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									Surface Ship Maintenance Initiative
             RDML (Sel) Gale
               1 March 2011
                        Change is Needed

         Many sources of “motivation” for these changes…

           • VADM McCoy’s Task to develop a comprehensive
             Assessment and Sustainment Process

           • Fleet Readiness Panel / Study of Surface Community,
             identification of areas for improvement

           • Success of SSLCM organization, realization that we
             needed more (SURFMEPP)

           • Command changes resulting in CNRMC

           • TYCOM / CLASSRON Organization changes

1 March 2011                                                       2
                 “…We are on track to
               reverse these (negative)
                trends in two years…”
                                       Admiral John C. Harvey, Jr.
                               Testimony to HASC on 28 July 2010

1 March 2011                                                         3

               • Stand-up of NRMC

               • Role of NSA & LMA

               • Surface Ship Readiness Initiatives
                 (“5 Big Rocks”)

               • Surface Team One

1 March 2011                                          4
               Stand Up of CNRMC

1 March 2011                       5
                          Global Organization

               “The Vision…”

           • of a Global RMC Organization that operates in a
             consistent manner utilizing increasingly common
           • of a Global RMC Organization that will have an
             effective centrally monitored business, manning and
             operations plan that supports the entire organization.
           • of a Global RMC Organization that enables each
             RMC to be responsive to their assigned ships with
             regard to the planning and execution of maintenance
             and modernization AND that our collective
             performance measures will show that responsiveness.

                 Act on ADM Harvey’s challenge to be a stronger partner.

1 March 2011                                                               6
                                                             CNO                                         ECH I

      CPF                                                   NAVSEA                             FFC      ECH II
      BSO 70                                                 BSO 24                            BSO 60

                 SEA 21                                                        SEA 04


                                                            PHNSY +   PSNSY
     CNSP       SURFMEPP                      CNRMC           IMF      + IMF   NNSY     PNSY   CNSL     ECH III


        SWRMC                    SERMC                                         NSSA                     ECH IV

1 March 2011                                                                                                      7
                      Organizational Structure


                                            Deputy Commander

                     Maintenance Director                      Maintenance Director
                         West Coast                                 East Coast
                           N100W                                     N100E

                                               Operations      Budget & Finance       Plans, Policy &
    Admin Director     Technical Director       Director           Director             Evaluation
        N1100                N200                N300                N600                 N1200

1 March 2011                                                                                            8
                              RMC Reporting

               NSSA   SWRMC   SERMC    Direct Report     Clear reporting
                                                           chain that
                                                       modernization and
                                        Concurrent     sustainment to the
           PHNSY c400     PSNSY c100
                                       Relationships          fleet.

1 March 2011                                                                9
               Role of NSA & LMA

1 March 2011                       10
                                     NSA/LMA Role

           The JFMM States:
           • Naval Supervisory Activity (NSA) - “The NSA is the single Naval
             Activity responsible for the integration, oversight and verification of
             all work accomplished by all activities working within the assigned
             availability, and acts as the single point of contact.
               • Provides the oversight required to ensure all work:
                 • Is authorized and completed, in compliance with applicable technical
                   requirements and maintenance/modernization policy
                 • Meets schedule, quality and environmental/safety requirements”

           • Lead Maintenance Activity (LMA) - “The single activity
             responsible for work being accomplished on U.S. Naval ships
             during any type of availability. LMAs are responsible to:
               • Identify and resolve coordination problems and work conflicts
               • Advise maintenance sponsors of quality, cost and schedule impacts
               • Coordinate work and testing controls, preparations for all key events”


1 March 2011                                                                              11
                       Contracts Governance
    • Comprehensive alignment, coordination and efficiency of all Non
      Nuclear Surface Ship Maintenance and Modernization
      contracting activities
          – All work must go through the NSA for assignment to the lead maintenance
            activities (LMAs: NSYs & MSMOs)
          – LMAs responsible for all availability work coordination and integration
          – NSAs shall assign industrial production work based on cost, scheduling,
            and capability (this may be the LMA or an alternate provider)

       Expectation/Priorities                      Benefits
       • Priority I- Evaluate existing CLIN        • Proper alignment of contracting
         structure and language. Execute             actions
         proper staffing and training of           • Ensures contracts are solicited by
         C/300 and C/400 personnel.                  Navy contracting officers
       • Priority II- Review waterfront            • Improved contracting Situational
         processes (C300 and C400) for               Awareness
         efficiency and cost effectiveness         • Vector approved contracting
         in customer support                         actions to proper ACO chain
       • Priority III- Manage total portfolio      • Ensure balance amongst MSMO
         of contracts                                and IDIQ contracts ensuring
                                                     procurement leverage

22 February 2011                                                                          12
               Surface Ship Readiness
                   Initiative (SSRI)

1 March 2011                            13
                              SSRI “5 Big Rocks”
                                           End to End Process

        Assessment                                                       Capacity/
        Plan/Policy                                                      Capability

                                                     SURFMEPP                          Execution/

Need for Integrated Assessment                          Reconstitution of RMC
Program                                                 Capacity/Capability
                                                        • “I” Level
Need for Integrated Sustainment
Program                                                 • Operate IAW JFMM

