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					Internet Marketing Secrets - Create Your Business Model Before Going on a
Product Buying Frenzy

<p>Recently, I saw a post in a marketing forum that alarmed me. It
advised people to take action without making a plan! That, to me and many
others who replied to the thread, is like business suicide. I'm sure many
well-meaning people, when they tell you to take action, presume you would
do so with a plan. But there are some who will take action without having
a plan.</p><p>You will probably need to buy a few products first to know
what the Internet marketing business is about. You will probably need to
know how to set up a website, how to write articles, how to work with
autoresponders etc. But before you go on buying the latest flavor of the
week, stop! Create a business model so you will stop buying stuff that
doesn't relate to your business. This is what happens when well-meaning
people subscribe to everything and buy everything that comes with their
way without some 'discipline'. If you bake a cake without any recipe, and
just do whatever you felt, what would be the outcome? A mess!</p><p>So,
do you have a business plan? Do you know what your goals are? Can you
make hard decisions? Can you make up your mind? You've got to be hard on
yourself if you want to succeed in business. You've got to be decisive.
Indecisive soldiers get killed in the battle field, and business is very
much like a battle field. If you want to survive and thrive, you've got
to get with the program. Make some decisions. It doesn't matter if it's a
perfect decision. You won't get everything right in the beginning because
you're inexperienced, but <b>you won't gain experience and you won't
learn how to improve things unless you create a plan and then take action
on it</b>. Create a plan and take action. It's that simple. Get
started.</p><p>Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and
the author of the popular 59-page Report:</p><p><b>"Murder Your Job: How
To Build Cash Sucking Autopilot Businesses In 30 Days Or
Less!"</b></p><p>Head over to <a target="_new"
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