School Council May Minutes May 25_ 2009 In Attendance Teresa

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					                           School Council May Minutes                              May 25, 2009

In Attendance :

Teresa Carter

Kristie Bradey

Kelly Martin

Katheryne Stewart

Jean Rudland

Catherine Nelson

Deb Magahay

Appologies: Rita Hansen Stern and Mary Karavos

    1. Review of April minutes and correspondence - Teresa Carter
    2. Student Council Report – No one showed up from Student Council
    3. Grad Report - Julianne Bagg
       - Overall Grad went well, no issues
       - Grad Committee going over the bills now
       - Cancelled dress auction because they didn’t have the time
       - Grad clothing – Print to a Tee hasn’t given the committee the bill, so they haven’t paid it
       - Will check with Mrs Brown regarding the format that they are going to use to choose the
           Valedictorian (home form ballots etc.)
       - Accepting next year’s Grad Committed up until next Wednesday

    4. Challenge Day – Catherine Nelson, Kristie Bradey
       -Thank you to Kristie for helping while Catherine was away
       -We are going to have Challenge Day next year on Oct 20,21,22
       -Contract has been signed – Cost is the same as last year $3200 per day
       -450 will be attending Challenge Day
       -Mentor Training Day 90 students will be trained on Oct 16 at First Christian Reform Church
       - Students will be walking there to cut down cost
       -Options for payment,- To give a promissory note in July and then can pay in full in October
                              - Scotia Bank is contributing $5000
                              - $5 per student to be collected
                              -Putting form in with student forms on first day to mention to parents for
4. Donations to Challenge Day cont.
                           -Making a mention regarding the donation at the Grad 9 Orientation
                           -Hoping to get complementary hotel rooms for the Challenge Day
   Cost - $13,500 + $2000 for exchange
   - Funding $ 6000 student assessment
   - Scotia Bank $5000 Scotia Bank
   - $ 1500 Donation
   - Total $12,500 Plus
   - Short $ 3000

         Mentors – 80 students returning and new (we had 60)

         -   We are interviewing in teams of 3
             At Grade 9 Orientation on August 26 we will be collecting the student assessment of $5
             Centennial is going to Kortright with High Five in November

5.  School Improvement – Deb Magahay
   - Directions Team will be given three broad categories in June
   - They will ask for input from School Council before they finalize
6. Administration Report
   - Program Communication
   - Assessment for Learning
   - Weekly Bulletins
   - DI – Differentiating Instruction to meet the needs in the classroom
   - Enrichment Program for Grade 9”s, congregated for Grade 9 (Gifted) Classroom
   - Identified students – Math, Science, English and Geography
   - High Skills - $870 from the ministry
           -Major Program – Centennial got additional period to oversee program (3 Periods)

      -      Dual Credits – high school and college credit

                          - going to one of staff members to oversee

     -       Smart Boards – 2 Teachers to get trained with the board

     -       Learning Fair – for 2 days at the end of August

                          - Department Heads

                          - Encourage Teachers to take part ( 15-20 Teachers want to go)

     - Allison Szomoto – August 28 – training staff- effective PLC
    Administration cont.

        -   How do we work with students that aren’t motivated
        -   Volunteer coming at the end of September
        -   Good curriculum design

        Assessment Evaluation Committee – making up new documents

        -   Need consistent school policy
        -   Big committee
        -   Will take most of the year

        Good Things – Special Olympics – A lot of students and mentors went to help Special Olympics

            -Girls Rugby won a gold medal at CWOSSA
            - PEI Skills Canada- Julia Riddle won gold for a pie
            - Science Olympics – we won 3 first, 2 seconds and 2 third awards
            -National Science Fair- won Bronze Medal – 1 student gets to go to Nationals
            -Irish Dance Student- Grade 10- gets to represent Canada
            -Up coming – Staff Appreciation on Thursday
            - Awards are on June 2
            -Assembly June 12
            -Exams start on June 17
            - Reach for the top – we got 6th place

    7. Script – Leanne will bring report to next meeting
    8. INside OUT - Kristie Bradey
       -           - Went well - Kristie and Kelly to submit bills
       -            - Kristie and Teresa will coordinate
    9. Other Business – Teresa

The Breakfast Program is an important part of the alternative education program at Centennial. They try
to give healthy food for breakfast which is often a meal the students miss because of rushing off to
They love bagels (whole grain if possible), oleo, humus, 100% juice, fruit, healthy cereals and milk...are
welcome anytime.

        -   Code of Conduct- Teresa went to meeting - there is one more meeting to finalise and this
            should come back to school council

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