                                                        No Existing Avail Completion/Work
SURFMEPP: Stood up 8 Nov 2010 to                        Certification Process
address scope limitations of SSLCM
• Improved maintenance material management
• Improved engineering rigor in work package            Objectives of End to End Process
  • Availability schedule milestones                    • Roadmap to a coordinated plan
  • Maintenance and modernization integration           • Improvement of processes
  • Establish appropriate avail type, schedule,         • Coordinate roles and responsibilities between
    duration                                              government & industry partners
• QA oversight
                                                                                      Gaps identified
                                            Pilot Ship Schedule



                               Avail Type

                                                                                                    Avail Ex &
                                                                                                    Work Cert

                                                                                                                 t Program
                                               Start Date

                                                             End Date



LSD 43    Norfolk            EDPMA            5/10/2010       3/7/2011   Complete
LPD 17    Norfolk            CMAV             5/31/2010      6/18/2010    Begun
LSD 47    San Diego          EDPMA            7/21/2010      6/15/2011    Begun
DDG 51    Norfolk            EDSRA              8/4/2010     1/28/2011    Begun
DDG 105   San Diego          PSA                9/8/2010    12/13/2010    Begun
CG 66     Mayport            DSRA             9/29/2010      2/23/2011    Begun
LPD 18    San Diego          PMA              11/2/2010       1/9/2011    Begun
LFD 6     San Diego          DPMA             11/3/2010      7/13/2011    Begun
FFG 54    Puget Sound        SRA             11/15/2010       2/4/2011    Begun
DDG 67    Norfolk            SRA                1/5/2011      4/5/2011    Begun
MCM 2     Japan              DSRA             1/12/2011      4/13/2011    Begun
MCM 3     San Diego          DSRA             1/12/2011      3/16/2011    Begun
CG 65     Pearl Harbor       DSRA             1/19/2011      7/13/2011    Begun
MCM 13    Bahrain            DSRA             1/31/2011       5/2/2011    Begun
DDG 81    Norfolk            DSRA               2/9/2011     5/25/2011    Begun
DDG 65    San Diego          EDSRA            2/16/2011       8/3/2011    Begun
FFG 38    San Diego          DSRA               5/4/2011      8/5/2011     A-48
  Last Updated: 21 FEB 2011
                                             Full Test, 0 “gaps”                                   Partial Test, minor “gaps”
                                             Partial Test, significant “gaps”                      No Yield, major “gaps”
                             Enhance ESL & improve Readiness on every hull
                     TSRA Purpose and Scope

                                                      • Early identification of repair work
               Minimize late identification of work   • CSMP validation and verification
                                                      • Improved BAWP and AWP development
                                                      • Level Loading & Better workload
                        Consolidate Assessments         planning
                                                      • Life Cycle Management
     Improved ICMP: Global Solution of issues         • Validate existing task
                                                      • Identify gaps in necessary tasks

                       Improved validity of MFOM      • Quality of CSMP
                                                      • RMC Subject Matter Expert teamed with
                 Increase Ships Self-Assessment       • On-the-job maintenance training
                                                      • Identification of required parts
                                                      • Identify impending problems when ship
           Reduce or avoid deployed CASREPs             is in port
                                                      •   INSURV
                                                      •   Deployments
                Preparation prior to major events     •   Unit Level Training
                                                      •   Battle Group Training

1 March 2011                                                                                    16

           Continuous Assessment during FRP
           • TSRA I
             • Pre-availability baselining of systems material condition
               • Pre-availability A-240
               • Identify all work items (reduce growth and new work)
           • TSRA II
             • Tanks, voids, structures, selected HM&E/C5I and
               „redline‟ systems
             • Concurrent with CNO Availability
             • Integrated Testing (CNRMC instruction)

           • TSRA III
             • Pre-deployment assessment (D-180 to D-90)
             • BMDRA

           • TSRA IV
             • Prepare ship for major events ex. INSURV

1 March 2011                                                               17
                         Ship Lifecycle Sustainment Program
                                    FY11 Progress
                                        Life Cycle Metrics          •Address MCM MRG LO
                                      •8 HM&E systems in            contamination issue
           Obsolescence               process including LPD17       •Completed BOX G1N6 insp
    • Detailed MCM review in          ECS and CFW                   and corrosion survey and
    progress with 189 items closed    •7 remaining for FY11         reviewing findings in CADET
    •Thorough valve                   •56 total across the FYDP     •Draft requirements for Level
    analysis/prioritization in                                      2 structural surveys
    progress and in alignment with
    •Developing plan to address                                                  Fleet/SURFMEPP Support
    ~22K surface APLs across FYDP                                               •Updated CMP for 37 systems in
                                                Sustainment                     support of LPD17 TFP
                                                                                •Preliminary review of LCS CMP
                                                  Program                       systems in support of TFP
             Training                                                           •Deck University & Chlorinator
    • Provided immediate training                                               Mini-Camp
    on LPD17 ECS, 60Hz, ICAS,
    MPDE systems
    • Planning 4 mini-camps
    based on Fleet nominated                  Logistics                   Distance Support
    systems                                                          •Expansion of LPD17 pilot for
                                     • Fully funded effort to
    • Developing NTSPs for                                           IPARs & direct ship assistance
                                     address TFBR backlog            •Total plan to address 40 DDG-
    Ballast and Smoke
                                     •Providing updated technical
    Ejection Systems                                                 51 Class ships and 14 Diesel
                                     documentation for Boilers,
                                                                     Engine ships
                                     VPCs, Compressed Air,
                                                                     •Systems include GTM, GTG,
                                     Amphibious Assault, &
                                                                     AC&R, MPDE, SSDG
                                     DC/Firefighting systems

