples of the AIC Plans working together for
    greater Participation and potential cost
      Increasing your employees overall
 100 Lives- Currently offering Major Medical program
 Current single rate cost is $500.00. Employer
  contribution is 50% of single rate ($250.00)
 Current participation is 50%.
 Current cost for Medical is $12,500 a month.

 Employer has a cost and participation issue. Needs an
  additional 25 people to enroll. Which adds $6,250 per
  month. Total cost just for medical to $18,750
  Monthly/$225,000 annual

Participation and Employer Cost Savings
Trustmark- Major Medical- $500.00 single rate-
American Worker- Fixed Indemnity- $150.00- 25%


Trustmark-   $12,500
A.W. -       $ 3,750
Total -      $16,250
Savings-     $2,500 per month/ $30,000 per year

The AIC Solution
    Point of Service Discount
Current dental program
100/80/50/50- Cost- $25.00 x 50= $1250

Healthy Choices Dental plans
100/50- Cost- $17.00 X 50 = $850

SAVINGS PER MONTH- 400.00x12= $4800

Possible Additional AIC Savings and
Ideas to Expand Your Benefit Offerings
   Renewal underwriting consideration from

   Multi –year rate guarantee from American

   Multiple carriers and plans available in one

   First year dental discount from Healthy Choices

Top Reasons to Work with AIC
Reasons to Work with Association Insurance Cooperative

              Association Insurance Cooperative Advantage

 Ease. We’ve done the work for you already! We work with top-rated
  carriers to find solutions for even the most challenging employer
 Group buying power. Increase affordability and plan effectiveness
  through partnership in the Association Insurance Cooperative
 Knowledge. Solutions for each demographic of your group:
             executive-level • part-time • salaried • hourly
 Member organizations can retain their current brokers
 Plans available for 2 or more employees
 Medical • Limited Medical • Dental • Vision • Life • Disability

 We want your participation in the Association Insurance Cooperative
 We want your business because we want and can help
 We have a full range of products specifically for you and regardless of
  your demographic or economic circumstances
 Our goal is to provide alternatives with top-rated carriers
 We make quoting easy:
    - Call:       Bob Brodell at 312.659.4242
    - Email:
    - Or visit:

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