    HM&E Sustainment Program Underway – Establishment of CS Sustainment Program Required
1 March 2011                                                                                                     18
     SURFMEPP Stood-Up: 08 NOV 2010
             • SURFMEPP shore-based command establishment at Under Secretary of the Navy for approval
             • Additional FY10 EOY funds received from CPF and USFF to support further acceleration of core products
•    70 Baseline Availability Work Packages (BAWPs) in FY11    • Corrosion Control Leadership
•    Technical Foundation Papers (TFPs) (LCS and LPD-17)       • ABS Management - 16 ships scheduled for FY11 survey --
•    Ship Sheets for all Surface Ships                           Providing direct oversight of for all FY11 dry-dock surveys
•    Class Maintenance Plan Strengthening

           SURFMEPP – TYCOM BAWP / AWP / TFP Management
     CLASS              FY-10                FY-11                 FY-12
     DDG                          28                    55                   87

     CG                                                 8                    16

     LSD                                                5                     9

     LHD                                                2                     4

     LHA                                                                      0

     LPD                                                                      3    • Additional ship classes
     LCC                                                                      1      receive BAWPs, AWPs and
                                                                                     TFPs every year
     MCM                                                                      5    • All ship classes will have
     PC                                                                       4      BAWPs, AWPs and TFPs by
     FFG                                                                      3
                                                                                   • Production schedule is
     LCS                                                                      2      dependent upon resources in
                                                                                     place at SURFMEPP
     Total                28                   70                   134

    1 March 2011                                                                                                         19
                    RMC Manning – POM 12
           RMC Manning Working Group Objectives:

           • Staff RMCs with appropriate skill-sets to execute the Navy‟s
             maintenance efforts IAW JFMM.
           • Increase RMC I-Level capacity.
           • Re-establish capabilities in the following areas:
             • HM&E (Inside/Outside) (Propulsion, Electrical Repair, etc.)
             • Services (Weight Test, Rigging, Cranes, Corrosion Control, Small
               Boats/Rhibs, Lagging, Tool Issue, etc.)
             • Combat Systems (VLS, Nav, Sonar, Fire Control, Chain Gun,
               CIWS, Int/Ext. Comms, etc.)
             • QA, Tech Library, Planning, Safety, etc.
             • Supply
           • Return Journeyman training at I-Level organizations.

         • Submitted:    385 CIV                       1587 MIL
         • Approved:     385 CIV                       400 MIL across FYDP

1 March 2011                                                                      20
                         Availability Execution


           • There is not an existing “availability completion”/“work
             certification” process for surface ships


           • Develop processes for:
             • Technical Adjudication of Growth/New Work
             • Work Certification
             • Integrated Test Plan Management
             • Event Readiness
             • Availability Close-out

1 March 2011                                                            21
                         Availability Execution

           5 Focus Areas for Improvement
           • Technical Adjudication of Growth/New Work
             • Ensure proper rigor is applied to growth/new work identified during
               technically mandated assessments or repairs
           • Work Certification
             • Ensure all availability work is planned, executed and tested technically
             • Formal certification of readiness for FC/ST and availability completion
           • Integrated Test Plan Management
             • Utilize to integrate all maintenance activity and ship‟s force testing
             • Support availability certification
           • Event Readiness
             • Standard pre-requisite templates/timelines for Propulsion & C5I PCD
           • Availability Close-out
             • Improve tracking and close-out of all availability completion issues
             • ILS deliverables, SOVT testing

                    Focus on Leveraging Current Best Practices

1 March 2011                                                                              22
               Surface Team One

1 March 2011                      23
                    Surface Team One (ST1)
                           ST1’s Process Focus Areas
                                   ST1 Executive Steering Committee

                               Avail Planning &           Readiness &
                                  Execution               Sustainment

     E2E Process Map

     Assessments                     SURFMEPP                       Avail Exec &
        (TSRA)       Sustainment                   RMC Manning
                                      Transition                     Work Cert

                    ST1 Current E2E Process Focus Areas
    Surface Team One is the “glue” that will hold together the E2E Process Map.
1 March 2011                                                                       24

    “This is a unique time in which there is universal agreement among Senior
    Navy leadership in the approach to build a long-term sustained plan addressing
    Surface Ship Maintenance and Modernization.”
                                                                      – RDML (sel) Gale

1 March 2011                                                                              25
               RDML (Sel) David Gale
                 9170 Second St., Suite 245
                  Norfolk, VA. 23511-2393
                       (757) 444-3001

1 March 2011                                  26

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